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  • 'Third intifada was launched,' Palestinian law student posted before carrying out fatal attack in Jerusalem
    • Just watched the video of the moment the reporter was hit; no doubt about it, she was targeted.

      So first of all, the occupied are not terrorists; they're resisting terrorists who are occupying their land and the occupier will eventually erase them from existence. That's the plan and anyone who thinks different is hiding from reality. Now that I got that cleared up...

      Palestinians can't fight with sticks and stones, knives and tin can rockets? Zionists are now equating knives with AK's, stones with bullets and rockets with 1 ton bombs to justify the slaughter of hundreds and thousands every year - genocide by quota with undefined criteria just like Israel's constitution. But the Zionist meme: the Palestinian (baby) is trying to erase us from the planet defies all reason when you're storing hundreds of thousands of nukes in your already monstrous arsenal.

      I've stated that it's going to take more than mere words to defeat this thing called Zionism. I've stated that what's needed is a revolution of people standing up for justice in this world; but that's like whistling in the wind. I've stated that there will be more bloodshed to come in that land because we haven't witnessed the worst of it yet.

      Zionism is no better than a sadistic cult; Palestinians are an inconvenience, a problem that Zionism cannot co-exist with indefinitely. There will be hell in that land and it won't be a hell created by Palestinians. Those Zionist lynch mobs are the tip of the iceberg; the mindset is to rid the annoyance and they're starting to voice what they've been wishing all along, and don't think that this mindset is only among the young riff-raff; no, it starts in the cradle right up to the top. The plan has always been to conquer that land and expel and/or decimate the indigenous Palestinians with the iron wall, oh why mince words?: the iron arsenal!

      How immune to savagery a society we've become; how comfortably numb. Where's the outcry? These Palestinian people have been patient enough; resilient like no other and deserve justice like no other, and the rest of us would crumble much quicker under that kind of Zionist oppression. We're not bought and sold like our spineless, worthless leaders or bound and gagged by Zionist treachery, and Jews who pretend they sympathize have no excuse whatsoever for not picketing the Lobby night and day and setting up tents there if necessary!

      Guess we haven't seen Palestinians suffer enough yet in the Zionist coliseum when our outrage is still a whimper. Alas, we must witness yet another slaughter in Gaza or a West Bank ghetto, and yet another and another...!

    • Why the photos of Zionist occupiers on this main page? Why not the photos of two of the Palestinian young men murdered in cold blood in the last 2 days by Zionist occupiers? And their names:

      Fadi Samir Alloun (19 years old)

      link to

      Huthaifa Othman Sulaiman (18 years old)

      link to

  • Eid in the rubble
    • Resilience, one of the things I most admire about Palestinians. This cyclical destruction would kill a lesser man's spirit. These people really deserve the world's help; God knows they earned it!

      Zionism is stone cold. It's so backward, inhumane and delusional. It's only a question of time. Nothing this flawed can be sustained no matter how much cash is thrown at it; so it too shall pass. As I stated in the past, one day a more evolved people will look at Zionism as yet another ugly stain in the history of mankind and they won't be silenced by the Zionist machine.

  • Pope Francis, American churches, and Palestinian rights
    • the Christian claim that these rather under-emphasised verses were really the crucial key to the moral behaviour demanded by the Hebrew Scriptures was a challenging one.

      was being the operative word; hopefully everyone's evolved since then.

      Fascinating discussion up above.

      Also, I love it when Jews want to argue ownership of Jesus! Jesus came to the Jews and for the Jews. I have no problem with that! No problem whatsoever with Jews wanting to own Jesus, as long as they understand that they can’t own his genes and discard his spirit. So please take him, embrace him, own him all you want, because the mere fact that Jesus was born into the Jewish nation speaks volumes: he was your baby; your gift, then you kind of discarded it; disowned him and Christians adopted him and made him their treasure-it’s that simple. But I for one don’t have a problem at all if you all want him back…only now; it’s shared custody. Hey, Jesus quoted from the Torah  Deuteronomy 6:4-5  and the dreaded 19:18 Leviticus and reduced the laws of God into just one simple, magnificent command: LOVE. So please, take this gift back if you like…and run with it, so finally we might have some…peace.

    • @MHughes 976

      I'm not sure if you're aware that the Pope tried to intervene in the recent execution of a woman in Georgia asking that her life be spared and is also trying to stop the execution of another inmate on death row in Oklahoma.

      Unfortunately, neither the Board of Pardons in Georgia nor the Governor to whom the Pope's representative also sent a letter paid heed or were moved by the Pope's appeal.

      So, if the Pope's influence couldn't achieve a stay of execution for this woman, just imagine him appealing for justice for the Palestinians and then suffering an avalanche of criticism not only from Jewish Zionists but also from Christian Zionists led by the likes of John Hagee. One should consider the risk he would be taking and the risk to the Church that he is charged with protecting vs how much influence he could really have at this moment when the Church is emerging from one of the darkest periods in its history. And I want to repeat at this moment because circumstances can change and an opportunity for the Church to play a significant role in the cause for justice for Palestinians may arise and I'm hoping it does, because the Church has over a billion followers and that's people power and a force to be reckoned with.

      Unfortunately, Kairos International which the Church has membership in took a major hit in funding precisely because of its solidarity with justice for Palestinians. And that defunding represents less help for Palestinian refugees and their day to day reality and needs. There are Catholic charitable organizations helping Palestinians like Caritas Jerusalem that would suffer collaterally as well. And I wouldn't want to see this gentle Pope raked over the coals by individuals like Hagee who in the past has demonized the Catholic Church in the worst way, and although an apology was made, frankly, I don't buy it.

      So the risk must be weighed against how much good would come from the Pope going out on a limb right now on behalf of Palestinians and whether it would do their cause more harm than good, and harm the Pope and the Church as well.

      Believe me, I long for the day that the Church can use its influence to help Palestinians in a significant way, and I continue to believe that the Pope is not to blame, but Zionist power is responsible for obstructing justice by silencing the voice of righteousness.

    • I respect this opinion, because as I stated, justice means everything to me. It's frustrating, but you have to admit Zionists have destroyed the careers and reputation of Palestinian sympathizers in high-profile positions and would like nothing better than to tear down the Church since they're chiselling away every chance they get. I don't see anything gained if Zionists tear into the Pope especially when they're chomping at the bit for him to make one faux pas. Zionists don't like power they can't completely trust.

      I don't believe the Pope is ideological, therefore Zionism of any stripe most probably means nothing to him. We all have to do our part to expose Zionism as a negative force in our world to discredit and weaken Zionist power and of course we have to shame and rid through the ballot box leaders and politicians who pander to Zionism to shake the grip of Zionism in that upper echelon.

    • I hesitated a lot before commenting on the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land. I wanted to understand what he must have been thinking as he travelled through that land on both sides of the Wall. I’m very passionate about justice so of course I wanted the Pope to be more vocal about the injustice he witnessed there.

      First let me say this: the Pope is not blind. The Pope is not an elderly grandfather that can easily be manipulated, but he is a gentle soul with an enormous sense of compassion that knows no fear. He kissed and hugged man with a terrible skin deformity shunned by society.

      But the Pope has an obligation to the Church; he’s entrusted with the protection of the Church. Aside from the wrong the Church has done, it is also one of the greatest charitable institutions in the world and a powerful force for good, and the Pope no doubt sees protecting the Church from those who dream of its destruction as his number one responsibility. If the Church were not emerging from one of the most tenuous periods in its history, when it was so demonized and on the brink of losing all respect and credibility, I believe the Pope would have been more vocal in condemning the oppression he witnessed, i.e. the persecution being inflicted on Palestinians. The Pope is no doubt very aware of the vast scope of Zionist power and he doesn’t want to subject the Church to the obsessive scrutiny of Zionism because in the long run so much more good would be lost than gained AT THIS TIME.

      However, it’s a fact that the Church is one of the most powerful institutions in the world beyond what we recognize superficially, and Zionists know this. This is why tearing down the Church by rehashing old wounds or weaknesses is a constant endeavor that Zionists never let go of. Zionists fear the power of the Church like the Church recognizes the power Zionism today, but that’s not to say that the Church will remain locked into this impasse forever.
      Regarding Pope Francis. It’s my belief that when Pope Francis went to Palestine and encountered its people he was probably reminded of one of the most significant chapters in Jesus’ teachings: the Sermon on the Mount and specifically the Beatitudes. The Beatitudes are like the Ten Commandments in the New Testament; if one reads nothing else in the Gospel but wants to understand what Jesus stands for--they should read the Beatitudes if only to regain hope lost. I believe that Pope Francis couldn’t help but reference in his mind the beatitudes when faced with the plight of the Palestinian people. I suggest everyone read the Beatitudes in light of their suffering and most importantly to understand the importance of one’s humanity and exercising compassion above all else in this world. So read them; because the Pope most certainly viewed the Palestinians in light of the Beatitudes, but I must add this as well to be fair and compassionate: the fact that Jews suffered the worst Holocaust in history doesn’t escape the Holy Father’s compassion either, but that will never excuse Zionists for what they are doing to Palestinians today in the eyes of Jesus or God or the Pope himself.

      So this is not to say that the Church more subtly through its branches cannot help the Palestinians, but for the time being in the glare of reality, the Pope is muzzled, or call it golden silence or wisdom, but it’s definitely not fear and this difficult impasse too shall pass.

      And to quote Jesus: Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: for they will be filled. That’s a promise from Jesus himself! And I suspect Pope Francis was praying for this when he put his head against the Wall. Believed me he was moved by the glaring injustice and gravitated to that Wall by the power of his faith in God's power to right this wrong.

      Alas, knowing me, I’ll still despair, as sometimes this world is so cruel; I need help to believe again.

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • People here believe that the overthrow of Morsi was a bad thing? What terrible shape the left is in if this is what someone here believes.

      Oh and Al-Sisi is better??? I can't speak for others, but for me it's not necessarily the overthrow of Morsi that bothers me; it's the overthrow of the Egyptian people's power and will. Because that's the role the CIA plays in Egypt. So you don't have a problem with that, huh?

    • I have been told that the CIA is responsible for the Arab Spring and now that the overthrow of Morsi was part of that CIA plot. Pinch me. I’m having a bad nightmare.

      That, or you're naïve. The CIA doesn't discriminate when it comes to who gets to rule as long as the people don't rule, the people must remain subjects of U.S. hubris; their will suppressed, and don't tell me that's not the way it works! Here's what you don't get: the will of the people of any country where U.S. interests lie is the biggest threat to U.S. power. The U.S. doesn't give a damn about what the people want or their freedom and democracy - that's all bullshet; a SHAM! So when the will of the people starts to impose itself, the CIA switches to the party that is being favored by the political winds, making empty promises while ensuring that party understands the price of power and who's the boss. But obviously sometimes that party goes rogue and when that happens then it's time to cut that party off. What happened with the people in Egypt was real unlike Syria, their revolution was real and the U.S. and Israel were very scared that's why Obama hesitated to support the revolution until he realized Mubarak was no longer viable. So Egypt's military had to soften up temporarily as a pretense. The only reason the MB surfaced temporarily was to dupe the Egyptian people into believing that the power was really theirs. The strongest ally of the CIA in Egypt are Egypt's Armed Forces; they were never a friend to the people and had Morsi on a short leash all the time. Egypt's Armed Forces are a corrupt group of thugs financed by the U.S. and will always rule. So Egyptians are screwed; they'll never be free; let's not forget; their neighbor is ISRAEL, U.S. interests bla-bla-bla. And in turn, as long as Egyptians are controlled this way; Palestinians will never be free either. Israel is calling the shots; and because Israel is a U.S. interest the status quo will remain.

    • So again, regarding the CIAs role. One of the roles, responsibilities of the CIA is to enter a country covertly and either help squash a revolt like in Chile for example, most probably Egypt (remember Israel was diametrically opposed to the Egypt spring), and most certainly squash it in Yemen, or it goes in and lights the fuse to make a small revolt explode into chaos, anarchy and hopefully - coup i.e. Libya, Syria, Ukraine. Right now Obama has another proxy war going on in Yemen. Civilians are being slaughtered every day there by the Gulf States with U.S. WEAPONRY. So, HELLO?

      And one could say that the most authentic Arab Spring really began in Palestine and it is the longest running Arab Spring happening in the Middle East where people are trying to free themselves from the oppressive, tyrant state of Israel, and there too the revolt is being squashed by U.S. WEAPONRY. But the Israelis don't need the CIA ; they have their own equivalent; Mossad.

    • So there were no CIA operatives in Libya and Syria?....lolol!

      One fruit vendor alone does not an entire Arab Spring make!

      I just want to add to my other comment, this: In his speech to the UN, Obama rails against Assad calling him amongst other things: a tyrant who killed children.

      Well what about Obama the drone king who slaughtered hundreds of children with drones in the name of the war on terror? Putin knows Obama has plenty of civilian blood on his hands to be swayed by that one.

      I'm not defending Assad, I'm just comparing who killed more civilians the U.S. or the Syrian government, and the U.S. wasn't even dragged into a civil war; it invaded other countries! If we go back a mere 15 years, the U.S. killed hundreds of thousands: men, women and children and some sources claim close to a million people.

    • Remember the Arab Spring? What a hoax that was! Just ask the CIA…

      Here’s what I think of Obama-Bush – he’s a lying ass, and still people are holding out for the hopey changey. When Bush said farewell on the capitol steps and passed the mantle to Obama he whispered in his ear: don’t forget…Syria next.

      Obama’s proxy war in Syria is an even bigger disaster than Iraq was and y’all thought that could never happen again! Well welcome to the real world. The Israelis have been pushing for regime change in Syria since Assad was in the cradle, but Bush wanted Saddam and so they got involved there first. But Syria was number 1. Target for Zionists. Israel and the neocons have been leading U.S. foreign policy into the gutter since before Iraq. Syria was supposed to be the road to Iran’s destruction; and if Assad fell, Iran’s influence would be marginalized; the Ayatollah would be weakened, another fake revolution, regime change, more bloodshed and the usual chaos was to follow in incremental steps inside Iran. PIPE DREAM. That’s what Zionists and neocons do: they manufacture wars based on pipe dreams.

      The first time the Syrian rebels held their peacefulArab spring protests, I thought; how many Israelis camouflaged to look like Arabs and CIA shit disturbers are in that group? From that very moment, years ago, I predicted on another site that the so-called opposition was going to be made up of al-Qaeda, other even more extremist Salafist factions aka ISIS backed by the Gulf States, and a sprinkling of confused moderate rebels led by a whole lot of covert Israeli/U.S. operatives. This was all planned on different levels with each party having their own selfish agenda. Never mind the consequences to ordinary Syrians; they were going to pin everything on Assad. At that time, sites would be overrun with hasbara weeping over the Syrians slaughtered by Assad – the propaganda then was so thick you could cut it with a knife. But here’s what: SYRIA IS IRAQ! That’s all you need to know to understand what happened in Syria. Syria was a continuation of Zionist-led U.S. policy except that Syria was supposed to come first but took a back seat to Saddam’s WMDs. Even as Zionists and neocons were cooking up casus belli for Iraq, Israeli operatives were and had been in Syria for decades conducting some extra-judicial operations there and the goal was clear all along.

      So anyone who thinks this war was initiated by Assad needs a reality check. This war is Obama’s baby – he’s responsible for the catastrophic consequences we’re witnessing although it’s not surprising the lady hawk Hillary was involved as well as Republicans; I’m assuming the likes of Graham and McCain and other such idiots. Let's face, it Obama's a weakling who capitulated from day one when he was anointed by the Lobby in Rahm's presence.

      The person on the misinformation main stream who said that Putin is holding a royal flush to Obama’s pair of tens is still underestimating how deep in sh#t Obama is.

      Putin watched, Putin waited and Putin will conquer in Syria allying himself with Iraq, Iran and Syrian forces. He watched the U.S. screw up royally in Iraq, although the outcome is more suitable to him than the U.S. thinks; he watched how the U.S. destroyed Libya and because Russia has more at stake in Syria than any other place in the Middle East right now, Putin waited until Obama was in over his head to take command and believe me; this move was in the works.

      Trump stated in other words recently that he would hand the Syrian problem over to Putin and then when the Syrian government and the Russians were spent doing most of the heavy lifting he’d send in the U.S. cavalry no doubt, to to pick up the remnants. He’s dreaming in technicolor.

      Does the U.S. really think Putin’s going to let anyone else get to the spoils or squeeze out Assad and install their puppet if Putin succeeds in cleaning up the mess? Uh-uh! Let’s just say that whomever ends up governing in Syria, and everyone might have to swallow the Assad pill, it’s going to be someone heavily in Putin’s debt. This is a win-win for Putin; he’s going to help get rid of the bad guys, clean up the mess, re-establish order and the best the U.S. can hope for is Lebanon with the caveat that the Sunnis never get too much power and with another twist – a Russian twist.

  • Nostalgia
    • It’s not the gang of allies that I would’ve thought Israel would seek to align with in America, but, there you have it.

      You would've thought...? Oh, so knowing what you know about Israel, you still think Israel is better than this?

    • @ckg Waldman errd when he wrote this:

      it ends up being a state that destroys the capacity of Israel to be a Jewish state.” Waldman wrote

      omg! The mere notion of trying to sustain a Jewish state obviously through demographic not to mention political controls is bigotry!

    • God help those who are at the mercy of ignorance, greed, bigotry and hypocrisy and God bless the victims of the latter group.

      Let's consider again the urgent need of the wandering refugees, victims of U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and particularly in Syria and Iraq. Let's pretend that these countries were located south of Mexico and tens of thousands of them were streaming into Mexico to desperately make their way to the country that pretended to liberate them all this time. There would be pandemonium on U.S. streets to get Congress to stop these refugees, and tens of thousands of bigots would be coming out of the closet in droves to ensure these refugees were stopped from entering.

      When you consider the number of African Americans that are victims of injustice and racism by authorities and whites in America, when you consider the growing call to deport over a million illegal immigrants who for decades fled abject poverty to work at jobs in the U.S. that Americans consider beneath them to do, when a 14-year old Muslim American boy is handcuffed and his legal rights are denied to him for bringing a clock he made as a science project to school and consider the bigoted loud-mouth at Trump's rally that represents too many Americans, and Trump's refusal to shut him and his bigotry down, the conclusion is obvious: There is NOT a Muslim problem in America; there is a RACISM problem in America.

      So believe me, Palestinians are doomed, because the problem of bigotry is as bad or worse in Israel; just ask the black migrants corralled by Zionists in camps, and this is the best ally and friend of the U.S.

      It's going to take a revolution to change this around and people of good conscience, decency and uncompromised humanity getting off their butts to take action against this growing trend, and I commend anyone who calls out even such tacit hypocrisy wherever it festers.

    • Your re-direct couldn't be more precise.

  • Israeli government is too involved in settler movement to take on Jewish extremists, says leading Palestinian legislator
  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
    • I just want to inject Jeb Bush's so-called big moment at the debate last night to demonstrate how false his reply to Trump was, and the ignorant panderers to Israel they both are. Jeb's brother GW did not keep America safe; 9-11 happened on his watch! And there a two major factors that contributed to 9-11.

      - The first was his and Cheney’s hypocritical, biased support for Israel’s severe oppression of the Palestinians and the huge settlement expansion emerging at the time in Israel.

      Here are two quotes from Bin Laden's fatwas:

      The aim [of the United States] is also to serve the Jews' petty state and divert attention from its occupation of Jerusalem and murder of Muslims there.

      The expansion of Israel is one of the greatest crimes, and you are the leaders of its criminals. And of course there is no need to explain and prove the degree of American support for Israel. The creation of Israel is a crime which must be erased. Each and every person whose hands have become polluted in the contribution towards this crime must pay its price, and pay for it heavily.

      The second reason Bush didn't keep America safe is his administration's gross incompetence in dismissing the red flags, or warning signs prior to 9-11.

      So what does this demonstrate? It demonstrates that Jeb Bush is a LIAR and Trump panders to Israel like everyone else, because had Trump been the smart cookie he prolifically boasts and professes to be, he would have replied to Jeb's sassy retort: No, he didn't keep us safe; 9-11 happened on your brother's watch because his administration continued to pander heavily to Israel completely ignoring a big push in settlement expansion and its treatment of the Palestinians both of which incite terrorism and completely ignoring the warning signs before 9-11. That would have been the truthful, intelligent response!

      Trump was right about one thing though: Obama got in thanks to Bush who was undoubtedly the worst president in U.S. history. And Jeb's false statement will never erase the latter fact from people's minds.

  • 'Did we learn nothing from 1938?': Scenes from the Trump and Cruz anti-Iran deal rally
    • The US is getting crazier by the minute!

      And who's fault is it?

    • Yeah, and he's there to buttress the icon of the 1% and together they'll no doubt evaporate the Sanders "socialist" movement and bring on another dark age.

    • Maybe I'm imagining this and being overly pessimistic but this ominous love fest between Trump and Cruz may not be as casual or fleeting as we may think. Maybe Cruz is starting to visualize a Trump presidency and positioning himself to get the Tea Party in through the back door of the White House by setting himself up to be the next Vice-president and if you thought Cheney was bad as GW's sidekick...I hate to see what this marriage in hell will bring.

      There just might be a Trump/Cruz ticket in the works...and what really scares me the most is that I'm not sure anyone on the Democratic side looks like they can stop this Trump/Cruz crazy train.

      Whether you like it or not, here's how I see Trump: Trump is to Republicans in these primaries what Obama was to Democrats and the Left in 2008. This time it's Republicans that are getting the big con, because Trump may be pitching the Bible as his favorite book but when you remove the jacket cover what you get underneath is a picture of Trump and the heading: "TRUMP - The Art of the Deal". And now it's starting to look like the art of the political con; conning the 99% or at least more than half of them into voting against their best interests. Imagine the damage a Trump/Cruz ticket will do? I'm seeing Bush/Cheney on unapologetic steroids.

      Like I said, who's going to stop the crazy train from reaching the White House? The Left better stop underestimating what's happening on the Republican side. What's happening is very scary and that's because the Left underwent an identity lobotomy with Obama. I don't like the Democrats because to me it's like both parties are two sides of the same coin, Hillary's floundering (deservedly so, because she's anything but transparent and so much more that annoys the hell out of me), Biden would be more of the same and Trump would chew him up, but if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination (and he wouldn't advance the Palestinian cause an iota) he's going to fade away next to Trump's ginormous ego and here's the thing: wait til the icon of capitalism starts painting him a radical red. How can the 99% allow the icon of the 1% to become President? Americans are hope...less!

      So it looks very bleak. Trump might just lead the Tea nuts and his gigantic ego to victory. I hope I'm wrong and it'll be a pleasure to eat crow...but it's all very troubling.

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • I agree with those who want to leave Russia and Assad out of this, because first of all, before the big three sh#t disturbers (the U.S. Israel and Saudi Arabia) did their usual thing meddling in and invading countries in the region, you didn't hear of hundreds of thousands of refugees streaming out of Syria, only out of Iraq thanks to the U.S. invasion there.

      The truth is that if you took a small country like Switzerland for example and emptied it out of its people and replaced them with all the refugees only the U.S. generated since Vietnam inclusive to the present, you'd probably be able to repopulate Switzerland in a viable way. This is the tragedy of U.S. policy. And yes, this includes ethnic Russian Ukrainian refugees that streamed into Russia because the U.S. is a sh#t disturber that meddles everywhere in its imperial quest to control every part of the planet from the Middle East to Asia to Eastern Europe you name it and it's working on controlling the African Continent and meddling in South America's politics as well.

      For some time now, Saudi Arabia is invading Yemen and generating a grave tragedy there as well, that is flying under the radar of world condemnation, like it helped to generate the tragedy in Syria.

      And we haven't even mentioned U.S. sanctions policies that are wasting the economies of Iran and Russia and causing immeasurable suffering to millions of people trying to survive every day in a meagre way. And they're not a bunch of far off aliens; they're human beings like you and I. Some may disagree with their political system, but we can't dictate to them when the truth is glaring: we have allowed other countries we like to go secretly nuclear and oppress millions of people and that hypocrisy is what generates suspicion, hostility and conflict.

      So calling out Russia and Assad is beyond the kettle calling the pot black and this deflects from the monumental injustice that the U.S. and Israel and Saudi Arabia are inflicting on the countries they meddle in, invade and destroy economically.

    • War is to man as contamination is to the environment and both will drive our destiny towards self-imposed destruction.

      The most corrupt kingdoms on the planet have our fate in their hands. The U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel conspired to destroy the Middle East, by falsely fueling illusions of democracy and then destroying the Arab hope of emancipation that emerged from that fraud to keep the Arab masses mired in chaos, weakness and misery.

      When these players make their destructive chess moves, with no afterthought for the catastrophic consequences that surely ensue the destruction of hundreds of thousands of lives are merely sanitized statistics for them - the price of power. There is no good will in anything they do only greed and lust for power drive them. All three want to reign supreme, the first over the world, the second over its gold-plated, oil-drenched fiefdom and the third over a mythical kingdom buried in the desert dust and manipulating the other two to hold onto a crime against the people whose land they usurped sending hundreds of thousands of refugees into permanent stateless exile and poverty and securing this crime with tentacles of influence reaching every seat of power only to resurrect a legacy lost forever with what they have done to attempt to recover it. A pox on all three. ISIS is the evil mutation that surfaced from their corrupt and twisted union. The unintended karma they generated. Is anyone surprised that these three continue to slam their door on the human tragedy they created?

      And who are we, the conscience-guided, but chattel restrained in our ever increasing militaristic police states marching uniformly with less individual power to rebel and denounce. Just ask Manning and Snowden and even the citizens of Ferguson how much we've surrendered to the cause of the corrupt 1% who lead us - we have less power today than we had yesterday to change this course and save ourselves and this material world from certain destruction. We have willingly surrendered our power with inaction and cowardice and with a myriad of mindless distractions. We too are guilty of the injustice the vulnerable suffer today.

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • Everyone should stop lamenting what Herzog did or did not do in this election and rejoice at the benefits of not having yet another CENTRIST running this Zionist side-show and dragging out another bogus peace process (there is no Left of any consequence in Israel except the Arab left) . We should all rejoice as the truth emerges for all the world to see exactly what Zionism is and where it was destined to head. No more Liberal cover-ups, thank-u! Herzog would not have accomplished anything except pretend at piecing together a swiss-cheese state for Palestinians and trying to restore legitimacy to a criminal cause. Herzog did not represent justice for Palestinians and to imagine that he could have made the situation better is totally delusional and as far as the Liberal Zionist lament and regret for this guy goes--disingenuous at best!

      Everything is happening as it should. Israeli society, especially the youth are more and more turning in the fascist/racist direction. The Apartheid foundation and structure has been constructed and a fascist minority rule is tightly securing Zionism.

      Zionism is heading into the wall it erected; the Wall Jabotinsky dreamed of. It's going to crash into that wall and crumble as it should, because that Wall is a wall of injustice and a crime against humanity. This is the time to challenge Liberal Zionists, unmask them, tear down their hypocrisy and stop them from pretending they represent any kind of justice at the 11th hour. The reality they will never accept is this: the facts on the ground cry out and make a Palestinian state impossible and to try to piece it around the settlements is a worst injustice and the end these Liberal Zionists seek! I certainly don't see Liberal Zionists dragging settlers out of the settlements to pre-67 lines. They've proven they don't have the stomach or the b...lls or even that intention! So, it's time to expose their charade because their only goal is perpetually trying to rescue Zionism at the expense of justice.

      It's time for them to face the truth about Zionism. Zionism is not democratic, it'll never represent justice and the reality we are witnessing unfold in Israel represents the truth about Zionism. And I for one won't allow for these Liberal frauds to stand in the way of the emerging truth that I know could lead to justice when the world finally intervenes.

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • Here's another way I see this. Netanyahu's win on the platform of No Palestinian State and the Arabs are coming! is just what the Israeli public were waiting for someone to vocalize in that election. But beyond that, it was a well-deserved slap in the face; snap out of it! moment for many who thought Zionism could be saved.

      Now I expect to read more passionate, inspiring articles like this one that'll knock some sense into deluded Zionist libs and expose those Zionists hugging the Apartheid cement bloc they make us believe is really a life raft, only it's attached to a pier beside their luxurious condo in Boca or in one of the many places they're doing just fine here and elsewhere. These lords of Apartheid are financing not their imaginary getaway but a racist project called Zionism they need to round out their snug feeling and comfort here.

    • Anyway you paint it; it's still lipstick on a pig. Unfortunately for us; you'll keep at it.

    • Hello! No worry there; it's been already overstated and regurgitated ad nauseum by your ilk. Next?

    • Zionism is not reformable. Not by Herzog, not by Livni, not by anyone.

      Very true; but die-hard Liberal Zionists will continue to sell it as such to keep Zionism and all its injustice going.

    • This is Israel

      You mean you just discovered it? Ha-ha-ha! There's so much to love in this article and it took an openly, racist election outcome like this to inspire this kind of reality-based, truthful passion. I'm going to reread it -- I'm ecstatic. This is promising!

      Please pardon my necessary comment to your pre-election results article and this pun at your expense: I'm so glad to see you're back from your overnight stint in Disneyland and have landed straight inside the black heart of Zionist-occupied territory! If it took that nitwit Netanyahu to bring you back down to earth - then I'll toast something bitter to his victory.

      Hey you Liberal Zionists: eat these shorts! You can fool some of the people sometime but you don't fool all of us. Yes, you're all -- Jim Crow!

      The jig is up. I have a good feeling, there are some Liberal Zionists out there who just grew some integrity and a conscience and are ready to leave the dark side. Let's be forgiving and open our arms to them. I can't wait for the floodgates to open! Uh-oh, now I need to come back to earth - (sigh!) Zionism is a hard fix to lose but...maybe not impossible.

  • Why I hope Netanyahu will be crushed tonight
    • Pardon the pun and the sarcasm, but is there really green cheese on the moon and does Cinderella really end up living happily ever after in a castle with her prince because she fit a glass slipper? I'd rather she was a single mom with a good pair of shoes, who after working hard raises a child who ends up President; heck maybe she can study part-time and become empowered herself.

      Any party that has the word Zionist or Zionism in its name and is overtly intent on rescuing Zionism's legitimacy is the worst thing that can happen to the Palestinians right now and their legitimate quest for a viable state, their rights and justice.

      And by the way, there is no Left political wing of any consequence in Israel; there will never be such a thing; there is only Centrism that pretends to have Leftist inclinations, particularly social ones, EXCEPT where the Palestinians are concerned, of course. And these Centrist types have been in power enough times in the past and still hundreds and thousands of Palestinians died, and still they were dispossessed, the settlements continued and still they suffered military oppression and blockade and other forms of cruel punishment for simply existing!

      So Netanyahu is the trial by fire that needs to be passed through. Sometimes there is no other way! Better he and his following do one colossal stupid thing that turns the world against Zionism than a limbo of perpetual suffering for more generations of Palestinians. Better Zionism on the losing end of legitimacy than on the gaining end!

      There is and never will be a kinder, gentler Zionism; or pie in the sky miracle transformation as far Zionism is concerned where justice is finally served for Palestinians. Dragging out Zionism's demise hoping for such an outcome is a PIPE DREAM and crueler than anything as there will be certain pain and death for Palestinians no matter what type of Zionist is in power.

      Zionism will exist as long as Liberal Zionists exist! It is only when Liberal Zionists grow a brain and stop supporting this criminal endeavor that ethnically cleansed over a million people, that is still doing so, that killed and oppressed so many and prevents millions from having their homes and land back that justice will finally be served and maybe a nation for ALL Jew, Muslim and Christian will evolve. And maybe, just maybe, a Jewish majority in that land or region is not a realistic plan and never was. Maybe Jews should just settle for a modest presence, artefacts and shrines of their faith or myth, like Christians do for the sake of peace. Maybe that's the best deal that can be made - a guarantee that Jerusalem will be a protected place for all faiths. Maybe trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and surround it by nukes to ensure the crazy experiment continues was an insane plan just like it's promoter was insane to imagine it was anything but a crime against humanity.

      Those who are trying to rescue Zionism are and continue to be the real enemies of justice AND peace.

  • The farewell party of the mezuzah-kissers
    • Alls I can say is: that bast...rd BN better win! And you all know why. The only way the Zioship is going down is to let the crazies take over and sink it once and for all. If the so-called Left or Center Zios take over; it'll be one endless lip-service charade and excuse after another to delay and deny justice while Palestinians linger in a limbo of injustice. Worse, these Liberal Zionists' insufferable pretense at moderation represents global legitimacy regained for Zionism; staggeringly undeserved legitimacy that has been so excrutiatingly difficult to chip away at.

      I can only pray that that nitwit wins again - bite my tongue! Now that the facade of Zionism is starting to crumble why let those delusional Center/Leftists build it up again? And these rescuers of Zionism are totally, totally delusional and self-serving. They are the greatest threat to Palestinian freedom and justice.

      These Center/Leftist Zionists will do more damage with their cover-up of Zionism to the cause of justice for Palestinians than we've witnessed yet. They will reverse all progress in ridding this world of the injustice that is Zionism - you mark my words.

  • Factchecking Netanyahu: An annotated guide to the Israeli P.M.'s speech to Congress
    • I read on another site someone who posted a picture of a woman with a black eye implying that Nancy Pelosi suffers from battered wife syndrome, and frankly it's a great analogy and describes the U.S./Israel relationship perfectly:

      He makes me want to cry, but I know he loves me (cue excuses) it's just that sometimes I'm too intelligent, outspoken and independent and it aggravates him - but there's nothing wrong with our relationship - I still love...Israel...(sob)

      Sure, Madam Pelosi, try convincing your shrink!

      This relationship is very sick.

  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
    • Yeah Netanyahoo's been crying wolf for almost 30 years alleging the bomb is a year away when he knows intelligence proves otherwise. So yeah, it is as Obama stated a huge decades-long DISTRACTION but from the issue that really scares Zionists - giving up land that's not theirs to begin with.

      And, the U.S. attacked Iraq because Israelis provided their Neocon American counterparts with a plan and fake intelligence because just like Iran Zionists were paranoid that Saddam had restarted a nuclear program after Israel took out Osirak. Since Operation Opera Zionists did not rest in cooking up lies (e.g. Saddam was harboring AQ) to justify the invasion of Iraq.

      So if today the outcome in Iraq is inconvenient for Zionists because Iraq is closer to Iran-- too bad; you all made that bed! And maybe for the U.S. Iran remains the enemy even though it's the enemy of ISIS but the same cannot be said of Zionists who would probably not hesitate to provide assistance to ISIS like they have al-Nusra terrorists if it suited their interests because there is no low point that Zionism will not explore to subsist.

    • I hope everyone does same and I'd like to say one more thing: Brad Sherman who ushered Netanyahoo into the Congress should pack his bags immediately and usher Netanyahoo all the way back to Israel and then - STAY THERE. I could care less if he's for civil rights, gay rights or yorkie rights- he's definitely not for Palestinian rights and he proved today which country his allegiance is with, definitely not with the U.S. His hypocrisy is just too disgusting to stomach. All these Zionist California, Florida and New York Democratic Senators who peddle minority rights merely as a tool to get their foot into Congress so they can grovel at the feet of their foreign masters and spread Zionism to naive Americans should go and live in Israel and be subjected to the ignorant fanaticism of their settler kin for the rest of their lives.

    • The word "diplomacy" does not exist in the Zionist dictionary; Rabin's assassination cemented that fact. Palestinians know firsthand, as Israelis have undermined the only Palestinian leader ready to surrender two-thirds of the farm to Zionists to the point that they turned him into a laughable buffoon contracting for Zionism to try as usual to stall and railroad any deal and keep ethnically cleansing Palestinians, grabbing even more of their land and pushing them into a shrinking corner.

      Americans should understand one thing: Zionists are incapable of diplomacy, are bald-faced liars and behave like dictators bellowing orders from the bully pulpit imposing their will on dithering Western leaders who are unable even to end Israeli settlement expansion. The U.S. created this problem by repeatedly covering Israel's ass at the U.N. and Israel thumbs its nose at its staunchest protector. Israelis will torpedo diplomacy every chance they get and continue to fuel global resentment and provoke war at every turn.

      And as for Pelosi; I'm not buying her statement and her presence and applause were awkward at best. Every Democrat who showed their face there should be shamed and then fired at the ballot box when the time comes. They have no integrity, less respect for the President's office and are nothing but a bunch of Israeli Firsters. Schumer should be the first to be shown the door and it's a long time coming as Lieberman's exit was! They are both shills for Zionism/Israel above all else.

  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • Every Democrat present and applauding that nutjob in Congress and enabling his State of the Zionist Union speech should be fired at the ballot box when the time comes!

    • Diane Feinstein will be present for Netanyahoo's speech. If she really cared about how this makes her President look she'd ask for the transcript and BOYCOTT, but she's proving she's Israel First by honoring him with her presence. All I see is a few huffy Zionist Democrats pretending that they're upset but then not wanting to miss the spectacle.

      What I'd like to see is a caricature of Netanyahu standing on a prostrate Obama in Congress delivering his speech with the headline HUMILIATION plastered on the front page of the NYT and every other paper in America . Then, maybe I'll believe that Americans will get the true picture that of the President of the U.S. being humiliated by a two-bit Zionist P.M. of a pipsqueak nation with a power agenda.

      We all know that Zionist Democrats and "liberal" Zionists are half-hearted in their support of Obama's Iran policy. I wish this wishful thinking that this will cause some kind of rift in Congress over Israel would end and reality begin. The only ones who can make a dent in Israel policy are the people of the USA when they wake up and see how Zionism is taking over to the point of humiliation and subversion of their democracy!

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
    • Here's how delusional and fanatical the majority at the Aipac Convention are: the vast majority cheered wildly when Susan Rice said that she's aware some at the Convention would be approaching Congress to try to put an end altogether to Iran's domestic program meant for peaceful purposes only and she meant to state this in the context that it's a totally unrealistic goal to have, but those Zionist idiots wouldn't let her go further and were cheering the fact that they think such a goal is achievable when she then went on to say it was not! This happened at least twice on another point as well. So this kooky choo-choo is being driven by a bunch of lunatics and they're in charge, everyone, and not even the President will stand in their way.

      Her speech was nothing more than a limp attempt at urging reason and was full of the usual ass-kissing platitudes and it's this apologetic attitude towards Israel that has created this insolent and out-of-control monster that makes irrational demands and shoves its toxicity through Congress.

    • some of it brazenly stolen from elsewhere around the world, including the Jewish community

      Can you provide proof of what was stolen from Jewish community and if Jews want to claim ownership of Jesus who was a Jew that's fine by me and then you can stake a claim to whatever artifacts relate to Jesus. I'm looking forward to that.

    • "reins"

    • Let's be clear: Netanyahu got a resounding standing ovation from the Zionist Jewish community at Aipac and because his ego is an endless insatiable pit of megalomania, he then called on Jews from many different states to show their support with applause! Let’s face it – you look at those multiple giant, surround screens, you look around that room and the asounting number of assets represented there, you hear the thunderous applause and you think – drunk on power.

      I'm tired of pretending that the situation is otherwise, but the majority of Jews support this sick ideology, Zionism, that is the primary source of the fatalistic War on Terror and every misguided, toxic foreign policy that the U.S. has adopted since GW Bush because they’re all hooked on the power show and it’s just too hard to let go even a little for everyone’s benefit. Selfish much? This destructive situation is irreversible thanks to Zionism. Zionism created the narrative, the policy and will create the catastrophic outcome as well. Zionism is a runaway, crazy train, loaded with fanatics on a suicide mission intent on taking all of us with them.

      Anyone who didn't speak out against Zionism at the top of their lungs is responsible. I am unforgiving on this point because ample proof has been provided for decades as to the destructive nature and path of Zionism. Palestinians aren't the only ones perpetually screwed by Zionism; we too are suffering the consequences.

      Because the War on Terror doesn't suffice, Netanyahu is painting Iran as a creature with Tentacles of Terror because we must be at war with ALL Islam, Sunni and Shia, to satisfy the bedrock of Zionism - Israel and bring on the clash of civilizations!

      When a foreign president can step over the American President and humiliate him to get his way; then you can believe that the U.S. has become Zionist-occupied territory and nothing will turn this around except a revolution. Netanyahu isn't going to be the PM of Israel because he already is the President of the U.S. that's how entrenched Zionism is in the U.S. and that’s how deluded with power Zionism is. So let Netanyahu be acting President because let’s be honest, Zionism has ruled here for years now. This will only get worse for everyone. And it will get worse because Jews who actually see Zionism on the path of destruction will let it happen because they hesitated to interfere in a significant way with this delusional power trip sourced by Zionism. Letting go of Zionism does not mean letting go of all that Jews have accomplished or acquired!

      The sky will not fall because you unloaded this millstone!

  • What we talk about when we talk about ISIS
    • I hope you're right, but all wars no matter how long end someday. But this War on Terror just seems to escalate devastating one country after another in the Middle East, and fuels seething resentment and chaos leading to more violence, and I have to ask: how will this end? And I don't see a good answer as long as we don't defeat the fear and loathing narrative that sustains this war and stop these multiple violent interventions that have caused so much destruction and killed so many. And because the guardians of the war on terror narrative are so powerful and so effective at brainwashing the masses, it seems pretty hopeless. Every year more countries on both sides get pulled into this War on Terror and that's not a good sign.

    • The U.S. crossed the Rubicon as far as ISLAM is concerned some time ago and there is no turning back. Islamophobia is on the rise in Western countries everywhere. The U.S. and Israel have claimed ownership to the War on Terror narrative and it is a terrible, racist and destructive narrative that won't change because together with the media, that they both control, they have managed to brainwash the masses with fear of Islam. Some might say the terrorists did this, but the terrorists are the primal reaction to U.S. and Zionist imperialism in the Middle East therefore the latter two are responsible and will be responsible for the catastrophic outcome for the rest of the world.

      ISIS is spreading not only among Muslims who are impoverished and disenfranchised in Western countries as our leaders claim, but among well-educated middle-class Muslims. How can that be? Simple. The destructive American/Zionist narrative driven by fear that is fueling Islamophobia on its way is what is inspiring Muslims of all classes to join the ranks of the Islamic State. Who can blame young people who are sick and tired of the destruction of their lands of origin and the humiliation against their people for risking all to participate in oblitering this threat? How can they see hope when Western masses are devouring this ignorant fear and hate narrative that has only caused destruction to their lands and people and made understanding and respect unattainable and non-existant? It is this narrative that has brainwashed the masses in Western countries that pushed them to this edge of despair and now our leaders are prepared to punish them further.

      But to make matters worse we have another Zionist narrative that will bring Muslims of all stripes Sunni and Shia to take up arms against us. This narrative is the ideological bomb that Netanyahu outlined at the U.N. that he intends to drop on Congress (pardon the imagery, but that's how I see it). I once stated that this man was the greatest threat to global stability and I meant it. This man is painting Iran as the great evil monster in the Middle East; as the source of all terror in the Middle East and is trying to convince the world that crushing Iran economically and militarily and humiliating and bringing to its knees a nation of 70 million will be to our benefit. Instead what it will do is turn yet legions of millions more Muslims (Shia Muslims) to retaliate in a way we haven't yet witnessed, and our leaders will be solely responsible. Netanyahu is determined to unleash his self-fulfilling prophesy! Netanyahu is right now spewing his toxic mix and spreading the other part of the fear and hate narrative that will cement our destruction. America's alliance with Zionism has lead to the toxic narrative, ideology and foreign policy whose destructiveness we are all witnessing and in my opinion this situation has become irreversible because we are in the minority and the mass ignorance created by this hate and fear mix will rule the day.

  • 'American Sniper' is an antiwar movie
    • @Krauss

      American Sniper is like that pop song Blurred Lines that also provoked a lot of controversy; pretending it glorifies women when in fact it objectifies women through light porn and through the lens of pure male fantasy.

      You can't BLUR the truth pretending it's art when in fact it's pure propaganda masquerading as art. I'm sure the best propagandists are those who most effectively disguise or blur their propaganda into art. The mere fact that there's controversy over it, doesn't necessarily make it art over propaganda! And I'm sure glad some of us see through that. As for making people think; uhhh, the jury's still out on that one. I'd like to poll what the American masses took from it, first. But I don't have to, I have a good idea most didn't see and even refuse to see what Phil believes he sees, and would ridicule it as unpatriotic. But no doubt Eastwood can bank on the latter having the last word.

      Either way though, he banks. When I think of this movie, I think this: Who took the bait and who didn't. It's obvious you're in: hook, line and sinker!

      In America where the art of manipulation is king; getting at the truth becomes not so much a question of seeing, but seeing through.

      The war industry, the Holocaust industry and Hollywood - all milking the suffering of others and blurring the truth together with propaganda that all too often passes for art.

    • Kyle didn't lose his soul in Iraq; he lost it in his own country, the USA, way before going to Iraq. The culture of hubris, war and military prowess is a culture devoid of conscience to begin with.

    • Really? But as I stated below, there is all kinds of pathos towards the wounded American soldier and practically nil with the massive destruction and loss of life caused by those soldiers and their healthy counterparts.

    • That man has done more damage to the American male psyche then Norman Mailer!

      I really like this analogy.

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