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57 year old mother of three, activist, concerned citizen

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  • Come in, Natalie, the water's fine
    • "Although Portman seems to be keeping herself within the anti-BDS ‘liberal-Zionist’ position, I would like to expand on where her position may yet lead – although it is a longshot. "

      Longshot indeed. However who knew that she would ever come to terms with the facts on the ground and make this stand? Movement

    • Only a few have the courage of Vanessaa Redgrave. Her message was so respectful and thoughtful and she was ripped to shreds my many in Hollywood and beyond.

      A very brave woman focused on the facts. Redgrave led....Portman has finally followed a tiny bit. Although she is taking some heat. Wonder if she will lose jobs the way Redgrave did...doubt it

  • Natalie Portman's criticism of 'atrocities' leaves Israel's advocates silent
    • So glad someone is asking why Portman has shifted now?

      Portman's support for Israel has been steadfast through so many of the atrocities Israel has committed against the Palestinians.

      "Portman’s announcement has shocked the Jewish world and all those invested in the future of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Portman is, without competition (even from upstart “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot) the most famous Israeli celebrity in the world, possibly the most famous Israeli in the world. The thing that makes Portman’s refusal to appear at an event in Israel so curious is that the actress, who was born in Jerusalem in 1981, has never wavered in her public support of Israel before. Portman, though frequently critical of Israel’s government, regularly speaks warmly of the country and of her Israeli identity. In fact, since Portman became a bona fide star at 18 in “Star Wars Episode I,” in 1999, she has stood by Israel through the Second Intifada, the building of the security wall around the West Bank, the 2006 Lebanon War, the first Gaza War, the 2010 Gaza Flotilla raid, Operation Pillar of Defense in Gaza, the 2014 invasion of Gaza, and the most recent ‘stabbing intifada’.

      Read more:

  • While marchers can't breathe, people like you are making sure their stories spread around the world
    • Just made a small donation. Wish I could afford more since you MW folks do such an incredible job keeping us up to date about these very important human rights issues Thank you so much

  • George Washington University divestment vote cancelled due to safety concerns following threatening anti-BDS posters
    • Hope the honorable efforts of these students to move forward a divestment resolution on their campus is manifested. Keep pushing for social justice and human rights for Palestinians.

  • As Israel becomes a political liability it is time to challenge its enablers
    • Senator Schumer is a right winger on this issue.

      Completely incapable of moderating his view based on facts.

      Completely unable to say that Israel's continued expansion of illegal settlements is not only immoral but in violation of UN resolutions and other international laws.

      Completely unable to speak out against violence and human rights crimes being committed against the Palestinians by the Israeli government.

      What other example can you provide of a Dem Senator who represents the foreign policy agenda of another nation over the national security of the U.S.? It is clear how much Schumer loves Israel but at some point one would think that he would come to the realization that he is hurting Israel's ability to face their own horrific mistakes. That if he wants to help save Israel based on the internationally recognized borders instead of continuing to expand their control over internationally recognized Palestinian land and oppressing the Palestinian people in the process while clearly embracing apartheid methods he might think about encouraging Israel to make some serious and concrete compromises

  • Some Israeli soldiers on Gaza border have reached out to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • A sincere thank you for all of those involved with "Breaking the Silence" and all of the brave soldiers who have come forward to inform the public about the brutal, violent, illegal methods of oppression that they are demanded that they enforce upon Palestinians.

      Have heard three former IDF soldiers speak about what the crimes they have committed against Palestinan's. Moving and so important

    • A Jewish apartheid country

  • Thousands demonstrate at Gaza border in 'Burn Israeli Flags' Friday
    • I have yet to get on Twitter. FB, Email, phone calls, Enough communication avenues for me. All of the choices to communicate ...I feel to overwhelmed. Shut all of it down quite often

    • Hope folks are sharing, linking this post everywhere they go. So important since the MSM either distorts or stays silent on this critical issue.

      Please share on your fb page, websites you to to etc

  • Sen. Warren and 5 congresspeople finally criticize Israel's killings; pressure mounts on Feinstein
    • Man oh man Phillip. Was listening to NPR this afternoon while driving and the program "Here and Now" was on. They did a segment on nuclear non proliferation/nuclear bombs. They go through the list of countries who have them and completely omit Israel. Totally omit.

      Hour 2 ...April 16th

      How completely dishonest...once again

    • Still a great way to educate with accurate info. Was a linking freak for over a decade. Would put up Mondo , Emptywheel, Blumenthal's etc at Huff Po, right wing websites where ever I could. Going lateral.

      Was interesting to witness Huff Po's evolution. At first would not allow UN Reports, anything questioning what Israel was doing or opposing stances on Iran then opened up and allowed links from websites that passed the muster...still do. I believe great way to pass on critical information at websites, blogs that are well trafficked.

    • Anyone else have a hard time sharing via Mondoweiss pieces on their fb pages. I have more problems with the fb share feature at Mondoweiss than any of the other political websites I go to. Anyone else have problems sharing?

  • Netanyahu says Israeli snipers are doing ‘holy work’
  • Contextualizing the Great March of Return
    • Thanks Prof concise, crisp...the facts. Will certainly share on fb and elsewhere.

      2009, 2012,2014. All during the Obama administration. Hmm

  • Israeli government effort to paint slain journalist Yaser Murtaja as terrorist is failing
  • Israeli sniper films shooting of unarmed Palestinian -- and celebrates
  • Jews and trauma
    • In no way shape or form should any of us discount the horrific and systematic slaughter of millions of Jews, Poles, Gypsies etc. No way...we should "never forget" However we should also "never forget" millions of Africans killed via enslavement, Native Americans, Vietnamese etc etc,etc who have been victims of genocide

      When it is only the Holocaust that is brought up in our media inferring that it is one of the only insane, gruesome genocides in history it is so disrespectful to those who have lost their lives to the dark and evil side of human nature

    • Well said. All of the above,,

      "Some emerge as humanists, others as fanatical nationalists" Tribalist

      So much of "my people" thinking, feelings......learned behavior. Some of it protectionist, some of it purely ethnocentric.

      Now we have decades of Palestinians being traumatized. Clearly most Israeli's do not care and yet one would think that even out of "my people" thinking they would get it that it is only a matter of time that their efforts to create an expanded Jewish state via theft and causing tremendous suffering is on a collisions course with itself.

    • "Hell yes" Recognizing the trauma, processing the trauma ,always easier said than done. Trying not to allow the trauma to seep into other relationships. "Hell yes"

      I was traumatized just reading about the Holocaust. Sobbing, trembling wondering over and over again why people were so slow to respond? I can't imagine having survived and having witnessed the gruesome, bizarre ,criminal behavior of the Hitler machine. Understandable that those that survived, their kids would feel protective of one another. However those instincts become self destructive once again when you unleash your trauma on say the Palestinians etc. Defeatist....becoming the very monster you are trying to forget or protect yourself from.

      I sure like that Phil's wife put it to Golda.

    • Systematic oppression and massacre

      Some genocides more calculated, slower over a longer period. Embedded into foreign policy. PNAC, Securing the Realm etc. Then the calculations that if you take down the dictator keeping the lid on the infighting (Sunni, Shia etc) tribal hatred may take hold and incite more killing (Sabra/Shatilla). U.S. military, neocons Feith, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld study war) Israel is also a master at killing and not suffering any palpable consequences

      Sanctions against Iraq killed hundreds of thousands

      Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people have been killed as a direct consequence of our invasion. Millions displaced. Same goes for the Obama/Clinton decision and push for take military action in Libya, arming unknown rebels in Syria, former US Ambassador Robert Ford fomenting the Syrian civil war. U.S. actions in the middle east certainly seem to be following the blueprint for rearranging the middle east and millions of Muslims have been massacred and displaced.

      Yes different kinds of genocides. The call for "never again" should apply to all people. We have had a slow calculated genocide taking place in the middle east for several decades now. Massive trauma taking place

    • PW "My chief interest is my people, the people I come from. Jews are deeply traumatized by one of the worst historical experiences that has ever befallen anyone, just 70 years ago"

      "one of the worst" While I completely believe that no one should ever forget the Holocaust. I also believe we should never forget other genocides. Suffering is suffering is suffering. Genocide is genocide is genocide. Again I get it degree of severity does matter

    • PW "My chief interest is my people" However you have clearly expanded your ability to empathize in a big way via your writings and website.

      Trauma is trauma is trauma although definitely degrees of severity.

      When any individual or group of people traumatized decides to hunker down and then abuse or kill others based on what they or if they see one group as "their people" have experienced they lose and so does the rest of the world. The message and actions of Gandhi, MLK (civil rights stances expanded to Vietnam) is to expand your ability to empathize and feel compassion towards others who are being traumatized. Phil you have expanded that space healthy.

      Today on MSNBC AM Joy Reid reported about the massacres in Gaza. A few seconds. Question for Joy is if Palestinians were black would she be more likely to be concerned. If Palestinians were all gay would Rachel Maddow be more likely to report about the oppression and massacres.

      When we make the choice to lock down into our own suffering or the suffering of what some may identify as "their people" we all lose.

    • wow just read your comment...same sentence jumped out at me. Along with the rest of that sentence that the Holocaust was the "worst historical experiences that have befallen anyone"

  • Israeli snipers shoot 6 Palestinian journalists, killing one--making international headlines
  • The Passover story is the story of Gaza, rising up and demanding liberty
  • Young Jews protest Reform leadership's silence over Passover massacre
    • Palestinians have been oppressed, killed, displaced, land and homes stolen for70 years. Important that these people are waking up. Always better late than never.

      "In unison, JDL members yelled “seventeen more, seventeen more” repeatedly." Tells you exactly who these people are. Sickening

      You are either for human rights and social justice for all people or you are not.

  • Israel just lost American Jews
    • So MSNBC AM Joy Reid spent a few moments Sunday morning reporting about the journalist killed by Israeli (terrorist) snipers on Friday. She even mentioned the other Palestinians murdered by Israel. A few minutes.

      She did not have any guest on to talk about the massacre, the ongoing movement, the history of the conflict. We know Melissa Harris Perry would have covered this massacre. We know Cenk Uygar would have covered the massacre. We know Dylan Ratigan would have reported about the massacre. We know MHP, Cenk were canned. More than likely because they were unwilling to report with inside the Comcast box.

      So Joy Reid dribbles out a bit about the massacre. Tiny movement on her part but still pathetic and shameful. Would so love to hear the conversation between her and her producers about this critically important issue.

    • Was so great that Hayes broke MSNBC's silence. Maddow now the number one cable show will not jeopardize her paycheck and ratings.

      Earlier that day Ari Melber host of "The Beat" hosted an incredible panel of three generations of U.S. civil rights activist and heroes. During the program they discussed how blacks had always been painted as stirring up problems etc. So many things said during that one hour that Ari could have been comparing to the I/P conflict but of course did not.

      The Wall of Silence is breaking.

  • Pelosi and 9 Dems had 'excellent meeting' with Netanyahu even as Israel sent 'dozens of snipers' to Gaza
    • The decades long propaganda chant "Israel is our bff" repeated by so many of our Reps serves as a way to tamp down any questioning of that falsehood by the American people. Without questioning our Reps can lay down at Israel's sacrificial alter to tall in line with whatever Israel's leaders are demanding. While one former CIA analyst and other foreign policy experts write and speak about how Israel's foreign policy demands on the U.S. undermine our national security.

      Pelosi has been a dupe for whatever Israel does for decades. This is what our nation calls a "liberal"

      Netanyahu knows

      These clips of Netanyahu basically call in the U.S. a puppet of Israel's continue with Max Blumenthal taping other experts talking about the conflict

  • Video appears to show Israeli shot ending Palestinian footballer's career as he stands with selfie stick
  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • Wednesday MSNBC All In With Chris Hayes. brings up the killing and injuring 750 Palestinians tonight, Finally the murder of Palestinian;s mentioned more than a few seconds on MSNBC.

    • Yes indeed

    • Ech I would have really appreciated some serious suggestions. from your perespective

      It is rather pathetic that any of us feel hopeful about Senator Sanders willingness to come out during the campaign and in response to the recent massacre and express even the slightest criticism of Israel's illegal and immoral actions. As pathetic as it is in so many ways this is as good as it gets at this point,

      He has moved the Dem party in a direction that I support and he has millions of people who support his efforts to level the playing field in this country.

    • Fair points Echi. However like so many I have much to do in my own life. Five days a week I take care of 3 and 5 year old grandsons 5-9 hours a day and a 90 year old mother who I take care of full time. What can I do to help this horrific situation? I share accurate information about the conflict with as many as I can, I volunteer with a group periodically who bring Blumenthal, Salaita, Abunimah to town. I am in support of Sanders who is one of our only Reps who will walk out on a limb on this issue and has steadfastly supported hard working Americans and has been committed to keeping the safety nets for those who are unable to work hard for some reason or another. He has pushed back against Wall Street greed. He has worked hard for our Vets. I understand he comes up way short on the middle east. However our expectations are so very low when it comes to our Reps on this critical issue.

      I think I understand your anger about the bar for thinking one of our Reps is taking a very small and insignificant stand in many ways. However in comparison to our other Reps he is acting outside the support Israel completely no matter what they do box.

      What would you suggest people do who want to witness justice for the Palestinian people? Please share your suggestions.

    • I carried my "I support Bernie and I want to talk" sign.

    • Fair point. The bar is so low for our Reps that a tiny bit of the truth seems like a miracle...when most of our Reps kiss Israel's ass even when it is covered with blood.

    • Anyone hear anything about the Palestinian massacre tonight (Monday) on MSNBC? Nothing out of Chris Matthews or Chris Hayes.

    • PW "The country has plainly done something indefensible" Over and over again. Even though so many MSM outlets (Maddow, Reid, Matthews, Hayes etc CNN were basically silent) people are becoming so much more aware of Israel's violent and deadly methods being systematically used.

      Senator Sanders steps out on this critical issue more than any of our Reps. He is by far the leader of the left, Although as I have shared before I went to a Trump rally outside of Dayton the summer of 2016. I wanted to talk with Trump supporters. I carried my "I support Bernie and I want to talk " I love talking with people with different perspectives to find out what makes them tick....tock... Must have talked with at least 30 Trump supporters at length. Most of them said they admired Senator Sanders and liked what he was saying, I encouraged all to look closely at Senator Sanders voting record for blue collar workers etc, Most of them also said "but Bernie is a socialist" Then we would get into conversations about how they defined socialism.

      Anyway Bernie speaks for the real progressives and in so many ways for blue collar workers who were fooled by Trump. Bernie is the heart, mind and soul of true progressives and blue collar workers. I tear up when I think about Bernie's integrity and commitment to deep and true values and issues. So want him to run again

      How to tell when Michael Oren is lying....his lips are moving,

  • Videos of Palestinians shot walking, running and praying appear on social media, but US cables keep mum
    • I for one think all concerned should pound on MSNBC etc by whatever means available to let them know people are keenly aware of their silence. Facebook, tweet, emails etc etc, Yellow bellied cowards absolutely pathetic.

    • Brutal...and important. Thank you. Will share

    • Bingo....and yet we need to keep bringing attention why the majority of Americans are basically oblivious to the facts on the ground. Although over the years the people who call into Cspan's Washington Journal have opinions based on facts more and more.

    • "predictable" however not acceptable all. Palestinians have been "Marching for Their Lives and Land" for decades. Wish I was adept at tweets etc how about taking notes from David Hoggs and announcing a small boycott of MSNBC and other outlets that are silent on this critical issue. Of course one would not get a smidgen of the support however another spotlight effort to expose those who have been and continue to provide Israel with cover by keeping this issue in the shadows

    • Thanks could not find anything. Links?

    • The Intercept. Interesting comments too

      Israel Opens Fire on Palestinian Protesters in Gaza; Trump Envoy Blames “Hostile March”

      Phil what about a collaborative piece between you and Robert Mackey or Glenn Greenwald about who covered this latest massacre of Palestnians by Israel and who did not. and why not.....MSNBC etc

    • Anything out of Joy Reid? When you go to their websites they do not always put up whole shows now.

    • Zero at Fox

      Can't find any reporting at CNN either

    • Going to look over at NPR and see what their coverage was on these killings and injuries

      Scott Simon

      All Things Considered Friday eve
      For some reason my linking ability becomes more difficult after I link one piece. Anyway over at Friday All Things Considered they did another piece

    • My 90 year old die hard Dem mother keeps her channel on MSNBC all day long so I know most of what is being covered and not since I take care of her (she so did not want to be in a nursing home) Anyway always offer to change the channel (she gets really confused by the all of the buttons on the remote so I often keep it out of her reach) to her other favorite channels Golden Girls etc) Nope she wants to stay on MSNBC.

      Heard Andrea Mitchell mentioned the "clash" which is an odd choice of words to describe murders. However last evening as I pointed out on another post not one MSNBC host whispered about it. As Phil pointed out on Chris Hayes some hum drum issues mentioned including the endless coverage of Stormy, the drinking in the White House etc.

      15 Palestinians killed by Israel and 1000 injured dust in the wind. How fucked up just so totally fucked up. Ok ok I know not appropriate but just so totally fucked up.

      Anyone watch Joy Reid this morning? I doubt she brought it up either. She generally does not bring up anything about the conflict. Melissa Harris Perry did and would have. Probably part of the reason she was canned, I often bring this lack of coverage up about the oppression and brutal treatment of Palestinians on her fb and other MSNBC host fb pages. Do you think MSNBC host have to sign a prenuptial not to report about the death and destruction that Palestinians suffer under the apartheid government of Israel or just an unspoken agreement.

      So terribly obvious their silence being complicity.

  • Israeli forces shoot unarmed protesters from across Gaza security fence, killing at least 15
    • Not even a whisper about this on Lawrence O'Donnell's not a whisper on any other MSNBC programs....willful silence, No there is no control the I lobby or Israel has over our media, Silence

      Good Friday,....Turns to Bloody Friday.....Silence on U.S. news programs. Silence is complicity.

    • You can bet Maddow, Hayes...MSNBC, NBC, ABC etc etc will be silent on Israel's shooting into unarmed crowds of Palestinians...silence

      Hopefully folks will me sharing Mondoweiss pieces and other outlets reporting on these Israeli war crimes

  • 'NY Times' covers up Israel's killing of nonviolent protesters along the Gaza border
      Not one peep out of Kornacki in for Chris Matthews on Hardball about Bloody Friday Not a peep out of Chris Hayes, Maddow had the Richard Engel special on but we can be 100% assured based on Maddow's record there would not have been a peep out of her. Not a peep out of Lawrence O'Donnell or Brian Williams about Bloody Friday for the Palestinians because Israeli soldiers shot and killed 15 and injured 1000. Can you imagine this happening in any other country on the globe and these bought and paid for cable host ignoring this slaughter. People want to push back on the idea that Comcast are bigots and complete supporters of what every Israel does. Once again this fact is proven.

      These MSNBC host are bought and paid for. What a bunch of yellow bellied and shameful cowards

  • Older Jews are officially terrified of young Jews' views of Israel
    • One state...

    • I live on land that is drowning in blood and conquest. While I don't agree with the deadly conquest on this land or the deadly conquest on Palestinian land. Internationally recognized borders is an established place to start while recognizing the bloody conquest.

      Recognition of that conquest and economic compensation for stolen land, homes , injury to mind and body critical.

      However the way it has gone and continues to go with illegal settlements the only lane open is one state with equal rights for all.

    • On point slogan. Would like to see Max Blumenthal walk around Jerusalem with a T shirt that said that. Film the response. On second thought would not like Max hurt by Israeli's.

    • What Schumerr and others who seem to be afraid of these young Jews and others who base their thinking on the facts about the conflict, is that in so many ways those young people may be more dedicated to Israel's future (based on internationally recognized borders that have been erased) than Schumer has ever been.

      "A couple of these men state frankly that the young Jews are an existential threat to Israel."
      Will they be trying to convince U.S. government/military to invade this population and bomb?

  • The problem with Passover
    • Thank you Prof Malinowitz. Read once, going to read again later. Inspiring, expansive...out of the box.

      Said sure turned my lights on about the I/P issue decades ago.

  • 'American Muslims for Palestine' lobbies Congress on children's rights, funding for refugees, and opposing anti-boycott laws
  • 'For huge chunks of American Jewish life, Israel has become an idol' --Waskow
    • “When you can’t wrestle with something you think is sacred, when you can’t criticize it, when you can’t call it into account, it’s an idol.

      “And for huge chunks of American Jewish life, but not for all– for huge chunks, Israel has become an idol.


      Wonder if you could ask him about the power that the "little empire" has over the "big empire" when it comes to convincing the U.S. to invade other countries that Israel has labeled "existential" enemies

  • Trump appointed Bolton because Republicans desperately need Adelson's money
    • So many experts have been saying just this for over a decade. So important to keep repeating.

      When news outlet host say things like "Americans are weary of war" All I can think about are the people of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen etc. How fucking absurd they must think statements like this are. In regard to suffering or being "weary of war" What is it less than 1% of the American population has served in these unnecessary and immoral military actions...and of course their families suffer. However it is the people in those countries that we have so brutally intervened in who have done the suffering and continue to do so,

    • $$$ has corrupted Rachel Maddow. Her check is too big to jeopardize or she is a believer and a complete hypocrite. Which could be the case

    • On Meet The Press today (Sunday) a discussion about Bolton and how he avoided serving but more than willing to create wars where others are sent. Hugh Hewitt, Heather McGee go a few rounds. Heather McGee's take on Bolton is spot on, Worth the listen

    • Yep Matthews was visually pissed off the other night in response o the Bolton announcement, He was the only MSNBC to go as far as he did.

    • Can you imagine any host on MSNBC/CNN connecting the dots about the Bolton choice and the Adelson /I lobby influence on U.S, foreign policy, How Israel is dragging the U.S. into another disastrous and deadly intervention into Iran. Can you imagine Maddow spending one tenth of the time she spends on Russia's destructive influence on our elections on Israel's (via the I lobby)influence on our elections and deadly U.S. foreign policy.

      Hell Over the last few years Lawrence O'Donnell has regularly had Iraq war hawks Max Boot, Bill Bloody Kristol and David Frum on to discuss foreign policy. He has provided them with a cable stage for promoting a more aggressive approach with Iran. Andrea Michell, Ari Melber and sometimes Joy Reid follow suit.

      The other night Ari Melber had Iraq war hawk Bill Kristol on to discuss the appointment of fellow Iraq war hawk Bolton as National Security Adviser. So absurd, One would think Melber would know better,

      The only one is who has been really on fire about neocons being in the picture again is Chris Matthews. He brings up the death and destruction in Iraq without getting specific but far more than other MSNBC host, He appears to refuse to have the Iraq war hawks on his program the way O'Donnell, Mitchell, and Melber do regularly. Joy Reid does so but less often than she had been. However as Phil has pointed not one of these msm cast of characters will say out loud that the I lobby, (Kushner) Adelson are dragging the U.S. into another unnecessary and disastrous confrontation with Iran labeled as an existential enemy of Israel's.

  • The 'stoic' Ahed Tamimi and her remarkable family were portrayed in Ben Ehrenreich's 2016 book
    • Tamimi family an honorable, brave and inspirational family Will share this piece on fb page and link it on other websites.

      Silence is complicity, Please share their story

  • Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in 'blood and soil' ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews
    • Interesting. I often see Rubin on Hardball. Have never heard her reference Israel. What Phil put up about her take on Israel demonstrates she is blind to the fact that Israel has not been dedicated to democracy early on. Willfully complicit in the charade.

    • Ah Vanessa Redgrave on the righteous front lines of the I/P issue early on.

      Nixon sounds like she is a committed social justice and human rights activist no matter what issue comes up.

    • Phil Andrew Bacevich has a totally worthwhile read over at "The Nation" having to do with NYT's reporting or lack there of having to do with U.S. foreign policy...etc

    • I generally respect Rubin's reporting. Another Trump is "Hitler" comparison is absurd. On the scale of how many people Trump has been responsible for killing is far below Bush/Cheney's numbers and also Obama's (Libya, Syria)

  • Schumer says he opposed the Iran deal because of 'threat to Israel'
    • Treason. Our Reps take an oath to protect the constitution and to protect the country from enemies both within the country and without. When we have Reps like Schumer and many others willing to undermine U.S. national security based on what Israel wants or demands .... "treason" is what you call it

  • New billboard campaign raises awareness about child prisoners held by Israel
  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • So committed to free speech and other alleged values that are supposed to be alive and well in the U.S.

      PW "They won't let me into their conference." Pathetic and oh so telling

    • Schumer and too many others in our congress should be required to sign up under FARA. Our Reps have to take an oath to protect the constitution. They have to promise to protect the country from enemies with in the country and without. A real problem when our Reps who take that oath are the enemy when it comes to foreign policy issues.

      Schumer pushed back hard against the Iran deal.

    • Schumer Palestine belongs to Jews because the "Torah says so" Forget what the international UN's international body has said...the Israeli settlements on internationally recognized Palestinian land are illegal and a serious problem. The UN remember Chuck the very organization that created the 69 year old Israeli state

      The illegal settlements are not a problem because Schumer says so. Keep going down this path Schumer and the BDS movement will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. The apartheid state of Israel continues to be exposed.

  • Jared Kushner's swift rise and long, long fall
    • My sense is that Weiss honors his heritage however refuses to go along with the elitism and the crimes against humanity that Israel is up to their neck in. In fact does everything to expose those crimes.

      Kushner on the other hand is drowning in the elitism and has no regard what so ever for the soul of what Israel meant to some (even though it came to be via theft , exile and death). Like the U.S. Kushner also has no regard for the law's of this nation and the fortune of his family which is so clearly tainted drives whatever he is involved in. His greed looks like it may take him down which we know is not always the case for the extremely wealthy.

      Weiss should be very proud "Kushner kicked" his ass out of the New York Observer. A badge of honor to be sure.

    • What I have been taken with when it comes to Kushner's alleged crimes are how the main stream media has been more than willing to paint Kushner as "naive." This effort to brand him this way has been going on for months now. Even in this Mondo piece you folks are willing to provide him with an out "considerable innocence when it comes to foreign policy." Anyone with a big enough ego to accept a position like this and clearly uses it to his and his families advantage as well as using his position in a questionable way due to his clear and blind loyalty to Israel needs to held accountable.

      Kushner actively undermined Obama's foreign policy decision (Israel illegal settlements UN vote). while Obama was still in office. Kushner clearly purposely left out over 100 contacts with foreign officials and many of his assets in his SF 86.

      Kushner convinced Trump to come out and say that Jerusalem was Israel's capital. A 30 million dollar loan from an Israeli source sounds cheap for that one.

      Kushner knowingly turned the White House into a corridor to his own personal multi million dollar ATM machine to save his families assets

      Kushner is neither "naive" or "innocent" He knew and knows what he was up to.

      All of this effort to paint him as "naive" or "innocent" is just the kind of branding that Kushner, Abbe Lowell and team could only wish and work for.

  • Palestine was always on my radar, says historian Robyn Spencer
    • Indeed

    • "Palestine was always on her radar" It is wonderful and critical that black social justice human rights activist have become more aware, involved and drawn the parallels between the Palestinian solidarity movement and civil rights in the U.S. This connection has been a long time coming. No need to create myths that it has always been so.

      Sounds like Dr. Robyn Spencer's lightbulbs were really turned on after she made her visit. Action was ignited. Always better late than never.

  • In calling for end of Jewish state, Avraham Burg is painted as 'troublemaker' at liberal NY synagogue
    • Your (and team) persistent efforts, commitment and website have moved the justice ball forward in substantive and profound ways. MW folks should be so proud of their efforts. I have promoted your website and the justice work that you all are doing on other websites, media outlets. Thank you folks.

      While the situation on the ground seems to have gotten even worse for Palestinians the facts on the ground have and continue to get out more than ever. Took quite awhile for the apartheid state of South Africa to be exposed and change their ways. I feel hopeful that things will change for Palestinians and for Israeli's too

      All will be better off when justice is served

    • Burg exposing that at the core of many Jewish and Christian zionist beliefs lies ethnocentric, racist, Islamophobic, supremacist thinking and prejudicial actions.

      Deborah wants Israel to be a shelter for only Jews. Burg sounds like he wants Palestine/Israel to be a real democracy not an apartheid state.

  • AIPAC conference will feature lots of liberal Democratic speakers
    • Jane (waddling on over to interfere in an intelligence investigation into Aipac's espionage acts) Harman operated in Congress as a domestic agent for a foreign nation. She was more than willing to use her influence and power to stop that Aipac espionage investigation. She definitely should have been required to sign up under FARA.

      Would love to have been a fly on the wall when FBI cornered her on her efforts to undermine that investigation. Hey the investigation into Aipac officials Rosen and Weissman...dropped...trial dropped "No one is above the law" Bet there is not one person in the U.S. who actually believes this bs.

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