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  • Trump support for racists forces Israeli leaders to take sides, but which side will they choose?
  • Trump response to Charlottesville sugarcoats a rotten morality
    • My idea for a poster:

      We see close-ups of two faces. On the left there is Donald Trump. On the right there is Jared Kushner.

      Above Trump it reads "White Supremacist." Above Kushner it reads "Zio-Supremacist."

      Underneth the images it reads "Funny How That Goes Together."

  • Chomsky still believes in the old Israel. I did too, once upon a time
  • Settler violence against Palestinians nearly doubled from 2016 to 2017
    • I just watched an April "Four Corners" documentary episode out of Australia talking about the building of a Nuremberg-style war crimes case against Assad's regime in Syria. When I say "watched," I actually mean "mostly fast-forwarded through with my cursor on the computer," since I don't have a stomach for tough, confronting descriptions, and I was luckily blocking my view of the screen with my hand when some pictures of various victims were shown.

      I think on this site we mostly talk about the war crime of the occupation / control of the West Bank and Gaza, but whatever the war crime(s) that clearly involves, and whatever the criminality and violence of the settlers in their actions against Palestinians, I think the overwhelmingly brutal war crimes committed against Palestinians' persons by the government should not be forgotten.

      The Assad documentary ("Syrias Disappeared - the Case Against Assad") discusses the hard evidence--photographs, government documents--that are being copied and sent to an undisclosed location in Europe.

      There needs to be such a document collection done in Israel, if that isn't being done already. One can only imagine the level of niggling, bureaucratic, Nazi-style documentation about the IDF's crimes against Palestinians that exists in Israeli government archives as the Zionists, again like the Nazis, seek to harm another people under the cover of racist "law."

  • Ensconced at New York Times, pro-Israel advocate Bari Weiss smears Sarsour as a 'hater'
    • Since Ms. Weiss is still fairly young, I wonder if in her next 50-60 or so years of life, she will someday repent her smug, intense racism.

      Her much-older husband Jason Jacob Kass is an environmental engineer and the founder of a group devoted to sanitation infrastructure, Toilets For Change. His Intelius page lists "Causes Jason Cares About": "Children," "Disaster and Humanitarian Relief," "Economic Empowerment," "Environment," "Health," and "Poverty Alleviation."

      In every one of those areas his wife's racist beliefs are causing massive harm. Presumably, he shares her beliefs, but Jason Kass doesn't write for the New York Times, so without further evidence we really don't know. Anyway, he claims to want just and fair sanitation, and Bari Weiss clearly just doesn't give a crap.

      Anyway, stellar work by Bari Weiss and the at least one racist troll on this page in setting up the proper requirements for seeking fair and just treatment. Before the racist zionists can be challenged, every single one of their challengers must be 100 percent free of imperfection. What a sense of fairness on the part of this Bari Weiss! It's as if it was dictated to her by Israel's propaganda ministry! (It probably was.)

      And the Palestinians, too, must be free of imperfection before they "deserve" the human justice that I would have thought all people deserve. So, according to Bari Weiss, Palestinians are primitive subhumans and all of them, because of the actions and beliefs of a few, are devoted to violence and the subjugation of women. Etc., etc., I am sure.

      Naturally, the same standards are never applied to, say, settlers. I'm sure settlers are super-dooper all about female empowerment. Maybe Bari Weiss can go live among them--dress modestly, hide her hair beneath a scarf, keep herself separate from her male superiors. I'm sure she would love it!

  • 'Transferring' Palestinian citizens of Israel to a Palestinian state goes from outrage to Netanyahu policy
    • Just in case anyone here hasn't yet seen these YouTube clips from a couple years ago by an Australian activist named Robert Martin, I highly recommend them. They give a good portrait of what is going on in the West Bank, and the injustice:

    • Ending your commentary with a racist joke depicting Palestinians as morons is an excellent way to accurately show your mentality: kudos! But you say with a snide inflection that the Juha stories are "so popular in the Arab world." It's still a racist joke--especially coming from you.

      I agree, it certainly is a mystery that Palestinians who have some limited rights as citizens would protest having those limited rights removed so that they can become stateless, utterly without rights, and forced to live in a Bantustan. German Jews in the 1930s must have had a similar, strange reaction as more and more of their rights were removed under color of law.

      Obviously, this Nathan troll is not worth a reply because he's intellectually dishonest, but who knows, perhaps he's capable of a tiny ounce of shame and will someday understand his own obscene bigotry for what it is.

  • BDS ban: Five Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders denied entry to Israel for supporting Palestinian human rights
    • Lufthansa needs to be taken to court and made to at least give up a copy of the letter from Israel. I think it's inconceivable that an airline could not be made to give proof of what otherwise is a mere allegation and claim on Lufthansa's part. Not that I actually think there isn't such a letter, of course.

      Also, I find it difficult to believe that a country has any actual power to deny a flight to even come to their airport with any particular people or sorts of people. Isn't that what immigration people at the airport are for?

      Why on earth would Lufthansa fall all over themselves to act as agents of Israel? I would think Lufthansa is setting themselves up as supporters and perpetrators of war crimes, and activists should announce them as such, publicize them as such, and pursue them in court as such.

  • Kill like an Israeli
    • A 1998 special "This American Life" program about summer camps at NPR:

      At about 21:20, a woman calls in with her experience years before at a zionist summer camp in Wisconsin, where the counselors would dress up as rednecks or klansmen and terrorize the children. --Rather like the way Israel would terrorize children back in the 1940s or 1950s to show that the world was a very, very scary place, and only Israel could save you.

      Later, at 29:46, reporter Adam Davidson talks about how he went to a camp in Israel run by the Israeli army. The story doesn't take a very political tone, but it does show some of the psychology, how it would be for a young person seeing this all as very macho and cool. He also tells a long anecdote about a rather tiresome "funny" homophobic comedy act.

      At least his age-15 yen to join the Israeli army never worked out.

  • Defense of liberalism in 'NYT' paints left as bullies but doesn't dare to mention Iraq war
    • I am so sick of this new-fangled use of the term "liberal." "Liberal" and "progressive" are basically equivalent. You could say "progressive liberal" to indicate that you are talking about a more than usually progressive liberal. (You could also, I suppose, refer to a "lukewarm liberal," indicating that the person really just isn't that much of a liberal.)

      But this use of "liberal" to mean stone-cold-moron middle-of-the-road reactionary centrist neoliberal is so obnoxious.

      I'm a proud progressive and a proud liberal. I think this usage must have started because of the horrible term "neoliberal," and that got mixed up in the minds of the young.

      Of course, in the supposed heyday of liberalism, the late 1960s and early 1970s, a lot of young people who were destined to become reactionaries went around pretending to be liberals to "fit in" and "be cool," and to twit their families and the older generation.

      Hillary Clinton: not a liberal, but with some liberal views.

      Bernie Sanders: a liberal, but often not enough of one.

  • The Israelis
    • I do think it's a bit funny for an article about Israel to talk about "majoritarian" attitudes. When you look at the land covered by Israel-Palestine ("Israel," the West Bank, Gaza), I very much doubt that the Palestinians/Arabs/Bedouin have ever been less than the majority of the population. Obviously, that's less true than it was, with Israel shipping in non-Jewish Jews from Russia, and religious fantasists from India, the better to swamp the native population. But, still and to this day, I don't think Zionists have succeeded in achieving their hoped-for majority status. I could be wrong, but the half-and-half formula for the Israel-Palestine population appears to be off, in favor of the Palestinians remaining the majority, at least by a small margin.

      I've thought the following would make good t-shirts: (1) Caption: "Israeli 'Democracy': Indefinite Detention Without Charges For the Racially Oppressed Majority." (I see the situation in Israel-Palestine as a racial one, I don't think it really has to do with religion at all. And the caption can apply to those people who are actually arrested, or, in a more abstract sense, the entire Palestinian population.) (2) Images: Pictures of a German concentration camp guard tower, and of an Israeli guard tower keeping watch on Palestinians. Caption: "Guard Towers Are Guard Towers. Gaza Is a Concentration Camp."

      I'm sure many people have asked this many times, but how would Zionists in the United States react if the United States adapted the same rules for religious supremacy that Israel adapts? America remains perhaps 70-80 percent Christian. How would Jews react if they were told they weren't "real" Americans, could never be "real" Americans because they were such a small percent of the population? It's insanity! And Israel remains at least 50% Palestinian/Arab/Bedouin, maybe as much as 55%!

      Secular justice and a basic sense of fairness--is that too much to ask for?

    • "It's funny, because it's true."
      "Youth Triumphant," by George Gibbs, 1921, page 102.

      I.e., how right Keith is.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • Thank you for the injection of humor! The ironic tone is a masterpiece of sarcasm! I love it! Maybe this "bettyberenson" character can be expanded and marketed, like "Mrs. Betty Bower, America's Best Christian"!

      (P.S., the site doesn't appear to be configured properly for secure log-in.)

  • 'NYT' should stop hiding the truth: settlements are illegal under international law
    • Reading today's AP story on the newly-announced Israel-sanctioned settler city of 5,500 units, my head exploded when I read Avigdor Liberman's Facebook comments. I don't know if he said this last week in response to the news of 2,500 units or this week in response to the news of a whole new settler city, but this is a perfect encapsulation of his mentality and its warped nature: "We are in a new period where life in Judea and Samaria is returning to normal."

      The way anyone could say anything like this. It does really have only one meaning, doesn't it? Palestinians=not normal?? Of course, the Palestinians have lived there for thousands of years and are probably more than anyone the genetic, legal, and moral descendants of the ancient Jews who Liberman professes to worship and honor.

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • It's an AP story:

      "In a discussion with British officials, Kushner is said to have angrily denounced the United Kingdom's decision to support a U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the expansion of Israeli settlements."

      To me, considering Kushner in toto, "angry denunciation" may correctly be summed up as "yelling" and "babyish rants."

      Anyway, it's basically a throw-away detail in an AP story. One wants a lot more info.

    • So what's the deal with Jared Kushner supposedly yelling at the British about the Security Council resolution? I'd love to read an article about that here or elsewhere giving some sort of full coverage and context.

      My mind just boggles at the nerve (the gall) and the lack of self-awareness of that. Who does Jared Kushner think he is? I would already have said "He's certainly no diplomat," and then after hearing about his babyish rants I'd say it again.

      Kushner thinks he's such a genius that he can just waltz into a field for which he has no training or aptitude and just do a super-dooper job....

      This guy is Trump's voice of peace and reason in the Middle East?!! Problem solved!

  • Fordham bans Students for Justice in Palestine
    • Does a crank/troll like Hophmi really deserve a voice here? If he wanted to make a valid legal or logical argument that would be one thing, but there are numerous ways in which his diction is sneering and insulting. What kind of person looks at a Web site where people are simply arguing for common, everyday, decency and humanity and says a babyish insult like "bad, bad people"? Oh, no: Bad, bad Hophmi! Bad! Bad!

  • 'Constructed crisis for political ends': anti-Semitism claims are prime weapon for UK Israel lobby, Al Jazeera shows
    • Someone like Joan Ryan just makes me too angry. The level of arrogance and smugness, the entitledness. It's mindboggling. I hope that now that people know what she is and what she stands for they will keep the pressure on her to face her staunch support of war crimes and war criminals from now until the one-state reality of Israel is recognized and Palestinians are given equal rights. (Far too far in the future, I know.) Using a shred of logic, defending one's claims with the tiniest smidgen of proof. Is that too much to ask for? Just keep asking her, and asking, and asking.

  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • Hilarious - "Co-sponsored by Sodastream." Sodastream: they really do want to be known as the company of exploitation and injustice.

      With the lobby cartoons, it's pretty jaw-dropping to imagine the levels of racism in Israeli society that those are acceptable. I don't know how many blatantly racist cartoons they had up, but at least with the cartoon of the Africans, gee, I mean, that's acceptable in mainstream Israeli society??? And it's wrong on so many levels: the denigration of people wanting to help Africans, the denigration of people wanting to help Palestinians, the slur that people for BDS are just so many superficial sympathy-addict fashionistas, the equation of the starving (and often oppressed) people of Africa with the oppressed Palestinians, the "humor" of starvation victims, the ugly and infantilizing depiction of Africans. On and on....

      I really appreciated the link at the end to the YouTube clip of Max Blumenthal interviewing Gideon Levy. I know that that has informed other articles here, but I had not looked it up before. It's 21 minutes long and it's tough viewing simply because the injustice makes my blood boil, but it's extremely interesting and worthwhile, and I recommend it.

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • The really breathtaking lie that floored me when I read the article was the claim that the 2014 Gaza conflict "killed hundreds of Palestinians." Try about 2,200 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians. Over 1 in every 1,000 Palestians in the Gaza Strip was killed, and if most of the deaths were in Gaza City, that would be about 1 in every 250 Palestinians.

      And the killing of innocent people and the destruction of their houses is a known goal of the Israeli government, to keep "costs" high for Palestinian terrorists.

      The article quoted UCLA senior Natalie Charney as saying, "Part of what they are hating is central to who I am and what I stand for." Injustice is central to who Ms. Charney is and what Ms. Charney stands for?

      If you read Ms. Charney's other writing online, this sounds of a piece with other arguments that she makes--that BDS isn't against the West Bank occupation. No, it's against all of Israel, all of Israel's Jewish population, all of the Jewish people, period.

      I would wish that Ms. Charney and other supporters of Israel would have as a goal the fair and decent treatment of Palestinians, actions in accordance with international law, and desisting from war crimes.

      Ms. Charney speaks elsewhere of Israel's "vibrant democracy." It's not actually a democracy if it's only available for a privileged subset of the population.

      I would wish that it would be possible to talk with Ms. Charney and the other people interviewed for this article and get them to think reasonably, but I don't think it's possible. Ms. Charney and others' straw-man arguments about BDS people who are out to "deligitimize" Israel, period, are not psychologically normal. They are extremist arguments, immune to reason.

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