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57 year old mother of three, activist, concerned citizen

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  • Video: Israeli soldiers' nighttime raid of house of two Palestinians killed in demonstrations
    • Where are the international human rights responses and enforcement of human rights laws in these cases of horrible abuse, Heard a former Israeli soldier in Boulder Colorado talk about his participation in these human rights abuses, Israeli soldiers are terrorist in large part

      Terrifying for all,,,especially children, Clearly the intent of Israel.....wanting the Palestinians people to be in a perpetual state of fear and anxiety,

  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • thanks Mooser

    • Here at Mondoweiss you used to be able to tap your name to see your comments and the comments of others to look at responses. Not working any longer. I am a bit backwards with all of this.

    • Senator Elizabeth Warren's statements about the middle east, Palestine/Israel all line up with the neocons/Hillary Clinton/Wolfowitz/Dennis Ross.

    • Phil this has been at the top of Huffington Post all morning. As if the U.S. and Clinton etc are not beholden to Israel. As if Clinton's advisors to don't have very corrupt ties to Israel.


      U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin

      link to
      "U.S. intelligence officials are seeking to determine whether an American businessman identified by Donald Trump as one of his foreign policy advisers has opened up private communications with senior Russian officials — including talks about the possible lifting of economic sanctions if the Republican nominee becomes president, according to multiple sources who have been briefed on the issue.

      The activities of Trump adviser Carter Page, who has extensive business interests in Russia, have been discussed with senior members of Congress during recent briefings about suspected efforts by Moscow to influence the presidential election, the sources said. After one of those briefings, Senate minority leader Harry Reid wrote FBI Director James Comey, citing reports of meetings between a Trump adviser (a reference to Page) and “high ranking sanctioned individuals” in Moscow over the summer as evidence of “significant and disturbing ties” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin that needed to be investigated by the bureau."

    • Indeed. Sure miss new post by the Leverett's, You?

      Thank goodness for the monumental efforts to inform the public about the situation on Iran based on facts. Even though MSNBC host like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell would not have them on. We did have Melissa Harris Perry who had Hillary on about five times I believe.

      Hell even Diane Rehm did not have them on during the fight for the Iran deal. Pathetic

  • Two women's boats set sail for Gaza in effort to break blockade
    • Hope and pray it is a peaceful trip, We know on their end it will be, Bet Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell and the rest of the MSNBC host will be silent on this action,

      Was glad to see them cover the North Dakota "Water is life" protest etc, Certainly will not be the case in this situation, Not brave enough,

  • 'Shame on you,' Israel, for turning Obama 'into some Jew hater,' Tom Friedman says
    • link to

      Why Does the United States Give So Much Money to Israel?

      The two countries just signed a new military-aid deal—the biggest pledge of its kind in American history. It have may seemed inevitable, but the record-setting moment is also rife with irony.

  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
    • Over half of the village injured. 50 permanently disabled. Lost two family members. Unbelievable human tolls.

      What incredible stamina, commitment. Awe struck.

      Pleased to read they will continue once a month.

      Has anyone donated to this honorable cause?

      Sure folks noticed that in the "Commander in Chief" forum Matt Lauer did not ask anything about the I/P conflict. Zero

  • The United States of Innocence -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (retired), Part 2
    • Been thinking about Trump's imperialist statements that "we should have taken Iraq's oil." That is essentially what took place. Clinton supported. U.S. Imperialism in action..

      "From ExxonMobil and Chevron to BP and Shell, the West's largest oil companies have set up shop in Iraq. So have a slew of American oil service companies, including Halliburton, the Texas-based firm Dick Cheney ran before becoming George W. Bush's running mate in 2000.

      U.S. Imperialism in concrete form:
      The US Embassy In Baghdad Cost A Staggering $750 Million [PHOTOS]

      Remember Paul Bremmer was sent into Iraq soon after the illegal and immoral invasion to privatize oil etc in Iraq. Which had been nationalized link to
      The Handover That Wasn't
      Before his departure, CPA chief Paul Bremer issued 100 Orders to dramatically restructure Iraq's economy to fit…

      link to

    • Have not read this second part, but will. Major Todd Pierce movement towards the stance Andrew Bacevich has taken for several decades.

      Heads up...on Charlie Rose last night (Friday Sept 9th) Ian Bremmer stated that he thinks Obama will move to recognize Palestine after elections. Now that would be quite the Netanyahu thumping and a much needed one at that. Have to wonder

  • Many leftwing Israelis are leaving the country -- 'Forward' breaks an important story
    • It does seem like anyone with a conscience would leave Israel, Although one might say the same for all of the death and destruction the U.S. has caused in the middle east. Why do we stay?

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
    • No matter how many times I witness the msm flip what should be the focus of an issue to whatever they so choose I am always stunned that the masses fall for it. For instance the wikileaks release of DNC emails confirming the DNC had "rigged the system" for Clinton now it totally focused on the "Russians are coming" the Russians are influencing our election.

      The DNC "rigged system" issue was really never picked up by anyone at MSNBC etc. Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews so sold out.


  • Daniel Berrigan's 1973 prophecy: Israel is becoming 'the tomb of the Jewish soul'
    • No way in hell would Berrigan be chosen to be Pope. He might have burned the place down. He threatened the patriarchal, oppressive, extremely wealthy system

      Who knew that Jeremy Scahill knew the Berrigan brothers. Their inspirational actions touched so many. They were so consistent in their application of their deep humanitarian beliefs. Vietnam, Civil rights, nuclear weapons, Israel's oppressive system.

      In this clip link to Chris Wallace ask Berrigan if not being as big as they had been in the 60's, 70's bothered Father Berrigan.

      Berrigan's response "No I don't think we ever felt our conscience was tied to the other end of a T.V. cord. I think we have tried for a number of years to do what was right because it was right." Whether the issue is Vietnam, Iraq, Israel...the Berrigan brothers were deeply committed to their humanitarian values.

    • Not sure who the man is to the left of Daniel Berrigan....nailed it " Not only are we killing people through violent physical war, but we are also killing them through the extension of our economic, political empire."

      The Holy Outlaw
      link to

    • The Berrigan brothers, Cantonsville 9 inspired millions of us to walk our human rights and social justice talk. As a young Catholic girl in 1967 their words and actions moved me to get deeply involved in anti-Vietnam actions and civil rights in the U.S.

      Their actions were rooted in deep spiritual beliefs. Thomas Merton inspired many of us during this same period. Many Notre Dame nuns too.

      Cantonsville 9

      link to

  • 'Everything that we have done since 9/11 is wrong' -- the worldview of Major Todd Pierce (Retired)
    • "all those protest didn't stop the warmongers" Indeed. In many ways only reinforced how out of control or in control the neo, oil, theo cons are. I think these enormous efforts left many feeling impotent and turned into apathy and complacency.

      Although clearly Sanders was able to unite concerned citizens and sure sounds like he inspired many to get involved at local levels and run for office.

      On Jill Stein planning to vote for her. Will be the first time in 45 years of being active in Dem Presidential campaigns that I will vote for a third party candidate. Have never voted for a proven and deadly war hawk. Not planning to do it now...

    • " This morning, Joe Scarborough said you know the Democrats have gotten rid of their Vietnam syndrome. They’re back in full warfare mode. They’re just triumphant. There’s a satisfaction that both parties are united on their foreign policy. No more of this antiwar dissent, or Democrats apologizing for what we’re doing. We finally silenced the antiwar left. There’s a triumphalism being expressed."

      Hundreds of thousands of Americans (into the millions nacross the nation) marched, lobbied their reps, protested before the invasion, Against the invasion, In D.C. there were three anti invasion marches before January 2003, The first one had about 30,ooo then increased in size, The anti invasion march in Feb of 2003 was massive,

      In all of these anti invasion marches there were teachers, plumbers, students, people of all ages. I marched with the Vets in New York, Vets from WWII, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Hell I pushed an old guy who was 9o at the time in a wheel chair, He had served during WWII,

      The 9/11 families against the invasion led the anti invasion march along with Vets, I have friends whose daughter was a stewardess on the United flight who was killed, Bev and John Titus were at the front of the anti invasion march link to

      Keep in mind this happened before the invasion, 30 million world wide marched against the invasion....BEFORE THE INVASION link to

      What the media and our government/military learned from Vietnam was not what one would not start another unnecessary war, They learned not to show those sitting at home watching the news who was really out there trying to stop the invasion, The powers that be learned not to show the American people what the results were in Iraq, Libya, Syria, The extremely well paid talking heads like Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow etc go along,

      The draft ended after Vietnam another thing the military learned, Cut the draft, Less resistance because fewer often poorer people join the military, Keep the public in the dark....easier

      Sure did not see msm cameras at those early anti invasion marches, Sure don't hear or see, Fox,CNN, MSNBC covering what has and is going on as a result of the Obama administrations interventions in Libya, Syria

      Many of us were involved with the Vietnam anti war movement

  • France's burkini ban is a dangerous, Islamophobic assault on feminist values
    • You can be assured "a modest dress of Jewish orthodox lady" would not be required t-o strip. This would be considered anti-semitic" and it would be. This would make big news all over the world.

      This is absolutely "anti Muslim" and .feminist. Let those who want to cover up cover up. For heavens sake this is insane.

    • Indeed...redongdiculous....

    • French police demanding Muslim woman to take off burkini seems criminal. Talk about the French being anti feminist. "Hey you lady strip" in France "you are required to show tits and ass" "breast and buttocks" if you want to be more proper.

      Next the French will be passing the "Pro show tits and ass legislation" What the hell.

      Leave people who want to cover up alone. Talk about anti choice. Who cares? Men addicted to getting their ya ya's off by catching the skin show on the beach. Geez...

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • When Obama picked Hillary as his Secretary of State my mind and mouth dropped. The hundreds of hours I had put into doing my part and more in getting Obama elected went down the tubes Then they brought Ross in for awhile and one knew the pre election hopes were dust when it came to foreign policy changes

    • Nailed it Phil. Although wanted more exposure of Israeli agent Dennis Ross. Also Senator Schumer's efforts to take the Iran deal down because that is what Israel wanted.

      MSNBC host were obsessed with the Russian influence scare. Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnells were obsessed. Joy would talk about the Trump campaign using scare tactics and in just a few moments go into a song and dance scare act "the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming" O'Donnell went over the cliff night after night.

      As I watched and commented at their FB pages about how they never ever mention the influence of Israel on our elections...never.

  • After Palestinian takes gold in Rio for Jordan, Israelis claim his roots are 'Israeli'
    • Thought the Jordan hierarchy was sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. Queen Rania I know is Palestinian....and guess there was some controversy. However when I heard the former Queen of Jordan speak about this issue on Cspan's Washington Journal she was so factual about the issue. Impressive...also Queen Rania.

      Seems odd they would be sensitive to someone acknowledging their roots. But of course only the individuals involved can decide such a thing.

    • Would be a great interview for MW to do. Interview Ahmed....?

    • Interesting that this lovely talented young couple are singing "One Day" wondering what they do to make "One Day" become a reality . link to

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • "So the “Jeffrey Goldberg’s Jews”, are very threatened by the “Glenn Greenwald Jews” of this world, and the Jill Stein’s, and the Phil Weiss’s. They are a huge psychological threat to people like Jeffrey Goldberg.
      Look at the most antisemitic article of the election campaign.
      Prager on Sanders. Prager uses every anti semitic stereotype on Sanders. link to
      Why? Its because Sanders and Greenwald cause the most cognitive dissonance for the ethnocentrics. Because these non-ethnocentric Jews act like they just “HAPPEN TO BE” Jews.” Being Jewish doesn’t seem to mean much to them. Nothing like it does to the ethnocentrics. -"

      Damn Yakov.....go go go

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • Check out what Chris Matthews said about Hillary the other night Chris Matthews has admitted out loud a few times how "hawkish" Clinton has been and will continue to be " I have talked with her (Hillary Clinton) I get the sense she is not really shaken by Vietnam or Iraq"

      Totally spot on. The hundreds of thousands (many reports say into the millions) of people murdered, injured, millions displaced in Iraq, Libya, Syria as a direct consequence of the foreign policy and military decisions by the Bush/Cheney, Obama/Clinton administrations which have destabilized the middle east and caused horrific human outcomes "Does Putin want Trump to be President?" link to

  • In overwhelming vote, leading Lutheran branch calls on US to cut off aid to Israel
    • Really is true that Israel has become their own worst enemy. With Clinton as President situation can only become even more horrific...if that is possible.

    • Thanks Annie. another crack in the wall that Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and the ilk will not even whisper about. Too many Trump comments to report about,

      Although as Art Gish said years ago "Israel does not care about what others think. The situation for the Palestinians just keeps getting worse."

      Certainly will get worse for Palestinians if Clinton ends up in the White House

      Sharing sharing

  • Lawsuit aims to block U.S. foreign aid to Israel as clandestine nuclear power
    • Grant Smith amazing work.
      link to

      Kennedy last President to challenge Israel on their nuke program.

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      Efforts to convince Israel to sign NPT

      link to


      An item on Israeli nuclear capabilities and threat was on the agenda of the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency for a number of years, and the Conference repeatedly adopted resolutions calling upon Israel to place its nuclear installations under Agency safeguards.

      In 1992 the Conference endorsed the President's statement that "... in view of the peace process already under way in the Middle East, the aim of which was to conclude a comprehensive and just peace in the region, and which included in particular discussions on the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East, it would be desirable not to consider the present agenda item at the thirty-sixth regular session."

      The policies of the present Israeli Government have obstructed the peace process in the Middle East and all initiatives to free the region of the Middle East of weapons of mass destruction, and in particular of nuclear weapons, have failed.

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

      link to

  • Black Lives Matter will defeat the Israel lobby (because the lobby can't debate reality)
  • Israel has demolished more Palestinian homes in first half of 2016 than all of 2015
    • As is always the case..Allison thank you for your depressing reports that we need to read and take in. As is always the case Israel year after year, decade after decade destroys Palestinians homes and lives. No need to wonder why Palestinians etc are so angry and pushed to use violence to bring attention to their plight

      If only Israel were held to international standards and agreements. Not going to get any better with a Clinton administration. More than likely worse for the Palestinians.

      All of this hullabaloo about Trump allegedly being beholden to Russia when we all know Clinton is beholden to Israel

  • Netanyahu distorts a Palestinian's helpless reaction to occupying soldiers to dehumanize Palestinian parents
    • Tell it xanadou. Intentional humiliation, theft of land and lives creates horrific despair. And then BB pisses all over Palestinians again with his well thought out and terribly twisted misrepresentation.

      If there is a hell he will be there.

  • Democrats who care about Palestine -- prepare to be censored by the media
    • This is the first time in my die hard Dem voting life (45 years of voting) that I have no candidate with a chance to win to vote for. Without Bernie as a contender and cannot stomach voting for a proven and deadly war hawk like Hillary with massive tie$ to Wall Street, promoted fracking around the world as Secretary of State, was for the TPP before she was against, was against the Iran deal before she was for. Just cannot do it.

      Will be the first time I have ever voted for a third party candidate...going Jill Stein at this point.

      Have never voted for such a proven war hawk. Not about to start now.

      Following Muhammad Ali's lead...courage of one's convictions.

    • Thanks Annie.

    • Really did not care so much about my comment not getting through. Knew there had to be technical difficulties. Just seemed likely that others had possibly tried to do so in response to this incredible piece by Phil. So much here

    • Would not go through at all. Wondering if other folks were having same problem. The above comment went through and similar to what I had been trying to get through.

    • Put up a comment yesterday. Did not make it. Clearly with only 6 comments up in response to this incredible piece..something is up.

      Phil this is an incredibly well done and substantive piece. Thank you.

      Matthews has been dipping his toes in a bit for years. Always on the safe side. Always. On MSNBC Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygar, Melissa Harris Perry have all gone much farther on the I/P, issue as well as on Iran than Chris Matthew, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Al Sharpton who all play it really safe and dishonest. Those huge multi million dollar paychecks keep them behind the wall of silence so methodically put up and kept in place in our MSM over the decades.

      Melissa Harris Perry went much further than anyone on this issue and providing the public with a wider and more accurate view of the conflict and the deal with Iran by having foreign policy expert Hillary Mann Leverett on many times over the last couple of years. Sure seems like MHP may have been bought off by MSNBC when they sent her on her way. Must have bought her silence on the reasons for her departure out of the MSNBC back door. Tensions boiling over in the Middle East | MSNBC

      link to

      Remember this : Glenn Greenwald and Dylan Ratigan Destroy Neocon Warmongering ...

      Video for Dylan Ratigan Glenn Greenwald Cliff May▶ 12:55

      link to

  • NY state senator wants to cut off university funds to SJP
  • Clintonites oppose 'occupation' mention in platform-- as Cornel West says party is 'beholden to AIPAC'
    • Cornell "would you allow/argue for using the word occupation in the platform?"

      Wexler "no"

    • thanks for this Phil. Going to watch whole platform meeting.

      Did you see this one. A caller brings up Israel's nuclear weapons undeclared and uninspected. Flavin while acknowledges Israel's weapons then goes into why they will never agree to declare, be inspected etc.

      Washington Journal Barbara Slavin Iran Nuclear | Video |

      link to

  • Michael Lerner brings down the house at Muhammad Ali funeral by standing up for Palestinians and against Netanyahu
    • Watched live and noticed Clinton first laughing in a mocking way, then looking down when Lerner went for the jugular.

      I believer Lerner was challenging all of us to hold Clinton's feet to the fire if she becomes President. Although I believe that will be impossible when it comes to the I/P conflict and other disastrous middle east policy decisions she has been deeply involved in.

      When Lerner was headed to the microphone the host of the event said something about "not ruffling feathers" Lerner answered "we will see about ruffling feathers" He started hitting the nail and kept banging.

      He had the room (Ali's) family up standing for quite some time.

      There were so many incredible speakers. Worth watching the whole event. Moving. What a testimony to Ali's character that this is how he wanted it.

      Like so many my age we started really respecting and loving Ali when he put his own career, finances on the line by deciding not to serve in the criminal Vietnam war. Learned so much more about what a humanitarian he was throughout his life.

    • Totally agree.

  • BDS activists say close American Anthropological Association boycott vote shows 'rising tide of support for Palestinian rights'
    • "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." In this case if there were real justice...both people's ultimately win

  • Chuck Schumer 'worried' that his daughter was not marrying a Jew
    • Awhile back on "With All Due Respect" John Heilemann and Mark Halperin were having a repeated discussion about the "racist" statements of Trump about a Judge. Halperin started to say something about how could any official be charged with being so loyal to a country that their heritage is linked to. Heilemann moved rather quickly to shut him down.

      My comment on their fb page.
      "...HRC. Mark Halperin interesting that you almost slipped and said something about how could any official (like the Judge issue you folks are harping on) make a critical decision based on their allegiance to some other country. Helilemann cut you off at the pass. You know we have example after example of our Reps (Senator Schumer) etc making foreign policy decisions, voting on legislation that has to do with supporting Israel no matter what they do over and over again through the decades. Yeah Schumer etc born in the U.s. but is devotion to Israel blinds him even when it comes to U.S. National Security (and really Israel's) when it came to the Iran deal that he pushed back hard against."

    • Phil you have addressed this embedded racism/bigotry in the past. Most who have been around Jewish populations for any length of time will hear these kinds of comments. Yes racism and bigotry exist in the Jewish community in the States.

  • Top donor to Clinton super PAC is Haim Saban
    • Right with you Genesto. Sure seems like Comey more than likely has the goods on Clinton Huffington Pose (USA Today of blogs) dropped the IG findings as fast as they came out. Never made the front and center like every fucking stupid things Trump says, What HP does not seem to get is Trump loves front page Trump negative or positive. He knows how ratings and the majority of Americans attentions work.

      Clinton email's...." report scathing" "worst offender of sloppy practices" Clinton refused to sit for an interview...

      link to

    • I am sure this was one of the reasons to fuel the civil war by supplying arms to rebels

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