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  • Thanks to Netanyahu, Israel support turns into a political football
    • Joe partially disagree. If the P5+1 gets a substantive agreement with Iran Obama will be in an incredible position of having stood up to Netanyahu who clearly wants to and all ready has to some degree undermined the negotiations. I think Obama has demonstrated he has the cajones to stand up to Israel with his push for negotiations with Iran. I think what most of us hope to be successful negotiations along with his Affordable Care Act were not easy accomplishments.

      Ok on the actual I/P conflict. Nothing.

    • Good question Atlanta. That statement jumped out at me too.

      Have now heard warmonger and U.S. Gov I in the Aipac espionage investigation Kenneth Pollack making MSM rounds again. Heard him on Diane Rehm this summer and on I think it was Steve Kornacki's program. Why the f do these outlets insist on recycling these warmongering fk's? They were knowingly deadly wrong on the WMD hype and they ask them on their programs why?

      Kagan a "reformed neocon" ...where is this evidence?

    • Still waiting for Charlie Hebdo or other so called liberal political cartoon outlets to draw BB and Boehner giving each other bj's. Somehow that one not acceptable

    • That Emergency Committee for Israel is a clear warning to are either with us or against us. Do you want the money for your campaign or not?

      Will Hillary walk in to Aipac etc holding Bill Kristol's hand or not?

    • solid point

    • Kagan attempting to divert the real issue by saying the problem is that BB's visit now opens the door to the possibility that other world leaders will be invited to speak before congress with out Presidential approval is not going to happen. Kagan's concern like so many is the Israel/U.S relationship. Not BB's outrageous attempt to undermine the P5+1 negotiations. One would think these alleged foreign policy experts would be more concerned about that very serious issue.

      Rami Khouri " This kind of test almost never happens, so members of congress can routinely support everything Israel does or wants, without paying any price at home. That pattern has now been disrupted." Been happening for decades and now we have BB to thank for the exposure.

      What is BB going to say on March 3. He has to address the rift. Know we are going to hear him use "Iran is a grave threat to the world" over and over. How in the hell can he address this rift with out looking like a back stabber and warmonger that he is?

  • White House says Netanyahu offers no alternative but military action (and Liz Warren won't say if she's attending speech)
    • You can bet Warren knows a great deal about the issue, however because she has taken such a solid stance against the out of control Wall Street issues does not mean that will be the case on foreign policy. We have seen these kinds of acts over the decades. Totally just on domestic issues..loses all ability to apply those same just standards when it comes to middle east issues. A shame

    • Obama has had it with Netanyahu undermining U.S. National Security. Not ever really co-operating. Enough!

    • My bet is Warren will go. She followed Hillary long ago on this one. Have heard her repeat the I lobbies unsubstantiated claims about Iran several times. Rep Schakowsky not attending. The decades long bipartisan support that has been provided for pro Israel legislation no matter what they have done s coming apart a bit. A long time coming

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  • Kerry says Netanyahu was wrong the last time he pushed war for the U.S.
    • Think Netanyahu kicked Kerry too many times in the cajones. Clearly more importantly Kerry knows how Netanyahu and Israel have been undermining U.S. National Security for years. He is really being Israel's best friend..too bad they can not see this.

    • Netanyahu is being hammered all over the place. Yet we still do not see Chris Matthews etc have real experts on his show about the P5+1 negotiations. Experts like the Leveretts. So tired of the pre approved MSNBC contributors who know little in detail about Iran and ongoing negotiations.

      And let's speak the truth here...neoconservatives did more than push the Iraq invasion. They created, cherry picked and disseminated the false pre-war intelligence. Michael Ledeen, Michael Rubin, Cheney, Libby, Douglas Feith, Cambone, Wurmers, Kenneth Pollack etc all had their hands deep into the bloody pre war doo doo.

      If we had a just international system this cast of deadly characters would be on trial at the Hague with the rest of the Bush administration war criminals. They were more than complicit

  • Al Jazeera publishes leaked intelligence files showing Netanyahu lied about Iranian nuclear threat
    • Netanyahu is being hammered all over the place for this upcoming visit and continuing to undermine the P5+1 negotiations. Hammered. If he does come and give a speech will start something like this "It is not easy to come to the U.S. congress at this time (since the spotlight is on) and make a stand. However I know that the danger that Iran's nuclear (weapons is what he wants to say) program is an imminent threat to all nations. Not only the U.S. and Israel but all nations. I know some in the U.S. congress disagree with me but I also know there love for Israel is undeniable. Always has been and always will be (we own you folks)" Anyone care to add on?

      I bet he will say Holocaust 10 times, Iran's nuclear program 15 times. The U.S. and Israel's bond will never be broken 15 times. He will use the word "threat" at least 20 times. "Grave threat" too. He will talk about how brave Boehner has been. Boehner may cry a couple of times. We will all be counting. Standing ovations may beat out the last visit. Folks are going to be like jumping beans out of their seats. Some of them may just decide to stand for the whole warmongering propaganda speech. The spotlights are on and the story it will tell is not appealing but definitely revealing.

      Not a drinker but someone could turn this into a drinking or toking game very easily. Bibi and Boehners get bombed speech. Going to be quite the show

    • Over at Emptywheel's site Jim White has a great piece up about this issue: "Bibi Lied to UN in 2012, Likely to Lie to US Next Week"


  • No matter who wins the Israeli elections, Palestinians lose
    • I ultimately believe the non violent Palestinian movement will grow along with an international non violent movement for Palestinians human rights. We are going to see some real action in this arena. Results?

    • You nailed it Just. While this is a depressing piece because it is so damn realistic. Jamie has not put the BDS movements growth, awareness, pressure. While there is little to show well nothing to show on the ground for the Palestinians the pressure is on and looks like the heat on the apartheid government is only going to grow even stronger.

      I found this line particularly depressing "If Netanyahu forms Israel's next government, Palestine's foreseeable will resemble it's unbearable past"

      My dear friend Christian Peace Maker team member and then with ISM Art Gish (deceased who had gone over to Hebron for over a decades to live with the Palestinians) and I used to talk about how things had gotten worse for the Palestinians over the decade or so that more people were becoming aware.

  • Congress flooded with letters urging members to #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
  • The 15 billion dollar deal that will make or break Israel's regional hegemony
    • Kay Iran has some of the largest natural gas reserves in the world. Comes in third or fourth in the world for oil reserves. Natural gas Iran comes in second after Russia

    • From what I have read Iran has the largest proven gas resources in the region. Largest natural gas resources in the world Russia, Iran, Qatar, Turkmenistan, U.S. on down the line.

      So great that the Jordanian Parliament voted in an "overwhelming majority" against the proposed deal. Good sign


  • Racism is in the air: Video showing racist exchange between Israelis and a flight attendant goes viral
    • "it must be in their DNA" is racist. I truly believe learned behavior. Have and continue to get away with outrageous sometimes criminal behavior. Culturally learned. I believe some of it springing from the "chosen people" hooey.

    • Excuses for very rude behavior. Big problem with that kind of spoiled, rude behavior is when it is used towards others. Specifically illegal settlers using this towards Palestinians for decades. Palestinian children. When Israeli soldiers who are regularly verbally and physically abuse Palestinians. From what I have heard from many people who have been to Israel common and very ugly ways to deal with others. Down right criminal at times.

    • Have heard from international travelers that Israeli travelers often act like this. Know that my dear friend Art Gish who stayed in Hebron for years in the winters while walking Palestinian kids to school as a peace keeping witness for Christian Peace Maker Team
      He said these kind of racist out burst happened all of the time. Directed at children.

  • Netanyahu flips off Harry Truman
    • When I watch the Oscars which I did this year makes me want to see all of the short films, documentaries etc. Actually turns some lights on in my head about other films to see

    • American Sniper did not win anything that was substantive. Not that editing or whatever they won is not important in the film industry. Just so glad Clint Eastwood had to sit alone and talk with a chair again about how to "make his day" What a horrific movie.

    • Just saw "American Sniper" last evening. Talk about a movie that fuels all of the lies that the Bush administration fed the American people through a complicit media. Still the lies are fueled by Clint Eastwood in this movie. Sure would be great to find out what the Iraqi people would think about this movie. I mean the ones still alive, in their homes and with electricity. What a horrible movie.

      Don't get me wrong I know there were well intentioned soldiers like Chris Kyle who sincerely believed the Bush administrations lies. However the movie is horrible

  • Jewish groups that blindly support Israel make US and European Jews potential victims of violence -- Avnery
    • However one would have to argue there are plenty of fundamentalist Christian who also support Israel no matter what. Are we witnessing more violence committed towards fundamentalist Christians in general?

      There are no excuses for violence. Although one can try to understand the pent up extreme anger that some may feel. Also the pent up fear that many Jews feel and act out through support of Israel no matter how many Palestinians Israel kills, homes destroyed, etc.

  • Netanyahu claims to know 'details' of Iran deal -- and State Dep't mocks him
    • We all ready know Bibi feels no shame and has no conscience. Still gets to me when he says things like "IS barbarically massacred 21 Egyptian civilians in Libya" How many Palestinians is Bibi responsible for "massacring?"

      In Bibi's arrogant and shameless psychopathic world Palestinians lives don't count.

    • Annie sure makes you wonder if Petreaus outing was just happen stance. Jill Kelley sure is suspicious. Her contacts and positions she has been in sure makes her look like a serious player, whistle blower with odd ulterior motives.

    • Yeah the U.S. has enough of its own scumbags who have voted for unnecessary wars. We don't need to have other "scumbags" with lots of power trying to dictate another war...

    • How many of the 9/11 hijackers were from SA? Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill stated in the Ron Susskind book "The Price of Loyalty" that as soon as O'Neil started tracing 9/11 hijacking funds they led right back to SA. O'Neill was soon given the boot by the Bush (43) Cheney administration. Again with friends like SA and Israel who need enemies.

    • How many of the 9/11 hijackers were from SA? Former Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill stated in the Ron Susskind book "The Price of Loyalty" that as soon as O'Neil started tracing 9/11 hijacking funds they led right back to SA. O'Neill was soon given the boot by the Bush (43) Cheney administration. Again with friends like SA and Israel the U.S. does not need enemies.

  • US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran
    • On CNN...real breakthroughs....

    • The last two nights Chris Matthew has been ranting about how horrific ISIS is...and that of course is an understatement. However Chris makes what I think is a hollow argument for the American people being "humiliated" by these killings. That Americans "don't want to become passive, useless, somehow compliant with all of this." What Chris so pathetically fails to mention is that the majority of Americans were "passive, useless, somehow compliant" in the unnecessary invasion of Iraq and the direct result was hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people were killed, millions displaced, thousands injured, who knows how many were tortured. The difference between what IS is doing and what some Americans did in Iraq is that we are seeing on our T.V. screens what the satanical group IS is doing. Was not the case when the crimes against the Iraqi people were being committed by Americans. Chris's effort to make it appear that the majority of American people are standing on some moral high grounds is total bull shit.

    • Over at piece on the Rachel Corrie families appeal for the wrongful death of Rachel being dismissed by Israeli court again. Corrie family response

    • "Of course Iran is developing a bomb, it would be utterly stupid if it weren't" There is no hard evidence that Iran "is developing a bomb." Zero

    • Netanyahu created this debacle. He set himself up to fail on this one. Kicking Biden Kerry in the cajones when they visited Israel by announcing more illegal settlement and housing growth while they were there. Then punching Obama in the face again and again by ignoring request to stop illegal settlement growth.

      Netanyahu has never stopped repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran, has never acknowledged their legal right to enrich uranium, always demanding an agreement that he knows Iran will never agree to. Netanyahu has f'd himself and Israel in this case and others.

      Obama is one of the first U.S. Presidents to stand up to Israel in a constructive way. Better for the U.S. and Israel in the long run that these negotiations work.

    • Hope folks contact President Obama, VP Biden and all Reps working for U.S. National Security (and also Israel's) by standing up to Netanyahu and Boehner. There is a healthy stand off here and we need to let them know we have noticed and support

    • Remember what Dr. Zbigniew Brezezinski said in regard to the possibility of Israel attacking Iran. He said if Israel starts to attack the U.S. should meet them in the air and stop them. Damn brave and powerful statement.

    • W Jones totally agree. And those that participate in the standing ovation for Bibi will expose once again that U.S. National Security (and ultimately Israel's) is not the first priority in this circumstance.

    • Certainly would not count on the Washington Post or David Ignatius to factually report or "get up to speed" on anything having to do with Israel and their activities. The WaPo has been a well established gatekeeper for all things Israel for decades. David Ignatius not far behind.

    • Certainly would not count on the Washington Post or David Ignatius to factually report or "get up to speed" on anything having to do with Israel and their activities. The WaPo has been a well established gatekeeper for all things Israel for decades. David Ignatius not far behind.

    • What jumps out at me is how absolutely insane all of this is that our President would feel the need to consult with Israel at all. Just demonstrates once again the destructive hold that Israel has on the U.S. when it comes to negotiations like this.

      Ignatius is a dire hard supporter of Israel, he is not some impartial type of reporter. ....he could easily be a conduit for leaks.

  • Settlers' video accuses B'Tselem, Breaking the Silence, Peace Now and New Israel Fund of collaborating with Nazi anti-Semites
    • Twisted and rediculous distraction from the facts. Israel is in violation of international laws and many UN resolutions and has and continues to commit crimes agaisnt humanity. Many of the groups mentioned are attempting to expose those facts.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • What else could one expect from the New York Bloody Times that was very much part and parcel at selling the invasion of Iraq based on Judy "I was fucking right" Miller's lies. Never quite sure why people expect anything else from that bloody war rag?

    • Clearly non Jews do not matter to Bibi never have and seems never will.

      Prof Cole has a great one up over at Informed Comment about why Al Qeada has it out for Denmark

  • Netanyahu says Labor will bring ISIS to Jerusalem
    • The Bush administration's invasion of Iraq created ISIS. Well that would be with Netanyahu's total support of the invasion.

    • Just watched. Is the ad just 41 seconds or is there a longer version? Very "amateurish" However would certainly contribute to funds raised for Torabeyh to take this into the courts.

  • 700 UK artists pledging not to go to Israel include Soueif, Ali, Waters, Eno, Leigh, Churchill
  • Warren supporters can't talk about Palestine
    • You ask a very important question can Warren take on both...Big Banks and the I lobby? She certainly has the capacity to get down to the roots of an issue. However have heard her step in line when it comes to repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran. She repeats clearly what she knows is required

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • Phil, Annie, Alex etc

      Was able to get another much needed discussion going on over at the USA today of websites Huffington Post about the situation with Iran. Hope some of the heavy hitters over here at this site come on over and chime in. important to have real discussions about this issue over at Huff Po

      Lots of comments about Israel to respond to. Come on over would sure help

      Others great way to guide people over this way too

      Iran Nuclear Negotiator Told Off By Supreme Leader: Control Your Temper With Kerry
      link to

    • Spotlight on the I lobbies and Israel and the iron grip they have had on the U.S. congress when it comes to what they want

    • What an ass Kristol is. An absolute arrogant ass. Taunting, challenging. Hillary Clinton does not have the integrity or the chutzpah to stand up to the I lobby. Wall Street and the I lobby own her. She will go dragging her tail behind her. I would put money on it that if Hillary gets in next stop will be Iran

    • Do you know how many missiles Israel has pointed at Iran? Would really take all of this a step in the right direction if a group of Reps had the balls to ask Netanyahu to a meeting where they demanded Israel sign the NPT and Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty. Oh my Israel being summoned to play by the same rules as Iran. Can one imagine?

  • My fellow Muslim-Americans, in the wake of Chapel Hill we can’t stop speaking out - even if our voices shake
    • Another horrific hate crime. Yet on our main stream outlets these murders only make it so far up the front pages. Say for instance at Huffington Post. The horrible Kayla killing was up at front and center for over 24 hours. These brutal killings have never made it to front and center at the USA Today of Blogs. What does this say about the U.S. media outlets and what killings they are willing to focus on. If these young people were Jewish or Christians the killings would be front and center. Chris Matthews would be going ballistic along with Bill Maher etc.

      So telling...such an ugly story about whose lives the MSM value

  • Remembering Bob Simon
    • Thanks Taxi

    • Thanks for those details Ira. I was a 60 minutes addict for decades. So many of the stories they covered were well worth watching. However always noticed that they were gatekeepers for Israel. Mike Wallace, Leslie, Bob etc. Easy to notice because all of the hot shot media outlets have been gatekeepers up until the last 5 or so years.

      Again his death is such a very sad tragedy. Chris Matthews "Let Me Finish" segment was on the three deaths of media folks last week. He had met Bob Simon once and talked about what a "humble" man that he seemed to be and what a great reporter on so many issues. Was a heart felt closing

    • Again I think Simon was an incredible reporter when it comes to most subjects but he, Leslie Stahl etc have been gate keepers on 60 minutes for decades. He did begin to report on facts about the conflict in the last 5 or so years. But not before that. He is one of the better late than never reporters. 60 minutes has been a gate keeper like most other MSM outlets for decades.

    • Bob Simon was an outstanding journalist on many issues. However lets not go overboard on the Israeli Palestinian issue. Yes he did do that segment in 2012 and it is one of the better late than never pieces about this critical issue. He was not in any way shape or form on the cutting edge of getting the truth out about this issue before it was safe. In fact you might want to even consider that he could have been one of the people who went along with roadblocks and walls around this issue on 60 minutes for decades. Total gatekeepers on 60 minutes up until the last few years.

      Such a horrible tragedy and loss of a constructive life. Prayers for him and his family

  • Three Muslim-Americans murdered in North Carolina by gunman (Updated)
    • I could have missed it. But could not have been there for long. I was checking many times a day after that horrible killing. Walk in an just put bullets in their heads. Reminded me of the Israeli soldiers executions of the activist on the Mavi Marmara. Read the UN report on those killing. Brutal...bullets to the head. Groveling slime buckets...people who can murder like this

    • The Denmark killings been front and center all day at Huff Po. Kayla's tragic death was front and center there for two days. The horrible killings of these three Muslims student in N.C. never ever made front and center at Huff Po. Talk about racism.

      So hope an organization like FAIR investigates these obvious biases about the value of lives at Huff Po and in the rest of our MSM. Whose lives matter when they are violently killed. Who deserves coverage. Who counts

    • Dr. Mohammad Abu-Salha (father of the two young women killed) "It was execution style, a bullet in every head" Will Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer cover these killings as much as they have covered Kayla's horrific death? Will they? Brutal hate crimes

    • The group FAIR should be following the lack of coverage on these killings. Wonder if AG Holder will step up to the plate?

    • Terribly sad and true

    • Saw one report up at CNN..

      Hope folks keep their ears and eyes open tonight on Mainstream news. So horrific!

    • Although you know that if these three women were three Jewish ladies Maher would go ballistic. He is a bigot when it comes to Muslims...a to his core bigot.

    • That is what the few articles I have read are saying. Clearly a hate crime....Calling AGHolder

    • "Oh sorry I forgot, the were Muslims." Last night Chris Matthews has been ranting asking "when is the US going to stand up" to these kinds of killings...Kayla's killing which is indeed horrific. However you do not hear Chris Matthews pushing for an accounting of the thousands of innocent people (mostly Muslims) killed by U.S. drones. No mention. Ayman Moyheldin (reporter MSNBC) mentioned this during his interview with Melissa Harris Perry on Sunday's program

    • Another hate crime tragedy. Will Chris Matthews and other MSM host talk about these young women and their lives. How obviously hate has killed them too. So sad....enought

  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • Would really be something if Reps who decide not to attend ask Netanyahu to meet separately and ask Netanyahu and Israel to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty and the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty. You know the treaties that Iran signed long ago. Most other nations too.

      Ask Israel to open their massive stockpiles of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons to international inspections. The last President to do that was President Kennedy.

  • Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out
    • Thanks. Hayes was on this issue when he was host of Up. Had some amazing panel discussions on. He was out front on this issue for awhile Just on MSNBC of course.

    • Please continue to contact your Reps!

    • On Sunday's MSNBC Melissa Harris Perry she had two of my heroes middle east analyst Hillary Mann Leverett and the incredible reporter Ayman Moyheldin on to discuss this important issue. Most in depth interview about the issue so far that I have heard about or listened to

  • In historic vote, UC Student Association endorses call for divestment in support of Palestinian rights
  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Just watched Sunday's MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry's segment on the Netanyahu/Dermer/ Boehner debacle. Netanyahu attempting to undermine U.S. negotiations with Iran. Knocked out of the park with the guest....Hillary Mann Leverett and Ayman Moyheldin. "Iran at center of Netanyahu Controversy" No one else covering this as honestly as MHP and her guest

    • The winds are shifting and they know it. Tough to choose to help tip the scales when it might cost you your next election

    • ok a shielded fuck off

    • Have to watch to verify. Have to push to have hope! There is movement. Keep pushing not because you will necessarily see results but because your sense of justice is guiding you.

    • To fold or not to hold that is the question.. Look like a fool or look like a fool? Hmmm

    • Phil tried to use the link that you provided to get to the Chris Matthews segment that you are referring to and not accurate somehow. Went to the website and went through most of last nights show and the night before. Can you point me in the direction of just where Matthews talks about this issue with Michael Steele. Want to listen . Not getting to the exact segment that the conversation took place.

      Rosenberg's comment about Stewart not wanting to criticize Netanyahu was interesting. Stewart has been soft on Israel and their leaders for the majority of time he has been on air. Always willing to rip Iran a new one but generally does not touch Israel or leaders. Although we do know that he and his writers went after Jane Harman and her "waddling on over to interfere in the Aipac investigation" He has stepped out of his box a bit on this issue the last 8 or so years.

    • He walked very softly around this issues since he has been on the air. Long before those trips, I believe there were several.

      Now if Israel and the I lobby groups are somehow successful at breaking down the Iran P5+1 negotiations and they continue to push U.S. a military confrontation with Iran and are somehow successful if HIllary gets in (and I for one believe she will) Chris will claim he was always against any military confrontation with Iran. As if he played Hardball on the issue in the run up. Always covering his own lily white ass and yellow bellied cowardly ways. Always protecting his paycheck is who Chris Matthews is. Now Melissa Harris Perry has really been sticking her neck out on this issue. Joy Reid a bit too.

    • Boehner's face sure to be swollen and red faced during Netanyhu's speech.

      During Obama's SOTU his face could have been used for hemorrhoid commercials. Don't know if SNL did a skit on his face but they should have. Damn did he look uncomfortable or what?

      I will never forget when the Bread and Puppet theatre at the anti invasion marches in D.C. Incredible head costumes of Cheney, Bush, Rummy, Wolfowitz all in suits. Walked with them a long time. Could not get over what they were getting away with.having Bush, Cheney and war team doing on the streets of D.C.. Cheney would come up behind Bush and they would should I say snuggle, then switch, Rummy, Wolfie would get involved. Did I say " could not get over what they were getting away with" These are the bloody murderous thugs that are responsible for hundreds of thousands dead. "What they got away with"

      Time for Bread and Puppet to bring some of their beautiful face mask of Netanyahu, Boehner and Dermer to D.C. for March 3 loving each other. Time for the so called liberal political cartoonist to do this public political three way up on their front pages...Over due.

    • Pelosi has been and clearly plans to keep her lip prints all over Israel and the I lobbies collective asses. Pelosi you know the Dem who took "impeachment off the table" accountability for the thugs who lied about WMD's in Iraq and are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and injuries. Pelosi..Look over over there.

    • "the middle east would erupt in flames" I know you are a very smart person however the "erupting into flames" has been under way for quite some time. In fact some wonder if that was the original intent of the neocons. More of that "creative destruction" based on what they like to call "noble lies." With no thought about the hundreds of thousands killed in their what seems to be a very twisted and deadly agenda. Rearranging the middle east.

    • Not surprised at all. I'm telling you this a three way public bj gone wrong. Where are those political cartoonist? Bibi, Dermer, Boehner just loving each other all to pieces. Shattering

    • Did Klein really say " It's anti American, an anti American, anti patriotic position to take." Talk about some twisted flipping the script antics. What a complete arrogant ass Klein is. Hubris for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • How many times did Netanyahu kick Biden and Kerry in the cajones when they were in Israel? How many times did Israel announce more growth in illegal settlements in the West Bank and illegal housing in E Jerusalem?

      The bigger issue here is Israel trying to halt healthy and constructive negotiations with Iran. Israel's persistent unwillingness to sign the NPT the treaty that Iran is being threatened over. And Israel's persistent defiance when it comes to completely ignoring many President's request that they put a HALT to building illegal settlements. Israel's constant undermining of U.S. National Security is being spotlighted.

      Pelosi's ass kissing is nothing new. This was the person to take "impeachment off the table" in regard to demands by many Americans and people around the world for the Bush administration war hawks to be held accountable for their horrendous lies and the horrific outcome of those many lies.

      How insane that Chris Matthews said "It's (Israel) a very free country" Horseshit Chris...against the law to mention the "Nakba" When will Matthews take his lips off of Israel's ass and actually open up those eyes and look at it from the experience of Palestinians? Talk about having his head up where the sun does not shine on this issue

  • Ros-Lehtinen removes pro-Palestinian activists from Congressional hearing on punishing PA for joining ICC
    • I think Ros Lehtinen has true blind devotion. Racism at her core. Not to say that there are not efforts to have information on folks that they can be blackmailed with. According to what I have read Feith and team are notorious for collecting blackmail material. Scott Ritter is one of the experts they made successful efforts at taking down I believe due to his intense efforts to wake the American public up about the unnecessary invasion of Iraq and the targets on Iran. Now I am not making excuses for Ritter's personal and serious failings...however on a scale of severity Feith, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rice war team are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, injuries, millions displaced a horrific mess in the middle east. Ritter on the other hand was caught jacking off on a computer screen. Again thought there was a young girl on the other side. Sick sick sick. However the deaths that the war team are responsible for are far far more serious. Ritter did time for his crime. Not so with the Iraq war killing team

    • Ros Lehtinen is one of the head racist thugs who has led anti Palestinian legislation for I believe at least two decades. She is a racist to her very core.

  • John Lewis tells D.C. crowd he will not attend Netanyahu speech
    • Both Lewis and Blumenauer's websites will not take comments from people outside their districts.

      Lewis: D.C. number 202-225-3801
      Blumenauer: DC number 202- 225-4811

      Going to also ask their aides on phone to suggest they put a separate meeting together asking Israel to sign the NPT and the Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty. You know the treaties that Iran and most other nations signed long ago.

      Wondering if Code Pink will put together something at their website....a big thank you go both of these Reps

    • Thanks and the rest of us should be calling and thanking him and Rep Blumenauer.

    • The meeting with Israel, Sharansky and Dermer sure looks cozy. Sharansky the head of the Jewish Agency one of the very foundational pillars of the apartheid government of Israel. Israel has made apartheid look normal

    • Will be writing and calling Congressman Lewis's office today to thank him for his stance. Rep Blumenauer too. Others may have all ready done so. However, hope others who have not contacted them will do so. Keep contacting Reps. So important to keep the pressure on them...

    • They have for decades supported what they have believed to be best for Israel's national security over what has been best for U.S. national security. Being publicly exposed is the only difference right now.

    • "Friedman reported in the Times that their Jewish donors sat on the balcony and "monitored" to see if they were supportive enough.'

      Talk about public displays of foreign agents requiring Reps to roll over and bark. What was it 29 standing ovations that they gave Netanyahu. Guess Jewish donors approved.

    • "Don't make Jews choose between Israel and the U.S." In public...all of this is happening in the wide open. A problem for those who have gone along with Israel and the I lobby for decades

  • Netanyahu is a paper tiger
    • Comments over at Politico in response to this article worth reading. Lots not being let up. HMMM

    • Folks need to keep contacting their Reps and encouraging others to do so. Keep the pressure on.

    • Yep was just about to post. Up at Huff po too. Down on bottom half of front page. hey not the Super Bowl front page for a full day etc. Huff Po has its priorities just a bit twisted. But hey follow the money.

      link to

      Spread this one around

    • Lots of behind the scenes back scratching to through this case out. Bet F.B.I were not happy campers about allowing Aipac to skate once again

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