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  • Israeli leader's 'extremism' charge makes headlines around the world -- but 10th paragraph in New York Times!
    • "Israel Has Been Infected by the Seeds of Fascism, Says ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak

      Barak tells ... that 'there are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government.'

      Israel has been "infected by the seeds of fascism," former prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak said during a TV interview on Friday night.

      Responding to the resignation of Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon earlier in the day, Barak said that it "should be a red light for all of us regarding what's going on in the government."

      "Life-sustaining Zionism and the seeds of fascism cannot live together," Barak told ... .

      Ya'alon's resignation is "the end of a chain that began with the case of the soldier who shot [a wounded Palestinian assailant to death]," Barak said. "Such incidents give us an X-ray image that is opposed to the will of the people.

      "What has happened is a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it's just the beginning."

      To illustrate his point, Barak referred to legislation promoted by members of the coalition, including the law to lift the parliamentary immunity of Knesset members who allegedly support terrorism and a bill to impose Israeli law on Israelis living in the West Bank.

      "This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down," Barak added. "There are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government.""

      read more: link to

      He's hopefully and happily mostly right except for that bit about the "will of the people" and that "Life-sustaining Zionism " which brought them all the" fascism" that they enjoy today. Israel has never been a democracy~ it has always been a thug.

    • That's apparently very easy with Fatou Bensouda at the helm of the ICC.

  • Clinton campaign is 'nervous' Sanders will push 'divisive' battle over Democratic platform on Israel
    • More:

      "Bernie Sanders: I will not support Democratic party chair in her primary

      Senator says he would not re-appoint Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC chair if he were president, noting that her primary opponent’s views are closer to his own"

      link to

      Truly a breath of fresh air.

  • Netanyahu-Lieberman deal tears 'mask off face of Israel' -- but 'NYT' keeps the mask on
    • Perish the thought!

      You're sadly and probably right, though.

    • True, Marnie.

      Here's Beaumont:

      "Israel's defence minister quits over rift with Binyamin Netanyahu ...

      Israel’s defence minister has announced his resignation, saying he no longer had faith in Binyamin Netanyahu, in a stinging rebuke to the prime minister.

      The departure of the former defence chief Moshe Yaalon came after Netanyahu, with whom he had recently clashed, invited the hawkish ultranationalist Avigdor Lieberman to replace Yaalon as part of moves to widen his fragile coalition.

      Before Yaalon resigned there had been speculation that Netanyahu planned to offer him the post of foreign minister, one of several cabinet positions occupied by Netanyahu.

      Israel’s president, Reuven Rivlin, said he was greatly saddened by Yaalon’s departure. “Against the background of recent events, the break from political life he is taking is understandable, and even appropriate, but at the same time represents a great loss to us all,” Rivlin said.

      Snap polls suggested Israelis preferred Yaalon to Lieberman as defence minister by a wide margin. A poll aired by Israel’s Channel 10 television on Thursday found that 51% of Israeli Jews believed Yaalon to be best suited for the cabinet position, while 27% favoured Lieberman.

      Yaalon’s exit could put a fresh dent in domestic and western confidence in the Netanyahu government.

      The Palestinian foreign ministry has issued a statement criticising the expected appointment of Lieberman, declaring that Netanyahu is turning his government into the most extreme administration in Israel’s history.

      A former chief of Israel’s armed forces, Yaalon had shored up relations with the Pentagon, providing a counterweight to Netanyahu’s policy feuds with Barack Obama over peace talks with the Palestinians and Iran’s nuclear programme.

      His resignation comes ahead of the completion of negotiations between Netanyahu and Lieberman to bring the latter’s hard-right Yisrael Beiteinu party out of opposition and in to government.

      Although Netanyahu’s office has said Lieberman would be “pragmatic and moderate”, there has been little evidence of that in his political career. Indeed, a key demand of Lieberman – in addition to cabinet seats – is that Netanyahu commit to new legislation to introduce the death penalty for terrorism.

      The expected appointment of Lieberman, an outspoken and hawkish rightwinger who has called Israeli Arab lawmakers “traitors”, has drawn widespread criticism, including from Netanyahu supporters including former cabinet minister Benny Begin. ..."

      link to

      And what does the US gov't say???

      "REUTERS – The United States said on Friday it was looking forward to working with whoever succeeds Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon, after he announced his resignation.

      "We appreciate Mr. Ya'alon's leadership and partnership as defense minister and we look forward to working with his successor," State Department spokesman John Kirby said. "Our bonds of friendship are unbreakable, and our commitment to the security of Israel remains absolute.""

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      and here's Ya'alon:

      "...Earlier on Friday, Ya'alon wrote on Facebook that "I notified the prime minister this morning that following his conduct in the latest developments and in view of the lack of trust in him, I am resigning from the government and the Knesset and taking time out from political life."  

      Noting that he worked harmoniously with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for a long time, Ya'alon said in his speech that "unfortunately, I recently found myself in strong disagreement on moral and professional issues with the prime minister, a number of ministers and several MKs." 

      "I fought with all my might against manifestations of extremism, violence and racism in Israeli society, which are threatening its sturdiness and also trickling into the IDF, hurting it already," he said. 

      "I fought with all my might against attempts to harm the Supreme Court and Israel's justices, trends whose outcomes greatly harm the rule of law and could be disastrous for our country."

      The latest confrontation between Netanyahu and Ya'alon, which took place at the beginning of the week, was over the public backing Ya'alon gave senior IDF officials to express their opinions. His remarks followed Netanyahu's criticism of comments made by IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Golan on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

      The rift between Ya'alon and significant parts of the Likud central committee and party voters widened over the past year over the obstacles the defense minister placed in front of efforts regarding construction in the settlements.

      "The rupture between Netanyahu and Ya'alon is real and serious, not political spin. Netanyahu owes a lot to right-wing voters who marked Ya'alon as a red flag," a Likud source said. 

       "In general, Israeli society is a healthy society, and the majority of it is sane and aims for a Jewish, democratic and liberal country," Ya'alon said. "But to my great sorrow, extremist and dangerous elements have taken over Israel and the Likud Party and are shaking the foundations and threatening to hurt its residents." 

      "Sadly, senior politicians in the country have chosen the way of incitement and segregation of parts of Israeli society instead of unifying it and bringing it together. It is unbearable to me that we will be divided among us out of cynicism and lust for control, and I expressed my opinion on the matter more than once out of honest concern for the future of society in Israel and the future of the next generations."..."

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    • The self- imposed implosion continues, but some NYT readers will be shocked and are ill- served. Oh, well~ stock up on smelling salts for your neighbors is the best that I can come up with.

      (Isn't it past time to tear "the mask off the face of Israel" and all the "liberal Zionists", too?)

  • 'Clinton scares the generals' -- Democratic Party divides over foreign policy
    • From your link:

      "When fear becomes collective, when anger becomes collective, it’s extremely dangerous. It is overwhelming ,The mass media and the military industrial complex create a prison for us, so we continue to think, see, and act in the same way. We need the courage to express ourselves even when the majority is going in the opposite direction, because a change of direction can happen only when there is a collective awakening…

      Therefore, it is very important to say, ‘I am here!’ to those who share the same kind of insight. Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist Monk, The Art of Power

      I’ve been in deep despair these last few months about our political landscape. This quote from Thich Nhat Hanh recently elevated my spirit, and I share it with you. Because I am, we are still here! Though it’s clear that the die is cast and that Clinton will win, that is, if you believe in numbers and materialism, but I don’t, not completely. ..."

      - See more at: link to

      Ollver Stone is spot- on.

      Both HRC and Trump scare me. Most of all, their supporters and financiers frighten me and are the zombies in my night terrors.

  • UW-Madison graduate student union endorses BDS
    • Yay 'UW-Madison graduate student union', Madtown! Thank you so much!

      "The resolution also calls on the TAA’s employer, the University of Wisconsin System, and parent international, the AFL-CIO, to divest from the state of Israel and companies that contribute to and profit from the military occupation and oppression of Palestinians."

      Step up to the plate y'all. It's past time.

  • AIPAC event in Connecticut features anti-Semitic humor, from an Israeli editor
    • Why do synagogues sanction the speeches of only Zionists?

      One year ago in ye old Temple Israel, Westport CT:

      "Israeli protestor speaks out about arrest at Temple Israel

      WESTPORT -- After a failed attempt to ambush a pro-Israeli luncheon at a Westport synagogue landed two New Haven men in handcuffs, one of the suspects is speaking out in defense of their actions.

      Daniel Fischer said he and fellow activist Gregory Williams planned to "peacefully protest" a Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) luncheon at Temple Israel in an effort to shed light on the experiences of those living under an "apartheid regime in Palestine."

      Their message, however, was squelched by uneasy guests who alerted Westport police, which prompted an evacuation of the luncheon and a lockdown of area schools.

      "I wasn't expecting to get a standing ovation from the crowd, but I didn't expect to be tackled and have police officers show up with machine guns," Fischer said. "Unfortunately it escalated into a dangerous situation because someone gave false information to the police. Their (FIDF) reaction interrupted their own event."

      Fischer and Williams, both of whom are 25 years old and reside in New Haven, showed up unannounced to the women's luncheon -- where an IDF Brigadier General was speaking. Fischer and Williams were protesting in an effort to read testimony from a Palestinian woman (Nabilah Abu Halima) whose son was killed in Gaza in 2009.

      Fischer said he and Williams were told to leave the building because they did not have tickets to attend the luncheon and were told they were not supposed to be there.

      "They then restrained us and I began reading the testimony from my cell phone," Fischer said. "The phone was smacked out of my hand, so we started chanting, 'Free, free Palestine' and 'Long live the Intifada,' which means uprising. Those in support of Israel war crimes in my experience tend to be very zealous and self-righteous about their support of Israel. Their reaction was a symptom about not wanting the truth about Palestine to get out and to silence criticism of Israel."

      Fischer, who grew up in Fairfield and attended Wesleyan University, is currently attending Southern Connecticut State University and is an activist with the Middle East Crisis Committee and Capitalism vs. the Climate.

      Williams, a student at Yale Divinity School who plans to attend Duke University this fall to obtain his Ph.D., said in a statement, "I am a Jew coming to a synagogue today. I want to be part of a religion based on emancipation and democracy, not one based on colonialism, white supremacy and apartheid."

      Neither Fischer nor Williams, who are both Jewish, contacted the FIDF of their intentions to speak at the luncheon.

      Both were charged with first-degree criminal trespass and second-degree breach of peace. After each posted $1,500 bonds, they were given court dates...

      In December 2014, Fischer was arrested in Cromwell after blocking the driveway to Spectra Energy while in opposition to its proposed pipeline expansion.

      "In that instance, I expected to get arrested, but in this one (at Temple Israel) I did not," Fischer said. "We were not armed and the fact that schools were locked down over some hysterical woman calling the police. Palestinians are not getting the equal rights they deserve and believe it or not, the American-Jewish community has quite a lot of influence over the situation. If Jews started speaking out and questioning why leaders are siding with the racist apartheid regime, they could make a change. Instead they are allowing injustice to continue."

      In response to Tuesday's incident, State Sen. Toni Boucher (R-Wilton) said she is "very proud of the Congregation and Westport police for taking control of this awful situation."

      "It is one thing to stand on public property and peacefully protest regarding something you believe in no matter how objectionable some finds it," Boucher said. "It is another matter however, to barge into a luncheon filled with women and children shouting in a menacing way."

      Boucher denounced the protest, saying the suspects exhibited a "menacing act."

      "I call on the Yale Administration to condemn and take the strongest possible action regarding this student (Williams)," Boucher said. "The Divinity program should be a model for peace, tolerance and understanding of all religions in the often hostile world we live in."

      link to

  • Youth Against Settlements: Hebron closed military zone ended following activist campaign
    • Heartfelt thanks to YAS and ISM for their steadfastness in the face of apartheid, violent, and persistently cruel Israeli actions! Palestinian Sumud coupled with the solidarity of millions all 'round the globe will prevail.

      Thank you, Kate.

  • 354 European human rights organisations, church groups, trade unions and political parties call on the EU to support their right to boycott
  • Bill before Ontario legislature falsely claims ‘primary purpose’ of BDS is to boycott Jewish Canadian businesses
  • Sharansky disses American Jews for assimilating, then tells 'major donors' to universities to stop BDS
    • "It reminded me of the end of Orwell’s Animal Farm, when the pigs have turned into men and the men to pigs. This guy spent nine years in a Soviet prison as a persecuted minority and now he persecutes a minority (that may even be a majority) and has no compunction dismissing their complaints of persecution as anti-Semitism."

      Well said. It's an all too common theme wrt Zionism and Israel.

      This evil is being promoted and applauded in a synagogue? Racism, miscegenation, incitement~ lovely. "Israel's army" growing beyond its already terrible reach is horrific to contemplate.

      Why is it that Zionists never speak in the language of peace, anyway? How can there be an admiring audience for these people?

      Any bets that they are fully behind the witch hunt of Breaking the Silence?

      "Israel action threatens to close down rights group and 'chill' free speech

      ...The case, which will be heard in court next week, is being brought by the Israeli government, which is demanding that Breaking the Silence identify anonymous serving military personnel who have given it testimony relating to alleged crimes in the 2014 Gaza war. The group says this is likely to deter future potential testifiers coming forward.

      The move follows months of attacks on the group by leading politicians as well as rightwing activists – including attempted infiltrations by figures posing as sympathisers and a public accusation of “treason” by the country’s defence minister.

      Breaking the Silence staff and its legal team say the legal moves not only pose a threat to the group but also threaten to “chill” both free speech and human rights activism in Israel.

      Lawyer Michael Sfard said: “It is a judgment day for Breaking the Silence, and its continued ability to work. But I think it is also pivotal moment for Israeli civil society.”...

      ...The court case is the latest chapter in what appears to be an increasingly vigorous campaign to limit the activities of, or silence, Breaking the Silence and other groups including B’Tselem.

      That began in earnest in December when Israel’s defence minister, Moshe Ya’alon, said Breaking the Silence would be banned from activities on Israeli military bases – although it does little work on them. A few days later, the far-right education minister, Naftali Bennett, made a similar statement regarding banning the group in the education system.

      More sinister, claims the group, have been attempts to infiltrate it and provide false testimonies to discredit it, while it says there have been multiple efforts to hack into its database.

      A bill that opponents say targets Israeli human rights groups critical of Israel’s policies towards the Palestinians has also won initial approval in parliament with the support of rightwing parties. ..."

      link to

      Yet, nothing is done about this miscreant/inciter:

      "How an Incendiary Rapper Became a Symbol for Israel’s Angry Far Right
      The Shadow is tapping into a rightward shift in Israel, and has gained a following among frustrated, anti-Arab citizens with his provocative calls to action.

      ...The hundreds that showed up alongside Eliasi – many of them shouting “Death to the Arabs” – attacked the left-wingers at the rally with clubs, beating them and sending at least one person to the hospital.  No charges were filed.

      ‘An opportunist’
      “He’s an opportunist – because he’s not really someone who would be making headlines for music,” says Ami Pedahzur, a professor of government at the University of Texas at Austin, who researches the radical right wing in Israel. “He is tapping into a well-documented rightward shift that has taken place in the country.”

      “In the past, there would be condemnation across the board if a soldier committed a point-blank execution, as is the case with Azaria,” adds Pedahzur. “But today, we don’t hear condemnation from the right. The Shadow is more a symptom of the times than a problem.”

      “I don’t think he is on the fringe,” agrees Dani Filc, a professor in Ben-Gurion University’s department of politics and government, who has done research on the populist radical right in Israel. “He is expressing, in a more rhetorically violent way, the things considered mainstream by the right-wing political establishment today.”

      “The way he speaks about both Arabs and leftists has long been legitimized by the three main right-wing parties in Israel: Likud, Habayit Hayehudi and Yisrael Beiteinu,” says Filc. “The difference is mainly in the vulgarity of his expression and, of course, the phenomenon of social media.”

      Eliasi basically makes the same point the academics do: “The right wing always wants to show it is enlightened. They don’t like being called baboons, so they throw me to the wolves. That way they can be like: ‘We are legitimate right wing. But he is an extremist,” he said during the Army Radio interview about being disinvited to the rally last month. “But I am not going to soften my talk. I tell it like it is,” he says.

      Frequently hateful
      “The Shadow’s Facebook page is, consistently, one the places where we find the highest incidents of hate speech,” says Anat Rosilio, who runs the “hate speech index” compiled by the Berl Katznelson Foundation, an organization that promotes democracy education.

      Using a bank of some 200 hateful words or phrases – from “Nazi,” to “retard,” to “Death to Arabs” – and armed with a powerful computer program, the index combs through Hebrew-language Twitter feeds, Facebook posts and feedback pages on news sites, and maps cases of incitement and hate speech that are polluting the web. The program can scan over half-a-million online texts a day, Rosilio explains, and it can break down not only what is being posted, but who is being targeted: from Arabs and leftists, to right-wingers and settlers, to asylum seekers and members of local LGBT and ultra-Orthodox communities.

      “It’s crazy,” Rosilio says about the amount of incitement found on the Shadow’s Facebook page, primarily in the comments section. “The numbers we find there compete with numbers we see on far, far larger platforms – like on Ynet,” she adds, referring to Israel’s most widely read news portal. ..."

      read more: link to

      This is today's snapshot of 'Israel'.

  • How Eli Lake tricks readers so as to cast realists Walt, Mearsheimer and Freeman as anti-semites
    • RIP, Morley Safer~ a bona fide journalist.

      "Morley Safer, '60 Minutes' Reporter, Dies at 84

      Safer, who made his reputation as a Vietnam War correspondent for CBS before becoming a mainstay on '60 Minutes,' dies days after his retirement."

      read more: link to

    • It means you struck a nerve with your pinpoint accuracy. Congratulations!

      Thanks to MW for publishing this and your other informative and clever articles.

    • Thanks for sharing that article, Les.

      (I'll be dancing a jig when I read that O'Hanlon supports "economic sanctions" on Israel)

    • After I got over my shock that the Koch Institute was hosting this conference, it was a pleasure to read your very clever and successful dissection of Lake's miserable/hasbara/slime column.

      Thanks, Yakov.

  • New Jersey anti-BDS bill is an affront to the first amendment and basic human rights
    • Yep. It's beyond hypocrisy...

      Look what's happening north of NJ:

      "Ontario law would blacklist BDS activists ...

      ...Pro-Israel hardliner
      If passed into law, Hudak’s bill would effectively create a blacklist of persons and organizations who would be barred from contracts with the provincial government.

      “If a public body discovers that a person or entity with which it has entered into a contract supports or participates in the BDS movement, the contract shall immediately terminate,” the draft bill states.

      This would be an open invitation to anti-Palestinian groups to investigate people for their political views and report them to the government with the aim of having them punished.

      The law would also bar public bodies, including universities and pension funds, from investing “in an entity that supports or participates in the BDS movement.”

      The bill also states that “No college or university shall support or participate in the BDS movement.”

      In his statement to parliament, Hudak asserted that the draconian bill in “no way infringes on free speech.”

      Hudak, a hardline supporter of Israel, has previously lavished praise on Ariel Sharon, the late Israeli prime minister who long championed and accelerated the colonization of the occupied West Bank, a war crime under international law.

      As defense minister in 1982, Sharon was the architect of Israel’s catastrophic invasion of Lebanon, which among other atrocities included the massacre of Palestinians by Israeli-backed militias in Sabra and Shatila refugee camps.

      According to Hudak, Sharon “courageously dedicated his life to establishing and then defending his beloved Israel.”

      Hudak pointed out that this is the first legislation of its kind in Canada, but similar laws have been passed or proposed in several US states, with the backing of the Israeli government and its lobby groups.

      Hudak’s bill appears to take a leaf from one in New York State that would have required the government to maintain a blacklist of persons and organizations accused of backing BDS.

      But in the face of a massive backlash against what civil libertarians saw as a blatantly McCarthyite measure, the version of New York’s anti-BDS bill including the blacklist provision was effectively killed.

      In the United States, the Supreme Court has recognized that the right to boycott is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

      While Hudak represents the right wing of Canada’s establishment political spectrum, his support for Israel is mirrored in the centrist Liberal Party, which currently holds power in Ontario and at the federal level.

      In February, the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau backed a parliamentary motion condemning the BDS movement.

      In a March statement, the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC) described the Canadian parliamentary vote as “the latest in a string of government-backed attacks on the BDS movement and infringements on free speech that have also seen government politicians condemning campus activism and smearing BDS as ‘anti-Semitic.’”

      The BNC also noted that the previous Conservative federal government signed a cooperation agreement with Israel that included a specific commitment to fight the BDS movement.

      As Canadian journalist Davide Mastracci has noted regarding Trudeau’s positions on Palestine, “the Liberals have continued down the Conservatives’ troubling path, violating Canadians’ wishes and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms along the way.”"

      much more @ link to

      (Shades of HRC)

  • Israeli 'chutzpah' versus Palestinian 'sumud'
    • A very good column about more "Israeli chutzpah" by Roy Isacowitz:

      "Frustrated and Weak, the Israeli Left Has Turned to Bullying the Palestinians

      The Palestinians may have been under the heel of a brutal, occupation regime for the past 50 years but, according to the 'pro-peace' Zionist left, it’s still their responsibility to get us out of this mess.

      Exhausted, frustrated and politically emasculated, the Zionist left appears to have zeroed in on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as the source of its woes and the main obstacle to its long-cherished dream of peace. ...

      ... The articles by Beilin and Taub sum up the malaise of the Zionist left in Israel. It has no electoral prospects – proved this week once again by Isaac Herzog’s disastrous attempt to insinuate himself into the government – and no extra-parliamentary base (such as the old Histadrut) that could conceivably propel it back into power in the distant future.

      Where others (still small in number) have effectively abandoned parliamentary politics and are focusing their activities on fieldwork (Breaking the Silence, Ta’ayush) and promoting boycotts and sanctions, the traditional left is psychologically blocked from taking that route. Herzog’s recent attacks on “Arab-lovers” in his own party testify to the conceptual prison in which the left has confined itself.

      Hemmed in on all sides, the Zionist left’s instinctive response is to bully Abbas. Unable to vent their frustrations on the sources of their despair – the Israeli electorate and the current government – they turn their aggression on Abbas and the Palestinians, the party least responsible for the predicament of the left and least able to resolve it.

      Taub’s argument that the Palestinians are not a “partner” for peace is a cheap attempt at shaming. The Palestinians were partners in the abortive 2014 negotiating process led by John Kerry, the secret Olmert talks and the Clinton-era negotiations at Camp David and Taba, after which Ehud Barak came up with the “Israel doesn’t have a partner” canard to obfuscate his failure.

      If, however, Taub is using the word “partner” in the sense of a person who joins with another on the basis of shared risks and profits, he should consider how sharing Israel has been during the partnership forced on the Palestinians over the past 50 years. Who precisely has absorbed the risks and who has gobbled up the profits?

      Full partnership is voluntary and denotes equality. There cannot be a peace partnership between Israel and Palestine until Israel accepts the principle of true equality, which it has never been willing to do.

      Until such a time as concepts such as sovereignty, security measures and land rights apply publicly, equally and fully to both parties – as they did during the peace negotiations with both Egypt and Jordan – Israel and the Palestinians may be participants in peace talks but they’ll never be partners.

      The partnership that Taub is offering is the partnership between a wife-beater and his battered wife or the hangman and his bound and blindfolded subjects.  A slave can never be a partner in the slavery enterprise. Nor can a shotgun bride be a partner in a marriage or a rape victim a partner in sex. Participation based on force, coercion or blackmail is not partnership.
      The only partnership that Mahmoud Abbas can offer Israel right now is what he has been doing since he took office – a partnership in crime; complicity in maintaining the illegal occupation and settlement enterprise. By all accounts, he has been a good partner.

      But if things are to move on from there, if the Palestinian leader is ever to become an equal partner in peace, it’s up to the party holding all the assets to put them on the table and negotiate over them seriously. And that, as we all know, is not the sort of partnership the Netanyahu government has in mind."

      read more: link to

    • I'd be pleased to wait with you, talknic.

      (it could take forever)

    • "Look at conflict everywhere in the globe – civilians flee.”

      I believe that this comment refers to the present.

      (You might want to read what you wrote)

    • Thank you for another thought- provoking and super article, Jonathan.

      Here's something that will surely provoke more Zionist and "Israeli chutzpah":

      "Leaders of Belgium's parliament nominate Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Peace Prize

      BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Leading members of Belgium’s parliament, from across the national political spectrum, nominated Marwan Barghouti for the Nobel Peace Prize on Wednesday, referring to the imprisoned parliament member as the “Palestinian Mandela” and a symbol of peace in Palestine.

      “Peace requires the freedom of Marwan Barghouti and all of the political prisoners, and more generally the freedom of the Palestinian people living for decades under occupation,” the nomination letter sent to the Norwegian Nobel Committee stated.

      The statement continued with references to the 2013 Robben Island Declaration for the Freedom of Marwan Barghouti and all Palestinian Prisoners, launched by the veteran South African politician, Ahmed Kathrada, and signed by eight Nobel Peace Prize recipients and US President Carter inside Nelson Mandela’s old prison cell on Robben Island. The organizers and attendees sought to re-focus the world’s attention on the plight of Palestinians and call for the release of Palestinian political prisoners held by Israel.

      Referring to Barghouti's “unique position among Palestinians and on the international stage,” the parliament members declared the political prisoner “a symbol of the Palestinian people’s quest for freedom, a uniting figure and an advocate of peace based on international law.”

      The decision by the Belgian Parliament members marked the third nomination Barghouti has received since the start of this year, with nominations coming from a former Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Adolfo Perez Esquivel -- an artist and leading figure of the struggle against Latin American dictatorships -- and the Arab Parliament following an unanimous decision to nominate the imprisoned politician. ..."

      more @ link to

      Oh, happy day!!!

    • "“Civilians flee during fighting, not because of a massive call on Arab leaders to flee (I’m not denying the Nakba, so relax), but because civilians flee during fighting. Look at conflict everywhere in the globe – civilians flee.”"

      Civilians can't in Gaza !

  • Aymen Odeh and the Joint List stand to gain if Herzog joins Netanyahu government
    • Gideon Levy:

      "With Lieberman as Defense Minister, Israelis Should Head for the Bomb Shelters ...

      Something important happened on Wednesday; something that cannot be taken lightly for even a moment. ... offering Avigdor Lieberman the position of defense minister is the crossing of a red line that has never been crossed. The offer has no legitimacy because Lieberman has no legitimacy, even if he was elected democratically. For the first time in Israeli history, fascism is a clear and possibly present danger. True, Menachem Begin’s election as prime minister evoked similar fears, as did the appointment of Ariel Sharon as defense minister. But those were other times, when Israeli society still had immune mechanisms, a system of checks and balances. They were eliminated long ago. Now the state is in the hands of someone who could destroy it.

      On Wednesday, a process that began nearly 40 years ago was completed. The right rules and Lieberman will soon be defense minister. If it weren’t so dangerous, it would be tempting to shout at the right, "We dare you." To shout at the center-left: "We dare you to to keep quiet." And to shout at the world: "Show them all." Will you keep arming and funding this Israel? Will you continue to view a state in which Lieberman is No. 2 “the only democracy in the Middle East?"

      But the situation is too dangerous, my friends. Yes, Lieberman has a pack of court advisers, some of whom who even fancy themselves leftists, who explain that he’s a “serious man,” that he’s “a man of his word” and that he’s a pragmatist. But these statements have never been tested. Lieberman was never in a position to make decisions, and the test is too dangerous. And what if he’s not all those things? What if this cynical man discovers that carrying out his nationalist delusions and his racist remarks is his key to becoming prime minister?

      Do we need reminders about who this is? His proposal to blow up the Aswan Dam. His saying that Egypt’s then-President Hosni Mubarak could “go to hell.” His inflammatory theory that Palestinian terror is part of global jihad. The man who called members of Breaking the Silence “mercenaries who sold their soul to Satan.” Who called activists in Yesh Gvul “kapos” and said Arab MKs should be tried as in Nuremberg. Need we mention his incitement? Then there is his recent declaration that Elor Azaria, who shot dead an incapicated Palestinian assailant, is a hero. Need we mention that his party is corrupt to the core, the criminal allegations that he avoided by the skin of his teeth only because the attorney general is feeble?

      The man who made the Time Magazine 100 of influential world leaders in 2009 never really influenced things. Now, an opportunity has opened up before him and he is liable to exploit it. True, it could be that the wolf will become a sheep, that what you don’t see here what you see there, that his famous cynicism will lead him precisely to good places. However, there is another possibility, that Lieberman will be Lieberman. The Israel Defense Forces perhaps will try to stop for his sake, perhaps the Shin Bet, too.

      If Lieberman will be Lieberman, we will miss Benjamin Netanyahu. If Lieberman will be Lieberman, the territories will burn like they’ve never burned before. If Lieberman will be Lieberman, all Israeli Arabs will become enemies. If Lieberman will be Lieberman, no one will be able to complain about Maj. Gen. Yair Golan’s comparison with dark times. They will be here and now. However, if Lieberman will be Lieberman, Golan will not be Golan and Israel will not be Israel. If Lieberman will be Lieberman, this op-ed would not even be published.

      I was always for tearing off the masks off the face of Israel. On Wednesday, they were torn off finally. However, the price is liable to be too hard to bear. We should prepare the bomb shelters, for we are liable to need them soon."

      read more: link to

    • I like it too, ABC!

      "How Tony Blair, Egypt's Sissi and John Kerry Tried to Push Zionist Union Into Netanyahu's Coalition

      Blair mediated between the prime minister and Herzog, and also initiated the Egyptian president’s speech urging Israel to move forward in the peace process with the Palestinians.

      A list of international figures led by Tony Blair were behind a failed move designed to legitimize the addition of the Zionist Union to the Israeli ruling coalition, a move practically unprecedented in terms of massive international intervention in Israeli politics.

      Two sources in the Israeli political system say that Blair, the former British prime minister and representative of the Quartet, working with Israeli opposition leader Isaac Herzog and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, is the one who pushed and encouraged Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sissi’s speech on Tuesday in which he called on Israeli political parties to agree on the need to advance the framework for peace with the Palestinians. ..."

      read more: link to

      (Blair reappearing reminds me of Monty Python's "Bring out your dead")

    • Perhaps more of the world will pay attention to the lie and sham that is Israel's "democracy" then, Shmuel.

      As if it is not already 'insane':

      "Herzog: Policies of new government will be 'verging on insanity'

      Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog said at a press conference ... that the policies of a Netanyahu-Bennett-Lieberman government will be "verging on insanity."

      "From now on, the citizens of the State of Israel will have to deal with a government whose policy will be verging on insanity," Herzog said. "This I tried to stop."

      Herzog blamed MK Shelly Yacimovich (Zionist Union), who opposed the negotiations with Netanyahu, accusing her of "extreme left-wing positions" and said that "she will bear the responsibility for the appointment of Lieberman as defense minister."

      Herzog says he notified Netanyahu on Tuesday that the coalition negotiations reached a dead end even though the two reached some agreements. The Zionist Union leader says he asked Netanyahu to have the deal in writing, but Netanyahu refused.

      Herzog said that the achievements reached in the talks included a veto on building in the West Bank, a blanket veto on all racist legislation, "far-reaching" socioeconomic achievements, being in charge of Israel's foreign affairs and diplomatic negotiations, as well as the defense portfolio, the foreign affairs portfolio, the economic affairs portfolio and seven more, plus five deputy ministerial positions, four Knesset committee chairs, including the prestigious Foreign Affairs and Security ..."

      read more: link to

      (things could very well implode soon..)

    • WINEP? Indyk's spawn? [Israeli settlements ‘screwed up’ Kerry peace talks, Indyk says–but U.S. is still Israel’s lawyer!- See more at: link to ]

      A most unsavory enterprise, imho. It's integral to the grinding status quo that never means peace or justice.

      I entreat Mr. Obama not to fall for this repugnant, desperate, dangerous, and obnoxious charade of Netanyahu/Herzog.

      Good luck to Mr. Odeh and the Joint List.

  • Why Miko Peled's story resonates for Palestinians
    • So? Doubt that's what xanadou meant, DaBakr.

      It's a good idea, xanadou. I always appreciate it when it does occur in articles or comments. Perhaps commenters could help with this by doing so in their posts.

    • Hi, Avigail. Hope that all is well.

      (You should know that your name and writings have been evoked here countless times with thanks and respect)

    • Amen, Hatim.

      Thank you, Miko Peled, and "little Ghada".

  • The war over the meaning of the Holocaust between Netanyahu and General Golan
    • I feel for you dear lady, and wish you much peace, happiness, and good health. I am glad you are here in whatever way you feel comfortable and doable.

      I only want you to know how much I value your voice and those of your fellow Palestinians.

    • Oh, how very lovely to hear from you again dear bintbiba! I saw you occasionally @ Taxi's place, but have sorely missed you here. Warmest regards right back to you.

      Again this Nakba Day, as I've read and listened to the remembrances of Palestinians who have been displaced, I always think of you and yours. I hope that all is well with you.

    • Very interesting column by B. Michael:

      "Why Would That General Compare Israel to 1930s Germany? Hmm...

      What was going through that anti-Semite general’s head when he compared the Chosen People to 1930s Europe? A few pointers."

      read more: link to

    • Thanks so much for this clever and thoughtful analysis, Yakov.

  • Liberal Zionist group calls for 'Obama Parameters' to resolve conflict (but no real pressure on Israel)
    • lol, ritzl.

      She appears addicted to the Ziocaine, but we can always hope...

    • "Poor Sarah.Having decided to do the Aliyah waltz and moved from her native New Jersey to take up residence most likely in a stolen property / on stolen land / in a JSIL taxpayer funded settlement has had her mind blown by the level of “hatred” for her beloved fairyland. "

      Great comment expressing my thoughts much better than I could! Thanks, Ossinev.

    • This is nearly unbearable to read. Whether it's "parameters" or a "road map", this has been hashed and re-hashed to death. It's clear what Israel must do~ it just won't do it and never has been a 'partner' for a just solution to the "conflict". (I also dislike the use of the word "conflict" when it is so much more than that.)

      Today's headlines in Haaretz include these:

      "Palestinian Official: Kerry to Attend Foreign Ministers' Meeting Ahead of French Peace Summit
      So far, Kerry hasn't taken a public stance on French initiative, which Jerusalem strictly opposes. But his spokesman says efforts are being made to move the meeting to accommodate Kerry's schedule."

      read more: link to


      "Saudi Arabia, the Mediator Israelis and Palestinians Have Been Waiting For?
      Only Saudi Arabia has warm or developing relations with all three partners to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Will King Salman take the next step and mediate peace talks?"

      read more: link to


      "Jordan joins Israel in clamping down on Palestinian transit visas
      Gazans have given up on crossing into Egypt via Rafah, but now the alternative of traveling via Jordan is in many cases no longer an option for them – or other Palestinians seeking to travel abroad."

      read more: link to

  • JM Coetzee and Colum McCann headline 9th Annual Palestine Festival of Literature
    • It's wonderful and exciting. Thanks for the link to the site with bios and events. I appreciated being able to read this there:

      "We work to reaffirm, in the words of Edward Said, ‘the power of culture over the culture of power’"

  • Arab American diplomat, activist and scholar Dr. Clovis Maksoud dies at 90
    • First they lie, then they get away with murder anyway:

      "State Investigators Admit Palestinian Teen Killed by Sponge-tipped Bullet, but Won't Charge Israeli Officer

      The state acknowledges that 16-year-old Sunuqrut died as a result of being shot, after police had initially maintained that his head hit the ground after a fall."

      read more: link to

      ~and~ O/T:

      "U.S. Senate Passes Bill Allowing 9/11 Survivors and Families to Sue Saudi Arabia

      Bill, known as Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, passes by an unanimous vote; if signed into law, it would allow lawsuits against Saudis to proceed in New York."

      read more: link to

      (anyone want to bet that it will never become law???)

    • Thank you, Kate.

      RIP Clovis Maksoud. My condolences to his family, friends, and millions of admirers.

      I thought 'Israel's security' was paramount. Silly me. I guess they don't need billion dollar donations from people all over the world, after all. Check this out:

      "Suspected Mastermind of Jewish Terrorism to Be Released From Israeli Jail
      Shin Bet won't extend Meir Ettinger's administrative detention when it expires, state prosecutor says; Ettinger is thought to be the leader of terrorist activities against Palestinians.

      ... The prosecutors told the Lod District Court that Ettinger will be released at the end of the month, and that an administrative order will be issued to restrict the people he can make contact with and the places he can reside in.

      Following his detention, a judge noted that Ettinger encouraged acts of violence that harmed Israel's security, and that he organized a violent revolt aimed at toppling the state. 

      In the original administrative detention order against Ettinger, Justice Avraham Tal noted that "according to intelligence information presented by the Shin Bet, in September 2013 Ettinger founded an organization that aimed to bring forward a violent revolt that would topple the Israeli state by carrying out acts that would hurt the state's weak points. The revolt was meant to include four stages – public relations, recruitment of activists, the uprising's breakout and the disturbances phase."

      It was also claimed that Ettinger was personally involved in the arson of a home in Khirbet Abu Falah in the West Bank in November 2014. "The respondent's actions show the danger emanating from him and the organization that he headed and was the mastermind of… Ettinger encouraged others to carry out violent acts that harmed state security and such acts were indeed acarried out."

      The justice's decision shows that he was presented with at least 180 intelligence reports and an 82-pages Shin Bet review.

      Ettinger's attorney, Yuval Zemer of the right-wing legal defense NGO Honenu, said at the end of the court discussion that "I'm very pleased that Mr. Ettinger's prolonged detention period has come to an end. It's sad to discover that in the State of Israel of 2016 a person can be placed in detention for 10 months solely because of his political views, even if they aren’t pleasing to all ears. I welcome the correct decision not to extend the detention again."
      "It's too little, too late," he added."

      read more: link to

      uh- huh.

  • A brief history of the 'Nakba' in Israel
    • "... as does living in the past as a means of seeing the future which is exactly what Palestinians have been taught to do. ..."

      That's rich indeed! The creation of Israel is entirely predicated on "the past"! Some folks even go back thousands of years and insist that God Him/Herself gave it to them even though His other children (the Palestinians) were living and thriving there when the Zionists began to plan the expulsion/ruination of these children.

      Why else have Holocaust Remembrance Day, followed by Memorial Day, followed by Independence Day all in one long month of May looking backward? And some, like Steve Klein in yonah's quoted piece above, cannot possibly absorb reality and bring themselves to "mark Nakba Day".

      The Nakba is ONGOING. It's not only in "the past".

    • A very good point. Many thanks for your important contribution, Brewer.

    • Superb, gamal. Many thanks for sharing that.

      Thanks so much for this valuable and rich resource, Eitan. Thanks also for Zochrot.

  • Land of Sad Lemons: A song for the Nakba
    • I was very moved by Taxi's posting of this last year, and remain grateful for her contributions toward justice and truth. :

      "This is undoubtedly the most famous and most beloved song about Palestine in the Arab world. Anthemic, a classic that’s soulfully dear to the hearts of Palestinians and their supporters across the wider Arab lands. It is the audio blueprint of the collective Arab people’s emotional resistance to the zionist occupation of Palestine. The pathos of the song as well as the message are embraced and deeply ingrained into at least several hundred million Arabs. I’m posting it up cuz I feel that it offers windows of insights into the collective heart of the ‘Arab street’ and its unexplored relationship with the Nakba, past and present. Arab governments inaction aside, how do Arab ‘people’ really feel about the Palestinian cause? This song will perhaps offer an indication ...

      R.I.P. to all the fallen in Palestine. Salutations to all the brave."

      link to

    • Simply & extraordinarily spiritual. Thank you, Haidar.

  • Video: Remembering the Nakba from Burj Barajneh refugee camp
    • Shame, shame, shame on those that perpetrated the Nakba from the beginning until today.

      Thank you very much for this moving article, Sonia.

      [to the moderators/editors: Are we not supposed to be able to comment on Allison's most excellent article? "The sacking of Jaffa during the Palestinian Nakba, as narrated by three Omars"- See more at: link to ]

  • Video: March of Return commemorates expulsion and fights the 'continuing Nakba'
  • 'Train of Return' rolls through Bethlehem as refugees commemorate Nakba Day
  • Settlers raid Palestinian home and beat a woman and pepper-spray her daughter
    • Dear Marnie~ sorry about that. I should have included the link in my own post. Here it is:

      link to

    • "Gaza rolls out the red carpet ...

      The second annual Human Rights Film Festival in Gaza is under way in an effort to show the cultural face of the besieged Palestinian territory.

      The festival has attracted an international audience, underscoring that despite the suffering of Gaza's residents, the territory is still a creative place, organisers told Al Jazeera.

      "There is creativity in Gaza ... I support the existence of purposeful cinema that harmonises with traditions, culture and customs of the Palestinian community in Gaza," freelance journalist and project coordinator Mohammad Shurrab told Al Jazeera.

      "Despite the Israeli siege and suffering imposed on Gaza by Israel, we as Palestinians have powerful skills to produce movies, series and long narrative and documentary films," Yara Abumseen, a student and festival organiser, told Al Jazeera.

      The festival is set to screen 70 films. ..."

      link to

      I hope the lights stay on, and the IOF/IEF stay away.

    • This is news to me.


      “The Occupation Of The American Mind,” directed by Loretta Alper and Jeremy Earp, is a stunning documentary examining Israel’s public relations war in the United States. It premiered last month.

      The film, which begins with a heart-stopping shot of an apartment complex in Gaza as it is bombed during the 2014 war, pulls no punches. The sounds and images are riveting. You’re able to see the fire and thick smoke pouring into the air, but there are no voices that break the quiet aftermath. Only the sharp clinking of debris.

      Roger Waters, Pink Floyd co-founder and BDS advocate, narrates the film, sending viewers back into that bloody summer in 2014—one which now seems to much of the world as though it was a lifetime ago.

      While rage was building against Israel during that summertime bloodbath, in the United States the story was far different. The American people, Waters says, held firm in their support for the bombing of Gaza. The much beloved talking point that “Israel has a right to defend itself,” one that became a kind of religious mantra during that war and those before it, is explored from the very start of the film.

      With help from Peter Hart, of Fair Media Watch, Yousef Munayyer, executive director of The U.S. Campaign to End The Israeli Occupation, and others, the film deconstructs the establishment media’s propaganda efforts. Yousef Munayyer argues that when we examine the formula that mainstream media outlets follow we find Israeli spokespeople are over-represented when compared to Palestinian spokespeople by a margin of 3 to 1. So when Israel is discussed, we are inundated with commentary from officials, who propagate in support of Israel’s use of violence. ..."

      much more and video @ link to

    • Fantastic, must watch video @ link!!! Article by Mairav Zonszein.

      "WATCH: Israel Prize winner on why he's giving prize money to Ta'ayush

      Prof. David Shulman won Israel’s most prestigious prize. He’s giving the prize money to one of Israel’s most dedicated — and persecuted — activist groups. Here’s why.

      I often get comments, specifically from family members, that I never write anything positive about Israel. So here is something positive.

      Prof. David Shulman, Renee Lang Professor of Humanistic Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who just received the Israel Prize in Religious Studies for his work on Indian languages and culture, decided to donate his prize money (NIS 75,000, or about $20,000) to Ta’ayush, the group of Israeli activists who engage in non-violent direct actions to assist and protect the livelihood of Palestinian residents of the South Hebron Hills against the various hazards of occupation. (Full disclosure: I have been active with Ta’ayush since 2008, know David, and am all also a fan of his writing on Israel/Palestine, for example see here.)

      Shulman, who has been active with Ta’ayush for the last 15 years, explains in this video what exactly the group, which was founded at the start of the Second Intifada and has been the target of right-wing incitement in recent months, does. ..."

      link to

      (apologies if it's already been posted before!)

    • It's not the first time that I've thought that the illegal settlers are another armed arm of the IEF/IOF.

      It's all part of the foul and criminal plan.

      Thanks, Kate.

  • Hillary Clinton supported Iraq war because of Israel, say Matthews and Landler
    • Oh, and by the way, the Methodists voted against BDS.

      Gee thanks, Hillary. [see "Calling Israel a ‘modern day miracle’ and ‘vibrant bloom in desert,’ Clinton says BDS is anti-Semitic" - See more at: link to ]

      "BDS Resolutions Shot Down by United Methodist Church

      Hillary Clinton criticized the boycott movement last week, in comments believed to be directed at the church."

      read more: link to

      (nice use of the word 'shot', too...)

    • Democracy Now! featured Noam Chomsky yesterday and today. Here's a bit on HRC and BDS from yesterday's show:

      ..."AMY GOODMAN: Noam, I wanted to go back to the candidates on this issue, particularly what Hillary Clinton had to say to AIPAC earlier this year, when she criticized the BDS movement, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement.

      HILLARY CLINTON: As I wrote last year in a letter to the heads of major American Jewish organizations, we have to be united in fighting back against BDS. Many of its proponents have demonized Israeli scientists and intellectuals, even students. To all the college students who may have encountered this on campus, I hope you stay strong. Keep speaking out. Don’t let anyone silence you, bully you or try to shut down debate, especially in places of learning like colleges and universities. Anti-Semitism has no place in any civilized society—not in America, not in Europe, not anywhere.

      AMY GOODMAN: Professor Noam Chomsky, can you respond to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?

      NOAM CHOMSKY: Well, some of what she said is quite accurate. I’m strongly—I’m very happy that she has agreed that one should not shut down debate on this issue in campus. She’s about 40 years too late. Over the past decades, I’ve had plenty of experience. The few other people who talk about this issue have similar experience of trying to give talks on the topic on university campuses, with police protection, with meetings broken up violently, with airport-style security at entrances. Even at my own university, until not long ago, not only did there have to be a police presence, but the police insisted on walking me back to my car, just because of the threat of violence. So, that’s been going on for decades. And it’s very nice that Mrs. Clinton has finally decided, yes, maybe it would be nice to have free and open debate on campus—as there is now for the first time. And it’s a good thing that there is, that there is now a possibility of free and open debate on campuses. You can find, if you search, marginal cases of excesses. Reminds me of back around 1970, when people like Seymour Martin Lipset were desperately searching through local black newspapers to see if they could find an anti-Semitic comment somewhere, so they could then condemn the black movements as anti-Semitic. Yeah, I can understand the game. But the fact of the matter is, now there is, for the first time, free, open, extensive discussion and debate on campus—not perfect, by any means, on—you can find things on all sides, but radically different from before.

      As to the tactics of boycott and divestment, they make perfect sense. When the Presbyterian Church imposes a boycott and divestment on anything connected to the Israeli-occupied territories, including U.S. multinationals—that’s critical—which are involved in the territories, that’s a very positive step forward, not only supportive of international law, supportive of genuine moral principles, a significant act, a nonviolent act, to oppose brutality, violence and repression. We could, I think, go much farther. As I said, we should be calling for implementation of U.S. law, along joining Amnesty International and others to call for an end to U.S. military aid to Israel. Boycott and sanctions make perfectly good sense when these tactics are properly applied, as they often are.

      You can understand why Hillary Clinton is frightened of them. They might undermine the policy of her husband and his predecessors, and Obama, as well, to support Israeli violence and aggression, to protect Israeli nuclear weapons from scrutiny so we can’t have a nuclear weapons-free zone in the region, to veto Security Council resolutions, which literally support official U.S. policy, as Obama did in February 2011. Yeah, and the nonviolent actions to undermine this, legitimate actions, of course frighten Hillary Clinton enormously. And then you hear tirades like this.

      But one part was correct. Namely, it’s a good idea to protect the right of free discussion and debate on campus. It’s a shame that that never occurred to her for the past 40 years, when it was impossible to have debate and discussion without violence, police protection and so on. ..."

      link to

    • I just read about it here:

      link to

    • The Haaretz article that I referenced earlier did, lysias:

      "Bill Clinton defended his positions on the Arab-Israeli conflict at a campaign event for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, on Friday, Politico reported.

      While the former president was speaking at the event in Ewing Township, New Jersey, an attendee yelled, “What about Gaza?”"

      - See more at: link to

    • Thanks for pulling it together, Phil. The truths keep a- comin'. The question is whether the American people will pay attention, understand, or even care...

      Good for Chris Matthews~ too bad he doesn't go the distance and stay the course.

      I absolutely love this line, btw: "He’s an establishment cat; they sniff at this stuff and walk away usually."

  • Israeli settlements 'screwed up' Kerry peace talks, Indyk says--but U.S. is still Israel's lawyer!
    • Bumblebye~ Asa Winstanley did a piece @ EI today on your linked report:

      "US anti-Muslim groups fund Europe’s Israel lobby

      ... Right-wing US billionaires
      Most of the groups detailed in the report “are opaque about their sources of funding.”

      But most Israel lobby money comes from the far right in the US, said report co-author David Miller, including from noted pro-Israel and pro-Republican billionaires.

      The report notes that while European Friends of Israel is associated with the political right in Europe, the Friends of Israel Initiative is even further to the right.

      “Although its founding members include many Europeans, its funders include key American players in the transatlantic Islamophobia network,” the report states.

      This follows a trend in the United States: whereas the lobby there has traditionally aimed for bipartisan support for Israel, the issue is becoming more aligned with the right.

      In a sign of this shift, support for the Palestinians among young Democratic Party voters has increased markedly over the last few years.

      US funders of the lobby in Europe include billionare casino magnate and key Republican donor Sheldon Adelson, leading Islamophobic demagogue Daniel Pipes and Nina Rosenwald – heir to the Sears Roebuck fortune, dubbed by journalist Max Blumenthal “the sugar mama of anti-Muslim hate.”

      Adelson owns Israel Hayom a leading pro-government tabloid in Israel. He also bought the Las Vegas Review-Journal in December.

      Last month the most widely read columnist there resigned over what he termed a “gag order” placed on him by Adelson, who apparently did not take kindly to the columnist writing critically about his casinos. ..."

      link to

    • Thanks for that, James. You are right, of course. I, for one, will stop being neglectful.

    • And here comes Bill, singing the same song:

      "Campaigning for Wife, Bill Clinton Defends His Efforts to Establish Palestinian State

      The former president also stands by his wife's stance of non-neutrality on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      Bill Clinton defended his positions on the Arab-Israeli conflict at a campaign event for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, on Friday, Politico reported.

      While the former president was speaking at the event in Ewing Township, New Jersey, an attendee yelled, "What about Gaza?"

      Clinton responded that his wife, then the U.S. secretary of state, and Egypt's then-President Mohammad Morsi "stopped the shooting war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza," according to Politico.

      After the attendee pressed Clinton on Hillary Clinton's pledge not to remain neutral on Israel's conflict with the Palestinians, he responded: "[Hamas] said they try to put the Israelis in a position of either not defending themselves or killing innocents. They’re good at it. They’re smart. They’ve been doing this a long time."

      "I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state," ... was quoted as saying. "I had a deal they turned down that would have given them all of Gaza."

      “There’s nobody who’s blameless in the Middle East, but we cannot really ever make a fundamental difference in the Middle East unless the Israelis think we care whether they live or die," he added. "If they do, we have a chance to keep pushing for peace." "

      read more: link to

      uh- huh.

    • Thank you, Bumblebye. It certainly looks promising. I am looking forward to reading it in depth tomorrow.

    • "Let’s see if I got this right: Indyk says the US is “not neutral” and “doesn’t claim to be” in the Israel-Palestine peace process, and it’s sometimes acted as Israel’s lawyer, and Israel “screwed up” the latest round of peace talks by building settlements; and there were no consequences to Israel for doing so. And Indyk once worked for AIPAC, which constrains what the White House can do; but he is also a longtime White House negotiator."

      Sounds like you nailed it. Well, there it is. What most of the world has always known is now spoken by Indyk. I guess that puts the 'Peace Industry' to eternal rest. Finally. The 'Road Map' is revealed as the ultimate dead end by design. Now we have a real working document! Thanks, Phil, Mehdi and Al Jazeera. And as much as it pains me because he's spent "over 30 years" obfuscating and lying through his teeth, thanks to Martin. It's crystal clear that the Palestinians never, ever had an honest partner for peace and justice.


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