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  • Why not a probe of Israel-gate?
    • "Nevertheless, the Israeli government along with sympathetic American reporters and members of the U.S. Congress managed to shut down any serious investigation into the 1980 operation"

      That "sympathy" is bought with bribes and threats, another part of the "open secret". Those reporters and Congress members are "owned", "puppets" as President Trump put it during the primaries.

      The Oligarchy can afford to own the small number of major news outlets, and thus spike key stories to keep the general public ignorant. Combining control of the media with control of Deep State elements in the MIC (CIA elements included), they can commit huge crimes and then cover them up.

      But shutting down serious investigations is essential. That is, effectively strangling the "free press" is essential.

  • Settlement opponents appeal to Massachusetts Democratic Party to pass resolution tomorrow
    • These letters are a pair of powerful cannonballs through the main mast of Israel's suppression of information in America. That suppression is coming to an end, despite the Israeli billionaire brigade determined to keep Americans ignorant.

      The danger is not in dividing the Democratic party. The danger is in keeping America divided from its core principles.

      Abraham Lincoln was faced with a choice - give up on the principle of equality under the law for all human beings, or fight a bloody intra-family war. He chose to fight that war for that principle. History has judged his decision correct. Massachusetts was a leader in the movement for equality then, and I hope it will be a leader in that fight today.

  • The agony of J Street
    • The agony of J Streeters is rooted in the childhood emotional brainwashing described in Why I’m keeping my child home from school in Israel on Holocaust Day

      Immersing young children in fear is an ancient control tactic, used through history by many religious and political group leaders. It is an attempt to override the otherwise natural human tendency to believe one's own eyes and think for oneself.

  • Speaking of Palestine and academic freedom
    • I meant that undermining the Constitution is criminal (at least in spirit), and that shows a stark difference in values. So, both.

      Apologies for the delay in responding.

    • "nearly 300 cases in which speech or activism around Palestine was suppressed"

      It seems to me the time is right to shift the main focus of the debate on Zionism and Israel from the crimes and atrocities of Israel, which have by now been thoroughly documented at Mondoweiss and elsewhere, to the suppression of discussion by Israel and its agents. This suppression of discussion is a crime in itself, and a crime which affects a great many more people. Because it is a direct attack on all Americans' Constitutional right of free speech. It is a glaring case in which Israel does NOT share America's values. It is a glaring case in which Israel is attempting to sabotage democracy, in direct opposition to America's values.

      A follow-on focus, or perhaps companion focus, would be on Israel's extensive disinformation campaign, filling the public debate with falsehoods of all sorts, including historical myths, lies and distortions about current events, and smears against people who challenge their arguments and actions.

      Thank you Steven Salaita for this excellent and important article.

  • Trump and Pence had a Jewish connection before a political one -- and it's steeped in the Holocaust
  • How grassroots activists defeated anti-BDS legislation in Maryland
    • JeffB,

      "BDS proclaims itself as ntending to discriminate on the basis of national origin."

      The well-known purpose of BDS is to protest illegal murders and land thefts, not national origin. You are trying to distract attention from serious crimes with half-baked logic and shifty word games. Perhaps you have been dispatched to give young Zionists who stumble onto Mondoweiss a slender thread to believe there are seemingly reasonable objections to the overwhelming facts and logic they enounter at Mondoweiss.

      Your point regarding the debate at the above link
      is irrelevant, because that debate revolved entirely around what YOU said. You are trying to steer people away from reading that debate using a dishonest tactic. Once again you show that your purpose is not to clarify, but to obfuscate and cover up.

      As for your take on MP Shaked, I encourage readers to read that full discussion for themselves and make up their own minds about your moral compass.

    • JeffB,

      Your argument requires classifying Israeli land thieves (aka "settlers) in the West Bank as victims of discrimination. That is absurd, based on the overwhelming facts of the case.

      For new readers, JeffB thoroughly shredded his credibility, unable to deal honestly with facts or logic, in the extended discussion here:

    • “the legal arguments are very strong, even clear cut, that these types of bills are unconstitutional.”

      To Israel, the US Constitution is as disposable as a Palestinian. Sadly, the same is true for many of Israel's financial puppets in US legislatures and media.

      My profound thanks to the people of Maryland who stood up for freedom of speech, and to their legislative representatives who listened to them rather than to wealthy foreign criminals.

      I also appreciated Kim Jensen's clear and fascinating account of how this battle for justice was waged and won.

  • Tillerson and Haley's trash-talk on Iran was brought to you by Sheldon Adelson
    • A bombshell new article by prize-winning independent journalist Robert Parry examines Israel's influence on US politics and asks Why Not a Probe of ‘Israel-gate’?

      On a related note, Ed Schultz has moved from MSNBZ to RT. There he is free to discuss the actual evidence for all the establishment's conspiracy theories about Russia, unlike the people at MSNBZ (or the PBS Newshour for that matter). Abby Martin at RT has some crackerjack shows also looking at glaring evidence that America's oligarchy-controlled media is keeping under wraps.

      These seem to me among the best news shows available to the American public today because of their freedom and honesty. The American media is a sorry, soggy lot by comparison. Ironically, this may be one of the reasons the Israel-controlled "American" media is frothing so vehemently in its conspiracy theories about Russia. And it may be why it seems some corporate ISPs are throttling some of RT's video streams. The war profiteering oligarchy may be feeling the heat of the truth.

  • Hasbara-steria: Netanyahu ministers charge NYT with 'journalistic terror attack,' hunger striker with 'suicide terror attack'
    • Correction -

      Calling Netanyahu a ‘political leader’ is like calling Weizmann a ‘chemist.’ They are murderers and terrorists. We will never lose our sense of clarity because we are on the side of justice and they are on the side that is neither just nor moral.

  • The war for 'The New York Times'
    • Excellent article. Life is getting more difficult for the NYT's mouthpieces for war profiteering criminals.

  • Bill Kristol celebrates 'normal' foreign policy -- with Russia replacing Iraq in the new 'axis of evil'
    • Good website.

    • Thanks for this excellent pair of interviews.

      Banning Col. Wilkerson from the Israeli-controlled MSM is outright sabotage of America's "free press". Israeli control of the MSM should be a criminal violation of anti-trust laws. This monopoly is enabling fraud on the American people. It's clear from this interview why the Israelis would ban Wilkerson.

      Paul Craig Roberts' suggestion for a realistic US ambassador to Israel is excellent - Norm Finkelstein.

      Side note: Former MSNBZ host Ed Schultz now has an evening news show where he's allowed to discuss the actual factual evidence on things like Trump's missile strike and MSM conspiracy theories about Russian election-hacking.

      Rachel, Lawrence, and the rest of the gang over at MSNBZ must be SO jealous.

  • Academic boycott campaign is growing fast at Trinity College Dublin
    • Blackmail is an ancient Oligarchy technique for getting political figures to betray their supporters. And it has definitely not gone out of style, e.g. "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man". It's a reasonable go-to theory for politicians who make bewildering betrayals.

  • Editor is fired then reinstated after he refuses to cut Sarah Schulman's paragraph on Palestine solidarity
    • Diamond's actions look exactly like standard Israeli actions in America, censorship followed by bullying and firing. It walks and quacks exactly like that duck. So I don't believe Diamond. Possibly somewhat in his favor, he might have been just following orders. But it appears he and his boss were surprised at how effectively they were shamed.

      Totalitarians always worry about the artists, because so many of them simply cannot be bought. Their inner beings don't work that way.

      Thank you, Sarah and Adam.

  • Palestinians and international activists confront Israeli forces to demand bodies of slain Palestinians be returned to families
  • 'We need revolutionary visions and radical imaginations' -- a report from JVP
    • This sounds like a spectacular conference for its willingness to face the unvarnished truth.

      Ultimately, what we are fighting for is our right to THINK, and our right to SPEAK our thoughts. Zionism is plainly trying to suppress these rights. It is trying to push us back centuries, stifling "heresies" as defined by the wealthy and powerful, always conveniently for their benefit behind the scenes.

      This thought control helps them create profitable conflicts, such as the so-called "War on Terror", and its essential ingredient Islamophobia. Bigotry is masquerading as a shield against bigotry. For background historical facts about this situation of war profiteers hiding behind religious fanatics hiding behind the Holocaust, see online "War Profiteers and the Roots of the War on Terror".

  • 'This miracle, this gift, this jewel' -- Obama's ambassador to Israel declares he's a Zionist
    • JeffB, your point is completely irrelevant to the discussion at the link. That revolved entirely around what YOU said. It's clear you are trying to steer people away from reading that discussion by using an utterly dishonest tactic. Once again you show that your purpose is not to clarify, but to deceive and cover up.

    • You don't remember the time Menachim Begin and the Irgun slaughtered your family and village. That would not feel so wonderful. But that is the price of your warm feelings, pride, and getting rid of a pesky holiday you dislike. But no need to consider those other so-called "human beings".

      For new readers, JeffB thoroughly shredded his credibility, unable to deal honestly with facts or logic, in the extended discussion here:

  • The real free speech threat
  • Trump's new war has neocons, Clintonites, and Israelis applauding, but left and realists dismayed
  • It happened! Cork conference overcomes academic censorship!
    • Congratulations and thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this conference happen. Israel's war on the facts, on rationality, on decency and morality, needs to overwhelmed by the professional research community. Israel's war on the facts is a key factor in maintaining their ongoing war against the Palestinians, and all other suffering human beings who are getting dragged into Israel's various needless, manufactured (profitable for a few) conflicts.

  • Why so many are twisting Ken Livingstone’s words about Hitler and Zionism
    • I agree - very important to document and knock down these clear cases of Israeli character assassination. As usual, the purpose is to torpedo discussion and facts. And also as usual, to intimidate others who would bring up the facts about Israel's continuous history of crimes and atrocities.

      I hope we will see some targets of this character assassination tactic start suing their defamers for libel. Not for money damages, but to publicize the illegal and deceptive tactics Israel routinely uses to hide its true nature from the public.

  • 'New sheriff in town' Nikki Haley is gonna kick anyone who objects to latest Jewish settlement
    • What happened to Nikki Haley? How did she morph from a compassionate governor who took down the Confederate flag into a caricature of an old-time, racist Southern sheriff? Is she auditioning for a role in a Haim Saban cartoon?

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