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  • Sports and the Palestinian BDS Struggle (Part 3): Looking Ahead
    • Pu-leeze!

      Of course it practices "racist apartheid in the realm of sports", etc. For example:

      "The most vocal supporters of Beitar Jerusalem make up the controversial nationalist La Familia group.[25] These fans are well known for their hatred of Arabs and their pride in the fact that Beitar Jerusalem is the only team in the IPL that has never had an Arab player, even though it had several players of the Islamic faith (Non-Arabs). Fans in and out of the stadium's stands chant anti-Arab and racist slogans. The club has also been penalized many times for the behavior of its fans."

      In case you haven't heard:

      "Apartheid wears a veil" by Jonathan Ofir


      "UN bowed to ‘fearmongering and threats’ from powerful governments to cover up ‘painful truth’ of Israeli apartheid — UN official’s resignation letter" - See more at:

      Oh, and then there are those teams that play in and around the illegal settlements. Then there's the targeting of Palestinian players by all the goons in your IOF/border police/illegal settler thugs. On and on and on...

      Perhaps you can read it and share it with your students...

  • Young Jews resist AIPAC-- even as Democrats' 'progressive' thinktank sends a crew to speak there
  • Defying settlers and Islamophobic legislators, Palestinians build 240-foot minaret in Jerusalem
    • It is surreal that Erdan et al have no clue where the mapping office really is... it goes to their thieving and supremacist groupthink:

      "Israel’s Closure of East Jerusalem Mapping Office Was Mistake

      Jerusalem police and the Public Security Ministry were not aware until last week of the precise border of the city. Figures in both organizations mistakenly believed that the Hadoar neighborhood (Dahiyat al-Barid), is within the boundaries of the capital when it is in fact in the southern part of Al-Ram, a town in the West Bank.

      On the basis of this lack of knowledge, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan last Tuesday ordered the closure for six months of the Cartographic Section of the Arab Studies Center, whose offices are in the Hirbawi building in Dahiyat al-Barid. The closure order signed by Erdan stated that the offices served as a “representation of the Palestinian Authority” that operated without a permit and in violation of the Oslo Accords in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina, within the boundaries of the State of Israel. ...

      The separation barrier that Israel built in the 2000s does not follow Jerusalem’s municipal boundaries. It left part of Dahiyat al-Barid “on the Israeli side.” Residents of the West Bank who live in the neighborhood have permits that allow them to pass through the Qalandiyah checkpoint to reach their homes, but if they cross the road just meters to the west or the south, they risk being arrested for being in Jerusalem without a permit.

      Neither police nor the Public Security Ministry commented by press time."

      read more:

      Ho- hum, no apologies, business as usual. Thanks, Kate.

    • Such a depressing read, except about the new minaret!

      It seems that the US and Israel are ganging up again in their unholy alliance to prevent justice and deny human rights and abuse:

      "Israel, U.S. Trying to Persuade Western Countries to Oppose Five anti-Israel UN Resolutions


      Israel and the United States are cooperating to persuade as many Western countries as possible to oppose, or to at least abstain from voting on, five anti-Israeli resolutions scheduled for voting at the United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday, a Foreign Ministry official said on Monday. 

      The U.S. boycotted UNHRC discussions on the five resolutions on Monday, adding that it would be voting against them.

      The five resolutions coming up for discussion and voting are pursuant to Agenda Item 7 of the UNHRC. The section is unusual in being devoted entirely to human rights abuses by Israel. As no other country has been treated similarly, Israel claims that the item is an example of the council’s bias against it. 

      The discussion on the resolutions took place on Sunday, and the votes will be held toward the end of the week, apparently on Friday.

      The five resolutions touch on the state of human rights in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heighs, construction in the territories, and the need for accountability in respect to human rights violations by Israel.

      The five decisions come up for voting yearly and are passed by a majority. In discussions held between Palestinians and European and Arab nations, a large part of the most problematic parts for Israel were softened, but the resolutions still level biting criticism at Israel. 

      As far as Israel is concerned, the most problematic part lies in the resolution touching on settlements in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, which will include a call on the nations of the world and private enterprises to stop all commercial activity – direct or indirect – with the settlements. The resolution will also call for a special discussion on the topic of the settlements in the next meeting of the UNHRC later this year.

      The resolution on the settlements will also accuse Israel of deliberate, institutionalized discriminatory policy against the Palestinians, de-jure and de-facto annexation of territories on the backdrop of expropriation, and creating a one-state reality with unequal rights for Palestinian citizens. The resolution engaging in accountability will criticize Israel for harming human rights organizations and constraining their activity.

      A top official at the Foreign Ministry assessed that the resolutions are likely to pass, since the Palestinians have an automatic majority in the UNHRC.

      However, he stressed, Israel’s purpose is to ensure that the nations of Europe and other Western countries vote against the resolutions, or at least abstain from them. The senior Israeli official said the Palestinians are trying to reach a consensus with the European nations about the formulation of the resolutions, to enable their vote of support. He emphasized that Israel, with the help of the U.S., is trying to break the European consensus. 


      The official added that some weeks ago, Israel contacted the Trump administration and asked to coordinate activity in Geneva and other capitals around the world against the resolutions. A request to this effect was also transferred to U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, who undertook to help. Israel’s permanent envoy to the UN and other international institutions in Geneva, Aviva Raz Shechter, has been working in recent days with American representatives to influence Germany, Britain and other countries, hoping to persuade them to oppose the resolutions or abstain. The Foreign Ministry has instructed Israel’s ambassadors in the capitals of the countries that sit on the UNHRC to work with top political echelons in these places and ask them to vote against or abstain.

      As part of the coordination between Israel and the U.S., the Trump administration decided to boycott the discussion on the anti-Israeli resolutions held in Geneva on Monday. Mark Toner, spokesman for the U.S. State Department, stated that the U.S. believes the UNHRC is biased against Israel, which is why they decided not to participate in the Monday discussion on Agenda Item 7.

      “It does not serve the interests of the Council to single out one country in an unbalanced matter,” Toner said. He added that later this week the U.S. will vote against all the anti-Israeli resolutions and would encourage other countries to do the same. 

      Under former U.S. President George W. Bush, Washington withdrew from the UNHRC and only returned when Barack Obama came to the Oval Office. In recent weeks, the Trump administration has been examining the continuing activity of the UNHRC and possibly withdrawing from it again. 

      Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu raised the topic with U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence during his visit to Washington in mid-February. A top Israeli official said it was agreed that Israel and the U.S. would hold talks on the matter to shape joint policy toward the UNHRC."

      “Our position is that the U.S. shouldn’t be on the [UN]HRC, and Netanyahu made that clear,” the official said. 

      Deputy Minister Michael Oren said much the same in a phone call last week with the U.S. secretary of state’s aide for international organizations. Oren clarified that the U.S. cannot really influence the council from the inside, so it would be better if it left it altogether."

      read more:

  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • "The undeniable truth is out."

      Yes it is. Thank you for your entire comment, xanadou.

      Compare and contrast the following:

      "Arab Diplomat Behind UN's Israel 'Apartheid' Report to Get Top Palestinian Honor

      The nixed report said Israel established an 'apartheid regime that dominates the Palestinian people' – an accusation never before made by a UN body."

      read more:


      "Israel to Give Highest Honor to Leader of Group That Settles Jews in Arab Jerusalem

      David Be'eri, the director of Elad, is one of the founders of the Jewish enclave in the Arab neighborhood of Silwan in Jerusalem. Be'eri is 'one of the great builders of Jerusalem in modern times,' Education Minister Bennett says."

      read more:

      Now this:

      "Who Are You Applauding, Israel?

      The selection of this year’s winners of the Israel Prize for lifetime achievement and exceptional contribution to the nation should not be taken lightly: For the first time in its history, the state has decided to award its highest honor to the occupation. It has never done that before, certainly not so crassly, without a whit of shame, without downcast eyes, blinking, stuttering or beating around the bush.

      The prize is to be awarded to an occupier and his accomplices. One is a direct accomplice, a racist and deeply malicious ultranationalist. The other is an accomplice of the army, an indirect accomplice of the occupation, filled with good intentions. Both will receive the Israel Prize, setting a new record in Israel’s moral decline. An enterprise that began in secret, hesitantly and with a hint of shame, gradually gained legitimacy and ballooned to monstrous proportions, now garners awards.

      In a normal country, David Be’eri’s place would be in court. The history of Elad, the association he founded, is paved with typical settler fraudulence: straw companies, collaborators, forged documents, extortion, bribery and greed, together with violent security companies, militias that wreak terror. This rot will now get a prize. Be’eri’s patently immoral goal justifies any means, in his view. Under the guise of archaeology, beautification and tourism, his vile and transparent aim is Judaization, in other words ethnic cleansing. Transfer in Jerusalem. The judiciary made it legal, the state cooperated and is now cheering as well.

      For whom do you cheer, Israel? For the man who expelled thousands from their homes and made miserable the lives of tens of thousands? For the man who turned a Palestinian village into a Jewish tourist site? It’s a pity the prize jury didn’t bother to visit Silwan. Their prizewinner is the one responsible for violently goading residents of the weak and downtrodden neighborhood, where Israeli flags and armed guards bully them day and night.

      It’s a pity the jury members never witnessed people being turned out of their homes and into the street, on the orders of Be’eri and his gang. Be’eri doesn’t care, but awarding the prize to someone of his ilk, who supports and carries out population transfer, redefines Israel: From now on it is proud of its crimes. That was never the case before.

      The winner of the year’s second Israel Prize for lifetime achievement is undoubtedly well-intentioned. Zvi Levy is a kibbutznik and a senior officer in the reserves, who decided to devote his life to helping lone soldiers — soldiers without family in Israel — and the needy. Nothing wrong with that. But why, of all the needy people of the state and its victims, did he choose soldiers? Not the poor or the disabled, not refugees or old people, not Ethiopians or Palestinians, but soldiers. Thus Levy continues the inglorious tradition of begging on behalf of the last group to need aid.

      The army, drowning in its allocations, cannot be counted among Israel’s needy. Soldiers, some of whom carry out evil acts of the occupation, do not deserve it. The decision to give the prize to Levy, who uses a wheelchair and a respirator, while touching, is questionable.

      That decision, too, is not coincidental. The state, which in this case (and others) is ... Naftali Bennett, decided to give its highest accolade in the realm of social affairs to an accomplice of the occupation and an accomplice of the army. That says something about the state’s priorities and everything about its values.

      And who is cheering this dispiriting trumpet blast? The opposition. Yesh Atid Chairman Yair Lapid, of course: “You are the proof that love of country and unity are the way,” he declaimed, as he does about everything, and the masses of fools who follow him stuck his words on their refrigerator doors.

      But Zionist Union Chairman Isaac Herzog won the contest for “most cloying” by a knockout. He called Be’eri “a scholar and revealer of Jerusalem’s secrets,” after congratulating “Zvika and Davideleh,” for “their great projects for the people and the state.” The transfer contractor is the “revealer of Jerusalem’s secrets,” and Herzog is the revealer of Israel’s secrets: The entire state is Elad."

      read more:

      He nailed it. Again.

    • Rima Khalaf is indeed heroic and is the epitome of integrity. Her letter is stark, true, and extraordinary. So are her actions.

      The truth that millions have known, suffered, and anguished over is out in the sunlight. Nothing and nobody can bury it ever again.

      Thank you, Lena Khalaf Tuffaha and Nada Elia. Thank you, MW.

  • Head of UN agency resigns after refusing to retract report calling Israel an 'apartheid regime'
    • "For millions of Jewish Israelis , immigrants or native-born, this is our home."

      Who do you think that you are kidding, jon s?

      Are you inviting me for a tear gas/ bullet free cuppa, or what?


      ~How many (and which) languages have you mastered?

      ~ How many (and which) passports do you hold legally?

      ~What do you teach your students? Please tell.

      Thanks in advance. Tout à l'heure.

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
  • David Friedman faces Senate vote, as leading rabbi calls him a 'bomb' (and not in a good way)
  • Banksy's 'Walled Off Hotel' is a form of gentrification
    • Thanks for all of the comments.

      "Don’t believe only bad things happen in Palestine...

      Banksy’s Walled Off hotel and Yaqoub Shaheen’s Arab Idol victory offered good news to an area that sorely needs it

      Two excited crowds gathered in Bethlehem yesterday afternoon, one outside Banksy’s new hotel by the barrier wall, hoping for a glimpse of the internationally famous artist’s latest venture. The much larger, louder group was waiting beside the Church of the Nativity, to welcome a returning local hero, winner of the regional talent competition Arab Idol.

      Hundreds of mostly young men and women roared when 23-year-old Yaqoub Shaheen was carried on to the stage in Manger Square. “He’s a Palestinian who shows we have talent regardless of the pressure on us,” said Yasmin el-Ramahi, a classmate of Shaheen’s, from primary school to graduation, and thrilled at seeing him again. Banksy? “Never heard of him.”

      Few knew of the British street artist, although several recognised snapshots of his protest art, including a dove in a flak jacket and a girl frisking a soldier. Banksy’s work is more famous than his name, said souvenir shop owner Nabil Giacoman, who does a brisk trade in magnets, postcards and carvings of the artist’s work. Palestinians are grateful for the international attention he has brought their fight for a state and against Israel’s barrier wall. “I like that he shows you how we are suffering, the truth about our situation.

      News of Banksy’s Walled Off hotel, which grabbed international headlines on Friday, had yet to make it a few miles down the road inside the West Bank. That may have been partly because the town was seized with excitement about Shaheen’s return, a free concert and a rare opportunity for untempered celebration.

      While Palestinians do not want their fight forgotten, nor do they want to be known only for their troubles. Shaheen, a Christian carpenter’s son who celebrated his win by singing a patriotic song with the Palestinian flag draped around his shoulders, brought them joy and solidarity, they said.

      He was carried to victory on a wave of millions of popular votes, many of them from Muslim Palestinians who made up a large part of the crowd waiting to welcome him. “Anyone who represents Palestine in a bright way is a good thing. At the end of the day, we are all one people,” said Mujahid Yahya, a Muslim fan who had travelled for over two hours from Jenin to see Shaheen. “We need someone of this calibre to represent us.”

      “The feeling of being Palestine and Bethlehem is worth the whole world,” Shaheen said. “I will travel but I will return home.”..."

    • OK.

      I am already very informed about the "Palestinian struggle" for freedom, justice, security and RoR, etc. I have been speaking, reading, and advocating for all of those rights for all of my adult life~ starting in my teens. I'll never give up.

      Banksy's hotel is a welcome invitation to travelers to have 'the' conversation, imho. Think of all of the Christian Zionists that might actually book a room in Bethlehem. His art has always drawn curious and appreciative folks and that is what Palestine and the Palestinians need. More informed people and advocates are better than fewer, n'est ce pas?

      I want to stay there one day.

  • A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists
    • "Traveling to Oxford to Debate the Two-state Solution

      Gideon Levy May 29, 2016 5:06 AM

      The debate over Israel’s future is not taking place in Israel. It is taking place everywhere but Israel. Israel is not dealing with its future – it is dealing with its present and, mainly, its past. People don’t talk about the future here. Nobody knows where we are going and, even more amazingly, where we want to go. What will we be in another 10 or 20 years? What about after that? And what do want there to be here besides “peace and security,” blah, blah, blah? The world is more preoccupied with this than we are.

      Last week – just an ordinary week – there were more discussions taking place in Britain over potential solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than in an entire year in Israel. In London and Oxford, in universities and in Parliament, various forums debated the one-state solution versus the two-state one, a discussion the likes of which is hardly ever held here. We live in denial and repression, our heads in the sand, distracted, evading the question, engaging in nonsense and hoping for the best. No good can come of this.

      The Oxford Union’s Thursday Debate discusses the Middle East a great deal, certainly more than any Israeli student union does. Just over a week ago, a proposal was raised at this venerable and prestigious student organization that the two-state solution is no longer viable. It wasn’t only the strict dress code (black tie), ceremonial trappings and traditional photograph that were foreign to Israelis – so too was the very fact of debating such a fateful question about Israel’s future.

      The question before this closed debating club, founded in 1823 – and where four U.S. presidents and 12 British prime ministers have appeared, including Winston Churchill – was: “This House Believes A Two-State Solution in the Middle East is Unattainable.”

      Unfortunately, a majority of “this House” rejected the proposition, perhaps because most of the members of the union are wealthy, white conservatives and its president is Jewish. The vote is taken at the doors: Those leaving by the right-hand door are for the proposal, those leaving by the left-hand one are against it. (The Ayes were 37 percent, the Nos 63 percent.)
      I spoke for the proposition and exited using the right-hand door. Unusually for me, I was in favor of something. But it did not help.

      In this weighty session, there was some comic relief. Yiftah Curiel, head spokesman of the Israeli Embassy in London, said the two-state solution was still attainable and that Israel supported it. Do you get it? Israel claims it supports two states – perhaps because it has realized that a two-state solution is no longer viable. What has prevented Israel from implementing this solution over the past 50 or so years of occupation? And how does the official representative of the state – which has never ceased building more and more settlements, the entire purpose of which is to thwart the two-state solution – dare say that Israel is in favor of dividing the land?

      But Israeli chutzpah knows no bounds, and neither does the temerity of its propagandists. The fact is, they won once again at the Oxford debate. The fact is, they continue to spread fear about anti-Semitism within the British Labour Party, even though it does not really exist - certainly not as it is portrayed here in Israel. But propaganda is propaganda.

      Almost all Israelis are against the one-state solution, which the Zionist movement fears above all, and that is their right. Many of them continue to mumble “two states,” as if talking in their sleep, and that, too, is their right. Only a few ask themselves if this solution is still attainable; whether Israel ever intended to implement it and what prevented its implementation. And they never discuss the alternatives. Such is inconceivable Israeli escapism.

      This Thursday ... , members of the Oxford Union will once again don their bow ties and meet to debate the proposal, “This House Believes Technology Companies Should Prevent Government Access to Consumers’ Data.” Once again they will debate here, and once again they will go out via the door they have selected. The fate of the Israeli occupation touches their lives far less than the debate on privacy. And yet they dealt with it seriously and passionately. Only in Israel is it treated otherwise."

      read more:

    • Thanks so much for posting those precious minutes of Gideon Levy's argument, John.

      I have always respected honesty and sincerity. Gideon Levy has both.

    • Another fabulous (if terribly sad and gut- wrenching) article, Jonathan. Thank you for laying it out so well and for including Gideon Levy's eleventh point. His was, as usual, a good opinion piece. This is another article of y ours that I will send to the willfully and seemingly blissfully blinkered people that I know~ the ones that sip/smoke/absorb Ziocaine and still believe the propaganda of and for Israel.

      Some of them can even read. Whether they will is another question, of course.

  • Video: 'Apartheid has been here for ages. It doesn't really bother us' -- Israeli comedian says in closing act
    • I believe that Allison Deger is "local".

      iirc, David Sheen and Dan Cohen are often in the area.

    • Link to hotel's website~ great info and more pictures.

    • Simply honest. Kudos to him and his fans. Shame on those that have threatened him. They deserve to be found and punished, but that would never happen in Israel...

      Thanks so much for highlighting this, Allison. I saw the video early this morning.

      O/T, but Banksy rocks!!!

      "'Worst view in the world': Banksy opens hotel overlooking Bethlehem wall

      Exclusive: British artist launches Walled Off hotel in hope of bringing Israeli tourists – and dialogue – to West Bank city

      The Walled Off hotel may sound utilitarian, even bleak. Its owner says it has “the worst view of any hotel in the world”, while its 10 rooms get just 25 minutes of direct sunlight a day.

      But, nestled against the controversial barrier wall separating Israel from the Palestinian territories, the West Bank’s answer to the Waldorf offers travellers something more elusive than any luxury destination.

      The lodging in Bethlehem is a hotel, museum, protest and gallery all in one, packed with the artworks and angry brilliance of its owner, British street artist Banksy. ..."

      Must see pictures and more @


      "Hotel Occupation //Banksy takes on Israel's West Bank barrier with hotel with 'worst view in the world'"

      More pictures and information @ :

  • Justin Trudeau's choice
    • Terrific cartoon, Carlos!

      Trudeau could become the best ever PM of Canada and distinguished leader/exemplar of justice if he would listen to "his people" and start the sanction train that Israel so richly deserves.

      How I wish that the majority of Americans could evolve beyond their steadfast and wilfully blind support for the wicked atrocities of Israel.

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
    • Two things:

      "“But there are a couple of million people that we’re responsible for, and they’re in a horrible state. Infrastructure, food, healthcare, education. Millions who are living in abject poverty. Gaza is on the verge of plague, hours on end without electricity or water, Israel controls everything that goes in or out” Harel said."- See more at:

      Finally, the truth. This is a fact. Israel is responsible for the living lives and those that they've destroyed of the Occupied Palestinians who have suffered under Israeli military Occupation. There are an endless (and observed) number of laws that Israel violates every. single. day. The indigenous Palestinians are always their target/victims.

      So then I read this, and I recommend reading Carolina Landsmann's entire interview of Ahmad Tibi:

      "The Arab lawmaker vying to be prime minister of a utopian Israeli-Palestinian state
      Which flag? Which religion? And what about the army? Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi lays out his vision for the one-state solution ...

      ...Do you think a state like that would be able to fulfill the national aspirations of the Palestinian people? Can you envisage a single state, in which Jews and Palestinians live, that meets the criterion of Palestinian self-determination?

      “Those who support it as a first option think so. When the Palestinian national movement was founded, it spoke of one state. The Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish told me, two years before he died, that two states is the possible solution, one state is the just solution. Why is it just? Because all the refugees will return; Jews will live where they want, Palestinians will live where they want; and there will be no problem of borders.”

      Can the Zionist dream be realized in the one-state format?

      “Not in the way you demonstrate Zionism to us on a daily basis. You know, we get lessons in Zionism: in laws, in the definition of the state, in the attitude toward the Arab Other. Zionism prefers the Jew over the non-Jew. And that’s translated into a discriminatory approach toward Arabs in Israel and across the Green Line: through the Law of Return, through the Jewish National Fund, through land seizures. Zionism advocates ‘a nation that dwells alone.’ Zionism will come to the end of its road in a one-state format.”..."

      read more:

      How I wish that Tony Klug could and would have explored and focused on Zionism as the root of this problem and his own discomfort rather than to dwell on his preoccupation that he has with Israel's "legitimacy" and "global anti-Semitism".

      He never mentioned Zionism. I have to wonder why.

      Thanks, Phil.

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • "i don’t run it, not even moderating anymore. these are my personal comments."

      Huge loss for all of us that you are not "moderating anymore". I do so appreciate your "personal comments", dear Annie. You have a huge heart and a very thoughtful, informed, and engaged brain. I respect you very much.

      MW is richer and more successful because of you.

  • Are Bannon and Trump turning U.S. anti-immigrant enforcement agencies into their own paramilitary force?
    • "And just exactly who will investigate as the reports of Border Patrol and ICE abuses continue to stream in?"

      Not Jeff Sessions and not the FBI and not the CIA nor anyone that is Trump.

      Last month, I cited this about Kirchner here @ MW:

      ""Former Executive Director of Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR Joins Trump Administration

      Julie Kirchner, the former executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has been named chief of staff at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the largest federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

      Kirchner worked at America’s most influential anti-immigrant organization for almost ten years before leaving in 2015 to become an immigration advisor to the Trump campaign.

      The appointment, reported by multiple sources, suggests that President Trump intends to follow through with his promises to anti-immigrant advocates. Throughout his campaign, Trump worked closely with nativist leaders and has appointed individuals such as U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) and Mike Pompeo (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) who maintain cozy relationships with America’s anti-immigrant movement.

      After Trump’s election, and certainly throughout his campaign, nativists have rejoiced with their newfound intimacy with the White House, and Kirchner’s appointment is only the latest of extremists groups suddenly enjoying a direct line to federal power.

      Since its founding in 1979, FAIR has push an agenda centered on a complete moratorium on all immigration to the United States and defined by vicious attacks on non-white immigrants. Its founder was white nationalist John Tanton, an avowed eugenicist who created the modern anti-immigrant movement in the United States. ...""

      Did you read this?

      "US border agents ask Muhammad Ali's son: 'Are you a Muslim?'

      Boxing legend’s 44-year-old son detained and questioned about religion after flying back to US from Jamaica, lawyer says

      Border agents detained and questioned the son of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali about his religion when he flew back to the US this month, a family lawyer said.

      “Where did you get your name from? Are you a Muslim?” they asked the 44-year-old Muhammad Ali Jr, who was born in Philadelphia and is a US citizen.

      When Ali confirmed to immigration officials at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood international airport in Florida that he was a Muslim, they began questioning him about where he was born, family friend and lawyer Chris Mancini told the Courier-Journal newspaper. The questioning lasted for about two hours.

      Ali had been at a black history month event in Jamaica with his mother, Khalilah Camacho-Ali. She was allowed to enter the country after producing a photo of herself with her famous ex-husband, who died last year, but her son had nothing to prove his link to the boxer.

      The 7 February incident was the first time the family had been detained or questioned in this way, despite regular international travel, Mancini said.

      They consider it religious profiling linked to President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to bring in a “Muslim ban” and his now-suspended executive order banning citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the US.

      “To the Ali family, it’s crystal clear that this is directly linked to Mr Trump’s efforts to ban Muslims from the United States,” Mancini said, adding that they were trying to find out how many others faced similar questioning, and were contemplating filing a federal lawsuit.

      “Imagine walking into an airport and being asked about your religion,” Mancini told the paper. “This is classic customs profiling.”

      Ali’s is the latest in a string of complaints about US immigration controls after the inauguration of Trump.

      The former prime minister of Norway was held for nearly an hour at Washington Dulles airport earlier this month and questioned over a visit to Iran three years ago, which he had made to speak at a human rights conference. ...

      ... A British Muslim schoolteacher travelling to New York last week as a member of a school party from south Wales was denied entry to the US. The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, had previously claimed the US government had committed to allowing all UK passport holders to enter the country."

      more @

  • Palestinian children get longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier got for killing a Palestinian
  • Campus wars
    • Cheers, gamal.

      LTE in today's Guardian:

      "Free speech on Israel under attack in universities

      The spike in far-right antisemitic incidents on UK campuses that you report (UK universities urged to act over spate of antisemitic stickers and graffiti, 18 February) seems to reflect the increase in xenophobia since the Brexit vote.

      Yet the government has “adopted” the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance definition of antisemitism, which can be and is being read as extending to criticism of Israel and support for Palestinian rights, an entirely separate issue, as prima facie evidence of antisemitism. This definition seeks to conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.

      Now Jo Johnson, the government minister whose brief includes universities, has written to Universities UK asking for this definition to be disseminated throughout the system. His letter specifically mentions Israeli Apartheid Week (a worldwide activity at this time of year since 2005) as a cause for concern.

      The response has been swift. Late last week, in haste and clearly without legal advice, the University of Central Lancashire banned a meeting that was to be addressed by journalist Ben White as well as by academics. The university statement asserted that the meeting on “Debunking misconceptions on Palestine” contravened the definition of antisemitism recently adopted by the government, and would therefore not be lawful.

      Meanwhile, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, a body set up during the Israeli assault on Gaza in 2014, cites this definition in asking its supporters to “record, film, photograph and get witness evidence” about Israeli Apartheid Week events; and “we will help you to take it up with the university, students’ union or even the police”.

      These are outrageous interferences with free expression, and are direct attacks on academic freedom. As academics with positions at UK universities, we wish to express our dismay at this attempt to silence campus discussion about Israel, including its violation of the rights of Palestinians for more than 50 years. It is with disbelief that we witness explicit political interference in university affairs in the interests of Israel under the thin disguise of concern about antisemitism."

      Signatories @

    • What's "SJW"???

      Once you clear that up, can you provide evidence for your following assertion?

      "Oh please, SJWs push for attacking people they deem Nazis all the time!"

      As for your lame defense of Spencer and Duke and their ilk...

      Have you ever heard of incitement? How about instigation? How about banning and punishing human beings committed to justice? How about suppressing pacific ideas while protecting other folks/nations committing constant and relentless violations of international laws and crimes against humanity?

    • Thank you for all that you are doing for justice, Nada.

      This is hopeful:

      "Ken Loach backs controversial Israel conference

      A conference on Israeli “exceptionalism” will go ahead in Ireland this spring, organizers insisted ...

      Supporters of the event – organized by University College Cork academics – include Ken Loach, director of the award-winning movie I, Daniel Blake, and Desmond Tutu, the South African archbishop.

      The conference program was released this week. Richard Falk, a former UN special rapporteur on the occupied West Bank and Gaza, will give the keynote address.

      Titled “International Law and the State of Israel: Legitimacy, Responsibility and Exceptionalism,” the conference was initially scheduled to take place at the UK’s University of Southampton in 2015.

      But it was banned in the UK two years running, after the university came under intense pressure from government ministers and Israel lobby groups.

      James Bowen, a professor in University College Cork and an organizer of the conference, told The Electronic Intifada that a venue had been secured.

      He said that reports in The Irish Times last month that the conference had been canceled or postponed were false. An article about the conference was later altered, and the word “cancels” was removed from the headline.

      Other speakers scheduled to participate in panels include Israeli historian Ilan Pappe; Palestinian author Ghada Karmi; Hatem Bazian from the University of California, Berkeley; noted Palestinian cartographer Salman Abu-Sitta and Israeli human rights lawyer Leah Tsemel.

      Many of the speakers, including Karmi and Pappe, are noted supporters of a unitary democratic state for Palestinians and Israelis.

      Academic freedom

      But the conference will also feature pro-Israel speakers Geoffrey Alderman and Alan Johnson. Alderman is a hard-right Zionist historian, while Johnson is senior research fellow for an Israel lobby group, the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre.

      Statements of support have been posted on the organizers’ website from Noam Chomsky, Desmond Tutu, philosopher Judith Butler, former British government minister Clare Short, journalist John Pilger, campaigning lawyer Michael Mansfield and filmmaker Ken Loach.

      “This conference is all the more urgent given that Israel has continually broken international law with impunity,” Loach wrote. “The attacks on universities who wished to hold this conference make it all the more imperative that it should take place. It is the job of universities to defend academic freedom.”

      The Board of Deputies of British Jews led the 2015 charge to have the conference banned in Southampton, claiming it was “an international gathering of anti-Zionists who were using the cover of a distinguished university to promote their view.”

      The director of research at the university’s school of law wrote at the time that the cancellation occurred because of “the bullying and threats of the Israeli lobby” and that the university’s capitulation was “outrageous.”

      Pro-Israel lobbyists claimed responsibility for having the original conference canceled, with one telling The Jewish Chronicle that the “health and safety” justification was a pretext.

      The University of Southampton has refused to release correspondence with pro-Israel groups and others regarding the conference requested under the Freedom of Information Act by The Electronic Intifada.

      The university claimed that releasing documents, even redacted, to a publication based in the United States would breach data protection provisions in UK law."

      Hurrah for UCC!

      This conference is also promising:

      March 24, 2017 at the National Press Club, Washington, DC"

      from the link at the top of MW's homepage:

  • Israel bars Human Rights Watch director from entering country, calls org 'Palestinian propaganda'
    • Israel bars HRW.

      Just this month the US objected to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres' pick of former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad as the UN's representative to Libya.

      Today, I read this:

      "U.S. Reviewing Role in UN Human Rights Council: End Your 'Obsession With Israel'
      Senior U.S. official tells Human Rights Council it has to move away from 'unbalanced and unproductive positions.'"

      read more:

      Nothing to see here ... s.o.s.

    • Thanks, Annie.

      "What Does Israel Have to Hide? ...

      ... The foreign and interior ministries exploited a personnel change at Human Rights Watch, attempting to block the entry of the new Israel researcher. A spokesman cited the group’s “extreme, hostile and anti-Israel agenda.”

      This administrative decision of government officials reflects the policy of their political bosses and the paranoid, isolationist disposition of the Netanyahu administration. It is the conduct of regimes that seek to conceal human-rights violations. Israel, friendly foreign governments and representatives of world Judaism were among the main forces opposing disruptions to the monitoring of rights violations against Jews in the Soviet Union and in Arab states. Tyrannical regimes prioritize the suppression of their citizens above their international reputations.

      Beyond the fact that Israel is assuming characteristics of dark regimes, this archaic approach ignores the accessibility of information. Does anyone in the Foreign Ministry serious believe that the violation of human rights in Israel and the territories would remain secret if the researcher were to be kept out? That no one would know, or be able to provide proof, and that Israel would be acquitted due to a lack of evidence? Just the opposite, in fact: When Israel fails to cooperate, only its accusers’ side is heard. Even when the United States uses its veto power to defeat an anti-Israel resolution, it does not erase the accusations and only causes more damage to Israel’s image.

      It seems that the Trump administration, which seeks to shut America’s gates to foreigners, is giving the Netanyahu government a shot in the arm. Just as the fence that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu built along Israel’s border with Egypt anticipated the wall that President Donald Trump plans to build against Mexico, Netanyahu can claim primacy in this area too: In the past five years, the number of people refused entry into Israel rose ninefold. Trump still has a way to go.

      After U.S. officials expressed dissatisfaction with the Foreign Ministry’s decision, Netanyahu had to make a U-turn. Within hours, a firm refusal turned into willingness to issue the researcher with a tourist visa, a sort of suspended sentence whose erasure depends on the organization’s attitude toward Israel. But the destructive trend led by the right for the past several years continues, from a state that invited the world to come and marvel at its achievements, under Netanyahu Israel has become a state that is closed and closed off, fearful of foreigners who arrive and of Israelis who travel abroad (representatives of Breaking the Silence). It wants only visitors who won’t criticize it."

      read more:

      "Beyond the fact that Israel is assuming characteristics of dark regimes..."

      Israel has long evidenced those "characteristics".

  • The curious red line for Milo Yiannapoulos
  • From life in prison to 1.5 years - the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' sentence
    • Thank you, Jonathan and bintbiba.

      "Israeli Politicians Slam UN for Criticizing Extrajudicial Killing: 'Council of Terrorists' Rights'

      Israeli ministers responded with anger Friday after the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said that the 18-month sentence handed down to Israeli soldier Elor Azaria for killing a prone Palestinian assailant was "excessively lenient" and "unacceptable."

      Defense Minister Lieberman said the human rights council comments prove that "their moral compass is distorted. One bullet fired by Azaria at a terrorist is somehow more severe than millions of bullets murdering innocent people in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. As usual, this is the Israel hate council and not the human rights council."

      Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, blasted the council for "staying silent on the horrible crimes perpetrated by murderous regimes like Syria and Iran." He said that it was the "height of hypocrisy" to preach morality to the "only democracy in the Middle East. This is more proof that they are completely detached from reality – the validity of Israel's court system cannot be undermined."

      Education Minister Naftali Bennett took a more cynical tone, writing on Facebook that "between the 500,000 murdered by [Syria's President] Assad, ISIS' executioners and Iranian hangmen, there is no doubt that [Azaria's sentence] is the biggest problem in the Middle East."

      Following Azaria's sentencing, Bennett called for the soldier's pardon, saying "Elor was sent to protect Israelis at the height of a wave of Palestinian terror attacks. He cannot go to jail or we will all pay the price."

      Yair Lapid, the head of the centrist party Yesh Atid, which is not part of Netanyahu's government, also blasted what he called the "bias and anti-Semitic" human rights council, claiming he has repeatedly asked pro-Israeli lawmakers in the U.S. to cut its funding.  

      "The UN’s Human Rights Council did not announce this morning that it was concerned by the fact that half a million people were killed in Syria. It's also not concerned by the fact that LGBT people are hung in Iran… or even that Hamas' new leader has killed 12 people with his own hands. There is only one country in the Middle East where a soldier can go to prison for having killed a wounded enemy. Only one country with the rule of law. Only one country where such a trial could even take place. But the council of terrorist rights is concerned by us.”

      UN human rights spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani told a news briefing in Geneva on Friday that "this case risks undermining confidence in the justice system and reinforcing the culture of impunity" in Israel. ..."

      read more:

      Entirely predictable words and reactions.

    • A stellar dissection of the legendary injustice system of Israel, Jonathan. I eagerly await and appreciate your articles. Thank you so much for all that you do to educate and inform. It's so important that the 'official Hebrew' is translated, and you do it conscientously and determinedly. We all know that there is a different message for different folks, don't we?

      I posted Gideon Levy's column this morning:

      “Who Needs The Hague When You Have Israeli Army Justice?

      There’s nothing more Israeli than this court that gives a soldier, who killed a Palestinian in cold blood, a sentence fit for a bicycle thief."

      - See more at:

      I read this a little while ago:

      "Accepting the truth about Umm al-Hiran killing isn't enough

      The slander and lies that accompanied the lethal shooting of a Bedouin teacher in Umm al-Hiran last month were nothing out of the ordinary. Walking it back won’t be enough."

      The fish rots from the head. It fertilizes, nurtures, and energizes its constituents every minute of every day. Sometimes, the wickedness just takes over. Bottom up, top down.

      Please keep writing here, Jonathan. You're very much appreciated by this writer.

  • Transnational meetings & meals of resistance: Palestinian-Chileans show solidarity with the Mapuche, an indigenous nation of South America in active struggle for self-determination 
    • Thank you, Devin!

      You're a trailblazer and humanist. Forging solidarity is the way forward. "Transnational meetings & meals of resistance" is a beautiful thing, indeed. I really appreciated this:

      "...I pledged to share my experience and hope to further support Mapuche journeys for human rights, social health, with dignity equal to all peoples of the world, yet with laws tailored to their society, history, imaginations of a future free of unjust colonial rule–dreams as ancient as the rising sun, but fresh with nascent newen, spirit and strength. ..."

      I was chagrined and saddened to read this today:

      "Police remove last Standing Rock protesters in military-style takeover

      Armed occupation brought an anticlimactic and forlorn end to the camp, which had been home to thousands of activists opposing the Dakota Access pipeline"

      Thank you for your wonderful article, Devin. Congratulations on your scholarship, and good luck in your present and future endeavors.

  • Linda Sarsour raises over $100,000 to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery in Missouri
    • Bravo to Linda Sarsour and Tarek El-Messidi.

      I wonder how many contributors to this cause know that Israel regularly destroys and desecrates Palestinian cemeteries...

      "Israel razes Muslim graves in East Jerusalem cemetery

      Israeli authorities today demolished several graves in occupied East Jerusalem’s historical Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery east of Al-Aqsa Mosque, according to a Palestinian official. Israel had confiscated parts of this historical cemetery in September 2015.

      “Personnel from the so-called ‘Israeli Nature Authority’ – backed by large numbers of Israeli forces – stormed the historical Bab Al-Rahmeh cemetery and knocked down eight graves,” Mustafa Abu Zahra, head of the committee for the preservation of Islamic cemeteries in Jerusalem, told the Anadolu Agency. He added:

      Israel wants to transform the cemetery into a national park for Israeli Jews

      Bab Al-Rahmeh is a Muslim cemetery that dates back more than 1,400 years. It is considered one of East Jerusalem’s most important Islamic historical sites.

      Sheikh Omar Al-Qiswani, Al-Aqsa Mosque’s Palestinian director, denounced ongoing Israeli violations against Muslim sites in East Jerusalem.

      “Israel claims the graves are situated on land owned by the Israeli Nature Authority,” Al-Qiswani told Anadolu. “But Israel has no historical – or legal – basis on which to claim any right to the cemetery,” he said. “The site is an Islamic Waqf [endowment] and will remain so.”

      Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East War. It formally annexed the entire city in 1980, claiming it as its capital – a move never recognised by the international community."


      "Vandals destroy crosses at Beit Shemesh Christian cemeteryLatin Patriarchate of Jerusalem urges Israel to investigate desecration of dozens of graves at Beit Jamal Monastery"


      "Israel’s destruction of Mamilla cemetery part of effort to remove Palestine from Jerusalem

      Mamilla cemetery does not exist anymore. What exists now is a hotel, a school, a parking lot, a public garden, a nightclub and the US consulate. Also a museum to celebrate tolerance. But the meaning of tolerance in West Jerusalem, a few steps away from the Old City, is surreal — to build the story of a new Jerusalem, the Israeli authorities are erasing its past. Mamilla cemetery is a prominent cornerstone of the Arab, Islamic and Palestinian identity of the city. But today it’s a forgotten place.

      Since the creation of the State of Israel, the Israeli government has worked to remove the graveyard from the heart of West Jerusalem. “In 1948, the year of Nakba, the catastrophe of the Palestinian people, the upper part was immediately transformed into a public park, renamed ‘Independence Park’, aimed at celebrating the victory in the ’48 war. They created the garden, uprooting and removing dozens of ancient tombs.” explains Nader Dajani as he walks between what remains of the cemetery of his ancestors. The Dajani family is one of the most ancient and wealthy families in Palestine, several of its members are buried in Mamilla. ..."

      - See more at:


      Of course, some in the US are again actively seeking to also desecrate ancient burial grounds of the native Americans. African American cemeteries have also often been desecrated.

      Isn't it amazing how Israel and the US have much to be ashamed of and in common? It's not a coincidence...

  • 'All the houses received [demolition] orders': Israel to destroy entire Bedouin village in the West Bank
    • True, eljay.

      Here's something I just found:

      "Israel denies visas to staff from 'hostile' Human Rights Watch

      Decision to ban new HRW director from working in Israel is an ‘ominous turn’ and puts country in same league as North Korea says NGO

      Israel is refusing to issue visas to the international staff of one of the most prominent international human rights NGOs - Human Rights Watch – accusing the group of an “extreme, hostile and anti-Israel agenda.”

      The Israeli accusations against the organisation, which documents human rights abuses around the globe, follows a growth in official hostility to local human rights activists under the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

      Human Rights Watch condemned the move as “ominous turn” adding it “should worry anyone concerned about Israel’s commitment to basic democratic values.”

      The new policy emerged after Israeli authorities turned down a visa for its new Israel and Palestine director, Omar Shakir who is a US citizen. The rejection had been advised by Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      In a letter rejecting Shakir’s visa application – and seen by the Guardian - Israel accused the New York based group of “public activities and reports [and being] engaged in politics in the service of Palestinian propaganda, while falsely raising the banner of ‘human rights.’’..."

      more @

      Here's the bio of the gentleman:

      "Omar Shakir
      Israel and Palestine Country Director ...
      Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine Country Director at Human Rights Watch, investigates human rights abuses in Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza. Prior to his current role, he was a Bertha Fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights, where he focused on US counterterrorism policies, including legal representation of Guantanamo detainees. As the 2013-14 Arthur R. and Barbara D. Finberg Fellow at Human Rights Watch, he investigated human rights violations in Egypt, including the Rab’a massacre, one of the largest killings of protesters in a single day. A former Fulbright Scholar in Syria, Omar holds a JD from Stanford Law School, where he co-authored a report on the civilian consequences of US drone strikes in Pakistan as a part of the International Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Clinic, an MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Affairs, and a BA in International Relations from Stanford. He speaks English and Arabic."

  • Palestinian who filmed shooting says Azaria sentence ‘is a joke, not justice’
    • Perhaps you're referencing this, Bumblebye:

      "Israeli Settlers Break Into Military Zone By Jordanian Border
      December 13, 2011

      Extremist right-wing Israeli settlers broke into a closed-off military zone in between the West Bank and the Jordanian border, at the site thought to be where Jesus was baptized.On Monday, right-wing Israeli protesters barricaded themselves buildings at the site of the baptism of Jesus at the Jordan River, which is a holy site for Christians around the world.

      They hung banners with photos of the right-wing Jewish leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who called for the ‘Jewish state to expand beyond the Jordan River into the state of Jordan and all the way to Iraq.”

      The protesters say they are sending a message to the Jordanian government to stay out of Israeli affairs. This is a reference to the statement made by Jordan’s King Abdullah Monday that he hoped Israel would choose not to demolish a bridge in Jerusalem.

      The bridge in question is a historic structure that leads to the al-Aqsa mosque, which is the third holiest site in the world for Muslims. Israeli authorities closed the bridge on Friday, sparking outrage among Muslims around the world.

      The attack occurred at the Jordan River, on a closed military zone separating the West Bank and the Jordanian border, and both Jordanian Authorities and the Israeli Army have stated that the Israelis did not cross the border, but were approximately only a few hundred metres away.

      Those protesters in question were from a group known as the ‘Hilltop Youth’, numbered around thirty, and were quickly removed from the area by the Israeli army and police.

      In a separate incident, around fifty Settlers invaded the Efraim Regional Brigades military barracks near Qalqilia, setting several fires, throwing molotov cocktails and stones, which led to damage to buildings and vehicles.

      Over a hundred settlers also attacked the Brigade Commanders car, and threw stones at passing Palestinian cars, ... near the settlement of Ramat Gilad.

      The string of attacks comes as tension mounts over the impending dismantlement of numerous illegal outposts within the West Bank by the Israeli authorities."

    • Gideon Levy:

      "Who Needs The Hague When You Have Israeli Army Justice?

      There's nothing more Israeli than this court that gives a soldier, who killed a Palestinian in cold blood, a sentence fit for a bicycle thief. ...

      ... It’s the most authentic reflection of society, the country’s real High Court of Justice.
      It’s an epic production with dozens of extras; the reviews are flattering, and the audience goes wild. The costumes (IDF uniforms) are nothing special, and neither are the scenery, lighting and makeup – “absentee” property in Jaffa or a barracks in the Kirya (army headquarters), neon lights and metal benches. But the play is excellent – current and relevant, representative and indicative – and the ending is always predictable.

      There’s nothing more Israeli than this court, and nothing more authentic than its sentence in the case of soldier Elor Azaria. Once again, we have the cloak of self-righteousness, once again the deceit, once again the façade of due process, with a defense, a prosecution and summations. Once again, it’s the best show in town, and once again, the crying injustice is present without our feeling it, just the way Israelis like it.

      What Israelis like most is to eat their cake and have it, too, and who knows better than the military court how to supply the goods? A rousing verdict about “the value of the sanctity of life,” and a sentence fit for a bicycle thief.

      We don’t need The Hague; we have the Kirya. The fact is that a soldier who killed – not to say murdered – an already dying Palestinian in cold blood, with malice aforethought, was put on trial, and even punished. Where else in the world can you find such things? In America? In Europe? The most moral army in the world, assuredly the most moral. Kudos to the IDF and its justice system.

      This is how most Israelis would like to see their judges: talking loftily about justice and equality – on condition that they apply to Jews only. Talking about the sanctity of life – but calculating the value of a Palestinian’s life as less than that of an (Israeli) dog. That’s exactly what the Azaria verdict gave them.

      Azaria left the court as a national hero, in a country where everyone who kills an Arab is considered a hero and there are almost no heroes who didn’t kill Arabs. The court once again told Israelis what they most wanted to hear: Palestinian lives are dirt cheap; they’re on end-of-season sale.

      This is the same court that has judged hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with severity and cruelty over the decades of the occupation. With more and more judges (and prosecutors) being settlers, devotees of international law and equality before the law, this military court, which sits in the occupied territories, is Israel’s most refined perpetrator of apartheid. There, at the Ofer army base and the Etzion lockup, far from watching eyes, there’s one law for Jews and another for Arabs, with no hemming and hawing.

      In this, too, the court reflects society, far more than the Supreme Court in Jerusalem does. A Palestinian Azaria would of course have been sentenced to life in prison in a speedy trial, without “his family’s distress,” “an outstanding soldier,” “a clean record” and “special circumstances,” without asking what went through his mind or what had happened in his life. You killed a Jew? You tried to “spill Jewish blood”? There’s only one sentence.

      This institution also knows how to richly reward and protect IDF soldiers and officers, just as the people want it to do and as their commanders expect it to do, and to turn its trials into perversions of justice. Only in this court could a senior officer like Ofek Buchris, who was charged with rape and sodomy, emerge with the draconian sentence of being demoted by one rank. That’s how cruelly the court treated him.

      Just like the IDF Orchestra isn’t an orchestra and Army Radio isn’t a media outlet, this court is not a court. But it is even more corrupting than the first two examples: It sends its demobilized metastases into the civilian justice system.

      Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit came up through this rotten environment, and so did more than a few judges, including some on the Supreme Court, who are convinced that they were doing justice all those years. They carry with them the glorious legal traditions of the prefab buildings at Ofer, and those traditions remain etched in them forever."

      read more:

    • Here you go DaBakr~ another example of IOF terrorists and their relentless terrorism.

      "WATCH: Israeli soldiers arrest Palestinian for filming them ...

      Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian volunteer with an Israeli human rights organization before shooting his brother in the knee with a rubber bullet earlier this month.

      The incident took place on February 10 in the West Bank village of Adameh near Nablus as Israeli soldiers guarding the settlement of Yitzhar and its illegal satellite outposts fired tear gas at local Palestinian youths who were reportedly taking a walk nearby.

      When Ahmad Ziyada, a Palestinian volunteer with Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem and a resident of Adameh showed up and began filming, the soldiers told him leave. Ziyada’s video shows three Israeli soldiers approaching Ziyada on his land. One of the soldiers, who appears to be an officer, repeatedly tells Ziyada to go home. When the latter refuses, the soldier demands to see his ID card. Ziyada tries to explain that he is a B’Tselem volunteer who is standing on his own land, but the soldier has none of it and calls what sounds like his superior to get an OK to confiscate the camera and arrest Ziyada.

      The soldier orders one of the other soldiers to chamber a bullet, at which we hear a gun being cocked. The officer then orders Ziyada to sit, pushing him onto the ground. When Ziyada gets back up a few moments later, the officer has his gun pointed straight at him and once again shoves him down the ground. At this point the camera goes blurry, yet we are able to hear the soldier ordering his soldiers to “aim at him!” and “drop him.” Then the camera goes black.

      Ziyada’s brother, Mahmoud, arrived on the scene to see soldiers sitting on Ahmad as he lay on the ground, his arms handcuffed. Mahmoud told B’Tselem that there were around five or six soldiers who pointed their weapons at him to prevent him from reaching his brother.

      I wanted to see how my brother was doing after seeing him in this situation. The soldier who sat on him grabbed his head and pushed it to the ground. I noticed that he did this as I drew nearer. When I heard my brother scream I yelled that I would stay back. At this point there were two soldiers who were sitting on him, as if he were a dangerous criminal. I walked a few meters back. There were a few residents including my brother. We had heard his screams after the soldiers sat on him. I tried to reach him but the soldier cocked his gun and pointed at my stomach, then he pointed it at my left knee and fired. I immediately fell to the ground. My other brother who was there caught me and brought me to a car that belonged to one of the residents. We quickly drove to Burin, where a Red Cross ambulance took me to Rafidia Hospital in Nablus.

      Two things to note: the only two sentences the officer can say in Arabic are one of the few combat soldiers are taught: “jib al-hawiyeh” (“give your ID card”) and “ruh al-beit” (a wrong way of saying “go home,” which actually translates to “go the home”). The fact that the officer in question, who is tasked with interacting with an Arabic-speaking civilian population in the West Bank, knows a sentence and a half in Arabic is frankly embarrassing. He does not know Arabic because he did not learn it — because he was never asked to learn it. The mere notion that the vast majority of Israelis who carry out the day-to-day grind in the West Bank cannot communicate properly with those under their control speaks volumes about the respect (or lack thereof) that Israel’s military dictatorship shows its subjects.

      Secondly, on Tuesday an Israeli court will hand down its sentence to Elor Azaria, the soldier who was convicted of killing Abed al-Fatah al-Sharif in Hebron early last year. In the end, we do not know what Azaria was thinking when he chambered a bullet in his weapon and shot an incapacitated, unarmed Palestinian man in the head. Surely, however, the person who committed this act could only have viewed the man lying prone on the pavement as less than human. The soldiers in the video exemplify the exact same type of contempt that was shown for the Ziyada brothers, even if the results were far less violent.

      What happened to the Ziyada brothers is one incident out of thousands between Palestinians and the occupation every single day. These are stories that go unreported because there are simply too many to cover. If it’s not Palestinians being harassed by soldiers, then it is the government ordering the destruction of an entire Bedouin community, or security forces holding up a Palestinian politician at the checkpoint, or an Israeli court sentencing a cancer-stricken, epileptic boy to prison for throwing rocks. These are the tiny moments that congeal to make Israel’s military dictatorship — which is as arbitrary as it is brutal and unrepentant."

      You must be so very proud.

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • Powerful & true comments, diasp0ra.

      (thanks to all)

    • If only other people could and would learn from your insight and experience, pabelmont. I am sorry that you lost your wife and partner. May she rest in peace and forever gently in your memories.

      Thanks very much for your contributions here.

      (As for "chopped liver"~ it's so delectable when made with careful love and genius!)

    • Yours is a wonderfully enriching comment, Pdxmuscle.

      (thanks for the dawn song, Maghlawatan!)

    • Ditto, Annie.

      There is not ( and has never been or will be), anything "liberal' about Zionism nor its many adherents,

      Zionism= Zionism.


  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
    • Many thanks for this honest and tremendously important article, Professor Rabkin.

      I am grateful for your efforts to delve into and illustrate with your experience what I have witnessed myself. My own impressions and reflections of my experiences have mostly been met with fierce and insane (yes, insane) opposition from ardent Zionists and the wilfully, stubbornly blind and the uninformed/ignorant xenophobes/Iranianphobes/Afghanphobes/Arabphobes/Islamophobes.

      Try to explain that Jewish folk have not been terrorized by everyone on the planet, and the vitriol hits the roof.

      The fact is, Iranians are pretty cool and embarrassingly hospitable in comparison to their Western brothers and sisters. So are Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis, and others in MENA.

      "The warmth and authenticity of Iranian Jews I was lucky to meet deeply impressed me. In Iran I found committed Jews who go about modern life in a seemingly natural manner, without the self-consciousness and identity-splitting of their Ashkenazi brethren. The fact that this happens in a conservative Muslim country points at drastic differences between the history of Jews in the countries of Islam and that of European Jewry."


      You've offered the world a great opportunity to gain/learn some of the most important truths through your telling of your experience.

      I thank you.

  • 'NYT' runs Israeli's op-ed recommending that Palestinians 'emigrate voluntarily'
    • " 4. Give them equal rights, but keep an eye on their “birth rates” and encourage “emigration.” "

      What????? Forced birth control AND ethnic cleansing, too? What the hell "equal rights" is that "Israeli Jew" talking about?

      Was that from Anat Cohen, illegal "settler" Fleshler's vicious, foul, and IOF protected illegal squatting and prolific birthing 'muter' neighbor in Occupied Hebron? You know, the one who attacks 'other' children and people from ISM as well as anyone who doesn't agree with her sick Zio~ worldview.

      Shame on the NYT and Sulzberger/Baquet/Bennet.

  • Scholars ask to have their names added to 'Professor Watchlist'
    • Simply superb, ~ all of you distinguished Professors. May many more Profs add their names. Soon.

      Perhaps this will interest some folks here:

      "Israel Trip (via Passages)

      Join Turning Point USA activists for a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day trip to Israel to learn about America’s #1 ally in the Middle East.

      The itinerary includes visits to foundational biblical sites, as well as sites relevant to the history of the modern Jewish state. Participants will hear from a diverse set of speakers and local people throughout who will help the student understand Israeli culture, government and economy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and geopolitical and security issues surrounding Israel."

      Learn more and apply at:

      Who is "Passages"?

      "WHO WE ARE

      A trip to Israel is in essence a rite of passage for every Christian – a pilgrimage in the truest sense. The origins of both ancient Biblical faith and of a modern day miracle intersect here. The land and the people of Israel have a story to tell. By coming to Israel, you make Israel’s story part of your own story.

      Sponsored by the Philos Project and the Museum of the Bible Foundation, Passages offers Christian college students with leadership potential a fresh and innovative approach to experiencing the Holy Land. Participants will encounter the roots of their Biblical faith first-hand and come face to face with the modern-day miracle that is Israel. Upon their return, participants will have opportunities to build upon their trip experiences by engaging in further leadership training, with an end goal of being an informed voice for both their Christian faith and for Israel.


      As mentioned above, we aim to take Christian college students with leadership potential to Israel. We believe strongly in investing in the next generation of Christian leaders. If you’re reading this and you’re a Christian college student, you will be the ones who pastor churches, lead ministries and businesses, develop foreign policy, run for office and everything in between! ..."

      So Dershowitz isn't on the 'watchlist', but the esteemed Rashid Khalidi is.

      "Rashid Ismail Khalidi (Arabic: رشيد خالدي‎‎; born 1948) is a Palestinian American historian of the Middle East, the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University,[1] and director of the Middle East Institute of Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs. He also is known for serving as editor of the scholarly journal Journal of Palestine Studies."

      Remember this, too:

      "...Founded in 2015, likely with pro-Zionist funding, Canary Mission has created profiles of more than 500 university students and more than 50 faculty who support Palestinian civil rights or the boycott, divestment, and sanctions campaign against Israel.

      The website routinely accuses those it profiles, without evidence, of support for terrorism or of anti-Semitism. It explicitly seeks to get them fired from current jobs or to prevent them from being hired in the future by tweeting Islamophobic (and sexist) smears to employers.

      Canary Mission itself was boosted into existence by one very successful example of university blacklisting: Steven Salaita."

  • Palestinian, 25, dies after being shot by Israeli troops on his way to his last chemo session
    • Gideon Levy~ today:

      "How Will You Deal With Your Consciences, Doctors?

      A Palestinian cancer patient was shot by soldiers ... - and you, the Israeli hospital staff, showed you are no different than those who killed him.

      He lay in your hospital for three months straight. For part of the time, he was sedated and on a respirator in intensive care, after which he improved and was transferred to the surgical department. You knew that he was 25 years old and had cancer and that until recently, he had been undergoing chemotherapy. You also knew that the soldiers had shot him in the stomach, causing damage to internal organs. Apparently you provided the correct medical treatment ...

      He lay in your hospital for three months. None of you were bothered by the fact that he was lying in his room, totally cut off from his family. After all, you saw him gradually come out of his coma, his abdomen hacked to pieces. Didn’t you think he deserved to see his parents, even for a moment? A caress of the hand? A telephone call at least? You saw him when he was near death, but even then he didn’t deserve such consideration?

      Maybe you thought he didn’t have parents or that they didn’t care. Did you think it was all right that a wounded cancer patient would undergo so much without someone close to him by his side, in addition to the soldiers or armed police that guarded his room? Didn’t you see his elderly mother come periodically to the hospital unit, exhausted after the ordeal of checkpoints, begging to be allowed to see him for at least a moment, a plea that cruelly fell on deaf ears?

      Why didn’t you consider doing anything about it? After all, it was taking place inside your hospital, where you are responsible for everything that takes place. Didn’t you see? Didn’t you hear? Didn’t it bother you?

      Didn’t it gnaw at you to know why they shot him, this young cancer patient who was on his way to his last chemotherapy session at a hospital in the West Bank city of Nablus? Do you believe the soldiers’ fabrications that he had tried to attack them with “a knife sharpener”? Do you believe everything the army tells you? Maybe it’s none of your business. It simply doesn’t relate to you, small-minded as you are.

      Didn’t you think it your duty to keep his family informed about his condition or to talk to his parents about his chances of recovery? Maybe you thought that because he was a Palestinian or because the soldiers and police told you he was “a terrorist,” there was no one to look after him, because it’s well-known that Arabs don’t love their children as we love ours. You went by the book when it came to his medical treatment, and to hell with the rest.

      Those are the rules and those are the regulations, and who you are you to violate them? And where were the heads of the department and the hospital? Did they also agree to have such a horror take place in their hospital? Remember the Hippocratic oath?

      And when he died at the end of last week – it’s not clear when and of what – didn’t you think it your obligation to inform the family, to tell them what he died of? To explain to his sister, the dean of a nursing school in Ramallah, the circumstances of his death? And when the army or the police took his body, did it interest you to know that your country held on to the body another 10 days for barbaric reasons, just for the purpose of abuse?

      On Saturday afternoon, he was buried in the West Bank town of Tul Karm. Mohammed-Aamar Jalad, a university student and cancer patient who had obtained an American green card in a U.S. government immigration lottery and dreamed America. The soldiers had shot him in the stomach while he was quickly crossing the street after getting out of a van on his way to his last chemotherapy session.

      His father, a mythical driving instructor in Tul Karm, and his mother, who had endured sleepless months worrying about her son, now have a grave before which they can prostrate themselves. Hanging on the wall of their home is a picture of the family’s grandfather, the first soldier in Tul Karm to enlist in the Israel Police.

      So how will you, the doctors, nurses and social work staff of Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva, also called the Rabin Medical Center, deal with your own consciences? Other than one doctor, Dr. Jihad Bishara, who at least responded to the inquiries from the helpless parents, you didn’t bother to provide assistance to the family or to your patient.

      You didn’t think about the society that you are living in and what kind of doctors it has been producing — doctors who have been losing their humanity. You’re no different at all from the soldiers who shot Jalad to death or the generals and politicians who engaged in profiteering over his body."

      read more:

      Brings to mind the executioner & 'medic', Elor Azariya...

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • Many thanks for this wonderfully successful piece, Annie and Phil!

      It can and should and will be passed along to the wilfully ignorant and/or incurious folks that unfortunately surround all of us.


  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
    • Thanks very much for this article, Omar. May BDS continue to flourish and prevail!

      "Why is CNN spreading fake news about BDS?

      ... Defamation

      Last Sunday, CNN host Fareed Zakaria interviewed French pundit and ardent Israel apologist Bernard-Henri Lévy about the rise in anti-Semitism.

      Zakaria allowed Lévy to casually link Nazism to the Palestinian BDS movement without a challenge.

      “I want to say to the sincere followers [of] this BDS campaign … I’m not sure they know it, [but] this is an anti-Semitic campaign,” Lévy claimed. The interview can be seen in the video posted above.

      “This campaign takes its root [from] a long time ago, 60 years ago, in the fringes of the dying Nazism,” he added without offering a shred of evidence.

      Lévy went on to assert that the first time that boycott “was recommended against Israel” was by “Nazis escaping Germany, taking shelter in Iraq or in Syria, and building this campaign of BDS.”

      These assertions against today’s global BDS movement are complete fantasy.

      The BDS campaign was founded by Palestinian civil society which, in 2005, launched an international call, rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to hold Israel accountable for its violations of Palestinian rights.

      It is inspired by the global campaign that helped end apartheid in South Africa, and boycott is a time-honored tactic that has been deemed constitutionally protected speech by the US Supreme Court in a landmark case stemming from the civil rights movement.

      The origins of – and reasons for – the BDS campaign are no secret, nor do they have a connection to any vestiges of a European Nazi-era anti-Semitic conspiracy.

      Linking Palestinians to Nazis is a gross and defamatory distortion of history. It is a tactic that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used in 2015 when he exonerated Hitler of conceiving of the extermination of the Jews in order to try to pin the blame on Palestinians. ...

      Lévy, who recently labeled anti-Zionism a “cosmetic” for anti-Semitism, used his platform on CNN to disparage the growing BDS movement in France and on “the west coast of America.”

      When Zakaria asked how Lévy would respond to someone who wants to challenge Israel’s policies against Palestinians, Lévy clumsily asserted that Israel is a thriving “democracy” but lashed out against anyone who would “demonize, delegitimize or stigmatize” Israel as “a Jewish state.”

      It is no surprise that Israel advocates like Lévy would find an open pulpit for his anti-BDS views on CNN.

      Like Zakaria himself, the cable network has been unwilling to challenge anti-BDS claims or to offer a platform to anyone who could.

      Lévy has hurled similar smears at BDS movement co-founder Omar Barghouti and against The Electronic Intifada’s Ali Abunimah.

      Barghouti has sharply refuted them in writing, but neither he nor Abunimah, nor any other prominent supporter has been invited on to a CNN panel to talk about BDS.

      A search of the Lexis-Nexis news database returned no examples of a proponent of the boycott movement appearing on a live CNN interview, while those opposed to it, including Israel-aligned US politicians and Israeli officials, have been featured at least seven times since February 2014 to condemn BDS and its activists without a debate. ..."

  • Elderly father of slain Palestinian dies 'of shock' in Umm al-Hiran
    • So Anat targets and violently assaults children, too. Please remind me why she is allowed to terrorize or even walk unshackled on any street in the world, much less Shuhada Street.

      I just read this over @ +972

      "'The settlers love us when we shoot Arabs'
      Elor Azaria’s trial exposed just how influential the actions and ideas of radical settlers are on the conduct of Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

      Two years before Elor Azaria fired one bullet into the head of Abed al Fatah a-Sharif in Tel Rumeida, Hebron before shaking the hand of Israeli settler Baruch Marzel, I stood in an IDF uniform in the same exact place. As video footage of the incident went public, and especially during the testimony phase of the trial, the public became exposed to the extent to which settlers in Hebron influence IDF soldiers’ conduct in violent and destructive ways.

      The truth is I did not need the evidence to realize just how deep and significant this phenomenon is. From my experience as an officer in Hebron, the fact that settler Ofer Ohana yelled before the shooting, “The dog is still alive, somebody do something,” and the fact that Azaria received a handshake after he fired his gun was predictable. In fact, it almost goes without saying for anyone who has served in Hebron.

      Like Azaria, I also experienced the manipulative behavior of Hebron’s settlers at that exact intersection. Nearly two years before Azaria pulled the trigger, the night the bodies of Gilad Sher, Naftali Frenkel, and Eyal Ifrach were found – the three were kidnapped and murdered by Hamas – our company prepared for retaliatory settler attacks. I deployed my soldiers along the steep road that leads to the Jilber Junction at the entrance to the Palestinian neighborhood in the heart of the Jewish settlement of Tel Rumeida. A Palestinian family, a mother, father, and several small children – walked on the street toward their house. As they got closer to the junction, the settlers screamed louder and louder. I knew that it was going to be violent. I ordered the soldiers to encircle the family and protect them with our bodies.

      When the settlers realized we were not going to let them touch the family, they started throwing stones and screaming at us. I heard them say things such as “Nazi,” “You are confused,” “You don’t know who you are protecting.” The truth was at that moment they were right. At that moment, as an IDF officer, I truly did not understand who I was protecting – the Palestinians from the settlers or the settlers from the Palestinians.

      Azaria is not alone
      Another officer who served in Hebron, Azaria’s company commander, shed light on this reality. In his testimony, Major Tom Na’aman told the court: “The people who live there [settlers] are cynical. They want the person [the stabber] to die anyway… I know what their motives are. The fact that they yelled falsely that the stabber had a concealed explosive was only so no one would treat him.”

      Like Major Na’aman, I also came into contact with this kind cynicism, witnessing firsthand the way settlers goad Israeli soldiers in Hebron, provoking them to be violent with Palestinians. A few weeks before I joined the company, a soldier shot a Palestinian demonstrator who threw a Molotov cocktail in the knee. The settlers presented him with an axe as present – a badge of recognition. There is no doubt: the settlers in Hebron love us when we shoot Arabs. ...

      more @

      Then this from Amira Hass 11/16. It also features A. Cohen.

      "Who's in Charge in Hebron: Israeli Security Forces or Settlers?

      A settler orders soldiers to block foreigners from walking down a Hebron main street because they are wearing kaffiyehs. Why did they even have to check whether there really is a rule to that effect?"

      read more:

      Thank you, Kate.

  • 'The way they arrested him was savage': Israeli forces violently detain 14-year-old disabled Palestinian boy
    • Damnable terrorist thugs, torturers, and executioners.

      Remember this face?

      "No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir — even US State Dep’t faults Israeli ‘accountability’

      In a mockery of justice, an Israeli border police officer who assaulted 15-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abu Khdeir following the kidnapping and torching-murder of his cousin, Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 16, in Occupied East Jerusalem in July 2014, has been sentenced to a mere 45 days of community service. Zip, that’s it." - See more at:

      There never seems to be any justice for Palestinians. When is enough, enough?

  • Trump pick for ambassador to Israel continues to fund settlement construction in the West Bank
    • "Germany's Merkel Cancels Summit With Israel in Wake of Palestinian Land-grab Law

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to cancel a joint summit with Israel's government, scheduled for May 10 in Jerusalem. The official reason her office gave the Prime Minister's Office for the cancelation in the planned visit by Merkel and top officials was the German elections in September. But German and Israeli sources say there was another reason, albeit not the main one – her dissatisfaction at the Israel's new law to expropriate private Palestinian lands, enacted in Knesset last week.

      An Israeli source who was in contact with the German Foreign Ministry and the chancellor's office last week reported hearing massive anger over the law. The Israeli source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, said he had heard from German officials that in response to the law's enactment, the German government had launched a number of initiatives, both publically and in diplomatic channels, to express its dismay at the legislation.

      According to the source, one of those responses had to do with the Netanyahu-Merkel summit. Merkel's initiated the summit between the German and Israeli government during Ehud Olmert's term as prime minister. Since then they have been held almost annually, alternating between Berlin and Jerusalem, and including a meeting between the two premiers and between the ministers of the two governments, as well as a joint cabinet session. The purpose of the summits is to highlight the close relations between the two countries.
      A few days before the Knesset passed the so-called "Regularization Law," the chancellor's office confirmed the date for the Jerusalem summit for May 10 and 11. But only a few days after the law passed, Merkel's national security adviser, Kristof Heusgen, contacted Netanyahu's office again and informed them that the chancellor had decided to postpone the summit, due to preparations for the elections in Germany.

      However, the elections in Germany are scheduled for September 24, four and a half months after the original date for the summit. What the cancelation means that in an unusual occurrence, there will be no joint Israeli-German government summit this year. The Israeli source said he had heard from German officials that despite the election excuse, the real reason for the cancelation is the new law and Israel's decision to build 6,000 housing units in the settlements. ..."

      read more:

      That's more like it! Now on to sanctions and vibrant boycott and divestment.

    • Thank you, HarryLaw. You are spot- on!

      Did you see this?

      "UN Chief Offered Israeli Lawmaker Tzipi Livni a Senior Role

      Officials in UN believe offer to name Livni under-secretary-general is a deal: U.S. will go back on its block of ex-Palestinian premier's UN job, in return Livni's position will be okayed by Security Council."

      More @

    • "From Sleepovers to Speaking Fees: NYT Profile Reveals Netanyahu's Close Ties to the Kushners ...

      As a member of a prominent American Jewish family, it is no surprise that U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner won’t be meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time when the Israeli leader arrives in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

      But an exhaustive profile of the Kushner-Netanyahu connection in Sunday’s New York Times reveals new details of the extent and depth of the acquaintance between the two men, who will sit in the Oval Office on February 15 to discuss peace in the Middle East.

      It turns out that Netanyahu spent the night in Kushner’s bed when he was a guest in the Kushner home on a trip to the United States before becoming prime minister. Jared, a teenager at the time, bunked in the basement for the night. The profile also recalled how, later, at age 17, Kushner listened to Netanyahu’s address the “March of the Living” at the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematorium in 1998, during his first stint as prime minister.

      The sleepover wasn’t the only time Netanyahu paid his respects to the Kushner clan. The article detailed a visit in which he “shared a tabbouleh lunch,” visited Jared Kushner’s father Charles at his office and played soccer at one of the Jewish day schools bearing the Kushner family name with Joshua Kushner, Jared’s younger brother.  

      Over the course of the campaign and through the transition, the woes of Charles Kushner were extensively reported – the feud between Kushner and his extended family regarding misuse of family company funds that led him to commit tax fraud, illegal contributions and suborning a witness. This landed him a two-year prison sentence, of which he served 14 months. What was less widely known, the Times revealed, was that when Murray Kushner, Charles’ brother, filed a suit against him, part of the misuse of funds included paying hundreds of thousands of speaking fees to Netanyahu.

      More evidence of a close Kushner-Netanyahu connection is the fact that Charles Kushner was placed highly on a leaked list of billionaires and millionaires – both Israelis and foreigners – Netanyahu compiled as potential donors in 2007. The names were organized into four categories as to who was most likely to contribute. Kushner was high on the list alongside names like Sheldon Adelson and Ron Lauder. Donald Trump also appeared on the list, but he, unlike Kushner, was ranked in the fourth category – the least likely to give.

      The profile scrutinized Jared’s deep “personal and religious” ties with Israel, his education at day schools where “the West Bank was often referred to by its biblical names, Judea and Samaria, a practice that emphasizes Jewish claims to the land” and his family’s donations to West Bank settlements. It contrasts his connection with Israel and Netanyahu with the fact that he has little familiarity with the wider Arab world and there is no evidence as to whether he has spent any time in Palestinian towns or cities. This has led to skepticism over his knowledge and impartiality as he tries to “craft a strategy to recruit Sunni Muslim countries that oppose Iran to help foster an Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement.”

      Palestinian leader Mustafa Bargouhti told the Times that "there is no indication" that Kushner "is interested in hearing from the other side." "

      read more:

      ~ and ~

      "On a rocky ridge over Ramallah, settlers put their faith in Trump

      On the eve of Netanyahu’s White House visit, an emboldened Israeli right wing sees a chance to build – and to renounce the two-state solution

      The posters hanging near the municipal buildings in the Jewish settlement of Beit El – in Hebrew “the House of God” – have a simple message: “Go in peace. Come back with sovereignty.”

      They are words aimed at a single individual, an instruction from the settlement movement to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for his visit to Washington on Wednesday to meet the US president, Donald Trump.

      The “sovereignty” demanded is Israel’s over the settlements of the occupied Palestinian territories of the West Bank, regarded by most of the international community as illegal.

      In Beit El, as in the other Jewish settlements on the West Bank, there is a sense of mounting optimism that this time, and with this US president, the sentiment on the poster may be more than just hopeful words – that a new reality, sympathetic to their ambitions, may be rapidly emerging.

      Beit El, on a rocky ridge overlooking the offices and mosques on the outskirts of the Palestinian city of Ramallah to the south, is a case in point. Last Sunday, Israel’s ministry of defence approved a permit for a residential block for a yeshiva – a religious school – linked to the American Friends of Beit El, a charity in which Trump’s ambassador-designate to Israel, David Friedman, is heavily involved.

      The family of Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, adviser and suggested envoy to the Middle East, has donated money to Yitzhar, one of the West Bank’s most hardline settlements, south of Nablus. The Trump administration – while saying it wants a peace deal between Israelis and Palestinians – has suggested that settlements are not necessarily an impediment to that goal.

      Beit El’s symbolism for the settler movement is not only political. It is regarded as the site of Jacob’s stone, where the patriarch – according to biblical tradition – took a rock for a pillow and in his dream was promised the land of Israel. ..."

      It's both surreal and tragically ominous. It's now completely clear that Zionists never wanted peace nor justice. (though I've believed this forever...) Anyone who doesn't acknowledge this is missing both their heart and brain. They are deliberately ignoring their five senses!

      Now for Gideon Levy:

      "Israel's Masters of War Set Their Sights on Gaza - Again

      Gaza cries out, but the warmongers don't listen. For them, the Strip is just an opportunity to advance their careers.

      “Come you masters of war, … I can see through your masks… You lie and deceive, a world war can be won, you want me to believe, but I see through your eyes, and I see through your brain. … You’ve thrown the worst fear that can ever be hurled, fear to bring children in to the world.” (From Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”)

      And look, they’re back, our masters of war. Here they come, those warmongers. They don’t pass up a single chance to grab a microphone and threaten to push toward another war. Yet no one asks them: Why? What for? The north is quiet, as is the south, relatively speaking.
      But it’s been two and a half years since the last war in Gaza and the Israeli DNA demands another round of bloodshed. And their current jobs –  construction minister or education minister – are also boring for those with a mind for it. Encouraging high school students to take advanced math or building new public housing is deadly dull. They need another war, after which they may get the positions they covet.

      The Gaza Strip is dying. Its inhabitants have just three years to live, according to a United Nations report that predicted that in 2020, Gaza will cease to be a place fit for human life. It has long ago become a cage unfit for life. But when they’re not shooting at Israel from Gaza, no one takes an interest in its fate. Hamas is holding its fire, but it’s enough for two rebel rockets to be fired to prompt 19 (!) Israeli aerial attacks and to extract all of our warmongers from their holes.

      Construction and Housing Minister Yoav Galant’s eyes lit up and the color seemed to return to his face when he talked about Gaza. “I believe we should be prepared by spring,” determines this master of war, who dreams of returning to Gaza and killing more, as he did so well in Operation Cast Lead eight year ago. Why in the spring? Don’t ask. There’s a reason you don’t know. Maybe it’s because Charles Aznavour sang about returning in the spring. ...

      ...The deterioration could be quick. Just another few declarations of war, another few disproportionate responses by the Israel Defense Forces for every cap gun or kite fired from Gaza and we’re there. Israel also pushed for the wars in Gaza in 2008 and 2014 more than Gaza did. Before you can say “cigars and champagne,” the IDF is in Gaza.

      And there is no one to yell “stop,” no one to say that those who don’t want war in Gaza should open it rather than destroy it a third, fourth and fifth time. But saying so requires courage, which is the quality most lacking among our masters of war, whom, as Dylan’s lyrics state, will never be forgiven."

      read more:

    • Speaking of ambassadors:

      "U.S. Blocks Former Palestinian Premier From Leading UN Mission to Libya

      UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres indicated that he would appoint Salam Fayyad as the next UN special representative to Libya.

      The United States on Friday blocked the appointment of the former Palestinian prime minister to lead the UN political mission in Libya, saying it was acting to support its ally Israel.

      U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley Friday said the Trump administration "was disappointed" to see that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had sent a letter to the Security Council indicating his intention to appoint Salam Fayyad, who served as the Palestinian Authority's prime minister from 2007-2013, as the next UN special representative to Libya.

      "For too long the UN has been unfairly biased in favor of the Palestinian Authority to the detriment of our allies in Israel," Haley said.

      Palestine is a non-member observer state at the United Nations and its independence has been recognized by 137 of the 193 UN member nations. But Haley said the United States doesn't currently recognize a Palestinian state "or support the signal" Fayyad's appointment would send within the United Nations.

      UN diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because discussions have been private, said Fayyad is well-respected for his work in reforming the Palestinian Authority and spurring its economy and had the support of the 14 other Security Council members to succeed Martin Kobler in the Libya job.

      Despite opposition to Fayyad, Haley indicated that the Trump administration wants to see an end to the decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

      "We encourage the two sides to come together directly on a solution," she said.
      Haley's statement came ahead of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's scheduled meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump on Feb. 15, and was welcomed by Israelis.

      "This is the beginning of a new era at the U.N., an era where the U.S. stands firmly behind Israel against any and all attempts to harm the Jewish State," Israel's UN Ambassador Danny Danon said of the U.S. decision to block Fayyad's appointment. "The new administration proved once again that it stands firmly alongside the state of Israel in the international arena and in the UN in particular."

      The new U.S. ambassador made clear that "going forward, the United States will act, not just talk, in support of our allies."..."

      read more:


    • Thanks, HarryLaw.

      This foot- dragging is almost as despicable as Friedman:

      "UN to Delay Release of 'Blacklist' of Businesses Linked to Israeli Settlements

      States that oppose the creation of the database could be pressuring the UN human rights agency to bury the report's findings, activist suggests.

      A United Nations report on establishing a database of companies with business interests in Israeli settlements in the West Bank is set to be delayed until later this year, diplomats and activists said on Friday. 

      The UN human rights office had been due to present its first report on the politically charged issue at a session that opens on February 27, which Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is also due to address. 

      But the report is not ready and will be deferred for many months, at least until September, the sources said, adding that an announcement was expected on Monday. 

      "There is a need for more time, it is a very complex issue," a Western diplomat told Reuters. "You need to have a clear vision of how you list the companies, what is the exact criteria." 

      The issue is sensitive because companies appearing in such a database could be targeted for boycotts or divestment aimed at stepping up pressure on Israel over its West Bank settlements. Goods produced there include fruit, vegetables and wine. 

      Israel assailed the UN Human Rights Council last March for launching the initiative, calling the database a "blacklist" and accusing the 47-member state forum of behaving "obsessively" against Israel. 

      The council had voted in favor of creating the database after 32 states backed a proposal by Pakistan, while 15 abstained, including Britain, France and Germany.  ..."

      read more:

      It's not at all "complex" nor are the "exact criteria" difficult to discern! Meanwhile, Fatou Bensouda is also sitting on her butt.

      I'm curious if these Ovadias are linked to Sukkat Ovadia:

      "Israeli racist chic comes to New York Fashion Week

      Israeli-born, Brooklyn-based brothers Shimon and Ariel Ovadia are bringing racist chic to the New York fashion scene with the fall collection of their menswear label Ovadia & Sons.

      The collection, presented during New York Fashion Week, was featured in Vogue, and The New York Times gave the twins a glowing write-up.

      But the fashion press failed to mention the disturbing symbolism their clothes display, all the more troubling in the context of the surge of Islamophobia and racism fueled by President Donald Trump’s ban on refugees, immigrants and travelers that targets Muslims.

      Glamorizing racism
      The fashion blog Hypebeast says the Ovadia brothers’ collection was “inspired by the Israeli army” and “draws inspiration from their father’s life abroad – both as a football player and as an Israeli army soldier – filled with modern motifs of military and sport.”

      The outfit pictured above caught my eye in particular as it appears to glamorize Israel’s violent anti-Palestinian and anti-Muslim racism.

      The model is obviously wearing military pants – but look at his shirt too. It bears a close resemblance to the jersey of players for Beitar Jerusalem, the Israeli football club whose fans are notorious for their racism and rampages, habitually accompanied by chants of “Death to the Arabs.”

      This is no coincidence: the brothers’ father is Moshe Ovadia, a former Beitar player who immigrated to the US in the 1990s. ...

      ... It is grotesque that the symbols of this racist enterprise should be offered up as trendy fashion items.

      In other situations, The New York Times has been more sensitive to the political symbolism of fashion. For instance, it has reported more than once on a particular German clothing brand “popular among Germany’s far-right extremists, whose clothes have been banned from the country’s parliament building, and several German soccer stadiums.”

      It is no less troubling that anyone would seek to glamorize or find inspiration from the Israeli army, whose long, notorious and ongoing litany of crimes includes the killing of 11 children per day on average during its 51-day assault on Gaza in the summer of 2014.

      Among them were four boys playing football on the beach."

      more @

      It seems a good 'fit'...

  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • What??? The IOF thugs didn't execute the attacker on the spot and leave him to bleed out?

      Unheard of!

      "Two Palestinian street sweepers were stabbed in the city of Beersheba in southern Israel on Sunday morning, according to an Israeli police ... who said an Israeli in his twenties was detained for committing the attack.

      Luba al-Samri, the Israeli police spokeswoman, said in a written statement that the Palestinian workers were from the area, seeming to suggest the two held Israeli citizenship.

      The two were evacuated to a hospital were they were treated for minor wounds.

      Al-Samri identified the suspect behind the stabbing as an Israeli Jew in his twenties from Beersheba, saying that initial investigations indicated the motive behind the attack was “criminal,” without providing further details."

      Yeah, sure. The "criminal" really wanted their sweepers...

    • Well said, Katie!

      New opinion piece by Gorovitz:

      "American Jews Are New Target of Israel's Unprecedented Escalation Against Civil Society

      New Israel Fund VP: Given Netanyahu’s repression of dissent, perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised that Israel's border control considered me a 'national security risk'.

      There’s nothing exciting about being stopped at the border entering Israel. There’s no dramatic speech, no hopping over barriers like the little boy in “Love, Actually” did.

      In real life it’s depressing, dehumanizing and rather frightening. When I was questioned at passport control, interrogated three times and finally allowed to enter Israel after an hour and a half of uncertainty, I felt relief. But I was also angry and heartbroken, both personally and professionally – and I still am.

      My privilege as a Jew means I never imagined that Israel could or would deny me entrance. My parents taught me that Israel is a safe place and the homeland of all Jews. I’ve spent my career as a leader in the American Jewish community, including my current position as a vice president of the New Israel Fund. All these factors kept me from truly empathizing with the experience of uncertainty faced by every Palestinian, Arab, Muslim and many other non-Jews entering or leaving Israel.

      And so I was not prepared for a passport control officer to sneer at my explanation that the New Israel Fund (and Shatil) support civil society: “You mean Palestinian civil society.” Or to sardonically reject my self-definition as a Zionist. Or another officer interrogating me from a cheat-sheet with “BDS” written on it in prominent letters, despite the fact that NIF doesn’t support or fund the global BDS movement. After multiple interrogations focusing on NIF’s work, it became clear that I had been detained for political reasons – no other explanation fit."

      read more:

      Seriously pathetic and beyond belief. At least she acknowledges her "privilege as a Jew" and a Zionist, though.

      Yep~ send her the bouquet... she needs it.

    • "So Is NIF suggesting that, if she weren’t Jewish and weren’t a Zionist, it would be ok to detain her? Why make an argument that is only used to justify discrimination against others who aren’t considered “kosher?” The rationale she presented to them so that she would be permitted entry only feeds into Israel’s racist policies and practices."


      I just read about this at The Guardian:

      I was just about to post about this, but you've said it better than I did, Donna. Thank you.


  • Israel's efforts to erase Palestinian history reflect 'incremental genocide,' Ehrenreich says
    • Here's a link:

      Genocide, Holocaust... ethnic cleansing. Remember this?

      ""Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner"

      Roland was a warrior from the Land of the Midnight Sun
      With a Thompson gun for hire, fighting to be done
      The deal was made in Denmark on a dark and stormy day
      So he set out for Biafra to join the bloody fray

      Through sixty-six and seven they fought the Congo war
      With their fingers on their triggers, knee-deep in gore
      For days and nights they battled the Bantu to their knees
      They killed to earn their living and to help out the Congolese

      Roland the Thompson gunner...

      His comrades fought beside him - Van Owen and the rest
      But of all the Thompson gunners, Roland was the best
      So the CIA decided they wanted Roland dead
      That son-of-a-bitch Van Owen blew off Roland's head

      Roland the headless Thompson gunner
      Norway's bravest son
      Time, time, time
      For another peaceful war
      But time stands still for Roland
      'Til he evens up the score
      They can still see his headless body stalking through the night
      In the muzzle flash of Roland's Thompson gun
      In the muzzle flash of Roland's Thompson gun

      Roland searched the continent for the man who'd done him in
      He found him in Mombassa in a barroom drinking gin
      Roland aimed his Thompson gun - he didn't say a word
      But he blew Van Owen's body from there to Johannesburg

      Roland the headless Thompson gunner...
      The eternal Thompson gunner
      still wandering through the night

      Now it's ten years later but he still keeps up the fight
      In Ireland, in Lebanon, in Palestine and Berkeley
      Patty Hearst heard the burst of Roland's Thompson gun and bought it"


  • Celebrating Tu B’shvat, the 'new year for trees,' as ethnic cleansing continues
    • I'll never forget this poem by Rabbi Brant from 2014:

      "This Monday night begins the Jewish fast of Tisha B’Av: a day of mourning for the calamities that have befallen the Jewish people over the centuries. Among other things, the traditional Tisha B’Av liturgy includes the chanting Biblical book of Lamentations.

      Given the profoundly tragic events currently unfolding in Gaza, I offer this reworking of the first chapter of Lamentations. I share it with the hope that on this day of mourning we might also mourn the mounting dead in Gaza – along with what Israel has become…

      A Lamentation for Gaza

      Gaza weeps alone.
      Bombs falling without end
      her cheeks wet with tears.
      A widow abandoned
      imprisoned on all sides
      with none willing to save her.

      We who once knew oppression
      have become the oppressors.
      Those who have been pursued
      are now the pursuers.
      We have uprooted families
      from their homes, we have
      driven them deep into
      this desolate place,
      this narrow strip of exile.

      All along the roads there is mourning.
      The teeming marketplaces
      have been bombed into emptiness.
      The only sounds we hear
      are cries of pain
      sirens blaring
      drones buzzing
      bitterness echoing
      into the black vacuum
      of homes destroyed
      and dreams denied.

      We have become Gaza’s master
      leveling neighborhoods
      with the mere touch of a button
      for her transgression of resistance.
      Her children are born into captivity
      they know us only as occupiers
      enemies to be feared
      and hated.

      We have lost all
      that once was precious to us.
      This fatal attachment to our own might
      has become our downfall.
      This idolatrous veneration of the land
      has sent us wandering into
      a wilderness of our own making.

      We have robbed Gaza of
      her deepest dignity
      plunged her into sorrow and darkness.
      Her people crowd into refugee camps
      held captive by fences and buffer zones
      gunboats, mortar rounds
      and Apache missles.

      We sing of Jerusalem,
      to “a free people in their own land”
      but our song has become a mockery.
      How can we sing a song of freedom
      imprisoned inside behind walls we have built
      with our own fear and dread?

      Here we sit clinging to our illusions
      of comfort and security
      while we unleash hell on earth
      on the other side of the border.
      We sit on hillsides and cheer
      as our explosions light up the sky
      while far below, whole neighborhoods
      are reduced to rubble.

      For these things I weep:
      for the toxic fear we have unleashed
      from the dark place of our hearts
      for the endless grief
      we are inflicting
      on the people of Gaza."

      It was referenced in this amazing article/action here because it was read there:

      "AFSC commemorates one year since attacks on Gaza with beach remembrance"

      See more at:

    • Rabbi Brant Rosen is such a mensch and a man to be emulated, imho!

      His poem is very moving, indeed.

      One can also remember the hundreds of thousands of ancient and young Palestinian olive trees that have been destroyed by the GOI/IOF and the illegal and violent settlers this 'Tu’ B’shvat' and any day/month/year. It is true that the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Palestine continues, as does the rape and the theft of their lives, their land, their resources, and their very lovely culture.

      (So sorry that you can't get over your deep antipathy of his synagogue's roots. It is, after all, only a building... I wish you luck with your journey.)

  • SJP demands that NYU president speak out against email threatening Muslims, Arabs and anti-Zionists
    • Is there a verifiable investigation? Silly question, but I meant it seriously

      Or, are they doing the SOS~ nothing?

      This is beyond hate speech. Stay strong, NYU-SJP. Keep yourselves safe and be vigilant.

      Thank you all.

  • Israel's settlers clear path to annexation with new land law
    • O/T:

      "Le Pen: French Jews Will Have to Give Up Israeli Citizenship

      Leading contender in French election tells interviewer she won't allow dual citizenships with non-European countries. Asked specifically about Jews and Israel, she said: 'Israel isn't an EU member.'

      In a France ruled by the far-right Marine Le Pen, Jewish citizens will be forced to give up their Israeli citizenship, the Front National party leader said on Thursday.

      Le Pen, a leading contender in the upcoming French presidential contest, told France 2 TV that if elected, she will not allow French citizens to hold on to any citizenship in a non-European country. When asked specifically about Israel and Jews, who form a large community in France, the Front National party leader responded: "Israel isn't a member of the European Union, and doesn't consider itself as such," and therefore a dual French-Israeli citizenship will not be allowed.

      Le Pen said that the ban will also apply to citizens of the U.S. and North African countries, but that citizens of the EU, or of what she termed as the "Europe of nations," which includes Russia, will be exempted. ..."

      read more:

      Ruh Roh...

    • "If ICC prosecutors take their duties seriously, the legalization law significantly raises the pressure on them to put Israeli officials – even Netanyahu – on trial for complicity in the war crime of establishing and nurturing the settlements."

      I am afraid that the ICC is lamentably incurious and eerily complicit in Israeli crimes against the Palestinians. So are Israel's 'allies' and those in and out of Israel that support Israel's crimes (either silently or vociferously) , including this latest legalization of decades of theft by the Knesset.

      I'm afraid that it falls to informed, regular, and good human beings to stand up to their complicit governments and legal systems to impose severe sanctions, boycotts and divestments.

  • British uproar at Trump policies doesn’t extend to Netanyahu, yet
    • "Speaking to Mondoweiss the night before Netanyahu’s visit, psychology student Hannah Davies spoke of attending the Women’s March in London, one of the largest demonstrations in recent years with 100,000 participants, but said she wouldn’t feel comfortable in attending a protest against Netanyahu’s UK visit.

      “I don’t know enough about Palestine and Israel – it’s complicated and a sensitive topic. But what Trump is doing is obvious. He discriminates against women, Muslims, and migrants – and many people belong in one or all of these categories,” Davies said.

      Glyn Secker from Jews for Justice for Palestinians said he agreed while standing in a quiet spot while chants of “Free, Free Palestine.”

      “Trump is against some very basic human rights and values of the general population,” Secker said, “The awareness of the violation of Palestinian human rights is much smaller by comparison because there is a vested interest in the UK media and establishment for keeping those violations under the radar, such as the trade relationship that Britain has with Israel.”"

      - See more at:

      There's nothing "complicated" about it, and there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing "enough about Palestine and Israel" nor to ignore the truth, Ms. Davies. What Netanyahu and Israel has done is patently "obvious", too.

      Shame on the UK for its "trade relationship" with Israel. Israel needs to be internationally sanctioned. Shame on all countries special relationship with the outlaw/rogue nation that has been trampling on Palestinian rights and values for many decades now. The ethnic cleansing of Palestine was planned long ago and continues apace.

      "Theresa May’s appeasement of two unpopular leaders could just help build British citizens’ solidarity with Palestine."

      I hope that you're right, Lydia. Perhaps they will choose to avail themselves of the truth that is certainly out there~ and here @ MW. Perhaps they can also discover and uncover the myriad and abundant lies that they've been swallowing about the rogue state of Israel.

  • Rights group: Israeli online incitement towards Arabs doubled in 2016
    • Not at all surprising. It's another feature of the apartheid, violent, and thieving state. The 'leaders' of Israel have taken incitement to a whole new level. The rabble are only following suit. Israelis can get away with executing Palestinians, what's a little hate speech and threats?

      Israel targets journalists, too.

      Remember that Emad abu-Shamsiyah immediately received death threats and harassment:

      "Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to ‘silence documentation and resistance’" - See more at:

      Breaking the Silence has been threatened for telling the truth. So has Gideon Levy. So have other human rights groups.

      Israel doesn't like the truth.

      Thanks, Allison.

  • Michigan Arabs react to Trump's executive order -- 'worse than 9/11'
    • Agreed, jd65!

      Great news here:

      "Trump travel ban: judges uphold order to prevent enforcement

      Judges upheld order issued last week to prevent 90-day travel ban from seven Muslim-majority countries and 120-day freeze on US admission of any refugees"

      Emma Lazarus and Lady Liberty are rejoicing... so am I.

      "The New Colossus

      Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,

      With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

      Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

      A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

      Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

      Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

      Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

      The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

      "Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she

      With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

      Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

      The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

      Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

      I lift my lamp beside the golden door!""

      "Liberty Enlightening the World

      "The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World" was a gift of friendship from the people of France to the United States and is recognized as a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924. Employees of the National Park Service have been caring for the colossal copper statue since 1933."

  • Land Grab: Israeli Knesset passes law legalizing expropriation of privately-owned Palestinian land
    • "Since I live in America, I have the “right” to a decent life, which the 22 thousand who die everyday from starvation don’t have."


      What are you doing to help "the 22 thousand who die everyday from starvation" catalan???

      Please tell me.

      Since you never got to "choose to be Jewish", what are you doing to stop the horrific and unending ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine by Jewish Zionists and their collaborators? You certainly have a choice to embrace Judaism~ or not. I have found much in all religions, but I think for myself. Zionism is NOT Judaism nor Christianity nor Islam, etc. ( no disrespect intended)

      All humans have a "choice".

  • Israeli supermarket chain glorifies army killer on grocery bag
    • The assassin is a "medic". This is another anomaly particular to Israel and its IOF that I cannot really comprehend. What medic anywhere does this???

      "Combat medics or Field medics (or medics) are military personnel who have been trained to at least an EMT-Basic level (16 week course in the U.S. Army),[1] and are responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield. They are also responsible for providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician, including care for disease and battle injuries. ...

      Geneva convention protection...
      In 1864, sixteen European states adopted the first-ever Geneva Convention to save lives and alleviate the suffering of wounded and sick persons in the battlefield. As well as to protect trained medical personnel as non-combatants, in the act of rendering aid.

      Chapter IV, Article 25 of the Geneva Convention states that: "Members of the armed forces specially trained for employment, should the need arise, as hospital orderlies, nurses or auxiliary stretcher-bearers, in the search for or the collection, transport or treatment of the wounded and sick shall likewise be respected and protected if they are carrying out these duties at the time when they come into contact with the enemy or fall into his hands." Article 29 reads: "Members of the personnel designated in Article 25 who have fallen into the hands of the enemy, shall be prisoners of war, but shall be employed on their medical duties insofar as the need arises."

      According to the Geneva Convention, knowingly firing at a medic wearing clear insignia is a war crime.[2]

      In modern times, most combat medics carry a personal weapon, to be used to protect themselves and the wounded or sick in their care.[3] When and if they use their arms offensively, they then sacrifice their protection under the Geneva Conventions. These medics are specifically trained.[4] ...

      ... Medical personnel from most western nations carry weapons for protection of themselves and their patients but remain designated non combatants, wearing the red cross, crescent or crystal. [7]

      Traditionally, most United States medical personnel also wore a distinguishing red cross, to denote their protection as non-combatants under the Geneva Convention. This practice continued into World War II. However, the enemies faced by professional armies in more recent conflicts are often insurgents who either do not recognize the Geneva Convention, or do not care, and readily engage all personnel, irrespective of non-combatant status. As their non combatant status is not respected, many US medics no longer wear non combatant markings. This can enable medics to be used as medically trained soldiers, fighting aggressively rather than just in self defence. [8] Combat Medics in the United States Army and United States Navy Hospital Corpsmen are virtually indistinguishable from regular combat troops, except for the extra medical equipment they carry. ..."

      It's completely insane that this "medic" was the executioner and that other IOF'ers stood by as he murdered this Palestinian with malice and in cold blood~ leaving him to exsanguinate without any dignity nor care.

      Elor Azaria wears an IOF uniform with the "snake around torch with Star of David on the bowl of the torch".

      Disgusting. His image on the bag is only fitting to be used for garbage, but I guarantee you that some folks will collect and frame these "free" garbage bags.

      Thank you, Jonathan (and Ira Glunts, aka abushalom)

  • Israel has had a 'Muslim ban' from the start
    • Starkly and brilliantly conveyed. Thank you very much, Jonathan. Your contributions @ Mondoweiss are much appreciated by this writer.

      I just wrote this in reply to Mayhem who was claiming "hypocrisy" on another thread just today:

      ..."Israel has been ‘banning’ (killing and ethnically cleansing) Palestinians from Palestine for nigh on a century. ..." - See more at:

      They also ban people of all colors, nationalities, and religions IF they ever whispered about or sought peace and justice for the Palestinian people.

      What truly frightens/angers me is that the US appears to be trying (and succeeding) to emulate Israel. This administration is not content to be only collaborators/enablers with Israel's crimes against humanity and the Palestinians of Palestine as all previous ones in my lifetime have been.

      (Pardon my grammar. I'm too outraged by the current state of affairs to do a rewrite)

  • Trump's first counter-insurgency strike leaves 15 civilians dead and a town in Yemen destroyed
    • "In December 2015, Trump told “Fox and Friends,” “the other thing is, with the terrorist, you have to take out their families,” adding, “when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families—they, they care about their lives, don’t kid yourself. When they say they don’t care about their lives, you have to take out their families.”"

      Q: lemme see here, who does that sound and act like?

      A: King Netanyahu and his predecessors.

      Both Israel and the US, with its allies, have and are committing state- sanctioned and sponsored terrorism.

      Will Trump ask Trudeau to "take out" Alexandre Bissonnette's family? How about Dylan Roof's family? Um, Anders Breivik's folks, too? How about the KSA Royals? etc...

      (Allison~ glad to read you here again.)

  • Video: Israel evacuates Amona outpost but the settler movement looks as strong as ever
    • Gideon Levy, February 2, 2017:

      "The Last Show at Amona

      Once, I moved house. It was sad. It was sad to part from the walls and the memories. The sorrow passed. I got over it. I am not alone: A lot of people have moved home, some because they wanted to, others not: because of a contract that expired, a relationship that fell apart or a new job.

      It’s always sad to leave home, though not every such departure features (ostensibly) heart-wrenching articles, phony assertions, utterly incredible cries for national compassion and scandalous compensation. It doesn’t always take eight Israeli army battalions and 3,000 policemen to move a person from what had been his home.

      On second thoughts, I never lived in a stolen home. Maybe leaving it is harder.

      On Wednesday the Amona Show arrived at its last act. More than anything else, the illegal outpost’s evacuation proved how racist the Israeli police are. It seems that people can be evacuated using bare hands, without need for rifles or helmets, without truncheons and mainly, without the discourtesy and penchant for violence that the police and border police have demonstrated when facing the weak, Arabs or Ethiopians. Suddenly the demonstrators are not shot with live fire. It was not the police who swept into Amona, but “Salvation Army” soldiers in blue jackets with an Israeli flag sewn to the sleeve.

      Why? Because the evacuees are white Jews, representatives of the most privileged, most powerful group in Israeli society. Because the chief of police hails from the same neighborhood. Because the government didn’t want heart-rending pictures to start making the rounds.

      From Umm al-Hiran to Amona, the comparison shrieked to the skies: apartheid police. One police for whites and one police for natives. It can no longer be denied.

      The evacuation of Amona proceeded after foreplay that dragged on and on, including the usual repertoire of schticks, featuring endless hearings in the High Court of Justice, sitting as an especially incongruous Purim-costumed version of a state with justice and equality before the law, including the justices playing dumb, the young girls in braids and tears, the young mothers with babies, the guitars, the prayers, candles and all that tired jazz. The cries of “wickedness” and “discrimination” and “Citizens type B,” the little girl asking her mother, in front of rolling cameras of course, “Mommy, will we have somewhere to live?” as though she didn’t know the answer.

      The army that cordons off the area but allows hundreds of youngsters to freely infiltrate, barricading themselves inside homes while vowing to eschew violence; the soldiers demonstrating their sensitivity as they prepare for action – any moment now they’ll be bursting into tears; the nauseating headlines – “This was my home,” “The final hours”; the Palestinian landowners for whose benefit this show has been put on, who will never be allowed to get anywhere near their land, now evacuated; the childish name chosen for this mission – “Locked kindergarten” [from the song based on Rachel’s poem, “It’s not nice to see the kindergarten locked”] – how very poetic and moving. And, of course, the appropriate Zionist reaction, without which no eviction could possibly proceed – build another 1,000 housing units, and counting.

      The music never stops – until it does, and the Amona Show is going to be the last one. The eviction season is over. The pretending is over. Barring something unexpected happening in Washington, we can forget this theater of the absurd, this evacuation sample, in which – for a moment there – Israel wraps itself in the image of a state of law and order, moves out a handful of settlers who occupied land “illegally” – bad lot, those settlers – as though there was a single settlement in the land that conducted itself legally, and in their stead is instating another thousand people on land that is just as stolen. But now annexation is approaching, the arrangement is nigh, the masked ball is winding down, and following it will come the hangover of the settlers’ triumph.

      Few Israelis have ever visited Amona. Most have no idea where it is. Presumably, few care... Even after all the tear-jerking, Amona did not touch the hearts of the secular community. Yet ironically it is Amona where the independence of the state of settlers has been declared. It is this inane eviction that attests to their grand victory. There will be no more Amonas. It was the National Theater’s last show."

      read more:

  • Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society
    • "The Haaretz newspaper observed recently that this underground economy had become so big – with an annual turnover reaching as much $39 billion – Israel could find itself on the same list as Iran as “one of the leading state financiers of global terrorism”."

      - See more at:

      I often appreciate Jonathan Cook's insight, but that's an article from 2015 and Israel and Israeli terrorism is still being financed by billionaire Zionists and Western governments. Now the Gulf states and KSA are officially in the club.

      Iran is only protecting itself (not starting wars at all) while the US and its 'allies' continue to wreak mayhem all over MENA and the world.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • FYI and O/T: Chris Matthews previews his interview with Conway and wrt Trump's threats against Iran, he clearly stated that "it was all about Israel".

    • This is fascinating news. I'm going with hope for

      "To Fight Netanyahu, Taxpayers Invoke New Law for 9/11 Families

      February 1, 2017


      WASHINGTON (CN) – Saying the war crimes Israel commits in Palestinian territories are largely financed by tax-exempt American charities, a Washington attorney has found new application for a federal law just passed to help the victims of 9/11.

      Congress passed the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorist Act last year to strip Saudi Arabian government officials of their immunity so that they can be sued by 9/11 families.

      Previously only states designated as sponsors of terrorism could be sued for injuries stemming from an international act of terrorism. The new law, often shortened to JASTA, allows civil claims against a foreign government.

      Marking the first time anyone has used the law to sue officials of a foreign government other than Saudi Arabia, Martin McMahon of the Transnational Business Attorneys Group is invoking JASTA to take on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Courthouse News received an advance copy of the complaint, which McMahon is filing on Feb. 1 in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

      “Financing, encouraging, or participating in war crimes [genocide and ethnic cleansing] fits within the definition of ‘international terrorism,’” the 103-page complaint states (brackets in original). “By promoting, participating in, or funding international terrorism, all defendants have also violated the recently enacted statute known as Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorist Act.”

      The filing is the latest in McMahon’s legal salvo against tax-free U.S. aid to Israel. In addition to Netanyahu, the complaint takes aim at a half-dozen other defendants including Ehud Barak and Avigdor Lieberman, officials with the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

      Opposed to a two-state solution, according to the complaint, these officials have enabled “wholesale violence against a civilian population,” aiming to permanently colonize Palestinian land in the West Bank – territory Israelis call Judea and Samaria.

      The Israeli embassy in Washington did not respond to an email requesting comment on the lawsuit. ...

      ... As described in the complaint, the activities of pro-occupation charities violate a federal law that prohibits financing a foreign army’s “expedition or enterprise” against “any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace.”

      Since Israel’s tax code prohibits Israeli citizens from making charitable donations to settlements, the complaint says that the Friedman and Kushner families “set up NGOs in Israel to receive their donations.”

      The charities get help from accounting firms like Billet, Feit & Price PC, which the complaint accuses of engaged in tax fraud, perjury and violations of federal money-laundering laws.

      “These officials deceive donors into thinking that their charitable contributions are legitimate, would be used exclusively for charitable purposes, and that the beneficiaries are all located in Israel, not Palestine,” the complaint states of the accounting firm.

      Billet, Feit & Price did not respond to an emailed request for comment.

      Lead plaintiff Miko Peled, of San Diego, Calif., hails from a prominent Zionist family in Israel but said in an interview that he comes down “very decidedly on the Palestinian side.” His grandfather, Avraham Katsnelson, signed Israel’s Declaration of Independence. His father, Mattityahu Peled, fought in the 1948 war – what Israelis refer to as a war of independence and what Palestinians call the Nakba, or catastrophe. The senior Peled served as a general in the Six-Day War in 1967, but later called for a two-state solution.

      Peled questions whether Americans understand that the Israeli settlements present an obstacle to a peace deal.

      “The settlements are not like tiny little towns, these are major cities,” he said, noting that settlements have invested billions in shopping centers, schools and factories. “They’re there to stay.”

      Newly minted by his father-in-law as senior White House adviser and Middle East peace envoy, Jared Kushner sits on the national board of New York City-based Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli Army’s biggest donor.When pro-occupation charities send $2 billion a year to benefit Israeli settlements, according to the complaint, those funds drain the U.S. economy and deprive the Treasury Department of essential tax revenue over the years – another violation of JASTA.

      “U.S. donors like Defendant Friedman and Kushner family members [and perhaps President-elect Trump] take illegal tax deductions every April 15th based on financing criminal activity overseas like theft of private property, arms trafficking, genocide, ethnic cleansing and arson,” the complaint states (brackets in original).

      Though settlers say they need military equipment to defend against Palestinian attacks, the complaint notes that donor money is funding “expensive Kalashnikovs, body armor, stun guns, sniper scopes, bullet proof vests, night vision goggles, and percussion grenades.”

      “Arming belligerent settlers constitutes classic arms trafficking under both U.S. and Israeli law,” the complaint states.

      Peled says he is troubled that Trump has given Freidman and Kushner significant roles in the new administration.

      “I think it’s a very serious problem,” Peled said. “But at least it displays the real intentions of this administration.”

      Though not named as a defendant, Trump is accused in the lawsuit of possibly having made illegal donations to Friends of Bet El, the Kushner Family Foundation or Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces – all American tax-exempt entities that fund Israeli settlements.

      Any donations Trump made to those organizations would be listed on his 1040 tax form, but the president has yet to release them. Representatives for the Trump transition team and the White House media team have not responded to emails seeking comment.

      The complaint says any donations Trump made to pro-settlement tax-exempt entities would constitute money laundering.

      In an interview, attorney McMahon noted that U.S. tax-exempt entities get their status because the charitable work they do on U.S. soil alleviates a burden from the federal government. What they cannot do, McMahon said, is conspire to hurt individuals overseas or damage their property.

      “When you send clean funds overseas to promote criminal activities like ethnic cleansing, theft of property and genocide, you commit money laundering,” McMahon said, who put Trump’s possible donation to American Friends of Bet El at $10,000.

      Accusations of genocide jolt Israelis, whose collective memory of the horrors of the Holocaust is ever present. But Peled said the description is largely accurate.

      “We’re talking about real genocide,” said Peled. “This is not small. It’s not just anti-Semitic slurs. If you take the UN definition of the crime of genocide – if you place it side by side with Israeli actions toward the Palestinians – it’s almost identical. It’s striking when you do that.”

      The Office of the United Nations Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide defines genocide as any “acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” That includes “killing members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

      The Israeli government staunchly denies that it is engaged in ethnic cleaning or genocide against the Palestinian people. Israel says that any violence it employs is self-defense from Palestinian terror attacks.

      But Peled points to the violence of the Israeli occupation inflicted on Palestinians as the bigger context. Military checkpoints, and the imposition of settler-only roads that connect the settlements to Israel, restrict Palestinian travel through the West Bank, he added.

      “All of my friends who are Palestinian – their kids are being shot, they’re being imprisoned, they’re being tortured, they’re being beaten – they’re stuck in these little open-air mini prisons,” Peled said.

      The UN deems Israeli settlements illegal under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, which prohibits countries from moving their civilian population into territories occupied by war. Israel disagrees, however, that the law applies to the territories it seized in 1967, including the West Bank and Gaza.

      Israel considers Palestinian areas disputed territories – not occupied – because there was no Palestinian sovereignty in the West Bank when Israel seized the territory, which was ruled by Jordan between 1948 and 1967. Because of that, the pro-settlement movement within Israel believes the country has just as much of a legal right to the land as Palestinians do.

      McMahon’s clients reject this interpretation. The attorney said named plaintiffs Ali Ali and Linda Keteeb have lost $2 million to $3 million in West Bank property to which they hold the original deeds. Israeli settlers took the property by force, McMahon added. ...

      ... Peled called the level of ignorance on the issue in the U.S. “stunning, considering how much money goes there.”
      “These people are pouring money into this, and they’re getting a tax break,” he said.

      Peled is optimistic that the American judiciary will “wake up” and chip away at the settlement issue. “All it takes is one judge to say ‘you know what, I’m going to give this some thought,'” he said.

      Suing for $200 million in damages, the plaintiffs allege civil conspiracy, negligence, reckless supervision, aiding and abetting war crimes and crimes against humanity, and aiding and abetting tax fraud.

      Netanyahu and other high-level Israeli officials cannot claim immunity, according to the complaint, because the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act contains exceptions for commercial activity and theft of private property.

      The complaint accuses the officials of enabling the theft of thousands of acres of Palestinian land used to build Jewish-only settlements. In the process, the Israeli government demolished 49,000 Palestinian homes and forcibly removed 400,000 Palestinians – an act that the lawsuit says constitutes ethnic cleansing and meets part of the criteria for the Genocide Convention: the deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to bring about the physical destruction of a group in whole or in part.

      As for the commercial activity, the complaint points to arms-purchase agreements in the United States.

      “Every year, these officials visit Washington D.C. and consult with Department of Defense officials about the purchase of military hardware and sophisticated weaponry,” the complaint states. “Thus, they have been engaged in classic commercial activity in the U.S. for the last thirty years.”

    • Thanks for this article, Phil. It needs to be said over and over and over again. PEP continues to grow while Trump's cruel anti- Muslim ban evoke faux concern for Muslims, as long as they are not Palestinians from Palestine. Since Trump has said that religious minorities in Muslim majority contries would get to the head of the line, is it possible that Christian Palestinians would actually be allowed to visit the US? Or are any and all Palestinians personae non gratae both in Israel and in the US?

      Nada Elia also wrote about this, as you know:

      "'No Ban, No Wall’ highlights the common struggle in US and Palestine"

      - See more at:

  • The Palestine Philharmonie -- an orchestra is born in Bethlehem
    • This is simply gorgeous and brought tears to my eyes. Your pictures with your captions are also stunning.

      Heartfelt thanks for this precious gift, Tom. Most sincerely.

  • Danwatch: Major EU pension funds invest billions in businesses linked to Israeli settlements
    • Holy moly! This is explosive, imho. Danwatch deserves major kudos for their report. Many thanks for this article, Sheren.

      I'm gnashing my poor teeth, Annie. Israel needs to be harshly sanctioned~ YESTERDAY!

  • 'We have nowhere else to go': Bedouins say they will continue to rebuild as Israel carries out home demolitions at a record pace
    • It's a welcome and easily understood comment. Nice to 'meet' you, Kaisa of Finland.

      Your English is much better than my Finnish! ;-)

  • The Quebec mosque shooting and the Zionist connection
    • You hit this one right out of the proverbial park, Jonathan.

      I am so very grateful for you putting it out here~ it's been a peeve of mine for a long, long time. It's been sorely and shamefully lacking in most discourse, and now the conversations should begin with vigor.

      Nobody can unring this bell.

      RIP to the dead victims of this horrible and vile suspect, and profound wishes for the recovery of those wounded and all of the families/friends that are also hurting.

      (Wonder if the murderer is a fan of Baruch Goldstein...)

  • Netanyahu's tweet for Trump suggests two leaders have cut a deal on Jerusalem or Iran, says former ambassador
  • Why the Personal Has Always Been Political: an Iranian-American reflects on the Trump executive order on refugees
    • Oh NO, Mahem! Not KSA, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brunei, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, UAE, and Pakistan, too!!! Give Jared, Friedman, Gaffney, Giuliani, Conway, Bannon, and Trump your list~ pronto. Immediately! None of those countries are on Trump's list yet...

      Israel has been 'banning' (killing and ethnically cleansing) Palestinians from Palestine for nigh on a century. As a proud Israeli, you most certainly have mirrors in your home and car. Take a good and long look into them and yourself. Look to your evil 'checkpoints' and Ben- Gurion airport, too.


  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • Thank you to all of the protesters of this vile, cruel, and anti- Muslim edict from Trump.

      Thanks to Judges Ann M. Donnelly and Leonie M. Brinkema.

      Corbyn is correct~ he should be banned. May appears to be another poodle.

  • Bipartisan House resolution on Palestinian youth 'terror attacks' fails to say many were executed on the spot
    • This is disgraceful, Phil.

      These two idiots and Israel- Firsters obviously don't read or watch the steady incitement by the GOI, all the branches of its IOF with their daily terrorizing tactics/actions, and the terrorist settlers. They have no sense nor knowledge of reality. They have held up only 3 of Israel's extrajudicial assassinations/executions of Palestinians that have occurred and gone unpunished to 'prove' their allegiance to Israel and its grinding violence toward all Palestinians. These 3 got the attention and outrage of the sane world, but these two see it only through Israel's warped lens. It's mind- numbing!!!

      That these two southern American legislators are putting this forward is a stain on America and on their constituents. I went to his website, and there is not even one comment on this. Not one.

      (looks like the two stooges did the same in November 2015

      "Woodall Introduces Bipartisan Measure in Support of Israel, Condemning Palestinian Attacks"

      There are more of these anti- Palestinian "resolutions" as evidenced by a quick search...)

  • American Jews will 'divorce' Israel if it is at peace -- Foxman
  • Trump administration has no comment on Israeli settlement boom
    • I am enraged myself, Kate. He's also targeted the impossibly suffering Yemenis, of course:

      "Burying bad news in the killing fields of Yemen"

      As Senator Chris Murphy wrote:

      "We bomb your country, creating a humanitarian nightmare, then lock you inside. That's a horror movie, not a foreign policy."

      Here's a snapshot from Zaid Jilani:

      "If We Bombed You, We Ban You"

      As for my thanks and praise for your arduous work, I really mean it. I try to sift through the news every single day, but there remains one place that I can rely on to get me up to speed with the truth, and this is it.

    • Not that it means much in the whole scheme of things, but my heart keeps breaking into itsy-bitsy pieces. That $220 million is a drop in the bucket compared to what the US owes the Palestinians of Gaza... first and foremost should have, and could have been, an immediate change in policy with regard to its dangerous and immoral liason with Israel when they began the first of their planned and murderous missions into Gaza.

      Your compilations contain real news (the gut- wrenching reality). This is The Place that anyone can go to and read/see it for themselves.

      You're an amazing person, Kate.

  • The dismal cartography of Trump's pre-fascist state (and opportunities for progressive populism)
  • Israeli gov't doesn't really want US to move embassy to Jerusalem -- Foxman
  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • "Two New York Democratic members of Congress, Jerry Nadler and Nydia Velazquez, went to JFK to try and help out the people detained at the airport":..

      I heard him say that this is 'religious discrimination'.

    • Unsurprisingly:

      "Zionist Organization of America praises Trump's refugee ban on grounds that unlike Jews in 1930s, Muslims are bad."

    • "People holding so-called green cards, making them legal permanent US residents, are included in President Donald Trump’s executive action temporarily banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, the Department of Homeland security has confirmed to Reuters

      “It will bar green card holders,” Gillian Christensen, acting spokeswoman for the department, reportedly said in an email."

      "Trump Ban Puts Refugees, Immigrants on Way to U.S. in Legal Limbo

      Refugees who were on flights to the U.S. when Trump signed the immigration order arrested upon arrival; immigrants with visas barred from boarding planes in Cairo. ...

      Iraqis who helped U.S. soldiers working as translators and informants are also finding themselves affected by the ban. Though programs were set up in wake of the Iraq war to offer these individuals asylum in the U.S., the Trump administration's executive order has left them with little hope of leaving Iraq where they still face threats for their collaboration with the U.S. Army."

      read more:

      I guess Trump not only admires the illegal and odious wall that Israel built, but also its racist and inhumane 'immigration' policy...

    • Thank you for covering this deeply disturbing and disgusting display of xenophobic and Islamophobic America rising anew, Roqayah.

      I'm never sure that we will ever know the truth about 9/11, but:

      "The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. 15 of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt and Lebanon.[1]"

      So, none of those countries are on the "the list". I do believe that this is only a preliminary list unless and until all Americans rise up. The US has done the bulk of the killing, displacement, hardship and disaster to the people and resources of the named countries~ never forgetting Afghanistan and Palestine.

      The US and its 'allies' (Israel, KSA, etc.) have created the desperate situation of the refugees and destablized the region. Period. They've done precious little to rescue them from their hell. Shame, shame, shame.

  • MIT President meets with rightwing pro-settlement Israeli leader
    • eljay~ not much to "wonder" about there.

      This meeting is rife with Zionism~ same old, same old thing. Israel firsters. That is all.

      Naftali Bennett has said:

      He's no "citizen of the world".

      btw and O/T, anyone really know what a "State- minus" is?

      "Netanyahu Ahead of Trump Phone Call: I Am Willing to Give Palestinians a 'State-minus'
      Israeli prime minister to discuss Iran, Palestinians and Syria with President Trump on Sunday, noting that overturning the Iran nuclear deal remains a top objective for Israel."

      read more:

  • More and more people see 'one state only' but Remnick fears it will be like Bosnia
    • Good questions, Annie. Only deep sanctions will work~ maybe!

      There already is (and has been) "unambigious apartheid" by and for Israeli Jews, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from Palestine, and so much more since the 'beginning'.

      Remnick appears to remain willfully blind to Israel's multitudinous and ongoing crimes. They did not only begin with Netanyahu, did they? Could he be a 'liberal Zionist'? Hasn't he heard that there is no 2SS nor 'peace process' because of Israel's history of duplicity and outright lies? What did he and his fellow "rightwing/centrist" folks on the program do to stop Israel in its tracks before now?

      (Why Bosnia, btw???)

  • Trump's vow to move embassy to Jerusalem is now a 'decision-making process'
    • "The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to be President Donald Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, clearing the way for what is expected to be an easy confirmation ... 

      Haley was approved by unanimous voice vote, despite some Democrats' concerns about her lack of experience in foreign policy and international affairs. 

      Governor Nikki Haley, Donald Trump's pick for UN ambassador, said on Wednesday she is committed to the bipartisan consensus in the U.S. against Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

      Haley told the committee during her first confirmation hearing on January 5, when asked about Israel, that she supports relocating the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, as Trump suggested he would do. She also called herself a proponent of the two-state solution adding that she understands how settlements "can hinder peace."

      Haley criticized the Obama administration for not vetoing UN Security Council Resolution 2334, which challenged the legality of settlements. The resolution passed last month, she said, was "harmful" to the two-state solution and  "a kick in the gut" to Israel. 

      read more:

      Another "kick in the gut" to Palestinians, Americans, and to 'international law'.

      "Haley has little foreign policy experience, but she argued during her confirmation hearings that her executive experience as a governor gave her deal-making and coalition-building skills that will come in handy in dealing with the more than 190 member states at the United Nations. She also stressed that she will ensure that U.N. priorities are aligned with U.S. priorities, including by defending Israel when it is singled out for condemnation."

    • "His “sane” advisors have probably already laid out the consequences of the “move” and hopefully even the loony Donald will sense a self made trap."

      Where are these "sane advisors"?

      "Former Executive Director of Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR Joins Trump Administration

      Julie Kirchner, the former executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), has been named chief of staff at U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the largest federal law enforcement agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

      Kirchner worked at America’s most influential anti-immigrant organization for almost ten years before leaving in 2015 to become an immigration advisor to the Trump campaign.

      The appointment, reported by multiple sources, suggests that President Trump intends to follow through with his promises to anti-immigrant advocates. Throughout his campaign, Trump worked closely with nativist leaders and has appointed individuals such as U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (Attorney General) and Mike Pompeo (Director of the Central Intelligence Agency) who maintain cozy relationships with America’s anti-immigrant movement.

      After Trump’s election, and certainly throughout his campaign, nativists have rejoiced with their newfound intimacy with the White House, and Kirchner’s appointment is only the latest of extremists groups suddenly enjoying a direct line to federal power.

      Since its founding in 1979, FAIR has push an agenda centered on a complete moratorium on all immigration to the United States and defined by vicious attacks on non-white immigrants. Its founder was white nationalist John Tanton, an avowed eugenicist who created the modern anti-immigrant movement in the United States. ..."

      (Spicer is in a league of his own... I find it nearly impossible to listen to him and his propaganda/fecaliths)

  • Despite international pressure, Finkelstein gives talk on Gaza's 'martyrdom' at German institute

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