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jon s

An Israeli history teacher,long-time activist on the Israeli Left.

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  • Philadelphians to Philly Orchestra: Cancel your trip to Israel
  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • eljay, I believe in equal rights for all, regardless of religion, nationality, race, gender, whatever. So, naturally, I condemn any form of supremacism. And I don't see the NIF supporting Jewish - or any other- supremacism.

  • Condemn! Condemn!
    • amigo,
      We seem to be repeating ourselves: I condemn all terrorism , from whatever source and whoever the victims -the only position which stands on firm moral ground, in my view - while you won't condemn terrorism if the victims are Israelis.

      And I don't live in an "illegal squat ". I live in a home legally purchased with my family's hard-earned money, and with a mortgage which I'm still paying. Didn't steal from anyone. ( You really don't want to know what happened the last time I squatted...)

    • amigo,
      My position is that I condemn and despise terrorism perpetrated by anyone against anyone.
      Your position is that you don't condemn terrorism if Israeli civilians are the victims. In those cases it's "terrorism" in quotation marks. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.

      "Reckless disregard" isn't far from premeditated. Of course it should be condemned. And investigated, prosecuted, and punished.

    • amigo,
      Thanks. You've shown that I've always, consistently , condemned terrorism from whatever side.
      Of course I proudly stand by those comments.
      What about you, amigo? Do you condemn all terrorism, from whatever side?

    • I can't understand why Jonathan Ofir can't bring himself to condemn an act of terrorism, the killing of innocent civilians in Tel Aviv.
      It's simple: All terrorism should be condemned, with no "ifs" , "ands" and "buts", whatever the identity of the victims and the perpetrators.

  • Celebrating Eid al-Adha in Gaza
    • bryan,
      The two peoples indeed share some aspects of their beliefs and culture, but also differ in other significant aspects. As to your statement that over half of Israelis are Arabs: if you're including the Mizrahi Jews , Jews from Muslim countries- they generally don't regard themselves as such.
      So , yes, we desperately need to find the way to share the land, which is the homeland of both peoples. At this point in time, the only possible way is through two states, co-existing in peace. Perhaps the two states could evolve into a federation, or confederation, to deal with common issues. But in the present with so much distrust -and hatred- between the two sides, neither side is apt to give up the idea of a nation-state. Throwing the two peoples together into "one state" is not practical and could mean a bloodbath.
      If you've read my comments you should know that I oppose racists and fascists like the ones you mention, and of course I condemn any harm or disrespect towards holy places of all faths.
      I'd like to add that it's a relief to respond to a commenter who writes seriously and thoughtfully and in a civil tone, and mentions "peace" as a goal.

  • 'BirthWrong' in the Cradle of Jewish Culture: Jews gather in southern Spain for tour that aims to repudiate Zionism
    • Bornajoo,
      I oppose all the settlements. The distinction between "idealogical" and "economic" settlers is often made as a practical matter: when the time comes the economic settlers will be an easier nut to crack, as we've seen in the precedents in Sinai and Gaza.

      I don't have to agree to your extremist formulations to be a person of the Left. Supporting peace, equality, human rights and socialism -means I'm on the Left, with or without your stamp of approval.

      Now some questions for you:
      Do you condemn terrorism?
      Do you condemn all forms of racism, including Anti-Semitism?
      Do you believe that the Jewish people have the same rights as other people?

      (And please don't give me "it depends how you define terrorism, one side's terrorist is the other side's freedom fighter..." I think we all know the conventional definition).

  • Haneen Zoabi's power and vision (and answers to Theodore)
    • Just,
      So if Palestine can be Islamic and democratic, Israel can be Jewish and democratic.

      Unlike you , I think it's up to the Palestinians. If they want an Islamic state, guided by Sharia, it's their call, non of my business. So I'm not going to condemn- or support - whatever regime they install . What does concern me is how the Palestinian state will live in peace with Israel.

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
    • When innocent Jews are murdered just because they're Jews, when Jewish institutions are attacked - that's Anti-Semitism .
      By calling it "blowback" you seem to be implying that somehow they had it coming.
      I think that Anti-Zionists who are not Anti-Semites -like many of those who comment on this blog- have a special responsibility to condemn and take action against the rise of Anti-Semitism, instead of denying that it's happening.

  • Israeli army kills 14-year old Palestinian with U.S. citizenship
    • Just to be clear -and repeating myself for the umpteenth time- I condemn terrorism from whatever side, and especially when children are victims.
      Terrorists always come up with some dumbass "motivation', "justification", "cause" or whatever for killing people. Who cares? The only significance of those " causes" are as leads in investigations aimed at prevention (before the attack) or apprehending the perps after the fact.

  • 10,000 University of South Florida students call for divestment from occupation-linked firms
    • In reply:
      1. My point to Kay24 is that when he/she uses terms like "monster", "devil", "parasites" - it activates the sensitive Anti-Semite Detector among many Jews, even if wasn't meant that way. Not to mention "nazis" -which is a sure way to end any possible dialogue or discussion. ( I realize that he/she may not be interested in a dialogue).
      2. I don't know who my "buddies" are. My comments reflect my personal observations and opinions. I'm not part of a group here, though naturally I sometimes agree with other posters. I've never used the term "Pallywood" regarding faked videos.
      3.I will never condone, and always condemn, deliberately targetting innocent people. In the case at hand, it looks like those boys were not engaged in any violent or threatening activities, which is why I said that the incident should be investigated, and those responsible prosecuted and punished. That goes not only for the individual who pulled the trigger, but also whoever gave the order.

  • Israeli settlers set mosque on fire as UN says settler attacks have quadrupled in last 8 years
    • The ongoing settler attacks are another good reason to support the two state solution, as I do. It doesn't make much sense to condemn the settlers while not supporting two states.

  • 'NYT' never mentions military occupation in piece calling Palestinian stonethrowing a cultural practice
    • I never mentioned Palestinians or any specific nationality, I condemn all terrorism, from any source. I also don't see much reticence in describing Israeli brutality, at least not here on Mondoweiss, where we are now being accused of debka-stealing ...

  • Israel is accused of abusing Palestinian children-- again
    • Annie, I'm sure you know that I'm horrified by any mistreatment of children, wherever and whenever, no exceptions.
      If any "Israel supporter" would wish the other side a "memorable and horrendous death" (Taxi's exact words), I'm sure we would all condemn such expressions. Certainly I would.
      What about you, Annie? Or don't you think Taxi's words qualify as being blood-thirsty?

  • 7 Palestinians, including 3 children, killed and 52 injured as Israeli attack on Gaza continues
    • Just to be clear: I believe in the sanctity of human life, and the equal value of all innocent lives. In my view that's the only possible moral position, (and I've said so on previous comments ). I absolutely condemn all deliberate attacks on innocent civilians. On the other hand , it looks like some of the commenters here condemn attacks on Palestinian civilians, yet refuse to condemn attacks on Israeli civilians. And call me a "supremacist", "racist", "bigot". Who is the racist here?
      Then there's the casualty-counting, as if the number of casualties you suffer proves the justice of your cause. Since when? So if the Germans and Japanese suffered way more casualties in ww2 than the Americans- does that mean that their cause was just?

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