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  • The 'stoic' Ahed Tamimi and her remarkable family were portrayed in Ben Ehrenreich's 2016 book
    • Tamimi family an honorable, brave and inspirational family Will share this piece on fb page and link it on other websites.

      Silence is complicity, Please share their story

  • Jennifer Rubin likens Trump to Hitler in 'blood and soil' ethno-nationalism that threatens Jews
    • Interesting. I often see Rubin on Hardball. Have never heard her reference Israel. What Phil put up about her take on Israel demonstrates she is blind to the fact that Israel has not been dedicated to democracy early on. Willfully complicit in the charade.

    • Ah Vanessa Redgrave on the righteous front lines of the I/P issue early on.

      Nixon sounds like she is a committed social justice and human rights activist no matter what issue comes up.

    • Phil Andrew Bacevich has a totally worthwhile read over at "The Nation" having to do with NYT's reporting or lack there of having to do with U.S. foreign policy...etc

    • I generally respect Rubin's reporting. Another Trump is "Hitler" comparison is absurd. On the scale of how many people Trump has been responsible for killing is far below Bush/Cheney's numbers and also Obama's (Libya, Syria)

  • Schumer says he opposed the Iran deal because of 'threat to Israel'
    • Treason. Our Reps take an oath to protect the constitution and to protect the country from enemies both within the country and without. When we have Reps like Schumer and many others willing to undermine U.S. national security based on what Israel wants or demands .... "treason" is what you call it

  • New billboard campaign raises awareness about child prisoners held by Israel
  • Schumer and Dems outdo Trump at AIPAC-- there's no peace because 'Palestinians don't believe in Torah'
    • So committed to free speech and other alleged values that are supposed to be alive and well in the U.S.

      PW "They won't let me into their conference." Pathetic and oh so telling

    • Schumer and too many others in our congress should be required to sign up under FARA. Our Reps have to take an oath to protect the constitution. They have to promise to protect the country from enemies with in the country and without. A real problem when our Reps who take that oath are the enemy when it comes to foreign policy issues.

      Schumer pushed back hard against the Iran deal.

    • Schumer Palestine belongs to Jews because the "Torah says so" Forget what the international UN's international body has said...the Israeli settlements on internationally recognized Palestinian land are illegal and a serious problem. The UN remember Chuck the very organization that created the 69 year old Israeli state

      The illegal settlements are not a problem because Schumer says so. Keep going down this path Schumer and the BDS movement will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. The apartheid state of Israel continues to be exposed.

  • Jared Kushner's swift rise and long, long fall
    • My sense is that Weiss honors his heritage however refuses to go along with the elitism and the crimes against humanity that Israel is up to their neck in. In fact does everything to expose those crimes.

      Kushner on the other hand is drowning in the elitism and has no regard what so ever for the soul of what Israel meant to some (even though it came to be via theft , exile and death). Like the U.S. Kushner also has no regard for the law's of this nation and the fortune of his family which is so clearly tainted drives whatever he is involved in. His greed looks like it may take him down which we know is not always the case for the extremely wealthy.

      Weiss should be very proud "Kushner kicked" his ass out of the New York Observer. A badge of honor to be sure.

    • What I have been taken with when it comes to Kushner's alleged crimes are how the main stream media has been more than willing to paint Kushner as "naive." This effort to brand him this way has been going on for months now. Even in this Mondo piece you folks are willing to provide him with an out "considerable innocence when it comes to foreign policy." Anyone with a big enough ego to accept a position like this and clearly uses it to his and his families advantage as well as using his position in a questionable way due to his clear and blind loyalty to Israel needs to held accountable.

      Kushner actively undermined Obama's foreign policy decision (Israel illegal settlements UN vote). while Obama was still in office. Kushner clearly purposely left out over 100 contacts with foreign officials and many of his assets in his SF 86.

      Kushner convinced Trump to come out and say that Jerusalem was Israel's capital. A 30 million dollar loan from an Israeli source sounds cheap for that one.

      Kushner knowingly turned the White House into a corridor to his own personal multi million dollar ATM machine to save his families assets

      Kushner is neither "naive" or "innocent" He knew and knows what he was up to.

      All of this effort to paint him as "naive" or "innocent" is just the kind of branding that Kushner, Abbe Lowell and team could only wish and work for.

  • Palestine was always on my radar, says historian Robyn Spencer
    • Indeed

    • "Palestine was always on her radar" It is wonderful and critical that black social justice human rights activist have become more aware, involved and drawn the parallels between the Palestinian solidarity movement and civil rights in the U.S. This connection has been a long time coming. No need to create myths that it has always been so.

      Sounds like Dr. Robyn Spencer's lightbulbs were really turned on after she made her visit. Action was ignited. Always better late than never.

  • In calling for end of Jewish state, Avraham Burg is painted as 'troublemaker' at liberal NY synagogue
    • Your (and team) persistent efforts, commitment and website have moved the justice ball forward in substantive and profound ways. MW folks should be so proud of their efforts. I have promoted your website and the justice work that you all are doing on other websites, media outlets. Thank you folks.

      While the situation on the ground seems to have gotten even worse for Palestinians the facts on the ground have and continue to get out more than ever. Took quite awhile for the apartheid state of South Africa to be exposed and change their ways. I feel hopeful that things will change for Palestinians and for Israeli's too

      All will be better off when justice is served

    • Burg exposing that at the core of many Jewish and Christian zionist beliefs lies ethnocentric, racist, Islamophobic, supremacist thinking and prejudicial actions.

      Deborah wants Israel to be a shelter for only Jews. Burg sounds like he wants Palestine/Israel to be a real democracy not an apartheid state.

  • AIPAC conference will feature lots of liberal Democratic speakers
    • Jane (waddling on over to interfere in an intelligence investigation into Aipac's espionage acts) Harman operated in Congress as a domestic agent for a foreign nation. She was more than willing to use her influence and power to stop that Aipac espionage investigation. She definitely should have been required to sign up under FARA.

      Would love to have been a fly on the wall when FBI cornered her on her efforts to undermine that investigation. Hey the investigation into Aipac officials Rosen and Weissman...dropped...trial dropped "No one is above the law" Bet there is not one person in the U.S. who actually believes this bs.

    • Page: 74
    • One would think Jared Kushner would be receiving an award at Aipac for his foreign agent operative work. Trying to convince Russia to abstain in that UN vote to call out the Israeli's illegal settlements and then convincing Trump to make his Jerusalem belongs to Israel blunder

    • If the FBI, CIA other intelligence agents wanted to round up agents for a foreign nation who do not sign up under FARA...they could set up a huge dragnet at the Aipac conference.

      Phil do you k now if there has ever been any group who has named an award for activism the "Hedy Epstein" award. Spent an afternoon at the last Anti Aipac conference (Move Over Aipac)with her (about four hours) talking with her and then recruiting young college students whom Aipac had paid for to attend the conference to sit down and have conversations with her about why she was an activist etc. What a dear sweet, kick ass gal. What a conscience!

  • Former president of Modern Language Association resigns following decision to ban debate on BDS
    • Yes. On top of such an honorable and brave decision she quotes Edward Said who was out on the front lines decades ago. Bravo indeed!

      Hope folks share this piece on their social media outlets.

  • Video: 'You are godless atheists' --Jewish settlers harass Palestinian kindergarten
    • Folks should share this on every social media outlet that they can since Maddow and her ilk will never report about these critical issues.

    • Starting 15 or so years ago Christian Peace Maker Team member and social justice activist would come back to Athens (and travel around to other places) and talk about the illegal Israeli settlers endless vicious harassment of Palestinian children and adults by these hate filled settlers. Spitting on children, screaming at them sometimes Art witnessed physical abuse too. We would talk about the need for cameras and video clips getting out of these human rights abuses. Has been happening and yet nothing changes for the Palestinians.

      To think all of this is taking place in Hebron on the West Bank which under international law belongs to the Palestinians. Yet we see arrogant Israeli soldiers supporting what the illegal settlers want not allowing legal building to take place. Humiliating tactics constantly used. Is there any wonder why Palestinians are often so angry.

      Everyday more and more people become aware of the apartheid state of Israel. They are their own worse enemies in so many ways. They have destroyed the two state solution. Only a matter of time before they self destruct if they continue on this path

      Heard a program on NPR where they reported that Michael Oren demanded an investigation into all of the you tube video's that you can access of Israeli soldiers and illegal settlers brutal and violent actions inflicted on Palestinians were Palestinian actors. No evidence of any such thing. What a bullshit diversion by Oren

  • NYT fails to report that Netanyahu started air war over Syria as corruption probes close in on him
    • On NPR's Morning Edition the other morning Rachel Martin and Aaron David Miller spun the whole story as Israel defending themselves.

      As Norman Finkelstein has often pointed out Israel has a long history of quietly (media goes along) provoking first and then responding with a massively disproportionate and violent response.

  • 14-year-old girl forced alone into Gaza is another example of the Israeli occupation's cruelty
    • Of course MSNBC's Rachel Maddow etc never going to report about these abuses of Palestinian children. On a report about Ahed Tamimi slapping the Israeli soldier somehow they forgot to mention that her cousin had had his face shot that same day. Odd how msm outlets fail to mention that piece.

  • Pro-Israel Democrats concede 'human rights' issue is killing the brand
    • Periodically Goldberg sounds reasonable on a few issues. However he almost always seems insane when it comes to Iraq, Israel/Palestine.

    • While the situation for Palestinians certainly seems to have gotten much worse as people become more aware of the facts having to do with conflict. It would seem at one point there would have to be a shift in favor of human rights and social justice for them.

      That Dems and Republicans alike would come to the realization that standing up to Israel when it comes to the expansion of illegal settlements and criminal treatment of Palestinians is not in their favor ultimately.

    • David "axis of evil" Frum too. (editor at Atlantic. Poked him recently when he was a guest on WBUR's "On Point" broadcast on NPR.

      A serious and dangerous war hawk who holds no value for American soldiers lives or the hundreds of thousands of people killed, injured or made refugees in the invasion of Iraq or U.S. military aggression in Libya and Syria. He is a supporter of Israel no matter what they do.

      The whole program is interesting. My comment and questions start at 39:55. Frum does not even touch my first question. He spends his response time defending himself.

      "David Frum Takes on Trumpocracy"

  • 'They’re trying to punish us through our children': A report from Nabi Saleh on Ahed Tamimi's 17th birthday
    • What a remarkable and brave family. Inspire so many. Will be sharing this story on my fb page etc. Hope others do the same.

    • Link this story onto other websites. Call into C-Span's Washington Journal and bring this story up during "open phones." Millions of viewers. Share what you have to say in a concrete and concise manner. I would of course mention the bravery of the Tamimi family mention Mondoweiss and ask them to do a story on the family. Mention how the U.S. mainstream media ignores the Palestinian's plight. Heart felt comments with facts go along way.

      You can reach millions this way. They love first time callers. However you can call often with the idea of sharing facts about the conflict

  • Norman Finkelstein's new book on Gaza is a meticulous account of Israel's crimes
    • Going to buy Norm's new truth telling book and a few more for gifts.

    • Finkelstein is a truth teller and basis everything he writes on facts. He is a brave and heroic individual. Clearly Boris you would not recognize the truth or a brave and heroic individual since you are committed to keeping your head up where the sun does not shine.

  • Palestinian legislators are 'dragged out' of Knesset as Pence promises embassy will move in 2019
    • Great to hear that Andrea Mitchell stepping out of line on this issue. Making a solid and worthwhile point. Better late than never as the saying goes

  • Documentary on Israeli-Palestinian dialogue -- 'Pomegranates' -- leaves the viewer even more despairing
    • Phil "Most of this violence is being inflicted on the Palestinians" And yet we continually hear false equivalency arguments spouted by so many. All I believe to shut down a factual debate that has been taking place but we need even more.

      Phil "But what will change them?" Certainly not a new wall being built underground between the Gaza and stolen Palestinian lands. Gaza an open air prison being separated by newly built underground apartheid walls.

  • Liberal Zionists can't talk about the shooting of Mohammed Tamimi
    • Is there a written piece that goes with this sad picture? I am at a library in Dayton Ohio and there is no written piece appearing. If one is supposed to be able to see a video not possible from this city library and their computers.

      The other day in Athens Ohio I was staying at the Hampton Inn and using their computers in the office provided for paying customers. Came to the Mondoweiss website several times to read articles. A few days later could not get to Mondoweiss on their computers. Blocked by management of Hampton Inn. Hmmmm

    • "Zionism has no liberal counterpart" Do you think there has ever been a liberal counterpart to Zionism? Has always seemed like a massive contradiction in terms.

  • Quaker group honored by Yad Vashem for helping Jews during Holocaust is now banned from Israel
    • American Friends an amazing organization. Help so many. My dear cousin Barb Roberts ran the AFCS for 35 years in Dayton Ohio until she died.

      As you said Phillip it makes sense AFCS would wear being on Israel's hit list as a badge of honor.

      An important group to support!

  • The New York Times tries to make the Ahed Tamimi story go away
    • Have avoided fact based reporting having to do with the I/P issue for decades.

      Then we have the despicable death creating (Iraq WMD lies cooked up by Judith "I was fucking right" Miller's false reporting before the invasion.

      Buckets of blood all over that news outlet

  • Israeli forces shoot boy in face, arrest cousin for protesting, her mother for looking into it
    • We can be sure Rachel Maddow will not be covering this story or any other fact based story about Israeli oppression and human rights crimes.

      What a strong family, Remarkable.

  • 'Leftist' Israeli general threatens to 'tear the Palestinians apart' and 'toss them across the Jordan'
  • 'NYT' columnist says struggle for equal rights in one state is upon us
    • Fisher "But things were probably moving in that direction already"

      "probably?" Guess it was time to wake up.

      Since Oslo " illegal settlers in the West Bank have doubled from around 250,000 to 500,000. 200,000 more in East Jerusalem, at least 15,000 Palestinians homes have been destroyed. Israel controls at least 42 percent of the land in the West bank.

      There are over 100 illegal outpost. Israel is in control of 80% of Palestinian water and the 520,000 illegal settlers use more water than 2.6million Palestinians. Palestinians remain unprotected from the violence of the illegal settlers, The Gaza fishing industry has been decimated. The illegal wall has separated Palestinian communities. The center of a vibrant Hebron has been turned into a ghost town"

      Yes indeed "guess things were probably moving in that direction"

      Really something that waking up to the facts is so celebrated. Just goes to show how deep down the Zionist rabbit hole so many have been for so long.

  • Dionne and Shields ignore the Adelson in the room
    • Whomas Friedman on Chris Matthews Hardball(I think it was Friday night) and was clearly against, CM played a little game when they were talking about Kushner and this a "nnouncement. CM said something like I'm not sure where Kushner is at about this issue. He is probably pro Israel" Pathetic fake on CM's part, He has to know Kushner's family has supported illegal settlements,

      Jane "waddled on over to interfere in Aipac espionage investigation" Harman was on Ali Velshi's and said she totally supported the announcement , but still supports a two state solution, As if there is enough Palestinian land left for two states. Velshii pushed back a little,

      Not much talk about why Bill Clinton signed the the Jerusalem Act. Flies right in the face of any real negotiations.

      Have heard a few journalist including Ali Velshi say "what peace negotiations ?"

  • Trump's Jerusalem speech will foster the liberal Jewish awakening
    • Will never happen voluntarily. Although clearly the pressure will be mounting for one state, rights for all Palestinians, Exposure of the apartheid state.

      As you pointed out "Tel Aviv Rachel and Orthodox O'Donnell" will not be leading the MSM down the path of facts on the ground, Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes scratching the surface, Although last night during Chris Matthews interview with Thomas Friedmann CM acted naive as they were talking about Kushner's role. CM said something like " I don't know about Kusher. He is PROBABLY pro Israel" I thought how absurd..."probably." He and his family have been helping support illegal settlements for how long?

      O'Donnell regularly has the Iraq war hawks on his program. Bill Kristol, Frum, Max Boot on. It's as if O'Donnell is helping them set the stage for a military intervention with Iran,

      Just the other day Ali Velshii actually said "what peace process?" Verifying that there really has not been a peace process for several decades, Just more building and expansion of illegal settlements. Then Velshi goes and has Jane (waddling on over to interfere in the Aipac espionage investigation/trial:" Harman on to discuss her take on Trump's announcement, She used the opportunity to express her hawkish views as usual and try to pretend there is still a possibility to a two state, Saying something about how Israel (and Harman) are hoping the Palestinians will be convinced through negotiations to join forces against Iran. She was pushing for more aggressive tactics towards Iran.

      Those Iraq war pushers/liars have not gone away they are still focused on taking out Iran somehow and they clearly have always wanted the U.S. to do the deadly work. O'Donnell and often Joy Reid provide a stage for them to continue to do so.

  • Trump just 'pushed the two-state solution over the cliff'
    • The "second proposition" exposes Israel's apartheid status more clearly.

      The "second proposition" completely exposes Israel's underbelly.

      One state,, one person, one vote.

    • Tonight (Wed Dec 6th) Maddow went on and on and on about how all of Flynn's dealings had to do with Russia,Russia, Russia. Never even whispered about Israeli PM BB's lobbying Trump and team to convince Russia to vote against the UN resolution. She sure is a suck up .

      No mention anywhere of how Netanyahu basically admitted today that Israel has wanted all of Jerusalem since its birth in 48. Clearly admitting that they never ever intended to share any of the Palestinians land that they acquired from the UN.

    • Watched at the same time, Clemons also said P Trump "stabbed the two state solution in the back."

      One thing that is on the constructive side MSNBC provided a much wider perspective than they generally do, Ayman Moyheldin in Jerusalem, Richard Engel actually saying both groups have "historic ties"to Jerusalem. Noura Erakat was on and you Mondo folks could do a whole piece based on what she had to say, Basically said it was a "farce" that there were any peace negotiations. Al Velshi shared a historic perspective that was basically accurate although did not show the present map of the West bank at this time in an accurate way,

      "Off the clip"......."stab in the back of the two state solution"....."the straw that broke the camel's back" ...."nail in the coffin of the two state solution" Reality strikes

  • Saban praises Kushner for trying to sandbag the Obama administration at the UN
    • Kushner will be prosecuted, sentenced, pardoned and then Trump will resign. ???

      Seems like Mueller has the goods on Kushner ( actively undermining a sitting President's foreign policy, obstructing justice by being the major pusher for firing Comey. Digging into Trump and Kushner's finances Mueller more than likely going to turn up massive money laundering,

      Saban, Kushner, Harman so many others need to be required to sign up under FARA.

  • Flynn's plea on Russian influence reveals... Israel's influence!
    • It also seems like we would have heard about the Logan Act being pulled out of the closet when it came to what Aipac officials Rosen and Weissman were up to interfering in U.S. foreign policy when it came to Iran.

      Franklin paid a big price but Rosen, Weissman, Jane Harman all got away.

      We know what happened to that investigation and 9 time delayed trial. Dismissed under the Obama administration.

    • Could the Logan Act have been pulled out of the closet in relation to the Iran hostage deal? Allegedly the Reagan administration negotiated that the day of the release of the prisoners would take place on the day of Reagan's inauguration, I believe the Carter administration had set up release and then Iran delayed. If this is accurate would that have been considered interference in a sitting President's on going foreign policy negotiations and deals?

      Could the Logan Act have applied in that situation?

    • Been hearing this on CNN and MSNBC. That the former charges can be picked up at any time if Flynn does not sing what many believe Mueller already knows but needs more confirmation.

    • So are you saying that during transitions Israeli agents in this country and leaders in Israel have not had conversations or started negotiations with incoming U.S. President's or officials in their administrations before that incoming administration took office?

      Sure would appear that the Logan Act could have been applied many times in the past if those in power had been brave enough to do so.

    • If the same investigative standards that are being applied to Russia's interference in our election process was applied to Israel and the I lobby, there have been way too many officials who are acting as agents for Israel in our government to keep up with.

    • I watch almost every evening. I believe it was Thursday evening as he mentioned the lobbying Flynn was doing to indicate to Russia that sanctions would be taken down, lobbying for Turkey, Matthews mentioned Flynn trying to convince Russia to vote against Egypt's UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements. I will go looking for the clip at his website when I have more time. I am not sure if you can access all of Matthews complete program on line now they have made it more difficult to access the whole program. However I am sure of what I heard.

      Today (Dec 2) MSNBC's Alex Witt also mentioned complete picture of what Flynn had lied to the FBI about.

    • Just found this after asking you whether you would be writing about this Flynn /Israel issue on another thread. We keep hearing over and over again about how foreign nations/Russia are not supposed to be able to influence our election and yet most of us are acutely aware of how Israel via the I lobby, Jinsa etc...representatives for Israel influence our elections,

      Would appear we could be headed towards more of a push for Aipac etc to have to sign up under FARA.

      Ali Abunimah is of course right about how U.S. media outlets even so called liberal outlets are avoiding this piece of the Flynn debacle. On Friday MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell and David Ignatius totally avoided addressing Flynn's lobbying efforts to get Russia to vote no on Egypt's UN resolution condemning illegal Israeli settlements. They brought Flynn's lobbying efforts for Turkey and for lifting sanctions against Russia, however not Flynn's lobbying efforts for Israel. Have heard Chris Matthews whisper about the issue.

      Just takes me back to how the Aipac espionage trial was dismissed under the Obama administration. Swept under the rug,

  • Israeli consul warns American Jews: 'Our marriage is Catholic -- no divorce'
    • Phil/others do you think that the spotlight on Flynn's lobbying efforts to get Russia to vote against the UN resolution that Egypt drew up condemning Israel's illegal settlements will possibly bring the push for requiring Aipac and other I lobbyist to sign up under FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) to the discussion table?

      Noticed the other day on Andrea Mitchell's report during her program she and David Ignatius were dong their best not to bring up that part of Flynn's foreign policy negotiations while Obama was still in office . They brought up Flynn's lobbying efforts for Turkey and lifting sanctions against Russia, However they were silent about Flynn's lobbying efforts with Russia that were for Israel .

    • PW "His warning is an indication of how much Israel depends on the political support of American Jews" Along with economic support from American Jews for decades.

      If Dayan wants American Jews who are waking up to the human rights crimes that Israel has committed over seven decades and Israel to go into marriage counseling. The partners have to admit their serious and deadly mistakes, bare their souls and the facts, come to the negotiating table and compromise. Stop expanding old illegal settlements and making plans to build new one's.

      With Israel there is no compromise as we witness more of the illegally occupied territories swallowed up by more illegal settlements. Appears that even the desperation and longing for a safe homeland for Jews along with the threat that decades of blind support and political and media cover that American Jews and others have been willing to provide for Israel is in decline is not enough for Israel to change it's illegal and immoral ways. To be in marriage counseling Israel would have to become an honest, reflective and humble partner willing to work on changing their abusive and oppressive ways. Not happening,

      It appears there is a trial separation between some American Jews and Israel taking place as the sad and very deadly facts sink in .

  • Why a children's book has Zionists losing their minds
    • Amazing that "P Is For Palestine" can push panic buttons. A simple children's book blowing holes in Israel's propaganda. Thinking about how this book will be great to drop off as an educational piece around campuses etc

  • Fellow professor rallies for support around Hatem Bazian
  • Pro-Israel groups' campaign against Linda Sarsour targets another progressive institution -- New School
    • Kushner, Fynn, Manafort, Don Jr going down unless they roll over on the Donald. The only person who can pardon them before resigning since he will not want to go through an impeachment. Ok I can dream

    • Sounds like it will be an honest discussion, Goodman moderating, she is one of the best, No nonsense, digs right down to the roots of an issue. Hopefully New School does not back down.

  • The goy and the golem: James Angleton and the rise of Israel
    • Nah Oswald was the lone shooter working on his own and the same goes for Rubenstein. Yeah that's the story and you're sticking to it.

      JFK had lots of enemies and Israel and their covert and illegal nuclear program put them on that list, Who was the Assistant Counsel on the Warren Commission who helped come up with the lone assassin theory? That would be Senator Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania.

      So will the public ever be able to access all of those records? That was supposed to be the case

    • And the very fact that Israel was not added to the suspect list of those who could have wanted to or did knock Kennedy off (via Oswald/Ruby) makes that absence even more suspect.

      Supposedly more of the Kennedy files were going to be released on a rolling disclosure. Although not hard to imagine that if there is any evidence that Israel or Israeli agents in this country working with CIA were involved with contacting Oswald/Rubenstein that this would ever be exposed.

    • There is a huge gap between sharing "the admiration for Israel and Zionism" that was allegedly "common in those days" and providing cover and intelligence for a nuclear weapons industry in Israel. Massive gap.

    • On MSNBC when the recent release of the close to 3000 Kennedy file documents out of what 18,ooo (not released) it was mentioned several times that the remaining files that would not be released due to the damage they could do to U.S. relationships with a foreign nation.

      The other reason given for not releasing many documents is that the welfare of CIA agents still alive could be jeopardized.

      Why one person Oswald would assassinate President Kennedy with no help or support and then be killed by one person Jack Rubenstein with no help or support just does not make any sense. We know the Kennedy's had many enemies mobsters, Cuba, Israel. However only until recently have you heard anyone be willing to put Israel on that Kennedy's enemies list

      The Angleton story " The Secret Life of a CIA Spymaster" would surely make a great documentary

  • Seven members of Jewish Voice for Peace arrested in demonstration at ADL
    • What an important protest....thanks to all who participated.

    • Clearly the JVP protest was focused on a particular issue that day

      "The petition calls for an end to the ADL’s sponsorship of these “Deadly Exchanges,” which pair U.S. law enforcement leaders with those of the Israel National Police and Israel Defense Forces."


      In regard to BDS push for "ending the conflict"

      Ending its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the Wall
      International law recognises the West Bank including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Syrian Golan Heights as occupied by Israel. As part of its military occupation, Israel steals land and forces Palestinians into ghettos, surrounded by checkpoints, settlements and watchtowers and an illegal apartheid Wall. Israel has imposed a medieval siege on Gaza , turning it into the largest open air prison in the world. Israel also regularly carries out large-scale assaults on Gaza that are widely condemned as constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity

      Recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality
      One-fifth of Israel’s citizens are Palestinians who remained inside the armistice lines after 1948. They are subjected to a system of racial discrimination enshrined in more than 50 laws that impact every aspect of their lives. The Israeli government continues to forcibly displace Palestinian communities in Israel from their land. Israeli leaders routinely and openly incite racial violence against them.

      Respecting, protecting and promoting the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194
      Since its violent establishment in 1948 through the ethnic cleansing of more than half of the indigenous people of Palestine, Israel has set out to control as much land and uproot as many Palestinians as it can. As a result of this systematic forced displacement, there are now more than 7.25 million Palestinian refugees. They are denied their right to return to their homes simply because they are not Jewish.

      In regard to JVP's efforts to "end the conflict"

      JVP's /Jewish Voice for Peace: Mission Statement

      JVPopposes anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim, and anti-Arab bigotry and oppression. JVP seeks an end to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem; security and self-determination for Israelis and Palestinians; a just solution for Palestinian refugees based on principles established in international law; an end to violence against civilians; and peace and justice for all peoples of the Middle East. Current mission statement adopted in 2009.

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • "The Guardian newspaper characterised Patel’s behavior as a sign of her “incompetence”. But is that plausible?"

      NO! She knew what she was doing , Why make such an effort to keep all of those activities hidden,.

      Have heard this "incompetence".."naive" argument applied to Jared Kushner, Don Jr etc Russiagate issue.

      Many tried to use "incompetence" argument forthe Bush/Cheney/Wolfowitz invasion of Iraq and all of the created, cherry picked, disseminated false intelligence. They knew what they were doing.

      OK comparing Patel's “breach of ministerial protocol” to the human rights crimes the Bush 43 administration committed is a bit extreme, however the "incompetence" claim gets used in such absurd ways,

      At least Patel held accountable.

  • The Weinstein effect drags in Israel
    • Who would be better to hire if Weinstein clearly wanst to distract from his own despicable behavior than former Israeli Mossad agents.? Abuse then flip the script and blame the victims. Right up the alley of "Black Cube" and Israel,

      Sure would like to know who else has hired Black Cube.

  • AIPAC and Federation officials criticize Israeli leaders for being clueless about U.S.
    • Kessler knows that Aipac and former Aipac officials being investigated for espionage were able to get the 9 time delayed trial dismissed by Obama and Holder not long after taking office. They know how it works

      Aipac etc able to have their espionage case swept under rug

    • "Kessler elaborated:

      There was once a time, when Israel had leaders that had such intimate relationships with American Jewish leaders that they really knew this community. I mean [the late Jerusalem mayor] Teddy Kollek knew this community in a way that nobody on the scene knew this community. I’m talking prime ministers, ambassadors, just generically. They just don’t know– and they think they know. And it’s very, very disconcerting. Fortunately, ministers that I have dealt with lately who don’t speak English particularly well have admitted that they are bewildered by Congress and the political process in the United States. That’s good. That’s a good starting point."

      Come on they know how the U.S. congress etc works. They know how powerful the I lobby has been and continues to be. This claim that things have changed in regard to the U.S. and Israel is a bunch of malarkey

      Yes people have become more aware so called liberal Jews have aligned their domestic liberal values with Israel and what has and is going on.

      However Israeli leaders clearly know how it works
      BB "America will not get in our way"

    • "how to spend US blood and treasure," In a 1996 Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies paper prepared for Binyamin Netanyahu, the authors—including Richard Perle and Douglas Feith, now, respectively, chair of the Defense Policy Board and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy—advised Israel to “shape its strategic environment by weakening, containing and even rolling back Syria,” and to “focus on removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq–an important Israeli strategic objective in its own right.” It’s all heady stuff, but perhaps the most interesting parts are references to realizing the “new strategy for securing the realm” by “working closely with” or working “in cooperation” with Turkey.


    • "Good German" who did not know. Just like the "good American" who stays willfully ignorant of what U.S. (Israel and coalition wars) invasions of Iraq, Libya, arming unknown rebels in Syria.

      Quite the sick phenomena.

  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • Not sure if anyone l inked to this. Looked through everything again and did not see this. Real News interview with Roger Waters and Sut Jhally about the film and the difficulties they are having getting the film into film festivals in the U.S. etc

      I am going to link the interview on Real News, the Mondoweiss piece and link to where the film can be purchased on Maddow's (mentioned in the film), fb page, Chris Hayes, the Intercept, Huff Po etc etc. We can help get the word about this film by linking everywhere we go on line, asking local film festivals etc to show the film (and document the resistance).

    • Thanks. Great holiday gift.

      Will be asking the local library to purchase too. Anyone else up for asking their local libraries to purchase and have on hand in their documentary section?

  • Video: 12-year old Palestinian recounts detention and abuse by Israeli soldiers
    • Shared. Added a few clips of abuse on my fb page. More difficult on you tube to access other video clips of Israeli abuse of Palestinians than it was a few years ago. Of course most of us are aware that the video documentation of Israeli soldiers and illegal settlers abuse of Palestinians has grown by leaps and bounds the last 10 years, The abuse has been going on for decades

  • Who can save Israel now? Labor leader emulates Netanyahu
  • 'The Siege' gets US premiere at last, in blow to 'Israeli propaganda machine'
    • Thanks. Just read. Trying to get Glenn Greenwald or another journalist at Intercept to write a specific piece focused O'Donnell, Andrea Mitchell and Joy Reid who have been supplying plenty of air time to Max Boot, David Friun and Bill Kristol to sow plenty of doubt about the Iran deal and ultimately with the goal of a military confrontation I

    • Phil so hoping you or someone on Mondo team write something about BB and his influence on Trump's Iran decision.

      2 years ago Netanyahu was allowed to speak in front of congress publicly undermining the Iran deal, He tried like hell to convince our Reps to vote against supporting the Iran deal. Israel and the I lobby (Aipac, Jinsa) have never stopped trying to undermine the P5+1. BB just came out and praised Trump's recent efforts to undermine the deal. If you have ever wondered how other nations( Russia) interfere in our National Security and our elections take a close look at Israel and the I lobbies activities over the last 50 years in the U,S,

      MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Andrea Mitchell and Joy Reid regularly have proven and deadly Iraq/Iran war hawks Max Boot, David Frum and Bill Kristol on their programs to discuss foreign policy. This cast of characters were instrumental in promoting the Bush administrations false WMD's in Iraq lies, So now they are set in place on some of MSNBC's programs ready to promote a military altercation with Iran, On an upbeat note Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Ari Melber, and Rachel Maddow do not seem to be promoting these deadly war hawks views

      These characters should be on trial at the Hague for complicity in crimes against humanity, not on MSNBC setting the stage for a potentially devastating interaction with Iran

    • Second comment Boom

      Hop: "It’s exactly the opposite of what you say; it’s the Israelis who lack a fair hearing in places like NYU, not the Palestinians. You have never presented Israelis as human beings here."

      Phil "As for the politics, my favorite part of the play is all the black humor about Israeli hasbara. The militants say that the oppressor is the oppressed in the eyes of the world, and the victim is the persecutor. How do we fight that propaganda machine? It is a running theme and a cruel joke."

    • So moving Phil I cried several times as I read your review. Even found myself holding my breath while reading such an articulate moving account of the play.

      This was the first simple description of any human, all humans, Palestinians desires that made me tear up.:

      " It brought home the sense of the play itself. Palestinians are as human as anyone you know. They do not want to kill you, or be killed, or threaten you. They only wish to take part, to be granted dignity, to participate freely in the world’s commons.

      And: it never happens."

      Then this:

      "When the Israelis put the mother on the phone to talk to a militant leader played by Faisal Abualhayjaa and she says she will cut off the breast that fed him if he surrenders, I thought, There are American mothers who would say the same thing."

      Not sure if I would have the nerves of steel to say such a thing to one of my kids. Although could certainly imagine feeling that given the persistent humiliation Palestinians are subjected to daily as well as the death and destruction they have witnessed. The anger, the commitment to justice builds up over decades of injustice...

      Would so love to see "The Siege" Video ?

  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.
    • How many media host repeat "the U.S. has a very special relationship with Israel, An eternal bond"

    • It was noticeable after Carter's book 'Palestine Peace: Not Apartheid' then Walt and Mearsheimers 'The Israel Lobby', the BDS movement growth there were more libraries, Art Institue's etc etc that were pushing Israel and the I lobbies agenda in the U.S., via art shows films, speakers, The heat went up.

      Although when you listen to Washington Journal which I do just to listen to phone calls and any other public media outlet that allows (Talk of the Nation, Diane Rehm gone less opportunity for the public to get their views out on NPR ) public input light bulbs are being turned on in people's heads.

      On the other hand Andrea Mitchell, Lawrence O'Donnell, Joy Reid repeatedly have many of the characters (Max Boot, Bill Kristol, David Frum) who pushed the invasion of Iraq on MSNBC pushing in far more subtle ways Israel's agenda to destroy the Iran deal.

  • How Kurdish independence underpins Israel’s plan to reshape the Middle East
  • Rachel Maddow's lineup of crazy U.N. speeches spotlights Arafat-- and leaves out Netanyahu!
  • Democratic candidate for Illinois gov'r fires his running mate over BDS
    • Phil what do you think about the willingness of Andrea Mitchell and Lawrence O'Donnell and team promoting war hawks like Bill Kristol Max Boot, Stephen Hadley, Eliot Abrams on their programs? Continually. These characters were all terribly wrong about their war stances. All pushed the invasion of Iraq without conscience.

      Not sure what is up with Mitchell and O'Donnell? Joy Reid promotes a few Iraq war hawks. Both Mitchell and O'Donnell seem committed to their promotion.

      Today Sept 14th Andrea Mitchell had Eliot Abrams on to discuss Iran. One would think they could find conservatives who have not been so deadly wrong....on purpose

    • Biss clearly establishment.

    • "gross" irresponsible and factually wrong. /Fake news been around for decades, centuries.

  • Youtube sensations, the Khaldi twins, explain 'why Eid is special' from Gaza City
  • Conan O'Brien frolics with Netanyahu and the Israeli army
    • "He will profoundly regret jumping in bed with fascists and racists."

      That would be assuming he has a conscience. He has demonstrated he does not

    • Nailed it. Conan got his that is clearly all that matters to him. What a suck up.

  • Israeli boys, 14 and 16, arrested for assaulting Palestinian bus drivers inside Jews-only settlement
    • "Jews only settlement"
      When it looks like apartheid, smells like apartheid, then it is clearly apartheid

  • Charlottesville is moment of truth for empowered U.S. Zionists (who name their children after Israeli generals)
  • At town hall, Sen. Warren says Israel Anti-Boycott Act 'violates our basic constitution'
    • James are the Leveretts around anywhere...writing? So miss their influential and so solidly based pieces about foreign policy, They seemed to take a back seat after Iran deal went through.

    • So we can assume Warren would have felt the boycott and divestment movement against the apartheid government of South Africa was "wrong" too. A logical conclusion. Although I hope someone ask her directly

    • Warren is a die hard PEP. Also leaned right on Iran.

      Amazing how often MSNBC host have so called analyst on their programs who promoted the invasion of Iraq, military intervention in Libya, Syria. More rigid stances towards Iran. Lawrence O'Donnell has Frum Hadley, Kristol, Max Boot on regularly. Joy Reid starting to follow suit.

      As if these war hawks are credible sources for middle east issues. Joy Reid had Max Boot on this morning as some kind of ethical expert on what is going on here in the states with white nationalist protest etc. As if these characters were not major promoters of a racist, ethnocentric deadly wars and interventions.

      Why do MSNBC host promote these deadly war hawks as expert analyst? Why not have Hillary and Flynt Mann Leverett on Katrina from the Nation...Prof Juan Cole others who were spot on about the invasion of Iraq etc. Why have the people who sold that horrific invasion on as experts? Shameful

  • After Israel tries to ban Al Jazeera, critics say the country is 'taking its cues from Arab dictators'
    • I know Al Jazeera had to fight to get onto US TV. They were doing documentaries on poverty in the U.S. etc other critical issues, One of the most educational outlets along with Democracy Now, PBS, BBC, Cspan. Really went after the hidden issues in the states. Gone now

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • Complete and shameful silence out of the pro war liberal interventionist (choke) at MSNBC. Maddow, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes, Matthews, O'Donnell etc silence on this issue as they cover the push for new sanctions against Iran and Russia.

      We know if Melissa Harris Perry were still on MSNBC for her previous two hour show on Sat and Sundays she would more than whisper. Not Joy Reid..

      Maddow...what is up with Maddow? Millions of dollars has her tongue tied

  • Israel advances bill to conceal its overseas partners in suppressing BDS
  • Thank you - a little earlier than we expected
  • Nadia Hijab on Palestinian options, Jewish allies, and the Zionist crisis
  • Triumphalist light show in Jerusalem weaponizes the city walls to celebrate 50th anniversary of Jewish conquest
  • Leonard Cohen song is anthem of Jewish exclusivists
    • He describes spending lots of time at a Zen Buddhist monastery outside of LA. Describes the monastery like a boot camp where you learned to "basically stop whining"

    • I loved this last interview with Cohen...David Remnick interviewed him just months before he passed, Clearly he had some serious blind spots when it came to Israel

      At a concert in Israel he dropped some acid> He said the "entire audience "turned into "one Jew".

      Great piece.

  • Hebron settlers are trying to erase the city's Palestinian identity
    • "Settlers danced on the blood-stained spot of the street where the executions had taken place. "
      -Sick in the head and soul. There is a place in hell for people like this.

      Palestine deniers, Shameful.

  • Video: Activists fight occupation by rebuilding a Palestinian village
  • Hunger Strike: The reclamation of the Palestinian body
    • So many Palestinians choose non violent peaceful means to respond to the decades long illegal occupation, oppression, violence of the Israeli government and military and yet the mainstream media (Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Chris Matthews etc etc) all choose to ignore until something violent happens, Telling and shameful. Not a peep of coverage about the hunger strike by these so called liberals.

      Last night (Monday) Chris Matthews had Zogby on to talk about Trump's trip to Israel and not a mention about the hunger strike, Chris Matthews even said something about any oppressed people will "explode" at some point. Perfect time to mention how there is a non violent protest going on right now. Nah...Chirs, Maddow etc will wait until there is another explosion of violence

  • Ellen DeGeneres gets pushback for promoting Sabra Hummus
    • Anyone believe that Ellen really did not know? Ellen actively supporting an apartheid government,. Ellen clearly a PEP Shameful

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • Ethnocentric bloviator.

      Although have to say Dershowitz did admit his influence has diminished. More well distributed facts about the conflict have been getting in his way.

  • Warren and Sanders stand firmly behind Trump officials -- on guess what issue?
  • New York rabbi links Jewish Voice for Peace to Osama bin Laden and Assad
    • Phil etc have you listened to Ralph Nader's Gandhi award acceptance speech? He nails the Israeli Palestinian issue. Has some interesting suggestions. The bulk of the acceptance speech was about expansion of empire, hunger, lack of empathy and response. At the end he nails the I/P issue.

      Of course Omar Barghouti speech is a must listen to too. Thanks for alerting us to the award speech

  • Mass Dems move to kill anti-settlement resolution, amid fears of BDS and 'exodus from party'
    • Thanks

    • Just another strong indicator that BDS will continue to grow. More proof that Palestinians will never have their own state.....One person, one vote, one state...only answer

    • Hello Steve Grosman..the West Bank ever expanding settlements are "starkly unbalanced" illegal, immoral and completely against international agreements and law. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      The JCRelations organization is in complete and destructive denial about the facts. The settlements are illegal...against international law...which of course does not apply to Israel in their books.

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