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  • Over one quarter of Netanyahu’s speech to Congress consisted of applause and standing ovations
    • When BB (big bullshitter) repeatedly said to Congress members "you stand with Israel"..."I know that you stand with Israel" He means that literally. Wonder if any of the political cartoonist will show BB in front of the curtain with a remote control switching it to on every time he wanted congressional members to hop to their feet?

  • Factchecking Netanyahu: An annotated guide to the Israeli P.M.'s speech to Congress
    • Former IAEA weapons inspector Scott Ritter has a great one up over at Huff Po.

      Bibi's Blustery Blunder:

      "The concept of being lectured on the threat of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East by the larges proliferator of nuclear weapons in the Middle East is a bit disconcerting" Classic.

      However far more than "disconcerting." The definition of pure arrogance and hypocrisy.

      Going to ask Scott to come over to Mondoweiss page of Netanyahu's transcript maybe he will join in on the grey fact checking opportunities. Never know.. Never hurts to ask

    • Have never heard him go this far.

    • Phil, Annie Chris Matthews really went out on a limb tonight ripping Netanyahu up.


      Chris "No one seriously believes he (Netanyahu) supports a two state solution. He keeps raising the bar. He says well I want the Arab states to recognize Israel now they have to sign on and say it should be a Jewish state. He keeps raising the bar. No one believes he wants a two state solution" Chris grew some tonight.

    • going to read tomorrow night. Can't wait to read the grey highlights and who said what about the speech

    • Thanks

  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
    • Strong statement out of Matthews

    • The gate keepers who controlled who got into the speech and who did not must have had their Code Pink radar on extra high. They have usually slipped a few protestors in. Not this year with Sheldon and crew up in the cheering section.

    • Amanpour has regularly repeated the false claims about Iran. This is a big shift for her. Amanpour is married to former Clinton U.S. state dept spokesman James Rubin. She generally tows the line for the I lobby and Israel. James must not approve of what Netanyahu has been and is doing. Undermining the negotiations

    • Have not seen anything so organized or biased on cspan since Ron Paul was a candidate. The Libertarians used to flood the outlet with phone calls in support of Paul

    • One thing is for sure if the U.S. ends up being the military attack dog for Israel, all Americans who care will know where to lay the blame for the disastrous outcome. Of course working hard so this does not happen....

    • This is actually amazing. Have heard Amanpour repeat the Iran warmongering claims...often

    • Miracles will never cease

    • Really different for Amanpour. She has repeated the I lobbies unsubstantiated claims about Iran for years.....often.

    • That would be a great visual for one of those so called liberal political cartoon outlets. Lip prints all over BB's ass...with their signatures. Not enough room but the cartoonist could do it.

    • After BB's speech Cspan had lines open for comments. Have never heard anything like this. The calls were at least 20 to 1 in support of Netanyahu. Either the I lobby has gotten to Cspan and the screeners have been told to only let supporters through or Pro Israel groups planned a surge of calls on Cspan.

    • When BB was trying to appease by thanking Obama Dems stood up..GOP stayed seated. Once again we see who the GOP and really many Dem Reps pledge allegiance too

  • Bipartisanship is dead, as Netanyahu, AIPAC, and GOP square off against Obama over Iran
    • Camera , Israel and rest of I lobby must have gotten through to Cspan. Calls into Cspan after Netanyahu speech 20 to 1 all about Netanyahu, all about going to war with Iran. Had to get to host and screener. Or the Christian Fundamentalist. right wing I lobby planned a surge on Cspan

      A woman caller saying she wishes Netanyahu was our President.

    • Over at Going To Tehran they have a piece up about CNN having Hillary Mann Leverett and Allan Dershowitz going a few rounds on Iran/Israel/ Netanyahu issue. Cnn did it too bad Chris Matthews is incapable of not having a few independent guest on his program to discuss this ssue. Leverett: Netanyahu/Dershowitz present a "fact free" case. Classic

    • Phil bet you watched Chris Matthews panel on Netanyahu's speech. Pulitzer Prize Winners Eugene Robinson, Kathleen Parker and Connie Schultz. They could not kiss Israel's ass enough in those 10 or so minutes. Parker "we have to support what they do" We should all be bi partisan when it comes to Israel. Why? No one ask why? Connie rolled over big time. All nodded and kept kissing.

    • Whoa Al sounds like he may finally be showing some grit on this issue. He never touches the issue.

    • Thanks. Anyone know anymore about any US ambassadors to the UN standing up to Israel and the illegal actions they were committing over the decades?

    • Did you see the flags?

    • "The relationship is as strong and deep as the deceptions Israel can continue to foist on the American public"-

      Was only able to listen to Powers complete ass kissing speech. Part of Netanyahu's Will listen to whole thing when I have the time. Bet someone is keeping track of how many times Netanyahu and other speakers repeated the lie that "Iran has said they want to wipe Israel off the map" As long as they keep that lie alive they will keep many believing.

    • For anyone who knows a great deal about US Ambassadors to the UN. Has there ever been a US Ambassador to the UN who has actually stood up in anyway to what Israel was in the process of doing in regard to crimes being committed against Palestinians, theft of land, destruction of agricultural lands etc. Have all US Ambassadors to the UN left their lip prints all over Israel and Israeli leaders asses?

      What other devotees of another country hold a conference like this in the U.S.? Where all (other years) of our Reps, U.S. Ambassador to the Un and generally our Pres or VP etc are required to genuflect and kiss the ring of Israel and the I lobby?

    • We are not going back. Obama is committed to U.S. national security. His commitment to the P5+1 has proven that. Too bad Israeli's and the I lobby are incapable of seeing how these negotiations are ultimately good for Israel too.

    • "Bipartisanship is injured (needlessly, in my view), but it is very far from dead: if it were, Elizabeth Warren would not be intrested in stating her pro Israel bonafides, and every Democrat who is choosing not to attend the speech would not be making clear that their protest is not a reflection of how they feel about Israel, but how the feel about John Boehner"

      Hop in your own words you confirm once again the disproportionate amount of influence that Israel and the I lobby have on U.S. policy etc. Out of the mouths of a persistent hypocrite and anti semite (Palestinians).

      Israel has proven once again that they have absolutely no concern for U.S. national security. And they have no interest in real peace with the Palestinians.

    • Samantha " The UN is the venue where various countries biases are aired. We will never accept this ever. " Powers says this almost immediately after she goes on an on about U.S. and Israel shared interest. Maybe the most hypocritical statement in her whole .

      Powers who represents the U.S. and Israel at the UN is there only to enforce those biases at the UN. Would so like to listen to how international groups respond to Powers extremely biased speeches at the UN.

      She brings up President Kennedy who had a huge run in with Ben Gurion. Kennedy the last President to demand that Israel open up Dimona to international inspections

    • Max...great points. She made a weak effort to appear fair

    • Samantha Powers stated that the Palestinians seeking justice at the ICC against Israel for war crimes will not help two state negotiations move forward. Talk about the most racist statement that I have heard so far at the conference. Would she tell Jews seeking some tiny bit of justice at the Hague for the millions of Jews who were exterminated that they should not seek some kind of justice? What a horrible thing to say to Palestinians. You should not seek justice.

    • that smirk about the "speeches" was odd. She brings up solid points but then goes off the cliff with her ass kissing. She actually brought up the illegal settlements.

    • As Phil has accurately pointed out Netanyahu's speech "it brings the classic era of the lobby to an end." Double Standard there is no going back to fact based information getting out to the public about the disproportionate amount of influence that Israel has had and is trying to continue to have on U.S. foreign policy.

      It is not just Netanyahu's incredibly disrespectful, divisive and arrogant move to speak in front of congress without the knowledge and consent of the President of the U.S. that has brought us to this point. The decades of actions by people who have pushed tirelessly for justice in the I/P conflict...including Vanessa Redgrave, Barghouti, Erakat, Said, Carter, Finkelstein, Walt, Christian Peace Maker Team, BDS and many others. Phil and Mondoweiss's team joined those ranks over the last 8 years. Those cumulative efforts have brought us to these days.

    • Great points

  • Rightwing rabbi seeks to pit Power against Rice on Iran ahead of AIPAC speeches
    • Phil, Annie ...MSNBC Steve Kornacki had David "axis of evil" Frum on as a counter guest to Rep Yarmuth from Kentucky who will not attend the Netanyahu speech. Interesting discussion "Will Netanyahu speech sabotage Iran talks?'

      Not sure why Korancki keeps giving the Iraq warmongers a platform to push for the next war that they want with Iran. A couple of weeks ago he had Iraq warmonger and U.S. Gov 1 in the Aipac espionage investigation Kenneth Pollack on. Why would you give warmongers who knowingly pushed an unnecessary war based on what they knew to be lies? These are accomplices to the Iraq war. They too belong to be on trial at the Hague for their parts in that invasion.

    • GOP did not "import" Bibi. GOP demonstrating who still owns them.

    • Throwing both Rice and Powers under bus. Powers Israel and I lobby ass kissing has been shameful. Would love to be a fly on the wall when other International leaders talk about her presentations at the UN.

      Both Powers and Rice will tell all Aipac conference goers how there is no light between Israel and U.S. relationship. Our best ally, bff etc. The salivating will be disgusting.

    • Despicable ad about Rice. As if Netanyahu etc have not pissed the administration off enough Hope the administration gives her permission to address that this ad went way too far. Wrong, disgusting and absolutely not accurate.

      We all know that both Rice and Power's will tow the Israel, I lobby line at the Aipac conference. Although it would be incredible if they actually were factual that the P5+1 negotiations serve the National Security of Israel, the U.S. Iran and all nations. That diplomacy will benefit movements toward peace and security.

      "That's not a surprise: "Power seems to need Botech more than he needs her" Pathetic Powers had to cower to the I lobby to get her position. Although when you hear her speak she does not seem manipulated seems sincere. Her racism towards Palestinians is evident. I think she believes that Israel's theft of Palestinians lands is aok

      All about Israel and their persistent, alarmist and unsubstantiated claims about Iran. Not a bit of concern about the strong possibility that the P5+1 negotiations will benefit the world including Israel

  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
    • "no member of the power elite that opposes empire" good point.

    • Oh yeah and Charles Freeman had a few things to say about the power of the I lobby

      link to

      "The libels on me and their easily traceable email trails show conclusively that there is a powerful lobby determined to prevent any view other than its own from being aired, still less to factor in American understanding of trends and events in the Middle East," he wrote.

      "The tactics of the Israel Lobby plumb the depths of dishonor and indecency and include character assassination, selective misquotation, the willful distortion of the record, the fabrication of falsehoods, and an utter disregard for the truth."

    • Hop: " It is the only one where people can speak freely, and do"

      link to

      1948 no catastrophe says Israel, as term nakba banned from Arab children's textbooks

      Israel's education ministry has ordered the removal of the word nakba – Arabic for the "catastrophe" of the 1948 war – from a school textbook for young Arab children, it has been announced.

      link to

      Israel bans use of Palestinian term 'nakba' in textbooks
      Term describing 'catastrophe' of 1948 was introduced in Arab schools in 2007, under Labor education min.
      By Reuters | Jul. 22, 2009

      Freedom of speech in Israel. Freedom to protest
      link to
      Video: Senior IDF officer smashes peaceful activist in the face with his M-16
      Henry Norr on April 16, 2012

      Hop: " It is astounding that anyone could look at the Middle East today and conclude that any meaningful share of the problems there are traceable to Israel." -

      A few experts disagree with you.

      1. The Petraeus briefing: Biden’s embarrassment is not the whole story

      link to

      " The team had been dispatched by CENTCOM commander Gen. David Petraeus to underline his growing worries at the lack of progress in resolving the issue. The 33-slide, 45-minute PowerPoint briefing stunned Mullen. The briefers reported that there was a growing perception among Arab leaders that the U.S. was incapable of standing up to Israel, that CENTCOM’s mostly Arab constituency was losing faith in American promises, that Israeli intransigence on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was jeopardizing U.S. standing in the region, and that Mitchell himself was (as a senior Pentagon officer later bluntly described it) "too old, too slow … and too late."

      Same article: The Mullen briefing and Petraeus’s request hit the White House like a bombshell. While Petraeus’s request that CENTCOM be expanded to include the Palestinians was denied ("it was dead on arrival," a Pentagon officer confirms), the Obama administration decided it would redouble its efforts — pressing Israel once again on the settlements issue, sending Mitchell on a visit to a number of Arab capitals and dispatching Mullen for a carefully arranged meeting with the chief of the Israeli General Staff, Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi. While the American press speculated that Mullen’s trip focused on Iran, the JCS Chairman actually carried a blunt, and tough, message on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: that Israel had to see its conflict with the Palestinians "in a larger, regional, context" — as having a direct impact on America’s status in the region. Certainly, it was thought, Israel would get the message.

      Israel didn’t. When Vice President Joe Biden was embarrassed by an Israeli announcement that the Netanyahu government was building 1,600 new homes in East Jerusalem, the administration reacted. But no one was more outraged than Biden who, according to the Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, engaged in a private, and angry, exchange with the Israeli Prime Minister. Not surprisingly, what Biden told Netanyahu reflected the importance the administration attached to Petraeus’s Mullen briefing: "This is starting to get dangerous for us," Biden reportedly told Netanyahu. "What you’re doing here undermines the security of our troops who are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. That endangers us and it endangers regional peace." Yedioth Ahronoth went on to report: "The vice president told his Israeli hosts that since many people in the Muslim world perceived a connection between Israel’s actions and US policy, any decision about construction that undermines Palestinian rights in East Jerusalem could have an impact on the personal safety of American troops fighting against Islamic terrorism." The message couldn’t be plainer: Israel’s intransigence could cost American lives. "

      2. Former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer has been on Cspan and any other outlet brave enough to have him on and has repeatedly said that Israel's actions endanger Americans, undermine U.S. National security by pissing off a lot of people in the region. Been going on for decades

      ‘Our relationship to Israel causes dead Americans and enormous expense in fighting Muslims’ — Scheuer to Congress -

      link to

      Michael Scheuer on Cspan talking about U.S. foreign policy and how Israel's actions undermine both the U.S. and Israel

      link to

      3. Middle east experts Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett have often brought up how Israel's illegal actions influence middle east problems.

      link to

      4. Former IAEA weapons inspector in Iraq Scott Ritter has written and spoken extensively about how Israel's illegal actions and UN resolution violations are a serious problem in the middle east.

      December 17, 2007
      US Must Reevaluate Its Relationship With Israel

      Ritter has discussed this issue on Cspan many times
      link to

      link to

    • "As you note, a profound fear is a central factor in this tragic situation. And as another excellent article at Mondoweiss has so humanely described, that fear has been cultivated through emotional manipulation using disinformation and myths"

      Norman Finkelstein's book "The Holocaust Industry" is a must read. He covers the "emotional manipulation" issue like no other.

    • Mooser can not find that statement about "hatred" that Hop allegedly said. Where is that?

      Hop misquotes people constantly. Puts words in people's mouths.

    • Tree most of us wish the kind of racism and bigotry that Hop persistently exhibits were from the past. Present time very present time. Palestinians are less than to Hop.

    • Hop ""Phil has internalized anti Jewish hatred"

      I truly believe Phil is actually trying to save Israel based on the internationally recognized borders. Phil is facing the facts on the ground. Phil is being a great friend to Israel via his actions.

      And Hop if there is so much freedom of speech in Israel why is it that the Nakba is illegal to even mention?

    • Phil "The great news about the Netanyahu speech is that it brings the classic era of the lobby to an end" Only time will tell

      Phil "Israel supporters like to say that the American people love Israel but they don't really believe that"

      That is why it has been so important to have gatekeepers for Israel in most MSM outlets to block the facts on the ground in that conflict from getting through.

    • Hop you are out of your mind with wild over reactions. "Generally only operating for the welfare for one group of people"

      That is exactly the case with the Israel lobby. The only group of people that they are concerned with in this particular circumstance the Israeli Palestinian conflict, negotiations with Iran are Jews in Israel. They are "generally" not concerned with Palestinians, the national security of the U.S. or the Iranian people. That is a fact.

      And if anyone is an "antisemite" here at MW it is you. I hope that both semitic groups Palestinians and Jews come to a just resolution. You do not.

    • Phil "A post traumatic community operates out of fear" "Jews have long been embarrassed by our high status because it fosters resentment"

      Phil this is where I believe you expose your what I believe could be deep seated elitism.... again. I understand why many in the Jewish community suffer from post traumatic conditions. However I believe what most people resent is the abuse of power. Serious and destructive abuse of power. Generally only operating for the welfare of one group of people. There have been wealthy and privileged people who operate out of sense of equanimity. And then there are those that do not. Whether that abuse of power is taking place in Saudi Arabia or in the halls of the U.S. congress people will feel resentment It is the abuse of power and status that most people object to. Control of legislation, real estate (as you pointed out), pay scales, checkpoints, busting into homes, intimidating children, businesses, governments etc.

      Don't agree with you at all on the Mearsheimer comment Believe the horrific occupation and slaughter of Palestinians gets to Mearsheimer's core. Have talked with him in person

    • Phil "A post traumatic community operates out of fear" "Jews have long been embarrassed by our high status because it fosters resentment"

      Phil this is where I believe you expose your what I believe could be deep seated elitism.... . I understand why many in the Jewish community suffer from post traumatic conditions. However I believe what most people resent is the abuse of power. Serious and destructive abuse of power. Generally only operating for the welfare of one group of people. There have been wealthy and privileged people who operate out of sense of equanimity. It is the abuse of power and status that most people object to. Control of legislation, real estate (as you pointed out), businesses, governments etc.

      Don't agree with you at all on the Mearsheimer comment Believe the horrific occupation and slaughter of Palestinians gets to Mearsheimer's core. Have talked with him in person

  • Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football
    • Joe partially disagree. If the P5+1 gets a substantive agreement with Iran Obama will be in an incredible position of having stood up to Netanyahu who clearly wants to and all ready has to some degree undermined the negotiations. I think Obama has demonstrated he has the cajones to stand up to Israel with his push for negotiations with Iran. I think what most of us hope to be successful negotiations along with his Affordable Care Act were not easy accomplishments.

      Ok on the actual I/P conflict. Nothing.

    • Good question Atlanta. That statement jumped out at me too.

      Have now heard warmonger and U.S. Gov I in the Aipac espionage investigation Kenneth Pollack making MSM rounds again. Heard him on Diane Rehm this summer and on I think it was Steve Kornacki's program. Why the f do these outlets insist on recycling these warmongering fk's? They were knowingly deadly wrong on the WMD hype and they ask them on their programs why?

      Kagan a "reformed neocon" ...where is this evidence?

    • Still waiting for Charlie Hebdo or other so called liberal political cartoon outlets to draw BB and Boehner giving each other bj's. Somehow that one not acceptable

    • That Emergency Committee for Israel is a clear warning to are either with us or against us. Do you want the money for your campaign or not?

      Will Hillary walk in to Aipac etc holding Bill Kristol's hand or not?

    • solid point

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