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  • If Kerry fails, Israel will be an apartheid state 'and that didn't work too well the last time,' CENTCOM general warns
    • Who are "Arab settlers"? And who are these so-called "Arabs"? Is there any such thing as PALESTINIANS? Fuck this guy. Speeches like this have been given for decades about the "last chance for the two state solution" and their only intended purpose is to postpone the end of colonialism and apartheid in Palestine. Every time they say these supposed warnings "time running out" or whatever it just puts time on the clock which was gone DECADES ago.

      Furthermore what he's saying is, "It's almost two late to corral Palestinians into Indian reservations which we'll call 'Palestine' and maintain the settler colony Israel for the long run". Is this really something we should celebrating?

      Speeches like this are part of the problem and are nothing to celebrate. They should only be seen as a recognition of the writing on the wall that the reality is always worse for Israel than what these pronouncements claim.

  • Three questions for liberals and progressives who support the Egyptian coup
    • You can be convinced of whatever you want, but you cannot change the fact that the military took power and everyone in the square cheered it on. That's a coup my friend. Like it or not. And if the US didn't back the coup then why didn't they cut off aid to Egypt like the US law calls for? hmmm?

  • Video: Paterson, NJ raises the Palestinian flag over city hall for Palestinian-American Day
    • It's fantastic! BUT, I am very disturbed that the PA man was at the event. This is like raising the French flag in solidarity with the French under German occupation, and inviting a representative from the Vichy government to take part in the ceremony. This guy is a traitor and deserves none of the fruits of the hard work activists are doing in spite of the PA treachery!

  • When will the discourse of the 'two state solution' finally change?
    • I don't understand what the "talking Israel to death" comment means. Can you clarify? What makes you think Israel as a nation-state eliminated with a state of Palestine from the river to the sea and the concept of 'justice' are mutually exclusive ideas? I think the whole point is that justice will be done when Israel as a nation-state no longer exists and a pluralistic democracy based on equality and fairness can take hold. Why do people like you hold that such a concept of democracy without regards to race, class, religion or ethnicity is tantamount to a holocaust of Jews? I don't understand it at all.

    • Yes, I wrote a paper in college comparing Southern Rhodesia's, Turkish Cyprus and Israel's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (UDI). The differences in how the "international community" treated Israel vs. the other two countries couldn't be more stark. Yes, Chile and all of Latin America were founded as settler-colonies by the Spanish remember? They wiped out as many of the indigenous people as they possibly could. Mestizos (mixed white and indigenous) comprise the majority of the population. I concede the point that my analysis does not take mestizos into account.

      I think it would be interesting to consider why this pattern of settlement in the Americas took place where it is more mixed and mestizo, vs. in the USA or Canada where even the mixed indigenous / whites are a very very small single digit percentage. I just haven't done that analysis as of yet.

    • Thanks for the compliment, glad you liked the piece. RE: your points: don't think so, because look at points 3 and 4 in this piece. Negotiating with the settler society has never worked. The only thing that has ever worked is demographic superiority (which the Palestinians have and will have even more in the coming years) and effective resistance (which they have externally with BDS but internal resistance remains weak due to the PA).

      Also look at point 6. It is precisely a "two state solution" which renders the Israeli settler colony fundamentally secure demographically and politically for the long run. It is not a stepping stone to a one state solution. Anyone who tells you that is really interested in securing a Jewish state but does not say so.

  • St. Louis city board shelves Veolia contract following activist outcry over human rights abuses
  • UC's new chancellor endorses the falsehood: Criticizing Israel is anti-Semitic
  • Hagel called for all-but normalizing relations with Iran so as to engage it as an ally on Israel-Palestine issue
    • Some of the other commentors seem a little naive to me. Hagel in his own words is a supporter of Israel and firmly supports the 2 state solution. This is a racist solution which was never acceptable to anyone with any sense of fairness and morality, and which has long been made impossible by Israeli colonization and annexation of the West Bank. So, aside from the rhetoric and the idea of engaging Hamas and Iran, etc; what is the difference in his position and AIPAC and every racist liberal Zionist? This is my running theme when everyone gets so excited over such people: distinguish that person's position from that of Israeli racists.

      Furthermore, this is only a reflection of how pathetically right wing and pro-Israel America is, that someone who is actually trying to save Israel from a realistic perspective is considered a Pro-Palestine hero. We need to get a grip, folks. Anyone who is pushing the "2 state solution" (Indian reservations / bantustans for Palestinians) is part of the problem, not the answer.

  • Time to call out the campus Israel Lobby
    • Oh yeah, and I told the newspaper they should put a disclaimer with these people's affiliations as paid lobbyists, and they refused. They just said they didn't know before they published it, and they wouldn't be publishing them again. In fact, I was told that no more articles on the subject of Israel/Palestine would be permitted anymore! So, that was a great experience!

    • Well-written and much needed article. I have broached a similar issue in my article for this website from 3 years ago, link to

      I feel the exact same way Tom. I can at least have a conversation and disagree or agree with someone, but if you are a paid lobbyist then I can't have any respect for you. Like you said, it's like having a debate on climate change with a BP or Shell funded lobbyist. It's a joke. The president of the students for Israel on my campus was a Hasbara fellowship person. He and another lady who was a paid lobbyist for CAMERA submitted awful editorials to the newspaper, then I submitted my own in response, and it is so unfair myself and these paid shills are put on the same level. As if you can compare a grassroots activist with a paid lobbyist.

      It is one of the most frustrating things about my experience with SJP. We had no money and little support on CSUN campus, then you look over and one day there's this students for israel table on club day with brochures talking about gay rights in Israel. It's really disheartening. They are so well-funded and well-organized by outside groups. Anyways, this article is very important and we need to implement the suggestions.

  • NYT's Jodi Rudoren responds to criticism of Facebook comments
    • Phil probably wouldn't have expected a response from Rudoren so why would he bother contacting her for a comment? Her written words are her comment, so why can't he post them and add this comment without being a "bad journalist"?

  • Egypt allows 400 activists to enter Gaza
    • Palestinians in Gaza need a political solution and a boycott of Israel, not humanitarian aid and supplies. If Egypt wants to help Palestinians, they can tear up the treaty with Israel. When I went on Gaza Freedom March, the Egyptian Red Crescent gave us roses on our bus after the Egyptian regime refused to let us through for days. So, please can we have a bit more skepticism in regards to this publicity stunt?

      It must be nice to pull of a siege of Gaza, maintain military coordination with Israel and training and money from the US, keep the Rafah border closed for the most part, and then all you have to do is send a few fucking aid trucks and the pro-Palestinian activists will hail the action as a huge breakthrough and amazing and wonderful.

  • Abbas to push UN vote this month on observer state status for Palestine, Israel promises retaliation
    • So, recognizing a cluster of bantustans as "Palestine", and forfeiting the right of return and 90% of Palestine is "standing on the right side of history"? Are you for real?

  • Michael Sfard: Addicted to the process
    • Yes. The land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is controlled by one government: Israel. So, I see the struggle as one of making this situation equal and democratic.

      Let's see one thing clearly: without a two state solution Israel is finished. Prime Ministers Olmert and Barak as well as every "pro-peace" zionist group such as J Street & Peace Now have made this clear.

      So, why would someone who supports the Palestinians advocate something which is in the words of Israelis, the only thing which will "save the Jewish state"? Sfard is a zionist and he supports this goal of "saving the 2 state solution" which is a euphemism for "saving the Jewish state". So, by definition he is a racist, not a hero or an ally. His goal is a racist one.

      It is up to the Palestinians to figure out how they make the one state they live in an equal one. It is not my job or my place to tell them how and when to do that. They are already conducting their anti-Apartheid and anti-Colonial struggle as they have been doing since at least the 1930's, and they will continue to do so on their terms. But, with the birth rates what they are, Israel is finished in the medium to long term.

    • Sfard is fighting to save the "2 state solution" which is racist apartheid codified into a treaty which says the Palestinians accept a cluster of bantustans. So, he is part of the problem. I can't stand these Israeli racists being lionized in Mondoweiss, just because sometimes they are liberal racists.

  • Evelyn Garcia welcomes a debate on US Middle East policy -- not smears and misrepresentation and hate mail
    • "The Jewish State of Israel is a legitimate, sovereign nation that I have long admired..." This is really the only part of the article which I disagree with, but boy is it an important part. The "Jewish State of Israel" is not a "legitimate sovereign nation". What's funny is that this woman represents nothing more than liberal zionism. Tell me what the difference between her position and that of Jeffrey Goldberg? There is a slight rhetorical difference, but the position that Israel is legitimate as a Jewish-only state, provided the occupation is ended, is their shared position. This position is untenable in 2012 and it is the furthest thing from brave. The tide of the 1 person 1 vote movement for democracy between the river and the sea cannot be held back forever.

  • Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers
    • You know what predictably comes next right? "This is no big deal! It is not a full vote for divestment so it doesn't really matter!" Then if it gets passed and the Church does divest they will say, "Their holdings in Israeli companies is very small and this will make no impact whatsoever on the Israeli economy. The Presbyterian Church is turning its back on its Jewish allies and this is very troubling."

  • Finkelstein stands by 'BDS cult' accusation, says it's 'historically criminal' to not support the two state solution
    • Exactly. Watch that interview. It becomes a Jewish conversation and Palestinians are erased. He mentions Western and Israeli human rights groups influencing American Jews. He does not mention Palestinian groups or Palestinian activists as having influenced anyone. Is what you can convince American Jews to accept the just solution to the situation? This is the same as MLK moderating his "extreme" demands to meet the approval of the "white moderate". It is not justice, that's for sure! Finkelstein needs to put his Western identity aside for a moment and take the lead from Palestinians, instead of expecting them to take the lead from him. Until that happens, he is an enemy of Palestinians because he is against the assertion of their rights.

    • As I mentioned months and months ago, Finkelstein is an enemy of the Palestinians and their movement for liberation (although many didn't agree with me). Apparently some people still don't see this. I assume Finkelstein's criticisms of the BDS movement and Palestinians themselves will only get worse and more unhinged from here on out. Finkelstein is the epitome of the "white moderate" mentioned in MLK's Letter from the Birmingham Jail.

  • The new landscape: big media cover former Palestinian P.M.'s obit for two-state solution
    • OK. Where are the other examples of the mainstream media about the death of the 2 state solution? I'm not talking about the "possible" or "potential" death of it "IF" Israel doesn't stop settlement building. I'm talking about the ones who say it IS too late and the 2 state solution is over and there are now discussions about what will come next. Where are those articles? If they are there I will be the first one to admit I'm wrong.

      Here is the quote from the story, "Israel’s new parliamentary opposition leader said Tuesday that the Jewish state faces the danger of being replaced by a binational Jewish-Arab entity if it fails to separate itself from the Palestinians." Notice the key word "if". Then, the article continues as a garden variety article saying the two sides HAVE to get back to talks to SAVE the 2 state solution. This is not the same thing as writing the obit for the 2 state solution. In fact it is saying, "Let's PLEASE save the 2 state solution so we dont have to write the obit for the 2 state solution".

      Here's what Qureia said, “If this is the policy, I think it is a big lie to talk about the two-state solution,” said Qureia. Notice the key word "IF" here again. You see? It is all a continuation of business as usual dressed up as a sea change.

      The last line of the article is somewhat relevant and important I think. But, what I said is true. If there are examples of the obit for the 2 state solution without the "if" I will recant. But, please show me if they exist. And by the way, I am just wondering if you did know PA leaders and Israeli Prime Ministers and "peace" groups have been making these same statements for years if not decades? That Qureia made this statement back in 2004, and he still sits on the native administration of the colonial master 8 years later?

    • He said the same thing in 2004 link to Did the author bother doing elementary research before getting worked up over this AP piece proclaiming it as a sign of a shifting paradigm?

      Honestly, what's wrong with our movement that we view corrupt bantustan managers who make the same hollow threats year after year to be big news? How many times has Abu Mazen made this exact same hollow threat? What about Saeb Erekat? Dwelling on these stories is a waste of time which is meant to distract the Palestinians and their supporters from calling for an end to the PA.

      So, the guy makes this statement from his bantustan office? So he's still a part of this indirect colonial system, yet we take this stupid threat seriously? I really wish we would wake up and stop spinning our wheels here. I'm getting really frustrated with how slow and far behind the discourse of our movement can be on these issues.

  • Northwest pinkwashing events cancelled, StandWithUs’s record of queer exploitation exposed
  • Remnick ignores the Nakba's role in Israeli 'democracy'
    • Agree 100% with Mr. Barghouti. We must note, in RELATIVE terms, the advances in the discourse within the mainstream American media. However, we must also always underline, in ABSOLUTE terms, how woefully insufficient (and indeed racist and ignorant) the discourse remains to be.

      I believe this solves the problem of not knowing how to feel/what to say when articles such as Remmick's, or those by Peter Beinart come out.

  • Barghouthi and Erakat can reach young Americans
  • The battle between the US/EU and China/India to control world energy resources is being fought in Iran
    • Excellent article. Thanks Phil and Adam for bringing such a talented and accomplished voice to the site

  • New additions to the Mondoweiss comments policy
    • Good idea. This isn't a truther site nor is it a david duke anti-semite hiding behind pro palestine movement site. Those people can go elsewhere to discuss their theories and beliefs.

  • Ron Paul's antiwar position is simpleminded
    • Schwartz is her maiden name. "Bash" comes from her first husband Jeremy Bash, who used to work for the Dept. of War and the CIA, who is also Jewish. So, Bash is also a Jewish name, but less recognizably so apparently. She then married John King, I thought King was a Jewish name, but apparently he was Catholic and converted for the marriage.

    • Just war is "just" because it is "Us" who is doing it.

    • Thank you for your response.

      Everything follows from #3, so there is no need to debate points 1 and 2 anymore.

      "3. It is true that I don’t think that most American military interventions are motivated by bad-intentioned imperialism. Bush, yes; Obama, no way."

      This is all anyone needs to know about you to understand where you are coming from in what you write. 99% of the readers on this site disagree with your view of America's foreign policy intentions and goals. Do you believe that America is an Empire, but it is a "benevolent hegemon" or do you not see America as an Empire at all?

    • Excellent response.

    • Jerome Slater is a liberal hawk. He sounds very similar to Michael Walzer in his "just war" philosophizing. Clearly, he doesn't believe America is an Empire with bad intentions. He thinks America has good intentions, but sometimes makes unfortunate mistakes.

  • Two critiques of Norman Finkelstein
    • Are you going to send him the recipe or the actual maftoul?

    • Thanks Cliff and John H. I appreciate your comments

    • Assertive and sharp is good. 'mean' for the sake of being mean and nasty is wrong. I like sharp, intelligent, well thought out criticism, whether it is for or against my point of view. Stakes are too high to beat around the bush these days

    • 'On the other hand, perhaps like a true Zionist you simply imagined you had established “title” over the first comment slot by dint of settling there for several years."

      LOL!!!!! love that

    • Finkelstein has done amazing work and has a lot to be proud of and the Palestine Solidarity Movement has a lot to be grateful for to him. I know less about Rabbani. But, I have to be honest in saying they are both part of the problem. When you talk about "two states" instead of colonialism and "international consensus" rather than an anti-colonial struggle for equal rights and democracy, you are part of the problem.

      Palestinians have suffered too long and come too far in their worldwide movement to make such concessions to racism and genocidal ideologies such as Zionism. Just as with the KKK and other such movements, there can be no accommodation nor compromise with Zionism in any way shape or form. I honestly cannot believe these words of rebuttal to Finkelstein even need to be said in 2011. I am not Palestinian, but in my opinion people like Finkelstein who lecture the Palestinians on why it's "realistic" and necessary for them to give up their rights should have no prominent place in the movement.

  • A Warsaw Ghetto with guns (my recent trip to Israel/Palestine)
    • This is a great and vivid article. I can really see right now the pretty Israeli woman barking at the Palestinian mother...When I read this, I felt like I was back in the West Bank, I can feel it and remember it so clearly when I read articles like this...I relate so much to the frustration at wishing I could somehow convey everything I saw to Americans, the right picture, the right interview, the right story, what will it take to show Americans what it's like here!?

  • Mondo... Beyondo
  • NPR story on Dead Sea Scrolls makes listener feel like a goose being force-fed Israel propaganda
    • I felt like the goose when in my History class, during a class presentation on the accuracy of the Moses story, a girl said she went to the Israel Museum last summer and saw the Dead Sea Scrolls, so this proves the Bible is true. i felt like my head was LITERALLY going to explode

  • Dubious Charlie Rose asks Ehud Barak why not one state?
    • Phil: I think you may be wrong about your assessment of Rose's discomfort. If you turn the volume up and listen closely, after Barak says his thing about Bosnia and Belfast Rose clearly says "Exactly". It seems like that means he is in agreement with Barak as to why the partition along ethnic lines is crucial.

  • ESPN and NYT should be ashamed for tiptoeing around rape at heart of Penn State outrage
    • Right on Phil. My mom is an alumni of Penn State, and Paterno is a semi-God in her eyes, and the eyes of many natives of Pittsburgh. I also have always had warm feelings for the team, but I tend to agree with you on this. A child's innocence is sacred, Paterno is a bum...

  • Americans who support Palestinian cause must be willing to lose friends
    • Same for me. This girl in the video is really strong and brave for what she does. The truth is I've sometimes felt as though when you defend Palestinians, you become Palestinian in the way you are treated. Like in the movie "Focus" with William H Macy. I think it's exactly the same. People become disgusted with you. So, it really is hard to imagine Palestinians feel this rejection so much worse, on a daily basis.

  • In Cairo, we consecrate the freedom of religion
  • In memoriam: Hanan Porat, an extremist by any other name
  • 'Forward's ad director says he's chosen not to visit Israel because it's gone 'so far afield'
    • This man thrives on everyone's attention. He says outrageous things he knows we'll all hate so he can get attention. Why do we give in and give him what he wants? I wish people would just ignore him from now on...

  • Benny Morris says he was pursued by 'bearded, caftaned Muslims' in London-- like Brownshirts in Berlin
    • Absolutely amazing video. I loved it. It reminds me of when I lived in London and walked down that same street and went to speeches at LSE. the protestors and makers of this film did a great job

  • Hen of the woods?
  • Code Pink confronts Howard Berman on boycott (and makes Hava Nagila anti-Zionist)
    • Was one of the ladies wearing a pink yamalke? lol I love it that they are so crazy but they really have courage and are very creative, and I respect what they do to push the envelope. Berman used to be my congressman so this is nice to see!

  • Iran, Hamas, and the Holocaust = justification for apartheid
  • The Larry David peace plan
    • This isnt presented as something righteous or true, it's presented as a delusional anti semitic sex crazy Arab slut. This is disgusting!!! And the accent is so stereotypical and disgusting. The actress is an Armenian woman! This is like hollywood with black face and coon shows. this is acceptable against Palestinians in 2011, that's the sad part...

    • I honestly do not know how anyone can not consider this episode utterly racist against Palestinians and Arabs in general. The ethnic stereotypes...The only good thing about Palestinians is their women and their food and they are anti semites. We want to fuck Palestinian women and eat their food, and then call them anti semites. It reminds me so much of the same racist tendencies in the movie "You Don't Mess with the Zohan". This shows how well Zionism has worked, you have some middle aged privelaged Jews in Hollywood who think their right to exist is being endangered...He says, "I know we have problems with these people..." These people? This is disgusting. Watching this episode honestly made me want to cry, it's so hurtful to watch. It feels so dehumanizing. Shame on anyone who defends this humiliation as "comedy" which challenges the norms of discourse. That is truly delusional

  • My response to 'DailyKos' smear
    • This is a great article Phil, and I am really sorry that you are getting smeared in this way. You are a person of truth and conscience and you do not deserve to be smeared as a hate monger. Before I read Mondoweiss, I never heard anyone else speak the truth about these issues of Jewish power in the American establishment. This is the pink elephant everyone wants to ignore because it's uncomfortable to deal with, due to the history of anti semitism. But you are brave enough to talk about it and for that you're my hero

  • Boiling the frog: 'every week' another Israeli annexation bill
    • This push to recognize an Indian Reservation at the UN has next to zero support among Palestinians. Code pink and US Committee... are grossly misled in their support of this destructive initiative. Annie: read up on this issue and take another look. This initiative if successful will neuter the Palestinian issue. It will negate the right of return as well as the right of Palestinian-Israelis. It is a pathetic version of the two state solution without any sovereignty and at worst the rest of the world can look and say, 'Shut up palestinians, you have your state, now let us do our business with israel'.

  • I have no doubt that Palestinians will be victorious, sooner than later
    • I totally agree with this statement as well as the message of the article. That moment when the Palestinian man is not afraid to be shot tells you everything you need to know about the steadfastness of the Palestinian people and why they will win

  • Annex hasbara on steroids
  • Richard Witty's 10,000th comment
  • Retired sexist offers advice to Zionists
  • Say what now? 2-state/1-state debate morphs into neckware/cardigan question at Harvard Law
    • I think the article was interesting and thought-provoking, but I believe the philosophy type talk should be toned down for the next one. But I do think the writer has a lot of potential.

  • The education of Samantha Power
  • Yorba Linda: My city of hate
    • Thanks for the link. I too immediately was reminded of the video I saw of the Little Rock 9.

    • Yeah, these are good points. On the first one, I think so. The husband has a Palestinian accent but I guess because he's Christian he doesn't catch flack, and I think the fact that they live in a nice gated community helped the boy fly under the radar so to speak.

      I've seen both America and Europe now. I moved to London for my masters, and I've also been to Sweden and Denmark. They are much more academic about it, but the discrimination in Europe is far worse than America. There's laws in most of Europe against building mosques. They're illegal to build in Denmark for example. Switzerland made them illegal. And you're right, the academics are much more nuanced with their rhetoric until you realize they're fascists.

  • The unstoppable revolutionary power of al Jazeera
  • But we don't live in an ideal world
    • Enough with this tired lie of "safe haven"! If anything, Israel is a fact which drives anti-Semitism in the world today.

      I'll take some Haitian flood victims and find them a safe haven in your living room. Are you crazy with this stuff? Maybe we should have released the Japanese from the internment camps in California and sent them to colonize another country so it could be their "safe haven". This is really offensive and racist actually, because you are ignoring the real safe haven needed for 5 million + Palestinian refugees! Why do the lives of prosperous European lifestyle living Israelis come before the safe haven needed for Palestinians?

  • Al Jazeera funeral for two-state-solution stirs fear and denial
    • Too little too late establishment people. It's over. The time for American Jews to support he boycott of settlements was 20 years ago. 1 democratic state with Christians, Muslims, and Jews living together from the river to the sea with equal rights for all.

      Great piece Phil, and thanks for the comment Nancy.

  • Brown vs Board of Education
  • A jolt? More on Brazil's decision to recognize Palestine
  • Sedek review: The concrete steps needed to implement a vision
    • Thanks Ahmed. This is a really good piece and very well thought out. I share your feeling that this is the most hopeful thing I've read in a long time. I think we are moving in the right direction with proposals such as this one. A new day can come, if we want it to. Just like John Lennon said: War is Over (If you want it to be)

    • Don't forget also Israel would have to return the Golan Heights to Syria losing 15% of its water supply. Maybe this could be offset by eliminating private pools (public only) and shutting down golf courses? Just a thought

  • When hope is lawful
    • Compromise will surely be an integral part in helping craft Israel's new Post-Zionism constitution. Perhaps a compromise will be on the name of the state. Perhaps a compromise will be for currently all Palestinian cities to have street signs written in Hebrew as well. Maybe a compromise will be government funding of Hebrew language private schools.

      But, fundamental rights are another thing entirely and they cannot ever be compromised. Things like refugees returning, tearing down the wall, ending colonization of the West Bank, lifting the siege of Gaza, and equal rights for all written into the constitution are fundamental rights.

      I think you misunderstand the concept of compromise "eee"

    • Sara, this article is really good and as you can see the only people who disagree with you are zionists and one marxist.

    • "The only way to settle this argument over who gets the pizza is to negotiate...(shoves pizza into my face as quickly as possible)"

      "Hey, you're eating the pizza we're supposed to be negotiating over, this is bullshit!"

      "Shut up and take the crumbs left in the box"

  • Unfair to Chomsky
    • Thank you! Everyone should read this comment and digest it fully. I used to absolutely adore Chomsky, I drove 8 hours to see him speak in Berkeley last year. But, eventually the truth wore me down. I couldn't ignore the detachment from reality he held in this issue. He is a traitor and I can't believe I ever trusted him. He is a disgusting person who lies and uses his influence to hurt Palestinians and sow divisions among activists, because he is a closet Zionist. This is obvious if you read his work closely. I hope people in the movement turn their backs on him. We don't need people like him influencing us or telling us that "Palestinians should just give up and be realistic because of international concensus"

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