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I am a news junkie, and am passionate about human rights, and do not like any kind of violence against unarmed civilians. I love to travel, especially in Europe, and enjoy learning about different cultures, and eating the local cuisine.

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  • Israel revokes Al Jazeera correspondent's press credentials claiming the network is 'inciting and agitating to violence'
    • Al Jazeera is a threat to Israel, because it produces great documentaries highlighting the occupation, and Israel's human rights violations. This so called democracy will use all it has, including it's influence with it's new best friend Saudi Arabia, to silence what may be the only news media in the region, that reveals the true victim in Israel's on going occupation. Al Jazeera has taken quite a few hits from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the US, including some military ones.

  • Netanyahu is silent for 3 days over neo-Nazi violence, while his son says Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the real threat
    • The silence coming from the zionists, and their lobbies and affiliations in the US, was deafening.
      Where are the voices of their lobbies that are pushing for BDS to be banned claiming it is anti-semitic? The KKK and nazi groups here are their worst enemies, and yet no voices of protest, or condemnation, from Jewish groups and lobbies, that usually are eager to silence any kind of criticism of Israel, or those who show sympathy for the Palestinians. The same goes for Netanyahu, who should be offended that the nation that enables them, have citizens that openly attack them by chanting slogans against them. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  • New poll shows 2/3 of Jewish Israelis want death penalty for Palestinian attackers
    • Absolutely. They even kill when a "suspect" is lying wounded and helpless. It would be interesting to know how many Israeli killers of Palestinians have been given the death penalty. Especially the vicious killers of Mohamed Kdheir, who was brutally set on fire and killed. It is strange, but whether Jewish terrorists or the IDF, they suddenly are declared mentally ill and unfit to face these same consequences for killing, that these Israeli people are so readily eager to make the Palestinians go through. One standard for God's chosen, and one for all others.

    • It seems the zionists have some kind of mental problem, while they point fingers at others, they have the same problem or worse. We have seen many comments by the zionists about Arafaat being corrupt, yet Israel seems to have the same problem in their "democratic" nation.
      Maybe there is too much of aid going over there.
      It seems their leaders are a crooked bunch.

      While one former leader is currently serving a sentence in jail for corruption, the present Prime Minister and his family seem to be heading that way too:

      Israel Police Tells Court: Netanyahu Suspected of Bribery and Fraud
      read more:

  • 'Disappointed' AIPAC targets Gillibrand for removing her name from boycott bill
    • It was to be expected that after Sen. Gellibrand criticized the zionists, they were going to attack her and make her into yet another example for others, and warn those who dare to speak against them, that they will feel their wrath. The mere fact that Sen. Gellibrand's colleagues are okay with this, is hard to accept.

  • Debunking the 2 claims: anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism, and BDS unfairly singles out Israel
    • It is one of the, if not the only, longest occupation and land grabs in history. Israel certainly deserves being singled out, because no amount of Accords, agreements, world condemnation, and criticism, seem to make them get the message, and change their evil ways.

    • "You are either for us, or against us"....if they find that you are against Israel's occupation, land grabs, or human rights violations, you are either an anti-semite or self hating. All they want to do at that point is to stifle/threaten/intimidate you. Zionism.

    • As US tax payers surely we are able to object to those billions of dollars going to an occupier, who has been condemned by us many times, for violence against civilians, and for the illegal settlements they keep building, without heeding international laws. We also have the right to boycott openly this nation, in support of it's victims. This is all keeping in line with our democracy, and human rights policies that we keep preaching to other nations. I have no idea if those doing the bidding of Israel by passing anti BDS resolutions do it because of the shekels they are given as reward, or if they are made to feel they should be loyal to the mothership. The zionists have reacted badly to violent and non violent protests, and that leave no other choice but to boycott and sanction it, just like other pariah nations. The zionists may prefer the world to ignore it's crimes, the occupation, and the land grabs, but the rest of the world will not work that way. Israel should realize that apartheid S. Africa learned that the hard way.

  • Napoleon, Hitler and the economy -- David Brooks hints that Trump is losing his mind
    • For the last 6 months we have seen a man and his family act like they are above all laws.
      He was so naive when he became President, and most probably thought it was going to be
      more like a dictatorship with no checks and balances. He is learning the hard way that he cannot pass bills, and change laws, without it being sanctioned by the courts and congress.
      It has been 6 months of investigations, scandals, firings, and law suits. He has failed to deliver most of his campaign promises, and he is so desperate now he wanted Obamacare repealed at any cost to millions of Americans, just so he can brag he did it. He still thinks he is in a reality show, and that someone should be fired or lose. The nation has still not seen that brilliant "deal making" he has bragged about.

    • Seriously, I think he had already lost his mind even before the campaign. The erratic behavior, the insults, the lies, the inability to realize his lies will be fact checked fast by the media, and that he will look like a liar, the fact that he hounded Obama will stories that his people are finding "interesting" things in Hawaii, and so on. Only someone with a severe mental problem will behave this way.
      What sane person will think he knows more than all the Generals, and that he alone can fix everything? It is frightening to think such a person is the leader of any nation.

  • 'You are a Jew, you need to stand with the Jews': Peace activist Ariel Gold assaulted by settlers in Hebron
    • A real vicious woman, with a lot of time on her hands. She is hateful and disgusting. They steal the land and then behave as if they are entitled to live there, and decide who walks through. The soldiers obviously are spineless and they use her to take direction. It looks like the authorities are also conveniently not doing anything about her video taped acts of harassing, taunting, insulting, and being physically violent. She should spend some days in jail, and warned about being so hostile and physically threatening. I notice NONE of the other illegal settlers ever speak up or warn her. She is indeed the face of Israel.

    • So what makes these illegal settlers behave in such a vicious way? There is something radically wrong with these people, they have a deep seated resentment for anyone who does not agree with them, and time after time we have seen how violent they could become. Maybe the fact that they are stealing lands, and living in occupied territory, must make them hate the fact that they are looked upon as illegal settlers around the world, and they lash out at anyone who they think is "different". I have seen videos of some really vicious women spit and call Palestinian women ugly names. They show their arrogance when they act like THEY have been the victims of stolen lands. It seems they are setting a bad example to their kids too, and soon there will be a new generation of vicious thugs running around stolen lands.
      They try hard to chase the Palestinians from their own lands. I pity the Palestinians who have to put up with this gutter behavior every day. A sorry state of affairs.

      What a horrible experience for Ms. Ariel Gold. Hope this does not deter her from continuing the good work she has done.

  • Lindsey Graham asks whether AIPAC, which comes to Capitol Hill in 'droves,' is a foreign agent
    • Very interesting Citizen..

      I agree no one ever mentions that AIPAC benefits non resident foreigners, and also their main interests are protecting Israel, and working to make sure it gets all it can from the US, including special privileges. AIPAC should be disbanded and not allow to operate here. It can be easily proved that their agenda does not cover the interests of the US. I doubt the congress will collectively reject AIPAC's influence and campaign contributions, after all it is in their hands if they want to become puppets of an alien nation or not.

    • Page: 63
    • Lindsey Graham has always been a strong supporter of Israel, so this sudden show of concern is surprising. That said, it is obvious that AIPAC is a foreign entity, wearing the face of Americans. If you take a hard look at the funding, contributions to many members of Congress, who always end up doing Israel's bidding even against the interests of their own country, the interference in our foreign policies regarding the Middle East, and seeing the strong arming of American politicians and leaders, there is no doubt that AIPAC is doing more harm than good for this nation. It is time we banned all foreign entities, lobbies, and others, from interfering in our country. Whether it is Russia or Israel, they make Americans act in very anti American ways.

  • 'Lack of hope' drives Palestinians to carry out terrorist attacks, State Department says
    • If you say they live great lives, which I am sure they do, compared to those they occupy who have no electricity sometimes, and have to purchase their own water back from the zionists, then that is another reason why they desperately want to destroy the BDS movement. After all, they do not want to lose their happy and contented lives.

    • As usual your thinking is not correct. You must be totally ignorant about how this works.

      It took 35 years for the boycott movement against apartheid South Africa to finally succeed.
      The Palestinian people will be free of the despicable occupiers, and their 50 plus years of blockades, land grabs, and mowing the lawn It seems the zionists are putting in millions of shekels to try and stop the BDS movement, they have lost millions of shekels, and are desperate.

    • Thanks Kate. It is obvious that the Palestinians have no hope, are depressed, and full of anger. It is only human to feel that way. It seems the majority around the world understands it, but not those in the US and European nations, who are enablers to the 50 plus years of occupation, and the endless stealing of lands, water, and resources, belonging to the victims of this occupation.
      The State department has been wringing their hands and condemning the zionists for their crimes, but keep helping them perpetrate these crimes by showering them with billions of dollars, and shiny new weapons, to keep the occupiers comfortable.
      Shame on all these so called democratic nations that treat Israel like the victim, and shame on those Arab nations in the ME that have become the occupiers good buddies. They have thrown their own under that bus.

  • Crossing AIPAC leaves writers smeared, politicians' careers 'suddenly stalled' -- Sullivan
    • Speaking of the media:
      Jon Oliver explains the other danger spreading among weak minds and into American homes. Some would say the threat is worse that Fox News...

      The Sinclair Broadcasting Group is spreading lies, and unsubstantiated information, which will negatively influence Americans through their hometown news channels. It is very alarming to say the least.

  • 'Netanyahu doesn't have a vision for peace,' Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill
    • Thanks JW, I will definitely read the two articles.

    • Good point. Israel has meddled into US affairs for decades, when Obama ran for re-election, Nutty openly endorsed his rival and made election ads on his behalf in Florida. The worst was Nutty interfered in our foreign affairs, and tried to sabotage Obama's efforts to get an Iranian nuclear deal, and invited himself to speak against it in Congress. The Congress shamelessly let him. Russia and Israel are equally despicable.

    • Very interesting developments. Although a lone voice, I guess she did bravely criticize Netanyahu's lack of vision, if one can believe he really wanted peace., which most people don't.
      His actions show that he is more interested in stealing lands, and keeping the occupation going.
      Netanyahu far prefers the status quo than bring peace for his people and freedom for the Palestinians.
      At least Ms. Gillilbrand is not pretending to believe that he wants peace, unlike most in Congress.

      As for AIPAC/Israel's stranglehold on Congress, it is refreshing to hear a member of Congress admit to it. I guess Kirstin Gillibrand will now be the target of AIPAC's hate campaign.

  • Three settlers stabbed to death and three Palestinians shot dead in turmoil over security measures at al-Aqsa mosque compound (Updated)
    • Ech. the rules here are that I do not have to explain, or respond to, any of your comments, therefore I have the choice to respond, or not to respond, to any commenter that I deem irrelevant, and that I do not agree with, or find unable to differentiate between a nation that is constantly killing civilians, and a commenter criticizing it. You have the wonderful choice to not respond to my comments, if you do not like what I have said.

      Thanks Moose and McHughes, you said it well. :))

    • Could it be a prelude to yet another "mowing the lawn" by the zionists, now that the entire world is focused on the daily revelations of the Trump regime, including family members, being caught with their hands in the Russian cookie jar?

  • Haymarket Books' plan to buy Chicago mansion is latest battleground over Zionism/anti-Zionism
    • Good point. Arafat was no saint, but neither were any of Israel's leaders. Despite the hasbara and zio media demonizing him, with accusations of being corrupt, the zionist leader, and his wife, are presently under police investigations for corruption, and getting gifts of pink champagne, designer suits, and cigars, and lavish vacations overseas for dear spoilt son, Yair.
      We also have an ex PM Ehud Olmert in jail for corruption and taking bribes.

      The zionists have their share of b*stards too.

  • Bill making it a federal crime to support BDS sends shockwaves through progressive community
    • Well, it seems Israel has ordered it's subservient American servants to tighten the screws, free speech and freedom when it comes to Israel, will be a thing of the past. We are not the world's greatest democracy anymore. That image is now a joke.
      Being unaware of Schiff's voting record, it is shocking to find out he is one of the main co-sponsors of the bill. Another Israel firster.

      Maybe it is time all products made in Israel should be boycotted worldwide.

  • Ontario caves to Israel on falsely-labeled wines-- for now, anyway
    • Israel is devious, as their record shows. There will be many products that will be labelled this way to dupe other nations into buying these products made in illegal lands. The question is who will monitor this, and how many buyers will stick to the laws, and avoid promoting illegal products?
      Israel will never do the right thing and abide by laws, in fact they act like they are above all laws, in many aspects. Sellers of illegal products are fully capable of pretending it is all legal since in their feeble minds, any land they steal is rightfully theirs. Rotten to the core.

  • Young survivors of Gaza beach slaughter three years ago 'lost their minds'
    • This was one of the most vicious crimes witnessed by the world, AND journalists, who were at that site. If these were Israeli kids, the Israeli propaganda machine would have used this picture to promote the notion that they are attacked by terrorists, this would have been the poster they would be using to raise more funds, and get more sympathy. It is shame that the Palestinians do not have the help they need to highlight their plight in pictures.

  • Join Roger Waters on Facebook Live as he discusses his support for BDS
    • As I said the comments will show you exactly who pushes the Russian agenda, and praises the pariah nation, and the corrupting of our our political system, and hacking of American websites. It seems Putinski's pests are infesting many websites.

    • Welcome back ABC , you were missed. The old crew is still here, but we have an infestation of some hasbara types, who seem to be pushing Russia's agenda, like the Trump WH. You will see for yourself, soon. Annie makes an appearance sometimes, we miss her too.

  • London's Palestine Expo defies smear campaign attracting more than 15,000
    • It is very nice to see that thousands of people showed up to show their support for the Palestinian people. It is high time the world did.

  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • Israel brought it upon themselves. How long can you keep depriving people of their rights, and how long will the US keep protecting them?

    • It must be a shock in their system. Israel simply claims, grabs, and steals, and they cannot take it when a world entity has stepped in to preserve Palestinian heritage, and give the Palestinians some rights. Bullies usually cannot take rejection. Aw Nutty, just open a bottle of pink champagne and keep fuming.

  • Clinton lost because PA, WI, and MI have high casualty rates and saw her as pro-war, study says
    • You should do some research before parroting Trump's idiotic claims:

      "No they didn’t. Only 4 of the 17 concluded on the basis of no evidence that the DNC was hacked." Keith

      Trump Misleads on Russian Meddling: Why 17 Intelligence Agencies Don’t Need to Agree

      WASHINGTON — President Trump said on Thursday that only “three or four” of the United States’ 17 intelligence agencies had concluded that Russia interfered in the presidential election — a statement that while technically accurate, is misleading and suggests widespread dissent among American intelligence agencies when none has emerged.

      The “three or four” agencies referred to by Mr. Trump are the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the F.B.I. and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, all of which determined that Russia interfered in the election. Their work was compiled into a report, and a declassified version was released on Jan. 6 by the director of national intelligence. It said that all four agencies had “high confidence” that Russian spies had tried to interfere in the election on the orders of President Vladimir V. Putin.

      The reason the views of only those four intelligence agencies, not all 17, were included in the assessment is simple: They were the ones tracking and analyzing the Russian campaign. The rest were doing other work.

      The intelligence community is a sprawling enterprise that includes military officers who track enemy troop movements, accountants who analyze the finances of Islamist militants and engineers who design spy satellites. There are soldiers, sailors and Marines; tens of thousands of civilian government employees and tens of thousands of private contractors.
      The New York Times

      Trump always misleads anyway.

    • The Russians have already come, and there is bunch of oligarchs living in Trump towers. They have also interfered in our US elections, and hacked into our systems. Today Donald Trump junior admitted he met with a Kremlin connected Lawyer, at Trump towers, two days after his father won the nomination, together with Manafort and Jared Kushner, who seems to have a memory problem. No one can call it fake news anymore, since they are admitting to these meetings, and the numerous phone calls, which again seems to cause amnesia to Trump's people, including the Attorney General. If this was a joke, there would be no investigations, no Robert Muller, and the Senate Intelligence committee will not be holding investigations. 17 US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia has interfered in the US, and no amount of denying, or quoting Goering, can dispute the facts. So many (undisputed) connections, cannot just be a coincidence.

    • Mooser, I did watch that presentation by Richard Engel on Rachel Maddow, and it was very interesting. The signs are not good, even frightening to a large extent. Trump is being used as a tool by Putin. If Putin wanted to bring the US down, and interfere in it's sovereignty, this is the easier way. Trump has a lot of dirt and has been lying from day one.
      It is amusing to see Putin's pests keep defending the Kremlin, and trying to convince everyone here that nothing is wrong with Russia. 17 Intelligence agencies and numerous investigations show that this is a serious crime/s and this is an unprecedented situation in the history of this nation, and it will be interesting to see what Robert Muller and other officials investigating these endless Trump connections (which may also reveal money laundering) to an enemy nation.

    • Since you seem ignorant about Russian interference and wars, maybe this might enlighten you.

      Georgian Civil War (1991–1993)

      War in Abkhazia (1991–1993)

      Transnistria War (1992)

      East Prigorodny Conflict (1992)

      Tajikistani Civil War (1992–1997)

      First Chechen War (1994–1996)

      War of Dagestan (1999)

      Second Chechen War (1999–2009)

      Russo-Georgian War (2008)

      Insurgency in the North Caucasus (2009 - present)

      Russian military intervention in Ukraine 2014 - present)

      Russian military intervention in Syria (2015 - present)

      What a saintly nation that Russia.

    • Oh you mean THIS ally?

      "Amid Bids to Release Jonathan Pollard Former U.S. Officials Say CIA Considers Israel to Be Mideast's Biggest Spy Threat
      U.S. intelligence agents stationed in Israel report multiple cases of equipment tampering, suspected break ins in recent years; CIA officials tell the Associated Press that Israel may have leaked info that led to the capture of an agent inside Syria's chemical weapons program.
      read more:"

      My comma key is nothing compared to the damage Israel has done in the Middle East, especially in the Palestinian territories.

      You find "comfort" in the weirdest places, and seem to admire the dark sides from Israel and Russia.

    • We had two lousy choices. Trump is also a disaster, and taking this country backwards, and into the arms of Russia. The G20 meeting fiasco, sent a strong signal to the world, that Trump does not want to join the international community, but become isolated, and with no strong allies to support us. It is a sad situation. Hillary was a flawed candidate, and I do not agree with many of her policies, especially when it comes to Israel, but she would at least have hit the ground running, would have had the experience, to lead the nation, and there would not have been conflicts of interests with numerous private businesses, nepotism, and twitter tirades, that we have to deal with on a daily basis.

  • Israel is upping the costs for ’terror’
    • Imagine the greed displayed by these zionists. They sponge off the US like parasites, and then want to punish innocent family members, including widows with little children asking for compensation.
      Did the soldier who assassinated a wounded Palestinian pay compensation to his family?
      Did the terrorists who killed young Muhammed Abu Kdheir, pay compensation to his family?
      How many families of Palestinian massacred by Israelis have been compensated?
      So why is this so called effort to deter, only one sided?

  • US Jews must oppose Palestinian boycott, but boycott Israel and bring it to its knees over prayer at western wall
  • Trump aides end all doubt about whose side they'll be on in the next great peace process
    • You could be almost certain that Kushner, the wet behind the ears, and devious son in law, who is a master wheeler and dealer in business, was going to fail miserably trying to broker peace between an occupier and it's victim. Not when his family has given millions of dollars towards the illegal settlements built on stolen lands belonging to the victims. Abbas would have been a bigger fool to think that the Palestinians would have their freedom after Kushner's lame efforts.

  • Netanyahu says Israel's 'hand is outstretched to peace' -- but he makes a fist
  • US foreign policy in the Middle East
  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
    • The predictable results of sending an inexperienced, and biased man, to broker peace, that no senior diplomat, nor statesman, could ever achieve, for years. A dishonest broker whose family has contributed millions for illegal settlements. Yet another Trump blunder. What a joke!

    • Continuing the good news, the UK High Court throws out Israel boycott restrictions.
      Something that will never be seen in the US.

      "The High Court in London ruled on Thursday that the Conservative government acted unlawfully in trying to prevent local councils in the United Kingdom from divesting from firms involved in Israel’s military occupation.

      The successful legal challenge for the right to boycott was brought by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in March, and was supported by War on Want, the Campaign Against the Arms Trade and the Quakers.

      ”We couldn’t be happier that this right has been upheld by the court,” said PSC Director Ben Jamal.

      Recent UK polling showed that two in five people consider BDS – boycott, divestment and sanctions – a reasonable Palestinian response to Israel’s crimes.

      “Today is a victory for Palestine, for local democracy and for the rule of law,” PSC Chair Hugh Lanning, said. “Absolutely everyone has a right to peacefully protest Israel’s violation of Palestinian human rights.”

      Good for you Palestinians.

    • This is heartening news for those against the occupation and land grabs. It also shows Israel that the millions of shekels it has invested in hasbara, campaigns to stop the BDS movement in Western nations, and the false narrative that they are victims of occupied people, has not, and will never work. This is why they are desperately trying to stop the BDS movement. It is hurting them. This is Israel's self inflicted wound, and they have themselves to blame. Nothing they have done has worked in their favor, except the US government handing them endless aid and weapons. I guess part of this decline in support by Jewish diaspora was also the result of their "mowing the lawn" in 2014 made a dramatic change of attitude around the world. Decent people were horrified to see the precision bombs going into homes, entire families being wiped out, babies being pulled out of the rubble, and the unbelievable bombing of UN shelters. Again, Israel has itself to blame. The question is what now? Jared making peace in the region, and a miracle happening? Nah.

  • Iran is no longer a theocratic juggernaut, even if Trump and friends want you to see it that way
    • Iran is indeed a beautiful nation, and is rich in culture and heritage, which some other nations around the world lack. But, unfortunately, there are others in that neighborhood, who act like jealous women, who cannot stand the thought of their neighbors doing well. Iran is no different to other Middle East nations, it has shown resilience to the threats and attacks by those holding up cartoon bombs, the consistent blame game that those accusing Iran are guilty of themselves, and has been able to stand up on it's own without the propping up by other nations, like many do in the ME. It also has not attacked it's neighbors for at least 200 years, and has been treated unfairly in many ways by US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and others who join the angry mob.
      Everyone seems involved in these proxy wars going on.
      As for the accusations that Iran supports terrorism, isn't that the same as the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia? Pot calling kettle.

  • New Israeli 'ethics code' for academia seeks to combat BDS
    • The more they fight and try to stifle the BDS movement, the more you realize it has affected them badly, and fear that it will get worse. They have invested millions of shekels on campaigns to stop it in the UK and US.
      Most people around the world know the truth, and Israel has itself to blame for it's ills, not others.

  • Iftar on the rubble
    • Meanwhile the squatters not so far away, enjoy living on stolen lands, plenty of water, electricity, and are well taken care of by the very same evil people, who caused the pain and suffering of these poor Palestinians. I have always said that the Palestinians are resilient people, and this article proves it.

  • West Bank settlement will build medical school, named after Adelsons
    • If the US condemns illegal settlements and does not recognize them, it should ban Americans from financially dealing, or donating charity to these cursed places. The US should sanction illegal settlement areas, and have strict laws that encourage the theft of lands that the entire world has also condemned - if there was a shred of decency and honesty from the American leaders. Adelson is not a true American patriot, here is here to make his millions, and then make sure his true motherland is taken care of, at the expense of Palestinian people.

  • Nationwide 'rally against Sharia law' reflects violent surge of Islamophobia since Trump election
    • It serves their purpose. All they have to do is project their narrative: Palestinians = terrorists = Muslims, and they expect the world, especially naive Americans to buy that bull. They, especially Nutty, consistently keeps whining how he has to fight terrorism too, and he knows there are anti Muslim elements who will sympathize and even send him dollars, for illegal settlements and other projects that are the hallmarks of zionist occupation. Most of the leaders of the anti Muslim campaign, have strong loyalties, are pro Israel, and zionist sympathizers.
      If these American hate groups marched and insulted Jews the same way, the howling about anti-semitism would be heard as far as the moon.

    • Most probably most of them do not know the real meaning of "sharia", and it was obvious this was an anti Muslim march. There isn't a single piece of legislation in the nation passed, or in the wings to be passed, that has anything to do with sharia law in this country. So why this idiotic assumption that there are elements trying to get sharia law here, and who is behind this narrative and these meaningless marches? Frank Gaffney? Nina Rosenwald? Christian zionists?
      The usual anti Muslim suspects?

  • Just 1 of 12 Westchester County legislators stands up against anti-BDS bill -- Alfreda Williams
    • "Racism on the part of Israeli Jews against Muslim Arabs in Israel exist in institutional policies, personal attitudes, the media, education, immigration rights, housing,[3] social life and legal policies." Wikipedia

      Here are some of Israel's "classy" citizens showing their love for Arabs. Racism is alive and well in Israel.

  • The Israelis
    • If a lady of Palestinian heritage ran for office in the US would she succeed? Or would the evil empire work to sabotage her efforts? Does the US have any congressperson of Palestinian heritage?

      "Britain elected its first MP of Palestinian heritage in yesterday’s general election. Layla Moran overturned a Conservative majority of almost 10,000 votes to win the Oxford West and Abingdon. Moran won the closely contested election by only 816, gaining 26,252 votes.

      Moran was the only MP to overturn a seat in her county; the county’s other five seats remained as they were."

  • Israeli ambassador says he admires and envies Palestinians for keeping refugee issue alive
    • No, I will blame those who are most responsible for the suffering going on. If not for the stinking occupation, and the zionist land grabs to house their squatters, Hamas will not be of consequence. Hamas is also the excuse for the violence and occupation going on.
      Only people with half a brain will believe the zionist narrative.

    • The suffering going on in Gaza, that no one in the world seems to care about.
      No religion would condone the suffering of innocent people, and it amazes me that whether Arab, Jews, or God fearing Christians, can watch this going on for decades, and not do the humane thing to help these people.

  • Westchester legislature prepares bill saying BDS 'maligns the Jewish people,' and opponents organize
    • I guess where there are many American Jews living, and many of them wealthy, there is a higher chance of passing anti BDS resolutions. Obviously there is a push for this resolution from a more powerful source, and since many of those in the Board of Legislators, are Jewish, representing the community, this will be passed easily. Again, it comes down to the strategy, money, and the fact that the US is used by zionists, to protect, promote, and support the zionist's evil causes. How can a small percentage of people have such a powerful hold over this large nation, and be able to control US laws, regulations, and policies, and be the extended arm of a violent occupier?

  • A tale of two parades: how a New York governor throws Puerto Ricans under the bus while reaffirming his commitment to Israeli apartheid
    • The signs are all there. Cuomo is making all the usual pro zionist moves, sucking up to the hands that doles out campaign contributions from far away. He has already visited the mother ship many times, to show solidarity and support for the most important nation that will ensure he has their blessing to run for President. He even had the kindness to make a special trip to show he was sympathetic to the anti semitism going on here (who cares about the Muslims in the US?) In some instances, he apparently did not have the time to meet with Arab leaders, being far too busy making nice with war monger Netanyahu, and visiting tunnels. All cringe worthy.
      He will never get my vote.

  • If Trump is serious we may be seeing the most significant step in 20 years of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations
    • It was obvious Nutty Yahoo does not take this clown seriously. During Trump's visit you could see Nutty looking at him with amusement. It was also amusing to see Sara Yahoo fawning over the Trumps. She supposedly sympathized with the Trumps and all the investigations going on, by saying they were going through the same too. Aw poor things, the entire world is out to get them. They are such saintly people.

  • The message of the Orb
  • Trump skips Nativity Church during brief visit to Bethlehem as Palestinians protest potential renewal of US-led ‘peace process’
    • The MSM has been whipped into obedient puppies who find the Palestinians a nonentity. They have always treated the occupier as the victim, that the Palestinians are all terrorists, and that US interests should always be for Israel first. Yesterday I heard Chris Matthews for the first time mention the hardship of the Palestinians, which was a first to me.

  • Hebron settlers are trying to erase the city's Palestinian identity
    • Hassan Mehdi was on Ali Velshi's show on MSNBC, and it was impressive to see him respond to Dirty Dershowitz's usual pro zionist BS, with some solid facts, which Dirty Dersh could not dispute. At the end DD did not give him much of a chance to talk, and spoke over him (hard to defend the indefensible). It was so refreshing to see someone know the facts and respond the right way to these zionists who go around spewing pro Israel nonsense. Something sadly lacking among the American journalists and pundits, who seem unable to respond with basic facts to the BS, and seem intimidated by any zionist.

    • To think we have been told ad nauseam that it is the Arabs that want Israel wiped off the map.

      Actions speak louder than words.

  • PLO source denies Abbas plans to propose large land swap deal during Trump visit
    • Trump is naive thinking this conflict is easy to solve, many have tried to do so for decades, and have failed. The bottom line is, at the end the Palestinians who have already lost too much, will get the short end of the stick, and through desperation, forced to agree giving up a lot of the land. Ideally the stolen lands should be measured and the Palestinians compensated in some other way. It will always be seen as adding insult to injury any way you look.

  • Memo to Trump: US won't escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians
    • Trump has been erratic in many ways, and has changed his mind about many important issues (NAFTA, China, and moving the US embassy to Jerusalem), and he is unpredictable to say the least. He has taken a different approach to this conflict, but the question is, will he change his mind quickly when the situation changes. He has shown some softening up when it comes to the Palestinians, and seem to have confused the zionists by changing his mind about the embassy and now the western wall. But will it last, and will the Palestinians be thrown under the bus, since Trump thinks nothing of doing the same to his officials in the WH? It seems that the Israelis are finding themselves in a strange situation (like many Americans do), and it must leave them with their heading spinning.

  • Courageous Israeli newspaper is indicted as 'childish' 'contrarian' and 'antagonistic' by the yellowbellied New York Times
    • The Haaretz is the only Israeli publication that speaks the truth, and openly criticizes the government, and it's policies. The NYT's is mostly pro Israel and supported the zionist policies, and even defends it in it's many article. Zionist influence can be long range when in the US.

  • Israel tutors its children in fear and loathing
    • They will only have peace with the Arabs, when they love their children more than they hate the Arabs.

      Teaching them to hate the victims of their occupation, is only ensuring the cycle of violence keeps going on in the next generation, and their children will never know peace (but plenty of stolen lands).

  • Here we go again! Netanyahu disputes Trump administration, urges him to 'shatter Palestinian fantasy' about Jerusalem
    • "When you elect a clown expect a circus."

      100+ days of investigations, hearings, insults, lies, nepotism, twitter tirades, firings, unethical practices, sinister connections to Russia, and Jared Kushner's sister using this Presidency to sell real estate in China.

      Making America great again????

    • Something else to add to this on going tension between Israel and the Trump administration.
      MSNBC says that the "ally" involved in classified information blabber mouth Trump revealed to Russia, was none other than Israel......I suspected as much because Dirty Dershowitz was so outraged yesterday, mentioning Hamas and Hezbollah as taking advantage of the situation.
      A quick stab at those fighting against them, to poison minds. Dersh is always the opportunist.

  • Israeli sniper kills unarmed Palestinian protester during demonstration in occupied village of Nabi Saleh
    • This is similar to the incidents a few years ago, when 2 kids were killed by sniper, the day Palestinians were observing Nakba day. There were videos of that as well.
      Israel keeps getting away with murder, kills without hesitation, covers it all up, because the US is taking care of the little "victim".

  • Ellen DeGeneres gets pushback for promoting Sabra Hummus
    • How many people promote these products with ignorance? I recently visited Singapore, and a top department store was promoting and selling Soda Stream. Israel is looking at markets where people are unaware of it's bad reputation, and taking advantage of it.

  • Norway’s largest trade union federation endorses full boycott of Israel to advance Palestinian human rights 
    • In response to the article and Amigo's interesting comments. It is good to know other nations are working hard for human rights.

      Never shall either be seen here in the US.

  • Jews made America great so 'we deserve our influence' on Israel policy, Dershowitz tells Scarsdale synagogue
    • For any American zionist, paying billions in aid, giving billions in weapons, supporting and protecting Israel at the US, making us face the hatred and anger from many around the world because of this support, gives them the right, to influence American policy. What chutzpah! American Jews, like other nationalities, have all contributed in various ways to the progress of this nation, and it takes some Israel firster, like Dershowitz, to speak of it like it is an entitlement exclusively for Jews.

  • 'Pizza Hut' and Israeli army radio join in grotesque attacks on Marwan Barghouti
    • This is sadistic behavior, the hallmarks of zionists. They have a sick sense of humor, and behave so inappropriately, when it is about the goyim suffering. These are the same people who picnicked in hilltops to watch their brutal military drop bombs over Gaza resulting in the deaths of thousands of civilians mostly women and children, or celebrated the murder of a little baby, stabbing a picture of the little vicim while dancing at a wedding. Predictable behavior.

  • A Republican plan for peacemaking: 'break the will' of the Palestinians and force them to 'accept defeat'
    • Or perhaps they know that they prefer the status quo right now, so that they can steal all the lands their greedy hearts desire, and finally rid the territories of Palestinians. The UN has predicted that by 2020 the territories will be unlivable. The zionists will squat on the livable parts controlling the water, and other resources.

    • You must be the perfect english scholar who never makes a mistake. However your logic is way off in content. I doubt that pipe dream of the zionists will ever materialize, but that will never stop those who are pro occupation from dreaming.

    • The Palestinians have lost already. They have lost years of freedom, thousands of acres of land, farms and olive trees destroyed, they have lost thousands of their people, millions are refugees living in camps, and they have lost all hope.

      What the heck more do these idiotic Republicans want them to loose? It is all about Israel, the occupier, and it's needs and their pride. To hell with their victims.

  • New charter, old politics
    • So the Palestinians are getting a show of support, but unfortunately from not a very credible source:

      Erdogan Blasts Israel, Calls on Muslims to Visit Al-Aqsa: Each Day Jerusalem Is Occupied Is Insult
      Erdogan says Trump shouldn't move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem ■ Compares Israeli policies to apartheid ■ Israel: Human-rights violators shouldn't lecture others

      read more:

  • On 'NYT' stage, Roger Waters calls BDS 'valid and legitimate picket line'
    • What can the Palestinian people do? If they resort to violent protest, they are killed and criticized by the zionist allies around the world, and if they protest through BDS movements, they are accused of being anti-semitic. It is time the accusations of being anti-semic for protesting was put to rest.

  • 100 senators throw their bodies down to end UN 'bias' against Israel
    • The shekel is almighty for the US Congress, or else they will not be selling their souls to the devil.

      Did it every occur to you that neighbors are retaliating in every way they can, for being under brutal occupation, and that their lands are being stolen every day for illegal settlements, condemned by the rest of the world? What do you expect? You want roses and candy thrown over the wall that cuts through their farms? Get real. You want to violence stopped, end the occupation and land grabs. It is time the Israelis stopped believing that the entire neighborhood is out to get them, and accept the fact that when their government stops the occupation and land grabs their lives will be safer. Have YOU no compassion for the Palestinians the real victims? They are being killed by the thousands by Israel every time it decides to "mow the lawn".

    • The almighty shekel, the Israeli lobbies, and the spineless American politicians.

      American leaders are complicit in Israel's crimes of the occupation, land grabs, and apartheid policies. Bernie Sanders is very, very disappointing. What is his excuse?

  • 'The Trump opportunity' -- some Palestinians are optimistic about Abbas visit to White House (!)
    • Trump is naive. He thinks he" alone can fix it." He is going to find the hard way, like healthcare and the Presidency, that it is not an easy job. Many other experienced leaders have tried to right this wrong, and failed. Israel is not going to to give up the status quo so easily, why should they when they have stolen more lands recently under Trump's watch? It is sad that the Palestinians pin their hopes on Trump, because chances are slim he will be the honest broker in this matter, like so many other American leaders. I can understand the desperation Palestinian must feel, because they always seem to be thrown under the bus, even by other Arab nations for too long.

      Trump must have simply taken advantage of another photo op showing him to be a tough leader, and this statement by Pence show JUST HOW "SINCERE" THEY ARE IN BROKERING PEACE:

      "President Donald Trump is giving “serious consideration” to moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, Vice-President Mike Pence said Tuesday, the day before a scheduled White House visit by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

      Trump is also “personally committed” to becoming the U.S. president who finally ends the long-running Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Pence said.

      Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a politically charged act that would anger Palestinians who want east Jerusalem, which was captured in 1967, as a future capital and part of their sovereign territory. Such a move would also distance the U.S. from most of the international community, including its closest allies in Western Europe and the Arab world."

  • 'I'd rather die than live as a servile slave,' Omar Barghouti told his daughter
  • Settlement opponents appeal to Massachusetts Democratic Party to pass resolution tomorrow
    • I am very impressed with what Ron Fox and Jeff Klein has stated, and it is refreshing to find genuine people pushing for the rights of wronged people. They knows fully well there will be some backlash from staunch zionist supporters here, but are still is standing up for the Occupied people very bravely. I hope something positive comes out of their efforts, and good luck to them and their campaign.

  • Abbas should stop playing us for political gain, say young Gazan writers
    • Anyone would think he is in the payroll of the zionists.

    • Why is Abbas acting coy when it comes to pushing hard for freedom for his people.? He has been acting like a spineless man, going along with the zionists and the US, and their stalling. So many opportunities have gone by, and Abbas seems to be sitting on his hands, reluctant to stick his neck out for his people. If he is incompetent, then he he should step down and allow someone with more determination to take his place. The Palestinians will never find freedom until the in fighting among their people ceases.

  • How grassroots activists defeated anti-BDS legislation in Maryland
    • Thanks for that very interesting episode. John Oliver is right, everyone should be very much afraid that Ivanka and Jared are both unqualified and inexperienced, and it is scary to think they have the authority to do whatever they wish, as Trump, equally inexperienced, seems to delegate his responsibilities to family. It is like giving a child the pilot's seat in a large passenger aircraft.

    • Mislabelling products are not only in Israel but in the Trump WH too.

      Did Jared Kushner, who supports the illegal settlements, teach his wife Israel's old tricks?

      "Patience Runs Out
      EU To Crack Down on Israeli Settlement Products
      Israeli settlers living in the Palestinian terroritories often deceptively give their products a "Made in Israel" label. The European Union wants to move soon to end the practice and appears to be set on a collision course with the country." Spiegel on line

      Ivanka Trump’s Brand Was Purposely Mislabeled Under Another Name At Stein Mart
      This legal-but-weird practice is raising eyebrows.

  • Tillerson and Haley's trash-talk on Iran was brought to you by Sheldon Adelson
    • Of course US policy has always been directed (and in some cases bills written) by staunch Israeli supporters who call themselves Americans. The money and lobbying comes from zionist sources like this billionaire who looks like he rose up from the dead. It is hard to understand why a wealthy nation like the US has to get it's orders from a parasitic nation that feeds off the US for aid and weapons. This will never change in our lifetime. It is the same ole story.

      Meanwhile the king of the zionists shows satisfaction that the new war monger in town is doing exactly what they want, and seems to be pushing for that Iran war they are blood thirsty for. He tried to push Obama to attack Iran so hard, even making an idiot of himself at the UN with that cartoon bomb, and since that did not work, he is now manipulating the idiot in the WH. Easy prey.

      Netanyahu Meets Mattis, Lauds 'Change in U.S. Leadership, Policy' in Mideast
      Meeting took place after U.S. defense chief Mattis sat down with Israeli counterpart in Tel Aviv, said Iran continues to threaten Israel with ballistic missiles
      read more:

  • Freed to travel, Barghouti will receive Gandhi award on Sunday at Yale
    • Congratulations to Omar B. This is good news, and until it is all over, you almost expect the other shoe to drop. This will be very good for the BDS movement, a little boost, and lot of focus, on their good work, and of all places, YALE! It can't get any better than this.

  • Hasbara-steria: Netanyahu ministers charge NYT with 'journalistic terror attack,' hunger striker with 'suicide terror attack'
    • I agree. Their loyalties are first and foremost for Israel, and they will push for Israeli policies, even if it is not the best for the US, and may even hurt it. Lying to the American people is also fine by them. Unfortunately, these snakes have too much of influence in this country, and can influence our policies, even from stolen lands.

  • The bulldozers of Shavuot, 1967
    • The zionists have used the Holocaust for their own devious reasons, using it as an excuse to occupy, steal, and attack anyone who criticizes their policies, yet we have to wonder why, if they really cared for those who suffered this horrible time in history, they have been neglected, and treated badly for years. They have made a business out of getting aid and sympathy using that tragedy. Never again is not for everyone, and the Holocaust survivors deserve much, much more.

  • Israel celebrates 50 years as occupier
    • It shows they have that sense of entitlement, and arrogance. They should be ashamed that they have occupied, killed, and stolen, for decades, and yet thanks to Uncle Sam, other western nations, and many Arab nations, they have been enabled to keep the occupation going without being held responsible for the endless crimes. They know no shame.

  • No shooter will be charged with killing Palestinian activist Bassem Abu Rahma because Israeli court lost evidence
    • I am sure they will be very careful to not lose any of the paperwork, when it comes to the Palestinians accused of crimes. They could also be manufacturing those documents.

  • Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti's op-ed calling Israel 'moral and political failure' is buried in int'l edition of 'NYT'
  • Israel will celebrate 50th anniversary of '67 war in -- an illegal settlement!
    • So much for the gloating. Meanwhile the world should be ashamed that they have ignored the victims of a brutal occupation that have not only have resulted in thousands killed, but are losing their lands, and other resources, and no one in the world seems to care. In fact the US is complicit in all these crimes, by sending billions of dollars in aid, and most shamefully, weapons, that used against unarmed civilians. The Arab nations today are now best buddies with the occupier, which signals that chances of the occupiers victims ever achieving freedom and their own statehood, is slim to none.

  • Sean Spicer needs to go to a Holocaust center
    • The Trump administration is continuously making blunder after blunder, and this within their 100 days of taking over. The Trump administration has not given the American people the feeling of security, and reassurance, that they know what they are doing. They are way over their head, amateurs floundering and stumbling, and it is scary to think that they have the nation's safety in their small hands. Investigations, law suits, nepotism, and whole works, and it feels like we are living in a dictatorship, where Trump does what he likes, says what he likes, lies about everything, and no one can do anything about it. Spicer is a little lying sock puppet, who spends most of his hours lying and covering up for his boss's dishonesty. What a disastrous White House.

  • Israel’s ‘right to exist’ and the Palestinian right to resist
    • Typical zionist greed. While the rest of the world is focused on horrible chemicals attacks, and Trump showing what big tomahawk missiles he can lob into Syria, the dirty thieves are salivating at the prospect of building more illegal settlements on stolen lands. But wait, the official did praise the US for attacking Syria.

      'We need another 100,000 settlers in the Golan'
      Likud MK praises US strike on Syria, says Israel needs to strengthen presence in Golan.

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