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I am a news junkie, and am passionate about human rights, and do not like any kind of violence against unarmed civilians. I love to travel, especially in Europe, and enjoy learning about different cultures, and eating the local cuisine.

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  • Apathy in Ramallah as negotiations with Israel dive
    • That is interesting news indeed. It seems almost the entire world gets it - that it was Israel who defiantly kept announcing illegal settlements during peace negotiations, kept moving the goal posts with demands of being recognized as a "Jewish" state, and could not define it's borders. The Palestinians have shown they desperately wanted peace, their rights to be recognized, and most probably was willing to lose even more than they have. Of course, the US still defends Israel's negative stance in the breakdown of these talks, some in the media, already blaming the Palestinians. As usual the US is way behind the Europeans, who have already started boycotting some Israeli products, and taking the lead. If only the US does the decent thing, and is severe with Israel, cutting all aid and support, perhaps Israeli leaders might realize that it is utterly stupid, and greedy, to want the status quo, and not peace.

    • It is sad to hear the Palestinians speak with no hope, and realistic about the situation.
      They have been treated badly, suffer on a daily basis, being robbed of their resources and property on a daily basis, and expect to give up much more. I do not fault them for not trusting the US to be an honest broker. Who can trust a nation that has armed, sent billions in aid, and enabled their brutal occupier, and protected, and defended it against condemnation from international, and human rights bodies? No rational person would. The entire world knows that this time, once again, Israel has shown that it prefers the status quo, and has disregarded all rules, and kept announcing more illegal settlements, insulted the US, and disrespected John Kerry, and did not keep it's word, and release the last batch of prisoners, that was the straw that broke the camel's back. Perhaps Mahmoud Abbas finally made that right decision, when he decided to go to the UN and get recognition, if their occupier cannot recognize their rights, and prefers to show greed instead.
      This would be a good opportunity for the US to cut off that parasitic rogue nation, but chances are slim.

  • Adelson would install Netanyahu in the White House if he had his druthers -- Avnery
    • Adelson is openly and fervently doing what his warped mind tells him to, even buy the White House for Israel, and let the US suffer the consequences. For him it is Israel first and last. He is like a irritating leech that feeds off it's host.
      If Adelson expensive, but ambitious plans, is successful, the US will become Israel's puppet, wage wars, write our policies, and make our enemies. The candidate that will be bought by Adelson, will be forever in Israel's control. What next? Perhaps land grabs, water control, and illegal settlements in the US?
      We'd certainly be occupied and controlled by a parasitic nation, if Adelson and his money had it's way.

  • US is 'absolutely adamant' that Palestine not go to ICC and wreck the peace process -- Power
    • Susan Rice was even more despicable, when she reacted to the Palestinians bid for partial recognition the last time at the UN. Her speech was mean, insulting, and she lashed out at the triumphant Palestinians, like a sore loser. I felt embarrassed that our country was represented by her, and that there are many like her, carrying the water for a lousy parasitic nation like Israel.

    • Israel has shown it's vindictive, mean side, once again, and will show just how much power it has over it's victims, by making their lives even more miserable, zionist style. It makes me wonder if Hitler felt that same sense of sadistic pleasure, when he wielded his powers over helpless people.

    • The US shows it's true colors once again - and it is ugly. Despite getting a big slap in the face from Israel, and having to put up with Israel's lack of cooperation, bribing Israel to keep the peace talks going, with promises of a disgusting Israeli spy, Pollard, to be released, and the endless insults thrown at Kerry and the US, what do you know, the US still kisses up to Israel, by being against the Palestinians going to the UN.
      The US should do the right thing and support these long suffering people, who lose so much on daily basis, and stop supporting the disgusting occupier that lacks any sense of doing the right thing for their victims.

  • Narendra Modi, a politician who presided over anti-Muslim pogrom, may be India's next leader, and U.S. cozies up to him
    • Israel has devious methods of operating. Yes indeed, Israel was training Tamil rebels and the Sri Lankan troops, at the same time, within miles of each other, and no one was any wiser.
      On Saturday 3 lower level security officials violently clashed with the Indian immigration officers at an Indian airport, showing typical Israeli arrogance, and their sense of entitlement. Many Americans may remember how they were treated like dirt at Ben Gurion airport, Tel Aviv, and that the US State department has issued travel warnings for Americans entering Israeli airports. Yet Israelis expect to be treated like God's chosen, so impatient, and disrespectful.

      Should make us wonder what these three thugs were up to, considering the fact that India is having their elections, and perhaps they were there to interfere in some way or the other, zionist style.

    • In the Muslim world, the US has already earned the reputation of being killers of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq, and interfering in Muslim nations, so this too, will add to that (deserving) negative image. Way to go US.

  • Israel hears Palestinian objections to archaeological project in Jerusalem and -- approves it!
    • Well said, and I truly understand how you feel. As a taxpayer I am disgusted that my tax money goes to aid and abet the above crimes, and that irrational Americans keep the devotion to a devious rogue state, who keeps pretending it is a victim, while resorting to horrible crimes against children and unarmed civilians. I also agree that the zionist owned, loyalty misplaced, US media, keeps covering up Israel's behind, and constantly trying to pin the blame on Israel's victims, even as they see little Palestinian children being pulled out from the rubble. Imagine how much hate Israel must generate when a kid is dragged from his bed in the middle of the night, and dumped in a cell, or when a young man picking gravel by the fence is killed by the IDF, or when Israeli precision bombs are sent into homes, killing an entire family, mostly little kids, land and water stolen, open prisons, orchards destroyed, farmers losing their property, and endless crimes by their brutal occupier. Can anyone blame these helpless people for feeling like they do?
      The zionists are operating on huge campaign donations to politicians, promises of taking care of Jerusalem for the next coming (they do not even believe in that concept), and pretending they are victims. Apparently one zionist leader was supposed to have said "we control the US and they know it", and whether or not it was true, it sounds exactly how they act, and treat, the US, and it describes how the US does the bidding of Israel.

  • Israeli troops fire live ammunition on protest in support of Palestinian prisoners
    • Amnesty International says there are over 700 Palestinian kids in Israeli prisons, being abused and ill treated. They also have to legal representation and, cannot see their families, and are forced to sign confessions in Hebrew, a language they do not know.
      Link from an Australian program on Palestinian kids being terrorized by the IDF:

      Full documentary (45 mts)
      Stone Cold Justice

      The US media will NEVER show such documentaries, for the American people must never know the true story.

    • The brutal IDF at work - using their big guns on unarmed civilians, and ruthlessly shooting anything Palestinian.

      I have observed that when it comes to their protesting, out of control, settler thugs, they are not shot at, and handled with kid gloves. There is some kind of indifference and hatred when they aim at Palestinians. The more Palestinian casualties the better, for these evil forces.

  • Oren says Pollard 'sacrificed himself for the Jewish people'
    • Nick, it seems that Mahmoud Abbas, checkmated them. :))

    • Very well stated. I agree about the double standards, and how they venerate their criminals.

    • NickJOCW thanks for that link. It was very interesting, and perhaps a sign of things to come. Israel is steamed that the Palestinians are going to the UN, in fact has threatened sanctions agains them (for legally going to the UN)and will make it's servants in congress make the Palestinians suffer even more, with aid being cut off.

    • I agree. However, the administration has had many opportunities to withdraw completely from not only being Israel's lawyer, but also as sugar daddy, and big mommy that protects it from world condemnation, and it seems until the occupation of the US by Israel ceases, the US will always be the aider and protector, of this rogue state. The mere fact that Israel kept announcing more and more illegal settlements, during peace talks alone, shows the US ignored these violations and pretended they were not detrimental to those peace talks.

    • The Palestinians had their hands tied, by promises of peace, their rights recognized, and working with their occupier. The US most probably warned them that if they went to the UN and applied for recognition, they would have their aid stopped (as they were threatened the last time they bid for statehood at the UN), time the Arab nations stepped in and supported them, giving them aid, so that they will be able to survive without being blackmailed, by Israel and the US. The Palestinians are in such a vulnerable position, we cannot fault them for trusting the US, but the rest of the world already knew that the US was not going to be an honest broker. It never is, when it comes to Israel.

    • There is an awesome huge added gain for NOT releasing Pollard: imagine all the zionists faces remaining red, their blood pressure still up, and even the great Bibi eating crow and begging for his release. The internet has been exploding with these pathetic pleas for traitor Pollard's release, and lame justifications for his crime.
      It is about espionage and turning traitor, for a devious nation, that pretends to be an ally of the US - not at all about Judaism.

    • As long as the crime is against goyim, he will be a hero.

      If it is a crime of murder in a Mosque while innocent civilians are praying, they will name a park after the murderer. Oren forgot all about diplomacy, and revealed his true, zionist thinking.

    • It is disgusting that someone of stature, like Oren, openly shows reverence for a scumbag like Pollard. It seems when it comes to the minions who do zionist bidding, no crime is deplorable and condemned. It is ALL for the good of the mothership. I also note there is no shred of remorse or regret, that they paid this despicable man, to spy on his country.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
  • Five eggplants and a bulldozer
    • They have better things to do, but "intimidation" to rid the Galilee of Arabs is part of the master plan. These poor Palestinians, even helpless farmers, are harassed on a daily basis, and taunted because they are unable to fight back. There is something sick and evil, coming from these zionists, if you watch the illegal settlers stone, spit, taunt, and harass, Palestinian families on youtube, you can see a deep seated meanness, that seems to be in their psyche. It seems they like to gloat they hold the wielding power, and making life hard for the Palestinians, seem to be giving them some sick enjoyment, in their pathetic lives.

  • Desmond Tutu: Maryland legislature's anti-boycott effort designed to 'punish and intimidate'
    • Rev. Tutu, more than anyone else knows apartheid policies when he sees it.
      If he had turned a blind eye to the crimes and inhumane policies meted out by Israel to the occupied people, like some leaders do,there would be some apologists singing his praises here.
      Obviously his remarks hit a sore spot, and his criticism, sounds harsh to the guilty.
      Apologists can dish out, even be racists, but they simply have no courage and honesty to take any criticism of Israel, so the dear devoted resort to name calling, insults, and disrespectful attacks, on a man revered by the rest of the world.
      Let's be honest here, Bibi is not respected, not trusted, and is a world known warmonger, and the world respects, trusts, and sees Rev. Tutu as a peacemaker.
      It must be hard trying to convince the world otherwise.

  • From Portland to Portland, and Amman to Lahore, 'NYT' letter-writers are sharper than 'NYT' writers
    • The zionists are a mean, vindictive lot. They are already threatening sanctions against an already oppressed people, and for what? Because the LEGALLY want to be recognized state in the world? They are not occupiers, but victims of a brutal occupation, and since their occupier does NOT want to recognize their rights, and give them their freedom, they turn to the United Nations (something that should have been done long time ago), and they are going to be punished for that? What next Bibi, more ILLEGAL settlements, get the spineless Congress to cut all aid to them?

      As for New York Times, shame on them for being SO biased, selling the Israeli narrative, and being used as an Israeli tool to once again, to influence it's readers into thinking Israel is the victim, once again. The comments that responded to their lame article, are very encouraging, and very interesting.

  • Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israeli occupation profiteer G4S
    • The aid and support for Israel must stop. Greedy corporations, just like during apartheid South Africa, are more interested in making profits, than addressing the human rights violations going on. Our shameless congress and other leaders, must first and foremost stop all aid that enables this rogue state. They have insulted Kerry, openly criticized the US efforts to get peace talks going, and yet they cannot exist without US support and help. This Haaretz link shows that once again, they beg for military aid, to keep their brutal occupation, and crimes against unarmed civilians, going. Time we reconsidered aiding and arming this parasitic nation.

  • Both Sides: Anti-BDS concerns on campus vs. life in the occupied territories
    • But of course the apologists will not mention that, just like they always ignore the comments about illegal settlements. Note, they never refer to it, because they know they are breaking international laws, and are in the wrong. That topic is conveniently ignored by hasbaracudas.

    • Zionists and their twisted logic…steal their lands, demolish their homes, control their water, destroy their trees, blockades, checkpoints, deaths by fences, fishing controlled, over 700 of their children in jail, among other brutal crimes, and then whine about rockets being sent over.
      Since the year 2001, thousands of rockets have been sent, and the number of Israelis killed: 64
      Operation Cast Lead: 1500 Palestinians killed, and this year nearly 20 Palestinians killed by the stinking fence. Israel provokes, steals, kills, and then whines when there is retaliation. The occupier can dish out, but cannot take it.
      Stop whining about the rockets, the Palestinians have MUCH more to lament about.
      Stop the brutal crimes against Palestinians, recognize their rights, and stop stealing their lands….stop giving them reasons to send those rockets.

  • It's the borders, stupid
    • I agree with what you are saying, however, I am not sure Clinton will win.
      She may not be "conservative" enough for those with bigger plans.
      The Supreme Court today, made it easier for that despicable creature, Adelson, to "buy the White House" with unlimited campaign donations. So finally a parasitic alien nation could "occupy the US" by controlling Congress, the media, think tanks, and the biggest prize - the White House. All presidential candidates, will suck up to Israel, for they cannot operate without the campaign donations, and support from the media etc. That is why even Obama shows "unwavering support" for Israel, as soon as the precision bombs hits homes in Gaza. With all the money being poured in on behalf of Israel, it makes me wonder why we keep sending valuable dollars as aid to Israel. It seems their minions, and the devoted, are wealthy enough to buy US candidates, yet Israel is always the "poor" victim.

  • Former Israeli general: failed peace talks won't lead to doom
    • True, and there is limit to how many illegal settlement homes, they can cram with the population explosion! They are desperately trying to bribe Jews around the world to come and settle down in zioland.

    • By 2020, the UN predicts the Palestinian territories will be unlivable. That will be too late for the Palestinians. The master plan by evil zios would have been successfully completed.
      All it takes is for American leaders, especially the shameless Congress to refuse financing the brutal military occupation, colonization, and apartheid policies.
      Israel will change it's tactics before you can say AIPAC.

    • I don't know about doom, but there is going to be a lot of gloom, when BDS gets louder, and economically, Israel will feel the "pinch". There are going to be more
      boycotts, when the world realizes Israel is behaving like a rogue nation, and cannot keep it's word.
      This entire peace effort by Kerry and the US was simply a waste of time and our money, however Israel can never whine and say they were not given a chance.

    • It seems the US cannot learn from past mistakes. Last time they arm twisted nations, and tried to get them to vote against the Palestinians at the UN…but there was overwhelming support for them, and they won. The US and Israel looked like sore losers. It is a shame that the US is controlled so much by a parasitic alien nation, and that our leaders have their hands tied, when it comes to doing the right thing.

  • In Philly, rightwing Zionists call Dershowitz anti-Semitic for opposing settlements
    • It is good to know, that even for a few minutes, Dershowitz felt like many others do, when inappropriately accused of anti-semitism, now a very worn out card, that apologists seem to overuse, that does not have the intimidation factor it once had, and the only method of stifling any criticism of Israel.
      It seems Israeli firsters in the US are getting desperate, and frustrated. They are now turning on their own, for the most trivial reasons, a sign that things are unravelling perhaps in zioland?

  • The Israel lobby’s trojan horse: ‘Reforming’ education laws to defund Middle East studies programs
    • The accusations of antisemitism have become so ridiculous, inappropriate, and even a joke sometime, that they do not realize people are beginning to get de-sensitized to these accusations. The accusations of antisemitism for the many calls to boycott and sanction Israel, is the lamest.
      There is a limit to silencing any criticism of Israel, and it seems they have reached that limit.

    • It is sometime unbelievable to think, zionists are able to have so much influence in our country, and that AMERICAN leaders keep allowing them to interfere, write our bills, and decide what free speech is. We are freely able to criticize our President, leaders, celebrities, religions, anyone we want to, but somehow to criticize, or bring into focus, the crimes by a rogue state in the Middle East, is antisemitic, freedom of speech disallowed, foreign policies dictated by an alien nation, and those who dare to speak out, attacked and intimidated. A foreign lobby controls every aspect of the message, and our leaders shamelessly allow it. I am disgusted by these Americans, who put this parasitic nation above their own nation, perhaps the false narrative that Israel is constantly under siege, a victim, and must be defended, at any cost, that is instilled in them, makes them do it.
      This is blatant interference in our academia, and there should be a fierce backlash to this outrage.

  • The crisis that Israel adroitly manufactured
    • Very well said. They have also been able to convince Americans that they are the victims of an occupied, unarmed, deprived people, to keep all what you have said, flowing. Zionists have been playing devious games, pretending to be victims, and raking in the sympathy, while all the time resorting to brutal crimes against civilians, and stealing every resource they can, even soil, from it's poor neighbors.

    • Somehow with all the Israeli state literature being dumped on Americans, for years, and years, it is quite interesting, even refreshing, to hear the other side of the story - it looks bad for Israel, but then sometimes the truth hurts.

  • Jewish National Fund lures singles to Israel with tasteless sexual joke in NYT
    • We should not be surprised. Israel has been condemned many times for it's history of organ trafficking, and human trafficking, by international organizations.
      There is something seedy in that land of Israel. They have a record of breaking international laws, and it is not only their brutal occupation, human rights violations, and land grabs, but some nefarious activities too. The "only" democracy in the Middle East, and the "best" ally the US can buy, is up to it's neck in all sorts of devious crime.

  • Reports: Abbas faults Israel for 'procrastinating,' says Palestine will move to join int'l organizations
    • Someone said his trump card will be the ICC. He is keeping it for either a bargaining chip, or for a more dramatic time. With Israel that time will come sooner than later…can't be too soon for some of us.

    • From a Haaretz article:

      "Abbas said the leadership made its decision after Israel did not commit to releasing a fourth round of prisoners.

      "We don't want to clash with the U.S. administration, but we are left with no choice," Abbas said. "Secretary of State John Kerry made great efforts and I met with him 39 times since the beginning of the negotiations. We are not working against anyone but we have no other option."

      Abbas added: "It is our right to turn to UN institutions and we had postponed it for nine months and never agreed to give up that right." The Palestinian premier said, however, that the leadership still seeks a solution to the conflict, through negotiations and through popular resistance."

      Abbas felt Israel was not keeping to it's word, and that the continuous building of illegal settlements, showed Israel was not serious about peace.
      Good move PM Abbas. You gave them a chance and they failed to take that opportunity. The world knows now that it was Israel that stalled, made silly demands, and did not honor it's word.
      Good luck at the UN, the world will be behind the Palestinians once again.

    • Okay, let's be a little more specific….Israel being the wicked step mother, and AIPAC and ADL, the ugly, mean, sisters.

      Cinderella must go to the ball, and finally stand up to the evil step mother.

      A fairy tale come true, for the much deserving Palestinians.

    • I wonder why Abbas was reluctant to go to the UN and the ICC all this time, and why he keeps giving Israel so much of leeway, and time, which they do not deserve. Did the US threaten to stop all aid if he did, perhaps they did. This is the time the Arab states should step in and support the Palestinians with the badly need aid, and encourage them to go to the UN, pledging to give them all the support. Enough is enough. Israel has stalled, shifted the goal post, made ridiculous demands, and keeps buying time to build more and more illegal settlements, and is taking the Palestinians, once again, for a long ride. Time for the Palestinians to independently seek full recognition at the UN, and stop pandering to a greedy, devious nation, who has no interest in peace. Last time the Palestinians were able to get the majority of the world, minus the US, vote for them, and gave them a resounding victory, I am sure it will be the same this time too. The entire world owes these long suffering people some relief from suffering, legitimacy, and most of all freedom from a brutal occupation.

  • Pollard was in it for money, and sold so many dox Cap Weinberger wanted the death penalty
    • Maybe it is reflex action to justify, defend and protect what the zio government does. Israel, right or wrong, mostly wrong.

  • Not an April Fool's joke: U.S. weighs releasing Pollard to keep Israelis at negotiating table
    • The problem is, Americans are prevented by learning the truth about Israel's crimes, and the reality of the occupation. The media (wonder who makes that decision hmm)
      keeps giving us the Israeli sob story of being bullied by the victims of their brutal occupation, with congress and the media being controlled by AIPAC, they will never know the true story of Pollard in depth. The media coverage out of the US, is totally different, that is why perhaps the world takes a different view about Israel. The informed one.

    • I wonder why the US is not insisting that the over 700 children, who are abused, and suffering, in Israel's dungeons, without legal recourse, nor have family access, also be freed, and that no little Palestinian boy, will be attacked at night, and dragged away by IDF thugs. There are far too many crimes by Israel to address, and trying to make Israel do the right thing, will be like squeezing water out of a stone.
      The US is on a fool's errand.

    • Good points, and I liked that similarity between Israel and the scorpion. Both devious, deadly, and despised for their sting. Good idea about superimposing the star of david over the US flag, it definitely is appropriate, considering the fact we are occupied by Israel too, and as long as we are, we will never get rid of this parasitic nation.

    • The US is going to sell the Palestinians down the river. This deal stinks, and it only means the zio occupiers, will have more time to keep the land grabs going somewhere, have their favorite, disgusting spy back, and be able to control the Palestinians from going to the UN or ICC, for another year. At the end of it, the peace talks will fail, the US would have wasted tax payer's money on Kerry's frequent flying, and Israel would have rid the Galilee of Arabs, making sure they remain without rights, and unable to move in whatever acreage they might have left in the territories. If we were shocked at the shrinking map of Palestine, we should expect that there would be no more Palestinian territories on the map at all.
      Master plan accomplished, a rogue nation has achieved all it wanted by a ruthless occupation, and it will be proved that the US has been either naive, or have been an accessory to zio crimes.
      Pollard is a disgusting rat, and he truly deserves to be living among the devious and mean in zioland.

  • Settler seizure of Hebron house signals gov't effort to splinter Palestinian community
    • I have seen this video, and it shows an ugly, mean spirited, gloating woman, who is taunting powerless families, and using her position as a trespasser and interloper, backed by a rogue state, to mentally harass and intimidate, a poor helpless woman and her children. This is evil, this is cruel, and this is the face of Israel's front line thugs, who have been rudely placed there, so that they can help the zio nuts in Israel chase these poor indigenous people away, and get more lands.
      For how much suffering can they endure. These illegal settlers have a vicious mean-ness in their DNA, which we witness in such videos. They seem to have something lacking in their lives, a deficiency perhaps, and want to take it out on innocent Palestinian women and children. US tax money at work.

  • Attacks on BDS sharpen as it gains traction in the Jewish community
    • They try to hide their fear through hostility and a false sense of bravado, but anyone can see BDS is indeed getting some traction, especially in the EU, academia, and grass roots level. It is beginning to hurt. The fact that they are desperately trying to make calls for BDS "anti-semitic" shows they are indeed, they are beginning to worry and get scared. It seems the world is not buying their wild accusations of anti-semitism.

  • Christie steps in deep doo-doo, promptly apologizes to Adelson. Whew!
    • I came across this list some time ago, which was interesting. I am not sure if it stands unchanged today, but it gives you an idea that there may be some truth to it:
      Television Networks:


      Sumner Redstone - chairman of board and CEO of CBS and Viacom, "world's biggest media giant" (Economist, 11-23-02). Viacom owns Viacom Cable, CBS, and MTV all over the world, Blockbuster Video Rentals, and Black Entertainment TV

      Mel Karmazin - CBS corporation president and CEO

      Leslie Moonves (great-nephew of Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion) - president of CBS Television

      David Poltrack - executive vice-president, Research and Planning

      Jeff Fager - executive director of “60 Minutes II.”


      Jeff Zucker - president of NBC Entertainment

      Neil Shapiro - president of NBC News

      Jeff Gaspin - executive vice-president, programming NBC

      Max Mutchnik and David Kohan - co-exec. producers of NBC’s “Good Morning, Miami”

      Lloyd Braun - chair of NBC Entertainment.


      Michael Eisner - major owner of Walt Disney, Capital Cities, and ABC

      David Westin - president of ABC News.


      Rupert Murdoch (Jewish mother, hence legally Jewish) - owner of FOX TV, New York Post, London Times, and News of the World

      Sandy Grushow - chair, FOX Entertainment

      Peter Chernin - second in command at Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., owner of FOX TV

      Gail Berman - president of FOX Entertainment.


      Wolf Blitzer - host of CNN’s Late Edition.

      Hollywood Movie Studios:

      Ted Pike's comment: The prestigious Encyclopedia Judaica, in its article “Motion Pictures,” pg. 449, says: “Thus all the large Hollywood companies, with the exception of United Artists...were founded and controlled by Jews.”

      Sony Corporation of America: Howard Stringer - chief

      -Columbia Pictures: Amy Pascal - chair

      Warner Bros.: Barry Meyer - chair; Jordan Levin - pres. of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

      Miramax Films: Harvey Weinstein - CEO

      Paramount: Sherry Lansing - president of Paramount Communications and chair of Paramount Pictures’ Motion Picture Group.

      DreamWorks: Stephen Spielberg, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg (owners)

      MTV Entertainment: Brian Graden - president

      Turner Entertainment: Brad Siegal - president


      Clear Channel Communications: Robert Sillerman - founder

      PBS: Ben Wattenberg - moderator, PBS ThinkTank


      Ted Pike comments: The Encyclopedia Judaica, in its article “Publishing,” lists the following publishing houses, as of 1971, owned or controlled by Jews: Viking, Knopf, Random House, Modern Library, Simon and Schuster, Harcourt, Brace & Co., Greenberg Publishers, Ziff-Davis, Crown Publishers, Dial Press and Dryden Press. Publishing houses either founded by or with a Jew as editor-in-chief include: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, Abelard-Schumann, Basic Books, Grosset & Dunlap, Federal Writers Project, Gaer Associates, Macmillan & Co., Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Citadel Press, Chanticleer Press, Arthur Frommer, Inc., Hart Publishing Co., Lantern Press, Oceanea Publications, Twayne Publishers, Arco Publishing Co., Grossman Publishers, and Stein & Day.

      Publishing houses involved in book clubs, reprints, or children’s literature either founded by or controlled by Jews include the Literary Guild, Book of the Month Club, Limited Editions Club, Heritage Club, Junior Heritage Club, Readers Club, Jewish Book Guild, Military Science Book Club, Natural History Book Club, Book Collector’s Society, Art Book Guild, Science Book Club, Beech Hurst Press, A. S. Barnes & Co., Sagamore Press, Thomas Yoseloff Inc., The Modern Library, World Publishing Co., Little Blue Books, Pocket Books Inc., Avon Publications, Popular Library, Schocken Books, Golden Books, and Golden Press.

      In its article on New York City, the Judaica adds to the list of publishing houses owned by Jews, Liveright & Boni, and Anchor Books.

      Today Random House, Doubleday, and Anchor Books, while Jewish owned and controlled, participate in the world’s largest publishing consortium, Bertelsmann A.G., benefiting from its staggering distribution advantages. End of Ted Pike’s comments.

      Bertelsmann’s American operations are headed by Joel Klein, chair and CEO.

      David Manaker is executive director for HarperCollins.


      Samuel Newhouse Jr. and Donald Newhouse own Newhouse Publications, which includes 26 newspapers in 22 cities. The Conde Nast Magazine Group includes the New Yorker, Parade, the Sunday newspaper supplements, American City Business Journal, business newspapers published in more than 30 major cities in America, and interests in cable television programming and cable systems serving one million homes.

      Wall Street Journal: Peter R. Kahn, CEO

      New York Times, Boston Globe, and other publications: published by Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr.

      New York Daily News: Mortimer Zuckerman, owner

      Village Voice, New Times and network of alternative weeklies: Owned by David Schneiderman

      Washington Post: Donald Graham, chair and CEO, son of Katharine Graham Meyer, former owner of Washington Post

      San Francisco Chronicle: Ron Rosenthal, managing editor; Phil Bronstein, exec. editor

      AOL-Time Warner Book Group: Laurence Kirshbaum, editor


      US News & World Report: Mortimer Zuckerman, owner and chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish-American Organizations, one of the largest pro-Israel lobbying groups

      New Republic: Marty Peretz, owner and publisher (NR openly identifies itself as pro-Israel.)

      Barron’s: Peter R. Kahn, CEO

      National Review: Michael Ledeen, editor

      Business Week: Bruce Nussbaum, editorial page editor

      Newsweek: Donald Graham, chair and CEO, and Howard Fineman, chief political columnist

      Weekly Standard: William Kristol, editor, also executive director, Project for a New American Century, (PNAC)

      The New Yorker: David Reznik, editor; Nicholas Lehman, writer; Henrick Hertzberg, “Talk of the Town” editor

  • 'Contractually obligated' to say the peace process is alive, Aslan told Americans to get ready for one state
    • I agree with many of the comments, these so called "peace talks" are just a charade, a farce, by Israel, to stall, avoid, and pacify those naive enough to expect better from Israel. The numbers says it all, during Oslo there were 100,000 settler now that number has increased to 500,000 (after Israel begged Jews all over the world, to come to stolen land, and most possibly sweetened the deal with various hand outs, apparently the Jews in Iran strongly refused), the Master plan to take over lands belonging to others, and their actions have been condemned even by those who aid them. I must say one thing about Israel and the zionists who thrive there - I have never seen such a diabolical or devious lot of human beings, who make people suffer so much, in their vicious attempt to rid the Galilee of Arabs.

  • Journalistic malpractice: Washington Post suggests Abbas doesn't recognize Israel's right to exist
    • It also serves the occupier well to prolong this charade....the longer these talks keep going, the more illegal settlements can be built, as we have seen.
      The recognition BS is simply yet another excuse for Bibi to throw yet another barrier, that will be unsurmountable for the US to get over, and besides, being recognized as a "Jewish State" has nothing to do with the "safety and security" of Israel. It is the safety and security of the long suffering, unarmed Palestinians, that deserves more concern.

    • The Washington Post's rather dodgy method is indicative of the US controlled media's method of operation. Skewed polls, keep the people in ignorance, give a very biased narrative of a conflict, and make the brutal occupier keep looking like the victim, so that naive Americans will not object to their tax payer money being sent there to enable the occupier. This is the devious zionist plan. The rest of the world, knows the truth, that is why Israel keeps company with North Korea, as one of the most disliked nations in the world, according to most polls in the US, the American people love, and show unwavering support, to one of the most despised and brutal military occupiers in the world, that keeps killing unarmed civilians, ruthlessly steal lands for illegal settlements, deprives their victims of electricity, water, and who live in open prisons.
      The irony is that the poor Palestinians are supposed to "recognize" their occupier, in every way, while their basic rights are not given.

  • 'The clash of civilizations’ theory is absolutely and completely dead
    • They lie, doctor tapes, call innocent, unarmed civilians "terrorists", and demolish Mosques, and still blame the non Jews, or goyim. Must be the zio supremacist psyche.

  • Saudis don't care about Palestinians, say American commentators
    • Saudis do not care for anyone, but themselves. They have the oil and have other nations beholden to them, because of oil dependency. The US is in bed with a nation, that abuses human rights, women's rights, and to this day, women are not allowed to drive, nor play prominent roles in their country. Even in Saddam Hussein's Iraq, women had the freedom to drive, and played important roles in society, still we shocked and awed them over there.

  • Iymen Chehade gets ringing endorsements from '5 Broken Cameras' director and AAUP committee chair
    • We have a zionist occupation in the US, it is in Congress, the media, and sometimes even in the White House. Until we are free of these zionists tentacles, we will always be controlled by a diabolical alien nation.

  • Israeli bulldozers destroy mosque and medical center in East Jerusalem
    • Very interesting stats. It show just who the victims are, and just who wields the power over them, and in reality the criminal bully. I am a bit puzzled about the aid for Palestinians though, I thought we sent them some aid, although NO way as much as the chosen ones.

      May I add:

      No. of Palestinian children in Israeli jail (with no legal representation) = 700

      No. of Israeli children in Palestinian jails = Nil

    • It seems eerily similar, in many ways, to Hitler Germany. Jews, of all people, openly showing hostility, and inflicting such suffering and pain, to people not their own. They are trying wipe out all traces of the Palestinians and Islam, just like Hitler did to the Jews and Judaism. The world watches, like it did during Hitler's brutal reign, the Palestinian people, who had no say to these once homeless, unwanted Europeans, being rudely shoved into their lives, and who now has taken over lands way out of the borders initially given to them, at the slightest excuse, using deadly weapons and the power they wield, over these helpless people. These zionist policies are brutal, ruthless, greedy, and inhumane. The US and the Western world are enablers to this vicious plan, as some are made to still feel guilt, and made to pay, for what a madman in Germany once did. Usually, any people who have gone through a brutal ethnic cleansing, understands, is more tolerant, and tries to avoid violent policies, it seems Israel has chosen the opposite path, the path that once made them suffer, themselves.

    • Oy vey, had a synagogue been demolished by Palestinians, the cries of anti-semitism, would be deafening. This is a new low, even for Israel, they don't give an owl's hoot if a house of worship, has been bulldozed and demolished. Shame on them, and if this dastardly act provokes anger, and retaliation from Muslims all over the world, the occupiers better not whine, like they usually do to get sympathy from their enablers.
      Israel keeps acting like a criminal out of control, and what goes around, comes around.

  • Liberal Zionists are the new front line against BDS
    • MJR has disappointed me. I used to like his articles, and was under the impression that he was realistic in his criticism of Israel. However, it seems some of these liberal Jews have suddenly realized their loyalty to their Israel (and maybe religion) when it comes to any suggestion of boycotting Israel, and doing what was done to apartheid South Africa, isolating it, until it hurt them economically. Suddenly they feel protective of this rogue nation, that has violated human rights of defenseless people, stolen lands, demolished homes, and abused it's powers as an occupier to collectively hurt and punish these victims, which MJR and others spent hours writing about, criticizing, and bringing world attention to. Have they gone to the dark side?

  • UN Human Rights Council resolution warning companies to 'terminate business interests in the settlements' or face possible criminal liability gets watered down
    • Annie Robbins, you are right, it is frightening to think what violent punishment will be meted out to the helpless Palestinian people, they have endured too much pain and suffering, and are sitting ducks, when it comes to experiencing Israel's rage, viciousness, and vindictiveness.

    • Don't worry, the US makes up for that big time. It is their to wipe Israel's nose, cover it's behind, and shower it with unwavering love. The US has devolved into a shill for the zionist occupiers.

    • This is encouraging news. It is time these international bodies started standing up for the long suffering Palestinian people. Collective punishment, land grabs, and human rights abuses, has it's limits. This could have been initiated so easily by the US, by stopping the aid, unwavering support, and protection at the UN, but no, until the "occupation" 0f Congress by AIPAC ends, and those who control the American media, refuses to hide Israel's crimes, and stop fooling the American people into thinking the violent bully is the victim, the US will never join the rest of the world.

  • 'I'm reminded of Jackson, MS, closing all public pools rather than integrating them' -- Franke on Barnard's Banner-gate
    • All it takes is one Jewish student (maybe hasbara trained to do so), to walk up to the authorities, and cry that it is anti semitic, or that his/her feelings have been totally hurt, and affects his/her delicate sensitivities, and that darn banner will immediately come down, whether it is in schools, colleges, and even government buildings.
      All it takes is someone in authority asking, how such a banner insults or hurts a religion, or it's people, to make some sense in these meaningless argument of anti-semitism, when it is totally inapplicable, but used often and inappropriately by the apologists of the occupation.
      Any nation, that has a record of practicing apartheid policies, and is a world known violated of human rights, truly deserves more banners, bringing focus to it's crimes.
      Personally I would like to see more posters of "the shrinking map of Palestine" displayed in more places, it is startling to see the crime of land grabs and occupation.
      It opens many American minds.

  • Expelled from French university, lecture on Palestinian rights takes place on banks of Rhone
  • Repression and resistance in Bethlehem's Aida refugee camp
    • Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what these poor Palestinians have to endure on a daily basis. No one can fault them for resisting these Israeli brutes. We have to conclude that these Israelis lie and cover their violent crimes, and their media is complicit in hiding these crimes, when reading this article. This should not surprise anyone, from Bibi to his brutal forces, they kill, maim, and injure unarmed civilians, and lying is second nature to them. It is later on we hear the apologies, and justifications, contradicting their own lies. These pictures are horrible, and it shows children being in the middle of the conflict, in harms way, the dangers faced by journalists, who are also attacked by a violent army, that does not care who they shoot, as long as it is not one of their own. No wonder Israel is one of the most disliked nations in the world.

  • JJ Goldberg says Adelson's influence fulfills anti-Semitic belief
    • Let's flip this situation, and ask ourselves, would Israel allow an alien nation to interfere in it's elections? How about an alien nation paying campaign donations for knesset members, and then controlling how they vote? Would they be happy if Obama made an ad endorsing Bibi's opponent during elections? Would Israel allow an American billionaire who has shown time and time again he puts his money and loyalty for America first, try to buy the Prime Ministership of Israel, by putting in millions of dollars to sell that candidate to the voters? The answer is obvious. Adelson wants to put up a zionist American President, so that Israel can have access to the West Wing, pass resolutions favoring Israeli interests, and fight the wars Israel wants us to finance, and lose Americans lives, for them.
      Adelson is an unpatriotic, shady, and diabolical creature, who should take his casinos and move to Israel.
      He has polluted our political system with his money, by doing Israel's bidding, even if it is against the interests of the US.

  • NY Times should apologize for publishing Palestinians 'have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews'
    • Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was an ugly man himself, inside and out. It seems he thought he was entitled to show his bigotry, and curse others like a drunken sailor. Had an Arab leader said: "It is forbidden to be merciful to them. You must send rockets to them an annihilate them. They are evil and damnable", he said of Jews "their religion is as ugly as they are".

      We could have heard the uproar, outrage, and cries of anti-semitism, up to the moon. The US media would have pounced on it, and it would have made news in all the controlled publications, that seems to have ignored this show of bigotry and ignorance.
      The large crowd that attended his funeral is indicative of large numbers agreeing with his bigotry.

    • Lying is in their psyche. It seems the IDF finds it very, very easy, to blame Palestinians, in fact they are so good at it, they are able to kill a Jordanian Judge, call him a terrorist, accuse HIM of attacking armed soldiers, and then when Jordan was outraged, Bibi had to give them the usual half hearted story of "regretting" the incidence. So who believes them, anyway? It makes me wonder how many innocent Palestinian civilians, including little kids, have been killed, and then blamed for their own deaths. Too many I expect.

  • BDS' big night: Loyola student government passes divestment, U. Mich votes it down
    • How about those 700 Palestinian children, who languishes in Israeli jails, and according to Amnesty International, are abused, tortured, and have neither legal recourse, nor access to their families. They apparently are dragged out of the beds, at night, terrified, and hauled into jail. How about justice for these kids?
      Would you be okay with Palestinians dragging little settler thugs (we have seen the videos) out of their beds, and incarcerated just like these Palestinian kids. I am sure you would.

    • Let's not forget that the Kings College students in the UK, also voted to support this BDS movement. I would say that is a significant achievement.
      They seem to be in denial, but with the EU boycotting products from the illegal settlement areas, academia, even Stephen Hawking, it seems the apologists are finding hard to handle the stress of boycotts and sanctions.
      I guess when their economy hurts, they will feel the "pinch".

    • I sense there is a shift in public opinion regarding Israel in the US, and also feel the polls that continuously show, the support for Israel is high in our nation, skewed. We know that controlling think tanks in America, is one of the main objectives by zionists. It would be interesting to know just much Americans keep supporting Israel, if the polling was done by a uncorrupted source.

  • Liberal Zionists turn on media darling Ari Shavit for promoting Netanyahu's bluff
    • You want to know evil present day, and what Palestinians are going through today?
      Then maybe you skipped the part where a young 14 year old boy, who was foraging for plants, was brutally killed by armed forces, who I am sure felt tough killing an unarmed young kid? If this is not hatred I don't know what is. The UN has condemned such killings, and deplored this military occupation. Stop pretending the killing is only by the Palestinians. It has been years since the last suicide bomber, and yet this year Israeli terrorists killed 18 Palestinians, one a mentally ill woman.
      Despite Israeli lies, we know that ALL Palestinians are not terrorists, that excuse is old now. How about young Palestinian boys being dragged away in the middle of the night, and kept in prison along with 700 other children? Does the IDF treat the settler boys, who are vicious, as videos have shown, the same way? Apologists have a convenient lapse of memory, and an inability to see that the true victims here, are the unarmed civilians, and that the occupier who wields the power, steals the lands, controls the water, and oppress the people, cannot pretend it is the victim anymore. Right now, the evil comes from Israel. So how about addressing the crimes and violations of international law by Israel, and tell us, what do YOU think of the land grabs and illegal settlements that get built despite world condemnation, including the US? What do you really think of that? Do share, and address all questions. Thank you.

  • OSU group questions campus presentation of an Israeli soldier as a 'feminist role model'
    • Is it that hard to see that criticism of Israel's brutal occupation, and the crimes committed by it's trained, heavily armed, forces, against unarmed, occupied children, have nothing to do with being Jews? Or is it a reflex action, to silence criticism by calling all those who have the courage to speak of Israel's atrocities, Jew haters? And if a Jewish person criticizes these very same crimes, the "self hating" card is quickly thrown at them. As for women treated badly in other communities, perhaps you missed the ugly incidents in Israel, where women were not allowed to sit in front of buses, with men, and the incident where a little girl was spat on and called ugly names on her way to school, for not dressing the way the stone age men wanted her to? How about the time when buses were stoned, because it had posters of women in them? Let me also remind you of this wonderful treatment toward a woman by Jewish men: "In early 2012, a group of ultra-Orthodox men attacked a woman in Beit Shemesh as she was hanging up posters. The men pelted the woman with stones and slashed her car tires."
      Yep, this from the only democratic, liberal, open minded nation in the Middle East.
      This is how women are treated over there.
      People in glass houses.....

  • U.S. intel analysts doubt Israeli claim that captured weapons were headed to Gaza
    • While Israel carries the real thing, has missiles, precision bombs, cluster bombs, you name it, and does kill an awful lot of people.

    • Ah, the US officials are catching up fast....the world seems to be ahead in doubting Israel, and the tall tales it makes up. Isn't it strange that their mighty Mossad, and the "brilliant" intelligence they claim to have could not have shed light on the fact that this shipment was not meant for "terrorists" in Gaza, but to Egypt? As the article says, how can (especially after the flotilla fiasco) anyone be bold enough to send a shipment of weapons under the suspicious noses of the Israeli Guards? Israel, seems to constantly trying to make Iran look bad, but strangely enough every effort seems to backfire on them. War mongering is hard work, and Israel is working overtime.

  • U of Michigan student gov't meets tonight, amid anticipation of divestment vote
    • wearone, as someone who has no dog in this fight, but feel passionately about downtrodden people suffering through a very oppressive, and violent occupation, these people are living in the dark for too long, and it seems for generations.
      The punishment meted out to them, will be considered a "sin" in any religion.
      Deprivation of water, rights, lands, farming, fishing, and brutal attacks at the slightest excuse, part of their daily lives, while their occupier lives on their lands, have their faucets flow with water, and electricity that is never switched off, because of punishment.

    • I heard that too, and how poor Corporations will be hurt if this passes.
      The usual BS, spewed by those who most probably got talking points from the mother ship. I wish the pro BDS folks would regroup, and get the help they need to make their efforts more successful, for they are indeed fighting a well oiled goliath.

    • You are right, and they are so known for false flagging. This is how it is going to be, the stronger, more influential side, will always win. Some of these anti BDS students, might be hasbara trained, and get their talking points from a higher source, and be better prepared for such situations.

    • It seems the BDS side was unable to overcome the strong, organized push, obviously by a more experienced side, most probably backed by, and instructed by a larger power, who finds squashing university students, child's play.
      Unfortunately there was no one able to counter the " my cousin can now walk safely because of that wall" justification, with the argument that this wall does not prevent IDF forces from going to homes in the middle of the night, and dragging terrified little boys out of their homes. It is a shame that when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian issue, it is always one sided, and the occupier is far more influential and organized in attack and stifling any dissent, even in colleges. It makes me also wonder, how many of these pro Israeli students are trained for hasbara, by their Ministry of Information.

    • BDS is the only way to go, at this point. When the US Congress, leaders, and even the media, is refusing to against Israeli policies, the brutal occupation, the illegal settlements, and the crimes by settlers called "terroristic activities" by our own State Department, this is the only message we can send Israel. Hope the students are successful in their attempt to pass this resolution, which may be the start of other campuses being encouraged to do so. If universities in the UK and Ireland can do it, so can the US colleges. Good luck to SAFE, and thank you for this effort.

  • Ohio State Hillel member calls Desmond Tutu a 'neo Nazi' for criticizing Israel
    • All this hatred and insults aimed at Rev. Tutu, is simply the hasbara types trying to discredit him, because he referred to ISRAEL (not Jews) as a nation practicing apartheid policies. Oh the feigned outrage, and the usual lack of respect for any leader, including Jimmy Carter, who has the courage to speak out against the occupation and disgusting treatment of helpless human beings. The apologists are told that he must be silenced, and then the hatred shows.
      Any intelligent person will know that Rev. Tutu, having gone through years of suffering, can recognize apartheid policies when he sees them.
      He never criticized the Jews, nor their religion. He certainly criticized Israel, that deserved much more than what he said.

  • A movement grows in a Georgia church basement
    • Great article Adam. It is heartening to know that people like Josh Ruebner still feel optimistic about justice for the Palestinian people. It is hard to hear of Israel getting away with such horrendous crimes against helpless people, deaths by fences, deprivation of water, electricity, and lately about little kids being dragged away in the middle of the night, terrified, and languishing in Israeli jails, and that my country is primarily to be blamed, for aiding, protecting, and supporting the culprits. We all know that these peace talks are just a sham, and that the US is, and never will be, an honest broker. All the brokering is for the benefit of Israel. A recent map of illegal settlements will show that it is indeed a colonization by Israel, using the defense card, collective punishment and the occupation, it has been able to seize lands from these powerless people, using every excuse in the book. When the Palestinians legally bid for state recognition at the UN, they "retaliated" by announcing more illegal settlements.
      The rest of the world sent a strong message, voting for the Palestinians, but it seems the US is selectively deaf to the obvious, that as Josh Ruebner says, US support is slipping, and no skewed polls can hide the reality. Israel will surely topple, and they will have themselves, and their zionist policies, to blame.

  • D.C. scribes party with red wine, vinyl, and image of a terrorist
    • How they conveniently forget. The hypocrisy is so obvious. Israel calls every Palestinian they kill, a threat, and more often a "terrorist", even little boys.
      The recent killing of Jordanian judge was first justified as a terrorist being killed, and that he attacked the poor (armed) soldier, then the story changed, and we heard the usual false apology by Bibi Netanyahu, saying he regretted the killing. Let us not forget Ariel Sharon and his notoriety for being a butcher and that Sharon’s career was built on massacres–from Qibya in 1953, to Sabra and Shatila in 1982, to Jenin in 2002.
      If it is an Israeli, they will treat him like a lovable scamp, all others will be branded a terrorist.

  • Israel pays journalist $61,800 for good press during Pope's visit
    • This is pathetic. Their image and reputation are so bad, they are one of the most disliked nations in the world, and their military occupation is bringing them world condemnation, so they have to PAY a journalist to give them a good review!
      They stoop so low just so they can get someone to write a fake review, in their attempt to deceive the world.

  • Iymen Chehade fights Chicago school's cancellation of his class
    • It is dead all over the world except in the US....they keep flogging that dead horse, and whipping the devotion.

    • Zionism is accepted in many institutions and even by Congress. To support any form of zionism, from Capitol Hill to the classrooms in schools, colleges, and media, is to support Israel. Any professor having a class showing zionism as preferable, and preaching the Israeli narrative, will be able to do so freely, and without accusations of being unqualified.
      Those who complain about his classes and his bias, will be immediately labelled an "anti semite".

    • That dangerous lobby, has been able to control our Congress, write our foreign policy bills, make Congress go against their own President, leaders, control the media, attack those who criticize Israel by cries of anti-semitism, and now academia. This is an occupation of a different kind, deadly in some ways.
      Would Israel allow their Knesset members to be bought, controlled, media and entertainment business controlled by a one sided narrative, and allow our President to interfere in their elections, by supporting an opponent?
      As soon as our Congress decides collectively to not allow an alien nation, with deadly intent, to control the US, even in colleges, we would be liberated.

    • In the main stream media, the narrative is always one sided - the Israeli side. We never see what goes on in the other side, the side that lives in misery, that has to go through numerous check points, the lack of water, or access only to polluted water, the refugee camps and the hardship, so it seems some people find it hard to sit and watch a well acclaimed movie, directed by a Palestinian AND an Israeli, showing the hardship these poor occupied people have to live on a daily basis. For the student who complained about it, it must have been hard to see the truth, or must feel uncomfortable, that what Israel is doing, goes against what Americans are told - that they are all terrorists, and that the majority of Palestinians are basically human being trying hard to do what is best for their families, while they live in limbo.

  • US desperate to keep futile peace process going a little longer
    • The US should face reality, and accept what is staring us in the face - Israel has absolutely NO intentions of agreeing to peace, non whatsoever. No party involved in this conflict, will do what is detrimental to those peace talks, the big no-no to proceeding with the peace talks, keep building illegal settlements by the thousands on disputed land, that is condemned by the entire world, like Israel does. They have too much to loose if they lost the status quo, no more occupation, no more land grab, no control over Palestinian water, destruction of homes, no excuses to keep sending precision bombs, blockades, blackouts, and yank little boys out of their beds at night, accusing them of terrorism.
      The Palestinians who have lost too much already, will be the usual losers.
      Time the US realized that we are simply aiding and abetting an arrogant nation, and stop the aid, weapons, and unwavering support at the UN. Let Israel become the isolated, disliked nation, facing the wrath of those they keep inflicting pain on, unmercifully. The world is now getting it - Israel provokes and then whines when
      it's victims retaliate, pretending it is once again the victim.
      John Kerry is simply wasting his time and our tax money.

  • Activists shut down Israeli checkpoint in response to Jenin killings while militants promise 'painful' retaliation
    • They are so" brave" when they deal with unarmed civilians, mentally ill women, and most of all, the little kids who are dragged away in the middle of the night, terrified.
      It is time the Palestinians were armed, just like the IDF. In fact they should be armed like the settlers have been, by the Israeli government. Time to level the playing field.
      Then we can all see just how brave the IDF really is.

    • I agree with you. It takes only a a few minutes for our Congress to unanimously pass any resolution for sanctions, or condemnation, against other nations ( for example, Iran, that is presently cooperating with the UN), but never considers for one minute, to censure or condemn, the brutal occupation, and human rights violations, by Israel, that goes on daily. What about the illegal settlements, that they keep arrogantly building, even at a time when the US is trying to talk peace, and that is detrimental to reaching any agreement? No displeasure shown by Congress and other leaders? If these crimes were committed by Iran, we would be shocking and awing them by now, with the blessing of Congress.

    • The long list of crimes, sins by the standards of any religion, violation of any international laws, by Israel is stunning, deplorable, and almost predictable. From threatening to sodomize a kid to organ trafficking, Israel once again shows the world it deserves to be one of the most disliked nations in the world.

      When is the international community going to do something about this rogue nation?
      Wringing their hands and simply making statements condemning Israel is not changing anything. Perhaps now would be the time to boycott and sanction a nation that pretends to be "democratic" while inflicting pain on it's neighbors, activists, and little kids, by their trained, fully armed, ruthless armed forces.

  • 'NYT Book Review' owes readers an apology for printing blatant racism about Palestinians
    • Obviously Mr. Schimmerling displays his hatred for Palestinians, and has taken an opportunity to spew the Israeli narrative, in a rather unprofessional way. Apologists may claim that Palestinian Arabs have avowed as their goal the killing of all Jews, but right now casualty numbers show it is the Israeli side that is inflicting the most casualties, every time,and as of this day, 18 Palestinians have been killed this year,
      some by their detested fences, including a mentally ill woman.
      Makes you wonder what Mr. Schimmerling is talking about, and if he realizes actions speak louder than words.

  • US Jewish leaders blast Harvard students on pro-Israel trip for taking photo at Arafat's tomb (Update)
    • No they are not. In fact our State Department and CIA regard them one of the biggest threats to our state secrets. Israel cannot earn the "trusted ally" badge, from the way it has sold our weapons to China, sent Pollard to spy on us, kept interfering in our Presidential election, has control over our Congress. They harbor JDL terrorists who have entered our country, killed an Arab American activist in California, and let's not forget our USS Liberty being attacked - some survivors say it was not an accident.

    • Don't forget our shameless members of Congress are given junket trips by AIPAC (all expenses paid of course, to ensure undying devotion), and it seems they have that incredible ability to see ONLY what Israel wants them to see, be blinded to the illegal settlements sprouting like mushrooms, and if that darn wall cuts through the property of a poor Palestinian family, hey, that is for the safety and security of dear Israel.
      One member of Congress had such a blast, he went skinny dipping in the Dead Sea.
      It seems these young students did not wear the blinders they were handed out, which must infuriate some.

  • Is the U.S. quietly imposing travel sanctions on Israeli officials?
    • It starts at the top. If our leaders, especially in Congress, did not allow AIPAC to slither in to our political system, even write some our foreign policy bills, and be devoted servants to their every command, then we would have had some chance at getting out of this strange stranglehold Israel seems to have over this country.
      Our leaders surely know what goes on there, if we do, they just pretend to believe the Israeli narrative, that they are constantly attacked and are the victims, while the long list of Israeli crimes condemned by the rest of the world, that provokes hostility, among the neighborhood, and the brutal occupation, is conveniently ignored. They have got to be fools, if they do not realize at the moment that Israel keeps blatantly building more and more illegal settlements, detrimental to US efforts at a peace resolution, and yet the President gets no support from this shameful lot.

    • The UN condemned the fact that these Israeli cluster bombs were dropped in civilian areas, and that civilians, especially children, were killed later on, when accidentally coming upon the unexploded remnants of these despicable bombs.
      Israel also has a bad record of indiscriminately dropping their deadly weapons, or shooting at, civilian structures, and homes. The last time they sent precision bombs into civilian homes, the world saw Bibi and other leaders stating firmly, that they do not target civilian areas, but the split screen on CNN showed little children being pulled out dead, from the rubble.

      Which again shows the dishonesty of these zionists, and how much they try to fool the world, while violating international laws.

      So who really is the bigger terrorist?

    • This should come as no surprise to anyone. According to an Associated Press article:
      "The CIA considers Israel its No. 1 counterintelligence threat in the agency’s Near East Division, the group that oversees spying across the Middle East, according to current and former officials. Counterintelligence is the art of protecting national secrets from spies. This means the CIA believes that U.S. national secrets are safer from other Middle Eastern governments than from Israel."

      Our State Department and CIA do not trust Israel. In 1985 an Arab American human rights activist, in California, was brutally killed by a bomb when he entered his office.
      This act of terrorism was the work of the Jewish Defense League, (the State Department officially calls this group, terrorists), who had the audacity to enter our shores and carry out this brutal murder, the criminals then fled to Israel, where they were protected by the Israeli government, and they gave our investigating officials the run around, and to this day the criminals are free. Alex Odeh's family never got the justice they deserved.
      There have been many crimes committed by Israel agains the US, including various Jewish Americans spying for Israel, some like Jonathan Pollard are now paying the price for it, in our jails.
      The question is, had this been another nation, would we still be sending the most foreign aid, weapons, and championing their causes at the UN? Why are we taking this garbage from this devious nation, that gets away with these crimes, and most of all, why are our elected officials in Congress, so beholden to a nation one can deem a threat, to our intelligence, and security. Are they so desperate for campaign donors that they have to shamelessly take donations from a nation that has earned the reputation of not being trustable, and insidious, by the CIA and State Department officials, and compromising the safety of our nation?

  • 'Do you feel more Arab or more American?': Two women's story of being detained and interrogated at Ben Gurion
    • They are one of the meanest countries in the world. I had a friend who was a Japanese businessman, and he too mentioned being questioned like a criminal and taken from room to room. He was finally allowed in to go into that country and attend to the business he was there for. I have heard many stories like this, and even MDW has had an article or two about this.
      To think of all the negativity the Israelis like to spread about other nations, strict entries, interrogations etc., but as usual it seems they are simply projecting. The US has also criticized it for being too harsh with Arab Americans.

  • Europe asks: Where's Israel's proposal?
    • The hasbara trolls keep regurgitating talking points about the Palestinians turning down offers of peace (who in their right mind will want to stay under occupation?) but fails to acknowledge that Netanyahu has turned down quite a few offers too. In fact he even refused stealth fights, offered by the US just to get his behind to a table to discuss peace. He also refused to stop building illegal settlements, a precondition for peace talks. And they keep blaming the victims.

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