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I am a news junkie, and am passionate about human rights, and do not like any kind of violence against unarmed civilians. I love to travel, especially in Europe, and enjoy learning about different cultures, and eating the local cuisine.

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  • Netanyahu accuses Obama of betraying 'commitment' to Israel and initiating U.N. resolution
    • I am sure most of us here agree that Netanyahu and his side kick Ron Dermer are drama kings.
      Netanyahu is making a spectacle of himself, behaving like an unreasonable brat, and blaming everyone for Israel's self manufactured ills. Apparently they have evidence that the Obama administration was behind the UN vote..... I say Obama has every right to do so, is not breaking laws, and Israel must get over it. He is threatening all the nations that voted for this resolutions, and says Israeli officials will not be officially visiting them....I somehow don't think these countries care. This is a Nutty meltdown, and he is looking like a lunatic, ranting, and being petulant. He does not seem to realize that he is making an ass of himself and the entire world is watching this Trump like tantrum.

      Dermer is even accusing other nations of "ganging up" on poor helpless Israel.

      "Enovy: Israel has evidence Obama was behind the UN resolution
      Israel has evidence that U.S. President Obama's administration is behind Friday's Security Council resolution, Israel's Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer told CNN on Monday.
      "We will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people they are welcome to do it," Dermer told CNN.
      According to Dermer, not only did the U.S. not stand by Israel's side during the vote, it "was behind this ganging up on Israel at the UN." Dermer said it was "a sad day and a shameful chapter in U.S.-Israeli relations."
      In his first public reaction to the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that the Obama administration has carried out an underhanded and an anti-Israel maneuver at the UN Security Council.
      read more:

      Some people just cannot handle being reprimanded.

    • Al Jazeera video showing Trump and others kissing up to AIPAC.

      It is very ugly.

    • I can see why Nutty and Trumpy will get along fine. They are both arrogant men, who lie easily, manipulate others, and seem to be sore losers. The ugly tantrum we see Nutty displaying, is exactly what Trumpy would do, and they will both join hands to make sure the Palestinians are decimated in every way possible, Jerusalem will be given to the occupier all nicely tied in a ribbon (thumbing his nose at generations of US Presidents) and making sure the anti Muslim campaign keeps going. Two peas in a pod, one pleasing his son and law, and the other will shower him with praise to keep the aid and support at the UN going. Nice.

    • This is basically the situation - Israel is because finally someone CONDEMNED it for BREAKING international laws, by defying the entire world and building ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS, which is considered detrimental for any peace talks which will lead to Israel ending the occupation. So according to God's "chosen" people you should NOT criticize Israel's crimes and the fact that they are not, like any democracy, doing the democratic thing when it comes to those they occupy and steal from. There is no other explanation for the bizarre behavior of what is going to be a rogue nation that has gone out of control.

      We should only hope that this is the beginning of Israel being held accountable for disastrous policies and crimes against humanity. Enough of the whining, lies, violence, manipulations, theft of lands and water, and expecting unconditional love from the rest of the world.

      Friends must make friends take responsibility of their crimes especially after years of caution and advice, Nutty, because you seem to be taking advantage of that friend, and getting away with murder. Be a man and own up to the fact you messed up badly and have only yourself and your extremist government to blame. STOP BLAMING THE REST OF THE WORLD.

  • Netanyahu ignored US warnings and brought Israel's 'international isolation' on itself -- Ben Rhodes
    • Bibi is having a HUGE tantrum, he is stamping his big feet and yelling obscenities.

      "The rebuke came as Israel continued to retaliate against countries that supported the motion, cutting aid to Senegal, cancelling forthcoming official visits – including by the Ukrainian prime minister – and recalling two of its ambassadors.

      Netanyahu also ordered the Israeli foreign ministry to “re-evaluate all of our ties to the UN within a month”.

      Netanyahu is under renewed political pressure to bring forward controversial legislation to legalise dozens of currently illegal outposts in the occupied Palestinian territories."

      As if the world will tremble with fear because the man responsible for building thousands of ILLEGAL settlements is threatening to quit the UN and is summoning ambassadors to give them a personal reprimand. I hope some of them will tell him off, he badly deserves that. This man is on the verge of making his nation look like a rogue nation, and they will be treated as pariahs by the rest of the world. GO BIBI! He must find it hard to take rejection and not have his way - so Trump like.

  • Abstention at the UN, or the Owl of Minerva of American Diplomacy
  • Obama stands up to Trump (and Israel)
    • Which makes me wonder if they really care at all for their country, and have any loyalty to their President and party. This is utter selfishness, and self interest to levels that are disgusting.

    • Good point. He does not seem to have ANY other American leader supporting him and his decision to veto this resolution. At the end, those who hate Obama will run with the Israeli propaganda, and those who have the courage should stand with him and say so.

  • 'NY Times' trivializes UN abstention, reducing it to 'tense and tetchy' relationship between Obama and Netanyahu
  • Breaking: UN Security Council passes historic resolution against settlements as two-state solution 'slips away'
    • According to some harsh articles in the Haaretz, Netanyahu has no one else but his own (arrogant) self to blame for this. True to Netanyahu style, he is raving and ranting and the biggest welfare queen in the world, is punishing some little nations by cutting projects with it (something we should have done long time ago to make Israel end the occupation and land stealing). Time for the next step....sanctions.

    • This is an interesting article and it harshly criticizes Netanyahu for his disregard for international laws, and reminds us that this stunt of involving Trump to get one over Obama regarding the UN resolution has backfired, just like the Iran nuclear deal stunt. Netanyahu got his behind kicked very deftly by the rest of the world, and no amount of temper tantrums will erase that. Ron Dermer the despicable weasel has been criticized for the role he has played in both fiascos.

      Analysis Security Council Punch Knocks Netanyahu Down From Hubris to Humiliation
      The prime minister recruited Trump against Obama but the gambit blew up in his face, just as it did in the Iran deal.
      read more:

    • Mooser, maybe some brighter ones already realize it before he takes office next month.
      His picks for his administration, and the fact that he is already making noises about a nuclear armed race, must somehow penetrate deep into some minds and set off alarm bells. But hey, who knows they may also be interested in watching their orange jackass President make America "great" again in his crude fashion.

    • Netanyahu throws yet another temper tantrum for not getting his way regarding the UN resolution, and who cares, really? CNN International reports that Israel (like all rogue nations do) is threatening to break away from the UN, and is now lashing out at the world, because it did not get its way, and succeed in twisting arms in an effort to prevent the UN and the US doing the only decent thing to help the occupied.

      All these threats, drama, anger, and insults at the US President, because the world has finally and officially condemned Israel's blatant breaking of international laws, and bringing attention to it?
      Get over it Israel. You are not entitled to steal disputed lands belonging to indigenous people, even if an old religious books tells you so.

    • I am sure the majority in the world are amused at the use of the words "free world", because they know the hypocrisy is unbelievable. Free for ALL but the Palestinians eh? These zionists make themselves look silly as they play to their supporters. Free world indeed.

    • Just, it must be an annual Santa bashing event for the IDF thugs.

    • I wonder if Huckerbee is fine with an unarmed Santa being tear gassed by our "best ally" who will be welcoming Jesus Christ on behalf of all Christians. Maybe they have not heard but these dear allies of our show their love for Christians in strange ways. It seems not only Muslims have extremists.

    • How delusional these zionist supporters of America are. Best ally indeed. Never mind they have disrespected, insulted the President, and tried to sabotage his policies, and they have forgotten that this best ally has spied on us (Jonathan Pollard) bombed the USS Liberty, killing and wounding so many, and has it's agents threatening and bribing congress people, and that the media, US Intelligence considers Israel to be the Mideast's biggest spy threat. But that seems to be okay with Huckabee, Schumer, Cuomo, Blumenthal, Melendez, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Ryan, and other zionists loyalists, they do not find any of the above crimes disturbing. They rather "hurt" the President than hurt their idol Netanyahu, who gets away with anything.

      Amid Bids to Release Jonathan Pollard Former U.S. Officials Say CIA Considers Israel to Be Mideast's Biggest Spy Threat
      U.S. intelligence agents stationed in Israel report multiple cases of equipment tampering, suspected break ins in recent years; CIA officials tell the Associated Press that Israel may have leaked info that led to the capture of an agent inside Syria's chemical weapons program.
      read more:

    • Netanyahu is furious and openly attacking President Obama. Yeah, he and the other shameless zionists within Israel and the US simply want to continue stealing lands and building illegal housing for his squatters. According to CNN the pretense of having a civil relationship with Obama is gone, and he is whining about Obama letting poor little Israel down. But cheer up Bibi boy, you have already started to kiss up to the President Pretend, and you know he loves to be flattered, and he will be your partner in crime forever. The arrogant zionist leader has already stated he will not be complying with this resolution, but then who ever expected a devious and dishonest man to to do?

    • Strange that Hoppy keeps accusing MDW of being an anti-semitic website, yet cannot help but make comments again and again. Maybe it is his job to spew the propaganda, but it could also be that he need MDW like a user needs his fix. :))

      Get over it Hoppy, you guys have been called out for breaking international laws, and cannot be getting away with it all the time.

    • Good questions Annie, and I await with impatience the sound response to your questions....

    • Strange then that they have not "freed" those they keep stealing the lands from, and who they have occupied for decades. Free world indeed.

    • Israeli officials dump on Obama and claim he is abandoning Israel, and will most probably demonize him for the rest of his term, but this will be considered a bold step taken by the rest of the world, since this passed overwhelmingly. It is time the US stopped pretending that Nutty the man who boasted his government is the most PRO SETTLEMENT GOVERNMENT, is genuinely and sincerely interested in a 2SS (again he boasted this will not happen under his leadership), or that he will do the decent thing and give the Palestinians their freedom. He will keep extracting all the land their greedy hearts desire, defy the international community, and use us as tools to keep doing so. This should be the first step in holding this rogue nation accountable, and it is time some grown ups stepped in an made sure the "only" democracy and bested ally of the US, was finally made to do the right democratic action and give the Palestinians a statehood with the little territory they have left, or what their occupier has been kind enough to leave for them.
      It would serve the world well to ignore the temper tantrum Netanyahu, Dannon, and the rest of Israel, will surely display for days to come.

      Democratic congresspeople like Schumer and Blumenthal keep showing support for this rogue nation OVER the policies of their own President, and that is very unacceptable and even disgusting.

    • This is great news. Obama has (finally) sent Israel a strong message, one was long overdue, and that Israel deserved to hear. Israel is acting like a thief who whines that to criticize or condemn his actions is hurting, insulting, and preventing him from becoming a better man. It is sheer BS and we know it. It is amusing to hear that Nutty is threatening the nations that voted for this, it shows once again that he is a mean and vindictive man. Obama finally stood up to the bully, and it feels good. On CNN international they mentioned that Nutty has aligned himself with the Republicans, and has always gone against Obama. What bloody nerve. Nutty and Drumpf seems to be one of a kind - acting arrogantly like THEY are the President of the US, while we have a legit President in the WH.

      It is time the world stood up to Israel and addressed the years of criminal activity and war crimes. Supposedly the UN will never reverse this. YES!

      Aw, AIPAC and the other zionists entities are all disappointed about this, so are the Republicans and some shameless Democrats. Get over it.

  • Desperate Netanyahu lectures Obama about US responsibility to veto UN resolution
    • It is time the members of the UN righted this wrong, and condemned Israel's endless greed for illegal settlements that goes against international laws. Netanyahu is a filthy human being, who has disrespected the President of the US, despite the fact that Obama has increased aid for those ingrates and given them ammunition to kill unarmed civilians. He has bypassed the President and appealed to the man who has arrogantly assumed the role of President before taking oath. Obama has once again got kicked in the teeth by the leader of the zionists. If Obama does not veto this now, the Palestinians will never, ever, get the freedom and statehood during our lifetime.

  • Resistance to mainstream media: How Mondoweiss pushes back against distortion
    • Thank you for your dedication and good work Mr. Zogby. I am sure the good folk at MDW appreciate your efforts to bring this horrible situation to the world's attention. The team at MDW I am sure gets threats too, and I have seen the insults here by zionist trolls in the comments section. You are all going against the forces of evil, and they try every trick in the book to shut down those who have taken up this good cause and fight to win freedom for people who have been occupied for too long, and have their lands stolen by an arrogant aggressor. Good luck and may the force be with you all.

  • With US reportedly poised to abstain on U.N. resolution slamming Israel, Egyptians withdraw it under pressure
    • It seems Senegal, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Venezuela, are pushing for this resolution to go through the UN. Obama is getting a lot of flak for a stance no one really knows anything about so far.
      It shows just how vicious the zionists can be when things don't go their way, and it also shows an arrogant Trump trying to act like a President before he has taken oath. There is still a President in the WH who must be shown respect for the rest of his days there. Obama has been marginalized by the orange jackass because the war criminal of Tel Aviv has decided to appeal to him to protect their land grabbing behinds. Any nation that steal lands, occupies, and kills civilians deserve to be strongly condemned.

  • Aleppo chef recreates his restaurant in Gaza after fleeing Syria
    • Good luck to Anas Qatarji, it seems his perseverance and talent, has helped him continue his good work in a new land, and that he will be very successful doing what he loves to appreciative people.

      It is sad to see ancient artifacts displayed, and it makes one realize that these lands once rich of history and culture have been decimated because of violence, and the intention of toppling governments they do not like.

  • It’s junket season again in Massachusetts
    • There will be some end to it if some courageous politician tells the American people exactly what entails this unwavering support for the occupier, and why they are given this free bee and it seem the only nation to do so.

    • So will there be nude swims, drunken binges, and the shameless politicians given such a great time, that they are beholden to their hosts?

    • I have watched this a few times and find it unbelievable that a human being can be so spiteful and vicious, and her expression reflects the meanness inside her. I am impressed that her victim was able to tolerate it, because her taunting could have made even a reasonable person lose it and retaliate. They steal the lands, ill treat the Palestinians, and then taunt them. The beast is on the outside.

    • Here is some reality for you Hoppy, this should make any reasonable person mad, and it clearly shows that Israel is by itself doing a fine job of painting the ugly image it has earned by these cruel acts, and why it is so disliked in the entire world. You cannot keep occupying, stealing, making innocent people suffer, and expect the world to see you as a beacon of light. Get real now.

  • Oren was surprised by backlash to his memoir -- 'slinky' 'self aggrandizing,' and 'reckless'
    • Oren is yet another zionist who being brainwashed into thinking EVERYTHING Israel does is for the good of the Jewish people, their homeland, and the "never again" theory.
      If they have to occupy, steal lands, build illegal settlements, kills thousands of civilians, imprison little children, lie to the world, and use the US as a tool to do all of the above, then it is OKAY and even heroic to do so.

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • When it comes to the math American leaders fail badly to count and calculate, when it comes to to the zionists. All crime is downplayed and so are the numbers.

    • Kerry like so many other leaders is making lame excuses. Israel has taken the American people for fools - they keep sponging off us, and do not seem to give a damn to the fact that the US has consistently condemned illegal settlements, and do not respect what our leaders say. We seem to be nation of pushovers. We should be ashamed for allowing Israel to take advantage of us.

  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • Our politicians have become a bunch of puppets, and the zionists yank their chains.

    • Obama would not want his legacy to be one that as the zionist media will refer to as the" worst policy that was anti-semitic and doing extreme harm to poor defenseless Israel". If he had any kind of courage to do the right thing for a people that have suffered for decades, and have lost too much already, and right a wrong, and do what we as a democratic nation should have done years ago - give a helpless people their basic freedom, rights, and a state to call their own in a land that has shrunk to almost nothing. It is time some American leader (s) stood up to Israel. The American people are waking up to this charade, and polls are showing that he will have stronger support. How about it President Barack Obama?

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • It seems MORE Americans want to impose some kind of sanctions against Israel.


    • In the US you can insult the President, members of Congress, business leaders, celebrities, and even your neighbor, but no one can dare speak up against Israel, it's crimes, or boycott what is made or produced in their illegal territories. It is utterly absurd that this is happening in the US and that people who we vote for is willing to go against the constitution to make sure a brutal occupier is able to continue war crimes and a decades long occupation. They are also deliberately (along with the media) keeping the American people ignorant about what goes on over there, the billions Israel mooches off us, along with deadly weapons, because those who are in dire straits in the US will not like tax dollars being sent to any nation while they suffer in many ways. Aliens control the powers that be here.

  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • No, they will get all the land, water, and other resources (including olive trees) as much as their greedy hearts desire.

    • It is a sad situation. The US does not care, the EU and Britain do not care, the UN does not care, and most importantly the other Arab nations do not give a damn either. In fact there are certain Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, who have become BFF with those who occupy, steal lands, and make the Palestinians suffer on a daily basis. So what chance do the Palestinians have to have their own state? Meanwhile the illegal squatters increase by the day.

  • New anti-Semitism legislation may stifle campus activism for Palestinian rights
    • It is frightening to realize that in our nation where freedom of speech is part of our constitution, our leaders allow these zionists to interfere in our policies, and try to influence colleges (by who knows what means) to stifle the efforts of passionate activists, who simply want to stop an occupation and the human rights violations, by boycotting the occupier. How easily they boycotted other rogue nations.

  • From affordable housing in Los Angeles to illegal settlements in Palestine, Airbnb needs to put people over profits
  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • Here are some enlightening facts about the West Bank, which anyway was not mentioned in my comment. I choose to believe the UN and other international bodies rather than hasbara drivel that is regurgitated false propaganda. The West Bank is occupied territory, and we know how the zionists pretends it is all THEIRS. Bad try.

      "In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank from Jordan in the Six-Day War. UN Security Council Resolution 242 that followed called for withdrawal from territories occupied in the conflict in exchange for peace and mutual recognition. Since 1979 the United Nations Security Council,[26] the United Nations General Assembly,[21] the United States,[27] the EU,[28] the International Court of Justice,[29] and the International Committee of the Red Cross[30] refer to the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, as occupied Palestinian territory or the occupied territories. General Assembly resolution 58/292 (17 May 2004) affirmed that the Palestinian people have the right to sovereignty over the area.[31]

      The International Court of Justice and the Supreme Court of Israel have ruled that the status of the West Bank is that of military occupation.[8] In its 2004 advisory opinion the International Court of Justice concluded that:

      The territories situated between the Green Line and the former eastern boundary of Palestine under the Mandate were occupied by Israel in 1967 during the armed conflict between Israel and Jordan. Under customary international law, the Court observes, these were therefore occupied territories in which Israel had the status of occupying Power. Subsequent events in these territories have done nothing to alter this situation. The Court concludes that all these territories (including East Jerusalem) remain occupied territories and that Israel has continued to have the status of occupying Power.[8][9]"

      Israel does do despicable things and their minions try hard to convince us otherwise.

    • Israel jolly well knew it would be impossible for the illegal settlers to be moved out of stolen lands, and deliberately built thousands of squatter abodes for these people. The US kept sending them billions to make sure those squatters were comfortable and lived in sturdy buildings over Palestinian stolen lands. Israel keeps doing despicable things while breaking international laws, and expects the world to keep accepting it.

  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
    • This campaign to halt the call to prayer seems to be part of a bigger picture when it comes to anti Muslim rhetoric in many parts of the world. In Buddhist majority nations like Myanmar and Sri Lanka, the same false claims are used to attack the Muslims, apart from the complaints of loud calls to prayer, they whip up anger by claiming the Muslims are taking over these nations, that they are marrying Buddhist women for conversion, and that the process of halal food should stop. Someone wrote the same vicious plan to be used in many nation, and it seems Netanyahu is following some of those instruction. It is all meant to torment the Muslims.

  • A conversation with Miko Peled
    • Maghlawatan, I don't know about that respect you mention. Israel lost respect years ago because of it's arrogance and violence. Apparently there is new list of most disliked nations 2016, and what do you know, the US is no. 1, followed by it's "only" ally in the ME, Israel.

      It is strange that the zio media never mentioned this. No surprise however.

    • The US media are enablers to these crimes. No one has the spine to show such videos, or speak about what really is happening to the Palestinians. This is about children too.

      How much longer will the media continue to portray a brutal nation as the "victim"?

  • Tulsi Gabbard's screw-the-neocons meeting with Trump sparks anger, derision, encouragement
  • Israelis 'neutralize' 48-year-old at Qalandiya checkpoint-- 240th Palestinian to be killed in wave of unrest
    • Maybe it is time for collective punishment again. Until they are sure they should not stir the hornets nest. Netanyahu is known for shooting first and never asking questions later. He seems to have messed up this one but then he messes up so much, has been under investigation, and yet the Israelis keep voting for him.

      It must be hard for the Palestinians to help their occupier, and who keeps stealing their lands.

  • Keith Ellison seeks to placate Israel lobby, by saying he is against BDS
    • I guess we should not be surprised. Eventually, they all capitulate and kiss up to that great big behind. For a moment there I did have some hope that he will have the spine to be different.
      Let us not kid ourselves, we will never, ever, see an American leader have the courage to defy the establishment, and reject the zionist influence that has permeated into our system making it too toxic for us to cope with.

  • Global outcry appears to stop Israeli demolition of Palestinian village to make way for Jewish settlers
  • Leading pro-Israel groups dare not criticize Trump lest they lose access to White House
    • They know which side their bread is buttered. Even with supremacists supporting Trump, somehow Israel will be able to put aside their sensitivities, to make sure their aid and support keeps flowing. It certainly looks like they have been emboldened by Trumps win - they have "unfrozen" illegal settlements that were halted, and will be continuing what they do best - stealing more lands like the dirty opportunists that they are.

  • Trump aide blows off Zionist gala, and Dershowitz warns that politicizing Israel means 'we could lose'
    • Dirty Dersh is obviously working hard (is he paid?) on behalf of the occupiers. Yesterday, he was on CNN and harshly criticized Obama for not condemning those who protest the pipe line, because they had aligned themselves with the Palestinians. It was totally out of context, because they were talking about Trump not criticizing white supremacists in the US. Don Lemon, did not utter a word and allowed the zionist mouthpiece to get away with it. Dirty Dersh looks an angry man, and tries desperately to tie everything to what is going on here to the "plight" of a brutal occupier, and land thief. He never, ever, mentions the world occupation.
      I am sick of these zionist mouthpieces always connecting US policies with Israel, and speaking as if Israel is the 51st state.

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • The dangerous association between two devious and aggressive entities. Their common target of course would be Muslims. They have much in common than we would know, and it's influence in lands you may never dream of. In this case it is making a pact with another devil.

  • General under consideration by Trump for Defense has slammed Israel for impending 'apartheid'
  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • Thank you for linking that interesting BBC interview. He simply said what many of us are thinking, and are afraid of.....I guess this will never be seen by many in this country - they seem to live in some kind of denial or maybe ignorance.

  • Israeli soldiers shoot across border at Gaza demonstrators, killing one
    • They are blood thirsty killers, who will break international laws to show just how powerful they are with all their American given weapons. I now wait to hear our moral American leaders condemn and warn Israel about this war crimes. Nah in fact when the zionists demand more, it will be sent all tied up with a nice big ribbon.

  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • What Bernie Sanders experienced is what many have already before him. Journalists who dared to speak up, or criticized the zionists, got a back lash that was very well organized and instant.
      It is also a means to silence future criticisms, and making an example for others. We could have asked Helen Thomas if she was alive, but she died a sad person most probably because despite her years of experience and respect well earned, they demonized her for simply speaking her mind, and expressing her right to free speech. When it comes to the crimes of the zionists, many Americans forget all about free speech.

      Unfortunately, this will never change.

  • Dershowitz backs down, concedes Bannon's 'anti-Muslim, anti-women' bigotry disqualifies him for high office
    • The reports are confusing and do contradict a lot of what has been said and done. One thing is clear, the appointments announced today strongly shows an anti Muslim agenda.

  • Donald Trump is ready to bring Islamophobia into the White House
    • Those who have deliberately promoted Islamaphobia, spent millions promoting the Gellers and Gaffney's ugly attacks on the religion for years, fear that the Muslims will outnumber other religions eventually. I guess lying and supporting Bush/Cheney's war on Muslim nations was their way of decimating Arab nations, and killing off hundreds of thousands of Muslims is part of of the plan. They use the backlash of these attacks to further promote their campaign of hatred and demonization. It has become a vicious cycle.

    • Trump is making America whiter, and because of his anti Muslim/Hispanic/immigration policies, a divided nation. Those who mean harm to us, must love this scenario.

      He seems to be finding it hard to get his house in order.

      "Donald Trump Is Finding It Hard To Field A Foreign Policy Team Without A Foreign Policy
      The president-elect is shuffling through names, seemingly with no ideological aim. His fellow Republicans are confused, too."

  • Neoconservatives warm up to Trump (maybe they have an agenda)
    • Sibiriak, I have consistently linked articles from Haaretz, Time of Israel, even Fox News. When I come across some article that interests me, I link it here. I even get article from FB. Much ado about nothing from the class monitor.

    • I cannot waste my time trying to convince you otherwise. If what I write does not meet with your "approval" feel free to not respond. I must have missed it when MDW appointed you class monitor. Move on....

    • If you think for one minute that I keep forming my opinions because of Democratic party sources you are sadly mistaken. I do NOT go to Democratic nor Republican sources, never have, never will. So if I detect some sarcasm in your response, I must say you are far from right. This article is about Trump, and as a voter (who did not vote for either candidate) I think I have the right to speak my mind. I have not mentioned the Palestinian issue in my comment, but I think my previous comments speak to that. So try to ease up and quit playing monitor here.

    • It seems Trump is way over his head and cannot get his act together. They seem to be unable to hit the ground running, and this is no surprise, because there are no grown ups in his team, mostly demagogues and controversial figures. Apparently Bolton is not officially in the Trump administration, which is a relief, but we cannot dismiss the possibility that he will have an input in some unofficial capacity. I guess like her or not, Hillary would have had a more experience in forming her administration, and they would have done it in a more orderly way. At this stage it is frightening not knowing which way Trump's administration will take this country, although from the looks of it, the characters and Trumps own words during the campaign, it is not too hard to guess. So far all the despots like Assad, and even Mugabe, seems to be keen to kiss and make up with this new administration who will be representing us. To think Trump is very acceptable and popular with the deplorables here (like the KKK) and outside the US, is frightening.

  • After years of careless accusation, Dershowitz says anti-Semitism charges must be 'very careful'
  • AIPAC removes two-state solution talking point from its website
    • AIPAC is simply echoing what the occupier has shown us by action. Israel is not interesting even the slightest bit about a 2SS. It simply prefers the status quo, and they have so much more land to steal, so a 2SS is not convenient, never was. AIPAC is doing what the mothership orders it to do, and it is time they dropped the "A" from it's title name. It is simply a farce.

  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
    • It is ironic that Trump has already walked back some of his policies, which we heard loud and clear and in ugly terms, and it seem Obamacare is not so bad and does not deserve to be gutted.
      It will be interesting to know just how excited his supporters are, for they voted for what they saw and heard, and now within hours and days to see your candidate going back on his word must be disappointing. In fact it must be highly unusual for any candidate to admit within days that he is not going to be doing this or that after all. Trump was a liar anyway, so those who did not vote for him will not be surprised.

      Anyone who is well informed will be afraid that he has surrounded himself with such frightening characters. To start with a well known bigot and demagogue, Steve Bannon, will be playing an important part in the new administration, and Jews and Muslims are already protesting that pick. CNN just announced that Laura Ingraham, another right wing big mouth, is considered for Press Secretary. We all know just how Ben Carson thinks, and those thoughts are frightening.
      If one looks at those surrounding the next President, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize one filled with inexperienced elements, racists and hating the liberals, will not bode well for this nation.

      As for the role of MDW, I think we should have a separate and new section for articles on the Trump administration, and for MDW commenters to make their observations and comments.
      The Trump administration will make us feel we are watching a train wreck.

  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
  • Trump is bad because Israeli Jews will love him and US Jews will see it -- NYT columnist
    • Jon, when a so called democracy allows their most "moral" military to behave like bullies, and they act like cowards, then it is really bad. The last time the zionist bombed Gaza, the entire world condemned it for deliberately bombing UN shelters that held hundreds of women and children, because the war criminals were informed numerous times about these shelters.

    • It is so obvious, and we see this far more frequently than we should. Pro Israel Americans, whose first thought in these situation is for Israel, how Israelis will react, and we see that they are hardly concerned for the well being of their fellow Americans, their safety, their progress, and what is best for the US. Now they will watch if Trump's policies will favor Israel mostly, before they decide to "fall in love" with Trump. That love will be long lasting and unwavering if Trump (most probably) will give legitimacy to the occupation, and give the zionist the capital they are desperate to steal. Shame on the New York Times to have these zionists who show patriotism for Israel over the nation they live, work, and raise their children in.

  • Before Trump's revolution, there was Sanders'
    • Enough for me to have no hope, and disillusioned with the entire political system. There is too much of corruption, and special interests along with alien nations interfering with our policies though their paid agents here. Trump will be the final nail....

    • Is it childish to call some by a name that was once the original family name? I don't know, but to me being childish is a candidate for President who tweets during the early hours of the morning, to call some poor beauty queen a few insulting names, or wage twitter wars with others who criticize him. Looks like he will be a distracted president, he has to keep an eye on his business, take care of this country, AND keep insulting those who stand up to him. This is going to be one childish President.

      "Trump’s German wine-growing ancestors were named Drumpf, according to journalist Gwenda Blair’s book “The Trumps: Three Generations That Built An Empire.” The family changed the name at some point during the Thirty Years’ War. America was first introduced to the Trump brand, however, by Donald’s father, Fred C. Trump, who named his real estate company and supermarket chains “Trump” and drove a navy blue Cadillac with “FCT” license plates."

    • Maybe they will not be as enthusiastic as they were for Hillary, but ultimately they would have fallen in line and supported Bernie Sanders. The Democratic establishment is corrupt and the recent acts of deceit by Donna Brazile shows just how rigged that system it. I guess at this point it is only depressing to realize things could have gone another way. We are stuck with a totally flawed man who will leave this country in a far worse condition that George W. Bush did.

    • I can understand the anger and the rage, but what these 59 million Americans have done is, they have decided to cut their nose to spite their face. They wanted change, but they were very ignorant as to what kind of "change" they were asking for. To think they saw a man insult, lie, show racism, demonize ethnic groups, call women terrible names, admit on tape he takes advantage of his celebrity status to grope women, behave like a crude oaf, and yet wanted to vote for this angry man to represent them. He got away with not showing his medical records, and most importantly his tax returns. As for the far right hypocrites, if the Democrats had nominated a candidate whose wife can barely speak English, plagiarized a speech, and has posed for some pictures that lacks certain class, they would have demonized her and insulted her to no limit. They would have been outraged that she was going to represent this nation from the WH. Michelle Obama, a Princeton/Harvard law school grad, has been attacked and insulted, despite conducting herself with grace and dignity her entire life. Imagine how much they would have attacked Melania T.
      Those who voted for Trump should be careful what they wished for. With his children playing a very involved (and highly unusual) part in WH policies and issues, AND running their empire at the same time, there will be many, many laws broken, controversies, and that empire will be very much wealthier at the end of the Trump presidency. The signs are that with full control of congress and the WH, the right wingers will change this country beyond recognition. All we have to do is look at those around Trump, and who will be in charge of this country, to realize we should all be afraid of the future. This will be worse than the GWB administration.

      It is unfortunate that we have elected a president who makes people, even little children, fear for their safety, security, and has run a campaign of insults and bigotry.

    • To Phil's point, a poll says he would have beaten Drumpf easily. I guess we will never know.

  • Israel approves huge shopping mall for settlers in occupied territories
  • Trump's path to 'most pro-Israel' president paved by bankruptcy expert and real estate attorney who once lived in a settlement
    • "No. But to me, you sound like someone caught up in the thrall of the ‘anti-normalization’ policy"

      Wow you have some talent reaching the wrong conclusion. I guess misreading comments for convenience was part of the training. I think you got some really good responses to your comment showing annoyance that the zionist leader was not addressed with the respect you mistakenly think he deserves.
      Looks like he has not earned any.

    • These two top all levels when it comes to lying. Just saying.

    • Aw have I offended your sensitive feelings? Tell you what, I will try saying his name and title, when he has given the Palestinians their freedom and stopped stealing lands. Deal.

      Meanwhile zionist leader is good enough for me.

    • The bottom line is under a Trump presidency, the Palestinian people are going to be marginalized like never before. If we thought the present and previous presidents, preferred to support their occupier, aid and arm it, under the new president, it seems all hopes for freedom and rights in their territories will lost. The zionist leader and Trump are similar in many ways, twisting arms and attacking those who "dare" speak out against them, seems to be the common factor.
      Let us not forget they are also well known liars, who have conned their way to achieve their goals, devious, secretive, and always up to no good.

  • 'The era of the Palestinian state is over' -- Israeli right celebrates Trump win
  • 'Trump shows America's dominant ideology': A Palestinian take on the US election
    • I guess this too will go nowhere. The level of support that the occupier has from our corrupt politicians is endless. Is this a "good cop" moment like many others before that faded into the wilderness?

      US backs right to boycott Israel

    • It is indeed scary, and we have no one else but ourselves to blame for such ridiculous policies, and supporting such destructive elements around the world.

    • I am just as shocked as you are to realize that millions of Americans saw fit to vote for such an unqualified candidate, who has lied, insulted, shown open racism, has a history of scamming people, has no class, and openly brags about using his celebrity status to assault women.
      Surely we should have some decent standards when it comes to a President? 59 million people allowed their hatred for Clinton, and the "establishment", to impair their judgement.

      I read this excellent article and cannot remember where I got it from, but this will support what you have said.

    • An excellent article. It truly reflects how the rest of the world (unfortunately) feels about the US and it's policies. It is sad to see the "what goes around, comes around" and the "America is asking for it" comments that many show in social media. Many in the world sympathize with this horrible decision to vote for this unbelievably unhinged man, yet there is a good point when they say that we get what we vote for, and for the consequences of such a decision, which would be felt in every corner of the world.
      To me, the majority who voted preferred to cut off their nose to spite their face, and the rest of us will feel the pain for years to come. Trump and his bunch of deplorable will be hitting that final nail in the coffin. It is a scary situation right now.

  • In Ohio, Muslim-Americans fear bitter election will lead to civil unrest
    • Thank you Annie for being reasonable.

      This in response to Echinococcus - what makes you think I voted for Hillary? Just a wild guess eh? Well, you are wrong. If I had that much control over the Dems, I would have waved my magic wand and got the perfect candidate you suggest. I don't see why I cannot lament here about anything, as this affects everyone.

    • We should all be afraid. This is one of the worst case scenarios becoming a reality. The majority of voters wanted a leader that lies, insults, threatens, is vindictive, think skinned, and has shown that people of color are of no consequence to this country. I feel bad that Muslims are now going to be the target of ignorance and bigotry, and attacks on them will increase, since the leader of this country has shown that bigotry is acceptable. Americans are once again showing poor judgement and having no values, and seem to have forgotten the terrible years of Bush/Cheney, that led to wars, recession, and depressed Americans. The idiots in this
      country have once again voted for the worst candidate, and we will all face the consequences of
      such a decision, even the rest of the world. America as we have known it will never be the same.
      This is very depressing.

  • 'Dozens of hours of convos with Bibi' convinced Clinton he actively supported two-state solution
    • We are a great nation, full of capable people, many educated, and experienced, to take care of anything that comes our way, which makes me wonder why we have to depend on a rogue nation like Israel, a violent occupier, land grabber, and breaks international laws so easily, for anything.
      They have way too much influence over our politicians and policies. They are like a wealthy relative, who keeps sponging off you, pretending to be always short of funds, and taking advantage of your kindness. I blame our politicians like Clinton, who keeps enabling them, and supporting their violent behavior against helpless occupied people.

  • The power of hasbara culture
  • New York panel highlights fissures on the left over Syria
  • 'Do not blame Israelis for settlements or excessive use of force' --Clinton stance was clear a year ago
    • Necessity is the mother of invention. These Palestinians have talent and determination.

      Out of ashes....

    • The fat elephant in the room - do not refer or talk about illegal settlements, or the fact that the occupier is using excessive force (with US weaponry) against the real victims, the Palestinians.

      That about sums up how the leadership in this country, AND the media keep enabling the criminal occupier. We know this has gone on for years, and years, and obviously they have no conscience, and seem to sleep well, even when Israel sends deadly bombs into homes and civilian structures massacring thousands including little children. A vote for either Heartless Hillary and Dangeorus Drumpf will continue the enabling and unwavering support of a violent occupier.

  • Western leaders grow deaf to Israeli abuses
    • Many of them are bought, had their arms twisted, threatened, or are thirsting for power that only the mean occupier and illegal settlement builder can give them.

  • In Tel Rumeida, you can be arrested for laughing
    • So Nazi like. The IDF must feel like big men/women holding mighty weapons and acting in such a menacing manner. The world should be ashamed for doing nothing but being indifferent to this inhumane treatment of innocent people.

  • Roger Cohen's epiphany
    • Either it was denial, or the ziocane is slowly but surely wearing off. Why is it that these zionist loyalists were unable to see what we all could?

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