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  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day
    • This act by Israel brings tears to my eyes and sorrow to my soul. Palestinian I have met in the West Bank and in Israel raise their kids with hope. Hope founded on equipping their children for an education for membership in a just society. It seemed to me that this was one of the most palatable forms of fighting the occupation... We will not give up!

      I believe this is a calculated effort by Israel to break that resolve. This is one the international community working shoulder to shoulder with Palestinians can win. Destroying educational facilities is just plain wrong and can not be defended.


  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • Why is Netanyahu going ballistic over the US abstention? Why does Trump go ballistic about everything? It keeps the limelight on the nuts, sells newspapers, changes the subject and even has us (those supporting justice for Palestinians) talking about anything but the evils of Zionism. Our analysis of Netanyahu should hew to our POV about the Israeli exceptionalism Netanyahu sells and the US buys and the apartheid state Trump will be hastening to embrace.

  • Clinton campaign is 'nervous' Sanders will push 'divisive' battle over Democratic platform on Israel
    • You know Bernie doesn't have to carry this torch for us. Where's our voice in demanding no more US aid to Israel until the occupation ends. And no attacks by the US government on those supporting BDS as a peaceful protest against that occupation. WE can communicate with the Dems too!

  • Sanders' unprecedented call for 'justice and peace' marks decline of lobby's power
    • Bernie's carefully worded call for respect and justice for Palestinians and for the end of blind allegiance to
      Netanyahu is long overdue. However, It does not in any way suggest that the Israel Lobby is a tad weaker. Over 3/4 of the House recently signed a letter to Obama calling for US veto of Abbas' petition to the UN. It is imperative that we understand that power has not shifted, rather discourse was opened a crack. Fine to wallow in Bernie's measured words, in fact I do. It's a start but a small one at that.

      In politics principle and pragmatism fight one another. I believe Bernie had to be pragmatic about suspending his controversial Isreali staffer if he wanted his political message in the debate to be heard. Had he not that staffer would have eclipsed his remarks.

  • Tom Friedman to work as Cairo taxi driver 'because those guys know everything'
    • Friends, this has got to be a wonderful spoof. Tom Friedman is not going to be driving any cab in Cairo nor is he saying he's been wrong for 20 years! I think we should sit tight and watch this unfold! And in the meantime listen to Lewis, above.

  • Options for a non-Zionist Israeli voter
    • When I first became actively involved in I/P work I was asked if I was Zionist or anti-Zionist. I felt trapped by the question. It was, as this article so cogently states, taboo to be anti-Zionist. But how can one be in support of human rights and international law, let alone justice and freedom for Palestinians and be a Zionist?

      For me the answer was in the belief that to be an out anti-Zionist was to consign my efforts and that of organizations I was affiliated with, to absolute irrelevance. In the short term I think that is absolutely true. But how short is short and is fighting anti Zionism, that leads to years of irrelevance what our allies in Palestine want us to do?

      I fully recognize and appreciate that a significant number of people in the US have been working on this for years through organizations like ZOA and others.
      I salute their clarity and resolve. And yearn to be with them.

      But again is this what Palestinians on the ground want of us? It will greatly slow down our forward motion if we embrace such an "heretical" position. This is the old liberal vs left argument ... simply put expediency leading to modest victory vs struggle for principled system change which is s-l-o-w at best.

      As an ally I take direction from those most affected, that's what I have always believed. It's why I am an enthusiastic BDS supporter. Palestinian civil society asked.. I could use some direction on the Zionism question from my comrades in country.

  • Can the US Congress bring justice for the Palestinians?: A response to Robert Naiman
    • Joel makes an excellent but not sufficient recommendation. Changing Congress does not follow building robust grassroots support it accompanies it. Because of support inside Congress the anti-apartheid movement was able to get an annual Congressional hearing on the negative impact of apartheid . This accompanied the huge international campaign. To wait is fools folly. Ask Chicago.

      And did those hearings alone change US policy? No. But did they matter, ask the folks who were involved. It's how we learn by asking the former US leaders of liberation movements what worked.

  • Thoughts about our role and work as Jews committed to justice in Palestine
    • I feel there is an additional and very important reason for American Jews to participate as Jews in solidarity with the Palestinian call for a just peace. It is essential that people of all faiths feel it is their right and responsibility to participate. We need to be proactive in encouraging a much broader movement if we are seriously interested in winning.

      "Not in my name" is what brought me in but it is not only not what keeps me but it now makes me squirm with self centered-ness. (This really may not be a word!)

      I now believe that in the US this is not a Jewish issue but rather one of human rights and US foreign policy. My voice is simply not more important in counteracting the voice of Jews who give blind support to Israel.. In fact it may be less important.

      It's only when when we ALL come together that we can make change happen.

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