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  • What if the Syria no-fly zone won't fly?
    • GAMAL- "if only there was a word for Empire in English, it would be so much easier to explain."

      Indeed! Also, do empires ever intervene for humanitarian reasons? And isn't our current endless war on terrorism the very essence of fascism?

      "Modern fascism should be properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state, military and corporate power." (Benito Mussolini)

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • TOKYOBK- "I consider the accusation of the “need for anti-Semitism” to be a odious kind of claim and one quite popular on the kind of sites that you obviously read, since most of your comments here are bowdlerized retakes of their gripes."

      You apparently are referring to something I said in a previous comment regarding Zionism's need for PERCEIVED anti-Semitism. Nothing "odious" about the claim, rather obvious to those with their eyes open. Kind of sites I obviously read? CounterPunch? Mondoweiss? As I have indicated again and again, you are one of the more intellectually dishonest commenters on Mondoweiss. An Eliezer anti-Gentile chauvinist.

    • TOKYOBK- "Keith — to your point it depends on how we define anti-semitism or other bigotry."

      Talk about being willfully blind! The notion that when people who identify themselves as Jews attack their neighbors, that these victims of Israeli Jewish aggression have anti-Jewish attitudes is an example of "bigotry" is mind boggling! What chutzpah! It is hunky dory for Jews to lump all Gentiles together, however, if Israel's victims don't "differentiate" between Jews and Zionist Jews they are anti-Semitic bigots? And you have the audacity to call yourself a scholar? Armchair anti-Gentile Jewish chauvinist is more like it!

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- “At which point the real question is “what’s wrong with the 2%”? “

      Hard to disagree. In view of what the “Jewish state” has done and is doing to the people of Lebanon with the support of organized American Jewry, how could it be otherwise? Rather than spending time checking poll data to feed his need for examples of anti-Semitism, perhaps Tokyobk should be more vocal about how Jewish Israeli foreign policy supported by organized American Jewry contributes to anti-Semitism. And that includes Israeli de facto support for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Monarchies and their Islamist mercenary terrorists.

  • Terrific new book by Robert Worth has vital insights into the awful war in Syria
    • JAMES NORTH- "Worth has shown how the fighting causes sectarianism to explode, as unscrupulous leaders on all sides encourage the existing moderate prejudices to explode into armed hatreds, forcing everyone to choose sides."

      Yes, the sectarianism unleashed by this imperial intervention was quite predictable, hence, reasonable to conclude it was desired as a means of fragmenting Syria in accordance with existing plans to remake the Middle East. This is, after all, exactly what happened in Iraq and Libya. But why "unscrupulous leaders on all sides?" Hard to imagine how sectarianism and Syrian fragmentation benefits Assad, or the rest of Syria's secular government. In a short video, John Pilger discussed the West's long history of divide and rule in the Middle East. link to

  • Clinton to drop Israel from 'public' speeches, put it back in 'with donors' -- email
    • HOPHMI- "You guys speak like the anti-Semitic neo-Nazis that you are."

      Neo-Nazis? Like Svoboda and Pravy Sektor? Don't those guys work for Victoria Nuland?

    • YONI FALIC- "Once so designated the US government can start arresting Zionists and shutting down Zionist organizations."

      The US government is going to shut itself down and go to jail? Hey, is this going to effect my social security benefit?

  • Jeffrey Goldberg is Jewish
    • TOKYOBK- "Successful immigrant groups from all backgrounds employ nepotism."

      Indeed, for immigrant groups not fully accepted by the host society, it may be an essential part of starting out. Furthermore, I agree that Blacks would likely benefit from more internal solidarity across class lines. Malcolm X made some valid points.

      Of the various groups you mentioned, perhaps the overseas Chinese more closely resemble the Jewish experience? Yuri Slezkine covers them briefly in "The Jewish Century." I am under the impression that the overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia tend to dominate the economies of their host countries.One big difference appears to be that Chinese diaspora nepotism seems primarily to involve the economic sphere, their political power not as developed. And, yes, the Chinese diaspora has suffered pogroms from time to time. And while this Chinese nepotism has benefited the Chinese, in the long run is this refusal to assimilate in the best interest of all of the citizens?

      As for the "thin ice" issue, Phil is quite correct to "Jew count" for positions of power and influence insofar as Jewish elite "kinship" seems to be an important factor in explaining American Jewish support for Israel which seems to be a critical determinant of imperial support for Israel. That is the focus of Mondoweiss, after all. And my point about Jewish Zionist nepotism being a significant component of American Jewish success is to argue that it is Zionism and support for Israel which provides the basis for this manufactured kinship, effectively replacing the Judaic religion as the unifying tribal force. In any event, discussing the distribution of power within our political economy is always legitimate and often essential.

    • JONAH FREDMAN- "Jew counting is something that stirs reactions, and it is a “walking on thin ice” reaction that it stirs in me."

      Since the primary chroniclers of Jewish success and power are other Jews, I am reasonably sure that you are referring to discussions which include Gentiles, yes? And if Gentile "Jew-counting" were to occur in a country where Jews were disadvantaged, and with the intent to improve their lot, then you would not notice the "thin ice," yes? Therefore, I conclude that your concern involves Gentiles becoming aware of the impact of Jewish kinship nepotism in a society where the Gentiles are taught to believe in multicultural pluralism? Yes, Yonah, the secret to successful nepotism is to keep the nepotism secret.

    • PHIL- "Rosenberg also made something of my Jew-counting."

      How exactly do you go about Jew-counting? To the degree that I am aware of disproportionate Jewish representation in the halls of power, my sources are usually Jewish. It seems that Jews are keenly aware of relative Jewish power and are uniquely able to identify who is a Jew. Without Jewish interest and scholarship on this topic, I have no idea how I could even begin to obtain this information. Jews such as Rosenberg seem to revel in Jewish discussions of Jewish power while attempting to squelch Gentile awareness of this very topic.

      And why shouldn't the demographic makeup of the elites be of legitimate interest to everyone? In a supposedly multicultural pluralistic society, shouldn't we all be concerned that the political economy fairly represents the whole society? Should we not be concerned when one or more ethnicities seem locked at the bottom of the social order while one or more ethnicities seem firmly ensconced at the top in positions of power and control? How can a society be considered even remotely democratic when a relatively small group of elites unduly influence the decision making process?

  • Clues to the end of the world shared during final 2016 presidential debate
    • WILSON DIZARD- "What the world has in Trump, Putin, and the Philippines’ brutal president Rodrigo Duterte, are representatives of a much older, much more simple way of ordering society, one where hierarchy is absolute and religion respected, instead of the self-indulgent atheistic anarchism of the far left running the show."

      Whatever it is that you are smoking, it is much too strong and you need to lighten up. Your conflation of Trump, Putin and Duterte is ludicrous. In spite of Hillary's attempt to tie Trump and Putin together, they have little in common except, perhaps, neither is in Hillary's league as a warmonger. Furthermore, even bringing up Duterte seems seems odd, along with your libelous description. The last half of your sentence is so bizarre, I suspect that you were hallucinating when you wrote it. "The self-indulgent atheistic anarchism of the far left running the show?" Good Grief.

  • New statement calls on the movement to focus on Palestine, not divisive internal conflicts
    • PHILLIP CRAWFORD- " The author doesn’t have the spine to reveal her identity."

      Why do you rely upon an ad hominem attack? Pianoteacher's use of a screen name is irrelevant unless he/she has relevant personal involvement. Speaking of which, you refer to the community's most prominent and most effective Palestinian rights (activist?) was subjected to a campaign of gossip, slander and character assassination. And your relationship to this champion of Palestinian rights is? I don't suppose....

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "You are just repeating the Keith argument."

      My argument or your misrepresentation of my argument? My argument is straightforward and irrefutable. The violence in Syria is an imperial hybrid war utilizing mercenary Islamists as proxy boots on the ground. The empire started this aggression unilaterally and could end it unilaterally. Since the empire wishes the fighting to continue, the people of Syria can either surrender or fight, they have no other options. And yes, Donald, as much as you try to spin the reality on the ground, the people of Syria, including their elected, legitimate government and the military defending them are all victims of this imperial destabilization. And that you, Donald, lend de facto support for this imperial aggression through your dishonest demonization of Assad and the Syrian military.

      The notion that the Syrian armed forces shouldn't bomb these terrorists inside the cities they have captured is ludicrous. What military doctrine calls for this? And your phraseology implying that the Syrian air force is some sort of foreign power terror bombing Syrian cities killing innocent civilians is dishonest in the extreme. Apparently, those defending themselves against imperial aggression are no better than the forces attacking them by virtue of the fact that they are daring to fight! Defense = aggression = war crime! What rubbish! And no one claimed a "right" to torture. But the reality is that in war, particularly a dirty war such as this, all combatants engage in torture. The empire does it routinely as you should be aware. So your torture concerns are nothing but a red herring and an excuse to justify your demonization of official enemies as part of the overall imperial propaganda offensive.

      DONALD JOHNSON- "Defenders of Israeli atrocities use essentially the same arguments."

      That is right, Donald. Your arguments are right out of the Israeli apologists' playbook. Ignore the overall context and relevant history. Ignore the asymmetrical power relations. Ignore that Israel could end the conflict unilaterally, but that the Palestinians only two options are resist or surrender. Play up the "illegality" of "terror" rockets from Gaza towards Sderot, etc, etc, etc.

      I wasn't going to comment again, however, your continued misrepresentation of me compelled me to do so. When all else fails, Donald, you might try resorting to honesty.

    • Page: 27
    • DONALD JOHNSON- "Sorry to disappoint, but I also think you can’t bomb urban areas and torture people and claim to be a victim."

      So, heavily armed Islamist mercenaries of empire seize urban areas in order to conquer or destabilize Syria, but if the Syrian government bombs these terrorist invaders, then the Syrian people cannot claim to be victims? All of this based upon your understanding derived from the "Western media?"

      This all started with you linking a Ramzy Baroud article in which he referenced a Stephen Kinzer article which he linked to. link to Nowhere did Ramzy Baroud question the essential facts of the Kinzer article. Did you read it? Permit me a long quote:

      "COVERAGE OF the Syrian war will be remembered as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the American press. Reporting about carnage in the ancient city of Aleppo is the latest reason why.

      For three years, violent militants have run Aleppo. Their rule began with a wave of repression. They posted notices warning residents: “Don’t send your children to school. If you do, we will get the backpack and you will get the coffin.” Then they destroyed factories, hoping that unemployed workers would have no recourse other than to become fighters. They trucked looted machinery to Turkey and sold it.

      This month, people in Aleppo have finally seen glimmers of hope. The Syrian army and its allies have been pushing militants out of the city. Last week they reclaimed the main power plant. Regular electricity may soon be restored. The militants’ hold on the city could be ending.

      Militants, true to form, are wreaking havoc as they are pushed out of the city by Russian and Syrian Army forces. “Turkish-Saudi backed ‘moderate rebels’ showered the residential neighborhoods of Aleppo with unguided rockets and gas jars,” one Aleppo resident wrote on social media. The Beirut-based analyst Marwa Osma asked, “The Syrian Arab Army, which is led by President Bashar Assad, is the only force on the ground, along with their allies, who are fighting ISIS — so you want to weaken the only system that is fighting ISIS?” (Stephen Kinzer)

      The problem, Donald, is not a "If you aren’t with us you are against us" attitude on the part of "us guys." The problem is your continued misrepresentation of reality in an attempt to portray a false equivalency between the Syrian military and the imperial Islamist mercenaries. This tends to mitigate the crimes of empire. You also misrepresent what your fellow commenters are saying, ignoring the facts presented while trying to make us seem narrow minded. You are what you are and seem incapable of change.

    • GAMAL- " have all the arrogance of a conqueror now posing as a humanitarian."

      Bravo! You sum it up nicely. Donald is attempting to misrepresent the reality that he is essentially lending support to "liberal" interventionism. He can't deny the reality on the ground so he attempts to mitigate it through spurious accusations against official enemies. Psychologically, he simply can't deal with the reality that "liberals" are liars and mass murderers.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "The Western press and the UN claim that most of the civilian dead were killed by the Syrian government."

      How then to explain the continued popularity of Assad? Donald, this is the same wall to wall propaganda that we last saw during the runup to the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. A Democratic war monger in chief can count on full neocon/media support, along with the UN and Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Why would the Syrian government be targeting its own civilians? This isn't an internal rebellion, this is a foreign intervention, involving US supplied tanks and artillery with full support for mercenary Islamists. Did you read the original Kinzer article? And while you criticize empire, apparently blaming the demonized target of this imperial destabilization provides you with some sort of psychological tether to the outer limits of liberal dissent. So most of the carnage is Assad's fault? Wow! Have you made a contribution to the White Helmets?

      DONALD JOHNSON- "BTW, is every Syrian or Palestinian who criticizes Assad and thinks he is a war criminal a deluded servant of the empire.?"

      You do yourself no favors with an infantile comment like this. Let me add that the division on the Left regarding Syria is primarily a consequence of the fact that this is a Democrat intervention. If this was a Republican intervention, there would be unified opposition as in Iraq.

    • JD65- "So one should self-censor oneself due to the possibility of being misinterpreted?"

      I was specifically referring to "misreprented," particularly when you can reasonably assume that the opposition will seek to exploit vulnerabilities and has the resources to do so. As for "misinterpreted," I hardly consider it self-censorship to strive for clarity so that you will not be misinterpreted. Furthermore, I am not a fan of Twitter which because of its brevity seems to lend itself to both misinterpretation and misrepresentation.

      Yes, comparisons with Nazi Germany are rather problematic and frequently counterproductive. If one feels compelled to go that route, however, best to do so in a longer essay format where the relevant facts can be developed and qualified. Twitter is a terrible format for something like that. Like you say, it is usually unnecessary and inappropriate.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "You don’t seem to have read the link...."

      I read CounterPunch before I read Mondoweiss and saw the article before you linked it. I found it disappointing. On the other hand, you give no indication that you followed my link to John Pilger.

      DONALD JOHNSON- " use the tired old cliche that anyone who isn’t with you must in fact be an apologist for Western imperialism."

      Who did I refer to as an apologist for Western imperialism? I refer to performing a de facto propaganda function by setting up a false equivalency. This hybrid war was unilaterally started by the empire to break apart Syria and could be unilaterally stopped by empire in short order. The legitimate government of Syria did not start this war and cannot unilaterally end it short accepting defeat by the terrorist proxy forces of empire or by militarily defeating these mercenary terrorists. Western imperialism bears the ultimate responsibility for the carnage in Syria, just as in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. And I get a little tired of people like Ramzy Baroud (who I normally like) pointing fingers at empire's victims and equating their behavior to somehow comparable to that of empire. It is not. Syria is under attack. Period. And any citizen of empire who criticizes the behavior of those under imperial assault is in a morally untenable position. And Baroud is wrong about the origins of the conflict. It was an imperial destabilization right from the get go.

      DONALD JOHNSON- "Why should people use some ” overarching reality” as a reason for not noticing that both the Syrian government and its various armed opponents murder civilians?"

      There is no doubt that these "various armed opponents" murder civilians. And there is no doubt that the Syrian armed forces in defending Syria against these mercenary Islamists of empire have killed civilians in the fighting. But murder? You seem to place undo credence in Western media sources. The empire has destroyed how many countries in the Middle East already, including Syria? And, as a citizen of empire surrounded by the imperial media, you feel that folks like me aren't critical enough of Assad? The empire is on a rampage rushing headlong into war everywhere aiming soon enough at Iran, Russia and maybe China, and we on the left should criticize Assad? I would hope that our focus as citizens of empire would be on the deplorable actions of empire, not on the victims of empire. Sorry to disappoint you Donald, but I refuse to criticize any country being attacked by empire. This only serves to reinforce the demonization of the leadership of the victim country.

      You have difficulty grasping the meaning of "overarching reality?" Overarching reality refers to the environment which influences and constrains behavior. Western imperialism and the current global empire place enormous constraints upon the behavior of the leadership of the various Middle Eastern nations. Neoliberal globalization, trade agreements, financial interdependencies and information interconnectivity have created an environment where pursuing a national policy at odds with imperial objectives is very difficult and, of late, perhaps impossible for all but a few. Following the imperial neoliberal agenda creates enormous problems for the majority, yet resisting imperial desires results in destabilization. The empire has this power. Iran does not. Russia does not. China does not. Once the empire made the decision to destabilize and break up Syria, Assad had only two choices- surrender or fight. We created the Mujahideen which begat al-Qaeda which begat ISIS, etc. We and/or our allies (vassals) equip, fund and train them. There are NATO special operations forces illegally on the ground in Syria. International law is firmly on the side of the Syrian government, and of the Russian forces assisting the Syrian government. The empire is illegally making war on Syria by proxy, the Syrian government is legally defending the country. All empires are inherently evil. That is the overarching reality.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "There’ve been at least three articles about Syria in the past two days on lefty siites condemning the propaganda on both sides of the left."

      Indeed, there are those on the left who perform a de facto propaganda function by presenting a false equivalency between the two sides, while ignoring or minimizing the historical role of Western imperialism in creating the conditions which exist in the Middle East as a consequence of the "divide and conquer, divide and rule" philosophy. The empire is on a rampage throughout the world, particularly in the Middle East, in its attempt to destroy anything or anyone standing in the way of imperial hegemony. This is the overarching reality against which everything else must be evaluated. One "lefty" who does this very well is John Pilger. I provide a link where he discusses Syria: link to

    • Why, oh why, do people like Miko Peled say things like this on the social media? It is like giving your opponent a club to beat you with. That the tweet lends itself to misrepresentation should be obvious. Is anyone surprised that is exactly what happened? Has the memory of Steven Salaita faded so quickly? And for what? A self-indulgent tweet.

  • Lesson from Kahane and Trump -- ideology outlives the ideologue
    • LYSIAS- "If I can do nothing else, I will reduce Hillary’s mandate for her neocon policies."

      Hear, hear! What lesser evilists fail to comprehend is that a vote for either evil is a vote for the policies which they will implement and which provides electoral legitimacy for imperial depredations. Better to protest corporate rule than support it.

  • Necessary Transformations: Ending the claim to exclusivity
    • YONI FALIC- "Ethnic monism, which describes the mentality of the Netanyahus perfectly is at least an order of magnitude more extreme."

      Would you say the same about American Jewish Zionists? In my view, The ideology and aspirations of Israeli Zionists and American Jewish Zionists are intertwined. Israeli Jews need their American Jewish benefactors to achieve their objectives. Likewise, American Jewish Zionists feel they need a militant Israel as the centerpiece of their Zionist ideology and the internal solidarity (kinship) which has been so beneficial to their power seeking. Can we really evaluate one in isolation from the other?

  • Despite groping revelations, Israeli-American Trump supporter says all five of his daughters will vote Trump
    • ROHA- "But even if the stories are true, I can’t convince myself that groping women is as bad as blowing them to pieces, and Trump seems less likely to do that than Hilary."

      Indeed, the upcoming Hillary Clinton Presidency will pose an unprecedented existential threat to human survival. It will be a neocon dominated administration which will also include "liberal" "humanitarian" interventionists. Pity poor Syria. Also, I suspect that Israel may yet again invade Lebanon to destroy Hezbollah. I think that neocon Michael Ledeen speaks for Hillary when he says “If we just let our vision of the world go forth, and we embrace it entirely and we don’t try to piece together clever diplomacy, but just wage a total war… our children will sing great songs about us years from now.” (Michael Ledeen)

  • 'State of Terror,' by Thomas Suárez
    • TALKNIC- "I agree that the state of Israel was was founded on a gross injustice. It never the less now exists, whether you or I like it or not, and as such ought be bought to task in accordance with the obligations it undertook in order to exist."

      Well stated. I agree. Virtually all of the existing states were founded on gross injustice and a lot of blood. Attempts to turn back the clock to some mythical sin-free Garden of Eden merely perpetuate further strife and injustice. Justice absolutely requires dealing with the current reality as best we can.

  • The battle over Obama's legacy, featuring Netanyahu, Zogby, liberal Zionists, and 88 senators
    • ROHA- "If this goes on, the entire US will consist of nothing but an aggregation of presidential libraries."

      Perhaps they could serve a dual function as homeless shelters?

  • Shmuley Boteach seeks to blackmail Obama over his legacy
    • RITZL- "People who are afraid of Trump’s “finger on the button” should stop extrapolating."

      The reality is far more serious than most people realize. We are talking multiple fingers on multiple buttons. Presidential authorization is required ONLY for strategic weapons. Tactical nuclear weapons (up to 100 kilotons) are in the operational inventory and can be launched by a three star General. Recall that Hiroshima was 20 kilotons. We have had multiple close calls and, unless we eliminate nuclear weapons, it is only a matter of time before we all can kiss our collective you-know-what goodbye.

  • 'There is no stronger disorganizing force in American Jewish life than Israel'
    • PHIL- (Yossi Klein Halevi quote)- "Each community has devised an opposite strategy for coping. Our strategy is to be tough, the American Jewish strategy is to be flexible."

      How could I pass up the excuse to link to "Israel Man and Diaspora Boy," the perfect illustration of how Israeli Jews view the Diaspora? link to

  • Who knew! Israel almost started war with Hezbollah in 2015, IDF officer reveals at NY synagogue
    • ANNIE- "actually, israel’s initial attack killed top Iranian general Mohammad Ali Allahdadi and six Hezbollah fighters, one of whom was Jihad Mugniyeh link to"

      As you correctly point out, a major Israeli provocation is blatantly misrepresented as a minor incident with Israel as the ultimate victim. This goes way beyond mere bias, rather, this is part of information warfare, one part of full spectrum dominance. It has reached the point where I am forced to give more credence to RT than to US/Israel media propaganda. Information as a battle space. Was it always this bad, and I too naive to see? Or have the fat-cats abandoned all pretense of decency as they drag us further into the heart of darkness of their obsession with power and hegemony?

  • Palestinian fishermen struggle to survive next door to Netanyahu's palatial suburb
    • JACKDAW- "When is Mondoweiss going to publish an article about all the Jews, religious and otherwise, who live below the poverty line?"

      Indeed, it would be interesting to see unbiased data involving Jewish income distribution versus other groups. Part of the problem would be to identify who is a Jew. The primary folks who keep track of this sort of thing are the Jewish organizations. A Gentile who even broaches the topic is branded an anti-Semite engaging in anti-Semitic tropes. Perhaps you know of an unbiased study?

      Trivia question. The very first word out of baby Hophmi's mouth was "auntie." Can you guess the second?

  • In a world of conflict, peace is celebrated only one day out of the year
    • International peace day is a fraud. Feel good symbolism even as we ignore the reality of empire and the historical struggle for power. Unless nuclear weapons are eliminated soon, there won't be a future. Will they be? Is the US committed to spending $1 trillion over 30 years to modernize the US arsenal? Will the planet survive anthropogenic environmental catastrophe in any event? Pointless ritual incantations.

  • ADL throws Netanyahu under the bus to try to make new friends
  • Amos Oz would never stand in the street in Tel Aviv shouting 'Kill all the Arabs'
    • AVIGAIL ABERBANEL- "Social psychologists, sociologists or anthropologists would easily identify the characteristics of a cult here."

      And the difference between a cult and a religion? Zionism, like Marxism, is like a religion without a godhead, although Zionism has melded with Classical Judaism. Jewishness is a manufactured ethnicity which seeks to instill solidarity through the demonization of non-Jews, the purpose of which is to create de facto power-seeking nepotism. Zionism and Israel cannot be understood without reference to empire and the relationship of Israel to empire and of American Zionist Jews to imperial power. You highlight the madness to their method, however, don't ignore the method to their madness. The degree of Jewish Zionist power within the imperial elite is extraordinary by any measure.

    • AMOS OZ- "Because no one of them ever said after Hitler that Germany should cease to exist, or after Stalin, that there should be no Russia."

      After Hitler, Nazi Germany ceased to exist. And Zionist Israel should go the way of Nazi Germany and cease to exist as a Zionist entity, becoming, instead, a state of all of its citizens. As for the former USSR, US foreign policy long sought the breakup of the former Soviet Union, and currently seeks to breakup Russia for geopolitical reasons. Wrongly, of course, but Uncle Sam is seeking it nonetheless, just as the US has broken-up many countries when it suited it. Currently, US/Israel are seeking to breakup the entire Middle East so that the empire, of which Israel is an integral part, can control the area. Additionally, all of these bogus "trade" agreements more or less eliminate national sovereignty in favor of international capital. Amos Oz is a propagandist with little, if any, understanding of the reality on the ground.

  • Broadway club cancels 'Black Lives Matter' benefit because of movement's stance on Israel
    • PHIL- (Quoting Garrison Keillor)- "Jews didn’t go in for big yachts and a fleet of aircraft — they showed off by way of philanthropy or by raising brilliant offspring. They sympathized with the civil rights movement."

      Garrison Keillor's tongue must be numb from licking boots. The philanthropy of vulture capitalist Paul Singer and the civil rights commitment of Sheldon Adelson? And Larry Ellison doesn't own a 454' mega yacht? Apparently a lot has changed in 40 years. Part of implementing a successful Zionist plan?

      As an aside, philanthropy is a nice sounding label for privatized social engineering. No philanthropist ever made his fortune through philanthropy (usually the opposite), nor does this philanthropy ever conflict with the philanthropist's wealth and power, rather, it protects and enhances that power.

  • Trump and Clinton promise to repeat foreign policy mistakes of the past
    • WILSON DIZARD-"And the mistakes that lead to the United States into Vietnam are looming over Trump and Clinton’s plans for further war."

      That the Vietnam war was a major war crime against the Vietnamese people which was not in the interests of the American 99% should be obvious. That it was a "mistake" from the perspective of empire is doubtful. The US secured its major objective of destroying a potential threat to imperial domination in the form of a truly independent and viable Vietnam. A similar situation exists in the Middle East where the empire is waging a war by proxy and covert ops to destroy (not conquer) nations and peoples who may pose a potential threat to imperial hegemony and Israeli dominance. Morality aside, whether or not this is a "mistake" depends upon how successful the policy turns out for control of the Middle East.

  • NYC city council anti-BDS bill meets resistance from protesters
    • BETTYBERENSON- "The Syrians are killing their people in the thousands...."

      No, the imperial proxy army of foreign mercenary Jihadists is engaged in a murderous attempt to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria resulting in massive death and destruction. Israel supports these terrorists, just as Israel supports all of the despotic Gulf monarchies. Israel has always opposed secular Arab regimes and supported Islamic fundamentalists, including the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. Israel got along just fine with the Shah of Iran, and helped train his ruthless security forces. US/Israel created the conditions which gave rise to the problems you complain about. Do you always blame the victims for the conditions imposed upon them? Are you totally lacking in intellectual honesty and integrity?

  • It's war between Netanyahu and the generals (and the PM may just have lost the corporal)
    • TCHOUPITOULAS- "Anyway, Goldberg’s pitching here, the whole thing reads like he’s auditioning for the role of “Court Jew"

      Help me out here. I am having difficulty imagining what role a "Court Jew" would play in a neocon Hillary Clinton administration. The image which comes to mind would be analogous to a "Court Catholic" at the Vatican.

  • After building a protest movement, West Bank village of Nabi Saleh steps back from weekly Friday protests
    • DANAA- "I am also reminded of people like Finkelstein and Blumenthal...."

      Blumenthal strikes me as a post Zionist Jewish tribalist. He criticizes Israeli treatment of the Palestinians and of support for Israel being the center of Jewish tribalism as it is now. However, he also is rather quick to go out of his way to label people as anti-Semitic in an effort to buttress his community bona fides, his uncalled for attack on Gilad Atzmon one example. Not that Atzmon doesn't seek to provoke. Finkelstein, on the other hand, tends to downplay anti-Semitism, although he seems to embrace the Jewish community but without Zionist level solidarity.

    • DANAA- "The sanders revolution in the US failed, so what hope does a palestinian revolution have?"

      If you think that the Sanders' "revolution" failed, then you have misperceived the goals and objectives of the Sanders' "revolution." As far as I am concerned, the Sanders' "revolution" has succeeded brilliantly, and his follow on "Our Revolution" will continue to do so, much as has done.

    • DANAA- "Ultimately, the palestinians of the west bank may need to take a step back, save themselves from death and injury, so they can fight another day."

      I have always felt that focusing excessively on some ideal future (one state versus two, etc.) is counterproductive. Much of our focus needs to be on the here and now. End the Siege of Gaza, tear down the wall, eliminate the check points, etc. That is one reason why I was distressed by the attack on Greta Berlin and the consequences for the Free Gaza movement. The ongoing overemphasis on alleged anti-Semitism is extremely counterproductive.

  • There's no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel
    • ANNIE- "Kogen claims BDS has “led to the erosion of traditional ties on which Jews have long relied.”

      Over at Counterpunch, Jeffrey Blankfort has a very informative article exploring the nature of the ties to the Black Congressional leadership on which Jews have long relied. It seems that organized Jewish support for programs which benefit low income Blacks is contingent upon Black support for Israel. So, in addition to campaign funding, these progressive programs are held hostage to support for Israel. A quote followed by a link to the highly recommended article. The quote is from "A Jew in America" by Arthur Hertzberg, president of the American Jewish Congress.

      "In the course of our talks over the dinner table, we had little difficulty in understanding one another. We agreed that the continuing need for Blacks in national politics was and would remain the welfare state. Only through welfare programs for the poor could a large number of Blacks live in some minimum decency.

      On the Jewish side there was one concern that united all the factions of the Jewish community: the defense of Israel. As a lamb among the wolves of the Middle East, Israel needed sufficient American support to defend itself. Therefore Jews needed friends and allies in American politics who would help make Israel more secure.

      The three of us quickly saw the obvious conclusion: let an alliance be made between the Black congressmen and the Jewish congressmen so that each group would vote for the agendas of both sides. Jews would remain committed to the welfare state, even as it meant higher taxes for the middle class, and Blacks would support Israel.

      The alliance that was defined that day has lasted many years. It represented a quiet consensus both among Jews and among Blacks." (p.361, "A Jew in America," Arthur Hertzberg, president of the liberal American Jewish Congress, quoted by Jeffrey Blankfort) link to

  • Marc Lynch warns against the U.S. escalation in Syria
    • DABAKR- "I suppose the massive outflow of war refugees of all stripes, alawite,. Sunnis, shi’a, Christian druze in all directions desperate for refuge is a fantasy of a cuckolded world press?"

      The refugees have been created by the US/Israel/NATO war against Syria utilizing Islamist terrorist mercenaries, created and supported by empire. The same thing happened in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc, as the empire has set the entire Middle East on fire in a largely successful attempt to break up the nations of the Middle East into small and weak statelets consistent with longer term Israeli planning objectives.

      DABAKR- "The Assad clan, his father’s cronies, the corrupt military leaders all there to assure his transition to power."

      The Western imperial powers have so messed up the entire Middle East that it is difficult to evaluate what constitutes reasonable behavior under the prevailing circumstances created by the West. When the entire area is carved up so as to generate instability, what type of government is required to maintain some modicum of peaceful stability? Throw in the ongoing attempts by empire to destabilize any government which refuses to be a US/Israel vassal state and there may be no alternative to a strongman type government. Progressive change will never come if the empire keeps meddling in the internal affairs of these empire created nations. As it is, Syria, Libya, Iraq and others have effectively been destroyed. And it wasn't Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, or Bashar al Assad who destroyed them. Look in the mirror, pal.

      In discussing the governments of the Middle East and other Third World nations, it is well to keep in mind that "democracy" is a label without meaning. A holy word that misleads. In the West, democracy must always be understood as capitalist democracy. That is, one dollar one vote. In the land of empire, the elites control policy, elections merely a tool to sell figureheads to the public to obtain electoral legitimacy while creating a sense of involvement. When Third World countries adopt Western style "democracy" they are essentially surrendering to corporate/financial control. Look at what happened in Brazil with the oligarch instigated legislative coup. Between the global financial system, corporate dominance, "trade" agreements, control of the media and communications, there is no real democracy anywhere. It is all an illusion put forth by the elites to manufacture consent

    • Since this thread is about a book on Syria, I feel it appropriate that I mention another recent book on Syria: "The Dirty War On Syria" by Professor Tim Anderson, a Senior Lecturer in Political Economy at the University of Sydney. Below I provide a quote and a link.

      "Although every war makes ample use of lies and deception, the dirty war on Syria has relied on a level of mass disinformation not seen in living memory. The British-Australian journalist Philip Knightley pointed out that war propaganda typically involves ‘a depressingly predictable pattern’ of demonising the enemy leader, then demonising the enemy people through atrocity stories, real or imagined (Knightley 2001). Accordingly, a mild-mannered eye doctor called Bashar al Assad became the new evil in the world and, according to consistent western media reports, the Syrian Army did nothing but kill civilians for more than four years. To this day, many imagine the Syrian conflict is a ‘civil war’, a ‘popular revolt’ or some sort of internal sectarian conflict. These myths are, in many respects, a substantial achievement for the big powers which have driven a series of ‘regime change’ operations in the Middle East region, all on false pretexts, over the past 15 years." (Tim Anderson) link to

    • Since the war on Syria is such a significant topic, I would like to broaden the perspective by linking to a 9 minute video interview of John Pilger dealing with this. John Pilger is a journalist who provides a dissident perspective and whom I greatly respect. link to

      The other point I would make is that the coalition of forces arrayed against Syria vastly exceeds those supporting Syria. The Russian presence in Syria, while surprisingly effective, is quite limited. Russia has rather limited force projection capabilities and could not even begin to match the US/NATO forces. There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding on this. Below I provide both a quote and a link to The Saker, one of the more realistic strategic analysts around regarding Russia.

      " Putatively pro-Russian “experts” add to the confusion by publicly hallucinating of a Russian deployment in Syria and the Mediterranean which could wrestle the entire region away from Uncle Sam and fight the entire NATO/CENCOM air forces and navies with confidence. This is all nonsense, of course...." (The Saker) link to

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "And now you are reduced to complaining that I mentioned Assad but not Clinton or Obama by name, knowing full well I agree that the US has the blood of countless people on its hands."

      I am responding to this on this thread because of posting problems on the previous thread. This is an important point and I want to clarify. You don't demonize Clinton and Obama by name because you feel that it is a systemic problem. Fair enough up to a point. Yet you demonize Assad by name even though he is trapped in the same imperial system. The big difference is that Clinton and Obama have considerable power within the system and are able to control or at least influence events. The decision to destabilize Syria and smash it to bits was made in the imperial centers of power, both Clinton and Obama bearing considerable responsibility.

      The Western media is a part of the same system and engages in propaganda to manufacture consent. Part of that process involves the demonization of the leadership of the state resisting imperial aggression. Gaddafi a terrorist intent on mass murder, Assad a brutal tyrant who commits atrocities, Putin a malevolent dictator, a new Hitler, etc. The intent is to portray the situation not as a complex issue strongly influenced by US policy with no easy solution but as a simple reality of one evil person to be removed and everything will be hunky dory. When you reinforce the imperial meme of Assad as a brutal tyrant who commits atrocities you are reinforcing imperial propaganda and de facto supporting the war on the Syrian people even as you criticize the system itself. And you really don't know all that much about Assad and his actions relative to others in similar situations. You get your information from the left of center mainstream media which has become totally unreliable at this point in time. They are, after all, part of the imperial system of concentrated power.

      Simply put, we are in no position judge Assad under the circumstances. If an arsonist were to set fire to a building, no doubt some of the people in that burning building would engage in despicable behavior in order to save their own lives. How closely should we scrutinize them from outside the building? Rather, how much moral outrage should we have toward the behavior of those inside the building as presented to us by the media owned by the arsonist? The arsonist, I might add, who has plans for developing the property? Assad is as much a part of the system as Clinton or Obama, just a lot lower on the food chain. There is no reason to support the imperial meme by singling him out. Yet that is what many on the left do. The all-too-loyal opposition.

    • MOOSER- "No difference I could see."

      Thanks! Me either. The problem seems to have been corrected. No doubt your presence had an impact. No one wants to mess with the Moose and his mouse!

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "It evidently upsets you and many others when people acknowledge the extreme brutality of the Syrian government."

      What extreme brutality? All of your sources are the extremely biased Western media. The empire is on a rampage. The propaganda is the worst I have ever seen. Go back to your armchair and dream sweet dreams.

      DONALD JOHNSON- "People who have read news accounts of how various groups condemn the Syrian government’s bombing and shelling of civilian areas, their attacks on medical facilities, and their use of torture and disappearances...."

      The Western media has become nothing but pure propaganda. Did you follow my links? Are they consistent with your worldview? Donald, you are a liberal, I am a radical. We will never see eye to eye. For better or worse, you are part of the system. A corrupt and evil system.

      DONALD JOHNSON- "The Western left has a history of doing this sort of thing, discrediting the legitimate critique of Western violence with apologetics for some other group’s atrocities."

      Apologetics? Desperate people do desperate things. When the empire creates the environment which inevitably leads to the crimes and atrocities you attack, why pretend that these specific acts are not a consequence of the environment that empire created? Why insist on a phony "fair and balanced" analysis of an asymmetrical situation? None of this would be happening if empire hadn't started the fire. Why can't you see the forest for the trees?

    • Moose, I need a favor. For some reason I can no longer read my comments on the threads unless I am logged in. My commenter's profile and 100 recent comments are okay, but not the thread, including replies to my comment. I couldn't read your, for example, until I logged on. I am wondering if it is just me or if unlogged site visitors will not be able to read the comment/reply. If you would be so kind as to logged out and see if you can still read my comment and your reply? As far as I know, I can read every other comment without logging on. Thanks.

    • JAMES NORTH- "Lynch is certainly no apologist for the Assad regime. He reminds us that the original 2011 uprising in Syria was nonviolent, and “involved almost unbelievably heroic popular participation in the face of extreme state violence.”

      Oh Jeez, here we go again! A slightly left of center member of the imperial doctrinal system providing his orientalist version of events. Two points need emphasizing. First, Israel has desired the break up of Syria for decades and has worked to achieve that covertly. Second, back in 2001, Syria was one of seven countries targeted for regime change by the neocons, according to General Wesley Clark. The notion that US/Israel was not involved in this right from the beginning is simply not believable. Back in 2011, when the "Arab Spring" presented both a challenge and opportunity for empire, the US began it's regime change "revolution" in Syria. The violence in Syria is a direct consequence of imperial interference, period. And while conditions in these countries outside of US control are far from ideal, the opportunity for independent change is circumscribed by these interventions. Currently, the empire is on a rampage, particularly in the Middle East, trying to eliminate any resistance to global hegemony. Below I have a Chomsky quote which seems relevant, followed by a link to a brief video of reporter Eva Bartlett on her personal experience in Syria, followed by a link to a brief interview with Hassan Nasrallah for an extremely interesting perspective on the Syrian war and how it relates to the neocon plan to remake the Middle East.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky)

      "The Syrian Conflict is a PR war mounted by the western powers and their surrogates." (Eva Bartlett) link to

      Link to Hezbollah leader video: link to

  • New York Times is on the scent of another Russian agent... Julian Assange
  • Syrian death tolls and the kinder gentler jihadists
    • DABAKR- "The middle East was broken up long before the return of Jews to Israel. The European empire’s along with the ottoman saw to that."

      I provide a link to the Zionist Plan for the Middle East, where Israel Shahak translates and discusses the infamous Oded Yinon plan. Surely you have heard of it? link to

      Return of Jews to Israel? More like the atheist Zionist invasion of Palestine. But at least you are aware of how badly the Europeans screwed-up the entire Middle East and why current finger pointing is shameless hypocrisy.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "Obama and Clinton are war criminals. That was implied...."

      Implied but not stated, whereas Assad's criminality is stated. And you pretend not to see the difference? Donald, you have most assuredly reaffirmed your liberal bonafides. This will be my last comment. Not that it makes any difference, both of our comments appear only when I am logged on. If not, this is all invisible, at least to me.

    • That's strange. I have two comments addressed to Donald Johnson which appear both on my commenter profile and on the 100 recent comments but which don't appear on the thread unless I log on. But they don't say "in moderation." There are two because for some reason the 1st comment timed out before being processed by the system. The second is a slightly revised version of the first. I prefer the second. If the second doesn't magically appear in due course I will resubmit. Odd.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "A propagandist knows that only one side commits crimes...."

      You just don't get it, do you? You think that talking about the Syrian "rebels" (actually, imperial mercenaries) versus the Syrian government is fair and balanced. This is a false dichotomy. All of the killing and atrocities is a direct consequence of Uncle Sam's interventions in the Middle East. The US created the Mujahideen which begat al Qaeda, etc. which we utilize as our proxy terrorists as we smash the Middle East to bits. We created the Sunni-Shia armed conflict when we brought John Negroponte to Iraq to institute the Salvadoran option. These are exceptionally dirty wars where all sides commit atrocities as civilian populations fight for survival. So, I ask you again, how many times have you referred to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as war criminals? You demonize Assad but don't mention Obama and Clinton, all the while self-righteously claiming you are being even handed, others not. Some of your article was good, but why the compulsion to demonize Assad under these circumstances not of his creation? If you have to call someone a war criminal, why not future President Hillary Clinton? And cut the armchair moralizing about the rules of war. These rules are ignored with impunity by empire and function primarily to permit the demonization of Third World victims of imperial aggression. All wars are more-or-less dirty and warmongers like Hillary are the ultimate war criminals.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "A propagandist knows that only one side commits crimes...."

      You just don't get it, do you? You think that talking about the Syrian "rebels" (actually, imperial mercenaries) versus the Syrian government is fair and balanced. This is a false dichotomy. All of the killing and atrocities is a direct consequence of Uncle Sam's interventions in the Middle East. The US created the Mujahideen which begat al Qaeda, etc. which we utilize as our proxy terrorists as we smash the Middle East to bits. We created the Sunni-Shia armed conflict when we brought John Negroponte to Iraq to institute the Salvadoran option. These are exceptionally dirty wars where all sides commit atrocities as civilian populations fight for survival. So, I ask you again, how many times have you referred to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as war criminals? You demonize Assad but don't mention Obama and Clinton, all the while self-righteously claiming you are being even handed, others not. Your even handedness is the even handedness of a liberal imperialist, something I doubt that you are capable of understanding.

    • HOPHMI- "Notice how it's always the fault of the US for Keith."

      You forgot Israel. And Saudi Arabia. And Turkey. And the GCC. And various NATO countries. And special emphasis on your fellow Zionist neocons who are using the empire to implement Israel's plan to break up the Middle East.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "...but since I also criticized Assad this makes me an apologist for empire in your eyes."

      I didn't say apologist, I said propagandist. Even as you criticize imperial intervention, you also reinforce the propaganda meme of the imperial interventionists. The Middle East is a violent mess because of imperial intervention. Under these circumstances, what constitutes decent behavior? Brass knuckles for the aggressors and Marquis de Queensbury for the defenders? What would Abe Lincoln have done under similar circumstances? And how many times have you called Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton war criminals as they surely are? Also, I wasn't commenting on your article, just your comment where you felt compelled to demonize Assad (the elected and legitimate President of Syria, I might add) in the all-too-familiar liberal loyal opposition type of criticism. As an aside, I note that the Sanders "Our Revolution" deception continues Bernie's whoring for the Democrats where mainstream Democrats are lauded as "progressive" while Greens are excluded. Proving once again that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people, in particular liberals. Liberals once had at least some substance. Not any more. Now they are nothing but noisy decoys luring the gullible to their doom.

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "Massacring civilians and torturing people is a war crime. And whataboutery is as stupid in this context as in every other."

      Whataboutery? The primary responsibility for the carnage in Syria lies with the US/NATO, etc. When you demonize to the target of imperial aggression as a war criminal, you become a propagandist for empire. I trust that you are aware of the imperial responsibility for the creation and support of ISIS and offshoots? And that NATO special operations forces comprise boots on the ground for this mass terror operation? Assad cannot unilaterally terminate the conflict, whereas, all the empire has to do is stop supporting these Islamist terrorists. Cut off the funding and the fighting will quickly end. So no, it is not whataboutery to point out that the US President and former Secretary of State are bigger war criminals than Assad. Who is attacking who, for cry sakes?

    • DONALD JOHNSON- "And while Assad is a war criminal...."

      Defending one's country against destabilization and regime change is a war crime? You do remember Gen. Wesley Clark commenting on the seven countries targeted for destabilization just prior to the Iraq invasion, do you not? You are not aware that the conflict and violence in the Middle East is a direct consequence of imperial machinations? Who is the bigger "war criminal," Assad, Obama or Hillary? What Third World leader can ever hope to compare with a US President when it comes to mass murder? Enough of your liberal de facto defense of empire and imperial policy! Stop demonizing Third World leaders caught in an impossible situation creates by US imperialism!

  • Huma Abedin dumps Anthony Weiner, occupation denier
    • When it comes to Israel and the truth, Anthony Weiner sounds like Hophmi's kind of guy. Empirical reality is shunned for useful lies on the information battle field.

      As for his future former wife, the following is relevant.

      "Just in case all the political and financial ties between Clinton and the Gulf monarchies wasn’t enough to make people stop being #WithHer, perhaps the role of her closest adviser might do the trick. Huma Abedin, Clinton’s campaign chief of staff, has long-standing ties to Saudi Arabia, the country where Huma spent her childhood from the age of two." (Eric Draitser) link to

      Lest anyone be deluded that Saudi influence would counter Israel's influence, the reality is that Israel and Saudi Arabia have been discretely cooperating for decades, now being more open about it.

      “Saudi Arabia recognizes that Israel is an ally rather than an enemy because of the two principal threats that threaten them, Iran and Daesh," he (Netanyahu) told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos Friday.

      Both Saudi Arabia and Israel are fiercely opposed to a nuclear accord between Iran and the West which came into force recently. They are worried the agreement could boost Iran's role in the region." (PressTV) link to

      There you have it. Both Israel and Saudi Arabia pushing Hillary to attack Iran. Certainly explains her foreign policy choices, doesn't it?

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
  • Progressive foreign policy missing from revised Sanders revolution
    • Historians may one day note the sudden bizarre appearance in the US in 2016 of a fundamentalist cult of diehards who worshipped a sheep dog who they fantasized had both magical powers and integrity. They continued to believe this even after the dog licked his masters boots as had been long predicted.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
    • HOPHMI- "Russia is a dictatorship where dissenters are regularly murdered."

      Hoping to get a job in a Victoria Nuland neocon dominated State Department? Boy, would you fit in! Perhaps you would get lucky and be sent to the Ukraine where you could rub elbows with all of those neo-Nazis who think just like you. Be sure to say hi to Ihor Kolomoisky, the Ukrainian Jewish oligarch who finances these neo-Nazi terrorist thugs responsible for the Odessa massacre and other crimes in that CIA run country.

    • HOPHMI- "...because you seem never to have met a dictatorship you didn’t like."

      I don't like any of the Gulf Cooperation Council monarchical dictatorships which US/Israel support, nor do I like real dictators like genocidaire Paul Kagame which US/Israel support and which Rabbi Shmuley Boteach fawns over. These are your friends, not mine. And yes, you do have a totalitarian mindset, Herr Hophmi.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Dayan being aggressive to prove he’s a rabid dog. When there is no motive this is the musings of sophomores."

      Musings? I supplied you with a well known quote of Moshe Dayan along with the fact that he subsequently threatened to shoot down US reconnaissance planes and the flights were halted and you describe these well known facts as the musings of sophomores? Facts and quotes are irrelevant unless we can convince you of someone's motivation? Well that is one way to avoid unpleasant realities, isn't it? There is a certain simplicity to your thinking which is quite unattractive, but which facilitates group loyalty.

    • HOPHMI- "These folks will never believe anything but the worst about Israelis no matter what you show them, because their main motivation isn’t facts; it’s hatred of Israelis and Jews."

      Yeah, we are so hateful that we have convinced ourselves that Israel has nuclear weapons even though Israel has never admitted it and the US has never officially acknowledged it. Is there no end to our self deception?

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "The event itself of the attack on the USS liberty, has never made sense to me as a decision of someone high ranking, it seems like a low level error."

      All the evidence suggests that the attack was ordered by Moshe Dayan. The Israeli Air Force had performed extensive surveillance on the Liberty and knew who and what it was. I am guessing that Dayan didn't want his activities monitored and warned the US military to keep it out of the combat area. Two days before the attack the Joint Chiefs ordered Admiral McCain to reposition the Liberty 100 miles farther out, away from the combat zone. The order was never implemented, Admiral McCain claiming the order was not received due to a highly improbable technical snafu. The first Israeli pilot ordered to attack replied that it was an American ship and refused to fire. When he returned to base he was arrested and court martialed and went to prison. Subsequently, on another occasion, Dayan threatened to shoot down US reconnaissance planes and the flights were halted. Dayan publicly stated that "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother." The notion that this was a low level error is preposterous.

    • LILLIAN ROSENGARTEN- "Your comment hophmi is shocking."

      Although unusually offensive and irrational, Hophmi's comment is, nonetheless, consistent with his manichean worldview and totalitarian mindset.

  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • HOPHMI- "Yes, what a hero! 80m Egyptians live in a brutal dictatorship that imprisons dissidents and kills people left and right...."

      Yes, and is supported by the empire in which you live and by the country you love and support. The Middle East is a mess precisely because of the imperial policies of US/Israel.

      HOPHMI- "He was jerk who refused to shake the hand of a Jew."

      An American Jew? Oh, you mean the Israeli was a Jew? Your dishonest spin yet another example of your lack of intellectual integrity. May you live in interesting times!

  • Despite media assertions Russia is behind DNC hack, US government does not say so
    • PHIL- (Eric Schultz quote)- "We do know — and the President has spoken to this — that Russia has a record of engaging in this activity."

      What activity? Julian Assange has publicly stated that the Wikileaks release was based upon primary documents, that it was a leak not a hack. The empire has coalesced around Clinton and is engaging in full spectrum propaganda to protect her and to further demonize Putin. It should be remembered that several years ago, the elites meeting in Davos identified Putin as a problem for empire who needed to be eliminated.

  • Dershowitz will play Trump in Clinton's debate rehearsal, WNYC reports
    • PHIL- "...Alan Dershowitz will play Donald Trump ahead of the first debate, on September 26 at Hofstra University."

      Birds of a feather flock together! What ties Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump together? Jeffrey Epstein! Will they all party hearty after the debate?

  • The omnipresent hawks-in-waiting of the Clinton administration
    • HOPHMI- "Funny how you can’t just admit the truth – you stand with the butcher Bashar al-Assad."

      Funny how you can't just admit the truth - you stand with al-Nusra and al Qaeda terrorists! Good for Israel? Good for the empire? Good for the Jews?

    • PHIL/JAMES- "Have you noticed the distressing pattern in the media these days?"

      Indeed I have. It would appear that the imperial elite have united behind Clinton as their champion of increased militarism. If we put the personalities of Clinton and Trump aside and simply look at who is advising them and who is likely to be a high level official in a Clinton administration, it becomes rather obvious that the virtually assured Clinton administration will be a neocon dominated war administration. We are at the end of an era and the elites are pursuing hegemony at all costs prior to the turbulent transition to the new order. They have chosen Hillary as the soon to be Warmonger-in-Chief. Danger? Everyone should be aware that Presidential authorization is for strategic nuclear weapons only. Tactical nukes (up to 100 kt) are approved for operational use and can be launched by a three star general. Cheers. Below is a quote and link guaranteed to bring you down.

      "A new Clinton presidency can be expected to further boost the U.S./NATO drive to strangle and isolate Russia, which means aggravated “crises” in Ukraine and worrisome encounters with a rival military power in a region saturated with (tactical, “usable”) nuclear weapons. Regime change in Syria? Hillary has indeed strongly pushed for that self-defeating act of war, combined with an illegal and provocative no-fly zone — having learned nothing from the extreme chaos and violence she did so much to unleash in Libya as Secretary of State. There are currently no visible signs she would exit the protracted and criminal war in Afghanistan, a rich source of blowback (alongside Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Israel). Increased aerial bombardments against ISIS in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and elsewhere? More deployments of American troops on the ground? Such ventures, with potentially others on the horizon, amount to elaborate recipes for more blowback, followed by more anti-terror hysteria, followed by more interventions. Uncompromising economic, diplomatic, and military support of Israeli atrocities in Palestine? Aggressive pursuit of the seriously mistaken “Asian Pivot”, strategy, a revitalized effort to subvert Chinese economic and military power – one of Clinton’s own special crusades? No wonder the Paul Wolfowitzes and Robert Kagans are delighted to join the Hillary camp." (Carl Boggs) link to

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • DANAA- "I can see some controversialism in it – the jewish mandarins and all that (with which i agree totally, as you well know)."

      Yeah, I figured it was something like that. Yet, in a comment on an article on the use of descriptive language, why would that be taboo? Obviously, one doesn't have to agree with the label, but the political economy of Zionism should be open for discussion, particularly in view of the prominence of Jewish Zionists (Neocons, et al) is establishing and implementing imperial foreign policy. In fact, I would argue that labeling something as being the same as The Protocols is an effective form of censorship which seeks to shield power relations from scrutiny. Labeling anything as an anti-Semitic trope is always intended both as means to squelch the discussion, and as a means to claim anti-Semitism (the mother's milk of Zionism) where none exists.

      Regards to you.

    • DANAA- "Keith, write to Adam. I kind of doubt it was deliberate. More likely a glitch."

      Rather than write to Adam, why not test your glitch theory? Below I am copying and pasting the original comment (more on that later). Let us see if it passes moderation now that this is a more or less dead thread. Here goes!

      Keith August 19, 2016, 7:32 pm
      AVIGAIL ABARBANEL- “…we must also liberate our language. In fact, liberating our language might be the key to achieving liberation on the ground.”

      I agree completely. Failure to correctly identify the problem allows the opposition to frame the debate. For example, the word “reform” is perhaps the most over used propaganda term around. Noxious changes are labeled “reforms” and the battle is lost before it is begun. I disagree, however, that Israel can be correctly defined as a settler colonial state, a much too simplistic description. If it was merely a settler colonial state, much of the situation would have been resolved long ago based upon rational accommodation. Alas, Israel is at the center of the Zionist ideology which combines blood and soil nationalism with a somewhat secularized version of Classical Judaism, ideologically uniting Zionist Jews worldwide. This ideology overwhelms individual rationality in favor of tribal solidarity. Your description of Israeli Jewish psychology as cult-like seems to me accurate and indicates a society that places group ideology well above rationality. In essence, a throwback to pre-enlightenment times.

      I would also suggest that Israel cannot be understood without reference both to it’s function in the American led global empire and to it’s function in resurrecting a form of Jewish Zionist tribalism permitting Jewish Zionists to prosper as the new imperial Mandarins. Or, as Yoni Falic contends, a case can be made that American Jews have successfully “recreated the elite status of Jews in 19th century Central and Eastern Europe.” I personally doubt that this would have occurred without Zionism and the Holocaust. Of course, the specific situations differ, however, there seems to me to be definite similarities, not the least of which is the tribal psychology, kinship nepotism, and an irrational sense of victimhood, all of which tend to be mutually reinforcing.

    • AVIGAIL ABARBANEL- "I cannot see Israel or Zionism separately from its Jewish roots...."

      Israel Shahak provided extensive documentation of this in "Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years."

    • Yet again, a serious comment of mine trashed in moderation. Am I really that threatening? I am becoming confused about what side you are on versus what side I am on. Perhaps an email to clarify my ongoing moderation problems?

  • Jill Stein defends BDS in CNN town hall
    • CITIZEN- "I can’t think of a reason except the Goldstone syndrome: fear of shunning by local Jewish community, including perhaps members in their own extended family."

      I think you are probably right. Throw in Noam Chomsky's de facto support for Hillary and Bill Blum's recent de facto clash of civilizations nonsense and you have these senior citizens coming home to family. I was really surprised that Jill Stein even mentioned her Jewishness, which shouldn't even be an issue but apparently is.

      Suggestions? Pray for a miracle? The way things are going, the 2020 elections may be a moot point.

    • WILSON DIZARD- (Jill Stein quote)- "“I believe all our allies are special allies. Israel and all of them."

      Jeez, what a weak answer. I like Jill Stein, however, we all know she isn't going to be elected. Why then answer so as not to offend? Why not provide answers which reflect reality regardless of the consequences? I didn't listen to the whole thing, however, I would be astonished if Jill ever referred to the American empire. And yes, Israel is special. Thanks to American Jewish Zionist power it is not a vassal and, in fact, has too much influence on American Middle East foreign policy. Some honest and forthright straight talk is long overdue. Jill needs to turn a spotlight on Hillary and her neocon buddies.

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • CATALAN- "There is no Jewish ethnocentrism."

      No doubt the staunch American Jewish support for Israel simply derives from the fact that American Zionist Jews simply want the Palestinians to stop abusing their downtrodden Jewish neighbors. If the situation was reversed, they would support the Palestinians, that is for sure!

    • CATALAN- "There is no Jewish ethnocentrism."

      Indeed, the very notion of Jewish "peoplehood" an alien concept forced upon unsuspecting Jews by the shifty Goyim. We Gentiles are all alike.

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • CATALAN- "...I still feel that being French is where it’s at."

      Is Bernard-Henri Levy hiring? It wouldn't hurt to send a CV just in case. Hint: if you get an interview, it helps to be able to spell hors d'oeuvres without having to Google it like I just did. Good luck!

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • PHIL- "Changing the American Jewish mind is the most important step toward accomplishing this revolution bloodlessly."

      I think that it would be more accurate to say "changing the American Jewish elite's support for Zionism and Israel." Here as elsewhere, it is the elites that chart the course, the faithful followers following faithfully. The problem is that Zionism and Israel has rekindled the Jewish kinship solidarity which has been so helpful to the Jewish elites in their quest for power. And make no mistake, Zionist Jewish elites are Empire Jews. It is all about power. And Israel, Zionism and empire have become so entangled it is difficult to see a way out. Perhaps the end of empire and a more egalitarian society is required. But what is the chance of that happening?

      There is an old Chinese curse that goes "May you live in interesting times." Guess what? We live in interesting times which are soon going to be a lot more interesting.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
    • HOPHMI- "Unfortunately, your errors go way beyond spelling."

      Had the situation been reversed and I had misspelled Shanker's name as many times as you did in spite of the correct spelling right in front of me, you would have claimed that as proof positive of anti-Semitism, a claim you make more-or-less all of the time anyway. If it is any consolation, Albert's brother Ravi spells it Shankar.

    • MOOSER- "How many times do I have to tell you “Hophmi”, Shankar should have simply transferred those nine Brownsville teachers."

      Shankar? Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggghh! Hophmi's influence is pernicious. How many times did Hophmi misspell Albert Shanker's name on that thread before I finally felt compelled to correct him? I had never before corrected another commenter's spelling but it was becoming embarrassing.

  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • I find it curious that my more substantive comment concerning Yoni Falic's comment didn't pass moderation. Any hidden agendas someone would care to share?

    • SILAMCUZ- "Reading your comments."

      The types of comments only "Whitey" would make? Ethnicity determined by opinions and phraseology? Or is it my punctuation? Where is RoHa when you need him?

    • CATALAN- "I totally agree that we are elites, and also we were in charge in Europe too."

      The vast majority of Jews are not part of the power elite, functioning much like faithful followers everywhere. And the notion that Jews as a group were in charge in Europe is absurd. One must question your motivation in making the statement.

      As for people of color, all non-elites would benefit from a breakup of concentrated economic power through taxation and income redistribution. And a public rather than private financial system. And yes, free college, free healthcare, and free education for all. Unfortunately, it won't happen as long as there is an American empire. And Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban, et al, want just the opposite. Neofeudalism and debt servitude is where we are headed. And, of course, war.

    • SILAMCUZ- "Keith is the archetypical over-confident white male...."

      What makes you think that I am white?

    • TOKYOBK- "You just don’t know/read enough about the subjects you expert on. The Irish and whiteness has been a pretty worked subject in studies of racial formation. Here is one of the more popular books on the subject:"

      What did I say? "...I have never heard an Irishman asking what would happen if the Irish stopped being white.” Have you? One of the reasons that the Irish and the Ashkenazi Jews were able to succeed in this country is that their skin color allowed them to blend in with the dominant elites in a way impossible for Blacks. Do you dispute this? The fact that the Irish at one time were not treated as well as other whites does not change the reality of their skin pigmentation. Do you deny this? And now that the Irish have been accepted, I can't imagine an Irishman wondering what would happen if he stopped being white, although Jews seem to retain this sense of victimhood. Hardly a controversial point I would have thought. Perhaps you can provide some recent quotes from your book or other sources of some Irish folks doubting their whiteness?

    • ABBA SOLOMON- "What if Jews stop being “white”?"

      You mean like Al Jolson? Perhaps it would be better if you didn't confuse the issue by racializing power relations. At one time the Irish were treated poorly, however, I have never heard an Irishman asking what would happen if the Irish stopped being white. While skin color has been a factor in determining power relations, let us not conflate the two.

      ABBA SOLOMON- "The honorary “whiteness” of Jews in the United States has been a key to Jews’ successful sojourn here...."

      What "honorary" whiteness? The Ashkenazi ARE white, cloaking Jews in Black victimhood is fundamentally dishonest, an attempt to keep alive the never ending tale of woe of those with considerable power and privilege.

      ABBA SOLOMON- "The 1968 Ocean Hill-Brownsville parents’ community school board conflict with mainly Jewish school teachers in New York caused some Jews to see assertive African Americans as threats to the liberal structure in which Jews had prospered."

      What crap! There was no threat to the "liberal structure," there was a threat to Jewish privilege. The Jews were relatively better off and intended to keep it that way, and Albert Shanker wanted to maintain his union power and ward off community control. In fact, the situation involving black and community disempowerment was anything but liberal. Your choice of words seem intended more as spin than analysis.

      ABBA SOLOMON- "...identification of US and Israeli power as guarantors of the liberal order protecting Jews...."

      "Liberal order?" An empire and a militarized local hegemon represent a liberal order? You are playing word games. "Protecting Jews?" Don't you mean protecting Jewish power? More word games.

      ABBA SOLOMON- "Feldman explores the tandem views of Zionism that emerged in ‘60s America: the national liberation movement of the Jewish People, and an imperial settler-colonial Israel allied with mother colonial nations."

      "Imperial settler colonial Israel" is the reality. "National liberation movement of the Jewish People" is the Zionist myth-history which has obviously had a large impact upon your thinking.

  • Solidifying behind Clinton, foreign policy establishment gins up a cold war with Russia/Iran
    • INBOUND39- "Keith….public opinion counts when it comes to election of representatives."

      Public opinion is rather easily manipulated if you have the campaign funding and the support of the MSM. That is why politicians grovel in front of AIPAC with little concern for negative consequences. For cry sakes, look at Hillary Clinton's positions on the Middle East and then tell me that public opinion has had a big effect on either her positions or her electability.

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "Among the signatories was John Negroponte; and where John Negroponte goes, death squads are sure to follow!"

      You got that right! Negroponte's main "diplomatic" mission appears to be organizing death squads. Once Negroponte took over the embassy in Bagdad he brought in, among others, Col. (ret) James Steele who actually organized and ran these death squads which were referred to as the "Salvadoran option." Steele had done this before for Negroponte in Central America. And people complain about Jihadists? Key-riced, Uncle Sam is a serial killer! Couple of quotes and a link.

      "US sponsored death squads were recruited in Iraq starting in 2004-2005 in an initiative launched under the helm of the US Ambassador John Negroponte, [image: right] who was dispatched to Baghdad by the US State Department in June 2004.


      Under the “Salvador Option,” “Negroponte had assistance from his colleague from his days in Central America during the 1980′s, Ret. Col James Steele. Steele, whose title in Baghdad was Counselor for Iraqi Security Forces supervised the selection and training of members of the Badr Organization and Mehdi Army, the two largest Shi’ite militias in Iraq, in order to target the leadership and support networks of a primarily Sunni resistance. Planned or not, these death squads promptly spiralled out of control to become the leading cause of death in Iraq." (Michel Chossudovsky) link to

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "Hopefully, a new progressive party will emerge at some point to challenge the rightist-dominated Democratic Party."

      And how will this "new progressive party" of your dreams differ from the current U.S. Green Party?

    • INBOUND39- "Palestinians have more support globally than Israel."

      Public opinion counts for little in the corridors of power where Israel has overwhelming support and the Palestinians little, if any.

    • TOIVOS- "Little did I realize at the time they only opposed wars led by Republicans."

      This harkens back to the Bill Clinton administration and the "humanitarian" intervention in the former Yugoslavia. This was an imperial intervention designed to break up Yugoslavia and convert NATO into a US controlled out of area imperial strike force. The propaganda campaign to demonize the Serbs was the most monolithic and effective I had ever seen, similar to what is happening now against Putin, et al. The "liberal" Democrats just ate it all up. As a consequence, the Democrats have demonstrated that they are the more effective implementers of the elite agenda from trade deals to neoliberal globalization to war. Lesser evil my you-know-what.

    • TOIVOS- "I too was struck by Walt’s statements. His comments reported here are at odds with much of his writing in FP over the last decade."

      Curiously, he isn't the only one sounding strange. William Blum recently posted a strange sounding anti-ISIS screed on his Anti-Empire report which sounded a lot like the clash of civilizations meme downplaying imperial support for these terrorist assets. I am not sure what is going on, however, the anti-Trump, anti-Putin, let us intervene bandwagon has reached surreal proportions. There is a totalitarian uniformity to this which fills me with dark foreboding.

    • PHIL- "That’s a declaration of war....""

      I certainly hope that "liberal" Democrats re-evaluate their knee-jerk "Hillary is the lesser evil" mantra. She is not. Trump is a jerk, no argument, however, it should be obvious to anyone except the willfully blind that a Hillary Clinton administration (she is a shoo-in) is going to be a neocon dominated war administration. No, I am not suggesting a vote for the loathsome Donald Trump. I am voting for Jill Stein, you all do what you want. Something unusual, a quote from my blogspot followed by a link to the fuller discussion.

      " A Hillary Clinton administration will likely represent a neocon dominated war administration, the militarists throwing caution to the wind as they seek to remake the Middle East, weaken or destroy Russia and contain China thereby securing complete hegemony for the U.S. led global corporate/financial empire. The risk of a nuclear holocaust has never been higher. How this can be described as a lesser evil is beyond comprehension." link to

  • Sanders-backed candidate in FL says Wasserman Schultz won't 'protect' Israel

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