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  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • I am so sick of this "anti-Semitic" nonsence. The only entity on our planet at this time is israel, by it's persecution and war crimes against a true Semitic people, the indigenous Palestinian people. Language is dynamic and we do not speak Shakespear's English. The old furphy of using "anti-Semitism " to stifle debate about israel's war crimes has really passed it's use by date. As has the promised land nonsence. All land is promised and all humanity are chosen. To state otherwise is bigotry.

  • Oxfam expresses 'concerns' over Scarlett Johansson's support for settlement product
    • Just what the heck does an "Ambassador" do? I cannot remember hearing about Johannson giving any of her money to people in need; nor has she written books which highlight the huge injustices in our world; nor has she ever been involved in film making ( her profession) that shows huge injustices. I suppose given her lack of anything remotely concrete and worthwhile, we will certainly never see her, like the also famous, but also brave and principled, Henning Mankell and Alice Walker, and other worthwhile people, who have spoken out against Israel's crimes and even gone on hazardous flotillas to help the persecuted people of Gaza.

  • BBC to censor violinist Nigel Kennedy's statement about Israeli apartheid from TV broadcast

      The following four distinct classes of "citizenship" can be found within the present borders of Israel.

      Class "A" citizenship : Jews.

      Privileged access to the material resources of the State and the social as well as the welfare services of the State. Are able to utilize the 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel, controlled by the Land Agency. Note that no-one can actually purchase the Agency land and that it is leased to Jews only.

      Class "B" citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs.

      Taxpayers and citizens with voting rights. Are denied the right to utilize the 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel controlled by the Land Agency. They are also denied equal access to water and social and welfare services. Are generally not permitted to serve in the military which means they are automatically denied the many social and welfare services available to those who complete compulsory (for Jews) military service.

      Class "C" citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs.

      Taxpayers and citizens with voting rights, but classified as "absentees". Comprises some 200,000 persons. Are denied the right to utilize property in 93 per cent of pre-1967 Israel. They are also denied equal access to water and social and welfare services. They have also been denied all rights to their own property (lands, houses, corporations, shares, bank accounts, bank safes, etc.) that they owned until confiscated by the Jewish state. This theft was made "legal" by the Absentees Property Law of 1950.

      Class "D" citizenship : Non Jews/Arabs.

      Taxpayers, but without voting rights. Comprises some 3,000,000 persons. Are also denied the right to utilize or buy property anywhere in pre-1967 Israel. Have no access to social and welfare services. Many (mostly those who once lived in pre-1967 Israel) have had all their property confiscated by the Jewish state without compensation and have been forced to live in ghettos spread throughout two areas that today resemble concentration camps.

      Information From "Israel: An Apartheid State" (Zed Books, London and New Jersey, 1987) by Uri Davis.

    • Voltaire - "To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."

  • Avigdor Lieberman: 'When it comes down to the choice between Jewish or Democratic Israel it has to be Jewish'
    • Yes, BDS apartheid Israel.

    • This disgusting human being is beyond redemption. And, unless Jewish religious leaders worldwide start mobilizing against these murderous bigots Judaism will forever be tainted with supporting a state that commits war crimes. The irony of Zionists and Nazis both categorizing human beings into Jew and non-Jew is lost on such hateful people.

  • Backer of NY ads exposing Palestinian land-loss says response has been 'astounding' and news 'coverage is pouring in'
    • To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize. --Voltaire

    • You should go and live as an occupied indigenous Palestinian for a week, as many from around our world have done. I defy anyone with a conscience to go and see what Israel is doing to the persecuted Palestinians and not come away disgusted- putting it mildly. Your quibbling about the maps- which are indeed accurate- is beneath contempt. Meanwhile Israel continues to flaunt international law.
      What are your views on international law, specifically the Geneva Conventions? Do you view all human beings eqaully, regardless of race, colour and religion?

    • Yes, it is way past time for Jewish religious leaders to say that they condemn the state of Israel; these crimes are being committed in their names; unless they do so, Jews will be forever associated with a state that commits war crimes.
      Belonging to the Jewish religion should not mean supporting Israel; one is a religion and the other a state. Time to end this travesty.

    • OMG, what the heck has condemning a nation that is committing war crimes got to do with "Jew hatred"??? What a cowardly, racist view of Israel's crimes. If the roles were reversed and a militarily strong Palestine were occupying, stealing land and water, imprisoning without trial and killing Israelis daily would you be saying that it was "Arab hatred to condemn the actions? I think not; you seem more interested in the religion of the perpetrators, Israelis, than the crimes they are committing.

  • Denial
    • There has never been only one "the" holocaust- just ask African Americans, Native Americans. the Irish, the Romany, the Cambodians,Australian aboriginal peoples....the too many to name all other races and religions that have suffered in our human history. It is highly offensive to only talk of one atrocity as it "unique"- what rubbish. And we do not see African Americans and all the other peoples who have suffered using their past suffering to hide present day atrocities- as is happening with Israel's war crimes.

  • Our second Christmas of protests in Adelaide-- now kids ask, 'What is Palestine?'
    • I feel that Julia Gillard's infamous "Israel has to protect itself" as it rained white phosphorus down on the men, women and children of Gaza says it all about her. We are all shamed in having such a Zionist stooge as PM.

    • Amen to that. AND, we still need to know who were the people who ousted Rudd in favour of Gillard. Rudd may not have been perfect, but he at least made an attempt to change Australia's foreign policy in a fairer manner........then Gillard was foisted on us. Her weak and cowardly subservience to the Zionist lobby group shames us all. TIME TO GO JULIA GILLARD.

    • Good Lord Daniel Rich, why would you want to deny the human rights of the Palestinian people? You know, those men, women and children whose forefathers have been tilling the land, raising children, building homes and towns in Palestine for thousands of years. Surely it's not because they don't belong to the same religious club as you; that would be just spiteful and bigoted.

  • Gingrich comment that Palestinians are an 'invented people' enters primary debate
    • I think it is past time-way past time- for the artificially created state of Israel to be moved. This latest nonsense by Gingrich and the too many to name all crimes of this entity have shown that it cannot exist peacefully with the people it dispossessed. Time to move the warmongering entity to Washington; they fund it; they should live with it.
      It is perfectly evident that Israel just gets worse and morons like Gingrich will continue to suck up to it. So, let them live with it and see just what hellish neighbours they have foisted on the persecuted Palestinians.
      There is nothing wrong with asking Israel to be moved; it was artificially created in the first place and more than a few other areas touted before the poor Palestinians were lumbered with it. I suspect the same horror would have been for any other nation that had been lumbered with it.

  • Gutman is right: Anti-Semitic incidents in England spiked after attacks on Gaza and flotilla
    • This old "antiSemitic" furphy really needs to be knocked down as soon as it rears it's ugly head.

      It is not anti-Semitic to criticize and/or condemn a nation that is committing war crimes against a true Semitic people, the indigenous Palestinians. It would be anti-Semitic NOT to condemn Israel in light of it's human rights abuses against Semitic people.

      Unlike the indigenous Palestinians, Israelis and Jews are not all Semitic ; those that lived in Palestine before the Nabka of 1948 were Semitic; Muslims, Christians and Jews living there in 1947 were Semitic; the European invaders were, and are, not Semitic. They are Slav and Anglo amongst other ethnicity.

      The term "anti-Semitic" is just another strategy of the Zionists to curtail any justified condemnation of Israel's crimes. Knock it on it's ugly head every time it is reared.

  • On Shabbos the rabbi stood outside neighbor's house shouting F-you at his 'Free Palestine' bumper sticker
    • Just reread some of the comments and really need to shout out- WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS.

      This talk of who belongs to what religious club or ethnicity are irrelevant. Race, colour and religion are not important; how we treat our fellow human beings is important. Israelis could be Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Green, from the Moon- it is their actions that have caused them to be pariahs on the world stage.

    • Just reread some of the comments and really need to say

    • Personal abuse is the hallmark of the rabid Zionists; it was just one tactic to try to prevent any criticism of Israel. However, it does not work anymore , thanks to brave, principled people like Rich Siegel and many others, some of whom are actually under grave danger in helping the occupied Palestinians on occupied land. ( Rachel Corrie and Tom Hurndell just 2 who were murdered by the occupation army). The advent of the internet has helped disseminate factual news from around the world and stopped the reliance on the self-interested propaganda from the mainstream media.
      I have had my more than a few personal attacks; at first it was like a slap on the face and I felt the need to hide. Now, however, I wear the personal insults as a badge of honour. If you are personally attacked by the Zionist lobby group you are obviously doing something right. It spurs a person on to become more involved.
      I would say that Israel has already lost- just witness worldwide opinion about this rogue state. It would be very good if Israel would just start obeying international law- and plain decency- but unfortunately Israel is being dragged kicking and screaming toward civilized behaviour and will not do it willingly. Pity the dead and bereaved that might be spared of Israel would just do the right thing without being forced to.

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