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  • The Emperor's Nuke Clothes
  • White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won't say if she's attending speech)
    • Pixel, although the tittle-tattle about his wife is hugely entertaining, what I find interesting is who is leaking against Yahoo and why. And the timing, of course.
      A security state, with the military involved at all levels of national and civic life, might have tired of the old braggart's blundering messianic misadventures. A classic way of doing so is to release salacious details of the victims' private lives. Ask the Palestinians, who are monitored constantly, with such details all carefully and systematically stored for future use.

    • The man is fast becoming a laughing stock. No doubt leaked by officials they are mocking his wife's delusions of grandeur on his behalf:

      link to

      Meanwhile Mossad makes a stand against his lunacy:

      link to

      After leaving Mossad, Meir Dagan went public with his criticism of Netanyahu’s Iran policy, saying a military attack on Iran was “the stupidest thing I have ever heard”.

      And "The person causing the most strategic harm to Israel on the Iranian issue is the prime minister."

      The knives are out. It couldn't happen to a nicer man.Or one so inflated with delusions of his own grandeur, now seen as a liability.

  • Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.
    • Truly extraordinary that J Street go to such lengths to avoid the enormous great dinosaur in the room. They must have been up all night thinking about how to frame their ad in order to avoid the whole point of the blundering Benji appearance. As time goes by, the whole zionist fiasco just becomes more like a Monty Python sketch - cartoon bombs, UN 'oscars' and all. Trying to hang on the collective denial of reality while promoting a tattered myth is forcing them into utter absurdity, they deserve the ridicule they invite. Have they no idea how out of step and time they are?

  • Israel gives out 'security Oscars' at the UN to Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and PA
    • A puerile attempt at regaining some of the ground lost by the pantomime performance of the Israeli leader. How can anybody take these schoolboy attempts at propaganda seriously? apart from hoppy of course, who is a sucker for kid's nursery stories.

  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • It gets worse. Israel originally dammed two streams which supplied the wetland area of Wadi Gaza. That dried up the area's water source and the fertile land. They then use their power to flood the area and force people out of their homes when it suits them. They have done this already in 2013. Just another entry in the catalogue of small-minded heartlessness beloved by Israel.
      link to
      And now hasbara central is trying to torpedo the story about Yahoo lying at the UN by using their refutation of this story (what river, what dams, blah blah) to undermine the source of the story (Al Jazeera). Oh what a tangled web we weave, eh Israel?

  • Netanyahu flips off Harry Truman
  • How two Palestinian Americans plan to PIVOT the world
    • Wonderful idea. What a great way to reclaim history from those who would wipe Palestine from the map and the memory, and to restore some pride in the past. Creative, young bright Palestinians can outsmart their doltish jailers and guards. Best of luck with your kickstarter - surely worth a contribution.

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
    • I am not remotely surprised that Israel has been monitoring US negotiations and confidential conversations. They have enough spies, the telco networks and of course their own Israel-first insiders.

      But it seems rather stupid of Yahoo to actually boast about it.

      And if he is so all-seeing as he likes to brag, then he would of course know that Iran is no threat to Israel and doesn't have nuclear weapons. But here we are, a replay of the Iraq WMD hysteria and propaganda in full spate, with Yahoo the warmongering Cassandra leading the charge. No shame, no brain.

  • White House suggests Israel is lying about Iran talks-- as Obama officials shun Netanyahu
    • Whatever they are, they are nowhere near the constant stream of grotesque lies and diversions that Israel has been proclaiming for decades. And they have a much more realistic view of Iran, whatever the hysterical manipulative jeremiads, the whining and bullying, the transparent attempts at fomenting an entirely unnecessary war nobody wants except the thugs, as you call them, in the Knesset. The US is not in the same league as the compulsive liars and fabricators of Israel, who have got away with it for years. It is about time they were called out for it. Everyone who is familiar with their practices is sick of it, and their arrogant assumption that they pull the strings while the US dances.

  • Israel sentences Palestinian teen Lina Khattab to 6 months in prison for protesting
    • God, what hateful, spineless, cowardly morons the military system in Israel is. Imprisoning a teenage girl with no evidence, then systematically and sadistically torturing her - for what exactly? To make a point - this is how brutal and violent we are, and if you so much as protest this is what you can expect. I do not see how anybody with the slightest conscience, even a sliver of humanity left couldn't end up by loathing these imbecilic examples of fascism. And then zionists stand up in New York and whine about how they are being victimised - how stupid do you have to be to fall for this idiotic hypocritical routine of theirs? Teenagers with brains and consciences are far more a threat to you old racists than any army - that is the message you are sending, as you cower behind your tax dollars and barricades. You are cowards, full of guns and bombs and bombast, heartless mealy-mouthed excuse makers for an odious military junta.
      You are an example to us all, Lina, even though you probably never intended to be one. Just for standing up to them.

  • One-state 'fantasy is very dangerous' because it cannot tell us what the military looks like -- Manekin
    • Thanks, Annie for that explanation. i had never heard of it, but plan to practise it and use it at the first available opportunity. Probably in the pub, maybe no-one will notice.

    • Duh, I 'm going to have to look up 'pig latin' now. I'm not on the right wavelength here, I might get under that bus with Mooser.

    • What on earth did Mooser say that you had to immediately throw your toys out of the pram? He made a point, with humour. If that upsets you so much, and you can't respond civilly, it undermines your plea for respect somewhat. Mooser seems to have the gift of revealing the cracks in a lot of people's assumptions. Apparently they don't like it, and don't know how to respond, which I guess makes them mad. I had to look up 'Ixnay' though. What a useful word.

    • How do you 'lose control of your perceived image'? if it is 'perceived' then you don't have control over it. Yep, they must be terrified of that. Quaking at the prospect. I mean, imagine that, people are free to make up their own minds about the articles here. No wonder you consider it your public duty to put a stop to such nonsense. And by June, you say? Oh, the suspense.

    • Yes, those KKK guys really had affection for the individual blacks they hanged..FFS, if one sentence betrays the simple-minded attempts at denying the reality of Israel and the obvious parallels to other historic racist situations this is it. Satire is dead when it comes to appraising good ole jeffboy's convoluted, tortured reasoning. Still, so long as it gets the promised land off the hook, eh?

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
    • Of course! They love it, relish it, wallow in it, can't stop talking about it. Everyone and everything is against them, so it justifies every abominable, hateful action their precious state commits - shooting, killing, razing, stealing and repressing another nation. It must feel good for them, they can talk about this stuff forever and never have to address the reality of their manichean state of mind and its dire consequences. And then they can always ask for more money and arms from the US taxpayer. Power without responsibility or accountability - must be great. I don't get how anybody can take this stale old repetition of hasbara seriously. Maybe that's why they are so scared of the independent thinking of some students - now that's really scary for their lifelong dedication to propaganda.

  • Closed-door debate on divestment by U of Toledo student gov't to include officials from Jewish Federation
    • Ah yes, the 'only democracy in the Middle East' can only be defended by denying democracy, stifling open debate, targeting dissent and smearing opponents. Perhaps a philosophy professor would like to host a seminar on the contradictions of defeating what you purport to defend.

  • Warriors for 'the ultimate truth' gather in New York
    • So millions of people living there peaceably must be dispossessed, imprisoned, thrown out of their family houses and off their land, put under constant surveillance and siege and denied basic human rights - all so that you can be surrounded by your cultural symbols in your theme park? And they weren't surrounded by their own culture and symbols for centuries? Why should they be denied what you want? And you want the US taxpayer to foot the bill, fight your endless wars and do your bidding at government level? And all this for a comfort blanket in a foreign country, which is so attractive to you that you don't actually live there, and instead avail yourself of a perfectly good comfort blanket in the US? Imagine if all the world demanded two homes by right, at the expense and lives of others.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • Well, that made me laugh. Lutheran? Most Danes wouldn't have a clue what you are raving on about. You are so steeped in the zionist mythology that, like S Africa under white rule, you have decided that all countries must be classified as belonging to one group or another, groups which are arbitrarily defined by you. When you look through the lens of zionism this is the kind of self-serving rubbish that you end up with. Myriads of groups administratively divided and separated according to artificial ethnic spurious racial distinctions. Who are then treated differently and awarded different privileges. Except of course, in countries like Denmark which do not act like 19th Century ethnic nationalists aka zionists and other cults. Nationality, citizenship and identity are all the same for JeffyBoy, and if you don't qualify you can get the hell out. Subtle, huh?
      And as for the other whopper - no, 'Europeans' don't kill black people because of Boka Haram, they killed them in the past because they were racist colonialists, the same as Jewish zionist kill Palestinians - not because of their terrorist groups, but because of who they are. But never mind, Jeffy has a league table of who Europeans prefer to kill, and guess who comes out as the winner. It obviously gives him a great deal of satisfaction to be recognised as such. Never mind the millions who died in slavery, colonialism, two world wars etc etc, there is one group who always win the league for victimisation. And it is not the Lutherans, although I guess they have a claim too. Do you know any? see what I mean.

  • A place where Palestine doesn't exist (Notes from a Zionist education)
  • Happy Palestine Day
    • It's a great image. Love will blow a hole right through that oppressive, brutal criminal wall of hate that Israel has erected.

  • Hanin Zoabi disqualified from Israeli elections over a mistranslation gone too far
    • Hanin Zoabi is a towering example of courage and integrity, and should be internationally recognised as a standard bearer for the rights of the dispossessed and downtrodden, in the same way that others have been lauded for standing up for human right at great cost to themselves. She has had to bear the most repugnant abuse and vilification, which she has withstood with great integrity and calmness, despite the personal risk to herself and her family. The more her oppressors and abusers attack her, the more they demean themselves and reveal the racist, political system which they have been methodically building since 1948. Hanin Zoabi's family have lived in Palestine/Israel for centuries, generations longer than the pipsqueak colonisers who claim to own the ground she walks on, and who deny her the rights she and her fellow countrymen are entitled to. That alone gives her a moral authority which they cannot stand, and one which they obviously want to bury in their pathetic insinuations, slander and personal attacks. They are diminished and exposed by the simple dignity of Hanin, just by her existence which is a simple and eloquent rebuttal to all of their delusional attempts to rewrite history and deny the reality of their historic theft and occupation. No wonder they hate her, and no wonder she is respected so widely. More power to her.

  • 700 UK artists pledging not to go to Israel include Soueif, Ali, Waters, Eno, Leigh, Churchill
    • I doubt they've heard of you. The difference is it doesn't impair their judgement.

    • Ah, hasbara 101. The training exercise.

      Actually they are boycotting a country which violates human rights, the clue is in the letter.

    • Brian Eno has certainly been, and has written and spoken eloquently about the horror which he witnessed there No doubt many of the others have been too. That is what radicalises many people.

  • In historic vote, UC Student Association endorses call for divestment in support of Palestinian rights
    • justicewillprevail February 9, 2015 at 2:17 pm

      The moment anti-semitism became a whitewash term for anti-apartheid in hopper's symbolic universe. Not sad at all, just wholly predictable. Stupidity and repetition of ludicrous claims are not really 'arguments', just whining at students who are resistant to the ziowash hoppy insists they must swallow. It used to be so easy to force it down their throats.

  • One state in historic Palestine, but -- what kind of state?
    • justicewillprevail February 8, 2015 at 9:02 am

      There already one state there - Israelestine, complete with a fiction that there are two states. In reality there are two areas, with different laws and rights, according to what cultural group the bureaucracy decides you belong to. The whole artifice is governed by a military garrison state of indeterminate legitimacy.

  • Chair of Democratic National Committee opposes Jewish intermarriage and MSNBC showing Gaza carnage
    • You two are humourless, sour prattlers. Mooser makes a lot of good points quite subtly under the guise of his wit. It can't be helped if you are too cloth-eared, or puffed up with a disproportionate sense of your own self-importance to see it.But I suppose this is what happens when you wear blinkers all the time.

  • The New England Patriots and Israel
  • Netanyahu is a paper tiger
    • If you want to see something truly gruesome, and sickly funny, then watch Yahoo's election advert, although a parental warning is advised, as nightmares are brought to life:

      "Few sights are as unnerving as seeing a giggling Benjamin Netanyahu throwing popcorn into his mouth under a duvet as he watches a video of himself shouting at children.

      According to the Israeli Prime Minister, this is what constitutes as child care, at least in the context of the new political party advert he posted on Facebook ahead of Israel’s general election in March.

      In it, he plays mildly sinister babysitter, who turns up at one couple’s house entirely uninvited."

      link to

      Hilariously inept, buffoonish and utterly unaware of his own image, this is like Stalin appearing in a Disney film. Psychiatrists could probably write a long book about the pathetic need for redemption as the butcher of Gaza seeks the approval of children. Gruesome and loaded with symbolism of which he is blissfully unaware, this is the last person you would want anywhere near your kids. The is straight out of the Brothers Grimm nightmare fairy tales. The last man on earth who should be boasting about his care of children, when you add up not only the amount of dead Palestinian children, but also those kidnapped in the middle of the night, and those currently freezing and starving in the Yahoo'd ruins of Gaza.
      It does, however, betray the truly appalling delusions of not just this man, but the mindset which prevails in Israel. Beyond satire. It makes me think of The Act of Killing - an outstanding, if difficult film to watch.

  • The status quo that suffocates Palestinians
    • justicewillprevail February 3, 2015 at 1:02 pm

      Heartbreaking. Another routine day in the Kafka-Disney empire. Another death by bureaucracy, spite, malice and the mind-crushing cruelty of zionism. People will not forget or forgive this kind of treatment of a harmless man tending his own land.

  • Upping the ante against Israeli Apartheid
    • justicewillprevail February 2, 2015 at 8:05 pm

      Yes, people all around the world are saying to each other 'we need drones, we must have more drones', and those thoughtful israelis are working night and day to get someone else to make them.. Gosh, those british hippies in the fogge of ye olde London towne are just so out of touch with the world of 'massive international commerce'. If only they knew what a shining example of charity DubbleTrubble provides, they would surely rush to make them themselves. It is so touching that Israel is so concerned about the drone scarcity that they are practicing at home with them in order to alleviate the suffering of those unfortunate people without them.

    • justicewillprevail February 2, 2015 at 1:16 pm

      Hearing about the lineup of witnesses, I would have liked to have heard the arguments in court trying to defend Elbit and its subsidiary. It seems there is a strong case against them, which they were unwilling to defend in public. Not only could they have lost, but they would be exposed for the enabling of mass murder - clearly they haven't the stomach to defend their actions in the open, but prefer to skulk in the shadows. Keep the pressure up.

  • Israeli drone company won't release export data, so case against 9 Gaza activists is dropped
    • Ignorance is never a deterrent for our dedicated zionists. Especially the humourless ones, the wannabe lawyers. But jeffy has such a brilliant idea - charge them with violating air purity! Has he never heard of the expression 'being laughed out of court'?

    • It's good that the charges are dropped, but it's definitely not good that the UK government and Israel gets to keep secret exactly why the UK is allowing, and to what extent, the arms trade with an illegal, occupying army which targets civilians. In a democracy, this should be public information. If it was, we would no doubt discover that the UK is breaking its own rules. Otherwise why should it be secret. I hope the activists keep up the pressure, since we now know that they daren't prosecute in case they have to reveal the extent of their sordid trade.

  • Zero (0) Palestinians quoted in 'NYT' piece on rift between US and Israel
    • justicewillprevail February 1, 2015 at 4:54 pm

      Ha ha, a brainwasher blames the messenger. The commie media! Yahoo is a paragon of peace and virtue. who only wants to help poor Gazans, if only the media would reprint the helpful handouts from the Israeli Press Bureau. Lucky the UK doesn't have military censors of the press, like Israel, eh?

    • justicewillprevail January 31, 2015 at 7:15 pm

      Couldn't be anything to do with the genocide in Gaza which occurred between the two surveys. Not so dumb, then, as merely reacting to the incontrovertible evidence shown on their tv screens.

  • 'Great American villain' Henry Kissinger faces citizen's arrest inside a Senate hearing room
    • justicewillprevail January 31, 2015 at 5:32 pm

      "Senator McCain could have taken the easy route by simply reading the meticulously researched book by the late Christopher Hitchens, The Trial of Henry Kissinger. Writing as a prosecutor before an international court of law, Hitchens skewers Kissinger for ordering or sanctioning the destruction of civilian populations, the assassination of “unfriendly” politicians and the kidnapping and disappearance of soldiers, journalists and clerics who got in his way. He holds Kissinger responsible for war crimes that range from the deliberate mass killings of civilian populations in Indochina, to collusion in mass murder and assassination in Bangladesh, the overthrow of the democratically elected government in Chile, and the incitement and enabling of genocide in East Timor.
      McCain could have also perused the warrant issued by French Judge Roger Le Loire to have Kissinger appear before his court. When the French served Kissinger with summons in 2001 at the Ritz Hotel in Paris, Kissinger fled the country. More indictments followed from Spain, Argentina, Uruguay—even a civil suit in Washington DC.

      Hitchens was disgusted by the way Henry Kissinger was treated as a respected statesman. He would have been appalled by Senator McCain’s obsequious attitude. “Kissinger should have the door shut in his face by every decent person and should be shamed, ostracized, and excluded,” Hitchens said. “No more dinners in his honor; no more respectful audiences for his absurdly overpriced public appearances; no more smirking photographs with hostesses and celebrities; no more soliciting of his worthless opinions by sycophantic editors and producers.”

      link to

      And now his eager little student Yahoo is coming to washington to advocate more of the same. He should be arrested and thrown in jail too, not least for his role in stealing nuclear technology from the US, but also for his genocidal policies.

  • Independent investigation details Israel's deliberate targeting of civilians in Gaza
    • justicewillprevail January 29, 2015 at 1:40 pm

      Correct. The evidence is overwhelming. They are not even 'limited military objectives', but deliberate punitive actions, or collective punishment. A Palestinian life means nothing to the Israseli government or the IDF, who kill people with impunity. It is part of the wider strategy of making Palestine unliveable for ordinary people - no free movement, limited water and resources, and no security of your own home or land. They do not distinguish between Palestinian civilians and militia, thus every Palestinian is conveniently classified as a military target, and deemed suitable for punishment or elimination. It is normally called fascism.

  • Netanyahu speech scandal blows up, and 'soiled' Dermer looks like the fall guy
    • Far from US citizens agreeing with the Israeli gangster and his mob, they would like him investigated for nuclear tech smuggling:

      link to

      And far from there being any support for israeli sabotaging US talks and fomenting another endless war, in which US and Iranian lives will be needlessly lost and trillions of dollars wasted, US citizens want a just settlement in Palestine:

      link to

      link to

      Congress doesn't represent or speak for US citizens, beholden and craven as they are to leverage from highly resourced lobbies. They betray an appalling weakness in the face of pressure and are desperate to please their backers, many of whom have no interest in what US citizens want or think. It is a travesty of democracy, designed to be subverted by special interests who operate clandestinely in opposition to public opinion or knowledge.

      Israelis aren't in the slightest embarrassed by their subversion of US politics, the only thing that bothers them is it being held up to the light so that everybody can see what they do, the arrogant assumptions they make, and what demands they make of their paid-for puppets.

  • Like the Wind, We Will Be Free: How being detained at Ben Gurion airport during a family trip to Palestine reaffirmed my identity
    • justicewillprevail January 24, 2015 at 5:35 pm

      Thankyou, Samah. No human being should be treated as Palestinians are by Israel. The enforced humiliation and indignity should be abhorred by every country around the world, who should reject any relations with Israel until it grants the same human rights to everybody under its control.
      Your spirit and defiance is heartwarming and reminds me of the civil rights struggle, I hope this is an inspiration for you:

      [youtube link to

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • So Congress invites a tinpot demagogue, an insecure bullying dictator and architect of apartheid and segregation, a denier of human rights and democracy to lecture the president on creating even more death and destruction for his own manipulative ends. What a craven, toadying bunch of retards who have abandoned any pretence at putting US citizens' interests first, or showing any loyalty to the country which actually elects them. They don't deserve to hold office.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • David Conn has a piece up which is a far more balanced and rational look at this claim than the hyped and over-inflated hysterical propaganda which the CAA are irresponsibly disseminating, (along with Bibi and his gang of insufferable sycophants).

      link to

  • When blasphemy is bigotry: The need to recognise historical trauma when discussing Charlie Hebdo
    • This is so utterly wrong and nonsensical you hurry to pass by the comment whilst feeling embarrassed for the specious excuse-making and poverty of thought. Of course, the satirists check the league tables that yonie helpfully provides before sharpening their pens. The purpose and point of satire is truly lost on those who take their self-justifying pontificating absurdities so seriously.

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • justicewillprevail January 12, 2015 at 4:22 pm

      Wow, your bull-in-a-china-shop approach to debate, Jeffy, is spectacularly offensively crass, insensitive and utterly oblivious to the political and cultural realities of the modern world. No wonder you fling around the mini-Yahoo rhetoric so indiscriminately. More red-in-the-face incoherent hysteria from the bar stool - nobody is talking about 'kikes' except you - and the most ludicrous assertions unwarranted by anything that has been said. Go have a lie down, and then go for some counselling.

  • Why I am not Charlie
  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • So your first reaction is a meaningless cheap shot with no substance. Hmm, then a really dismal attempt at some frat humour.

      Of course Jesus would have been all of these things, that's the point, dude.

  • Media obsesses over 'free speech' in Charlie Hebdo case while ignoring Israeli targeting of journalists
    • I think it was your glorious leader who immediately tried to exploit the tragedy and shoehorn Israel into it.

  • Anti-Semitism at Fordham?
    • justicewillprevail January 9, 2015 at 8:22 am

      Mooser, you are making me feel sorry for old Jeff. Trapped in a flat earth ideology, where might is right, where he is never wrong, and where violent conflict and appropriation is just a minor detail in the glorious rise of the Nation, it is almost tragic. Almost, I said. Still, I expect he will be able to write a lengthy piece on how the hobbits' story proves every one of his points, and there will be no arguing with that.

    • justicewillprevail January 8, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      C'mon, Jeff. You launch a completely ridiculous rant against Mondoweiss with the most hysterical claims, for which there is no evidence whatsoever, and then whine about 'name calling'. There is no argument in your wild-eyed denunciation, and it comes complete with an absurd comparison, the truth of which no-one is party to, except you. Besides it is spectacularly irrelevant. False, misleading analogies don't make any kind of case for whatever you imagine you are making. As for your encomium on rights, it is another incoherent and unfounded claim, and would seem to imply the worst kind of despotism, domination and control. Not that I expect anything better. It sums up the zionist approach. You are out on a limb with some frankly preposterous, asinine statements - so you shouldn't be surprised to be met with some derision. It is the only appropriate response.

    • Jeff, what a pathetic tissue of vague, unfounded innuendo, ridiculous assertions, meaningless comparisons, all ending in a smear - you want ethnic tension. Really, it would be laughable if it wasn't so desperate. Considering Zionism is founded and perpetrated by erecting ethnic differences and separate rights, creating and enforcing them where none exist, you are just exposing your lurid ravings to ridicule. You try to pull the same trick as Atar, forcing people into your artificial schemes and categories and them berating them for it. And as for knowledge of Black kids - don't make yourself look even more stupid.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • justicewillprevail January 3, 2015 at 7:58 pm

      'settlers responsible behaviour' - now we know he is on drugs or hallucinating. These people are on some kind of zionist crack.

    • After the USS Liberty, this is small beer. Israelis know that the US will never have the nerve to get on their case, but will instead keep voting to hand over large amounts of taxpayer money to these fascists. America is a feeble patsy for these KKK goons. Roll over and sign the cheques, let the Israelis fire at and attack Americans. The kosher nostra will take care of it.

  • David Brooks says 'people from around the world' can serve in Israeli military
    • justicewillprevail January 3, 2015 at 7:45 pm

      Of course it's inaccurate and deliberately misleading. That's the whole point. By missing out the crucial qualifier 'Jews' from the phrase 'around the world', it deliberately intends to mislead and obscure the ethno-cultural group to which this applies, and tries to make out that anyone can turn up and join the junta squads (as if anyone in their right mind would want to, lol). Brooks, just another tired old sycophantic spin doctor for the junta, knows precisely what he is doing by elision, and it is revealing how the supporters of this swivel-eyed state have to twist and turn the facts, and paint a knowingly false picture for the benefit of uninformed readers. Absolutely par for the course, predictable and another fail for the false, artificially maintained, apartheid 'state'.

  • Happy holidays from the IDF
    • Bibi with his killer dogs and masked gunmen; now a terrorist lighting a candle. Israel has the PR it deserves - they actually think this stuff is laudable? On reflection, I can only conclude that the IDF terrorist is extinguishing the light, and bringing darkness to the world.

  • NY Times says a Palestinian majority would 'endanger Israel's democratic ideals'
    • You can only ask, in wonderment, what democratic ideals? Where is this idea that Israel ever had, or has, democratic ideals? Other than paying lip service to the idea of democracy, they have always made clear that Jewish rule comes first, and the only possible interpretation of democracy in Israel is of Jews deciding which Jewish party gets in, not Israelis, or the people ruled by them denied a vote. The same whining and apocalyptic language was routinely deployed by S African whites when the subject of democracy for all came up - the blacks weren't ready for it, it wasn't in their culture blah blah blah. Gerrymandering democracy to ensure a genuine democracy is not possible isn't, of course, democracy at all. The NYT should know better, instead of printing superficial PR from hasbara central. That is if they want to be taken seriously outside of their own circle jerk.

  • Jordanian-Palestinian resolution to the UN Security Council gives US and Israel wiggle room
    • But the Palestinians have had to 'agree' to universal diktats for 75 years. No hypocrisy or arrogance there then, Bibi. Such an insular egotistic folly of a sham leader.

  • Israel will lose all American Jews but the crazies
    • And yeah, the 'most moral army in the world' apparently has no ethical problem with releasing killer dogs against unarmed Palestinian civilians who will have no recourse to justice. Nice morals. Nice advertising of them.

    • This is beyond belief, or satire, come to that. What deluded fantasy world do these people live in that they think there is anything remotely acceptable enough about this image to justify promoting it? Utterly ludicrous. Like a tenth rate despot of a backwater country, the leader apparently keeps company with masked gunmen and killer dogs, which he thinks is really, really macho, despite the fact that he looks like a man desperately trying to placate a vicious dog who is too near his nuts for comfort. He could be a prisoner in this shot. But what a new low as an image for the 'western democracy' this is, just ludicrous and incredibly revealing of a psychologically inadequate man desperately wanting to appear like a tough guy - and of course betraying himself as a pathetically weak wannabe dictator. The lack of self-awareness is stunning. Are all the mirrors in Israel crazy mirrors which reflect back the fantasies of the subject?

  • Caroline Glick melts down with European diplomats
    • Gurning: the distortion of one's facial features into grotesque and gruesome shapes, a tradition which is celebrated in Yorkshire with gurning contests; also continual whining and complaining, similar to children who hope to garner attention and elicit sympathy.

  • Collective punishment of 1.8 million human shields in a prison -- Newsweek dares publish the truth of Gaza
    • What an incredible image she ends with: teenagers digging in the dark in order to plant a clementine tree. The slimmest, most slender symbol of hope for the future in the most benighted and devastated of circumstances. How poignant that is, an almost futile gesture, ranged as it is against the overwhelming military might and savage cruelty they suffer, and yet, because of its fragility, there is a kind of quiet dignity and undiminished sense of humanity under all that deprivation and slaughter.
      She joins Paul Mason and Jon Snow, as far as UK writers are concerned, in doing what you would expect reporters should routinely do - give eyewitness accounts, be witnesses and speak for those who haven't the means to speak for themselves. This shouldn't be remarkable or unusual, and it is surely a measure of how feeble and cowed most of the media has become, as they accustom us to accepting the destruction of populations in the name of 'security', torture, drone killings and all the rest of the 'war on terror'.
      Honesty and clear-eyed reporting like this is a light in that darkness. It is only a sign of how corrupted we are that it merits a wide-eyed mention that she didn't have to incorporate a feeble, mealy mouthed apology/justification for the slaughter from the Central Bureau of Newspeak. Which in its own way tells you how poorly served and misrepresented most of the world is.

  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
    • The tin soldier and his compadres couldn't care less about the truth, especially as it sounds like he was framed, like so many others. He's Palestinian, that makes him both guilty and expendable in their eyes.

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