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  • 6 DC heavyweights tell Kerry, Netanyahu in West Bank is like Putin in Crimea
    • Let's get this straight. The overwhelming majority of Crimeans voted for annexation to Russia. While the Palestinians were ETHNICALLY CLEANSED AND ROBBED of their land. Big difference!

  • 'There's a lot of anti-Semitism out there' -- Johansson reviews her role as 'new face of apartheid'
    • Compassion? Poor woman? Please invest your empathy in a genuine worthy cause and not waste it on this Zionist bimbo. She made a killing on that Zionist gig and could care less how the Occupation hurts millions of people.

    • Personally, I don't give a shet if Scarlett is Jewish and as far as being a Zionist; that's a badge of shame; although I would much prefer if she came out looking like the SStream bimbo and tried to sell Zionism as opposed to SS. I'd like to see her actually state - "I'm a Zionist; and I endorse the Occupation." Come on Scarjo - I dare ya!

      What really bugs me about Scarjo is that she had everyone fooled with her Oxfam - mother Teresa Scarjo front, scarf and all, getting her compassionate moment captured in a phot-op in India. Then she turns around and puts on the bimbo look for SS and sells her soul to the ZOI - Zionist Occupation Industry.

      So why should it surprise me that she stooped to use the victim card to defend such hypocrisy and pathetic attempt to save face?

      One good thing came out of this: Oxfam is free of the humanitarian poseuse.

    • How does crap like this make it through moderation; and some of my best comments never show up?

      And you know what's even worse? The fact that intelligent bloggers on this site feel like they need to be on the defensive when such garbage doesn't deserve the time of day.

    • FYI, Cast Lead put the Occupation on the global map.

      Blah-blah...dude your definition of modern ain't so modern.

  • Outspoken Rahm Emanuel goes off-the-record when asked about Israel
    • I'm glad you singled out that comment, because out of everything he said, the usual b.s., that sentence stood out for me too and here's my interpretation.:

      I believe he means that American leaders no longer view settlement expansion in the way that International Law i.e. the Geneva Convention defines it: as a war crime and illegal operation. Israelis have managed to almost trivialize settlement expansion by demanding that Israel's U.S. advocate insist that the Palestinians engage in the peace process with no pre-conditions like settlement freeze thereby mitigating the gravity of settlement activity over the years in everyone's perception so they can get away with more each time, which they have. This is what Zionists do; they push the envelope further and further until they get what they want regardless of the law.

      R.E. is playing that same game; it's an inherent part of Zionist hubris; making it appear that the geography acquired is already a done deal; the hell with what was pre-67. Chotiner should have insisted on clarification; but then his is Zionist journalism and ambiguity messes with American perception of truth which is just fine with Zionists.

      No doubt R.E. would rather remain ambiguous in his comments on Israel in his current position, hence his off-record remarks. If only Chicagoans knew what a rabid Zionist he really is!

  • Zionism has distorted American Jewish life
    • Your post is best described in the words of Sir Walter Scott: Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

      So how does the following interpretation of the core of Christian faith jive with your analogy of the Crucifixion with Holocaust and the Resurrection with Zionism?:

      The Crucifixion represents Christ's sacrifice for the salvation of mankind from sin.
      The Resurrection is the manifestation of Christ's divine authority, fulfillment of scripture, and symbolically represents man's triumph over sin and rebirth into a new life through faith in Christ.

      The great Jewish wish for many centuries was for a messiah who would gather the exiles back to Zion. That’s happened. It has been fulfilled, the fulfillment is Israel.

      Not so fast! Even you can’t predict the day and the hour; rather it seems to me that Zionism is merely trying to tempt fate i.e. force God’s hand.

    • From your text:

      Total nonsense.

      Yes, that's exactly how I'd describe your comment.

    • Page: 21
    • Yes, this is true.

    • Ellen and puppies: I regret to admit that N. Baytch's facts speak for themselves. Let's stop deluding ourselves please. Even when the truth sucks we cannot discard or deny it. We should not stoop to the denial that Zionists stoop to.

    • And Zio-supremacists are artful manipulators of the message.

    • Get your head out of the ancient history quicksand and quit with the poor-us victim card! It's totally disingenuous, laughable and manipulative. Jews are on top of the world and they know it and admit it. Blacks will never be slaves again and this world is moving forward while you and ilk like you move backwards to justify crimes in a pariah state.

  • In Ramallah, Palestinian Authority cracks down on Salafi anti-negotiation protests
    • The PA is Israel's subcontractor and is not and never has been a genuine representative of the rights, needs and interests of the Palestinian people.

  • Friedman says Iran's friends include BDS and Jews in Open Hillel movement
    • Are these principles worth embracing from 5000 miles away, let alone expecting people in those faraway lands to die for? If it’s such a living dream for these men, why don’t they move there?

      Yes, indeed, why oh why don't they=Friedman types move to Israel instead of pushing this Zionist crap from their comfortable hasbarist corner of America, because you know the man is in denial when the truth is that the Jewish state he so wants to preserve is not really a democracy and its blatant racism isn't directed only at Palestinians, albeit they suffer the more brutal version, but also at Israeli Arabs and black refugees and that's really the nature of Zionism embodied by the Jewish state.

      Secondly, these liberal Zionists who did the two-state option no favor by laying back all these years allowing their rabid Jewish settler comrades to do all the dirty work stealing territory, not won but occupied in 67, do now protest way too much at the eleventh hour. Seems to me he wasn't complaining that much all these years Palestinians were being ethnically cleansed from the West Bank and East Jerusalem!

      Oh, and when the argument is notably limp why not drag in every hasbarist's favorite punching bag, Iran, and sink its credibility completely with this transparent fear-mongering fake gravitas.

  • When Anja Niedringhaus went to Gaza
    • So if an image can capture the depth of Palestinian suffering without the need for words; then bring on an onslaught of such images because the world needs to see the truth without hasbara sullying it. The beauty of the image is the unvarnished and undeniable truth. Zionists be warned: ultimately, the truth will not be trampled with excuses!

      Israel is a criminal state that should be prosecuted for all the suffering it caused to the Palestinian people. I pray for that day.

    • Your comments disgusts me. How can you milk the victim card in this context?? For gawds sake...let us morn this present tragedy!

      And there is no two-state solution; what you call a two-state is but the Palestinians getting royally screwed by a million rabid, crazy settlers keeping land that belongs to the Palestinians LEGALLY.

      Oh and you and the pharoah have more in common than you think! And spare me the exodus and other ancient history when your comrades are ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people!

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • Was Nazi Germany a member of an International Tribunal?

      Who cares if Israel intentionally doesn't recognize International Law! Bring on the equivalent of the Nuremberg trails and prosecute every Zionist crime inflicted on the Palestinian people and those who gave the orders for: the numerous massacres, the ethnic cleansing, destruction of property, humanitarian blockade, abuse of children's rights and racist perpetual obstruction of justice for the name it - PROSECUTE!!!

  • MJ Rosenberg’s conundrum
    • What happened to my edited version? Anyway, this is the final version.

      Would Mr. Rosenberg think this fair?

      Rosenberg, like all Zionists, doesn't operate in what's fair; he doesn't believe that the rights of Palestinians and the suffering of Palestinians outweigh the needs of Jews who couldn't be better off than they are at this time anywhere in the world. No, because he wants to weigh Palestinian rights and their actual suffering against some hypothetical Jewish doomsday when that day is based on the inability to deal in reality and let go of the past. Zionists are selfish, without a doubt and are punishing Palestinians for their own cynicism. They have proven their selfishness in their voracious appetite for Palestinian land, and types like Rosenberg here, who had plenty of time over many years to vigorously rally support for the two-state when it was still viable, failed because it didn't matter enough to him that his comrades were stealing and stealing land and Palestinians were suffering and trying to resist this crime, while he was writing and talking and talking and writing and like many so-called liberal Zionists making the occupation an occupation i.e. a business.

      So now, that his comrades have gobbled up all this land and made the two-state impossible with their facts on the ground; he's up in arms because suddenly it's the eleventh hour and now he's frantic about piecing together a two-state, now that there's practically nothing to piece together left and the one state is becoming real! And besides, what does he pretend be done with his extremist, radical comrades on the West Bank, who are close to a million strong, pray tell? Does he imagine they'll leave the West Bank quietly into the Tel Aviv night? Maybe he imagines that the Zionist military will drag them off that Palestinian land kicking and screaming and all will be well. All he knows is; BDS is out of the question; it's evil; it's intent on the destruction of Israel, blah-blah, but-but what's his solution based on reality and justice? Let me put it this way: he has no solution based in reality; and he doesn't care about what's fair; and above all else...he's in total denial, but guess what? He doesn't care about being in denial either!

      All he cares about is what Jews need to massage their paranoia; which is obsessive and ridiculous in the context of today's Jewish success but never mind that Palestinians have suffered for quite enough time while this Zionist obsession lingers forever! Selfish doesn't even cover it.

      And you know, I suspect that their opposition to BDS isn't even fear-driven; I suspect it's POWER-driven, because that's what bugs them most: now that they've acquired all this power, and in Israel at the expense of the rights and suffering of others; they just can't let go or share even a part of it, even though they know that in letting go they can rescue their reputation; and that if they don't have the courage to do what is clearly morally right they indeed will summon the serious consequences they fear, and these consequences will be strictly, self-fulfilling.

      How is Rosenberg's humungous denial different from say Adelson's unapologetic display of Zionist political influence; don't both conspire to delay and deny justice?

      BDS will accelerate justice and that's Rosenberg's fear; he can't believe it's that time already. It's just too soon for him; regardless of who suffers. No doubt he'd like to wrap himself in the comfort of denial for another decade or two, because he just can't deal with justice if justice means rights for Palestinians which he no doubt sees as a threat to Jewish power.

    • What teddy bear? Nothing warm or fuzzy about it. Zionists are clinging to Chucky!

  • In Philly, rightwing Zionists call Dershowitz anti-Semitic for opposing settlements
    • If we're supposed to construe this as more young Jews abandoning Zionism instead of more Jews young and old in general going nuclear to justify Zionist expansion then Jesus does appear on pieces of toast.

    • So that low-life is getting a taste of his own medecine? And by his smile; I see he's really pained over it. Zionists can pretend to disagree all they want; but at the end of the day they all shake hands, toast to another day of screwing everyone and lust after even more Palestinian land.

  • Boteach posts censored videotape of Columbia debate
    • Caption to Beinart photo: In the end, all we Zionists kiss; shake hands; count the contributions benefitting the land theft operation and occupation persecution and go off preaching a kinder, gentler Zionism, buaaaa ha-ha ha-ha!.

    • This love prophet/preacher is like the love preacher in Night of the Hunter with love tatooed on one hand and hate on the other.

      I'll bet every night he cleanses himself with a warm bath of hypocrisy.

  • 'America is Nazi Germany' -- Jewish extremists spraypaint Jerusalem convent in 'pricetag' attack
    • Yes, because Jesus and Mary, the clergy of the convent and the entire world is responsible for Zionist frustration with America.

      If they're mad at the U.S. because they might get one inch less; they go kick a Palestinian grandmother; if they're mad at Kerry, they burn down a mosque or deface a Christian place of worship; if they're mad at Obama they'll spit on priests instead.

      These are the vicious racist goons America is funding, mollycoddling and grovelling before after being labelled Nazi Germany.

      What does it say of Americans when Zionists can hurl such filth their way and Americans keep coming back for more?

  • Let Pollard go. But first get answers from Tel Aviv
    • As for the Israeli intelligence officials. Exploiting vulnerable people in positions of knowledge within foreign countries is their job.

      Yeah, and vulnerable being the operative word! Maybe Pollard's sentence should have been death. That would avoid getting played for a weakling twice!

      Oh, and I'm glad you inserted foreign in there. Foreign is definitely what Israel is.

    • *extremists*

    • Release Pollard and confirm how weak America really is? Zionists have a radar for weakness and have been milking America's weakness since LBJ.

      Play that hand to get nowhere and what's left? Oh yeah, defunding and sanctions; and then it won't be just Jewish extemists comparing America to Nazi Germany.

      The biggest foreign policy mistake U.S. politicians made was indulging Zionism and submitting to Zionist control. Now Zionists get to call the shots. Tough, stupid has consequences!

      Zionists have boxed America in with these choices: Jump, beg and grovel.

  • Jewish National Fund lures singles to Israel with tasteless sexual joke in NYT
    • Apparently you need to have balls to come up with an ad like that?

      Nope. You need to have your brain located next to them.

    • Finally of course violence is sexy!

      In the context discussed here daily; I'm sure your view was held by circa 1940s Germany.

    • Was it created by Shmuley Boteach?

      Allow me to embellish JNF's humping invitation:

      Welcome to Zioland, the center of global depravity, where humping is the kind of spirit Israel wants you to experience, and if 1 and 2 humps doesn't satiate you, then why not catch the Palestinians be persecuted in the concrete wall-enclosed Ziocolosseum called the OT, plenty of action there!, and finally don't forget to finish off the week with a deep, soulful hypocrisy immersion: victim role-playing at yet another memorial museum and above all, be seen wailing by the ruins in Jerusalem.

  • Mahmoud Abbas vs Mohammed Dahlan: The showdown begins
    • Dahlan will be the worst detriment to ever befall the Palestinians with the exception of the Nakba. This man who could have been trained by Mossad and most likely was, is a collaborator of the worst kind; the fascist kind. He will no doubt try to worm his way back into the good graces of the Palestinians to get his foot back in the door. Palestinians should never allow him back in, and if he manages to return after Abbas, who is also a collaborator, is gone, Palestinians should immediately prosecute him for all his crimes against Palestinians and impose a life sentence or permanent exile. Imagine, if a collaborator like Abbas sees this thug as a threat, then no doubt he's a greater threat to Palestinians than even Abbas was, and Abbas has collaborated on many levels which Dahlan uses to his advantage pretending to commiserate with the Palestinians' view of Abbas. In fact Dahlan's betrayal i.e. collaboration already proves he will be much more violence-driven against competitors and resistance, unscrupulous and authoritarian.

      I can't stress enough that this Dahlan character will cause irreparable damage to Palestinian aspirations.

      Dahlan should be viewed as the enemy of all Palestinians i.e. the Zionist Manchurian Candidate, and Israelis are no doubt salivating at the prospect of a Dahlan reign of terror against his own people.

    • it won’t work. he could never rise to power by any kind of democratic means.

      By any democratic means, exactly, and that didn't stop the likes of Mubarak from seizing power by rigging elections and still getting U.S. support.

      Dahlan is already responsible for an attempted coup in Gaza and linked to the murder/assassination of other Palestinians. This man is ruthless in every way and I see fascist dictator written all over him.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • Correction: And this sentence, truthful:

    • All Zionism is extremist and supremacist and to pretend a kinder, gentler Zionism exists is to enable indefinite injustice against Palestinians.

      There is only one kind of Zionism and the road to hell is paved with good intentions that will never and were never intended to materialize.

    • While Paul son is no Paul father; I imagine Rand Paul will cut foreign funding to Egypt and Israel radically or completely in his first year in office. And then there will be no more milllions added to the billions already spent on the bogus two-state, peace process endless bullshet denial, because you know Hillary will carry that kicking-the-can ritual forward.

      So even if he doesn't further the Palestinian cause with direct policy change towards Israel, besides the above, or lip service; he'll further it indirectly by pulling a financial support to the occupation and doing away with what is really a cover for settlement expansion.

      I imagine he'll say: This conflict is no longer our problem; everything that could possibly be done was done and perhaps our problem was over-involvement..

      Of course, he'll be attacked from all sides by Jewish and Christian Zionists. But everyone else will be squarely in his corner on this one; unless he fiddles with major social programs, but he can always say he's re-directing foreign spending to keep domestic social programs as is, and do some restructuring in other areas like...defense spending and closing a few military bases. Oh and no doubt he'll cut off the surveillance aka snooping program. Yay!

      He better get himself massive security detail, and I see all kinds of false flags to bring down his presidency, if he should get that far. I'm being way too cynical...the best we can hope is that he creates a new direction of non-intervention; stops the insanity of hegemonic regime change proxy wars, and Americans finally stop supporting the pariah state. Forget my cynicism...anything to hope for is way better.

    • Ah, one can always count on the duplicitous, treacherous Jewish Democrats! Not.

    • ...According to someone who continuously denies and trashes truth.

      People should ask: why should anyone defend individuals who use the victim card to deny justice to others by virally posting lies? The jig is up on that pathetic excuse.

    • The actual research has actually been done many times and even Jews admit the overwhelming presence of Jews in the media arena in executive management and ownership roles. You'd have to be living under a rock or newly arrived on the planet not to know this. And it's ridiculous to pretend otherwise or try to hide this fact even for the sake of avoiding anti-Semitism.

      Those who ignore truth discover that it starts to work against them. Honesty is always the best policy. The problem is not having power; (although having too much power is) the problem is lusting after power and how you use it. With power comes great responsibility; once that power turns into control for the sake of exceptionalism or tribalism then it's a serious problem.

    • Okay, I'll admit that article is honest, but again, like most Jews writing about Jewish success why resurrect the Holocaust? I can't stand it when Jews milk the Holocaust or use it to explain away everything. I understand it's a tragic milestone, but don't use it to explain Jewish success. Instead examine the issues of needing to control and pursuing power. Sure there's a success-driven element there in certain fields; but too often this success is about wanting to control the message, the direction and the outcome and often for selfish needs and ends that contradict a higher more humane or universal purpose.

      Out of the whole text I found this phrase the most inaccurate and disingenuous:

      [Jews]...they’ve helped save lives in Darfur, Haiti and just about everywhere else.

      And this sentence:

      [...] We own a whole freaking country.

  • Journalistic malpractice: Washington Post suggests Abbas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist
    • and to accept that their be a Jewish state where the majority of its citizens will be Jewish.

      Snap out of the delusion! No one should accept a racist, Apartheid state and the majority of the citizens will not be Jewish. There will be no Palestinian bantustans; there will be no Palestinian swiss cheese state after you're all done stealing land with no sovereignty because the pretend PA government is merely a subcontractor, collaborator under Israel's domain that keeps Israel from looking like an Apartheid organization. The PA is done, the two-state solution was done some time ago when the facts on the ground did it in; Israel as a Jewish state is done, and the sooner you'all get out of that deluded Ziozone; the sooner you can start working within the context of reality to the betterment of all parties.

      Now you'all say the Jews aren't going anywhere; well neither are the Palestinians - get used to it! And let's not forget the millions of refugees whom you'all relegated to a life of stateless misery. These people will be heard and justice will be heard in their regard.

    • No. You will, and I'll expect only one question from you: Which cliff and how high?

      Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday said that the Palestinian people recognize Israel's right to exist and they hope the Israeli government will respond by "recognizing the Palestinian state on the borders of the land occupied in 1967." The PA president's comments came in a speech to the Dutch parliament in the Hague.

      link to

    • No one in the entire world, in the universe should ever recognize a racist, Apartheid state's right to exist.

  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
    • Never trust a Zionist of any stripe. Their true colors will eventually surface. "Liberal" Zionists are the worst because their mission is to deceive pretending they promote liberal values when in fact on Zionism they get amnesia and forget all they've been preaching and pretending. These types of Zionists are the most hurtful to Palestinians because they keep resurrecting the two-state when they know perfectly well that option is doa - dead on arrival, but they just can't let it go; their denial is so overwhelming. They're disingenuous by pretending so much concern for Palestinians and feigning horror for the occupation, when in fact they know their comrades in the settlements will never budge and are doing the good dirty work for them!

      Their whole concern mantra is pure bullshet meant to delay justice while their settler comrades feverishly build and build those settlements knowing that the jig will soon be up for their more progressive kin and they'll be exposed for the lying hypocrites they really are. Rabid settlers everywhere are grateful for all the time these liberal progressive idiots have given them to accomplish the mission, but they trash them anyway every chance they get a) to make it look good, and b)because they too for other reasons can't stomach their hypocrisy and besides they make these other Zionists doing all the heavy lifting for all Zionists look bad, when in the end when the goal of ridding the Palestinians of their land is achieved, everyone on all sides will breathe a sigh of relief and it'll be kumbaya, ribbon cutting by the uber progressive Zionist Scarlett to christen more SS settlement openings and champagne all around for Zionists of all stripes.

      BDS is their common nemesis because all Zionists, left and right cling to the supremacist ideology that is Zionism and it is nothing more than that as all the mountains of evidence proves it to be.

    • College protests are just the beginning.

    • Left wing Zionist subterfuge is worth it’s weight in gold. One hand will always wash the other when it comes to Israel’s crimes.

      Kind of like the Preacher - Murderer in Night of the Hunter with Love tatooed on the right hand and Hate on the left; preaching and praying to God one day and stealing from women and children and killing the next.

      That's what Zionists do: steal land and kill its rightful owners with one hand and pray to God and preach to the rest of us with the other.

    • Yes, that's the choice: death by a thousand cuts or death by fire. In other words slow, gradual death in every sense or a painful faster death.

      Right now Palestinians are being subjected to the slow genocide, until they can't take it anymore and commit collective suicide -- that's the Zionists' wet dream.

    • Pure bunk! There's a difference between the Jewish situation and the Palestinian situation in that Jews are now living in Palestinians' homes and on Palestinians' land despite the reparations they got while Palestinians are f*cking refugees living in f*cking ghettos for DECADES!

      Expect Israel to either go bankrupt with reparations or to hand over the stolen property to its rightful owners!

    • You mean as in--prophetic?:

      It has long been accepted that Zionism and Israel, because they can so easily cause antisemitism, are ‘not good for the Jews’. But now, as I predicted, it has become evident that it is actually the so-called ‘progressive’ Jews who constitute the real danger to Jews.

      I actually wish I could post the link, because what's written there rings crystal clear and truthful while the false narrative from the Third Narrative reeks of a last ditch attempt to delay justice by trying to blur the lines between morality/compassion and brutal indefensible acts that have no justification in reality, law or humanity. And I know they're going to base their premise on a certain by-gone tragedy that they'll milk again and again to explain how Jewish exceptionalism trumps whatever crimes were and are committed against Palestinians since the tragedy that befell Jews is so much worse and to deny them their Zionism would be like tempting fate. In other words using guilt to discourage gentiles from embracing BDS as the solution, and fear to rally all Jews against BDS, because compassion for the Jewish past must out-weigh compassion for those who suffer in the present and "never again" has a copyright belonging strictly to Jews.

      (I believe his name is spelled Blankfort.)

    • God I hope not! We had enough doublespeak from him in the past.

    • Excellent point.

      There is no such think as a "Liberal" Zionist, just as there is no such thing as democracy in the Zionist State, just as there is no real justice in a Zionist State.

      Zionism is incompatible with and contradicts liberal values, democracy and justice, and this is TRUTH, because we have ample evidence to support this truth. Therefore on this basis, no Zionist can be trusted to be squarely on the side of liberal values, democracy and justice as long as he believes that Zionism is acceptable and defends it.

      It is not surprising that these so-called "Liberal" Zionists are a contradiction unto themselves. Their lack of integrity is breathtaking.

  • African asylum seekers in Israel reject 'invitation' to desert prison
    • I used to comment at a site over-run by Zionist hasbara, (guess I'm a sucker for punishment!) and I would rail against Israel for using the Palestinians of Gaza for target practice, for keeping them surrounded in an open-air prison and imposing a blockade on people already struggling to survive. And I remember how these hasbarists would attack me from all sides for focusing on Israel and its oppression of Palestinians when people were being oppressed and killed in Darfur.

      Well lookie here, now we have Israelis oppressing refugees from Darfur and Sudan! And then Israelis b*tch about their neighbors, but they've taken in hundreds of thousands of Palestinian and now Syrian refugees, while Israelis are blocking their entry, imprisoning their own refugees, denying them justice and inflicting racism on them. And let's not forget the millions of refugees that Israel has created with bombing campaigns on Palestinian villages, ethnic cleansing and a racist one-sided Right of return.

  • JJ Goldberg says Adelson's influence fulfills anti-Semitic belief
    • While it appears that sea change is coming about regarding discussion of the topic, disproportionate Jewish influence in politics and the media has been a radioactive topic on this site.

      There comes a point when denying reality starts to be a detriment to one's conscience even one's reputation as a person of integrity.

      There comes a point when one must choose between 1. protecting one's tribe when their actions and even their silence directly perpetuate the suffering of others, and 2. bringing justice to those others. You can't have two opposing masters; you can't have it both ways.

      Trying to protect anyone from them self is a full-time job and a conflict of interest when that someone is destroying your own reputation and the lives of others. If they persist in their destructive path; eventually you have to cut them loose and do what you gotta do: save yourself and those who suffer at this someone's hands. It's not easy but that choice is inevitable.

      I hope I made my point.

    • Here's the money quote from a translation of an article written in 2008 by Nahum Barnea of Yediot Ahronot: link to

      Adelson is a Jew who loves Israel. Like some other Jews who live at a safe distance from here, his love is great, passionate, smothering. It is important to him that he influences the policies, decisions and compositions of Israeli governments. He is not alone in this, either: even back in the days of Baron Rothschild, wealthy Jews from the Diaspora felt that this country lay in their pocket, alongside their wallet. Regrettably, in the latest generation, we are being led by politicians who look at these millionaires with calf’s eyes.

      Such deference to the wallets of other people—that is the common denominator of Rabin and Peres, Netanyahu, Barak and Olmert…

      ... and George W. Bush, Tom DeLay, John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney... and on and on!

      But Zionists have both sides of the aisle well-covered on Zionism's behalf. Haim Saban has contributed to Jane Harman, Henry Waxman, many other Zionist-friendly representatives, like of course Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons, even George W. Bush in 2004 to name a few! It's no secret he's made millions in contributions to the Democratic Party. Here's a snap-shot of this Zionist Hollywood mogul and political financier.:

      link to

      Ironically, both Adelson and Saban have tried to delve, mind you separately, into the newspaper business because both felt that the media narrative needs to be more Israel-aligned. Any more aligned and you can call it Israeli media!

      The U.S. has a two-party system and both parties are on the Zionist take.

      Zionists scream Anti-Semitism whenever people try to connect the dots, see the bigger Zionist influence picture etc., but then, Zionists, have no problem admitting how much influence, money and power supports Zionism. So what are we to do? Zionists are trying to force-feed the view that the Emperor has new clothes and our lying eyes deceive us if we don't see him in his new suit of clothes!

      But the TRUTH is: the Emperor's in his birthday suit. The secret's out and it's disingenuous to pretend that America isn't occupied territory, and as someone else put it in so many words: The Palestinians won't be free until Americans are free of Zionism's hold.

    • Someone should ask him whom he hates more Iranians or Palestinians?

    • (I don't know what happened but this is the comment I tried to post.)

      And your comment deflects to the capitalist society.

      Jewish people in general do not have and never have had any corporate agency....

      But then neither is that issue Jewish corporate agency the subject of discussion here. The issue being discussed is Jewish Zionist billionaires like Adelson and Saban proving that Zionist big money pays for political outcomes.

      Here's an article for you, despite the usual Zionist Jewish-victim stereotyping hasbara/propaganda claptrap: link to

    • And this one deflects to the society.

      Jewish people in general do not have and never have had any corporate agency....

      But then neither is that issue the subject of discussion here. The issue discussed here is Jewish Zionist billionaires like Adelson and Saban proving that Zionist big money pays for political outcomes.

      Here's an article for you, despite the usual Zionist Jewish-victim stereotyping propaganda : link to

    • Ahh...the 'ol: system's at fault switcheroo! FYI, the discussion here is about powerful Zionists subverting U.S. democracy with their billions, buying the candidates; Zionist-friendly candidates. Quit with the obvious deflection.

    • Yes but Axelrod no doubt didn't mention how Avigdor Lieberman wants to transfer a Zionist-contaminated piece of land in Israel where Palestinians are forced to live without their prior consent (which they'd never agree to anyway) in exchange for rich stolen Palestinian land with settlements. That didn't enter his Zionist doublespeak.

    • Methinks thou dost protest too much. Why so defensive when bilal has links and you have none?

  • Avigdor Lieberman claims transferring Palestinian citizens is perfectly legal
    • I heard Obama at the EU/US Summit again making a case for sanctions against Russia for annexing Crimea when the people of Crimea used the democratic process to overwhelmingly express their desire to be part of the motherland.

      So just imagine the staggering hypocrisy and illegality of transferring spoiled, polluted land in Israel without regard for the democratic and legal rights of the Israeli Arab citizens who live in that area just so Israelis/Zionists can purify Israel of undesirables whom they view as a demographic threat and to further the cause of supremacy. Imagine that kind of deviant precedent? It’s morally and legally inconceivable, rife with staggering hypocrisy and an outrage to humanity.

    • Impressive search.

      Israelis are always trying to swindle the Palestinians; and dumping non-arable, contaminated land on them, while setting outrageous racist, undemocratic legal precedent in exchange for what they stole from them which is leagues better, is and always will be in their agenda.

      The Israeli version of any peace deal is a landfill of bad faith, ill will and immoral deeds.

    • Hammer to nail truth.

    • That way, the PRoR would allow return of a small number of Palestinians because those that would return to the newly smaller Israel would return to a smaller area: fewer Palestinians would have been exiled from that smaller place in 1948 and therefore fewer would be entitled to return to it post-peace.

      Notwithstanding your last sentence which implies (mind you, not in so many words) Lieberman's unquestionable bad faith, and that thankfully deals in reality; what you're basically saying in the first part is that it's okay to encourage or further the cause of supremacy in exchange for a modest Right of Return.

      Oh lord, help us, if now we've come down to indulging supremacy! To actually conceive such a disturbing precedent makes me shudder, but thankfully the reality that exists makes such considerations impossible. I hate to think what you’d say if that impediment didn’t exist.

    • This is neither right nor legal. This is a case of a racist state enacting racist laws (which become nullified outside Israel by International rule of law) to cleanse away the undesirables which act represents one of the cornerstones of Apartheid's foundation, and to create a homogeneous, purified supremacist state that can then pretend to be a democracy, because the challenge to the integrity of that democracy has been eradicated.

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • Just as Holocaust denial is considered anti-Semitism so too should Nakba denial. The Holocaust should not be milked to gain an edge in an argument that deals with the suffering of people in the present; it's an immoral manipulation. Calling Rev. Desmond Tutu a neo-Nazi is the lowest form of ignorance.

    • Zionists want everyone to believe the naked emperor has clothes. Do Africans not have eyes to see and judge for themselves? Zionists would rather insist their lying eyes deceive them?

  • D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist
    • Not sure if any of you have read Alison Weir's latest article at Counterpunch. I found it quite enlightening.:

      link to

      Hopefully, it'll challenge some frank discussion.

    • You didn't only kick the Brits out of Palestine; you created generations of refugees, i.e. endless misery. And then you opened the floodgates for all Jews to rush in and appropriate the others' land and homes and enjoy the fruits of the others' labor while you denied these original inhabitants re-entry condemning them to a hopeless life of yearning for their land until death.

    • Only if you believe that most neocons are Zionist, which you obviously do, otherwise you wouldn't have been so quick to assume that's the case. So then, you must know something.

    • Supremacists never view their victims as human, and in this case, historical reference is permitted in the evidentiary sense rather than trying to milk it to justify present injustice. Supremacists justify their crimes by pretending they are doing the world a favor by neutralizing and cleansing therefore containing and ridding the world of what they estimate are inferior beings, sub-human species which they can't bring themselves to call human. They might refer to them as animals or dregs and if they dare resist in their ghetto confinement, terrorists, shet-disturbers to be killed in a bloodbath, massacre or slow genocide.

    • racial superiority

      Yes, that is what Zionism is really about, isn't it? In order to defeat Zionism, one must stop allowing the past to prejudice or manipulate one's conscience and definitely have to quit with tribal thinking.

      What one must honestly do is weigh the pain that Zionism causes against the status of Jews in the Diaspora today and ask: Is this worth it? Because if one clings to the notion of Jewish suffering in the past instead of Palestinian suffering in the present, when the present status of Jews now couldn't be better and further from a by-gone reality, then one is a hypocrite and can never advance this cause; and the cause will forever be mired in that inability to move forward. Other people will then increasingly recognize that staggering hypocrisy and resent it more and more and so a threat then emerges for Jews not Zionists if one should distinguish, for Jews will begin to suffer serious consequences to their reputation for the crimes that Zionism generates.

      But then in a better world, the motivation to defeat Zionism i.e. supremacy should be compassion for others and that is what defeats all forms of supremacist ideology - selflessness and compassion for others and not a concern for the reputation of one's tribe. That approach won't work, because it won't be sufficient to provoke the real revolution that's required to bring down a power-based ideology. Power/control is a magnet for resistance to change and without change Zionism wins, the Palestinians are doomed and Jews will increasingly be put under the microscope for their impotence to end injustice generated on their behalf.

    • Why is there censorship for clear-minded, genuine thinkers who dare to ask questions like: what constitutes a selfless Jew, for instance? and free speech for those who believe that self-determination for any people, never mind the Jewish people, at the expense of destruction of life and property, ethnic cleansing and brutal occupation is something noble to be admired?

      And to allow this injustice as well in regards to free speech is to further delay justice, because when one is discussing the topic of the endless suffering of human beings at the hands of others, one should exercise the highest integrity in this context. How can the dichotomy presented by this individual hopmi exist in the conscience of anyone pretending integrity? You can't feel some common ground with this individual and then also embrace the righteous view; you can't have such a contradiction if you want to effect change. There can be not the slightest duplicity in this context of human suffering. There can be no acceptable past or present justification for the injustice that Zionism generates, and this fact must be clear in everyone's mind, because then it's like saying, one great tragedy justifies another. You can't do that if you want to evolve the consciousness of humanity.

      it’s another of the self-discrediting arguments that are common currency here

      When I read this kind of hubris; I think, this individual senses weakness, like a shark smells blood in the water and kind of like an abuser senses low self-esteem. If he sensed unquestionable integrity; he would fly off in other direction and use this guilt trip on someone else.

      Can someone explain the following to me? How does an individual like hopmi further the cause of alleviating the suffering of others and working on behalf of justice and human rights? It seems to me that such an individual pulls everyone and the discussion into his dark space, his limited consciousness when what we should be doing is trying to elevate the discussion to an ever-higher level of enlightenment, honesty and self-awareness in the Jewish context that might encourage others to do the same and therefore provoke real change to end this hopeless situation.

      Individuals like hopmi are here to keep everyone exactly at the status quo, because he really doesn't present a challenge; he really doesn't further the consciousness of Jews in any way. All he does is make other, more Liberal Jews or Zionists feel good about themselves. Oh, look at him; we're so much better than that! He certainly isn't around here to challenge self-awareness and encourage progress on the issue discussed here.

      Must the discussion continuously be dragged into the gutter-level of defensiveness against such ignorant hubris? Isn't it time to stop defending the righteous viewpoint with individuals who don't even come close to wanting to embrace it, unless of course the discussion hasn't achieved that level yet because a shadow of dishonesty still prevails, which would explain why this cause moves so slowly and why this type of individual is drawn to this site.

      I would imagine that we should have reached the stage where we no longer have to justify anything to these hasbarist characters, when we can kiss the hasbara goodbye and start embracing the challenging discussions necessary to provoke real change.

  • Is the U.S. quietly imposing travel sanctions on Israeli officials?
    • But-but the U.S. commits and has committed gross human rights violations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen to name some! When you break you own law this nullifies all moral authority. The U.S. has zeeeero moral authority right now. How can the U.S. possibly expect any other country to respect its authority? This is laughable! The U.S. has been showing favoritism to Israel for decades. The U.S. has been covering up Israel's crimes; the U.S. Congress threw out the Goldstone Report and called it biased. Biased? Who's reeally biased?

      The U.S. commits crimes around the world and Israel commits crimes in their own country and outside their own country repeatedly with total impunity protected by America.

      This Leahy Law is a total farce of staggering hypocrisy. Get your house in order and then preach to the world! And here's the worst of it: Americans used to march and protest injustice and the world use to cheer them on and admire their spirit, but now they've become so shallow; obsessed with beauty and material things while others have turned into apathetic couch potatoes consumed with the most vacuous garbage their media can produce to keep them that way. Americans have become a sorry lot and a terrible example for the rest of the world.

  • Bloodbath in Jenin
    • Thank you!

    • omg! I hope and pray that one day there's an equivalent of the Nuremburg trials at the Hague and every single crime committed by these Zionist thugs is prosecuted. I really hope people are keeping records and passing them on from one generation to the next. This is insanity. I can't imagine suffering like that. These people need so much help. I don't know how Zionists can frolic on the beach and enjoy themselves in bars and cafes. If I lived next to a criminal operation like this I don't know...I couldn't live knowing so much suffering is happening because of my presence there. I'd probably be arrested for breaking down the door of the Knesset screaming outrage! up and down the halls or maybe I'd stand on a box every day in the center of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem with a big sign: CRIMINAL SOCIETY, but what the hell, they'd throw my ass in jail in a New York minute.

      But that would never happen because I'd rather live anywhere than have these crimes committed on my behalf. It's even so hard to write this; to pretend I'm a Zionist; it's strange but I actually feel guilty just pretending I'm one. I don't know how Zionists do it, how they can just go about their business here and there while this is happening. I couldn't be any kind of Zionist. I just don't know what kind of people Zionists are to perpetuate this kind of suffering on other human beings for so long. It's just utter depravity and so despicable.

    • Here's a variation on MLKs quote: An injustice to one anywhere is an injustice to all everywhere.

      We are all potential slaves when we fail to act now. :

      link to

    • Abbas will be remembered as Israel's main collaborator and sub-contractor! He has long overstayed his welcome. More Zionist expansion and criminal activity has taken place during his leadership than at any other time in Palestine's history!

      The PA must close up their office and return to being ordinary oppressed citizen like their own people! They are betraying their people by continuing with this Zionist-enabling farce!


    • Such sadness, misery and injustice perpetuated. We are listening, outraged and praying for the world and God to intervene.

    • Precise Israeli army/government timing to scuttle any slim hope of coming to any kind of even minimal accord or agreement.

      Uh, who wants them to come to an agreement that will only screw the Palestinians permanently?

      Not that I like what the criminal thug Israelis are doing.

  • 'Nobody knew where I was, nobody… I was simply disappeared': An Italian tourist's Ben Gurion nightmare
    • Behind the Iron...Wall.

      So you got it. Those were exactly the questions to ask yourself.

      1. Yes, they want you to hate them; so please do them a favor!

      2. What can they do to Palestinians? Where does one start...okay, just imagine your 10 years old and you're walking home one day and soldiers come up to you in a van and grab you and take you away, bully and beat you and throw you in a cell. Now imagine how that child feels?

      I wish Scarlett Jo would get this treatment; maybe she wouldn't be so quick to give up Oxfam to parade in a short, tight black dress and sell Apartheid products.

  • Now the US is trying to 'delegitimize' Israel's defense minister
    • Caption for picture: Smile for dee cameh-ra, mosheee, cause after dees photo-op, I'm going to biiiiite you on the neck and get my feex!

    • Translation: We are the boss of you and we will kick your ass publicly whenever you get out of line and no there will be no public apology to save your face!

  • Lockerbie: 25 years of geopolitics over truth
    • On the one hand, Iranian guilt for one of the worst acts of terrorism in recent decades...

      But what the USS Vincennes doesn't qualify as one of the worst acts of terrorism in recent history with only $61 million being paid to the families of 290 passengers when the U.S. extracted billions in sanctions and compensation from Libya for the Lockerbie tragedy, and then after not even apology for this vengeful horror inflicted on Iranians, the U.S. Government awarded medals and ribbons to all the crew of the missile cruiser that just happened to be cruising in Iran's territorial waters on that fateful day!

      But neoooooh, these details don't deserve mention because who cares about Iranian civilians and the truth they deserve. Only the West's civilians get obsessive attention, only when it involves them is everyone interested in the cover-up and digging for the truth.

  • 'What's being done to Palestinians is wrong,' evangelical Christian says on NPR religion show
    • Evangelical Zionist Christians see the West Bank filling up with Jews and they're salivating for the end of times. They know how the story ends. They know that the Messiah will return to destroy the Jews, except for a few who remain faithful to God, when they all or mostly all return to Israel. So this unholy union of Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews is so hypocritical, so twisted and frankly so...not Christian. It's like these "Christians" are encouraging Jews to go over a cliff or as an extreme example walk into the "home" and come out as Soylent Green for the perpetuity of Christianity - that's about as sick of an analogy I can think of to explain just how twisted this relationship is. And the thing is that these Zionists know, but they don't care; they're just using these Christians as a cover for all the evil done on behalf of Zionisn. It's all Zionism; Zionism has this effect on people.

      How ignorant can one be as to imagine that they can induce the end of times by encouraging Jews to go steal some more Palestinian land and kick Palestinians out of their homes?

      No one knows or is supposed to know when and no one should be tempting fate. And both Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews are tempting fate each with their own very selfish, twisted agenda.

      But I am heartened every time I hear that more Christians are speaking out against the injustice of Zionism and oppression of Palestinians under Israeli occupation. This is the right way.

  • BDS supporting rock star Roger Waters hits back against vicious smears
    • Here's my advice to Roger Waters: Quit apologizing; you're the good guy! Zionists are cheering at your defensiveness; they revel in knowing their poor-us-poor-we-everyone-hates-us pity card is working! Do what I do - don't give them even one iota of pity or satisfaction. When Zionists smell a hint of weakness they attack like vultures. They're not satisfied unless you grovel at their feet.

      He's just too nice. Luv this guy.

    • He's already admitted on another thread that he's atheist and that it's better to hang on to what Zionism has to offer (regardless of the people it hurts, he doesn't seem to give a shet about them!).

    • bravo!bravo! I'm speechless-well done!

    • That's why I can't stand EXCEPTIONALISM; it's a threat to freedom.

    • If Israel dies, Judaism dies. [...] Why have a religion based on a failed god who betrayed his people so often?

      Wo a minute! How can you say the survival of Judaism is dependent on Israel when later you imply it's already dead because a failed god betrayed his people so often? So then you're using Judaism even though you're an atheist to justify the existance of Israel? But then again you're really saying that Israel, i.e. Zionism, is all Jews have left because God has betrayed them so often. So once again you're saying that Zionism is the only religion Jews can have faith in?

      I know you believe this because you've already admitted this before and stated you're an atheist. Do you believe then in calling Israel, the Jewish State? Of course you do, but only because it's so convenient to Zionism, right? You're bitter because God betrayed the Jews, so why not let them have their Apartheid as consolation for God's repeated betrayal.

      Israel, or should I say Zionism, is going to betray the Jews who embrace it, and personally, I can't wait! Whether you're an atheist or not, you admit that "god" betrayed the Jews, so you more than anyone should know- God always wins; Zionism was the trap and it's not God's doing; it's the evil that Zionism creates that will undo the Jews.

    • "And heck yeah, I don’t think Roger Waters should be allowed to undermine those accomplishment because he disagrees with Israeli policy."

      What a liar. He never undermined any of that, and I for one will never be guarded about the TRUTH that you happen to find so inconvenient! Tough, suck it up. Hey you know what? I'm not Palestinian or Indian; and I don't have to walk on eggshells to please you Zionists! What you're comrades are doing in Israel to the Palestinians is pure evil.

    • Hear!Hear!

    • Nevertheless, being reckless is a mistake.

      And Waters was reckless how?

      After 5 years, he endorsed the notorious anti-Semitic book “The Wandering Jew”. I’ve stated repeatedly that I don’t think Mearsheimer is an anti-Semite,

      Oh really? So why'd you mention that he endorsed that book , cause you've done this on another thread, you repeated that he endorsed that book. Seems to me you're accusing him in one sentence and then pretending to absolve him in another. Maybe if you didn't keep harping on the fact that he endorsed that book you might not have to state repeatedly that you absolve him, cause I for one, don't believe you.

  • Journalist David Sheen delivers blistering indictment on Israel's racist war on African migrants
    • Those who are pledged to never forget, have forgotten.

      And in doing so, they dishonor the memory of those they have in fact really forgetten by committing hateful racist acts similar in many ways to those acts committed against the ones who really suffered them in the past and not these frauds stealing land from the oppressed who exploit "to never forget" so the world can pity them instead of the real victims of their hate.

    • It’s no different than a Gentile right-wing Christians in Israel. He or she would align him/herself with the left, it is in his/her racial/religious self-interest, but in a country where they’re in the majority, the loyalty would rapidly change to the right-wing.

      Yes but we're not discussing the implausible here and we're not discussing "loyalty" or changing political leanings: we're discussing individuals who pretend to be liberal supporting and enabling a country that furthers blatant racism and racist acts because, naturally for them, they put that racist pariah first over the country they're choosing to live in and benefit from and above their own moral itegrity which obviously they completely lack.

    • In total, Israel has granted asylum to less than 1 percent of those applying for refugee status–an extremely low rate in a region that has taken in millions of Syrian refugees.

      Gee! How magnanimous of the Jewish state and then, Zionists continuously b*tch about their neighbors!

      And it’s so ironic because here in the United States, these mainstream Jewish groups, there’s wall-to-wall support for immigration reform.

      Yesss, isn't it funny how liberal Zionists cover their hypocritical tracks?

      Unwittingly and ironically, these African refugees are exposing Liberal Zionist hypocrisy and the major flaws and depth of racism inherent in Zionism to the world.

      Ahh, the demographic threat and democracy, two constant thorns in the side of Zionism! They can be counted on to eventually bring down the house of cards that this obvious supremacist creation really is.

  • Why I didn’t make it to Gaza for International Women’s Day
    • The current SCAF government has support from: Leftists, Nasrists, Socialists, Communists, Christians and Liberals in Egypt.

      Suuure, you keep telling yourself that as long as there's no elections.

      Morsi wasn’t democracy it was majoritarianism. mean like--the Jewish State! (at least for now-he-he, if we don't include the occupied PTs)

      Egypt unfortunately didn’t have the option of democracy.

      Yeah, because it has a U.S.$ well-bribed, fascist military colluding with Zionism to deny Palestinians aaaand Egyptians their rights.

      Now, try and slither your way out of this one!

    • Land is what the Arabs have in abundance...

      Who're you trying to kid? Your comment is a veiled attempt at justifying pushing the Palestinians off their land and into other Arab countries implying the racist meme that "there is no such thing as the Palestinian people". I suppose you're also a Nakba denier, huh? No doubt you'd brag, if you could around here...: Those aren't Palestinian refugee camps; they're the Palestinians real home!

      LOL. You don't fool me - I got your number!

    • You are absolutely right that it would be simple for the Jews to just commit mass suicide.

      Equating the end of Zionism with Jewish "suicide" is nothing more than fake drama or desperate hasbara propaganda given flourishing Jewish Diaspora success.

      If the survival of your state depends on the ever-increasing commission of successive racist crimes and brutality against others, I've got news for you bud - your state is in serious trouble. Start worrying! 3, 2, 1.....

    • The fascism that has taken over Egypt should come as no surprise and it suits perfectly the interests of Zionism. Zionists feel comforted again by its stone-cold presence in Egypt. The military was always there; waiting to pounce the moment Morsi screwed up and well-funded in the wings by the benefactors of Zionism. The U.S. short-lived rebuke of the coup was all for show. But behind the scenes there is satisfaction all around and a binding deal with Egypt's military; the price of which is understood by all parties and never ending: There can be no democracy for the people on Zionism's doorstep, Egyptian or Palestinian; there can be no democracy where Zionism rules. Not even American citizens are spared its brutal injustice; that’s how binding the "arrangement" is.

      This courageous, irrepressible woman has the spirit of Rachel Corrie in her. God bless her determination. May the spirit of Rachel Corrie show up in an army of millions seeking justice in this worthy cause for Palestinian rights that is being suppressed by a complicity make in hell.

    • I think it says that our government is complicit….

      You think??? You mean you still don't see it clearly?

    • Quit with the Zionist Hubris. Stop stealing other peoples land, get off their land and stop persecuting the Palestinian people and denying them their rights! It's that simple!

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