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Kaisa of Finland

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  • Netanyahu, say hi from me to the penguins in Antarctica
    • Oj.. I absolutely love Wallace and Gromit (and even The "Bad Penguin")!! I really wish they have nothing to do with Netanyahu and his folks.. Would be devastating..

  • Israeli rightist Smotrich lays out the vision for apartheid
    • Moose:

      Should I have written forced convertions?? When someone is converted against his/her own will??

    • Jeff:

      If you were talking about the Roman Catholic Inquisition, I just did not get your point?? How do you connect it with I/P 2017?? Persecutions and forced coversions to Catholism? Is it that what you were talking about??

    • Mooser:

      " everything “Jeff b” says has one source.."

      The Zionist History of the Mankind??

    • Ossinev:

      "It`s 2017 Jeff. Next year it will be 2018.."

      My words exactly!!

    • Mooser:

      "Catholicism’s claim that all of Christendom is unified in a single nation.."

      Well, I have never heard about that.. Ask Jeff to give his proven sources before EVER believing a thing he writes!!

    • Annie:

      And I must add, that f.ex. one of my friends is married to a British Catholic man, they have three children who I guess then are half Catholic, half Lutheran, half English, half Finnish.. So what are they then?? It always ends the same way: People. All these definitions, but in the end the same: People. So it is only up to us, how difficult we want to make it.

    • Annie:

      "by using the same argument one could say catholics are a nation.."

      You know, often when I read/write comments here, I think how weird conversations I end up having with some of the commentators. At least until now, religions have been a private matter in Finland, so we have all been Finns and I might have gone in a same class with someone for 9 years, without knowing about his/her religion or him/her having no religion at all (there are lot of families who do not have any religion).

      Also when I lived in Israel, I did not realize there were some people thinking about Jews as people and a nation.. Like the Finnish Jews were Finns to me and the Israelian Jews Israelis. And ofcourse Israel was "Holy" to those religious Finnish Jews (as it was for religious Christians too), but not because it would be an ancient homeland, but because of the Holy Sites they could visit in f.ex. Jerusalem. It was only later I found out about these "birth right" things and such.. And they still confuse me..

      Anyway, it would really sound weird, if someone would claim that all the Lutherans were a nation.. Eh.. no.. It still is only a religion and at least for me, does not define me the same way as being Finnish does.

    • Jeff:

      "The Jews have Jewish national rights in Israel.."

      One of the most known Finnish Jews at the time is called Ben Zyskowicz, a member of our Parliament since 1979*. Since 1982 he has been married to a Finnish Muslim woman and they have two children together. I have never asked him what kind of national rights he would have in Israel, he did not have in Finland, but the question of course rises, what kind of rights would his wife and his children have in this Jewish State of yours??

      *His Polish (Jewish) father survived from Sachsenhausen and Majdanek, came as refugee to Sweden where he met a Finnish Jewish women with whom he moved to Finland, got married and got a daughter and a son, Ben. (Just that you would not wonder about Ben's background..)

    • just:

      "EU refuses to condemn Israeli genocide plan.."

      That is disgusting to hear!! But that is also why we have to (and are) working on a national level here. At the moment EU is still led mostly by the older generations and many of them have been brainwashed for all of their lives. But on a national level we have more possibilities, so in youth we trust!!

  • Ayelet Shaked and the fascist ideology
    • Mooser:

      I think his "name" should go with a warning: Jeff"the fake news"B, so that people would always check his "facts" before believing anything!!

    • Jeff:

      So all this time Finland has been an idependent country, the Jews* have had equal civil rights, and they were NOT forced to fight in 2nd WW along with the Nazis, but many of the Finnish Jews happened to be living in the lost parts of Karelia. So they were simply defending their homes as were their other "fellow country men"..

      *And you should remember that the Jews originally came as part of the occupyers army and were still allowed to stay. What there is written in your link, does not match with what you were writing here earlier. So stop making up your own stories and stick to your proven sources.

    • Gamal:

      "I have been training with a Finn for last few weeks.."

      So you can greet him from the Kaisa of Finland..

      Allthough I am not huge, super fit and not even the blondest of the blonds. (I get brownish in the sun, while the real blonds, they only get burned..)

    • Gamal:

      "surely the plural is Moomineen.."

      I don't know, you have to ask RoHa. In Finnish the plural is Muumit (and singular Muumi).

    • Eljay:

      "Paljon kiitoksia.."

      Ole hyvä!!

      The main line in the song being:

      "Olen tänään kukaties, yksinkertaisesti onnellinen mies.."

      "Who knows, today, I might simply be a happy man.."

    • Kate:

      "Lyrics for A Happy Man – and in English.."

      There must be at least two happy men in Finland, because that song is another one!!

    • p.s.

      Sorry for not having the lyrics in English.. Now you'll simply have to sing along in Finnish :) !

    • To Eljay and RoHa:

      Onnellinen mies = A happy man

    • RoHa:

      "(But I think “got” works better than “gotten” in that context..)"

      You know, I was thinking about it, like what it should be.. But I did not have any idea, so I just used gotten. But now I have GOT it, for the next time.. ehheh..

    • Just:

      "Moomins and Zionists have little in common, though.."

      And we will thank Tove Jansson for that!!!

    • Yes, the Lutheran Reformation in 16th century, not 1600th.. heh heh..

    • Eljay:

      "Zionism has done a serious number on your brain.."

      In Finnish you could use the expression of: "You have definitely not gotten all the Moomins in the Valley.."

    • Jeff:

      "The heavily repressed Finnish Jewish population that didn’t flee was forced to fight on the side of the AXIS.."

      Obviously you are not interested in facts, cause I have given this link to you already before. It is how the Finnish Jews discribe their history and connection to Finland. Where are your links?

    • Jeff:

      "If you go back a few centuries to before this played out… you see the “supremacism” much more directly. The state violently repressed other religions.."

      WTF are you writing in here?? It was first in the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century small Jewish and Muslim minorities arrived to Finland as part of the Russian army. Some of them decided to stay and have since the time Finland became independent 1917 had same civil rights than the other Finns. Traditionally in the Eastern parts of Finland we have also had our Creek Catholic minority. I guess you should blame Germans for spreading their Lutheran Reformation to Finland, but that was already around 1600th century, long before our Jewish and Muslim minorities had even arrived..

      And what is this obsession of yours to try to use Finland and Finnish history as an excuse for Israel's cruelties anyway??

      BTW, I am only happy to announce to you that finally our Finnish Broadcasting Network has sent their own correspondent to Jerusalem, so we will be getting here more, regular and closer look at what is going on in Israel. And yes, I checked her backgound, no Zionist connections what so ever. And I also sent her an e-mail and wished, she would meet people of Breaking the Silence and the Druze of the Golan and some other interesting people to hear their point of view and write articles about.

  • Nathan Englander, author of new Israel thriller, wants 'as many passports as I can get'
    • This birth-right-thing is always confusing for an outsider: There are lot of Palestinian refugees (and their decendants) living in the Nordic countries. And the question always stays the same: Where is their birth-right, when they can even show the exact place where their/their parents house used to be?

  • One magical night in Yaffa
    • (sorry for all my written mistakes, but the message still stays the same!!)

    • I came to think about a refugee camp I once visited in WB and I found this video.. It is partly in Dutch, but with English subtitles!

      I have never forgotten this man. He was so deeply devoted to working for the better future of the Palestians.

  • 'Nazi stuff': The Israeli government takes on African refugees
    • catalan:

      "I don’t defend any “madness” as you put it.."

      Have you read your own comments??

      Your words are your sword and there are no words which would not matter at all.

    • catalan:

      "Ultimately, I sense that you feel that I should be put in jail for what I believe in .."

      Well, better not to trust your senses then..

      I don't care if it is one, two, three or what ever amount of states, just this madness you constantly keep defending here ends.

      You have your right to your opinion ofcourse, but do not expect me to be tapping on your back for that..

    • catalan:

      About responsibilities:

      Could you clarify your theory a bit more for me?? So if there was a group of Neo Nazis who would repeatedly harass and violently attack Jewish people and f.ex. synagogas, I would have no resposibility what so ever, even if I was actively supporting their ideology and defending their actions by speaking and writing about it in public, just as long as I did not give them any money or physically join them in their actions?

      Wouldn't that also mean that in 2nd WW all of those people who supported Hitler, Holocoust and anti-semitic ideologies, but only did it by speaking or writing, not joining any actions, had no responsibility what so ever in what eventually happened in the consentration camps?? Is this what you are meaning?? So defending and speaking for violent ideologies is just part of freedom of the speech and the responsibility comes only to those who then carry through the actions? (I wonder if Hitler personally then was quilty of anything?? Did he actually ever act violently towards the Jews or was he just speaking and supporting his own ideology and encouraging others to act??)

      As I see it, by speaking and defending any ideology, you are part of "it's" actions, but feel free to make me understand your point of view!!

    • Echi:

      "Negotiate? The Zionist entity couldn’t last a full week without Sugardaddy."

      Yes, I know.. For some reason, I did not want to sound so "harsh"..

    • Catalan:

      I don't remember from where I wrote this down, but:

      "We are not responsible for the past, but we are responsible for the present and for the future."

      You can't run away from that.

    • catalan:

      "But American Jews have nothing to do with this.."

      Your country gives annually about 3,8 billon dollars to support the Israelian regime and the IDF. Without that money the Israelians would have had to negotiate about the peace for a long time ago. So as long as your regime is this deeply involved in the conflict, you will be too (want it or not).

  • The United State of Israel and Palestine
    • RoHa:

      "And now we know what Santa does for the rest of the year.."

      In Finnish you can say: "Nauru pidentää ikää" = "A laugh makes you live longer".

      With this comment of yours, you have just given me several years more to defend the rights of the Palestinians!!

    • Echi:

      Thanks for your addition!

    • And Bont:

      All though I might be described as a white person (yellowish pink??), I do not identify myself with any colour.. I identify myself as a Finn, because I have grown up in Finland and my first language is Finnish, but not all the Finns are white and I have also lived in Denmark, Tanzania and Israel* in local families as "the only Finn" around. And I have only met people. Individuals who represent their cultural backgrounds (language, cultural habits), but all the same.

      When you move to a different country, you find your way to be yourself and be part of that new culture. Not trying to change it to yours, but finding your way to live in it. I have never had any problems with it.

      *In Israel with Mizrahim

    • RoHa:

      "We all know that Finland is covered in snow all the time.."

      Midsummer 2014:

    • RoHa:

      "And the good aspects of the Australian culture allowed Australians, in a very short time,to develop the uncertain and unpredictable vast lands of Australia into a technologically advanced country with a standard of living that is the envy of much of the world, as well as being a world leader in political rights for women and inventing refrigeration for beer.

      Does this justify the wrong done to the Aborigines?

      Of course not!

      Does this justify asking immigrants to support and adopt those aspects of Australian culture?

      Yes, it damned well does"

      I agree! I hope my broken English is enough to get my message correct: Many of the immigrants come, because they want to have "their share" of that success. That is why they also need to give their fair share to the common good = to support and adopt those aspects of Australian culture.

    • Bont:

      "You know how white people are known for having no culture? Its because being white means you have adopted the pseudoculture of whiteness.."

      Now here we certainly have too best pals: Bont and Jeff. Both with their racial ideologies.

      I don't know, majority of the Finns are quite white as are our neighbours in Russia, Estonia, Sweden and Norway. I would be happy to be told what is this no-culture-pseudoculture of whiteness which we all share. For me, I find quite big differences between our cultures, which I am only happy about.

    • Mooser:

      Well, his knowledge of Finnish history was deffinitely not from the Academic Historians either. So I won't take anything what he writes for a fact.

    • Thanks Annie!

    • Jeff:

      The race is in your head. I do not believe in different races. For you seem to think Jews are one united race. I 'll leave it up to you Jews to decide, if you are a one big race or just individuals representing different cultural backgrounds, ideologies and political views.

      Finns are certainly not a race, so one can become a Finn by living here long enough to feel oneself as one.

    • RoHa:

      So I found one with subtitles:

    • RoHa:

      stand up comedy.. stund up sounds more like German :)

    • RoHa:

      I think one part of that assimilation is that Finns in general are guite strict in obeying rules, we have lot of jokes and stund-up comedy about it,( just nothing in English). I remember that in Israel the weirdest thing for me to "accept" as part of the daily life were these all kinds of "combinas" (the Israelian word for it) - like making small deals here and there - my friends had all the time going on to "circumvent" the rules and the laws. In Finland those would have been considered as illegal and corruption, but there it was just normal everyday life. (No wonder their politicians are all the time in problems with such issues.)

      And the queuing is another example: If you stand in line, you wait for your turn. In Israel I had to get used to people(specially older women :) ) jumping ahead of me just becuse they thougt their matter was more important. They propably thought I was stupid for not defending my place, but .. (Rather count to ten than start fighting about something like that..)

      I must say, I can't complain about our immigrants. I have never had anyone not standing in line like others do. And all though they might laugh at us (with us) about being so strict with the rules, then people usually say, they love the fact that things work out so easily, just if everyone obey the same rules.

      But back to the assimilation: We use the word "kotoutuminen" (koti=home), meaning Finland becomes your home. And ofcourse the rules and the laws and the language comes with it, but you do not have to learn to ski or like Ice Hockey (I don't like it either..) or Finnish foods to be a Finn. And as we have been writing about it before, if people form their own parallel societies and there are no common language and common rules anymore, then it will not work anymore.

    • RoHa:

      " I might try Rally English.."

      I thought you might like it..

      Here is an authentic example:

    • RoHa:

      Heh.. I was just thinking about the Finns I know, who have emigrated to Australia. Of course they speak Finnish together at home and maybe eat some Finnish Christmas foods, but it seems like Finns have had it easy to fit in to the Australian way of life. (Better climate, more relaxed people, what more can you ask for??)

    • Jeff:

      I represent only me and my own point of views, not all of the Finnish people (I hardly know all of the 5,6 million people and their thoughts).

      "that land should be permanently allocated to people on their basis of the genes"

      Where ever you got this from?? I have only opposed the violent invaders. (And no, because the Vikings did it in the past, it doesn't have to be acceptable in the 21st century!)

      If you knew something about the Finnish history, you'd know that there are only guesses about from where Finns actually came to Finland and the latest researches show that genetically the Finns from the West Coast are as "far" from the Finns form Eastern part of Finland as are the Germans and Brits from each other (And still, the Finns at the West Coast are genetically closer to Russians than those at the Eastern side. So no Russian connectin either..). So there is a bit of some Finnish history for you. (You must have read some 19th-20th century history, with some racial theories where people's intelligens was still measured by the size of their skull.)

      All that other b*ll s*it you keep writing up there, I'll leave it to you yourself to digg in it deeper.

      P.s. "To achieve best possible government states need to enhance the natural formation of national identity through things like providing shared schooling for the young" And how is this done in Hebron?

    • Echi:

      I don't mind you or RoHa every now and then pointing out my "wild use of English Grammar" (or other mistakes).. :) It is what it is and I ofcourse wish my message comes through correctly (as we have seen here, that has not always been the case!!) When I write in Finnish, I am quite precise for producing good language so I understand why odd use of grammar might "pistää silmään" (= "stab the eye").

    • Catalan:

      Didn't you say you have a "high-level position in a local government.." Maybe start changing the politics on a local level into the direction of sharing the good you have instead of rich getting richer. The less you have people living on the streets, the less you have criminality. So maybe start thinking what to do with the homeless people in your area. You'll surely find other people to join you.

      "Why do you think it is my responsibility to do this?"

      Well who should do it then?? The homeless people?? Do you think that by complaining, you'll get some results?? Everything starts from zero and you either choose to do something (maybe to get nicer surroundings for your children) or then to do nothing at all.

      One person can't change everything, but that is what the BDS (and spreading information) is about too, from one to ten to hundred to thousand to.. And suddenly it will matter.

    • RoHa:

      "And with my pronunciation, of course.."

      Never heard of Rally English (rallienglanti)??

      Try this :)

    • catalan:

      Well, I read Mondoweiss and sometimes leave a comment here, but my main goal is to spread information about Israel and what is happening there, to end the oppression in places like Hebron.

      The life we live in Finland did not drop from the sky: My grand parents generation lost their youth in the war, after that they lived silently with their war traumas (it was not appropriate to complain, cause one had stayed alive) and built this country from zero after the bombings and more than 400 000 Finnish refugees from the lost areas. They chose to start building a nation to support equal possibilities for everyone and their children continued that work and I wish to do so too.

      If you have "louzy jails, homelessness, crime, you name it", do not come crying here. You are doing fine, so do something about it or bathe in your money. Now you can choose the life you live.

    • Echi:

      "minus the comma .."

      I am a bit wild with my commas, am I?? I think I just use them, where I'd use them, if I was writing in Finnish.. The lack of my English grammar.. Sorry for that!!

    • catalan:

      So now, when you have made it from the powerty and abuse and are doing good, you are choosing to support oppression and abuse of other people in Palestine??

      I am not rich, far from it. Everything I own can be packed into a small van. (Never been interested in money, titles or materia). For me the most important thing is to support and strengthen people who live in difficult conditions (be it enviromental, political or what ever), for them to be able to find satisfying life in their own surroundings (because that is where people usually prefair to stay).

      I have always had my freedom (to choose, to live, to experience), which I hold as the most precious thing in my life and I see no reason why all the people (including the Palestinian boys and girls and women and men) should not have their's too. I am thankfull for what I have got and I'll do what I can to help others to get what they need.

    • Jeff:

      When Finns move to f.ex. Australia, they'll rent or buy a house or a flat, they learn to speak the local language and they'll obey the Australian laws and respect the locals.

      If Zionists had gone to Palestine, bought or rented a house or a flat, learned to speak the local language and respected the local people, we would not be in this situation where we are now. Just check the link from Hebron Amigo gave to you. Anyone defending oppression like that, can't be sane!

    • Eljay:

      "Funny. :-)"

      :-) Well, that just shows I am not British/Irish/Canadian/Australian/American/(English speaking) enough to understand such jokes :-)

    • I got stuck with this now.. So in Jeff's world, are all the people categorized by their genetical inheritance, their ideologies and their religious beliefs, then divided into closed groups and settled to live in their own closed areas, to keep their genes, ideologies and beliefs to stay as pure as possible?? Or what was it, he was thinking??

    • Gamal:

      "well obviously its the one who agrees to sit on your lap.."

      Sorry, I did not get this one.. ??

    • Mooser:

      I honestly got shocked by his racial theories from somewhere from the 19th century.. I quess it was then when people were racially categorized like that.. (Like someone could tell by the looks, who is Sami and who isn't..) I really REALLY did not know, someone would still talk like that today.. Like seriously, honestly, thinking there was a somekind of a visible difference..

      And while he is even worse than our own racist nationalists in categorizing people, he is still asking me to understand and support his ideology, which is totally opposite of mine..

      I must have gotten lost somewhere on the way..

    • Mooser:

      This is definitely the first guy I have met, who has tried to use the lives of some protozoa as an excuse for the Zionist oppression..

    • Jeff:

      "Have you ever wondered why you don’t look anything like the Sami.."

      Well, I can't tell the diffrence, but you must be some kind of a specialist.

      Four Finnish women, one with Sami origin..,f_auto,fl_progressive/q_88/w_1000,h_563,c_crop,x_0,y_67/u_17-228725513f0b8d0818,a_hflip,e_pixelate,e_blur:2000,w_1100,h_619,c_fill/v1427370170/17-228725513f0b8d0818.jpg

    • Meet Prinssi Jusuf and the song is called: A bride for the Prince!

    • Jeff:

      "Go to places like Ristola and you can see the remnants of the nation your’s displaced in the south."

      Oh please..

      Let's give the Finnish Jews for themselves to describe their relationship to their homeland Finland:

      And here are some Finnish guys for you!! I love them for always having some humor and self-irony in their lyrics:

    • Jeff:

      Well, there are Finnish Jews living in Finland and they are as Finnish as I am.. So I don't see how being a Finn or a Jew would be opposite or separate things. The other one is a religion and the other one a nationality. And when the first Finns came to Finland sometime after the Ice Age, they were hunter-gatherers and did not violently annex anyones houses.

      There are plenty of human right activists working on other areas in the world than Israel, for me it just happened to be, that I ended up living in Israel and witnessing things I can not stay silent about.

    • And before my Uncle RoHa gets here:

      fairy tale - not tail.. :)

    • Jeff:

      Sorry, but it is you who is defending Israel's right to violently oppress and abuse the Palestinian people. We do appreciate peacefull relations with other countries, but it does not mean we couldn't boycott them, because of their inhuman behavior. Nothing violent with a boycott is there??

      "And I guarantee Jews will never again live under Christian condemnation because of your myth of Jewish evil.."

      Oh dear, you must live in a fairytail world. The case I/P has nothing to do with the religions for me. If you were a Buddhist oppressing the Palestinians, it would not change a thing.

      In Finland there are still lot of people who do not know what is going on in the West Bank and Gaza. My goal is to spread that information, because I have been there.

    • Jeff:

      You seem to forget that you were the invaders and the more violent and oppressive you get, the less you'll have friends left.

    • Jeff:

      Karjala-kysymys?? What a joke?? Back to the 70's or what??

    • Jeff:

      For me to hate and despise are too different things. I do despise even my Israelian friends for them silently accepting what is going on in West Bank and Gaza. As for them being Mizrahims, their thoughts about Palestinians were not close to those I see the white American Zionists writing on these pages.

      About war, I already answered to you. We do not solve problems with violence, but sending Peacekeepers to defend the rights of the Palestinians would easily be possible. We have a long tradition with the Peacekeepers in f.ex. Golan* and Afghanistan.

      * For some reason the IDF doesn't like them either..

      And about your comment:

      "So let’s talk sanctions. I don’t see any evidence that younger Finns want to move away from Finland’s long standing policies of encouraging liberal economic investment while maintaining wage and pension stabilization.."

      I see no reason why Finland could not boycott Israel 100% in the future. Economically Israel is not at all important to us, and while Russia has been one of our most important business partners for the past decades, Finland did not hesitate to join the EU sanctions towards Russia after Russia annexed Crimea. And if something, that really strongly affected us economically.

      Finland has no special relationship with Israel, if not counted some religious minorities like our Pentecostals, who's support is around 1-2% of our population. So I would not count on their political power in the future.

    • DaBakr:

      The "Green Lefts" are doing very well thank you, in the Nordic countries, but also in f.ex. Netherlands. The BDS movement seems to be strong in Spain and the forgein minister of Germany* just earlier in the spring visited Israel and met with the members of Breaking the Silence against "Netanyahu's wishes".. So you are sayin that there are not things happening there?? Things might happen slowly, but I would not be so pessimistic..


    • Jeff:

      "That ain’t exactly two countries on the verge on war.."

      I have to add, that I did not understand this comment at all.. I don't see any reason why Finland would "go to war" about this matter?? (We are not a barbaric country which rushes into a war, if there are problems to be solved..)

      We have an embassy in Tel Aviv and a consulate in Ramallah. We are supporting Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank through our "develomental aid" money f.ex. by educational projects and so on. And there have been Finnish UN Peacekeepers in the area (mostly Golan) since 1967, so we are aware of what is going on there too.

      And among the younger generations in the politics the "Green Lefts" are doing all the time better, eviromental and human right issues being more important than the extreme profit.

      And the opposition to that, the racist nationalists, how much do you think they care about a Jewish State?? As much as any state outside their own.. Zero..

      I'll be interested in seeing what the future will bring.

    • And thanks, you motivated me to continue my work here, beeing even louder I have been so far!

    • Jeff:

      I have officially criticized Soini's vist with Netanyahu here in Finland, but he has his own religious reasons for it and is mixing it with his politics, which actually is not appropriate here. Yes, part of the generation born around 40's and 50's are still brainwashed by Zionists, but I was talking about the future generations, us born around 70's and after that.. I can assure you that when those "old guys" retire, things will change. And I do not hate all of the Israelis, I lived several years with Israelian Jews whom I still care about, but I can't respect them for allowing all that s*it happening in WB and Gaza.

    • JeffB:

      "I don’t think they are particular despised by the whole world.."

      Oh yes, JeffB, the Zionist Project with it's violence, oppression and constant humiliation towards the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank, makes us who have seen both sides of the "Israelian truth" not only to despise the Israelis, but to get really disgusted by their behavior and we will not be silent about what we have seen there. Just some months ago in Finland there was published a book called "Israelin Apartheid" (the Israelian Apartheid) describing very clearly how the Israelian system works. The aim of that book of course is to encourage people to boycott Israel in every way untill the situation in West Bank and Gaza is solved and the Palestinians are able to live free with out the settlers, the Government of Israel or the IDF making their everyday life unbearable.

      And if now you are thinking: "Finland, what is that, a small country, who cares", I can "comfort" you, that there are people like me in all of the Nordic countries and elsewhere around the Europe too, and each time we see someone advertizing or "praising" Israel about something, we will be there loudly reminding of what really is happening behind the sunny "polished" picture of Israel.

      And there is also one thing more I'd like to tell you: The younger generations, grown up in these countries where equality and human rights are important values, for them(us) the money ain't everything.. And they(we) can not be bought or bribed to act against their(our) values..

      So do not underestimate our power, even if we do not believe in violence: We will stand above it, boycott it and look down despising the supporters like you with pure disgust on our faces.

      Oh, and one more thing to add: I also often read here the oppinions about how China won't care about the human right issues and how China is such a good business partner for Israel.. I would not count on their younger generations either.. They are educated people who travel a lot in Europe and are very aware of things.. Tick tick.. The time of Israel as an oppressive nation might soon come to it's end..

  • As many as 1 million Israelis have left for the U.S.
  • 'We came to school and found the school destroyed': Israeli forces demolish West Bank school hours before children's first day
    • Jack:

      "Arab women in Israel live longer than Arab women in any Arab country.
      If Israel were finished, the Arab women in Israel would die younger.

      Arab babies in Israel have lower infant mortality than Arab babies in any Arab country.."

      But wasn't this school in West Bank??

      You can't honestly be defending people destroying schools for children.

      You might know their motive though: Someone might teach these kids about their civil rights and rights to exist and to be treated as human beings!! (And that could surely be too scary for someone..)

  • Jews argue whether Zionism is racism -- in the Forward!
    • Eva S.:

      "One of the rarely spoken topics is that to give Palestinians their country may mean that Jewish people from Palestine, or German people may want to come back to Eastern Europe.."

      An interesting point of view!!

      "And many in Eastern Europe are vehemently against multiculturalism. In a way that is scary to watch, nationalism and patriotism are transmutating into racism.."

      We have been worried, when seeing these changes lately.. In 80's and 90's Finland used to have all kinds of "friendship projects" (schools, choirs and so) with f.ex. Hungary. Now suddenly they seem to have taken a direction, which is not easy for us to understand.

  • White Jews: deal with your privilege and call out Jewish support for white supremacy
    • RoHa:

      "It’s a tough, lonely, business, being a white supremacist.."

      It has been in Finland, at least so far.. And I really wish it would stay that way!

    • RoHa:

      I came to think about this joke from some years ago: I don't know, if it is funny at all when translated to English, but the spoken Finnish dialect hints that the couple is from the West Coast countryside, which could be considered as our "red neck" area.. (The moderators will decide, if this joke is too much to show here, in Finland it has been shown in TV..)

    • "Jews are not Aryan.."

      Well, according to Hitler, most of the people were not Aryan: Unlike our Scandinavian neighbours, even Finns were not white ("pure blooded") enough to be counted as such. How this - being or not being Aryan - is connected to the life in 2017, I have no idea though??

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
    • RoHa:

      "the Norse were famous as ferocious Warriors.."

      Heh.. There are archeological findings that show, that the Vikings also "visited" Finland.. Maybe that is when they had to give us a name too. When we were children, we were told wild stories about the Vikings and their travels f.ex. to East Coast of Great Britain (Well, the dirty details were left out..). When I moved first time to Denmark, I soon found out, that atleast the Danes were not that proud of their violent ancestors from the past :)

    • Echi/RoHa:

      "De Vries has Finnr (Finn or Lapp).."

      Thanks, that is interesting!! I have to ask Norwegians when I meet some :)

      Lapp propably means the Saamish* (?) people living in the North of Finland, Sweden and Norway, because the North is called Lappi and the Saamish people were called "lappalainen", (plur. lappalaiset) in Finnish earlier. (Nowadays they prefair word "saamelainen", (saamelaiset) to be used, when talking about them.)

      *I hope I did not make this word up now.. ?

      (P.s. In Finnish Sweden is called Ruotsi, Norway = Norja, Denmark = Tanska, Iceland = Islanti and Russia = Venäjä.)

    • RoHa,

      My dear "language enthusiast"!

      I came to think about this, when writing my last comment: Do you have any theory why Finns are called Finns in English and why Finland is Finland??

      In Finnish Finland is Suomi and the Finns called suomalaiset (singular = suomalainen). So is it a Swedish invention or what would you say??

      Because: I am a Finn = Olen suomalainen.

      And I can't see too many similarities there :) !!

    • I must add, that the Jewish war veterans of Finland have told, that after the war, they were called fasists by some other Jews from other countries. I would find that quite unreasonable since they were just Finns trying to protect their homes like other Finnish solders. Finland did not ally with Germany because of Hitler's ideologies, but to get back the lost areas of Karelia occupied by Russians, in which many Finnish Jews also used to live before the war.

    • Jack:

      1. You are stuck in the past.

      2. The history is much more complicated and the Jews have definitely not been only victims through out the history. It is amazing how no-one seems to remember the East-European Gypsies who died in those same consentration camps and who still face all kind of discrimination in the area. And "All of the World" does not remeber annually the victims of Stalin's persecutions.

      3. The history is much more detailed, than you have been told:

      "The Second World War and Finnish Jewry

      During the Winter War (Finnish-Russian War of 1939–1940), Finnish Jews fought alongside their non-Jewish fellow countrymen. During the Finnish-Russian War of 1941–44, in which Finnish Jews also took part, Finland and Nazi-Germany were co-belligerents. Despite strong German pressure, the Finnish Government refused to take action against Finnish nationals of Jewish origin who thus continued to enjoy full civil rights throughout the war. There are many interesting anecdotes from this period, concerning, among others, the presence of a Jewish prayer tent on the Russian front virtually under the Nazi's noses and the food help given to Russian-Jewish POWs by the Jewish communities of Finland."

      It is dishonesty to simplify the history.

    • Jack:

      " study published by the United Nations showed “that the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths in Gaza was by far the lowest in any asymmetric conflict in the history of warfare.."

      And where are all the statistics of the Palestinian children, women and men who have suffered/suffer of mental traumas and anxiety, caused by living under the occupation, fear of armed IDF soldiers, house demolitions and facing constant oppresson and bullying by their Zionist occupyers??

      The list can not be short and you'll surely be proud of that too.

  • Why I am leaving Israel
    • Ronit:

      " Am I coward for saying “khalas” (Arabic for “enough”), I want out of here?.."

      No you are not. It happened to me too. Leaving is like saying BDS because of such horrible treatment of those less privileged people.

  • The 'vertical apartheid' of the Israeli occupation
    • RoHa:


      Heh.. No.. I was just wondering: 'Cause usually forbidding things, make people just want them even more??

    • Jack:

      "Why is it OK for the US to discriminate.."

      Why would it be OK for anyone to discriminate anybody??

      If someone is an idiot, do you also have to be??

    • Mooser:

      "Kaisa” there’s your answer. It is all about sex.."


      Would watching through keyhole be allowed??

    • Mooser:

      "Exactly. For instance, nearly half the time we can’t have sex. Somebody has got to fill in.."

      Oh, maybe this is why the Mizrahim wanted me to stay with them?? Maybe they just did not find "another gentile" to have it with me?? (And all this time I thought they liked me as a person..)

    • Jack:

      "Israel could have expelled all gentiles & refused admission to gentiles, but it didn’t.
      Israel has 1.6 million Arabs.
      Israel is one of the most diverse countries in the world. It’s multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional & multi-lingual.."

      OMG.. That is all I have got to say.

    • Amigo:

      Well I am REALLY sorry for that mistake. I would definitely not want anyone to invade Ireland (or any other inhabited island!!!).

      Finns have always liked Irish people (some kind of mental connection??), so even the nationalists would surely take Irish people on their island, if there was someone who wanted to go. (Well, that ofcourse shows how illogical their "nationalism" is. True Finns with some exceptions.)

    • Aarghhhh!!!


      UNINHABITED ISLAND, not inhabited..

      That was not a place to make a mistake!!!

    • People have always tried all kinds of "closed" communities (f.ex. Organic villages), but they never last, because there will always be people who get bored and want to see what is outside, they meet other people, they want to mix.. The human nature is made to resolve such problems.

    • Eljay:

      I must say that, if our racist nationalists would want to move to an inhabited island and have their "pure Finnish nation" there, I couldn't care less. I think our coloured minorities would feel relieved.

    • Jack Green:

      "Are you opposed to Affirmative Action.."

      I am not exactly sure, if I understood your question correctly (because of my "broken English"), but I am for equal possibilties for everyone. It means that "Let the best person win", no matter what is their gender or what is their background.

      We have had a female president, not beacuse she was a woman, but because she was the best alternative for the job at that time. And she was voted to do the job for two six years periods, so I guess she did something right. I would hate to be chosen for a job, because I am a woman, instead of being the best for the job. F.ex. in the business world, the problem is more the net of old white males, who give the jobs to their "friends" instead of the best experts. (Just look at Mr Trump's administration.)

      So it is not about having some quotas for different people, but making sure that the best specialists get the job.

      [Here we have the same free(tax financed) Primary Schools, High Schools and Universities for everyone, so parents' property or status does not affect in which schools their children go or what Universities they get in. I am a product of this system and I support it 100%. Now we just have to get this system working in the business world too. ]

      I hope I answered your question.

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