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  • In Iraq and Syria the US sanctions its allies while its friends back its enemies (got that?)
    • Well that would be great. However our addiction to foreign oil (look at the interstates etc..complete madness), hegemony (military bases protecting access etc) and backing of Israel no matter what they do keeps us deeply entrenched. You would really like the website GOING TO TEHRAN...I believe if you do not all ready go there.

      Also former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer's website NON INTERVENTION. He is a bit extreme for me on some issues. However he is not into US interventions and has a look from the inside of the intelligence structure that is fascinating. Bin Laden recommended his books if you want to understand what is going on. Bill Maher did an interview with Scheuer that was enlightening. Scheuer made several comments about Israel that clearly pissed Maher off. You know that so called "liberal" Maher who is a Israel firster no matter what Israel does.

    • Ok we know the U.S. congress (Nancy Pelosi "impeachment is off the table") was not willing to hold the war criminals in the Bush administration accountable (possibly because Pelosi and her ilk would be called into question too). And clearly the majority of American people are fast asleep about how many people in that part of the world they are responsible for being killed, injured and displaced or just do not give a rats ass (which of course is even more dangerous thinking)

      However why the international community has not moved in the direction of at least threatening to pull Cheney, Libby, Feith, Bush, Rice, Hadley, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and their warmongering team in front of the ICC is very sad indeed. I know it is clearly unlikely that they could go anywhere but at least give us some hope by going through some superficial motions.

    • Unless their agenda was chaos and death and destruction in the middle east. More room for private contractors, multinationals to move in etc. Many of the neo cons are students of the Leo Strauss/Podheretz "noble lie".."creative destruction" group. They don't care how many innocent people are left dead, injured or displaced in the path of this agenda.

      I started really considering this possible agenda when Shensiki said to really to do the job of keeping peace in Iraq 200,000 soldiers needed to be sent in. Then when Bremmer went in and replaced Garner (who wanted to maintain the Iraqi army) and disbanded the Iraq army creating more chaos and death, privatizing Iraq's oil industry and other nationalized businesses. One had to wonder seriously about just what the agenda was. The documentary "Iraq For Sale" and "No End in Sight" confirmed some of this thinking. Along with getting reports from CPT member Peggy Gish who was in Iraq before invasion and cumulatively for years after. She reported early on that the Iraqi people believed that the U.S. did not want peace and security in Iraq....Chaos, death and destruction is what they wanted. Sort of a Sabra and Shatilla. Surround the area with just enough security to allow the Shiites, Sunnis to destroy one another in many ways.

      When you read the agenda of PNAC and the Securing the Realm document one has to wonder about if that is indeed the agenda. Iraq, Syria, Iran all on the hit list.

    • On Syria the Leveretts ( I totally trust these two) over at their most amazing website Going To Tehran said three years ago that the U.S. etc should take the power sharing deal that Assad was offering over three years ago. Hundreds of thousands of people would be alive today if that were the case.

      When you take the time to read the Project for a New American Century letters, plans as well as the document drawn up for Netanyahu by Feith, Wurmsers, Perle called " Securing the Realm" one can see that Syria has been on Israel's hit list for a long time. Israel surely does not want to give back the Golan Heights the land that belongs to Syria.

      Israel and the I lobbies plan for a "Greater Israel" has wreaked havoc in the middle east. That plan clearly converged with the multinational oil thugs and fanatic Christian groups. This looks like a planned chaos has sure unleashed every fanatical Muslim group on the neighborhood. A horrific situation for the people in the region.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Just watched my new favorite Melissa Harris Perry since she has been on along with Chris Hayes when he was the host of UP) mainstreamer. Just watched her Saturday program. Not caught up with Sunday yet. But so far nothing about how Boehner and Netanyahu moving the US closer to a confrontation with Iran by pushing more sanctions. Will the MSM focus on this issue in a big way? Anyone see and hear any coverage about this issue on Meet The Press etc. Are they going to follow the war pushers tracks or not? Israel is leaving their fingerprints all over this run up. Not going to be able to erase their public

      Melissa hit the ball out of the park on domestic class issues. Out of the park. She is remarkable

    • Bet MSNBC has it stacked up for either Saturday or Sunday on this issue. Betting that she will have Hillary mann Leverett back on once again to tell us like it is about Israel trying to push for more sanctions and ultimately the US getting into a military confrontation with Iran. I await with baited breath for Melissa to dig into this latest by Boner and Bibi.

    • Huff Po has gone back and forth with what they will and will not allow through over there. They are on the up and up the last few years. For a long time they would not allow links to even UN reports about Israel's crimes etc. Depended I believe on moderators those in control. A real shift has taken place and yes far more awareness of the facts on the ground.

    • Ok tonight (Thursday) Chris Matthews went out of his comfort$$ zone a bit more about this issue. Brought up how Israel kicked Biden (a staunch supporter of Israel for decades) in the cajones when he was over there for a visit and they announced new expansion of illegal settlements. Matthews mentions how underhanded this move of Boehner's is. However he has Richard Haas (safe supporter of Israel no matter what they do) on as a guest to talk about the issue. Haas has nothing to say about Matthews points...just goes onto beat the unsubstantiated claims about Iran...Haas needs to register as a foreign agent for Israel.

      Chris Matthews refuses to have the Leveretts on to talk about this critical issue. Chicken shit to really go out on the limb and have far more educated people on about this issue instead of the agents MSNBC have approved.

    • Just looked up my last phone call about the Iran issue into national radio program ON POINT on Jan 3 2015, The show title "A year in the News: Isis, Midterm politics, and the year to come" I make my comment about what I would like to see for this upcoming year at 35:50-36:50. Kathleen Dayton Ohio. Two of the guest refer to my comment in the last 8 or so minutes of the show. Jack Beaty the news analyst for ON POINT confirms that he is with me on his wishes for the new year at the end of the show. "I'm with Kathleen" We do not need another preventive war.

      Ex Pat for it. Everyone else too. Use the media to get your views and information about this critical issue out in the public sphere. Bring folks to Mondoweiss too!

    • You can also call into the Ed Schultz radio show (number at his website) this one takes awhile to get through but worth it. Also NPR's Kogo Nnamdi (number at website). Sure there are more outlets but those are the ones I have gotten through on. Also the program ON POINT. Just got through at that show recently on the Iran issue.

    • Once again Chris Matthews demonstrates what a yellow bellied suck up coward he is on this issue. Hardball....wrong. A limp response. Tells you exactly what Chris is ultimately about his job$$$$$$. What a chicken shit

      The only MSNBC host who have and I am sure will continue to go out on a limb on this issue are Melissa Harris Perry, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Farrow a bit...and that is it. Al Sharpton, Ed, Chris, Cycle folks, Chris, Lawrence O'Donnell all conform.

    • Call, email reps... if they have staff in your area ask for a meeting with them. Come back to Mondoweiss and let folks publicly know what your Reps are saying about their stance. Make it public.

      This issue is sure making obvious how Dems have been controlled by this arm (Israeli lobby) of our foreign policy. The dividing lines are being drawn publicly.

    • Of course you can contact President Obama at the White House..(google). Call into Cspan's Washington Journal during open phone segment or a segment that has to do with this issue. All numbers at their website. Call, email, facebook into the Diane Rehm show during their show tomorrow (Friday) during their international segment. Phone number 1-800-433-8850. Practice what you are going to say. Get a piece of information out to the public (say about the discussions here at Mondoweiss, or ask why so called hard ball media host like Chris Matthews play softball when it comes to this issue) Ask why the majority of our media host are such chicken shits (of course you can not say this) when it comes to the seriousness of this issue. Write to the New York Times, etc and share your opinion from abroad. Another idea is ask why Israel owns our congress, why Israel refuses to sign the IAEA non proliferation treaty and the Chemical Weapons convention treaty while Iran did long ago. How absurd it is that the very nation who refuses to play by the rules that others (Iran) are abiding by and this very nation of Israel is pushing us towards another military conflict.

      Go get them. Bet you have plenty of your own ideas for what you want to say. Be polite and clear. Go for it

    • Making it so completely public just who owns our congress on this issue...Israel Israel Israel

    • Huff Po has a piece up about Obama saying he will not meet with Netanyahu when he comes. Obama needs to hear from all of us. Let him know you support his stance. Finally staying firm on this issue

    • Obama is publicly flipping the bird at Israel and continuing to sustain that stance. Netanyahu and Israel have brought this upon themselves. Boehner is now officially part of the Iran war team, Sealed the deal by doing this

    • If the U.S. is drug into another military confrontation..this time with Iran there will be no doubt just who pressured the U.S. to do so. Israel and the Israeli lobbies in this country have their fingerprints all over this one. And now Boehner's too. There will be no doubts as to who to point at and lay bloody blame.

      Hopefully Code Pink, Jewish Voice for Peace, the NIAC and all other concerned groups and citizens will be in D.C. for protest when Netanyahu speaks. Letting the world know just who is in charge of our congress and U.S. foreign policy with Iran

      Folks should flood their Reps offices with messages of NO NEW SANCTIONS WITH IRAN. Document their contacts and what their Reps stands are on this critical issue

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • Hoping Jewish Voice for Peace, Code Pink etc etc combine their efforts on this one. Protest Netanyahu pushing for another unnecessary war. Protest Boehner and war mongering teams efforts to go along with Israel's agenda.

    • Detestable move by Boehner and crew. Sounds like Boehner and team are gunning for another war with Netanyahu and the bloody I lobby breathing down their necks. I used to periodically stick up for Boehner thinking he was totally subject to the manipulations of the tea baggers. However this demonstrates he is really under the influence of demonic influences.

      Can be sure Medea and Code Pink will put something special together for Boehner and Netanyahu when he comes to visit. These guys want another war.

      Most insane thing is Iran signed the NPT long ago, has the legal right to enrich uranium up to 20% for peaceful purposes and Israel has and continues to refuse to sign the NPT and the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty. How can this get any more absurd. Disgusting

      Folks should turn up the heat on their them often over the next month. NO NEW SANCTIONS ON IRAN. Turn up the heat and spotlight

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • Who makes these decisions at CNN? Now there is a news story that CNN will not cover. Wonder if Melissa Harris Perry or some other host would pick up this story.

      Clancy can get a better paying job at Al Jazeera.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • Daniel place to reply below your comment. Such an odd set up. Best line in whole thread "You're like that night nurse who woke me up in the middle of the night to say "Daniel you forgot your sleeping pill!" Classic. Have witnessed this in hospitals over and over again.

    • Prof Cole has more insights in one paragraph than others have in their entire lives

    • Mooser what do you think about Scott's piece?

    • The racism that exist within the state of Israel in fact systematically embedded into their very structure and within others indoctrinated with the "chosen people" myth is being exposed and examined. A good thing.

    • Thanks for your direct witnessing

    • Soon after 9/11 then SenatorJoe Liebermann made sure that Jewish groups were given the larger part of Homeland Security funds for some of those real and "imagined" threats.

    • Mass racism being exposed

    • So what does Mooser think of the article? He never responded. And what would Sean be apologizing for as Philemon suggest below?

      I know others have brought this up but why is it that one is unable to reply just below the individual's comment?

    • Totally agree with you and Scott. All so well said and felt.

  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • Obama is doing his part hope we all do ours. Contact your Reps over and over again. No new sanctions on Iran!

  • 'Protest in the form of a prayer': Dream Defenders demonstration in Nazareth makes connections from Ferguson to Palestine
    • "you say black Americans are being plunged into darkness about the struggle, and yet you say it is healthy" Not sure who you are saying this to? Did not say anything of the kind. When any oppressed people are able to develop enough empathy to look at other people's struggle and finally see the similarities this is movement forward for all. Blacks being involved with the Palestinian solidarity movement is a relatively new development and an incredibly welcome one.

    • "power of presence" The words, the poetry, the singing, the movement, the bravery...powerful and oh so moving. Thank you dream defenders and thank you Annie for bringing this to our attention. Ultimately the same struggle at the core.

    • It has been so incredible to watch light bulbs go off in black America about the decades long struggle for the Palestinians and the similarities of this struggle to apartheid in South Africa and to the struggles African Americans have dealt with for several centuries. Drawing parallels..healthy This has been a long time coming and is happening

  • Sadness and anger as 4 Jewish victims of Paris attack are buried in Jerusalem
    • Offer to memorialize then asked to pay. A PR opportunity...

    • Just so telling that these same Jewish mourners could not feel the same empathy and compassion towards the several thousand Palestinians that their military slaughtered this past summer. A real problem when you can not extend that kind of empathy towards non Jews. Actually pathetic. And bless the souls of the four memoralized.

      How many Palestinian families had the opportunity to memorialize their family members slaughtered by the Israeli military....500 children

  • Israeli education minister calls refuseniks 'radical element of reality,' but they're in the 'NYT'
  • Coalition of more than 40 NYC community groups calls on City Council to cancel delegation to Israel
    • This is wonderful... More awareness..action

      Did not see anything in the piece in regard to who is paying or how these trips are being paid for? One would think there would be by laws or standards that these officials have to abide by. Seems like they would be breaking some laws here.

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • Incredible program on MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry's about Paris killings. A wide perspective. Incredible guest

  • The moral hysteria of Je suis charlie
    • One big problem with this type of "self righteous moral passion" appears to only apply to the French by the French. Limited "moral passion" Unless the MSM in France etc did not cover the protest in France before the invasion of Iraq (and we know this did happen around the world). When people show similar outrage about Muslims being killed or killed by an unnecessary invasion of their country by the U.S./U.K etc then we will have come a long way. When your "moral outrage" is limited to those in your bubble can be a real problem

      Great piece Brian "He would have been lucky to get away with his life."

      MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry has done a remarkable job at widening the scope and understanding of the killings in Paris on her program. Worth watching at her website at MSNBC. Well worth it. She is always great at widening the public's perspective on important issues

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • You knocked it out of the park with this one Mr. Weiss. Thanks for reminding us all to reflect on our own knee jerk reactions. Thanks for reminding me about Justin Raimando used to go read at weekly especially what Justin was writing about. He was so spot on before the invasion of Iraq and many other issues.

      Do think you will be interested in MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry's panel discussion of the Paris killing. Lots of similarities between what you have said and her program about the topic.

  • Jo Roberts on Jewish trauma, the Nakba, and the olive tree
    • Thanks for that. Every time I look at the map the small portion of the coast allotted to the Palestinians is clearly unfair. So when the UN divided the land they just went with what Jews had declared as their coast line?

    • The main prerequisite is for Israeli's to recognize and sincerely apologize for the Nakba. Halt the apartheid methods. This is not going to happen without international pressure. Not going to happen...due to what I believe is a learned ethno-centric narrative embedded in Jewish culture (and others) and extremely embedded in Israel's leaders. A fair and just solution is only going to happen through serious and sustained international pressure.

    • Collective Jewish trauma is clearly based on horrific facts. However the recognition of that trauma, putting Nazi's on trial for brutally causing the majority of that trauma was, is a part of the healing that can potentially take place. This has not happened to those who knowingly killed Palestinians, stole their land, destroyed their agricultural base, imprisoned and torture those who stand up to these crimes committed....and these crimes are still being committed today.

      Palestinians are not in control of an apartheid state...Israeli's are. And the U.S. congress supports that apartheid state

    • Palestinian trauma has been there for decades finally a growing number of Jews are willing to recognize. Been a long time coming.

    • This is a description of an apartheid state..Jo just refuses to call it what it is.

    • "ethnic cleansing by the founding fathers"

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