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  • NPR fails to mention occupation-- while Barghouti says in Guardian it is 'root cause' of violence
  • Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance-- '3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes'
    • "They have no conscience, they have no mercy, They are dead inside" Israel keeps proving this over and over again. They have yet to be held accountable for crimes against humanity. That goes for the U.S. too.

    • If the house collapsed...there would be debris of a house collapsing. "there ain't no way to hide your lyin eyes" and words.

    • May we hear their prayers. More war crimes committed by Israel.

  • Two different versions of the same events in Gaza reveal 'NYT' bureau chief's bias
    • "Door number 2 please" Indeed. This has been par for the course for Jodi Ruderon and the majority of so called reporters at the NYBT's for decades. However so great that Mondoweiss stays on the NYBT's inaccurate and biased reports. Taking down the wall of false reporting.

      Israel determines the "100 meter no go zone"

      Israel continues to kill indiscriminately with no accountability for their deadly brutality.

      Another thank you James North..

  • In Bethlehem, community rallies to support protests, each helping however they can
    • Mayhem...Clearly you mean no you cannot provide links to back up your claims. Clearly.

    • Mayhem can you provide some links to back up what you have claimed?

    • Citizen was thinking the very same things as I read. Palestinians use sling shots with rocks, glass marbles in them to go up against the oppressor Israel. This sure appears to be another effort to "mow the grass" by Israel. What a fucked up way to reference deciding to go in and kill those fighting for their internationally recognized land, homes, lives.

      Going to check if any of the so called liberal outlets like MSNBC have said squat about 10 Palestinians being shot dead by Israel or the 1300 Palestinians who have been injured trying to access their own lands?

      Clearly Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O'Donnell etc are part of the problem protecting Israel no matter what they do.

  • Video: Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza killing seven
    • International bodies of law have determined Israel more often than not uses extreme and disproportionate and very deadly measures to respond to Palestinians fighting for their internationally recognized land and rights.

    • So important to document the deadly brutality of Israeli soldiers. Dan and other camera person you are brave people.

  • 'Replace' the mosques? Once again, 'NYT' soft-pedals Israeli extremism
    • Double standard's comments perfectly expose the delusional exclusionary thinking that ultimately means trouble for anyone who thinks that way.

  • Ayotte, Rubio and de Blasio are bought and paid for by the 'magnificent' Israel lobby
    • Different justice system for Israeli's and Palestinians who are citizens of Israel. Of course no justice system for Palestinians.

      Different coverage of Israel owned Reps trips, funding etc. Little to no coverage.

      What happened to the legislation passed to allegedly stop all these free trips to countries after the Ney scandal. Clearly found a way around the effort to stop all of this hanky panky.

  • There were over 130 Israeli settler attacks on Palestinians during the first week of October
    • And as Ali Abunimah, Art Gish and so many others have pointed out over the decades...Palestinians punished for violence and non violence...not the case for violent settlers or brutal IDF. Just not the case.

      We can always be sure Rachel Maddow and her ilk will not be reporting about these issues

      Thanks Adam

  • Netanyahu did everything but use the 'n-word' against Obama to stop the Iran Deal -- Susan Rice
    • Did Ross leave the Obama administration or was he quietly given the boot? If Clinton give any strong indication of picking up Ross will steer even more of us away from ever supporting her. What do we want more of the same?

  • Video: Undercover Israeli soldiers infiltrate Palestinian demonstration, beat protesters and shoot detainee in leg
    • These video's documenting persistent Israeli violence against Palestinians that have been getting out consistently over the last five years are so important. Verifying with visuals what peace and justice activist have been witnessing and reporting about for literally decades.

  • Clashes break out across West Bank after Netanyahu declares ‘an all-out war’
    • Contact your Reps...Israel completely out of the West Bank! Cut off aid to Israel! Let them know the wind is shifting for blind support for Israel no matter how much Palestinian land they continue to steal.

  • Salaita, Khalidi, Bayoumi appearances make this a landmark week in NY
    • Hit the nail on the distraction head Sibiriak.

      Ali kept pointing out how their are two justice systems in Israel. Israeli's get away with horrific crimes against of Palestinians and are not held accountable. While generally Palestinians who commit horrific crimes are held accountable We also know there is a massive and disproportionate amount of horrific crimes committed against Palestinians.

      Ali also pointed out as many of us believe that Palestinians have a right to fight for land that belongs to them, homes etc.

      So the double standard that applies to the focus on Weir being willing to talk to white supremacist etc without objecting to racist comments. Then being charged guilty by association and silence While hot shots appear on MSM outlets and never challenge anti Muslim (semite) comments. Never challenge. Stay silent.

      Yes the banning of Weir seems extreme. Also Weir's unwillingness to budge...even though the response seems extreme.

    • Tree the "we" was confusing. Never clarified who the "we" is made up of.

    • Clay Douglas was never mentioned. I was taken by what seem to be an extreme contradiction. Want to see the video and read transcript so it will be clear. Also said earlier as if he was speaking to the camera and of course those in the audience. Became more demonstrative in the contradictory statement.

      Again I think this is all a distraction from the bigger issue. Although it sure seems the methods used to discredit others in the past who have criticized Israel and their crimes against humanity are being used against Weir.

      Abunimah's bigger message historical theft of Palestinian land, separate justice systems for Israeli's/Palestinians who commit crimes (no justice system for Palestinians), embedded apartheid, shift taking place extreme disproportionate use of force by Israel,, one state being the only solution to resolve the conflict.

    • Again what I heard and have written down was Ali Abunimah inferring that Allison was an "anti semite" and "white supremacist." He did not say this directly but an inference after he had said "we are not calling her an anti semite" then a few sentences later said " we have the right not to associate with an anti-semite and white supremacist." Again this is what I heard and wrote down. Still waiting for the video to come out.

      All in all has to be a tough position for Ali to be in because I believe he is working with JVP and U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation. So has clearly picked the groups that seem to serve his purpose more. However is it really necessary to indirectly hammer Weir for what looks like a guilt by association venue?

      All of this in many ways is a distraction from groups looking at what may be their common goal? Although "common goal" may be assuming too much.

      Again the bulk of Ali's presentation is filled with historical facts backed up by documented resources. He provides and a very wide scope of the human rights and social justice crimes committed against Palestinians for decades. He is very much a gracious, articulate speaker. Worth it to sponsor him coming to your town, university etc.

    • Last night here in Boulder a man stepped up to the microphone and asked guest speaker Ali Abunimah (who of course people know is incredibly well informed) about the Allison Weir debacle. Ali answered with strong words about JVP and the other groups right to not deal with people (Allison) they disagree with. A person who goes on white supremacist and known anti semitic individuals programs? A person who does not refute these bigots comments. Yes the audience agreed. Then someone shouted from the audience "but Allison is being labeled through a guilt by association strategy. I then asked if Ali was saying that Allison was "anti semitic" He answered "we are not calling her anti-semitic" Was watching his face and then the words that came out of this mouth almost looked like for the person there video taping the talk. Will get the exact words when the video comes out. But I have written down that he then said "we have the right to not associate with a white supremacist and an anti-semite" I was a bit stunned and was not in a position to speak up again since I was all ready out of order. However I think he was indirectly after saying that they were not calling Allison an "anti-semite" turning around and saying she was.

      He is an amazingly gracious, confident and well informed speaker. Clearly knows a great deal. And well worth sponsoring. His push for the one state solution makes a great deal of others have made the same arguments. Sure made me wonder why I don't spend much time at ELECTRONIC INTIFADA as I had when he co-started that site.

      He also brought up how the MSM will not touch his latest book. Just the way they will not touch Max Blumenthal's book.

    • The winds are shifting towards the truth and facts about this issue. Tonight here in Boulder Ali Abunimah speaks on University of Colorado's campus.

      Over at Moon of Alabama's rips into the New York Times..

  • Families from threatened Palestinian villages Susiya and Um al-Kheir bring their stories to the US
    • What a great piece Ben. Going to read again. Israel controlling Palestinian land and then calling it Area C is just so terribly twisted with intent to confuse, soften the theft of Palestinians lands. Israel should never have started building illegal settlements in West Bank, all illegal Israeli settlements should be removed immediately if Israel wants a two state solution.

      Not going to happen so all that is left is the one state solution. Hard cold fact

  • 'We want him to speak up on Palestine': Boston SJP statement on being kicked out of Bernie Sanders rally
    • Sanders will be here in Boulder tomorrow Saturday the 10th. Plan to be there holding a sign about this issue. Hope others here in Boulder do the same.

      Love Bernie on so many issues, however not his votes always supporting Israel against the Palestinians.

  • Hey Jews, listen up, Netanyahu is your leader!
    • Keep imagining if he were to pivot towards accepting Iran deal, stop building illegal settlements and really start pushing for a real deal with the Palestinians. That or go over the cliff that he has pushed the two state solution over.

  • 'NYT' reporters parrot Israeli claims re cherry tomato
    • The New York Bloody Times has been an echo chamber for the Israeli right wing for decades. Nothing new here. However great that you keep shining the Mondoweiss light on this phenomena that is decades old

  • Palestinian solidarity movement will 'grow and grow and... be impossible to stop' -- Slaughter to Clinton in 2011
    • 2006 panel discussion was a great one. Tony Judt too. Slaughter tried to hold the reins tight...unsuccessfully. Too bad Slaughter is equivalent to Clinton in her warmongering. She totally supported and pushed for a military intervention against Assad. Also have heard her repeat the standard unsubstantiated claims about Iran the way Clinton did on a regular basis in and before the 2008 campaign season.

      The wind is at the back of the growing Palestinian solidarity movement...problem nothing has changed for Palestinians on the ground.

  • For the 'New York Times,' #PalestinianLivesDoNotMatter
    • There would be wall to wall coverage....for days. Always do that thought experiment. Clears so much up in one's head applying the standard of fair.

  • Israel approves sniper fire and 4 year mandatory prison sentences against stone throwers
    • Israelis are free to kill Palestinians at will. Palestinians throw stones for their freedom, land, to defy apartheid and they will do a mandatory four years for throwing stones. Israel just keeps confirming they have a criminal so called justice system

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • Just can not forget when former Bush 43's Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil stated in Ron Susskind's book "The Price of Loyalty" that he was basically shown the back door of the White House when he started investigating Saud family money making it to 9/11 terrorist. How many of those madmen were from SA?

    • And the Obama administration's what appeared to be a united front (wonder about Hagel) on repeating "Assad must go" while supplying arms to rebels that they had little to no idea who they were/are. This is the way this madness in Syria was fueled from the beginning.

      A few days ago Obama's Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that the Russian bombings of non Is targets would fuel the chaos in Syria. What has the U.S. been doing for four long years? Or is it five?

      Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed. How many millions...I have read 10 million displaced. Half of the population. Obama and team are in a very big way partially responsible for this debacle. Yet the host of media outlets seldom address this. Death and destruction all over the Obama administration.

    • Thanks Just. Was able to ask Hagel some direct questions about Iran when he was the main speaker at Univ of Colorado during a World Conference some years ago. He was very clear on diplomacy with Iran. Syria did not come up at the time.

      Just wondering if that is part of the reason for his departure...wanting to use diplomacy with Assad.

      You really do have to wonder if chaos and destruction was the decided upon track for Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. Create an environment where Muslims were killing Muslims. My dear friend Peggy Gish (member of Christian Peace Maker Team) who spent six years cumulatively in Iraq before and after invasion said many Iraqi people believed that was exactly what was happening. Disbanding of the Iraqi army by Bush administration's Paul Bremmer, setting the men in the Iraq army out on the streets without work. Later to form IS and also join Al Qeada. Too few troops to maintain a semblance of peace in Iraq etc. Similar situation in LIbya. So much death and destruction taking place in the path of the neocons agenda being implemented. On Syria, Libya sure looks like Obama and most of the team went right along.

    • Ech and the media so fell in line with the endless coverage of the Arab Spring. Then stopped coverage on a dime when things were not going the way the U.S. wanted. Not a peep out of most of them about the coup in Egypt, the horrific mess in Libya etc. As if all was well.

      Of course never mentioning the push for freedom for Palestinians over decades. Total silence

    • And Ipro as I pointed out above MSNBC (the alleged most liberal outlet on Cable) hopped right over the protest against Israeli occupation and human rights crimes that have been taking place for decades (the ones the IDF have not shut down) with Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel's help and covered protest in Egypt, Libya, etc.

      Rather calculated

    • Also Annie don't think for one minute that I don't respect and promote what you and Mondoweiss are attempting to do. Although clearly felt part of your comment was dismissive. You are a great writer and compiler. I have acted on my political and moral principles in other ways. Which has continued for decades.

      I believe we are on the same page when it comes to the principles of stopping the killing, pre-emptively doing all we can to stop more U.S. interventions and also U.S. support for Israel's crimes. Along with doing what we can when it comes to serious accountability for crimes committed.


    • It was amazing and twisted to watch the promotion of the Arab Spring on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel would jump from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, jump over Palestine and Israel and go to Iran. Maddow and Engel both repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran at the time.

      Barely a peep out of those MSNBC outlets on the overthrow of Morsi, or the U.S. role in fomenting the civil war in Syria by supplying rebels with arms. Many of the rebels from outside of the country.

      Would say the outlets that were on top of this Syria debacle were Going To Tehran, Moon of Alabama, Al Jazeera, Informed Comment and Michael Scheuer's Non Intervention website.

      Huff Po has been amazing on covering the Syrian refugee crisis. But did not cover what the U.S. was doing much four years ago. Huff Po and MSNBC seemed to go along with promoting the "Assad must go" Obama administration chant.

    • Moon of Alabama, Informed Comment, Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett and yes former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer, Electronic Intifada, are all incredible resources for understanding U.S. middle east politics

    • Annie what you deem "as getting fun" I actually find rather pathetic. We are on the same page wanting the killing and displacement of Syrians to stop. That I think we can agree on. However many of us are deeply concerned about accountability too.

      I thought your dismissive tone "that's over" was unnecessary and arrogant. If you actually read the sentence in context your dismissive tone is apparent. I find this argument silly so

      The Obama administration is never going to admit their devastating strategy in Syria. Although examining how this all came about is important This latest move by Russia is what is making the possibility of negotiations surface once again. A constructive change. Not one initiated by the Obama administration

    • Annie "But that's over now" Holding those responsible for creating a devastating human rights issue which in Syria includes hundreds of thousands dead, millions of refugees is never over. Never.

      That is what I have always thought Mondoweiss was about. Not only pushing for halting human rights and social justice crimes but pushing for understanding those crimes and pushing for accountability.

    • Just do you have a clear handle on exactly where Hagel stood on the "Assad has to go" strategy of the Obama administration? From what I have read not a unified stance at all. Sounds like Clinton pushed hard for interventions in both Libya and Syria. Also Rice and Hagel went head to head on the Syria strategy.

    • Thanks Just

    • Sorry it offends you when someone does not fall into line with your opinions

    • Never said the time for diplomacy is "over" Did say "the time for Obama to work on a "diplomatic solution" was over five years ago" Hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved. Millions would not be refugees. . I also said it was a "bit late" in the diplomatic approach. We sure have a habit of doing things ass backwards. Unless that is the agenda was catastrophe for Syria

      I agree never too late. But so terribly brutal and sad that "diplomacy" was not the approach. Just demonstrating once again U.S. officials are not concerned with the lives of others.

      On the "that's over now" Sounds a bit like Obama at the beginning of his administration when many of us were calling for holding the Iraq warmongers accountable. Obama and team were repeating, "turn the page"..."next chapter" ..."don't be about revenge" Critical to know just how Syria ended up in the terrible situation it is in. In fact that is the very premise of your piece. Sure that if your relatives were refugees or dead most would want to know just how this came dire situation came to be.

    • Former Secretary of Defense Hagel's stance on Syria. link to

      "Aides said Mr. Obama made the decision to remove his defense secretary on Friday after weeks of rising tension over a variety of issues, including what administration officials said were Mr. Hagel’s delays in transferring detainees from the military prison in Guantánamo Bay and a dispute with Susan E. Rice, the national security adviser, over Syria policy."

      So Hagel and Rice went head to head over Syria strategy.

      "White House officials also expressed annoyance over a sharply critical two-page memo that Mr. Hagel sent to Ms. Rice last month, in which he warned that the administration’s Syria policy was in danger of unraveling because of its failure to clarify its intentions toward President Bashar al-Assad. Senior officials complained that Mr. Hagel had never made such a case in internal debates, suggesting that he was trying to position himself for history on a crucial issue as he was talking to Mr. Obama about leaving his job. Mr. Hagel’s defenders said he stayed quiet to avoid leaks."

    • So if he "inherited" the all ready underway foreign policy strategy. Why not pivot and use the Leverett's advised strategy from five years ago. Sit down and negotiate with Assad through back doors etc. He was offering a power sharing deal which could have also lead to a slow squeezing him out without such death and destruction.

      Not sure what former Secretary of Defense Hagel's stance was on all of this. Have not read. However Clinton certainly seemed to be pushing for interventions in Libya and Syria.

      link to
      "As Presidents Assad and Ahmadinejad signed agreements suspending visa requirements for Syrian nationals traveling to Iran and Iranians traveling to Syria, the Syrian leader responded to Secretary Clinton's demand that Syria roll back its relations with the Islamic Republic:

      We must have understood Clinton wrong because of bad translation or our limited understanding, so we signed the agreements to cancel the visas. I find it strange that they [Americans] talk about Middle East stability and peace and the other beautiful principles and call for two countries to move away from each other.

      A week before Ahmadinejad's arrival in Damascus, we had our own conversation with President Assad -- a conversation that came one day after U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns met with the Syrian leader. In our session with him, Assad expressed satisfaction over his meeting with Undersecretary Burns. However, Assad also made clear that Syria's relations with Iran, as well as its ties to Hizballah and HAMAS, are not on the table.

      Syria's relationship with the Islamic Republic seems increasingly strategic in character. Over the past year, key advisers to President Assad have told us as much; one of them went so far as to describe Syrian-Iranian relations with the French adjective "intime." If the Obama Administration is unable or unwilling to acknowledge this reality and the regional dynamics that have given rise to it, the already limited effectiveness of American diplomacy in the Middle East will be further undermined.

      To understand Syria's increasingly strategic partnership with Iran, a bit of history is in order. The late Hafiz al-Assad inaugurated Syria's relationship with the Islamic Republic during the Iran-Iraq war. The elder Assad was motivated to side with the Islamic Republic by several considerations, including his interest in winning Iranian clerical endorsement for his Alawi sect's Islamic legitimacy while he confronted a Sunni Islamist insurgency at home and his interest in resisting American efforts to bolster Iraq as a bulwark against Iran. This latter interest flowed naturally from Assad's chronic concern about his country's potential strategic marginalization by the United States and Israel. As Flynt described this concern five years ago in his Inheriting Syria: Bashar's Trial by Fire,

      The Assad regime's inclination to challenge U.S. Middle East policy has not stemmed primarily from the personal obstreperousness of Syrian leaders, but from a particular assessment of what defending Syrian interests required in the face of the U.S. posture toward the region. The United States is, of course, the chief external backer of the state of Israel -- from a Syrian perspective, an expansive power seeking regional hegemony. U.S. military and political support has been critical to allowing Israel to expand its territorial holdings and occupy these lands in defiance of what Syrian leaders frequently describe as "international legitimacy." From a Syrian vantage point, U.S. policy in the Middle East for much of the last thirty-five years has aimed principally at ensuring Israel's ability to consolidate and maintain its hegemonic position in the region.

      Given this interpretation of the underlying rationale for America's Middle East policy, the Assad regime has long been concerned to forestall a worst-case scenario in which Syria would be encircled by regimes hostile to its interests, allied to the United States, and docile toward Israel (that is, a Lebanon that has made a separate peace with Israel, a pro-Western Turkey cooperating strategically with the Jewish state, an Iraq with a regime supported by and supportive of the United States, a Jordan ruled by pro-American Hashemites who have sold out the Palestinian cause and forged security ties to Israel, and a rump Palestinian entity). Under these conditions, Syria would be marginalized in regional affairs, with other states free to ignore or undermine its interests."

    • What the PNAC blueprint for the middle east called for and Feith, Perle and Wurmsers "Securing the Realm" called for. link to

    • Quite awhile back Kerry said the U.S. needed to negotiate with Assad. A bit late in this horrific debacle in to

    • The Leverett's wrote long ago that Assad had the support of at least 50% of the Syrian people.

      Have you read any human rights reports that verify that Assad has "deliberately"inflicted harm on civilians?

    • A fair amount about Israel's military intervention in Syria in Prof Cole's new piece. Interesting comment section link to

    • Great piece Annie. However the time for Obama to work on a "diplomatic solution" was over five years ago when Assad was offering a power sharing deal. Hundreds of thousands of dead and injured later, millions of people displaced is a bit late in the "diplomatic" approach.

      Professor Juan Cole has an interesting read up about Israel, U.S. Russia and Syria. link to

      Clinton's role in pushing for military interventions in Libya and Syria have yet to become part of the very serious issues to look at when it comes to Clinton's run for the Presidency. Along with her vote for the 2002 Iraq war resolution. She is a war hawk

  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • I still stand on better late than never. even though they take more of a stand when it is much safer to do so...the piling on is good.

    • Human rights and social justice activist Art Gish and I used to often talk about that as more and more people have become aware of the crimes that Israel has and continues to commit against Palestinians nothing yet has changed for the Palestinians.

      In fact Art thought the situation was becoming worse since his first winters in Hebron etc in the early 80's.

    • Followed former Congressman Paul Findlay's work and group Council for the National Interest for years. He would be a great interview here at Mondoweiss. Not sure if he is still alive. Last time I heard him speak in D.C. still very coherent and sharp.

      Let's hope that Senator Dick Durbin's vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and his support for the Iran deal squeezes Schumer the warmonger out of position.

      So great that some of these outlets are shining the light on Aipac's continued degradation.

      So great that Grant Smith is moving forward with pushing for Aipac being required to register under FARA.

      Thanks for this piece

  • Bernie Sanders is 'radical' on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel
    • On the middle east Sanders is basically the same old stuff. With the exception that he did come out early on and support the Iran deal. Clear on his vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution. This is still hanging over Clinton even though no one wants to bring it up. Then her warmongering in Syria, Libya. She is a hawk.

      Betting Obama will come out within the year pushing for Israel, Pakistan, India to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty. Would put money on it.

    • "all the candidates of both parties should be challenged" Yes indeed. We know what the bulk of their responses will be. Starting at Israel has every right to protect themselves, of course never really addressing Israel's aggression, illegal settlements , dispossession of homes, property, lives, massacre in Gaza (although Bernie did mention it in stronger terms than most) Palestinian refugees etc etc. We will hear them say that Israel deserves more weapons, funding support. Although if I am remembering correctly Bernie did say something about cutting U.S. aid to Israel and Egypt.

      So will run the gambit from Carly Fiorina, Trump, Walker wanting to give Israel the bank to Bernie saying while the issue is really difficult we should try to be more "even handed"

      However they should all be asked

    • Don't know much about Stein. Her stance on the I/P issue sounds spot on. However we are never going to get Stein. Stand on "we are not going to get anyone better than Sanders" who has come a very long way. The Sanders movement continues to grow.

      How is it going for Stein?

    • Granted Sanders has always gone along with Israel and the I lobbies wishes. However he did vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and is voting for the Iran deal. The for Iran deal is a big step away from Israel/

      Just how far would Sanders or any candidate get if they were to play hardball on this issue? Ok there has been a great deal of progress in many communities about acknowledging just what the facts are on the ground. Yet no one NO ONE has tested the grounds of being totally and brutally frank about this issue when they have been running for office. NO ONE.

      "Mealy mouth?" "The recent war in Gaza made a terrible situation even worse. They need help and I would hope that we would move in that direction" What else could Sanders have gotten away with?

      Israel responds or strikes in very brutal and disproportionate ways. Israel conducted a massacre in Gaza. What else could he in reality get away with at this point in time.

      Of course most of us here would like someone to try. Clearly not likely. The reality is we are not going to get anyone better than Sanders at this point.

  • A communal confession on Yom Kippur
    • Important point

    • Indeed. The words, images seem to run deep. Attended at least 15 Passover dinner's with Jewish friends. One friend born in Israel, served in Israeli army, speaks Hebrew would read prayers and we had text in English. I think more than likely a loose version of serious, religious Jews. I would say most of my Jewish friends are secular. Always took notice of the depth of the prayers the collective all inclusiveness of the prayers when it came to forgiveness, blessings on all.

      However would also be wrapped up in my head with how many of my Jewish friends had not capability to really look at the facts on the ground in the conflict and the contradictions in the prayers. Things of course are shifting.

      Don't get me wrong here. Growing up embedded (against my will) in the Catholic world also noticed how lovely and inclusive many of the prayers were and the massive contradictions in the actions of the male dominated clergy, the congregation and its actions.

      Lots of contradictions in most Religions. Although I do appreciate the intent. And it sounds like Rabbi Rosen has deep intent that manifest in action.

    • Just read the prayer. Whew...beautiful, honest, deep and wide. Soulfully transformational. Went for the guts of the issues with grace and grit.

      Thank you Rabbi Rosen

      Only two comments. Come on folks hope you read and take it in.

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