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  • Park Slope Food Coop holds vote aimed at staunching boycott of Sodastream
    • @Carol Lipton.

      What struck me about your posts was how you come across as someone who wasn't even at the General Meeting, and if you were, don't understand the basic procedure of one.

      "The chair at first agreed that Jesse’s proposal constituted a change to the Bylaws,"

      That is absolutely not the case. The Chairwoman agreed several times AT FIRST that it was a change to the Rules of the Meeting. She changed her mind at one point to say then it was a change to the ByLaws. Then, after consulting with the rest of the Chair Committee and the Board of Directors, reversed her decision again. That is how it happened, like it or not.

      "She then reversed her opinion after Joe Holtz got to speak."

      This is true only in the sense that Joe Holtz and everyone else in the Board and the Chair Committee spoke with her. (See above)

      "At no time did the Coop solicit legal opinion letters from its attorneys or other independent specialists in non-profit law."

      Because the PSFC didn't need to.

      "We were limited to 2 minutes. Anti-BDS people went over 2 min., but when a pro BDS speaker did this, the microphone was turned off on her. Then the Chair cut down the speaking time for people to 1 min. 30 seconds."

      Anyone who goes over two minutes is given a warning. When they keep rambling, their mic is cut off. That's been the case, finally, for a few meetings. And why? Enough people wrote to the Gazette begging the Chair Committee to do exactly that. Why? Because people kept pushing past their limit at the mic to the point of slowing the whole meeting down and the Chair Committee was too polite to put an end to it. Until now.

      "Jesse Rosenfeld had about 8 minutes to speak,"

      The way you phrase this is as if he was given some kind of special favor. Have you forgotten 8 minutes WAS FOR HIS PRESENTATION??? THAT EVERYONE WHO PRESENTS GETS AT LEAST 10 MINUTES??? The context you use is absolutely manipulative because it's weak on that central fact.

      "I was thinking about just this all week- how can I in good conscience continue to be part of an organization of deluded, narcissistic yuppies, who wave the banner of human rights, egalitarianism and democracy while supporting a horrendously brutal occupation that saturation-bombed Gaza with more ordnance than was dropped on Hiroshima and slaughtered 2300 people ostensibly as vengeance over the deaths of 3 Israeli teenagers."

      The only reason you think such people support occupation is because they don't fight it the way you want them to. That is more deluded and narcissistic than anyone you accuse. At least Rosenfeld brought Palestinian olive oil to PSFC. He supported Palestinian businesses. He encouraged their dignity while putting some money in their pockets. What have you ever done for a Palestinian to ease his suffering? Post gory pictures on the internet that haven't improved the plight of Palestinians since 1947?

      Re: your plight with the Gazette and your letter....

      Boo-hoo. Get in line. Everyone hates the Gazette. Support the upcoming proposal to make it an elected workslot instead of an appointed one, and then run for the position. Stop whining.

      "What struck me about Jesse’s presentation the most was its tautological reasoning, that because Coop members who attend GMs, most of whom are white, many of whom are Jewish, are apparently pissed off at those who call for a consistent stand on human and democratic rights that would mandate a vote for BDS, that’s grounds for making it harder to pass a boycott vote." Etc, etc.

      What strikes me about your thinking is that you maintain PSFC is some kind of social justice organization that supports itself by selling food. Sorry, it's a business first, with legal requirements to keep operating. Without the business, there's nothing to boycott. If your moral core is so shaken by PSFC, please feel free to leave. I'll hold the door for you.

      And that you're willing to sue the Coop (for what damages exactly?) only proves Rosenfeld's point: that you and BDS are simply divisive and don't care about the place.

    • Why cant they just add a little checkbox to a mailing that is already going out to all the members? Because that needs to be voted on first. See? It's a matter of democracy in action. And we had such a vote at Brooklyn Tech years ago. And BDS lost it because people were more interested in Coop unity than any boycott.

      We're good people at PSFC, Annie. And we take real offense at being called racists and Nazis because we don't agree with a handful of BDS supporters who will say anything to gain sympathy. Meanwhile, they cannot prove how a boycott of Israel will in any way help the business or even help a single Palestinian.

      You want to know who helps Palestinians at the Coop? Jesse Rosenfeld does! He worked like hell to bring a new brand of Palestinian olive oil to our shelves. And who has done the most bitching about it? So-called supporters of Palestinian liberation. He didn't have to do it,especially since he is staunchly anti-boycott of Israel. But he did in the name of Coop unity, and to show that there are more than two ways of looking at the I/P conflict, to show that you don't have to be anti-israel to be proPalestinian. And he got zero thanks for it.

    • Then there's a bigger picture you're missing. Rosenfeld has strived for unity at the coop in all sorts of ways. He's helped with food drives, called for every coop member to donate one dollar to help relocate a Syrian refugee family, helped bring Palestinian olive oil to the shelves, pitched in to keep the Coop safe from Hurricaine Sandy, and donated his time with the Coop's outreach to CHIPS soup kitchen. He's not unusual in that regard because lots of coop members do that. In their non-credit work hours, it's implied that their efforts are not just volunteerism. It's for the sake of everyone pitching in to help the greater good of community. That's unity, that's cooperation. That's solidarity.

      If you feel that PSFC members arent progressive enough, then i certainly encourage you to move forward with your plans for an alternative coop in Park Slope. Feel free to take HB and Naomi Brussel with you. If seed money is all it takes, then i publicly pledge a symbolic donation of one dollar.

      Finally, the Coop does know what members want, especially in terms of a boycott of Israel. Any boycott, any agenda item at all, is as well publicized as any other. Anyone who cares about boycotts knows exactly when and where to show up. If they don't attend, then they have other priorities.

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