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  • Live tweeting from the Penn BDS conference
  • Israeli police shoot international activist in the neck during weekly Nabi Saleh protest
    • Chaos,

      I was planning to defend my argument by claiming that the Israel-Lobby has not as much sway over French politics as over US politics. But I have to admit that "not as much" is probably still "too much". So I guess the French wouldn't punish Israel any more for a Liberty kind of incident than the US did. Damn :-(

    • Walid, what's Israel going to do to France? Bomb them??

    • The French government should investigate and demand the extradition of the guilty soldier, also demand reparations from the Israeli government.

  • Occupy Oakland's landslide BDS endorsement
    • Thanks for the report, Allison!

      "in front of Oakland’s city hall, occupiers endorsed Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against the state of Israel in a 135-to-one vote. Oakland’s occupiers have recently experienced chemical dispersants, and a mass arrest, which took place over the weekend."

      Occupy protesters have first-hand experience, they know that we are all Palestinians now.

  • Both sides are wrong in the ‘Israel Firsters’ debate
    • North of 49 posted a great comment below:

      "I don’t think anyone here would question Adelson’s right to put the interests of Israel over those of the US. But that is not what we are talking about.

      What raises hackles is Adelson’s attempt to use his influence in such a way that the US govt act in Israel’s interest. I think we agree that a state has a moral obligation to act in the interests of its subjects — that is what it is there for. By co-opting the state, Adelson effectively forces that state’s subjects to act against their own interests, which is a violation of those individuals’ rights."

      So you have

      a) Emotional Israel Firsters who act as individuals. They donate to the IDF or even to colonists in the West Bank. Their actions may or may not harm the US interest.

      b) Political Israel Firsters who use or attempt to use the US government, an organization which is hired by the American people to protect Americans, to also or even instead protect Israelis. Their actions may or may not harm the US interest, but since government has no business caring about people other than its citizens, are cheating the American people.

    • N49,

      thanks. This issue is confusing to me, and I think you showed me a good definition of being an Israel-Firster. Now I can finally put this issue to rest with myself.

    • Djinn, one could construct a more precise scenario like "country A gets attacked by country B, without any justification, and country A acts morally".

      But you have convinced me that the question of loyalty can't only be defined within war issues. It's too narrow.
      So it needs to be defined more broadly, with the notion of national interest. If you advocate positions which are knowingly or unknowingly damaging your own countrie's interest while helping another's, you are disloyal.

      Of course, that brings the problem that everyone has a different opinion on what exactly IS the national interest, so it can only be defined subjectively.

      But it leaves us in the current debate with the following: If you think that it's in the national interest of the US to NOT attack a country that didn't attack you, and said attack happens to help the warmongering faction in Israel, then everyone advocating that attack, regardless who he is and what his motivations, is, to you, someone who on this issue puts the warmongering faction in Israel first. And more generally, is disloyal to the US.

      Of course, he/she would not only put Likud Israel first, but everyone else who profits from the war - weapons manufacturers, other rivals of Iran like Saudi Arabia,...

      Apart from that, there's also a scientific definition of national interest from the field of International Relations: It is the accumulation of power in relation to other nations. I would say that an attack on Iran would not make the US stronger in relation to other powers, so if you advocate it, you are advocating something which would damage the nation interest of the US as defined by International Relations.

    • David, what are you talking about? And how come YOU are the officious spokesguy for "the left"?

    • I think you put it very well. Breaking the law of the US to help Israel, that's one of several good definitions of an Israel-Firster.

    • Jamie,

      your article is a nice addition to the discussion, and you are initially right in reminding us that the debate over US support for Israel should also include the human rights angle, not only the nation interest angle.

      But Jamie, it's not a question of "either or"! Opposition to status quo policy has to include all supportive arguments, so we need to talk about human rights AND about the nation interest. Because nations have interests of their own, regardless of how many "left" people don't get that.

      Now to your more specific point about putting other nation's interests before your own. You write:

      "If I am moved by images of famine in Somalia and decide to vote, in Britain, according to who I think would do the most to alleviate the effects and causes of that famine, am I being "dually loyal"?"

      First, there can be no "dual" loyalty in the long run, because nation's interests differ from time to time. So one has to decide which loyalty comes first for himself. If you say "I am loyal to both countries", you are being a coward. Simply ask the hypothetical question which country you would support if both were at war with each other, then you know which country you place "first".

      Second, your example of a famine has no effect whatsoever on questions of current US policy towards Israel. Noone is talking about feeding starving Israelis. There are bigger things at stake, like going to war because of evil people like Netanjahu convince other Jews to be eternally paranoid. If you want to defend loyalty to another state, you need to think about more complicated issues than a famine.

      Lastly, the expression of Israel-Firster should only be used for people like Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban who are proud of their Israel-First views. If you say "I regret wearing the US uniform instead of the Israeli one" (Adelson) or "I'm a one-issue guy" (Saban), then you are an Israel-Firster, end of discussion. And it IS a bad thing, under these circumstances.

      For people like Dennis Ross we should use the term "pro-Special Relationship", people who would never admit that they put Israel first, but who wrongly believe that the US and Israeli interests are always identical. Their crime is not putting Israel first, but more generally, jeopardizing the independence of the US.

  • Dershowitz justifies war on Iran (and Iraq? again?)-- and Mort Zuckerman rides shotgun-- in fresh attacks on BDS conference
    • A busy weekend. The BDS event, on Saturday World Can't Wait and several other orgs protesting against war, sanctions and assasinations against Iran, and the Munich Security Conference runs the whole weekend with a major protest coming on Saturday.

      Rise up people!

  • Sullivan says passionate American supporters of Israel create a 'problem,' conflating interests
  • Israeli officials say Iran's 'existential threat' is-- braindrain of 200,000 'best and brightest'
    • "Anyone who advocates such a thing is a sort of monster, in my view."

      Damn right, and monsters must be neutralized.

      Also, some organization should sue anybody who still peddles the LIE about "wipe off the earth" for defamation.

  • Penn's president condemns article likening BDS conference to Nazism as 'counter to her personal values and civility'
    • Oh and folks, beware of the agents provocateurs. If anyone starts anti-Jewish or anti-Police violence or incitement, its probably a guy paid by the enemy.

    • Not totally on topic, but it shows who the people are BDS wants to help:

      "According to the report, shortly after the operation ended and the unit departed, a lone soldier was left standing at the gate of the village.

      Some of the local Arabs say they feared the soldier would be lynched and aided him in reaching an area under IDF control where another unit picked him up and returned him to the base."

      link to

      Notice also how its totally okay for Israeli media to talk about "Arabs" instead of "Palestinians", but whenever Palestinians or other neighbours refer to Israelis as "Jews", it's racist and we have to correct them.

    • " It is not an appropriate role (nor that of the University’s), to be the referee of individual’s comments, regardless of how overheated or ill-advised they may be."

      Explain that to the Muslim students who got sanctioned for peacefully protested Israels ambassador. It seems that when "comments" are against Israeli policy, some Universities after all think its their role to be the referee.

      Go Penn U students! Go BDS!

  • Blumenthal: Netanyahu seeks regime change in US and Iran
    • Chaos,

      although Phil and other Mondo writers identify and condemn the problem that many Jews think that only one of their own is allowed to criticize them, it seems that sometimes they slip up and show that attitude themselves. I think it's not part of any agenda, only an instinct when scanning the comments for moderation. With time, it will cease. I, too, had comments blocked which did not go any further than writers on this site went.

    • The whole comment from Blumenthal is great. Especially this:

      "It's sort of a fulfillment of past anti-Semitic stereotypes and I think Jews in the United States, most of whom oppose this war and oppose the neoconservatives agenda, should be aware of this."

      Hitlerite anti-Jewish ideas and, later, acts, are a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts. They inflicted psychosis in many Jews (the only partly justified notion of "they all want to kill us"), which in turn produced in some of those Jews exactly the mindset and even some of the deeds "The Jews" as a group where wrongly accused of back then: Racism, mistrust of non-Jews, secret machinations, control of political, economic and maybe even cultural processes.

      If Jews today can't see this, they are in part the makers of their own, possibly bad, future fate.

  • Penn boycott conference is target in viral scare game
    • "The trick to this game is that most of the players are themselves Jewish. They know particularly well how to exploit the fears of fellow Jews with specific buzzwords and exaggerated threats in order to get them to react in a way advantageous to the players’ agenda."

      This skill seems to be demanded for most positions in Israeli government and many Jewish organizations. Nothing more profitable than scaring your own people and using their psychosis for personal gain.

  • The Iraq war coverup: What did AIPAC do and when did it do it?
    • Did you see this stunt?

      "A senior Israeli official said Thursday that the missile testing site near Tehran that was destroyed in a huge explosion three months ago was developing missiles with a range of about 6,000 miles that could reach the United States."

      link to

      Lying bastards.

    • I second the awesomeness! Good job Phil. Your country needs you to help stop the war, not kvetching about how maybe, somehow, calling the warmongers out will "harm the Jews" and all that. We need to ignore Abe Foxman and his ilk.

      "The best way to oppose war against Iran is not just to say, We're against it, but to identify who is pushing for it."

      Clear and present truth.

  • Double standard for the neighbor-- Paul Auster and Turkey
    • Yep. Kudos to Auster for boycotting anything at all, because most people wouldn't even bother. And equally kudos to Erdogan for calling Auster out on his double standard. And it would be very hard to find something in Turkeys human rights record that compares with Operation Cast Lead.

  • Who's the moderate? Romney teams up with anti-Muslim speakers, Greater Israel advocates
    • The corporate media should do its damn job properly and frame the Republican decisions as a battle between Romney and Paul, and focus on their different policies and ideas.

      Santorum is a clown and Gingrich is only still the race because of Adelsons naziesque money.

  • Mossad chief held secret talks in DC with top U.S. officials
  • Rosenberg gets Trita Parsi call for Iran diplomacy into 'LA Jewish Journal'
    • "I remember from my days at AIPAC that the thing it was most afraid of was that a president would break with the policy it dictated and explain to the American people why."

      As more and more Americans wake up to the facts surrounding I/P, this is a good thing. May be next president use it.

  • AIPAC met quietly with Dem thinktank to deplore writings critical of Israel, and took its leaders to Israel
    • We have a corporate media where Ron Paul, who not only is married to his wife for 55 years and has delivered 4.000 breathing human beings, but also returns 100.000 dollars of his congressional budget to the taxpayer every year, is framed as "being in this for his own benefit".

      Meanwhile, Romney the venture capitalist who has wrecked dozens of companies and is rich beyond human need, just wants to "serve his country".

      What a mess.

    • Of course Ron Paul is scary to people who want to use US citizens as cattle, use their money and children to prop up everything from big corporations to globalist bureaucracies to foreign countries.

      Good to see Frum show his un-American and undemocratic colors.

    • "But when it’s linked to a conspiratorial view of the Iraq war, ‘It's the Israel lobby, it's the Jewish community,’ that parrots a line.”"

      Congratulations Abraham Foxman, you once again demonstrated that you are an idiot. You are unfit to run any organization, let alone one that wants to serve the commendable goal of combating defamations against minorities.

      Here is a primer for you: Conspiracies are a fact of life, from everyday life to politics. If someone talks about a possible conspiracy, like the push for war with Iraq or Iran, you weigh his arguments and investigate further. You don't brush any "lines". That's what a dictator does, but not someone who claims to like open and democratic societies.

    • Shooting itself in the foot, isn't it :-)

    • Because AIPAC is un-American and does not believe in free speech.

    • Great post, Phil!

      "“We’re not happy this has taken the course it has,” the official added. “We would have preferred it was dealt with quietly.”"

      Exactly this quiet dealing and backroom secrecy is a major problem not just with AIPAC and other pro-Israeli organizations, but some Jewish organizations as well. They don't trust the people, and prefer to make their various demands directly to governments and other powerful figures (like business and think tank leaders).

      We the people have a problem with secrecy. We demand transparancy, because it is a free society, not secret backroom dealings, which functions ultimately as the strongest defense against illegitimate policies like those Jews have suffered under historically.

  • Why we should be furious the Haditha massacre Marines got no jail time
    • "the integrity of our justice system won out."

      See, that's where you went wrong. A justice system where even in important cases like an alleged massacre, the accused party (military) gets to judge itself, you have bias incorporated into the system.

      These cases should be handled in an open court, The People of the United States vs. the accused.

  • In interview of Muslim Brotherhood leader, NPR repeatedly asks about Israel's security
    • "Israel, will be able to count on Egypt to police the border and prevent any armed group from crossing over into their..."

      That's funny, it's not Egypt who constantly crosses into other soveign countries and bombs the crap out of them. The moment that Israel respects the borders of Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran, others will also respect Israels border.

  • 'NYT' gives Israelis its magazine to make an attack on Iran 'normal'
    • Oh, you found it. Thanks lysias. The title makes me vomit.

      But I note that in the version you linked, the blabla about the Munich security think tank is missing. Too bad I didn't copy it when I first read it.

    • Clappers talk about the alleged plot to kill some Saudi ambassador is indeed claptrap. But I found the Guardian piece to at least be somewhat balanced, with some critical voices. Take this for example, from the couple last paragraphs:

      "In a strikingly critical report, an influential Israeli thinktank, the Institute for National Security Studies, warned that the Israeli leadership could be rushing into a decision to attack without properly thinking of the implications. The authors said that Israeli society should "not assume that decision makers will automatically make correct choices based on a rational of an attack's cost effectiveness".

      "Past experience has proven that such an in-depth discussion does not always take place," the report said. It questioned whether a nuclear Iran was really an existential threat to Israel and warned that unilateral action would alienate the US and other Israeli allies.

      "The image – not the first of its kind – will be of an Israel unilaterally violating the rules of the international game and launching a military campaign without legitimacy from the security council. This might increase Israel's isolation as well contribute to its delegitimisation.""

    • This disgusting piece of blackmail ("attack Iran, or else an Israeli attack will set the Middle East on fire!") also appeared in Germany. Süddeutsche Zeitung, a center-left newspaper on most issues, gave Ronen Bergman the opportunity to spout propaganda on behalf of a foreign government on its website. I have no idea if it also appeared in print.

      It's sold as part of an effort by some think tank to promote security thinking ahead of the coming Munich Security Conference, which will be held on February 3th to 5th.

      Funny thing, the piece has in the meantime disappeared from the website. It was online at least for a short time 2 hours ago.

    • "they are not part of NATO,under whose umbrella all this crap happened"

      NATO had nothing to do with Iraq.

  • Dennis Ross Redux: Haaretz reveals White House - WINEP hotline
  • 'Israel Firster' debate is an American argument, not a Jewish argument
    • "I know many people who have political stances on everything, and voice them without regard or fear, on questions of race, abortion, poverty, Afghanistan, gay rights, health care.... But about Israel, they won't speak."

      If you break this silence once and for all, the Israel Lobby will be toast.

  • The battle between the US/EU and China/India to control world energy resources is being fought in Iran
    • "Germany has now urged Tehran to “exercise restrain.”"

      WTF? Please restrain yourself, Iranians, while we strangle you financially and threaten you with war 24/7?

      Just as the US and NATO contained the Soviet Union, China/Russia/India now need to contain the US to preserve global peace. A sad state of affairs.

  • Raimondo: 'Israel firster' did not originate with neo-Nazis as Kirchick and Ackerman claim, but rather with an anti-Zionist Jew
    • "“My one and only homeland is America. I am proud of my belief in the age-old Judaic concept of one God in Heaven and one Humanity here below. But my faith does not pull me into a feeling of narrowly tribal kinship with all others who worship God in this way. Whenever I read of Americans singing the Hatikvah, Israel’s national anthem, or see youth groups raising Israel’s flag beside the Stars and Stripes. I am outraged. For Israel’s flag and anthem are symbols of a foreign state; they are not mine.”"

      Jews of America, please celebrate Lilienthal's principled stance and pay for Dennis Ross' one-way flight to Israel.

  • 'Former thug who found Judaism hopes to be first African-American in the Knesset'
    • "Former thug who found Judaism"

      He discovered that if you are a Jew living in Israel, you can shoot guns at innocents without getting arrested!

  • Wait-- do you like Israel? (Jeffrey Goldberg's ultimate test)
    • John,

      sorry, I read something into your comment. Nevermind.

    • Was that an argument? If so, I don't get it.

    • I understand the psychosis of many Jews and why some of them want hugs and kisses from others.

      But no chance in hell should love for a foreign country be a litmus test for anyone in the United States.

      Quite to the contrary, Jews and everyone else need to learn that Israel is not The Jews, and The Jews are not Israel.

  • Chris Hayes stunning 'Story of the Week' featuring Sheldon Adelson
    • That's the kind of journalism we need, and the kind of journalism Annie wrote about some days ago. I applaud Hayes and MSNBC.

      Now could the MSM please drop the notion that Newt Gingrich is a viable candidate? They should cover the rest of the nomination process as a contest between two more or less conservative candidates, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, and two lunatic slimebags, Gingrich and Santorum.

  • The courage to refuse: the 10-year anniversary of the Combatants’ Letter
    • "The reservists vowed loyalty to the defense of the Jewish State, but not to the “war of the settlements.”"

      The governments of the world should outright refuse any communication with Netanjahu and Lieberman, and instead treat those brave and moral reservists as the interim government of the real Israel.

      US society could put icing on the cake, tell Abe Foxman and Malcolm Hoenlein to go to hell and from now on only accept Jesse Lieberfeld as the sole spokesman for American Jewry.

  • Israeli soldiers drive tractor over worker's legs to stop Palestinians from building a house on their (occupied) lands
    • I meant it was genius of Phil to include it. And I can't fault Herzl for not foreseeing that. I can't judge his overall morals, but at least he and some other non-Jabotinsky early Zionists were not full of self-righteous shit like most of their contemporaries. Of course, that was pre-Holocaust.

    • That quote by Herzl is genius, Phil.

      If Herzl is Zionism, then Israeli society seems to reject it. What are they replacing Zionism with?

      And may this brave man's wounds heal quickly and may his tormentor face jail for life.

  • Isikoff expose of Gingrich backer -- 'All we care about is being good citizens of Israel' -- puts 'Israel firster' issue in mainstream
    • Good for Isikoff and NBC. I hope many Americans have watched it.

      If you care about America, put the message out: "Newt Gingrich gets paid to work for another government. We won't put him in jail for that, but we certainly won't elect him."

  • Dennis Ross: Still present, but not accounted for
    • The traitor will not stop until you make him stop. Someone who has endangered the US by sabotaging the peace process should be arrested whenever he is sighted near a US government official.

  • 'Invented' Palestinian confronts Gingrich at GOP debate
    • Hooray for the courageous man who asked.

      Fuck you, Newt.

      Fuck you, Mitt.

      And fuck whoever was responsible for not letting Ron Paul answer. He has already contradicted Gingrich in an Iowa debate. His stance is also articulated here:

      "While I do not see UN membership as a particularly productive move for the Palestinian leadership, I do not believe the US should use its position in the UN Security Council to block their membership. I believe in self-determination of peoples and I recognize that peoples may wish to pursue statehood by different means."

      link to

      He clearly recognizes the Palestinians are a people.

  • Quoting Israelis, 'NYT' front pager says Iran will take a military strike lying down (won't even raise oil prices!)
    • Well, somebody has to pick up the ball where Judy Miller left it, right?

      Thousand of years on, and we still don't punish people anywhere near enough who push others into illegal wars of aggression.

  • Video: 140 Israelis endorse Methodist church's upcoming divestment resolution
  • 'Tablet' says writers who talk about Israel Firsters are channeling Hitler
  • Josh Block is not an Israel firster! No way, man
  • Leader in fight for indigenous Australians' rights is on board for denial of those rights in Israel and Palestine
    • Did anyone try to educate this guy about the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine? Maybe he honestly never heard about them.

  • 'Pending good behavior,' authorities grant a bookseller the right to live in the city of his birth for 2 more years
  • Help support two important divestment campaigns to hold Israel accountable
  • Bonanza for Bedouins (the visions of American-Israeli environmentalist Alon Tal)
    • If he cares so much about the environment, he should not push people from the land they live on, but rather convince the maniacs in Tel Aviv to stop planning war against Iran. I'm sure millions of explosions are harming the environment much more than "over-grazing".

  • 'Center for American Progress' censors references to Israel from piece on Islamophobic film
    • "that Islamophobic film, the Third Jihad, which has been used as a training film by the New York Police Department. "

      I know many get really upset if someone compares anything to Nazi Germany. Sorry, but stuff like this is right out of the Hitler playbook. Take your country back, Americans, or you as a society will suffer like German citizens suffered when the cops and soldiers began to watch scary films about "evil people from the Middle East".

  • Security expert formerly in Bush I administration says Holocaust rationalizes Israel's nuking Iran
    • "Iran's President said... what exactly?"

      That Ahmadinedjad threatened to "wipe Israel off the map" is one of the great lies of the 21st century.

      link to

      Another is "Iraq has WMDs", any we all know where that led us.

  • 'NYT' gives big platform to Israeli journalist to espouse Israeli attack on Iran with OK from Uncle Sam
    • Hey Ronen, here's your rifle. Go fight the "terrorist power number one" all by yourself, if you have a problem with them getting one tiny nuke.

      But leave the rest of us out of this, because we know very well that even 10 Iranian nukes would pose no threat to the US or to Israel or virtually anybody else.

  • The great book robbery
    • The mostly European Zionists had not only to erase Palestinian culture and the connection of the Palestinians to Palestine, but also conceal the fact that many Zionists had no direct connection to Palestine themselves.

  • Video: Atlanta Jewish Times publisher's tearful anti-apology
    • Good catch, Charon.

    • "Nonono, there is no such thing as Israeli Firsters! Sure, some of us speculate about killing the US president, and afterwards apologize not to HIM, but to the prime minister of Israel. But is that really putting Israel first?"

      Yes, it is.

  • Some elephants aren't fit to print: 'NYT' front-pages Adelson gift to Gingrich PAC without a word about Israel!
    • The NYT should be long out of business now, paying reparations to Iraq for supporting Judith Millers obvious lies.

      Good thing we don't need the NYT to get the information we need.

  • Why Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy
    • tombishop,

      you mean concerning Netanjahus belief that it were Christian Zionists who started the whole shebangbang? I don't think so. Does Herzl mention them? Or Weizman?

    • "Christian Zionism is nothing short of outright heresy."

      This message us much appreciated. I think there are many Christians who don't read the Bible thoroughly and follow their leaders Zionism. But if they are informed of the true content of their sacred book, maybe they change their mind.

      "It is a belief advanced mostly by powerful TV evangelists and lobby groups."

      Which raises the question: Are those TV clowns and lobby groups created by Jewish Zionists in the first place? Wasn't there the story that Jerry Falwell got private jets paid by some Zionist organization?

      And might I add: For all the 70 million evangelicals who surely would provide much-needed votes, Ron Paul never catered to them by spouting "we must kill Muslims and protect Israel" bullshit.

  • Assassination has been a trusty tool in Zionism's rightwing movement
    • Straight, forceful piece, Philip. Good job.

      "Adler represents a murderous streak in Zionism. Of course many nationalist ideologies have murderous streaks"

      It's a shame that only some ideologies are known for their murderous streaks, like National Socialism or Communism. Zionism and American Exceptionalism should join those other two isms, in that we all realize that every single one of them came into being because of genuine and legitimate political needs/views of its followers and then, to various degrees of course, turned into murderous streaks.

  • Military indoctrination at Nazi death camps stokes... universal democratic values!
    • MLE,

      that sounds logical. Now that I think of it, the Jews who were turned more or less fascist by their visit to Auschwitz were indeed schoolchildren. Time to stop this dangerous practice.

    • It's shameful that the reporter seems to think it's a bad thing that the humanism rises and tribalism declines after such a trip.

      But I'm rather surprised by this result. What I gathered from documentaries such as Defamation and other accounts was that the blind patriotism and racist suprematism is generally rising after a visit at concentration camps. If the result is true, I hope this is a sign of Jews slowly catching up with Avraham Burgs semi-universalist message of "The Holocaust is Over. We must Rise from its Ashes."

  • 'Peace Now' and Rob't Wright stand up for CAP bloggers
    • "Sign me up, Abe."

      That's the mindset we need. Foxman and his thought police bullies must be confronted and mocked, not fearfully followed.

  • After its diplomats slam Israel’s illegal settlements, can EU continue funding them?
    • While Europeans are generally a little more balanced than their American counterparts when it comes to Israel and Palestine, there are still wide circles of people, even in liberal-minded circles, who wouldn't touch the issue. For them, Israel is too sensitive to talk about, even while they have no problem bashing the Vatican or even evil Bush.

      So with this population, it's no wonder EU politicians make the same peace-destroying mistakes as their American colleagues.

  • Community Radio: Media opportunity of a lifetime to build the Palestine solidarity movement
  • Obama begins push for Jewish support in 2012 by touting the 'unbreakable bond' between Israel and the US
    • I hope Jesse Lieberfeld has a lot of smart friends who are not falling for this bullshit. I hope they vote for the candidate which best serves them and their fellow US citizens, and not for the candidate who best serves Israeli supremacist extremists.

  • The Mondo crew hosts WBAI’s 'Beyond the Pale' to discuss Ron Paul, Dennis Ross and the myth of Obama's 'Jewish problem'
    • Congrats on the show, even if it was a one-time thing.

      "As for Coates, he took the positives in the very mixed Ron Paul grab-bag and molded them into a challenge for progressives. "Why don’t we have people on our side saying this? Why don’t we have people on our side aggressively pushing these issues? Why are they off the table?""

      That's the million dollar question. You have people, like Dennis Kucinich. So the question is, why does the left base not support him and others?

      The answer is this: The same forces who try to keep down Paul on the Republican side (foreign policy establishment, interventionist, tank manufacturers, bomb builders, airplane manufacturers, Zionists, bail-out banksters, the fed, the corporate media) are also keeping down the few good people on the Democratic side.

      The left base needs to confront these forces.

  • Group responsible for Muslim grave desecration gives advice on bigotry to the White House
    • "The center, which promotes itself as a "Jewish human rights organization,""

      Judging from its leadership, when it comes to the SW Center or the ADL, the words "Jewish human rights organization" are an oxymoron. Wake me up when Jesse Lieberfeld is head of this organisation, maybe then it will be truly about human rights and not about Jewish superiority and double standards.

  • 'Israel Firster' gets at an inconvenient truth
    • The question is not if there are people who (knowingly or not) put Israels interest above Americas interest. The question is, what are Americans doing about it. There's still some space left in your jails. I think Jonathan Pollard could really use a roommate or two.

  • Shlomo Blass honors Martin Luther King... and does Blackface
  • Zbig says Israelis 'buy influence' in Congress and play Obama
    • "The discourse is opening up"

      Still mostly in print. But Americans mostly watch TV, so that medium has to be next. Glenn Greenwald needs a regular show on a major channel, Steve Walt, maybe even Phil Weiss. Then you have the attention of enough people. I hope the day comes.

  • EU diplomats propose boycotts, divestment, and sanctions against Israeli colonialism
    • I appreciate the effort by those diplomats. Unfortunately, mainstream politicians and media figures in the key EU countries (Germany, France, UK) are just as uncapable of treating Israel as they would have treated South Africa as are their counterparts in the US.

  • 'NYT' and 'Haaretz' and world opinion are now greatest threat to Israel, Netanyahu reportedly said
    • "the walls of international opinion are closing in on Israel"

      Just as it they before 9/11.

      So this time, the Mossad might attack the USS Enterprise (why else would Panette send a 50 year old ship into a semiwarzone?) and blame it on Iran. The war is on, and "international opinion" will have to take a backseat while "it's civilization versus evil!" takes over.

  • What was your major? AIPAC!
    • Those students must be the same douchebags and brainless bimbos who mostly work for banks. I bet there's not one interesting person in this picture.

      That aside, you can't blame them for believing expensive propaganda. Show them a documentary about Palestine or read them Jesse Liebenfelds letter about MLK, and some might still change their position.

  • Reports of Mossad role in assasination shine light on Israeli hypocrisy
    • If there was no double standard and the US governments "anti-terrorist" policy (including "if you give shelter to international terrorists, you are an enemy) was not just empty blather, Obama would treat Netanjahu the same way that Bush junior treated Saddam Hussein.

      And of course, he would also arrest the anti-Castro Cuban exile terrorists living the good life in Florida.

  • Today in Pittsburgh, Jesse Lieberfeld, 17, will deliver a hammer blow to American Jewish support for Israel
    • "I'm here for other children. I'm here because I care. I'm here because children everywhere are suffering, and because 40.000 people die each day from hunger. I'm here because those people are mostly children. We have got to understand that the poor are all around us and we are ignoring them. We have got to understand that these deaths are preventable. We have got to understand that people in Third World countries think, care, and smile, and cry - just like us. We've got to understand that they are us, we are them.
      My dream is to stop hunger by the year 2000. My dream is to give the poor a chance. My dream is to save the 40.000 people who die each day. My dream can, and will, come true, if we all look into the future and see the light that shines there."

      - Rachel Corrie, 5th grade speech in school

    • I am genuinely moved by this young man. He shows a moral clarity that is stunning, and that many of his Jewish peers still lack. (But Phil and Mondo are doing a good job waking them up!) Today I dream that this young man will one day be President of Jewish Organizations in America, and still hold to the same views he holds today.

      On a side note, time and again it is proven that children often have a greater desire for justice than grown-ups. They are not yet drilled into hiding their outrage for the sake of "poltitical correctness". In this regard, Lieberfeld reminds me of a young Rachel Corrie. Please watch what she has to say about the children in poor countries:

      Her speech in school begins at 05:06.

  • Sundance Film Festival to feature doc on system of control in longest-running occupation
    • Cool that Sundance shows it. I hope many are watching!

    • Annie,

      "i put a certain amount of effort into drafting these posts and i don’t do it so you or anyone else can come along and change the topic on the first comment."

      I support that.

  • Breaking report: US/Israel military drill cancelled, after US tells Israel to back off
    • Charon, if everyone on this planet knew the history of false-flag attacks (not just those commited by Israel, but generally), we would be much better off. If I were responsible for public school curriculae, I would make false-flags. this a main topic in history classes. Without that knowledge, the public simply always is one step behind the true terrorists.

    • The fact that there even ARE US drills with the very same military that killed US sailors on the USS Liberty is shameful. The US government should try everything in its power to extradite the Israelis responsible for the Liberty massacre and convict them for life, and make the Israeli government pay reparations.

  • Bibi throws in with GOP, Democratic base turns critical, and Israel finally becomes partisan wedge issue like abortion -- Blumenthal
    • "Very rancorous second term for Obama with a Netanyahu."

      What, there's even more of them? :-)

      That aside, so it has finally been established that the Republican primaries are basically a fight between the bankers & Neocons/Likud Israel, and ordinary citizens & ordinary US soldiers. The former support Romney, Gingrich and Santorum (and propably employ Cheney-style vote fraud), the latter support Ron Paul.

      Every American, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent, should cry foul and protect his/her country against the so obvious treason right in front of his eyes.

  • Israeli drone 'mega deals' export the occupation world-wide
    • Good reporting, Allison.

      I don't know if it's really a new development, historically, but fascism (as in building up a heavy police state, targeted at not just real criminals, but at civil protesters as well) is an international, global phenomenon. Just like the protest against it. The repressing fascists are connected via think tanks, meetings, and business deals. The counter-movement is connected mainly via the internet and word of mouth.

  • Bombshell: Israeli intelligence posed as CIA to recruit terror group for covert war on Iran
  • Why aren't the best and the brightest in our MSM?
    • Annie, good article and wonderful question: Why aren't the best and brightest in our MSM?

      Well, because your MSM is corporate owned. It's job is not to best inform the consumer, but to sell advertising space (whether overt ads or covert "infomercials"). So the MSM mostly hires zombie salesmen, not bright investigators. This fact is sometimes balanced by the odd editor in chief who still has principles about truth and democracy. But by and large, such principled types get frustrated by the profit-oriented structure of their organisations and quit.

      As long as too few viewers, readers and listeners demand any journalistic integrity from their news-providers, this will not change.

      And of course, this is why sites like Mondoweiss keep growing, and propaganda outlets keep shrinking in viewership and circulation.

  • What power will Paul have over Romney? (JJ Goldberg and Krauthammer ask)
    • Krauthammer: "His goal is to have the second-most delegates"

      That's very hostile. Babbling about what HE thinks Pauls goals are, and like most other traitors in the media, belittling Pauls realistic chances to win the nomination. Krauthammer is deceiving his readers, in that he takes "a real threat to the establishment" and turns it into just "a clever game for leverage over billionaire's favorite Romney". Disgusting.

  • Israel is trying to hook us into a war with Iran-- Matthews and Baer speculate
    • Ooooh, the White House seems to have complained a little to Israel:

      "President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other top officials have delivered a string of private messages to Israeli leaders warning about the dire consequences of a strike [on Iran]."
      link to

      Hey, Doofus Obama - if a semitheocracy like Israel tries to get you into a disastrous war against a country which has attacked nobody for hundred years, you don't just "warn". You threaten Israel with war, should they pull a false-flag against US interests, to blame them on Iran.

    • The leak leading to the FP article might well be from elements withing the US military and intelligence, who are rightly enraged by the Israelis trying to get Americans and Iranians to fight each other. When will the general population take the next step and stop this madness?

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