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  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • "This is hilarious."

      Nothing "hilarious" about it.

      Speaking of Jerusalem, it was simply mind- boggling that the first up to 'pray' @ his inauguration was Rabbi Marvin Hier! He spoke of Jerusalem and oh, btw:

      "Trump’s Inauguration Rabbi a Beneficiary of Kushner Donations
      The Charles and Seryl Kushner Family Foundation has donated $35,000 to Rabbi Marvin Hier's Simon Wiesenthal Center in recent years."

      read more:

  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • It is the classic cowardice found in "liberal Zionists" everywhere.

      I just love the way that these guys freely lambaste the US President, yet stroke poor wittle Netanyahu:

      "Failure #5] Overplaying His Hand With Bibi Early On. This has nothing to do with the merits of Obama’s position on the settlements, but too much pressure too soon on Netanyahu started a downward spiral in the dynamic that could never be fixed."

      Never mind that all of them (and many more) contributed to the massive and intentional deception of the American people and the world~ all the while protecting Israel first.

      The fault lies with Mr. Obama not applying enough sustained pressure from the git- go.

    • "UN resolution will lead to ‘mass boycotts and sanctions’ of Israel ..."

      Yes, please!

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • Settler jon s has chutzpah that has no bounds!

      (Too bad that we don't all admire the imperious and scolding comments that he proudly displays, eh? Wonder what his students think... if they do.)

    • For truth's sake, jon s! Give us all a break and prove your claims of solidarity with the Palestinians of Palestine.

      As for the "offensive term like mowing the lawn", look to your chosen leaders and correct them. Teach them the real words~ ethnic cleansing and murder. You should be able to do this as you claim to be a teacher of history...


      "Noam Chomsky: The Real Reason Israel "Mows the Lawn" in Gaza

      Like other states, Israel pleads "security" as justification for its aggressive and violent actions. But knowledgeable Israelis know better."

      Your leaders and fellow congregants invented the horrible phrase and continue with their despicable actions.

      Deal with it.

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • Perhaps the scabby scales have finally fallen from her eyes, amigo.

      I truly do believe that many more pairs of eyes will have to see and acknowlege their complicity in this (and other) ethnic cleansings of Palestine and of MENA.

      They are facing a horrible truth, indeed.

    • "“There was one performance this year that stunned me. It sank its hooks in my heart,” Streep said as she accepted the Cecil B DeMille award. “Not because it was good, there was nothing good about it, but it was effective and it did its job.

      “It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter. Someone he outranked in privilege, power and the capacity to fight back. It kind of broke my heart when I saw it and I still can’t get it out of my head because it wasn’t in a movie, it was real life.”...

      ...In front of a visibly stunned room of stars at ceremony renowned for its boisterousness, Streep said Trump’s actions had legitimized bullying.

      “This instinct to humiliate, when it’s modeled by someone in the public platform, by someone powerful, it filters down into everyone’s life because it kind of gives permission for other people to do the same thing.

      “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence invites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others we all lose.”

      She also called on the press to hold the powerful to account, and said that the freedom of the press needed to be protected now more than ever."

      Imagine if Emad Abu Shamsiyah was supported for showing the truth rather than being targeted by those that praise all of Israel's executions of Palestinians not caught on camera. I'll never, ever forget this:

      "War crime: video shows sniper killing of wounded Gaza civilian"

      Speak now, and speak loud. Protect freedom of speech and of the press. Give them courage. Protect the truth and those that fearlessly risk their lives to tell it. They risk their lives because others are too lazy or brainwashed to face it .

      Doing nothing is not an option.

  • 'Progressive' Defenders of the Racial State: Reflections on the Modern Language Association BDS vote
    • They weren't really "Jewish progressive professors". Perhaps they were 'liberal Zionists'.

      One only has to look at Congress' example to see all of the 'progressive Democrats' who hail Israel first (and always).

      There's nothing 'progressive' about it.

      Thank you, David Lloyd. Your humanity and concern for justice comes shining through ~ this article has wings.

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • How is it possible that Israel was able to infiltrate this organization to the point that 'academics' lie to themselves and the world?

      Are these 'academics' stupid?

      Thank you, Nada.

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • "Why might an Israeli diplomat believe Alan Duncan needs 'taking down'?

      Figures like Shai Mosat, filmed plotting against MPs, know the foreign minister’s views and Middle East links are influential

      Sir Alan Duncan, the senior Foreign Office minister revealed as the target of an Israeli embassy official’s desire to “take down” British MPs, is responsible on paper for Europe and the Americas, worrying primarily about the Falklands and Cyprus.

      But figures like Shai Mosat, the Israeli embassy staffer filmed plotting against MPs, know his views and business connections in the Middle East are strong enough to wield a significant influence across the Foreign Office and Conservative party.

      Indeed, when offered a surprise berth in the Foreign Office in the Theresa May reshuffle, there were reports that he might take the Middle East brief. But in the end his oil industry connections and repeated denunciations of Israeli policy on settlements, made him a controversial choice for Downing street. ...

      ... Above all, he simply refuses to accept Israel’s policy in the Middle East is defensible. In a landmark speech in 2014 at the Royal United Services Institute he pushed the anti-settlement policy further than any Tory politician, likening the Israeli attitude towards Palestinians to apartheid in South Africa.

      He said: “Those that supported settlement policy should be put on a par with racism sexism and xenophobia and antisemitism. Indeed just as we rightly judge someone as unfit for public office if they refuse to recognise Israel, so we should shun anyone who refuses to recognise settlements are illegal.

      “No settlement endorsers should be regarded as fit to stand for public office, remain a member of a mainstream political party or sit in a parliament. How can we accept lawmakers in our country or any other country when they support lawbreakers in another? They are extremists and should be treated as such.”

      He returned to the theme last summer, a backbencher once again after a period in the Cameron government. In a Conservative Middle East Council (CMEC) pamphlet he argued the settlement crisis had got worse, and the prospects of a just peace only slipped further away.

      “In Britain there remains a collective failure to think through not just the words of our policy regarding settlement expansion and a two-state solution, but the consequences of our failure to take a clear and unequivocal moral stance,” he wrote.

      “There is a diplomatic vacuum that simply has to be filled if we are going to preserve any sort of process that delivers peace.”

      Since he wrote those words, Duncan has joined the Foreign Office; the UN has passed a resolution denouncing the Israeli settlements, John Kerry, the outgoing US secretary of state, has challenged the rightward drift of Israeli policy; and France, without the cooperation of Israel, will convene a Middle East conference in Paris later this month.

      Meanwhile, inside the Conservative party, the CMEC has become an increasingly influential voice.

      Who knows? All that might unnerve the more extreme Israeli diplomats and make them even believe figures like Duncan need “taking down”. But the reality is that European, let alone British policy, to Israel is not dependent on one or two voluble British ministers. America still calls the shots in Israel.

      Duncan, like many others in the Foreign Office, knows Donald Trump is set on reversing the recent direction of American policy. Already Congress has rejected the Obama administration decision to let the UN criticism of Israel to go ahead.

      On that estimate Duncan will remain a lonely and largely muzzled voice in the UK government. Theresa May has no intention of running a policy on Israel independent of the US."

      I can't wait for therelease of the recordings between and amongst elected folks on The Hill and the infiltrators of The Lobby. Perhaps they are one and the same, in many cases.

      The time is ripe, n'est ce pas?

  • Getting away with murder: the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' case
    • Right-o.

      They'll legislate and codify their heinous history of ethnic cleansing~ decades of crimes against humanity and their relentless violence and murders! It ain't just the IOF, but also the police, the 'border guards', and the illegal gun- toting squatters who kill and maim innocent and Occupied Palestinian human beings.

      Meanwhile, they keep stealing Palestine and Palestinian lives.

      Why don't all Israelis get together and come up with a Constitution?

    • There is nothing "satisfactory" about any of this. Let's be honest.

      Abdel Fattah Al-Sharif was executed by an IOF MEDIC!!!

      Yet he remains a hero to the masses.

      Mizrahi or Ashkenazi (or whatever), it is not a "fitting charge". Wait to see what sentence that this 'child' of Israel gets. There are many who are using him and they should be punished, too. (I'll wait...)

      He executed a man, and many in Israel and around the world applaud him.

      It's disgusting.

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • Not surprisingly, you are wrong~ dead wrong, Hophmi. There have been plenty of trials, convictions, and sentences that have been meted out. Perhaps not enough, but plenty. Not everyone on this planet celebrates murder. Nor do they consider the murderer anything akin to 'their child'.

      Perhaps you are thinking of SSG Bales, Annie. He massacred 16 innocents (including 9 children, 4 women and 3 men) in Kandahar.

      I remember Calley, too. Nixon pardoned him for his massacre of 22 unarmed Vietnamese innocents in My Lai. Unfortunately, the MSM doesn't carry the proceedings anymore, nor do they tell the whole truth.

    • It's obvious that you've not been paying attention. I know, reality stinks!

      Are you are a fan of ethnic cleansing? Do you support Israel's illegal settlements and the grinding and violent Occupation of the indigenous Palestinians in all of Palestine?

    • Wow.

      'Take down', 'neutralise' on the record! 'The Lobby', in all of its glory.

      "what fun for regev! i’m sure it’ll eat up a fair bit of airtime tomorrow! "

      This is not an anomaly, of course. It's another Azarian incident, exposed on camera. 'Let us be clea-uh', Regev may have to resort to mumbling in Hebrew.....


      I am trying to reach Capitol Hill and the White House.

      Yes, I'll wait.

      Who hacked the DNC? Please connect me to DWS. Yes, I'll wait...

  • Memo to Kerry: Support for one state is growing among Palestinians and Israelis
    • Another terrific article that reveals the truth in unambiguous language.

      "Israel had thus annexed East Jerusalem in 1967, and therefore, East Jerusalem should provide for us a certain litmus test in order to examine how Israel envisions such ‘unity’ in an event of annexation, or a one-state. "

      Yep. Ethnic cleansing by design.

      "Since 1967, Israel has been applying the 1952 “entry into Israel law” on Palestinian East Jerusalemites, a law which gives the Interior Ministry the right to revoke the residency status of anyone who has been out of the country for seven years, has received the status of permanent resident in a foreign country, and/or became a citizen of a foreign country."

      But it is a- ok that many Jewish people in Israel and illegal Jewish settlers have dual nationalities and 2 or more passports. It's also fine that American and other Jewish folk choose to wear the uniform of the IOF, too.

      I'm always grateful for your thoughtful contributions here.

  • New poll shows sharp partisan divide on UN settlements resolution, and between Jews and African-Americans
    • Most Americans do and will certainly care when they find out that their billions of dollars go to fund this genocidal and Occupation statelet. It's been obvious to many for a long time now. Others are finally becoming aware.

      BDS will continue to blossom and bloom and spread. Just wait and see.


    • Very droll, RoHa!

      (I really did laugh out loud, and am still smiling. Thanks!)

  • Will the Azaria verdict shield Israel from the International Criminal Court?
    • "Israel to cut $6m from UN dues in protest over settlements resolution

      Country’s UN mission says figure represents portion of its contribution that goes ‘to anti-Israel bodies’, including agency for Palestinian refugees

      Israel has announced it is cutting approximately $6m in its annual dues to the United Nations this year to protest last month’s security council resolution condemning Israeli settlements as “a flagrant violation under international law”.

      Israel’s UN mission said the amount represented the portion of Israel’s contribution to the UN’s regular budget totalling more than $40m allocated “to anti-Israel bodies”.

      It named the UN agency for Palestinian refugees known as UNRWA, the Division for Palestinian Rights, the committee investigating Israeli practices affecting Palestinian human rights, and information programs on “the Question of Palestine”.

      “It is unreasonable for Israel to fund bodies that operate against us at the UN,” Israel’s UN ambassador, Danny Danon, said. “The UN must end the absurd reality in which it supports bodies whose sole intent is to spread incitement and anti-Israel propaganda.”..."

      As Occupiers, they have legal obligations to protect the Occupied and its victims. (I know, don't laugh!!!) Israel continues its self- delegitimization.

      US tax dollars @ work...

    • So sorry to hear that~ get well soon, Annie! Thanks for your kind greetings the other day, too.

      I was thrilled to read of Penn's genuine humanitarianism and awareness... again. This is just wonderful in so many ways.

      (I'd love to see him run for office. Ummm ... perhaps against Cory Booker???)

      "Booker slams UN resolution as ‘anti-Israel,’ while Saban says it’s anti-American" - See more at:

    • Thanks very much, Kate.

      Here's something nice to read and know:

      "Actor Kal Penn donates MasterChef prize to Palestinian refugees

      Penn, movie star and former White House official, also called on his Twitter followers to donate to UNRWA

      Actor Kal Penn has donated his $25,000 prize for winning MasterChef Showdown to the UN Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA. But supporters of the Palestinian cause say that the movie star also made a priceless contribution to the cause: He brought the suffering of displaced Palestinians to the US national stage.

      The US television show, a competition between amateur chefs, brought eight celebrities for a special edition cooking “showdown” on Monday. Each participant chose a nonprofit organisation as the recipient of a monetary award given to the winner.

      Penn, a former public engagement official in the White House Office under President Barack Obama, also urged his 270,000 Twitter followers to donate to UNRWA, promising to send thank you postcards to some donors.

      The UN defines Palestinian refugees as people who lived in Palestine and lost their homes and means of livelihood in the conflicts between between 1 June 1946 and 15 May 1948, when the state of Israel was established.

      The descendants of Palestinians displaced before 1948 can also register as refugees with UNRWA. The agency serves about five million people across Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. ..."

      read more @

      Here's something that will not bring any smiles:

      "No Water, No Electricity and Children Dying Unnecessarily - Israeli in Gaza Describes Daily Life There

      An interview with an Arab Israeli who has been leading delegations from Physicians for Human Rights to the Gaza Strip for 30 years. ...

      Gaza has been under siege for almost a decade. We don’t really know what’s happening there. Describe what you see there.

      “Gaza is cloaked in desperation. You feel it the minute you cross the border. It’s like traveling to another world. Already at the crossing you see seriously ill people, mainly cancer patients, waiting in line in a hall. They are hoping for some compassion and permission to cross the border and receive some treatment. You go by car and see ruins, thousands of destroyed houses, factories in ruin, sewage flowing through the streets.”

      The UN isn’t the most popular institution in Israel right now. In its last report it stated that without a massive investment in reconstruction, Gaza will be “unsuitable for habitation” by 2020. Explain what that means.

      “Look, we walk through the streets, we don’t just go to hospitals. We see what’s going on. More than 60 percent of the inhabitants are unemployed. There’s terrible poverty. There is simply no money. Not for food or for medications, not for warm clothes for children. People light fires in order to stay warm. It’s quite common in Gaza to see a fire outside a tent standing next to a ruined house. People are afraid to move far from ruined houses even though there’s no chance they’ll get any compensation. They know that if they move away someone will take over the land and they’ll lose that as well.

      “The education system isn’t working. The health system is finished. Agriculture is dying. There are no materials, no way of working and even if there is some produce there’s no one to sell it to. I just saw something I couldn’t believe – they sell a kilo of strawberries there for 3 shekels. If that’s what the vendor in the market charges, how much did the farmer make? Water sources are contaminated. The water is unfit to drink, unfit for any use. There is hardly any electricity. Gaza is on the brink of a humanitarian disaster. There’s hardly any international aid and the Arab states aren’t succeeding in providing any assistance.”...

      There are patients from Gaza who get treated in Israel.

      “One thousand patients a month can’t get help in Gaza hospitals. They are diverted to Israel, East Jerusalem or the West Bank for treatment. Cancer patients can’t get radiation therapy in Gaza, for example. Chemotherapy is also frequently unavailable.”

      What is the procedure for such patients?

      “First they turn for help locally. When the hospital realizes it can’t help them they get a form called Form Number 1, in which it states that treatment is unavailable in Gaza and they are directed to a hospital in Israel. Then they get Form Number 17 from the PA, which includes a commitment to pay for services. These forms go to a Palestinian committee which decides whether to issue a permit. In most cases such a patient will be summoned for questioning by the Shin Bet security service.”

      Is that part of the procedure, this questioning?

      “Yes. A request is submitted to the Israeli side and a summons is received to appear at a specific time for questioning.”

      How does Hamas allow this?

      “Hamas warns people not to provide any information. There are even signs on the Palestinian side of border crossings warning people going for questioning not to divulge anything, telling them to remember that the homeland is more precious than anything else.”

      Doesn’t it make patients give up?

      “Many people do. They are simply afraid. Even those who aren’t afraid aren’t guaranteed that they’ll get a permit. It can take months. Sometimes there is no reply at all. Many people die while waiting. There is also the issue of blackmail.”

      Meaning what?

      “Their travel permit is granted only on condition that they collaborate – information in exchange for an entry permit.”

      You’re saying that the Shin Bet blackmails these patients? Can you prove that?

      “We have filmed documentation of patients being threatened or blackmailed in exchange for a permit. We’ve written a report on this. The questioning often deteriorates into unpleasant and humiliating situations. Violence is sometimes resorted to. There are also all sorts of regulations, such as prohibiting the entry of men aged between 18 and 45. So if there is a sick child, they won’t allow the parents to accompany the child. We often see grandparents accompanying children to treatments and hospitalization. Even when it’s a baby they separate it from its parents. Many times, when we pressure the Shin Bet or the Israeli side, all of a sudden the patient gets a permit. In other words, there wasn’t really a reason for denying a permit in the first place.” ..."

      read more:

      War crimes heaped upon war crimes. There will be a day of reckoning for those that have committed, enabled, stayed silent, and/or vociferously supported these many decades of relentless ultraviolence and horrific cruelty toward the Palestinian people.

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • "And of course it is no surprise that in phils mind this incident is foolishly comparable to a pre-70s era lynching of an american black a la ‘strange fruit’ style. This case is so far from a typical southern US lynching its ridiculous. He is always stretching credulity to try and make a point."

      Seems that you always miss the point and then compound your error. There is a difference~ this is your norm and is sanctioned by the GoI, your 'leaders', and a disgustingly high percentage of your electorate. You made him your 'hero' and claim him as your 'child'~ one of your 'sons and daughters', too. That you dismiss this horrific execution (and all the other executions over the many decades by ALL of your armed and racist thugs) speaks volumes about your wickedness and the degree of brainwashing that you refuse to abandon. Tell me please, how are the optics of this executioner Azaria working out for you?

      Kate posted this today~ read it, if you dare:

      "Analysis: Hebron shooter Elor Azaria is indeed the norm / Amira Hass Haaretz 5 Jan — Over the past year and a half, dozens of Palestinian men, women and children have been killed, even though they could have been overpowered while they were still alive. The difference between them and Azaria is that he was videotaped — There’s one thing on which Palestinians agree with Elor Azaria and his supporters: that he wasn’t the only one, he just had the bad luck to be videotaped without his knowledge. ..." - See more at:

      For your listening pleasure:

    • "Soccer Hooligans in Suits: Israel's Ruling Party More Dangerous Than pro-Azaria Mob

      Outside the Defense Ministry compound at the Kirya in Tel Aviv, the hooligans – several hundred far-right activists, people from the racist Lehava organization and La Familia supporters of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team – let loose. They beat journalists, blocked roads, cursed the judges and the army, and sang to the IDF chief of staff: “Gadi, Gadi, watch out, Rabin is looking for company.”

      These thugs were reined in and arrested by the police. They can be contained. The more dangerous behavior, and greater danger to Israel’s democracy, took place inside the Knesset, in the halls of government and on Twitter. The ruling party, which long ago shed any pretense of statesmanship, looked in large part like the parliamentary arm of Lehava and La Familia. The riled-up mob spit at and hit people, while the politicians in their suits and ties incited and poured fuel on the fire. ..."

      read more:

    • "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that he supports pardoning Elor Azaria, the soldier convicted earlier in the day of shooting dead a prone Palestinian assailant in Hebron last year.

      In a short statement released by the prime minister, he said that: “This is a difficult and painful day for all of us - and first and formost for Elor and his family, for IDF soldiers, for many soldiers and for the parents of our soldiers, and me among them."

      Netanyahu called on the public to react with responsibility to the IDF, its officers and the chief of staff. "We have one army, which is the basis of our existence. The soldiers of the IDF are our sons and daughters, and they need to remain above dispute.”..."

      read more:

      "We have one army, which is the basis of our existence."

      There you have it!

      "The soldiers of the IDF are our sons and daughters, and they need to remain above dispute."

      Once more, for good measure and in case you didn't get it!

      Not one itsy- bitsy word of condolence/apology to the family of the brutally executed Palestinian. Not a whisper... perish the thought!

    • Gideon Levy:

      "... Take a good look at the trial of soldier Elor Azaria: That’s what death throes look like. That’s what the death throes of good government and the last spasms of a healthy society look like. That’s what the façade of equality before the law —(what would have happened had Azaria been Palestinian?) — looks like when most of the masks have already been torn off, including the cloak of shame. That’s what a democracy looks like when it thought it could continue to exist undisturbed even as a brutal military tyranny existed in its backyard. That’s what an occupation army looks like when it still insists on a few religious rituals of law and values.

      It’s all racing in the same direction, and the runaway gallop has spurred a last-ditch effort to wrap it in a guise of fairness, in the form of the Azaria trial or the evacuation of the Amona outpost, for instance. When Moshe Ya’alon and Gadi Eisenkot, two military commanders responsible for war crimes and occupation, have become the guardians of law and morality in Israel, the situation is beyond despair.

      It’s worth taking a good look at them: Soon they, too, will no longer be here. Their places will be taken by people who are even worse. Yesterday, the masses threatened: "Gadi, Gadi, beware, Rabin is looking for a companion."

      Perhaps we’ll yet miss Eisenkot. It’s hard to believe, but he too, is already an endangered species. Even television anchor Dany Cushmaro was a target for the rabble yesterday. How ridiculous.

      In court, a military judge read out a detailed, reasoned verdict, self-evident and unavoidable, and it was completely disconnected from what was happening outside. Inside the courthouse, the defendant was greeted with applause, while the broadcasters vied with each other over who could show more compassion and empathy for him (for what, exactly?). And outside, hundreds of demonstrators were threatening to storm the court, the army and the media, as the politicians’ chorus of incitement egged them on.

      The ministers of culture, education and the interior are already pardoning Azaria. Zionist Union MK Shelly Yacimovich (!) has already joined them. Norms are being inverted one after the other: A person convicted of manslaughter is a hero; the chief of staff of the occupation army is a teacher of morality; cabinet ministers are subverting the justice system and the military. And the opposition is nonexistent.

      What a long road Israel has traveled since the pardon granted to Azaria’s predecessors, the perpetrators of the Bus 300 attack, back in 1984 when two Palestinians who had hijacked a bus, were captured alive by the Shin Bet security service, and later put to death. At least they didn’t become heroes. Perhaps they even felt a moment of shame over their actions.

      It’s been 13 years since the last time an Israel Defense Forces soldier was convicted of committing manslaughter during operational activity, and that time, it was a Bedouin soldier, who spent six years in prison solely due to international pressure (he killed a British photographer). Operations Cast Lead and Protective Edge in Gaza, with their hundreds of unnecessary dead, ended without any convictions. Executions of girls with scissors and boys with knives also went by without anyone being put on trial, on Eisenkot’s watch.

      “Are there judges in IDF headquarters?” Virtually none. Azaria wasn’t the first executioner, and he also won’t be the last.

      It’s good that he was convicted. If he is given a fitting sentence, perhaps this will prevent a few other criminal killings. But there’s nothing to get excited about. The cameras of B’Tselem — that organization of traitors and liars — forced the IDF to put him on trial. The evidence compelled the court...

      And this was the swan song. There will be no more Azaria trials. The politicians and the masses won’t let it happen.

      The root of it all is hatred of Arabs. Azaria is virtually a national hero for one reason only: He killed an Arab (the lines between Arabs and terrorists are blurred in Israel). He did what many people would have wanted to do themselves and what many more think he should have done.

      This was a murder born of pity: the self-pity of the occupier over the bitterness of his fate. How wretched is the soldier Azaria, who was forced to stand at a checkpoint in Hebron. How wretched are his commanders, who sent him there. How wretched is Israel, which is forced to erect checkpoints in the very heart of a Palestinian city and strangle its residents. But for this, nobody has been put on trial.

      Azaria is neither a hero nor a victim. He’s a criminal. But above him are even bigger criminals."

      read more:

    • From Peter Beaumont:

      "Elor Azaria: the Israeli soldier who exposed the country's faultlines

      The case of the ‘Hebron shooter’ who killed a wounded Palestinian attacker has elicited both sympathy and condemnation

      ...His supporters relentlessly played up the image of Azaria, who was often pictured in court with his mother’s arms around him, not just as a son but as a young and immature soldier who could have been any Israeli’s child.

      It was a representation rejected by the Israeli army’s chief of staff, Gadi Eisenkot, speaking at a conference the day before the verdict.

      “An 18-year-old man serving in the army is not ‘everyone’s child’,” Eisenkot commented sharply. “He is a fighter, a soldier, who must dedicate his life to carry out the tasks we give him. We cannot be confused about this.”

      The three-judge military panel also rejected the idea. “One cannot use this type of force, even if we’re talking about an enemy’s life,” said the presiding judge Maya Heller, reiterating a key principle of human rights law in conflict.

      Instead, the judgment made clear Azaria was a serial liar who changed his stories about the circumstances of the killing on multiple occasions. His defence team – as the judges pointed out – were little better in arranging their case.

      So confident were they that he would be viewed as the victim, they did not even bother squaring the many glaring and impossible contradictions in their defence, which were pulled apart in the judgment. ...

      Human rights groups were quick to point out that the focus on Azaria masked a wider problem of impunity.

      Welcoming the verdict, Sari Bashi, the Israel advocacy director at Human Rights Watch, said: “Today’s conviction is a positive step toward reining in excessive use of force by Israeli soldiers against Palestinians.”

      Amnesty said the conviction offered “a glimmer of hope that soldiers who commit unlawful killings may no longer go unpunished”.

      But despite the conviction, other questions have not been addressed: why, for instance, was no medical aid given to the badly wounded Abdel Fattal al-Sharif?

      Indeed, why did no medical personnel approach the wounded and incapacitated Sharif apart from Azaria, a military medic, whose duty should have been to deliver aid but who instead had in mind to kill him?"

      Thanks to Beaumont for his last paragraph and burning question...

      Here's more:

      "...As the verdict was read out, Azaria’s mother shouted at the panel of judges: “You should be ashamed of yourselves.” Other members of Azaria’s family clapped as the decision was delivered, shouting: “Our hero!”

      Outside the court there were clashes between Azaria’s supporters – some notorious fans of Beitar football club – and the police. Some supporters chanted death threats against the Israeli army chief, Gadi Eizenkot, insinuating he would face the same fate as Yitzhak Rabin, the former prime minister killed 20 years ago by an ultranationalist Israeli.

      Sharif’s father welcomed the verdict. “For me, a just verdict will be one that is similar to the verdicts our sons (in Israeli prisons) get,” Yusri al-Sharif said. “[A] life sentence ... But Israel is trying its own son, so there is a possibility it will be lenient.”..."

      Sadly, yet predictably, executed Palestinian Abd al-Fatah al-Sharif is still referred to as a "terrorist" in the coverage that I have read.

      All I know is that one IOF "serial liar" and cold- blooded executioner was finally 'convicted' and that there are many in Israel that are angry and threatening at even this small measure of justice.

      Too bad US papers/media are still peddling lies and bs.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • You appear to be hoping for the best with Trump, Sibiriak.

      I wish all of us good luck with that.

    • "Why should we care about the birthplace of major criminal against peace, war criminal, and Butcher of Gaza Obama?"

      Last time I looked, President Obama is not PM nor King of Israel. Check your outrage at the door, please~ it is not helping the Palestinian people.

      Speak and write to your representatives in Congress, the Senate, and your city council.

      Good luck with Trump, though. I'm not entirely sure that he can or will be able to read anything other than twitter.

  • John Kerry picked the wrong timeline for the Jewish state
  • Love in the age of Trump
    • "How Gaza would figure into this calculation is unknown..."

      Ask Naftali Bennett:

      "The far-right Israeli education minister, Naftali Bennett, has vowed to introduce a bill this month to formally annex Maale Adumim, one of Israel’s largest settlement blocks in the occupied Palestinian territories.

      In remarks made at a museum in the city of 40,000 located outside Jerusalem, Bennett said: “After being here for 50 years, the time has come to end military rule.”

      The hardline leader of the Jewish Home party also made clear that he saw the annexation of Maale Adumim as a first step in annexing all of “area C”, the part of the occupied territories still under full Israeli control.

      “For this reason,” said Bennett, “by the end of the month, we will submit the bill for applying [Israeli] law to Judea and Samaria [the name used by Israelis for the occupied territories] and will embark on a new path. We will present to the cabinet a bill for applying Israeli law in Maale Adumim.”

      The timing of Bennett’s announcement, and of his plan to introduce the legislation in the first place, appears to have been designed to exploit the inauguration of Donald Trump on 20 January. The US president-elect has indicated he will be more supportive of Israel in international arenas that regard the settlements as illegal. ...

      ... It began with a speech to the Saban forum in Washington in December and continued with an interview in the rightwing, English-language Jerusalem Post on Monday in which Bennett again made clear his opposition to a Palestinian state.

      “I do not believe in a second Palestinian state beyond what we have in Gaza,” Bennett told the paper, saying that instead he proposed a staged end of Israeli military rule in Area C while offering full Israeli citizenship to the 80,000 Palestinians living there.

      For their part Jewish settlements in the West Bank would be incorporated into Israel while the remaining areas under Palestinian administration – known as Areas A and B – would be given a degree of autonomy short of statehood.

      “This would be less than a state, but [it would still be] a lot,” he said. “They would have a central government with elections, if they so choose.”

      In a question and answer session with the Washington Post on Monday Bennett denied that his plan violated international law, despite the clear view of UN security council resolutions over the years as well as widespread international consensus on the issue.

      “It does not violate international law because that would suggest that we occupy a state,” he said. “We don’t. There was never a Palestinian state. The British conquered the land from the Turks, the Jordanians illegally conquered the West Bank from the British, and then we released it.”

      Bennett’s proposal does not tally with Israeli political consensus, with only about a third of voters supporting annexation.

      However, his recent success pushing a weakened Netanyahu into supporting another piece of legislation – a proposal to retroactively legalise illegal Jewish outposts built on private Palestinian land – has underlined Bennett’s skills in leveraging the right of the country’s political debate."

      He's certifiable ...

  • Waqf: 14,806 Israeli settler incursions on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in 2016
    • How very kind you are, Kate! Many thanks.

      I wish all good things for you, too.

    • Oh Kate~ I read your important compilations as soon as they are published, and not once have I not been shaken to my core. With the recent problems on the site, it has been difficult/impossible to post my gratitude to you, and to comment on the articles that you bring to us. So, thank you and Happy New Year. (I hope)

      Is this surreal or not?

      "Venezuelan Jews Barred From Immigrating to Israel Because 'They Don't Belong to a Jewish Community'

      Despite evidence, Ministry of Interior claims applicants – suffering from shortages in food and me dication – haven’t been engaged enough in Jewish life."

      read more:

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • "The photos of Israelis using skunk may be unpleasant but no one has died of it, do you prefer the Hamas castration, lynching and driving corpses along the dirt track option?"

      Is that really a question???

      "Israeli forces killed 31 Palestinian youths in the occupied West Bank in 2016
      FeaturesIsrael/Palestine Kate on December 27, 2016"
      - See more at:

      "I have visited Israel and stayed in some pretty nice hotels where the inhabitants are very religious Jews and Moslems (they both come from Abraham) and they get on absolutely fine."

      "Waqf: 14,806 Israeli settler incursions on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in 2016" - See more at:
      Pray tell!



      "The settlements in Gaza went under Ariel Sharon (a hawk compared to Bibbi), the Judea and Samaria ones can also be exchanged for peace – the good news is that Jew-Haters now talk about constraining settlements now not the sea flowing with Jewish blood – so progress at last." - See more at:

      There is no "Judea and Samaria".

      The land is and was Palestine, yesterday, today and forever. There's plenty of their 'blood" in the Palestinians' sea, courtesy of the Zionists..

    • I remember and listen to the too-soon gone poet & musician, Warren Zevon, often and loudly!

      His powerful music of resistance lives on... he was informed. So is Roger Waters and Jackson Browne.

    • Enormous thanks for speaking and writing the truth, Tom Suarez! I would also like to thank the indomitable Jenny Tonge.

      Wow. Just wow! Congratulations.

      I only just heard that another brave man, Hilarion Capucci has died. May he rest in peace.

  • Scenes from Gaza on the last day of 2016
    • I know a few lefty guitarists.

      "Black-headed Gulls? (In winter plumage they don’t have black heads.)"

      Try as I might, I can't see that in the pictures. Perhaps we can ask the folks and birdies that are enduring climate change.

      As for Santa~ he is everywhere. So is the fierce hope that the extremely naughty Ziobots get nothing but their just punishment, and the good and oppressed Palestinians get rights and justice that have been too long denied and stolen from them.

      Mohammed Asaf~ thank you for the best present that I have received. These photos are sublime. Happy New Year to all.

      May it bring the most precious and basic human rights and deserved worldwide respect restored to the Palestinian people.

      (Give them their land, water, air, and sea back, too! All of it. They have, and always will, retain their own dignity and identity. All one has to do is to see your photos and bear witness.)

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
  • Resolution for 2017: Stop substituting 'the occupation' for 'Zionism'
    • That's extremely powerful.

      All set to a bit of a famous symphony~ no words necessary. Thank you, Annie.

    • Yes, Annie.

      Language matters. Actions matter. I cannot even count the times that Hanan Ashwari and so many others have spoken and written about the Occupation while the West, East, North and South jammed their fingers in their ears and shut their eyes while hurling epithets at the Palestinian VICTIMS in Palestine and those that cry out for their freedom and justice.

      James Canning, please read this from Tom Suarez:

      "Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won"

      - See more at:

      It might change your mind. It's the root cause analysis of the ethnic cleansing and Occupation of Palestine and Palestinians. I look forward to reading the book.

    • In The Guardian this morning...

      Rashid Khalidi:

      "As 2017 dawns, the ghost of Lord Balfour still haunts us. Just as the British foreign secretary’s 1917 declaration considered only how the Zionist movement could serve the interests of the greatest power of its day, so has the recent speech of the US secretary of state, John Kerry, advocating a two-state solution addressed mainly the interests of today’s superpower and its protégé, Israel. There has been some progress since 1917: there is no mention whatsoever of Palestinians or Arabs in the Balfour Declaration, whereas Kerry paid ample lip service to the Palestinians, albeit always in relation to Israel’s concerns and desires.

      Lost in the uproar caused in some circles by the condemnation of Israeli settlements embodied in Kerry’s speech and in UN security council resolution 2334 is the fact that, in line with previous US policies on Palestine, both ignore basic rights of the Palestinian people, and the requirements of international law, of justice and of equity. ...

      Although the Obama/Kerry parameters are likely to be consigned to oblivion like those of Bill Clinton 16 years ago, it is worth examining them to see how Israel-centric the entire discourse on Palestine is.

      Much like the Balfour declaration, these parameters were in fact tailored point by point to Zionist desires. Thus they cite UN general assembly resolution 181 in support of the recent Israeli demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state. But instead of that state being confined to the generous frontiers laid down in 1947 in UNGA 181 (which promised more than half of a country with a large Arab majority to its Jewish minority), the Palestinian state is to be restricted to 22% of mandatory Palestine. Moreover, it is to be demilitarized, and will only come into being, if ever, after yet another “transitional period”. Israelis have had independence and sovereignty for 70 years. The Palestinians will have to wait, yet again, for theirs.

      The parameters enshrine the “land swaps” beloved of peace processors. This innocuous term is in fact designed to allow Israel to snatch even more than 78% of Palestine, exchanging worthless desert for prime real estate.

      The Kerry/Obama parameters refer to a “just, agreed, fair and realistic solution to the Palestinian refugee issue”. How can such a solution be just if descendants of the majority of Palestinians who were expelled in 1948 are explicitly denied return to their homeland? The parameters note that refugees’ “suffering must be acknowledged”. Where is the vital acknowledgment that carving a Jewish state out of a majority Arab country necessarily and inevitably caused that suffering?

      These parameters call for “freedom of access to the holy sites consistent with the established status quo”, without recognizing that for 50 years Israeli governments have shredded that status quo, desecrating Muslim cemeteries like Mamilla and Bab al-Rahmeh, demolishing ancient Ummayad buildings discovered south of the Haram, and much else, in the race to dig down to the only strata that matter to nationalist Israeli archaeologists. They add that “Jerusalem should not be divided again like it was in 1967,” without addressing the fact that the “unification of Jerusalem” has been a cover for 50 years of land theft and subjugation of more than 400,000 Palestinian Jerusalemites.

      Then the parameters address the holy of holies: Israel’s “legitimate security needs”. These are treated as unconditional and absolute. In practice they are so elastic that they have been used to deny pasta to besieged Gazans. Typically, the focus is on security for the Israeli occupier, not for the occupied Palestinians who are in fact utterly insecure. Security for Israel is paired with the “end of occupation”. The latter is conditional: it comes only “after an agreed transitional process” and with the involvement of Egypt and Jordan, which for decades have closely collaborated with the Israeli security services, often against the interests of the Palestinians.

      Finally, the parameters call for an “end [to] the conflict and all outstanding claims” as part of a normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab states. How is that to take place if basic Palestinian claims are ignored, while all serious (and some outrageous) Israeli claims are addressed?

      The Balfour Declaration was issued at the height of the imperial age, when colonization was still in good odor. It laid down a blueprint for the dispossession of the Palestinians, tearing a regional wound that is still unhealed. One hundred years later, the colonial settler project that Lord Balfour blessed still bulldozes its way through Palestine, and the Palestinians remain in limbo. We have yet to see the parameters of a just, equitable and secure solution that gives both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples the equal rights they deserve."

    • Aren't we all "people"?

      Good grief, Yonah~ nice to know that your allegiance to zionism and continuing murderous Israeli injustice is firmly entrenched!


    • Oh wait. America's 'other BFF' said this:

      "Certainly, May is a strong supporter of Israel. On 12 December, she delivered one of the more pro-Israeli speeches you will hear by a sitting British prime minister. In an address to the Conservative Friends of Israel, she spoke of her pride in the Balfour Declaration of 1917 in which Britain recognised the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. She described Israel as “a remarkable country ... a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance, an engine of enterprise and an example to the rest of the world.” "

      Link to May's speech:

      Keep your bucket handy.

      Thank you, Nada.

  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • Yossi Verter:

      "It will be tough for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to part with 2016. It was a year of hubris, arrogance, stand-offishness, pride and high-handedness, as far as he is concerned. Next year is shaping up to be a year of disillusionment – and possibly, a crash.

      The portents loom. The latest police “inquiry” into suspicions of misconduct on his part is about to turn into a full-fledged criminal investigation. He will be questioned under caution, as a suspect. His mantra – “There will be nothing, because there is nothing” – will soon be measured against evidence, testimony and leaks that will find their way from the interrogation room into the media.

      Political figures who met him this week describe a worn-out, unfocused person, whose thoughts seem to wander. January 20 is indeed approaching fast, as U.S. president-elect Donald Trump tweeted, but even a president who is emerging as the most sympathetic ever will not extricate Netanyahu from the criminal mire. For that he’ll need good lawyers and more than a little luck. Not Twitter.

      The diplomatic tsunami that Israel has been coping with, from the United Nations Security Council resolution last week to Wednesday’s harangue by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, will not go away in 2017. It’s not just “the UN,” as Trump tweeted. It’s the whole world, from France and Britain to Russia and China, that is fed up with the Israeli government’s settlements policy. On January 21, Trump can send bulldozers to demolish the glass tower on Turtle Bay in Manhattan, but it won’t matter. The international community will continue to view settlement construction exactly as Kerry depicted it: a deliberate, creeping, determined and lethal effort to torpedo even the slight possibility that a Palestinian state will one day be established alongside Israel.

      Netanyahu’s reaction to Kerry’s speech totally ignored the principles – basic and vital – that the secretary set forth for a possible agreement. The prime minister’s response to Security Council Resolution 2334 was a model of aggressive isolationism, evoking North Korea. He likened it to the 1975 resolution that equated Zionism with racism. In his eyes, then, the settlements are the Zionism of today.

      He shows no signs of soul-searching, of contrition, or of possibly reexamining the policies he’s pursued in recent years. He doesn’t see himself as being responsible for Israel’s situation in the international arena. Slowly but surely, though, he is turning Israel into a pariah state. There’s no doubt that the scandal of the illegal Amona settler outpost, and the legislation aimed at expropriating land and legalizing other such outposts in the territories – against whose grave implications the premier himself warned (although he then voted in favor of it twice, for fear of being perceived as less right-wing than Education Minister Naftali Bennett) – contributed to Washington’s decision to abstain on Resolution 2334. But Netanyahu will not admit to his leadership failure by stopping the madness. ..."

      read more:

      Netanyahu certainly deserves heaps of blame (and punishment), but so do many, many other Israelis and Zionists of all stripes~ both past and the present. Israel is already "a pariah state"! It didn't happen overnight. The handwringing is all about the fact that the charade/lie of 'the only democracy in the ME' is exposed and coming to an end...

      I welcome the exposure! I also wish for a full-fledged international inquiry of Netanyahu's 'dealings'.

  • Kerry, interrupted
    • You're very kind and most welcome, Jonathan. I very much appreciate your contributions here at Mondoweiss.

      Here's the latest that I have read from Gideon Levy:

      "The Two-state Solution Is Already Dead

      A question for declared supporters of the two-state solution, which means almost everyone, from U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to Prof. Shlomo Avineri: You all say that this solution is in great danger, maybe even in its death throes. So what needs to happen for you to admit that it has breathed its last? What else needs to happen for you to declare it dead? Another 10,000 settlers? Or 20,000? Another five years of stalemate? When will you admit it?

      Most people know the truth but refuse to admit it. They know that the number of settlers has reached a critical mass. They know that no party in Israel will ever evacuate them. And without all of them being evacuated – and this, too, is something they know – there is no viable Palestinian state.

      They know that settler Israel never intended to implement the two-state solution. The fact is that all Israeli governments – all of them – continued the settlement enterprise.

      Two-state supporters are worried about the situation, even fearful. They are acting like the relatives of a moribund patient who is already brain dead, and whose organs are needed for transplants, but they refuse, hoping that somehow, a miracle will happen and the living dead will be resurrected. There are rabbis who promise them it’s possible. From Kerry to Avineri, this is exactly how proponents of two states are acting – hoping for a miracle and therefore preventing the life-saving transplants.

      It’s hard to begin again from scratch. The two-state solution was ideal. It guaranteed relative justice to both sides and a state for each nation. But Israel did everything it could to destroy it via the settlements, the one irreversible factor in the equation of the Israel-Palestine relationship.

      That’s why the world’s anger at the settlements has suddenly increased: It knows they are irreversible. Yet two-state supporters, both in Jerusalem and in Washington, never did anything to stop them when it was still possible. The conclusion is unavoidable: declaring the death of the two-state solution. But instead, they continue waiting for a miracle.

      Kerry, Avineri and their ilk are full of good intentions. They’re also right in saying this was the only solution. But by denying its death, they are merely solidifying the status quo, the occupation, which is the Israeli government’s goal.

      In Europe, the United States, the Palestinian Authority and Israel, people continue to parrot “two states” out of inertia and fear of the ramifications of change. And they thereby anesthetize and suffocate any thinking suited to the new situation.

      Clinging to yesterday’s solution with all their might, two-state supporters also respond aggressively to anyone who tries to undermine their magical faith in a miracle. That’s standard practice for religious, almost messianic beliefs – woe to anyone who tries to undermine them. And that’s how they’re behaving now toward A.B. Yehoshua, who proposed a typical old-style Israeli solution to the new situation.

      Yehoshua proposed granting permanent residency to Palestinians living in Area C, the part of the West Bank under full Israeli control. That’s too little, too nationalist and too discriminatory. Yehoshua still believes in the superiority of the Jews, in interim agreements and small leaps over the abyss. But in contrast to upholders of the two-state solution, he at least has the courage and integrity to recognize the new reality and try to offer solutions to it. And therefore, he’s already considered a heretic by his peers.

      Indeed, the solution of a single democratic state is heresy against everything we were raised on. It requires us to rethink everything – to rethink Zionism and the all privileges that were bestowed on one people only. This is the beginning of a long, painful road, but it’s the only one that’s still open to us. ..."

      read more:

    • A really superb piece, Jonathan. I sincerely hope that many will read it and absorb the truths that you elucidate so well in your responses.

      Many thanks for it.

      fyi: Democracy Now! had Diana Buttu and Gideon Levy on this morning. Well worth a listen/read.

      2 excerpts:

      "DIANA BUTTU: Well, you know, in the United States, it’s become clear to me that Israel is not an issue that you even can discuss any longer, when you have presidents—President-elect Trump and a would-be President Clinton talking very much in the same form. And in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, the line is pretty much the same. What’s become clear to me, as somebody who lives in Palestine, is that the United States is no longer relevant any longer and that what we need to begin to do is focusing on—focus on all those other countries and pushing for divestment, pushing for sanctions, pushing for boycotts of countries all around the world, just in the same way that the South African apartheid movement ended up pushing for—end of apartheid movement ended up going around the United States and pushing legislation through different countries around the world. To me, it’s become apparent that the United States is an obstacle. It’s been an obstacle for decades now. And the only way forward is to go around the United States, rather than continue to try to go through the United States."

      "DIANA BUTTU: ...When it comes to the issue of representatives speaking before the media, you’re absolutely right, Amy. In order to get a Palestinian voice onto the mainstream media, the—I’ve noticed that the conversation ends up being between one Israeli faction and another Israeli faction, or sometimes you get somebody within the U.S. administration speaking. What I think that they need to know is that we are very capable of speaking for ourselves, and we should be invited to speak for ourselves, rather than having people speak about us. This is what one of the major problems is, is that, for decades, the Israelis have been speaking about us, but not to us. And the international community has spoken about us and not to us. And you see this particularly when it came to Secretary Kerry’s statement that people—that Palestinians don’t want to see a one state. The polls are actually showing the opposite, that people don’t believe in two states any longer, and even taking away the negative, not believing in it, that people genuinely want to see one state. So it’s time for people to start listening to the voices of Palestinians. We’re very capable of speaking for ourselves."

  • The NY Times attempts to isolate Kerry from Obama
    • Jimmy Carter.

      James Earl Carter~ Nobel Peace Prize recipient, peanut farmer, humanitarian, scientist, President, lifelong husband of Rosalynn and father and grandfather (to many not even from his genes but from his devotion to human life and justice!) Etc...

      That Israeli governments, pro- zio- Occupation lobbies, and zionists the world over (with a willingly ignorant and complicit US and Western citizenry) continues to try to dustbin this good man is a testament to his greatness.

  • A bi-national, democratic state is the only option Israel and Kerry has left us with
    • "Suffice it to say that a just peace will not come from Israel (bad faith) or governments (conflict management mixed with bad faith), or from the collaborationist Palestinian Authority. (It is truly sad but telling that rather than lending his voice to the discussion Abbas simply sent a one-liner saying he would resume negotiations if Israel stopped settlement construction. The PA is not even in the game.)"

      The "PA" is under Israeli Occupation, and so is Hamas. What can they do?

      Palestinians are routinely murdered, jailed indefinitely, and maimed by Israel. Their voices, crying for truth and justice, are silenced~ one way or another. Just have a look & listen at the newspapers and television and radio 'news'. It's clearly zio-tilted.

      Israel is a belligerent and thieving apartheid 'state'. Many of their elected leaders make violent calls for continued injustice and theft, and the US remains mightily complicit.

      (What the heck is Fatou Bensouda and her ICC doing???)

  • Following Kerry's 'historic' speech we need a diplomacy of resistance
    • "So Palestinians need to start thinking about how to act like responsible and productive citizens and ween themselves off foreign aid. "

      Palestinians are more than capable of being both "responsible and productive". They do it every day, even under the most cruel and violent Occupation on earth.

      Since the West has caused this and enabled it since the beginning, then they should be held accountable ~ right along with Israel. Did the West and the US ever try to stop Israel's murderous destructions of Gaza and Palestine?

      Did they every even try to rebuild Gaza???

      "Foreign aid" to Occupied Palestine is a mere drop in the bucket next door in Tel Aviv.

      Thanks for this excellent article, Haidar.

      "The entire world is against Israel, but how are we, Palestinians, going to build on that? The answer comes loud and clear from the Palestinian-lead BDS Campaign: a total boycott against Israel and divestment from it and from foreign companies benefitting from its multi-tiered system of oppression, namely occupation, colonization and apartheid, and the imposition of sanctions against it until it complies with international law.

      In a nutshell, what we, Palestinians, need right now is a diplomacy of resistance."


  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • Not so fast...

      "Tony Abbott says Australia should suspend aid to Palestinian Authority

      In a wide-ranging opinion piece the former prime minister also canvassed moving Australia’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem"


      "Julie Bishop: Australia would not have backed UN resolution on Israel

      Foreign affairs minister dissents from New Zealand’s position, saying Australia does not support ‘one-sided resolutions targeting Israel’"

      There you have it.

      NZ has taken the high ground.

      Some in NZ don't like it, though:

      "New Zealand Jews Protest Country's Support of UN Anti-settlement Resolution

      The resolution, which was co-sponsored by New Zealand, 'violated the right of Jewish self-determination,' the New Zealand Jewish Council says in a letter to Prime Minister Bill English."

      read more:

    • Thanks Annie and Mooser. Here are some more truths:

      "JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Diana Buttu, I’d like to ask you, Mahmoud Abbas has said that he’s willing to resume negotiations if the settlements stop, but you have said that Israel is not really interested in peace. Can you explain that?

      DIANA BUTTU: Look, what Israel wants is it wants to have the farce of having a diplomatic process and bilateral negotiations, because what that does is it gives Israel a lot of support from the international community. We saw that during the period of Oslo, that Israel got more money coming into its coffers as a result of the negotiations, that it was allowed to establish more diplomatic ties. In fact, 34 countries established diplomatic ties as a result of Oslo. It ended up signing a peace agreement with Jordan that wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for the diplomatic process. And so, for Israel, negotiations pay.

      But at the same time, what Israel was allowed to do during the negotiations process was continue to build and expand its settlements. And we saw that the number of settlers ended up doubling just in the few short years that the negotiations were taking place. Within a seven-year period, the number of settlers went up to 400,000. Even now, we see that the number has more than tripled. So what Israel wants is it wants to have this farce of a bilateral process, but it doesn’t at all want to pay the price of peace. It doesn’t want to end its settlements. It doesn’t want to end the occupation. All that it wants is for the international community to reward it for entering into dialogue and discussion with the Palestinians, all the while continuing to steal more Palestinian land."

      She also speaks of the "ethnic cleansing of Palestine"

      And from Gideon Levy:

      "GIDEON LEVY: Unfortunately, the only way to change things in Israeli policy will be only by pressure from the outside. I have very little hope that change will come from within the Israeli society, which is extremely brainwashed and nationalistic and religious and right-wing and even racist, more and more, day after day. I think the only hope is from international intervention and, above all, international pressure. It is about time that Israel will be punished for the crimes of the occupation. It is about time that Israelis will pay for the occupation that they all share responsibility for. We are all settlers. All of us Israelis carry responsibility for this occupation project, and all of us should be taken to pay, to be punished, to feel it, because the occupation is even not in the Israeli discourse. The occupation is not on the table. It’s not on the agenda. Nobody cares about the occupation. So, my only hope—and it’s a very limited hope—that gradually, gradually, the world will react, like it did react with South Africa. And hopefully it will be effective. And that’s right now the only optimistic scenario that I can draw."

  • 'Focus is on Palestinians,' says New York Times, but it quotes only one
    • At least we have Democracy Now! and Mondoweiss.

      Amy Goodman spoke with Yousef Munnayer this morning. It's good. An excerpt:

      "U.N. Declares Israeli Settlements Illegal; Netanyahu Vows to Retaliate After U.S. Abstains from Vote

      ... AMY GOODMAN: So that’s the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, explaining the reason the U.S. would be abstaining from this resolution that was passed by the U.N. Security Council. Yousef Munayyer, so, in fact, Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is singling out Barack Obama and making it personal.

      YOUSEF MUNAYYER: Absolutely. What you’re seeing right now, and the reason why Samantha Power and the administration have felt the need to defend themselves by citing Ronald Reagan even though this has been long-standing U.S. policy, is because they’re being attacked by the right in an attempt right now—and we’re seeing Netanyahu do this, you know, in very hysterical fashion since the passing of this resolution—to intimidate any future American elected officials from even deviating the slightest bit from the every whim and demand of Israel’s right-wing government. And I think that is what you’re seeing take place today, not simply because they have an issue with the Obama administration, but because they have an issue with U.S. policy, and they don’t want to see the United States ever supporting the idea that there should be pressure on Israel for its illegal settlements. ..."

    • MSNBC has had Bill Kristol and Eliot Engel on this morning~ they're 'talking' about settlements and the newest UN resolution with all the usual zionists.

      Haven't seen any Palestinian nor heard any alternative voices for justice and the rule of law yet.

      The 4th estate is proceeding as usual.

      Now Joel Rubin is on...

      Phil wrote on November 18th:

      "The Friedman nomination has the potential to finally expose the charade of the peace process to the American mainstream, and American politicians and journalists will get to report the truth: there is one state between the river and the sea. Palestinians who have witnessed to these facts for years will gain prestige; Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper will have them at the big table."

      I don't see it happening.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • Hi amigo, and Happy New Year soon...

      I have been enriched by your thoughtful comments and efforts for a long while.

      Thanks for another! Whether Netanyahu speaks in Hebrew or English, it's lies and ziopoop 24/7.

      (btw, Brad ' La- La' Sherman has outed himself as an Israel- firster and American- laster on MSNBC today~ he's another unrepentant zioliar, too.)

    • Always has been. It just gets worse,

      Thanks, oldgeezer.

    • omg.

      Now Trump escorts Lauder out of his gilded palace.. may I borrow a bucket? Mine are full.

    • What is going on???

      MSNBC has Netanyahu on speaking Hebrew! Who is he speaking to on US teevee?

      Bibi can speak in english {lies}, can't he?

      Anyone think that Israel, not Russia, hacked the US?

  • It is time to recognize the US-Palestinian conflict
    • The horrible and shameful truth is that the US has collaborated with and has been complicit in Israel's master plan to rid the land of Palestine of Palestinians.

      Otherwise, we would not be @ this point today where an American President is being vilified for abstaining from a vote for justice and the rule of international law. Neither would there be countless Israeli- murdered Palestinians.

  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • wrt to your point about Trump's latest trespass:

      "Trump intervenes to sideline Obama over Israeli settlements

      Egypt postpones UN security council vote on critical resolution after Israeli PM asks Trump’s transition team for help

      ...On Thursday Trump issued a statement of opposition to any decision not to use the US veto on the resolution.

      He said in a statement: “The resolution being considered at the United Nations security council regarding Israel should be vetoed. As the United States has long maintained, peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians will only come through direct negotiations between the parties, and not through the imposition of terms by the United Nations. This puts Israel in a very poor negotiating position and is extremely unfair to all Israelis.”

      The timing of some of the contacts – between Netanyahu and Trump’s transition team, and between Trump’s team and Egypt to set up a phone call between leaders – remains unclear, but it appears Trump called Sisi after the cancellation of the vote.

      Unlike Trump’s other recent interventions in US foreign policy, which have largely flagged up his often contradictory intentions, on this occasion he appears to have deliberately interposed himself in an issue of current US and international diplomacy.

      Sisi’s spokesman, Alaa Yousef, said on Friday that the two had agreed to give Trump’s incoming administration a chance to tackle the issue.

      “During the call they discussed regional affairs and developments in the Middle East, and in that context the draft resolution in front of the security council on Israeli settlement,” Yousef said.

      In an unintended slip referring to Trump’s status, he added: “The presidents agreed on the importance of affording the new US administration the full chance to deal with all dimensions of the Palestinian case with a view of achieving a full and final settlement.” ..."

    • "Trump is still a private citizen; it remains an open question – that should be immediately investigated by the US Justice Department – whether his direct engagement with the Egyptian president violates the Logan Act’s prohibition of any non-authorized US citizen negotiating US foreign policy with a foreign government. "

      Thanks very much for pointing this out. It's surreal to witness this transition. It's an enduring shame that's gonna leave a mark.

      (Then there's his other myriad conflicts of interest...)

      "This was one of the Council’s best days in a while. We should savor it – without a lot of work, we’re not likely to see too many more days like this any time soon."

      The world spoke yesterday. The US finally got out of the way. I'm delighted and ready for "a lot of work"!

  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • Gideon Levy:

      "UN Resolution Is a Breath of Hope in Sea of Darkness and Despair
      It’s now even more crystal clear: The world thinks the settlements are a crime. All the settlements and all the world ...

      On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted to establish a Jewish state (alongside an Arab state) in the Land of Israel. Sixty-nine years later, on December 23, 2016, the UN Security Council voted to try to save it. Resolution 2334 that was approved Friday is a gust of good news, a breath of hope in the sea of darkness and despair ...

      Just when it seemed that everything was going downhill – the deepening occupation increasingly supported by America, with Europe galloping to the right – along came a Hanukkah resolution that lights a thin candle. When it seemed that the evil ones would remain victorious, along came New Zealand and three other countries and gave the world a Christmas gift.

      So thanks to New Zealand, Venezuela and Malaysia. True, the Christmas tree they’ve supplied, with all its sparkling lights, will soon be removed; Donald Trump is already waiting at the gate. But the imprint will remain. Until then, this temporary rejoicing is a joy, despite the expected hangover.

      We of course must ask U.S. President Barack Obama in fury: Now you’re doing something? And we must ask the world in frustration: What about actions? But it’s impossible to ignore the Security Council decision that rules that all the settlements are illegal by nature.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can call back his ambassadors, while his right-hand minister Yuval Steinitz can shriek that the resolution is “unfair.” (He has a sense of humor.) And opposition leader Isaac Herzog can babble that “we need to fight the decision with all means.” But there isn’t a person in the world with a conscience who won’t rejoice over the resolution.

      There also isn’t a decent Israeli who must fall for the propaganda that calls the resolution “anti-Israeli,” a definition that the Israeli media rushed to adopt – with its characteristic slavishness, of course.

      This decision has brought Israel back to the solid ground of reality. All the settlements, including in the territories that have been annexed, including in East Jerusalem of course, are a violation of international law. In other words, they are a crime. No country in the world thinks otherwise. The entire world thinks so – all Israel’s so-called friends and all its so-called enemies – unanimously.

      Most probably the tools of brainwashing in Israel, along with the mechanisms of repression and denial, will try to undermine the decision. But when the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia unite in such a clear statement, this will be difficult work.

      So you can say “the entire world is against us.” You can scream “anti-Semitism!” You can ask “What about Syria?” In the end this clear-as-crystal truth will remain: The world thinks that the settlements are a crime. All the settlements and all the world.

      True, the world doesn’t lift a finger to have the settlements removed, but maybe one day this will happen. Still, it will be too late by then, too late.

      Resolution 2334 artificially distinguishes between Israel and the settlements in that it is aimed at the settlements, not the occupation. As if the guilt of Amona were on its settlers and not all Israelis. This deception proves how much the world continues to treat Israel with leniency and hesitates to takes steps against it, as it did with Russia’s conquest of Crimea, for example.

      But Israelis who don’t live in Amona, who have never been there, who have no real interest in its fate – it seems most Israelis – have to ask themselves: Is it really worth it? All this for a few settlers they don’t know and don’t really want to know?

      Resolution 2334 is meant above all for Israeli ears, like an alarm clock that makes sure to wake you up on time, like a siren that tells you to go down to the bomb shelter. True, the resolution has no concrete value; true, the new U.S. administration promises to erase it.

      But two questions won’t let up: Why don’t the Palestinians deserve exactly the same thing that Israelis deserve, and how much can one country, with all its lobbying power, weapons and high-tech, ignore the entire world? On this first day of both Hanukkah and Christmas, we can enjoy, if only for a moment, the sweet illusion that Resolution 2334 will rouse these questions in Israel."


    • "bashing" is the least of what the IOF thugs routinely do.

      Isn't anyone in the GoI and their armed, privileged, and brutal citizen army aware of the optics?

      (dumb question, I know...)

      Every American parent should show this video to the kids today and explain it. Perhaps they would be forced to accept the truth about Israel~ the truth that many have allowed themselves to deny.

    • And so you respond with more "strawmannery" You really can't help it, can you?


      Bring on the sanctions!!!

    • +10! Well done!

    • Again???

      MW has reported this particular brand of shameful violence before... in 2014 and 2015:

      "‘We want Christmas without occupation’: Israel attacks Bethlehem protesters dressed as Santa with tear gas"
      more @

      "Christmas in Bethlehem"
      more @

      I guess Israel doesn't care that the world watches...

    • "Israel rejects 'shameful' UN resolution amid criticism of Netanyahu

      Israel orders steps against a number of countries that backed motion calling for halt to building of settlements in occupied territories

      Israel has responded furiously to a UN security council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the occupied territories, recalling two of its ambassadors to countries that voted for the motion and threatening to cut aid. ...

      ... The resolution also includes language calling for differential treatment of Israel within the pre-1967 borders, calling on states to “distinguish[ing], in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967”, which could potentially pave the way for future sanctions.

      Israeli supporters in the US – both senators and lobby groups – used even stronger language. Morton Klein, president of the right wing Zionist Organization of America, railed in unequivocal terms: “Obama has made it clear that he’s a Jew hating, antisemite.”

      Leading pro-Israel Republicans also weighed in including House Speaker Paul D Ryan, who denounced the US abstention as “absolutely shameful,” and promised that “our unified Republican government will work to reverse the damage done by this administration, and rebuild our alliance with Israel”.

      In Israel, however, questions were already being asked about Netanyahu’s handling of the vote. Writing in Haaretz, columnist Chemi Shalev was particularly scathing about Netanyahu’s diplomatic failure.

      “Resolution 2334 shatters the [Israeli] government-induced illusion that the settlement project has been normalised, that it passed the point of no return, that it is now a fait accompli that will remain unchallenged.

      “In recent years, after President Obama desisted from efforts to advance the peace process, Netanyahu, his ministers and settler leaders had behaved as if the battle was over: Israel built and built, the White House objected and condemned, the facts on the ground were cemented in stone.

      “You can have your cake and eat it too, the government implied: thumb your nose at Washington and the international community, build in the West Bank as if there’s no tomorrow and still get $38bn in unprecedented [US] military aid.”"

      What "aid" are they threatening to "cut"?

      Happy Christmas Palestine! Happy Christmas to everyone! Thank you Annie and Phil.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
  • 'P is for Palestine': Illustrated children's book showcases beauty and strength of Palestinian culture
    • I love this. So, so many thanks, Dr. Bashi.

      "Anyone who’s ever been to Palestine or has Palestinian friends, colleagues, neighbors knows that this proud Mediterranean nation is at the center of our world. It is home to the sweetest oranges, most intricate embroideries, great dance moves (Dabkeh), fertile olive groves, and sunniest people."

      Many thanks to you. Your efforts and gifts are precious work~ for our entire world.

      Mubarak. Shukraan.

  • Faith
    • Such incredible beauty...

      Thank you so much, Rawan, Ahmed and Annie.

      Of course you enjoyed your time together. Have happy times today and all of your tomorrows, too.

  • Historical evidence does not support Zionist claims re the Western Wall
  • Friedman pick will force good liberal Zionists to admit the peace process has failed
    • Exactly my reaction, Annie.

      First of all, Chuck and Jake will have to come clean on their own complicity and culpability in the charade of the 'peace process', their own flagrant biases against Palestinians, and their full- throated support for all things Israel and Jewish...

      Their networks will have to have to allow that, and reveal their own legendary and foul partisanship. The wall(s) may come tumbling down, and the American people and the world will perhaps be gobsmacked to realize that they've allowed themselves to be lied to about apartheid Israel being their BFF and a 'democracy'.

      So will Ali Abunimah, Susan Abulhawa, Dr. Barghouti, et al really be given a seat at "the big table"?

  • Adelson and Saban were kingmakers, now they're beggars
    • I much prefer this title to the one that I read yesterday that had me scratchin' my poor head and nearly rendered me mute.

      Thanks, Phil. I wish that I could share your hopeful optimism.

  • Stephen Cohen calls out liberal media for demonizing Russia, slurring Tillerson and stigmatizing all dissent
    • From his Democracy Now! interview yesterday:

      "STEPHEN COHEN: I don’t know where to begin. Let me context it, because when we first—when you first had me on, February 2014, I said we were headed for a new Cold War with Russia, and it would be "more dangerous than the last one. That has happened. We now have three Cold War fronts that are fraught with hot war, the possibility of hot war—the Baltic area, Ukraine and Syria—between two nuclear powers. Things are very, very dangerous."

      A very interesting interview...

  • Azaria's conviction will end a totalitarian ideology
    • One just has to read Kate's compilations to see that until and unless the US stands for something other than hypocrisy and hegemony in MENA and being complicit with Israel and the other thug nations, then nothing will change for the better.

      Read this:

      "Will Israeli soldier get away with videotaped killing of teen? EI 10 Dec by Ali Abunimah

      — An Israeli soldier facing trial for the killing of an unarmed Palestinian teenager that was shown on TV screens around the world may now get away with a slap on the wrist. Israeli Border Police combatant Ben Dery is charged with manslaughter in the slaying of 17-year-old Nadim Nuwara on 15 May 2014 – Nakba Day, when Palestinians commemorate their 1948 ethnic cleansing from much of their homeland. But Israeli media are reporting that the manslaughter charge may now be dropped."

      - See more at:

      To call Azaria a "medic" is an insult and offense to health care providers everywhere... he's a cold- blooded assassin, and so is Dery.

      So are many, many more.

      "The same day, at almost the same spot, another boy, 16-year-old Muhammad Abu al-Thahir, was fatally shot in the back in almost exactly the same circumstances, and his killing too was captured on video.

      No one has been charged with killing Abu al-Thahir, and in March 2016 Israel closed the investigation claiming there was no evidence found to point to live fire from its forces.

      The killings left behind two bereft and devastated families.

      A third Palestinian boy, Muhammad al-Azzeh, then 15, was shot with live ammunition on the same day but survived. This was also captured on video."

      All captured on video. What makes anyone think that things will change when so many Israelis support Azaria?

      Q: When will Samantha Power shed tears and outrage for Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghan, Iranian, or Yemeni victims?

      A: Never.

    • thank you, Helena.

      (I cannot remember a time when there was a "sane Israel")

    • "Yakov hirsch seems to have a definite vision of how the azalea verdict will play out and I am agnostic. Is it a hunch or is it an accurate read. "

      I cannot resist. Apologies to the challenged.

    • I've shouted aloud every single time that Samantha was given air time today on MSM with her puke- worthy hypocrisy wrt the horrible events and deaths in Syria. Is it 'fake news'? What's really going on and who is to blame?

      "Are you incapable of shame?': Samantha Power criticises Syria, Iran and Russia over Aleppo – video

      The US ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, tells the security council that the Syrian government and its allies Russia and Iran bear responsibility for killings of civilians in Aleppo. Using strong language, she accuses the three member states of putting a ‘noose’ around civilians in the city. ‘Is there no execution of a child that gets under your skin?’ she asks. ‘Is there literally nothing that shames you?’"

      A former US ambassador at the UN thought it "worth it" to kill so many Iraqi children and other civilians.

      "During his presidency, Bill Clinton presided over the most devastating regime of economic sanctions in history, that the U.N. estimated took the lives of as many as a million Iraqis, the vast majority of them children. In May of 1996, 60 Minutes aired an interview with Madeleine Albright, who at the time was Clinton’s U.N. ambassador. Correspondent Leslie Stahl said to Albright, "We have heard that a half-million children have died. I mean, that’s more children than died in Hiroshima. And — and, you know, is the price worth it?"

      Madeleine Albright replied, "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it." "

      How many more innocents and valiant defenders of their homelands have been slaughtered since those sanctions?

      Can you even imagine Sam Power Sunstein speaking of the ritual slaughter of imprisoned (Gazans) and Occupied Palestinians (all of them) by Israel in the same way that she did of the actual people of the ME yesterday???

      I hope the day comes... I pray for it... Peace with justice must prevail.

  • 'NYT' bias amazes: long article about online incitement in Israel/Palestine only blames Palestinians
    • "By the way, they are confronted by the Police, not the army. "

      As if there is a difference!

      "Thanks for researching my comments. I’m quite proud of them. "


  • Groundswell for Ellison signals end of the era of political assassination by Israel lobby
    • OT, but interesting:

      "Hundreds of Jewish Protesters at Breitbart News Headquarters Urge Trump to Fire Steve Bannon

      Between 300 and 400 protesters organized by the anti-occupation IfNotNow group demonstrated in front of the far-right website's Beverly Hills offices.

      Hundreds of Jews and allies demonstrating in Southern California called on President-elect Donald Trump to fire Stephen Bannon as his chief White House strategist.

      The protesters rallying Sunday in front of Breitbart News headquarters in Beverly Hills also said Trump should denounce Bannon, the former executive editor of the far-right website.
      Between 300 and 400 people attended the rally organized by the IfNotNow movement, CBS Los Angeles reported.

      Members of the Jewish community, leading one segment of the march, accused Bannon of building a political career out of targeting Muslims, immigrants, women, the LGBTQ community and other minorities, according to CBS.

      Protesters carried signs reading “Never is now,” “Bannon = Goebbels,” and “Freedom and Dignity for all.”"

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • Perhaps if some 'other' had sculpted the statue, it would have been labeled 'antisemitism'.

    • "King Bibi for a day: golden Netanyahu statue is toppled

      Tel Aviv residents queue for selfies with work condemned as ‘expression of hatred’, then accept invitation to knock it down

      The nickname King Bibi for Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has long been in circulation. It refers to his reputed imperial tendencies, his political gifts and his taste for fine living.

      Now the conceit has been given a new currency via the sudden – if brief – appearance of a large golden statue of Netanyahu in Tel Aviv’s most famous square, satirising the prime minister’s years in office and the allegations of scandal that have surrounded the management of his household.

      Appearing unexpectedly overnight in Rabin Square, the statue, on a white plinth, attracted the attention of scores of residents who waited to take selfies. But Netanyahu’s ministers, rushing to denounce the guerrilla art installation, made clear they were not amused.

      Leading the charge against the work’s creator, sculptor Itay Zalait, was the culture minister, Miri Regev, a leading figure in the right’s culture war against Israeli artists deemed leftwing or too elite. She denounced the statue as an “expression of hatred towards Netanyahu”.

      For their part, Tel Aviv municipal officials ordered Zalait to remove the statue and said they would haul it away and fine him if he refused.

      The artist, who had said the installation depicted “the situation we find ourselves in”, complied, inviting Israelis to help “topple Netanyahu” from his plinth. It was a task which they dutifully carried out, with pictures later showing the statue on its side."

      more @

      Ah, well.

    • It's never really OT, ritzl. It's more food for thought.

      Here's Israel slamming the US again, just after the US Senate just passed their latest turd:

      "Israel votes to authorise illegal settler homes in Palestine

      Passage of bill to evacuate one settler site while retroactively recognising others meets with condemnation from UN and US

      Israel’s parliament has voted to retroactively legalise thousands of illegitimate settler homes in outposts built on private Palestinian land, in a highly controversial move described by critics as a “land grab”. The measure, which passed in a stormy Knesset session late on Monday, has been met with international condemnation, and has already strained relations within Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s governing rightwing coalition.

      It comes in sharp defiance of a call on Sunday by the US secretary of state, John Kerry, who urged Israel again to rein in the construction of settlements on West Bank land.

      The bill passed its first reading by 60 votes to 49, and still has to pass a further three votes before becoming law. During the debate, the opposition leader, Isaac Herzog, fiercely denounced the law by equating its adoption to “national suicide”. While the bill seems likely to have support to pass its further readings, it appears inevitable that it will be challenged in court.

      Israeli critics and Palestinians have described the legislation as a land grab that would further distance prospects for a two-state solution to end the long Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Some high-profile political supporters, echoing that view, celebrated the vote by saying it opened the way to annexation of the West Bank and the end of any prospect of a Palestinian state.

      According to estimates by opponents – including the prominent anti-occupation group Peace Now – the new law, if finally approved, would effectively annex 55 illegal outposts and approximately 4,000 housing units in settlements and illegal outposts."

      more @

      Funnily enough, I couldn't find any "condemnation" from the US government, but there is this:

      "The vote was quickly condemned by the UN envoy for the Middle East peace process, Nickolay Mladenov, who said the legislation “has the objective of protecting illegal settlements built on private Palestinian property in the West Bank. It is a very worrying initiative. I encourage Israeli legislators to reconsider such a move, which would have far-reaching legal consequences across the occupied West Bank”."

      How much more can and will the US swallow?

      It seems an infinite amount. History will not be kind.

  • ADL is leading 'witch hunt' against Keith Ellison over Israel comments, J Street exec says
    • "I have traveled with Keith to Israel. I’ve gone to Sderot and talked with the Israeli victims of the rockets from Gaza."

      An amazing statement. The "Israeli victims of the rockets from Gaza" can talk with visitors! I guess it's just bad luck that the dead Palestinian victims of the Israeli massacre of Gaza cannot.

      "We have met with Israelis and Palestinians together."


      So disturbing to read that Ben- Ami and Schumer (Shomer) feel that they must come to the defense of this man as though he needs permission to be even a teensy bit "critical" of the government of Israel and the enormous influence that it has over the US government. It just goes to show that this is still true...

      "ADL Slams Keith Ellison’s 'Disturbing and Disqualifying' Remarks on Israel

      Poised to become the next chair of the Democratic National Committee, Ellison is under fire a 2010 recording in which he criticizes U.S. support of Israel; Sen. Schumer defends Ellison, who says his remarks were taken out of context."

      read more:

      Thanks, Phil.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • Thank you so much for this call to action, Dr. Rothchild.

      You nailed it~ it's brilliant! It's a searingly comprehensive assessment. I've been deeply troubled by all the "wait and see" and "give him a chance" chatter and nonsense. To do that is extremely dangerous and stupid. I've seen enough. Do the folks that blithely utter or write that drivel not have a brain, any critical thinking skills, or any knowledge of the words/deeds of these people and history? Or are they just hoping for the best when that is not even an option?

      The time is now.

  • Sheldon Adelson, Trump's billionaire backer, is committed to 'the Jewish people' and believes Palestinians are a 'made up people'
    • "I am not Israeli, the uniform that I wore in the military unfortunately was not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF, and one of my daughters was in the IDF, and my two little boys — our two little boys one of whom will be bar mitzvahed tomorrow… hopefully he’ll come back [to Israel], his hobby is shooting and he’ll come back and be a sniper for the IDF….

      All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart."

      The people who support Trump should be so proud to read this on Veterans Day... or any day. Born in Dorchester... now a really rich and dodgy mogul who has a foreign country in "his heart". He bought GW and brought the neocons into the WH and it appears that he bought casino Trump, too.

  • 'Trump shows America's dominant ideology': A Palestinian take on the US election
    • Thanks for this honest article, Abir. Thanks also to Carlos for his excellent representation of what has happened.

      "Americans have a long way to go. The first thing you should stop doing is preaching to the world about democracy, freedom, values and start dealing with your own, excuse my language, shit. You were/are no better than other nations. Please stop with this “America is the greatest nation”, no you are not! You are like many others, with so many problems and issues you need to deal with.

      It’s actually the opposite, it’s time for you to ask people in the so called “Third World” for advice, because we know your regime much better than you, and because we have been long resisting backward/racist/tyrant/dangerous regimes, that your country has supported, worked with, or sometimes against (depends on your interest) only to bring destruction and disaster. ..."

      Hurrah for speaking the truth!

      I have long been ashamed of and more than concerned with America's hypocritical and massively destructive killing machine of a 'foreign policy'. Perhaps some in America will one day wake up to recognize this. As far as dominant "white supremacy", US exceptionalism, and xenophobia that some wrongly think that only just seized this country~ it has been stoked and tended by many, and ignored by too many others who would rather blame anyone other than themselves.

      I read this in an article this morning:

      "Trump's Victory: The Night White Supremacy Made It to the White House

      ... I thought that the election and re-election of Barack Obama by a coalition of America’s ethnic and religious and sexual-orientation spectrum laid the false religion of white supremacy to rest. Now I realize that Obama’s very presence in the White House, his capability and his dignity, were more than white supremacy could bear. Now my folly and my naiveté are revealed.

      One part of me, looking at the entirely unpredicted election results, cannot help but wonder if Vladimir Putin’s hackers have suborned the voting process. Believe it or not, that conspiracy theory qualifies as optimism. More likely, and far worse, the United States has gleefully hugged evil to its morally contaminated breast. ..."

      You rightly ask and then answer this important question:

      "What happens if the US is not happy with people’s choice in the rest of the world?"

      Thank you.

  • Israel paints fighter jet pink to raise breast cancer awareness while preventing cancer patients in Gaza from receiving treatment
    • Thanks, Adam. This thoroughly disgusting "literal pinkwashing" needed exposure! Shame on the US and Israel.

      "As far as I remember Israel left Gaza in August 2005. Gaza has some hospitals. Why Hamas doesn’t invest in developing these hospitals and prefer to invest their money on weapons and tunnels and launching rockets over Israel?"

      Hey~ you blew up hospitals and patients and ambulances. Your DM has threatened to destroy all of Gaza.

      "Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Monday that Israel’s next war with Gaza militants would be their last “because we will completely destroy them.”"

      Get it? Gaza and Palestine and every Palestinian is the target and the victim~ not you.

  • Just World Books publishes second edition of 'The Gaza Kitchen' featuring new culinary specialties
    • Beautiful and great news! Congratulations to all and many thanks for the recipe(s)!

      This preservation and celebration of Palestinian culture, food, history and hospitality is critically and vitally important and very much appreciated. Yay to all of the women, children, and men who support this magnificent and sustaining project!

      Thanks Annie!

  • Cut from Clinton speech: Palestinians 'yearn for freedom... behind checkpoints and roadblocks'
    • Look what some Israel- first Republican congressmen have done:

      "A group of Republican Senators has sent a letter to President Obama on Wednesday urging him to suspend ties with UNESCO following a controversial resolution on Jerusalem holy sites.

      “Given that U.S. law already forbids American taxpayer money going to UNESCO, we urge your administration to join Israel in suspending ties to UNESCO,” the letter, signed by Senators Marco Rubio, Johnny Isakson, Mark Kirk and David Perdue, reads.

      “In 1984, the U.S. severed ties with UNESCO due to disparities between American foreign policy goals and UNESCO’s agenda. Because UNESCO continues to deviate from its founding mission and adopt one-sided, anti-Israel resolutions, it is time for the U.S. to stand with Israel and suspend our ties ....”

      The resolution, entitled “Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls,” was approved by secret ballot, with 10 voting in favor, eight opposed, two abstentions and one delegate, from Jamaica, absent. Tanzania and the Philippines reportedly voted against the resolution.

      Haaretz reported that the U.S. helped Israel to try to recruit countries that would demand a vote, thereby enable countries interested in doing so to vote for or against, or to abstain.

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Wednesday that Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama-Hacohen was recalled for consultations to protest the anti-Israel bias at the UN.”The theater of the absurd continues,” Netanyahu said during a speech at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. “We will decide what to do and what further steps to take against this organization.”

      In the letter sent to the president, the Republican senators, three of which are running for reelection on November 8th, write: “At a time when the Middle East is in turmoil and historical heritage sites are being destroyed by groups such as ISIS, it is imperative that the U.S. stands with Israel, our closest ally and the sole democracy in the region. Recent UNESCO resolutions that deny Jewish and Christian ties to holy sites in Jerusalem not only reinforces the necessity of withholding American funding from this counterproductive UN organization, but also call into question future U.S. membership in UNESCO.”"

      read more:

  • B'Tselem calls on world to 'intervene' to stop 'more perfect occupation,' and Netanyahu goes ballistic
    • Thanks for a good and frighteningly honest answer, abc.

      I'm terribly frightened for the human victims of the MIC, the animals, our climate, and the dwindling numbers of actual humanists who give a *&^%$#@#$!

      The other night I heard again an interview on TRMS from just over 4 yrs ago on PBS. It worth a look and listen... perhaps:

      "Former Justice Souter: ‘Pervasive civic ignorance’ in U.S. could bring dictatorship"

    • Thanks for coming back, Mondoweiss.

      Thanks for this important coverage of Hagai El- Ad's important, moving, and truthful testimony @ the UN, Phil.

      I'm quite sure that you've seen this by now:

      "Coalition Chairman Threatens to Strip Citizenship of Israeli Activist Who Criticized Occupation at UN

      B'Tselem CEO Hagai El-Ad 'should find himself another citizenship,' Likud lawmaker Bitan says after head of nonprofit called on UN Security Council to take action against occupation.
      'Hunting season has started,' Meretz chairwoman tweets."

      read more:

      This is only the latest unveiling of the despicable Occupiers. Will enough humans care???

  • Shimon Peres, dead at 93
    • Thank you Mondoweiss.

      Here's another piece well worth reading by Haggai Matar:

      "The other, darker legacy of Shimon Peres
      Shimon Peres, the last member of Israel’s founding generation, was feted internationally as a visionary man of peace. His legacy is in fact far more complex, and often nefarious ..."

      (The original version and title of this article when I read it this morning was much more accurate... "Peres Gump: The man who was part of every bad decision in israeli history"~ the title is still embedded in the link)

  • Five US citizens detained, interrogated, denied entry to Israel
    • Another 5 (five) reasons...

      AGAIN~ the US Department of State and its icky ambassador in the US Embassy (Daniel B. Shapiro) do absolutely NOTHING. Your tax dollars at work.

  • Who has ever succeeded in taming patriotism?
  • America's iron fist in the Middle East
  • Video: Palestinian swimmer overcomes Israeli restrictions to prepare for Rio Olympics
    • Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

      I'm wishing for your good health and presence here, there, and everywhere, Citizen.

    • THE reason to tune in to Rio! Best of luck to Mary and Musa.

      The world will be watching~ perhaps they'll finally act with a big, huge BDS! Thank you Jimmy Hutcheon and Chloé Rouveyrolles.

  • Modern-day lynchings: an international view
    • A searingingly honest and important article that connects the terrible dots.

      Thank you Doctor Rothchild~ for everything you do.

      I often wonder why sound mental healthcare is so underfunded/unappreciated/unnoticed. I think most folks could use a checkup~ not for a label, but to talk with a caring professional who actually gets 'it'. Perhaps society and friends can and need to step up to the plate of caring for one another in lieu of pros and in the face of stigma associated with mental health care.

  • Marching to Cuomo's house (Updated)
    • "anti- peace"~ how ?

      "discriminatory"~ how ?

      How in the heck does a "state" in the US stand "shoulder to shoulder with Israel and fellow states across the nation in condemning this patently prejudiced campaign.” ?

      Ridiculous Ziobubblespeak.

      Thanks annie and thanks to Adalah- NY et al.

      BDS!!! Vote Cuomo and his minions out! pssst~ pass it around!

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