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  • Netanyahu goes looney tunes on Israeli Independence Day
    • "I grew up hearing that Zionists had a hasbara machine like nothing else this world has seen" Six decades of not really talking about the conflict honestly is damn powerful.

      Bob Simon not doing any stories about the conflict for "a very very long time" is damn telling.

      What is with the parrot and cat? What are they singing? And this almost seems like a joke. Were they really serious?

  • Message to Methodists: 'Vote for Divestment. Vote for Human Rights.'
    • hooey

    • Her stamina blows me away. As we were protesting outside of the Aipac conference in DC I kept bringing her water, muffins, asking her if she needed to rest (she is close to my mothers age) . She would accept the water, and arm through hers as the crowd would get bigger. I always worry about older folks in crowds because people just seem so unaware that they may have almost just knocked an 80 year old person over (drive me nuts) But she is just basically a compassionate power house, a Gandhian whipper snapper. She is an incredible example of compassion, love for humanity and for justice... for us all!

      The Methodist are also clearly setting a strong example for others by their efforts

    • Love that little Jewish Gandhi lady. She is so adorable, feisty and compassionate. Set up a seat for her at the Move over Aipac conference in 2012 and kept bringing people over to talk with her. A student from I think a university in South Dakota who had had their tripped paid by Aipac, some other young women attending the Aipac conference, some media folks. She just rocks the world of anyone she speaks with.

    • bingo
      Love Rabbi Weiss and the other RAbbi's against Zionism that I have had the honor of talking with and learning from. Their deep beliefs remind me so much of Art Gish. Message so your neighbor

      Rabbi Weiss
      link to
      link to

      Art Gish
      link to

    • "That is the indoctrination process." So much of who and what people turn out to be I believe is "indoctrination" Tough to change but can happen.

    • Beautiful and truthful message.
      Had the honor of spending time with Hedy Epstein at Move over Aipac in DC last year. What a powerhouse. Am always amazed by people who have suffered so deeply from the cruelty of others and still apply compassion and justice to the oppression of others. Remarkable.

      The Methodist are collectively doing the right thing. And have been on the front lines of pushing for divestment and justice in the I/P conflict. When will MSNBC, CNN, Fox , NPR touch this story?

  • Methodist church has repeatedly and overwhelmingly called for an end to the occupation
    • thanks not the first time.

    • Keep thinking about one of the Univ of Colorado students that I talked with last night during Obama's speech at the Coors Event Center. He was a big guy on a bike. He saw my sign and stopped me to read it. Then said "I was born in Israel" I said "wonderful" Then asked what he thought about the continued expansion of illegal settlements. He went silent. I then mentioned that I have heard that the discussion is much more open in Israel and the occupied territories. He responded "and nothing has changed" That was the end of our discussion. Although some Chinese students had over heard the conversation as well as a Professor on campus and they came over and we talked for about one half hour. Told them about Mondoweiss. .

      "and nothing has changed" Discouraging

    • Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Met and talked with Cindy Corrie at the Occupy Aipac conference protest. What a sweet, strong, kind person. One could easily see where Rachel had come from. The Methodist have been out in front on divestment

      Last night President Obama came to Boulder where I am visiting family and friends. Did not try to get a ticket have had the good fortune of seeing him many times thought I would leave a ticket for someone else. Anyway Occupy Boulder, a pro Romney group, anti Obama group, a save Utah wild lands and others in cluding me with my "Stop U.S aid to Israel " protested in what Univ of Colorado has now designated "free speech zones" which essentially are NO free speech zones. They stick protesters in a stall of metal barn yard cages (used now at most protest) but in an area where there was little to no traffic and of course they said Obama would be driving by in his motorcades but as I expected did not. So the Univ of Colorado makes sure that the thousands of people attending the Obama talk as well as Obama and team do not see or hear the protesters. Castrating any protest effort. So much for free speech at the University of Colorado.

      I of course walked along side the long line of folks going into the Coors Event stadium with my sign "Stop U.S. aid to Israel" Reactions went from total shock, silence, several young fellows telling me to not stand near them. I asked "are you threatening me?" They shut up right away. To others giving me a thumbs up, to young women saying to me "I was born in Israel" I responded "great" so tell me what you think about the continued expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank, illegal housing in E Jerusalem and the abusive treatment of Palestinians. She knew very little to nothing as well as her male friends who said they had been to Israel as if a visit to Israel or citizenship is absolution from the human rights crimes being committed in that conflict. I have noticed this before that somehow some think a trip to Israel makes one know more about the conflict which we all know is not generally the case.

      Talked with a good 30 or so folks who I was able to hand "If Americans Knew" brochures etc as I was headed to the "free speech zone" where no one would hear or see the protesters from different groups from the region.

  • '60 Minutes' report boosts divestment proponents at Methodist church convention
    • "The CBS report on Palestinian Christians aired the weekend before the gathering kicked off, where a resolution to divest from three companies profiting off the Israeli occupation will be voted on. And pro-divestment delegates say that the "60 Minutes" piece is a boost to their efforts to convince delegates to vote in favor of their resolution."

      Anyone hearing or reading about how the Jewish community in that region is responding to the conference?

  • A letter to the Methodists in support of divestment
    • "Voting for divestment is a way not only to help Palestinians but a way to help Jews. It is a way to bring an oppressor to its senses, it is a way to empower a progressive movement in Palestine that is the only alternative to violence, and it is a way to empower the progressive movement inside Jewish life that can turn the tide against militant nationalism. I urge you to pass the divestment resolution."

      Makes too much sense.

  • Netanyahu involved in '60 Minutes' pushback; Official compares CBS story to a 'strategic terror attack' on Israeli diplomacy
    • And if so called journalist never ask them that question especially in reply to say for instance Oren saying to Simon "I do that very very infrequently as ambassador" I know I would have gone to so what does "very very infrequently" mean. And have you complained or tried to shut down coverage in other positions rather than as ambassador. So curious about this one statement. Just opened up the door wide to Simon and he chose not to walk through. Remember he said "I have been doing this for years" Oren opened up the door to that next question with his statement "I do that very very infrequently"

      "How many times have you complained" Ambassador Oren?

    • Fundamentalist Christians have been persuaded to donate money to the cause. But when you think about what some of them believe will happen to "non believers" who knows whether this program would diminish funding

    • no need to knock on any doors...just call those you know working at CBS

    • "Michael Oren: Bob, I’m the ambassador of the State of Israel. I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador. It’s just– that’s an extraordinary move for me to complain about something. "

      Who buys this bs. "I do that very very infrequently as ambassador" Who buys any of this? "extraordinary move for me to complain about something" Come on.

      What is "infrequent" and "extraordinary" is 60 minutes or any other MSM outlet to get even close to reporting about anything having to do with the I/P conflict honestly. That is what has been "infrequent" and is "extraordinary" Really makes you think about how many times any even thought about stories like this have been shut down much much earlier in the process. This is the change ....that they actually did the report.

      Simon should have asked Oren "just what do you mean by "I do this very very infrequently as ambassador" How many times has he done this as ambassador or at any other time? How often has he tried to shut down a report or even an attempt to report about the I/P issue honestly?

    • Now we all know this is not the first time Israeli officials or the I lobby has tried to kill coverage of honest reporting on any aspect of the I/P conflict by the MSM. We can be sure of this. But what Simon should/could ask Oren when he said "I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador" was how often does "very, very infrequently" actually mean?

      I would ask the "president of-- chairman of CBS News" and former chairmans or producers of MSM outlets etc how often they have gotten calls from Israeli officials or the I lobby when they have even approached doing honest stories about the conflict? We know that the MSM has "very very infrequently" done any honest reporting about this issue. But when they have tried how has this exposed story been the common experience? Not even making it this far. Shutting a story down before it even gets to the drawing board?

      "Bob Simon: And it was a reason to call the president of-- chairman of CBS News?

      Michael Oren: Bob, I'm the ambassador of the State of Israel. I do that very, very infrequently as ambassador. It's just-- that's an extraordinary move for me to complain about something. When I heard that you were going to do a story about Christians in the Holy Land and my assum-- and-- and had, I believe, information about the nature of it, and it's been confirmed by this interview today."

  • The new landscape: big media cover former Palestinian P.M.'s obit for two-state solution
    • "“If this is the policy, I think it is a big lie to talk about the two-state solution,” said Qureia. “They are killing the opportunity of two-state solution. If it dies ... there are other choices.

      “One state is one of the choices.”

      What other choices?
      Sounds like Mearsheimers take is becoming common
      link to

  • Knesset members celebrate latest E. Jerusalem settlement by posing on evicted Palestinian family's sofa
  • What '60 Minutes' & Bob Simon got right and wrong
    • "Oren's right, there is a first time for everything. This is the first time that an Israeli Ambassador's intimidation tactics were so bravely turned against him by a journalist who just wasn't going to take it any more. Hopefully it is a harbinger of things to come."

      Most of us know that this is not the first time an Israeli official, or the I lobby have contacted MSM outlet owners, producers etc to block or interfere with any type of programming that would clarify or report accurately about the I/P conflict or the situation with Iran.

      When the map of the West Bank was shown on this 60 minutes program they of course did not show the illegal settlements. Standard on US MSM outlets.

  • Before '60 Minutes' piece aired, Jewish Federations called for 'flood' of 'discourse' to CBS (what's next, locusts?)
    • Come on Phil...stop showing examples of Israel and the I lobby trying to influence the US MSM. We all know that this is not the first time

  • '60 Minutes' profiles Palestinian Christians, Michael Oren falls on his face
    • As Simon said "I have been doing this for a long long time" Which means he has chosen to ignore the human rights abuses that Israel has been committing for a "long long time"
      As is always the case ...better late than never. But can not stand when journalist others finally admit and cover what is going on are canonized by others for finally doing the right thing. Has taken Bob Simon a "long, long time" to shed the light on these issues. His silence has been complicity.

      But again better late than never

    • better late than never

    • Bob "I've been doing this for a long time" Certainly not doing stories like this. Oh one or two over the last five years. But Bob Simon has not been doing honest reporting on the I/P conflict "for a long time" Not

      Ambassador Oren "there is a first time for everything" You know this is not the first time Oren or other Israeli officials have called executives at the MSM outlets. You know this is not the first time

    • All one would need to do is ask Micheal Oren the logical challenging question after he repeats inflammatory rhetoric over and over again. Generally does not happen. Great that 60 minutes has finally been covering the issue and challenging Oren. New territory for them the last few years. As is always the case better late than never

      Have heard him repeat totally untrue statements on NPR with Richard Siegel and have never ever heard Siegel, Diane Rehm etc ever challenge Orens standard lines about the I/P conflict or Iran

  • Why did Washington Post and NYT lend themselves to 'unglued' 'angerfest' directed at Beinart?
    • Some great conversations at Chris Hayes Up program this morning. Beinart uses the Holocaust as the excuse for running Palestinians off of their lands far to often for me. But guess because he is a "liberal zionist" (which still can not grab a hold of those two terms together) and famous his being finally willing to admit the human rights abuses taking place is a huge shift for other Jews.

      Eli Lake was basically rolled over
      link to

      He actually said something like the I lobby while influential in congress does not have much influence with the executive branch. Could hear folks spew all over their screens when he actually had the cajones to say this

    • I know gentiles who have been meeting with Reps for over 20 years about the I/P issue. People must want to kid themselves if they think this has not been happening. No one I know who has been working on this issue for years has been waiting on the Jewish Awakening but this awakening..more like an admitting amongst many Jews sure has been a wonderful shift

  • 'California Scholars for Academic Freedom' challenges UCLA on censure of prof who linked to BDS website
    • "As we understand it, you never met with or talked with Prof. Shorter during all of these exchanges and flows of information. We are curious about what kind of “investigation” you conducted. Certainly, even if you even had the authority to offer “due process,” we believe that your actions do not constitute due process in any meaningful sense of the term, and in fact, constitute a violation of the normal protocols of due process at the University of California or most other universities."

      Ruh roh!

  • Mads Gilbert, eyewitness to 'Cast Lead', says Gaza remains besieged and 'shattered'
    • Great interview Alex. Good to hear that Dr. Gilbert is getting around and so many times.

      What good is the ICC?
      "And Israel always gets away with its war crimes, which is really demoralizing, because the types of warfare that Israel is waging, with siege and collective punishment, with starvation and with the destruction of civilian infrastructure in occupied territories is really taking us back to medieval times, yet they claim to be one of the most moral armies in the world. And this contradiction does not fit together."

      We know Chris Hayes will not be having Dr. Gilbert on his program to discuss this critical issue. Look at Hayes teams line up to discuss international issues tomorrow including the I/P issue. Spinning circles tomorrow on the Up program Must have been taking orders from MSNBC's owners.
      link to

  • On Iran, Obama's fmr national security adviser uses the new C-word (Contain)
  • 1200 rabbis threaten an end to interfaith harmony if Methodists support divestment
  • A Palestinian mayor issues desperate appeal to the world to restore his village's lifeline
  • Assange's first guest on RT world premier: Nasrallah says US & Israel seek civil war in Syria
    • going to be great to listen to who Assange interviews next.

    • Assange "would you act as a mediator"

    • Bush and Cheney sending American soldiers off to Iraq based on a "pack of lies"

    • "“In a recent US Supreme Court decision (Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project, June 21, 2010) the Court upheld material support provisions that prohibit otherwise protected free speech. The Court said that Congress could prohibit conflict resolution, humanitarian aid and other groups from providing training or expert advice to terrorist groups, even when that assistance is aimed at preventing violence.”

      Unless Israel or the US are found to be funding, training and arming the MEK who has been on the US's terrorist list for how long?

  • Bono in Jerusalem: 'Hope Is Like A Faithful Dog'
    • Look at what Aipac has up at their site today "Iran's nuclear program is a threat to America" They even show the West Bank as one contiguous piece of land at their website. They have no need to be accurate. No need at all
      link to

  • Woman removed from Air France flight for not being Jewish
    • "Air France demanded to know the religion of a passenger on a flight from Nice to Tel Aviv and removed her because she is not a Jew." Apartheid unleashed

  • Israeli celebrity says she enjoyed video of IDF attacking Danish activist because he looked like a Nazi
  • Question for Israel: Where are the Palestinian Gandhis . . . and what have you done with them?
    • "It is time that we force the world to recognize that the Palestinians have been producing Gandhis for decades. " Our dear friend Art Gish used to say this all of the time. Then tell me the names of many of these Palestinian Gandhi's.
      link to

    • "Where are the Palestinian Gandhi's" Israel has been either killing them or putting them in prison

  • New Migron bill could lead to massive Israeli land grab in the West Bank
    • Sullivan has really been coming out on this issue the last two years. Better late than never. Looks like most of the folks who have come out the last five years are a case of too little too late. Two state solution door closing. Some believe closed

    • "Legally, they can only build Israeli "state-owned" land in the West Bank."

      None of this building is legal. All illegal. Illegal. Get the illegal settlers out of the West Bank. They are very dangerous radicals. Everything they do is illegal based on UN resolutions and international law.

      Israel is really sealing the door for a two state solution

  • Jodi Rudoren heads for Jerusalem
  • 'The War Around Us': New film on the journalists who covered 'Cast Lead'
    • Israel blocked international journalist from witnessing and reporting what was happening during Cast Lead. Good example for Syria etc. Block journalist from reporting. Except more has gotten out about the brutality in Syria than got out during Israel's brutal and deadly invasion of Gaza
      The week before the inauguration I had the opportunity to attend the panel discussion at the Brookings Institute on the Gaza. I was able to mention and bring attention to Israel blocking journalist from reporting about Cast Lead

      My question is at the end of the question and answer period (Kathleen Galt)
      link to

      They did address my Israel not allowing journalist question. But no one touched the illegal settlements and illegal wall (part on Palestinian lands) question.

      So I went up and asked Mr. Wrigley from the UN after the panel discussion and question and answer period ended. I asked him how important it was for Americans to understand why Hamas is launching rockets into Israel. His answer was lengthy but basically "yes" it is "critically" important for Americans to understand. He went onto say that they have "legitimate" reasons for their anger and rockets. But that using rockets is "inexcusable" Just as "inexcusable" as Israel continuing to occupy Palestinian lands.

  • Iran didn't threaten to 'wipe' Israel out -- Israel's deputy prime minister
    • And then the husband responds over and over again with that I am going to bomb your house if you do not do what I say.

    • Forgot to link Race for Iran has an important one up about NYT and Wall Street Journal
      link to

    • Meridor somewhat admitted Ahmadenjad never said "wipe Israel off the map" But he did move right into saying that Iranian leaders have allegedly said Israel "will not survive, needs to be removed, a constant tumor" One of the first times I have heard an Israeli official or one of the people (Reul Marc Gerecht, Cheney, Rice, Bolton, Micheal Oren, Netanyahu, Joe Scarborough, Micheal Rubin, Lieberman, Ros Lehtinen, Rachel Maddow, Terri Gross etc etc) who have repeated this purposely mistranslated line s over and over again the last 10 years .....challenged.

      Did hear Hillary and Flynt Leverett challenge Charlie Rose when he said Iran "wants to wipe Israel off the map" when they were on his program. But have never heard a host of a MSM outlet challenge a guest who repeats this false line challenged. Not Diane Rehm, not Scarborough etc etc. In fact Terri Gross and others have repeated the false line themselves over and over again. Terri seems to have lightened up on that one.
      Professor Juan Cole translated what the Iranian President actually said close to six years ago:
      link to
      Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 15:34:18 -0400 From: “Cole, Juan”

      The speech in Persian is here:

      Sorry that I misremembered the exact phrase Ahmadinejad had used. He made an analogy to Khomeini’s determination and success in getting rid of the Shah’s government, which Khomeini had said “must go” (az bain bayad berad). Then Ahmadinejad defined Zionism not as an Arabi-Israeli national struggle but as a Western plot to divide the world of Islam with Israel as the pivot of this plan.

      The phrase he then used as I read it is “The Imam said that this regime occupying Jerusalem (een rezhim-e ishghalgar-e qods) must [vanish from] from the page of time (bayad az safheh-ye ruzgar mahv shavad).”

      Ahmadinejad was not making a threat, he was quoting a saying of Khomeini and urging that pro-Palestinian activists in Iran not give up hope– that the occupation of Jerusalem was no more a continued inevitability than had been the hegemony of the Shah’s government.

      Whatever this quotation from a decades-old speech of Khomeini may have meant, Ahmadinejad did not say that “Israel must be wiped off the map” with the implication that phrase has of Nazi-style extermination of a people. He said that the occupation regime over Jerusalem must be erased from the page of time.

  • Video: Senior IDF officer smashes peaceful activist in the face with his M-16
    • What a brutal asshole Eisner is. You can bet this was not the first time. You can see anger and brutality all over his face. May he do some time hell. No excuse for such violence. Israel can not stand all of these peaceful protest. Not going away

  • P5 +1 Iran nuclear talks went swimmingly! Netanyahu is fuming
    • Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett as well as other experts have said that the I lobby here in the states and Israel have sabotaged US negotiations with Iran for decades

    • The I lobby and Israel's scream is give up all uranium enrichment. Not going to happen. So Israel leave themselves plenty of room to pre-emptively attack. But I think the word is out if they do there are going to be some serious repercussions

    • Israel and the I lobby here in the states and around the world want Iran to give up their legal right to enrich uranium all together and that is not going to happen. I think we are going to hear some out loud request/demands that Israel sign the NPT and open up their doors to inspections. Last President to demand this was Kennedy

    • Another great post Annie. Great discussion over at Race for Iran all day. To think that the NYT's and other MSM outlets were not able (yet) to undermine these talks even though they tried. Always painting Iran in an "evil" light. Netanyahu will do what he can to destroy and positive out come.
      Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett as well as others have done everything in their power to encourage negotiations based on facts
      link to

  • Democratic Jewish group attacks Mark Perry for report on Israeli access to Azeri airspace
    • The other Mark Parry/Richard Engel story keeps expanding too. Israel intelligence agencies funding, training, arming MEK to assassinate Iranian scientist, blow facilities up etc. Then Seymour's story about the US allegedly working with the MEK

      Former Head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer has a interesting response to the OBama's administrations alleged leaks
      link to
      Obama keeps pushing the bipartisan religion of interventionism
      By mike | Published: April 2, 2012

      Too often, I believe, Americans think about Washington’s interventionism only as the actual physical intervention of U.S. military forces abroad in places where no U.S. interest is at risk. That activity certainly is intervention, but President Obama’s despicable decision last week to have his administration leak intelligence claiming that Israel has concluded an agreement with the government of Azerbaijan to allow its use of Azeri airfields for an air strike on Iran is just as much an unwarranted intervention by the United States government.

  • 'Dear activist, first solve the real problems of the region' -- Netanyahu's sophomoric letter to visitors to Palestine
    • Holy crap. Pretend you are a democracy. Few are buying this anymore. Ban non violent dissent. Try to divert attention from your own human rights abuses. This seems to be a common strategy of Israel and the Israeli firsters in this country. Then claim in that letter above that you allow "human rights organizations can operate freely" Who the f do they think they are kidding. Are you convinced that Israel has been shutting down, imprisoning non violent protesters for decades?

      When are they going to get it that they are their own worst enemy at this point.

  • Peggy Noonan blasts Republicans for Iran warmongering
    • Yeah many of the male pundits are often pompous but Peggy knows that dance too. That voice and delivery. Aye yi yi

    • "But that is different from having an aggressive foreign policy stance, and every one of the GOP candidates, with the exceptions of Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman, was aggressive. This is how their debates sounded: We should bomb Iran Thursday. No, stupid, we should bomb Iran on Wednesday. How could you be so foolish? You know we do all our bombings on Monday. You're wrong, we send in the destroyers and arm the insurgents on Monday."

      Go Noonan! You can be spot on sometimes. Phil on the I/P conflict. Most of the Peggy Noonan's Chris Matthews of the world know the story. To afraid to take a stand based on UN resolutions and International law.

  • 'We have cancelled your booking' -- the criminalization of travel to the West Bank is laid bare to the world
    • Thanks I thought all of the airlines were refunding.. This can help get even more press.

    • Pro Palestine, Pro Israel, Pro Peace activist are coming to Israel to remind Israel and the world that Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian lands. That Israel is absolutely closing the door to a two state solution. They will have only themselves to blame when this happens. Israel is an apartheid state and this is becoming more and more apparent to people around the world.

    • I believe the airlines are refunding the cost of the tickets

    • Laura I am looking for two women that I met at the Occupy Aipac conference this year(lost their info) who were from Seattle and Portland. They had been with the first flytilla. Incredible ladies. Had told them to contact Phil and Adam about writing about their experiences and sharing them with folks here and of course elsewhere. They had been talking about the next flytilla . Bet they were on this trip If you know who I am talking about send them here to share their more recent stories

    • And Israel continues to repeat it is a democracy. Phooey

  • Israel lobby group committed to 'new media' uses mushroom cloud in tweet (updated)
    • "So now even “centrists” wanna milk the nuclear fantasy?" That has been the case from the beginning of the go get Iran drum beating over the last 10 years. The so called liberals like Heather Hulbert, Joe Cirincione (at the 64th Univ of Colorado world affairs conference) etc think somehow it is radical to be focused on sanctions against Iran. Sanctions based on what? Information El Baradei would not allow in the previous IAEA report on Iran because it could not be substantiated. The choices run from sanctions that hurt to attacking Iran. We have seen this picture before. One good thing that Cirincione did finally come out and say later on at another panel at the conference is that it is the very same people who lied the US into Iraq pushing for a military confrontation with Iran. He also went onto say that a military attack on Iran was a mistake.

    • How about Go Crazy for Israel and over react as much as you can. Stir up the fear, stoke the hatred. So so dangerous

    • Total insanity.

      Lots of pushing to attack Iran by a Robert Kaufman at the 64th Univ of Colorado World Affairs Conference. Really like the guy (has a great sense of humor, a bit twisted but still funny) even though every chance he had he would repeat the common be afraid of Muslims, be afraid of Iran be afraid afraid. Lots of repeating of Islamophobia mantras. At this panel got to go one round with him during the question and answer session. Earlier he had said that in regard to sovereignty that the world needed "reliable, consistent" standards. (have what he said in my notes) He said some things about Darfur that I fully agreed with. In his opening he had used how Israel had bombed the nuclear facilities in both Iraq and Syria because they felt they were threatened. I later used those examples and said should those same standards be used by nations that feel threatened by Israel's massive stockpiles of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons that are undeclared officially and go un inspected because Israel continues to refuse to sign the NPT. Also asked him how his standards apply to the Israeli military uses of force and abuse in the internationally recognized illegally occupied Palestinian settlements? He had opened the Israel gate...I went through. He stumbled a bit and summarized by saying that he does not agree on the same standards for all. Totally contradicted his earlier statements. Again I found myself liking Kaufman even though he was really throwing out the Islamophobia mantras (you could almost see him smiling inside knowing what he was saying was just to work the crowd).

      3611 Sovereignty: If and When to Violate It

      2:00-3:20 on Wednesday April 11, 2012
      Wolf Law Wittemyer Courtroom
      Robert G. Kaufman
      Sylvester Bongani Maphosa
      Douglas L. McElhaney

      Moderator: Dorothea El Mallakh

  • The occupation reaches Europe: airlines cancel 'flytilla' passenger tickets
  • The Grass just keeps on growing
    • My favorite George Galloway moments. He decked Norm Coleman, Senator Levin and others in the US congress for their list of lies. He summarizes the endless lies and the horrific consequences. You can get high watching this full clip of Galloway knocking these liars out
      link to

    • Fred the facts just do not back up what you repeat. Israel is the initiator and perpetrator of violence. Persistent illegal building of settlements and illegal housing and all of the consequences of those illegal acts.
      There is no way around it. Just goes on and on..the Israeli violence
      link to

      link to
      link to
      link to

      This one is especially revealing
      Israeli soldier " I don't know what we are doing here. Purification maybe. It's dirty here. I don't know what a good Hebrew boy is doing here so far from his home"

      I have heard from many people who have gone to witness that racism in the Israeli army and in the majority of the Israeli public is common. Racism permeates the Israeli public. I have heard this over and over again

      link to
      link to

    • Met several women who were part of the flytilla group at the Occupy Aipac conference protest in DC. Trying to find their contact information they had wanted to talk to someone about writing something for Mondoweiss. They were wonderful. Will look for their contact info

    • Great post Annie. Thanks for continuing to focus on this issue

  • Denial
    • 'What do Israelis think about this? She said, "They don't know about this." And two of the Israelis turned in anger. Both said, "They don't want to know about it!"

      From the people that I know who have gone over to Israel and lived with Palestinians for several decades..they often say many Israeli's are well aware of the situation and conditions for Palestinians. That many just do not care. That there are many racist Israeli's.

  • Wallace interview with Ahmadinejad was little more than deliberate demonization
    • The Irish, the Polish, the Episcopalians.

    • So glad you put this up Nina. Don't get me wrong I liked Wallace and his interviews. But those trying to paint him as out on the cutting edge with the I/P issue is absurd. Now he did stick his neck out a few times. But clearly part of the team to keep the I/P issue in the shadows on 60 minutes.

      May he RIP

  • One state solution featured on NPR and in Carter 'IHT' Op-Ed
  • When Mike Wallace questioned Israeli story of '90 massacre, he got called into the owner's office
    • "I've always wondered why Walt and Mearsheimer's book never appeared on "60 Minutes."...."

      60 minutes has opened up a bit on the I/P issue the last five years but not much. And no matter how hard you try Wallace may have gone out on the edge of this issue once or twice. But he and 60 minutes towed the silence on this issue line for decades

  • Israeli police attack Palestinian and international activists touring Hebron
  • A humble shepherd is run off his grandfather's grandfather's land because of settlers' 'security'
    • Watch this Israeli army prick
      link to

    • One great thing is all of the visual documentation of illegal arrest and harassment

      Here is what generally takes place
      link to

      Getting out there
      link to

      link to

    • Israeli's doing this in my name. All of our names and with US taxpayer money. Our dear friend Art Gish lived with Palestinian shepherds year after year for close to two decades. Writing about the stories and Israeli soldiers he went up against. Too bad some people have to see this Israeli brutality and humiliation of the Palestinians to believe it has been going on for decades. But as I have said before better late than never. Better late than never. Call your Reps demand that aid to Israel be completely cut off. They need to hear from you

      "It was a small victory but without the presence of Ta'ayush, I
      suspect the shepherds would have been expelled from their own land."

      No doubt

      Art/Palestinian Shepherds
      link to

      CPT and the Palestinian shepherds
      link to

  • Mort Zuckerman pursued by terrorists for supporting Israel. Not
    • Using tax payers money to tail those tailing the tailed. Zuckerman has his spot at MSNBC's Morning Joe all sewn up.

  • 'When I put this on my website, some people will say, Those people are just terrorists.'
    • Now I too honor Phil Weiss for sticking his neck out. But asking "what was the rationale" for this horrific crime infers that this racist hate crime was "agreeable to reason; reasonable; sensible" This was a racist hate crime that many of the racist Israeli people accept in silence. Sick sick sick. Would an interviewer ask someone being interviewed about the 16th Baptist Street Church bombing where four young African American girls were blown to smitherins "what was the rationale" for this. Hate hate hate...racism racism racism

    • These would have been the questions I would have thought would come first out of compassionate un biased interviewer. Not what is the rationale?

      Diane Rehm had a program on bullying awhile back. She had two folks on who had been severely bullied and had written books. Diane's second or third question to the two who had been severely bullied was "why do you think you were bullied" She caught hell from listeners but never apologized. Even one of the guest let her know that this was an inappropriate question. This line of questioning by Phil especially almost immediately opens the door for endless Israeli excuses for their brutality

    • Oh I did get your sarcasm. Trying to point out how absurd it was for Phil's second question to be "what is the rationale" . Instead of tell us about the family, ages. Left there for two days? Was there a cry out of the Israeli population? Would be the case if you are not a racist as many Israeli's are. Did this end up in the courts? Any prosecutions? The Israeli or pro Israel no matter what question would be "what is the rationale?"


    • We all ready heard it in the video? What is the rational? That is the Israeli side of the story...that there is a rational.

    • Crushed in the rubble of their home in the middle of the night by Israeli's. Left for a few days. I just ate a bowl of honey nut cherrios and I think I am about to puke. Ok instead swallow. There is no fucking rational for this. Flat out crimes by a terribly desensitized and brutally cruel government and people. Did Israeli's scream out about these killings? Hell no.

      Call your Reps folks demand that the US cut off aid to Israel. Demand it.

      Yesterday was my second day at the Univ of Colorado 's 64th Conference on World Affairs. I have changed the name to the Go Get Iran Conference. Went to two panel discussions Tuesday. The first one was held at the Boulder High School:2179 From Arab Spring to Nuclear Winter

      9:50-11:05 on Tuesday April 10, 2012
      Boulder High School
      Joe Cirincione
      Heather Hurlburt
      Sylvester Bongani Maphosa
      G. Willow Wilson
      G Willow Wilson talked about the Arab Spring and the youth involved and technology. Sylvester brought the fear that many living with around the world because of nukes. Heather actually came at the topic in a sensible way. Talking about her own time as a teenager and political awareness and activism growing. Challenging the young folk about their present or potential involvement.

      But Joe Cirincione spent his 10 minutes on drumming up fear about Iran. Although willing to say that Iran does not have nuclear weapons. More than willing to cultivate fear amongst the youth about Iran having nuclear weapons in 3-5 years and the more than likely military attack on the by Israel or the US. Said nothing about Iran being a signatory of the NPT, having the right to enrich uranium up to 20% for peaceful purposes. Nothing about Israel having nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons and not being willing to sign the NPT. Nothing about how Israel and the I lobby here in the states threaten Iran daily.

      The next panel discussion I went to was:
      2312 America: Stumbling Along Without a Foreign Policy Strategy

      11:00-12:20 on Tuesday April 10, 2012
      Old Main Chapel
      Michael Bérubé
      Robert G. Kaufman
      Douglas L. McElhaney
      Isaiah (Ike) Wilson III

      Moderator: Howie Movshovitz

      Where all four panelist really did not make a clear case for much at all. Well except Robert Kaufman and moderator Howie Movshovitz almost high fiving each other after one question was asked about the Israeli Palestinian situation and Kaufman kept repeating that the Palestinians must recognize that Israel has the right to exist. Then Kaufman went off on an Islamaphobic rant including repeating all of the right wing radical mantras "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, Holocaust deniers, evil,dangerous" you know the go get Iran drill. Romney and his foreign policy team will go get Iran via a military strike. No challenges from the panel to his rant. Just rolled over. I thought Kaufman and Movshovitz were going to fall over with glee after he got away with that rant.

      Very disappointed in Ike Wilson's response to the I/P question. He went off on some tangent about foreign policy that went in circles and ended up no where. The usual when it comes to someone trying to dance around a direct question about the I/P conflict.

      Yep this years Univ of Colorado Conference on World Affairs should be changed to Go Get Iran. Not if but when?

  • Video: Arizona State's SJP debka flashmob
  • Romney has friends in all the right places
    • I believe Max Boot and Kagan are Romney foreign policy advisers. Romney is going to give Obama a run for that spot. Obama had better giddy up and get some of those sub prime and foreclosure fraudsters prosecuted, take it down a notch with Iran or there will not be enough of a distinction between him and Romney once he pivots back closer to his record

  • Book recounts Mike Wallace being attacked at NY party by Barbara Walters and Mort Zuckerman over '60 minutes' Israel coverage

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