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  • US Jews leave 'Gatekeepers' asking why we give money to Israel -- says Oren, outraged
    • NPR has had Micheal Oren on too many times to count. They regularly allow him to repeat the lie that Iranian leaders have said they "want to wipe Israel off the map." More recently Stephen Colbert allowed Oren to repeat that lie on his program. Guess what absolutely no challenges out of NPR host no challenge out of Colbert.

  • On the tenth anniversary of Rachel Corrie's death her parents urge supporters to take action, change US policy in Israel/Palestine
    • Just used the White House contact page to send the Corrie's message to President Obama on. Hope you do too
      link to

    • What dedicated parents who sought and are still seeking justice for their daughters murder and now so deeply involved with seeking justice for the Palestinian people. They are trying to wake people up.

      I had the great honor of walking down the street holding hands with Cindy Corrie at one of the Move over Aipac now occupy Aipac gatherings in D. C. I spent about 20 minutes with her, She is has the aura an essence of a radical truth telling angel on earth with a soft, clear, concrete message about the illegal occupation, During the event someone asked her "are you sorry your daughter was protesting the occupation that day" Cindy "no I am sorry we were not all there with her standing for justice."

      Had a great success getting one of the Aipac attendees Micheal from Columbus who had been over at the protest across the street with us interacting with Medea etc (who gave him a spot on the speaking stage as well as other Aipac attendees) to interact and talk with Cindy Corrie when we were across the street in front of the D.C. convention center where the conference was being held. I saw Micheal and asked him if he would like to come and have a chat with Cindy Corrie (explained to him what had happened to Rachel) and he agreed. I made introductions stayed for a minute or two and walked away so they could talk. Micheal looked earnest while (I kept looking over from a distance trying to read the body language) listening to Cindy she of course could tame a wild horse and had him spell bound with her truth telling. If he really listened to Cindy it had to change his life

  • Row breaks out in chambers as Aussie Parliamentarians criticizes 'study tour' of Israel
    • I am linking this one everywhere I can. A 9 minute close to complete summary of what has been going on in this conflict over the last 60 years. Stonebridge is remarkable and he had a tag team with him ready to come to his rescue if he was more than likely interrupted

    • Ditto. This is amazing. Some rip roaring truth telling by Mr. Stonebridge etc. So NSW's has the same problem the U.S. has their legislators taking free extremely biased trips paid for by public relation reps of Israel. Spun as a study trip.

  • Iran is not imminent threat, says head of Israeli military intelligence
    • We all know the reason why such important statements like the one made by Israel's Major General Kochavi do not make it out into western mainstream media is because Netanyahu and the US I lobby controlled congress, NPR etc choose not to put the spotlight on such statements. Instead we have heard over the last 10 years "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map" and strong inferences that Iran all ready has nuclear weapons. That is why 71% of Americans all ready think Iran has nuclear weapons.

  • No peace plan and lots of photo-ops: White House sets low expectations for Obama visit to Middle East
    • Walt has mentioned "knocking some heads" clearly not going to happen.

      Alex "Left unspoken on the call were any mention of illegal West Bank settlements and the blockade of Gaza." Think it is so important to put ILLEGAL in there when it comes to ILLEGAL West Bank Settlements. When I do that some say that it is redundant and that settlements imply ILLEGAL. Best to say it ILLEGAL.

      Awhile back Dr. Zbig said Obama needed to go bold in the first six months of the administration on this issue. Clearly Obama is not taking his advice. I guess the most we can expect is Obama repeating “the United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements...It is time for these settlements to stop.”

      This might be repeated as everyone can hear the illegal structures going up on illegal settlements, bulldozers knocking down Palestinians homes, knocking over their olive trees, segregated buses on segregated roads..THE CLEAR SOUNDS OF APARTHEID.

      Ok in my dreams. How would it be if Obama were to get on one of the Palestinian segregated buses on the West Bank. Ok in my dreams..pulling a Rosa Parks

  • Double standard
    • NPR's double standards:
      Hiring practices in regard to who moves up the ladder. Host of programs etc. Not unlike what has gone on here at Mondoweiss even though Phil other say they have their reasons. link to Her action brings to six the number of known discrimination suits filed ... and failed to give her the same promotions and support that it gave white managers.

    • 'It reminds me of the crazier people at CAMERA, who see bias behind every headline." Camera hears bias in every legitimate criticism of Israel. Every criticism. "The crazier people at Camera" can not shut the open channel at Washington Journal no matter how hard they try. Driving them even crazier

  • Chris Hayes-- who broke barrier on Palestinian guests-- gets primetime slot at MSNBC
    • With a Jesuit upbringing and given his lifestyle and work bets are on that there will be a much bigger focus on the poor, the way that Capitalism has raked over the poor and working class, and wondering if he will refuse to wear all of that fancy garb that cost big bucks? On Chris Matthews last night they reported that he refused to ride in the Pope mobile...not sure about that choice with those who are mentally ill and all accessing high capacity military weapons and all.

      When I sit with my WWII Catholic father at the nursing home and his Catholic WWII buddies all in their mid 80's to late 9o's we talk about their war experiences etc in front of a TV. Whenever the Pope has come on or Archbishops in all of their shiny fancy clothes and expensive shoes come on the screen I say the same thing "those guys should take those fancy dancy clothes off and give that money to the poor. Who ever that guy Jesus was he sure would not approve" They howl as if I have not said this 50 times around them. I giggle. We all laugh some more together and then go back to talking war stories, sports (I just listen) stories about when they were younger and what the weather is like outside. Give that money back to the poor that is what most think Pope Francis will focus on. And some say criticize capitalism gone wild. Allegedly this is a simple yet brilliant man dedicated to the deepest teachings of the mystical Jesus Christ. If he actually does that all hell would break out in the church. But maybe he will give it a shot

    • What MSNBC's Hayes has been willing to focus on in the middle east has been the exception rather than the rule on MSNBC and anywhere else in the MSM. Will sure give you that. Pathetic is so many ways they we celebrate like crazy when a crack has been put into the media's wall of silence that has been so carefully and thoroughly constructed over the last six decades. But many of us have celebrated and pushed for this crack. My bets are on this move by Hayes over to prime time will seal up that crack. He is more than likely getting way more money, and will feel more pressure to shut his mouth on this critical issue. Sad to say my bets will be that Chris Hayes will go along with being silenced on this issue. Hope I am wrong but that is where I am placing my bet. He will shut up.

      Where else it there a crack like this on T.V. news? A bit on Washington Journal but where else?

    • I'm betting that Hayes starts to fold on being cutting edge on the middle east issues. He was the only THE ONLY crack in the cable mainstream wall, Again my bet is that that crack will be sealed. No facts will make it through about the Israeli Palestinian conflict again on MSNBC,

      I have seen the Ed show live in Columbus Ohio several times. He is a huge magnet for the working class, unions..they flock to him and he supports them and focused on working class issues. So does Hayes but not in the tough guy kind of way Ed does it. Cops, fireman, teachers etc love Ed. Chris does not has a very different appeal. When you go through the line up on MSNBC Martin Bashir, Chris Matthews, Al Sharpton, Ed, Rachel, Lawrence O'Donnell who has the working class vibe, language, touch...ED, Dylan Ratigan, Cenk Uygar had that appeal to some degree. In that line up with the addition of Chris Hayes who pulls in the working class?

      No one can replace Chris on Up. He is the best for that two hour program. Wonder how much the paycheck went up?

    • Is it really a great sign or will Hayes have to give up his willingness to push the envelope on the I/P issue. Will he be shut up because he is on prime time. I am actually so sad. Up with Chris Hayes was the best thing going on MSNBC. Two hours of in depth discussions about issues. Great guest. I thought they would try Joy Reid somewhere. She is brilliant, charismatic and sharp as a tack. One of the fastest, sharpest minds on air these days. In my opinion boot Maddow. All of the antics I have not been able to watch her in forever. Boot Maddow and put in Reid. But Maddow has I believe good ratings because she gives the appearance of being a liberal when she has been one of the worst offenders on MSNBC for repeating the Israeli talking points on Iran

  • Khalidi, Walt and Blumenthal on Obama and the two-state delusion
    • "Therefor Clinton came up with the idea of vertical sovereignty and horizontal sovereignty." Vertical and horizontal sovereignty sounds like something Dennis Ross, the Wurmsers of Perle came up with.

      giladg "The talk about settlements is used as a distraction." The distraction are those who call the talk about illegal settlements being a distraction.. Sounds Rumsfeldian. The illegal settlements are the key issue.

    • "With it will come the understand that Jews have made massive sacrifices already and great injustices have been waged against the Jewish people and for thousands of years." WTF did Jews sacrifice in the land that was dominated by Arabs the last couple of centuries? And don't give us that Bible hogwash. Israel was created by the efforts both legal and mostly illegal of radical Zionist and then the UN. Jews have made absolutely no sacrifices in this case.

    • Walt "If you genuinely believe in "two states for two peoples," then you ought to be openly calling for the United States to act like a true global power and knock some heads together. And anyone who claims to oppose the occupation and support the 2SS while insisting that the United States must back Israel no matter what it does is either delusional or disingenuous."

      "Knock some heads together" or stop providing cover for Israel and get out of the way. Walt almost always nails it. No nonsense cuts through the bs with brilliance

  • Video: 'Love in the Time of Apartheid' activist discusses his arrest at checkpoint wedding protest
    • Kate thank you so much for sharing the documentation of the relentless crimes being against the Palestinians. Our dear friend Art Gish who went to Israel and lived with the Palestinian shepherds with CPT would come back with stories like this of the illegal settlers beating the shit out of Palestinians and spitting on Palestinian children as they were walking to schools far away from their homes or having to take convoluted routes because of the illegal and land grabbing Israeli barrier. He was not a camera person like so many and would not capture it on film but would capture it in his mind, write about it and tell many of us what he had witnessed. He did this for several decades.

      Just watched this video clip. Amazing that IDF soldiers just stand there. The illegal Israeli settlers body language is so aggressive. Wonder what the age difference between him and the shepherd is? To think this is all happening on stolen Palestinian land.

      "Israeli security officer brutally beats Palestinian shepherd
      IMEMC 12 Mar -- Israeli activists caught on film an attack by an Israeli settlement security guard on a Palestinian shepherd Monday, near the Palestinian village of Susya in the southern West Bank on Monday. The shepherd was identified as Na‘al Abu Aram, but the Israeli security guard, apparently from the Israeli illegal outpost called 'Avigail' that was built on stolen Palestinian land, was not identified. The guard beat, punched, kicked and shoved the shepherd, then ran after his flock of sheep to scare them. Two Israeli soldiers were present at the time of the beating, but they did not intervene. Avigail was established on stolen land by former Israeli soldiers in 2001. The soldiers entered the land, which belongs to local Palestinians, and installed trailers. They moved in, heavily armed, and began to harass the local villagers and shepherds
      link to

  • UN report finds errant Palestinian fire responsible for child's death during Gaza fighting, but parent and human rights group maintains Israel is responsible
    • "that BBC employee Omar al-Masharawi's 11-month-old son Omar was most likely killed by an errant Palestinian missile rather than Israeli fire."

      MOST LIKELY seems vague for a UN report.
      So how would the UN define these stats
      link to
      129 Israeli children and 1,516 Palestinian children
      have been killed since September 29, 2000.

  • Covering Hamas and Palestinian society: A response to Peter Beinart
    • Annie I respect you and what you think but think you are being naive about PB.
      " yet he declared to Jeffrey Goldberg he opposes equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel because it contradicts his own political mission of maintaining a Jewish state -- "I'm not even asking it to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis, since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish state."

      This is flat out racism. He is honest about his racism. But that does not make it acceptable or just in any way shape form or excuses.

    • eGuard will continue to hear that from folks invested in promoting the "tribe"

    • This tells the story "yet he declared to Jeffrey Goldberg he opposes equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel because it contradicts his own political mission of maintaining a Jewish state -- "I'm not even asking it to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis, since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish state."

      Beinart is not concerned about equal rights for Palestinian women. He is not concerned about equal rights for Palestinians in general. He is concerned about Israel being a Jewish state

    • Bet he has been following Phil and team for awhile. He is part of the better late than never crowd. He has finally admitted what he has known for a long time only because he sees the two state door closing. This is about Israel not about the Palestinians for Beinart.

    • "As bad as it is that Hamas would prevent women from running in a marathon, this person supports a state that has kept a population under its book for two generations, for no reason other than the state’s racist ideology; an ideology that Beinart supports. "


    • The only reason Beinart started taking the stands that he has is because he sees the two state solutions doors closing. Which he knows will be the end of the Jewish state of Israel. He is not taking his stands out of compassion otherwise he would have taken them long ago. He knows what has been going on.

    • "but the people of gaza have more serious worries. when drones are flying overhead all the time and salt water is coming out of the faucet and the sewer is over flowing and parts and materials are prevented from coming thru the border along with water purification systems and your friends are dying, i seriously doubt running a marathon is going to be on the top of your list. or if it was we’d be hearing something about it from palestinian women, who can be critical of their own cultural norms."

      Go Annie. You know how to cut to the bone (truth) girlfriend. Would so love to see you on a panel with Beinart. Or on Chris Matthews Hardball. Beinart is Matthews new middle of the road pick supposed to come off as left of center I think. When will Matthews have a truly liberal rep from the American Jewish Community who has taken a stand for justice for the Palestinians? You go Annie

    • "Rather than being truly concerned for the well being of Palestinian women, Beinart is policing the Israel/Palestine debate and determining whose rights matter and when. For Beinart, Palestinian human rights are paramount in Hamas-run Gaza -- "Human rights can be menaced by every national and ideological camp, and thus must be defended against every national and ideological camp" -- yet he declared to Jeffrey Goldberg he opposes equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel because it contradicts his own political mission of maintaining a Jewish state -- "I'm not even asking it to allow full, equal citizenship to Arab Israelis, since that would require Israel no longer being a Jewish state." In addition, and more shocking considering his attack on us, Beinart was silent on the human rights of these very same women when Israel was bombing Gaza this past November. How then should we understand his new found concern for Palestinian human rights?"

      Can Beinart say "ouch" How can he spin this?

  • Obama to visit Bethlehem (any chance of Pope Benedict's photo opp?)
    • Iran and the United States—What Really Matters to Middle Eastern Publics?
      link to
      "Similarly, while Zogby highlights data from his 2012 survey showing that a majority of respondents now think that Iran’s nuclear program “makes the region less secure” and that there should be a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, he fails to put regional attitudes about Iran’s nuclear activities in a comparative context. If he had, he might well have gotten results like those obtained by the University of Maryland’s annual Arab Public Opinion Surveys, showing that, by orders of magnitude, Arabs identify Israel and the United States as much bigger threats to them than Iran. He might also have gotten results like those obtained by Arab researchers, showing that support for a nuclear-weapons-free Middle East is driven by concern over Israel’s nuclear arsenal and that, until Israel foreswears nuclear weapons, regional publics think other countries have the right to pursue them, too. But such results would have undercut Zogby’s main thesis."

  • Ann Lewis, former Clinton adviser, dismisses concern about segregated buses in West Bank
    • Lewis “On every value that I care about, Israel is on the right path. It doesn’t mean that Israel is perfect, but I don’t know of any perfect country, including mine.”

      Anne's values
      link to
      link to
      link to

    • 242 is explicit "not spin" which is what your slippery interpretation is

      link to

      (i) Withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict;

      (ii) Termination of all claims or states of belligerency and respect for and acknowledgment of the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every State in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries free from threats or acts of force;

    • "it’s the blossoming of israel as settler state, which is actually happening more rapidly than the process of educating the public. "

      I've been thinking a great deal about this. While awareness about the facts on the ground continues to pick up speed on college campuses, internet etc illegal Israeli housing, bulldozing, expansion of illegal settlements moving faster than ever.

    • "Aside from the obvious problem that Ariel is a colonial outpost of the surpremacist “Jewish State” and is located deep within occupied Palestine, when you have a bus line on which an increase in ridership results in congestion, the solution is to add more buses, not to press a magic button that creates a segregated bus line."

      Hey you stop being so factual and rational.

    • "You’re basically saying, the U.S. president must be a slave to Israel" Or just saying that has been the case for decades. The Hagel nomination and the fact that he made it has thrown a wrench into those normally greased up gears. Only time will tell if anything has changed

    • Not sure how Aipac attendees lobbying for the large aid package to Israel not being cut like all other US government programs and lobbying for the Graham/Menendez resolution bringing the US even closer to an attack on Iran is "tacking left" Except that the middle is now the right of the right. So "tacking left" of the right of the right sounds like a Rumsfeld quote or a quote from Ann Lewis's world views. Where apartheid is not apartheid it is protection for all according to apartheid supporters. Aye yi yi

  • 'Get me to the checkpoint on time!'
    • "The Citizenship and Entry into Israel law prevents Palestinian citizens of Israel the right for their spouses to become citizens of the state or even obtain residency permits to live in East Jerusalem if they do not already have residency permits."

      One more example of apartheid.

      "sound bomb" not the tune that this couple wanted as the theme to their attempted marriage.

  • FBI video of convicted spy suggests that US let Israeli gov't off hook in the case
    • She is no longer a congress person.

    • "Then in a strange twist, Ciralsky was hired by CBS News as a producer.

      And an even stranger twist was why Ciralsky at CBS was the reporter Franklin was communicating with… in who sent Franklin to Ciralsky as a contact?

      And what a ‘coincidence’ that Ciralsky’s CBS news broke the story that short circuited the FBI investigation.

      Small world isn’t it?"


    • Had never read this article by Giraldi. Have read plenty of others. "airline security" had read about the telecommunications access and seen Cameron's four part report soon after 9/11. I am not one of those believers that the whole 9/11 tragedy was orchestrated. But do believe that Israeli agents here in the states monitoring the movements of the 9/11 attackers did not divulge all information they had access to to U.S. intelligence agencies

    • And there was that rumor that they were considering Jane "waddling on over to interfere in the Aipac espionage investigation" Harman as a serious contender for the head of the CIA. Aye yi yi

      "this conversation never happened" Harman

    • I believe the FBI raid of Aipac offices leaks went to Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes. Think she blew the whistle on the F.B.I. investigation interfering with the progress of that investigation

      There have been many articles about the F.B. I allegedly after some big fish in the Israeli spy dual citizenship network. Articles written about a "Mega" or is it just another name for the access to the U.S. communication systems that private Israeli communication systems have (Amdocs, Comverse Infosys) Who knows. Although one thing for sure is that one would think that if all of this Israeli and dual citizens spying on the US would be taken down once it was determined to jeopardize US National Security. I have always wondered about Bob Woodward being a king pin. Know that is out there...but have wondered he is so often on a slippery slope with his views, his reporting his positions

      Leon Fuerth too. Someone in the Clinton administration was up to some serious hanky panky

      link to

    • Listening to VP Biden at the Aipac conference. omg he is absolutely disgusting. Dismissing the Goldstone report, talking about how the Obama administration dismissed the Goldstone report, how the Obama dismissed the UN Mavi Marmara report, the Palestinians bid at the UN for observer status and their successful bid. I have never heard Biden roll over so pathetically. Annie I think you would be very interested in what Biden said it is oh so disgusting. The two state solution is dead folks dead. Watching and listening to Biden one realizes there will be no real effort to pressure Israel to stop the illegal settlements, stop the illegal bulldozing etc etc. Biden did the I donkey in public like I have never heard him before. Horrible

    • Pam Geller made it onto Chris Matthew side show tonight for not being invited to CPAC
      link to

    • this piece by Stephen Green in 2004 goes through a long list of potential security clearance violations by Perle, Ledeen etc
      link to

    • Ben Ami Kadish
      link to
      "Kadish was employed as a mechanical engineer by the United States Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center at the Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, New Jersey from October 1963 to January 1990. Kadish conspired to disclose national defense-related documents to Israel and worked as agent of the Israeli government from 1979 to 1985. Kadish took classified documents to his handler's home in Riverdale, Bronx several times (including information about nuclear weapons, a modified F-15 fighter, and the Patriot missiles) and let an unnamed Israeli government worker take photographs of them.[5]

      Yosef Yagur, Kadish's Israeli handler,[6] along with his Israeli Embassy counterpart Ilan Ravid, were recalled by Israel in November 1985. Neither returned to the United States. Civilian intelligence analyst Jonathan Pollard was also charged and convicted on espionage charges associated with Yagur.

      Kadish was charged with four counts: one count of conspiring to disclose documents related to the national defense of the United States to the Government of Israel; one count of conspiring to act as an agent of the Government of Israel; one count of conspiring to hinder a communication to a law enforcement officer; and one count of conspiring to make a materially false statement to a law enforcement officer."

      So this guy answered to the same Israeli agent as Pollard. Kadish got a 50,ooo dollar fine. Talk about a slap on the hand

    • Jesus. So the person handing him the money is FBI? impersonating a Mossad agent? Is that right?

      Nozette "I'm yours" "willing to get you the whole thing"

      Remember when Nozette was going down no MSM TV/Cable outlet touched this story, Who was that older Jewish man that went down for spying for Israel a few years ago. Really old guy can not find his name. Also did not make it to the MSM TV Cable screen.

      Great work Grant Smith and thanks again Annie

    • Great work Grant Smith you are amazing. And thanks for putting up the story here Annie. Wondered where that story went how about the older guy who went down for spying for Israel here in the US. Forget his name bet Grant has or is digging on that one also

  • Obama scared AIPAC into silence, then defeated it
    • "Schumer was simply led to understand that he was not getting a pass on this one. " As he did being one of the leaders in the pac taking Charles Freeman.

      We know that Obama would like to witness a fair deal for the Palestinians but was kicked solidly in the cajones during his first term. One just keeps hoping that Obama who made it to the inside and up the ladder relatively fast is figuring out how to play the I lobby and Israel against themselves. Looks like it happened in the case of Hagel but why is Hagel still prostrating himself (that bear hug or tackle of Ehud Barak the other day) before the I lobby and Israel. He all ready publicly humiliated himself during the hearing does he need to keep doing that? He is in.

      Man hug Hagel and Barak
      link to

      And these shit eating . All right all ready. We get the message you all love each other in public
      link to

  • North Korean nuke threat is 'absurd and suicidal,' says Menendez, even as he supports possible war against Iran
    • ot
      Diane Rehm is so hypocritical just constantly mentions the 70,000 Syrians dead, million Syrian refugees and this is absolutely horrific. But she and her team have never given that kind of attention to the hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq, the injured the millions displaced. Yet for months she publicly cries crocodile tears over what is going on in Iran. And during another one hour show on Syria the other day she has three panelist (one of them Dennis Ross) who all have the same views on the Syrian situation. Talk about lack of diversity of opinion. Her team refuses to have the Leveretts, Prof Cole or Micheal Shceuer on . My question for her panelist this morning that the new screener from somewhere like AEI. did not make it through.

      "Please have your guest discuss what former Bush administration officials and middle east analyst Flynt and HIllary Mann Leverett, Professor Juan Cole and former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer have all stated. That 50% of Syrians support Assad. That the Syrian Rebels are more than likely Al Qeada affiliates. That the US and others funding for these Syrian Rebels who know one really knows who they are actually has fueled the killing of Syrians and the refugee issue.

      And would the Rehm team please have the Leveretts, Scheuer and Professor Cole on so those who listen can hear some well informed views on these critical issue instead of those who agree on talking points "

    • Menendez been doing the I donkey in public for quite some time. N Korea "not suicidal" and Iran is. Menendez thinking and public speaking on the issue of Iran in direct contradiction to those who know far more and not beholden to the I donkey

      Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Of Staff Stands By Assessment That Iran Is A Rational Actor
      link to

      Who is the Doctor Menendez is beholden too?
      link to

  • Another Israeli-only highway set to cut through East Jerusalem neighborhood brings protest
    • Reading Annie's piece the escalation, the element of surprise, the arrest new apartheid road. Two state solution is over. And then the link that Hostage provided for us about how Israel may be able to avoid any accountability with the ICC for seven long years. Depressing. When you try to imagine what it has been like to deal with a systematic ethnic cleansing for so destroyed, confiscations, olive trees killed, daily humiliation, imprisonments, torture, more house bulldozed, journalist killed trying to get out the truth, non violent protest being attacked by violence, more killed, non violent protesters killed by Israel, infrastructure destroyed in Gaza all of this would make anyone want to take down the Israeli apartheid regime and that is what it is. The Palestinians are a strong strong people to be still standing after all of this

    • Clearly one state one person one vote. There is no other way and Zionist are the ones who closed the door to the two state solution. Sealing it shut.

  • Israeli drumbeat grows for Pollard's release ahead of Obama visit
    • Is it true that the harm that came to US National Security via Pollard's treasonous actions will never be released because of the plea deal. That we will never really know exactly what Pollard gave Israel. If the I firsters keep pushing this as Cloak and Dagger said above demands for all info will be loud and clear.

  • Did Oren's iron dome of affability stop Colbert's brilliant strikes?
    • I think I am going to start calling BB by his real last name. Netanyahu "god's gift" aye yi yi. At least we see where Miliekowsky picked up his arrogance from...daddy. Can you imagine changing your last name to "god's gift" As my Grandfather used to say as he would shake his head from side to side "aye yi yi"

    • Masters at flipping the script. But of course no one calls them out on the MSM. No one Oren has been allowed to go on like that on NPR over and over and over again. No challenges

    • "meager morsels of nothing" Colbert "are the chosen people still chosen" or what ever he said. Then Colbert allows Oren to pull all of the same lines out of his hat "the US and Israel have so much in common" in regard to security. Oren "Iran threatens us weekly and wants to wipe Israel off the map" with no response from Colbert. He could have said really? "I thought that was what Israel does weekly" and then covered his ass by saying "rightfully so" or some cover his ass trick. Colbert played softball and it was a "meager morsel of nothing: Colbert knows how to slash and burn. He have heard him do it many times to less risky guest

    • Toivo you are right about Huff Po. There has been an evolution over there. I too had the experience of not having comments criticizing Israel going up and there was a lot of inconsistency. No links to Mondo, Informed Comment, IAEA reports etc would be allowed through. Now that is not the case. Still a headline about the Oscars will hold that front and center spot for a full day and if a headline about the I/P issue even makes it front and center will be there for a few hours if that. But there has been movement.

      One the other hand at the Rehm show they have narrowed their guest list and any challenging questions of their narrow guest list.

      Washington Journal still wide open. They are not letting the Camera group to intimidate them. Although they seldom have guest on who represent serious opposing views on Israel, Syria, Iran etc

    • Colbert "we have so much in common" We like to steal other people's lands, eliminate their history, attack other countries who have not attacked us" "both of our nation's think we are better than anyone else" "Ignore international laws" "love to torture prisoners" Oh yes we have so much in common. But the big difference is the U.S. pays for your crimes and your crimes continue to undermine your own national security as well as the U.S.'s

    • Is this true about Netanyahu's name. Remember Bibi talking about what Netanyahu means and then pointing at some ring "my precious" and how he holds the Israeli history and goods in that ring or some nonsense like that. Bibi "the U.S. is easily moved"

    • Oren had to have more than an inkling that he would gain traction. Another supreme opportunity to fuel the all ready manipulated perceptions of the American public about Iran. He had to figure he would take a few mild hits "chosen people still chosen." Worth it for him to have the time to throw in the "Iran threatens us weekly and wants to wipe Israel off the map." Just exactly what Israel does "threatens Iran weekly" with attacks.

      The neocons have been everywhere the last 10 years repeating the "Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map" hooey. This is dangerous language that is being repeated... Everywhere. To the point they did not even have to do it any longer Terri Gross (who does it the most) Diane Rehm, Scot Simon, Robert Siegel, Rachel Maddow, Christiane Amanpour, Charlie Rose etc etc do it for them. The only time I have heard this false neo con translation of what the Iranian President said challenged was when Flynt Leverett who was a guest on Charlie Rose say to Rose after he repeated it "that is not what he said" Rose shut up and listened. Not sure whether Rose ever repeated it again. Colbert allowed Oren to repeat this dangerous and inflammatory line to a public ready to eat that stuff up

    • I am relentless over there. Used to get through on a regular basis as well s others who challenged the mainstreams views and hooey. All three panelist on Syria (aye yi yi Dennis Ross) had the very say opinions. No diversity of opinion at all. Infuriating. Years ago Diane and team had Flynt Leverett more. She even had Prof Cole on. No more. The guest never once brought up what the Leveretts often bring up that 50% of Syrians support Assad, that the US has no real idea who the Syrian rebels are. Former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit Micheal Scheuer has written that they are Al Qeada affiliates I think both of the Leveretts and Cole have said the same. That the thousands of Syrian being killed and displaced would not be happening without the funding of the US and others. So fucking absurd that Robin Wright said something about all of us stuggling with the "moral issue" of these deaths. What a crock of shit Dennis Ross, Hillary Clinton, Kerry etc do not give a rats ass about the Syrians lives. They all supported that bloody invasion of Iraq. Ross more than the other two but Kerry and Clinton gave the Bush administration the pass. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people are dead, millions displaced never hear Diane Rehm or any of the other MSM talking heads dig down into those numbers or barely mention them. Crocodile tears over the deaths in hogwash. I first discovered the Project for a New American Century's website in 2000 as well as becoming aware of Richard Perle and the Wurmsers plan for the middle east for Netanyahu...that is the path we are on. Knock out Iraq, Syria and if they can Iran. Has nothing to do with saving lives has everything to do with U.S. and Israel's control over the region

      I think the new screener over there is from the American Enterprise Institute or Aipac. The old screener Dorie allowed a diversity of callers and comments through. No longer. The Rehm show is narrowing their scope not expanding.

    • Annie/all
      Israeli Soccer Fans Give Muslim Player Zaur Sadayev Racist 'Welcome' After First Goal (VIDEO)

      link to

      Feel the love
      link to

    • Colbert played softball with Oren. Either his choice or he froze. I think choice. Would have been so easy to have had all of the efforts Bibi made to sway the election on a list. And would have been so easy for Colbert to have been ready for the Israeli talking points "there is no distance between the US and Israel" "we have the same interest" yada yada. Colbert could have so easily said "the US and Israel are so similar. Both stole land from native peoples, pretended they did not exist while systematically exterminating them. Both or our countries love to attack people before they have done anything to us, ignore the International criminal court, the UN. Both countries seem to love to torture" SO MUCH IN COMMON.

      But the very worst thing Colbert did was allow Oren repeat the falsehood "Iran threatens Israel weekly and want to wipe Israel off the map" Colbert shout have been ready for that one and shut it down or at the very least have said sounds like you are describing Israel who threatens Iran weekly. Could not believe Colbert allowed him to repeat that bs. So disappointing. Ok he poked some fun at the "chosen people" hooey. Colbert played softball.

      Colbert knows how to play hardball
      Colbert Correspondent dinner roast of Bush
      link to

  • ADL: Mock eviction notice describing Israeli house demolitions intimidates Harvard students
    • Such great points

    • keep trying to finish my question but would not post. Went back and finished your link and you actually use "trump" towards the end. So I think I was following the sticky loop. Will be reading again

      So if I have this right and please knock my lay interpretations down. If Israel signs onto the Rome Statute they may have seven years to investigate themselves even though the IDF has protected and created an environment for these crimes to be committed? And that Israel has never on their own chosen to investigate themselves on illegally occupying Palestinian territory before in fact have supplied many of the crazy ass settlers to commit their crimes. Aiding and abetting the criminals. Will the fact that Israel has actually refers to illegally occupied territory as 'war zones" or "Area A, B, C" have any influence on the way the ICC would determine Israel's clearly inability to investigate themselves?

      This is so insane so if the Nazi's had had the opportunity to sign onto the Rome Statute they could have investigated themselves and had a seven year period to protect their own horrendous hides? How would that have played out if the Rome Statute existed then?

      If the ICC's intent is to stop war crimes or crimes against humanity why give countries such an easy way out? And how are "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" defined differently? Is it a numbers game?

    • "But the ICC could be precluded from investigating most allegations against Israelis under the principle of complementarity, as Israel would likely investigate these allegations herself. "

      So Israel could trump the ICC saying they will investigate these crimes even though they have not done so all ready and have in fact protected these crimes being committed through the IDF protecting the confiscation of land and the building of settlements.? What a loop of injustice

    • Thank you for that link

  • Chuck Hagel meets Ehud Barak (and wants to make sure the Israel lobby knows it)
  • 'Biden seeks to reassure AIPAC of loyalty' -- Washington Post headline
    • Obama, Biden all ready are...the shock collar is around their cajones that were kicked hard by Israel and the I lobby during the first administration. Great piece by Prof Cole up about Aipac, the Graham Menendez legislation and the I lobby fighting for US taxpayers money going to Israel even though the taxpayers are subject to the sequister
      link to
      News from what Ross Perot used to call the guys in sharkskin suits and alligator shoes– the lobbyists who routinely outvote you and me on Capitol Hill:

      The American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which ought to be a registered foreign agent, opens its annual conference in Washington today. Its three big goals right now are to make sure US government aid to Israel is exempted from the across the board budget cuts of the sequester; to make sure Israel can with impunity go on stealing Palestinian land in the West Bank; and to get permission from Congress for the Israeli Air Force to bomb Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment facilities."

      Urge your representatives in Washington to oppose AIPAC's "backdoor to war" bill and to take steps towards peace with Iran and Palestine, using the form below.
      link to

  • 'You’re not allowed to use public transportation at all': A report from Israel's segregated buses
    • One reason is so few of them access information outside of the MSM and they sure are not telling them the truth. But slowly but surely getting out there on the internet. Cspan's Washington Journal.

    • Looks like apartheid, walks like apartheid, because it is apartheid

  • In pictures: Hundreds join 'Expose AIPAC' to protest AIPAC Policy Conference
    • Thank you. Sad not to be there again. Thanks so much to the organizers of these important events.

  • Shared Values Watch: US honors Rosa Parks, Israel announces segregated buses
    • "And the stuff that came out of their mouths was idiotic, racist, self-loving garbage."

      Spewed hatred towards Palestinians, Obama. Those kids were filled with a sickness

  • It's delicious to see very uncool people fall for 'Rolling Stones' anti-BDS hoax
  • The AIPAC ask-- US must support Israel if it decides to trigger war with Iran
    • Well since the US MSM will not touch what he really says and instead have been repeating the neocons unsubstantiated claims about Iran we can not expect an educated American public about facts

    • He often says he will go along with what the Palestinians agree to

    • What great timing. This was not a mistake. Hagel gets through then Walt at a State Dept event the night before the Aipac conference, Call your Reps tomorrow and ask them to vote no on the Menedez/ Graham resolution. Ask others to do so too.

    • Call your Senators tomorrow. Ask them to vote no on the Graham/Menendez resolution. Send out alerts to your email list, facebook. Let them know there are many people who oppose this warmongering resolution. Apply some pressure

      What the Hagel victory means
      link to
      I suspect a lot of people would like to believe Chuck Hagel's confirmation as secretary of defense shows that Obama has broken the back of the Israel lobby and will now move U.S. Middle East policy in a direction that would be better for us, better for Israel, better for the Palestinians, and maybe even better for the entire region.

      Don't count on it.

      It is of course a very good thing that the Senate confirmed Hagel. He had excellent credentials for the job, had done nothing to disqualify himself, and to have been denied the post on the basis of the lobby's slander would have been truly disheartening. And there's no question that the antics of the Emergency Committee for Israel (note: for Israel, not the U.S.), the Washington Free Beacon, Elliot Abrams, Ted Cruz, Jennifer Rubin, et al. ultimately did more harm to themselves than to Hagel. They revealed both their preference for innuendo over facts and their belief that support for Israel matters more than any other aspect of U.S. defense policy. As I've noted before, their behavior merely confirmed what some of us have been saying for a very long time, and they did so center-stage with the spotlight on. Very gratifying indeed.

  • Now it's 'Palestinians Only' buses (60 years after Montgomery)
    • He will never get an apology for being right Have seen Former President Carter field questions from Zionist at conferences like no one. Never skips a beat when they throw some curve ball attack. Zionist can not stand Carter because his commitment and desire to see peace in the middle east is sincere. He catches the curve ball attacks and then always responds with facts smooth and gives the individual the respect that he deserves but never ever allows them to back him down from the facts on the ground. In my book Carter is a national treasure

      While many of us know that Rachel Maddow is a total sell out on the I/P issue along with repeating the unsubstantiated claims about Iran (not as much as she used to) She did have Carter on once and allowed him to state the facts without turning off his mic
      link to

    • aye yi yi

    • divert divert divert

    • Will you be getting on the Israeli only buses?

      The very fact that they have set up separate buses for Palestinians/Israeli's on stolen Palestinian land moving illegal Israeli settlers etc living on illegal settlements on separate buses is the very definition of apartheid.

    • "A ministry source said that many complaints expressed concern that the Palestinian passengers may pose a security risk," How insanely absurd. Israeli's are stealing Palestinians land, set up illegal settlements, create separate buses for Israeli's and then call the Palestinians a "security risk" So f*ing insane. Have no idea how the Palestinian resist getting violent. Of course we all know better to stay peaceful but come on this would drive Mother Theresa to violence.

      "The bus lines in question are meant, according to the ministry, to transport Palestinian workers from the West Bank to central Israel."

      Working for the master.

      Smells, acts, looks like apartheid. Because it is apartheid!

    • codepink exposing aipac action today
      link to

      link to

      Expose Aipac in the media
      link to

      March 2, 2013

      Dear Activist,

      Expose AIPAC is off to a great start! Yesterday we "occupied" AIPAC headquarters with settlements and an apartheid wall very much like the ones in Israel that AIPAC supports. It was a great action, check out the video here! We are delighted to be planning a vibrant opposition to the powerful Israel lobby at a time when Israel continues to colonize more and more Palestinian land, and pushes for an attack on Iran. We'll be in the streets telling AIPAC that their pro-apartheid, war-mongering agenda doesn't fly with us!

      Stay updated: check out our pictures throughout the weekend, and watch for Expose AIPAC in the news! We'll be posting updates on the Occupy AIPAC website, and help us spread the word via social media by following @OccupyAIPAC, @Codepink, and using the hashtag #ExposeAIPAC.

      Here are the weekend highlights:

      Expose AIPAC Grassroots Advocacy Training, hosted by Interfaith Peace Builders
      When: Saturday, March 2nd, 8:30 am
      Where: Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church (900 Massachusetts Ave)
      Speakers include Rebecca Vilkommerson, Jonathan Kuttab, Josh Reubner, Phyllis Bennis, Philip Farah, Jamal Abdi, Robert Naiman and more!
      Registration for the Grassroots Advocacy Training is a sliding scale of $40 – $125 ($30 for students), payable when you register.

      New Perspectives on Peace with Justice: An Evening with Interfaith Peace-Builders
      When: Saturday, March 2nd, 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm
      Where: The Goethe Institut, 812 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
      Requested Donation: $30 – $100; Food and Beverage provided
      Featured Speakers: Reverend Carolyn Boyd - Adjunct Pastor at Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, former national Co-Chair of Black Voices for Peace; Hanan Idilbi - Board Member of Interfaith Peace-Builders, and member of the US Palestine Community Network.
      Musical Guests: Feras and Ehab - Playing modern oud compositions rooted in the deep cultural traditions of Palestine; Luci Murphy - a D.C.-based vocalist and community activist in the peace and social justice movement, singing songs of freedom.

      Expose AIPAC Mobilization and Street Protests, hosted by CODEPINK
      When: Sunday, March 3rd at 11:00 am-all day!
      Where: Outside the AIPAC Conference (corner of Massachusetts and 9th) for dubka, a flashmob, and greeting AIPAC goers as they leave the convention center at the end of the day!

      11am: Our actions will begin. We'll have awesome visuals (including "settlements" you can wear so we can show AIPAC just how obstructive settlements are) but feel free to bring your own signs! We'll be rallying, protesting, singing and dabke dancing.

      2pm: Press conference and rally.

  • AIPAC sells 'intoxicating' donors' conclave with endless wine (and Brazile, Begala and Fleischer)
    • AIPAC To Hill: Don't Touch Israel Aid
      link to

      Moon of Alabama in response to the above
      link to

      "This should be a good chance to highlight the issue of rather outrageous U.S. payments to the zionist state. Israel getting its subsidizes while local school lunch programs get cut might awake some citizens' critique. The attempt to automatically involve the U.S. in a war that Israel's hardliners would like to start should add to the outrage.

    • OK CIA has not always put their best foot forward. But does that make it acceptable for the Bush administration to purposely out one of them?

    • I don't know with young Jews taking those Birthright trips in herds the new generation of young Zionist are in training.

    • oops "suck up" Such up...hmmm

    • Donna Brazille a huge such up. And let us not ever forget Fleisher's role in outing CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame who had put her own life on the line for this country. That outing undermined US national Security and the report about the lives lost and financial cost to the US will never be released. But no doubt that Fleisher and so many others in the Bush administration should have been put on trial for purposely outing Plame

  • The false equivalence of liberal Zionists
    • Bingo. When people are screaming at others that it is their land because a bunch of Jewish guys claiming they had talked to some god 2000 years ago feels like we are watching some science fiction flick. And I grew up Catholic and started thinking the same thing sitting in daily religious classes. All voodoo to me.

      Religious Jews, Catholics, Muslms can not prove any of their claims

      But we can prove that their is an internationally recognized border.

    • Always liked this paragraph in Glenn Greenwald's "false equivalency" piece awhile back

      link to
      "It’s admirable to want to apply the same standards to both sides, but straining to manufacture false equivalencies doesn’t accomplish that; sometimes, honestly applying the same standards to each side will result in a finding that one side, at least in that regard, is actually worse. When that’s the case, a person engaged in truly independent, non-ideological inquiry — rather than the pretense of such — will expressly acknowledge the imbalance, not concoct an equivalency where it doesn’t exist. "

    • Hey they have been pulling off the slow, steady ethnic cleansing for decades. And have had the support and silence of the US MSM.

    • interesting

    • "lending with interest" has put the world in chains. Just not into any religious books that encourage and cultivate hatred, elitism, racism etc. All learned behavior in my book

    • There is a great deal of hatred, violence and racism in Deutoronomy. As Annie said above some "freaky stuff"

      Chapter 7 verse 6:

      "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, above all people that are upon the face of the earth."

      You must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them, and show them no mercy. Do not intermarry with them. Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones, cut down their Asherah poles and burn their idols in the fire (Deut 4:2-5).

      In the cities of the nations the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance, do not leave alive anything that breathes (Deut 20:16).

      You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none. You will rule over many nations but none will rule over you (Deut 15:6).

      "all the peoples on earth will see that you are called by the name of the Lord, and they will fear you" (Deut 28:10)

    • "and thanks for proving my point. religious nationalists believe god gave them the land, and there’s a lot more freaky stuff where that came from. whereas advocates of a right of return are grounded in international rights, and values americans hold dear…like equality. that’s not fringe, that’s normal."

      freaky stuff indeed. So a bunch of Jewish guys write the Bible and claim that they have been talking to God and this God said the land belongs to the Jews. And please don't try to question that insane and unprovable argument.

    • " In contrast, the principles of the BDS movement, including the right of return, are based on equal civic and human rights. This is the challenge for liberal Zionists. To position themselves as moderate they seek to create an equivalence between extremists where none exists. And, evidently, are not adverse to using a fallacy to make their arguments when all else fails."

      Have heard this false equivalency argument used by Jewish friends over and over again through the decades "both sides are wrong" Just absolute dangerous hogwash.

      Great post Annie.

  • AIPAC won't let us report on its policy conference
    • Occupy Aipac's activities this weekend. Lots of great clips of previous Occupy Aipac events
      link to

      Not sure if Hedy Epstein will be attending the Occupy Aipac events but if you have the chance spend time in the presence of this little powerful Jewish woman who is so filled with compassion it is contagious. I had the honor of spending some time with her at the conference several years ago. I kept bringing young attendees (students who had had their way to the conference paid) of the conference over to speak with her. Had set up some chairs under a tree across from the conference for Hedy and those who would come and listen to her story and be overwhelmed by her love and compassion for all but specifically the Palestinians She turned their heads around and set them straight

      Love Hedy Epstein for her remarkable courage and love for those suffering especially her focus on the Palestinians.

      link to
      link to

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