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  • 'Turning point' -- Obama defeats Netanyahu and 'destroyers of hope' on Iran Deal!
    • Yes NIAC put out an alert early this morning. Now to the 41 votes needed to halt the Republicans, Senator Schumer and Senator Menendez from putting President Obama in a humiliating position to have to use his veto power.

      Keep contacting your Reps let the ones know like Schumer and Menendez who are undermining U..S. National Security by going against the President and voting against this deal that they can still do the right thing and vote for the Iran deal.

      Let's hope that Schumer's vote knocks him out of play for the Dem Majority whip in the Senate in 2016. Should be Durbin...who voted against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and is voting for the Iran deal. Should be Senator Durbin.

      Surprising there is not more hammering of Schumer and Menendez in the MSM and at so called progressive websites.

  • Meet the teenage girls behind the viral photo from Nabi Saleh
    • Nope did not have the Janna piece. Thanks

    • Allison does Jihad have her own fb page? Went looking.

      Went to the Nali Sabah fb page and they announce that you tube has taken down the video that went viral because it violates their "Community Guidelines."

      So who got to you tube? Used to be able to access many clips of horrific Israeli abuse on Palestinians including children. Have not checked in awhile.

    • Thanks Allison. These young people are remarkable. Turning sadness, depression, oppression into action against the oppressor. Their story should go viral,

      Halamish has to go. The illegal settlers have to go.

      What brutal, soul less people the illegal settlers are. And the Israeli government supports and protects them. Disgusting

  • The 'Pallywood' smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy's brutalization brings backlash
    • Christ Hop when can you get off of your fucking high racist horse and just say Israel should get out of the West Bank. Force the illegal settlers etc out. Get the fuck out if Israel really wants a nation that the international community recognizes Enough of of the IDF going into Palestinians homes at night terrifying kids, old people etc. Dragging people out of their homes for fighting for their own land.

      I have heard former IDF soldiers (here in Boulder and in D.C.) speak about how they have maps of where Palestinian adults and children sleep in their homes. That this soldier and many others go in during the middle of the night rousing people out of sleep. If someone is found in a particular bed and they do not belong there the IDF will drag that person to the station. Israeli's have gone mad. Simply mad

  • Why the mainstream media is still ignoring Max Blumenthal's excellent book on Gaza
    • Just read an email message and watched a clip of Allison Weir's ( from If Americans Knew) response to Max Blumenthal's verbal undermining of one of Allison's talk and her work. That is sure disappointing.

      What is up with this division going on? Not that everyone has to be on same page. However seems like a concerted effort going on by some to take Allison and her work down. Not going to happen. She has lots of support and has done amazing work long before some of these newer folks have jumped on this wagon.

    • All of these Congressional trips to Israel being paid by obtuse I lobby groups stinks. I thought all of this foreign countries and foreign countries agents paying for Congressional trips was to come to a halt after the hullabaloo over Rep Ney's paid for trips and gifts.

      He did jail time.

      Thought there was legislation passed to nip this interference in serious U.S. decision making in the bud.

    • Generally respect every article I have read by Sidney Blumenthal especially "The Good Soldiers Revenge" about the John Bolton nomination and the neocons spying on General Powell.

      However I get a deep sense he has a dual agenda in his investigations and reporting. Not as if reporters can not have an agenda of their own that weaves through their work

    • Have to watch. So glad Cspan did this. They did not cover that second Israel Palestine conference. Someone got to them

    • Hey all you can do is try to contact make your argument and challenge her on having interviewed Max on his first book which dissected Republicans...which of course Terry like. Challenge her about never criticizing anything Israel does. That her bias is so clear and many are aware of it.

      You just never know. I for one will be working on Melissa Harris Perry having him on. She is one of the bravest MSM host going.

    • James great piece. Clear and concrete. Max is an incredible researcher, writer/journalist, brave man filled with integrity and a thirst for justice. Deep respect. Know less about Cohen however anyone willing to go into the thick of a violent massacre is clearly a brave and honorable individual.

      Going to call the Boulder Book Store tomorrow to order. Have read Max's other books and excited (well not exactly excited facts about massacres are depressing) to read this one.

      When I think about who in the MSM who might be brave enough and committed to truth and justice is Melissa Harris Perry on MSNBC. Maybe if we start working on her at her fb site or email her etc. She might take the bait and do the right thing. She is one brave main stream lady.

  • You'd think Wasserman Schultz would lose DNC job for bucking Obama on Iran Deal
    • David spot on "Democrats who fail to support the President here should lost their national party positions. Schumer should not be promoted. This is a huge issue. Schumer definitely has definitely tried to throw the Iran deal under the bus. Sounds like Wasserman Schultz is on the same bus. Which is no surprise but still not just shameful but dangerous for our nation...and the rest of the world...including Israel

    • Schumer has literally sold U.S. National Security down the pike. He should suffer consequences. Move On has a petition up asking the Minnesota Dem Party who will be holding a Dem dinner and have invited Schumer to be the guest speaker to retract their invitation because of Schumer's vote against Iran deal.

      Wasserman Schultz using her position to shoot down national praise of the Iran deal. Shameful. I will never forget when Prof Mearsheimer said to me as we talked about his book that was soon to come out "the I lobby owns our congress" Clearly and literally they do. Although the positive part of all of this is that that reality is out of the shadows and in the spotlight. Just who in the Dem party and all Republicans who are voting to literally undermine what is best for the U.S.

      Best take down of Wasserman Schultz was Soledad O'Brien at the Dem Convention on the Jerusalem issue "DNC Chair Torn Apart Over Removal of Jerusalem From Platform"

      Wasserman Schultz says that " President Obama personally believes that Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel"

  • Israeli minister says IDF should have fired on unarmed Palestinian protesters for humiliating a soldier
    • Regev sounds like a very dangerous and heartless person. Israel is not in good hands and the whole world is able to see.

      We know if there had not been people with cameras there the situation would have turned out very differently. Regevs statements only reinforce the dark side of Israel

  • NY's Center for Jewish History to host Ayelet 'Little Snakes' Shaked in conversation with Bret 'Hiroshima' Stephens
    • So far Kornacki has not called him out on his lie "will vote for what is best for the U.S." Kornacki went after Chris Christie with all he has and more. Became obsessive. Not the case with this much more serious decision of Schumer's.

    • So much for "prestige." Calling Palestinian children and older people "little snakes." What a loathsome individual.

      Amazed that we have not seen more media folks going after Schumer's no vote on the Iran deal. The man went on MSNBC's Steve Kornacki's Up program and said that he would "vote for what is best for the U.S." This Dem flat out lied. Have not heard one talking head going after his vote against U.S. national security

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • What did the kid do? What type of law official puts a choke hold around a kids neck?

    • A grown man putting a choke hold on a young that is trash move. Shameful

    • Enough...Enough!

    • There would have more than likely been a very different outcome if the people with cameras had not been there. Documentation of what has been taking place for decades to the Palestinians by Israeli soldiers etc has changed the equation..

      What a horrific and pathetic scene a grown man with a choke hold around a 12 year old. All on land that belongs to the Palestinians being illegally occupied by this coward and the shameful Israeli military and government. Clearly Israel does not want a two state solution or peace of any kind.

  • God is on Israel's side, but not the United States, says Israel's new U.N. ambassador
    • "gold worshipers" enough of those to fill up hell if there is such a place

    • Carter pleaded with the U.S. Congress not to punish Palestinians after that election for Hamas. Soon after Ros Lehtinen and I think Lantos (was still alive then I believe) put together the Anti Palestinian legislation to punish and isolate.

    • I should have been more clear when I was referencing the vote in the West Bank by saying Palestinians are not able to vote in the elections of Israel who occupies and in more ways than one controls the West Bank and the Gaza.

    • If there are around 4 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza ...Palestine. And 2,100,000 can not vote who live in West Bank. That would be half not being able to vote

    • In that Washington Post piece Barnett makes it sound like apartheid states are the norm.

      "In an odd way, then, Israel is about to become a "normal" country. Most countries in the world are not democratic and have evolved a national identity and discourse to normalize this reality. The evidence suggest that Israeli Jews are prepared to join the club."

      Normalizing apartheid. Hmmm

    • What comes out of Danon's mouth sounds pathological. He has the look of a psychopath.

  • Minnesota Congresswoman demands accountability for Nakba Day killings
  • Why did a Jewish Day School student cry hysterically when she learned about the Deir Yassin massacre?
  • For the high holidays, Bernie should bring his presidential campaign to Tzedek Chicago
    • Well what took place in Germany etc during WWII was "sick" extremely sick. Sick does not even touch the gruesomeness of those crimes against millions.

      I mean he could say not all Germans etc were responsible.

      The U.S. is a sick society for our genocide against Native Americans, genocide and enslavement of Africans, genocide in Vietnam, genocide in Iraq. Does that mean that all Americans are complicit. Not all but most.

      I used to endlessly wonder while I read books about WWII in my teens how millions of people did not react to the horrific slaughter taking place not far from them. Ok some were in the dark but millions had to know. Same things with the U.S. slaughter in the Vietnam war, U.S invasion of Iraq. Millions have stayed mum. Sick very very sick

    • What a great suggestion Marc.

  • 'NYT' and Chris Matthews are frank about Jewish role in Iran Deal debate
    • Hey James nice to see you over here. Schumer really needs to be pressed hard on his vote against the deal. Especially since he came right out on Kornacki's MSNBC Up program and said "he would do what is best for the U.S." A total lie

      Leverett's have not put one up in awhile. I have often wondered if they were consulted during the negotiations? I so depend on their scholarly takes on the Iran issue and of course on all issues having to do with middle east.

      Think about how five or more years ago they were both saying that Obama etc should take the power sharing deal that Assad was offering at that point. Thousands would be alive and doubt if there would be over a million Syrian refugees that the U.S. media barely reports about.

    • Melissa Harris Perry has pushed the envelope on the Iran deal and the U.S. relationship with Iran more than any other host. She has had Hillary Mann Leverett on at least five times. She actually tries to inform the public with fact based information about the history, the NPT etc. She is not like Matthews were she has approved MSNBC pundits like Feehery on who clearly know little to nothing about the actual deal. Who spew out superficial and dangerous comments like the U.S. should reject the deal because "Israel does not like it" Completely lame.

      Chris Hayes had several panels some years back when he was host of UP that had a solid and educated base of understanding about the Israel Palestine conflict.

      Ed has had Colonel Wilkerson on quite a bit.

      Chris Matthews has been dipping his toes in but definitely protects his back $$$$ all of the time. He gave Schumer all of the room he needs to makes excuses for his vote to undermine the Iran deal with a no vote.

      Feehery caught him by asking why it was "legitimate" for Schumer to vote no on the deal but not the Republicans?

    • Just listened to that segment with Chris Matthews, Capehart, Feehery and Ball again. Feehery actually nailed Matthews for covering up Schumer's vote to undermine the deal. Feehery "how can you say that Schumer made the right decision and the Republicans made the wrong decision. When they came to the same conclusion." Feehery caught Matthews there. Matthews covering for Schumer's vote to take the deal down because of what Israel wants. So why is it ok for Schumer to vote that way and not the Republicans who are voting against.

    • Just listened to that segment with Chris Matthews, Capehart, Feehery and Ball. Feehery actually nailed Matthews for covering up Schumer's vote to undermine the deal. Feehery "how can you say that Schumer made the right decision and the Republicans made the wrong decision. When they came to the same conclusion." Feehery caught Matthews there. Matthews covering for Schumer's vote to take the deal down because of what Israel wants. So why is it ok for Schumer to vote that way and not the Republicans who are voting against.

    • Going on 14 years been bugging him and other talking heads. Challenged Matthews both times I talked with him in person. I can be polite. Once at the LIbby trial and once at the Dem convention in Denver. Both times talked with him for quite some time.

    • If Chris Matthews had any real balls he would be having experts on about the P5+1 deal. Instead of doing the run around with ass kissers like Feehery repeating "Israel does not like the deal" Real f---ing substantive.

      Is that all Feehery has. Absolutely pathetic.

      Matthews loves to repeat "oh I was always against the invasion of Iraq." I watched him every night for the year previous to the invasion. Yeah he would challenge Frum, Kristol and Gaffney a bit on their false pre war intelligence. He would even poke them a bit by calling them the "best and the brightest" with a smirk on his face. However he never had the El Baradei's, the Scott Ritters, the Ray McGoverns, Dr. Brzezinski's on before the invasion. Those who were really questioning the validity of the so called intelligence.

      You think by now he would have grown some and be having experts on about the Iran deal. Not half baked pundits like Feehery repeating "Israel does not like the deal." Shameful and so weak

    • Good for you ckg

    • Glad you picked up on that Matthews, Feehery, Ball did not say much, Capehart exchange. I think Matthews covered his ass later after early in the exchange saying Schumer "He's concerned about Israel. We know that" Later Matthews says that concern about Israel turned into a no vote for the Iran deal isl "legitimate."

      We all know that vote is not "legitimate" at all. What other Rep could vote for what they believe is another countries national security sacrificing the national security of the U.S. and get away with it? What other country could this exclusive protection that Senator Schumer is elevating above U.S. National Security be applied to and get away with it? All of the Republicans and Dems voting against this deal should be called out on the carpet for this vote against the deal. The deal that most intelligence, foreign policy, security experts support.

      I keep bugging Matthews about having some real experts on his program to discuss Iran. Like the Leverett's instead he sticks with MSNBC pundits. Safe. Just like Matthews covering his ass after that first statement about Schumer voting for concerns about Israel.

      When will someone call Schumer out for his lying statements on Up with Kornacki's program where he said "he would vote for what is best for the U.S." He lied.

  • Videos: 'Vanity Fair' story about anti-Semitic pogrom in Paris is falling apart
    • great dig Kay

    • Brenner was on MSNBC's Morning Joe this past summer. Her story seemed sticky.

      Annie go check out the segment on MSNBC's Hardball tonight (Monday) on Iran. Quite the go around between Matthews and non Iran deal experts Feehery, Molly Ball and Capehart. Feehery has his lip prints all over Israel and the I lobbies ass. Chris Matthews makes lame excuses for Schumer's vote against the Iran deal as "legitimate" because of his "concerns about Israel" On one hand it was great that Mattthews came right out and said Schumer voted against the deal because of "Israel" On the other hand can you imagine this betrayal of U.S. National interest (really Israel's too) applying to another Senator voting for another countries alleged interest over U.S. interest. Quite the go around.

  • Hockenberry skewers Menendez for double standard on Israeli nukes and killings of civilians
    • On Hardball tonight (Monday) quite the go around between Chris Matthews and non experts Feehery, Molly Ball, and Capehart about Iran deal. Feehery kissed Israel's ass over and over again. Schumer's vote came up. Chris said several times "Schumer is concerned about Israel" and "legitimate" for him to do so.

      So ok for Schumer to vote for what he thinks is best for Israel (which many disagree with) over what is best for the U.S. What kind of twisted perverted thinking is this?

      You have to watch that segment

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  • Omar Barghouti on Matisyahu: 'Perfectly reasonable to oppose performance by any bigot'
    • As Barghouti points out Matisyahu's bigotry and incitement of hate of Palestinians is a direct contradiction to the alleged focus on human rights of that music festival.

    • Barghouti's statement nails the issue. Can anyone get any more succinct? I don't think so.

      "as far as I understand, there was never a country called Palestine" What a bigoted turd. Clearly likes having his head up where the sun does not shine.

    • Read that. First time Natalie Portman has come out in such a clear and unbiased way. Generally it is all support for Israel no matter what. A shift. A good thing.

  • Nadler says his vote against Iraq war caused some to question his 'commitment to Israel'
    • Good for Nadler. He has made the sane decision. He is clearly looking at this deal from a much wider scope. P5+1 deal better for the U.S. Israel and the rest of the world! Too bad Israel and the I lobby are incapable of pivoting and looking at the deal from this wider spectrum.

      Have heard Nadler on panels at the Netroots conference. He is devoted to Israel.

      Smart, thoughtful decision on his part

  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • What a thought. Can only imagine if Israeli IDF, police were required to wear body camera the horrific scenes we would see? Over the last 10 years or so many more video's coming out of the area of the horrific scenes we have scene that for decades heard about from friends living in Hebron and working with Palestinians

    • "Jewish terror" fact

  • End of lockstep US Jewish support for Israel is a triumph not a tragedy
    • Cenk Uygar is a champ. Love his delivery. What really like to know exactly why MSNBC canned him. What nerve did he touch?

      Invasion of Iraq a crime that still goes unpunished.

    • You mean the Bob "groupthink" Woodward who not only went along with the Bush administrations pack of WMD lies he pushed the agenda. You mean the Bob Woodward who called the Bush administrations intentional outing of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame "much ado about nothing." A woman who put her life on the line for her country and did it without a focus on fame or fortune...that outing was "much ado about nothing."

      Now Woodward is comparing Hillary's email issue to Nixon's Watergate tapes. Watergate where Deep Throat (who had a bone to pick with NIxon) led Bernstein and Woodward right to where he wanted them. That Woodward?

      Something is seriously fishy about Woodward his willingness to go along with the run up to the invasion, his dismissal of Plame's outing , his exaggeration of the email issue. As if he would like to see Hillary go down. He has been long over rated.

      When he came to Ohio University to speak he would not take any direct questions. Had to go through a filter. Now there is a weak kneed journalist.

    • Landay was one of the premiere reporters before the Iraq invasion. Questioned the false pre war intelligence. Tried to go deep continuously

    • Annie bet you could put money on it...That Beinart reads Mondo and comments. You are moved by a deep humanitarian sensibility. I for one don't believe that is the case with Beinart...sense of preservation of Israel seems to be his motivation. Periodically he wraps it up in a humanitarian cloak. Whatever brings people to the table to seek justice and peace in that conflict. Now Finkelstein, Ilan Pappe, Tony Judt...deep sense of humanity.

    • Many believe this shift is far better for Israel based on the internationally recognized borders. They have been mutilating and killing Palestinians way too long. Ultimately self mutilating.

    • excellent

    • Exposure has helped divide in healthy ways for all involved. Better to loosen that I lobby, Israel grip on U.S. National Security. Many believe that this deal is better for Israel too. Just keep wondering what would happen if Israel were to pivot and play ball with the international community on this deal.

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
    • So is that really part of all this that the Palestinian movement has become dependent on Jewishlibzio financial support?

    • Danaa "because this kind of denouncement and shunning tactics may start out with a few individuals but the actual target is much larger" Atzmon has had a fair amount to say about this.

      Have there been any efforts to put pressure on JVP to mix up their board with Palestinians etc.

    • Kris thanks for that link. Had never watched the whole piece. Damn no wonder people are in fear of what Rev Wright has to say. He flat out speaks the truth with intensity that moves right into your toes Few people want to hear the facts about this country built on genocide and enslavement. Committed atrocities around the world Powerful!

    • National Day of Action in support of the Iran deal put on by Move on and NIAC etc...Wednesday Aug 26th

    • Finally the last 5-10 years people connecting the dots. Always better late than never...Cornell has been talking about this issue for quite some time.

  • A Tale of Two Beaches: Tel Aviv and Gaza
    • Gaza has not been mentioned by any of the MSNBC talking heads since summer 2014. Not a peep. Can anyone explain how those beaches were so unfairly divided in 48. Well that they were divided at all of course is the more serious question. But the fact that they so unfairly divided. Just jumps out at the eyes when you look at the map.

  • Meeting Jimmy Carter
    • Marc hope you write about your other encounters with President Carter

    • I believe activist/concerned citizens being vigilant actually has some effect on the direction of things. I still want to believe

    • No BS peace through justice. Know I have gotten over a 1000 calls into the Diane Rehm show, Talk of the Nation starting with the 2000 Supreme Court Judicial Coup. Calls with the hot shots like Dr. Zbig, Madeline Albright, Paul Bremmer, Generals, former Supreme Court Justices, Senators, Condi Rice, counter terrorism expert Richard Clarke, Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson etc etc. Was getting through 2 to 3 times a week back in the early 2000's. Was obsessed with hammering those who stole the 2000 election, those who pushed for the Iraq war etc etc. Changed my name (because the screener at the Rehm show said she was letting me through to often) so I started changing name. All my friends etc knew who was calling. I had been reading enormous amounts from right left and center about the Iraq war. Before and after. Tough questions and informed comments if I do say myself were spot on. Hard driving. Had a great time digging.

      Washington Journal has been a call in target for me at least 25 years. Calls about the I/P conflict etc. Not as often. However what folks need to think about is when you get a call through millions are listening so you can throw in a critical piece of information that the public may not be aware of due to a complicit media, ask a tough question and point people towards other important sources and Mondoweiss etc. Millions listen to these programs

    • Look I hate some of the things Carter and Zbig did while in office. Although I do always keep in mind that people holding those offices take an oath to protect the American people and "interest" Know that the way U.S."interest" are interpreted are vast and off base. So you do bring up relevant points. Although I don't pretend to know what it would be like to take an oath to "protect the American people" and how that is applied.

    • What a great first encounter Marc. Now I want to hear about the other encounters you have had with him. Would have loved to be a fly on the table for that 20 minute discussion you had with him. I adore and respect President Carter so much.

      Have had the great honor to be in his presence twice at public talks. Have also been able to ask him questions four times over several decades.

      My last question for him was on the Diane Rehm show this summer when he was a guest. link to I ask him about the hopeful deal with Iran towards the end of the program. Kathleen from Columbus Ohio. Pulled my car over to get the call through link to



      REHMAnd you’re listening to “”The Diane Rehm Show.” And to Kathleen, in Columbus, Ohio. You’re on the air.

      KATHLEENThank you. And like the others, President Carter, I just have deep respect and, quite honestly, love for you and all of your incredible work and examples for us all. So thank you. And I’d like to ask you about nonproliferation. And in regard to President Obama’s approach with Iran and the P5+1. And do you think that has been an constructive approach? And do you — would you support — or do you think there should be more pressure on Pakistan, India and Israel to sign the nonproliferation treaty, sir?

      CARTERWell, the answer to your last question is yes. I certainly do. And those are the countries that don’t comply with a nonproliferation treaty. As you know, Iran is a member of a nonproliferation treaty group. But I — and I personally hope and pray that within the next two or three days we’ll see success between the United States and Iran in forming an agreement. And I have complete confidence that if John Kerry signs an agreement it would be both enforceable and good for our country and for Iran”.

  • Schumer gets pushback on the Upper East Side
    • Thanks J Lewis. Read, signed and shared

      Great that these posters are up around New York. Spot on.

      I know Schumer just voted against his first trade deal ever. The Unions have been leaving him because he abandoned them. Schumer voted against Obama's TPP. A first for Schumer to do the right thing in a long time for American workers

  • Jimmy Carter has cancer
    • Have had the great fortune to ask Former President Jimmy Carter direct question four times over the last few decades. My last question for him was on the Diane Rehm show this summer when he was a guest. I ask him about the hopeful deal with Iran towards the end of the program. Kathleen from Columbus Ohio. Pulled my car over to get the call through link to



      REHMAnd you're listening to ""The Diane Rehm Show." And to Kathleen, in Columbus, Ohio. You're on the air.

      KATHLEENThank you. And like the others, President Carter, I just have deep respect and, quite honestly, love for you and all of your incredible work and examples for us all. So thank you. And I'd like to ask you about nonproliferation. And in regard to President Obama's approach with Iran and the P5+1. And do you think that has been an constructive approach? And do you -- would you support -- or do you think there should be more pressure on Pakistan, India and Israel to sign the nonproliferation treaty, sir?

      CARTERWell, the answer to your last question is yes. I certainly do. And those are the countries that don't comply with a nonproliferation treaty. As you know, Iran is a member of a nonproliferation treaty group. But I -- and I personally hope and pray that within the next two or three days we'll see success between the United States and Iran in forming an agreement. And I have complete confidence that if John Kerry signs an agreement it would be both enforceable and good for our country and for Iran".

    • President Jimmy Carter is one of the most remarkable people to ever grace this planet. He has set the bar of compassion in action so high that one can barely see it.

      If folks do not know about THE ELDERS website where he and his amazing colleagues share their massive amount of humanitarian work around the planet.

      Prayers for him and his family

      So many around the world love him...I sure do!

  • Saban says Iran Deal is a done deal, as Netanyahu and Bush play for 2016
    • I have to wonder about what would happen if Israel were to pivot and say ok the deal looks like a reasonable deal based on what Israeli and U.S. intelligence leaders and organizations are confirming in mass. What we (Israel and the I lobby) wanted was Iran not to enrich at all (even though most of us know they have a legal right to enrich for proven peaceful purposes). So now we have a deal that basically confirms Iran's legal right to enrich even though Iran has given up a great deal of their legal rights in the agreement.

      The Leverett's and other experts have stated many times as Phil has said above that this about Israel's fear that Iran becomes the economic power player in the region. And that if the Iran issue is moved off the front and center stage that the occupied territories etc moves onto center stage. How could Israel turn the deal to their advantage in a realistic way built on the known facts and not on manufactured fear? If Israel does not start to play a fair ball game in the West Bank, Gaza, E Jerusalem we know it is only a matter of time before the one state solution ball game becomes the only game.

    • Oren was a regular on NPR. Hell he could have had his own program based on the amount of times he was on. He steers away from the facts on the ground in the I/P conflict. Israel does no wrong what so ever according to Oren.

    • Thanks Phil. Interesting that you said the smart money is on the deal not working. Then you go into Saban's stance and projections. That he is against but says it is "a done deal"

      Netanyahu reads the American public the way he chooses not the way it is. He is clearly not choosing to put the tipping scale of heavy hitters being for the deal and the American public becoming far more informed about the I/P conflict. Jeb Bush/Trump/Rubio etc are going to lose this battle that is moving towards a sane stance...The Iran deal making it through.

      You can hear one Rep after the next who has chosen to talk with the other leading members of the P5+1 deal who tell the U.S. we will move forward with deal and trade with Iran. If the U.S. does not sign the deal with the rest the negative consequences will be great.

      I really think many Americans will wonder why the Republicans and Democrats who vote against the deal have made a decision to undermine U.S. (and ultimately Israel's) national security. I really believe this.

      When Jeb likely surfaces as the front contender (know anything can happen) The public will be looking closely at Wolfowitz's very serious role in sending hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers off to an invasion based on Wolfie, Cheney, Feith's etc "pack of lies"

      No need to wonder why the NYBloody Times is filling their front pages with those against the deal. The same rag that full on pushed the invasion of Iraq clearly leans towards taking the deal down. No surprise there

      So great that Tester came out in support

  • Non-Jew dares to announce position on Iran Deal
    • The support for the deal sure seems to be tipping the scale. Unanimous UN Security Council vote for, over 60 top security officials, Generals, Scholars, U.S. Intelligence agencies, Israeli intelligence officials, Gary Samore (the guy who started UANI, etc etc. Your piece lines up more....The list keeps growing with some heavy hitters.

  • If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal (to the tune of 'If I Were a Rich Man')
    • Tom's verse"

      I don't need to wish I was a rich man...I am
      Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum!
      All day long I'd dibby dibby bum
      I wouldn't have to work hard
      Write a few editorials pushing unnecessary wars in the NYBT
      All would be forgiven in my mind
      Dibby Dibby Dibby Dum

      I could go on the MSM whenever I choose
      Dibby dibby dibby dum
      Never being held accountable for my part in pushing a war where hundreds of thousands have died and been injured
      Dibby dibby dibby dibby dum
      Say what I think now
      dibby dibby dibby dum
      with blood all over my hands, letters, words
      Dibby dibby dibby dum
      Because I am a rich man connected to very rich and powerful people
      Dibby dibby dibby dum

    • "he has been making these excuses (aiding and abetting) for Israel his whole career as a pundit"

    • Or said anything about how hard be pushed for the Iraq war. Oh yes I am Tom Friedmann from the NYBloody Times. We can all just move on. I am extremely rich, powerful and everyone thinks I always know what I am talking about.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • I believe there was movement in both of those congregations even as far back as 2000

    • "In the meantime, another Palestinian was shot in the back, a baby burnt, kids arrested, village raised, water denied" Indeed. And from my vantage Allison Weir's efforts to keep track, share, inform etc benefits by educating the public!

    • Ida "Palestinians don’t need to make peace with Jews. We need to find a way to live with Israeli Jews under a single set of laws that apply to all citizens. This will not be easy, because (at the risk of demonizing Israelis, which doesn’t concern me), a sizable majority are supremacists who really don’t are annoyed by the presence of non-Jews in their midst and would run us out of the country if they could. That is what the polls tell us, that is what even a casual reading of the Israeli press tells us."


    • Go Ida.
      "So this is about turf, then. And maintaining (Jewish) privilege in the Palestinian rights movement. As far as I can tell, I am the only Palestinian in this roundtable, so let me tell you something, Jennifer: It is very, very important to Palestinians and to our ability to reach Americans to have the voice of the Alison Weirs in this country, because it is a clear voice. There is no conflict of interests, there is no undisclosed privilege that we need to be concerned about. I can’t say that about JVP. If you take it as a given that anyone taking a position on BDS requires the permission of Jews to do so (to be told that it isn’t — that word again — anti-semitic), then I have to assume that there is something about that that sits well with you. That assumption is so presumptuous, so reactionary, so outrageous — and as clear a statement of the perks that come with implicit privilege — I don’t know where to begin to respond. I would think that any movement that wants to involve ordinary people and wants to get them invested in the foreign policy of their government, which has had such disastrous consequences in the world — anyone who wants to do that has to empower them and give them an independent voice. I don’t think they should need a Jewish seal of approval to voice their opinions on divestment. Alison’s work contributes to that independence. The assumption that we need to know how Jews stand on issues in order to know what is permissible would be laughable if it weren’t unfortunately the norm. "-

    • By the way Methodist and Episcopal Churches were way out in front of JVP on the divestment boycott issue. Think that description of "hand holding" by JVP is a myth being fueled.

    • Would be great to read a co written piece by Barghouti and Finkelstein on this JVP VS Allison Weir debacle. Respect them both so much

    • 1. Had her own direct experiences in the region.
      2. Has worked closely with former Congressman Paul Findlay. One of the first U.S. congress people to stand up to the I lobby and Israel based on facts.
      3. Deep research using credible sources
      4. Committed to a just and peaceful resolution
      5. Seems to be well aware of international law and UN resolutions that apply to the conflict
      6. Her website is a vast resource of well documented and well researched facts. A huge resource for educational materials
      7. Seems unafraid of controversial issues. Seems to hit those issues straight on.

    • W Jones first time I have ever seen that interview. Who was the interviewer? At first as the interviewer keeps following Finkelstein I am wondering has Norman agreed to this. However clearly he did.

      NF : "Whenever Israel faces a public relations debacle or comes under pressure to resolve the Israel Palestine conflict they start up this extravaganza called the new anti-semitism" Sure seems to have been the case over the decades. But now more than ever.

      Later NF refers to Israel as "engaged in quite brutal violence" Now the over all response to protectors of this violence is "why not focus on ISIS, Assad's brutality" Not on the country which your government supports with the largest percentage of foreign aid and the actions that many top intelligence analyst say has and continues to undermine U.S. National Security but also Israel's.

      I have read many of NF's books, listened to many interviews, spent time at his website. Have deep respect for his brave and fact based stances. Does he make a few statements that do not resonate with me? Sure but not many. Did he get touchy being questioned about his stance on parts of the BDS movement. Yes he did. Does that change the respect I have for his knowledge, his bravery (out on the front lines starting in the 80's on this issue). When it was not so easy on ones career and person.

      One of the biggest pieces that I am taken with is his ability to apply compassion to others (Palestinians) after the horrific (no words to really describe) mass murder of Jews and millions of others by the Nazi killing machine. He does not displace anger, hatred, brutal crimes from those crimes committed against millions to the Palestinians. He does not make excuses for Israel's crimes.

      I really respect that he has a serious grasp of International agreements and law and the history of the conflict.

      Would still like to hear what he thinks about this Weir, JVP situation. Respect his insights and opinions.

    • Such an odd effort by both of these groups to squeeze Allison and all of her amazing work out. She (with the assistance of one of the first Congress folks to ever take a stand on the I/P issue Paul Findlay) was out in front of both of these groups and individuals involvedt. One has to wonder if their agenda is to totally push her efforts aside. Focused on guilt by association by JVP which looks like a group that only Jewish individuals can be on the board. Some serious discrimination going on there if this is the case.

      Sure would like to get Barghouti, Finkelstein's take on this in fighting and efforts to exclude. Now I know groups do not have to agree but JVP etc seem intent on taking Allison and If Americans Knew down. That sure makes me wonder about the intent of both groups doing so.

      Attempts to divide and conquer are not new strategies used to weaken human rights and civil rights movements.

    • Bernie has drawn a distinctive distance from Aipac by supporting the Iran deal.

      The hasbarists may be enjoying this however the cat is out of the bag on this critical issue. Way out of the bag. Never to be put back in.

      Have monitored Washington Journal's callers for around 25 years. So many phone calls coming through on this issue. Some edgy, some well informed about facts. Folks I have known for four decades now talking about it in ways that demonstrate they are reading about the issue. Many Jewish friends who generally always wrote off the situation by saying "both sides are wrong" Easy way to write it off...are choosing to become better informed.

      The cat is out of the bag.

    • Do you know if the board of JVP is exclusively Jewish? Does anyone know?

    • Danaa great points. Does seem to be some need by JVP to direct, control, and determine who is in and who is out. And so spot on that what Palestinians think about this shake up should be front and center...Not JVP

    • Thanks. Such a great point. Really does appear there are serious double standards coming out of JVP. Really does seem like some ego, territorial bs going on.

    • good points

    • "It's a hack job" Focused on guilt by association.

      Just wonder if there is some territorial bs going on? Allison way out in front of JVP on this issue for quite some time. Is their agenda to try to knock her out? Not willing to give credit where credit is due?
      When you look at the make up of the JVP team one has to wonder about this "territory" issue. Instead of what is the goal?

    • My take of Allison is she is a force of nature on this issue. Effective, clear, concrete. Have heard her speak numerous times. Fact based like Max Blumenthal.

      The "blood libel" stuff is weird.

      Sure would like to hear what Norman Finkelstein thinks about this issue. He knows what it is like to be hammered and thrown to the wolves.

    • I know she has been really getting around the country. Can you be more specific about the groups she has been talking too?

    • This whole piece sure got me thinking about the trafficking in organ harvesting rings. Do remember that story in New Jersey/New York where there were quite a few alleged religious folks involved. That story sure fell off the national stage rather quickly

      I am curious about who approached JVP to examine Allison Weir and her writings. (Again have not read them all) She surely has had some thug types after her. Witnessed it with my own eyes. Wondering what Phil, Max others think? Have not read through all comments

    • This whole piece sure got me thinking about the trafficking in organ harvesting rings. Do remember that story in New Jersey/New York where there were quite a few alleged religious folks involved.

      I am curious about who approached JVP to examine Allison Weir and her writings. (Again have not read them all) She surely has had some thug types after her. Witnessed it with my own eyes. Wondering what Phil, Max others think? Have not read through all comments

    • I have not read all of Allison Weir's writings although I do know she and her organization have been far more effective at getting the information about the illegal and immoral occupation better than Jewish Voice for Peace and The U.S. Campaign to end the Occupation. She has been invited to campuses and communities across the nation so one would have to wonder why these groups are hammering her so hard right now. Threatened because of the effect she and her organization are having which seems to be far more powerful than either of the other groups blowing her off.

      Just read piece and going to read again. Have have heard her speak at least four times and have only heard facts that I have heard elsewhere being stated. During the Move over Aipac gatherings in D.C. road a train with her. This was about five years ago. She was being followed and harassed by some guys who were relentless in their verbal attacks on her. Watched these same thugs harassing the hasidic Jewish guys outside of the Aipac convention. Real cruel thugsters.

      Have to wonder who is after her and why? Is she really an anti semitic or just being incredibly effective? Would really like to hear Norman Finkelstein's take on this situation.

      Her group If Americans Knew has some of the most informative brochures, cards, information packets going. You can purchase and if you do not have the money they will send them to you to pass out

  • 'Bernie, what about justice 4 Palestine?'
    • Yes Sanders has said he supported the deal quite some time ago. He finally diverted from the I lobby in a big way

  • President Obama wants us to argue about the special relationship
    • Yeah how many deferments did warmongering Joe have during Vietnam. Several I believe. Will send your kids and grand kids but not his own. A true blue yellow bellied coward

    • Follow Trump's fb page and post comments challenging him. My comments usually end up top comments out of thousands. Not saying much when folks are all yeah yeah Trump. Although have to say I like the way Trump challenges the talking heads. Just wish he would start up on MSNBC a bit.

      He put up an alleged personal statement calling the p5+1 deal the worst ever. Not sure why he needs that lobby. He has come right out and said he did not support the Iraq invasion. Why does he need to go along with that group now?

    • All of the MSM talking heads are looking out for their own skins with the exception of Melissa Harris Perry who for awhile was hitting this issue head several times. Chris Hayes at one time too.

      Interesting how Jon Stewart was hailed all over the media as this person unafraid to tackle all issues, brave, would go where few of our msm journalist would go. During Stewarts 2500 shows he went after many other world leaders but not Israeli leaders, not Israel's war crimes. On Iran I heard Stewart repeat some of the unsubstantiated claims about Iran. Really not that brave at all.

    • Piece in the New York Times yesterday Aug 11 about Gary Samore the President of the United Against a Nuclear Iran (warmongers putting the kill the deal with Iran commercials) stepping down at the President of the group. He supports the P5+1 of group does not. I believe he started the group. Former Senator Liebermann stepping in as President of the warmongering group.

      Would sure be great to see Samore in an ad saying he had been President of the group and had started the group and now supports the deal because it is such a comprehensive deal.

    • "It's time for Americans to hear our views" Indeed Phil. When will Chris Matthews, Maddow etc grow some real journalistic integrity and have you, Blumenthal and other Jews who oppose the I lobby and Israeli leaders having so much destructive power in this country and ultimately against a now dead two state solution? When?

      I talked about Mondoweiss, Emptywheel, the Leveretts to Chris Matthews at the Libby trial. I mentioned these sites to him (and other heavy news host hitters) at the Dem convention in 2008 in Denver. You can bet by now some of them are swinging by here. When will they grow some steel nerves like Melissa Harris Perry has on this issue. Times have shifted a bit.

      All Kornacki simply has to do is ask Schumer about his statement that he would "do what is best for the U.S." How would Schumer explain how his voting this deal down is good for the U.S.? Israel or the rest of the world?

      Jonathan Capehart (who was in for Kornacki over the weekend) touched on Kornacki's interview with Schumer. They played a clip of Schumer saying he would be reading the deal etc. But cut the tape just before Schumer said "he would do what is best for the U.S." I think that is the Schumer line/claim to dig into.

  • Former Iranian political prisoners urge U.S. support for Iran Deal
    • Thanks Mondo editors

      First our Reps should read the Iran deal. Confirming the deal is solid as a rock. Then if they need more reasons. Let's start to count the reasons why they should vote for U.S. National Security...not against:
      1. An open letter from retired generals and admirals on the Iran nuclear deal
      The retired brass support the agreement and said diplomacy should be given a chance to work link to
      2 .UN Security Council endorses Iran deal The United Nations Security Council on Monday unanimously adopted a resolution supporting the nuclear deal struck by the Obama administration, Iran and other world powers. link to
      3. Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel link to
      4. Head of Group Opposing Iran Accord Quits Post, Saying He Backs Deal
      By MICHAEL R. GORDON AUG. 11, 2015
      WASHINGTON — When the bipartisan advocacy group United Against Nuclear Iran decided last week to mobilize opposition against the nuclear deal with Tehran, Gary Samore knew he could no longer serve as its president.
      The reason: After long study, Mr. Samore, a former nuclear adviser to President Obama, had concluded that the accord was in the United States’ interest. link to
      5. 9 Reasons to Support the Iran Deal
      It’s impossible to “solve” the Iranian nuclear threat. This agreement is the next best thing. link to
      6. Bipartisan Group of 60 Senior National Security Leaders Endorse Iran Deal link to

  • It's not bigoted to call out the Israel lobby over Iran Deal
    • Spot on response Just. Great piece Annie. Anyone betting whether any of the MSNBC talking heads or any of the right, left or center news host asking Schumer about his "will vote for what is best for the U.S." comment. When will they challenge him on this huge lie. The P5+1 is what is best for the middle east, Israel , the U.S. and the rest of the world.

  • Defying Obama on Iran deal, Schumer cites Hamas
    • Wondering if Steve Kornacki who interviewed Schumer in that deli where Schumer said he would "do what is best for the U.S." in regard to the Iran deal will have Schumer back on to dig deeper into his decision to vote against?

      Wonder if any of the other so called progressive host will dig into his decision to undermine the deal? Schumer said he would go through the deal with a "fine tooth comb" clearly as I said when I heard him make that statement...that "fine tooth comb" belongs to BB

    • Schumer kicked the U.S. in the ass by saying he will vote to undermine this deal (and ultimately Israel). He kicked himself in the ass too. Voting again for war based on lies not negotiations based on facts.

      He said he would vote for U.S. interest. He lied.

    • Senator Schumer said he would "do what is best for the U.S." Schumer lied.

      He is representing BB and Israel along with other Reps on this issue who are doing their best to undermine this deal. They clearly do not care about peaceful negotiations they want to move us towards a military conflict with Iran because that is what Israel wants.

      If Megyn Kelly wants to pretend to play hardball why not ask all candidates about why most of them have committed to sinking the Iran deal (like Schumer). Why is it that they are all committed to undermining U.S. National Security by trying to take down this deal? Will Kelly or any other MSM talking head ask Schumer why he said that he "would do what is best for the U.S." He lied. Will Megyn Kelly be digging into this? We know Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Ed Sharpton, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell etc will not be

  • Obama ushers in the crisis of the Israel lobby
    • Lots more folks scoring 1600 on the SAT. We sure know Schumer scores 1600 plus for anything that Israel demands and Aipac/Jinsa push for.

      He should be made to eat his words "will do what is right for the U.S." One of the talking heads needs to ask him just how undermining the P5+1 deal is right for the U.S. Simple straightforward question based on what he has all ready said.

    • Was surprised by Gillibrand's decision. She generally falls into line when it comes to all things having to do with Israel.

      Looking at the picture of Mearsheimer and Walt makes me think about all of the hoopla in the news about Jon Stewart's alleged bravery on all issues. Lots in the piece aired on Friday evening "Jon Stewart has left the building" with Rachel Maddow, his writers, Al Sharpton, Richard Engel etc saying things like "no one was off limits" ..."relentless". ..."cleverly going after any topic"..."goes after high targets." Really? Stewart has his sacred cow. He seldom criticized Israel or Israeli leaders. I know he did a piece on Aipac espionage case/Harman etc. However I remember that being a first. Did he have Mearsheimer and Walt on when their book came out? Saw an interview with Musharif where Stewart publicly skewers him. Have we ever witnessed Stewart doing this with an Israeli official? Did Stewart hammer Israeli leaders when they were killing innocent Palestinians last summer? Not that I know of.

      On Iran I have heard Stewart sing some of the neocons false claims about Iran having a nuclear weapons program.

      All of this canonizing of Stewart of being willing to go after any leader, any country is just bullshit. He talks about having a bullshit meter...Being vigilant. Yet Stewart failed in really covering Israel's crimes against humanity that he applied to other leaders and countries. I love his humor but...he was not "brave" in his coverage or lack of coverage is more like it

  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • "finally" And all of us need to keep doing our part to support this deal as P Obama has pointed out. Contact our Reps, write to local papers in support, call into national radio programs, Washington Journal, local radio programs in support. Share this MW page on fb, Huff Po, other websites. Keep pushing for this peaceful deal

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
    • Horrific...more senseless and brutal violence and death .

      Is it my imagination or are BB and Rivlin extending a bit more of a hollow compassion towards innocent Palestinian children etc being killed?

      BB "This is an act of terrorism in every respect. The state of Israel takes a strong line against terrorism regardless of the perpetrators" Most of us know that is a complete lie. BB has absolutely no evidence to back up this claim.

  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
  • Time Warner executive moonlights as speechwriter for Netanyahu
  • When a U.S. president demanded inspections of a nuclear facility in the Middle East (and failed)
    • Only logical to consider. Oswald's trips to Russia. Who he was in contact with? Jewish Russian mob? Ruby's (Rubenstein's) connection? One has to wonder.

      The Kennedy's had quite an assortment of enemies.

    • Been linking these exchanges between Kennedy and Ben Gurion at other MSM websites for over a decade now. Kennedy last President to push for Israel to come clean on their nuclear weapons program.

      Amazing how often we hear Richard Haas and many others talk about how Iran has "cheated" during their alleged pathway towards a nuclear weapon. Cheated used to describe Iran's alleged actions. Yet never hear "cheated" used in reference to Israel's nuclear weapons program. Never

      Great piece Phil

  • It's time for American Jews to recognize they have been duped
  • Hundreds of Israelis join protest to save Bedouin village on brink of demolition
    • thanks Allison. Movement.

      "Area C" Israel's designation of Palestinian land. Trying to sterilize theft.

  • 'If we don't take out Iran,' it will reenact the Holocaust in US and Israel -- Steven Emerson to Times Square rally
    • Pressure on. Phil the article says "thousands" attended. Any idea the size of protest. 2 thousand...10 thousand. We are going to watch millions of Kill the deal commercials on our MSM outlets. All of us need to do our best contacting Reps, media outlets etc in support of the deal. Encouraging others to do so.

      60 senior US national security, military, diplomatic leaders support Iran nuclear deal
      By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press

      WASHINGTON (AP) — Sixty national security leaders, ambassadors, military leaders and former Cabinet secretaries have signed a letter supporting the nuclear deal with Iran.

      The bipartisan group of signatories includes former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former national security advisers Zbigniew Brzezinski (ZBIG'-nyef breh-ZHIN'-skee) and Brent Scowcroft and former Sens. Nancy Landon Kassebaum, Tom Daschle (DASH'-uhl) and Carl Levin.

      Also signing the letter released on Monday are former defense official Michele Flournoy and Thomas Pickering. He's the former ambassador to Israel, Russia, India and the United Nations.

      The U.S. and five other world powers reached agreement last week with Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

      The letter says that without the agreement, the risks to the security of the U.S. and its allies would be far greater.

      Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

      Ex-Intel Chief: Iran Deal Good for Israel

      Yes, it’s true: If Obama can toughen the penalties for cheating and pivot to confronting Iran’s support for terrorism, he will enhance Israel’s security.

      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes the Iran nuclear deal is a “stunning historical mistake.” Meanwhile, Israel’s opposition Labor Party, Republicans here at home, and much of the American Jewish community are joining him in denouncing the agreement signed last week.

      But many former senior intelligence and national security officials in Israel disagree. While they think the deal is flawed and that Netanyahu deserves credit for raising the alarm on Iran years ago, they also believe that the historic agreement is—on balance—in the national security interest of the State of Israel.

      I spoke recently with Ami Ayalon, a former head of Shin Bet, the Israeli internal security service, and a former chief of the Israeli Navy. Even as he explained that the issue “is not black and white,” he reeled off a list of former defense ministers and chiefs of Shin Bet and Mossad who agree with him that “when it comes to Iran's nuclear capability, this [deal] is the best option.”

  • Israelis destroyed 3778 trees and 30 wells in occupied Hebron district last year-- Abdulhadi Hantash's report
    • Susie thank you for sharing his report and for your input and work for peace and justice. Sharing your piece

  • Scenes from a Sanders presidency
    • I agree with all of your points up to "I'll bet my last dollar these people are acutely aware of the passionate defense by BS of the last massacre in Gaza and his years of pro war and pro Zionist voting record." I would take that bet.
      I also wonder if the protestors were completely unaware of Sanders involvement with civil rights issues? Why should that be ignored and dismissed even though he has not extended those human rights standards to the Palestinians situation? Inconsistent and pathetic however he has a record of civil rights involvement and votes for civil rights in this country.

      Just as more Jews have become involved with the Palestinian solidarity movement over the last 10 years I know that is the case for African American involvement too. However before that many blacks seemed unaware and not very concerned about the oppression and human rights abuses taking place for the Palestinians at the Israeli government and illegal Israeli settlers hands. Ok get it people are often dealing with their own oppressive environments. However the inability to apply the injustice in your own circumstance to others is always alarming to me.

      Granted their has been growth in the African American community focused on the crimes committed against Palestinians over the last 5-10 years. However this welcome shift is part of the "better late than never crowd"

      I would not assume those individuals who were allowed to take over that stage (would Netroots organizers allow Palestinian solidarity activist to do the same during a Netroots foreign policy panel necessarily know about the I/P issue? I doubt it very much. Last time I checked Netroots has still not set up a separate panel just focused on the I/P issue and U.s. Taxpayers money that fund Israel's illegal occupation.

    • Do wonder if the protestors that were allowed to take over the stage had any idea about Sanders civil rights work and voting history? Seemed like these protestors were "tone deaf" on his history.

      Know the Black LIves Matter issues are critically important. However being "tone deaf" is not always a one way street

  • Democrats are 'uncomfortable' with Iran deal because Netanyahu is so 'influential in our country' -- Rep. Ellison
    • Thanks Phil. Attended two Netroots conferences. Followed their panel discussions over the years. They were not willing to touch the Israel Palestine conflict for at least the first six years. Even when asked to do so. Has that changed?

      Just went to their home page. The panel "Netroots Nation stands in solidarity with all people seeking human rights" Really? Palestinians?

      So will Netroots Nation organizers allow Palestinian solidarity activist to take over a foreign policy panel next year? Would they have allowed a takeover this year by Palestinian solidarity activist?

      Has Netroots organizers unwillingness to focus on the I/P conflict changed? For years they completely avoided this critical issue.

  • Walker and Bush talk tough on Iran in bid for Adelson's millions
    • "My guess is on foreign policy, Trump quite not the scariest candidate. " One of MHP's insightful points. MHP rocks the MSM house.

    • MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry did a great segment on Trump may not be the scariest Republican candidate. She focused on "we see you Governor Walker" I think it was on her program where she referred to Adelson and Walker working together.

      Kasich could really more to the front of the pack in the media and get on the Republican stage if he were to read the whole report and come out saying he supports the deal. Sparks would fly.

      60 senior US national security leaders support Iran deal ...

      link to

  • Press can't justify red carpet for Oren tract and blackout for Blumenthal's 'definitive account' of Gaza
    • Pletka was a major pusher of the Iraq war. Repeated lies about Iraq all over the place. She is now second in line at the America Enterprise Institute. The views expressed by all four panelist were not far from one another. Real wide spectrum Chuck Todd. Todd leaves a great deal to be desired. Pathetically narrow views presented. Same old same old

    • Anyone catch the panel Chuck Todd put together on Meet The Press to talk about the Iran deal. Tom Friedman give basically what he paints as a bad deal "a chance" to bomb bomb Iran AEI VP Danillle Pletka, protect Israel through her spin Andrea Mitchell and Iran is a "bad actor" Bill Richardson. What a pathetic effort to allegedly provide the American public with a wider scope on the Iran deal based on the facts.

      When will Chuck Todd get out of his box and have the Leveretts on (Going to Tehran) former weapons inspector Scott Ritter, other players who put the deal together on his program. Enough of the pro Israel crowd no matter what Israel does crowd.

      Educate the American public based on facts not pro Israel pundits spin.

    • Can't wait to read. Max is a no nonsense, deeply researched and documented writer and reporter.

      Great points about how media outlets have "blocked" his efforts to bring the facts to the American public and world.

      Will be linking sharing this piece about Max's latest where ever I can. Here is hoping others do the same

      The after math of the massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza grew cold in the MSM after they for the first time actually covered one of Israel's many war crimes last summer.

  • Let's help the 'NYT' get an interview with Netanyahu
    • James "Is she going to stun him with a question no one else has thought of?" Of had the nerve and integrity to ask him. You know a question based on hard cold facts? The kind that AP Matt Lee has and continues to ask about the conflict.

      Meet The Press host Chuck Todd sure put a diverse group of pundits to address the deal with Iran on his Sunday program. (cough). Andrea Mitchell, Thomas Friedmann, Pletka (forget the 4th person). Those opinions ranged from far right wing to moderate right wing.

      Not one nuclear expert on that panel. Not one middle east expert who has worked in several administrations and negotiator with Iran like HIllary Mann Leverett. Not on nuclear weapons expert like former head of the Iraq inspections Scott Ritter.

      Just the same old same old...tired opinions.

      No one on MSM outlets that I am hearing talking about the possibility that this deal could "pave the way" to a nuclear weapons free zone in the middle east. You know the idea that Iran has been talking about for several decades. Or the possibility that Israel, Pakistan and India might be pressured more to sign the NPT that Iran signed over many decades ago.

  • ICC rules prosecutor to reconsider 'Mavi Marmara' investigation
    • Unable to find the Keith Olbermann/Ambassador Peck interview after the Mavi Marmara massacre. Unavailable on you tube now. One link leads to Firedoglake and says interview unavailable.

    • Thanks had not seen this one.

    • Some MSM outlets had Colonel Ann Wright and I believe a former Ambassador who was on the trip soon after the massacre. Was Peck his last name? However not a mention of the UN report about the massacre on any outlets I listen to or watch. I try to go right, left and center. Have even listened to Rush while driving across the country. Painful. Have made it through the screeners by kissing up. And then politely slammed Limbaugh. They cut you off quickly

    • Thanks Annie. Read most of the UN report when it came out. When you read the description of the killings no way in hell that this could not be considered a "massacre" of human rights activist. Many of the victims were shot in the back of the head. Some at close range. Bone chilling when you read

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