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  • 'My aim is not to resolve the conflict' -- former top Israeli negotiator
    • "And it’s true, Israel is struggling and making an effort to meet this promise within the Green Line. "

      Sorry, but don't make me laugh so hard!

      "The Declaration promised “equal citizenship” to its Arab inhabitants, but Israel then played fast and loose with the concept of citizenship, by differentiating between citizenship and nationality. It’s akin to placing a big brown “A” on the lapels of its Arab citizens."

      As evidenced below:

      "Following Riots, Israeli Defense Minister Calls for Boycott of Arab Citizens: 'They Don't Belong Here'

      Avigdor Lieberman says residents of Wadi Ara 'are not welcome here'; Minister Bennett: 'Arabs should not test our patience' ...

      Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday said that Israeli Arab residents of the Wadi Ara region “do not belong to the State of Israel" and should be boycotted. ...

      The residents of the Wadi Ara region should be boycotted, Lieberman told Army Radio in an interview on Sunday morning. “They should understand that they are not wanted here, they are not part of us.” According to the defense minister, Wadi Ara residents "have no connection to this country.”

      “What is happening in Wadi Ara is intolerable,” Lieberman said. “So I am calling for a boycott of Wadi Ara. Don’t go there and don’t buy there. They need to understand that it is impossible to demonstrate with Hezbollah flags, Palestinian flags and pictures of [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah. To accept billions from the National Insurance [Institute] and to also destroy us from within,” he added. ...

      In another radio interview on Reshet Bet on Sunday morning, Lieberman made similar comments.  He added that “formally, the residents of Wadi Ara are Israeli citizens, but they are not a part of Israel and must be part of the Palestinian Authority. He later repeated his call for a boycott of businesses in Wadi Ara. 

      The chairman of the Joint List, MK Ayman Odeh, responded to Lieberman's comments, saying the minister is “a representative of the dark fascist regime of [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s extreme right-wing government.”

      “The call to boycott citizens just because of their national and religious origin reminds one of the darkest regimes in human history. The thought that such a person is responsible for the security of the country should worry every rational citizen.”

      MK Yousef Jabareen (Joint List) said the protest by Arab citizens of Israel against Trump’s decision is a legitimate protest, “and we have not heard the [Defense] Minister call to boycott Haredim or Ethiopians who blocked roads in the demonstrations they held.”

      The chairman of the Higher Arab Monitoring Committee, the former MK and leader of the Hadash party Mohammed Barakeh, said “every protest by the Arab community is considered a security incident. I did not see tear gas grenades at the demonstrations by the disabled.”"

      read more:

  • 'Will the protesters turn violent?' Deconstructing the media's view of Palestine
    • Boomer~ I heard that interview, and uttered some special words when it was over...

      In an almost laughable irony, check this out:

      "Israeli Army Commander Suspended for Stealing Fruit From Palestinian Vendor in Hebrew

      An investigation has been opened into a commander who was caught on video taking apples from a vendor's stall while deployed to keep the peace ..."

      read more:

      ( video at link)

      There are no words . I'm not even sure that 'irony' does it justice.

    • Thanks for this, Dr. Rothchild.

      It's pretty clear who always, always, always 'turns' violent with malice and premeditation:

      It's not the Palestinians. It is Israel and its armed forces/thugs/zionists including the "settlers".

  • Dionne and Shields ignore the Adelson in the room
    • Not one that I've read about. Since you mention Warren, here's her bs:

      "Sen. Elizabeth Warren to Reform Jews: Trump's Jerusalem Move Hinders Mideast Peace ...

      Sen. Elizabeth Warren said on Friday she worries that U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital will make it harder to achieve peace in the Middle East.

      Addressing several thousand attendees at The Union For Reform Judaism convention in Boston, the Massachusetts Democrat said she believes a two-state solution is the best hope for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. 

      While Warren said Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, she added that diplomacy between Israelis and Palestinians should determine the final status of the city. ..."

      read more:

      bah humbug.

    • So all of these "journalists" are actually working for "Israel Hayom" and The Lobby.

      Pitifully, shamefully and entirely Israel- first.

  • Netanyahu has been interfering in U.S. politics for a long, long time
    • Wonderful exposure of many truths. I wistfully (angrily) wonder why the MSM doesn't /hasn't covered any of this, but I dipped into some infotainment today... they had Kushner @ Saban on in the lower right hand corner and muted and Witt said she would report on anything important that was said and never, ever did. But it was all about Russia, Russia and North Korea...

      I found this fitting tweet today:

      "jewdⒶs // יידהודה‏
      All I want for Hanukkah is for Russiagate to turn into Israelgate."

      Thanks, Phil.

  • War rumblings continue, as Netanhayu says Iran is another Nazi Germany
    • A true axis of evil~ those three morally bereft, lying 'leaders', consummate inciters and undiplomatic warmongers.

      From Haaretz, these nasties are/were welcomed to Saban:

      "...Excerpts of his speech were published on Saturday night, in which he vowed to stop Iran from entrenching itself in Syria.

      The Saban Forum is an annual conference on U.S. policy in the Middle East organized by the Brookings Institution.

      Other Israeli speakers at the event this year included former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and the new leader of the Labor Party, Avi Gabbay. Topics discussed included the Iran deal and Saudi Arabia's role in the Middle East.

      Later on Sunday, Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and senior adviser, will speak publicly for the first time about the Trump administration's attempts to facilitate an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement. Kushner will talk about the administration's peace efforts together with Haim Saban, the Israeli-born business mogul who funds the annual event." 

      read much more:

  • Israel's top diplomat spouts anti-Semitic criticism of American Jews -- 'having quite convenient lives'
    • omg, Marnie!

      That's perfect. rotflmao... (also had to wipe my screen because of the coffee...)

      I'm not sure that I've told you how much I appreciate your comments here.

      I do.

  • 'Facebook' ads are way more important than the children we slaughter in some poor country
    • Thank you very much for this, Donald.

      No matter where I've lived (nor how long I have lived), the US and the West's 'foreign policy' has been my most significant concern. Ignorance, greed, and dislike for others/racism fuels this all over the Western world (including Israel from which most Zionists came and come from).

      [I also care about the climate disaster that we are experiencing secondary to grasping rich folk and mostly ignorant and brainwashed Western folk, and healthcare that is denied to too many, etc.]

      If the US came clean and stopped the wanton and horrific killings all over MENA, all things much better might become possible . The US spends billions to kill millions. Meanwhile, people are dying of cholera, bombs, blockade, neglect, pernicious racism and Islamophobia.

      "Yemen's cholera outbreak now the worst in history as millionth case looms

      Experts predict fastest-spreading cholera epidemic since records began will affect at least 1 million people by turn of year, including at least 600,000 children ..."

      Please don't forget Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, etc. Why the US allies itself with Israel and KSA/Kuwait et al is beyond my ken.

  • Families as pawns: Israel pressures Palestinians into exile through foreign spouse visas
  • Israeli gov't minister says there will be one million West Bank settlers in the next 10-20 years
    • Look at this horror

      "According to Israel's Deputy Defense Minister, the Palestinians Might Have Landed From Mars

      Orders intended to deal with Jewish outposts are now being used to uproot Palestinian communities in the West Bank ..."

      read more of this abomination:

    • How can it be that any sentient human being supports Israel? I'll never understand...

      Thanks for bringing the mostly dreadful truth here to MW, Kate.

      I read this early this morning:

      "Editorial// Israel's Right to Steal Palestinian Land ...

      Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit on Wednesday authorized the confiscation of private Palestinian land for the needs of West Bank settlers. His move followed Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s request regarding the paving of a road to the illegal outpost Harasha, without which it would be impossible to “legitimize” it.

      His opinion was ostensibly based on the ruling of retired Supreme Court Justice Salim Joubran about Amona. Joubran ruled that the military commander in the West Bank must also see to the settlers’ needs, as they number among the region’s residents. Joubran cited former Supreme Court President Aharon Barak’s ruling that “Israelis in the area are entitled to life, dignity, property and the rest of the rights enjoyed by anyone in Israel.”

      With all the problems that these rulings raise, the assumption that Mendelblit is implementing Joubran’s verdict is groundless. Joubran had stressed that the need to protect the settlers cannot blur the Palestinians’ special status of a “protected” population under international law, and that the military commander must be careful not to take any move to infringe on their rights in favor of the occupying state’s residents.

      Mendelblit and Shaked clearly chose to ignore these points. They are also throwing sand in the public’s eyes, because the court verdict didn’t deal with expropriating land for settlements’ needs at all and didn’t rule that such an act was legal.

      Mendelblit’s opinion can now be expected to serve the settlers’ insatiable appetite for private Palestinian land. However, in the legal whitewashing process, the officials involved omitted, as usual, the issue of the settlements’ legality. According to international law all the West Bank settlements are illegal. So Mendelblit cannot legitimize stealing Palestinian land in favor of any settlement in the name of “public needs,” because the public for whom his opinion is intended stole the land it is dwelling on.

      Israel is acting like a criminal organization that operates according to its own laws and is convinced it can be seen as a legal body.

      Mendelblit adorned his opinion with a series of vague qualifications like “feasibility” and “proportionality.” These terms have no practical meaning when it comes to the lust for land theft driving the settlers and the government. Such an opinion is conducive to infringing on the Palestinians’ rights, to Israel’s flouting international law and to undermining the legitimacy of Israel’s justice system."

      read more:

  • Netanyahu uses Iranian earthquake to praise Israeli 'humanity' and denounce Iranian 'hatred'
    • Netanyahu/Israel lied... again. Quelle surprise:

      "Israel Claimed Iran Refused Its Offer for Humanitarian Aid. Red Cross Says Otherwise

      Sources close to Netanyahu said Iran's 'true face' was revealed when it refused Israeli earthquake aid, but according to the Red Cross, Iran didn't even receive his offer

      Israel did not receive an “immediate refusal” from Iran or Iraq following its offer to send humanitarian aid after last week’s earthquake, contrary to statements made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office.

      During Netanyahu's speech to the Jewish Federations conference (GA) in Los Angeles on Tuesday, the prime minister announced Israel offered to help the earthquake victims, an act he said indicates Israel's moral values. Soon after, the Prime Minister office sent reporters a statement saying Iran immediately refused the offer, and this shows the true face of its regime. However, an inquiry by Haaretz revealed that the statement is not true.

      The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the organization that received Israel’s offer, confirmed to Haaretz that neither Iraq nor Iran asked for help or were even aware to the Israeli offer. They also said that the Israeli government was told as much.

      “We can confirm that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) received an offer of support from the Israeli authorities. They expressed their willingness to send relief supplies and technical assistance to the victims of the earthquake at the Iran-Iraq border, through the ICRC.

      "Neither of the two affected countries, however, has at this stage requested international assistance to respond to the needs, and we informed the Israeli authorities accordingly. Should this change, the ICRC stands ready to support its Red Cross Movement partners in providing a humanitarian response and in channeling donations accordingly,” Marc Kilstein, ICRC’s Washington D.C. based spokesperson, told Haaretz in a written statement. ...

      Immediately after the speech, an official from the Prime Minister office released to Israeli reporters a statement to be attributed to a “source within the Prime Minister office”. In the statement, it said “Israel approached the Red Cross and received an immediate refusal. This shows the true face of the Iranian regime.”

      Haaretz spoke with ICRC officials and learned that this is not an accurate representation of the events. Alyona Synenko, spokesperson of the Israel-based ICRC branch, explained that when a natural disaster happens and a country requires international help there is a procedure, of which Israel is aware. If an affected country cannot deal with a disaster, it will approach ICRC and ask for help, and ICRC will then coordinate the assistance from donor countries and aid organizations.

      However, Syneko explained, this was not the case after Sunday’s earthquake hit the Iranian-Iraqi border, killing at least 530 people and leaving 70,000 homeless. Generally speaking, Syneko said, “it is extremely important for us that humanitarian assistance stay away from politics. It must be based on the needs of the people.” 

      David Keyes, the Prime Minister's spokesperson for foreign media, said in a response that "Israel offered aid on the 14th and was told by the Red Cross that Iran did not want any help."

      read more:"

  • 'Want to boycott Israel? Be my guest, there will be a pricetag' -- Israeli official warns Europe
    • That rabble- rouser Brummer's use of words is very interesting and instructive:

      price tag:

      "Price tag policy (Hebrew: מדיניות תג מחיר), also known as "Mutual Responsibility" (Arvut Hadadit),[1] is the name originally[2][3] given to acts of vandalism by Jewish fundamentalist settler youths,[4] aimed at the Palestinian population, Christians, left-wing Israeli Jews,[5] Arab–Israelis, and the Israeli security forces.[6][7][8] The youth claim to "exact a price from local Palestinians or from the Israeli security forces for any action taken against their settlement enterprise" according to the New York Times.[9][10][11] The acts also referred to as "tactic",[12] "strategy",[13] "doctrine",[14] "campaign",[15] or "principle".[16] Price tag attacks now extend to acts of vandalism, and especially to acts of anti-Arab vandalism,[17] suspected to be the work of lone individuals, against the Israeli army and security services, as well as against Christian and Muslim places of worship, and also against left-wing institutions that criticize settlers.[18][19][20] In May 2014, Shin Bet said the price-tag hate crimes were the handiwork of about 100 individuals mainly hailing from the Yitzhar settlement and hilltop outposts, and were inspired by the ideas of rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburg.[21] ..."

      as for this woman:

      "Michelle Rojas-Tal of the Jewish Agency"

      She might be one of the supporters of this:

      "Birthright Operator Promotes Free Extended Israel Stay for Volunteering With Extremist Rabbi in the Settlements

      Hundreds, if not thousands, of Birthright participants have extended their trips to stay at a Jerusalem hostel where projects include building homes and planting trees at illegal outposts"

      read more:

      She says:

      "... We’re living in a generation and a period of renaissance where we have Israel and we cannot take it for granted. Because we have Israel, we can use it as a classroom."

      What kind of "renaissance" is she speaking of? An unending "period" of ethnic cleansing and genocide and violent Occupation of the indigenous Palestinians of Palestine/Israel??? Being BFF with KSA that is wantonly decimating lives in Yemen? Being a wholly criminal and undemocratic statelet in the ME supported by too many Western "leaders"? Etc...

  • Video: Brisbane musicians rework Nick Cave classic to demand he cancel Israel show
    • It didn't:

      "Nick Cave: BDS Is the Reason for My Trip to Israel ...

      "In a manner of speaking, BDS was the impetus for coming to play in Israel," musician Nick Cave said at a press party celebrating his show which will take place on Sunday and Monday night in Tel Aviv.

      Cave explained that, a few years ago, he understood that he wouldn't sign an "Artists for Palestine" petition, calling for artists to refrain from coming to Israel. "I didn't want to sign the petition. I didn't connect to it. I don't like lists," he said.

      Cave said realized that although he wouldn't sign the petition, he also had not played a show in Israel for 20 years. Cave first visited Israel to play a show in 1993, and has returned since twice.

      "It felt wimpy. The second that we left for this tour, it was important for me that we come out against silencing artists.

      "I love Israel and Israelis and it's important for me to say something of substance about this."

      Cave said he had not played in Israel for the past 20 years due to a lack of popularity and to complex logistical challenges involved in organizing shows."

      read more:

      Ah well, another "wimpy" and too busy person who doesn't care about the genocide and ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians of Palestine. He's a schmuck who only "loves Israel and Israelis".

      Another real schmuck who willingly ignores the truth. Ugh.

  • Open letter to singer Nick Cave from the Gaza war protesters he once supported
    • That's a humdinger of a letter! Well done.

      Let's see if Cave will acknowledge the many truths cited and respect the Palestinians of Palestine who are under violent & crushing Israeli Occupation and siege. We can only hope that he has a functioning heart, mind, and compass.

      Here's some news from Scotland:

      "Scottish police thwarted Palestinian activists' right to protest in peace

      Police commission upheld three complaints by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign over officers’ actions towards activists

      ... Sofiah MacLeod, chair of the SPSC, said police activities against the campaign had been escalating since 2014. “They have really been trying to intimidate individuals as far as we’re concerned. That’s how it comes across, and we’re very pleased that PIRC has investigated the matter and asked the police to look again at the complaints,” she said."

      much more @

  • Prince Charles decried White House's failure to take on 'Jewish lobby' over Israel
    • Thanks so much for highlighting this, Phil! Haaretz had the story this morning and I linked to it elsewhere on MW. I roared with absolute delight when I read it.

      As for "lobby":

      3 A group of people seeking to influence legislators on a particular issue.
      ‘members of the anti-abortion lobby’...

      3.1 in singular An organized attempt by members of the public to influence legislators.
      ‘a recent lobby of Parliament by pensioners’"

      What is "anti- Semitic" about that, pray tell?

      Every single, simple, and uncomfortable truth that is spoken/written about Israel and Zionism is considered "anti-Semitic" by too many. Why do many prefer speaking Hebrew among themselves (lawmakers to and with the media) to speaking English or any other language when speaking candidly? Is it to obscure the truth and prolong the charade? The world gets filtered news and only what the Zionists and the MSM allow and will tolerate.

      Thanks to the internet and the wonderful translators that grace MW, we continue to be able to avail ourselves of the truth and spread the word.

      Prince Charles wrote the truth. I only hope that he stands by it and will not cave or falter as all US politicians and Presidents have thus far.

  • How Avi Shlaim moved from two-state solution to one-state solution
    • Thanks for this. I guess it's never too late for some. I only hope it's not too late for Palestine and the Palestinians while a few more Israelis screw their brains and hearts on tight and right.

      You write:

      "It’s amazing that these simple straightforward ideas are not reflected in the U.S. discourse. Though I would say that progressive Americans readily accept these ideas, and that is why the Democratic Party establishment is today running scared of these ideas entering the mainstream."

      Have a look at this:

      "Democrats Urged to Attack Trump Over Support for 'Terror-funding' Qatar ...

      Democrats on Capitol Hill are considering a new line of attack against the Trump administration, this time over its policy towards Qatar, the oil rich Gulf emirate known for its support of Hamas. A memo prepared by a Washington-based consulting firm, which has been sent to senior Democratic lawmakers this week, outlines a political strategy to negatively portray Trump's Qatar policy, in ways that would also involve arguments relating to Israel. 

      The memo, titled "Emerging GOP Vulnerability on Terrorism, Iran and Israel," was written by Bluelight Strategies, a consulting firm that earlier this week helped launch a new national organization of Jewish Democrats. The same firm also worked earlier this year with opposition leaders in Qatar who are fighting against the country's current regime, and it is currently advising Jewish groups and Washington think-tanks that are frequent critics of Qatar. 

      In the memo, the firm claims that while in recent years, Republicans have "tried to paint Democrats as anti-Israel, weak on Iran and weak on terrorism overall," Trump's policy regarding Qatar "has opened a significant vulnerability for Republicans, on which Democrats should move swiftly to fully exploit. That vulnerability is Qatar." ..."

      read more:

      Never mind the unholy mess that KSA and Israel are foisting upon Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, and Iran...

      Here's an interesting bit:

      "Prince Charles' Letter From 1986 Blamed Jews for Unrest in Middle East

      British Jewish leaders take specific issue with Prince Charles' use of the 'Jewish lobby' phrase, which they say has been used as an anti-Semitic pejorative for centuries

      ... Prince Charles has come under fire for the letter, with some calling the usage of the phrase "Jewish lobby" anti-Semitic. Stephen Pollard, editor of the British Jewish Chronicle, wrote that the term has been used by anti-Semites for centuries and called the letter "jaw-droppingly shocking."

      The letter's text reads, "I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems. I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated? Surely some U.S. president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in U.S.? I must be naive, I suppose!"

      The letter, which surfaced in a public archive on Sunday, was written to Afrikaner explorer Laurens van der Post and discussed Prince Charles' understanding of the Middle East.

      No member of the British royal family has ever come to Israel in an official capacity. Prince Charles visited last October to attend former President Shimon Peres' funeral, and took the opportunity to go to the Mount of Olives. There, in the Church of Mary Magdalene, he paid a secret visit to the grave of his paternal grandmother. ..."

      read more:

      Ah and so... Is/are there folks in the UK hierarchy that are ashamed of Balfour?

  • Harvey Weinstein's Israeli spy was music video vixen and Israeli air force officer, with Holocaust backstory
  • Israeli musicians to Nick Cave: Send a strong message -- refuse to play in Israel
    • Here's another overdue and welcome development:

      "Christian leaders urge Congress to reject Israel Anti-Boycott Act

      Dozens of American faith-based organizations have endorsed a call to defend the First Amendment rights of Americans who want to hold Israel accountable for its violations of Palestinian rights.

      Three Christian denominations – the Alliance of Baptists, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Church of Christ – are lead signatories of the call, which was published as an advertisement in The Kansas City Star this week.

      “As faith leaders, we have long used the nonviolent instruments of boycott and divestment in our work for justice and peace,” the faith groups say. “These economic measures have proven to be powerful tools for social change, from strengthening labor rights for farm workers to ending apartheid in South Africa.” ...

      This week, leaders representing 17 Christian organizations sent a letter to every member of Congress calling on them to oppose the bill."..."

      much more @

      A link in the article leads to this:

      "Christian leaders call on Congress to oppose the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” ...

      Washington, DC, November 6, 2017:

      Leaders representing 17 Christian organizations, including the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), the United Church of Christ, and Global Ministries, sent a letter to all members of Congress today calling on them to oppose the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act.” The legislation was introduced in both the House and the Senate in March of this year.

      “As U.S. Christian churches and organizations committed to justice and peace in the Middle East,” the leaders wrote, “we are deeply concerned by the introduction of the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act” in the Senate (S.720) and in the House (H.R.1697). This legislation, if adopted, would put legal obstacles in the way of nonviolent peaceful action meant to bring about social change, and would legislate against the freedom to make choices in the stewardship of our financial resources. The bills also conflate Israel and the settlements, erasing the important distinction between Israel and its illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories.”

      Jim Winkler, President and General Secretary of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA and a signer of the letter said, “The effort to outlaw the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is not only illegal, it will fail to achieve the results intended by those who support this legislation because it will make martyrs of those who are prosecuted and persecuted as a result of this bill.”..."

    • Ditto, pabelmont!

      This is most welcome indeed. It's a first, n'est ce pas?

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • Thanks to oldgeezer and Ossinev.

      I read this in The Guardian this morning by Dr. Nizar Ayoub:

      "Patel resignation puts spotlight on the Golan

      Although Israel provides medical assistance to Syrian civilians, it fails to offer them a safe haven, writes Dr Nizar Ayoub. Syrian opposition fighters are grateful for the help, says Judy Samuel

      "Priti Patel’s visit to an Israeli army base in the occupied Golan temporarily put this usually forgotten territory in the headlines (Report, 10 November). However, despite the international coverage, there has been little attention paid to two important issues: the return of injured civilians and fighters to Syria following Israeli medical treatment, and the situation of the remaining Syrian population in the Golan who now mark the 50th year of living under occupation.

      First, although Israel provides medical assistance to Syrian civilians, it fails to offer them a safe haven – as required by international law – and instead sends them back to a conflict zone. Israel is also the only country neighbouring Syria that has not taken any Syrian refugees. Fighters from Syria who receive medical assistance from Israel also re-join hostilities rather than being prevented from participating again in military operations, as required by international law.

      Second, the conflict also has a huge impact on Syrians in the Golan, like me, who have been cut off from the rest of the Syria since the Israeli occupation in 1967. Following the occupation, approximately 95% (130,000) of the Syrian population in the Golan was forcibly transferred or displaced from their homes, and 340 villages and farms were demolished. Today, the remaining Syrian population in the Golan (26,000) is separated from friends and family in the rest of Syria, and face danger from spillover of the conflict as the region becomes increasingly militarised. Further, we suffer from multiple discriminatory Israeli policies similar to the Palestinian population. ..."

      (you can read Samuel's praises @ the link~ I won't bother to post her dreck)

    • "BTW, the IDF isn’t treating the injured Syrians. The Israeli hospitals of the Israeli Ministry of Health have treated the 50,000 Syrians, gratis"


      Did not know that there were "50,000" Al-Nusra /Al-Qaeda wounded terrorists that have/ are getting more and more freebies from Israel.


  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • Hardy har har! Good one, "Jack"!

      How about Israel's continued theft, including these willing and complicit foreigners?

      "Birthright Operator Promotes Free Extended Israel Stay for Volunteering With Extremist Rabbi in the Settlements

      Hundreds, if not thousands, of Birthright participants have extended their trips to stay at a Jerusalem hostel where projects include building homes and planting trees at illegal outposts"

      read more:

      Quite sure that you think it's grand, but it's illegal in every way. I look forward to the day that these "young adults" , their parents and their 'leaders' are punished.

  • Maryland governor's order against BDS is sure to backfire, boycott advocates say
    • Jesse~ thanks for the report on yet another Constitutional moron and numbskull/shill for Israel. Thanks for the detailed report.

      Wonder if you saw this:

      "Israel Secretly Using U.S. Law Firm to Fight BDS Activists in Europe, North America ...

      ... The government has been secretly using a U.S. law firm to help it fight the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement in Europe, North America and elsewhere, according to documents obtained by Haaretz.

      The government has hired the Chicago-based firm Sidley Austin to prepare legal opinions and handle court proceedings. The Justice Ministry and the Strategic Affairs Ministry have declined to reveal the nature of these activities, for which the state has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past two years. The ministries call the activities “diplomatically extremely sensitive.”

      About two years ago, the security cabinet made the Strategic Affairs Ministry responsible for coordinating the fight against “delegitimization” and earmarked major resources for these efforts. The Strategic Affairs Ministry transfers some of the money to the Foreign Ministry in various places worldwide and some money has been given to Jewish organizations overseas for public relations work on campuses and elsewhere.

      But the Strategic Affairs Ministry is also operating on these matters in ways that have not been made public. In the past, the ministry’s director general, Sima Vaknin, told the Knesset that it is involved in “gathering intelligence and attacking.”

      Over the past year, attorney Eitay Mack has asked government ministries in the name of human rights activists to receive information on all the contracts signed with bodies overseas involving anti-BDS activities. The Foreign Ministry said it had no such contractual obligations, but the Justice Ministry provided censored documents.

      The documents show that the special-tasks department in the State Prosecutor’s Office, which is responsible for dealing with matters of national security – in cooperation with the Strategic Affairs Ministry – called for bids in early 2016 from international law firms.

      This was for “preparing documents and legal opinions, handling legal proceedings (suits or representation) to the extent needed battling the BDS phenomenon in particular concerning calls and initiatives to impose boycotts and sanctions against Israeli companies and businesses, as well as against foreign companies that have business operations in Israel.”

      The detailed description of the services was censored from the document. The Justice Ministry said the details were redacted because their publication could lead to “damage to the country’s foreign relations and damage to the ability of these bodies to provide the requested service.”

      In February 2016, the Justice Ministry contracted with a law firm, but in May the ministry asked to switch firms after the original outfit was found to have a possible conflict of interest.
      A contract with a different law firm for 290,000 euros was then approved, with the option of increasing the amount by another 200,000 euros for additional work. Another expansion of the original contract was later approved, this time for another 437,000 euros, making a total contract value of 925,000 euros, or 4 million shekels ($1.1 million).

      The tenders committee decided not to publicize the contracts in the government’s Manof information system because of the sensitivity of the matter to Israel’s foreign relations.

      The secrecy surrounding the contracts raises the suspicion that the work involves not only writing legal opinions but also preparing lawsuits against BDS supporters, as Israel does not want to be revealed as supporting such actions, to avoid the perception that it is interfering in the internal affairs of other countries.

      The money is disbursed as budgetary allocations for international contracts. The Justice Ministry’s report on such contracts shows that the government contracted with Sidley Austin in March 2016 for consulting services, without issuing a tender for competitive bidding. In the first half of 2017, the firm received $219,000 in payments. No other law firms were paid under the same budgetary section.

      Sidley Austin did not reply to questions on whether it was working for the Israeli government.

      Sidley Austin is one of the largest American law firms and employs 1,900 lawyers. It is the firm where a young lawyer, Michelle Robinson, met a summer intern named Barack Obama. The firm has four offices in Europe: in Brussels, London, Munich and Geneva."

      ead more:


  • Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel
  • Trump plays to the neocons and Netanyahu to get some establishment support
    • Is Trump both conflicted and/or seeking unending conflicts? Either? Neither?

      "Trump Praises Evangelical Pastor Who Once Said Jews Can't Be Saved

      Trump tweets praise for new book by Robert Jeffress, a Southern Baptist pastor who leads a televised ministry in Dallas and serves as an informal advisor to Trump on faith-based issues"

      read more:

      Oh yeah, and this:

      "Rabbi Who Oversaw Ivanka Trump’s Conversion To Judaism Slams President

      “We are deeply troubled by the moral equivalency and equivocation President Trump has offered in his response to this act of violence [in Charlottesville].”

      This really ticks me off six thousand ways to Sunday:

      "U.S. Presses Saudi Arabia and Iraq to Come Together in Bid to Contain Iran

      Tillerson told reporters that an independent and prosperous Iraq would be a foil to Iran’s 'malign behavior'"

      read much more:

      As if KSA's 'malign behavior' in Yemen and elsewhere is of no concern to anyone with a conscience. And just the who is Tillerson of the USA to dictate to Iraq who killed millions of Iranians with the help of the US? The US(!)~ the same country that killed millions all over MENA~ including Iraq! OK, gotta stop there. Making sense ungrammatically can cause others to scratch their heads and mutter...

      As for “rocket-man”, try this one on and seek/gain some solace for the weary:

  • Newspaper ads offer employment help for new immigrants to Israel -- but only if you're Jewish
    • You funny, Jack!

      "Israel Extends No Warm Welcome to Ugandan Jews, Using Technicality to Deny Visas

      Interior Ministry drgging its feet, citing an unforeseen bureaucratic technicality to in effect reject their conversions to Judaism

      Jewish converts from Uganda have in recent months encountered severe difficulties obtaining visas to study and live in Israel despite having obtained official status as a recognized community. Because of an unforeseen bureaucratic technicality, their conversions to Judaism have effectively been rejected.

      The Abayudaya community split from Christianity in the early 20th century when its members began self-identifying as Jews and observing Jewish laws and customs. In 2002, a rabbinical court sent to Uganda by the Conservative movement formally converted most of the 1,500-strong community. Since 2009, the community has had its own rabbi. ...

      ... The Ministry of Interior, however, has refused to approve requests to immigrate to Israel or study in Israel from members of the community who converted before 2009 – in other words, before the Abayudaya were officially recognized as a Jewish community.

      “It would appear that a combination of racial prejudice, a bias against non-Orthodox conversion, a failure to issue timely decisions as demanded by the criteria of the Interior Ministry, and a structure where the responsibility to resolve the issues relating to immigration and the issuing of student visas is passed from on person to the next, has, sadly, left these Jews seeking to live or study in Israel, in limbo,” said Rabbi Andy Sacks, director of the Rabbinical Assembly of the Conservative movement in Israel. ..."

      read more:

      (Marnie~ many thanks for your informed comments...)

  • In order to receive hurricane relief, Texas town requires residents to reject Israel boycott
    • Good comment, Elliot~ thank you.

      I read this in Haaretz:

      " ... When asked by Haaretz if he means that this was simply a mistake committed by a local official, King said that "I hate to use the word mistake, for me it's just a misunderstanding, a misapplication of a very new law. I think we need to take steps to clarify things, so that something like this doesn't happen again." 

      King proposed the legislation in the first place, he says, because "Israel is our fourth largest trade partner, and it's important for us to support the economy of our friend and trade partner. We also share the same values." King said that he was not aware of other cases of confusion like the one that took place in Dickinson, but that nevertheless, it was important to "clear up any ambiguity," and do so quickly. "That's why I'm very happy that you called me," he concluded.

      Some leading Jewish groups have responded, questioning the wisdom and usefulness of anti-BDS measures. The head of the Reform Movement in the U.S. stated that some of these laws do more harm than good."

      read more:

      "We also share the same values"

      Apparently so ...

      (LOL, 'America First', LOL)

    • Good comment, Jasonius!

      "The Electronic Intifada has found that several major cities in Texas are also requiring similar verification from people who want to do business with them. ...

      The ACLU said the measure appeared to be an effort to enforce a recently passed Texas law that requires all state contractors to certify that they are not participating in boycotts of Israel.

      When signing that law, Governor Greg Abbott declared, “Anti-Israel policies are anti-Texas policies, and we will not tolerate such actions against an important ally.”

      Major cities require no-boycott pledge
      An examination of the websites of about a dozen other hurricane-affected Houston-area municipalities did not turn up similar measures to Dickinson’s.

      But guidelines issued in September by the city of Galveston for contractors wanting to bid for neighborhood projects contain an Israel anti-boycott provision. The Galveston police also issued a tender for uniforms that requires bidders to verify they don’t boycott Israel. The cities of Austin and San Antonio have adopted similar provisions."

      These pols need to go!

    • This is deplorable and undemocratic. Go Palestine Legal, ACLU, CCR, CAIR, etc. Damn Creighton and Masters and Abbott...

      "Please don’t crucify the messenger, the City of Dickinson is only following State law” Masters told Mondoweiss when reached for comment."

      Shame on you! Did you say that with a whine, too?

      ( I used much different language when I read about this early this morning in Haaretz!)

  • Pesspotimistic reflections from besieged Gaza
    • I thank you for this very powerful piece, Haidar. You make some superlative points, especially this:

      "The rationale behind this genocidal blockade imposed by Apartheid Israel, and supported by a complicit ME Quartet is that we, 2 million Gazans, are expected to recognize Israel’s right to exist on our ethnically cleansed villages from where we were expelled in 1948 and renounce our resistance as a form of violence. This is how this Crime of Collective Punishment is justified! The international community is basically telling us that we must collaborate with the occupiers in order to be accepted, that we must normalize apartheid and settler colonialism. If we don’t do that, we are doomed then and must pay a heavy price with the lives of our children.

      The question then is whether the indigenous population of South Africa were asked to recognize Apartheid’s right to exist? Or, to put it bluntly, whether Jewish victims of Nazism were expected to collaborate with the Nazi monster in order to be accepted as humans?!"

      The picture up top is beautiful and horrible...

  • A new spirit in Gaza
    • Of course Gaza is occupied! Have you been there? Jennifer Bing has.

      The terrible thing is that you participate most willingly/eagerly in the horror of Israeli violent occupation while shutting your lying, settler- centric Zionist eyes.

      Please cite the bit where " Even“Mondoweiss Editors” on the other thread don’t think so."

      PS~ sad that a 'teacher' cannot read nor comprehend truth. Scary for your 'students'.

    • "Your advocacy is crucial for us,” said a Palestinian we met with over coffee. “Tell our stories. We need to bring people to Gaza to see the life we lead. All the news cannot show the beauty of the people, nor how we can be destroyed in a blink of an eye.”

      Thank you, Jennifer.

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
    • "Who can save ‘israel’ now? Should israel be saved is the bigger question IMHO and I say absolutely not."

      There is that, Marnie...

      This is a very interesting article that is pertinent:

      "In the crosshairs: Israel's war of attrition on political dissent

      The attempt to outlaw Israeli human rights organizations means the Jewish state may soon be forced to shed its image of a liberal democratic state. Are Israelis ready for that? ...

      ... This war has been years in the making — it is, after all, a project of patience. The collapse of the Oslo process and the consequent foundering of the peace camp gave rise to a galvanized brand of right wing, one that sought to carefully undo the work of its predecessors in the Zionist Left. Doing so required a number of carefully crafted steps: supplanting peace negotiations with endless settlement building; creating physical and psychological distance between Israelis and the reality in the West Bank and Gaza; marking Palestinian citizens of Israel, long suspected as fifth columnists by the Israeli establishment, as enemies of the state; and silencing political dissidents through draconian legal warfare, and often the threat of real violence.

      A bygone era

      Breaking the Silence, from its onset, aimed straight for the heart of the Israeli consensus. Long before its members toured American campuses and spoke to the United Nations, the organization was simply a way for members to hold a frank conversation about the things they did and saw as soldiers of occupation. There was nothing especially revelatory about the group; public discussion about the goings on in the occupied territories was not uncommon in the early 1990s, as the First Intifada awakened a significant part of the Israeli public to the deleterious nature of holding a civilian population hostage while plundering its land and labor.

      The consensus at the time certainly did not espouse the establishment of a Palestinian state, but talk of the human cost of maintaining the occupation — that is, how military dictatorship was affecting Israelis first and foremost — was not yet considered taboo. On the contrary, rolling back the occupation piecemeal could be considered a veritable form of patriotism. In that sanguine era, Breaking the Silence would have fit hand in glove.

      But the Israel of Oslo no longer exists. Gone are the days when soldiers could have a safe space to discuss the traumas they endured by beating civilians and raiding homes. And while neither the Right nor the Zionist Left has ever been particularly fond of these groups (Prime Minister Rabin once famously maligned Israeli human rights group B’Tselem for hindering his ability to effectively fight Hamas suicide bombings), they did provide something of a countervailing force to Israeli policies.

      We just want quiet

      Today the status quo allows Israel to maintain its occupation with relatively little trouble; the costs of war or sporadic violence are worth the price for maintaining control over nearly every aspect of Palestinian life if it means Israelis get to live b’sheket, in peace and quiet.

      Quiet for Israelis, however, means something quite different for Palestinians. And so, as Israeli intransigence increased, so too grew the calls from within and outside to place pressure on the Jewish state to do what it now seems incapable of doing: granting Palestinians their basic, fundamental rights. Breaking the Silence, realizing it could no longer mobilize a public that had grown accustomed to quiet, decided to take its battle to the international community. The government, abetted by a sycophantic media hungry for high ratings, would no longer tolerate this kind of behavior, placing Breaking the Silence — along with groups such as B’Tselem — in its crosshairs.

      ... The Israeli government no longer fears a mass, violent uprising reminiscent of the Second Intifada. Armed with the most advanced military technology in the world and a docile Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, Israel has managed to turn military dictatorship into a feature, rather than an aberration, of its policies. Public acquiescence means the occupation can march on, that the government’s war on human rights will certainly face little resistance.

      “Israeli society is obeying the dictates of a government that doesn’t want people to know, that wants people to look the other way,” Jewish American author Michael Chabon told me as we drove through the hills of the West Bank earlier this year. “The disinclination to see the occupation only serves the policies and agenda of the Israeli government. It makes sense then that Breaking the Silence would engender the harassment it encounters.” The psychological distance between the glitzy boulevards of Tel Aviv and the refugee camps of the West Bank, then, is not a bug — it’s built in to the design. Attempts to upend that distance, to bring the occupation home, will not be tolerated.

      The chilling effect does not mean Israeli human rights organizations have closed up shop. On the contrary: B’Tselem announced last year that it would stop working with the Israeli army after 25 years, while Breaking the Silence has repeatedly proven that it is willing to face the onslaught head on. The very existence of these groups is often used to portray Israel as a pluralistic liberal democracy. The question is whether Israelis are prepared for the day that veneer fully unravels before their eyes."

      BDS !!! Expose the truth, tell your largely pitiful and complicit 'leaders' to pay attention and/or vote them OUT and tell them why!

    • "Who can save ‘israel’ now? Should israel be saved is the bigger question IMHO and I say absolutely not."

      There is that, Marnie...

      This is a very interesting article that is pertinent:

      "In the crosshairs: Israel's war of attrition on political dissent

      The attempt to outlaw Israeli human rights organizations means the Jewish state may soon be forced to shed its image of a liberal democratic state. Are Israelis ready for that? ...

      ... This war has been years in the making — it is, after all, a project of patience. The collapse of the Oslo process and the consequent foundering of the peace camp gave rise to a galvanized brand of right wing, one that sought to carefully undo the work of its predecessors in the Zionist Left. Doing so required a number of carefully crafted steps: supplanting peace negotiations with endless settlement building; creating physical and psychological distance between Israelis and the reality in the West Bank and Gaza; marking Palestinian citizens of Israel, long suspected as fifth columnists by the Israeli establishment, as enemies of the state; and silencing political dissidents through draconian legal warfare, and often the threat of real violence.

      A bygone era

      Breaking the Silence, from its onset, aimed straight for the heart of the Israeli consensus. Long before its members toured American campuses and spoke to the United Nations, the organization was simply a way for members to hold a frank conversation about the things they did and saw as soldiers of occupation. There was nothing especially revelatory about the group; public discussion about the goings on in the occupied territories was not uncommon in the early 1990s, as the First Intifada awakened a significant part of the Israeli public to the deleterious nature of holding a civilian population hostage while plundering its land and labor.

      The consensus at the time certainly did not espouse the establishment of a Palestinian state, but talk of the human cost of maintaining the occupation — that is, how military dictatorship was affecting Israelis first and foremost — was not yet considered taboo. On the contrary, rolling back the occupation piecemeal could be considered a veritable form of patriotism. In that sanguine era, Breaking the Silence would have fit hand in glove.

      But the Israel of Oslo no longer exists. Gone are the days when soldiers could have a safe space to discuss the traumas they endured by beating civilians and raiding homes. And while neither the Right nor the Zionist Left has ever been particularly fond of these groups (Prime Minister Rabin once famously maligned Israeli human rights group B’Tselem for hindering his ability to effectively fight Hamas suicide bombings), they did provide something of a countervailing force to Israeli policies.

      We just want quiet
      Today the status quo allows Israel to maintain its occupation with relatively little trouble; the costs of war or sporadic violence are worth the price for maintaining control over nearly every aspect of Palestinian life if it means Israelis get to live b’sheket, in peace and quiet.

      Quiet for Israelis, however, means something quite different for Palestinians. And so, as Israeli intransigence increased, so too grew the calls from within and outside to place pressure on the Jewish state to do what it now seems incapable of doing: granting Palestinians their basic, fundamental rights. Breaking the Silence, realizing it could no longer mobilize a public that had grown accustomed to quiet, decided to take its battle to the international community. The government, abetted by a sycophantic media hungry for high ratings, would no longer tolerate this kind of behavior, placing Breaking the Silence — along with groups such as B’Tselem — in its crosshairs.

      ... The Israeli government no longer fears a mass, violent uprising reminiscent of the Second Intifada. Armed with the most advanced military technology in the world and a docile Palestinian leadership in the West Bank, Israel has managed to turn military dictatorship into a feature, rather than an aberration, of its policies. Public acquiescence means the occupation can march on, that the government’s war on human rights will certainly face little resistance.

      “Israeli society is obeying the dictates of a government that doesn’t want people to know, that wants people to look the other way,” Jewish American author Michael Chabon told me as we drove through the hills of the West Bank earlier this year. “The disinclination to see the occupation only serves the policies and agenda of the Israeli government. It makes sense then that Breaking the Silence would engender the harassment it encounters.” The psychological distance between the glitzy boulevards of Tel Aviv and the refugee camps of the West Bank, then, is not a bug — it’s built in to the design. Attempts to upend that distance, to bring the occupation home, will not be tolerated.

      The chilling effect does not mean Israeli human rights organizations have closed up shop. On the contrary: B’Tselem announced last year that it would stop working with the Israeli army after 25 years, while Breaking the Silence has repeatedly proven that it is willing to face the onslaught head on. The very existence of these groups is often used to portray Israel as a pluralistic liberal democracy. The question is whether Israelis are prepared for the day that veneer fully unravels before their eyes."

      BDS !!! Expose the truth, tell your leaders to pay attention and/or vote them OUT and tell them why!

  • ‘Balfour’s Legacy: Confronting the Consequences’ to be held in Harvard Square
  • 'The other side of the Siege' -- the IDF takes on the Jenin Freedom Theatre
    • Hope that you read Phil's very good article here, Jesse Rubin:

      ".... Here’s the listing for Lotan. Right at the beginning of the run: an event titled, “The Other Side of the Siege”.

      Colonel Lior Lotan, chief Israeli negotiator in the Siege of the Church of the Nativity, will speak on his experiences immediately following the screening [of a PBS documentary on the siege].

      Lotan was till recently a spokesman for the Israeli army. He has argued that Israeli forces should kidnap 200 Palestinian militants for every Israeli soldier captured, so that Israel can have a “full hand” during negotiations for release of prisoners.

      So, just to be clear: NYU can’t stage the Palestinian point of view without needing to counter it with an Israeli military official. Art is answered with propaganda! ..."

      I appreciate the pictures of the back of the heads of the attendees! I also smiled at this:

      "... A half-hour into his talk, the crowd had dwindled to about 30 people, at least one of whom was asleep. ...Except that Sunday night, very few people were listening."

      Thanks, Jesse.

  • The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco
    • Such is "archeology" ... or something.

      When will the Israeli gov't or delusional Zionists of all stripes give a damn about their erasure of all things Palestinian and indigenous?

      "How Arabic became a threat to 'social cohesion' in Israel

      The absurd arrest of a Palestinian worker who was mistranslated by the police is a reminder that Arabic has been turned into a tool to oppress the native population in this country.

      Israelis read Sunday morning that Israeli police had mistakenly arrested a Palestinian worker after relying on a Facebook translation of a post he had written a week earlier. The worker had uploaded a photo of himself standing next to a bulldozer with the caption, “good morning,” which the police then misinterpreted to say, “attack them,” leading to his arrest for incitement to violence.

      The incident exemplifies something about the Israeli complex vis-a-vis the Arabic language. One may wonder how the hell it is possible that a language used by nearly half the people living in this land, which is spoken by millions across the region, has become so esoteric and exotic to us to the point that we must resort to Facebook’s poor translation software in order to understand it. Beyond that, one can see how the incident is the result of the state’s attempt to empty Arabic of its power to connect people — as a language that contains its own history, culture, and memory — and turn it into something entirely different. ...

      ... But the truly interesting thing is that those who proposed the law are not trying to make Arabic disappear: they just want to strip it of its essence and turn it into something else. When Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman takes pride in being the only one who “really understands Arabic,” he treats the language as a simple matter of power and control. Arabic becomes a fist or a whip. When Culture Minister Miri Regev attacks MK Haneen Zoabi on the Knesset podium in broken Arabic, she turns Arabic into a tool of humiliation. As such, Arabic is first stripped from its native speakers before it is taken away from second and third generation Mizrahi Jews — such as Regev. Only then is it adopted by its enemies as a means of oppression.

      At first glance, one could have understood the logic behind the law as an attempt to include the Arab public in that same vaunted “social cohesion,” which Arabs seem to avoid, ostensibly because they lack a grasp on Hebrew. But as usual, this is an inter-Jewish story; Arabic is not an obstacle that prevents the inclusion of the Arab public in Israel’s imagined cohesion, rather it stands in the way of the Jewish ethnocracy’s total control over language — both concrete and symbolic.

      Any shards of Arabic that survive outside of that context are a threat that the Israeli hegemony no longer understands, if it ever wanted to in the first place. This is true not only when it comes to a poem written by a young Palestinian poet, which required the interpretation of numerous experts on Arabic literature, or a satirical Facebook status by a Bedouin journalist that was wrongly interpreted by the authorities. Nowadays, we have a hard time understanding a simple “good morning.”

  • Balfour at 100: A legacy of racism and propaganda
    • "... It is also a product of a history of racism and empire that extended across most of the West. On this centennial of the Balfour Declaration, reflection on this shared culpability should serve as a reminder of the responsibility for the political action that comes with it."

      Well said. Thank you for this thoughtful essay, Dan Freeman-Maloy. There's so much Western complicity with/enablng of Israel's crimes and continued and frenzied demonization of others and the victims of their crimes.

      Here's a case in point:

      Pence to Attend Israeli Event Marking UN Acceptance of 1947 Partition Plan

      U.S. ambassador to UN Nikki Haley will also attend event organized by Israeli UN mission, to take place at site where the UN historic vote took place

      Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, announced Pence's participation on Sunday, writing that the Israeli delegation is "honored" that he will be joining the event.

      ... Pence has been the Trump administration's most senior representative at other Israel-related events associated this year, such as the AIPAC annual conference in March, and a reception in honor of Israel's Independence Day in May. Pence also spoke at a conference organized by the Republican Jewish Coalition in February. ..."

      read more:

  • Danish pension fund blacklists four Israeli companies linked to settlements
    • Ali Abunimah delivers a well- deserved, comprehensive, and stinging rebuke to the EU wrt to the "Unprecedented Move" :

      "How the EU mocks the victims of Israel’s crimes"

    • Good article here:

      "‘A legal shield for the Palestine movement in the U.S.’

      Pro-Israel organizations are increasingly using the law to target Palestinian solidarity groups in the United States. Dima Khalidi, head of Palestine Legal, speaks with +972 Magazine about the ‘Palestine exception’ to free speech, and what her organization is doing to fight back. ..."

      Much more @

    • "Funny how no one boycotts the white blonde people. Instead, they go after the Jews."

      I guess you know zero about the successful boycott of, divestment from, and economic sanctions on South Africa...

      Lots of "white blonde people" there.

    • Some rather good news, but infinitely sad that it is "unprecendented":

      "In Unprecedented Move, Eight European Countries to Demand Compensation From Israel for West Bank Demolitions ...

      Eight European Union countries wrote an official protest letter to Israel, demanding over €30,000 ($35,400) in compensation for confiscating and demolishing structures and infrastructure which the countries had built in Area C of the West Bank, which is under full Israeli control.

      A senior European diplomat told Haaretz that the letter, which is the first of its kind, was expected to be delivered to senior Foreign Ministry officials within a few days.

      According to the European diplomat, Belgium was leading the move. The other countries involved in drafting the letter are France, Spain, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Ireland and Denmark. All eight countries are members of the West Bank Protection Consortium, a body through which they coordinate humanitarian assistance to Area C.

      The countries were protesting the confiscation of solar panels they had installed in Bedouin communities and the demolition of mobile structures that were financed in various Bedouin communities to serve as classrooms.

      The existence of the protest letter was first reported by the French newspaper Le Monde. In the letter, the eight countries stressed that if Israel does not unconditionally return the equipment it seized, they would demand compensation. The demolition and seizure of humanitarian equipment, including school infrastructure, and the interference in the transfer of humanitarian assistance contravenes Israel’s obligations under international law and causes suffering to the Palestinian residents, the letter said. ...

       According to a senior Foreign Ministry official, Belgian Ambassador to Israel Olivier Belle said during the meeting that if Israel did not return the equipment it had seized, his country would formally demand compensation. Belle was the only one at that meeting to raise the issue of compensation, but in the ensuing weeks he apparently managed to persuade his colleagues to turn the demand into a joint agreed-upon position that would be officially conveyed to Israel.

      Israel categorically rejects the demand for compensation. Israel’s position is that the European activity in Area C is not humanitarian assistance but illegal development that is being done without coordinating with Israel and with the aim of strengthening the Palestinians’ hold on Area C. The European position is that under the Geneva Convention, Israel is responsible for dealing with the everyday needs of the Palestinian population in Area C, and since it is not doing so, the European states are stepping in with humanitarian aid."

      Then there's this weird tidbit:

      "U.S. firm to build solar plants in blackout-plagued Gaza ...

      GAZA (Reuters) - The Gaza Strip will have three new solar energy plants operating by April, the U.S.-based energy firm behind the project said on Tuesday, providing the territory with some relief from daily blackouts but far from meeting its severe power shortages. ..."

    • Superb!

      Hope it goes viral. Too many people in the West, 'world leaders', Parliaments, and Congress need this very basic education.

      Merci beaucoup, Misterioso.

    • Thanks for sharing, Dan. Thoroughly despicable of course, but expected and zionormal.

      Thanks for some good news, Sheren. It's a shame that Denmark via Sampension and their pensioners were ever involved in these crimes at all. Hopefully, more will be exposed all over the world and then heed the call to BDS. Danwatch is doing really good work.

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
    • Highly doubtful, amigo!

      I hope that you and yours are managing well with the tempest Ophelia.

    • This essay is a veritable treasure, Professor. I've now read it 3 times and it continues to tease and tempt me back... Profound thanks and kudos for giving it life.

      Love your comment and sentiments, amigo.

  • US quits UNESCO over 'anti-Israel bias' and Israel follows suit
    • I really appreciate Ali Abunimah's video and comments including the one you cited. Here's another one:

      "On Friday I spoke to Aaron Maté of The Real News about the decision by the United States and Israel to pull out of UNESCO over claims that the United Nations cultural body has an “anti-Israel bias.”

      I explained that these claims are based on lies from Israel and its supporters that recent UNESCO resolutions deny Jewish connections to heritage sites in East Jerusalem and Hebron, both of which are in the occupied West Bank. ..."

      Then I read this @ Haaretz:

      "Jerusalem’s Long-lost Ancient Roman Theater Revealed in Old City Excavations

      Archeological dig under Wilson’s Arch also uncovers eight previously unknown layers of Western Wall stones..."

      read more:

      So, the Old City is being excavated and exploited by Israel ... again. Nifty, eh?

      I appreciated this comment from tom hall on EI @ the above link:

      "Thanks for this excellent exposition. There's no reason to expect the latest pact between Hamas and Fatah to produce a result that previous agreements failed to deliver. The contradictions are just too fundamental. And when the breakdown occurs, Israel will use the occasion to launch another savage attack on Gaza.

      As for Israel's departure from UNESCO and the U.S.' refusal to pay its agreed subvention, the pair of them would be doing the world a favor if they withdrew altogether from the United Nations. In a world made up of corrupt and murderous states, those two still manage to sully any gathering with their own unique compound of lawlessness and hypocrisy."

  • The low-rent bullying of the Zionist ideologue
    • "As to Iran and Hizbullah- they were responsible for the single deadliest anti-Jewish atrocity since WW2, the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires."

      Please prove that...

      "The Zionist movement didn’t push for depopulating Palestine. Mainstream Zionism sought to live in peace with the non-Jewish population, not replace it."

      Those words are lies and you should (but probably will not) be banned for your denial of the ongoing Nakba.

  • The 13 questions on life in Palestine that non-Palestinians always ask me
    • This is a good primer for the vast numbers of uninformed (deliberately or otherwise), Inès! It's all so terribly sad and incalculably unjust. Thanks to my elders, I have been educated to the truth from childhood and have been able to travel far and wide.

      I loved this comment of yours: "This is not an attempt, yet again, to explain the whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict in ten bullet points (although I have been asked zillion times “so what do you think about the conflict?” in between two bites of cheese, with expectations of a one-minute easy answer), as it would result in some level of demagogy and oversimplification."

      "in between two bites of cheese", indeed!

      Brilliant. I hope that you enjoy being home.

  • Jewish Historical Society channels Joe McCarthy, and cancels JVP event on Balfour
    • Why are they so afraid? It makes no sense at all. It's a crying shame that no conversation is allowed other than pro- Israel, anti- Palestine.

      In good news from Samer Badawi:

      "ACLU launches first major challenge of anti-BDS legislation

      The lawsuit offers the most stark example yet of how anti-BDS legislation threatens Americans’ First Amendment rights.

      The American Civil Liberties Union announced Wednesday that it had filed suit on behalf of a Kansas public school educator who was asked to disavow a boycott of Israel as a condition for payment. The case comes amid growing concerns that recent state-level legislation across the United States is chilling free speech among proponents of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.

      The Kansas law, which came into effect on July 1 of this year, directs the state to “require written certification from all individuals and companies with which it enters into contracts” that they are “not engaged in a boycott of Israel.”

      “The First Amendment prohibits the government from using its financial leverage to impose an ideological litmus test,” said ACLU attorney Brian Hauss. “This law is an unconstitutional attempt by the government to silence one side of a public debate by coercing people not to express their beliefs, including through participation in a political boycott.”

      A member of the Mennonite Church, Esther Koontz “decided not to buy consumer products made by Israeli companies and international companies operating in Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories,” the ACLU said. Her decision is in line with the church’s July 2017 resolution “to avoid economic support for the military occupation of Palestinian territories.” ...

      A nine-year veteran of Wichita public schools, Koontz, a math teacher, now develops school curricula and trains teachers. She had been asked to sign the anti-boycott certification as part of her engagement with the Kansas Department of Education’s Math and Science Partnerships program.

      The ACLU complaint asks the court to strike down the state law and bar the Kansas Department of Education from requiring the anti-boycott certification. Legal experts cite as precedent a 1982 Supreme Court decision that reversed a hefty financial judgement against the NAACP for its seven-year boycott of white merchants in Claiborne County, Mississippi. Writing on behalf of the court in that case, Associate Justice John Paul Stevens affirmed “the right of individuals to combine with other persons in pursuit of a common goal by lawful means,” calling that right one of “the foundations of our society.”

      According to Chicago-based Palestine Legal, 21 U.S. states have enacted anti-BDS laws. Of these, the Kansas law appears to be the most egregious for its requirement that individuals and companies certify their stance on BDS.

      Although other states’ anti-BDS laws vary in their severity, most fall into one or more of three categories, according to Palestine Legal. Some, like those introduced in New York, call for blacklists of individuals, organizations, and companies engaged in boycott. Others prohibit states from entering into contracts with these entities. And still others require state pension funds to divest from “companies that boycott Israel,” including, in some cases, “territories controlled by Israel.”

      The state-level campaign to silence BDS activists is part of a nationwide push, backed by groups like StandWithUs and the Emergency Committee for Israel, to combat growing support for the BDS movement — or activists’ right to advocate for it. The drive is supported, in part, by the Israeli government, which, among other measures, has committed millions of dollars to marketing products targeted by the boycott, including those produced on illegal settlements in the West Bank.

      Despite these counter-measures, the BDS movement, which grew out of a 2005 call from Palestinian civil society organizations, has continued to gain steam. The LA Times editorial board last year called boycotts of Israel “a protected form of free speech,” and Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters last month penned an op-ed for the New York Times voicing his opposition to a draft federal bill that would punish BDS supporters with up to 20 years in prison and $1 million in fines.

      The ACLU and other groups have also been at the front lines of combating the federal bill, known as the “Israel Anti-Boycott Act.” Although its proponents have argued that it simply “updates” a 1979 law that prohibited participation in the so-called Arab boycott, Palestinian activists and their supporters have successfully framed the legislation as a threat to free speech. (The US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, for example, offers talking points and further links here.) ..."

      A Change Gonna Come...

  • 'A blot on Judaism, Jewish history and ethics' -- British Jews regret the Balfour Declaration
    • I am very much looking forward to seeing that film. Thanks so much Misterioso and Annie!

      ("The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" was truly superb, Mooser!)

    • Nicely done, amigo!

      (Iran does not belong in the bottom of the pile, imho. But they didn't call me...)

    • Wow, my comment just went *poof*!

      Good for these folks from IJV! It's a wonderful start and I thank you very much for sharing this here, Phil.

      The mountain that the US needs to climb to do something similar seem insurmountable, though. When you have a Senator like this (and too many more all over Capitol Hill, Pennsylvania Ave. and beyond) that seem to care more about Israel than the US and their own state's constituents, it feels perfectly awful and abysmal. Has everyone seen this?

      "Senator Schumer Slams Trump Over 'Indecisiveness' on U.S. Embassy Move to Jerusalem

      The U.S. Senate minority leader calls on the president to keep his campaign promise to 'show the world that the U.S. definitively acknowledges Jerusalem as Israel's capital'"

      read more:

      Remember he's the self- proclaimed 'shomer' for Israel:

      "Schumer: I’m on a Mission From God (to Be Israel’s Guardian in Senate)

      Sen. Chuck Schumer told a New York radio station last week that after the Obama administration hit Israel hard on its settlement policy, “I called up Rahm Emanuel and I called up the White House and I said, ‘If you don’t retract that statement you are going to hear me publicly blast you on this.’”

      He added that there were two groups within the White House. One would give Israel the usual pass and the other wants the US to put pressure on Israel (and Palestinians).

      “We’re pushing hard to make sure the right side wins and if not we’ll have to take it to the next step,” he said.

      He concluded that God, himself, deputized him to be Israel’s man in the Senate:

      “You know, my name .... comes from the word shomer, guardian, watcher. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov. And I believe Hashem [Orthodox for God] actually gave me that name. One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer — to be a or the shomer Yisrael. And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body ...”"

      People need to vote these Israel- firsters out and seek justice and peace and life for the Palestinians and so many others that are being targeted. Tax- exempt status need to be removed from any church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious groups that proselytize and speak of politics on their premises.

      I am quite sure that mosques are carefully surveilled and monitored in the US... not sure about others.

  • Leading journalists call 2nd Amendment an anachronism -- but spare Zionism
    • " Terry Gross, David Brooks, and Bret Stephens are all Americans…"

      Are they solely Americans first, or dual Irsraeli/'Americans' first? Are they folks that support the US , and yet still support the malignant relationship with The Apartheid, Occupying State that the US has shamefully been complicit with its neverending violence toward the People of Palestine?

  • In decertifying Iran deal, Trump caves to Israel. But who will say so?
    • I agree, Annie.

      The US is planning on arming this murderous regime~ again:

      "The U.S. State Department has approved the possible sale of a THAAD anti-missile defense system to Saudi Arabia at an estimated cost of $15 billion, the Pentagon said on Friday in a statement citing Iran among regional threats.

      Saudi Arabia asked to purchase 44 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) launchers and 360 missiles, as well as fire control stations and radars.

      "This sale furthers U.S. national security and foreign policy interests, and supports the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in the face of Iranian and other regional threats," the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation agency said in a statement.

      Iran has one of the biggest ballistic missile programs in the Middle East, viewing it as an essential precautionary defense against the United States and other adversaries, primarily Gulf Arab states and Israel.

      THAAD missile systems are deployed to defend against ballistic missile attacks. ..."

      read more:


    • Here's a pretty good article:

      "European Officials Join Campaign to Keep Iran Deal

      Supporters of the deal say its collapse could trigger a regional arms race and worsen Middle East tensions

      As the U.S. Congress faces a possible fight over the future of the Iran nuclear agreement, European ambassadors and officials from President Barack Obama's administration are making their case for preserving the pact directly to U.S. lawmakers. 

      The British, French, German and European Union ambassadors to the United States will participate later on Wednesday in a meeting on Capitol Hill with Democratic senators organized by the Senate's number two Democrat, Richard Durbin, congressional aides and embassy officials told Reuters. 

      Former Undersecretary of State and lead Iran negotiator Wendy Sherman will also attend and former Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will participate via videolink, an aide to Durbin and another congressional aide said. 

      The meeting is part of an ongoing effort by Democrats in Congress and other officials who support the nuclear pact to bolster support for the deal by spelling out the consequences of its collapse as Republican President Donald Trump faces an Oct. 15 deadline for certifying the agreement or placing its fate in the hands of Congress. 

      A British embassy official said Ambassador Kim Darroch was in Congress on Wednesday with his French, German and EU counterparts meeting with both Democrats and Republicans "to provide information on the European position on the JCPOA," using an acronym for the nuclear agreement. 

      An EU embassy spokesman confirmed that EU Ambassador David O'Sullivan and others would attend, to explain that the deal is a multilateral agreement that is working and that the European Union will do everything it can to ensure it stays in place. ..."

      read more:

      He'll have to go against 'his generals', too.

    • This is 'interesting':

      "U.S. Ambassador’s Adviser Ran 'Dark Money' Nonprofit That Donated $1m to Right-wing Israeli Group

      Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone has been working for U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman for several months, but previously worked at Shining City, which gave millions of shekels to Im Tirzu from unknown sources ...

      Im Tirtzu defines itself as a Zionist movement, but is best known for its media campaign at the end of 2015 when it branded various artists and human rights organizations as foreign agents.

      In June, Haaretz revealed Lightstone’s involvement in Shining City, which is what is known as a “dark money” organization. The nonprofit was registered under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(4), which gives a special tax-exemption status to nonprofits involved in promoting social welfare goals, and also enables them to use part of their capital to promote political objectives – without revealing their sources of funding.

      Shining City was founded in Virginia in late 2014 to educate the public on “relations between Israel and the USA,” and America’s political relationships in the Middle East, according to organization documents.

      It was registered by the Virginia law firm Holtzman Vogel Josefiak Torchinsky. According to a December 2012 Bloomberg report, the law firm was previously involved in registering companies that donated over $250 million to campaigns connected to the 2012 U.S. presidential election, calling it a “nexus of Republican secret money and power.”

      Shining City operated mostly during the 2015 Knesset election campaign in Israel, when the nuclear agreement between six world powers and Iran was under discussion in the United States. At the beginning of 2015, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was invited to address Congress on why he was against the accord, the nonprofit promoted his speech on social media and lauded Netanyahu.

      During that year Lightstone was listed as the executive director of Shining City, and the only one receiving a salary from it ($73,750).

      Haaretz also traced U.S. public records indicating that Lightstone filed several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in the name of Shining City, being particularly interested in records concerning the Iran deal.

      He asked the U.S. Treasury Department for “all the records from January 1, 2015 to December 4, 2015 concerning Treasury and other government entities regarding the implementation day of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.” He also requested a “signed copy of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached on July 14, 2015 by the P5+1, the European Union and Iran.” ..."

      read more:

  • Moshe Machover and the battle for the soul of British Labour
    • "Moshe Machover’s article which led to his expulsion is exquisite."

      It certainly is, Jonathan. Shame, shame, shame on Labour Head of Disputes Sam Matthews et al and JLM.

      "...And I will keep writing about this, for sure. Because what I “feel and know” is, that what is happening here is very wrong."

      I am very grateful for that.

      I wonder if you've seen this:

      "Palestine was the issue at Labour Party conference

      Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received his longest and loudest standing ovation at his party’s conference when he called for an “end to the oppression of the Palestinian people” and Israel’s “50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion.”

      This was just one of the ways popular support for Palestinian rights was highly visible at the main UK opposition party’s annual gathering last week. ..."

      much more @

  • Journalist and former Mossad agent Herbert Pundik turns 90 – and Denmark celebrates  
    • I have that article about Adi Farjon (speaking in Hebrew in a closed briefing ) archived, Jonathan. I believe that I shared it here... it floored me.

      As for Pundik, his commentary and dominance in Danish "journalism" may explain why I have had innumerable conversations cut short/disagreements with Danish folk. He's good at shutting his own eyes/mind to his own sins when it suits him. He's also very good at practicing and spreading Islamophobia.

      Thanks for your reportage. I'm going to try and share this with some of my friends in DK... We'll see how that goes!

  • Feel-good Gaza poster in NY window draws feel-bad response from neighbor
    • My last comment is in response to 'Jack Green's' "Palestinians rockets have killed or wounded 2,000 Israelis. Israel has every right to defend itself.".

      Sorry that I misplaced it. Waiting for an answer... Perhaps he can read my previous quotation and gain some insight (or not). *sigh*

    • Sure they do, but they are always acting offensively.

      So, huh?

      "Since 2001, Palestinian militants have launched thousands[1][2][3][4] of rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip as part of the continuing Arab–Israeli conflict. From 2004 to 2014, these attacks have killed 27 Israeli civilians, 5 foreign nationals, 5 IDF soldiers, and at least 11 Palestinians[5] and injured more than 1900 people,[citation needed] "

      Doncha think that the "1900 people" need to be verified? Who are they?

      Oh, and by the way:

      "Rocket Fired From Gaza Towards Southern Israel, IDF Confirms

      All of the rocket fire and shelling from Gaza this year were not orchestrated by Hamas but rather by small Salafist-Jihadist organizations in the enclave

      A rocket was fired from the Gaza Strip at southern Israel on Sunday evening. Warning sirens sounded in the Eshkol Regional Council communities next to the Gaza border. According to Israel Defense Forces, no injuries or damage was reported.

      The rocket, which was fired from southern Gaza, most likely exploded near the Strip’s border with Israel. The army, after working to identify where the rocket fell, later reported that it apparently exploded in Gazan airspace. ..."

      read more:

      And another btw: Please state honestly how many Palestinians have been murdered, bombed, maimed, expelled, imprisoned with no charges, shattered since forever by Israel. Thank you in advance.

    • It may come as no surprise that I love that sign/graphic and the letter disgusts me with its lies and libel and harassment. I am happy that the caring human that has the sign in his window is a friend of Phil's.

      I just read this opinion piece in Haaretz that might provide clarity for those that represent Israel/Zionism as the victim . It's behind the 'wall', and I apologize for the length, but it's well worth the read:

      "Imagine if Jews Were Locked Away Behind Concrete Walls for 11 Days ...

      My team in Gaza were especially fond of one brand of Israeli honey cookies.  We gorged whenever we spotted them, a Hebrew label among the Arabic. I dawdled over that label one morning, imagining Hebron settlers sipping coffee with Gaza strawberries.

      My colleague misunderstood my reverie, and helpfully reminded me, "It’s just a cookie. It’s not politics." The settlers with the red-stained fingers vanished.

      Living in Gaza, the rest of the world could look absurd.
      Newt Gingrich, an American politician, disparaged Palestinians as "an invented people". A Gazan colleague flounced into my office. Hands on hips, she demanded, "Isn’t everybody invented?"

      Israelis and Gazans had such basic, human things in common. At funeral after funeral, they both said, "Those boys were everyone’s boys. I have lost one more son."

      Some people preferred the safe distance of binary distinctions. One Tel Aviv taxi driver insisted, "We can’t live together because we’re human beings and they’re not."
      When we cannot even imagine living together, we underestimate all the creativity, the money, the technology and infrastructure, and the hard work that has gone into keeping us apart. 

      We slip down the self-referential slope: it’s all about us. We see only our suffering and our reasons, and we brandish the license of our losses. History becomes a litany of gestures made to straw men, who inexplicably rejected each one because they only understand violence. How could we live with straw men like that?

      So the leaders of two nations with long memories wait for the other to forget, or be punished enough, or just go away.

      Israel insists on its good motives but cannot ascribe the same to Palestinians. Palestinians are judged by their actions, overlaid with malevolent intentions. 

      Israelis at home are civilians; Palestinians in their homes are human shields. Dead Israeli civilians are victims of terror, while dead Gazans can only be collateral damage, because the IDF has its purity of arms. An IDF poster from the 2014 war made it simple: Israel uses weapons to protect civilians, while Hamas uses civilians to protect its weapons. There’s no living with people like that. 

      These are not the first belligerents to lie, or to wilfully refuse to see the humanity of the other side. As a witness in Gaza from 2011 to 2015, I was outraged by the asymmetry and the tactics of this conflict, and the failure of imagination – but I’m not Israeli. And I’m hardly the first Jew who has waded through the fission-fusion-fission reaction of recognizing Israel as a state rather than as a religion. 

      I was left with the dismay I might feel if my sister erupted in repeated, violent road rage. I didn’t do it. However, she is a part of me. The name on the warrant is also mine.

      So it is, when Israel’s elected government attaches Judaism to its apparently inalienable right to dominate. In the name of religion, they withhold from others precisely the human rights that we Jews claim for ourselves. Their religious appropriation makes us more than witnesses. 

      Netanyahu seals the gates of the West Bank and Gaza for eleven days, to enjoy Sukkot. How flagrant, to confine millions of people in the name of a holiday that celebrates the flimsy, temporary nature of our walls.

      If Jews were herded behind concrete walls and locked away for eleven days, so that someone else might enjoy a Jew-free holiday, would we shrug that off?

      We tolerate a nationalism which withholds from others precisely the political rights that we claim for ourselves. Have we forgotten that statelessness was the problem statement of Zionism? Jews felt vulnerable and voiceless in a world comprised of states – yet we avert our eyes from the stateless peril of others. 

      We accept the straw men they show us. If Jewish nationalism requires this domination, we assume that Palestinian aspirations must be as lopsided.  Their rights would necessarily be realized at our expense, wouldn’t they?  We leave every better possibility unexamined, because we have already decided that we cannot live together. We’ve been primed.

      Naturally, Netanyahu is preventatively foreclosing on Palestinian reconciliation. 

      We’ve seen this. In 2014, this was one of the last way-stations before a calamitous and (according to Israel's State Comptroller) avoidable war. First there was no Palestinian interlocutor who could deliver all of Palestine. Then, overnight, at the prospect of reconciliation, there was no acceptable Palestinian interlocutor because someone might represent all of Palestine. The risks of war are more tolerable than the risks of compromise.

      Why do we permit it? Netanyahu invokes the spectre – they all want to kill us. They always, only, want to kill us. That’s why we can’t live together, because Israel’s strength is the only Jewish safety. Be very afraid. Build walls. Then build more walls.

      The Global Militarization Index ranks Israel as the most militarized country on earth, a distinction it has held for 17 of the past 25 years (Israel was ranked second from 1999 – 2006). Israel has imprisoned itself, and still finds it necessary to spend another $800 million, on yet more walls, to hide itself from immiserated Gaza. 

      So, um, are we safe yet? 

      No. There is no separate safety in our entropic time. Jews, and everyone else, will become safe in a tolerant world, when Jews enjoy the same rights as those human beings behind the walls.
      Call all this brick-laying 'Israeli', if that is what you want ‘Israeli’ to mean. But do not call it Jewish, because oppression is not the content of Judaism.  Value life, and resist its waste. Seek justice – that is the content I understand. We are failing at it."

      Marilyn Garson lived and worked in Gaza from 2011 – 2015, as the Economic Director of Mercy Corps and the Business and Livelihoods Consultant to UNRWA.  She is a co-founder of the Gaza Gateway social enterprise.  She now writes from New Zealand.  Her blog is Transforming Gaza.

      read more:

      Seems that she may have refined and yet repeats some of her ideas from this:

      An evolution continues?

  • Can't discuss Palestine on campus? Then disaffiliate.
    • She's a veritable 'bouncing Betty"!

      Professor Salaita is spot- on, and thank you very much for your thoughts, sir.

      Q: I wonder if anyone else read this disgusting item and can try to compare this to another 'nation's' ongoing genocide/ethnic cleansing/apartheid of Indigenous People:

      "A Canadian publishing company has recalled a children’s workbook after critics accused it of “whitewashing” the treatment of First Nations following the arrival of European settlers in Canada.

      The workbook, designed as supplementary material for school-age children, recasts the dispossession of First Nations peoples as voluntary, with no mention of lands not signed away through treaty or government policies that sought to starve First Nations peoples in order to move them to reserves.

      Under the heading Moving Out, the book claims: “When the European settlers arrived, they needed land to live on. The First Nations peoples agreed to move to different areas to make room for the new settlements.”

      The First Nations peoples moved to reserves, the workbook later notes, “where they could live undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of the settlers”.

      The passages – which surfaced on social media this week – sparked anger across Canada.

      “Please do not gloss over the way the white Europeans stole the land from the First Nations people and inflicted terrible murders and damage to them,” one commenter told the publisher on Facebook. Another noted, “You need to stop this white washing immediately! Tell the truth! Both the good old US of A and Canada committed heinous acts against Native Americans.”

      Others drew links between the misinformation and Canada’s fledgling efforts to confront its historical mistreatment of the country’s indigenous peoples. “This is why the majority of people are so clueless when it comes to the reality of the suffering, oppression and injustice that First Nations (Aboriginal) Peoples have been subjected to for decades … How are people supposed to begin trying to heal when the future leaders of our country are being exposed to this nonsense?” said one Facebook post.

      The publisher of the workbook, The Popular Book Company, initially responded to concerns by saying that it would revise the section in upcoming reprints. On Tuesday, after one of the country’s largest book retailers said it would remove the book from its shelves, the company issued an immediate recall. ..."

      more @

      A: It's the Nakba, and it is still in progress, supported by the US gov't and way too many others. A totally criminal act.

      Thanks again, Mr. Salaita.

  • What Killed Mohanned?
    • Thank you, RoHa.

      In no way do I mean to dimish this tragic story by Mr. Moussa, so today I offer my congrats to Kazuo Ishiguro and Mr. Moussa (hopefully the next Nobel Laureate in Literature!):

      "...Ishiguro’s fellow Booker winner Salman Rushdie – who is also regularly named as a potential Nobel laureate – was one of the first to congratulate him. “Many congratulations to my old friend Ish, whose work I’ve loved and admired ever since I first read A Pale View of Hills,” Rushdie told the Guardian. “And he plays the guitar and writes sings too! Roll over Bob Dylan.”

      According to the former poet laureate Andrew Motion, “Ishiguro’s imaginative world has the great virtue and value of being simultaneously highly individual and deeply familiar – a world of puzzlement, isolation, watchfulness, threat and wonder”.

      “How does he do it?” asked Motion. “Among other means, by resting his stories on founding principles which combine a very fastidious kind of reserve with equally vivid indications of emotional intensity. It’s a remarkable and fascinating combination, and wonderful to see it recognised by the Nobel prize-givers.”

      Permanent secretary of the academy Sara Danius described Ishiguro’s writing as a mix of the works of Jane Austen and Franz Kafka, “but you have to add a little bit of Marcel Proust into the mix, and then you stir, but not too much, and then you have his writings.

      “He’s a writer of great integrity. He doesn’t look to the side, he’s developed an aesthetic universe all his own,” she said. Danius named her favourite of Ishiguro’s novels as The Buried Giant, but called The Remains of the Day “a true masterpiece [which] starts as a PG Wodehouse novel and ends as something Kafkaesque”. ..."

      It's worth celebrating, imho.

    • Thank you, gamal. It's quite the poem and quite the truth.

      "... because we are one and Gaza is ours and so are all of you."

      Thank you very much.

    • A profound tragedy. His father and Israel killed him. I would be careful not to be a patient of this heartless and irresponsible physician.

      Please keep writing, Mohammed. You have a great gift and have written a very compassionate, tragic, and authentic piece. What you "think" in your last paragraph is all too true. Thank you.

  • My congressman, Ted Lieu, supports human rights everywhere but Palestine
    • "What you saw in that video is the flip side and the effect of this:"

      No, it most certainly is not. I heard no call for genocide/ethnic cleansing. Remi Kanazi is correct and only calls for justice and equality, but you apparently cannot hear him due to the blood and racism and hate pounding in your head.

      btw, Ben Norton has highlighted this film here:

      "When Empire Files host Abby Martin visited Jerusalem's Zion Square, she met one Israeli after another who responded to her question about how best to end the conflict with the Palestinians with calls for extermination and ethnic cleansing.

      Ironically, the Jerusalem Municipality has dubbed Zion Square -- the site of numerous brutal mob assaults on Palestinian workers and youth -- a "square of tolerance."

      "We need to kill Arabs," declared one woman with a big laugh. She added that Israel must "kick out the Arabs."'

      "Israelis have to take over, and they have to kick them away," an Israeli man said of Palestinians. He added, "Islam is a very bad disease. Not just for Israel, for all around the world."

      Some Israelis suggested the genocidal extermination of Palestinians.

      "I dont think there's any answer to it. There's only one way: I would carpet bomb them. It's the only way you can deal with it," a young Israeli man insisted. "I don't trust them; you can't trust them," he said of Palestinians. "The only way is just to stop it completely."

      "The Jews should have rights to hate them," he said of Arabs. "I think we have the right to hate them. I don't see any reason why not. I wouldn't trust any of them."

      Many of the Israelis interviewed by Martin were Americans who were born in the U.S. and only moved to the Middle East later in life.

      "We know who the threat is, and it's not coming from anyone random," one young American woman said. "We know who our enemy is," she added, condemning people for being "politically correct."

      A young Israeli with an American accent angrily declared, "You can't deal with these people; there's no need to try; there's no need to talk to them." ..."

      I really can't remember being "freaked out by the facebook posts"... And, eternal shame on "young Israelis" for not bothering to "know" any Palestinians.

    • Thanks for the pathetic news, Charlie.

      Perhaps you can share this with your Rep and ask him why he supports this:

      "Video: Everyday Israelis express support for genocide

      “I don’t think there’s any answer to it, there’s only one way, I would carpet bomb them,” a young man offers as a solution for Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians.

      “The Jews should have the right to hate [Arabs],” the man adds. “I think we have the right to hate them.”

      He’s one of a number of everyday Israelis in the streets of Jerusalem interviewed in the video above by Abby Martin, for TeleSUR’s The Empire Files.

      Many of them are immigrants, or the children of immigrants, from the United States.

      “I think that we need to … kick out the Arabs,” says a young woman who, struggling to express her genocidal thoughts in English, turns to a friend for help.

      “We need to kill Arabs,” she manages to say in English, as she and her friend giggle.

      “Islam is a very bad disease, not just for Israel, all around the world,” says one man, who later boasts about Israel’s “gentle” treatment of Palestinians and its respect for human rights. ..."

      more @

      It does feature Ronnie Barkan as a very sane and honest voice, and Dan Cohen worked on the film.

      Here's the video:

  • Do not turn the Balfour Declaration into a holy Jewish text
    • More truth and theft from Netanyahu:

      "Netanyahu backs annexation of 19 West Bank settlements

      Israeli PM’s support of bill to bring Jewish areas into Greater Jerusalem shows refusal to revive peace process, say Palestinians

      Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has backed legislation that would in effect annex settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories that are home to between 125,000 and 150,000 Jewish people.

      In comments made at a meeting of his Likud party at the large settlement of Ma’ale Adumim, Netanyahu said he would support the “Greater Jerusalem” bill. The bill, pushed by rightwing MPs, would annex 19 settlements around Jerusalem, placing them within the city’s municipal boundaries.

      The legislation, drawn up by Yisrael Katz, a member of Likud and minister in Netanyahu’s coalition, is expected to be introduced in the winter session of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

      Ma’ale Adumim is a settlement of roughly 40,000 people just east of Jerusalem. It is considered strategic because it lies in the centre of the West Bank, and making it part of Israel could greatly hinder Palestinian statehood aspirations.

      “Ma’ale Adumim will always be part of Israel and in addition I support the Greater Jerusalem bill,” Netanyahu said during the meeting. He added that he was considering including Ma’ale Adumim within the same plan.

      “I am also weighing placing Ma’ale Adumim within the boundaries of Greater Jerusalem within the context of the Greater Jerusalem bill,” he said.

      “We will build thousands of housing units here,” he said. “We will add the industrial zone needed and the expansion needed to allow for the advanced development of this place … This place will be part of the state of Israel.”

      Observers have noted an increase in visits by Netanyahu to settlements in the occupied territories since Donald Trump was sworn in as US president in January.

      Since Trump took office – and despite requests by the US president to hold back on settlement building – an emboldened Netanyahu government has pushed forward with a steady stream of announcements on settlement building. ..."

      Tell me why Americans support this rogue, genocidal, apartheid, and nuclear- armed state. Where are the consequences? BDS, BDS, BDS!

  • US bans Palestinian runner from Chicago Marathon days before race
    • "The 27-year-old runner said he was not sure if politics were behind his denial, but accepted that it was a possibility."

      Certainly. Absolutely.

      America is no longer recognizable as a sane place. AFP is most foul.

  • Three megadonors (who just happen to love Israel) are pushing Trump against Iran deal
    • Check this out:

      "US defense secretary breaks with Trump in backing Iran nuclear deal

      James Mattis said it was in the US national security interest to remain in the agreement during a Senate hearing, making it harder for Trump to withdraw ...

      ... Mattis was asked at a hearing of the Senate armed services committee whether he believed it was currently in the US national security interest to remain in the agreement.

      After a significant pause, the defense secretary replied: “Yes, senator, I do.”

      At the same hearing, the chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff, General Joseph Dunford agreed that Iran was abiding by the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which he said had delayed Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Last week, Dunford said the US should uphold the agreement, in the absence of a clear Iranian breach, or risk losing credibility when it came to signing future agreements.

      Trump has repeatedly lambasted the JCPOA – one of the most important foreign policy legacies of his predecessor, Barack Obama – most recently at the UN general assembly last month.

      “Frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the United States and I don’t think you have heard the last of it, believe me,” he said, raising expectations that he would not endorse the agreeement.

      Mattis is arguably the most powerful member of Trump’s cabinet and the president has been wary of contradicting him in public, something he has clearly no compunction about doing in the case of the secretary of state, Rex Tillerson.

      Even if Mattis does not immediately sway Trump’s position on the JCPOA, his opinion is likely to carry weight with senators, who would be called on to decide the fate of the date, if the president did not certify it on 15 October.

      Asked later in the committee hearing to explain his view on the deal, Mattis said. “The point I would make is if we can confirm that Iran is living by the agreement, if we can determine that this is in our best interests then clearly we should stay with it,” Mattis added. “I believe at this point in time absent indications to the contrary, it is something the president should consider staying with.” "

    • Agreed, Annie. Then again, Trump is trump. I don't believe I've ever witnessed him listen to anyone with smarts. I hope he listens to this gent:

      "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The top U.S. military officer said on Tuesday Iran was complying with the pact curbing its nuclear program and warned that any American decision to walk away from it would make other nations less likely to enter into agreements with the United States. ..."

      much more @

    • Thanks for the article and analysis, Phil.

      Obama/Kerry did the right thing with Iran. Period. Sanctions should have been imposed on Israel decades ago for a multitude of reasons.

      Wonder if you saw this latest expression of rapture and concern :

      "Jewish Congress Members Rebuke Netanyahu Over Israel's Treatment of non-Orthodox ...

      On the eve of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, a group of 18 Jewish members of U.S. Congress sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing "profound concerns" over Israel's treatment of Jews from the non-Orthodox denominations. 
      The members of Congress, all of whom belong to the Democratic Party, wrote to Netanyahu that recent decisions by his government "seem to call into question the legitimacy and equal status of non-Orthodox Jews, the vast majority of whom live in the United States." The 18 members added that their concern is connected to their strong support for Israel over the years.

      The group specifically mentions two recent decisions by the Israeli government – one, to freeze the plan to build an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall, and the second, to promote a bill that would give the ultra-Orthodox Chief Rabbinate oversight over all Jewish conversions in Israel. The members noted that the latter, known as the conversion bill, has been put on hold for the time being, and expressed hope that its suspension would lead to a different kind of resolution, one that "respects and tolerates the totality and diversity of klal Yisrael." 

      "In addition to our own personal Jewish roots, each of us represents significant Jewish constituencies," the members note. Among those who signed the letter are some of the most veteran and senior Jewish members of Congress, such as Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey and Jerry Nadler, all three of whom are Democrats from New York; Adam Schiff and Brad Sherman, who are both Democrats from California; Brad Schneider, a Democrat from Illinois; and Sander Levin, a Democrat from Michigan. All of them are considered strong supporters of Israel. 

      Their unusual message to Netanyahu over the High Holidays joins a previous letter sent to the prime minister by a group of seven Jewish senators, who also asked Netanyahu to reconsider his government's recent decisions in light of their effect on Israel's relationship with the American Jewish community. "

  • Seeing 'tranquillity' on West Bank, 'New York Times' whitewashes the occupation
    • This is such S****! :

      "Israel only occupies 2% of West Bank, says US ambassador ...

      The US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has made a second dramatic intervention in US Middle East policy, suggesting that only 2% of the West Bank is occupied by Israel and that the international community always intended for Israel to keep some of the land it seized during the six-day war in 1967.

      The comments, made in an interview with the news channel Israeli Walla, came a day after rightwing Israeli politicians celebrated 50 years of Israeli settlement building, prompting condemnation by Palestinian officials.

      “I think the settlements are part of Israel,” Friedman said, in comments that seem at odds with decades of US foreign policy.

      “I think that was always the expectation when resolution 242 was adopted in 1967,” he said, referring to the UN security council resolution made at the end of the six-day war, when Israeli forces occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip. ...

      “The idea was that Israel would be entitled to secure borders,” he told Israeli Walla. “The existing borders, the 1967 borders, were viewed by everybody as not secure, so Israel would retain a meaningful portion of the West Bank, and it would return that which it didn’t need for peace and security. So there was always supposed to be some notion of expansion into the West Bank, but not necessarily expansion into the entire West Bank.

      “And I think that’s exactly what Israel has done. I mean, they’re only occupying 2% of the West Bank. There is important nationalistic, historical [and] religious significance to those settlements, and I think the settlers view themselves as Israelis and Israel views the settlers as Israelis.”

      Resolution 242 demanded the “withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict” while “emphasising the inadmissibility of the acquisition of territory by war”.

      While the figure of 2% has been used in the past by Israeli officials to define occupation as the physical footprint of settlement buildings, “area C” – the part of the West Bank under Israeli administrative and security control – accounts for 60% of the West Bank.

      In addition, reports compiled by the UN and NGOs suggest up to 39% of all land in the occupied West Bank is under the control of Jewish municipalities, local authorities and regional councils, with Israel effectively prohibiting Palestinian construction and development there.

      Nabil Shaath, an adviser to the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said: “Sometimes ambassadors can be ignorant and sometimes they can be biased but this is completely ignorant, not just of US policy but the fact that the occupation refers to the whole of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. It also shows a complete ignorance of resolution 242, in which there is no reference to settlements.

      “If this is a preview of President Trump’s ultimate deal, I shudder, but we have a situation where decision-making capability and soundness of judgment is totally lacking.”

      Another Palestinian official said: “Israel occupies 100% of the West Bank. If I was a US citizen I would be extremely concerned that my ambassador in Israel is using his position to try to emphasise the importance of settlements to Israel.” ..."

  • 'NYT' leaves out Dennis Ross's charge to US Jews: 'We need to be advocates for Israel'
  • Balfour Declaration, now 100, was 'gun pointed at heads' of Palestinians -- Khalidi
    • " “Yeah, you have to wonder about these guys that say “next year in Jerusalem” but never actually go.”

      Golly “Keith”, cut the man a little slack. Herzl died in 1904, long before there was an Israel. How could he go there?"

      lol !

      This brings to mind an excellent article that I read this morning by Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man @ +972:

      "Forget Friedman. The State Dept doesn't know how much of the West Bank is occupied either

      While disavowing the American ambassador’s erroneous assertion that only 2% of the West Bank is occupied by Israel, the State Department spokesperson isn’t able to answer how much of the territory is actually occupied. (Hint: All of it.)"

      It includes the video of President Bartlet showing his gift from Charlie of The Map of Palestine from 1709 to folks:

    • Such great news, Misterioso!!!

      In other good news:

      "UN Sent Warning Letter to 150 Companies for Doing Business in Israeli Settlements

      Israeli officials say some of the companies responded to the UN human rights commissioner by saying they won't renew their contracts in Israel ...

      The UN's Human Rights Commissioner began sending letters two weeks ago to 150 companies in Israel and around the world, warning them that they are about to be added to a database of companies doing business in Israeli settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, senior Israeli officials and Western diplomats involved in the matter told Haaretz.

      The Israeli official, who requested to stay anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, noted that the letters, sent by Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, said these firms were doing business in the "occupied Palestinian territories" and could thus find themselves on the UN blacklist for companies acting in violation of "internal law and UN decisions." The letters, copies of which also reached the Israeli government, request that these firms send the commission clarifications about their business activities in settlements.

      A Western diplomat, who also requested to remain anonymous, noted that of the 150 companies, some 30 were American, and a number are from countries including Germany, South Korea and Norway. The remaining half are Israeli companies.

      The Washington Post reported in August that among the American companies that received letters were Caterpillar,, TripAdvisor and Airbnb. According to the same report, the Trump administration is trying to work with the UN Commission on Human Rights to prevent the list's publication. Israel's Channel 2 reported two weeks ago that the list includes some of the biggest companies in Israel, such as Teva, Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Bezeq, Elbit, Coca-Cola Israel, Africa-Israel, IDB, Egged, Mekorot and Netafim.

      Senior Israeli officials said the Israeli fear of divestment or scaled-down business due to the blacklist is already becoming a reality. They said that the Economy Ministry's Office of Strategic Affairs has already received information that a number of companies who received the letters have responded to the human rights commissioner by saying they do not intend to renew contracts or sign new ones in Israel.

      "These companies just can't make the distinction between Israel and the settlements and are ending their operations all together," the senior Israeli official said. "Foreign companies will not invest in something that reeks of political problems – this could snowball."

      An inter-ministerial committee comprising the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Strategic Affairs, Justice and Economy is still working to try to prevent the list's publication. Nonetheless, the assessment among most of those involved in the government's efforts is that it is inevitable and that the list will likely be made public by the end of December.

      As part of an attempt to minimize its potential damage, Israel is attempting to reach out and hold talks with the foreign companies named on the list, stressing that it is non-binding and insignificant. It also told them it is reaching out to foreign governments to inform them that using the list is tantamount to cooperating with a boycott of Israel. ..."

      read more:


  • Samuel Freedman extols Jewish 'love affair' with Jewish state-- while decrying 'dogma of white supremacy'
  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • Interesting:

      "South Africa’s ANC: Israel was established ‘on basis of apartheid

      Ruling party in Pretoria says Israel was established ‘on basis of apartheid.’
      South Africa’s ruling party condemned Israel as a nation founded on the basis of apartheid, and branded the establishment of the state a crime against humanity.
      The allegation was made in a statement issued over the weekend, as South Africa’s anti-Israel lobby planned to protest a conference Sunday held by the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) in Johannesburg.

      “As the Alliance we are now heightening our campaign aimed at boycotting and isolating Israel as a state founded on the basis of apartheid, which according to international law and several UN conventions is a crime against humanity,” read the statement, which was co-signed by African National Congress secretary-general Gwede Mantashe.

      The members of the Alliance — the ANC, the Communist Party, the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African National Civics Organization — pledged “ongoing solidarity with the people of Palestine” and endorsed the movement calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel. ..."

    • Ali Abunimah writes this at EI:

      "EU refuses to condemn Israeli genocide plan

      ... Genocide
      The plan adopted by the conference very likely meets the international legal definition of genocide.

      It states that its objective is “to dismantle the Palestinian national collective.”

      The international convention on preventing genocide defines genocide as any of a number of acts carried out “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such.”

      Although in the popular understanding genocide is equated with physical extermination of a group of human beings, its legal definition includes a broader number of acts. The key issue in defining an act as genocidal is the intention of its perpetrator.

      Proponents of the plan explicitly state that existence of the Palestinians as a people is an obstacle to fulfilling Jewish ethnic-religious domination, and that they intend to target Palestinians because they are members of a particular national group.

      “We do not assume that there are two narratives here that are equal,” Smotrich explained. “There’s one side that’s correct, and another that is undermining the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.”

      Values of the German SS
      Daniel Blatman, a professor of Holocaust studies at Hebrew University, wrote in May that Smotrich takes inspiration for his plan from the biblical Book of Joshua, which describes the wholesale slaughter of a people by the “children of Israel.”

      Blatman called Smotrich, a deputy speaker of the Israeli parliament the Knesset, “the most senior government figure to date to say unabashedly that the option of genocide is on the table if the Palestinians don’t agree to our terms.”

      “Smotrich’s admiration for the biblical genocidaire Joshua bin Nun leads him to adopt values that resemble those of the German SS,” Blatman, a fellow of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, added.

      There is a long history of human rights scholarship and legal analysis that supports the assertion Israel is already committing genocide.

      Israeli politicians have long promoted the forcible transfer of the Palestinians, and the idea has enjoyed broad and consistent public support.

      EU silence
      Last month, Vera Jourova, the European Union’s justice commissioner, recalled her visit to Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

      “We need to be the ones taking the message against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism for future generations,” she wrote on Twitter.

      “This is the EU,” Jourova added, raising the moral responsibility to speak out to a defining European value.

      In keeping with this spirit, The Electronic Intifada asked the office of European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini if it would offer a clear, unambiguous and specific condemnation of the transfer plan and of its endorsement by Israeli government ministers, including, implicitly, by Netanyahu.

      But the EU refused to do so. Instead, a spokesperson provided a robotic, general statement that the “European Union supports a two-state solution and has consistently expressed that compliance with international law, including international human rights law, is a cornerstone for peace and security in the region.”

      So much for moral leadership. ..."

      More @

    • Horrible news, Annie!

      This is timely, from this very day:

      "Part 1: Pink Floyd Founder Roger Waters: BDS is One of "Most Admirable" Displays of Resistance in the World

      Part 2: "The Occupation of the American Mind": Documentary Looks at Israel's PR War in the United States

      Part 3: Roger Waters Criticizes Senate Bill Criminalizing BDS & Radiohead's Recent Concert in Tel Aviv"

      The entire program is well worth a visit and more, but this video should go viral imho:

      Perhaps the sleeping masses and/or the wilfully ignorant can open their eyes, hearts, and minds...

    • Yes, many thanks for writing this here, Jonathan. As I wrote yesterday, this is "zionist~ styled ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and genocide". I really shudder to think that "world will stand by and watch" this, Annie. What will the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back be and when will it happen? It's been forever, hasn't it?

      “After a hundred years of managing the conflict, the time has come for a decision… "

      Agreed. "The world" certainly must make a change and a decision to finally end their complicity with and enabling of this horror. There is no other path to justice. Think how many countries have suffered the wrath of the US et al with sanctions, yet Israel gets a free pass and mucho dinero from millions of taxpayers. The US Congress is trying to pass anti- BDS legislation that would criminalize free speech of folks in the US~ the very same ones that pay the taxes! It is unconscionable in the extreme.

      But, today:

      "U.S. Sanctions 11 People and Companies for Iranian Activities"

      The hypocrisy is revolting.

  • Critics slam ADL for training U.S. police in Israel-- and when Reddit AMA goes off script
  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • Moomins and Zionists have little in common, though.

    • "The big problem for Zionist is that the Palestinians despite their self serving leaderships are proving to be infuriatingly resilient and latterly some of Shaked`s fellow travellers I believe are increasingly mooting the idea of paying them lots of money to emigrate somewhere ( not sure whether they see this as coming out of the Israeli budget or from US (Western) taxpayers . The even bigger problem for them is yes you have guessed it – it is 2017 = smartphones/internet/social media."

      Thanks, Ossinev. Check this out:

      "Israeli Party Approves Annexation Plan to Coerce Palestinian Departure

      With a stamp of Netanyahu approval, right-wing party conference discusses their plan to annex the Palestinian territories and offer a surrender-or-transfer ultimatum

      ... “The vision of the decision plan is not new,” Smotrich said. “These are the foundations on which Zionism was erected. We do not assume that there are two narratives here that are equal. There’s one side that’s correct, and another that is undermining the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.”

      Smotrich added, “We have to engrave in the consciousness of the Arabs and the entire world that there is no chance of establishing an Arab state in the Land of Israel.”

      The Smotrich plan presents a kind of surrender-or-transfer ultimatum to the Palestinians in which “two alternatives will be offered to the Arabs of the Land of Israel:

      “1. Anyone who is willing and able to relinquish the fulfillment of his national aspirations will be able to stay here and live as an individual in the Jewish state.

      “2. Anyone who is unwilling or unable to relinquish his national aspirations will receive assistance from us to emigrate to one of the Arab countries.
      There is also a third option.

      “Anyone who insists on choosing the third ‘option’ – to continue to resort to violence against the Israel Defense Forces, the State of Israel and the Jewish population will be determinedly handled by the security forces with greater force than at present and under more comfortable conditions for us.”

      The plan further calls for a “settlement decision.”

      Smotrich proposes offering “self-government” to the Arabs in the occupied territories, who “would be divided into three regional municipal governments that will vote in democratic elections,” based on districts.

      According to the plan, “These governments suit the cultural and extended-family structure of Arab society.” The objective is “to dismantle the Palestinian national collective.” It is stressed that “the Arabs of Judea and Samaria will be able to conduct their own daily lives, but in the first stage will not be able to vote for the Israeli Knesset.”

      As Smotrich himself wrote in the past about the plan, “The big challenge in this context will be the democratic challenge; the need to persuade the world that among all the different alternatives, the alternative of democratic rights without the right to vote for the Knesset is the least bad alternative. It is indeed a challenge, but we can meet it.”
      Racists? Us?

      National Union members seem offended when asked to explain why their plan isn’t racist. “God forbid,” said party secretary Ofir Sofer. “It’s clear that there are difficulties in discussing this using the concepts we have today. But it’s not racist,” he said.

      Sofer added that although the plan uses the term “the Arabs of the Land of Israel,” it does not mean that Israeli Arab citizens would lose their citizenship. ..."

      read more about zionist~ styled ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and genocide @:

      (P.S. Thanks for the video & laughs!)

  • In my last year of university, the First Intifada undermined my Jewish identity
    • Thanks for these reflections and for the sage advice that you've shared, Robert. I hope that your target audience will heed...

      I just read this interview before I read your essay. I hope folks find it as engrossing as I do:

      "War crimes and open wounds: The physician who took on Israeli segregation

      On the occasion of her 80th birthday, Ruchama Marton, the founder of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel, talks about the atrocities she witnessed as a soldier, the enduring power of feminism, and why only outside help has a chance of ending Israel’s military rule over the Palestinians.

      ... As a psychiatrist with years of experience, I want to start with what I think is the big question. Why are we so obsessively attached to dehumanizing Arabs? Why does it seem as if the greatest desire of this place is to deny the Palestinians any kind of recognition and legitimacy? After all there is no practical purpose for that at this point, we’ve already won.

      “What do you mean it doesn’t serve a practical purpose? That’s nonsense. It serves all of the Zionist interests. Each and every one.”


      “First of all, we are colonialists. Zionism is colonialist. And the first thing a good colonialist does is dispossess. Dispossess of what? Of anything he can. Of what is important, of what serves him. Of land. Of natural resources. And, of course, of humanity. After all, it is obvious that in order to control someone else you have to take away their humanity.”

      But hasn’t that project ended? It’s not as if we are in a war now and are about to conquer new territory. The War of Independence ended long ago. We won. We have already drawn borders. Why do we still need that mentality?

      “What borders? There are no borders, there will be no borders, and I don’t see that there is any intention to draw them now. But beyond that, dispossession is an unending task. Those occupied people, those dispossessed people, whether they are inside the Green Line or outside of it, they do not agree. They do not give up. They don’t agree to be dispossessed of their land, of their water, of their humanity. As Hannah Arendt said: without political rights there is no human being. Political rights come before everything else. Before the right to property, movement, assembly. Those are all very nice but they are secondary. Without political rights, everything you do is charity. Without political rights, there is nothing ... .”

      ...I always thought, and still think, that the normal moderate Revisionist Right is the camp with the best chances of treating the Arabs humanely.

      “I don’t want humane treatment of the Arabs. I want political rights. After that you can be humane or whatever you want. Without political you continue to be a colonialist, an occupier, an apartheidist.

      “A human rights organization that is not willing to fight for that is howling at the moon. It is meaningless.”

      In a sense you are also talking about yourself. This is also a personal reckoning.

      “That’s right. I’m talking to you after 30 or maybe 50 years of fighting the occupation. We need outside help. And I’m talking mainly about one thing: BDS.”

      Working in Israel for that cause is not easy.

      She laughs. “It’s a matter for traitors, and today’s traitors are tomorrow’s heroes. Anyone who is not willing to pay that price does not know how to fight. If you don’t pay a price you are fighting only for your own beautiful image. As long as the occupation continues, as long as apartheid continues, it doesn’t matter if you are a little more or less beautiful.”"

  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
    • Buh~ Bye, Dan Biss and Hello, Carlos Ramirez Rosa!

      wow, from MJ Rosenberg:

      "Progressive Illinois Candidate Knocked Off Ticket For Israel Views

      For Democrats, including progressives, Israel is the one issue on which no deviation from a lobby’s line is permitted.

      Bad news, Democrats. There is no such thing as courage on Capitol Hill. As a guy who worked as a legislative aide to Democratic House and Senate members for almost 20 years, I should know:

      Let me explain. You know how we often applaud our favorite legislators for their “courage” on choice, GLBTQ issues, guns, immigration, civil and equal rights, and climate change?

      Just stop.

      With few (if any) exceptions, these heroes are only courageous on issues that won’t cost them a dime in campaign contributions. In other words, these senators and House members (invariably from progressive states and districts) are only courageous on the cheap. They only get away with it because progressives either don’t know or don’t care that virtually all of them are cowards on the Israel-Palestine issue, taking their orders from AIPAC (the Israel lobby) in order not to jeopardize the campaign donations they get from its members.

      Now maybe you don’t care about Israel/Palestine, or just look away when Israel is bombing the hell out of Gaza or working to undo President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. (In the case of the latter, two top Democrats, both tied at the hip to AIPAC and its affilated donors, Chuck Schumer of New York and Ben Cardin of Maryland, joined the Republicans in a failed to attempt to defeat their own president’s initiative.) Even if you don’t care about that, you should care when supposed progressives can so easily be bought on a critical issue. After all, if they sell out on one issue to please donors now, what will they sell out on next? How are they different than Republicans who toe the NRA line to please that lobby and its donors? For Democrats, AIPAC is the NRA.

      Examples of progressive cowardice are all around us. Both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders defended Israel’s 2014 bombardment of Gaza which resulted in the deaths of 1,462 civilians of whom 495 were children. Both opposed any action by the Obama administration to stop the killing, refusing to support any cuts to Israel’s massive aid package over Gaza, settlement expansion, routine human rights abuses or anything else.

      To be fair, Warren and Sanders are far from the worst progressives on this issue. In fact, they are better than most Democrats who offer full-throated support to anything Israel does. A list of Israel shills in Congress would fill up all my space so suffice it to note that when Keith Ellison, a true hero on this issue despite all the threats from AIPAC, tried to get the House progressive caucus to join him in a letter to then Secretary of State Kerry calling for a ceasefire, only 5 of 57 members joined him. No senator spoke out.

      And now the latest outrage.

      In Illinois this week, State Sen. Daniel Biss dropped Chicago Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa as his running mate in his campaign to become governor of the state. Ramirez-Rosa, 28, was a Sanders delegate to the Democratic convention and proudly calls himself a Democratic Socialist. His choice for the #2 slot was viewed as a big step forward for the progressive wing of the party.

      But then Brad Schneider, a congressman from suburban Chicago, heard that Ramirez-Rosa’s progressiveness did not stop at Israel’s borders. In fact in 2014, Ramirez-Rosa said the following:

      You know, for too long the U.S. government has subsidized the oppression of the Palestinian people, and it’s time that that’s stopped, And we have seen a shift internationally in favor of justice for the Palestinian people. You know, people stand with Israel, but they also want to make sure the Palestinian people have [justice].

      Schneider, one of AIPAC’s top lieutenants in the House went ballistic, instantly demanding that Ramirez-Rosa be kicked off the ticket. His ostensible reason was that Ramirez-Rosa was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America movement which supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Accordingly Ramirez-Rosa had to go:

      “Following conversations with Senator Biss and Alderman Ramirez-Rosa, I have informed the campaign of the withdrawal of my support,” Schneider said. “I remain hopeful that as Alderman Ramirez-Rosa learns more about the importance of the U.S.-Israel partnership to both our nations, the unique challenges Israel faces as the only democracy in a very dangerous neighborhood, and the commitment of the vast majority of the Israeli people to peace and a two-state solution, he will reconsider his position.”

      Seventy-two hours later Ramirez-Rosa was kicked off the ticket. Gubernatorial candidate Bliss said that if he knew of his former running-mate’s position on Israel, he never would have chosen him.

      No doubt that is true. For Democrats, including progressives, Israel is the one issue on which no deviation from a lobby’s line is permitted. In fact, Democrats are worse than Republicans whose support for the occupations and bombing Palestinians fit in with their hawkish and Islamophobic worldviews. Their support for everything Israel does is not bought (it doesn’t have to be). Democrats, however, sell their souls for AIPAC dollars.

      And they will continue to do so until progressives tell them that regardless of their other positions they will not have progressive support in Democratic primaries until and unless they apply the same standards to Israel that they apply to the rest of the world, including to our own country. Progressives must stand for equal rights and equal justice everywhere in the world, including in the Middle East. That means standing with brave Israelis and Palestinians who are fighting injustice, not with those who fight to preserve the ugly, immoral status quo. If your “progressive” representative doesn’t understand that, he is nothing but a hack ..."

  • Youtube sensations, the Khaldi twins, explain 'why Eid is special' from Gaza City
    • Great comment, Phil.

      Thanks so much for introducing us to Asmaa and Saja Khaldi, Allison. They radiate such joy.

      I posted this on Ahmad Karabiti's great report a couple of days ago. It stands in stark contrast to your offering:

      "I just read this @ Haaretz by Muhammad Shehada:

      “Opinion ‘All the Colors Have Been Washed Out of Our Celebrations’: My Family’s Eid in Gaza

      My mother spent two days cleaning and baking maamoul on her own, then waited for a knock on our door. But none came. After years of the blockade and its privations, those who are left won’t visit empty-handed – and they have nothing to bring …

      On top of the day-to-day hardships that Gaza’s people face there’s other, painful losses born of that hardship threaten to become irreversible: the social and cultural ties between its people. There’s only one clear and simple way to save Gaza from losing its social cohesion: Open the borders, rather than finding reasons to keep them closed. Those ‘reasons’ have no evident justification apart from punishing the entire population of Gaza.”

      read more:"

  • Young Palestinian photographer in Gaza shines a light on fishermen's struggle
    • A devastating read. Thanks so much for bringing it here to MW, Charlotte, Khalid Hashem Abu al-Jedian's words and his art speak volumes.

      Kate on MW regularly posts about the fishermen of Gaza and the awful and regular violent attacks by the IOF/ION. Thank you for your work toward justice, Ms. Kates.

      Gaza's blue is so much more beautiful than the blue of Israel... Thanks for the link to Khalid's amazing work!

  • Eisner and Greenblatt refuse to see Israel's face in Richard Spencer's mirror
    • No mention in this article of Israeli support for and enabling of this other genocide of Muslim civilians and their hatred/using of the UN. The UN should kick them out! Shame, shame, shame:

      "Myanmar blocks all UN aid to civilians at heart of Rohingya crisis

      Exclusive: Military offensive against insurgents leaves thousands stranded without life-saving supplies..."

    • It's grotesque in the extreme, Misterioso.

      I read this last week:

      "Forget Trump: Israel's sordid history of supporting dictatorships

      Netanyahu’s silence in the face of the White House’s anti-Semitism should surprise no one. From Argentina to Rwanda, Israel has a sordid history of providing weapons and support to murderous dictatorships. ...

      By Eitay Mack (translated by Ofer Neiman)"

      More, from January 22, 2017:

      "Despite war crimes, Israel insists on selling arms to Myanmar

      The heads of Myanmar’s army had a shopping spree with the Israeli security industries, even meeting with the president and the Chief of Staff. Despite ongoing war crimes, Israel continues to maintain extensive security ties with the South East Asian country.

      By John Brown* (translated by Tal Haran)

      Israeli human rights activists are petitioning the Israeli Supreme Court, demanding it force the Ministry of Defense to explain why it does not put an end to Israel’s trade agreements with Myanmar’s military, following reports of crimes against citizens and ethnic minorities, including possible crimes against humanity.

      The petition, filed by Attorney Eitay Mack and a list of human rights activists, specifies a series of crimes committed and still being committed by the regime, including proof thereof, such as evidence of the extensive ties between the heads of the Myanmar military and senior officials in the Israeli government and military, as well as with Israeli security industrial firms.

      Ever since Myanmar (also known as Burma) gained its independence from Britain in 1948, a ceaseless civil war has taken place in various regions of the country. In November 2015 Burma held democratic elections, won by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. However, the government is not in actual control of either the state’s security forces or the private militias, which still do the bidding of the junta that controlled the country until those elections. These persist in their crimes against humanity, war crimes, and serious violations of human rights throughout the country — especially against ethnic minorities, some of which do not even have citizen status. ..."

      BTW, what/why is Aung San Suu Kyi doing/saying nothing?


      "Myanmar faces international condemnation over Rohingya

      A chorus of international criticism aimed at Myanmar is growing over the violence against Rohingya Muslims. ..."

  • Gideon Levy calls out Israel's fundamental, racist religion: Zionism
    • Levy and Levac pen another brutally honest article today with photos:

      "A Southern Israeli Village's Fate: Bedouin Out, Jews In

      Eight months ago, Yakub Abu al-Kiyan was killed by police during a protest against the demolition of Bedouin houses to make way for Jewish ones; his widow and 10 kids are living in a tent next to the rubble of their home ...“They killed Yaakov and Musa,” he says, referring to his uncle and to his grandfather, Musa, Yakub’s father, who died 21 days after his son was killed, possibly from heartbreak. ...

      ... “We’ve lived here for 62 years without getting a thing from state, which settled us here. And now the state rewards us with murder – a state that employs all its force against its citizens,” Raad says. “We asked for a partner who would come and talk with us. Who would bring a real offer. But they don’t want an agreed-upon solution. They want to do things by force. Why is there only an enforcement unit that operates against the Bedouin, the [Israel Police’s] Yoav Unit? Is there a unit against people from the Caucasus? Against the Russians? The Ethiopians? Why is there an enforcement unit only against us?

      “We suggested that we live together, one next to the other,” he continues. “But the Hiran charter states that the community will be only for Orthodox Jews. Why did Yakub and Musa have to be killed in order to bring Yaakov and Moshe instead? It’s no small thing, what happened on January 18. The world knows what happened here. Now they want to do things by force again, but without anyone noticing. To remove Umm al-Hiran from the ‘front,’ to soften things, so it’s not felt – and then to expel us. We don’t know what to expect, but we haven’t lost hope. A hope that’s 2,000 years old.”

      Adds Raba: “Aren’t we citizens? I tell my friends from Hebron: You live better than us. You have land. We don’t even have that.”

      Her daughter, Maryam, points to the concrete ceiling that lies crushed on the ground. “This is where we did our homework, and here’s where we played, so we wouldn’t bother Dad, who liked quiet.”

      Every month Raba visits Yakub’s grave, at nearby Tel Shoket. She was there early this week, too, with two of her children. What do you tell her husband in his grave? “That God will help.” "

      read more:

    • Thank you, Jonathan. I respect your work and analysis very much.

      Gideon Levy is indefatigable in his honesty and quest for justice.

      "In Arab East Jerusalem: Zionism's Model Apartment ...

      There’s one like it in every construction project, the model apartment. Anyone who wants to see what the building will look like when it’s completed, comes to see the model apartment. The up-to-date Zionist project also has a model apartment – on Kunder Street, not far from Nablus Road, in Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. It’s worth visiting.

      This apartment is where they should bring all the Birthright participants, to show them what the Zionist project, in whose name they are brought here by the tens of thousands, really looks like. Other guests of Israel, those who ask whether there’s apartheid here, should also be brought to the house on Kunder Street.

      This is where their questions will end. This is where the Shamasneh family lived for 53 years, as renters. This is what it’s like in Zionism’s model apartment.

      This act of eviction is nothing new, of course. It’s as old as the entire Zionist project. Eight family members, including an 84-year-old man in a wheelchair, were evicted from the apartment because before 1948, its owner was Jewish. Now the house has been returned to the owner’s heirs, the descendants of the late Haim Ben Sulimani Yan’i.

      What could be more just than that? There was a house, it was restored to its owners. Even the Supreme Court (which the libelous right sees as “post Zionist”), Israel’s lighthouse of justice, whose beacon shines afar, legitimized the eviction four years ago when it denied the family the right to appeal. The three justices at the time, Edna Arbel, Hanan Melcer and Noam Sohlberg, may have squirmed in their seats before writing their verdict, it was so difficult for them, but that’s how Supreme Court justices always acted in occupation issues, before making the abomination kosher.

      Ultimately they were relieved. They denied the appeal request “with a heavy heart” and stated: “These matters cannot raise any principled legal issue.” They also said: “The pretext of distorting justice doesn’t exist.” Then they ruled: “Indeed, it isn’t easy to evict a person from his home, all the more so when it’s an elderly man who has lived in the property for many years.”

      Not easy, but it can be done. In a humanitarian gesture the justices gave the family 18 months to leave their home. Where else can you find such merciful judges but in Jerusalem? They too, of course, are part of the Zionist project – evicting and moaning; evicting and uttering sanctimonious statements. At Umm al-Hiran and at Sheikh Jarrah.

      The house on Kunder Street is the Zionist project’s model apartment, because here you get it all in a refined, condensed form. Here Israel says, without stammering: Entrance for Jews only. Exit for Arabs. Not only the right of return, but the right of property is also exclusively for Jews. A Jew who lost his home in 1948 will have his house returned to him with all respect. A Palestinian – and there were hundreds of thousands of them – has lost it forever. Two justice systems on an ethnic basis. In other languages it’s called apartheid. There’s no other name for it.

      The court will say in its defense that it only dealt with the question of whether the renter was a protected tenant. The simplistic, narrow view is always good in these issues, even in the Supreme Court. Most Israelis would say it’s all legal, the court approved it, didn’t it? What more could we ask of a Jewish, democratic state of law? The heirs will also feel that justice has been done as far as they’re concerned, and have already leased their house to the new settlers – right-wing, ultra-Orthodox, well guarded activists. Another dunam and another goat, as the Zionist saying goes, and Sheikh Jarrah will be Jewish. Another dunam and another goat, and the transfer will intensify and the apartheid state will stand on legal foundations.

      This is the state of all its Jews. There’s no other way to excuse the brazenness in which Israel declares that correcting the injustices of 1948 is for Jews alone, while most of the victims were Palestinians.

      Justice can only exist in one format: equality for everyone. But Zionism continues to say “no” to this singular justice. To say that in 1948 there were only Jewish refugees is an especially insolent version of Nakba denial. For what is the difference between the heirs of the owners of the land on which my house is built, on the ruins of Sheikh Munis, and Haim Yan’i’s heirs? In the model apartment on Kunder Street, all shame has been lost."

      read more:

  • Conan O'Brien frolics with Netanyahu and the Israeli army
    • Yes, amigo.

      He's now a televangelist for Zionism and the Apartheid State. This is not just a crying shame, he is now repugnant (to be polite) to me. I've been nauseated since I discovered his delirium over Israel. Thanks to MW for exposing this and giving the world another platform for discussion.

      About his visit to the "Syrian victims", he goes gaga:


      How many times has Israel bombed Syria anyway? How many anti- Assad 'fighters' have they supported and treated and paid?

      I could go on (and on and on). I'll end with this. A lot of "American dogs" I've met eat veg , including cukes. Perhaps, and obviously, Oy'Brien's canine associates only like red meat...

  • Israel seeks 'Jewish' non-Jews in numbers battle with Palestinians
    • "That is the great appeal to the die-hard one-staters like Netanyahu and Bennett. They need willing footsoldiers in the battle to steal Palestinian land, trampling on internationally recognised borders and hopes of peace-making."

      Blood- curdling, really. Thank you for the article and your honest reporting, Jonathan Cook. I still cannot believe they need more "willing footsoldiers" and immoral supporters than they already have (and have had) since and before the Nakba.

      "Trump's ambassador to Israel refers to 'alleged occupation' of Palestinian territories

      David Friedman, who also opposes two-state solution, appears to adopt a stance more in line with Israeli settlers in Jerusalem Post interview ...

      ... Demanding clarification from the US a Palestinian official said: “Our understanding is that when someone has an official position, like being an ambassador, this person does no longer speak in a personal capacity. Mr Friedman should realise that denying facts doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. He has an extensive record of attacks against the national rights of the Palestinian people, including funding illegal colonial-settlements and participating in celebrations of the Israeli occupation. We call upon the US administration to clarify their position.”

      The legal status of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and east Jerusalem – captured during the six-day war in 1967 – is recognised by the United Nations, most countries and by Israel itself in its use of institutions such as military courts to try Palestinians in the West Bank.

      The US state department itself also refers unambiguously to the “occupied territories” in its own reports, including in a human rights report earlier this year.

      Friedman has kept a relatively low profile since arriving in Israel earlier this year. His appointment had been met with a chorus of criticism over his suitability for such a sensitive diplomatic post given his complete lack of foreign service experience and his history of supporting far-right Israeli causes, including the hardline settlement at Beit El.

      The US ambassador’s comment follows hard on the heels of recent remarks by state department spokeswoman Heather Nauert, who said a recommittal by the Trump administration to the two-state solution would show “bias” to one side.

      In the interview with the Jerusalem Post Friedman suggested that his personal views had not much changed and while his tone may have softened his ideology had not.

      “I don’t want to suggest that my views have really changed very much. Maybe the rhetoric has changed,” he told the paper. “Obviously, you become a diplomat. You change your rhetoric. You have an official job. You work for the United States government. You respect the chain of command. Of course that’s different.”

      Friedman – a former bankruptcy lawyer for Trump – has called President Barack Obama an antisemite and suggested that US Jews who opposed the Israeli occupation of the West Bank were worse than kapos, Nazi-era prisoners who served as concentration camp guards." ..."

  • Teenage girls in Gaza lament a 'double siege'
    • A little O/T. (Only a little):

      "Jewish Voice for Peace Urges Young Jews to Boycott Birthright Israel

      Campaign #ReturnTheBirthright declares 'it is fundamentally unjust that we are given a free trip to Israel while Palestinian refugees are barred from returning to their homes' ...

      ... Ben Lorber, JVP campus organizer, said that the new national campaign grew out of a number of local anti-Birthright initiatives on individual campuses, which inspired the group to take the movement to campuses across the country.

      “This is something that Jewish students have been talking about and acting on for a while,” Lorber said. “It is a fundamental injustice that we as young Jews are offered these free trips and can become citizens of Israel if we choose to later on, while our Palestinian friends and classmates are denied the same connection to the land their parents or grandparents come from.”

      The campaign, he added, is, in addition to students, aimed at young Jewish adults post-university who may be thinking of travelling on Birthright. Lorber, in his late 20s, said that he personally had chosen not to travel on Birthright during the years he was eligible.

      “It was a conscious decision. I was very disappointed at the advertising I saw telling me, ‘look at this happy free trip, you can go to the beach, hike on Masada, connect your homeland,’ while the Palestinians I knew had relatives who were being bombed in Gaza, and couldn't visit Jerusalem.”

      In contrast, the head of another Jewish student organization, J Street U, which bills itself as “pro-Israel, pro-peace” said he did not believe young Jews should be dissuaded from travelling to Israel through Birthright.

      Ben Elkind, J Street U director, said that for him, taking a Birthright trip was “an important piece of my engaging around Israel and the broader Israeli Palestinian conflict” and that he believes “it is important to encourage students to engage rather than not engage” with the issue. ..."

      read more:

    • A truly and achingly wonderful report, Ahmad. Thank you very much for this.

      I just read this @ Haaretz by Muhammad Shehada:

      "Opinion 'All the Colors Have Been Washed Out of Our Celebrations': My Family's Eid in Gaza

      My mother spent two days cleaning and baking maamoul on her own, then waited for a knock on our door. But none came. After years of the blockade and its privations, those who are left won't visit empty-handed - and they have nothing to bring ...

      On top of the day-to-day hardships that Gaza's people face there's other, painful losses born of that hardship threaten to become irreversible: the social and cultural ties between its people. There's only one clear and simple way to save Gaza from losing its social cohesion: Open the borders, rather than finding reasons to keep them closed. Those 'reasons' have no evident justification apart from punishing the entire population of Gaza."

      read more:

  • Prominent Israeli rabbi preaches rape in war time
    • "Nonsense! It just means that Israel has freedom of speech."

      Like this???

      "WATCH: Settlers sexually harass Palestinian woman, soldiers stand by
      Settlers in Hebron use loudspeaker to disparage Islam and sexually harass a Palestinian woman in the middle of the night.

      The settlers of Hebron have never been known for their manners. This time, however, it seems that they have sunk to a new low — even by their standards.

      Last Thursday night, settlers from the nearby settlement of Kiryat Arba approached the neighborhood of al-Hariqah and used a PA system to curse Islam as well as the local Palestinian population, in both Arabic and Hebrew.

      A Palestinian volunteer for Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem documented parts of the incident from the window of her home (full disclosure: I am a member of B’Tselem’s board). When the settlers realized she was filming, they began cursing and sexually harassing her using racist and misogynistic language. According to the volunteer, soldiers who were present at the scene did nothing to stop the settlers.

      This video should come with a trigger warning, since the language used in it is too despicable to quote:

      More here:

      What would happen if someone not Jewish did something similar? Stop with your fantasies (lies) about freedom of speech for all, please.

  • Israeli forces injure 8-year-old Palestinian and detain 7-year-old in clashes in occupation
    • The illegal "settlers" are pretty good at "persecuting" and killing Palestinian children, too:

      "Palestinian girl dies after being struck by settler car

      Relatives doubt Israel police will properly probe killing of eight-year-old, whose family home was about to be seized.

      An eight-year-old Palestinian girl who was run over by an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank was buried on Sunday.

      Aseel Abu Oun was killed a day earlier by a settler who drove his car near where she lived in the Foroush Beit Dajan village, in the Nablus district.

      She was leaving a supermarket around noon with a friend when she was struck.

      Haaretz, the Israeli daily newspaper, reported that police detained the driver of the vehicle for questioning.

      Police said they opened an investigation, Haaretz reported, but did not specify whether the settler had been released. ...

      "We are used to the Israeli police and their ways of dealing with settler aggression or attacks on Palestinians," Jawdat Abu Oun, a relative of Aseel's, told Al Jazeera.

      "We have asked for an independent, non-biased actor to oversee the investigation, but we don't think it will go anywhere," he said, adding that he believed it was likely the settler had already been released.

      Tareq Abu Oun, the girl's father, witnessed his daughter being run over and, with the help of other men, managed to stop the car from speeding away.

      "The settler was armed, and they took his weapon from him until the Israeli police arrived," Jawdat said.

      While it is legal for settlers to carry weapons in the occupied West Bank, Palestinians are banned from being armed.

      'Aseel hoped for a better future'

      The victim's short life was heavily affected by the Israeli occupation.

      After moving his family from the village of Jaba to Foroush Beit Dajan, Abu Oun worked in agriculture but was plagued by constant visits and orders by the Israeli army to demolish his house.

      Aref Daraghmeh, an expert on settlement affairs and Israeli violations, told local media that he had visited the 10-member family on Friday to document their suffering - the day Israeli forces officially notified them that their home would be seized.

      "I spoke to Tareq [Abu Oun] about the threats the Israeli authorities made to him about demolishing his home and dispersing his family," Daraghmeh said. "Aseel was sitting on the floor, holding papers, and was full of hope for a better future for her and her family." ...

      ... Incidents of Jewish settlers running over Palestinian children in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem are not uncommon and are rarely investigated, even in fatal cases.

      In 2014, five-year-old Inas Khalil and her friend Touleen Asfour were walking home from their nursery school near a village in Ramallah when they were hit by a settler's car. Inas died a few hours later.

      Two weeks ago, four Palestinian boys – all six-year-olds – were severely injured when a settler mounted his car on a pavement in the East Jerusalem town of Silwan and struck them. The boys were all transferred to Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem."

    • Thank you, Kate.

      "Family of Halamish Terrorist Convicted for Not Preventing Attack

      Israel military court finds attacker Omar al-Abed's mother, father, two brothers and uncle 'knew about his intentions' but did not notify security services"

      read more:

  • Andrea Mitchell suggests State Dep't staged 'fake news' in Jerusalem with Kushner, Netanyahu and no press
    • This finally might be examined more closely because it might be discovered that Trump's US/Russia/and Israel might just try to trash everybody else while trying to foment/continue a few more wars or only maintain the ugly/unstainable status quo, Who are, what is, more dominant or complicit?

      Felix Setar[3][4]
      Felix Slater[5]
      Felix Sader[5]
      Haim F Sater[5]
      Hai Ying Sater[5])

      Who needs so many aliases?

      "Early life and family[edit]

      Sater was born in Moscow into a Russian Jewish family, the son of Mikhail Sheferovsky and Rachel Sheferovskaya. He has a sister, Regina. The family immigrated to Israel when he was 8 years old to avoid religious persecution in the Soviet Union, and eventually came to the United States, living in Baltimore, Maryland before settling in Brighton Beach, New York in 1974.[4] Felix and his sister adopted the surname Sater. Mikhail Sheferovsky (also known as Michael Sheferofsky) states that the family name used to be Saterov at some point (Сатаров).[9] According to the FBI, Mikhail Sheferovsky was an underboss for Russian Mafia "boss of bosses" Semion Mogilevich and convicted of extorting local restaurants, grocery stores, and a medical clinic.[10]"

      much more @

      I have my own thoughts about this... yours?

  • Ramzy Baroud and Rima Najjar on identity and resistance
  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day
    • Exactly, Mooser! You made me actually have to hold in my tea from escaping my mouth! Merci.

      (The First Cut is the Deepest)

      Formally Cat Stevens. Now Yusuf... Always himself.

    • You have no shame at all, Jack.

      "Arab women in Israel live longer than Arab women in any Arab country.
      If Israel were finished, the Arab women in Israel would die younger."

      They already do.

      "Arab-Jewish gap in life expectancy in Israel."

      (a bit of the old blame- the- victim included, too.)

      "Arab babies in Israel have lower infant mortality than Arab babies in any Arab country."

      Yeah, right. Ask the odious, racist Revital Smotrich, the wife of MK Betzalel Smotrich, about their feelings.

      About the folks in Palestine, Occupied Gaza and the West Bank that Israel is responsible for under International Law(s), how come those stats aren't included here???


      I think that honest and good people know the answer.

      As for "honor killings" in Israel, some Jewish folks have their own issues.

    • "Would it be better to allow children to attend a school that was built without a building permit & then in a few years while the school is full of children it collapses or catches fire because it wasn’t built to code?"

      LOLOL! Your faux concern is absolutely fantastical and you are so incredibly deluded.

      The IOF would much prefer to bomb schools and hospitals and innocents with continued impunity.

      "US 'appalled' by 'disgraceful' Israeli shelling of Gaza UN school"

      (not "appalled" enough, though.)

      "(Jerusalem) – Three Israeli attacks that damaged Gaza schools housing displaced people caused numerous civilian casualties in violation of the laws of war, Human Rights Watch said today. In the first in-depth documentation of the violations, Human Rights Watch investigated the three attacks, which occurred on July 24 and 30, and August 3, 2014, and killed 45 people, including 17 children.

      “The Israeli military carried out attacks on or near three well-marked schools where it knew hundreds of people were taking shelter, killing and wounding scores of civilians,” said Fred Abrahams, special adviser at Human Rights Watch. “Israel has offered no convincing explanation for these attacks on schools where people had gone for protection and the resulting carnage.”..."

      "GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israeli forces fired a tank shell at a hospital in Gaza on Monday, killing at least four people and injuring 40 others, health officials said.

      It was the third hospital Israel's military has struck since launching a ground offensive in Gaza last week.

      The four people killed at al-Aqsa Hospital on Monday included one patient and three visitors, health officials told NBC News...."


      btw, aren't you similarly concerned about these settler illegals and thieves?

      "Israeli settlers set up illegal caravans on Palestinian village lands near Bethlehem

      ... Since the occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, in 1967, between 500,000 and 600,000 Israelis have moved into Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory, in violation of international law.
      The estimated 196 government recognized Israeli settlements scattered across the Palestinian territory are all considered illegal under international law.

      Meanwhile, although Israeli settler outposts -- unapproved by the Israeli government -- are considered illegal even under Israeli law, earlier this year, Israel passed the outpost Regularization law, which would pave the way for the retroactive legalization of dozens of Israeli settler outposts."

  • 'I wanted to change the world, and I did; I made it worse' -- guru Arthur Finkelstein
    • "But I said, I wanted to change the world. And I said, I did; I made it worse."

      That is absolutely true. The list of those that he 'helped' includes many unhumanitarians and more than a few war criminals.

      (Luntz et al. have learned and capitalized well, eh?)

  • First reported death from swimming in Gaza's polluted seas is a 5-year-old boy
    • "Israeli Soldier, You Never Had a Chance

      The video clip shows what you know: It doesn’t matter how polite you are at 1:30 A.M. in a Palestinian house in the occupied territories; you shouldn’t be there at all

      It’s hard to turn one’s eyes away from the six-and-a-half-minute video clip that has been running around social media in recent days. This time, it doesn’t show the liquidation in lukewarm blood of a dying terrorist by a combat medic in Hebron. Instead, it shows soldiers from some unknown unit at 1:30 A.M. on some night paying a “visit” to the house of some Palestinian family for the sake of “showing a presence” of some kind in some village in the West Bank.

      It’s hard to turn our gaze away from this clip, because this “gaze” is part it: The clip was filmed by the father of the family, who used his camera to document the incident from beginning to end, and the soldier who’s the protagonist of the film is aware of the camera’s presence; he actually speaks to it – that is, to us, the viewers. And as in any reality show, the viewers are the judges.

      And therefore, dear Israel Defense Forces solider, you sweet, disciplined, funny, silly, polite, nice, sensitive little boy – you’ve lost.

      Contrary to what has been implied in comments on social media, your behavior isn’t an example of the banality of evil or a display of sadistic mastery (not even when you told them you were there because they had thrown stones at “our roads,” when you were talking about a road that belongs to them). It’s clear there’s not a drop of evil in you. Your mother can be proud of you; you look like a delightful young man. ..."

      read more:

      This is a revival of a 'must- see' video by Al Jazeera that was actually from a few years back:

      "Published on Aug 20, 2017

      Israeli night raid in Nabi Saleh

      A Palestinian father filmed an Israeli army night raid on his home. Watch until the end.

      (Footage provided by Bilal Tamimi, 2012)"

      Carolina Landsmann's article was published today in Haaretz with the video, but I linked to AJ for those without access.

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