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  • Tom Friedman begs Trump to 'save the Jews' from themselves
    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state — so what?”

      I think that much could be gained if we simply acknowledged the fact that Western democracy is largely a Western myth. You can never deal with the consequences of elite rule if you maintain the fiction that the people rule. They don't. Much of the impetus to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians is the requirement to have a substantial Jewish majority to maintain the fiction of Israel as Jewish and democratic. And as for the global political economy, who seriously believes that the fat-cats and corporations aren't calling the shots? Seriously. I say tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

  • On rewards against terror and for justice
    • ADDICTIONMYTH- "Now that Iran has threatened to nuke Tel Aviv...."

      No they haven't. And you have said this BS before.

    • MARC ELLIS- "Can Jews be far down that list?"

      Yes, I believe that they are quite far down the list. Perhaps, not even on it. Except for the possiblitiy of false flags, historically popular with the Zionist movement.

      MARC ELLIS- "As I came to learn, most Jewish progressive Jews were liberal in all things, except Palestine."

      "Progressive" and "liberal" have become labels, nothing more. There is nothing "progressive" or "liberal" about empire and neoliberal globalization, however, most Jews appear to me to be quite comfortable with both. Lord knows, the Clinton and Obama administrations got a free pass. Humanitarian intervention, anyone?

  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • MOOSER- "Remember, if you weren’t here, “Yonah” would simply invent you."

      He did anyway. There is the real me and there is Yonah's strawman which he named Keith.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith is playing dumb."

      Look who is talking! The undisputed lightweight champion of the world!

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith’s comment dismisses antisemitism asserting that since Rothschilds are rich antisemitism cannot exist. This is ridiculous."

      What is ridiculous is your flagrant misrepresentation of my comment. I had more to say, but that comment didn't pass moderation. Mondoweiss is extraordinarily sensitive to anything I say on this topic, things which do not begin to approach the comments of some others.

      As for you, apparently you have carte blanche to engage in your never ending anti-Gentile hysteria. You continue to fantasize about massive amounts of Jew hatred. You are the very essence of a loyal Zionist cadre. Hopefully, this is sufficiently bland to pass moderation.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith and roha highlighting how antizionism and antisemitism make a beautiful combination."

      Always nice to know that you are thinking of me. Somewhat humbling to know how important I am to your sense of yourself and to your sense of Jewishness. Glad to be of service big fella!

    • MOOSER- "Is there any atoning for the sins of the Rothchilds?"

      Funny, I didn't mention sin. The Rothchild family merely a well-known counterpoint to the Jewish myth-history of never ending woe and suffering. It seems that throughout history the Jewish elite did reasonably well. Much better than many other minorities, as is the case today. Why, the very notion of a longtime downtrodden people suddenly becoming the most successful ethnicity seems to me quite far fetched. But, gilded victimhood serves a purpose.

    • YOAV LITVIN- "As members of a second-class minority community, Jews served as scapegoats for centuries and were abused by people of different religions, ethnicities and nationalities."

      The suffering of the Rothchild family alone would make a stone weep.

  • Open Letter to Progressive Jews: The ADL and AJC are not our allies
    • MOOSER- "And that’s what caused the Nuremberg Laws?"

      Where does Addictionmyth say that? Why are you putting words in his/her mouth? This subject has come up in the past with links to the Flemming Rose interview which Citizen has again provided. The point that overly restrictive laws can have a negative impact is hardly beyond the pale. If you have a counter argument make it. No need to misrepresent what someone says in an attempt to discredit their opinion.

      MOOSER- "You have made that charge several times. How about an example of that awful law, which radicalized previously egalitarian Nazis?"

      Previously egalitarian Nazis? More misrepresentation from Mooser. You ask for an example? My, but you have a short memory! On December 2, 2016, Addictionmyth made a comment referencing these laws along with a link to the same interview which Citizen linked. I went into the article and quoted a long paragraph from the article. You commented on my comment: "Well, things, conditions, were just a tad different in Post WW1 and Pre WW2 Germany than they are in the US of 2016. But not so much that it’s worth arguing about." (Mooser) And now you don't remember any of this? Or don't you care?

  • Israel interferes in our politics all the time, and it's never a scandal
    • PHIL- "Maybe it will bring the liar in chief down some day and end this short national nightmare. I certainly hope so."

      Are you that out of touch with reality? The neocon led Deep State has orchestrated a silent coup to overturn the election and return to anti-Russian hostilities, along with a pivot to Asia, and you are pleased? The only positive thing about the Trump administration was it's stated intent to demilitarize US foreign policy and get control of the intelligence services. Whether he was sincere or could have made a difference we will never know. Effectively, US foreign policy is back with the CIA led Deep State. The silver lining may be that Trump's ineptitude may hinder the process. It is also possible (likely?) that he will be impeached for all of the wrong reasons. An additional silver lining may be that this demonstrates the relative weakness of the Presidency versus the Deep State. All of this ridiculous talk of Trump's fascism and the danger of a dictator in regards to the weakest administration I can remember. Hopefully, this Deep State power struggle will interfere with the imperial agenda at least somewhat. And for you to get caught up in this bogus narrative is, I suppose, to be expected.

      I have got a couple of quotes and links to put this in perspective for those who care.

      "Trump’s National Security Advisor Flynn resigned after only three weeks in office. While I am certainly no fan of Flynn or of Trump I find this defenestration a dangerous event. It will hamper any big change in U.S. foreign policy that Trump may envision.

      The resignation followed a highly orchestrated campaign against Flynn by intelligence officials, the media and some people within the White House." (Moon of Alabama)

      "It took the Neocons and the US deep state less than a month to overturn the results of the Presidential election.

      Trump now declares that he “expects Russia to return Crimea“.

      It’s over folks – welcome (back) to the war between Russia and the Empire." (The Saker)

      Link to Dennis Kucinich interview discussing Flynn and the intel services:

  • Jewish groups battle over Trump's choice for Israel ambassador
    • MOOSER- "Now, tell me how great today’s Russia is. Love to know. Or are you guys pining for the Soviet regime?"

      Russia under Putin is far better than Russia under Yeltsin, when the US almost completely destroyed it for geostrategic reasons. But that was done under a Democratic administration so, party loyalist that you are, you automatically approve. Your flippant attitude towards that great crime says volumes about who and what you are. Also, your failure to acknowledge what the empire has done when no longer constrained by the USSR. You think that the Clinton/Obama crimes are a joke? And you have the gall to lecture Zionists?

      By the way, what happened at Jews Sans Frontieres that you should deign to return to Mondoweiss?

    • SIBIRIAK- "I’m saddened that you are so deeply ignorant about Russia."

      Willful ignorance or just normal ignorance? Hard to tell. But what a wonderful opportunity to again link to the most excellent interview Abby Martin did with Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.” I might add that it was during the Yeltsin period that an immensely wealthy criminal oligarchy came into being. I don't know if you saw it, but others will hopefully be interested in this HIGHLY recommended 27 min video. I am under the impression that your background and situation may provide an interesting perspective on the information provided. Some brief feedback would be appreciated.

    • MOOSER- "“Keith” if you wish to avail yourself of the superior, all-paid-for Russian health care system (just look at the life-span figures!) you go right ahead."

      Your idea of single payer health care is exclusively the Russian health care system? What about Canada's? What about Medicare for all which Bernie Sanders championed? Are we all Putin's puppets to you? Why this excessive loyalty to these New Democrats and the insurance industry's Obamacare? Surely you are aware that our system is both more expensive and inferior to the health care in most of Europe? Inferior even to Cuba?

      As for Russia, after Clinton unleashed Harvard and Jeffrey Sachs on Yeltsin's Russia to administer a little "shock therapy," the life expectancy of adult Russians went into free fall. It is now finally recovering under Putin, something which you conveniently ignore. Russia was intentionally weakened and almost destroyed under Clinton.

    • MOOSER- "Ah, good old Rand Paul on Mike Flynn and the Russians:"

      The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! Maybe Flynn heard that Russia has single payer healthcare for all and wanted pointers for replacing Obamacare? And why do we have Obamacare instead of single payer? Huh? Huh?

    • ADDICTIONMYTH- "However Flynn’s saber rattling against Iran instigated them to threaten to nuke Jerusalem."

      Threatened to nuke Jerusalem? I have difficulty believing that you actually believe what you just wrote.

  • Israeli govt and its supporters admit the fight to defeat BDS has failed
    • CITIZEN- " that the US pubic is alone in being mislead yet does not know it."

      The primary reason that the US public does not know is that they don't want to know. Most of the 99% are faithful followers who go along to get along. They don't seek relevant truthful information to form rational opinions. Rather, they watch the MSM (or relevant social media) to ascertain what the elites expect them to believe and how to behave so that they can fit in. For most, security lies in group loyalty.

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  • New Israel Fund response to Ben Gurion harassment reinforces very system it claims to oppose
    • ROHA- "Far better to stop the wars."

      That is exactly correct! Prior to the destruction of Afghanistan, RAWA (the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan) begged the US not to bomb the country or otherwise interfere. Did US "glass ceiling feminists" rally to their support? Hell no! Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, etc, women had it much better prior to the imperial intervention. That is why US feminists are imperial feminists, eager to accept the White Woman's Burden. In the US, the "feminist" movement is run by white upper middle class women of privilege more concerned with class solidarity than supporting their less fortunate sisters. Why else stand tough on abortion rights while supporting Democrat neoliberalism and the terrible consequences for women and children that policy causes? And who did more to shred the social safety net than Hill and Bill? Or incarcerate people of color in spite of the negative consequences for non-white, non-elite women? And while my heart goes out to the refugees we created, I don't disdain the "basket of deplorables" which neoliberalism created.

    • ROHA- "The KBG colonel’s uniform in your closet...."

      Colonel? I've been promoted? Why wasn't I informed? Going from captain to colonel is a big jump. Think I'll head down to the Officer's Club and party hearty.

      Getting back to the anti-Trump hysteria, how is it possible that these "liberals" can't understand that by focusing exclusively on Trump they are ignoring the policies themselves? If all you do is get rid of Trump, things aren't going to be hunky dory. How can they protest for refugees without protesting against the empire creating these same refugees? How can these glass ceiling "feminists" protest against Trump and not protest for the right of Third World women (and children) not to be bombed by US/NATO? People being manipulated who want to be manipulated. Group solidarity. Under neoliberalism, "liberal" is nothing more than a label, an identifier. No crumbs left to distribute, only hollow words. And the ungrateful proletariat transformed into a basket of undesirables. We live in interesting times. We live in weird times. Paul Craig Roberts to the left of the left. More correctly, the left to the right of the right.

    • ADDICTIONMYTH- "Electronic Intifada does good work, but they are also a Russian front as is obvious by their silence on Assad."

      So, any organization which doesn't jump on the imperial anti-Assad demonization bandwagon is obviously a Russian front - by definition. Jeez, I guess that my opposition to the imperial destabilization of Syria makes me a Putin puppet! The return of red-baiting!

    • DANIEL SOKATCH- "We believe in a vision of a better Israel — one that is marked by equality and democracy."

      Typical liberal hypocrisy and self-deception. Railing against systemic injustice while simultaneously supporting the system which inevitably produces the injustice. "Equality and democracy" in Israel would require that Israel cease to be a Jewish state and become a state of all of its citizens. Is that what this Zionist is calling for? I doubt it. And since a Jewish state cannot be one marked by equality and democracy, then supporting Israel as a Jewish state means that Daniel Sokatch is engaged in posturing to project a caring image. Not that a state of all of its citizens would necessarily result in equality and democracy. Just look at the US!

  • Rand Paul warns neocons will 'scurry in' with Abrams, and Kristol says that's anti-Semitic
    • ECHINOCOCCUS- "The news I linked to were not offered as the Gospel truth."

      Yes, I know. I was commenting on the article, not on the fact that you linked to it to support a point.

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- (from your link)- "...Elliott Abrams' hawkish pro-democracy views...."

      Pro-democracy? Capitalist democracy as in one dollar one vote? Imperial oligarchic rule? Imperialists for democracy? And yet the meme remains the same. The Council on Foreign Relations a human rights organization fighting for citizen empowerment abroad. Abrams a hawkish advocate of the white man's burden and the responsibility to bomb.

      How much difference is there among these neocons? I was so relieved that we escaped Victoria Nuland. Oh please, PLEASE don't make it Elliott Abrams. Brings to mind that famous line, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here."

  • Why Trump is even thinking about naming pro-Israel apparatchik who opposed him to high position
    • JAMES NORTH/PHIL WEISS- "Here Trump is plucking someone out of recent obscurity and disgrace."

      Obscurity? Abrams is a senior fellow for Middle Eastern studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, the primary Think Tank and policy formation forum of the Deep State. Far from being in disgrace and banned, the neocons continue to have outsized influence on US foreign policy. Democrats Obama and Clinton share significant responsibility for this. Victoria Nuland (Mrs. Robert Kagan) was brought into the Obama administration by Hillary Clinton to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs.

      NORTH/WEISS- "So who asked Trump to meet with Abrams? Why? And why the likely appointment?"

      You are really stretching reality to suggest that this is primarily about Israel and the Lobby. Netanyahu loves Trump and Israel hardly needs Abrams in the State Department. It looks like the CIA/Deep State is behind this to ensure that the Deep State policy of warmongering and hegemony at all costs continues under Trump as it did under Obama. If Trump selects Abrams, it will be a strong indication that a silent coup has occurred and that Trump will stand aside as the Deep State controls foreign policy. Preliminary indications are that that has already happened. Trump, left to his own devices, is simply too unpredictable a warmonger and they are bringing in the pros to make sure the job gets done as planned.

      NORTH/WEISS- "The sad lesson of the Abrams job interview is that rightwing American nationalism and Jewish nationalism are completely copacetic under Trump."

      Other than "kill" a dead TPP, we will see if Trump does anything to significantly hinder neoliberal globalization. Actions speak louder than words, and I would not pay too much attention to his dishonest Tweets. All of these people are accomplished liars. They wouldn't have succeeded if they weren't.

  • The centrist US political system will defeat Trump
    • ROHA- "If all those people got so worked up about a mere ninety day travel ban on Iranians, they are bound to be even more strongly opposed to a war against Iranians, aren’t they?"

      Not without instructions. The same people who manufacture consent also manufacture outrage. The demonstrations were primarily shows of solidarity. How many demonstrators protesting the treatment of refugees called for an end to US intervention in the Middle East, the primary cause of all of these Muslim refugees? How many protesters lambasted Obama for for the destruction of Libya, Syria and now Yemen? I seriously doubt that the demonstration organizers would tolerate such betrayals of Soros/CIA organized Democrat solidarity.

    • ROHA- "I’m expecting even larger demonstrations against Trump’s inclination towards war with Iran."

      Really? If Trump pursues a Deep State driven policy towards Iran, I would expect no orchestrated demonstrations. I provide a partial quote and link to an excellent analysis by Andrew Korybko.

      "To proactively prevent the actualization of these forecasted multipolar transnational connective infrastructure projects across the Mideast, the US must either co-opt or destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the former being what the Obama Administration dreamed of doing after the nuclear deal while the latter is its Hybrid War “backup plan” in case the first one fails. Washington’s strategic infiltration plot failed to seduce Tehran, so it appears likely that Iran might be targeted by the US’ retributive Hybrid War intrigues sometime in the near future. In fact, the US has already been working on the necessary preparations and is presently arranging its forces in anticipation of waging this sort of conflict during the upcoming Trump Presidency." (Andrew Korybko)

    • MOOSER- "Edmund Burke knew all about it, and warned of it’s dangers!"

      Gosh, I must have missed that. I don't suppose you have a quote of Edmund Burke using the specific term "financialization"? I personally had never heard the term prior to 20-30 years ago. Apparently, neither did John Bellamy Foster.

      "The origins of the term “financialization” are obscure, although it began to appear with increasing frequency in the early 1990s." (John Bellamy Foster)

    • DABAKR- "but “financialization “? that is a new one."

      The term has been around for over 20 years. Google "financialization" and you will get a lot of info. It basically refers to the separation of the financial system from the real economy such that it has become more profitable to trade and speculate on financial instruments rather than produce goods and services in the real economy. It is an inevitable consequence of the upward flow of income such that consumers are starved for funds whereas the fat-cats have excessive cash flows in relation to productive investment, hence, the money is "invested" in financial instruments such as stocks driving the prices upward in a financial bubble. The notional value of the derivatives market is many times that of the entire global asset base, with estimates ranging from $500 trillion to well over $1000 trillion.

    • MOOSER- "Don’t blame us for Trump being exactly who he always was."

      No one is. I blame you for failure to hold Obama, et al, accountable for what he/they did. The empire didn't start with Trump, nor is it limited to Republican administrations. In fact, neoliberal globalization has been pushed much more effectively by the Democrats.

      MOOSER- "They forced those people out into the streets!"

      Forced? No. Funded, organized, encouraged, facilitated, motivated, etc., you better believe it. Do you really believe that all of this was some sort of spontaneous outpouring? Dream on. Are you really that oblivious to the forces behind this? Getting large crowds in the street takes money and organization. You may agree with the objectives of the demonstrations, but to deny the massive elite support that made it all possible is absurd. Is it possible that you are unaware of the dynamics of the Soros/CIA color revolutions in Eastern Europe and the Middle East? Time to get your head out of your you know what and take a breath of fresh air.

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "In this riveting talk from TEDGlobal...."

      Yes, it was fascinating. In regards to the stock market and high speed algorithms, it should be noted that this is one aspect of the financialization of the economy. The major gains in economic wealth have gone to those who manipulate financial instruments, essentially contributing nothing to the real economy. A casino economy where smart money speculates against the speculations of other financiers. More correctly, financial wealth is redistributed based upon who has the fastest best algorithm to electronically reshuffle the stacked deck, all out of sight and out of control. I say "stacked deck" because some of the major players engage in such questionable/illegal activities as "naked shorts" which occur so fast as to be undetectable.

    • MARC ELLIS- "The push back on the streets and at the airports has been effective."

      Yes, the Soros/CIA orchestrated demonstrations were very effective in demonizing Trump while ignoring the reason for all of these refugees. Even Putin came in for additional bashing.

      MARC ELLIS- "The generals Trump appointed may also function as a break on his power."

      What power? He has less effective power than any other President at this stage of the game. His tweets are a desperate attempt to get around a media that is uniformly opposed to him, his Presidential directives have dubious legal authority and appear to be a way around his likely inability to get anything passed in Congress. The upper echelons of the Republican Party hate him, being chided by Dick Cheney a telling example. He appears to be the target of a color revolution coup that may yet impeach him. All of this during the traditional Presidential "honeymoon"? His foreign policy positions appear to be entirely consistent with previous administrations. Will the Deep State have him impeached, or has the CIA already gotten control of his puppet strings?

      MARC ELLIS- "With all of his faults, President Obama, as a progressive centrist, was most likely the best kind of president America is likely to see for the foreseeable future."

      Progressive? Surely you jest. But I agree that Obama was the most effective imperial President ever. He put the entire anti-war movement to sleep even as he implemented the neoliberal, warmongering plans of empire. He made "liberals" feel good about themselves so that they really didn't care to know what was really happening.

  • Obama fostered spread of nuclear weapons because of his naivete, says head of Council on Foreign Relations
    • SIBIRIAK- "The best way to help Israel deal with Iran’s growing nuclear capability is to help the people of Syria overthrow the regime of Bashar Assad."

      If we combine your link with the article on Haass, several things are clear. First of all, they all lie. Haass' comments are factually incorrect most of the time. Significantly, we are not talking about individual lies in isolation, rather, we see a coherent pattern of misinformation designed to establish a false narrative within which the desired policy outcomes appear logical. This supposed concern with Iran's nuclear capability is but a pretext for intervention. The primary objective is unmentioned. The empire is determined to stop the Eurasian integration via China's new silk road. Two proposed routes have already been blocked. Iran is a critical part of this geostrategic power struggle. Of course, there are multiple objectives at play, but the pipeline is never discussed. I now quote from an article by Andrew Korybko discussing Iran, Syria, color revolutions and hybrid war. I highly recommend the article.

      "Pertaining to Iran, the Islamic Republic is actually doubly susceptible to Hybrid War for both of the aforementioned reasons. It’s already been demonstrated to deadly effect how the US will deploy Hybrid War against Iran’s regional interests in Syria and elsewhere in the Mideast, but the country itself has yet to suffer from a full-fledged Hybrid War within its own borders aimed at interfering with China’s grand supercontinental ambitions of pan-Eurasian connectivity. Iran is the geostrategic gatekeeper linking West Asia (the Mideast) with Central, South, and even East Asia, so it obviously stands to fulfill an irreplaceable role in future Eurasian integration projects. China and Iran are already connected to one another via a circuitous rail network transiting along the peripheries of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, but plans have already been proposed for streamlining this route through the possible construction of a high-speed railway across the densely populated heartland of Central Asia.

      If left to its own without any external interference, the discussed China-Iran high-speed railway project could eventually extend through Turkey and further afield to the Balkans and thenceforth the EU, thus making Iran one of only three transit states which absolutely must be involved in China’s trans-Eurasian infrastructure projects. Russia sits atop Northern Eurasia and is therefore the geostrategic gatekeeper in this part of the continent for any crisscrossing EU-China networks, while Iran and Turkey are its South Eurasian counterparts for the same.

      To proactively prevent the actualization of these forecasted multipolar transnational connective infrastructure projects across the Mideast, the US must either co-opt or destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the former being what the Obama Administration dreamed of doing after the nuclear deal while the latter is its Hybrid War “backup plan” in case the first one fails. Washington’s strategic infiltration plot failed to seduce Tehran, so it appears likely that Iran might be targeted by the US’ retributive Hybrid War intrigues sometime in the near future. In fact, the US has already been working on the necessary preparations and is presently arranging its forces in anticipation of waging this sort of conflict during the upcoming Trump Presidency." (Andrew Korybko)

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "RE: “halo effect”

      A "halo" is milk suspended over someone's head? Who knew? Can it still be used?

    • PHIL- "There is not really any difference between Haass’s stance and that of neoconservatives, at this moment."

      Yes, and the Council on Foreign Relations is the closest thing we have to the voice of the Deep State. Peace is the enemy. The empire intends to smash any and all opposition to bits. Hegemony or death. At this stage of the game it is difficult to predict what effect, if any, Trump will have on the imperial juggernaut. People like Haass strike me as being dangerously psychopathic.

  • Jewless Holocaust. Israel first.
    • LYSIAS- "It was easier to get the museum for the Jewish genocide approved precisely because Americans were not responsible."

      That is exactly correct! Furthermore, what all of these American and European Holocaust museums and studies and remembrances do is to give the de facto impression that the primary victims of mass-murder/genocide were WHITE rather than the untold millions of people of color who perished under Western imperialism and warmongering.

  • The legislation that will be used to intimidate and imprison members of the Muslim community has been introduced
    • MICHAEL MERRYMAN-LOTZE- "This action against the Muslim Brotherhood is about political repression in this country, not just abroad."

      Of course it is about political repression in this country, just like the Patriot Act Obama extended.

  • Jewish groups slamming Trump on refugees are hardhearted when it comes to Palestinian refugees
    • MOOSER- "The context within which you form your opinions of Clinton and, Obama, as opposed to your opinions about Trump, seems pretty clear to me."

      Really? Then why don't you enlighten us all? As it now stands, your comment is meaningless. You respond without responding. Engaging in what you apparently feel is ambiguous cleverness. Are you defending Clinton's repeal of Glass-Steagall? You don't think that it is relevant to the discussion? As for Trump, I indicated that in my opinion him bad-mouthing Dodd-Frank (his only actions so far) is stupid. Dodd-Frank, as amended, is very weak legislation which has done little to reign in Wall Street. Glass-Steagall, on the other hand, was a very effective piece of legislation which enabled FDR to put Wall Street to rights. We have reached the point where even re-enacting Glass-Steagall would be ineffective. At this stage, the whole financial system need redoing. Trump isn't going to do what needs doing, nor could he even if he wanted to. I didn't vote for him (like you did Hillary) and I have already said that I expect him to be a disaster, as would any President at this stage of empire. When he won, I hoped that he would be less of a warmonger than Hillary (and Victoria), but perhaps even that is not to be. The Deep State seems to be lusting for war, peace the real enemy.

    • MOOSER- “Keith”, your argument is persuasive, if Hillary Clinton had been elected, the world might have ended by now."

      We may already have had a silent coup. With National Security adviser Michael Flynn talking tough to Iran and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley's Russophobic misrepresentation of Ukraine, it would appear that the Deep State is firmly in control of US foreign policy, Trump a minor speedbump on the road to hegemony or death. Time frame? A stumbling Trump versus a Clinton well-oiled war machine? Not possible to predict. And since Clinton wasn't elected, anything I say would be pure speculation. And even reasonable assessments fall on deaf ears when talking with a Clinton loyalist.

    • MOOSER- “Dodd-Frank is a disaster,” Trump said. “We’re going to be doing a big number on Dodd-Frank.”

      If Clinton hadn't repealed Glass-Steagall this wouldn't even be an issue. And while Trump bad-mouthing Dodd-Frank is stupid, even if repealed the consequences would be less severe than the repeal of Glass-Steagall which set the stage for the total financialization of the economy and the crash of 2008. Apparently, the repeal of Glass-Steagall has been consigned to the Mooser Memory Hole in typical fashion. Why this curious inability to put things in context or to hold the Democrats accountable for their actions? This wildly excessive group loyalty is most unbecoming.

    • MHUGHES976- "Well, guys, I do think that the economic progress and the imperialism of that time were not separate realities but were closely connected. Both would have broken down without the other."

      Obviously we disagree and this will likely be my last comment. I wish to point out that your defense of imperialism as a necessary evil is more or less the same as a Zionist defense of the Nakba. Of course, the death and destruction from imperialism was/is much higher. I would also suggest that had you been born in a Third World country and experienced The White Man's Burden from the receiving end, I suspect that your opinion on the necessity/desirability of imperialism would be quite different.

      An additional point. While British imperialism was not the cause of industrialization, it did, however, strongly influence the direction industrialization would take. Britain was the leader in industrializing empire and warfare which made the subjugation of large numbers of Third World defenders by smaller well-armed Western forces possible. This, in turn, permitted the use of armed force to secure the natural resources necessary to create modern mechanized armies. Ultimately, this has led to the creation of massive armed forces in the Western democracies needed to secure the raw materials of industrialism, and of maintaining the subservient status of the less militarily powerful Third World. The evolution of imperial warfare and industrial base has led us to where we are now. Nuclear war overkill ready to launch on short notice is an ongoing existential threat to human survival. The political economy dependent upon the massive consumption of cheap energy seems unable to restructure itself to deal with either the depletion of cheap energy or the massive climate disruption now virtually inevitable. So, if want to claim credit for British imperialism setting us on the road to Hell, be my guest.

    • MOOSER- "You are right, “Keith”! The record of the Hillary Clinton Presidency must stand or fall on its own."

      My, what a curious comment. You seemed so sure about Trump based upon his business dealings, but Hillary is a total mystery? It is not like she doesn't have a history in government, or a history of surrounding herself with neocons, including Michele Flournoy and Victoria Nuland. To this day she claims Libya as a success, while promising to get rid of Assad and get tough with Putin, even as she criticized Obama for not being tough enough. And with endorsements from the likes of Madeleine Albright, Robert Kagan and John Negroponte, a whole world of possibilities opens up. So, did you work on her campaign? Send money? Or merely vote for Ms. Clinton? Wait! I finally got it! You are hoping to get a job with the Clinton Foundation working in the money laundering room. Say "Hi" to 'Hill" for me.

    • MOOSER- "New UN Ambassador Threatens Russia Over Ukraine Violence, Demands ‘Return of Crimea’.

      Is it possible that Trump turns out to be as bad as Hillary? No, no, please say it isn't so! But if it is, we are surely doomed!

    • MHUGHES976- "I think that the world economy was much more productive in 1900 than in 1700 and that the British Empire was the driving force."

      You are saying that imperialism is the driving force behind technological advancement? That if the British hadn't de-industrialized India and prevented Egypt from industrializing that the world would be worse off? Nonsense. To claim that the consequences of the industrial revolution would have not occurred without the West screwing the entire Third World is a rationalization used to justify the murderous conquest and subjugation of non-European peoples. The world economy was more productive in 1900 than in 1700 due to industrialization. Are you seriously suggesting that industrialization would not have occurred without imperialism? That industrialization goes hand in hand with mass-murder? Progress requires war?

    • MOOSER- "And now that these thousands of ex-Nazis and Nazi allies are are 70 yrs’ older, they are ready to spring into action!"

      They, and their families, have been in action all along influencing the Western political system toward militarism and Russophobia. In fact, some of their offspring have returned to the Ukraine to rub elbows with the neo-Nazis which Victoria Nuland and Uncle Sam support. A prominent example was Natalie Jaresko, an American born financier of Ukrainian descent who returned to the Ukraine and was granted citizenship immediately so that she could become the Ukraine's Minister of Finance.

    • MHUGHES976- "The British Empire transformed the world economy much for the better, I think...."

      Ah, the White Man's Burden is alive and well! The world economy works very well for the imperial 1%, not so much for the 99% compared to what it should be like in view of technological advancement, and, except for the quislings, compradors and satraps, it has been an absolute disaster for the Third World 99%. The very concept of empire involves the management of the political economy of the subjugated society so that the benefits flow to empire, not the conquered society.

      Back when Britain first conquered India, there was little technological difference separating them. True to form, Britain de-industrialized India giving British manufacturers a comparative advantage. At the time, Indian textile manufacturing was superior to Britain's. The intentional mismanagement of the Indian economy resulted in impoverishment of previously rich areas like Bangladesh, and in two horrific famines with millions dead. The general pattern is similar to what occurred throughout the entire Third World as a consequence of European imperialism.

      One would have thought that this was all common knowledge. A nice summary of the 500 year history of Western imperialism can be found in "Year 501: The Conquest Continues" by Noam Chomsky. A book, I might add, which should be required reading in High School.

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- "Please provide the comparison every time...."

      Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you. Thank you Thank you. Enough of this "liberal" Democrat memory hole nonsense. Context. All of this administration's actions need to be evaluated within the context of imperial continuity. None of this is taking place in a vacuum. And notice that when actions under a Democratic administration are criticized the criticism is directed at US policy, not the current President. In other words, the Iraq sanctions under Clinton is criticized as US policy which resulted in the death of 500,000 Iraqi children, not as Bill Clinton's sanctions which murdered 500,000 Iraqi children. And even though imperial policy is more or less determined by powerful Deep State forces, nonetheless, "liberal" Democrats seem curiously unable to hold Bill Clinton and Barack Obama accountable for the policies of their administration's. No wonder we keep drifting to the Right!

      Another point. To the degree that Trump acts as a bull in the imperial china shop, disrupting the smooth functioning of empire through incompetence, is that a bad thing? And enough of referring to empire's vassal states as "allies." When are we going to adapt our vocabulary to the real world? Empire's allies are the 1%, never the 99%.

    • ROHA- "Two things to emphasize.

      1. Palestinians have a right to live in Palestine.
      2. Somalis do not have a right to live in the USA."

      Good points to keep in mind. Allow me to add two more. 1. Capital should not have the right to cross national borders unrestrained by the local citizenry. 2. The primary cause of massive refugees is imperial policy in support of neoliberal globalization and imperial military and other destabilization activities. You cannot deal with all of the refugees which empire creates using the bandaid approach. Major surgery is required. NO EMPIRE!

    • The stench of hypocrisy hangs over the political posturing of these groups. How many opposed the destruction of Libya? How many opposed the destabilization attempt on Syria? The reality is that these protests are little more than demonstrations of solidarity with the Democrats in their attempt to delegitimize Trump to set up an impeachment coup.

      An additional factor to keep in mind is the LEGITIMATE concern with CIA asset terrorists being snuck in along with legitimate refugees, particularly from Syria the CIA's latest venture. This will seem fantastic to those unfamiliar with the US OSS (CIA precursor) involvement in the ratlines which smuggled THOUSANDS of ex-Nazis and Nazi allies into Western countries following World War II. These proven anticommunists formed the backbone of CIA organized immigrant groups seeking the overthrow of non-Allied governments.

  • What would Anne Frank do?
  • Why the Personal Has Always Been Political: an Iranian-American reflects on the Trump executive order on refugees
    • MAYHEM- "The point is that the MW troops muster to complain about the Trump edict about refugees but have never winced at the fact that 16 Muslim nations have banned Israelis from entering their countries for years."

      Could you give us some idea of how many Israeli REFUGEES have been turned away?

  • Rallies at White House and airports across the US as outrage builds over Muslim ban
    • SIBIRIAK- "It’s *possible* this video somewhat exaggerates influence of the Mercers in the Trump camp."

      It is very possible (likely?) that the video is biased. One aspect of the "news" which I doubt most people are aware of is the extent to which the news is not the product of the newspaper's/broadcaster's reporters, but rather that is the product of outside sources such as PR agencies which supply it to the News Media for publication/broadcast. All of the BS about the "white helmets" was provided by CIA supported Islamists' PR firm(s). There was no "investigative reporter" anywhere near these actions. Furthermore, capitalist competitive economics virtually assures that this is the case. It is simply much too expensive to do this kind of work. To compete, you and your competitors will take advantage of all of the free stuff you can get, hopefully exercising some editorial discretion. Needless to say, all of the government agencies supply a ton of free material, as does oligarch supported Think Tanks.


      Over at CounterPunch, they have several anti-Trump articles referring to Totalitarianism, Fascism, Dictatorship, and the temporary travel restrictions as Trump's Reichstag fire. The media demonization even at supposedly radical sources is overwhelming. The fact that Trump is opposed by the far more powerful segment of the Deep State, including virtually all of the media and most of the Republican Party leadership, making him perhaps the least powerful President at this stage of his administration seems not to be relevant. And weak he is. I am more sure than ever that he will be impeached, the color revolution coup a success. We truly live in interesting time!

      On the related matter of Russia hacking the election, Abby Martin did a very interesting interview with Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.” I don't know if you saw it, but others may also be interested in this HIGHLY recommended 27 min video.

    • MOOSER- "Gee, we better keep Trump in office as long as we can...."

      Gee, another childish comment from Mooser which adds nothing to the discussion. Apparently, you are suffering the effects of sleep deprivation resulting from commenting 24/7. Didn't you used to be funny? After you get some rest, perhaps you will finally be able to spell Hillary Clinton's first name correctly. How many times have you spelled it wrong? 50? 100? Perhaps there are some sort of Freudian dynamics involved.

    • SIBIRIAK- "A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 57% of Likely U.S. Voters favor a temporary ban on refugees from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen until the federal government approves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here."

      Interesting numbers which will never see the light of day anywhere except the "right wing" media, if even there. The MSM anti-Trump media blitz is awesome. And the orchestrated demonstrations led by Michael Moore, Move On.Org, et al. One of the hallmarks of a color revolution is the use of the social media to initiate action. One of the characteristics of the social media is the ability to create virtual mob psychology including mob frenzy. There is a special category of marketeer which have refined the techniques of social control through the social media. It has only been recently that countries like Russia and China have recognized the immense soft power of the internet and have moved to protect themselves.

      Color revolutions occur quickly or they fail. My best guess is that the forces against Trump are too strong and that he will be impeached within 90 days. Sadly, those "liberals" taking part will feel empowered by the result of their manipulation failing to recognize the obvious reality that all of this "resistance" would be impossible without massive Deep State support. I close by, once again, linking to Glen Ford eloquently discussing this very thing.

    • MOOSER- "Yeah, Barack Obama booby-trapped the future for Donald Trump."

      You seem psychologically incapable of holding Obama to account for his actions, his warmongering and his betrayal of the working class. Why the bromance? what would it take for you to abandon your school girl crush and honestly evaluate his disgusting record? We already have numerous examples of you ignoring what I say and engaging in childish pilpul in defense of someone who was the most effective chief executive of the 1%. Reality is what it is. And bullshit is a weak foundation. In the long run, you may well regret much of what you have said recently.

    • MOOSER- "Now tell me again, “Keith” are we rooting for Trump...."

      We are not rooting for Trump, we are opposing a CIA color revolution. What did Sibiriak say when you first posed this question? "Ridiculous False Choice fallacy. Insults the reader's intelligence." Doesn't bother you, does it? Being part of an orchestrated color revolution means never having to say you are sorry. Or have an ounce of intellectual integrity. Apparently, pilpul works for you. As long as you are accepted and liked by your reference group. You are what you are. But not what I once thought you were. Well, live and learn.

    • ANNIE- "hey keith, have you seen this video?"

      Yes, and I highly recommend it! We are at an unprecedented point in time. This is a flat out power struggle among the Deep State elites. There are no "good guys," just lesser of two evil guys. We dodged a bullet when Hillary was defeated, however, we are about to be hit by a ricochet. The dominant, globalist sector of the Deep State represented by the CIA, having misjudged the election, has now launched a color revolution which will likely (it now seems to me) succeed in impeaching Trump. Hegemony or die. Trump is an accidental President who sadly lacks the resources or brains to prevail. Terrible he may be, but what is coming is worse. Mooser will be thrilled.


      ABC News (2013):

      "As a result of the Kentucky case, the State Department stopped processing Iraq refugees for six months in 2011, federal officials told ABC News – even for many who had heroically helped U.S. forces as interpreters and intelligence assets. One Iraqi who had aided American troops was assassinated before his refugee application could be processed, because of the immigration delays, two U.S. officials said. In 2011, fewer than 10,000 Iraqis were resettled as refugees in the U.S., half the number from the year before, State Department statistics show." (ABC News)

    • MOOSER (Quoting Atlantaiconoclast) "And that 10 Trillion in new debt is quite an accomplishment eh?"

      MOOSER RESPONDING- "Considering the Bush tax cuts, Obama probably did the best he could."

      But Mooser, Bush was not the President for those eight years. So while you give Obama an 8 year grace period, Trump doesn't even get 8 days. And, once again, you fail to acknowledge Obama's responsibility for the consequences of his actions when he was in office. The fact that he is no longer in office hardly absolves him of the consequences of his actions and policies when he was in office. But all you are concerned with is defending Obama. In a just world, Obama would be standing trial for war crimes. As would Trump if he lasts long enough.

    • MOOSER- "Barack Obama is no longer the President of the United States."

      But his fetid legacy lives on. Bailing out Wall Street, not the people. Eight years of war, including the destruction of Libya and Syria the primary sources for all of those refugees the Democrats suddenly care about. Expanded illegal drone strike terrorist murder. Greatly expanded Special Operations Forces and destabilizations, and increasing spending on nuclear arms rather than eliminating them as he promised. But gosh, Mooser, let us not hold him accountable for any of this. God forbid we should acknowledge that the consequences of his administration's policies will continue for years to come. Let us sweep it all into the Mooser memory hole. And, after all of this, your critique of Obama?

      "Why shouldn’t Obama, a tremendously popular and respected man, keep up a constant presence in politics?" (Mooser)

      Talk about a bromance! You sure stand by your man! And now you are an aggressive participant in an orchestrated color revolution destabilization. A coup attempt which looks like it may succeed. And will you feel empowered if it does?

    • MOOSER- "So perhaps we can stop holding Hillary Clinton responsible for Trump’s actions now?"

      That is really rich coming from you who complains about Trump not acting quickly enough to reverse Obama's murderous policies which you ignored for 8 years. Eight years of war. The only American President who was a wartime President for all 8 years. And bragged about it! And I am not blaming Hillary for Trump's actions. What actions have I blamed her for? You are blaming Trump for not taking immediate action to reverse Obama's policies. And Hillary would have? And if she didn't, you would complain? Get real. Did you laugh along when she said "We came, we saw, he died." Ha, ha, ha. Let us see Trump top that! And didn't that work out well for the Libyans? But you have got a soft spot in your heart for the Princess of Darkness, and who am I to denigrate true love! You did vote for her didn't you? I would expect no less. I voted for Jill Stein even though she lacked Hillary's wicked sense of humor.

    • MOOSER- "And I was sooo sure that the first thing Trump would do with his Presidential authority is cut back on the’ interventionism’."

      Had she been elected, I am sure Hillary would have stopped interventionism on a dime! I believe she made her views on this quite clear. Hillary, Michele and Victoria. Three feminist angels of mercy!

  • Burying bad news in the killing fields of Yemen
    • "Both the UK and US governments are major backers of Saudi Arabia’s bombing campaign."

      Humanitarian mass-murder justifier Samantha Power maintains that the empire has a Responsibility to Bomb (R2B). Besides, it is all Putin's fault. And/or Trump's. Obama's? Saint Obama, the prince of peace?

  • Trump's anti-interventionism helped him win, says Obama's former Middle East adviser
    • MOOSER- "...perhaps Trump shouldn’t do that."

      Why are you so upset over Trump not immediately reversing Obama's policies? I thought you liked Obama. Revered him, actually. And now you are upset with Trump for maintaining continuity with warmonger Obama? Give Trump time. Eight straight years of war is a tough act to follow. Funny, you never criticize Obama for his warmongering, or his drone kill list, or his huge expansion of the Special Operations Forces now operating in over 130 countries (up from about 80). Does Moosey have a double standard? So that you can fully appreciate the deeds of your hero President, I once again link to Chris Hedges interviewing Glen Ford of the "Black Agenda Report" on the Obama legacy. Enjoy!

    • MOOSER- "Like you, I am hoping for less interventionism."

      That is why you voted for Hillary? You thought she was a peacenik? Funny, I had the impression that she was a bit of a warmonger. Go figure!

      MOOSER- "You got my hopes up."

      Is that what has you so excited? Me? Hope? Not much I can do.

    • MOOSER- "SEAL Team 6 Kills an 8-Year-Old Girl, Dozens More in Yemen Attack"

      You're saying that he is acting like Hillary's puppet? Following Obama's script?

      MOOSER- "Of course, it’s not like Trump can issue an Executive Order to stop this...."

      Of course, it's not like someone forced Obama to start it. Why the sudden interest in US militarism? It is so unlike you.

  • Signs you may be a 'normalizer'
    • MOOSER- "Oh, please don’t. It would only dilute and/or pollute your red-hot radical mindset."

      How about your mindset? When are you going to acknowledge that your statement in regards to the term "House Nigger," "Go look at your link, none of the quotes refer to that expression." is factually incorrect? Were you aware of the historic basis of the term? Other than the use of that one particular expression just one time, what do you disagree with? Your anti-Trump hysteria has muddled your thought processes, even going so far as to falsely claim that I am a Trump supporter. My only real hope for Trump is that he will be less of a warmonger than Hillary, and hopefully, a much less effective imperial President than Obama was.

    • MOOSER- "Nah, what I’d rather see is you, using, and then explaining the phrase to Malcom X."

      You have got it backwards, it is you objecting to Malcom's use of the term, not me. You explain to him that you find his radical critique offensive. His language offensive. Who does he think he is anyway! Black folks should ignore Malcolm and seek advice from Mooser! And not just Malcolm X, but that know nothing Palestinian academic Professor Haidar Eid. He didn't need to write so offensively. Better he should have submitted his article to you for approval. One use of a term you obviously didn't understand and find offensive. It doesn't take much does it? Apparently, it is critically important to have you protect Blacks and Palestinians from from the offensive words of Blacks and Palestinians.

    • OLD GEEZER- "To suggest that the objecting to the use of words that are extremely perjorative as over the top is over the top in itself."

      If the author had used the original term "House Negro" instead of the street version "House Nigger," would that have been acceptable to you? To Mooser? Help me out here, I am a radical trying to comprehend the liberal mindset.

      In the article dealing with Palestinian compradors and satraps whose service to Israel and empire normalizes the occupation and makes it viable, the author makes one reference to "House Niggers," which he links to the Wikipedia definition which begins “House Negro” (also “House Nigger”)". He uses the term one time in reference to Malcolm X's definition of the "House Negro" as a defender of the status quo. How dare he!

      I thought that Mooser's comment was excessively critical under the circumstances and that he didn't understand the reference. The words he put in the author's mouth totally misrepresented the historical basis of the term. He further claimed that "House Nigger" didn't appear in the link, which it did, but he refuses to admit his mistake or his misrepresentation of the author's use of the term. Further, his narrow focus on this one use of the term detracts from the overall intent of the article. And when I provide the historical background, he doubles down claiming that I am trying to "normalize" the word "nigger." This is your idea of fair and balanced?

      I think a larger issue is to what extent does a Black Radical like Malcolm X or a Palestinian academic like Professor Haidar Eid have to tailor their comments to make them acceptable to you and Mooser? Living and working in Gaza isn't burden enough, he has to have Mooser misrepresent him and them overly criticize the misrepresentation? Perhaps your liberal sensibilities need to make some allowances. Let us not be overly concerned if righteous anger occasionally leads to offensive (to some) phraseology.

    • MOOSER- "But if it is that important to you to normalize the word “n—-r”. I can’t stop you."

      Why do you feel the need to misrepresent my intent? Just as your over-the-top defense of political correctness caused you to misrepresent the author's intent, going so far as to falsely claim that "house nigger" didn't even appear in his link?

      MOOSER- “Keith?” oh yeah, I know “Keith”. He’s no Malcom X"

      Malcom X is your kind of guy? Jeez, and all along I thought you had a crush on Obama. Speaking of Obama, I have a real treat for you! Chris Hedges interviewing Glen Ford of the "Black Agenda Report" on the Obama legacy. Enjoy!

    • MOOSER- "Are you saying that African-American who were ordered to work in the house, were incapable of looking beyond themselves, and inevitably ape the snobbery and racism of their owners?"

      The term "House Negro" is a well known term used by Malcom X to make a point. And yes, the term "House Nigger" does appear in the linked article (see quote below).

      "House Negro" (also "House Nigger")....The term was used in the speech "Message to the Grass Roots" (1963) by African-American activist Malcolm X, wherein he explains that during slavery, there were two kinds of slaves: "house Negroes", who worked in the master's house, and "field Negroes", who performed the manual labor outside. He characterizes the house Negro as having a better life than the field Negro, and thus being unwilling to leave the plantation and potentially more likely to support existing power structures that favor whites over blacks. Malcolm X identified with the field Negro."

      Perhaps you need to hear Malcom X himself describing the term:

  • Leading Clintonite worries that Trump will sell out Israel in forging deal with Russia
    • ROHA- "We hope so."

      Wishful thinking! If he did, we might actually be able to negotiate an elimination of nuclear weapons, or least taking them off hair trigger alert! But reality is no match for Mooser's solidarity with anti-Trump/Putin solidarity. Hillary as President, Michele Flournoy as Secretary of Defense, and Victoria Nuland as Secretary of State. Mooser's dream come true!

    • BANDOLERO- "...the Taliban poppy cultures are effectively protected by US soldiers preventing Iran to go there and finish them off."

      CIA involvement in the Afghanistan poppy/heroine drug trade is well known to dissidents, but goes unreported in the MSM. Control of drug trafficking is an integral part of CIA operations, the War on Drugs primarily a war on the poor at home and abroad. "The CIA's control of international drug trafficking is America's darkest secret...." (p 27, "The CIA as Organized Crime," Douglas Valentine)

      BANDOLERO- "If Trump defines as aims of America in Afghanistan eradicating terror and the global heart of the world drug epidemy...."

      Don't hold your breath waiting for a bonafide war on drugs. Drug trafficking and other criminal activities are an integral part of the global system. During the financial crisis of 2008, drug money was the principal source of system liquidity.

      "Antonio Maria Costa, head of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, said he has seen evidence that the proceeds of organised crime were "the only liquid investment capital" available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result."

      Getting back to Michele Flournoy and Syria, the US media is in bed with the CIA and is nothing but propaganda. A recent example is an interview with Hawaiian Representative Tulsi Gabbard on her recent trip to Syria. Notice how the CNN interviewer attempts to insert the propaganda points about the "butcher" Assad without reference to US support for the Islamist terrorists. Gabbard does a fine job in getting some actual facts out.

      I end with a quote: "The CIA and the media are part of the same criminal conspiracy. You're never going to learn anything substantive by reading what mainstream reporters dish out about the CIA." (p 140, "The CIA as Organized Crime," Douglas Valentine)

    • HARRY LAW- "Trump now is thinking along the same lines as Flournoy, he has given his military advisors 90 days to come up with a plan."

      When has Trump ever called for a no fly zone? There are a lot of different scenarios which could be envisioned under proposed "safe zones" for refugees. Until the details concerning these ambiguous "safe zones" are provided, it is dishonest to conflate warmonger Flournoy's call for no fly zones and an escalation of hostilities with what Trump may be trying to do. Perhaps the details will stink. But for now, conflating him with Flournoy is unjustified.

    • PHIL- "She is the CEO of the Center for a New American Security, a liberal-interventionist thinktank."

      I am not sure how "liberal" her interventionist think tank is. She has surrounded herself with warmongering neocons and her Center for a New American Security is seen by Pepe Escobar as an updated version of the Project for a New American Century. A quote and a link.

      "The paper, titled “Expanding American Power,” was published by the Center for a New American Security, a Democratic Party-friendly think tank co-founded and led by former Undersecretary of Defense Michèle Flournoy....

      The introduction to Expanding American Power is written by the aforementioned Robert Kagan and former Clinton Administration State Department official James Rubin. The paper itself was prepared in consultation with various defense and national security intellectuals over the course of six dinners. Among the officials includes those who signed on to PNAC letters calling for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, such as Elliot Abrams, Robert Zoellick, Craig Kennedy, Martin Indyk, Dennis Ross, and Flournoy herself, who signed on to a PNAC letter in 2005 calling for more ground troops in Iraq." (Dan Wright)

  • The dismal cartography of Trump's pre-fascist state (and opportunities for progressive populism)
    • ROHA- “Your Majesty” for kings and queens. “Your Highness” for princes and princesses.

      "Your Lordship" for capitalist oligarchs. "Wise one" for you and me. Sound good?

    • "Modern fascism should be properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state, military and corporate power." (Benito Mussolini)

      The very essence of fascism is the control of the political economy through the military industrial complex. One doesn't require a Hitler or a Mussolini to be fascist. Likewise, being led by Napoleon Bonaparte did not make France fascist. The term is much abused. It is a fantasy that we are "pre-fascist," that line was crossed long ago.

      I would argue that following World War II, fearing a return to a Great Depression, the US essentially managed the political economy through the Pentagon system of militarism, a form of fascism. Our form of militarized political economy continues to evolve towards the more visible forms of fascism, the glorification of the military, the continued growth of the CIA and other secret services, the Patriot Act and surge in the prison population all reflect the growing power of the Deep State and elite institutions. Hillary Clinton was the overwhelming favorite of the Deep State, not Donald Trump. Yet, I am not so naive as to believe for a minute that Trump opposes the Deep State or that he could do much about it even if he did. At best, I am hoping that Trump will be less of a warmonger than Clinton, hardly a high bar to cross. I do wonder, however, about the phony concern about fascism based upon a smattering of populist appeal in a not-to-be-taken-seriously inauguration speech. Having been accused by "liberals" of being Putin's puppet and other "treasonous" conduct, of course he is going to emphasize that he puts America first. What choice did he have?

      Is it fascistic to kill the TPP? What if he kills the TTIP? Destroys NAFTA? Sounds good to me! I support those things which weaken empire and neoliberal globalization. I would strongly recommend that folks react to the likely consequences of proposed policies rather than focusing on Trump the person. Going after Trump the person rather than responding to actual policy is to make the policy invisible, a huge gift for the Deep State. Implementing neoliberal globalization is highly destructive regardless of who does it, be it Obama, Clinton or Trump. Rolling back these so called trade agreements (corporate control agreements) is good if Trump actually does it. And I am very disappointed in Richard Falk for this misleading demonization of Trump which vastly overstates the power of the Presidency while simultaneously understating corporate/financial control of the political economy.

  • Israeli gov't doesn't really want US to move embassy to Jerusalem -- Foxman
    • MOOSER- "Does the State Department or the CIA make US foreign policy?"

      In consultation with the Deep State, yes. Perhaps you thought that Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama instructed Victoria Nuland to say "Fuck the EU"?

    • ROHA- "When I look at US foreign policy, I find it hard to think this resignation is a bad thing."

      Same here. Now if only the CIA would follow suit.

  • Muslims in the US brace for Trump immigration ban
    • MOOSER- "Are you supporting Trump because you think he can solve America’s problems...."

      I am not "supporting" Trump as you disingenuously claim. Abandoned comedy for pilpul? Trump, for all of his faults, represents a speed bump on neoliberal globalization and warmongering. Perhaps not. Some of his statements and proposals represent a departure from the imperial trajectory. I have been very clear about this and your continued refusal deal with the reality of imperial actions under the Democrats indicates to me that you are little more than a Democratic Party loyalist devoid of the intellectual integrity to acknowledge reality for what it is. Perhaps you are less a Democratic Party loyalist than showing solidarity for your fellow Mondoweissers that cling to the Democrats and Hillary and Michael Moore, et al. You are what you are. Group loyalty requires you to defend the indefensible (Hillary, et al), but more significantly, to join in the Democrat, Soros, CIA color revolution now going on. Anyone who reads what I say and then reads you grand distortions of my positions knows that you are full of crap. Those that don't are birds of your feather. In another response, I link to Glen Ford of the "Black Agenda Report" discussing the Obama legacy. I once again link to an interview with Glen Ford. This time discussing the counterproductive actions of you and your ilk.

      MOOSER- "...and we can start over without the Establishment Clause, and the Civil Rights Amendments?"

      There has been no greater assault on civil liberties than what occurred under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. The explosion of the prison population under Bill Clinton (maintained by Barack Obama, the nemesis of whistle blowers) is a tragedy which you fail to acknowledge. Why do you continue to turn a blind eye to the record of the Democrats? Why do you go berserk over tweets and Presidential directives while ignoring Democrat laws and precedents? You think that George Soros and the CIA are champions of civil rights? You need to get your head screwed on right.

      Once again you distort what I say rather than responding to my comment in an honest fashion. Apparently for you group loyalty trumps intellectual integrity. And if Trump gets impeached for failure to strictly adhere to the imperial agenda, you will feel empowered. Unbelievable. All are encouraged to listen to the Glen Ford link (13 min).

    • MOOSER- "And that is exactly what Trump did yesterday and today. right?"

      If he gets us out of NAFTA and otherwise rolls back globalization, that will help. If he stops imperial intervention and regime change that will help. The two big drivers of North American immigration to the US are NAFTA which Bill and Hillary Clinton championed, and the death squads which Clinton, Bush and Obama supported. Obama's support for Africom and US involvement (pushed by Hillary) in the Libya disaster unleashed a torrent of refugees which Gaddafi was restricting. The Iraq invasion and Syrian destabilization opened up the flood gates. So why are you bashing Trump over the refugees which Clinton, Bush, and Obama created? When was the last time you complained about Saint Obama or the Princess of Darkness Hillary (with two "l"s)? Unless it involves Israel, these Democratic warmongers and refugee makers get a free pass from you. I didn't vote for Trump, but support for this American color revolution is nuts.

    • ROHA- "Bill Clinton on immigration."

      None of these politicians ever deal honestly with the causes of immigration. Neoliberal globalization combined with imperial destabilizations and military interventions are the drivers behind all of these people FORCED to leave their homes. We can now add those forced to leave because of climate change. Want to reduce immigration? Stop causing it.

    • ROHA- "However, “solving the humanitarian problems” does not necessarily imply flooding Sweden with refugees from America’s wars."

      America's wars? The empire of the US nation state has transmogrified into the American led global empire. The empire of the 1%. The empire of the elites, including Sweden's. Let us not delude ourselves concerning the extent of transnational elite support for empire. The empire could not exists without this support. So no, the 99% should not suffer the consequences of the power seeking of the 1%, however, the blame for the present situation is global in nature. Including some Russian and Chinese fat-cats. Mostly the US elites, to be sure. But there are enough dirty hands to go around.

  • MIT President meets with rightwing pro-settlement Israeli leader
  • Maryland legislature, which supported boycotts of grapes and South Africa, targets BDS
    • SIBIRIAK- "America itself is a Zionist entity."

      Essentially, I agree. Zionism has become internalized within powerful segments of the Deep State rather than an external ideology imposed from without. Israel is now an integral part of empire. American Jewish Zionists have succeeded beyond expectations, now supported by Christian Zionists as well. The center of Zionist power is the US, not Israel.

  • Trump's vow to move embassy to Jerusalem is now a 'decision-making process'
    • PHIL- (quoting Shmuel Rosner)- "Trump will do it, if Trump gets something out of it…"

      How about full Israeli/AIPAC support if there is an impeachment attempt?

  • Palestinian teen in Gaza dies after refusing to serve as a collaborator for Israel in exchange for medical care
    • SIBIRIAK- "What might that look like?"

      Because of the empire's love affair with nuclear weapons and the refusal to eliminate them, I suspect that we may find out. At this point in time, the survival of the human species does not look promising. Eliminating nuclear weapons should be our number one priority, dealing with climate change a close second. The fat-cats who rule will likely be the death of us all with their myopic focus on power accumulation.

  • Ellison assures Dems he has made up with Haim Saban despite 'anti-Semite' accusation
    • CAPTADKER- "angela davis should be considered as dnc chair."

      Yes, the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. She, like black Congressman John Lewis, have used their history of black radicalism as a vehicle for cozy accommodation with the social forces they once opposed. She represents the working class in similar fashion to Barack Obama the master illusionist and corporate defender. No doubt she too speaks well. For a different take on Ms. Davis, I quote and link Margaret Kimberley of the Black Agenda Report.

      "How low the icon has fallen. Angela Davis diminished herself and denounced her own history when she endorsed Barack Obama in 2008 and in 2012, claiming the corporate imperial Democrat was part of the “black radical tradition.” Davis now signals she’s in Clinton’s corner, and smears independent voters as “narcissists.” Who will “Free Angela” from her shameful servitude to the Democratic Party?
      She joined in castigating those who don’t follow the Democrats into an endless loop of betrayal and disappointment. She didn’t use the discredited words lesser evil, but she may as well have."
      (Margaret Kimberley)

  • Saturday's marches are going to make America great again
    • KAY24- "You can bet many entities are already looking into ethics violations. There will be plenty to work with when it comes to Trump."

      You would prefer a President Pence marching to the beat of Deep State war drums? Do you really believe that this sudden concern about "ethics" is really a concern about ethics? This is all part of an unconstitutional orchestrated color revolution. For a truly disturbing example of unethical behavior, I link to an Abby Martin video on US interference in the Russian political economy during the Bill Clinton administration.

      Abby Martin on US interference in Russia election in 1996, etc: (27 min)

    • ROHA- "However, I am enjoying the way the Orange Knight is getting up a lot of self-important and self-absorbed noses."

      Trump up noses? Things go better with Trump?

    • ROHA- "Interesting article from Paul Craig Roberts."

      I have mixed emotions about Paul Craig Roberts. That he appears to occasionally make sense seems to me primarily a function of the demise of folks on the Left with a brain. Left, Liberal, Progressive have become little more than brands. Roberts, like James Petras, relies overly much on the polemic.

      ROHA- "...that it is wrong for Trump to prevent persecuted people from entering America."

      The obvious but unstated reality is that if the empire wasn't persecuting these people, they wouldn't be fleeing their home countries. The wall/fence initiated during Clinton wouldn't be necessary. But, of course, Trump can't state that directly and has to initiate change through the back door.

      My big problem with this article is that Paul Craig Roberts is gushing over Trump the way liberals gushed over Obama. Clearly Trump is disrupting the imperial juggernaut, which is good. However, to delude oneself that Trump is some sort of populist White Knight is self-deception on steroids.

    • MICHAEL SMITH- "There is a radicalization unfolding in this country."

      Dream on.

  • Trump 'promise' to move US embassy to Jerusalem stirs international furor
    • Eljay, an addition to my comment of 11:48. NAFTA destroyed American jobs, pure and simple. NAFTA also decimated Mexican farmers by opening the door to cheaper HIGHLY SUBSIDIZED American agribusiness, hence, the flood of poor Mexican farmers literally forced to immigrate to the US to earn a living. If Trump eliminates NAFTA (wishful thinking?), then perhaps Mexican agriculture can be revived and many of these former farmers return home, which would be a wonderful thing. A sustainable society needs more farmers and less agribusiness. Forget the fence, oppose these "trade" agreements and neoliberal globalization which is destroying our society and the planet.

    • ELJAY- "Opportunity remains for Trump to complete his promised wall…that is, fence. And to make Mexico pay for it."

      If he completes the fence, then he is completing Clinton's work, surely something the Democrats should acknowledge and applaud? After all, haven't the Dems charted the course for what is occurring now? As for making Mexico pay, what better way to undermine the odious NAFTA than to force the Mexican compradors to deal with the consequences of their actions? If not for NAFTA, there would be no torrent of dispossessed Mexican farmers. The problem is NAFTA and neoliberal globalization, not Trump who is but a symptom of the underlying disease. And, perhaps inadvertently, a catalyst for change.

    • SCOTT9854958- "And yes, Muslims do commit terrorist acts far beyond their percentages in the general population."

      Rubbish! If one includes imperial state terrorism, then Muslims are the primary victims of terrorism. What in the West compares with the death and destruction dealt to Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen? Or don't their lives matter?

    • While I don't approve moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, we need to keep things in perspective. According to John Pilger, as President elect, Barack Obama gave the green light to Israel to implement Operation Cast Lead. I believe the stipulation was that it be concluded prior to his inauguration, which it was. Which was/is worse? When are you liberal Obama worshippers going to hold him to account? The New Democrats? The Democratic Party which has become the official party of neoliberalism and war? For cry sakes, look around and act like you have principles rather than blind loyalty to a brand.

      Link to Pilger video- Obama as Pres elect authorized Cast Lead (at 15:00)

    • ELJAY- "Anyway, the wall – which is now partly a fence – hasn’t been built yet...."

      Actually, a "fence" was constructed by President Bill Clinton after passage of NAFTA in anticipation of dispossessed Mexican farmers migrating to the US to survive.

      "Academic Noam Chomsky has said that Operation Gatekeeper was a "militarization of the U.S.-Mexican border" and alleges it was because NAFTA would have increased illegal immigration into the United States; therefore, Gatekeeper was a precaution to stop future illegal immigration."

  • William Blum: the dissident and the style
    • SIBIRIAK- “Created” Isis? No...."

      Would you go along with organized and supported the creation of the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan and recruited Osama bin Laden as their leader? That the Mujahideen begot Al Qaeda which begot ISIS? There is more, but not from memory. It think it is more fair to say that the US, in effect, created ISIS than to imply that ISIS naturally evolved without US assistance, even if acknowledging subsequent assistance. Furthermore, ISIS simply couldn't exist in its present form without massive outside logistical support. Tanks and artillery aren't much good without fuel and munitions. The imperial narrative is all BS, pure and simple. Islamic fundamentalism is significant ONLY because the empire (including Israel) supports and exploits it.

  • Obama's failure, and achievement, in Palestine
    • SIBIRIAK- "Significant influence is one thing, “ruling” the USA quite another."

      There is another factor at work here which I seem to be alone in maintaining. Most anti-Zionists tend to conflate the neocons and other Jewish Zionists with Israel such that their actions are attributed to Israel. I see a HUGE difference between American Jewish Zionists following Israeli diktats about what is best for Israel versus US Jewish Zionists pursuing policies which THEY think is best for Israel. I have always maintained that the center of Jewish Zionist power is the US, not Israel.

    • SIBIRIAK- " the same way they sought out intel on Iraqi WMD's to create a pretext for that war."

      A very relevant and timely observation. Has not the CIA sought out the "Golden Showers" intel to discredit Trump? Covering themselves by saying they cannot verify the accuracy (maybe yes, maybe no) while heaping praise upon the author? In effect, legitimizing hearsay rumors from folks with an agenda and clear bias?

  • For Chelsea Manning -- Freedom!
    • There seems to me to be a certain irony to the fact that Obama who has prosecuted more whistle blowers than all previous Presidents COMBINED should be so highly praised for showing some mercy for one of his victims. People tend to see what they want to see. Tough luck for Leonard Peltier. No guilty conscience there!

  • Before there was 'fake news' there was Judith Miller
    • SIBIRIAK- "On the lighter side--but arguably more serious:"

      Indeed. We appear to have a unique situation. There is a power struggle among the elites. As such, most of the messages must be viewed as a part of the information battlefield in which both sides compete to sell their narrative. Let me set the stage with a truncated quote of Herman Goering on how to sell a reluctant population on war.

      "Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." (Herman Goering)

      The neocon led imperial war mongers are pushing the narrative that Putin's Russia is an existential threat. Further, that he is attempting to seize political control of the US. Under this scenario, any attempt to reign in NATO and improve relations with Russia is tantamount to treason. With the liberal media pushing this narrative, Trump is boxed in to continue aggressive militarism.

      Trump is attempting to change the narrative. First, he is emphasizing that he puts America first, no one more committed to American well being than him. Smart move. Next, he says that NATO needs to be reevaluated to reflect changes. Many NATO members not paying their fair share. Uncle Sam will not continue to be Europe's patsy. Under Trump's scenario, NATO, as currently organized and funded, is an unfair burden on the American worker. Those who wish to continue business as usual are enemies of the US working class. If Trump can sell his narrative, he may have room to maneuver.

      The consequences under the current narrative are fairly obvious. The consequences under Trump's narrative could prove interesting. NATO members picking up the tab for a US controlled mercenary army? Goodbye NATO. Perhaps. At the very least, bankrupt Ukraine can forget about membership. All of the new Eastern European members? Greece? Italy? This could get interesting.

      I don't know how all of this will play out. Conceivably, it could be a dream come true. Or not. The critically important point is that there is a battle of narratives going on which will have a huge impact on future events. A flat out propaganda war. The Deep State has more resources, but Trump is more wily than I would have thought. There are more examples but this comment is long enough. Peace. Hopefully.

    • KEITH OLBERMANN- "Judith Miller's inability to recognize the fact or breadth of her own body count is one of the great rationalizations of history"

      I think that Keith Olbermann and Judith Miller have more in common than either would care to admit. When it comes to irrational insanity nothing tops Olbermann's pre-Electoral College "coup" rant.

      I link to a good discussion of the bogus intel report and "fake news" propaganda blitz involving Chris Hedges, Abby Martin and Ben Norton.

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