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  • The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity
    • Ok so great that Chris Matthews is clarifying now how the Bush administration was so successful at lying to the public and convincing the majority of folks (by no means all) to support the invasion based on their "pack of lies"

      What Chris Matthews did not do before the invasion was provide the American public with the many experts who were seriously questioning the validity of the Bush administration's so called intelligence. I watched almost every night before invasion. Along with many other sources. Chris had Kristol, Frum, Gaffney etc on and gave them somewhat of a hard time about the false claims. However he did not have Ritter, Dr.Zbig, El Baradei, Ray McGovern and other CIA analyst who were questioning the created, cherry picked and easily disseminated (MSM mostly went along) intelligence coming out of Feith's Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon. Libby and Cheney knocking any push back down. Chris Matthews did not have those questioning on his program.

      So while it is easy to do now after hundreds of thousands are dead, injured and millions displaced because of the Iraq invasion. The bigger question now is whether Chris Matthews and his ilk will provide the American public with expert analysis of the P5+1 on his program. Flynt and HIllary Mann Leverett, Dr.Zbig, former weapons inspector Scott Ritter etc. Will he call out those who are actively trying to undermine the deal? Or will he once again call those undermining and pushing us towards a military confrontation with Iran out in 10 years?

      Call the warmongers out persistently over the next six weeks. Help the American public understand the P5+1. Let the public know Iran signed the IAEA NPT and has the legal right to enrich up to 20%. That Iran is giving up a great deal. That Israel refuses to sign the NPT and the Chemical Weapons Treaty. Do it now not 12 years after a brutal invasion.

    • Just, Phil , others...ok we can congratulate and celebrate Matthews focusing hard on who lied, who got us in until the cows come home. Corn did it before invasion. However Matthews did not play hardball before the invasion. He did have Kristol, Frum, Gaffney on and gave them hard times about their warmongering.

      But he missed the inform the public with accurate information or even having those who were talking at the top of their lungs questioning the validity of the intelligence on his program. People like Ritter, El Baradei, Dr.Zbig, former middle east analyst Ray McGovern. Even David Corn was shouting out against before the invasion.

      I was watching Matthews almost every night before invasion. Along with listening to NPR, Democracy Now, CNN, Washington Journal. Matthews did not play hardball before the invasion like he is now. Not at all.

      So the question is will Matthews and his ilk have on qualified guest now to inform the public on accurate information about Iran. Our history with them the P5+1 negotiations and hopefully what will be a signed agreement. Will he have Hillary Mann Leverett on now? Will he have former IAEA weapons inspector Scott Ritter on now? Will he have qualified guest on to talk about Iran outside of the unqualified MSNBC contributors?

      Or if the same people who lied the U.S. into Iraq are successful at taking down the P5+1 negotiations leading us to more sanctions then to what the neocons hope is a military confrontation with Iran. Will Matthews etc play hardball once again after what possibly could be a future military confrontation with Iran?

      Play hardball now Chris Matthews not after there are serious breakdowns

    • At time for peace. Lt Colonel Karen Kwiatowski's piece came out after the invasion. Jason Vest piece in the Nation in August 2002 "The Men from Jinsa and CSP" was one of the more cutting edge pieces before invasion.

      Ritter, McGovern, and others tried and tried to warn the public before invasion.

    • Great overview Phil. However Corn came out clearly before the invasion that he was against. He had an early blog where he took on some of these warmongers that was relentlessly attacked this is back before the invasion and I believe after. Corn made it clear where he stood and why.

      Now don't get me wrong I love that Matthews is pounding the neocons hard and has been doing so for about four or five nights in a row. And has been doing so off and on since the invasion of Iraq. However easy to do now and ok most folks have swept the invasion of the rug with the hundreds of thousands dead, injured and millions displaced as a direct consequence of the invasion. But before the invasion Chris Matthews chose not to have those questioning the validity of the Bush administrations cherry picked, created and disseminated false pre war intelligence. Chris did not have former IAEA weapons inspector Scott Ritter who was on every outlet that would take him on before the invasion. He was questioning with known facts and his own direct inspection experience in Iraq during the Clinton administration. Matthews did not have IAEA head El Baradei on who came out in early March of 2003 and said the Niger Documents were false. Matthews did not have on Dr.Zbig, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, Kathleen and Bill Christison on who were all questioning the validity of the intelligence. Chris did not get on the streets with the MSNBC cameras right there in his own back yard during the fall of 2002 when cumulatively millions of us hit the streets and halls of congress protesting, petitioning our Reps not to go along. Where was Chris then?

      Where was Chris and his cameras when the anti invasion march in New York in Feb 2003 where the march was being led by 9/11 families against the invasion (I was walking up front with friends who lost a daughter who was an airline stewardess on the United flight) WWII, Korean, Vietnam (some of my friends were in front) Desert Storm Vets were marching against the invasion with the 9/11 families. I pushed a 92 year old WWII Vet in that march. Where were those MSNBC cameras letting the rest of those at home wondering about the validity that millions were against the invasion?

      Ok Chris had Bill Kristol, David Frum, Gaffney and other neocons on and gave them a bit of a hard time. But he did not take it a step further and have reliable experts on who were questioning. Hell Phil Donahue was axed from I believe MSNBC because he was pushing back against invasion. Maybe that is why Chris did not push back hard. $$$$$$

      So now here we are the very same neocons have been and continue to push for more sanctions against Iran, stepping away from the P5+1, they are actively undermining a potential agreement. So will Chris and other MSM host step up to the plate and actually help the American public become better informed about the facts of the P5+1. The U.S. history with Iran. Will Chris have Flynt and HIllary Mann Leverett on? Will he have Professor Juan Cole on? Former head of the inspections in Iraq Scott Ritter on to talk about his book written almost 10 years ago "Target Iran" Or if the those very same neocons are successful at undermining the P5+1 agreement. Will Chris later say "Oh I was always for those agreements" Yet he never did the right thing before a potential destruction of those agreements by having those experts like Hillary Mann Leverett on his program.

      Appears Chris Matthews is still playing it safe in regard to a potential confrontation with Iran.$$$$$$$$

  • Ilan Pappe on the western awakening and what it means for Israel/Palestine
    • Read once. Going to read again. Great interview. What a man of integrity. Very brave and moral. Hope folks are sharing, linking this piece where ever they can

  • Front-page attack in New York Times says BDS movement is driven by minorities' 'hostility toward Jews'
    • Krauss great overview. On target points.

    • "whimper and whine" really. Phil happens to be a I believe co creator of one of most important Middle east sites going. He has taken all sorts of serious risk. I so appreciate his willingness and persistent work targeting the Bloody New York Times role in inaccurately reporting about Israeli human rights crimes and now trying to take down the BDS movement by inaccurately describing what they are about.

      One thing for sure I think Phil is exactly right "The piece is important because it reflects the the growing success of the BDS movement" Thanks Phil and Mondoweiss team for all of your important work. Although the situation for the Palestinians has not changed. Certainly more awareness.

  • 'God bless the young folks who took to the streets': African-American clergy draw parallels between Baltimore and Palestine
    • This connection has been a long time coming. Clearly taking off. Thanks for this great read Bill and the clips.

  • As presidential field broadens, GOP candidates race to show their love for Israel
    • Look I am not wild about Hillary her vote for the 2002 Iraq war resolution was a political move and it ended up back firing. I don't believe she gives any more of a rats ass about the hundreds of thousands dead, injured in Iraq or the millions displaced any more than bloody Bill Kristol (who pushed the kill Hillary's health care bill back during the Clinton administration). However she is different on domestic issues and now finally on Iran. She has been on of the warmongers repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran for a solid 10 years. Here lately she has been supporting the P5+1 negotiations.

      Jeb Bush's foreign policy adviser is Paul (psychopath) Wolfowitz. He and his blood curdling war team want a war with Iran they can taste the blood. Big difference at this time between Hillary and Jeb.

      Senator Sanders voting record against the Palestinians and for Israel no matter what they do falls into line with almost other so called liberals. Bernie is a PEP and so is HIllary.

      With a Bush administration we get a war with Iran. With HIllary maybe not. Her numbers are looking really good and have for quite some time. We do have to face reality here. Sanders does not have a snow balls chance in hell. But he will make the debate far more interesting

    • Let's get down to it...these candidates do not stand a snowball's chance in hell against Hillary, Now we have Bernie announcing which will at least make for some good debates. Now granted Hillary and Bernie fall into line with the I lobby most of the time however not on the Iran negotiations. And bet they have noticed that there is a serious shift in the populace towards Israel.

      Of course there could be a catastrophic event of some kind that takes Hillary down or somehow she falls totally prey to all of the dark swords being thrown at her, but don't you think she has it? If the election were tomorrow she sure would. And don't get me wrong I certainly do not support her foreign policy warmongering. But she shifted a bit during the Iran negotiations.

      Allison you referenced that Rand Paul had been subsidized by someone for a trip to Israel. Thought all of this buying our Reps trips to foreign countries was supposed to stop after the Ney/Abramoff scandal? Thought there was legislation passed to stop this kind of hanky panky..

      To think that one of the principle architects for the invasion of Iraq Paul Wolowitz is now the head foreign policy adviser for Jeb Bush. The chicken hawk war criminals want to attack Iran so bad

    • good one

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
  • 'NY Review of Books' says Tony Judt didn't really mean it when he called for the end of a Jewish state
    • So wish Judt were alive to take these claims down. Have always thought it was pathetic to twist someone's stance after they have passed.Especially when they have made it so clear what their stance Phil argues so articulately with many references.

      May be the first time I have seen Phil write "horseshit" Love it.

      Judt was a moral giant for standing up the way he did. Was so saddened by his passing and what he went through. So sad for his family. The world lost a brilliant and moral man.

      Anyone see him on the Israel/Palestine panel with Khalidi, Ben Ami, Dennis Ross, Indyk, Mearsheimer etc at Cooper Union ? There were a few times I thought Judt was going to politely chew Ross up and spit him out. Was a great debate

  • Palestine’s moment of truth for the International Criminal Court
    • Would seem like it. Would be great to hear from the law folk

    • Clear, crisp piece. Thank you Joe. Hoping and praying that the ICC will act with integrity and at long last a real commitment to justice.

  • Annals of the lobby: Edwards is a bad girl, Zakaria posterizes Saban
    • Thanks just

    • Three cheers for Fareed Zakaria. Strongest stand yet on a MSM outlet!

    • Nice J Lewis

    • Wields that power on Dems by the power and influence of the I lobby for decades....Little to no difference. With the exception of those who are finally standing up to the I lobby in regard to the negotiations with Iran. Those efforts led totally by the black caucus.

    • Speaking about "psychopaths." Did you watch Judy "I was fucking right" Miller on the Daily Show. While I object to Stewart giving war criminal Miller a pulpit for more dangerous spinning and helping her sell her book. He did pound her a bit on her "anonymous" sources and being a stenographer for those selling the Iraq invasion to the American people based on the "pack of lies" MIller constantly diverted from accepting any responsibility at all. Kept bringing up Kerry and Clinton's votes for the Iraq war resolution, almost always included all journalist as having failed, blamed all intelligence agencies (and we know they were all not on same page). A real psychopath at work. Thought Stewart gave her too much room to squirm out of her own go to war biases that were evident in her reporting. As if journalist do not have their own agendas wrapped up in some of their reporting,

      Hoping people boycott Miller's book. Why give these deadly wrong warmongers a stage to sell books? Send them off to the Hague like WWII war criminals.

      Miller was very much a willing and complicit accomplice in selling that deadly invasion.

  • 'BirthWrong' in the Cradle of Jewish Culture: Jews gather in southern Spain for tour that aims to repudiate Zionism
    • Was able to be around Ginsburg at Naropa here in Boulder early on when Naropa first started. Ginsburg basically an ego maniac so would imagine that he would be all about Israel and be dismissive of the Palestinians

      Although not sure at all where he stood on this issue.

    • Some have been calling Birthright BIRTHWRONG since it began. Hope the voyage trip turns into a regular event. Go go go Max and team. I have talked with about five young Jewish 20 somethings that said the BIRTHWRONG trip had the opposite effect on them that they believe and is clearly intended.

      Pushed them turn away from Israel as it is,

  • As pressure rises on Robbie Williams and UNICEF over Israel gig, conflict of interest emerges between singer and NGO
  • Night of horror at Ben Gurion airport for two French music students
    • Sorry you had to go through this. However just more evidence of an apartheid state. Not allowed to participate in protest...and you did not...and were still harassed and deported. Israel is not a democracy

    • Israel is not a democratic state. Just more evidence

  • Obama's role model to journalists -- Dorothy Thompson -- turned against Zionism and was silenced
  • Earlham Student Senate passes resolution in support of divestment from Israeli occupation
    • Yes a "profound thank you to the Student Senate of Earlham College" Committed to human rights and social justice!

    • More movement...yes yes yes

      The fb share icon not working. Different set up.

  • Finkelstein goes to Syracuse and the opposition stays home
    • "As in the past, I was inspired by the man's unwavering moral compass" Have so respected this man for decades. He was out on the front lines of this issue when it was NOT easy. He took serious personal hits from those who oppose facts. His books, his website, debates with Dershowitz at Democracy Now all worthwhile to spend time reading and watching.

      Would be interesting if the Mondo crew set up an interview with Vanessa Redgrave who was out on the front lines of this issue back in the mid 70's. How her public stances on this issue affected her acting career, etc. She has a series of interviews on line about this conflict

  • AIPAC-backed legislation targeting BDS movement advances in Congress
    • MHP has stepped out of the box on Iran, the Israeli Palestinian conflict when she has had Hillary Mann Leverett on at least 5 times since last summer. Watch the programs with Leverett on those Iran/middle east panels and you will hear for yourself how MHP has indeed stepped out of line a bit on coverage of these issues and the information people have access too.

    • Too bad Cardin's civil and human rights stances against racism and oppression here in the states and South Africa do not apply to the Palestinians. However most of us know many alleged human rights advocates who are weak in the spine when it comes to the Palestinians having those same human rights.

      Keep calling your Reps letting them know how you stand against this legislation. The movement is growing.

      Bet Melissa Harris Perry might cover this issue if we all pile on over at her facebook page

  • 'Celebration of ethnic cleansing is intolerable': Baltimore JVP crashes 'Israeli Independence Day' party
    • "not so long ago" indeed. A welcome shift is taking place in the Jewish community and elsewhere.

    • I'll agree with you on your point that most "minorities" get it. Don't agree that most "educated Americans" get it. Know too many folks who have college degrees who believe the "we're number one" hooey. Many who could care less that this country was birthed on genocide and slavery.

  • In defense of Cornel West's prophetic voice
    • Just read Max's piece. Incredible. Nails it down once again. However just tried to share on fb from Alternet. When the article pops up to share with his piece up pops a photo of a woman in a black bra lying down looking as if she is about to have sex or something.

      Betsy would you try to share on fb from the alternet piece and see if you are getting the same image. I posted on alternet what was happening. So odd

      Incredible piece

      Ok if you share from the link at the top of the alternet piece Cornell's photo comes up. If you try to share from the comment section of the article an image of the lady comes up when you share the piece. Odd

    • Ech "who cares" Some of us actually look into our officials voting records and public stances. It does matter a great deal.

      Back to one of my original points. So between Obama and Hillary...we chose Obama. Then between McCain and Obama we chose Obama. bet

    • Obama was not warmongering in the Senate. He was mostly a fence sitter. While he was not in congress in 2002 so did not have to vote for or against the 2002 Iraq war resolution. He had said loud and clear that he was against the invasion. Distinctly different from Clinton and McCain.

    • Cornell West criticized Obama early on. And has done so consistently.

      Let's see our choices were between warmongering Hillary Clinton and Obama. So most of us chose Obama. Then the choice was between warmongering McCain and Obama. What else were people supposed to do?

    • West "I am not beholden to any administration, political party, TV CHANNEL, or financial sponsor because loving suffering and struggling peoples is my point of reference." Every time I have been around West or heard him speak these words pour through his being and actions.

      Dyson sold out long ago...Comcast/MSNBC man. Now the only MSNBCer who really steps out of the box a bitt and focuses on the oppression embedded in the Israeli government and perpetrated on Palestinians has been Melissa Harris Perry. Joy Reid got close a few times. Chris Hayes too. Not Rachel Maddow, not Ed, not Al Sharpton, not Lawrence O'Donnell, not Eric Dyson. He is working his way up the Comcast/ MSNBC ladder or possibly does not give a rats ass about the human rights crimes being committed against Palestinians. Dr. Cornell West actually speaks out about this issue and many others.

    • Prophets and profiteers yes that can be a problem. However Dr. Cornell West has stuck his head on the chopping block many times for many groups of oppressed people. Dyson cannot hold a candle to West history. Have only ONLY heard Dyson be concerned about the social justice and human rights that African Americans deserve.... have never heard him ever speak out for other oppressed people the way West has consistently done for decades.

      Have been around Dr. West numerous times feels like you are in no bullshit territory. Of course I am sure he has his personal failures as most do. However the man has a deep sense of justice that pours out of him unabated. No bullshit zone

      Dyson is an MSNBC/Comcast man. Stands up for one group of oppressed people that Comcast says yes on.

    • Dyson speaks out loudly when it comes to racism, bigotry when it comes to African Americans. His justice stances stop there.

      Cornell West has been speaking out for justice for blacks, Palestinians, Native Americans, Central Americans, all people stricken with poverty. Cornell West sense of justice encompasses all oppressed peoples and he addresses this widely/

      Dyson sold out long ago to be a MSNBC contributor and some times sit in host. Dyson is going for the money and prestige of selling out. He never criticizes Obama when he deserves to be criticized.

      I'll stand by Cornell West his fortitude and commitment for human rights and social justice are historic. He is not owned by MSNBC/Comcast as Dyson is.

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  • The grave danger of derailing the Iran deal -- an interview with Chas Freeman
    • I am so surprised there are not more comments . Going to share this post a few places

    • Reading again and unless I missed it no questions about the possibility of Israel attacking Iran directly (we know U.S. and Israel have all ready done so through Stuxnet) but would have liked to hear what Freeman thought about a direct attack on Iran by Israel. And what he thinks the possibility that Israel would ever use their nukes on Iran? Carter and Finkelstein have brought this up. Israel using their nukes.

      Dr. Zbig has said that if Israel would start to attack Iran via air that the U.S. should stop them.

    • Honor Charles Freeman for his knowledge, experience and for standing up to the I them a whack which they so deserved after destroying his nomination.

      Interesting comparison "Arguably, we have the world's first genuinely autistic government: we seem uninterested-perhaps incapable of seeing ourselves as others see us_"

      Really appreciated your comment answer Phil..."You think this is a recent trend" Especially for countries committed to creating empires.

      Freeman: "Obama seems to be saying to Israel. if you drive off the road and wreck yourself, that is your problem, not ours." It really does seem that this is what Obama is saying.

      Great interview Phil...thank you

  • A tale of two Susiyas, or how a Palestinian village was destroyed under the banner of Israeli archeology
    • All being done illegally in the West Bank. Illegal, barbaric and shameful. However clearly most Israeli's and certainly illegal settlers feel no shame. If this is not apartheid what is this?

  • Understanding the Jewish National Home
    • Hop...maybe I did not read far enough. But did you provide links to articles, evidence that demonstrate that Bolton is a neo nazi and a Holocaust denier?

    • Read the piece at Foreign Policy...brutal.

    • Thanks Hostage. Although for some they persist in their denial of the stated intentions of the original Zionist which became a harsh and brutal reality embedded in apartheid legislation and actions. The facts just do not seem to matter to some.

    • While awareness has grown the situation on the ground for the Palestinians seems to have gotten much worse.

    • Thank you. Have read a great deal about the first Zionist congress, the Balfour Declaration, The League of Nations involvement, Jewish Agency. Had never read about the King Crane Commission.

      Section 5(3) " The fact came out repeatedly in the commissions conference with Jewish representatives looked forward to a practically complete dispossession of the present non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine by various forms of purchase" (JA steps in and in a systematic way incorporates apartheid).

      Massacres, theft of land and homes, destruction of agricultural lands, polluting bodies of water, intimidation continues to this day. Massacre summer of 2014. All the while Netanyahu commits human rights crimes and the I lobby in the U.S. congress point at Iran

      So telling that even back then officials were calling the Zionist out on the absurd claim to the land based on historical myths that the land belonged to them. Netanyahu still using this malarkey. Showing the world is ring. Yikes

      Zionism is racist at its very core.

  • Netanyahu played 'decisive' role in Senate bill aimed at stymieing Iran deal
    • And even up until the last six months Rachel repeated Israel and the I lobbies unsubstantiated claims about Iran.

    • Wolfowitz is at the top of the war criminal list who should be on trial at the Hague. Instead heading Jeb Bush's foreign policy team. The target is still Iran and you can be sure if Jeb gets in that would be the next stop. Hillary is a bit scary in that arena too.

      The McGovern piece at Counterpunch is worth the read

    • Have followed what former Army officer and CIA analyst Ray McGovern has said and written since before the invasion of Iraq. He of course stood solidly against the invasion. He has a zinger up over at Counterpunch "The Kremlin and the NeoCons"

      He pounds Wolfowitz and his killing team. He mentions Jodi Ruderon's reporting.

    • And the nay sayers spin their hooey that the I lobby, Israel has no power, no effect on the direction of our foreign policy or towards another unnecessary war Referring to facts about the disproportionate influence that Israel and the I lobby have as "anti-semitic trope"

    • Rachel "tip-toeing" around the issue. As close as she gets

  • When it comes to untrustworthiness, the U.S. trumps Iran
    • Hey Eoin and the rest of you who agree with this analysis...get with it. The U.S. is number 1, exceptional, the best in all things good and honorable. If you don't like it here... there is always Russia, Cuba, Iran, Saudi Arabia......EUROPE You know the drill. U.S.A..U.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No Palestinians need apply to program on 'Palestinian issue' at Center for American 'Progress'
  • HRW: Palestinian children pass out, vomit, from farming with illegal pesticides on Israeli settlements
    • So disturbing. More evidence of Israel's effort to systematically beat down, infect, destroy Palestinians. Reminds one of blankets being inoculated with smallpox and given to Native Americans. Know there are questions surrounding these claims. Although not hard to believe since Native Americans were massacred without much hesitation.

  • Washington gets a glimpse of Gaza
  • Obama got Senate to reject 'two of Netanyahu's demands' on Iran (but the 'NYT' won't touch that angle)
    • And she states something about "justice"..."setting things right" A friend of mine whose mother and rest of family left Germany before the bloody murderous Hitler killing machine was up and running. They could smell death and destruction coming. She received reparations from Germany for 50 some years. Sizable amount each year.

      Think Mirren will step up to the plate and ask for reparations for the Palestinians who have had homes, land etc stolen from them by the Israeli government, illegal settlers?

      One more Hollywood movie focused on the Holocaust. When we hear "never again" for far too many that only applies to Jewish lives

    • He had to hear her say "I think so" in such a questionable way. Well sometimes he does not listen and moves on quickly to where he wants to go. So disrespectful on his part.

    • Wonder when Senator Schumer will start getting the attention he deserves for being part of the team to undermine the deal? A sizable picture above like Cardin's.

    • Chris Matthews had Senator Sheehan on to discuss the legislation last night. When Chris asked the Senator does this leave the Dem's the ability to veto if Republicans decided to try to use this legislation to destroy deal. Sheehan answered in a rather hesitant way "I think so" I was surprised Matthews did not grab onto that hesitant and very wobbly answer.

      If GOP, Schumer, Cardin, Menendez screw up the P5+1 deal. The American public, the world will surely know where to lay the blame. Congress, Israel, I lobby.

  • Obama's long & passionate Monday with Saban, Foxman, Hoenlein and other Jewish leaders demonstrates power of Israel lobby
  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • It almost seems that Israel puts the screws to the Palestinians systematically as the awareness grows. As if saying "you keep pushing the facts we tighten the vice grips" Torturous.

    • Yes only the resemblance to DeNiro. Like the comparison to Atticus mannerisms, language. Able to mix the absurd with the facts in a methodical and humorous way. He knows how to work an audience in a constructive way

    • Sounds like Levy very much wants Israeli's to lead a "good life" Clearly that is precisely why he has said Israel should be abiding by the internationally recognized borders and international law. You can spin the hell out of what he has clearly said. However not getting you or Israel anywhere.

    • Just went over to Melissa Harris Perry's fb page and asked her and her team to look into the conference, why Cspan covered last year but not this year. And ask if she would have Gideon Levy on her program to discuss what is going on in Israel and his take of the influence of the I lobby.

      Just watching the tape (we need to link all over the place) Levy reminds me of Robert DeNiro. Gideon DeNiro.

    • People could/ should be hammering the MSM outlets on their fb pages, other contact means etc. Asking them why no mention of the conference? Why not have Levy , Pillar etc on their programs. Link Phil's piece. Politely hammer them. I know this can work. Have had successes getting guest on Talk of the Nation, Diane Rehm, Washington Journal and a few other outlets. Democracy Now of course is open but worth it to make suggestions there. Not that they are the MSM Persistent and polite hammering can work

    • Levy has been speaking out like this for quite some time. A man with real integrity and a deep sense of justice. You are so right asking about why CBS etc have never had Levy on. Bet Melissa Harris Perry would have had had him on this weekend if she knew he was in D.C. How long is Levy in the U.S. He would be such a great guest on her program. Talk about the conference and what was said. Will put the idea up over at her FB MSNBC page. Please join me in making the request.

    • So last year CSpan taped and aired a similar conference on March 7 2014. WRMEA, If Americans Knew, Council for the National Interest Foundation all sponsored. What was the difference this year? Phil and Mondoweiss team will you folks be doing a post about this? What is up with Cspan? Who is getting to them?

    • Was surprised that Allison Weir was not there to speak. Noura Erakat?

    • U.S. "the enabler" on target.

      "This is their Civil Rights/Vietnam cause celebre" so many folks work on college campuses taking off. There is no way to shut the door on accurate information getting to those uninformed. I think Prof Mearsheimer has explained the dynamics having to do with the direction of the conflict almost better than anyone else.

    • Levy "The only hope is an international intervention"

      Phil I know you talk with Levy. Wondering if you would ask him what he thinks about things getting much worse for Palestinians as awareness is growing. What is his take about this?

    • So sorry to miss conference. Would have loved to hear Levy first hand and the other incredible speakers. Paul Findlay, Paul Pillar, Gareth Porter etc.

      Read on another thread Cspan did not cover. I believe they covered the conference that was put on by Allison Weir, Grant Smith etc last year. What is up with Cspan? This past Monday they had a segment on Iran the phone screener was only allowing people who called in against the P5+1 deal. There were 14 callers during the segment 13 men 1 woman (she lost her connection) 12 of the men hammered the deal in a very negative way. One had questions about the P5+1. This is distinctly different from what has been getting through on Washington Journal about negotiations with Iran and Israel's influence. Generally there are many more callers in support of negotiations. Folks with lots of facts and figures.

      Something is up at Washington Journal. Could be the pressure that they might be feeling from groups like Camera. Too bad they did not have the integrity to cover this one day conference. Not good

  • Does Schumer have any idea how angry his constituents will be if he torpedoes his president on Iran?
    • I missed this one. Great piece Phil. Schumer needs to be targeted. Ed is speaking out too. Who knows maybe Rachel will grow some integrity.

  • Stanford Hillel defied Hillel guidelines by hosting Gottlieb -- 'and no one burst into flames'
  • Who cares what Jeffrey Goldberg and Netanyahu don't like about the Iran deal?
    • She has recently shown a great deal of leadership. Although still wonder about the alleged claim that her family profited off of the invasion of Iraq.

    • Yes Cole articulately points out what many of us have been saying for years. When will the U.S. MSM provide the American public with fact based information about Iran?

      On MSNBC's Ed Show over a week ago Ambassador Joe Wilson ask what many of us have been asking why in the hell does the U.S. MSM provide platforms for the same Iraq warmongers who have been pushing for a military confrontation with Iran since soon after the invasion of Iraq. Why has Cheney, Netanyahu, Bolton, Friedmann etc been provided with convenient and always compliant main stream media outlets ready to allow them with a national audience? Who gives a rats ass about what these deadly warmongers think about the Iran deal?

      Why is NPR, CNN, MSNBC etc ready to jump when they want to speak to American public.

      When will these same outlets have the Levertts (granted Melissa Harris Perry has had Hillary Leverett on I think six times since the summer of 2014) Prof Cole, El Baradei, Scott Ritter on their programs? Those who were spot on before the invasion of Iraq

      MSNBC Ed has had Colonel Wilkerson on a bunch to talk about the issue. Finally even Al Sharpton is stepping up to the plate on this issue. Rachel Maddow had head Iran deal negotiator Dr. Moniz on. She failed to ask him any in depth questions that we have not all ready heard answers to.

      Not one of these outlets will touch the fact that it is so hypocritical to have the very nation of Israel demanding that Iran play by NPT rules when Israel's sits on massive stockpiles of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that go un inspected by the international community. That Israel has and continues to sign the NPT and Chemical Weapons Convention Treaty.

      Who cares what Goldberg, Cheney, Friedmann, Pollack, Bolton think. They have their bloody fingerprints all over the deadly debacle in Iraq.

      Will the U.S. MSM fail the American public once again by failing to provide people with the facts about the deal, history of negotiations, Israel's serious failings in the same areana etc...

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • Thanks K24. Informed Comment generally a stop for me everyday for years now. Wondering why Maddow etc do not have him on. She had him on years ago. Not since. Gives he has too many facts and undermines her efforts for years to inflame the situation with Iran. She has changed her tune a bit over the last year.

    • Very similar to what the Leveretts have been saying for years.

    • MSM keeps giving BB platforms to undermine the deal. Does anyone know if France, U.K. Germany provide such media platforms to BB so that he can undermine the deal? U.S. MSM outlets roll out the red carpet for his efforts to destroy the agreement

  • Hurt by the Israel lobby, Obama kisses it goodbye
    • Why the hell P Obama gives an Iraq war pusher the time of day I will never know. I know Friedmann is rich and powerful but enough of this catering to those who have Iraqi and American blood all over them. Enough

      The MSM has been silent about the Iran deal since Monday.

  • The epic season of spinning Iran deal begins!
    • Why Obama provides such easy access to Friedmann (another Iraq war pusher) is beyond me.

    • Wondering when Melissa Harris Perry etc will ask El Baradei to come on programs to discuss deal. MHP has gone out on the limb more than most the so called liberals by having Hillary Mann Leverett on I think it must be six times since last summer to discuss issues with Iran.

      Enough of having the same Iraq war pushers like Friedmann, Woodward, Cheney, etc on programs. I am so with Joe Wilson on this one. Why do any of the MSM outlets have these war thugs on? They were knowingly deadly wrong on Iraq. Who gives a rats ass what they think?

    • A fair amount of talk about Schumer's stance on Morning Joe. His support for the Corker legislation. One talking head on MJ tried to protect Schumer's effort to undermine deal by saying Schumer wants congress to be able to weigh in (Corker legislation) not to destroy deal. Interesting to watch and listen to the so called lefts willingness to refer to the Senate 47's willingness to undermine the deal as "traitorous, back stabbing" but not apply those same terms to Schumer's efforts to undermine.

      Rachel Maddow had head U.S. Iran negotiator Dr. Ernest Moniz on. Great guest but the interview lacked depth and length.

      Last week Chris Matthews hammered Republican talking head Ron Christie who used the Neville Chamberlain comparisons quite easily. Hardest pounding I have seen yet out of Matthews.

      Netanyahu is not just demanding that Iran recognize Israel's right to exist but the "right to exist as a Jewish state"

      Even Al Sharpton getting into the conversation. He seldom mentioned the Iran issue or the I/P issue. Salon's Joan Walsh rolled over to Christopher Burns during a panel discussion on the Iran issue. Basically paying homage to part of Israel's stance. Sad to watch Walsh get on bended knee

      Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Maddow, Washington Journal guest etc not even whispering about how absurd it is that Israel the very nation that refuses to sign the NPT is the very nation screaming about Iran's capabilities. Iran a nation that signed the NPT.

      MSNBC Ed had Joe Wilson was on last week talking about deal. Wilson brought up an issue I have been bringing up for years. Why is it that the main steam gives any time to those that pushed the Iraq war based on lies. Why are they given a pulpit? Why did Obama give Friedmann the interview about Iran. Coddling the foreign agents for Israel once again. The Iraq war pushers.

      MSNBC's Cycle has had Hillary mann Leverett on...finally. Melissa Harris Perry had her on for I think the fifth time this weekend to discuss Iran.

      On Monday morning CSpan's Washington Journal did a segment on the Iran deal. Must have a new or more biased phone screener. Let 14 men through 1 woman (who had a bad connection. 12 of the men ranted incoherently about bad bad bad Iran. 2 men had questions. Generally Washington Journal has allowed people with opposing views on the Iran issue through. And on the Israel Palestine issue. Not Monday. Leaned heavily towards those opposed who were quite weak in the facts arena.

      Will we witness the MSM actually try to educate the public based on facts about the Iran deal? Only time will tell. We all need to keep pushing. Encourage friends, etc to contact their Reps in support for the P5+1.

  • Netanyahu to stage hunger strike against world peace
  • Mondoweiss Exclusive: One on One with Rep. Steve Israel
    • yes

      Scott could add Schumer...

    • "I support Israel through and through, no matter what atrocities it commits " Sadly ...accurate.

      Hope Mondoweiss shines their spotlight on Senator Schumer becoming the new public addition to the S47 (Senators actively undermining the P5+1) How about S47+1 for the title of a piece on Schumer who we know has always supported Israel no matter what they do

      And on MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning Mika has been silenced about the interference by Netanyahu and Israel lobby team in the p5 +1 negotiations. On Joe's return she seems to be reduced once again to one word or raising her eyebrows on all of the pledge allegiance to Israel comments. This morning Mike Barnacle basically put his cowardly lip prints smack on the ass of Netanyahu during his pledge of allegiance to Israel linked to Iran negotiations. Howard Dean too

      Andrea Mitchell sure has softened her tone while reporting from Switzerland during the P5+1 negotiations. Andrea has been part of the repeat unsubstantiated claims about Iran's nuclear program for years now. Have heard her refer to the Iran's nuclear weapons program instead of what is accurate Iran's nuclear program so many times I lost count. She has helped build the Iran is bad bad bad stage.

  • 12 pretty good signs you're vacationing in an apartheid country
    • Great piece. Just amazed they let you in at all.

      Apartheid conditions growing along with awareness about those conditions. What a double edged sword. Hope you focus on Schumer's efforts to undermine Iran negotiations.

      Leverett's have a great piece up.

      Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Victory—The Case for U.S.-Iranian Rapprochement That Obama Must Still Make: Leveretts in The National Interest

      Posted on March 27th, 2015 under Uncategorized with 70 replies.

      As the Iran nuclear talks reach a critical juncture and Saudi Arabia invades yet another neighboring in its increasingly desperate efforts to contain the Islamic Republic’s rising regional influence, The National Interest has published our latest article, “Busted Stuff: America’s Disastrous Iran Policy,” see here; we’ve also appended the text below. The piece explains how the Obama administration, because of its continuing unwillingness to engage the Islamic Republic as a truly rising power, risks turning a possible nuclear deal with Tehran—which should be the greatest triumph of American diplomacy since the U.S. opening to China in the 1970s—into something that actually “ends up exacerbating America’s ongoing marginalization in the Middle East.”

      As always, we encourage readers to post comments, Facebook likes, etc., both on this site and on The National Interest’s Web site.

      Busted Stuff: America’s Disastrous Iran Policy

      By Flynt Leverett and Hillary Mann Leverett

  • White House will go after AIPAC next -- Newsweek
    • The Confused Person's Guide to Middle East Conflicts
      The Atlantic‎ - 1 day ago

      "Confused about what’s happening in the Middle East? No need to worry—our research team at the Institute of Internet Diagrams has come up with the ultimate explainer in the shape of an interactive diagram that sums up the geopolitical alliances traversing this ancient region, which dates back to the Mesozoic Era.

      The diagram clearly maps out the relationships between the main players as well as external powers, like the United States and Russia, that are deeply involved in the region. It is best to view the diagram using 3-D glasses, but the graphic will still work if none are available."

      ON THE DIAGRAM "Note Palestine and Israel were discounted for the sake of simplicity" As if any of this would fit the definition of "simplicity" As if Israel is not involved in any of these proxy wars.

    • brainwashed, brain dead, blinded" serious, powerful, terribly vindictive and successful for decades.

      The well constructed walls are slowly but surely coming down.

      Add Jinsa to concerns too.

    • I have so been wanting to see a chart on the proxy wars being fought with the U.S., Israel, Iran, Saudi Arabia's support. So "complicated, convoluted" to say the least. This morning (Saturday) on Up with Steve Kornacki Ayman Moyheldin presented such a chart. Insane. Michael Kay and Ayman shared explanations for the insanity of variables. However going to have to watch and listen again. Scramble.

      Up With Steve Kornacki on msnbc -

      link to

      Up With Steve Kornacki 3/28/15

      Whose side is the US really on in the Sunni-Shi’ite conflict?

      NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin brings some clarify to the rapidly-escalating chaos and confusion in the Middle East, and Michael Kay and ret. Col. Jack Jacobs join to examine the U.S. interests and geopolitics involved.

    • And those letters between JFK and Ben Gurion, Kennedy demanding that Israel open Dimona up to international inspections. Last President to do so.

    • Have followed Aipac's website and activities for several decades. They focused on pushing anti Iran legislation soon after the invasion of Iraq. They have been "relentless" Along with Jinsa.

      They have been the big pushers (and co-creators) of anti Palestinian legislation

  • Emails show Missouri museum canceled 'Ferguson to Palestine' event under pressure from Jewish group
    • Will Hop jump in once again and say no Jewish groups influence here? Opinions one thing. Facts another.

  • On Netanyahu's apology to Palestinian citizens of Israel
  • Washington 'sits shiva' for the 2-state solution
    • Yep Diane Rehm on Friday once again repeated the fear mongering about Iran. She has done so for a long time and has allowed guest to help build the bad bad bad Iran stage.

    • Why Chris Matthews has Iraq warmongers like Bob Woodward on to talk about middle east policy is beyond anyone who followed the run up to the invasion. On top of that Woodward referred to the Plame outing as "much ado about nothing." He has made every effort to distract Americans on both of these issues. Why not have accurate middle east analyst on the program?

      Jodi Ruderon very much part of the come on Obama get back on the drag your feet while Israel builds more illegal settlements bandwagon that has flourished for decades. Obama, Kerry, Biden etc are making a much needed realistic stand. Not going to play Israel and the I lobbies game any longer.

      Phil Chris Matthews has been stepping out a bit on this issue but really think if you go and listen to some of Mika Brzezinski's challenging comments and questions this week you will find she is sticking her neck out much more than Matthews on this issue.

  • American Jews are taking back their power from Israel
    • Thanks lysia

    • JFK demanded Ben Gurion open up to international inspections which did not happen. How else would you say that Kennedy stood up to Israel?


      I think Obama is going the distance standing up to Israel and the I lobbies push for a military intervention with Iran

      And now making clear that Netanyahu's lack of real action (stop building illegal settlements and housing in E Jerusalem) on a 2ss speaks much louder than his words. For a two state solution before he was against before he was for web of deception

    • I think her brilliant father's well informed insights have had an influence. However Mika is sharp enough to come to her own conclusions. Watch her hold her tongue so often with Scarborough on these issues. She may feel the same safe opening that Chris Matthews is operating from. Also Scaborough gone this week. She has been ripping.

      Over and over hearing host and guest try to pass this rift between Obama and Netanyahu has "personal" Such hooey. There are extreme policy differences. Obama is the first President to take a firm and I believe constructive stand against Israel's undermining of U.S. National Security and ultimately their own. I really think Obama and Kerry are being sober and constructive friends to Israel. Like drawing the boundary with an addicted friend who is about to destroy themselves

    • Most American Jews and many others have kept the wall of silence intact for decades. Celebrating that this shift is happening is important. However inflating one groups more recent efforts over another groups efforts is not a good idea. Divisive and false

    • Baker did not tip toe several decades ago and demonstrated that once again in his most recent speech

    • Prof Cole has a zinger up at Informed Comment looking to 2030 in the region

    • Read once. Going to read again later.

      Phil: "But I believe that Jews drove the political shift.' This seems like an effort to inflate the efforts of one group over another for the "political shift." More recently Dem congressional black caucus members led the stance against attending BB's speech focused on undermining P5+1 negotiations. Some Jewish congressional members seemed to follow their lead.

      Why not say that the "political shift" is a confluence of many groups efforts to open up the debate based on facts to BDS, Christian groups, Jewish groups, congress people waking up, MSM outlets more willing to report the facts etc. Why elevate one particular group?

      Chris Matthews has become more outspoken. However as you have pointed out he waited until he felt totally safe that he would not be reprimanded or suffer some sore of consequences. He still repeats that in Israel everyone is free to say whatever they want about the circumstances. We know that is not the truth. Mentioning the Nakba now against the law etc. What would happen if a Palestinian went into a coffee house in Tel Aviv and started shouting about illegal settlements etc. What a myth he is pushing.

      First MSNBC host to step out on this issue was Chris Hayes when he was host of UP, Melissa Harris Perry has had numerous panels on this issue, Dylan Ratigan (his guest Glenn Greenwald took Cliff May down some years ago about the conflict etc) Chris Matthews has come out when he knows it is safe. His willingness now to play a bit of real hardball on this issue has been a long time coming. We don't need to make him some kind of hero or saint because he finally has done so. He has played it safe for a long time. Better late than never Chris. One thing he did do almost immediately after BB 's congressional speech was to say that no one has ever believed that BB "was never for the two state solution" That BB "kept upping the ante"

      Chris has been testing the waters a bit over the last year or so. But Chris Hayes, MHP, Dylan Ratigan led the way by having panels etc on these issues on their programs. Chris still refuses to have Hillary Mann Leverett on his program to help educate the public based on facts about Iran. Melissa Harris Perry has had her on at least four times on this issue since last summer. Matthews still has the same old same old safe MSNBC contributors on like Fineman, Corn etc. Have some real experts on. People who have been in administrations , are middle east experts and have actually negotiated directly with Iran. Chris is a follower on speaking out about this issue not a leader. Rachel, Al Sharpton, Ed etc are still following

      Mika Brzenski has really been playing hardball on this issue the last couple of mornings on Morning Joe (Scarborough not there) This morning she went off on guest asking why everyone is blaming Obama for the rift "what are you afraid of" ..."who will cut through the bs" She was really digging in.

  • I want my country back
    • Annie you nail it once again. I do think Obama would have continued to "wash his hands" of it. They tried. BB's actions provided no hope no change. BB's words which clearly reflected his actions did provide the Obama administration with an opportunity to say "enough."

      Although Obama's incredible efforts to make a constructive deal with Iran based on facts not the I lobby and Israel's unsubstantiated claims about Iran's nuclear program have clearly been pissing Israel off. To say the least. Obama and team have faced that Israel and the I lobbies decades long interference with making a deal with Iran was dangerous and destructive

    • Annie most of us expect "unrelenting" from Netanyahu, Adelson, Dermer. As you point out this is the first time Obama and team have said that they will "reassess" I believe a first.

      Hop is also right that the Obama administration has been focused on Netanyahu's pre election rejection of the 2ss all week. Finally BB says out loud what the facts on the ground are. Obama and team respond and so far sticking to the facts on ground. Actions speak louder than words BB. Just the way it is

      Annie so think you would be interested in Mika Brzezinski's push back against guest who kept repeating that this Obama, BB rift based on "personality" differences. Scarborough out of town this week. Mika pushed back pretty hard "what are you afraid of" she asked a few guest. "who will break through the bs"

      Also MSNBC's The Cycle team finally had middle east expert and former Iran negotiator Hillary Mann Leverett on to discuss negotiations with Iran on Thursday. The segment (3/26/15) "Untangling the Complicated Middle East Web" Another MSM breakthrough

    • Would be a great chart to see the list of proxy wars the U.S., Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia are all involved in. Convoluted does not even come close to describing. Tough to keep up with.

    • J Walters. Was a bit surprised by Engel he generally steps out of the controlled carry Israel's message box a bit. Generally by not repeating the party line. This time he fell into line with the softball strategy of repeating the week long repetition on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC etc that the very substantive foreign policy differences between Obama and BB are "personality" issues. Of course Richard Haas always carries water for the I lobby. No difference there.

      This morning Engel was on Jose Diaz Balart MSNBC program. They both went through a list of countries that they say Iran is involved in proxy wars. Their failing is that they think the American public is incapable of saying but the U.S. is involved with proxy wars in Iraq (had been more direct through the invasion) Afghanistan (direct) Syria (support for rebels) Libya, drone bases etc etc. One can hear many callers on Cspan's Washington Journal who have been bringing this issue up much more than ever before.

      Alert...another breakthrough. MSNBC Cycle had middle east expert and former Iran negotiator HILLARY MANN LEVERETT/GOING TO TEHRAN on their program on Thursday. I have been begging Chris Matthews to have her on for years now. Some of us did some polite pushing on Melissa Harris Perry's MSNBC's fb page and for whatever reason MHP and her team have had HML on I believe 5 times since the summer of 2014. Rachel Maddow, Chris, Al Sharpton, Ed (although Ed has had Colonel Wilkerson on quite a few times who talks about facts and Iran), Chris Hayes (has not had Leverett on but he did open up the I/P discussion on MSNBC's UP several years back), Lawrence O'Donnell not going there yet.

      Hillary Mann Leverett's guest spot on MSNBC's The Cycle was succinct, rationale and fact based as usual. She was asked about Iran enriching uranium by one of the Cycle host. She said does not matter what she thinks that Iran as a signatory to the NPT has a legal right to enrich for peaceful purposes.

      3/26/15 MSNBC The Cycle
      Hillary Mann Leverett
      "Untangling the Complicated Middle East Web"

      Another breakthrough for the truth!

    • Krauss NYBloodyT has hired middle east correspondence who carry the desired message from Israel and the I lobby for decades. They have been an integral part of keeping the wall of silence/facts solidly intact for Israel...again for decades. Some shifting the last 10 years however basically still carrying water through Ruderon's so called reporting

    • Rusty I heard Carter say I think it was on Hardball that P Obama has never reached out to consult with him. Of course Carter could be bluffing. We know if Carter said Obama was consulting with him the I lobby would go ballistic. They have been ripping Carter apart for years

    • Thanks just.

      Grant Smith continues to do amazing work. His research and website are a real effort for peace and justice.

      Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy - IRmep

      link to

    • "gracefully"
      Israeli runs over Palestinian boy - HIT AND RUN - YouTube

      Video for boy hit by Israeli settler you tube▶ 0:26

      link to

    • Early on P Obama mentioned he was noticing a shift in the U.S. attitude about the I/P issue. You can bet he or his people follow many websites including this one. Listen to Cspan's Washington Journal callers....repeating facts about the conflict. Accurate reporting in the Msm about the massacre in Gaza. Along with him having the foreign policy credits that both Biden and Kerry have under their belts. Bet his people are listening and documenting shift

      Jewish journalist and other journalist changing their reporting tunes slowly but surely. Reporting more honestly about the decades of failed negotiations, Israel's persistent building of illegal settlements etc

      Carter has said that Obama has never called him to consult about this issue. Too bad. Thought I have heard Obama or someone mention Dr. Zbig's input with the administration.

      Add to all of the signs that the wind has shifted to the fact that Obama seems to really get how Israel's unwillingness to stop building settlements, massacres are horrific but also seriously undermine not only Israel's security based on internationally recognized borders but the U.S.;s national security. He gets it.

    • Persistent comments by Richard Engel, others about the rift being about "personality differences" instead of substantive foreign policy differences. Never thought I would hear Engel selling such bunk. Expected out of Richard Haas but not Engel

    • Obama, Kerry, Biden dealing with decades of facts on the ground finally taking a solid and realistic stand. We are hearing Richard Engel, Richard Haas, now Chris Matthews, Bob Woodward, John McCain, and all of the expected folks asking why Obama seems to be playing hardball. He should stop "throwing tantrums" "accept Netanyau's apologies" etc etc.

      So respect that Obama is feeding the people the reality and not the spin. Finally!

    • Just on the BBC's World Service this morning they did a piece on how Saudi Arabia's decision to bomb could have partially been decided based on SA's wishes to undermine P5+1 negotiations with Iran too. The timing of all of this is suspicious.

      Allegedly Houthis are being supported by Iran. But how do they know this? Of course much more in the report.

    • Ritter has a piece up at Huff Po about Israel and espionage.

      Espionage, by Any Other Name | Scott Ritter - Huffington Post

      "The information reportedly collected by Israel was classified by the U.S. Government, making any effort to gain unauthorized access to it illegal under U.S. law, as would be any subsequent receipt and use of this information by anyone who does not possess both the appropriate security clearance and authorization. Any Israeli involved in the collection of such information would be a spy, and any American who knowingly gained unauthorized access to this information and used it on behalf of a foreign government to disadvantage the United States a criminal. This includes members of Congress not specifically cleared for this information but who received it as a result of briefings provided to them by representatives of the Government of Israel."

      Phil "I’ve never seen anything like this before: the top space of the newspaper turned over to a war- and fear-mongering foreign leader to undermine the US president."

      However we have seen the "top space" and front pages of the New York Bloody Times turned over to a war and fear mongering" administration motivated by oil, neo, theo cons. Judy "I was fucking right" Miller was able to sell that horrific invasion based on lies almost daily on the front pages. We have seen the NYBTimes promote the Israeli view and agenda for decades.

      Phil you have been spotlighting Jodi's foreign agent status for a long time.

  • Why did Herzog run scared? He fears the Israeli people
    • Most MSM guest blaming Obama for the rift. Have only heard Mika Brzezinski make a solid stand against this effort to spin the rift as a "personality" issue instead of what it is really serious foreign policy differences

    • Weiss "I believe he was afraid of his own people" Possibly facing that racism, support for the massacre in Gaza etc are far too alive and well in Israel.

      Phil, Annie, all MSNBC Mika Brzezenski is really playing hardball on Morning Joe in regard to the Netanyahu trying to walk his pre election rejection of a two state solution, racist words towards Arabs (which clearly reflect his actions) back. This morning she asked guest who were blaming Obama for the friction "who will help her cut through the bs" She asked "what are you afraid of."

      Richard Engel and Haas were also part of the team on Morning Joe the last couple of programs saying that the issue was a "personality" issue between Obama and BB. They seem to have a problem with admitting that there are serious policy differences. Serious differences.

      On Monday evening Chris Matthews was also playing closer to the facts about the friction.

  • Bill Maher justifies Netanyahu's racism by saying U.S. has done much worse
    • On foreign policy Maher is generally right wing. On domestic issues a true liberal/progressive. The basic tactic or stand of so many of our Dem Reps for decades.

      One of the best interviews ever with Maher is when he interviewed former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer. Classic

      Although as of late Maher did an interview with Mercedes Schlapp and Jack Kingston (Just linked to ringoffire link that Max B had up) where Maher seemed to be promoting "let them (Muslims) kill each other" "commit suicide" because of religious rifts strategy. Which I have always believed is sort of a Sabra and Shatilla (divide and conquer) military strategy (which of course the U.S. has used many times too. Take down the containment walls, invade, do not provide safety valves, disband Iraq army and watch the place explode with death and destruction. That link that Just provided via Max B was a worthwhile watch

  • Netanyahu's victory ‐ what is the cost?
    • Maher seems to be pushing the classist, racist attitude promoted by the Iraq invasion. Take down the containment boundaries propped up for years by the U.S. in the region and foment the hatred by disbanding Iraq army creating more chaos, allowing rebel groups to take hold and spread. Back off a bit, let them kill each other. A Sabra and Shatilla military method. Extremely creepy. As if the U.S. has nothing to do with the death and destruction going on.

    • One of the reasons that I have always had a problem with the term "liberal Zionist' No way you can be both. Incompatible because of the core definitions of what Zionism is and has been acted upon. Racist at the core of the belief

    • Netanyahu finally said out loud what many have known for a very long time. Israel does not support a two state solution. His actions have always been much louder than the words.

      During his interview with Andrea Mitchell she allowed him to repeat the unsubstantiated claims that Iranian leaders have said they want to "wipe Israel off the map" Andrea did not challenge at all. She did not ask the Israeli leader why Israel has not signed the NPT and yet screams about Iran's legal right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes while Israel sits on massive stockpiles of nuclear biological and chemical weapons. Not a peep of real challenges out of Andrea.

      Last night on Hardball Howard Fineman went lower than I have ever heard he repeated the false claim that Iran 'wants to destroy Israel" Pathetic on Fineman's part. Was shocked.

      Hillary Mann Leverett has an incredible debate up about Iran on the Levertt's website Going To Tehran. A must listen

  • Who can save Israel now?
    • Last night (Friday) on Hardball (Jonathan Capehart in for Matthews) it was so disappointing to hear Howard Fineman claim that Iran has made "threats to destroy Israel." Fineman fell in line by repeating those lies. Sad

      Capehart keeps singing the praises of Starbuck's Howard Schultz efforts on the race issue here in the states. Seems to be completely aware or incapable of connecting the dots between Schultz full on economic support for whatever Israel does...and how racist it is

    • So sad to watch MSM host and guest always repeat the pledge of allegiance to Israel on programs. We know our Reps constantly back up a bit of criticism of Israel with "Israel is our bff" "our strongest ally" "unbreakable bond" yada yada.

      This morning Jonathan Capehart sitting in for Kornacki on MSNBC's Up said he is "hesitant to say" that the bond between the U.S. and Israel could be broken. Then one of the women on the panel (which had been talking about race issues) came out and said the pledge that the bond between the U.S. and Israel is "unbreakable." The Republican woman on the panel actually came out and said there are real policy "differences" between the Obama administration and Netanyahu. That the policy differences come first then the possibly personality rift between Obama and Netanayahu.

      I think Obama is the first President to really stand up to Israel based on their actions. I know 41 and Baker threatened to withhold aid etc. But Obama's stance is really standing out.

      Wondering if anyone has heard or read anything about how absurd and inconsistent Starbuck's Howard Shultz staunch support for Israeltotally contradict's his effort to focus on race issues here in the states

    • Prof Mearsheimer put the two state solution is dead into the clearest explanation I have ever heard years ago. Former President Jimmy Carter definitely inferred that the 2ss was over years ago but Mearsheimer said it out loud.

    • Mearsheimer explains better than anyone else.

      Prof. John Mearsheimer Analyzes Future of Israel/Palestine: Apartheid to Binational Democracy 1/6

      "Israel is not going to allow the Palestinians to have a viable state of their own in Gaza and the West Bank. Regrettably the two state solution is now a fantasy. Instead those territories will be incorporated into a greater Israel which will be an apartheid state bearing marked resemblance to white ruled South Africa."

    • Many of the better late than never crowd came out the last 10 years ultimately to save Israel based on the internationally recognized borders. They could see the way it was heading. Not necessarily committed to real human rights stances they could see the way the wind was shifting. The exposure of the apartheid state of Israel

    • Axelrod was busy on MSM outlets making excuses for Netanyau's racism and clear support of an apartheid Israel by saying BB was an incredible politician. Basically doing what he had to do to keep his spot.

      Scarborough made excuses for BB on his program this (Thursday) morning. He totally flipped the script...again. Scarborough "will the Palestinians be a willing partner" As if BB publicly saying what most of us all ready knew he does not support a "two state solution."

    • "A couple of years ago Beinart said that Zionism was in crisis. But that crisis for American Jews is over now. Zionism is what Netanyahu has shown us it is, in his frank calls on Jews to hold the land and deny the vote to non-Jews. This is what Palestinian intellectuals from Ghada Karmi to Edward Said to Raja Shehadeh to Lila Abu-Lughod to Saree Makdisi to Ali Abunimah, really the list is endless, have been telling us Zionism is for many years, and they have been marginalized and smeared for saying so."

      And some who have clung to the myths that the majority of Israeli's really and truly wanted two states are faced with hard cold facts. Those like Beinart who finally admitted their silence and complicity over the years are now faced with apartheid Israel staring them in the eyes daring them to admit this fact or roll over as they have in the past.

    • All of BB's actions have demonstrated that he has never supported a "two state solution." Now he has said it publicly. Many have known the two state solution was dead for quite some time. BB has said it publicly.

      Mearsheimer predicted this trajectory quite some time ago. The embedded apartheid system that is alive in Israel can no longer be hidden in the shadows.

  • Israelis go to the polls today--and nobody knows who will win (Updated)
  • Surging support for Palestine fuels JVP's biggest meeting yet
  • The farewell party of the mezuzah-kissers

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