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  • United Methodist Church pension fund rules 5 top Israeli banks off-limits for investment
    • Interesting way for a cultural arts center "The Dairy" in Boulder Colorado chose to celebrate Martin Luther King day...promoting a Jewish civil rights activist (Rosenwald). This center has a Jewish film festival but not a Muslim film festival.

  • The sons of Sa'ir
    • Am always amazed when people of deep spiritual and human rights convictions like Art, .Peggy, Max, Phil, Jeff Halper etc put their own safety on the line for others. Deep respect...

    • More Palestinian boys and young adults fighting and dying for their freedom. One does not need to wonder for long about what conditions push these very young people to try to stab their oppressors (of course one always questions the Israeli reports). Of course we will not be hearing Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow reporting about these killings.

      Heard stories like this (written and spoken) by human rights activist Art Gish for decades. Who like you Phil put his own life in danger to bring light to the situation starting in the early 80's . You and your team more recently. A healthy growth of awareness. Although as you point out Phil still no MSM western media reporting from the area. And of course with distorted reporting like Jodi Ruderon's exposing the apartheid state of Israel is more than difficult

      Art always said the will of the Palestinian people was like steel. Impenetrable in so many ways. These massive human rights crimes in an apartheid state are not going away, In fact if Hillary Clinton is elected I believe the situation will get much worse. She is partially owned by Haim Saban, and as you know has come right out and shared harsh words for the BDS movement. I think Sanders still has a conscience intact and would deal with the situation there much more honestly. Even though their voting records on these issues fall in line. I just think Sanders is more reasonable.

      Phil you project that if Zionist could see the horrific crimes being committed against Palestinians that they would care. I know from directly hearing Zionist saying that "Jews lives are more valuable than Palestinians lives" that that is not the case. Many Zionist and others do not care and that is the real sickness that this horrific situation illustrates

      Not sure why you decide to use myths like "Lands promised to the Jews in the Bible?" Why fuel these myths? Such bullshit. A bunch of Jewish guys writing about talks with their imagined monotheistic god, putting their centuries long efforts to seal the deal on that land being above logical and historical reproach. Why fuel these myths?

  • Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.
    • What an "amazing project" Opening eyes.

      Have met and talked with 9 young adults who had all gone on Birthright trips. Three of the nine had gone off the planned path of Birthright. Those three young Jewish men and woman all had chosen to really find out what has been and continues to go on in the apartheid state of Israel. They were activated to support Palestinian solidarity efforts. Birthright does backfire.

      Birthed awareness in open minded, fact interested young people and now Birthwrong...

      Sounds like Max may fuel a Birthwrong movement here in the states.

  • My one word interrogation at Ben Gurion airport
    • Michael you have had some of your own experiences. You rank right up there with some other activist turned away. I know Norman Finkelstein is on the most not wanted list in Israel. I think Noam Chomsky has a hard time getting in too. Medea?

      I met Seymour Hersh in D.C.'s union station in a Starbucks line. Had quite the conversation with him and his wife (sorry can't remember her name) He had just been turned away from getting in the Gaza during the last massacre.

      Just do not get how MW folks get right in. Clearly for some reason not considered a threat. Don't get it.

  • Goodbye to all that (my Jewish-WASP shtik)
  • Trump calls out Clinton for her support for Israel's separation wall
    • Citizen I have spent some time over at the Trump fb page. Trying to taunt Trump and team a bit along with bashing Clinton and cheerleading for Bernie.

      Early on kept encouraging the Trump team to use hundreds of comments by MSM talking heads and pundits saying "Trump has gone too far now"...."iteat's over for him after that comment" yada yada. Would be a great ad. Chris Matthews, Mika, David Corn etc comments will make a great ad confirming Trump defied their prophecies.

      Have to admit I like the way Trump goes after the MSM.

    • Trump could take a lot of votes from Hillary on the Dem side. Pulling from the same socio-economic group he is pulling from on Republican and Independent sides.

    • When Hillary was making a deal out of Trump's Muslim comments saying that they would be used by terrorist. MSNBC's Katy Tur was asked by Chris Matthews if this was such a wise strategy by Clinton. Tur went to bat hard for Clinton saying something really close to "there will more than likely be evidence of how terrorist will use Trumps words"

      Tur sounded like a hack for Hillary.

  • Roger Waters points out that Palestinian children can't visit the sea
    • So admire Roger Waters using his power and position for human rights and social justice. So called human rights activist etc should be taking notes.

  • US spying on Israel reveals cynical heart of the 'special relationship'
    • "Human rights crimes committed against Palestinians"...

    • The fact based information about the power of Israel and the I lobby on U.S. is not going away. The fact based information about the human rights crimes that have and continue to be committed against is not going away.hi

      The fact based information about U.S. global hegemony agenda (talked about a great deal here and at many other websites) is not going away.

      The efforts to expose the destructive results of both are not going away. The efforts to curb (lobbying, protest, teach ins, leaflet dropping etc etc this website) these destructive forces are not going away.

      Folks should do all they can to keep Senator Sanders in the running. While his voting record is not much different than Clinton's on the I/P issue, he provides far more possibilities when it comes to the Bush and OBama's bloody love affairs with regime change

    • D let's be grown up and stick to the written script. I have never written or said that the "U.S. is a tool for Israel" I have and will continue to say that Israel and the I lobby have a destructive and disproportionate amount of influence on U.S. foreign policy.

      Yes as said earlier the Iran deal was very different. In fact one of the first times Israel has been publicly backed down.

      Sure seems to get under your skin when people provide evidence to back up the disproportionate and destructive influence that Israel has had.

      And as I also said earlier U.S. global hegemony has been an issue many of us have focused on for decades. Along with the power of Israel and the I lobby

      Times are a changing.

      A grown up sticks to the written script and does not attempt to put their words into others mouths.

    • Remember when BB was taped saying "America is a thing you can move very easily"

    • Great points Annie

    • Finkelstein was out on the front lines of the stand against crimes being committed against Palestinians early on. Suffered serious personal consequences for having a conscience and a commitment to justice.

      Have always appreciated his focus on international law in the I/P conflict

      The only thing I have heard Finkelstein say or write that was not "illuminating" were his comments about BDS being a "cult"

    • Anyone watch the Chris Matthews interview with Clinton last night (Tuesday?) He did ask her about her Iraq vote and her war hawkishness. Was looking for the transcript(unable to find). However what I remember is Matthews saying something about Sanders saying she was into "regime change" (which clearly she is). Clinton answered with something like "that is not true" (got to find the script)....

      Chris Matthews did not challenge her at all. Let her slip right through.

      Clinton is clearly into "regime change" as well as supporting Israel no mater what they do. I truly believe Sanders is the more reasonable candidate. Think his conscience is far more well as not being as corrupted by the millions that the Clinton's have packaged

    • I too have challenged, protested, gone to jail based on challenging "U.S. global hegemony" Vietnam, Central American issues, invasion of Iraq (which was clearly a confluence of oil, neo, theo cons). However understanding the power of the I Lobby is a key issue for the public to understand as well.

      That is why I am in complete support for Senator Sanders for President. I believe he is our best bet for challenging "U.S. global hegemony" and also believe he is actually far more likely to be open to real solutions in the I/P conflict.

      While I would love to see a woman President and clearly Clinton is totally capable. She is an extreme war hawk far more into "regime change" than Bernie and quite honestly do not feel an ounce of shame or compassion for those she has been more than willing to be an integral part of the death, destruction, refugee issue that is all a result of the expansion of "U.S. global hegemony"

      However not being willing to examine how Israel and the I lobbies efforts to promote the invasion of Iraq , disrupt negotiations with Iran, undermine U.S. national security (Aipac espionage investigation, I/P conflict) etc is simply irresponsible and stupid.

    • As I said Green has throughout this thread denied and tried to distract from the power of the I lobby and Israel's disproportionate amount of influence on U.S. foreign policy. He continues to do so.

      Anyone reading this thread and the public in general should assess for themselves by reading about Israel's efforts to destroy the Iran deal, interfere with the Aipac espionage investigation etc etc.

    • Green has throughout this thread dodged and dismissed evidence supporting the disproportionate amount of power and influence that the I lobby has had. The Iran deal going through does demonstrate a loss of punch.

      However for those interested in the facts and the reality of that power. How at times the power of the I lobby has interfered in U.S. National Security. Take your time and read some of these pieces. As well as Mearsheimer and Walt's book.

      Aipac espionage investigation...and 9 time delayed trial which was eventually dismissed.

       Spy Story: Harman, Saban, and AIPAC

      The trial on espionage-related charges for two former officials of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee starts this summer, unless -- as the Washington Post has demanded -- the Justice Department drops the charges.

      Now we know, thanks to Jeff Stein of CQ, that a reported offer from Rep. Jane Harman to intervene in the case on behalf of AIPAC -- to "waddle into" it, as she put it -- was caught on tape on a court-ordered (and court-sanctioned) wiretap. According to Stein, perhaps Washington's very best reporter on intelligence, an FBI probe of Harman's pledge to run interference for AIPAC was dropped on orders from Alberto Gonzalez, President Bush's attorney general, who wanted Harman's cooperation to protect the secret (and illegal) domestic surveillance program.

      Monday, Apr 20, 2009 05:35 AM MDT
      Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC
      CQ reports that a key member of Congress was caught on wiretaps agreeing to intervene in a criminal prosecution of AIPAC officials, but Bush's AG protected her
      Glenn Greenwald

      Jane Harman is Going to Have Bad Day
      Representative Jane Harman denies that she agreed to lobby on behalf of two AIPAC employees facing espionage-related charges in exchanging for AIPAC lobbying Nancy Pelosi to allow Harman to assume the chair of the House Intelligence Committee.
      But there’s growing clamor over an National Security Agency intercept that, if true, seems to call into question Representative Harman’s insistence that she would not do this — even if she didn’t.

      AIPAC's Overt and Covert Ops

      by Juan Cole

      CBS is reporting that a Defense Intelligence Agency analyst detailed to Undersecretary of Defense for Planning Douglas Feith's Office of Special Plans is under FBI investigation for spying for Israel. The person passed to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) confidential documents, including those detailing Bush administration policy toward Iran, and AIPAC then passed them to Israel. There are wiretaps and photographs backing up the FBI case (the FBI agents involved are extremely brave to take this on).

      5. Read some of the federal Aipac espionage investigation case files. Wonder why it never went to trial. No I lobby influence there. Green is here to divert from facts, evidence
      USA v. Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman ("The AIPAC Case"): Selected Case Files
      On May 1, 2009 the government filed a motion to dismiss the superseding indictment against Rosen and Weissman, effectively terminating the case.

      Hearing on Reduction of Sentence for Lawrence A. Franklin, June 11, 2009
      Memorandum Order Denying Motion to Quash and Ordering William Leonard to Comply with Subpoena, February 17, 2009
      J. William Leonard's Motion to Quash Defendants' Subpoena, August 28, 2008
      Subpoena of J. William Leonard to Testify at Trial for the defense, July 25, 2008
      Defendants' Reply to Opposition to Testimony of J. William Leonard, April 11, 2008
      Government's Opposition to Order Authorizing Testimony of J. William Leonard as a Defense Expert, March 31, 2008
      Defense Motion to Authorize Testimony of J. William Leonard, March 19, 2008
      Hearing on Motions (transcript), November 8, 2007
      Court Authorizes Subpoena of Condoleezza Rice, Other Officials, November 2, 2007
      Memorandum Opinion on the Application of the Classified Information Procedures Act, November 1, 2007
      Order Denying Defendants' Motion for Reciprocal Discovery, October 24, 2007
      Memorandum Opinion Denying Defense Motion for Dismissal, May 8, 2007
      Transcript of Status Hearing, April 19, 2007
      Memorandum Opinion Denying Govt Motion to Close Portions of the Trial, April 19, 2007
      Hearing on Motion to Limit Public Access to Evidence, April 16, 2007
      Proposed Amicus Brief filed by Amcha Coalition for Jewish Concerns, April 12, 2007 (denied April 12, 2007)
      News Organizations Petition for Leave to Intervene, April 9, 2007 (denied April 12, 2007)
      Govt Response to Defense Motion to Strike, March 29, 2007
      Defendants' Supplemental Motion to Strike Govt's Request to Close the Trial, March 21, 2007
      Hearing on Motions, March 15, 2007
      Memorandum Opinion Denying Defense Rule 15 Motion, February 14, 2007
      Order Denying Defendants' Motion to Suppress, February 14, 2007
      Memorandum Opinion Rejecting Defense Motion for Show Cause Hearing on Alleged Grand Jury Leaks, January 26, 2007
      Hearing on Pending Motions, November 16, 2006
      Government Motion for Clarification of August 9 Court Order, August 18, 2006
      Court Order Denying Defendants' Motion on FISA Surveillance Matters, August 14, 2006
      Court Order Denying Govt Motion to Show Document Requested by Defendant was Classified, August 11, 2006
      Court Order Denying Defendants' Motion to Dismiss Counts I and III, August 9, 2006
      Defendants' Motion to Dismiss on Fifth, Sixth Amendment Grounds, July 18, 2006
      Defendants' Notice of Supreme Court Decisions Relevant to Pending Motion to Dismiss, June 2, 2006
      USA v. Rosen, Weissman: Second Hearing on Motions to Dismiss, April 21, 2006
      Defendants' Reply to Government's Supplemental Response to Motion to Dismiss, April 6, 2006
      Defendants' Supplemental Brief in Support of Motion to Dismiss, March 31, 2006
      Government's Supplemental Response to Defendants' Motion to Dismiss the Superseding Indictment, March 31, 2006
      USA v. Rosen, Weissman: Hearing on Motions to Dismiss, March 24, 2006
      Court Denies Amicus Status to Reporters Committee, February 27, 2006
      Government's Consolidated Responses to Pretrial Defense Motions, filed January 30, 2006
      Motion to Dismiss the Superseding Indictment of Former AIPAC Officials Steven J. Rosen and Keith Weissman, E.Dist. Va., filed January 19, 2006. (Superseding Indictment, August 4, 2005)
      Sentencing Hearing for Lawrence A. Franklin, transcript, January 20, 2006 (1.2 MB PDF)
      USA v. Franklin: Plea Agreement, October 5, 2005
      USA v. Franklin: Statement of Facts, October 5, 2005

      Green demonstrates complete arrogance claiming that Charles Freeman "made a complete fool of himself" calling out the I lobby. Actually quite the contrary. Freeman demonstrated real fortitude and bravery calling out just who had rallied their comrades to take him out of the running for a top intelligence position..

      Folks really interested in the facts should read for themselves.

      Freeman hits 'Israel lobby' on way out

      Then Freeman issued his barnburner of a statement saying it was all about “a Lobby intent on enforcing the will and interests of a foreign government.” “There is a special irony in having been accused of improper regard for the opinions of foreign governments and societies by a group so clearly intent on enforcing adherence to the policies of a foreign government—in this case, the government of Israel,” he wrote. “This is not just a tragedy for Israelis and their neighbors in the Middle East; it is doing widening damage to the national security of the United States.”

      2. Interview With Charles Freeman

      3. Senator Schumer led the attack on Charles Freeman. No I lobby influence there. Schumer voted against the Iran deal.

      The agenda of Chuck Schumer
      The Democratic Senator was a key supporter of even the most radical Bush appointees, and then led the way in sinking an Obama appointee who made "statements against Israel."
      Glenn Greenwald

       Since February 26, I've written several times (here, here, here, and here) about the battle over the nomination of Charles W. ("Chas") Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Committee. On Tuesday, he withdrew his name from consideration after what I called a "thunderous, coordinated assault" against him by the Israel lobby and its neoconservative allies.

      On Friday, three days after he withdrew -- in the midst of a media storm, including front page stories in the New York Times and the Washington Post -- Freeman and I spoke in an exclusive interview for The Nation. Here is the unedited transcript:

    • JVP is not the most credible group. They may have the money and quite a bit of power. Ali Abunimah seems to be going with that program.

      Can anyone tell me if there are any non Jews on JVP's staff?

    • Allison (following in Paul Findlay's foot steps) has made available a tremendous amount of accurate information at her site and to the public through her brochures etc. She has taken great risk. I watched a group of hoodlums continuously verbally attack her at one of the Move Over Aipac protest in D.C. She has written in great detail about the history of the occupation.

      Her work is valuable.

      JVP's effort to target her and take her out of play is despicable . They have made her guilty via association. I lost all respect for JVP.

    • Agree Ech...the threat was/is Americans getting the facts. Allison has been effective...can't have the facts getting out

    • Annie I also read JVP's complaints against Allison. All guilty by association charges. My sense is they want to give her the bump because of her successful efforts for over a decade. Some sort of competitive move.

    • JVP credible...cough. JVP appears to be made up of biased individuals who like to shut down the deeper debate by herding people into what they have determined are "anti semitic" into a corral. Their goal seems to be to divert the conversation and really do sense they are actually anti gentile.

      Green your effort to claim that Israel and the I lobby have not been disproportionately influential over decades holds no water at all. The proof/evidence far outweighs your bias and efforts to divert.

      Although I will give it to you that hegemony continues to be a driving force. I will always add that I lobby/Israel's influence over decades is equal too that force.

      You seem committed to diversion

    • David that Israel and the I lobby failed miserably on their latest lobbying efforts to destroy this international agreement with Iran was as you know a real shift in U.S. foreign policy. This was as you know the first time that pro Israel no matter what Dems took a public stand against what Israel was demanding was a first. You know this. This stance was not demonstrative of decades of going along with whatever Israel and the I lobby wanted in regard to U.S. foreign policy in that neck of the woods. You know this.

      There are plenty of examples of the I lobby working their will on the U.S. congress. Ask Charles Freeman about the power of the I lobby. Ask Norman Finkelstein, Jimmy Carter, Vanessa Redgrave etc etc. Ask those who were on the USS Liberty who have and continue to call for justice for Israel's attack on that ship

      You know the I lobby has been a successful and destructive lobbying force. You know if Senator Chuck Schumer and crew could have shut down the Iran deal they would have. This was a first.

      Ask those who wanted the Aipac espionage investigation trial too come to fruition. Ask them about Jane "waddling on over to interfere in the Aipac investigation" Harman. How her efforts to shut it down were successful. Ask Haim Saban about his conversation with Harman asking her to use her power and position to shut that investigation and that 9 time delayed and then dismissed trial down.

      Are you really trying to say that the power of the I lobby and Israel have not been a very powerful force? Total diversion from historical facts.

      Hillary Mann and Flynt Leverett have written extensively about Israel's behind the scenes (for decades) interference of any U.S. efforts to make peace with Iran

    • No evidence..BB's lobbying congress to push back against the Iran deal in public, strong evidence of just how far BB was willing to go.

    • If the Obama administration wanted the deal to make it they had to keep a 'close watch" on BB and team. Otherwise the deal would have been obliterated.

  • A Christmas message in dark times
    • Interesting piece. Grew up Catholic...although not a believer. Took me way too long to get comfortable with that and say it out loud. So I say "Happy Holidaze." Mostly because so many folks are crazed by the consumption push. Sad...really. Like the family, friends, festive activities.

      Will even go so far to honor others beliefs by taking my 87 year old mother and her 93 year old sister (2 of 11) into a beautiful Catholic chapel to light candles before the statue of Jesus and kneel and pray. Quiet as I wander around looking at the incredibly beautiful stained glassed windows, chalices on the alter, angels guarding the tabernacle, stations of the cross Always aware of the heart felt prayers, intent, chants, etc that take place in churches, synagogues, mosques etc. Honor this need in folks. Have always felt open to those often beautiful intentions. Just not a believer that Jesus is the "only way" to a higher consciousness. So many great examples out there...Jesus, Gandhi Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Buddha etc etc. Stay open...allow. Not offended by anyones deep belief in any religious or spiritual beliefs.. Just hope folks don't want to kill anyone over their beliefs.

      Fascinating that Christians made such an effort to trump pagan dates (solstice etc) with Christian holidays. Also have been fascinated with St Augustine's "just wars" arguments. When they are used to justify slaughters.

      Breathing in breathing out the intention of peace

  • After 10 years of ignoring an important story, 'NYT' finally gets to 'Breaking the Silence'
    • Heard one Breaking the Silence soldier speak in D.C. some years in Boulder. Had been aware of their website and testimonials years back and have always been moved by their bravery...and willingness to speak out. Of course reminded me of the Winter Soldier hearings during Vietnam. Completely horrifying but necessary.

      Who knows maybe Melissa Harris Perry will invite some of them on her program.....Chris Hayes could be a contender with some nerves too.

  • My journey from loss to empathy to action
    • What a great piece Robyn. Said's writings and Vanessa Redgrave's actions were the first people back in the 70's to help open my eyes and mind. To think so much tragedy and abuse had all ready taken place by then.

      Sorry for your very sad losses in your own life. Yes personal tragedy can open the heart and mind more and help develop empathy and as you pointed out close hearts and way too often crimes committed by those who have been terribly abused.

      However I think empathy and compassion are in people from birth either to be cultivated or smothered by personal needs that are encouraged.

      Whatever the source for empathy it is growing by leaps and bounds via Mondoweiss and other outlets committed to justice in the I/P conflict.

      Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  • Israel should give back the Golan
    • You can be sure one of the reasons Israel and the neocons (PNAC, Securing the Realm) have been pushing the destruction of Syria as we all knew it was just so they would never be expected to give back the land that belonged to Syria

  • Human Rights Trump Oppression: Over 800 New Yorkers stand in solidarity with refugees and Muslims
    • Trump is clearly a bigot and has tapped into a tremendous amount of anger and hatred towards our Reps and the main stream media. As an activist I am far more concerned about a proven warmonger like Hillary Clinton who is far more responsible via her vote for the 2002 Iraq war resolution, push for military intervention in Libya, arming unknown rebels in Syria fomenting the civil war there and all of the deadly and destructive consequences of her votes and push for interventions. She is far more responsible for the deaths, injuries and displacement of people in Iraq, Syria than Trump who stood against the invasion of Iraq.

      Clinton recently said that Trump's comments about Muslims were "shameful, wrong and dangerous" well yes they are. However Clinton's war votes, warmongering foreign policy decisions promoted by her as Secretary of State are far more "shameful, wrong and dangerous" Far more

  • Trump and Netanyahu call it off
    • Trump has cornered the market on free advertising for his campaign. MSNBC, Fox, CNN all Trump all day and night

  • Even as Clinton opposes sanctions over Israeli settlements, new poll shows her Democratic base is for them
    • And if Trump were to win the nomination even though all of the GOP contenders are now saying "he will not be the candidate" (what are they going to do whack him?) he has to pivot and has to focus on Clinton's warmongering (Iraq war vote, push for military intervention in Libya, arming rebels in Syria) which birthed IS, resulted in millions of people (many Muslims) being killed injured and becoming refugees.

      Clearly Trump is a bigot however his decisions or statements have yet to result in the deaths of Muslims and others the way Clinton's votes and influence as Secretary of State have.

      Anyone hear any of the MSM outlets ask any questions about Ted Cruz's inference that he would nuke Syria etc "if sand can glow in the dark" This morning he was on Morning Joe's and Scarborough conveniently did not ask him about this radical statement.

      When are we going to hear anything out of the MSM about Bernie's lead in New Hampshire? Maddow had him on the other night for a relatively in depth interview. Waiting for Scarborough etc to do the same.

  • Trump proposal to ban Muslims from US relies on debunked poll from pro-Israel think tank
    • No "sympathy". However amazed by how he is raking the MSM over the coals. How they have endlessly promoted him via their endless coverage of every outrageous thing he says. If I were him I would certainly put together an ad of every talking head predicting this was the statement that "would take him down" So many of them.

      Would totally use Clintons vote for the 2002 Iraq war, pushing for military intervention in Libya, arming rebels in Syria with no regard to how many Muslim lives would be destroyed by these actions against her. Clintons decisions , votes helped birth IS. She has continued with the PNAC's plans for the middle east.

      With the exception of the Iran deal. Which she did not come out in support until she had decided it was timely for her campaign.

      Rachel Maddow had Bernie on last night....Breath of fresh air compared to other candidates

    • Trump is serious trouble. It is Trump VS. the established and elite GOP. Trump VS the MSM. Have to admit like that he is calling out MSM. However MSNBC and other outlets persistently misquote him. This morning on MSNBC Morning Joe Trump stated several times that( his what I believe and clearly MW does racist stance on Muslims) he would want such a racist religious test for Visas to be "temporary" or "until our countries Representatives can figure out what is going on" Of course in the next hour of MSNBC they never repeated the full sentence. Of course this religious test for a visa is racist. We are not hearing the same pundits smashing Cruz for implying that a nuke "does sand glow at night" should be used in the middle east.

      MSNBC's contributor Mark Halpern must have tried to hook Trump into saying he would support "internment camps" three times.

      Tough for the GOP to admit Trump has tapped into a sizable percentage of the GOP's electorate. If they are not successful at piling on and knocking him out, which it does not look like they will be able to do he has to pivot if he wins the nomination. He will pivot and can just as easily get the support of want to be haters in the Dem Party.

  • Bragging that she and Israel were born within months, Hillary Clinton wants to take relationship to 'next level'
    • She has never given a rat's ass about how many millions of people have been killed, injured, displaced as the neo, oil, gas, theo cons rearranged the middle east. Her decisions and votes as a Senator and as Secretary of State have ensured death and destruction.

      With you Annie. Would I like to see a woman win hell yes. However will not support her based on her horrific and deadly decisions. She knew what she was doing.

    • My comment and question on Tom Ashbrook's On Point at 21:00. They had all ready brought up Hillary's comment about IS. However Tom clearly did not like what I was saying about Clinton and U.S. foreign policy decisions cultivating "radicalization"

      San Bernardino And The Islamic State | On Point with Tom ...

      On Point

    • Can you imagine if Trump gets nomination, pivots on some of his latest rants having to with foreign policy and decides to partially stand on some of past foreign policy opinions (against Iraq war, interventions in Libya, Syria).

      Locking up the blue collar vote in Republican party. Can not put it past him to lock up a segment of blue collar voters in the Dem party. He could do it by focusing on Hillary's warmongering ways and votes and ties to Wall Street. He may be slicker than Bill.

    • Have not read the Clinton piece in the NYBloody Times about Wall Street yet. Although immediately want to say how can she possibly live down her past stances (votes) and Wall Street's support of her? Oh yeah just the way the MSM is conveniently trying to shut down any real discussions of her warmongering the way On Point's Tom Ashbrook tried to do after touting her recent statements about IS.

      Have we heard anyone talk about how her husband signed the Glas Steagal repeal legislation?

      Hoping Sanders starts to come on strong again after operation. Nothing about him in the MSM that I am hearing about. Where is Bernie?

    • She seems to be ramping it up. Her response to dealing with IS "in the air on the ground, on the internet" Of course not one talking head challenging her on role in unleashing Al Qeada in Iraq (her 2002 Iraq war resolution vote) her role in pushing military interventions in Libya (a disaster), arming rebels.

      Got a call into day with Tom Ashbrook of NPR's On Point (numerous calls over the years) focused on IS and terrorism. I was first caller. Listen option not up yet They had just been talking about Clinton's most recent statement about IS could not help myself after they brought up what Clinton had said about IS. Ashbrook did not want to hear about what he referred to as the "past history" of U.S. foreign policy.

      No one wants to talk about Clinton's role as a neocon and how she has been very much a pusher of wars and destructive interventions.

      Was going to bring up how all of the talking heads on MSNBC Joe this morning (even Richard Engel) were saying that Obama had not said anything new in his address last night. Hell NUMBER FOUR on his list was focused on a new coalition having to do with Syria was involved in discussing negotiations and a cease fire. A timeline for a "transitional" government etc. Ok ok unlikely however one never knows whether the Obama administration can try to back track over hundreds of thousands of Syrian dead and millions of refugees and attempt to make a deal that Assad offered five years ago..."power sharing deal" that the Leveretts and other CIA analyst wrote about some years back.

      Number four on OBama's list was focused on a new direction (strategy) that all involved should have taken years ago.

      Comment section interesting.
      San Bernardino And The Islamic State

      Dec 7, 2015


      This undated combination of photos provided by the FBI, left, and the California Department of Motor Vehicles shows Tashfeen Malik, left, and Syed Farook. (FBI, left, and California Department of Motor Vehicles via AP)

      On the ground in San Bernardino, with the latest on what we are learning about the husband and wife mass murderers and their motives.

  • The double standard for white and Muslim shooters
    • Prof Cole wrote about the double standard the other day
      December 5 2015

      Roof, Dear and Tashfeen Malik: ‘Self-Radicalized,’ ‘Terrorism,’ ‘Lone Wolf’ and Double Standards
      By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | - - Federal officials are now investigating the San Bernardin0 massacre as an "act of terrorism" rather than just workplace violence. But when Dylann Roof…

    • MSNBC Chris Jansing was damn invasive with the male killer's sister. Did we witness Chris and team do this with the Charleston killers family, Sandy Hook killer, Colorado Springs killer's family? The double standards are out of control.

      How about when one of the MSNBC reporters ( woman) was in the Mosque asking members about the killer. I believe it was the Iman who said that the F.B.I had shown up at his door knocking and a drawn gun of some kind pointing him in the face. The reporter did not demonstrate any alarm or outrage about this treatment.

      Anyone hear of the F.B.I showing up at any possible pastors of churches that any white killers have attended with a gun drawn?

  • Trump wasn't anti-Semitic
    • K24 have read Rachel makes 7 million a year, Matthews 5 million a year. Not sure if accurate, however it that is so or even close to what they make...we all ready know they are owned.

      You think we will hear any of the MSNBC talking heads really putting Hillary Clinton's warmongering (vote for 2002 war resolution, push for interventions in Libya and Syria) under the scope? Hell no

    • Morning Joe brings up this encounter with Dr. Zbig quite often. Mika seems to be keeping her mouth shut even more lately.

    • I have had several direct verbal encounters with Chris Mattews. One at the Libby Trial and one at the Dem convention in Denver. Hey you got to give it to him willing to talk with peasants.

      At the Libby trial he was talking so loud on his cell phone about the trial that I felt he opened up a door to others. O.K. O.k I used this as an excuse. I let him know about Dr. Marcy Wheeler's aka Emptywheel blogging of the trial. I believe she was the first blogger to be let into the recognized press room to blog about the trial. Also let him know that Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe had said that Marcy "knew more about the investigation and case than they did." Asked him why he never reported about the Israel Palestine conflict? I think I used "accurately" He responded "I don't control the content of the show" Yeah right he has no influence.

      If what is on the net about what Chris Matthews (5 million) and what Maddow (7 million a year) make as talking heads at MSNBC we know that their paychecks could be something they worry about by staying basically silent about that conflict and other root causes of anger towards the U.S.

    • The Morning Joe team was trying to beat up on Trump for his "I don't want your money" comment this morning (Friday the 4th) Joe and Mika were going ballistic about the "pandering" Then later Mika brings up why the candidates were there "" all trying to get the money." Mike and Joe "there are no words"

      Quite the segment...Jeffrey Goldberg on

      On Thursday eve Chris Matthews closed his Hardball program by saying that the people in that room should be ashamed for going along with Trump's effort to paint Obama as "the other"

  • Top Israel advocate uses San Bernardino killings to attack Islam
    • Was reading the definition of terrorism at the F.B.I.'s website after hearing MSNBC contributor Steve Rattner talk about a particular definition of terrorism on MSNBC's Morning Joe this past week.

      FBI — Terrorism Definition

      Federal Bureau of Investigation

      "Definitions of Terrorism in the U.S. Code

      18 U.S.C. § 2331 defines "international terrorism" and "domestic terrorism" for purposes of Chapter 113B of the Code, entitled "Terrorism”:

      "International terrorism" means activities with the following three characteristics:
      ◾Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
      ◾Appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and
      ◾Occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S., or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum.*

      "Domestic terrorism" means activities with the following three characteristics:
      ◾Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
      ◾Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
      ◾Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

      18 U.S.C. § 2332b defines the term "federal crime of terrorism" as an offense that:
      ◾Is calculated to influence or affect the conduct of government by intimidation or coercion, or to retaliate against government conduct; and
      ◾Is a violation of one of several listed statutes, including § 930(c) (relating to killing or attempted killing during an attack on a federal facility with a dangerous weapon); and § 1114 (relating to killing or attempted killing of officers and employees of the U.S.).

      * FISA defines "international terrorism" in a nearly identical way, replacing "primarily" outside the U.S. with "totally" outside the U.S. 50 U.S.C. § 1801(c)."

      Only problem for me is that the F.B.I. does not seem to apply these standards to other mass killings. Charleston, Colorado Springs etc. And the U.S. certainly does not apply these standards to our international military actions which many in those parts of the world (Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Palestine) consider our invasions, military interventions (supplying arms to rebels in Syria), selling arms to Saudi Arabia used in Yemen, arms in Israel etc) as International terrorism.

      MSNBC showing Chris Jansing interviewing terrorist murderer in San Bernardino's sister. Have we seen her do the same with the sibling, family of murderer of the three at the Planned Parenthood domestic terrorist murder?

      If they are going to apply their standards to the terrorist murder in San Bernardino...apply them to the murderer in Colorado.

      To the domestic terrorist murderer of 9 in Charleston.

    • At the second link:

      "Nicholas Thalasinos

      August 30, 2014 at 6:19 pm

      Wow – the amount of IGNORANCE in Africa is frightening!
      YES, there are constant news reports from corrupt Liberal so-called news media, racist groups (like the UN), Liberal Elite Academia, radical Cults (ISLAM, THE CULT OF RAPE AND ANTISEMITISM), and generally uneducated people’s (most of which are in SOUTH AFRICA, apparently) that the Jews have STOLEN their land from the indigenous Palestinians.

      Guess what – There is NO SUCH THING AS PALESTINIANS!

      It’s even beyond the fact that there are no ‘Palestinians’ – there was no one there, period. A friend of mine (who sadly passed away 20 years ago) was a US soldier stationed in Egypt after WWII – he told me the land know as Israel today was EMPTY until Truman started talking about a Jewish homeland – then Arabs flooded in from Jordan and proclaimed themselves ‘Natives’.

      ITS THE JEWS WHO ARE THE NATIVES!!!! They were DISPERSED by the ROMAN CONQUERERS across their empire. It was the ROMANS who NAMED the area Palestine after the Jews ancient enemies, The Philistines, just to MOCK them.

      There is NO MENTION OF PALESTINIANS IN THE BIBLE. There is NONE in Roman records. The IDIOTS arguing out there – respond with an Historical record of the Palestinian Royal family, coinage, archeological site – ANYTHING.

      There is more evidence of ATLANTIS than there is of Historical PALESTINIANS.

      The Arabs who FLOODED the area didn’t even refer to themselves as Palestinians – they were native Arabs. They KNOW this – this is all PROPAGANDA to MILK MONEY AND WEAPONS from the LIBERAL LEFT by TRICKING THEM into seeing them as the NATIVE AMERICANS – when THE ARABS ARE THE RACIST INVADERS.

      It was Yasser Arafat who created the FICTION of a ‘Palestinian People’ for the Propaganda value. He knew better – they ALL DO.

      “The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan.” – King Hussein of Jordan, in 1981

      “Palestine is Jordan and Jordan is Palestine; there is only one land, with one history and one and the same fate,” Prince Hassan of the Jordanian National Assembly was quoted as saying on February 2, 1970.

      Abdul Hamid Sharif, Prime Minister of Jordan declared in 1980, “The Palestinians and Jordanians do not belong to different nationalities. They hold the same Jordanian passports, are Arabs and have the same Jordanian culture.”

      “You do not represent Palestine as much as we do. Never forget this one point: There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, there is no Palestinian entity, there is only Syria. You are an integral part of the Syrian people, Palestine is an integral part of Syria. Therefore it is we, the Syrian authorities, who are the true representatives of the Palestinian people.”
      Syrian President Hafez Assad to Yasser Arafat.

      Mark Twain – Samuel Clemens, the famous author of “Huckleberry Finn” and “Tom Sawyer”, took a tour of the Holy Land in 1867. This is how he described that land: “A desolate country whose soil is rich enough but is given over wholly to weeds. A silent, mournful expanse. We never saw a human being on the whole route. There was hardly a tree or a shrub anywhere. Even the olive and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

      The land of Israel has BLOSSOMED in the care of the Israelites – the NATIVES WHO WERE GIVEN THE LAND BY GOD!"

  • NYT's Rudoren says Mondoweiss critique of her recent article is 'nuts'
    • Would be great if a media watch group would scrutinize her articles.
      FAIR — FAIR is the national progressive media watchdog ...

    • Should have been in the NYBloody Times Travel section.

    • Jodi "appealed to foodies, wine lovers" Does she write for the food section of the NYBloody Times?

      Has a group focused on journalistic accuracy dissected her articles as she says has not been done?

    • Both the woman who interviewed Jodi and Jodi referred to the situation as "complicated" If one is focused on facts why so "complicated" or "challenging"

      She refers to the Palestinians as being in"deep disarray and a schism" but does not get into why. The are "fundamentals really changing?" issue that she was allegedly there to report about.

    • Jodi "clear notion of what I am here to do" MW has been shining the light on that "notion"

    • And she claims during the interview that her job is to help "connect what happened before and what might happen in the future".....right

  • Reports on Rubio and Cruz's big Jewish donors forget to mention Israel
    • "In 2010, for example, his personal and family foundations contributed a combined $1 million to the American Israel Education Foundation, the fundraising wing of AIPAC and the sponsor of its congressional junkets to Israel "

      I thought all of this hanky panky involving trips being paid for our alleged Reps by special interest groups was supposed to come to a halt after the Ney scandal? Thought there was actually legislation passed to stop this type of obvious buying of our Reps votes.

      MSNBC Steve Kornacki and Morning Joe just keep mentioning alleged Palestinians in the West Bank celebrating 9/11. NEVER bringing Israeli Jews who were investigated for celebrating 9/11 and 60 Israeli's being held by the F.B.I. after 9/11.

      NOT A WHISPER by MSNBC then or now.

      They reveal once again who they will and will not report about.

      Were Israelis Detained on Sept. 11 Spies? - ABC News 60 Israelis on Tourist Visas Detained Since Sept. 11 - The ...

  • Golem and Big Brother
    • Also...Many of the NSA's Loudest Defenders Have Financial Ties ...

      James Woolsey and Peter Vincent Pry: The Growing Threat ...

    • Don't forget that CAP's Neera Tandem gave BB an hour commercial time to not only promote Israeli policies with no serious challenges, BB also was able to push Israel's "dominance of the world's cyber security industry." Think he actually mentioned sales to China during his "commercial."

      Remember when Israel was caught selling U.S. weapons tech to China?


      The New York Times

      Oct 13, 1993 - The C.I.A. says China has been acquiring advanced military technology from Israel for more than a decade on programs for jet fighters, air-to-air missiles and tanks. The agency said the sale of Israeli military technology to China "may be several billion dollars."

      Also wondering about how James Woolsey, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle I believe all invested in cyber security tech benefit from Israel dominating this money making sector.

      The documentary SpyMasters which just recently aired brings up the "endless war" strategy . Need to watch again. Confirmed once again that the Bush administration was warned by CIA and we know counter terrorism expert Richard Clarke tried his best to warn Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley of a likely attack by Al Qeada. The producer was on Cspans Washington Journal. November 28, 2015

      Chris Whipple and Jules Naudet on Spymasters
      Washington Journal Chris Whipple Jules Naudet | Video | C ...


  • 'NYT' and 'Newsweek' need to fact-check their propagandists
    • Kerry has called this "presumption that Israel has the moral high ground" out publicly. No way to put these much needed public challenges back in the bottle no matter how hard the gatekeepers try.

    • Newweek owned by Israeli agent former Congress person Jane "waddling over to interfere in Aipac espionage investigation" Harman. No surprises there

    • Think the MW team might be interested in what Joe Scarborough had to say about Palestinians this morning on MSNBC's Morning Joe in the segment with Trump going off

      Joe at 2:50 (having to do with9/11): "Almost every Muslim government around the world except Palestinians were holding candle light vigils other than Palestinians were holding candle light vigils and holding prayer services for us"

      Then Israeli minister of education Netali Bennett goes on about IDF entering the Gaza and West Bank he suggest that 50-60,000 troops need to be on the ground. He is questioned by Richard Haas and Willie Geist whether he is indicating that those troops need to be American boots. Bennett goes on to say that "he is not in the business of telling the U.S. what to do"

      Worth the watch and listen

      Morning Joe 11/30/15

      Israeli Minister: ISIS can be defeated quickly

      Israeli Minister of Education Naftali Bennett explains how ISIS can be defeated through a concerted effort of 50,000 - 60,000 soldiers on the ground.

      Later Natali brings up how Israel has dealt with their terrorist he references Gaza. Not one of the host brings up how Israel slaughtered several thousand Palestinians in the Gaza...not a whisper.

  • Trump's claim of 9/11 celebration in New Jersey is based on arrest of 5 'laughing' Israelis
    • Not a peep on any outlet I am listening to. CNN, FOX, MSNBC...although readily saying Palestinians were celebrating and they never say "some"

    • Now with the documentary SpyMasters out the CIA's efforts to warn the Bush administration (Condi Rice/Stephen Hadley) that there were imminent threats by Al Qeada that were close on the horizon. Their clear warning of an imminent attack parallel with counter terrorism expert Richard Clarke's efforts to warn the Bush administration of Al Qeada using planes to attack.

      Bush administration clearly chose to be asleep at the nations wheel.

    • Read somewhere that Senator Schumer helped these Israeli's get back to Israel rather quickly

    • MSNBC, CNN, FOX news host all bringing up that Palestinians were celebrating the 9/11 attack. They do not say "some". They never mention the Israeli's picked up as a result of people seeing them celebrating the 9/11 attacks.

    • Posted the ABC story about the Israeli movers at Maddow's, Hayes, Matthews, Trumps fb pages about five days ago. Either Trump is purposely trying to bring attention to this or he just happened to trip over it.

      On Morning Joe last week Tom Brokaw brought this story up but was basically poling fun.

    • I wondered about this too David. Is Trump that good of a chess player?

  • 'NYT' only counts Jews when it pronounces Thursday 'deadliest day of violence'
    • Phil thank you for continuing to point out the overwhelming ethnocentric, racist bloody Times reporting having to do with Palestinian deaths.

      Think it is so interesting that Rachel Maddow etc are so swept up in Trump's statements about tracking (data bases) for illegal immigrants etc (don't think he has ever said Muslims) but have not followed every word.

      We have never heard Maddow express any outrage about Israel's mapping of Palestinians. Breaking into Palestinians homes at 3 a.m. to figure out who and where people sleep. Could it be she might feel that her 7 million dollars a year (could that be right...found it on line) could be threatened if she reported about the racism in Israel

  • No justice for Tariq Abu Khdeir -- even US State Dep't faults Israeli 'accountability'
    • .....

      The only reason this has gotten any attention is that Tariq is an American. Although that sure did not help Furkan Dogan. Colonel Ann Wright wrote then Secretary of State about Israel murdering Dogan on the Mavi Marmara. Don't think Clinton ever responded to Wright's concerns.

    • Just read NYBloody Times piece. Said administration officials not willing to allow Pollard to go to Israel to live. Also mentions that intelligence officials still very pissed off about how Pollard's crimes undermined U.S. National Security in huge ways.

      From what I have read in the past about this issue intelligence officials are rip roaring pissed about Pollards crimes and his release. Wonder if all of the sealed documents around this case will now be accessible? Pollard is released will the details of his crimes be released?

    • "trend analysis" Israel has and continues to commit thousands of crimes like this against Palestinians. Mr. Kirby knows this...If Tariq had not been an American citizen would have been swept under Israel's bloody and deadly rug like all of their other human rights abuses.

    • Go Annie

      Is anyone aware if this Israeli sentencing was mentioned in the State Dept briefing?

      And people wonder why Palestinians hate the Israeli apartheid government and its enforcers. Sickening

  • Posters linking Muslim students and BDS activists to terrorism appear on college campuses in California and Washington, DC
    • No matter how hard ADL, Freedom Center, Aipac, Jinsa try to put apartheid Israel back in the bottle just not going to happen.

  • To the next 'NYT' Jerusalem chief -- Here is your job description
    • Thanks. And Phil still pushes reading this bloody rag.

    • "We're Times readers" Many stopped reading that bloody rag after they totally and knowingly went along and sold the invasion of Iraq based on a "pack of lies" The owners, editors knew what they were doing. They along with Judith "I was fucking right" Miller should have gone on trial at the Hague for war crimes. OK their crimes are not on the scale of Douglas Feith, Cheney, Wolfowitz etc for creating, cherry picking the so called intelligence. However they were very much a tool in disseminating those lies. They knew what they were doing.

      "open minded" is why most of us come to Mondoweiss, Informed Comment, Going To Tehran, The Intercept, Electronic Intifada to get the real news having to do with middle east issues etc.

      All of the "we wants" are great Phil. However what evidence is there that NYBloody Times would ever go there?

      Rachel Maddow making a stink about Donald Trump and his consideration of a national data base for Muslims in the U.S. Ever hear Rachel get up in arms about what has been going on in Israel for years...mapping entire Palestinian civilian population. Breaking into Palestinian homes conducting "warrantless searches" Hmm Rachel certainly has her priorities . I believe she makes 7 million a year from Comcast.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • How about the truth: "Today's a day to grieve for Paris. Everyday is a day to grieve for all Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Hindu's non religious innocents who are murdered in the name of fanatical ideologies"

      When Americans, Europeans, Israeli's apply their alleged (selective) concern about heir "tribes" we would truly experience a different world.

      As Phil in so many ways points many Muslims have been slaughtered over the last 25 years during the Iraq sanctions, Desert Storm, 43's invasion of Iraq, birth of ISIS due to the invasion, drone killings, Obama/Clinton neocons desire to continue the PNAC/Secure the Realm agenda in the middle east.
      As former head of the CIA's Bin Laden Unit Michael Scheuer has written and said for over 10 years (Phil repeated it) that people in that part of the world do not hate us because of our lifestyle's they hate us because of how our lifestyle's (foreign policy) have for decades infringed upon their lives. Millions have died because of our foreign policy in that region. The neo, oil arms,, theo cons have all colluded in that rearrangement.


    • However only in the last 10 years have more people been willing to talk about it openly. Many Jewish organizations have kept the licked shut down hard on this issue

    • "fuckin A" Phil this is one powerful piece. Knocked it way out of the park.

      Phil "Till we take that inventory, there will not be peace in the middle east, or the west either"

      Still would take Sanders for President over Hillary. Just do not think he is as big of a warmonger.

  • Rights Expert: Harsh interrogation of 13-year-old Palestinian boy 'may amount to torture'
    • What happened to the 12 and 21 year old Israeli's that were stabbed? Any information about any kind of relationship that Mansara and his cousin had with the other two before the stabbing. What are their conditions?

      That first scene were Mansara is lying in a pool of blood with his right leg bent up where it should not be is horrifying.

      The interrogator is so full of hatred and venom you can feel it oozing through the screen. Hopefully this man will feel the full weight of the law. However we know if it is Israel who has legal oversight...will not happen.


  • CAP runs deceptive article blaming settlement project on rightwing Christians
    • Excuse me?

    • "hogwash, horseshit, fuckin A, hooey, hullabaloo, malarkey, bull shit, poppy cock"

      As human rights and social justice activist (spent a great deal of time in Hebron) Art Gish (he never cursed...never) used to say to me when he would hear me say "horse" or "bullshit" "Horse shit is like gold to me" He was an organic farmer for at least 45 years. Would see him down at the county fairgrounds digging and taking home truckloads of horseshit for his beautiful gardens. All a matter of perspective

    • That line jumped out a me too. Loved it. No mincing of words having to do with CAP's commitment to "horseshit" Playing nice with BB , allowing him to do a full hour "commercial" for Israel which will more than likely fill their coffers with more than "horseshit."

      And as Max Blumenthal has so wisely pointed out Tanden's performance for BB, the I lobby and the Clinton campaign who are linked at the hip$ will probably land her a new position in a Clinton administration.

      Until then keep pushing for Bernie. I really do believe Bernie is far more reasonable on foreign policy than Hillary....who is a true blue war hawk.

  • Seachange in public opinion: 'I am tired of Israel using US-made rockets to bomb Palestinians so that ultra-conservatives can steal their land'
    • James, Annie, Phil, Max so hoping you MW folks go read the piece about the Obama/BB dysfunctional relationship.

      The paragraph about the Israeli massacre of activist on the Mavi Marmara is especially inaccurate and horrendous. Describing the activist on the boat as attacking first. I have read the UN Mavi Marmara report and heard statements from those on the boat including Ambassador Peck. People on the boat said that Israeli soldiers were firing live rounds as they descended onto the boat carrying weapons. In the UN report they describe in detail many of the activist being shot in the back of the head at close range by Israeli soldiers.

      In the piece "Bibi and Barack:Scenes From a Failed Marriage" the writers description of the attack on the flotilla is absurd. Do these people read?

      "When the ships were stopped by the Israeli Navy, activist violently attacked Israeli soldiers with knives and bats. The soldiers then pulled their guns killing nine activist"

      Jesus all you have to do is read the UN report. Activist shot in the back of their heads multiple times from close range. Read the report. These activist were massacred by the Israeli soldiers. Hope you folks have something to say about this very serious inaccuracy.

  • The titter-tape charade
    • Did not challenge inaccurate comments, paragraphs of BB's. Just let him go on for an hour...a real "commercial" for Israel. As if it was a fund raiser

    • Her questions were weak, her persistent laughing was so annoying, no challenging of Netanyahu, allowing the BB hour or "commercial" for Israel to go on uninterrupted.

      BB did not say anything we have not heard before. Really did seem like a fund raiser for CAP and Israel. Neera's lip prints all over BB's ass. Pathetic performance on her part

  • Rigged Netanyahu 'conversation' at Center for American Progress shows it's twilight of the Israel lobby
    • Not a whisper out of Tanden about this slaughter. Not a whisper. She really seemed twisted and somehow diabolical in her approach and lack of challenges. hink

      I think Max Blumenthal nailed it...Tanden just landed her next job...ugly

    • Neera seemed like a complete amateur or simply bought and sold by the I lobby and Israel...CAP progressive? Forget about it.

      I wish I could be as hopeful as you guys that the rigged conversation, rigged room, rigged questions by the audience weakness. With Clinton basically saying she will go after BDS, with Tanden and her weak kneed organization clearly on board..I don't think it looks good.

      Anyone hear or see much reaction to Glenn Greenwald's piece about Ann Lewis being a big part of why the two writers at CAP were let go?


  • Questions Neera Tanden should ask Netanyahu at the Center for American Progress
    • As BB said "had to get my commercial in" Just so happened that Neera Tanden provided him with one hour of an on going "commercial" for Israel.

    • A credible fact check group needs to g o through BB's "commercial" that Tanden gives him full reign with (never objecting to anything he is saying) distorted point after distorted point Sickening.

      So want to know if CAP's coffers grow after this BB's very long CAP ad for Israel.

    • Listening to the conversation. Sounds like a fund raiser for CAP and for Israel. Tanden allows Netanyahu to control the conversation. Not one objection on her part. He opens up with a comment about an Arab business that he knew had flooded. He went in and acted as if he was surprised that this business had flooded because they did not have a sewer system, which he called a "tunnel"

      Tanden totally let this slide and did not ask the simple question" why no sewers" in Palestinian neighborhoods.

      When Tanden ask whether Israel will still occupy Palestinian territories in "20 years" Why not start by asking in "three years" She then allows BB to link Palestinian actions with Nazi's.

      This is tough to listen to.

      Wondering if anyone on the Mondoweiss team can find out whether donations to Center for American Progress go up after they did this fund raising event with BB

    • Great points and questions

    • lthanks...add in the piece that Glenn Greenwald wrote about Aipac/Ann Lewis influence on CAP and what they write and say...and we can bet she will not be asking BB any tough questions.

  • Saddam was just a 'neighborhood bully,' Netanyahu says-- 13 years after saying Saddam threatened 'security of our entire world'
  • Obama friends Netanyahu with one-sided statement
  • Obama administration will do nothing for Palestinians through end of term
    • "reinstill hope" Hope has been crushed by the continued expansion of illegal settlements and enforcement of systemic apartheid methods embedded in the Israeli government and almost everything thing the IDF does. No rebranding efforts can fix this.

  • Ann Lewis and AIPAC pressured Democratic thinktank to censor writers deemed 'anti-Israel'

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