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  • 'The past isn’t past': Palestinians and Israelis share eyewitness testimony to Nakba truth commission
    • Yes, it is the same Amnon Neumann. There are other video testimonies from Palmach veterans too. I think they were made about 3 years ago and exhibited at Zochrot's offices at the time.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel protest draft in Tel Aviv as passersby tell them to die or emigrate
    • The Knesset Members involved don't live in Tel Aviv. They went there to stir up trouble - wasn't it during the run-up to the last elections?

    • Hope no-one here minds me pointing out that Palestinian flags were flown at previous demonstrations in this series of protests in support of conscientious objectors during the month of May. Altogether, they are not as rare a sight in Tel Aviv as this Austrian journalist, who only attended the demonstration he describes above, seems to think.

      The first was in support of Omar Saad, Druze conscientious objector now in jail for his sixth consecutive term and Uriel Ferera, an orthodox Jewish conscientious objector now in jail for his second consecutive term, plus a group of high school students not yet drafted who intend to refuse to serve. Palestinian flags were also also flown at a demonstration a week prior to the one described above, in which Uriel Ferera took part before he entered jail for the second term he'd been sentenced to. The three demonstrations, all opposite the Defense Ministry, comprised both Palestinians and Jews and were also against the occupation.

  • 66 years ago today 42 members of my family were slaughtered in Deir Yassin
    • No they deported and murdered Arab Jews who lived in North Africa too. They had a lot less time to do it though. There's a partial list of Tunisian Jewish victims on this page if you scroll down a bit: link to

      As far as the number of victims is concerned, to this day the Red Cross International Tracing Center in Bad Arolsen has boxes of papers it has not yet sorted through.

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