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  • 10,000 march on Qalandia in solidarity with Gaza
    • You will be interested in the Morning Joe show. Robinson was on. Lots of genuflecting to Israel no matter what they do on the program. Halpern put Senator Kay Hagan on the spot. No mention that Palestinians have the right to defend their territory and their lives. Not a whisper. So racist.

    • Eugene Robinson was on MSNBC's Morning Joe. They were discussing his latest piece. Lots of genuflecting to Israel by the other talking heads. Most repeated "Israel has the right to defend itself" Nothing about internationally recognized borders. Nothing about Palestinians right to defend their internationally recognized territory. Mark Halpern put Senator Kay Hagan on the spot about this issue. She repeated the latest pledge of allegiance to whatever Israel does.

      David Gregory was also clearly so pro Israel he can barely see straight let alone report the facts

      The totally false map of the West Bank is put up all over the place. On All in with Chris Hayes, Washington Journal.

      All of this death and destruction is so terribly brutal and sad. Yet somehow we celebrate the inches of more accurate reporting we are witnessing.

    • Noura Erakat on PBS last night (Thursday)

      Omar Barghouti on Chris Hayes All in on Thursday evening.

      The Israel mantra "Israel has the right to defend itself" by Mika Bryzinski, Mark Halpern (who I believe is a racist), and so many others. No one states that Israel has the right to defend itself based on internationally recognized boundaries. That Palestinians also have a right to defend Palestinian territory based on internationally recognized boundaries.

      Cspan's Washington Journal, Fox, MSNBC etc all continue to put up completely inaccurate maps of the West Bank. Not one person mentions how Israel has continued to steal land from the Palestinians.

      While there are clips of the Israeli killing of the Palestinians in an allegedly safe zone at a UN site. Mark Halpern and others just are unable to stir up enough compassion to speak about these crimes as crimes against humanity. How these are war crimes. Have come to believe that many of the people on MSNBC's Joe Scarborough are simply racist. All of them repeat "Israel has the right to defend itself"...this is the new Pledge of allegiance to Israel that is required. Today Mark Halpern put that demanding question to Senator Maria Cantwell. Appeared to be an effort of intimidation...Will Cantwell repeat the pledge? She did. Halpern knew exactly what he was doing

      Why is it that U.S. talking heads keep saying "the people of Gaza" not Palestinians. This type of selective language separates Palestinians from the land that is internationally recognized as belonging to them.

  • Hamas mimics Hezbollah tactics, and no one will have stability till blockade is lifted
    • This past Sunday on Melissa Harris Perry was the first time anyone brought up that Hamas wanted the blockade lifted. Going to Tehran's Hillary Mann Leverett brought this critical issue up. Since then have actually heard this fact brought up on MSNBC numerous times. Former Ambassador Marc Ginsberg (who is often an Israeli apologist) went out on a limb today on MSNBC's Jose Diaz Balart's (new host, very good) Ginsberg said Israel needs to "lift the siege" and said Palestinian's want a country called "Palestine."

      This morning Morning Joe loaded it up for Israel with bloody Bill Kristol, Joe Klein (a real racist when it comes to support for Israel) and Andrea Mitchell (who is starting to be factual). They finally had a Palestinian on to share the facts on the ground with their listening audience. PLO leader Ambassador Maen Rashid Arekait on their program. Mika just can't seem to feel the same empathy she demonstrates for victims in the air crash and other disasters for Palestinian victims.

      Today on MSNBC's Joy Reid Steve Clemons actually came and stated that Palestinians are "being slaughtered. The MSM is changing folks and we are all still pushing for the facts on the ground here in the U.S.

  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
  • Jews Say: End the War on Gaza — No Aid to Apartheid Israel!
  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • Israel throws leaflets telling Palestinians to leave and we all ask "go where?" They find an alleged safe haven in a UN school known to Israel and Israel's targets it...killing more. "Hell of a pinpoint operation"

  • It's time for liberal Jewish bodies to take a stand
  • 'Heartbreaking' is U.S. government's talking point for Gaza massacre
    • And Mika Brezenski , Andrea Mitchell and others keep bringing how Feinstein told Putin to "man up" and accept responsibility for the downed plane and deaths. Can Feinstein say "Iraq" and "woman up" for her decision to give the Bush administration a pass to invade Iraq. Hundreds of thousands killed..."woman up" Feinstein. Start practicing what you are preaching

    • Engel has been doing a great job reporting about the facts on the ground. Better than ever before. Ayman spot on no excuses being made about his fact based reporting on MSNBC no need to genuflect to Israel of the lobby. All of this extremely sad and horrific killing and deaths..just so terribly sad...and yet we acknowledge there has been a defined change in the MSM. Been a long time coming and so many folks here have been pushing for the facts to come out via the MSM.

      Today was the first time I have heard Kerry or anyone else refer to the Palestinian territories. Talking heads have been referring to the Palestinians as "the people of Gaza." In his last statement to the public Kerry referred to the Palestinian territories.

  • The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce
    • the only place I have heard the Hamas offer talked about was on Melissa Harris Perry's MSNBC Sunday program with Hillary Mann Leverett bringing attention to the offer in her most articulate way. The only mention. Otherwise hearing over and over again how Hamas refused the ceasefire offer. Some bringing attention to the fact that Hamas does not accept Egypt as a close to honest broker. A whisper about how Israel blocked Qatar and Turkey from being the brokers for a ceasefire.

  • Finally, Israel is alienating the US mainstream media
    • Today (Tuesday) The Morning Joe program continued to brown nose on the I/P conflict. They had General Hayden on who kept repeating that Israel has a right to "defend themselves." Not an inkling of compassion for the Palestinians out of Hayden. They did have Senator Murphy on who stated that 75% of the Palestinians killed by Israel were civilians. Mika and Andrea Mitchell keep bringing up Senator Diane (who voted for the 2002 Iraq war resolution) Feinstein's comment about Putin "manning up" and accepting responsibility for his role in providing weapons to separatist. Still waiting for Feinstein to "woman up" and admit her horrific role in promoting the invasion of Iraq. She has the blood of the Iraqi people as well as American soldiers all over her. "Woman up" Feinstein. How absurd is it to hear warmongers lecturing Putin about his role in the killing of innocents.

      Mika on Morning Joe keeps talking about "Russian propaganda" being fed to the Russian people through the state run media. Can "propagandist" totally get away with this. Can they say Iraq?

      Also so much about how Russia is supplying "terrorist" with weapons. The U.S. has a past and present of supplying so called "terrorist" with weapons that feel pages. MEK on our terrorist list, then off. So absolutely insane. Monkey see monkey do.

      Yesterday (Monday) Rula Jebreal called the decades of the MSM's complicity with support for Israel no matter what they have done out. She even called Andrea Mitchell's complicity out on the table. Mentioning how Andrea never has the Palestinian perspective on her news program. Thought Rula would lose her job for this one. But today Andrea Mitchell had Yousef Munayer on her program. It's happening.

      The clip of Netanyahu's interview with Brian Williams being shown all over. Netanyahu "what would you do." Not one person asking "what would you do" if you had your land stolen, home and crops destroyed, humiliated at check points, had your children humiliated and beat by IDF and Israeli cops weekly. What would you do? No one asking

    • Israeli agent Michael Oren has been all over the MSM for years propagandizing for Israel's crimes against humanity. Time is up. Now the MSM actually providing the American public with close to accurate information about these latest Israeli war crimes. Times are a changing.

    • Mark Regev keeps repeating how Americans and the international community are with Israel. Just not the case. American leaders...we get that..but U.S. citizens opinions finally shifting now that they are actually getting more accurate information.

    • Calls into Washington Journal about the conflict are really demonstrating what is going on. Callers far more educated, far more fact based which means they fall on the side of the Palestinians. Also expressing outrage at what they are finally seeing on the MSM...real pictures of the death and injuries of Palestinians and the disproportionate use of force by Israeli's.

    • Morning Joe and Mika still have their noses up Israel's ass. This morning they had Israel's Consul General Ido Aharani on along with Dan Senor. Who can beat on the support Israel no matter what drums better than Dan?

      And then all of these absurd lectures from warmongering Senator Feinstein (who should be investigated for her family profits from the Iraq war) lecturing Putin about "accepting responsibility" and that he should "man up" How does that go the "kettle calling the pot black" On Morning Joe they were also going on about Russian propaganda and how the Russian media is state run. Can any of them say Iraq? And the way the Israel Palestinian conflict has not been covered by our MSM even close to accurately up until recently. The coverage is certainly changing and as I often say better late than never.

    • "It's happening" Yes indeed. MSNBC far more balanced than ever before which means the facts on the ground are actually being shown on that outlet. The disproportionate amount of force that Israel has and continues to use against the Palestinians and the disproportionate amount of deaths, injuries and displacement being talked about on almost each show.

      Just in the last hour Rula Jebreal called out the MSMedia's complicity in the inaccurate reporting over the years. Eli Lake tried to make it appear that the recent shift in the reporting has always been taking place. Rula even called out her co worker Andrea Mitchell's leanings. Wonder if Rula will be knocked out of MSNBC for this one.

      Issues the MSM is still not showing.
      Accurate maps of the West Bank. They always ALWAYS show maps of West Bank being one contiguous piece of land.

      Few are talking about how Hamas does not want to deal with Egypt's newly appointed leader after a democratically elected leader of Egypt was overthrown by the military. Not talking about how Israel has blocked Qatar or Turkey being brokers in a truce.

      No one talking about how Palestinians have a right to protect their communities, homes, lives etc from more land theft.

      Tonight an interview will be on Brian Williams with Netanyahu. Will Williams have Abbas on tomorrow night? Will he?

      Ronan Farrow, Joy Reid on MSNBC really trying to cover the issue accurately.

  • On the defensive, Barney Frank accuses Clemons and Kornacki of ganging up on him, and Israel
    • Watched live. Frank was an arrogant ass. What else is new? Frank had plenty of time to go on and on making Israel's illegal actions out in the West Bank seem like mild mannered theft going on. All is good out there in the West Bank.

      Then Frank uses the traditional bait methods "you are on the other side" you are "anti Israel" to Clemons. Kornacki took the bait Clemons did not. Too bad Kornacki did not have the testicular fortitude that he has demonstrated towards Christie the bully and leashed that inner journalist on Israel or Frank the pounding him about the theft of the land in the West Bank, persistent humiliation, beating, imprisonment of Palestinian young, destruction of homes, agriculture, water usage etc. GET TO THE ROOT CAUSES OF THIS CONFLICT.

      Wish that Koracki and others would also get to the reality of so called progressives like Frank or for decades stands on the radical wrong on the I/P conflict, Iran etc. When will Kornacki , Melissa Harris Perry etc shine the spotlight on the right wing foreign policy stances of Frank and others.

      Melissa Harris Perry's coverage of this issue was outstanding. Had Hillary Mann Leverett on for the third time in a row. So worth the watch.

  • Joining Graham, Schumer calls for end of Palestinian unification for sake of Israel's 'survival'
    • Another appearance by Hillary Mann Leverett on MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry today. Too bad HML cut off right before she was about to object to the persistent mischaracterization of Hamas on MSM outlets. HML was on her show last Sunday and now today. Drip drip drip. Finally MHP applying her alleged focus on human rights..she has joined the better late than never crowd and it is a wonderful thing.

      Still no mention about the "root causes" of the middle east "humanitarian crisis" while MHP, Chris Matthews, Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell more than willing to shed the light on the "root causes" of the "humanitarian crisis" at the U.S. border.

      Still no mention of illegal settlements, no accurate maps of the West Bank and what has and is still going "root cause" focus at all.

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • All over the news that Israel giving warnings that Palestinians should evacuate. No one ask where they should evacuate to?

      Silence about ongoing illegal settlement expansion as one of the root causes of Palestinian anger and rockets. We hear one pundit after the next talking about "root causes" of the "humanitarian crisis" on our border with central American children. How the U.S. has meddled in central American affairs for decades undermining the welfare of the people. Rachel Maddowl, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell Chris Matthews, etc addressing the "root causes" of this very sad "humanitarian crisis" but not the "root causes" of the "humanitarian crisis" of the I/P conflict

  • Relentless bombing on Gaza continues: Israel kills media worker, 9 people watching World Cup on beach
    • Netanyahu and his bloody team are war criminals. When will we witness them on trial?

      Aaron David Miller everywhere on the MSM spinning the Israeli perspective with a softball strategy.

      Prof Cole has must reads up over at Informed Comment.

      This morning on the BBC's World Service they focused on Israel giving Palestinians warnings to evacuate before they bomb the life out of them. Evacuate to where? Under the pile of rubble next to Palestinians homes? Evacuate to where?

  • White House says US can't stop 'tsunami' of boycott and isolation if Israel won't end 'occupations'
    • People are starting to get the facts on the ground. Been decades of a wall of silence. Wall coming down

    • Watched live. You can easily go see it. Just giving you another lead. You are more than welcome

    • Go Phil Gordon. Not a whisper about this speech on MSNBC , Fox, Cnn. Will be watching and listening. Phil etc. you are going to be very interested in that exchange between Noura Erakat and Aaron David Miller. The first time in six days (or longer of course) that an MSNBC host has allowed a Palestinian perspective.

    • A must watch and listen. Sorry unable to link. But you can go find

    • This past Sunday MSNBC's Melissa Harris Perry joined the better late than never crowd by focusing on this issue. She even had Hillary Mann Leverett on her program. A must watch. While Hillary was succinct and factual I was shocked when she went along with MHP's and Colonel Jacobs take that this Palestinian teen beating by Israeli soldiers . Jacobs "we have seen these images before" Total bull shit. This is the very first time this image of a Palestinian/American or any Palestinian children being beaten, etc has been shown on any MSM cable outlet. No one is mentioning the history of Israeli violence against Palestinian children etc. No one is mentioning what the ratio of Palestinian deaths, injuries, imprisonment are over the decades. No one Was surprised Leverett did not take the clear opportunity to bring up the disproportionate deaths on the Palestinian side over the decades.

      No mention on MHP's about root causes issues.
      No mention of Netanyahu calling for revenge before he started apologizing for death of Palestinian kid set on fire.

      Monday Jane Harman (who waddled on over to interfere in the Aipac espionage investigation and should be under more serious investigation in this interference) of Woodrow Wilson think tank held a panel discussion on the recent events in the conflict. Was aired on C-span on Monday. Aaron David Miller on the panel. All panelist said the one state solution is no solution.

      Tuesday MSNBC's Mika B kow towed to Israel sharing their views for them. Mark Halpern did ask "are there any indications that pressure is being put on Israel to restrain" Somehow the connection to the guest was cut off. That questioned never addressed

      Tuesday "waddling" Jane Harman was on Chuck Todd's as a guest on his program about the latest violence. Why oh why would you have someone on who has actively undermined a very serious national security federal investigation on your program? Why even have Harman on?

      Tuesday Andrea Mitchell (who has been dipping her toes into asking a bit tougher questions) had State Dept Jan Psaki on to discuss the latest events. Psaki " we are shocked by the report on the beating of the Palestinian American boy" As if the U.S. State Dept did not ignore the Furkan Dogan killing on the Mavi Marmara and has ignored the Palestinian children being abused, killed, incarcerated for decades.
      As if this was the first time.

      This morning (Wednesday) on MSNBC's Joe Scarborough could not get his head up the ass of Israel far enough. He totally went along with everything Ido Aharoni had to say. "Hamas wants to wipe Israel off the map." Then brown nose Joe went further and set Ido up "who is giving the rockets to Hamas' Ido went on a rant about Iran and Syria

      No mention of illegal Israeli settlements etc until Ronan had the testicular fortitude to have Noura Erakat on.

      So over and over. No mention of Netanyahu's calls for revenge. No mention of how these beatings of Palestinian children and others have gone on for decades. No mention of Israel's illegal settlements being one of the root causes of all of this violence.

      Prayers for all of the Israeli teens and the Palestinian boy burnt to death. And all of the killing going on now.

    • Been watching MSNBC and other msm outlets for five days for coverage on the Israeli teens and Palestinian teen killed and Palestinian American teen beaten. Been way slanted of course. Will share those dates and observations in a minute. But in the last 45 minutes MSNBC's Ronan Farrow had Aaron David Miller (he has been all over the place) up against human rights attorney Noura Erakat on his program. Quite the exchange. Miller tried to insult Erakat after she was the first on MSNBC in days to give the Palestinian's experience views. Miller stated "back on planet earth" after Erakat talked about root causes, illegal confiscation of Palestinian land etc. You are going to want to watch and listen to that exchange.

  • Jeffrey Goldberg leads the charge on latest BDS smear: Presbyterian Church divestment is anti-Semitic because David Duke supports it
  • 'Numb, speechless, sad', Israel supporters grieve Cantor's loss
    • Wasserman's comment about Cantor is odd.

    • I have been hearing MSNBC host reporting this "sore loser" rule. We shall see.

      Phil,Annie, All...did you see and hear Senator Barbara Boxer on Melissa Harris Perry's MSNBC Sunday news program. Melissa demonstrated that Boxer is great on domestic issues ...gun issues, wage increase, choice etc. Much of the conversation about how Boxer has been in support of working class Americans. What MHP fails to bring up is Boxer's support for the Israel visa waiver legislation. MHP does not get anywhere near how that legislation would undermine U.S. National Security. How intelligence officials have weighed in heavily against this dangerous legislation. No mention. Worth listening to that interview with Boxer

  • For wearing veil, woman is ordered off Jerusalem light rail and frisked
  • Michael Oren finds Israel vindicated by UN report that it slaughtered 101 civilians, including 33 children
    • thanks tell it like it is

    • Boycott CNN. Wolf Blitzer and team part and parcel to the rebranding Israel effort based on complete lies.

      Micheal Oren is on NPR on a regular basis. Keep contacting your Reps demand that aid to Israel be cut off. Keep it up...let them know we are out here

  • Dr. Ruth says she might shoot you if you don't support Israel
    • Who was one of the sponsor's of Birthright who came right out and said that they hoped that Jewish kids would meet on these trips and procreate?

    • Dr. Ruth admitting she was a terrorist...and proud of it. Pathetic

  • Israel to NSA: Rebrand
  • Destroyed Palestinian village outfitted with 1,000 JNF trees memorializing Denver couple's dead dogs
    • "It is a sick pathological ideology" that has resulted in thousands of deaths stolen Palestinian homes, land, lives. Criminal acts

  • Gates Foundation begins to divest from occupation profiteer G4S
  • Public debate on Zionism sets a crucial precedent
    • Bingo...

    • Will watch when I have more time. Tyler you are so right Mira or anyone else who is brave enough to debate Max is to be commended. His grasp of the facts on the ground through his reading, direct research, interviews etc are beyond measure. When you have facts, truth, a sharp intellect, humor, charm all mixed into one as Max does...tough to go up against. But it is Max's willingness to stick his neck out and go to the mat on this issue of human rights and justice that is to be honored and can not be beat.

  • In Bloomberg internal news memos, 'there is no such country' as Palestine
    • "The United States of America does not recognize the "State of Palestine." Completely inaccurate. Completely. President after President, Secretary of State after Secretary of State have recognized the State of Palestine and the two state solution based on internationally recognized borders. Now have any of those Presidents and SoS done anything about Israel's refusal to recognize those borders. Very few. Which has ultimately undermined U.S. National Security.

    • Great exposure about the racism towards Palestinians that has been apparent within Bloomberg News. Always interesting to see whether it is on CNN, MSNBC, Cspan, Bloomberg etc when a map of the area is shown they never EVER show a map that is fact based map of the West Bank...How Israel has stolen most of the internationally recognized Palestinian land through illegal settlements or the illegal wall.

  • Video: Maya Angelou reads email from Rachel Corrie
    • Maya rocked the world with her inspirational words and life. Saw and heard her speak in Memorial Auditorium on the campus of Ohio University in Athens Ohio some years back. She blew the roof off the place with her soul shaking words. Intelligent, powerful and unapologetic....Thank you Maya you rocked the world with your insights..How wonderful of her to read Rachel Corrie's words. Rachel who put compassion into action and then paid with her life for it. May they both rest in peace

  • Palestinian Refugees Welcome The Pope: The story behind the iconic photo at the Separation Wall
    • Thank you Kelly for the background story. That picture of the Palestinian kids says it all. The Pope gave them hope for a few minutes.

  • CNN showed 'blatant' bias when Blitzer aired Oren saying 2 killed Palestinians may not be dead -- Munayyer
  • Israeli government tries to undo image of Pope at the wall
    • Thanks for that. Did you try to call in? Not hard. Be calm, cool, collected on phone you will get through. You could still call tomorrow during open phones and share your views about this segment. Will phones is a great place to call in your observations about this. Ask them to have a counter balance guest on this issue. Hell you could ask them to have Phil on the program. I have asked

    • Phil
      Professor Juan Cole "Turkish Court Ask Interpol to Arrest 4 Israeli ex Generals for Gaza Aid Ship Murders"

    • Only Israel can get rid of the illegal settlements and that is not going to happen. One state solution being the only realistic solution

    • So funny thanks for that

    • Bingo

    • The Pope rockin the boat for justice.

      "serenaded by scores of children from the nearly Dheishah Refugee Camp, home to 12,000 people exiled from former family homes since the 1948 Arab Israeli war."

      Bibi cannot roll this back. No way no how.

    • Build the bloody wall on internationally recognized Israeli land if you have such good intentions. Israel has stolen more land via this "monstrous" wall. And that is a fact

    • The Pope will not fold. He all ready did it and knew exactly what he was doing.

    • interesting conversation...

  • SodaStream stock loses fizz amid 'boycott fears'
  • Netanyahu says Jews invented the idea of 'honoring your father and mother'
  • The Pope in Palestine
    • . Prayers for those killed in Belgium in more what sounds like hateful killings. But for Liebermann to blame those senseless killings on the fact that people around the world are calling for a boycott against Israeli products is absurd and twisted. These are cheap shots by Liebermann but not a surprise.

    • Was even on NPR this evening.

  • Notice who is welcoming the Pope, and who is outraged
  • 'Ebony' article explores 'Why Black People Must Stand With Palestine'
  • Israel tries to blame killings on Palestinians as int'l outrage builds
    • "Stellar" indeed. MW keeps rocking the boat. The fact that this very sad story about two more Palestinian teens being killed (sounds like by Israeli soldiers again) was on CNN is a seismic shift

  • CNN airs evidence Israelis used live bullets on Palestinian protesters
    • CNN let this coverage through...HUGE. Wolf Blitzer.....let this through. The earth is shifting. Always the same though the totally inaccurate maps of what the West Bank looks like. Israel's response "We have to determine what caused the result" That would be deaths..killings...why do they refer to murders and killings as a "result"

      Bless these young men's souls and prayers for the families. More senseless killings

  • Iran politicking gets in the way of visa waivers for Israelis
    • There was an F.B.I. report that somehow became available way back in 2002 or so about these kiosk and Israeli art students making their way into U.S. highly secured energy facilities that were swooped up and questioned. Also held for quite some time by the F.B.I. in New York. The word was out that Schumer went all out in getting them released. Will have to look around for that report

    • Great points.

    • "The bill will be back in the fall" And folks need to be organized and contacting and meeting with Reps full on until then. No to Israel being in the visa waiver program. No based on the hard facts that Israel and Israeli citizens have been caught spying on the U.S., selling U.S. classified tech to China, been connected to the Aipac espionage investigation. Hopefully the opposition to this from the U.S. intelligence community will grow and become even more public. This legislation will come out in August/Sept in some new configuration. Those concerned with U.S. National Security will be on alert.

    • It was reported that many of those kiosk folded up long ago

    • U.S. intelligence agencies are not going to let this happen. Amazing Senator Barbara Boxer is more than willing to set up a situation where U.S. national security can be undermined even more by Israel. Just goes to show how the so called liberal Dem Reps have been on the wrong (far right) side about Israel for decades.

    • Call your Reps and let them know you do not support a yes vote for Israel to enter the Visa Program in any way shape or form. That this program could potentially undermine U.S. national security even more.

  • U.S. is 'closely following' Israel's killing of 2 youths at demo, seeks 'transparent' investigation
    • Matt Lee has been extraordinary for quite some time. Others sheepishly have followed a bit. Really something that Psaki said "we are closely following this incident in the video" Movement

      Wonder if the state dept ever got back to Colonel Anne Wright who had written to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the murder of U.S. citizen Furgan Dogan who was 19 when IDF blew holes in his body at close range during the Flotilla massacre. I believe a few bullets were into the back of his head.

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
  • BDS is the only means of ending the occupation -- Derfner
  • Crashing the Party: Activists educate pro-Israel festival about the Nakba
    • That passerby was powerful. "this is America" The Jewish couple sure did not like what he was saying. The crazy woman's husband "help the Jewish people" as if the U.S. has not all ready paid enough welfare to Israel. As if the U.S. has not all ready undermined our own national security to protect Israel from consequences for their persistent decades long crimes against Palestinians etc

    • Arrogant, self consumed, violent woman "it is our festival, it is our festival, it is our festival" Feeds into the view that those on the Israeli side are violent, arrogant and want to shut down the debate..too late. Sure looks and sounds like she slapped the camera person. Trying to take the camera, uses violence she has learned well from the illegal settlers and IDF...and gets away with it. She should have been arrested.

      Where did that cop go that the same racist woman had been harassing?

    • "those days are over" Indeed

    • Great points. That man was so angry. The facts were really getting to him.

    • Annie/Phil a big one up over at Foreign Policy:
      "Exclusive: Pro Israel Lawmaker Suddenly Pulls Pro Israel Bill" over at Foreign Policy.

  • Commencement meltdown-- students are wisely rejecting elite authority
    • oops their "lies"

    • Great essay Donald. For those of us who were paying very close attention to the run up to the invasion of Iraq the media coverage and lack of coverage of accurate facts was astounding and eventually extremely deadly. Was not difficult to realize that if an individual had limited time to dig into the web that basically with the exception of Jonathan Landay and a few other outlets Neil Conan of Talk of the Nation did have a few folks who were questioning the validity of the intelligence like Ritter on his program. We know that most mainstream outlets were replaying the warmongering comments of Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush, Rice, Gaffney, Bolton, Kristol, Friedmann, Kenneth Pollack and the rest of the warmongers (Addington, Woolsey, Feith etc). So if you did not have the time or make the time to dig it was difficult to find opposing views......Democracy Now, Informed Comment, Counterpunch, Firedoglake. There were plenty of experts questioning the validity of the intelligence but you had to dig a bit.

      Anyone who was at the anti invasion marches across the country and the world knows that the crowds were diverse in age, professions, race etc. You know that people were piling on in the halls of congress meeting with their Reps begging them to not support the invasion on the questionable intelligence.

      As a nation we watched a President be held accountable for lying under oath about blow jobs. And then as a nation we watched not one person be held accountable for a very deadly intelligence snow job. We heard Reps from both sides and Obama say "next chapter, don't be about vengeance, turn the page, forward" yada yada in regard to holding the Bush administration accountable for these horrific lies and actions. We heard Rep Pelosi tell us (not ask, not listen) that "impeachment was off the table." No need to wonder why less than 10% of Americans have any faith in our Reps.

      This is a very small price for Condi "mushroom cloud" Rice to pay for her dangerous and deadly lies. Small price to pay. If life were even close to fair she and the rest would be missing a few limbs and be subjected to what the soldiers that they sent into another country based on their lives are dealing with. Ultimately these war criminals belong in orange suits behind bars...and that would be compassionate

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