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  • Jimmy Carter has cancer
    • I once happened to attend a Capitol Hill event at which (then-) former President Carter and (future-) Secretary of State Madeleine Albright had been invited to speak upon the opening of some new foreign policy think tank.

      The Senate hearing room was packed in all directions with Hill staff waiting for one reason and one reason only: to hear Carter speak. Albright was unknown to most people back then, and nobody cared about the opening of that think tank per se.

      Thus, it seemed kind of poignant to me when, upon Albright's starting to speak, Carter quite noticeably stood up, picked up his chair, turned it toward Albright, and then sat down again facing her, obviously so that he could listen to her more easily. There he was, the ex-President of the United States, sitting sideways in the center of the podium, purposefully using himself as a kind of mirror to deflect all of the attention that an ex-President naturally claims to focus everyone who was watching on someone else whom he considered important. Then, because he was listening to Albright, so did everyone else.

      In all of the years since the day of that think tank opening, I have often thought of that Carter-turning-his-chair moment as a perfect of metaphor for Carter's life. Notwithstanding the fact that Carter served only one term in the White House, I think, Carter has distinguished himself far more than any other President in my lifetime with his ineluctable commitment to using every last ounce of his power as President and ex-President to focus all of our attention -- not on himself -- but on "smaller" people and issues which he seems to believe are more important even than a U.S. President.

      Thank you President Carter for focusing the world on voting rights, fair elections, disease, poverty, women's rights and Palestinian rights, among many other things, with all of your power for all of these years.

      Good bless you.

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
  • AIPAC taking all but 3 freshmen Congresspeople to Israel in effort to sabotage Iran deal
    • JusticeForPalestine August 3, 2015 at 8:41 pm


      I am flummoxed about how to explain stuff like this to my kid. She and her young classmates go to public school and learn basic "truths" about how America is a democracy, where citizens are sovereign and the government consists of three independent branches of government.

      What a bunch of quaint lies!

      What then must we do?

  • Scott Walker's foreign policy education begins w/ lesson: East Jerusalem is not occupied
    • I've always voted Democrat but I respect intelligence and free-thinking in people of any political stripe, and I previously considered Walker reasonably intelligent and free thinking. (Re the latter, he had the gumption to stand up to overwhelming public opposition to many of his policies in Wisconsin, just because he thought that they were right.)

      No longer. Walker is now officially just another tool.

  • Censored SeaMAC ads grace San Francisco buses
    • JusticeForPalestine February 7, 2015 at 2:04 pm

      I noticed a clip of Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, the infamous "Wolf of Wall Street," in this video.

      Although for some reason, Martin Scorsese decided to cast DiCaprio and portray Belfort in that movie as a WASP, Belfort is in fact quite famously 100% Jewish. (And he doesn't look at all like DiCaprio.)

  • Caroline Glick melts down with European diplomats
    • JusticeForPalestine December 15, 2014 at 10:08 pm

      I'M sorry, but it's an insult to MY intelligence for Glick to assert that any person with the intelligence of a small appliance light bulb should believe her claims that Israel follows international law. Specifically, which law is she referring to? The nuclear nonproliferation treaty? The Geneva accords? How many decades' worth of security council resolutions?

      She's repulsive. More precisely, she is everything she accuses others of being.

  • Israel destroys el-Wafa hospital as staff evacuates all patients
  • Boston subway ads are shocking-- 'and so is the reality on the ground'
    • Where is the Kickstarter or Indiegogo crowd sourcing campaign that would enable me to contribute $500 to the expansion of this campaign -- in an ongoing way -- to 200 other U.S. and European cities, starting with DC?

      Seriously. Will someone please set up such a thing? We could raise millions and really start to change the debate.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel protest draft in Tel Aviv as passersby tell them to die or emigrate
    • JusticeForPalestine June 3, 2014 at 8:26 am

      Why was the headline of this article changed from "... Christians..." to "... Citizens..."?

  • But what can a poor boy do, except to boycott Israel
    • Oh my gosh. Not just the Stones but also Dylan?!? Both bands have been a huge part of my life and identity since I was a little boy. I have collected their albums, learned to play a lot of their music myself and, most importantly, looked up to them -- especially Dylan.

      That all stops today.

      I had been looking forward to introducing my young child to all of that great old music, which "changed a generation."

      But now, the first and only thing that I ever will tell the next generation of music listeners about The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan going forward is that they are a bunch of rich old men who support an Apartheid state.

      Would they also have played for Hitler for enough gold? I think so. "Never again."

  • DePaul University student body votes to divest from Israeli occupation in campus-wide referendum
    • Awesome, awesome move by students at the same university whose faculty denied Norman Finkelstein tenure under severe pressure from Alan Dershowitz. Now how many other student bodies will have the balls to step up?

      Congratulations DePaul students! You are leading the way.

  • 'There has been terror for some time': Vatican responds to Jewish extremists attacks against Christians ahead of Pope's visit
    • As a Roman Catholic, I urgently call upon the Pope to speak love to power on this visit: Offer a message of love to Netanyahu and all Israelis but shirk not from the truth of the evil of Israel's policies toward Palestinians.

      I also plead with the Pope to visit every occupied territory for as many minutes and hours and days as possible. Kneel on the ground in the street, talk to people one on one, and feel the pain of as many Palestinian children as is humanly possible.

      How many individual Palestinian children can Pope Francis meet in a few days? Dozens? A hundred? A thousand?

      I pray that my church's servant leader, named after a patron saint of children and animals, will help give voice to all Palestinian kids - Muslim, Christian, and atheist alike.

    • JusticeForPalestine May 9, 2014 at 5:46 pm

      I am an avid, everyday reader of Mondoweiss BECAUSE of my strong Christian (Roman Catholic) belief in the value and equality of every life. I've spent 40+ years attending and teaching Sunday school, parochial school and weekly masses in over a dozen parishes across the United States and in Spain, and in every instance the message that is taught is simply: love one another.

      I abhor certain official positions of my church, such as those proscribing (for now...) women in the clergy and, of course, homosexuality. On those issues, obviously, we Catholics, and many other Christians, remain in the dark ages. But I hold out hope that we will change even on those matters slowly but surely, because I know for a fact that the Church -- truly -- believes in that one overarching message of love.

      It is on this basis that images like the one of that vandalized church in Israel cut me to the bone. I wonder, what must a child living in that faith community feel when she or he sees such acts of hatred carried out for no reason that a little girl or boy could even begin to comprehend? How must such open, dehumanizing hostility crush a young person's spirit, feeling of well being, place in the world?

      Then I wonder, how very many times worse must it have been, and continue to be, for millions (millions!) of Palestinian children to have grown up in much worse, much more dehumanizing, spirit-crushing conditions over these last seven decades?

      Oh my God.

      I weep for them all.

  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • JusticeForPalestine March 26, 2014 at 2:46 pm

      Dear Loyola students,

      Awesome job last night!

      Thanks in advance,

    • With some notable (and very articulate) exceptions, there was a strong positive correlation among participants in last night's Michigan debate between being avowedly Jewish and opposing the BDS resolution.

      For any parents (or future parents) of young children who might be reading this, I find this very instructive.

      Last night, dozens of intelligent and well educated Jewish students at Michigan (my alma mater) expressed purported facts and opinions with which I vehemently disagree -- but which they have been expressly taught for their whole lives.

      I don't blame them for not managing to abandon in one night (or even one or two years' worth of debate on campus) world views that they have been steeped in since before they can remember.

      But I do wish to learn from them.

      What if anything should I tell my own six year-old child about last night's debate? When and how should I expose my child to Palestinian injustice in general? No one told me about such horrible things when I was very young, and there is a part of me that is very afraid of introducing my child to too many "real world problems" before my child has a chance to have a terrific childhood.

      But last night's debate settled the issue for me.

      Long past "bed time" last night, I turned on the livestream and showed my child what was happening in the old Michigan Union. I explained in simple words that there are still places in the world where some people are treated unfairly, just like Rosa Parks was mistreated in the American South, and I told my child that there also are brave people in the world who are working hard to bring justice to these mistreated people, just like Martin Luther King did. I named those people who are being oppressed, "Palestinians and others", and I named those people who are treating Palestinians so unjustly, "many Israelis." My child understood.

      I wish I didn't have to interrupt my child's halcyon love affair with dinosaurs to talk about murder, hunger and fear, but when I consider the alternative -- namely, the possibility of my child arriving to college in a few years just as unprepared to help build a better world as so many of those Jewish (and non-Jewish) college kids last night, I realize that I don't have any other choice.

      Parents everywhere: we must raise a generation of children all over the world who thirst for justice for Palestine, and we must do so now.

  • U of Michigan student gov't meets tonight, amid anticipation of divestment vote
    • JusticeForPalestine March 26, 2014 at 1:38 am

      Michigan's student government just voted overwhelmingly in opposition to the motion to study the possibility of divesting from 4 companies.

      As a Michigan alum, I could not be more disappointed.

  • Brandeis prof blasts school's deference to Israel and AIPAC (and donors Steinhardt, Schusterman, Crown)
    • On a sidebar:

      The buying off of American minds via financial control of educational institutions is not limited to colleges and universities. I see it everyday in the world of so-called "independent schools" in California, where not only are many schools' primary prospective donors strongly "pro-Israel" -- and explicitly so -- but so are other organs of influence, including the state legislature, major accreditation organizations and even consulting companies.

      One example: a nationally known independent K-12 school in Pasadena with which I am associated underwent an every-10-year accreditation review about 3 years ago by its two main accrediting bodies. The reviewers issued a report containing 5 "major" recommendations and 5 "minor" recommendations. The minor recommendations were things like "trim the trees in the playground so that the Kindergarteners can get a little more sun". Four out of five 4 of the major recs had to do with promoting Judaism and Israel.

      The headmaster told me that the school is free to ignore the minor recs but that it is required to comply with the major recs if it wants the school's provisional reaccreditation to be finalized in several years' additional time.

      One of the major recs was that the school issue a new Statement of School Philosophy that specifically mentions Judaism and Israel. The school did this in Spring 2013.

      That step was followed by the hiring of a (Jewish) consultant, recommended by the main accrediting group, to issue a set of curricular recommendations for implementing the new school philosophy. The consultant wasn't cheap.

      I have a very close relationship with the headmaster of this school but find myself befuddled by his support for this process. Has some VERY major donor (even bigger than any of the already major donors we already have contributing to our already-rich school) promised him and/or the school a pot of gold at the end of this process?

      Of course, I am not opposed to making sure that school fairly represent people of all religions and cultures in every aspect of school administrations, from admissions to curricula.

      My concern in this case is that something different is being sought and achieved, namely, biased representation of Israeli interests.

      In all of the private discussions that I have had both with parents and with the headmaster in this situation, and in all of the public meetings that I have attended to discuss the reaccreditation, Statement of Philosophy and curriculum processes, I haven't heard word one about Palestinian rights.

      Why does ANYONE go along with this kind of crap? (Why do I?)

  • Loyola University Chicago student union passes resolution to divest from Israeli occupation
    • JusticeForPalestine March 19, 2014 at 1:07 pm

      As an alum of Jesuit schools, I applaud this brave and principled decision by the Loyola Student Union. Awesome!

      Of course, Christians are taught to love our "enemies" as ourselves, which is why Martin Luther King always reminded his audiences, whether black or white, that his ultimate goal was not to "beat" or "overcome" whites but rather for black and whites to be united in brotherly love -- what King called "a beloved community."

      As a graduate of Jesuit schools, I can assure you that such a goal also applies in the case of this Loyola resolution both to the resolution's corporate targets and, even more importantly, to any and all Israelis operating unjustly toward Palestinians.

  • Johansson sees greater wrong in Oxfam than Israeli settlement
    • Am I the only who thinks that Johansson doesn't sound particularly SMART in this interview?

      I don't mean simply that it sounds like she isn't making "smart decisions" or "smart arguments." I mean that she sounds DUMB.

      At the very least, Johannson sounds incapable -- in this interview, at least -- of putting together a coherent sentence, let alone a coherent explanation of her actions.

      Maybe Johansson isn't as intelligent as some of the fictional characters she portrays.

      And maybe lack of intelligence partially explains Johansson's seeming inability to navigate all these SodaStream/Oxfam/BDS conversations and choices.

  • Northeastern University SJP chapter suspended as members are subjected to police interrogation
    • JusticeForPalestine March 12, 2014 at 2:53 pm

      Something tells me that ACLU won't chose to represent these students whose banner was taken down.

  • 2013 was record year in new settlement construction, and 2014 rate is already higher
    • How can Mondoweiss reporters obtain credentials to attend White House and State Department media briefings?

    • There has been NO mainstream media coverage of yesterday's historic conference at the National Press Club. As someone who has organized such conferences (on other topics) before, I find this striking, and so I would like to ask:

      Anyone who was present at the National Press Club event yesterday, what if any media representatives were present and is anyone following up with them?

  • 'Apartheid on the Hill': Students transform Tufts campus to highlight Israeli occupation
    • Are there ways that Mondoweiss readers can support these students' efforts, other than by profusely thanking them and telling them they're awesome?

      Hey awesome Tufts students:
      Is there a way that members of the general public can contribute financially to your cause?

  • Notes from the cells
    • JusticeForPalestine March 5, 2014 at 6:22 pm

      Thank you so much to all of these activists for sacrificing on behalf of the tens of thousands of Gazan women, men and children who suffer unjustly everyday under US-funded Zionist occupation.

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