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  • Israel approves sniper fire and 4 year mandatory prison sentences against stone throwers
    • Israelis are free to kill Palestinians at will. Palestinians throw stones for their freedom, land, to defy apartheid and they will do a mandatory four years for throwing stones. Israel just keeps confirming they have a criminal so called justice system

  • The Obama administration needs to own up to the quagmire in Syria
    • Just can not forget when former Bush 43's Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neil stated in Ron Susskind's book "The Price of Loyalty" that he was basically shown the back door of the White House when he started investigating Saud family money making it to 9/11 terrorist. How many of those madmen were from SA?

    • And the Obama administration's what appeared to be a united front (wonder about Hagel) on repeating "Assad must go" while supplying arms to rebels that they had little to no idea who they were/are. This is the way this madness in Syria was fueled from the beginning.

      A few days ago Obama's Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that the Russian bombings of non Is targets would fuel the chaos in Syria. What has the U.S. been doing for four long years? Or is it five?

      Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have been killed. How many millions...I have read 10 million displaced. Half of the population. Obama and team are in a very big way partially responsible for this debacle. Yet the host of media outlets seldom address this. Death and destruction all over the Obama administration.

    • Thanks Just. Was able to ask Hagel some direct questions about Iran when he was the main speaker at Univ of Colorado during a World Conference some years ago. He was very clear on diplomacy with Iran. Syria did not come up at the time.

      Just wondering if that is part of the reason for his departure...wanting to use diplomacy with Assad.

      You really do have to wonder if chaos and destruction was the decided upon track for Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. Create an environment where Muslims were killing Muslims. My dear friend Peggy Gish (member of Christian Peace Maker Team) who spent six years cumulatively in Iraq before and after invasion said many Iraqi people believed that was exactly what was happening. Disbanding of the Iraqi army by Bush administration's Paul Bremmer, setting the men in the Iraq army out on the streets without work. Later to form IS and also join Al Qeada. Too few troops to maintain a semblance of peace in Iraq etc. Similar situation in LIbya. So much death and destruction taking place in the path of the neocons agenda being implemented. On Syria, Libya sure looks like Obama and most of the team went right along.

    • Ech and the media so fell in line with the endless coverage of the Arab Spring. Then stopped coverage on a dime when things were not going the way the U.S. wanted. Not a peep out of most of them about the coup in Egypt, the horrific mess in Libya etc. As if all was well.

      Of course never mentioning the push for freedom for Palestinians over decades. Total silence

    • And Ipro as I pointed out above MSNBC (the alleged most liberal outlet on Cable) hopped right over the protest against Israeli occupation and human rights crimes that have been taking place for decades (the ones the IDF have not shut down) with Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel's help and covered protest in Egypt, Libya, etc.

      Rather calculated

    • Also Annie don't think for one minute that I don't respect and promote what you and Mondoweiss are attempting to do. Although clearly felt part of your comment was dismissive. You are a great writer and compiler. I have acted on my political and moral principles in other ways. Which has continued for decades.

      I believe we are on the same page when it comes to the principles of stopping the killing, pre-emptively doing all we can to stop more U.S. interventions and also U.S. support for Israel's crimes. Along with doing what we can when it comes to serious accountability for crimes committed.


    • It was amazing and twisted to watch the promotion of the Arab Spring on MSNBC. Rachel Maddow and Richard Engel would jump from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, jump over Palestine and Israel and go to Iran. Maddow and Engel both repeating unsubstantiated claims about Iran at the time.

      Barely a peep out of those MSNBC outlets on the overthrow of Morsi, or the U.S. role in fomenting the civil war in Syria by supplying rebels with arms. Many of the rebels from outside of the country.

      Would say the outlets that were on top of this Syria debacle were Going To Tehran, Moon of Alabama, Al Jazeera, Informed Comment and Michael Scheuer's Non Intervention website.

      Huff Po has been amazing on covering the Syrian refugee crisis. But did not cover what the U.S. was doing much four years ago. Huff Po and MSNBC seemed to go along with promoting the "Assad must go" Obama administration chant.

    • Moon of Alabama, Informed Comment, Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett and yes former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Michael Scheuer, Electronic Intifada, are all incredible resources for understanding U.S. middle east politics

    • Annie what you deem "as getting fun" I actually find rather pathetic. We are on the same page wanting the killing and displacement of Syrians to stop. That I think we can agree on. However many of us are deeply concerned about accountability too.

      I thought your dismissive tone "that's over" was unnecessary and arrogant. If you actually read the sentence in context your dismissive tone is apparent. I find this argument silly so

      The Obama administration is never going to admit their devastating strategy in Syria. Although examining how this all came about is important This latest move by Russia is what is making the possibility of negotiations surface once again. A constructive change. Not one initiated by the Obama administration

    • Annie "But that's over now" Holding those responsible for creating a devastating human rights issue which in Syria includes hundreds of thousands dead, millions of refugees is never over. Never.

      That is what I have always thought Mondoweiss was about. Not only pushing for halting human rights and social justice crimes but pushing for understanding those crimes and pushing for accountability.

    • Just do you have a clear handle on exactly where Hagel stood on the "Assad has to go" strategy of the Obama administration? From what I have read not a unified stance at all. Sounds like Clinton pushed hard for interventions in both Libya and Syria. Also Rice and Hagel went head to head on the Syria strategy.

    • Thanks Just

    • Sorry it offends you when someone does not fall into line with your opinions

    • Never said the time for diplomacy is "over" Did say "the time for Obama to work on a "diplomatic solution" was over five years ago" Hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved. Millions would not be refugees. . I also said it was a "bit late" in the diplomatic approach. We sure have a habit of doing things ass backwards. Unless that is the agenda was catastrophe for Syria

      I agree never too late. But so terribly brutal and sad that "diplomacy" was not the approach. Just demonstrating once again U.S. officials are not concerned with the lives of others.

      On the "that's over now" Sounds a bit like Obama at the beginning of his administration when many of us were calling for holding the Iraq warmongers accountable. Obama and team were repeating, "turn the page"..."next chapter" ..."don't be about revenge" Critical to know just how Syria ended up in the terrible situation it is in. In fact that is the very premise of your piece. Sure that if your relatives were refugees or dead most would want to know just how this came dire situation came to be.

    • Former Secretary of Defense Hagel's stance on Syria.

      "Aides said Mr. Obama made the decision to remove his defense secretary on Friday after weeks of rising tension over a variety of issues, including what administration officials said were Mr. Hagel’s delays in transferring detainees from the military prison in Guantánamo Bay and a dispute with Susan E. Rice, the national security adviser, over Syria policy."

      So Hagel and Rice went head to head over Syria strategy.

      "White House officials also expressed annoyance over a sharply critical two-page memo that Mr. Hagel sent to Ms. Rice last month, in which he warned that the administration’s Syria policy was in danger of unraveling because of its failure to clarify its intentions toward President Bashar al-Assad. Senior officials complained that Mr. Hagel had never made such a case in internal debates, suggesting that he was trying to position himself for history on a crucial issue as he was talking to Mr. Obama about leaving his job. Mr. Hagel’s defenders said he stayed quiet to avoid leaks."

    • So if he "inherited" the all ready underway foreign policy strategy. Why not pivot and use the Leverett's advised strategy from five years ago. Sit down and negotiate with Assad through back doors etc. He was offering a power sharing deal which could have also lead to a slow squeezing him out without such death and destruction.

      Not sure what former Secretary of Defense Hagel's stance was on all of this. Have not read. However Clinton certainly seemed to be pushing for interventions in Libya and Syria.
      "As Presidents Assad and Ahmadinejad signed agreements suspending visa requirements for Syrian nationals traveling to Iran and Iranians traveling to Syria, the Syrian leader responded to Secretary Clinton's demand that Syria roll back its relations with the Islamic Republic:

      We must have understood Clinton wrong because of bad translation or our limited understanding, so we signed the agreements to cancel the visas. I find it strange that they [Americans] talk about Middle East stability and peace and the other beautiful principles and call for two countries to move away from each other.

      A week before Ahmadinejad's arrival in Damascus, we had our own conversation with President Assad -- a conversation that came one day after U.S. Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs William Burns met with the Syrian leader. In our session with him, Assad expressed satisfaction over his meeting with Undersecretary Burns. However, Assad also made clear that Syria's relations with Iran, as well as its ties to Hizballah and HAMAS, are not on the table.

      Syria's relationship with the Islamic Republic seems increasingly strategic in character. Over the past year, key advisers to President Assad have told us as much; one of them went so far as to describe Syrian-Iranian relations with the French adjective "intime." If the Obama Administration is unable or unwilling to acknowledge this reality and the regional dynamics that have given rise to it, the already limited effectiveness of American diplomacy in the Middle East will be further undermined.

      To understand Syria's increasingly strategic partnership with Iran, a bit of history is in order. The late Hafiz al-Assad inaugurated Syria's relationship with the Islamic Republic during the Iran-Iraq war. The elder Assad was motivated to side with the Islamic Republic by several considerations, including his interest in winning Iranian clerical endorsement for his Alawi sect's Islamic legitimacy while he confronted a Sunni Islamist insurgency at home and his interest in resisting American efforts to bolster Iraq as a bulwark against Iran. This latter interest flowed naturally from Assad's chronic concern about his country's potential strategic marginalization by the United States and Israel. As Flynt described this concern five years ago in his Inheriting Syria: Bashar's Trial by Fire,

      The Assad regime's inclination to challenge U.S. Middle East policy has not stemmed primarily from the personal obstreperousness of Syrian leaders, but from a particular assessment of what defending Syrian interests required in the face of the U.S. posture toward the region. The United States is, of course, the chief external backer of the state of Israel -- from a Syrian perspective, an expansive power seeking regional hegemony. U.S. military and political support has been critical to allowing Israel to expand its territorial holdings and occupy these lands in defiance of what Syrian leaders frequently describe as "international legitimacy." From a Syrian vantage point, U.S. policy in the Middle East for much of the last thirty-five years has aimed principally at ensuring Israel's ability to consolidate and maintain its hegemonic position in the region.

      Given this interpretation of the underlying rationale for America's Middle East policy, the Assad regime has long been concerned to forestall a worst-case scenario in which Syria would be encircled by regimes hostile to its interests, allied to the United States, and docile toward Israel (that is, a Lebanon that has made a separate peace with Israel, a pro-Western Turkey cooperating strategically with the Jewish state, an Iraq with a regime supported by and supportive of the United States, a Jordan ruled by pro-American Hashemites who have sold out the Palestinian cause and forged security ties to Israel, and a rump Palestinian entity). Under these conditions, Syria would be marginalized in regional affairs, with other states free to ignore or undermine its interests."

    • What the PNAC blueprint for the middle east called for and Feith, Perle and Wurmsers "Securing the Realm" called for.

    • Quite awhile back Kerry said the U.S. needed to negotiate with Assad. A bit late in this horrific debacle in Syria...

    • The Leverett's wrote long ago that Assad had the support of at least 50% of the Syrian people.

      Have you read any human rights reports that verify that Assad has "deliberately"inflicted harm on civilians?

    • A fair amount about Israel's military intervention in Syria in Prof Cole's new piece. Interesting comment section

    • Great piece Annie. However the time for Obama to work on a "diplomatic solution" was over five years ago when Assad was offering a power sharing deal. Hundreds of thousands of dead and injured later, millions of people displaced is a bit late in the "diplomatic" approach.

      Professor Juan Cole has an interesting read up about Israel, U.S. Russia and Syria.

      Clinton's role in pushing for military interventions in Libya and Syria have yet to become part of the very serious issues to look at when it comes to Clinton's run for the Presidency. Along with her vote for the 2002 Iraq war resolution. She is a war hawk

  • Everyone's kicking AIPAC now that it's down
    • I still stand on better late than never. even though they take more of a stand when it is much safer to do so...the piling on is good.

    • Human rights and social justice activist Art Gish and I used to often talk about that as more and more people have become aware of the crimes that Israel has and continues to commit against Palestinians nothing yet has changed for the Palestinians.

      In fact Art thought the situation was becoming worse since his first winters in Hebron etc in the early 80's.

    • Followed former Congressman Paul Findlay's work and group Council for the National Interest for years. He would be a great interview here at Mondoweiss. Not sure if he is still alive. Last time I heard him speak in D.C. still very coherent and sharp.

      Let's hope that Senator Dick Durbin's vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and his support for the Iran deal squeezes Schumer the warmonger out of position.

      So great that some of these outlets are shining the light on Aipac's continued degradation.

      So great that Grant Smith is moving forward with pushing for Aipac being required to register under FARA.

      Thanks for this piece

  • Bernie Sanders is 'radical' on economic policy but a pussycat for Israel
    • On the middle east Sanders is basically the same old stuff. With the exception that he did come out early on and support the Iran deal. Clear on his vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution. This is still hanging over Clinton even though no one wants to bring it up. Then her warmongering in Syria, Libya. She is a hawk.

      Betting Obama will come out within the year pushing for Israel, Pakistan, India to sign the Non Proliferation Treaty. Would put money on it.

    • "all the candidates of both parties should be challenged" Yes indeed. We know what the bulk of their responses will be. Starting at Israel has every right to protect themselves, of course never really addressing Israel's aggression, illegal settlements , dispossession of homes, property, lives, massacre in Gaza (although Bernie did mention it in stronger terms than most) Palestinian refugees etc etc. We will hear them say that Israel deserves more weapons, funding support. Although if I am remembering correctly Bernie did say something about cutting U.S. aid to Israel and Egypt.

      So will run the gambit from Carly Fiorina, Trump, Walker wanting to give Israel the bank to Bernie saying while the issue is really difficult we should try to be more "even handed"

      However they should all be asked

    • Don't know much about Stein. Her stance on the I/P issue sounds spot on. However we are never going to get Stein. Stand on "we are not going to get anyone better than Sanders" who has come a very long way. The Sanders movement continues to grow.

      How is it going for Stein?

    • Granted Sanders has always gone along with Israel and the I lobbies wishes. However he did vote against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and is voting for the Iran deal. The for Iran deal is a big step away from Israel/

      Just how far would Sanders or any candidate get if they were to play hardball on this issue? Ok there has been a great deal of progress in many communities about acknowledging just what the facts are on the ground. Yet no one NO ONE has tested the grounds of being totally and brutally frank about this issue when they have been running for office. NO ONE.

      "Mealy mouth?" "The recent war in Gaza made a terrible situation even worse. They need help and I would hope that we would move in that direction" What else could Sanders have gotten away with?

      Israel responds or strikes in very brutal and disproportionate ways. Israel conducted a massacre in Gaza. What else could he in reality get away with at this point in time.

      Of course most of us here would like someone to try. Clearly not likely. The reality is we are not going to get anyone better than Sanders at this point.

  • A communal confession on Yom Kippur
    • Important point

    • Indeed. The words, images seem to run deep. Attended at least 15 Passover dinner's with Jewish friends. One friend born in Israel, served in Israeli army, speaks Hebrew would read prayers and we had text in English. I think more than likely a loose version of serious, religious Jews. I would say most of my Jewish friends are secular. Always took notice of the depth of the prayers the collective all inclusiveness of the prayers when it came to forgiveness, blessings on all.

      However would also be wrapped up in my head with how many of my Jewish friends had not capability to really look at the facts on the ground in the conflict and the contradictions in the prayers. Things of course are shifting.

      Don't get me wrong here. Growing up embedded (against my will) in the Catholic world also noticed how lovely and inclusive many of the prayers were and the massive contradictions in the actions of the male dominated clergy, the congregation and its actions.

      Lots of contradictions in most Religions. Although I do appreciate the intent. And it sounds like Rabbi Rosen has deep intent that manifest in action.

    • Just read the prayer. Whew...beautiful, honest, deep and wide. Soulfully transformational. Went for the guts of the issues with grace and grit.

      Thank you Rabbi Rosen

      Only two comments. Come on folks hope you read and take it in.

  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
    • It was the conservative and the so called "liberal" media that went along with repeating the Bush administration's "pack of lies" leading up to the invasion of Iraq. It has been so called "liberal" Reps who have gone along with anti Palestinian legislation for decades.

      It has been the so called "liberal" NPR that has blurred the facts about occupation for decades. It is the so called "liberal" Terri Gross who will have Max Blumenthal on to talk about his book exposing and pounding the Republican party but the same "liberal" Terri Gross will not have Max on to talk about his latest book reporting about the Gaza massacre.

  • Long Island synagogue marks High Holidays with thanks to Israeli soldiers in Gaza war
  • New Yorkers take action on Syrian crisis
    • Sarah...thank you for this. Did any of the speakers address the stark reality that the U.S. turned down a power sharing deal with Assad quite a few years back. That the U.S. has fueled this Syrian crisis ( Hillary Clinton big promoter) by supplying arms to rebels that they had no idea who they were, provided intelligence etc. That the U.S. is in a big way partially responsible for this crisis? Did anyone even whisper about this?

      Interesting that over at Huff Po a writer has posted six different organizations that people can contribute to for Syrian refugees and there are only two responses. One of the very negative. Demonstrates just how concerned people are. Sad.

      To think that half of Syria's population are refugees. Can one imagine half of the U.S. population being refugees? Tough to wrap your mind around...especially for Americans. Well not native Americans

  • Iran Deal's liberation: Judaism is not Zionism
    • Phil "Most Jewish Democrats in Congress opposed Israel's stated desires." And most of us here know that this is a first. Not only for Jewish Democrat Reps for almost all Reps who are Dem's. This vote against Israel's stated "desires" is a first.

      Howard Fineman has one up over at Huff Po about the focus of this first of High Holy Days and what they should be focused on. He is addressing the refugee crisis. But somehow fails to mention the U.S. role in creating millions of these refugees or Israel and the Palestinian refugee crisis that has been going on for decades.

      So the tunnel vision and where "reflection, repentance and renewal" apply are very limited in scope in Howard Fineman's world.

      All ready put up a comment. Someone over there generally keeps my pertinent responses in the first spot. Will see about this one

  • This high holiday season, expect few words about Palestinians, and even less concern
    • Melissa Harris Perry did a segment this morning (Sunday) about where Senator Sanders will be spending the first day of the Jewish High Holiday's at Liberty University. Find this one really interesting.

      Who knows Senator Sanders may talk about the idea of one's faith actually manifesting in acts of justice. Legislation that benefits all etc.

  • 'NYT' openly counts Jewish politicians, and Obama and Clinton both reach out to Netanyahu
    • Echi Marnie with all due respect please tell me just who in the running gets any better than Senator Sanders? Who in the running? Not a pipe dream. I very much stand against his votes for the government of Israel on all things against Palestinians. However who in the running voted against the 2002 Iraq war resolution (not Hillary, not Biden (if he runs) Who is voting for the Iran deal? Which stands in defiance of what Israel and the I lobby wants.

      On most domestic issues you do not get any better than Senator Sanders. He is the only candidate I have sent money to. When there is a candidate who is in the real running with all issues and who stands a chance then we can talk real choice. For now Senator Sanders is it. Degree of severity on issues falls into play when you are in a real race

      If Rand Paul would have stood his ground on foreign policy he might have been in the running. However on domestic issues he is a right wing nut job. Except on felony and prison issues.

    • Chris Matthews was a real jerk when he talked about Sanders tonight on the campaign trail, He had Joy Reid, David Corn and Perry Bacon on a panel talking about the race Admire

      Chris Matthews "I don't think Bernie is the answer, the socialist guy over there, the guy from Vermont, Ben and Jerry country. Is going to have a following on college campuses" Not one of the guest objected to that sarcastic comment. Have talked with folks who have been to some of the Sanders events. One friend in LA who is a Vietnam Vet in his early 70's. He said the crowd of 20,000 was mostly over 40. Most the people I know who are supporting Bernie which is a lot of people are in their 50's and 60's. Total put down by Matthews who never gives Sanders campaign the time of day. All Trump on his program.

      Think you might be interested

  • Buy tickets now! Only $360 to hear Elliott Abrams and Dennis Ross!
    • The old faces of support for apartheid Israel. Scarlet Johannsson the new face for apartheid in Israel was on Colbert's as a guest. Too bad about Colbert choosing her for an early guest. Disappointed in Colbert. Lost in space....

    • If they really want to support Israel demand that they get out of the West Bank, E Jerusalem, allow Gaza to rebuild in fact fund that rebuilding. Tell Israel to abide by the UN resolutions, sign the NPT and the Chemical Weapons Treaty. It's a start.

      The old way of shutting down the debate, dominating the U.S. congress, shunning the international community, doing as they please is just not acceptable any longer.

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • Toivo thanks for pointing out Clinton's push for intervention in both Libya and Syria

    • Remember when the Lancet report came out in 2006 reporting that 650,000 (of course never a round number but what they reported) The Bush administration and war team slammed that report...swept it under the rug. So one would figure if that was the number then it would have to over a million dead. Iraq Body Count has a number much less as well as a Pentagon report that came out some years ago,

      All so shameful...and horrific for the Iraq people to have endured. Foxman sure is not concerned with these deaths

    • Collective group of psychopaths...really. Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby, Addington Rumsfeld, Rice, Kristol, the whole horrific lot of them. They don't give a rats ass who has died, been displaced, injured as they went after rearranging the middle east. When you add up how many have died in these unnecessary wars it is coming up close to those Hitler murdered. Ok ok I know not systematic but damn near. Knowing different religious factions would turn on one another after creating a terribly unstable situation. These cast of murderous characters knew what they were doing. I truly believe this

    • Ben this is the most comprehensive piece I have read on the refugee situation. Thanks for reminding folks that the U.S. bloody meddling has caused much of this suffering.

      Talk about turning the middle east upside down.

      I keep thinking about what the Leverett's were saying and writing about over five years ago. Encouraging the Obama administration to sit down and negotiate with Assad. Take the power sharing deal he was offering back then. Hundreds of thousands would be alive. Millions would not be refugees.

      I am always saying that there are 1 million Iraq refugees. Ben reports 3.3 million. What a hell on earth the U.S. created for that country. Worse than when Saddam was in charge.

    • Have you heard any of the so called liberal talking heads on MSNBC talking about this refugee crisis in any kind of serious way? Have you heard any talking head on any outlet mention that most of the refugee problem has been caused by U.S. bloody meddling.

      On top of it U.S. barely taking any of the refugees that the U.S. created. Sickening. Shameful.

      There truly is no reason why people should not be able to understand why people in that part of the world hate us?

  • AIPAC is going out with a whimper not a bang
    • He is so calm so matter of fact when he strongly infers taking people out.

    • Another cold calculated psychopath. Seems like the Iraq Iran warmongers are a collective of psychopaths. Truly.

    • What a great cartoon above. Yes more than ever before the I lobby has been exposed, Reps for the first time voted against what Israel and the I lobby wanted. This is a first. However as you pointed out Israel will be getting plenty and there is clearly more undermining to come in different ways. There will still be efforts to take the deal down.

      Chris Matthews always protecting his own a$$. The only MSNBC host who has gone out on a limb to actually educate the public about the Iran deal was Melissa Harris Perry. J Street's Ben Ami has the Rep for the shift taking place.....He represents the establishment and well yest there has been a shift there. The real action has been taking place her on Mondoweiss, Going To Tehran, Informed Comment and yes at Huffington Post. Along with amazing educational efforts by Allison Weir's If Americans Knew, Electronic Intifada. J Street the establishment front safe enough for Matthews to have on his Comcast owned program. He is a tip toe through the tulips journalist. MHP brave journalist

  • Why do Jewish legislators carry more weight on Iran Deal?
    • I was shocked by Manchin voting against. Every time I have heard the guy speak on Morning Joe, on the Senate floor he sounds so incredibly articulate, reasonable, thoughtful in his thinking. I know his constituency was against (so was DWS although we know she was in fear of losing her DNC position), he is not up for re-election until 2018. What gives? Shameful on his part.

      Why do Jewish Reps votes on this issue carry more weight. Strong likelihood because this is one of first times if not the first time that so many Jewish Reps have voted against what Israel and the I lobby want. First time I am aware of. This is huge! Blinding light coming through the wall of complicity.

  • 'Jimmy Carter's cancer is God's punishment,' says leading Israeli newspaper
    • Yes indeed if you apply that same thinking

    • How can one's mind not go there "where was this God during the Holocaust" when a religious person applies insane thoughts to anyone's suffering. Total bs.

      The other day was reading over at the Intercept about the death and destruction in Yemen. One woman's family had been wiped out and when asked about her future and what she had been through she said something like " if God wills it" or "God willing" No no no God (I am clearly not a believer) did not do any of these horrific things to these humans. Other human beings committed these human rights crimes....We are the angels, we are the killers. Has nothing to with some sky god.

  • Riham Dawabshe dies, leaving one survivor of arson attack, Ahmad, 4
    • Tears, could barely catch my breath. How common is it to have infections in skin grafts?

      That little child who survived. Painful to think about children without their parents and siblings.

      Allison will you be writing soon about BB's claim that those responsible will be held accountable.

    • Wretched humans. This is the hate filled attitude and actions that Palestinians deal with every day. Sickening that any newspaper would allow this kind of hatred to even appear. May they suffer consequences for this kind of hate

  • Obama gets Wasserman Schultz-- and salutes her 'homeland' with a Netanyahu valentine
    • Scott Roth's tweet hits the nail on the head.

    • She also flat out lies " Iran's leaders routinely call for the destruction of the United States. the nation that I have dedicate my life to serving" Then she claims as so many of the warmongers do that Iran's leaders have called for the "destruction of Israel."

      Who, where, when? These inflammatory and unsubstantiated claims flow out of like water.

      Now we know fundamentalist in Iran have been out on the streets calling the U.S. and Israel the "devil" and have more than likely called for the destruction of both nations. However is there anything that would back up these endless claims by warmongers?

      I really do think DWS voted for this deal because she was afraid of being bumped as the DNC Chair. Again it would be great to think she voted on the merits of the deal. However there is a fair amount that has been written about the tension between DWS and the White House. That she had strong fears several years ago that she was going to be shown the back door. If she had voted against that would be a strong likelihood.

  • The Iran Deal is an African American achievement
    • Hughes...Agree. What does Obama have to lose at this point? They would just be making it even more apparent that BB and team, many Israeli's and right wing Zionist in this country do not want a two state solution. Never have wanted a two state solution. Never will.

    • As Gregg Rubin said on a post about DWS support for the deal over at Huff Po "Shouldn't be that hard if your allegiance is to the USA and your President."

      Reading about all of the tension between the WH and DWS. Sounds like P Obama would have liked to give DWS the boot out of her DNC chair position. Bet that possibility steered her towards doing the right thing. One would have hoped that her vote for would be based on the merits of the deal. However from what I know about the way DWS has voted about anything having to do with Israel there would be no evidence that she makes decisions based on facts.

    • Quite the conversation and comments on DWS shocking announcement to support the Iran deal over at Huff Po

    • Just you are so right. Politico reported some time ago that "DWS had lined up supporters in 2013 to portray any decision by President Obama to replace her as DNC chair as "anti woman and anti- semitic." Knew there was friction between DWS and the White House. Would like to think she voted for the Iran deal based on its merits although sounds more likely she may have voted for it because she may have faced being being tossed out on her rump.

    • Total surprise. Good for her. Ultimately better for Israel too. Good for her. Shocking really

    • Love this on. The Black Caucus led the way on challenging BB. They led the way Brought this up on many websites,

  • Rights Groups: 80% of Yemenis are in need of humanitarian aid due to US-backed war
    • I agree blame Russia and Assad as well. However in our media the U.S. somehow comes out smelling like a rose even though we are partially responsible for the disaster in Syria. Fully responsible for the disaster in Iraq.

      How different it would be if the U.S. etc had sat down with Assad and said yes to the power sharing deal that the Leverett's wrote about 5 or more years ago. Think about it

    • 4 comments. Telling and very sad. Somehow the value of the lives of people being in murdered does not even add up to 4 comments here at MW.

    • Ben important piece. Have been going over to another stellar website "The Intercept" to read about the situation in Yemen. Not much coverage of this issue anywhere else that I have found. Not even counting numbers killed. Not much access.

      While this situation with Iran is looking constructive. U.S. support for rebels in Syria has resulted in hundreds of thousands dead, over a million refugees. Our support for SA in Yemen is doing the same.

      Thanks for this report

  • Debacle for the Israel lobby: Booker jilts Boteach, and Netanyahu sinks AIPAC
    • Thanks ckg

    • Had not heard that Manchin announced yet

    • We worked hard on Bennet and Polis (still out on the issue) here in Colorado. Was in Ohio all summer and tried to stir up people to go after Senator Portman We knew Senator Brown would vote for. The congressional district I have property in Athens Ohio was ruled by Dems for decades (worked for so many candidates in Ohio my head spins when I think about it.) Strickland was our congress person for I believe at least 12 years then Governor. Now running for Senate in 2016. A great man and Rep. . I say keep pressuring them even if they are a Republican or Schumer until the vote is done.

      If Polis goes Israel's way lets hope Boulder stirs up someone to run against him next time around.

    • We are at 38 yes votes for the Iran deal. Think 6 or 7 still out. Damn it will be an incredible day if we hit 41.... for diplomacy and peace. Schumer, Menendez, Cardin should be persistently hammered for their no votes. Hammered

    • You want to take in just how seedy Cardin is go watch his last appearance on Cspan's Washington Journal. Just go to Cspan's website. He was hammered pretty hard for his die hare allegiance to Israel trumping his allegiance to the U.S.

    • Just got through to Senator Bennet's office in D.C. again. He just announced support for the deal! Yee haw. Folks here in Colorado have been working on him a great deal. Cardin of course voted against U.S. National Security and the standing Dem President and all of the work with the P5+1 along with Schumer and Menendez. What a sorry lot

    • Nadler is a congress person. Was pleasantly surprised that he voted for the Iran deal. Have heard him speak about Israel on a panel not focused on the issue( don't think Netroots has ever done such a panel) but somehow Israel came up and Nadler repeated his pledge of allegiance to Israel several times. Did not think there was an honest opening there.

      I don't think Booker or anyone else who is supporting the deal is "jilting" Israel. I think they are actually being a better friend by supporting the deal. Really do believe this.

    • Clearly Booker, Mikulski, Warner, Heitcamp are voting for the National Security of the U.S., Israel and the world. Just that Israel and the I lobby refuse to see it. Let's hope we get to 41 Senators. Keep calling. J Street has sent out an easy format for calling the undecided

  • BDS is here to stay: Message to a CT synagogue
  • National Public Radio annexes West Bank to Israel
    • You are right Boomer. But they lost some listeners over that one. Of course they capture more all of the time...locked in cars during rush hour. Talk about a captive audience.

    • Getting rid of Bob Edwards was pathetic. They heard quite an outcry from the public

    • Here is an interesting tidbit. Move On has put out a new alert here in Colorado for folks to be contacting Congressman Polis. In the suggested request they encourage folks to say "Choose diplomacy over war. Stand with your fellow Democrats not with Dick Cheney and Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz and many of the same gang that pulled us into a war with Iraq."

      Somehow they fail to mention that you should not be standing with Dem Senators Schumer and Menendez, Rep Israel and other Dem Congress people voting against the deal.

    • That will be a company to boycott. Will check in the largest liquor/wine store in our region to see if they are carrying "Golan Heights Winery" products.

    • Good for you Amigo

    • NPR has had that frontal of being progressive on almost all other issues. Difficult for folks to see through that decades long and well constructed frontal.

    • Inskeep "knows this type of thing" Everyone I have ever talked with about this issue of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine believe NPR has done their part to support the occupation and cover up (or be silent) on Israeli's crimes for decades. Ok maybe the last five years they have become a bit more fact based.

      However in the past it was either silence or complicity

      NPR chooses to have it's "head in the sand" on this conflict. They have been complicit for decades. People have talked about this for decades. Even contacted NPR.

  • Max Blumenthal is an un-person in the 'New York Times'
    • The Clinton's are well aware of the crimes being committed against Palestinians. Sold out long ago

    • "Israel barred the prominent scholar Noam Chomsky" Have always wondered what the criteria is for making Israel's individual threat list. Chomsky, Finkelstein, an activist friend of mine have all made it. I believe Seymour Hersh may be on it. Talked with him in Union Station years ago when he had just tried to get into Israel.

      But Weiss, Blumenthal not threats to Israel's National Security.

      Wonder what the criteria is?

    • Clinton knows.

    • You can bet Sidney Blumenthal has been well aware of Israel's crimes against the Palestinians for decades. Hillary Clinton too. Now Sidney is speaking out. Well again another member of the better late than never crowd.

  • 'Turning point' -- Obama defeats Netanyahu and 'destroyers of hope' on Iran Deal!
    • Many in the herd are real believers in the exceptionalism piece. And some in the herd are terribly frightened based on a horrific past. This deal is better for all involved

    • Glad you like Durbin. He voted against 2002 Iraq war resolution and now for the Iran deal. Not so pro Israel...But ultimately in the long run do believe the Iran deal is better for the U.S. r Israel, the rest of world. Just wish Israel would pivot and support the deal. That would really blow a hole in a positive and constructive way

    • Yes NIAC put out an alert early this morning. Now to the 41 votes needed to halt the Republicans, Senator Schumer and Senator Menendez from putting President Obama in a humiliating position to have to use his veto power.

      Keep contacting your Reps let the ones know like Schumer and Menendez who are undermining U..S. National Security by going against the President and voting against this deal that they can still do the right thing and vote for the Iran deal.

      Let's hope that Schumer's vote knocks him out of play for the Dem Majority whip in the Senate in 2016. Should be Durbin...who voted against the 2002 Iraq war resolution and is voting for the Iran deal. Should be Senator Durbin.

      Surprising there is not more hammering of Schumer and Menendez in the MSM and at so called progressive websites.

  • Meet the teenage girls behind the viral photo from Nabi Saleh
    • Nope did not have the Janna piece. Thanks

    • Allison does Jihad have her own fb page? Went looking.

      Went to the Nali Sabah fb page and they announce that you tube has taken down the video that went viral because it violates their "Community Guidelines."

      So who got to you tube? Used to be able to access many clips of horrific Israeli abuse on Palestinians including children. Have not checked in awhile.

    • Thanks Allison. These young people are remarkable. Turning sadness, depression, oppression into action against the oppressor. Their story should go viral,

      Halamish has to go. The illegal settlers have to go.

      What brutal, soul less people the illegal settlers are. And the Israeli government supports and protects them. Disgusting

  • The 'Pallywood' smear: Viral images of Palestinian boy's brutalization brings backlash
    • Christ Hop when can you get off of your fucking high racist horse and just say Israel should get out of the West Bank. Force the illegal settlers etc out. Get the fuck out if Israel really wants a nation that the international community recognizes Enough of of the IDF going into Palestinians homes at night terrifying kids, old people etc. Dragging people out of their homes for fighting for their own land.

      I have heard former IDF soldiers (here in Boulder and in D.C.) speak about how they have maps of where Palestinian adults and children sleep in their homes. That this soldier and many others go in during the middle of the night rousing people out of sleep. If someone is found in a particular bed and they do not belong there the IDF will drag that person to the station. Israeli's have gone mad. Simply mad

  • Why the mainstream media is still ignoring Max Blumenthal's excellent book on Gaza
    • Does that really matter? Wondering why Max is undermining Allison Weir? Know he did his best to take down Gilad Atzmon. I have heard Gilad speak twice and yes he seems like there is a complicated and somewhat twisted agenda. He repeated endless inaccuracies about the Iraq war. I challenged him on many things that he said. However one thing that stuck in my head is how he claimed that there was a concerted effort by new Jewish activist to purge the decades long movement of "non Jews" in leadership positions.

      Allison's contributions have been and continue to be immeasurable.

    • Just read an email message and watched a clip of Allison Weir's ( from If Americans Knew) response to Max Blumenthal's verbal undermining of one of Allison's talk and her work. That is sure disappointing.

      What is up with this division going on? Not that everyone has to be on same page. However seems like a concerted effort going on by some to take Allison and her work down. Not going to happen. She has lots of support and has done amazing work long before some of these newer folks have jumped on this wagon.

    • All of these Congressional trips to Israel being paid by obtuse I lobby groups stinks. I thought all of this foreign countries and foreign countries agents paying for Congressional trips was to come to a halt after the hullabaloo over Rep Ney's paid for trips and gifts.

      He did jail time.

      Thought there was legislation passed to nip this interference in serious U.S. decision making in the bud.

    • Generally respect every article I have read by Sidney Blumenthal especially "The Good Soldiers Revenge" about the John Bolton nomination and the neocons spying on General Powell.

      However I get a deep sense he has a dual agenda in his investigations and reporting. Not as if reporters can not have an agenda of their own that weaves through their work

    • Have to watch. So glad Cspan did this. They did not cover that second Israel Palestine conference. Someone got to them

    • Hey all you can do is try to contact make your argument and challenge her on having interviewed Max on his first book which dissected Republicans...which of course Terry like. Challenge her about never criticizing anything Israel does. That her bias is so clear and many are aware of it.

      You just never know. I for one will be working on Melissa Harris Perry having him on. She is one of the bravest MSM host going.

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