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  • Photo Essay: Scenes from the funeral of Khalid Mahmoud al-Jawabreh, 19
  • Video: 'I killed for you, with these hands!' cries Israeli veteran with PTSD
    • I want to feel pity for this man, but I can't, because he willingly went out with an occupation army on a mission to murder the legitimate occupants of land stolen from them and now these people are like fish in a barrel next door relegated to a concentration camp where children are continuously terrorized by this brutal occupier that this man served.

      This man was driven mad by the injustice and cruelty that is Zionism an ideology he willingly, knowingly embraced and this is the consequences as it should be, if there were real justice, for all who embrace Zionism. With Zionism the insane become sane when they wake up to the horror that is Zionism and are viewed as insane by their fellow Zionists in the room. This is the affliction of a man who suddenly grew a conscience and can no longer live with himself, with what he did and with those around him who are not yet cured.

      There is no cure for him; because he waited too long and did too much in service of Zionism. There is no cure for awareness. My advice to him would be: take their money and get out of that country! Go live elsewhere with normal people and maybe he'll find peace that way.

      If every Zionist suffered this traumatic awareness; it would be the end of Zionism but they checked their conscience at the door upon entering Israel.

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
    • So they detained over 100 Israelis after 9/11 who were part of a spy ring and that detail means nothing, right?

      So even if you wanna be naïve; at least admit it's sick to rejoice over terrorists targeting Western countries and people forced to jump out of skyscrapers to their certain death.

      When Zionists insisted on barging into that neighborhood; they knew perfectly well what they were about to unleash and today they still care squat about the consequences to everyone else!

    • Those happy Israelis didn’t pass the polygraphs. So months before 9/11 a wide-spread Israeli spy ring was conducting espionage operations in the U.S. and they didn’t know 9/11 was going to happen.

      So these Israeli movers were there to record something they didn’t know anything about. And they were smiling and hi-fiving each other over a tragedy they supposedly didn’t know was going to happen. And they didn’t know it was going to happen, why? If it was because they didn’t think those Saudis could pull it off, they sure were a little too excited with the outcome!

      If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck…it sure isn’t the hippo they pretend our lying eyes see.

      So the ADL rushed in to condemn Trump, but maybe Trump was just baiting and predictably they took the bait (methinks they doth protest too much over supposed Arabs celebrating an American tragedy.) So for now, maybe Trump stated Arabs were celebrating 9/11 just to see how skittish Zionists might get that he dared to bring this topic up and test how far AIPAC might jump.

      I kinda wish Trump could take this torment a little further with Zionist nervous nellies by threatening to take a peek inside the classified Pandora’s box, I mean banker's box...marked Israel: Top Secret.

    • So if information gathered on the Israeli spy ring is classified; then if Trump becomes President he can threaten to declassify the results of the FBIs investigation if AIPAC doesn't back him up. If anyone knows how powerful Zionists are and can air some of their dirty laundry it would be Trump since in his business and social circles he must bump into powerful Zionists all the time.

  • Obama can tie Israel's hands? 'Shtuyot!' says Aryeh King
    • ...or in King's (is that even a real name or just wishful thinking?*) case, they're called: pseudo-religious power fringes...or, look at me; can I be more authentically Jewish?; but to me he's just another low-life Zionist supremacist

      *Did he check to see if he's David's next of kin? No doubt if he did; it was the biggest letdown of his life.

    • This man disgusts me. This is a shyster peddling a religious Zionism when Zionism breaches so many laws secular and religious. Zionism is a con and a swindle against Palestinians and exactly the personification of this radical supremacist and the war crime of ethnic cleansing he can only dream of legitimizing.

      We are all pawns in his delusional mind's clash of civilizations that Zionism needs as a permanent cover for its crimes. We know what Zionism has planned for Palestinians; but we ignore what it has planned for the rest of us.

  • Kagan pushed regime change in Iraq, now says US must get over 'trauma' and do Syria
    • @Jon66

      Oh, you mean just like Israelis indefinitely purposely put the screws on Palestinians to inflame the Muslim world to blowback reprisal and then have everyone fighting Islam and neutralizing the neighborhood problem for Israel without any cost to Israelis?

    • And because some Israelis look like Arabs and speak the language; it's not too difficult for them to mingle with Arabs, gain their confidence, find out what they're up to and maybe get some collaborators.

    • The look of satisfaction:

      The men were taking video or photos of themselves with the World Trade Center burning in the background, she said. What struck Maria were the expressions on the men's faces. "They were like happy, you know … They didn't look shocked to me. I thought it was very strange," she said.

      Linkage to the PNAC agenda i.e. your problem is our problem therefore our goal is one:

      According to the police report, one of the passengers told the officers they had been on the West Side Highway in Manhattan "during the incident" — referring to the World Trade Center attack. The driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers, "We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem." The other passengers were his brother Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner and Omer Marmari.

      And who carries around $4700 in their sock??? And they were found with box cutters in their possession. It seems to me that box cutters were a little too popular that day and maybe these aren’t the only things linking these Israeli moving guys to the authors of 9/11.

      The look of satisfaction that the very credible witness Maria noticed on their faces brings to mind a certain banner that was strategically placed in a GWB photo-op statement on Iraq: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Only in the latter case it was far from the truth; in the case of 9/11 however the following questions are still with the jury:

      Did Israel know about the 9/11 plan before it happened? Were those Israelis merely satisfied bystanders or is there more linkage than a thought/premise common to both Kagan and one of those happy Israelis and the box cutters and is there more here than we know? Oh and one more question: who benefits?

      Netanyahu seemed to think Israel is 'benefiting from attack' as it 'swung American public opinion.'

    • Your description of Hillary is totally on point!

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    • Omg! Again, so many great articles on this site pulling me in and I wish I could comment on others and maybe I'll have the time but I really need to comment here now.

      First of all, Robert Kagan is an agent of Israel and every signatory on that letter with dual citizenship should be stripped of their American citizen. It's obvious, very obvious that Mr. Kagan here is being informed by Mr. Netanyahu to push this agenda as it represents the next PNAC stage the fulfillment of that lunatic plan to actually destroy the Middle East and destroy everyone else fighting Israel's wars and send of everyone else's children to die in those wars in pursuit of Israel's regional hegemony.

      And notice too this paragraph in Kagan's insane plan: What would such an effort look like? First, it would require establishing a safe zone in Syria, providing the millions of would-be refugees still in the country a place to stay and the hundreds of thousands who have fled to Europe a place to which to return.

      This is a man trying to fix the refugee problem that this U.S./Israeli/Saudi proxy war in Syria caused so that should a future election take place in the new utopian Syria, Israelis can be assured that Assad will be voted out of power by having the refugees return to ensure a Sunni majority, but on the other hand, Israel still denies the right of return for Palestinian refugees that would produce a Palestinian majority in Israel, and this is the height of hypocrisy and chutzpah. However it doesn't end here there's more to say about this insane delusional plan. For now I'll leave it at this.

  • Israeli police shoot two scissors-wielding Palestinian teenage girls, killing one
    • The Gush Etzion municipality announced today that Palestinians will no longer be permitted entry into the settlement, though a number of Palestinians are employed there.

      Oh good! That means the squatters have to clean their own toilets from now on.

  • Hillary Clinton equates ISIS and Hamas
  • Israeli troops detain and interrogate 6-year-old Palestinian boy in Bethlehem
  • Running for top UN job, UNESCO chief to appear at Zionist celebration on Capitol Hill
    • That's how Zionists will get to legitimize ethnic cleansing and Apartheid and drive the narrative.

      On another thread I wrote: Zionism is ubiquitous in Europe and the U.S.

      Ivri and his hasbarat friends will continue to scoff that it's all in my mind.

      But seriously, I've said many times the system is rigged against Palestinians; and this is yet more proof that Zionists cover every base that matters. Zionization is here. Maybe there's a parallel universe out with a planet earth that's still unpolluted; but alas, I'm dreaming and maybe we're all dreaming that Palestinians will one day be free of the scourge Zionism.

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • And to milk the Paris tragedy to score undeserved sympathy is even more insane.

    • First, I want to say: Wow! this site sure is prolific! and in touch with the pulse of the day. I had a tough time choosing where to comment; there are so many great articles lately!

      Second, I have to admit though; I am livid! I'm livid that this lunatic and other Zionist lunatics like him are stoking the Islamophobic hysteria that's manifesting itself after the recent attacks on Paris. So it begs the question: Who's really winning here: Zionists or the terrorists or do they have a similar agenda; to diminish our rights and freedoms and induce a clash of civilizations? Zionists want the rest of us to fight their war; to neutralize their neighborhood for them; because they want to keeping trying to fit that square peg into that round hole and draw us into their repetitive insanity for the sake of some delusional myth.

      Again, I grieve for the lives lost recently in Paris, Beirut and Russia that are the rising debt claimed by the war on terror and for the millions of refugees victims of this folly.

      It just boggles my mind how sheepish Western masses are in today's technologically-advanced, media-driven era. It's like someone screamed fire! and a mass stampede happened, but sadly, that's not all...

      Yesterday, we witnessed the height of all hypocrisy happening in the U.S. with 18 states stepping forward to slam the door shut on the massive exodus of refugees caused by demented U.S. foreign policy and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan (punishment for the deeds done by Saudis), Libya, Yemen by Saudi proxy and Syria destroyed by proxy but with U.S./Zionist interests intended.

      Millions of refugees have been and are being displaced by American weaponry; literally at the barrel of a gun. U.S. weaponry broke it in all those places and now, ironically, hypocritically, America refuses to shoulder any responsibility for this massive refugee problem so massive and unseen since the Indochine refugee crisis and WWII.

      I'm disheartened by the direction the human race is taking and appalled by Zionists milking this tragedy to gain sympathy for their crimes against the Palestinian people.

      I want to race to the highest peak and scream at the world: STOP!!! We are not evolving anymore! We are destroying everything of value we struggled for through the ages! We have lost touch with our spirit and our humanity and are surrendering our freedom and are driven by irrational fear and hatred.

      What is happening here; has the world gone crazy? We've been here before, after 9/11, and look how much we've lost since then? We learned nothing from that except fear and hate leading to war and destruction. Do we really want to surrender to the same madness again that robbed us of so much and continue down this dark path with no light in sight?

      I feel like I'm trying to forge ahead and everyone's running in the opposite direction as despair and misery for the most vulnerable grows everywhere.

      Stop!...rewind...restore sanity. Let go of the trauma generated by hidden, malevolent agendas, and let's go back to where we got lost; where we stopped evolving and take a different path; a more humane; compassionate and less selfish path. Let's be brave and choose leaders who think outside the box and don't try to keep us safe with more weapons; more war and more restrictions on our freedom and intrusive invasions of our privacy.

      Let's take a collective leap of faith together and defy the narrative of fear that the lunatic in the center of that photo with his arm raised in a gesture suggestive of supremacist ideology that he peddles to Western civilization as existential but will lead us over the cliff to certain destruction. Reject exclusive entitlement; and let him take that fall; while we take a different path for a change to benefit all humanity.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • I have to respond to my own post to make sense of the continuity here! Lol! I guess that's a good sign.

      Anyway @ Sibiriak, ivri, hophmi - 3 birds of a feather with one stone.

      A picture speaks a thousand words and today I found that picture on another site and dedicate it to the above hasbarats:

      link to

      But there's lot's more Zionist Islamophobic propaganda circulating around. Just wanted to give you a small taste of your truth.

      Shibiriak, and not only Western affinity with Zionism, but Western colonialism, imperialism, militarism and predatory capitalism

      -hmm, sure sounds like you're describing the vices of present-day Zionism.

      ivri - you're right, there are too many fools in this world right now; that's why we are knee deep in Zionist war shit; but here's the thing, not all of us are fools and you're the type that undermines and shades the truth by making the other think it's all in your imagination. Naw, my lying eyes don't deceive me; you Zionist hasbarats are controlling the narrative alright with help from your msm lackeys...for now.

      hophmi - coming from you, it's a badge of honor! Means I struck a real nerve - the truth hurts that way; or is it exposure?

      All this being said; it doesn't take much to resurrect historical fears; you Zionists should know, you're experts at milking certain historical fears with fellow Jews to keep them loyal to the Zionist cult.

    • @ JJ Your argument is so bitter and loaded with Zionist rubbish.

      I'm just glad there's yet one more anti-Zionist Jew that's on the side of justice and making the world a better place.

    • ...and I trust Chris Hedges!

      link to

    • You just don't get it -- Zionism IS the problem because it is widespread cultish supremacy; not your regular nationalistic garden variety.

    • I hate to say Trump was right but Bernie snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by having Hillary's back. He blew it, but then he would have ushered more of the same in regards to Zionism.

    • Excellent point/observation.

    • So thank goodness for the Internet! It's the internet that is exposing the msm as Zionism's lackeys and Israel as a pariah to the masses. The net is a nightmare for hasbara and Zionist pr. - poor things have to work harder every day--lolol! The internet is the place where the Zionist plan is being foiled; but action/protest must happen beyond the net. The net is good for exposing the crime of Zionism and getting the word out to as many as possible.

    • It's perfect.

      @ Donald

      It's not ISIS we should reach out to by first disengaging with Zionism; it's the rest of the Muslim world, or do you think they're beyond reach as well? The fact is that ISIS will have less and less recruits and the Muslim world against them when we start showing respect for Muslim lives and rights instead of parading around hypocrisy and double-standard humanity and offering Muslims only lip service.

    • The Plan is still on schedule despite the minor hiccup Obama and will be full speed ahead with Hillary at the helm, but both are just puppets for Neoconservative-disguised Zionism.

      The Zionist promoters of the Iraq War literally created the heir apparent to Osama-bin-Laden:

      Baghdadi fought in some capacity with Sunni militant groups after the U.S. invasion of Iraq but was arrested in 2005 and interred by U.S. forces at Camp Bucca, the main U.S. detention facility after the closing of Abu Ghraib. He wasn’t considered much of a threat and was released in 2009. The former commanding officer of Camp Bucca recently told the Daily Beast that when Baghdadi was released, he told his captors, “I’ll see you guys in New York.”

      link to

      Robert Kagan is one of the authors along with William Kristol of PNAC and author of the Benevolent Empire espousing the virtues of Imperial Supremacy but I have to wonder: is he really referring to American Imperialism or Imperial Zionist Supremacy? There’s going to be massive bloodshed before that benevolent empire is fully established.

      Robert Kagan is also a foreign policy advisor to Hillary Clinton and Kagan also serves on the State Department's Foreign Affairs Policy Board under Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.(source: wiki)
      No wonder things are screwed up under Obama with this fanatic influencing foreign policy.

      The Zionist Neo-plan will be carried forward by the corrupt two-party system.

      Translation: we're doomed.

    • If anyone wants to check out the perfect example of hasbara, ivri's comment is it. Always remember that what hasbara doesn't mention is always more important than what it does: Zionism is ubiquitous in Europe and the U.S. and resurrecting, inciting and pushing the historical agenda narrative: Islam; the enemy of Western civilization. And this is why this hasbarat had the cliché clash of civilizations handy to deflect attention from the narrative: Zionism Exposed.

      Because it's so much better when everyone else dies getting rid of Zionism's public enemy No. One. We're all being led inside Zionism's coliseum and the spectacle is called: Clash of the Christian/Islamic civilizations.

      Nice death trap we're being led into eyes wide shut on behalf of Zionism and the chosen, and still everyone prostrates before that altar, then rising up blindly step into the sacrifice.

      I can just hear ivri's teeth gnashing at the truth.

    • Chickens with an arsenal of hundreds of nuclear weapons. Zionism makes no sense; Israel is a cesspool of 'scuse my French: shit disturbance for the entire Middle East and as a consequence for all Western nations.

  • Today's a day to grieve for Paris, not score political points
    • First let me say this: All human life is important.

      While we grieve over the loss of French lives, let's belatedly grieve over the Lebanese lives that were lost and grieve as well for the 224 mostly Russian lives lost on Metrojet Flight 9268. These people didn't get buildings lit around the world in their memory or global candle light vigils, but they matter too.

      Until we start believing that we are a humanity here to make this world better for all; respecting nature and our differences and sharing without agendas the riches of the world with the less fortunate of the world then we will never have peace; we will be forever lost and removed from the path and glory that we were truly destined for.

      We all know the truth about what happened in Syria, Iraq, Libya and what is happening in Yemen. Several corrupt countries had an ulterior agenda that hastened Syria's destruction, but here is one image, that although lacking in the three most important players: the U.S., Saudi and Israel, it speaks volumes about the truth in Syria.

      link to

  • Rights Expert: Harsh interrogation of 13-year-old Palestinian boy 'may amount to torture'
    • I commented on this incident before and I can't stomach watching this again; this is a child prisoner of the occupation. This is child abuse and he's suffered enough for his young age. Damned Zionism!

  • Israel gets to use violence. Palestinians don't. That's the rule
    • To add to my reply to Rat...Z

      What I really meant to write in the last paragraph is that in 67 over 300,000 Palestinians were ethnically cleansed, only a fraction of these were allowed to remain to be ruled over with military oppression/occupation and the West Bank would not be returned without territorial compromise. In others words con, swindle and then the war crime of settlements began. Sinai was all that was Egypt! Some peace! Zionism is incapable of peace and in the case of Egypt - paying a corrupt military junta 1.5 billion to guarantee security for Zionism and subvert democracy in Egypt is NOT peace; it's called corruption and that's all Zionism is good for.

    • Ay-ay-ay! That's a whole lot of Ziopoop for just one hasba-rat.

      Please do not try to preach to me that the Palestinians are acting out in frustration. How'd you like close to 600,000 squatters parked in your back yard - that's LEGALLY yours!

      Following the 1967 war, Israel offered to return all captured land, including the Golan and Sinai in exchange for peace.

      But-but...the Golan and Sinai aren't Palestinian land, and even I'd take East Jerusalem over the desert any day! I wouldn't mistake that conjob for You must think Palestinians are born yesterday.

    • Should they act differently than any other society that has people coming at them with weapons? -

      Well missy, Palestinians have settler nutjobs coming at them with weapons every second day -- should they act differently???

      Stop squatting and pontificating.

    • Sad but true. Obama showed all his colors; and people just dreamed he'd take them back to Camelot; but that ain't never gonna happen. Camelot never existed - Kennedy was assassinated - and since then it's been one reality check after another after another and STILL people don't get what it's going to take:

      Revolution + third party.

    • Israel is not going away.

      So for now; can we settle for you...going away?

    • @amigo

      Are there holes in the wall? Is this site made of cheese? Every day there's a new one sniffing around. Must be something here that attracts them or are they suckers for punishment?

      Trap + cheese please.

    • It has made peace with the Egyptians (mostly), with the Jordanians (mostly) and with most other rational Arabs (mostly)

      Mostly, SHMOSTLY.

      Egyptians have their land! Jordanians have their land! Saudis have their land!

      You Zionists STOLE Palestinians' land! Try and swipe the Saudis land like ya swindled it from the Palestinians and we'll see how much PEACE you'll get--Hasbara shyster!

    • Ethnic cleansing combined with shoot to kill is the intended solution for the Palestinian problem.

      Zionism for Palestinians is like being trapped in a room where the walls are closing in on you; every time you have less space, no freedom and more despair.

      It's not rocket science and the bullshit Zionists peddle to hide the crime. THIS IS ZIONISM - entitlement based on an illusion for Jews; and perpetual oppression or death for Palestinians.

      That's all Zionism is.

  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • The Israel Lobby is hyper-extended. Poised to fall, it is.

      Yeah? In what year?

      Give me hope; but the two-party system is too corrupt to let that happen.

    • And by the way, the awkward chairs displayed the Prime Minister’s sizeable gut.

      He has a sizeable guy because he's gorging himself on the misery of Gazans that receive only the rations left behind; and that goes for Abbas as well!!

      Support for Israel is bound to come up in the 2016 primaries in a more urgent fashion than ever, and subjects like Palestinian human rights and Zionism will make it on to the nightly news. The real conversation has moved out of the margins.

      I don't want to burst your bubble, but have you seen the likely candidates on both sides??

      Shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinians we're gonna have to claw and scratch our way to justice, my friend. If ever there was a cause that grinds painfully slow and fine; it's this one, and you can thank your Jewish colleagues still clinging to their Zionism for dragging injustice out in perpetuity.

      All of us who care are in a way cursed; imprisoned in this cause right alongside the Palestinians as we have already invested ourselves in different ways, and even our own rights are being compromised, and maybe that's a good thing cause we'll all fight that much harder to bring Zionism down if only to be free of this agonizing frustration.

  • 'What I know is that I can't take it anymore': Palestinian woman killed by Israeli troops explains decision to carry knife to checkpoint in suicide note
    • OMG! This story deserves singular attention. I was moved to tears by this young woman. She knew they would kill her when they saw the knife. She didn't have mental issues -- this is what deep misery and desperation looks like!

      As I wrote in a previous comment here: death is the only freedom for Palestinians imprisoned under Zionism.

      When is this going to stop; when is the world going to shut this crime against humanity down?

  • 'It Has Become A Prison': The ghettoization of Hebron
    • Who can live like this? Yet another ghetto. A ghetto here, a concentration camp there; people living in tents in Gaza next to the rubble that was once their home. Human beings treated worse than animals. Children hunted down; abused, screamed at, slapped around in interrogation rooms, and another just 13 kicked while dying, and left to die on the public street while a Zionist shouts: Die you son of a bitch...die!. A child who only wanted to fight for his freedom is left to die this way. Death is the only way to freedom for Palestinians imprisoned in Zionism.

      Where is God? Come in please.

  • Saddam was just a 'neighborhood bully,' Netanyahu says-- 13 years after saying Saddam threatened 'security of our entire world'
    • Israeli Zionists and their neocon Zionist counterparts in America dragged us all into the gutter of war in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Syria and Yemen.

      A pox on them.

      - Let's not forget the successive bombing campaigns against Gaza; Israel's concentration camp; Israel's Warsaw ghetto; Israel's Guernica.

  • I went from Bar Mitzvah to BDS at Temple Emanu-el
    • I'm so glad that Rob stayed and graced that event with his presence. He's so refreshing; so genuine. I'm so proud of him! I feel like he secretly earned the respect of someone in that hall; someone who did not dare confess that he or she was actually moved by the courage and moral integrity of this anti-Zionist Jew who stood up for justice and humanity in an auditorium full of Zionists. What a beautiful image I have in my mind; what an example to set. Thank you for the hope.

      Now, I don't like addressing the likes of hophmi; but you know that when he poops all over a thread it's because Zionism just lost something it's never getting back and no matter how he spins it; how insignificant in the large scheme; it's gone.

      So had it all been a waste? Hell no!


  • Jewish American activists unfurl banner in support of BDS at the Western Wall
  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
  • Actions planned to protest Netanyahu's visit to Washington
    • Hopefully, everyone is getting the word out through other sites as well and sharing this information. Strength in numbers.

      The gall of this man asking for a handout from Obama after upstaging him with that speech to Congress.

      And as far as appeasement for the Iran Deal; hell no! No more Zionist blackmail.

  • 'Rule of law' in Palestine: an interview with jurist Cees Flinterman
    • Well it's confirmed. Israel is an Apartheid State violating the rights of a nation of millions of people. So where are the sanctions? Oh, that's right, the U.S. now pisses on human rights law as well and has the power to veto.

      This means that Israel and it's loving friend have no right to preach to any other country but are screwing every other country in the world that signed onto International legislation by pretending to be above the law, protecting each other and nullifying the vote of every other country. Niiiiiiice.

      So we live in a lawless, devolving world thanks to these two bastards.

  • Obama administration will do nothing for Palestinians through end of term
    • Two obvious reasons Netanyahu is warming up to Obama and Democrats again:

      1. $$$$billions
      2. He suspects Hillary's gonna win and needs her all in on Zionism. No problem there, but since he's in power for a while he's playing it safe ensuring the love's still strong. And of course he'll make sure she's well-funded by Zionist organizations along with the candidate on the Republican side who stands a chance at the nomination. Zionists cover both sides well.

      All proving--money talks.

    • Its force on Capitol Hill, in terms of lobbying, surpasses that of even AIPAC.

      Perhaps in terms of arms treaties and trade deals and treaties since the U.S. is the biggest weapons exporter in the world, but as far as the Palestinians, Iran and a lot of foreign policy issues relating to the Middle East, AIPAC is the one that steers this policy and no doubt Zionism has significant influence with the weapons industry since Israel is a highly-weaponized state and big client. So really you have to consider who's influencing whom to Lobby Congress on Middle East foreign policy, no doubt Zionists have the upper hand and the weapons industry in their pocket as well.

    • What hopes? I never had hope with this guy. You mean you actually fell for that hope-changey spiel?

      Obama's like a smooth-talking cad that's licking his chops and thinking: I'm gonna nail this one. He's a charmer; the worst kind!

      That's all he is, get over it - he never was the man of anyone's dreams. Everyone's been had - the air has left the balloon and it's a wrinkly blob on the floor of the convention hall.

      This is the American system. Revolution is change; not more political hacks and clowns with empty promises.

    • Obama's a political stooge in a suit with a suave veneer, a toothy charismatic smile, the better to fool, and zero guts - there's no integrity there and there never was. You've been duped from June 2008 when he pledged allegiance to the Lobby to be served in the WH instead of serving the people, everything after that was posturing for the cameras.

      Oh, and Hillary will be even worse; she doesn't even have to pretend: she's a hawk in love with Zionism.

    • So Obama is kicking the can down the road as every other administration kicked the can down the road, but they still want to be in charge of negotiations - and the definition of dishonest is? So I guess it's up to us to define what Zionism has always been and what it has constructed that Obama and his Zionism fawning Democrats pretend our lying eyes actually see today; APARTHEID. Because what we're witnessing is only in our mind and we're not being played here like violins.

      Because ultimately, Israelis and Palestinians need to believe that two states for two peoples is possible as part of a means of ensuring that you don’t have continued tension.

      Israelis don't give a shet about a future Palestinian state!! They're enjoying their own state with its privileges and entitlement that's swiping land every day from that future Palestinian state. Israelis are counting on the sham process and its perpetual postponement and could care less about Palestinian suffering! Israelis love being suspended indefinitely in their la-la land and will thank Obama for at least that when they're glad to see his backside and thinking don't let the door hit ya'.

      And a few hundred demonstrators will stand in for the American people’s rage and impatience with the special relationship.

      Sadly, true. What is really APARTHEID IN ISRAEL, will be dishonestly portrayed as yet another infinite delay in justice i.e. rights and freedom for Palestinians and Americans will go back to football and dipping chips.

      So Democrats will oppose the de-legitimization of Zionism; well then, that means we must work hard to ensure their opposition to justice is met with a tsunami of protest.

      Isn't it interesting that with such a dysfunctional Congress that can't agree on getting anything done; one thing they come together on is their bloated, undignified love for Israel. What does this tell you about the corrupt power of Zionism? For starters that a foreign protectorate has more influence over America's government than the American people themselves. It's confirmed; Americans are a lazy lot gulping the Zionist Kool-Aid voting the same ol' two-party system in Zionism's debt while their own rights and the viability of their own government go down the tubes.

      Two parties working in the interest of Zionism at the expense of Americans. Kiss away those 50 billion that Netanyahu wants and needs to also enslave another people in perpetuity.

  • Only way to save Israel is for US to get out of peace process -- Friedman of Peace Now
    • I agree that Liberal Zionists are desperate and scrambling at the 11th hour to rescue Zionism, and in this sense they deserve their self-inflicted penance of watching Zionism in the last throes of legitimacy led by Netanyahu and the settler ilk. Although, in my opinion Zionism never had legitimacy, but that's just me and others to whom moral integrity and justice really matters. But as far as legitimacy in the perception of those with lesser standards in interpreting the law; Zionism is turning the corner into illegitimacy, where its so-called democracy will be exposed as a fraud and where Apartheid will be the vernacular or customary definition of Israel's governing and social policy from which more vociferous condemnation will issue rather than the uncommon perception shared by Jimmy Carter and others at the time. Liberal Zionists should have heeded his warning and joined him in this criticism at the time, but instead they allowed him to be ridiculed and disparaged over it.

      Again, Liberal Zionists have not only severely harmed the struggle for Palestinians rights but in indulging and protecting their precious Zionism from criticism with all sorts of excuses for decades they have enabled facts on the ground and grave injustice that contributed in large part to the demise of its legitimacy.

      So GOOD! They deserve to be drowned out and outfoxed by the much louder and more radical comrades-in-arms.

      Liberal Zionists betrayed moral integrity and were shameless in their defence of injustice for way too long and this is the result they hastened by their own stupidity and selfish designs for shielding Zionism.

  • An answer to the security guard at Ben Gurion airport who demanded to know, 'Why do you have to go to Gaza?'
    • I'm writing this after my other comment and hopefully the other will be posted so that everyone can understand why I wrote what I wrote after the words one more note.
      It was definitely not to be mean, but even a hint of duplicity undermines the cause of justice.

      I understand that becoming an anti-Zionist is a process that requires an inner struggle; I get that. How can I express this? The Zionist left or what I loathe calling Liberal Zionism are to justice what a Band-Aid and antibiotic ointment are to...a cancerous tumor. Basically, these Zionists try to nurse (sorry, no pun or offense intended at all) a tumor instead of excising it, which is the only way to get to the healing process. It's not easy; but this excise an essential step, because without it nothing is possible.

      The damage that prolonged Zionist Left activism does is a conversation that needs to be had. It's unavoidable. In prolonging the inevitable through solidarity with the plight of Palestinians while continuing to indulge the notion of Zionism; these Zionists are allowing that cancer to metastasize with the passing of time by applying a dressing that only hides the truth. It's true that I have expressed contempt for Liberal Zionists, even if I know some mean well, and there are several reasons; but two that stand out for me are the following: First, Liberal Zionists are patronizing; they preach and talk down to Palestinians example: preaching that they should be ghandis while these people are being corralled and gunned down in checkpoints. Clearly these Zionists sense of entitlement is so second nature it taints their judgement and undermines everything good they attempt to do. Secondly, Liberal Zionists are great salespeople for Zionism; they color Zionism in a way that is so far removed from reality, common sense and historical fact that it insults anyone's intelligence. Here is how a Peace Now Zionist Liberal sells it: To me, being a Zionist means striving for a better Israel, doing everything to end the conflict between us and the Palestinians, thereby shoring up the legitimacy of the core Zionist concept: a state of the Jewish people in the land of Israel. The struggle for such a Zionism and such a state, it turns out, was not concluded in 1948; it continues in our own time.

      It's not the struggle for such a state that continues; it’s the misery and suffering it imposed on Palestinians that continues. The possibility of that better state never was and never will be a reality. What continues is the struggle for justice for the Palestinian people; in that I believe; but justice and healing can only happen if Zionism is defined for what it is and not what wishful-thinking Liberal Zionists pretend or hope it could be.

      She goes on to state: The connotation of the word Zionist is changing all the time. No it’s not! Zionist and Zionism have not changed one iota; because Zionism is what it is: a racist, ideology wrapped up in a myth of supremacy and exploiting the Holocaust which together constitute an impenetrable psychological obstacle for justice.

      link to

      You can’t redefine Zionism to make it sell better or infuse hope into something so flawed because this is dishonest and needlessly delays justice causing perpetual suffering. Let that hurtful illusion go so the healing can take place, excise Zionism already!

      I'm posting a link to EI of a discussion that occurred there after a rally organized in 2011!by the Zionist Left in Israel which I should say are not growing but disappearing as fast as an endangered species and this fact further corroborates how futile and dishonest is the aim of Liberal Zionists. So here we are 4 years later, and what some see as a third intifada underway, and STILL the Zionist Left continue to cling to and indulge their precious Zionism at the expense of a just and moral outcome.

      link to

      There is only one Zionism; a Zionism defined by Apartheid, Ethnic Cleansing and Destruction.

      Unless these so-called Liberal Zionists reject Zionism Palestinians will suffer indefinitely and face more death and destruction. Stop obstructing justice for Palestinians by pretending it's something you can make better in yet 4 more years! Let Zionism go, already.

    • Surreal, poignant and insightful reporting into the cruelty that is Zionism.

      Thank you for taking the time to record your experience after doing the work you do so well on behalf of Palestinians and especially in Gaza, a forgotten wasteland created by Israel.

      Thank you on behalf of those in this world that neglect and ignore the people of Gaza and on behalf of those who are just not able to do what you do.

      Thank you for doing your part in reporting what you experienced so that the world that's still ignorant can see and hopefully react and participate in the justice that your are helping to create.

      I was incredibly moved by your article. It baffles that some Israelis like that taxi driver play dumb to the hardship and injustice that their entitlement inflicts on Palestinians and pretend to be surprised to learn that the people of Gaza are human beings with human emotion and are actually nice people.

      I felt transported to Gaza; I felt the warmth that you felt there and the incredible resilience Gazans have that still gives me hope for those people whose courage and resilience inspires me every day in the face of my own personal struggles.

      I'm sure you realize that the reason you were subjected to such preposterous harassment by Israeli security is because they want to intimidate, bully you against reaching out again to the oppressed in Gaza; Israel's open air concentration camp. If they could, they would find a way to keep you from returning to Gaza; but thankfully they could not deny you that right.

      Frustrated, she threw up her hands and point blank asked me, “Why do you go to Gaza? You can go anywhere else. Go to Africa or something. Why do you have to go to Gaza?” - I took a deep breath, filled with the utmost love for a place I have only just gotten to know, smiled, and told her, “Because this [Gaza] is where I wanted to go.” --EXACTLY! Because it's your right and they can bully you but they can't deny you your rights as they do with Palestinians, although they're trying very hard to lobby for laws in the West to stop activism for Palestine.

      Keep on doing the amazing work you do.

      One more note, and regrettably I must bring this up.: I learned of at least one Zionist and maybe there are others who work with the same organization you are part of, and although I commend his efforts; please convey to him that nothing good has come from Zionism and nothing good will ever come from it and that if the devastation he witnessed in Gaza that is Zionism's cyclical, systematic destruction and if proof of decades of ethnic cleansing, targeting civilians, hospitals, children, decades of gradual theft of Palestinian land and contamination of Palestinian land and water and torching and destruction of their livelihood is not enough to convince this person that Zionism is a destructive ideology and entitlement, then his efforts with your organization are not only self-defeating because his entitlement under Zionism is contributing to this injustice, but also hypocritical and will never cleanse him of what Zionism has done on his behalf and on behalf of other Jews. Especially as a witness to the crimes and injustice of Zionism he has a moral responsibility to reject Zionism and the entitlement that comes with it.

    • Oh don't get your britches all rumpled! If Gaza had sovereignty over its legal territory, it could have its own AIRPORT and you wouldn't have to get all hot and bothered because your border security are behaving like regular Nazis and have to waste time interrogating the wonderful people who visit the human beings you have locked up in your open air concentration camp next door!

  • The Case for Parallel States: Excerpt from 'One Land, Two States: Israel and Palestine as Parallel States'
    • Please post my edited comment and not the other.

      There are several things that bother me about this plan. I know you mention that it would be up to the parties to agree on punishment for crimes committed; and obviously the greatest crime of all was the Nakba; but there were many others successive and cyclical massacres, demolitions, land theft, destruction of farmland and orchards and a slew of other crimes including the collective punishment of Gaza's civilians and it's laughable to think that Zionists would even consider admitting to such egregious crimes, which IMO include war crimes and crimes against humanity, or suffer whatever sentence, punishment or penalties are imposed on its future parallel state, and this is an essential criteria for such a plan to work, because it deals with assuming responsibility for serious crimes, the law/justice and the healing process. So right off, Zionists have to sacrifice something big for this plan to be realized.

      You can't just give Zionists everything they want; a Jewish State and not have them pay that price; that's fantasy.

      Another thing that bothers me is how you suggest the RoR of Palestinian refugees be handled; that there aren't enough resources for everyone, bla-bla-bla. When I speak of justice for the worst crime suffered by Palestinians, the Nakba, I mean Zionists have to give up something very big, not just count on their friends in the U.S. and Europe to open their doors to these refugees. No way! First of all, why should Europe always be the one to bear the burden of America's and Israel's failed, and unjust policies? Already they're taking in Syrian and Iraqi refugees by the tens of thousands when the U.S. and Israel had a hand in what is happening in Syria and what happened in Iraq! So forget Europe. It would have to be the U.S. that absorbs the largest quota of Palestinian refugees and one can't ask Jordan, Lebanon and other countries in the region because they did their part for decades, and besides, Palestinians would end up being second class citizens there or worst and why should they resign themselves to such a fate when their rightful land and their full rights are next door? That ain't gonna happen!

      So the RoR is a big obstacle to your plan, because one can't just ship them around like cargo; these are the victims of the Nakba; they deserve much better.

      I find your plan to be so unrealistic; even more unrealistic than a one-state and two-state and much less just if each of the other plans were achievable through pressure and your plan suffers from the same flaw: pressure must be applied against Zionists to achieve this. So if that's the case why not apply that same pressure towards a plan that is more just to Palestinians?

      Finally, and I haven't really studied your plan in detail but my sense here is that this plan has another flaw that can't be by-passed. The fact that Zionists have achieved so much wealth/power both in Israel and especially in the U.S. and because the U.S. government is so corrupt and biased in favor of Zionism, any point of conflict and misunderstanding would be a disadvantage for the Palestinian side and a loss for them, because you know and I know that Zionists will exploit the weaknesses that Palestinians have accumulated in not having been allowed to experience sovereignty when Zionists have acquired decades of experience to milk the situation in their favor.

      Zionists will exploit Palestinians in so many ways that will disgust me even more because Palestinians will have given up so much that they fought and struggled and died for to accept an unknown system that doesn't privilege them in any way because Zionists are way more cunning and ruthless from years of experience, and as I mentioned, having powerful allies they will always have the upper hand.

      So my last point is that I feel that not only is this plan patronizing to Palestinians but in fact it seems to me that it actually will end up ripping them off. Don't make your naivite their loss.

      Your plan would work in a perfect world, but then in a perfect world there would be no need for it.

      There is no plan where justice is no factored in and Zionists are running from justice because they feel entitled to what they have done.

      So I say we apply pressure on Israel so that real justice can happen and we all know what needs to happen.

      Oh and another thing, now that we are so close to the de-legitimization of Zionism where Zionists are going to have a lot of explaining to do; why on earth would we give them a way out that will benefit them? Why not watch Zionism sink into this Apartheid and then slap the sanctions, because there is no way the Western world should or will tolerate another Apartheid state. There is too much to gain from Israel's downward spiral, and I don't write this lightly. I'm sickened by the suffering I'm witnessing and proud of the courage and resilience Palestinians are demonstrating. Zionists brought this outcome on themselves with their greed, depravity and corruption and now they must correct what they have done and pay a price.

    • Yeah, like you want any other solution than the large one you and your comrades are indulging in right now.

  • Beinart says 'Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed' with Palestinian violence
    • Martin Luther King quoted the French writer Victor Hugo as saying, “If a soul is left in darkness, sins will be committed. The guilty one is not he who commits the sin, but he who causes the darkness”….

      And today’s Palestinian terrorism is a monstrous, demented response to Israel’s denial of basic Palestinian rights.

      Either you accept the truth; or you don't. Monstrous is the one who causes the darkness.

      If you put a man in a cage for decades and subject him to deprivation; you really want to turn him into an animal, don't you? The larger responsibility failed from day one. Now you're faced with opening the cage and risk getting bitten; or letting him die in that cage. What a shameless; immoral predicament Zionism is - Catch 22!

      Quit selling Zionism.

  • Hillary Clinton promises to invite Netanyahu to White House in her first month
    • @Mooser

      As I stated, I don't agree with everything; and I don't like to think of Libertarianism as strictly right wing either even if Libertarian candidates have made the mistake of running within the Republican party.

      Anyway, regarding Civil Rights: if the Constitution is adhered to, all Americans are equal; and it is in non-adherence to the Fourteenth Amendment that a serious problem arises. The real problem is that the Constitution is not enforced as it should be. Secondly, I believe that what true Libertarians disagree with lies not in that all men are equal, it's the notion of exclusivity which is in fact a form of discrimination because exclusivity singles out one group for exclusive protection and entitlement, when in fact everyone should be protected equally and entitlements should be for all or none.

      Again the real problem is that laws and authority should conform to the Constitution; that people should be equal in every way and especially under the law. So therein lies the problem; non-adherence to the foundation of all law results in discrimination, and really the solution should not be to create yet another form of discrimination through exclusivity but to ensure that Constitutional law dominates always and for everyone equally as stated.

    • Should have googled name. It's a pity that the name was adopted by Libertarians because, they can't seem to get their act together and this limits the scope of what that name could represent, although I do like quite a few Libertarian ideas in that they very much challenge the status quo.

      For instance, non-intervention in foreign conflicts, balancing foreign relations, no to NWO, abolishing certain trade agreements, withdrawing from NATO, although I don't think withdrawing from the U.N. is a good move, but a lot of their foreign policy ideas like cutting foreign funding and reducing military presence/bases are good things, and I very much like defense of constitutional rights with the exception of unregulated gun control; so I don't agree with everything and there are some Libertarian politicians I don't like, but I do think that a radical change is needed and a 180-degree change in foreign policy will be required and believe the U.S. needs to rediscover itself based on the wisdom of some of its founders.

      The idea of slimming down government bureaucracy to cut down on corruption, and reducing military presence/bases in the world while still promoting fundamental American values of freedom equality and human rights is good, although Libertarians tend to overlook social justice sometimes which includes programs for the poor and disadvantaged Americans; so there should still be a balance between taxation and support for Americans who struggle socially so completely doing away with taxation might not work, although a lot of military and big government spending could be redistributed to: education, retirement and healthcare.

      So although there's a good base to work with there, Libertarians don't have it all together and to succeed they need to amalgamate basic Liberal and Conservative principles into their platform to draw a wider public, and that's why they can't get off the ground, but a lot of their ideas make sense. An America First Party, should have the best of two sides, minus foreign influence and political corruption and of course totally reconstructing a new foreign policy.

    • One more thing: vote for Hillary and give her one year--BDS will be illegal and maybe even criminal.

    • They have one big thing in common: two hawks of a feather.

      Iraq anyone?

    • According to Zionism you're not a real Jew unless you're a Zionist; sigh! if only it were written somewhere that if you're a Zionist; then you're not a real Jew.

      What is Zionism?:

      link to

      I'll answer Cole's question: It's a political cult and a religious cult intertwined to make up one super-supremacist ideology milking the myth and the Holocaust. So it's a cult that really does a number on your mind exercising the ultimate control. It's a kind of Super Cult working two channels.

      Here's a line I really enjoyed: Jefferson advocated an American revolution every 25 years, which would have gotten him in trouble with today’s FBI. Etc.

      Americans are due for a Revolution to end all revolutions, oh, and so are Jews!

    • Here's what I don't get, tiny countries have more than two parties, heck, some countries have 10 Parties and it's actually exciting, no one's too big for their britches. Isn't insanity doing the same old thing over and over and getting nowhere? The United States of America with close to 319 million people can't get a third party off the ground to blow away the two-party rut??? People on the right and the left just cry in their soup all day long buaaaaah! who can fix this broken corrupt system???, and then these lazy couch potatoes throw their arms up in despair and just do nothing but watch football and Viagra commercials all weekend long!

      Americans are so politically-obsessed, bananas for gotcha debates where the corporate clown gets the ratings, and gaga for cable news political hacks spinning the same corrupt narrative round and round, but no one steps up to the plate to challenge this corrupt two-party system!

      How about a Party dedicated to the American people for a change and not foreign Lobbies and Zio-lib-cons same thing and corporate masters?

      How bout a Party with a name like: the America First Party! where everyone is celebrated with fair representation: Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Native Americans...the whole tapestry, for a change!

      And how about an anti-Zionist Jew as the nominee? How about a catchy slogan, like: A CHANGE IS COMING! Know anyone who could get such a Party off the ground? Quit crying, get excited, get creative and quit voting the two-party fraud!

      Hey 318.9 million! Get off the couch and start a Revolution for a change! It's either that or the same ol' tired faces dancing across your screen on strings tied to the Lobby at the top that's busy whittling away at the Constitution and American identity.

      War in Syria, la-la-la, 2, 3, no...4 more years in Afghanistan, back to Iraq, bomb-bomb Iran, Palestinians are terrorists; so let's legalize...Apartheid???, 5 billion to Israel, pennies for Americans, another Cold War with Russia AND China, more trillions needed for fake security that your great grandchildren will pay one day while they stand in the soup line. Is this the drone you want to hear for the next 8 years??? It's getting dark again...Hillary's a hawk who can't wait to be served peach cobbler in the White House while Gaza starves and Operation...Iron Fist decimates another quota and Trump wants to rule like a monarch and let the little people eat CAKE!

      8 YEARS OF DARK MISERY AHEAD and 318.9 million people can't do a damn thing about it.

    • ...for Zionism.

  • The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid . . . but where does the money really go?
    • Thanks to that limp noodle Obama; criminals in the U.S. get busts and statues like in Israel instead of being investigated for their war crimes, and in Israel they're a step ahead: they make terrorists P.M.s, name streets after terrorists and build shrines for them.

    • Netanyahu is asking for a 50% increase in U.S. aid:

      link to

      And do you know why Egypt is second in line in receiving U.S. funding?

      Here's just one reason: Egypt is collaborating with Israel to build a seawater canal on Gaza's border to destroy Gaza's tunnel economy. Lately Egypt has been flooding Gaza's tunnels with seawater and this is adding to environmental problems in Gaza.

      Israel's repeated cyclical bombing campaigns have already severely damaged water facilities in Gaza that cannot be adequately repaired with the blockade that Israel has imposed on Gaza.

      Now the flooding of the tunnels by Egypt with seawater is contaminating aquifers and crops and there is also concern that sinkholes will appear in areas of Gaza neighboring the border with Egypt. Already farmers in the area are said to be negatively impacted.

      As if the people of Gaza haven't suffered enough! Zio-al-Sissi has joined forces with Netanyahu and no doubt he's being handsomely rewarded for this treachery!

      Here are some links regarding the seawater flooding and the building of the canal on Gaza's border with Egypt:

      link to

      border:link to

      link to

      There's just no end to the suffering the people of Gaza are forced to endure in between Israel's devastation of their infrastructure with bombing campaigns.

      The U.S. is really funding crimes against humanity.

  • Bloomberg's int'l editor to host event on 'incredible courage' of Israeli soldiers (including Netanyahu)
    • They spotlight some of the soldiers and top commanders from Israel’s past and present—including Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, the brothers Netanyahu.

      War criminals!

  • Detaining Dreams: an interview with Yazan Meqbil
    • I always say that if by relentless injustice someone forces another to defend himself with some form of aggression than the former has condemned himself, but if with injustice he forces a child who dreams of something better to the depths of such despair then forgive me if I must revert to the following adapted to the context here:

      And everyone who commits an offense against one of these little ones who believe in me [in this case who dream], it were profitable for him that a donkey's millstone would be hung around his neck and he be sunk in the depths of the sea.

      So when Zionists state that the Palestinians want to drive them into the sea; this is false, because in actual fact Zionists condemn themselves to a fate of their own making with the injustice they inflict especially on these children.

  • PLO report: Israel killed 73 Palestinians in October
    • So the settlers are not only violating International Law; the Geneva Conventions by squatting on stolen land; now add multiple acts of terrorism to that, but wait--Israel was founded on acts of terrorism and terrorists became Prime Ministers and settlement streets are named after terrorists. It's official - it's state-sponsored terrorism.

    • You can always count on the hasbara squad to try and fudge the truth; but they still don't get it: it's the Occupation, Stupid!

    • Your lies fall on deaf ears.

  • Antipodean Update
  • Glen Weyl's agonizing journey to boycott the country he loves
    • :)) I enjoy reading you too.

    • Very well put. If he's as brilliant as he is on paper; he'll realize eventually that he'll have to let go to be an asset to real justice. His infatuation with Israel and the entitlement that Zionism offers together are really a millstone for his conscience and moral integrity.

    • Lolol!


    • You're quoting Jesus now! You're right in this. He wouldn't reject a work in progress.

      But this didn't stop Jesus from trying to save this work in progress with the truth, and often...the truth hurts.

    • A couple of days ago I wrote the following:

      Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, children mutilated, deprived and traumatized, born into military captivity and as refugees throughout decades so these entitled Jews can feel wistful about a land inhabited 3,000 years ago by some tribes who happened to share the same religion they practice and that’s it.

      I was precisely referring the type of Jew like Mr. Weyl. This is not a case of that the rock has not finished its tumble down the hillside. This is a case of one step forward, two steps back and he'll never let go of his precious Zionism. The power and entitlement that Jews enjoy with Zionism is irresistible and therein lies the moral issue and this is why it must be wrapped in victimhood, because it helps to deceive and forget how much suffering it causes others.

      I almost choked when I read In the Israel of David Ben-Gurion, the Israel I have loved... How can he say this? He wasn't even born or living then! If he were honest with himself he would have written instead: In the Israel of David Ben-Gurion, the Israel I could never have loved, when Ben-Gurion obsessed over the expulsion of the Arabs; repeating that expulsion was necessary for the creation of a purely Jewish state that he didn't see anything immoral in compulsory transfer; a euphemism for what really happened. Ah the days of Ben-Gurion, the authoring of Plan D, blueprint for the Nakba, and lots of lovely massacres like Deir Yassin that got rid of hundred of thousands of Palestinians!

      This is an intelligent Jew or Zionism dumbs down intelligence?

      Weyl should lose his wistful gaze into the xanadu Zionism of yore that never was and stare reality in the face: Zionism was a black pit of destruction then; same as it is today. Zionism was bad to the bone from day one; it was racist then; it's racist now, and it only got worse with U.S. funding and advances in military technology!

      We don't have a prayer with this wishy-washy kind of commitment to justice and humanity.

  • Park Slope Food Coop censors letters on BDS
    • Just like blood diamonds were banned by many Western Countries and by U.N. Resolution so too should the global community outlaw products produced by a racist state that oppresses people, occupies illegally, torches the livelihood of the oppressed and violates the Geneva Conventions with illegal settlement expansion and collective punishment and that has and is violating a slew of U.N. Resolutions.

    • Zionists are trying to get Western governments to criminalize BDS:

      link to

      This is a threat to everyone who believes in justice. BDS is not hate; injustice is hate.

  • 'The Palestinian body finally achieves the approving gaze of the settler'
  • Ghada Karmi comes to New York and DC
    • She's a lovely woman and I applaud all your awareness-raising efforts. Much success with this and every event you help organize and participate in on behalf of justice for Palestinians.

  • 'Why I am a Zionist'
    • As a liberal and a Zionist you have a real moral dilemma there; and we don't need to know all the detailed, personal history of every Zionist who pretends to be a liberal; I think we've heard just about every excuse in the book; you guys sell it very well or at least you try to. I don't think this is a psychologist's cabinet either if you get my drift and if it's empathy you're after, mine ran out after your Zionism gased a baby.

    • Because Zionism creates a serious moral contradiction, is infused with hypocrisy and liberal Zionists are all afflicted with an identity crisis they're in denial about.

      But then this doesn't exonerate them; on the contrary, they are much more guilty than their rightist Zionist counterparts because they're not only willing participants with eyes wide open; they are Zionism's best salespeople; Zionism's PR department and this obviously includes whitewashing, explaining away and skimming over the crimes of Zionism.

    • This was really painful. Is it my imagination or did this feel like deliberate chastisement? Did anyone else feel like they were being dressed down a level or reined in by the moral rectitude of Jewish self-pity or again am I just imagining this? Reading those excerpts, I had to hold my nose the whole time and find hard to describe the retching compulsion their repulsive self-indulgence provoked in me. I feel like I need a complete mind, body and spiritual detox in having ingested this noxious Zionist hasbara cocktail.

      After being exposed to the perpetual suffering that Zionism systematically inflicts on Palestinians on a daily basis; this experience was really insufferable. So obviously this cannot be the anecdote. These Zionists are so self-absorbed, so deluded or wanting to delude; they offend our intelligence. I'm not sure of the rest of the context that surrounds each excerpt but there is not one mention of P-a-l-e-s-t-i-n-i-a-n-s and their suffering in any of these Zionist comments. I can't tell you how ignorant they sound to me. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed to satisfy Zionists' need for a back-up, alternative homeland on reserve. Tens of thousands of homes were destroyed, children mutilated, deprived and traumatized, born into military captivity and as refugees throughout decades so these entitled Jews can feel wistful about a land inhabited 3,000 years ago by some tribes who happened to share the same religion they practice and that's it. Ludicrous!

      Zionists should not be indulged in any way and they’re totally undeserving of our pity! I find Annie's analogy with a vacation home or backup homeland very appropriate, but we all know the objective is more depraved; it's a question of amassing power by means of holding on to a protectorate that they’ll only visit and never, ever permanently move to but are reserving with hordes of settlers they can’t even stand intellectually or socially relate to!

      Jews are not only not the primary victims today; they're not today's victims period! This is a hoax and a sham pretext just like the sham peace process; a cover for solidifying facts on the ground. I mean Jews have never experienced more protection, influence and affluence in their millennial history. The only threat to Jews today is ZIONISM and the crimes it’s committing and the antagonism these crimes ignite! Their peril is self-created by their association with Zionism and mostly it's a propaganda tool for Zionists.

      And to think that a Palestinian boy was tortured, forced to drink petrol and then set ablaze so that these entitled pseudo-victims, deluded Zionists could hang onto a vacation resort reserved by Zio-hooligans and squatters, and lock in land that they'll never use, that’s being sustained by an unrelenting crime against humanity sickens me to the core. This bunch are but the real gatekeepers of a crime only they can sell best, and in the meantime another Palestinian child is born in a refugee camp or ghetto with no rights whatsoever stripped of his or her only, legitimate homeland.

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • And we all know that when Israel is the caretaker of video footage events don't always end up appearing as they actually happened; Mavi Marmara and bombing of Al Wafa Hospital case in point.

    • So it's true. It appears that an Israeli border police cop went bonkers or just couldn't keep it quiet anymore and was subsequently temporarily suspended for threatening the occupied in the Aida ghetto through a loud speaker with what the majority of Israelis are wishfully thinking.:

      link to

      Must be something in the vino Zionists are drinking lately. As if we didn't know what's really on their minds and what the plan has been all along; they've just been executing it slo-mo, but the intent is unmistakeable.

      This guy will get a shrine, and be showered with flowers when he returns to his settlement.

  • Shoving of SJP activist seen as part of campaign of ‘intimidation’ on campus
    • @Max Narr : While I fully support shoving anti Israel activists and stopping them by any means. I am willing to mute my firm belief in my comments.

      Of course you are willing to mute what you really think, but humor me: what do you mean by stopping anti-Israel activists by any means?

    • narr can hang his thug flag for all to see.

      I.D.'d. Good.

    • Of course we're going to see more and more of this happening; because our own rights are becoming inextricably tied to the rights of the Palestinians whose cause we have chosen to shoulder with them. There are those even in our government and schools who will try to undermine these rights because this cause for justice for Palestinians threatens the very powerful.

      We've not yet seen the worst. Look at what student activists against the Vietnam war were subjected to.

      We cannot surrender to harassment and intimidation. Courage and persistence is what we must arm ourselves with. Injustice cannot prevail ever anywhere, so we must continue to denounce, condemn and record this growing injustice wherever and whenever it rears its ugliness here and in Israel until all eyes are wide open.

    • Helloooo...calling moderation, come in please.

    • Before cell phones the truth had more power because people would rely on red flags, indices, intuitive perception and moral integrity. Now, that we have become dependent on video footage, the truth is disabled by our inability to recognize it when it's staring us down.

      Since, it's hard to turn back the clock on this one, regrettably I must agree that we have become trapped in technology and must therefore rely on cell phones and surveillance everywhere. This is what we've become.

  • Rightwing Israelis celebrate murder of a Jewish activist (and NYT won't tell you so)
    • Regarding the offensive comments made by radical Zios; Pk take note: Hmmm, first of all, were all those comments authored by radicals? If 80% of Israelis want Netanyahu to mow the lawn again, because Palestinians are fighting for religious freedom i.e. respect for their places of worship and especially freedom from oppression, then IMO, the majority of Israelis are radicals, and I'm not sure if all those offensive comments were made by tattooed neo-Zio types. Can anyone conclusively prove they were?

      Secondly, there's an expression: if you lie down with dogs; you wake up with fleas (and I'm not referring to keeping company with Palestinians here - I'm referring to embracing the privileges i.e. perks of a supremacist ideology by living in an ethnically-cleansed settlement with other Zionist squatters.). Again, either you have moral integrity or you become the author of your downfall.

      Of course, those Zio radicals obviously see Lakin as a traitor to Zionism; but again IMO he was really betraying his own ethical/moral code by choosing to live in a settlement built on the suffering of Palestinian refugees and I don't care if he was preaching peace and love to high heaven; he was still benefitting from a crime of the past and a crime happening around him in the present called, Zionism.

      This article says he was murdered, his family says he was butchered by Palestinians and I say that Palestinians have been murdered and butchered for decades into the present just because Zionists want to keep enjoying the privileges of Zionism and no self-righteous Liberal Zionists bothered to write in honest terms that Palestinians were butchered so that Zionism could prevail and Zionists like them could steal and enjoy Palestinian land. Just like there is no such creature as a Liberal Zionist; there is no Zionist dove of peace or a Zionist binational utopia in the works. So to try to delude Palestinians while your squatting on their land knowing that utopia ain't gonna happen under Zionism growing more radical by the minute is beyond hypocritical and cruel and playing the legal owners of that land for suckers!

      No Jew with an ounce of moral integrity should give an ounce of support to Zionism that has already proven what it really is. Zionism is what we are witnessing and not what the holier-than-thou breaching Geneva Conventions pretend it to be. Zionism will destroy itself maybe regrettably after we're all gone, but I have no doubt it will and we all know why. Lakin was a victim, not exclusively of Palestinian violent resistance; not even to a degree of Zionist extremist hate but a victim of Zionism and self-delusion first that he willingly chose to embrace by making Aliyah to land ethnically cleansed and violently usurped and still being cleansed and usurped in defiance of the Geneva Conventions and a multitude of laws!

      Again, who is the most guilty, the one who commits the act of violent resistance, or the one who forced another to commit such violence by embracing an injustice, a warped ideology that has left only a trail of destruction behind it and that denied the other and generations before him justice, humanity and dignity?

      Conclusion: Zionism destroys everyone in its path and thus we must and should conclude it is pure evil and Lakin should never have tried to preach that it could be something different other than what it has already proven itself to be and what the government of Israel and the majority of Israelis want it to be. I really believe that Zionism was created with a self-destruct mechanism, and it's going in exactly the direction it was destined to go: self-annihilation.

    • He loved the Arabs and this is what he got.

      I don't usually stoop to acknowledge pure hasbara; but I think I should address this grotesquely hypocritical comment.

      First, they are P A L E S T I N I A N S; got that? They're living in P-a-l-e-s-t-i-n-e.
      Second, any Zionist who pretends to love Palestinians should get off their effing land first and honor those Palestinians killed and ethnically cleansed in the illegal land grab.
      Third, until the state of Israel officially declares a binational state or hauls those hundreds of thousands of squatters off Palestinian land beyond the green line; then Zionists have no right or business trying to preach peace to those they consider heathen who are really the legitimate owners of such land and are intelligent people who were not born yesterday.

      Now go peddle your hasbara with some dumb sucker.

    • I agree 110% with the above comment: How can a peace activist live on occupied land in a neighborhood where most of the streets are named after Zionist terrorists who drove hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into exile??? Does anyone not see incongruous hypocrisy all over this? How could he preach anything or pretend to be part of the solution living in settlement units on OCCUPIED land stolen and taken away from others by violent force?

      I mean I don't want to denigrate the man now that he's deceased but you can't preach without moral INTEGRITY. It's ludicrous; come on! Who was he trying to kid; when Zionism is totally against a bi-national state. I'll assume it was only his conscience he was really trying to kid; I don't care how many peace symbols he doodled!

      Pardon the analogy, (it's only symbolic) but I couldn't think of another that really captured the height of such hypocrisy.: If you're a priest living with prostitutes in a brothel, don't be surprised if you're mistaken for a jon or worse yet -- their pimp!

      And like JK; I don't advocate violence; but I'm also nobody's fool. If you want respect; respect yourself. I could never respect myself, let alone preach anything or feel I had the moral authority to do so if I lived in Lakin's neighborhood.

  • On 'incitement'
    • @pabelmont

      Do you not understand that propaganda has negative connotations as being something that is exaggerated or even fabricated to sway public opinion?

      You should have written something like: If the truth about Israel's practices or reality that Palestinians are suffering are exposed, as you say, loudly and widely then this will become well known and reach a wider public. But I really don't like the word propaganda used in regards to the Palestinian experience because it cheapens and diminishes it.

      Propaganda is how I would define Zionist hasbara, actually they're almost synonymous in my opinion. So again, it's not a good idea to reference the Palestinian experience as being propaganda. I don't think I can explain it better than this except to say that it sounds awful and does Palestinians a disservice.

    • Sure and I assumed such solutions in my comment, but I'm warning that nothing will be possible if we don't stop our Western leaders and legislators right now from trying to use unconstitutional measures like resolutions with contrived arguments to obstruct our ability to promote justice for Palestinians and condemn and sanction Israel's actions and believe me it's already happening in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain and France. If our leaders are trying to undermine our rights to stop us from mobilizing in different ways to help Palestinians then we need to attack their strategy as being unconstitutional or hypocritical and discriminatory right now or we will soon be rendered powerless to help. This is a situation that is much worse than South Africa was. South Africa didn't have the powerful network of lobbies, hasbara and Western government and media gatekeepers that Zionism has. Again I'm warning of how governments in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Britain and France are going to derail our efforts by trying to make it a crime to condemn Zionism.

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