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  • Netanyahu's 'ethnic cleansing' video earns strong rebuke from State Department
    • Netanyahu is as evil as Zionism. Only a demented despot would twist the truth the way he's doing in that video. Sick.

  • Dozens of Spanish cities declare themselves ‘Free of Israeli Apartheid’
    • Why do Zio-supremacists hate Jews so much?!

      Because once their self-fulfilling prophecy materializes, then they can justify their crimes with We told you so. In other words they will prove they're still society's victims. It's a win-win strategy to legitimize crimes against millions of others on behalf of the greater good called Zionism.

    • Yeah you would dredge up shit from the dark ages to justify Zionist crimes in modern history. It speaks volumes about who you are right now and not who Spaniards in the 21st Century are. Zionist crimes will be the downfall of Zionism and nothing else!

  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • I would rather a Gary Johnson who fumbles on what to do about Aleppo? because meddling in foreign regions is very foreign to his politic, than a Hillary conflict pyromaniac or a Trump bomb the shit out of everyone as the solution to everything. So the Zionist monopoly media and their viral Aleppo poison dart to take down the third party leader, can kiss my behind!

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  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • @catalan

      Just because I like Israel where I know many nice people does not make me a Zionist. I also like Russia, France and pretty much everyone else with the exceptions of some sadistic places.

      You like Israel, eh? And it's not a sadistic place, eh? But Israelis are using Palestinians for target practice while they're under military occupation and oppression. Israel's soooo nice huh? Palestinian children and the disabled are locked up and denied justice in Israel. Nooooh, that's not a sadistic place from your limited, biased view.

      If you're not a sure do a great imitation whitewashing everything Zionist.

    • First of all, it's very hypocritical to bring Jesus into this when you do nothing but paint the immoral Zionist crime with the hasbara-lite brush to mitigate the crime. You think you're not transparent, but your Zionism-lite glows like kryptonite. You pretend like no Jew should be singled out as a Zionist by making it seem like everyone does this migrate so why single out members of your tribe: everyone settles elsewhere; feigning ignorance or diluting the crime called Zionism at its inception giving rise to a modern-day war crime of massive ethnic cleansing proportions that to this day has been dismissed and suppressed i.e. the Nakba, and multiple war crimes engendered since by Zionism for decades to the present against Palestinians with complete impunity (including the racist no-return for the dispossessed).

      So next time a supporter of Palestine turns out to be a pedophile that would invalidate the whole BDS movement? Here's the flaw in your distorted analogy, the fly in the patronizing hasbara slop.

      BDS is a non-violent movement for justice while Zionism is a wall of violent force and injustice; a cruel weapon of colonisation leading to forcible dispossession of others. So for me to choose to equate an individual's personal depravity to the depravity inherent with Zionism is cogent symbolism of the spiritual decline Zionism produces in those who embrace it. Even if Weiner were a saint in his private life; Zionism would still be the hateful crime that is perpetually generating injustice. So his saintliness would be stained by his support for Zionism. A fatal error in judgment.

      However, if a pedophile choses to support BDS, that would not make BDS any less redeeming in its objective to bring about justice for millions of human beings i.e. Palestinians, since the cause is great, beyond the flaws of any of its members, just as a pedophile priest or priests didn't succeed in the destruction of the Christian cornerstone upon which the Church was founded and built upon, first by Peter and today continued by Francis, the present leader of 1.2 billion faithful. The cause survives because it elevates the spirit in the service of mankind.

      The difference here being the cause must have the power to redeem and Zionism, the cause of Zionists, is but a generator of moral decline therefore in the case of Zionism, associating the depravity of one or more of its members to the depraved cause inflicting injustice on millions, is potent symbolism for the spiritual decline of those who push deception, hypocrisy and propaganda to perpetuate evil against a part of humanity.

    • Weiner is the poster boy for Zionism, but not just because he regurgitates the delusional aspects of Zionism and the lies that Zionism tries to cover up and get away with.

      Weiner is the poster boy for Zionism because he perfectly represents the depravity that Zionism generates because you can't be a moral person and embrace the injustice and everything indefensible that Zionism generates.

      Weiner is the face of Zionism. Zionism tries to hide that it is really ugly and immoral but like Weiner it too is being exposed for what it really is: depravity parading around as some kind of superior, entitled society still pretending to be the global victims of a present-day, non-existant persecution. In fact it is Zionism doing the persecuting and there is nothing superior or elevated in its moral, ethical or dare I say, spiritual quotient that is in fact non-existant in the staggering hypocrisy that Zionism exudes.

      Weiner is today the unvarnished portrait of Zionism. He is the Dorian Grey of Zionism; the political tool of Zionism unmasked in all its shame.

  • A look at Breitbart's 'Alt-Right Lite' plan for Israel/Palestine
    • And what does this melding of Bannon’s site and Trump mean for the future?

      Zilch! But the melding of these two cosmic egos could lead to a well-deserved cataclysmic event for all the fools of the world and especially for Amerikaland where most of them live.

      Geller likes him: It takes one Islamophobe to recognize another.

      Like Trump or Bannon give a shit about Palestinians. I understand the Russians putting lipstick on the pig but this scrapes the bottom.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • Treat people well because they rarely have any meaningful impact on the actions of government officials. Kindness.

      Even Nazi wannabes? The German people circa 1935 would agree with you.

    • Catalan my ass! Apologist for Zionist war crimes - you bet!

    • The Olympics is just one venue from which the Ziokaners should be banned.

      I would spit all over my hand first and ask him to shake that.

      So Israelis the majority of whom were in the military at some point oppressing, killing and committing war crimes against Palestinians for decades want the rest of us to just shake their hand. Would you shake the hand of someone who has the blood of another on his hand? Oh and I'm not interested in your hasbara justifications.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • He should have joined the refugee banner; it would make a tremendous statement for all suffering Palestinian refugees and especially for Palestinian athletes under Israeli oppression who suffer Israeli aggression against their athletic ambitions.

      When a Palestinian competes under another flag while millions of Palestinian refugees suffer without their homeland; this is what he unintentionally solicits and promotes:

      Jordan is Palestine.

      I've been trying to avoid being baited by the likes of any statement appearing here which is a staggering indignity; but I have to again wonder how such a statement that implies a war crime; ethnic cleansing, and is so loathsome to all who suffered the Nakba made it here of all places. I have good reason to recoil again and again.

    • Now that the Olympic Committee established a refugee banner no Palestinian should ever compete under the flag of another country while millions of Palestinians are still refugees!

      It galls me that any other country Israel or Jordan would take credit under such circumstances!

  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • You really think Bernie's donors will bolt to Trump??? Fat chance. Trump will end up proving he's really the icon of the wealthy entitled; the 1%. Should he become President: let them eat cake will become his executive signature.

    • There was rampant blind endorsement for Trump during the primaries on this site. I was always against Trump, because Trump is a faker and a racist and Trump is only about his brand and power. And I was supporting Sanders albeit cautiously because I was skeptical that his Zionism would get in the way of his good intentions, but I was never skeptical that like Trump, money and lust for power would corrupt Sanders; more like tribal shaming or pressure interfering with his wider agenda to derail whatever sympathy he has for Palestinians.

      But I have to say, Sanders was weaker than I imagined to capitulate to endorsing Hillary when she'll end up betraying his platform. He lost my respect right there.

      But to imagine that Trump would not be a turncoat on I/P neutrality is really naïve.

  • Outside RNC, Cornel West has inspiring words for the Palestinian people
    • Neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump will do anything to improve the situation for Palestinians. We can expect perhaps 8 more years of hell for Palestinians, unless Trump becomes President which will make it 4 years of hell or less because I predict impeachment and then there might be a way to escape the disastrous decision Americans will make choosing Trump. However, choosing Hillary is as disastrous if not more for Palestinians.

      Trump is already off the rails. I can guarantee you that if everyone in the convention hall started screaming for Pence to replace him; and if by some miracle that were possible then even Pence would stab him in the back; that's how much chaos, mistrust and animosity Trump elicits even within the Republican party at this stage. He's like the dumb American version of Caesar.

      Today the Trump campaign had a woman associated with Melania's speech take the fall for the plagiarism that they still refuse to call by its name but I'm just not buying the story about how the blunder came about. This appears to be yet another lie to cover up the humungous lies they've been telling that the passages that quote Michelle Obama weren't taken from the latter's speech. Trump will evade the truth even if it's biting him in the ass. His aides and manager have been blatantly lying for an entire day and a half. Who can trust a word that Trump utters. This fiasco can't be more revealing about Trump's integrity and I shudder to put integrity in the same sentence with Trump!

      And again, Hillary elicits just as much mistrust no matter how much she tries to polish her act. Already she's betraying the liberal base by moving to the center in her upcoming choice for VP that's rumored to be either Kaine or Vilsack. She could give a rat's ass about Sanders and his platform. Sanders should never have endorsed her.

      I just can't believe that Americans have chosen these two LIARS as nominees for the Presidency. This just proves: in life, you get what you deserve. Unfortunately the rest of the world pays a heavy price for American stupidity and Palestinians are sadly at the top of the list.

  • Report from Cleveland: Republicans prepare for Trump
    • Not surprised. People are so desperate or delusional they no longer see it's just a pig.

    • To think that millions of people are starving in the world and a billion dollars or more is spent on winding down to two candidates who will LIE, CHEAT AND STEAL to have power and the prestige of the Presidency. Fire them both.


    • I have to say this for all those who think Trump walks on water only because he pretends non-intervention: DON'T BELIEVE A WORD HE SAYS. This man is all pretense and window dressing. I wrote this is a choice between bad and worst and I'm sticking by my comment.

      Hillary and Trump are two sides of the same coin. If ever there was a time to vote a third party THIS IS IT.

      Now here's the real purpose of my post: Melania's speech was plagiarism PERIOD. Hello! Don't tell me the black kettle's WHITE when I'm looking straight at it! When she was talking about the values of working hard; I wasn't buying it one iota. Already, I could tell those words were not hers and she's leagues away from that reality! It all sounded as fake as the pound of make-up on her face. I cannot believe the response from the Trump camp - the dumbing down insulting everyone's intelligence. It's so sickening I would endorse Hillary only because I'm so angry they think we're that stupid, but unfortunately I know that Hillary and her camp are no better and engage in this same kind of dumb-down and deceitful patronizing. Stop voting for this kind of ugly corruption. Stop settling for this monumental fleecing on both sides.

      I just can't handle any more of the excuses they're using for covering up this blatant plagiarism and whoever says this isn't plagiarism is a BALD-FACED LIAR lying in the media to millions of people.

      Americans winded up with this choice because it's a reflection of their own values and ignorance. I'm just counting on the good people left to change this duopoly of deception and corruption.

      I'm livid at the lies that only get worst and worst. It's disgusting. The thought of one of these two becoming the leader of the free world stinks! Who can trust American leadership when it's already made such a mess of this world? Time to stop looking to America as the paragon of leadership until Americans prove they're using their brain and choosing wisely.

      Oh and one more thing: the media needs to call it PLAGIARISM now and stop dancing around it and pretending there's a gray area here. It's PLAGIARISM; quit giving the liars who want to spin this a mouthpiece. American media is even worst than Trump.

  • 'NYT' editors twist themselves into knots not to say the word 'Jewish'
    • You don't go on to become a big editor at that paper by being the best journalist on all things Zionist.

    • She only put the Palestinian-American money angle in there as a fake equalizer; because of the embarrassment of funding on the Jewish side that's hard to explain honestly.

    • Gotta say one more word on Trump: He's a coy little hypocrite when he hides behind his daughter's conversion, his son-in-law and his Jewish grandchildren, because lemme tell you; he knew exactly what he was doing when re-tweeting that image of Hillary - excuse me if I'm stating the obvious here. That was a dig at Jewish political bankroll in general and a real dig at Jewish Conservatives.

      Sheriff's star my ass! Only Trump can get away with this. I'll say one more thing for Trump; he can dodge anything and he's not boring. He's as deceitful as Hillary, but he's not boring. Hillary's really boring and if he exploits that difference; she loses.

      Trump is the Enquirer of politics; the more eyebrows he raises the higher his polls. People are suckers for bombast, flash and headlines. We'll see what happens. But whatever the outcome between the duo-monopoly; it's all bad. It's bad and it's worst, but which one is the latter?

  • Video: Asking Israelis to mark the Nakba on Independence Day
    • I like this idea, but when those who reject or ridicule it admit they're "lefties"; that says everything about Israeli society.

      Forge on however. Zionists shouldn't celebrate the destruction of those they dispossessed. Imagine if Jews were asked to suppress the commemoration of the Holocaust?

      They suppress the Nakba and milk the Holocaust only to sustain the crime that Zionism represents.

  • As Dems vote against Palestine, Cornel West warns it is the 'Vietnam War' of our time
    • So exactly how many more decades of oppression must Zionists inflict on Palestinians before it's considered the issue of the day in your so superior opinion, because obviously you relish the luxury of time moving ever so slowly for your side and against the cause for justice for humans you really care squat about, don't you?

    • Why do I hear crickets when I should hear a resounding YESSSSSSSSS???

    • Who cares! Feed at your own risk.

    • Zing!

      It's truly pathetic when a hastroll has to go back over a thousand years to find a pretend link with oppression against blacks that is still happening in the present and only to satisfy a b.s. narrative that justifies the oppression by Zionist Jews of millions of Palestinians.

      Hastrolls have so much hubris they go around insulting everyone's intelligence all day long on every site just to propagandize, aggrandize and legitimize their miserable, stinking criminal operation...Zionism.

    • ....Meanwhile Jews in present-day Israel treat Palestinians like their human chattel and then we have hastrolls here pretending kinship in oppression with Black America.

      Zionist crock.

    • Ahhh ST_U!

      You! do no justice to Jews or Blacks. Blacks can only dream of having the social status Jews have today N...t w...t!

      Evil manipulation of the truth that's your m.o. You tarnish the cause of justice for blacks in American with your fraudulent equivalency...Hastroll.

    • Using the label "anti-Semite" loosely to muzzle criticism and target individual criticism of Zionist injustice should be considered slander and defamatory. Actually, I would go as far as criminalizing the usage of such a label so loosely especially the act of destroying someone's reputation and career as Zionists have repeatedly done after their tarred and feathered respected individuals to preserve their criminal operation called Zionism.

    • Better to be labelled a Jew-hater than someone who hates and denies the truth.

      Zionists love to label the rescuers of Zionism, like Bernie, Jew-haters or self-loathing Jews because guilt and shaming are formidable tribal weapons for keeping all Jews in formation with Zionism and it works and Bernie proved it today.

      Just like under Sharia you have the morality police; Zionism has it's own police to keep Jews in line. Only Jews brave enough to renounce Zionism completely can be trusted to stand up for real justice and the truth.

    • Quit indulging Hop's "poor-us" Jewish navel obsession. It's a distraction from the truth - Jews are better than okay in this world and need to stop hogging the victim card so that others with legitimate serious grievances who are really suffering can get the attention they deserve.

      The ancestry of many in our society have suffered genocide and you don't see them using it as a weapon to deny justice for others and muzzle all criticism of their own actions like Zionist Jews use it.

    • I just have to comment today about the Bernie Sanders betrayal. First I want to state a fact: blacks are the Palestinians of America, therefore there is a natural kinship there. Although, Palestinians have it much worse. In fact, blacks in America are subjected to the equivalent of two-tier Zionist justice which represents a gross injustice.

      Bernie Sanders has betrayed justice today and he proved conclusively to me that no Zionist can be trusted in regards to the defense of universal values in defense of the vulnerable in humanity.

      Everyone knows I've been defending Bernie passionately here and keeping an open mind about his Zionism, but today with his betrayal I'm convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Zionism is a cancer in our society and an impediment to our evolution as compassionate human beings who's main purpose in life should be to make this a better and just world for ALL people.

      Hillary represents the most corrupt Zionist nuance in our world: someone who uses social values both domestic and foreign to cover up an aggressive Zionist agenda that represents: occupation, oppression, exclusive and bigoted entitlement, 2-tier justice, collective punishment of civilians, destruction of property, military force, war and even genocidal war crimes. She is a promoter of the most disgusting means for imperial supremacy in our world and a promoter of the machinery of imperialism and Zionism both of which are supremacist and racist suppressing the rights of the vulnerable both domestically and globally while pretending social values and social justice.

      This woman is evil because she pretends to be a billboard for social values and equality only to further the machinery of the worst injustice in our world, and Sanders is indeed a Zionist in every sense of the word, and proved that a Zionist can never be trusted with the plight and evolution of humanity because you can't serve two masters: Zionism and all mankind. He proved that the best Zionist is but a cover for the worst of Zionism.

      Alas, echino was right all along. My bad - fool me once shame on you; fool me twice...NEVER! I will never, ever put my trust in another Zionist again no matter how good and honorable he pretends to be! Bernie Sanders is proof that Zionism corrupts absolutely.

  • Sanders appoints Palestine advocates to committee drafting Democrat's 2016 platform
    • This is okay news; but I'm very skeptical about the effectiveness. AND...IT'S NOT OVER! California will determine the outcome of the race. If California goes big for Sanders, then he has a chance to clinch the nomination.

      Trump is starting to edge Clinton in the polls. This is a sign that Democrats must rally behind Sanders at this 11th hour and stop her from attaining the nomination. She is disastrous in every sense of the word and this is why Trump is rising in the election polls. Sanders is the only one that can beat Trump.

  • If it had been up to Hillary Clinton, there would be no Iran Deal
    • It's so tragic and pathetic that the dumb American brain mass gets to decide between misery and progressive evolution for the rest of the planet. This truly is a karmic bad joke.

      To think that the two biggest egos on the planet are going to make us all gag for months on end only to end up with bad and worse interchangeable because I don't know which is worse. Where's Branson's spaceship? - I'll buy a one-way ticket or come back when the insanity is over and everyone has finally learned their karmic lesson.

      There's only one reason I'll tune in: when Trump wins; I'll be front and center for his IMPEACHMENT; cause it's in the cards, and what a beneficial outcome that will be! Trump and Hillary both manifest be careful what you wish for cause you're going to get it to your detriment and that also goes for each of the two-party monopoly.

    • II find shocking that you all take seriously and give the time of day to a total hasbara Zionist shill like hop less.

  • Sanders 'put everything on the line' for Palestine because BDS movement has changed US conversation -- Peled
    • Israelis will commit hari-kari before they go for a democratic 1SS or give up the WB - that's how crazy they are and getting crazier by the minute.

      There will be blood shed and destruction is in the Zionist future.

  • 'NYT' exposes Clinton as most hawkish candidate when it's too late for readers to choose
    • Clinton loves power. Stooping to a few donkeys to get so much in return -- what do you call that?

      The American political system.

    • What this election is proving like many previous elections is what I've repeated many times: that Americans are a dumb lot and perhaps the dumbest mass on the planet and because of this they're trapped in a two-party monopoly and moved by the Zionist media to focus on the candidates the corporate media selects; the candidates of the media's choosing from the start.

      Now I wouldn't give a crap about this; but the fact that the most narcissistic, dumbest imperial interloper wants to be the ruler of the world and influences the direction of the rest of the world; then you better believe it; it stinks that the entire world is held hostage by the election decisions of the dumbest mass of people.

      This, like the double Bush fiasco is a disaster in the making whomever of the Zionist media's choice wins: Hillary or Trump.

      Rev. Wright's choice of words to rebuke America come to mind. As a matter of fact they couldn't be more precise!

      link to

      And here's the surprising thing: The black community will be responsible for Hillary being the nominee. So I guess blacks want to remain chained to the Clinton mass incarceration legacy.

      Now I'm not blaming the black community solely for the unfolding disaster; but regrettably they're part of the mass I was referring to. When you throw your enlightened under the bus you deserve what's coming. Too bad the rest of the world can't be spared from the disastrous decisions of the American lot; there is no justice when one dumb nation rules the world.

  • Thousands of Israelis fill Tel Aviv's Rabin Square in support for soldier who executed Palestinian
    • The soldier being honored by this sick Zionist Israeli society murdered a man who lay on the floor with an injury. This man attacked a hostile military occupier not some innocent civilian, but a brutal occupier who is illegally oppressing him on his own land. The medic soldier resorted to a wilful act of murder demonstrating depravity. He should have received a life sentence for what he did.

      Israeli society was polled and the majority stand with the soldier. Zionism is following its natural course creating a fascist, sick and depraved society. This is what Zionism does; this is what Zionism is. Israeli society is getting more and more extremist and this will not change until the world acts with Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions. There is no other way to stop this.

  • Israeli solider filmed killing Palestinian in Hebron charged with manslaughter
    • The following article mentions a poll regarding public opinion on this case that proves Israeli Zionist society is sick.

      link to

      And this murder wasn't manslaughter; this was intentional and depraved. Israeli Zionists do not consider Palestinians human; they value the lives of their pets more! And one more thing; the Palestinian who stabbed a soldier was in his right to defend his land from a hostile military occupation force. Israel should get the hell out of Palestinian land!

  • Sanders's leftwing base made him take on Netanyahu
    • link to

      So this is what democracy looks like in America? Two-party monopoly and rigging the vote.

    • Voter purge and voter suppression in New York shuts out many Sanders' supporters. Finally I agree with Trump on something!

      The system is rigged! And it's rigged in Hillary's favor!

      link to

      link to

      Bernie probably lost 150,000 votes or more that could have pushed him over the mid-point and at worst resulted in a virtual tie!!!

    • If you live in New York or have family and friends there - GET OUT THE VOTE FOR BERNIE. Call them, ask them to drive other family and friends - go early; don't risk going late. Make a massive effort because this is a critical moment; we won't have this opportunity to make a dent in Israel policy for YEARS. This is a critical moment. Every other candidate including Hillary represents disastrous foreign policy.

      Please move everyone to vote for Bernie. It's now or never; and the future is very bleak if he doesn't make it to the nomination. Act now!

  • 'Any legislation having to do with Middle East has to be vetted and approved by AIPAC' -- Tom DeLay
    • Update: I guess Cruz hates Obama more; he's for the bill attached to those classified docs and so is Al Franken - really strange bedfellows, and so is Chuck Shumer! - really? I still think Aipac is against this bill. You see Israel always sides with immunity for itself; I'm thinking...just in case it needs to resort to a false flag in future to move things in the right Zionist direction. I know it sounds conspiracy theory and all; but imagine a Sanders presidency; and Bernie putting too much pressure, a false flag might come in real handy to bring him back to the dark tribal side.

    • How much does it cost to put a full page ad in the NYT? That headline should be in bold type alongside: ...and Hillary Clinton is AIPAC's lady hawk on Zionist foreign policy.

      On another note: the earth didn't just move in Japan; two headlines flying under the radar are going to shake up the election.

      1. Bernie Sanders met with the Pope and the Pope said that anyone who calls their meeting political needs a psychiatrist. Well, since this news hit the fan, Hillarybots have literally been going bonkers trying to denigrate their meeting. The comments are getting nastier by the minute; I mean they're vicious. It's like an army of Zionist hasbarists took to the web to trounce Bernie because he got to meet with Pope Francis and out-stage their Queen. Looks to me like psychiatrists are going to be in high demand in the Hillary camp. A Bernie Sanders supporter said something like: while Sanders meets with the Pope; Hillary's meeting with the pope of Wall Street; actually she was meeting with the pope of Hollywood.

      2. Believe it or not? Obama the guy who arrested hope and change, locked them up and threw away the key, is lobbying Congress not to release a 28 -page 9/11 classified report because the Saudis are making all kinds of threats if these are released including dumping billions in U.S. investments. Obama, what a weasel, Zionist/Saudi ring-kisser he turned out to be! The second best thing that can happen for the Middle East is for the U.S. to cut ties with those corrupt monarchs and those docs could usher in just that outcome. Of course, the first best thing is for the U.S. to cut ties with Zionism. So what implications does the release of this classified material have for the primaries? Well, 9/11 families might start pressuring the candidates to take a stand regarding the release of these secret docs and that result will be earth shattering. We already know where Trump stands on this - he wants them released because he wants to cash in on the Saudi relationship. Bernie better not cave to the DNC; he'd better stand with transparency and not with Obama. One accurate prediction I can make: Hillary will try to skate around the issue in evasive Clintonite lingo; while she goes with Obama on this all the way. Cruz is anybody's guess; it depends: is his hatred of Obama greater than his love for Zionism? Because here's another prediction I'm easily willing to make: AIPAC will be secretly pushing not to have the docs released.

      And to get back to Bernie's meeting with the Pope: I just knew the Pope would sneak in a meeting! There's a bro'mance brewing there...a little bird told me so:

      link to

      So will it be the dovish sparrow or the lady hawk?

  • Sanders slams Clinton for ignoring Palestinian needs and thinking Netanyahu is 'right all the time'
    • And it will finally prove that an overwhelming majority of Jews are Zionist Jews and that Zionism is so infused with power right now that they would rather reject the potential of a Jewish President who might just have turned out to be the most popular President in modern history, than risk having that Zionist power questioned with this same Presidency that would favor morality and justice - universal values that might expose the corruption needed and used through the years to sustain such power.

    • Kay24

      Unfortunately, the media plays a HUGE part in keeping the American people in darkness too.

      Of course Wolf is a Zionist shill therefore your above sentence should read:

      Unfortunately, the Zionist-influenced, tainted and biased media plays a HUGE part in keeping the American people in darkness too.

  • Democratic debate: Is Netanyahu welcome at White House on Day 1 or an arrogant, deceptive asshole?
    • Earlier on Thursday, Ronald S. Lauder, the president of the World Jewish Congress, issued a statement calling on Mr. Sanders to fire Ms. Zimmerman.

      “We are known by the company we keep, and those whose advice we seek,” the statement said. “Bernie Sanders’ hiring of Simone Zimmerman as his chief adviser on Jewish issues is cause for profound concern.”

      He added: “I call on Senator Sanders to clarify his own positions and whether this hire reflects his views on Israel. Does he support the positions Ms. Zimmerman espouses? If not, he should make that clear by terminating her immediately as one of his closest advisers. If Senator Sanders maintains her as his adviser, it will confirm that his views on Israel match hers.”

      Sadly, he answered Lauder's question.

      link to

      Zionist power prevails yet again over the Truth, Democracy, Morality and Justice.

      This kind of control and injustice is all we have to look forward to. Americans are spineless jellyfish and the brain is rendered mush by the Zionist-influenced media. So how can a break be made with this corrupt, rigged so-called American democracy when disenfranchised independents and young people who are the future are shut out in a state, New York, with one of the largest basket of delegates and where results are in all the states that Sanders won are subverted by the power of super-delegates? What kind of phoney-baloney democracy is that???

      I'm watching the debate and Hillary can't stop cackling; she's so condescending. How can anyone believe a word she spews?

      At this point, Zimmerman or no Zimmerman - SANDERS is the only sane option that will at least open the door and leave it ajar to a better world! Everyone else represents a threat to peace, a threat to the most vulnerable in our world, a threat to justice and represents the corruption that is destroying us all and HILLARY is part of that undemocratic, destructive political cartel that is robbing us of the moral and just world we all deserve!!

  • Video: Israelis are not feeling the Bern in Jerusalem
    • Morality and Justice: the equation and sum total that really scares Zionist power.

      link to

    • This video conclusively proves that Zionism is anti-Semitic. Zionists would rather prevent a Jewish man from becoming President than have truth spoken to Zionist power.

      And the last guy with the New York letters on his t-shirt is a bald-faced, shameless liar when he says that the bombardment and utter devastation waged against Gaza was gentle.

      We're looking at the opinions of a sick society, and this is what you get with Zionism, and they'll only go from bad to worse if they are allowed to carry on this crime and oppression with total impunity.

  • Sanders hires a Jewish critic of Israel, as Clinton gets 'Daily News' nod as 'warrior realist'
  • Why Clinton's Iraq decision matters
    • The U.S. is the quintessential dishonest Zionist broker that keeps moving the goal post even with the signature not yet dry on the deal! No sovereign nation would accept being condescended this way and belittled into surrendering its security to such an extreme surrounded by hostile neighbors armed to the teeth by a superpower with bases practically on its borders.

      The stupidity of Kerry's and Obama's nagging insistence, nay Congress's as well, gripe on Iran's missiles is monumental. Iran's response is the right and dignified one.

    • This article is up on Huffpo and Politico:

      link to

      I just have to comment on this over here; because people on those other sites are so in on Hillary; woe is anyone who writes the truth there!

      Here's the truth: Why should Adelson spend a penny of his money; when he has three out of four candidates; two on the right and a Manchurian she-winger on the left who slobbered over Israel at the last Aipac convention? The bases are covered and he's got nothing to lose holding back. Cruz, Trump and Hillary have made this election a bargain for him. Whichever becomes President will be a friend to Netanyahu and Zionism, his favorite project besides the gambling business.

      Zionism is the most significant corrupting force in American politics by a landslide!

    • Hillary is a right-wing heartless witch who created a refugee catastrophe of staggering proportions. 'Nuf said!

    • My only point is this–if you accept the lesser of two evils argument, and I do.

      Hillary will do much more damage than good; same difference. Protesting and punishing the undemocratic Democratic Party if Sanders doesn't make it, will have a much more beneficial long-term effect than the insignificant short term lesser evil that will ensure the corruption and status quo forever.

      Sometimes you have to give up something in the present to gain something greater in the future. Don't you know that?

      If Sanders doesn't make it; don't cave to the so-called lesser evil, Hillary! She's a risk not worth taking--ever; no matter the modicum of environmental benefit she might sustain for 4 or 8 years.

      It's time to throw the Democrats under the bus! If not now; then when? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and getting betrayal each and every time.

      Don't do the cowardly thing; send a clear message now, or it'll be -- never!

  • 'Israel will not have better friend in White House than Hillary' -- Clinton adviser assures NY
    • No self-respecting black person should be voting for this Zionist Republican she-wolf in Democratic sheep's clothing and blacks should recognize Bubba Clinton for exactly what he is: a southern racist talking down to blacks. The Clintons are political Super-predators that prey on the black community for votes with concealed disdain. All they care about is power and influence. She thinks blacks should be made to heel; and he thinks they should be getting his coffee instead of getting in his face and speaking truth to power. Those words weren't spoken off the cuff; they expose who they really are. And one more thing: Clinton was not the first black president; that's the biggest misnomer of all time. He didn't get that reputation because he did blacks any favors; on the contrary, he's responsible for the most racist, anti-black legislation in recent times. Bill got that reputation because of the public humiliation he was subjected to during the Lewinsky affair wherein blacks felt he was treated at the time as if he were a black president. But does sleaze deserve black sympathy? The Clintons are not progressive; they are right of center; and both he and she have proven this when they were in positions of power and power is what really drives them.

      It's like the title of this article:

      link to

  • Washington Post propagandist for Israel warns Sanders to stay away from the subject, forever
    • I know the Pope's going to meet the refugees in Greece around the 16th; but I'm hoping Bernie gets to meet the Pope when he attends the conference at the Vatican and the footage goes viral. It's about time Hillary gets to feel the bern. Then he can return to take New York. I'm counting on Papal intervention. If he wins after the Vatican visit; the headlines will be stellar.

      So F WaPo's petty threats.

  • Netanyahu and Sen. Leahy tangle over Israel's killing of Hadeel Hashlamoun, 18
    • Agree. However, Zionism will never conform to the rule of law or democratic principles even <kicking and screaming therefore will require that it be outlawed just as the term Jewish state promotes racist, bigoted and illegal policy.

      The rule of law should be imposed through sanctions, and if necessary, a neutral military force on the ground to protect the non-Jewish vulnerable population from repressive backlash and forcible. retaliation .

    • So what!! The rule of law isn't beholden to statistical pander and Zionist bias. Eat that!

      Get used to more deserved condemnation; and shove your effing Zionist hubris!

  • Reflections on the Brussels attack
    • Here's my solution:

      Establish a UN Conference with Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain and Yemen, and Israel and Palestinian Territories.

      In exchange for Shia sovereignty in Bahrain and Yemen create a Sunni nation between Syria and Iraq that includes Anbar Province, everything south of Mosul (not included). I would draw the boundary right under the word "Ninevah", everything up to and including Tikrit and Baiji, Samarra and Falluja and then on the Syrian side round off Deir-ez-zor and include the area of Raqqa to the Turkish border but excluding Thawrah, Minjeb, Hassakeh and Aleppo. If Qatar and Saudis refuse: impose sanctions.

      link to

      Then as far as Israel is concerned: Israel would have to give up all Territories occupied after 1967 including the Golan Heights. Jerusalem becomes a neutral city with shared governance. If Israel refuses: impose sanctions.

  • AIPAC apologizes for Trump, but cheers Cruz for vow to destroy Iran deal
    • Fox pinheads are criticizing Obama for doing the tango while Brussels mourns, but do they realize that the front-runner of their favored party's primaries is tweeting misogynist pictures of his rival's wife while Melanie's soft porn nude photos are circulating the web at the same time that Brussels mourns?

      So the trashy visuals coming out of the Republican side are so much more dignified. The entire world and world's leaders will have seen the future First Lady naked. And Trump's still in the lead and the rest of the world should trust and respect America's leadership?

      This election is exposing everything that's wrong with America, and why it cannot and should not be leading the free world.

  • Israeli soldier filmed executing wounded Palestinian man
    • Why does trash like this make it here and my other comment didn't. H's comment is as despicable as the actions of those criminals in the video?

    • We all know that Zionism breeds injustice for Palestinians; and also breeds hatred for Jews. This is the true nature of Zionism. It's karmic.

  • Trump abandons 'neutral' Israel position, Sanders adopts it
    • Blowback from U.S. foreign policy authored by Hillary Clinton who gets her cue from Zioconservatism is unfolding before our eyes in Europe in the form of ISIS terror with yet another tragic incident in Brussels and perhaps up to a million and a half refugees streaming in out of desperation.

      If we don't act now on behalf of Sanders; we're all doomed. Sanders has to beat Hillary. Hopefully, she'll be indicted soon.

      And Trump is just as crazy as she is, as he proved at AIPAC, channeling Netanyahu, so please dump Trump and move over to Sanders.

    • He shouldn't have mentioned the anti-Semitism. He shouldn't be discrediting BDS by attaching this label on it when it's the only means we have to fight the staggering obstacles that Zionism has erected to obstruct justice. It's challenging enough.

      This proves that unless a person absolutely rejects Zionism; they can't be trusted to go all the way for what is moral and just; they will be held back by their bias and insecurity.

      But again, he's the lesser of all evils and I recognize in him compassion so he has the basic requisite to come to the realization one day, hopefully soon, that Zionism is totally corrupt and that it will never lead to justice or democracy. Zionism is a dead end.

    • Trump abandons his ‘neutral’ Israel position for a day.

      So it's only for a day, is it? His reversal on neutrality seemed pretty complete to me; but then he was only pretending a speck of difference up to that point to get some gullible Democrats and Independents on board his Trump train headed for fascism.

      And when Trump hires John Bolton to his team; will you still be holding out hoping for Trump change? You left out the part where Trump assured over and over the U.N. veto like a steamroller back and forth annihilating all hope of justice that might emerge at that end.

  • Read the speech Bernie Sanders planned to give to AIPAC
    • Give him a brownie point and proceed to do the right thing.

      What is the right thing echino, do tell?

      I'm going to dog you on this one until you come clean.

  • 'Do we get to win this time?': Trump foreign policy appeal based on revenge for Iraq War failure
    • As I stated repeatedly, there will be no political messiah to deliver the Palestinians from the scourge of Zionism and to steer us completely out of the disastrous course of perpetual war and destruction for millions in the Muslim world, but having read Bernie's letter that reeks of Zionism is places, I still say that he is the choice that will have the least destructive impact on the cause for justice of Palestinians and our own efforts to help them achieve it and on the rest of the world.

      Therefore, given the threatening, extreme and disastrous alternatives, I suggest that everyone do everything in their power to ensure that Bernie succeeds in defeating Hillary; as there is still time, because otherwise, folks, we're all doomed.

      Time should not have been wasted trying to discern the speck of difference or bull neutrality that Trump pretended for a split second on the issue of the bogus deal.

      Trump has been crystal clear to me from day ONE; he's a fascist and extremely dangerous and so are Hillary and Cruz dangerous. So this is a critical time and turning point; and Sander's supporters who are protesting out there are RIGHT and courageous to do what they're doing. Everyone should take to the streets and the ballot in droves because we are facing a very dark era if we don't do something now to turn the tide for Sanders.

      We must defeat Trump and Hillary or there will be great suffering ahead.

    • I'm listening to Trump's speech to Aipac and I'm so glad that I predicted all along how disastrous Trump will be for the cause of Palestinian justice; I'm so glad some people around here will finally get rid of their hopeful euphoria over Trump; I'm so glad some will eat crow, because I was right on about Trump all along.

      I'm not easily fooled; remember that. I knew all along what to expect with Trump; he's a dictator folks; he's a supremacist and a fascist and he's proving with his speech that he'll be a dictator when it comes to imposing Zionism on the Palestinians.

      Now, can we once and for all DUMP TRUMP around here??? Can we please DUMP TRUMP and his stinking fascism!

  • Trump 'has no business being president' because he would be 'neutral' to Israel -- Clinton tells AIPAC
    • echino,

      When last I asked you what is your alternative you mentioned Trump; but as you can see Trump sold out to Zionism in full much worse than Sanders, but in fact Trump never had any intention to deviate from the two-party line on Israel.

      So the best we can hope for is the status quo and to protect BDS from destructive legislation. So I'm still waiting for your viable alternative, and by viable I mean someone a substantial majority of Americans might support.

      From what I see only Sanders might have a chance; but it's slim. So, if we want the least amount of damage done to the cause; and if we want to turn around the destructive policy in Syria and in the rest of the Middle East; as Sanders has spoken negatively on Saudi intervention in Syria and Yemen, then who do you think can make it to the Presidency with the least damaging foreign policy. Please enlighten me because from what I see in your posts you offer no solution or alternative whatsoever.

    • The Lobby reigns supreme over the election process. Today the absolute power of Zionism was on full display and it is a revelation in pure evil and in the rampant corruption of the American political system by a foreign agent. Notice how strategically this Zionist conference falls into the political election calendar streamlining the narrative of the final candidates to mirror the will of Zionists. It was the most disgusting vomit-inducing spectacle I have yet to witness.

      The 1% lying within the 2% rule us all and the Palestinians. How do you begin to fight Colossus? There is no justice possible with such hermetic domination.

    • Exactly. This is a critical time and we can't mince words. We must attack Hillary and Trump on all fronts. This has to be a herculean effort; we are at a turning point here and our own rights and the truth are on the line. We must fight their advance everywhere.

    • Guess you didn't hear Trump's Aipac speech -- wake up! DUMP TRUMP THE FASCIST ZIONIST DICTATOR.

    • Hillary said. “If you see bigotry, oppose it. If you see violence, condemn it. If you see a bully, stand up to him.”

      That's what I'm doing every time I come on this site! Israel is a BULLY with hundreds of nukes pointed at Iran; Israel uses violence to oppress a perpetually occupied nation of millions of Palestinians. Israelis are by far some of, if not, the most bigoted people on the planet!

      Hillary is a clear and present threat to millions of Muslims and she is already responsible for supporting and responsible for pushing military hostility that has led to the deaths of over one million Muslims and millions more displaced with her disastrous policies in regards to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, and she tacitly supports human rights violations in Bahrain. Hillary should not only be arrested for the domestic crimes she is being investigated for in the U.S., but an international warrant should be issued against her for war crimes as well.

      She is more dangerous to the cause for justice for Palestinians than any other candidate with the exception of Cruz and she is a serious threat to peace.

      Hillary is worst than GW Bush by a landslide since she has more blood on her hands than he does, and I'm understating when I write here that I would compare her to a female Cheney, taking on the role of Cheney in the Obama administration, and poses a serious threat to global stability!

    • @ckg

      Can I get it printed on toilet paper?

  • 'NYT' finally mentions 'Goliath' -- in rightwing ad smearing Max Blumenthal
    • Trump may at least change this.

      Personally, I'm sick of all this Trump euphoria and can't wait for Trump to speak to Aipac to remove all doubt about his intentions.

      I strongly believe Farrakhan is right when he says that Trump will take us on a rocket ship to the abyss of hell and maybe that's exactly where Americans need to go to turn things around.
      The only thing we can hope for with Trump as President is that people will out of necessity rise up and fight back like never before.

    • I don't think it has anything to do with people being or not being smart. I think it's a thirst for the truth to surface regarding the unholy relationship the Lobby has with politicians that makes them want to believe this story; just like someone thirsting in the desert believes the mirage. We all know this is what's going on - we just need to catch them in the act of betrayal, in full view so it can be forcefully condemned by all Americans; so the Lobby can be routed out of our democracy once and for all.

      This betrayal is happening spoken or unspoken.

    • That event may be fictitious; but we all know that's what she's prepared to do to get back in the White House.

    • Hillary will never say what's really on her mind: power at any price even if it's America at the beck and call of Zionism.

      And to the black community she's really saying: Look only at what I'm promising and what I tell you you've benefitted from, but don't look at all that I helped to deprive you of and all that I'll fail to do for you once I get what I've been after since my husband left office, because I'll exploit your desperation if I have to; to get what I've been after for too long and you and the Lobby are my ticket there.

    • Political prostitutes:

      link to

      Who was he referring to? Best example:

      link to

      But, he also said this about Trump.:

      link to

      And he's right!

    • The Queen, benefactress and soon-to-be priestress of Zionism, is about to be crowned by the Lobby and they just want to ensure flawless Zionist purity.

      Let's not forget how deeply plagued with insecurity their fanaticism is. Only fascists need to dot every I and cross every T; their control must be absolute, as with all supremacist ideologies everyone else is inferior and suspect; except for the superior elite ie chosen who benefit with the exception of those who rebel in good conscience. They become enemies of the supremacist state; traitors excommunicated from the protection of Zionism.

  • Why is AIPAC legitimating Donald Trump's bigotry?
    • Will Trump pretend to be aloof and hard to get with the 20,000 plus Aipac Crowd?

      Someone's going to be disappointed...

      Will he instead throw thick slabs of Trump red meat onto the Zionists' plates railing against Muslims and especially Iran and engage in the orgy of Islamophobia they're foaming at the mouth to hear?

      Will Trump give those Zionist fat cats who fund perpetual injustice against Palestinians, push for wars that decimate hundreds of thousands of Muslims and create so much endless misery and who fund the worst kind of Islamophobic propaganda everything they're dreaming of?

      The expectations are great; exactly as Trump wants them to be. So will he disappoint?

      I doubt it.

      That room with it's massive screens exuding absolutist foreign power and filled with the richest, most influential Zionists is the real reason the system is so corrupt and rigged and Trump will be in his element with his own kind betraying his anti-establishment credentials.

      His ego will outperform everything that competes with it in that room, after all; he has to Trump the Queen of Zionism for their favor to end up with the Crown.

  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • Jews were already doing quite well in America in the 30s and 40s… What bit of difference did that make with how they were treated overseas? -

      How disingenuous to compare then with now; and how pitiful that you have to milk the Holocaust to make a false point about the present.

      Jews are not only doing well in America today; they're doing very well in: Canada, U.K. France, Australia, South Africa and on and on just about everywhere Jews reside.

      There's no excuse for your bullshit.

      The only threat to Jews today is the Zionism you preach.

    • I'm supposed to be thrilled that Obama nominated a right-wing Jewish justice to the court and feel real, real comforted that he received a glowing commendation by Orrin Hatch in the past when he ascended to the circuit court of appeals.

      And he'll do just fine in a Trump administration since he's also very pro-police and has rarely if ever ruled in favor of the criminally-accused on appeal because they must all be 100% guilty since mistakes are never made in the legal system. So the future Trump police state will be safe with the likes of Garland and Trump's bestie Sheriff Arpaio. Check.

      And he joined with those judges who opposed hearings in the U.S. for Guantanamo detainees. Check on exclusion of foreign prisoners of war from rights under the law.

      And he's probably a Zionist, so the state of Zionism is safe with him. Check and check.

      He's so swell, and Jewish too, what a prize for the Court!

      And as for the rise of Jewish elitism...too bad you're in the microscopic minority of Jews condemning and rejecting Zionism and too bad most Jews are Zionist. So the truth is that Jews having acquired affluence and influence hasn't helped much in advancing the cause of justice and democracy in Israel and the U.S. has it? And Zionist PEPs don't count, because hypocrisy is not progress. This rise in Jewish elitism only helped to rig the system in favor of Zionism.

      It's kind of demeaning to go looking for better angels in this rich and influential lot of Zionists when as you can see from the responses from SG, Herchel and hophmi; there's not a single atom of altruism for Palestinians to be found there. The benefits for the tribe justify the means and milking the Holocaust is a fail-safe excuse that will always overshadow the suffering of others and ensure the perpetual injustice that Zionism created.

    • @SG

      So basically what you're saying is that it's not enough that Obama already put a Jewish justice on the Court. And you're not satisfied that there are already 3 Jewish justices on the Court.

      So then you want the whole court to be Jewish and especially Zionist or you'll be bitchin' and whining here.

  • From Gaza to the Corries, with love
    • Beautiful, meaningful letter. I too want to express to Rachel's parents my words of comfort for their pain at this time. Rachel was a gift and inspiration for us all. I think of her every year; and remain in awe of her courage. She will never be forgotten in the hearts of many who struggle for justice. Thank you for sharing her with this world where she made a difference for so many who suffer every day under Israeli oppression.

  • Gazans remember Rachel Corrie on the 13th anniversary of her death
    • I'm so glad Rachel's memory is inspiring young Palestinians to hold on to hope and realize that they are not alone in their struggle for justice. This is the perfect way to honor her short, courageous life.

      Rachel had a beautiful spirit that lives on.

  • Trump's Jewish mirror
    • For once I narrowly agree with hop's reply. That's not to say that smear, influence and/or big cash aren't used to push the Zionist agenda. Trump just seems impervious to pushiness , the ingratiating nature that the Lobby at its best displays or career, campaign-ending threats subtle and not-so-much that it's known to resort to.

    • There's a whole lot of slobbering that goes on at that Aipac conference, and Trump is not usually one to grovel although he professed more love for Israel than anyone on stage at the last debate and flipped on his position not to move the Embassy to Jersusalem. So we'll see how he performs at the altar of Zionism.

      I remember candidate Obama's Zionist anointment with Rahm as his Zionist godfather by his side; that's the moment he started to let the base of his Party down with a thud. But I believe his Aipac speech happened in June that year and by then it was too late; he had already charmed his way to an inevitable nomination.

      But I suspect Trump who's probably already sold his soul at some point in his billionaire career will be a harder get. However, the Islamophobe in him will certainly hold great appeal with the Aipac crowd.

      The only thing that Trump might mistrust however is an organization that would try to manipulate his decision-making. Netanyahu would never get away with upstaging Trump as President as he did with Obama and not live to regret it in a significant way. And really, this is the reason why Aipac mistrusts Trump, because if Trump is not altogether in agreement with the Zionist agenda major sparks will fly and it'll result in more than a low-key cold shoulder. So Zionists are going to have to tread lightly and do a whole lot of ego massaging if Trump becomes President to have their needs met exactly as they're use to. Not so sure Trump's going to fellate-the-donkey for Israel; not so sure he feels he needs to. Those in the Aipac crowd who believe that Gentiles were created to serve Jews may come to realize that with Trump he expects it to be the other way around, and just like he asked his supporters to pledge their allegiance to him; I imagine he'll expect that same kind of allegiance from Zionists if they want him to back their agenda. This is a man with a ginormous ego. If Zionists cross that ego - they're fired.

      Trump keeps saying: we take care of South Korea, we take care of Japan, we take care of Saudi Arabia and what do we get in return? They should be paying us!

      If he starts asking : We take care of Israel to the tune of billions of dollars and what do we get from Israel in return? Oh my...!

      Oh, and Trump is very, very unapologetic. If he ends up offending Zionists; they better not expect an apology. It could get interesting if Zionists rub him wrong and it's rare they ever miss an opportunity to get on one's last nerve.

    • The values we hold most dear – justice, mercy, compassion, peace – are altogether absent from Mr. Trump’s statements.

      They forgot to add this:, and these values are altogether absent in our treatment of Palestinians.

      There's all kinds of irony in their statement. How can one be so totally out of touch with one's own staggering hypocrisy?

    • Not really beyond explanation; a lot of wealthy Zionists are in the top 1% gatekeeping and shilling for Israel in finance, media and government not to mention the influence of the Lobby and its vast network of think tanks and agencies.

  • Rubio's defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
    • @Bandolero

      We'll see, we'll see; that's a whole lot to hope for there that's pretty speculative. I really can't wait to hear what he has to say to Aipac. That should be a revelation.

      His fascist edge really concerns me though. I'm not comfortable with all that effusive praise for the police and his comments on Snowden, the soldier held by the Taliban and Apple's refusal to unlock the cellphone code to name a few. But I do get a kick out of Trump trashing the media - can't say the mainstream don't deserve to be raked over the coals. It's been a long time coming.

      His ego bores me but he can be pretty entertaining when he just blurts everything that's on his mind with so little restraint unlike Hillary who's every word is measured and calculated, except when she barked like a dog.

      I can't stand Trump's arrogance but his political fearlessness makes for an interesting race.

    • And you hop promote a fascist ideology, namely, Ziosupremacy.

    • @ hop: Zionists created the two-party system?

      No, they just rigged it so that Zionism is always the love child they need to compete for.

    • Actually, hop, echinocrapus is what you get when you're Zioinfectus which is precisely your affliction.

    • He's not a liberal Jew.

    • Yeah Trump can do both, but Trump himself used the excuse that he had a speech to deliver at Aipac on the same day, okaaaaay? It's not my invention; you'll be disappointed to learn...

      ...when a Justice is Christian, he’s just a justice. But when he’s a Jewish justice, he’s a Jew. Yeah, he's a Jew and 9 times outta ten a Zionist one too cause you Zionists gotta have all bases manned to protect your precious Ziosupremacy and you wouldn't need to control everything if what you were protecting weren't so immoral and an ongoing crime against humanity.

      I won't demean myself by debating the rest of the crap you just pooped there.

    • Donald's going to call her out on her Neoconservatism? Fat chance! The only thing he's going to do is what Bernie did that has proven ineffective: go back in history to her vote on Iraq. I don't consider that doing her much harm seeing as how despite that vote, she's still raking in delegates and continuing to side-line Bernie with her victories.

      Will Trump bring up her push to escalate hostilities in Syria and Libya with no-fly zones? He might, but now he's got less to lose not alienating the hawkish side of the Republican Party. He's already got an ad out today portraying her as weak on foreign policy, so that's the direction he's already taking with her on this issue, that: he'll be tougher than she is with America's enemies.

    • starting to seriously hate Israel. Neocons are basically Jewish nationalists. So their primary concern is Israel. They can’t trust a democratic party long-term whose base is hostile to their core interest, Israel(not America).

      Most of them can and they will put their trust with Hillary and the Democratic Party when its history with Bill, Obama and now Hillary is proving that they have no problem blatantly lying to the base in the primaries only to betray them over and over again when they're in power by continuing Neoconservatism through hawkish foreign policy and continuing to diminish the Constitutional rights of individuals based on the perpetual war on terror and a misguided allegiance to a foreign country considered an ally, Israel.

      The leaders of the Democratic Party have no problem denying their base over and over again into perpetuity to demonstrate loyalty to Israel and its Neocon representatives so there is no long-term excuse. The base will always be made to heel before the will of its leaders with the Zionist rigged two-party system, whereby the threat of a Republican administration doing away with their domestic issues and entitlements is always used to control any revolt inside the base.

    • As you read this, bear some things in mind. Matthews’s all-but-explicit identification of neocons as Jews is fine. -

      But it's not fine or okay here to identify Jewish Supreme Court Justices and the potential Justice that Obama just proposed, Merrick Garland, who would make the fourth Jewish Justice as being a threat to BDS as well.

      Trump is trying to skip a debate using the excuse that he's addressing AIPAC. So addressing AIPAC just became more important to him than addressing the American public. If you're putting your hopes with the Neo-fascist; you will be a hundred times more disappointed than having invested hope with Obama.

      Hillary is an overt Neoconservative; there is no doubt there and she is a big threat to BDS. But you have no proof whatsoever that Trump the candidate, who professed his love for Israel during the last debate, won't squash BDS as well.

      All our efforts should be directed at protecting BDS, because that's all we have to counter Zionist injustice. There is no candidate in this race who will equate BDS as a right protected by the First Amendment except maybe Sanders, who I believe will not allow legislation criminalizing BDS to pass.

      So whether or not Sanders speaks out against Neoconservatism and Hillary as the final standard bearer of it left in this campaign, which I wish he would by the way, pales in comparison to promoting a Trump fascist who would have no problem whatsoever demonizing and criminalizing BDS to neutralize all efforts to free the Muslim population of millions suffering under the supremacist scourge that is Zionism.

  • 'A nation with a special purpose'-- Rubio gives 2-1/2 minutes to Israel in stump speech
    • Rubio's fate is like Carson's. He's going to loose but he'll continue to make a fool of himself for a while longer until his bosses sit him down in the big boy chair and give him a reality check: no mo' money!

      This final slobbering for Zionism is pure desperation.

      Cruz is about to be anointed in his place. Now if only Sanders would get somewhere tomorrow; we'll have the outcome I'm hoping for. Of course I predicted Trump and Cruz would make it to the end and could potentially be running mates, but ideally I'd like Sanders to end up running against Cruz. Too much to hope for.

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