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I am a news junkie, and am passionate about human rights, and do not like any kind of violence against unarmed civilians. I love to travel, especially in Europe, and enjoy learning about different cultures, and eating the local cuisine.

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  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • It must be a record. For the 12 days that Trump has been President, he has threatened Iran, been nasty to Australia, and apparently threatening to send troops to Mexico to get the "bad hombres".
      The bad hombre that is a huge threat to the US is Trump.


  • Danwatch: Major EU pension funds invest billions in businesses linked to Israeli settlements
    • Filthy crooks. While the world is staggering, and focused, at Drumpfs blunders and racist policies, the zionist criminals try to sneak in thousands more squatter abodes. How despicable, and how typical.

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • If Herr Trump wanted to "protect" the American people, he would start first with the criminals who have killed the most number of Americans every year - the white Christian American with deadly automatic weapons, that go into Elementary schools, theaters, shopping malls, and take their anger out of innocent children, women, and men. According to a Duke University study:

      "The study found that only 46 Muslim Americans (defined as “Muslims who lived in the US for an extended period”) were linked to violent extremism at home or abroad in 2016. The total Muslim American population is 3.3 million.

      Of those 46, only 24 were actually implicated in a concrete terrorist plot (the others did things like attempting to travel to Syria to join ISIS). Those plots claimed 54 lives, the vast majority of which (49) came in a single attack — the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

      The study isn’t making an apples-to-apples comparison; the more directly relevant statistic would look at whether or not Muslim Americans kill more US citizens here than any other specific political or religious group (other research has looked at that question). But Kurzman’s work vividly underscores a simple fact: Muslim Americans, in both raw terms and as a percentage of size of their total community, commit very small numbers of killings.

      By contrast, roughly 11,000 Americans were killed in gun homicides in 2016 — yet Trump has never said anything about creating a registry of gun owners.

      “It is flatly untrue that America is deeply threatened by violent extremism by Muslim-Americans,” David Schanzer, director of the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security, said in a statement accompanying the study’s release. “Attacks by Muslims accounted for only one third of one percent of all murders in America last year.”

      This is shamelessly a racist policy, and had Trump been sincere about the safety of the American people, he would have banned assault weapons and other deadly weapons that take the lives of Americans daily. Stopping the flow of Muslims into this country is not going to stop terrorism, America changing it's racist policies and stopping the bombing of Muslims nations will ease it.

      It is very obvious that the Muslim nations where Trumps business interests are not on his hit list.

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • I wonder if Netanyahu would have been howling that it was anti-semitic if there was a ban on all Jews coming from Israel...

      "Earlier on Saturday, Netanyahu tweeted: “President Trump is right. I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”
      The comment was swiftly rejected by leaders of the Jewish community in Mexico, and prompted an unusually blunt statement from Mexico’s foreign ministry.
      “The Foreign Ministry expressed to the government of Israel, via its ambassador in Mexico, its profound astonishment, rejection and disappointment over Prime Minister Netanyahu’s message on Twitter about the construction of a border wall.
      “Mexico is a friend of Israel and should be treated as such by its Prime Minister,” the ministry said, noting Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray had only on Friday expressed his deep affection for Israel in an event marking Holocaust memorial day.

      Nutty's wall cut through Palestinian homes, farms, orchards, and divided families. Despicable.

  • Bipartisan House resolution on Palestinian youth 'terror attacks' fails to say many were executed on the spot
    • It would be nice if zionist servants in Congress also passed a resolution CONDEMNING the occupation and the continuous land grabs. These are simply two shameless politicians working from inside AIPAC's deep pockets, it is embarrassing to see them act like mindless slaves to a rogue nation that has killed civilians, including women and children, arrogantly defied the international community, and had it been Iran we would have imposed sanctions and even bombed them.

      “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

  • Signs you may be a 'normalizer'
  • Yes, this is really apartheid
  • Trump administration has no comment on Israeli settlement boom
    • If the world thought Netanyahu was arrogant and disregarding international laws before, just watch how much out of control he would become when it comes to the war crimes against the Palestinians, the theft of their lands, and keeping them under occupation, during the next few years. Netanyahu and Trump have so much in common, both arrogant and narcissistic, and their families will keep benefitting from their abuse of powers. Right now everyone can see Netanyahu is the only vicious leader who seems to be enjoying the craziness that is Trump, the walls and banning of Muslims, because the investigations into corruption by him and his family, and the building of illegal settlements by the thousands, are not the focus of world attention any more.

  • Leading Clintonite worries that Trump will sell out Israel in forging deal with Russia
    • It seems crooked Nutty is going to be interrogated for the third time. If only they did not drink so much of pink Champagne.

      "Netanyahu to Be Questioned by Police Over Alleged Corruption for Third Time on Friday
      Police questioning, to take place at Netanyahu's Jerusalem residence, is expected to deal with both ongoing corruption investigations into the prime minister.
      read more:

    • Sounds like the woman is more concerned about Israel over the United States.

      I worry for the United States. Israel is fully capable of looking after itself, in fact will do so by hook or by crook.

  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • If American Jews were not allowed to get their family here for a visit, they would be howling about anti-semitism by now. Right now the Muslims seems to be in shock.

    • At the rate the white nations are bombing non white non Christian nations, and causing vast amounts of refugees, it is hard to rationalize why a nation of immigrants who have bombed unmercifully must accept the fact that eventually they will have to absorb some of those refugees as well. Nations considered a land of immigrants will have to accept that those coming in will one day outnumber the majority - the native Indians will tell you that they learnt the hard way.

    • Herr Drumpf wants to make America "white, Christian, and racist again.

      If any of our enemies wants to see the fall of America, Herr Drumpf is going to make them elated.

  • Palestinians: Israeli government 'exploiting' new US administration with new 2,500 settlement units
    • Their crimes defy any international law, yet with countries like the US and now Saudi Arabia pouring in millions of dollars, there is no stopping these criminals. I have my doubts Netanyahu will ever be charged with war crimes, he seems to be under investigation for being greedy and corrupt back home, yet Trump welcomes him to the WH. They do have a lot in common.

      Israelis have a filthy habit of taking revenge for every little thing, from collective punishment on the Palestinians, demolishing homes of any terror suspect (while they reward their criminals) and defying UN resolutions. They are one of the most despicable nations in the world, and have no moral standards or principles, basically an out of control rogue nation, that gets unwavering support from the US and other Western nations. They have played the Holocaust card, and the victim card masterfully, to get where they are today. Meanwhile the Holocaust survivors in their own country are being neglected and treated badly, that says a lot.

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
    • It does, the ancient scripts were supposedly written during violent times, but we are in a much more (?) civilized times, and occupying a people for decades, and stealing their lands by the acres today is not acceptable. There were no international laws and agreements in the stone ages. No nation claiming to be democracy with the most moral military in the world should ever act so violently against those they hold under siege, especially children. But then, Israel has broken all international laws, and no Holy book seems to hold them back. They have shown nothing but hatred and contempt for those they wield powers and precision bombs over.

    • They seem to be devoid of compassion and mercy for the Palestinians. No religion will condone this kind of inhumane treatment of others. This ideology called zionism is sheer evil, for no religion will condone a brutal occupation of a people, stealing their lands, and killing their children. It is time for the Palestinians to be armed, so that they can fight for their rights, and their freedom. It is time for Arab nations to help them do so, and for Palestinian leaders who seem to be more focused on in fighting instead of helping their people, to put their selfish interests aside and unite for the most important cause. Today is seems the evil ones have announced 2500 illegal squatter homes in the West Bank, and it seems this so called democracy is an out of control rogue nation not heeding even those who keep aiding and arming them.

  • Despite international pressure, Finkelstein gives talk on Gaza's 'martyrdom' at German institute
    • There are so many reasons why the world should impose sanctions on Israel, but the US and the EU, don't even allow anyone to suggest it, or mention BDS.

    • More crimes by those filthy occupiers. I guess with US and Saudi money now pouring in, they can continue their thieving.

      "Israel Approves Construction and Planning of 2,500 Settler Homes in West Bank
      Announcement criticized by top settler body, which calls it a 'disappointment.' EU calls Israeli construction plans 'regrettable,' Palestinians term them a 'deliberate provocation.'

      read more:

  • Ellison assures Dems he has made up with Haim Saban despite 'anti-Semite' accusation
    • Most of them cave in and become another tool for Israel's manipulations.

      Perez just does not have the spine to answer honestly, just like so many others of his ilk, seems very uncomfortable criticizing a leader and a nation, that is guilty of so many human rights violations. The UN recently condemn illegal settlements, and any leader around the world should take that as a sign to do so too. It is embarrassing that American leaders are like wimps to speak against criminal acts by another nation. That is doing the right thing any leader of a democracy should do.

      He is obviously in the pockets of AIPAC.

  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • I am not referring to being investigated for his countless lies. You can bet many entities are already looking into ethics violations. There will be plenty to work with when it comes to Trump.

      "An ethics group says it will file a federal lawsuit on Monday claiming President Trump is violating the Constitution by accepting payments from foreign governments through his business empire"

    • That meeting would be between two dishonest men, who are both being investigated at the same time. They are liars.

    • Looks like the zionists are salivating over Trump, flattering him, and buttering him up. He is going to be their savior now that Obama is gone. I guess crooked Nutty and Drumpf have so much in common too.

      "A senior Israeli official has praised the new US President Donald Trump as Israel’s "true friend in the White House", marking a dramatic shift in relations between the two countries after the bitterness of the Barack Obama years.

      Tzipi Hotovely, the Israeli deputy minister of foreign affairs, said that the country was "very happy about the new administration" after a phone call between Mr Trump and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

      Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on Monday, Ms Hotovely said: “I think that all the declarations of the Trump administration were showing a deep friendship to Israel. They understand the complexity of the situation in the Middle East, in a world where everything is falling apart around us.”

      “When Israel continues being the only democratic regime in the region, they want to keep Israel in its best shape.”

      In the “very warm” phone call on Sunday evening, Mr Trump and Mr Netanyahu reportedly discussed military, security and intelligence cooperation between the two allies, a statement from Mr Netanyahu’s office said, including the “threat posed by Iran”, which has pledged Israel’s destruction. "

  • Obama 'betrayed' American Jews and Trump is a 'swineherd' -- Bernard-Henri Levy
    • Of course the superiority comes through, none better than us, we are entitled....

      No mention that those very same people are occupying and stealing.

  • Palestinians react to the Trump inauguration
    • So the corrupt zionist leader is ready to control the new puppet leader in the WH:

      "Netanyahu hinted that legislation aimed at annexing the West Bank settlement of Ma'aleh Adumim is expected to be discussed at 3 P.M. The prime minister said no one has done more for the settlements than his government, adding that he will continue to work for the settlements in a smart and responsible manner. Earlier Sunday, the prime minister told Likud ministers that he was only willing to give Palestinians a "state-minus."
      read more:

      Trump will help the war criminal hammer the final nail on that coffin.

  • Video: Palestinian activists set up tent village to protest Israeli annexation and Trump plan to move US embassy
    • So anyone convinced that Trump will be fair towards the Palestinians, and that the deal they will be offered will be acceptable by them? Or will it simply be a token gesture to show the world they were offered a "generous" deal, and that they turned it down, blaming them as usual?
      The Palestinians are going to lose in all ways, and Israel will manipulate Trump to help them lose.
      Jared Kushner will be the tool they will use to hammer those poor people.

      "U.S. President Donald Trump told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that peace between Israel and the Palestinians could only be reached through direct negotiations. In their first phone call since Trump took office, the U.S. president invited Netanyahu to Washington on February.
      "[P]eace between Israel and the Palestinians can only be negotiated directly between the two parties," Trump told Netanyahu, adding that "the United States will work closely with Israel to make progress towards that goal."
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  • Fear that Israel is becoming 'South Africa on the Mediterranean' is expressed in Park Avenue synagogue
    • So watch out for Nikki Haley to get a few calls/usual threats, and change her tune.

      Trump's UN Pick Nikki Haley Tells Senate: Israeli Settlements 'Can Hinder Peace'
      During first confirmation hearing, Haley says she supports the two-state solution, but doesn't believe UN is forum to discuss Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
      read more:

  • It turns out Jews are as stupid as everyone else
    • Every religion, every nation, and in every corner of the world, you get your share of idiots, no one can claim otherwise. It is acting like you don't, being arrogant, and thinking you are superior to all, is what makes you a bigger idiot.

  • Video: Support for one democratic state grows as Palestinians lose hope in two-state solution
    • Then there could also be a violent armed resistance. When all hope is lost, desperation makes people turn to what they perceive to be the last straw. No one can blame them.

  • To be successful the French Peace Initiative must be based on international law and human rights
    • It all comes down to if and when the international community stops acting like naive children and admit that they are being taken for a good long ride by the devious occupier. It is time they realized that Israel is running a big con game, and have given far too many excuses, turned down bribes to get to a peace table, and keeps blaming the Palestinians, implying they want to live without freedom. It is time those who can turn this around admitted that there are ways to help the Palestinians, and must stop pandering to Israel, and ignore its threats and cries of victim.

      Give the Palestinians their statehood and recognize their rights, and if Israel does not like that stop their aid and start the boycotts and sanctions - that will definitely hit them where it hurts most.

    • Looks like the petulant orange kid is trying to fill up the empty inauguration chairs with deplorables from stolen lands. Pathetic.

      "Jewish settler group 'invited to Donald Trump's inauguration' amid concerns over President-elect's stance on Israel
      Yesha Council says it has received invite to ceremony after UN condemns illegal settlements"

    • If it comes down (and it should) to international laws and human rights, then we can all assume that these talks, like so many others will be a totally failure.....Israel does not abide by international laws, and as for it's record on human rights violations, it is so dismal and shockingly bad for the only real democracy in the ME. France will mean well like other nations to bring some peace in that region, but how can you deal with a side that has shown it prefers the status quo, which is far more beneficial to it? Israel wants more land for their squatters, and to keep wielding power over those they hold under siege. They are masters of justifying their crimes.

  • Israel plans to build settlement on site of Jerusalem home of Palestinian attacker
    • Most probably it is a diversion. He looks bad (he is bad,) his family looks bad, and he is in hot water. It is time to either mow the lawn in Gaza, or perhaps hit Syria because it is in chaos and weaker. Who knows with this war criminal.

      From a Haaretz article:

      Police to Question Senior Media Figures in Netanyahu-Mozes Tape Scandal
      The planned interrogations are part of an effort by Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit to speed up the probe of the case.

      This week, police questioned Netanyahu’s wife Sara about a different case, involving suspicions that businessmen gave the prime minister and his family expensive gifts.

      read more:

  • Fury at Azaria verdict is Israel's Trump moment
    • I agree. No God will condone theft of lands, water, and trees, then be okay with bulldozing homes, and making men, women and children, homeless. They can quote all the old books from the stone age, and it will still not be acceptable by civilized international laws.

  • The truck attack that killed four Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem was not 'terrorism'
    • A thousand and one excuses to keep the occupation and land grabs going. Here is the king of the zionists, who prefers to control the Palestinians and face more resistance, rather than get peace for his people. The mindless hasbara will keep blaming the Palestinians for not wanting to be free from the occupation. How they try to change the facts.

      Netanyahu: Paris Peace Conference Is a Palestinian Fraud Under French Auspices
      Israeli prime minister stresses that Paris conference moves peace backward, adding that Israel is not bound by any decisions that will be made at the conference.
      read more:

  • Israel-Palestine conflict could 'explode' under Donald Trump, Israel supporter warns
    • By the end of the first year of the Drumpf presidency, people will realize the difference in where the country is today, and the situation the country will be then, and Obama will suddenly look like a grownup and be far more appreciated than he is today. I have been disappointed in some of Obama's policies, but Drumpf will make his Presidency look like the saner days.

    • Any major investigations? You bet if there were any which makes this first black President look bad, the opposition would have investigated it and embarrassed him without hesitation.

    • To those who voted for a "change" and wanting to make American great again, hope they notice that Obama is leaving a scandal free White House and Trump is not even in there yet, and there seems to be a HUGE controversy and scandal by courtesy of his buddies in the Kremlin.
      Sad that many people can be overcome with hate, that they have impaired judgement.

  • Israeli forces seize 5 relatives of Palestinian killed committing truck attack in occupied Jerusalem
    • Gee, I wonder why they did not arrest the relatives of those who brutally killed Mohamed Kdheir, or maybe eve the solider who assassination a wounded Palestinian, but then he is considered a hero. The zionazis always seem to honor and treat their criminals like precious cargo, when it comes to killing Palestinians, and the families of Palestinians accused of any crime are collectively punished or have their homes demolished.

  • Israeli settlers attack Palestinian videographer of Hebron shooting in attempt to 'silence documentation and resistance'
    • Let' face it, the Ministers in the UK parliament are a little more reasonable than members of the US Congress, who are beholden to the Jewish lobby, and will dare not go against it.
      We have seen some scathing speeches against Israel and it's crimes in the House of Commons more than we will ever see in Congress.

      This was one of the greatest speeches I have ever heard, and will not hear from ANY of the American leaders, EVER.

    • Apparently Trump and the Kushners have donated thousands to CHABAD a pro settler orthodox movement, that operates all over the world. I have seen this organization in Princeton NJ and even in Asia, and wondered what the heck it was, now it is clear.

      Hundreds of Thousands in Donations Tie Kushners and Trump to Chabad Movement
      The Kushners have contributed close to $350,000 to institutions affiliated with the ultra-Orthodox outreach movement over the years, while Donald Trump has made a few donations of his own.

      read more:

  • Netanyahu has 'promise' from Trump to be 2nd foreign leader invited to White House
    • If Trump had any intelligence he would distance himself from the king of the occupier, because right now he is not looking very good in his country, being grilled by the police for corruption, fraud and who knows what. Any leader right now should keep Nutty at arms length, and watch what the outcome of those investigations will be. On the other hand Trump loves to embrace and surround himself with dictators, racists, and bad guys, so why not Crooked Benjy?

  • MLA votes against BDS, tables resolution blaming PA and Hamas for restrictions on Palestinian academic freedom (Updated)
    • Twisting arms, threats, and positioning your mindless puppets, to oppose those who fight for human rights. The zionist playbook.

  • Netanyahu has isolated Israel and is driving the US 'off a cliff into chaos' -- Lloyd Doggett
    • It is heartening to see the names of those who voted against this ridiculous resolution in the House, siding with a brutal occupier, showing embarrassingly strong loyalty to the man who leads that nation, a man who is right now under investigation for CORRUPTION. Nice.
      They are also voting against the rest of the world. Israel has reduced the image of the US in the world as an enabler to an out of control rogue nation that acts like it is above all international laws, kills civilians, and defies the world by building illegal settlements. We also send billions of dollars in aid and weapons, what more proof we are complicit in all its crimes?

      When Israel goes off the cliff, I hope all American leaders those who keep supporting it, and protecting its crimes, goes down with it.

  • Getting away with murder: the Elor Azarya 'manslaughter' case
    • They always get away with murder. Israel has one standard for its soldiers and citizens, even illegal settlers, and another for Palestinians including children. They are one of the most despicable rogue nations, that take advantage of their control of American leaders, and keep breaking international laws. We have seen so many videos of Palestinians being brutalized or killed, and yet the so called democracy does not hold it's criminals accountable for those crimes.

      I wonder whatever happened to the two killers who used snipers to kill 2 innocent kids who were simply walking by, during the Nakba anniversary celebrations. Israel murders unarmed civilians and their IDF thugs keep getting away with it.

  • The mainstreaming of Palestinian genocide
    • Bumblebye, I just heard this on BBC world, and if this will not open the eyes of the British leaders and people, then nothing will. This man was supposed to have apologized and said that they were his own words, and not of Israel, but we know that this dirty arrogant attitude is typical of these zionists, and that Israel has a bad habit of attacking those who stand up to them, or openly criticize their on going crimes. I don't know why nations Israel are openly trying to control, or interfere with, so that they can use them as puppets, don't look at the US as the perfect example of a totally controlled by, and subservient nation to, Israel. If they do not want to have that poisonous effect on their nation, they better do something now.

  • Booker slams UN resolution as 'anti-Israel,' while Saban says it's anti-American
    • For those shameful congresspeople who disrespected Obama and invited this crook into Congress, and gave him standing ovations, hope you are still proud of this despicable man.
      He will use all his clout, maybe even threaten, to get out of this one.

      Police Grill Netanyahu for Five Hours on Two Different Cases
      In addition to suspicions that Netanyahu and family received gifts worth hundreds of thousands, additional undisclosed affair also being probed ■ Police: Investigation could be obstructed.
      read more:

    • For those shameful congresspeople who disrespected Obama and invited this crook into Congress, and gave him standing ovations, hope you are still proud of this despicable man.
      He will use all his clout, maybe even threaten, to get out of this one.

      Police Grill Netanyahu for Five Hours on Two Different Cases
      In addition to suspicions that Netanyahu and family received gifts worth hundreds of thousands, additional undisclosed affair also being probed ■ Police: Investigation could be obstructed.
      read more:

    • You wonder how they can sleep at night, knowing they are pro occupation and anti human rights.

    • Booker, seems to be so ambitious and obviously has long term plans to run for a higher office, and like many of our politicians, decided to not support his own President from his own party, but throw his love and support for a despicable alien occupier. It simply shows that Booker is disingenuous, and without principles, yet another puppet for the zionist nation.

      It is a shame that most leaders lack the basic decency to openly and strongly support the policies of their own President. Haven't we seen members of Congress time and time again behave like obedient minions, being jerked around by a war criminal, who right now is being investigated for corruption, and yet Booker and his ilk keep embarrassing all Americans with his groveling.

  • New poll shows sharp partisan divide on UN settlements resolution, and between Jews and African-Americans
    • Putin, according to Pew Research, is not popular in the world. Neither is Obama. I don't think it will be any kind of luck to have this tyrant in the WH. He has invaded his neighbors, and has interfered in other nations.

      "Outside its own borders, neither Russia nor its president, Vladimir Putin, receives much respect or support, according to a new Pew Research Center survey. A median of only 30% see Russia favorably in the nations outside of Russia. Its image trails that of the United States in nearly every region of the world. At the same time, a median of only 24% in the countries surveyed have confidence in Putin to do the right thing in world affairs, and there is far less faith in the Russian leader than there is in U.S. President Barack Obama".

    • No surprise, Putin might even have an office in the West Wing. Unlike Obama it seems Trump seem to attract leaders who lost their respect long time ago. Netanyahu cannot wait to "work"on Trump.

    • Maybe your Congressperson is shamelessly giving Israel the green light to continue breaking international laws and stealing lands for illegal squatters. Rep. Engel who should be in the knesset and not in the US congress, and others, have gone against their own President, once again, to kiss up to Israel, and defy the official stance of their own nation. For shame.

      U.S. House Votes to Condemn UN Over Israel, but Two-state Solution Clause Irks Hardliners
      Resolution, which enjoyed bipartisan support, calls on Obama to prevent any additional international moves against Israel while he is still in office.

      "The Royce-Engel resolution expresses opposition to UN Security Council Resolution 2334 and calls for it to be repealed or altered significantly. It also calls on the Obama administration to prevent any future decisions of this kind before his term ends in two weeks' time. The resolution stressed that international forums like the UN were not the appropriate venue for solving the conflict, and that the United States should focus its efforts on promoting direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. 
      The resolution said that "a durable and sustainable peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will come only through direct bilateral negotiations between the parties resulting in a Jewish, democratic state living side-by-side next to a de-militarized Palestinian state in peace and security."

      read more:


  • Will the Azaria verdict shield Israel from the International Criminal Court?

      "Sen. Lindsey Graham, who had lobbied members of the Security Council to oppose the settlements resolution, will lead the GOP effort in the Senate to hit the UN in its wallet.
      "I am a huge supporter of foreign aid and the UN," the South Carolina senator told CNN after the Security Council vote. "I want to do more, not less. But I can't support funding a body that singles out the only democracy in the Middle East who shares our values."

      Meanwhile Netanyahu has been questioned for hours by Israeli authorities, for the second time. Let all those who supported this crook, have egg on their faces, if he is found guilty.

    • Thanks to the Orange lunatic, more deplorables are coming out of the sewer: The US will be asking for trouble with this lot These are right wing terrorists, and they all seem to love Loony Donny. America is going to be a land of racists, cheaters, liars, there will be hate crimes, more gun violence, and now banned Jewish terrorists. Trump will lead this nation to Hell.

      "Drawing Inspiration From Trump, Far-right Kahane Movement Seeks U.S. Revival
      'Our movement is part of the Trump movement,' Jonathan Stern, organizer of New York memorial event to the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, tells Haaretz.

      The Jewish Defense League was established in 1968. Kahane immigrated to Israel in 1971.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the “The FBI deemed the league as a right-wing terrorist group in their report "Terrorism 2000/2001," but its domestic influence has waned since, and today the JDL has no active chapters in the U.S.”
      read more:

    • Whether it is mowing the lawn, or a cold blooded murder by an IDF soldier, Israel is never held accountable for crimes, nor do it's supporters in the US able to see it as going against all laws, international or laws of a democracy. Maybe they do, but it is easily overlooked, and eventually the culprit will be rewarded with more aid, weapons, and protection from world condemnation.
      This man (thanks to the video) showed the world what Palestinians have to endure, we have seen snipers kill innocent Palestinian kids, weapons being planted, kids being used as human shields by the IDF, and so much disgusting incidents that is unacceptable from a so called democracy, but because it is Israel and not Iran, we are not boycotting, divesting or sanctioning it.
      Here is a murderous thug who is supported by the majority of Israelis, and even the king of the zionists crooked Nutty, called his family to sympathize with them:

      "A poll by the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) in September found that 65 percent of Israeli Jews backed Azaria's execution of Sharif. Among Israelis aged 18 to 24, when many Israelis are serving as conscripts, support for his actions rocketed to 84 percent.

      The Israeli media has largely sided with Azaria, presenting him as "the child of us all". Two Israeli publications even selected him as their "man of the year".

      "The attitude of the Israeli public was clear," Yedidia Stern, a researcher at the IDI, told Al Jazeera. "They thought, "We put him in a uniform, we gave him a gun and we placed him in harm's way in the occupied territories. He may not be a hero, but he is not a criminal either. He is our boy."

  • After Israeli soldier is convicted of manslaughter, Times and Post portray case as isolated incident
    • This man will most probably (with support from Israeli leaders and public) get off very soon, and his sentence commuted, before he is back with his buddies on the streets. He went against the rules of his own military outfit, and viciously killed a "suspect" who was lying injured on the ground, and no threat to anyone around. The charges were of a lesser kind, and he would not have been taken to court had some smart person taken a video of a brutal assassination, by a soldier wearing the uniform of his country, and taking the law into his hands, while his fellow soldiers do NOTHING. Perhaps they have seen this brutality many times before.

  • In 'breathtaking' UN vote, Obama changed his policy on Israeli settlements, making them a war crime -- Finkelstein
    • Echinococcus, you do read comments in a weird way. I do not care, nor expect anyone else to care about Obama's birth certificate, I was merely making a point to show how Trump operates, and his history of not admitting when he is wrong.

    • There has been an ugly pattern throughout the campaign, and now this. He puts the country through stress and upheaval, sticks to his idiotic theories even when evidence is either proved or not proved (like Obama's birth certificate) and then very quietly admits he agrees. Even when he admitted that Obama was born in the US it was a one word statement (after spewing lies and accusations, and insisting he was right (where are his investigators who went to Hawaii to find out?) by then he has hurt far too many people, and his mindless supporters have believed this bull crap because they hate the Black President, and most probably believes the Obama's are aliens.

    • So the war criminal is going to be questioned for the second time. Hope he will feel very, very, uncomfortable. Booby must be relieved that the focus is away from him to the soldier who was found guilty of manslaughter. Anything to take that focus away, eh Bibi?

      "Benjamin Netanyahu to be questioned by Israeli police for second time in corruption probe
      Probe into allegations against Israeli Prime Minister has become a fully-fledged criminal investigation" Independent UK

    • I stand corrected. Of course they demand....and the normally arrogant US leaders all fall in line for fear of having their allowances cut. Strange system - we give them billions in aid and they use it to buy the unwavering support of our Congress and leaders. Only the devious can come up with such a foolproof plan. Our leaders are utterly stupid for being used this way.

    • During the last massacre in Gaza in 2014, Israel ran short of ammunition and the US under President Obama handed them more, to continue the slaughter. If that is not being complicit in the massacre of Palestinian women and children, I don't know what is. If Obama sincerely wanted to help the Palestinians and give them their freedom, he should have done something about it long time ago, not as a last minute effort. Obama has extended the help the US has always given Israel, and even increased the aid package they begged for. What did Obama get in return? Disrespect and insults from the king of the zionists.

  • John Kerry picked the wrong timeline for the Jewish state
  • Love in the age of Trump
    • Good point. It does seem he is struggling to find 'A" rated entertainers. Some have declined, or denied they are participating, and even Mormons are petitioning against the Tabernacle Choir performing. Imagine the TC and the Rockettes get top billing for an inauguration!. It is very telling. The orange lunatic, if he was not in denial, would realize that he is the most unpopular President elect, considering nearly 3 million did not want him. But in his little mind he won such a landslide victory!

    • Well, what do you know, the Clintons have decided to attend the inauguration of the orange lunatic. I wouldn't want to attend the inauguration of a man who has done nothing but lie and insult my family.

  • Democratic politicians want no part of Obama's courage at the U.N.
    • The bottom line is, they love money, and power, over doing what is best for their own nation, and putting their money where their mouths are and pushing for human rights and freedom for a people who have been occupied for decades.
      It is hard to believe that leaders of the world's greatest superpower are so beholden to an evil entity.

    • I hope all those shameless congresspeople, mostly Republicans and many Democrats, will feel proud that they may have chosen to side with (a once again under investigation) Netanyahu.
      If Netanyahu is found to be guilty, and goes down, they may wish they had not shown such devotion to this war criminal, who is a liar, and whose family seems to be enjoying ill gotten gains. How many times has this man and his family being investigated?

      "The ultimate irony, if not cruelty, is that this misfortune has fallen on Netanyahu just as he is about to realize his life-long fantasy of serving as prime minister alongside a Republican president such as Donald Trump. Not only has Netanyahu gone out of his way, more than any other foreign leader, to praise Trump – accentuating the contrast between the incoming and outgoing Presidents in the process – but he has basked in reports, true or not, that he could be the rare foreign leader who gets invited to the January 20 Presidential inauguration.
      But what could have been his moment of shining glory will now be tainted by the long shadow of his police interrogation: from now on, anything and everything that Netanyahu does will be scrutinized through a filter of whether it hurts him or helps him shift the limelight away from his legal travails. Unlike the President-elect, Netanyahu hasn’t yet reached a position that he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still remain popular."
      read more:

    • Somehow I don't think President Obama will be surprised at this reaction. He knows fully well that the names above (with obvious exceptions) are those who have been either purchased at a high price by AIPAC, or have strong loyalties to that miserable occupier. In any case, they are all Israel firsters, who prefers to kiss up to a foreign interfering leader (who is investigated for corruption right now) than their own President. Shameless lot.

  • Waqf: 14,806 Israeli settler incursions on Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in 2016
    • Thank you for your wishes Kate. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you too.

      Do not think your efforts are pointless. I guess you have so much to write about, so many atrocities against the Palestinian people, and who knows someone one day might find your descriptive lists useful to seek justice for a long suffering people.

    • How is this for sly/cunning? The US MUST stop any good from coming in from illegal settlements. The Israelis are known for mislabelling products, and passing illegal goods from illegal settlements. It seems the British are more aware of what is going on:

      The United States Department of the Treasury is reporting an increase in allegations that merchandise produced in West Bank Jewish settlements is being imported into the U.S. without the proper country of origin markings, in contradiction to U.S customs regulations.
      Each year the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency receives between 800 and 1,000 complaints regarding the import of items from around the world into the country. Recently, the CBP confirmed, there has been a growing number of complaints about products ostensibly manufactured in the settlements but exported under a different label. The CBP declined to say whether it has contacted the Israeli exporters or begun any proceedings against them.
      In response to a question by Haaretz, the CBP spokeswoman confirmed the guidelines. "Marking items produced in the West Bank or Gaza Strip as 'Made in Israel,' 'Israel,' 'Occupied Territories-Israel,' or words of similar meaning, and later exporting those items to the U.S., is contrary to the noted Treasury decisions," she sai
      read more:

  • Terrorism: How the Israeli state was won
    • So the soldier that assassinated a Palestinian who lay wounded on the street has been found guilty of manslaughter (should have been a more harsher charge). The judge apparently did not buy the excuses.

      "An Israeli soldier who killed a wounded Palestinian in the West Bank city of Hebron in March last year has been found guilty of manslaughter at the end of one of the country’s most polarising court cases in recent memory.

      A military court sitting in Tel Aviv ruled that Sgt Elor Azaria, who was 19 at the time, had acted outside the army’s rules of engagement when he killed Abdel Fattah al-Sharif, shortly after Sharif and another Palestinian had stabbed and wounded a solider at an Israeli military checkpoint.

      The other Palestinian involved in the knife attack was shot and died immediately, but Sharif was alive when Azaria killed him. Accounts of the incident given by Azaria were “unreliable and problematic” and his defence contradictory and flawed, the court said.

      Prosecutors had called for Azaria to be charged with murder but instead settled on a lesser charge of manslaughter, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years. Sentencing is expected in about a month and Azaria is likely to appeal."

      Chances are he will get away after a very lenient sentence.

  • Scenes from Gaza on the last day of 2016
    • Very nice (and descriptive) pictures. It shows a resilient people making the most with what they have, with so much limits to what they can really do. These are human beings who will do so much better when they are given their freedom, rights, and a life without fear of tomorrow.
      This is so uplifting!

    • Very nice and descriptive pictures. It shows a resilient people making the most with what they have, with so much limits. These are human beings who will do so much better when they are given their freedom, rights, and a life without fear of tomorrow.

  • Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democratic Party if Keith Ellison becomes chair
  • Netanyahu's holy war, and the coming Jewish schism
    • It is utterly ridiculous. Israel steals lands, builds illegal settlements against international laws, and when there is a UN resolution condemning them for doing so, they go all whiny and complain the world is out to get them, blames Obama, and claims the world wants them annihilated. What drama queens.

      Imagine how loudly they would be howling about their suffering had they been the people occupied and having their lands stolen!

    • Annie, it seems Nutty is as crooked as they come. We should not be surprised, Nutty has shown dishonest tendencies from a long time, he lies and for years we have heard accusations that his family is also dipping into the cookie jar, from time to time. If these accusations turn out to be true, it will be laughable that while the hasbrats have been calling Yasser Arafaat a crook for years, look at the list of Israeli leaders, who have been investigated, and shown to be crooks.
      It looks like Sara's empty bottles were nothing compared to the crimes you have mentioned above.

    • It seems Bibi is avoiding the police and making feeble excuses. Ron Lauder, wealth US business man has lavished the Netanyahu family with gifts of suits and sponsored holidays....the only suit Bibi should wear are prison garbs, for war crimes and corruption.

      Ron Lauder Says He Gave Netanyahu Gifts; PM Can't Find Time for Police Questioning

      "The police have been trying for several days now to arrange a time to question Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over various allegations, but so far without success, according to reports.
      The investigators want Netanyahu to set aside a large enough block of time to enable them to discuss all the suspicions against him and obtain his responses. But his bureau said that so far it has been unable to find a hole in his schedule of the requisite length.
      The police don’t want to settle for a shorter initial interrogation, because that wouldn’t give them enough time to ask Netanyahu about all the allegations."
      read more:

    • This may explain the drama and over reaction to the UN resolution. This may be why the king of zionists made a huge hue and cry about something that was done before by other US Presidents. Why not distract his people from the fact that again and again his family has always been suspected of corruption and dishonesty, and now yet again?

      I hope all Netanyahu supporters in the US, especially in Congress, realize they may be supporting and showing love for a crook. Looks like he does not like to only steal lands from helpless Palestinians:

      "The attorney general met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu more than two weeks ago to inform him that he is being investigated on suspicion of corruption, Channel 2 reported on Friday. 
      Netanyahu is reportedly suspected of receiving large-scale benefits from two businessmen, one Israeli and the other foreign.
      According to the report, Netanyahu asked Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit during the December 12 meeting to postpone the questioning until after his return from a state visit to Kazakhstan two days later. 
      read more:

  • Kerry, interrupted
    • DB is right, no one is listening to the voices of the victims of the occupation, no one in the American media bothers to get a credible voice from the other side, to plead their case, or explain the lies. The Palestinians need representatives who can speak to the American public clearly, and emphasize on their suffering. Consistently, we see zionists with talking points, some lawyers, come with their talking points, and are able to convince the American people that Israel in all this is the victim having to face dangers every day. ONLY IN AMERICA.

  • Following Kerry's 'historic' speech we need a diplomacy of resistance
    • Well, Booby seems to be in hot water back home, and maybe the childish tantrum he is throwing right now may be to distract his naive countrymen who support him. There has been a pattern of discrepancies, controversies, and investigations, from empty bottles, misusing government funds, and luxury plane rides, it seems Booby and his family may be up to no good, and in serious trouble. It is funny but hasbrats have always pointed to Arab leaders including Araafat saying just how corrupt they are, and history shows their leaders have been under investigations and sometimes found guilty of the same. Hypocrisy zionist style.

      "Israel's Attorney General 'orders criminal investigation into Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu'
      Allegations of bribery and fraud made against leader, according to reports"

  • The formal end of the two-state solution
    • From the Bakers response, I think he is mad at New Zealand for initiating that UN resolution.
      If NZ by some chance had not initiated, or voted against, the resolution, the Baker would be singing it's praises, and applauding it.

      Compared to Israel and the never ending wars with neighbors, and being in the occupation business, New Zealand is a nice peaceful place.

    • We have never wavered from supporting and aiding an occupying nation that consistently breaks international laws, and kills thousands of civilians when deliberately targeting civilian structures.

      I prefer our tax dollars going towards reducing tuition costs for our kids, or feeding the hungry kids in our nation.

    • No one is asking Netanyahu and his right wing government to "turn their cheek", simply adhere to international laws and change your ways - it has been decades and your occupation and land grabs are not working, and it is making things much worse.

      Obama has been overly generous with Israel, and this is an ugly display of ungratefulness zionist style, they take and take, and then keep biting the hand that fed them most. They have no shame.

  • Hear O Israel these parting truths -- John Kerry
    • I noticed that on all segments on this settlement issue, CNN International pulling out of the sewer. hasbarists who are spewing a lot of propaganda, one guy, Ethan Berman, was whining about how Hamas was spending the money meant for those poor Palestinians and how concerned he was for those Palestinians, blah blah. No mention that his own war mongering
      leader Nutty and his family were right now under investigation for corruption and money laundering. Well they are not called the zionist media for nothing, and from the so called
      experts they keep bring out, the conversation is always one sided, and hardly any representation
      from the Palestinian side. I am fed up with the zionist lies and twisting of facts that our media keeps trying to brainwash Americans with.

    • This was one of the most harshest speeches any American leader has made, based on facts and what is going on right now in that region. No one can dispute those facts, and it was long, long overdue. This is what our leaders should have been saying all these years. Pointing out to the transgressions by Israel, every time they went beyond what they were entitled to, and beyond those 1967 borders. We have shamefully stood by aiding and arming them to continue their crimes against the Palestinians, and their arrogant actions that show they think they are above any laws. We helped create this monster.

      As you can see from the responses, especially Netanyahu who is mostly responsible for making decisions that has placed Israel in a very treacherous situation, on the brink of a one state, guilty of stealing lands and breaking international laws, his (yet again) arrogant response stating "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders." - no, but they certainly need their charity, weapons, and support at the UN. What an ungrateful and arrogant man.

      Those who insult John Kerry and do not agree with what he said, obviously is in the dark about facts and simply believing the culprit's propaganda without deep thought or research.

    • This was one of the most harshest speeches any American leader has made, based on facts and what is going on right now in that region. No one can dispute those facts, and it was long, long overdue. This is what our leaders should have been saying all these years. Pointing out to the transgressions by Israel, every time they went beyond what they were entitled to, and beyond those 1967 borders. We have shamefully stood by aiding and arming them to continue their crimes against the Palestinians, and their arrogant actions that show they think they are above any laws. We helped create this monster.

      As you can see from the responses, especially Netanyahu who is mostly responsible for making decisions that has placed Israel in a very treacherous situation, on the brink of a one state, guilty of stealing lands and breaking international laws, his (yet again) arrogant response stating "Israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders." - no, but they certainly need their charity, weapons, and support at the UN, and if they do not need to be lectured then they should get their own shi**y act together. They are dong a very bad job and making a huge mess all by themselves.
      What an ungrateful and arrogant man.

      Those who insult John Kerry and do not agree with what he said, obviously is in the dark about facts and simply believing the culprit's propaganda without deep thought or research.

  • 'Focus is on Palestinians,' says New York Times, but it quotes only one
    • And in that shining example of democracy in the ME, apparently Kerry's speech was not carried by news outlets.....just like in the land of Kim Jon Un.

      Home truths are hard to take.

    • The Israelis are sadly mistaken if they thought building illegal settlements by the thousands on stolen lands, is a "bargaining chip". Imagine if Canada stole our lands, and said it would give it back (some of it) with conditions and a trade off for peace. Maybe the olive trees and water they have stolen are all bargaining chips too. These zionists have strange ways of "trading", they seem to want to trade with possessions that belong to the other side.

    • I am looking forward to hearing John Kerry's speech, and I hope he will place the blame where it deserves to be placed - with Israel. How long can Israel fool the world into believing that it is ONLY the fault of the Palestinians (first time I have ever heard of occupied people preferring the status quo - being under occupation, having their lands stolen and children killed). They keep bringing up the fact that Arafaat turned down a peace deal but FAIL to mention that Israel turned down fighter jets (a bribe to get their behinds for peace talks) and did not want peace. Yes, it is always the Palestinians who turn down peace, Israel has been the perfect occupier.

      The world is realizing that ISRAEL IS THE PROBLEM NOT THE SOLUTION.

      Kerry will get demonized by the vicious zionist servants in the US, media, Congresspeople, and Israel firsters, but I think at this point he should not care.

  • Israeli hysteria over UN vote is solidifying country's new status, as a rogue state
    • War is top priority in Netanyahu's mind. He seems to enjoy being able to threaten and kill.
      Illegal settlements must be a close second.

    • It really does not matter who initiated, or was responsible for, this resolution. The main thing is, just like the Iran deal, many other nations accepted and voted for it. Israel is looking more and more like a rogue nation now, and it is Israel versus the world now. History shows it is a losing battle, but Nutty apparently is too full of arrogance to realize it. Only Obama haters will make hay with this, while folks who want the Palestinians given their rights and freedom, will not care who was behind this, or why. I hope this is only the beginning. Pride goes before a fall, and at the rate Israel is stubbornly refusing to do the decent thing and stop building and talk peace, the precipice is around the corner.

    • Israel was acting like a rogue nation from a long time ago. It has been propped up and kept protected by the US, who it seems they are never grateful to. If you take away the American aid, support, and protection from world condemnation, Israel would have been treated like a pariah and called what it is, and behaves like - a rogue state. When eventually the rest of the world start boycotting and sanctioning Israel, I hope they will take it better than how their PM is now reacting to that UN resolution. When you behave like an arrogant jerk in your neighborhood, stealing your neighbor's property, and pay absolutely no attention to the law, you will always be considered, and treated like, a pariah in your neighborhood. Blaming others and not taking responsibility for your actions only makes you look worse.

  • Scenes from a neoconservative meltdown
    • UN resolution bothering you Hoppy?

    • That is some chutzpah!

    • That is an an example of immaturity based on love for an alien nation over your own and a hatred for a President who simply vetoed a resolution to send a land grabbing nation a message.

      This is laughable considering how they grovel and send thousands of lobbyists to beg to not stop the aid from flowing to the land of ingrates. They certainly know how to blow some hot air that vanishes quickly when they are in need.

      "milkmanjk @JRubinBlogger Bibi should have told Obama to choke on the aid package. Israel doesn't need it anyway."

      Time the rich Jewish diaspora stepped in an paid for all the occupation, illegal settlements, and bribing of American leaders. We have better uses within the US for those billions of dollars.

    • It seems responding nastily is an entitlement for zionists only. On the other hand Palestinians must take an occupation, land grabs, water control, blockades, precision bombs, and the punishments meted out by Israel, with a SMILE. Oh those zionists how they love to kick the Palestinians in their teeth again and against and yet.....

      Israeli @AmbDermer: #Israel won't be 'kicked in teeth' and not respond #TheLead

  • Israel's political left also condemns the UN's anti-settlement resolution
    • For sure, they would have overdramatized the entire thing, playing victim, and being outraged that on such a Holy day, they dared to call them. This was done deliberately of course, and without care about Christmas etc. The meanness is so obvious, and typical zionist actions.

      Netanyahu and his ilk are really nasty people.

    • Now from the only "democracy" in the Middle East:

      "Israeli Education Minister Promotes Bill That Would Ban Anti-occupation Group From Schools
      Yair Lapid, head of centrist Yesh Atid, joins hard-right lawmakers backing the bill, claiming Breaking the Silence could undermine students' motivation to serve in the army."
      read more:

      It must have been an illusion that democracy exists in zio land. I guess the US congress will
      be okay with this too.

    • Even if the WH was "behind" the UN resolution, it does not make any difference. Israel is consistently and boldly building acres of illegal settlements, and the world has condemned and holding a culprit accountable for its crimes.

      Netanyahu, the man who connived to sabotage Obama's Iran nuclear deal is "outraged" that the Obama WH MAY BE behind the UN resolution......he is such a clown. Hypocrisy zionist style.

      "“We have rather iron-clad information from sources in both the Arab world and internationally that this was a deliberate push by the United States and in fact they helped create the resolution in the first place,” Keyes said.

      Doubling down on the claim a few hours later the controversial Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, went even further suggesting it had gathered evidence that it would present to the incoming Trump administration.

      “We will present this evidence to the new administration through the appropriate channels. If they want to share it with the American people, they are welcome to do it,” Dermer told CNN.

    • There is a lot of hot air blowing from zio land, but the bottom line is, any vindictive actions by Israel is predicted to backfire. This tiny nation is not self sufficient in any way, depends a lot on the support of other nations, and this meltdown by their loony leader is only going to make matters worse, not better. It is interesting to see right-wingers and the left support their leader, while Obama gets grief from those who are paid to win elections by the zionists.
      These tantrums are simply a bit of drama to make sure these resolutions do not get passed again. So no one should take it seriously. Bibi is a drama king, and we have seen it many times.

      From an article in the Haaretz

      "Even other export industries, such as agriculture, are based on “Israeli know-how.” If we punish the world and stop selling it Israeli know-how, the Israeli economy will collapse. No one is doing us a favor by buying our products, however good they are.
      This looks like a deal to cut off our nose to spite our export markets. In any case, we don’t see Check Point, Amdocs or Intel Israel consulting before they sell something to a customer overseas.
      Also, let’s remember where our export markets are located: the European Union 29%; Asia, 25%; the United States, 24%. These aren’t Senegal or Venezuela that sponsored the UN resolution.
      read more:

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