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  • Sanders should declare a foreign policy of working with Iran in a 'post-hegemonic' world -- Pampinella
    • PHIL- "Foreign Affairs today has an important piece by Stephen Pampinella, titled “Bernies’ World,” urging Bernie Sanders to articulate a foreign policy in which the U.S. would get over its imperial status and “share power with rising hegemons in a system that treats all states as equals.”

      "Foreign Affairs" is published by the Council on Foreign Relations. The fact that this viewpoint even appeared in "Foreign Affairs" is significant.

  • Pro-Israel group wants to send army colonel to your campus to explain battle for west's 'way of life'
    • "It’s about a war that we are fighting as the front outpost of the west. It’s a war of a way of life."

      Jeez, and all this time the Zionists have told us that Jews went to Israel to ESCAPE the Western anti-Semitic way of life. Now they are defending it? Nostalgia, perhaps? Or have all of those Holocaust movies and Holocaust education, etc, succeeded in Zionizing the West? What would Herzl say? Something doesn't seem quite right.

  • Bernie Sanders' spirituality is resonating with young religious 'None's
    • ROHA- “Spirituality” is one of those buzzwords which has become popular recently, but which I find too imprecise to be really meaningful. (“Relate” and some uses of “wonder” are others.)"

      Spirituality is a concept that has been around for a long time, hardly a buzzword. In general, it refers to the unique-to-human (chimps, too?) sense of self and of consciousness, and how that relates to a person's relationship to the broader cosmos. It is intuitive and speculative, and exists outside the bounds of a mechanistic relation to a material world. As such, definitions will never be precise in the engineering sense, nor should they be. The words wonder and awe frequently occur because that is what most feel when contemplating human conscious awareness and the ability to perceive beauty. It is that quality which elevates humans from being merely a biological unit. It also has little to do with organized religion which all too frequently replaces spirituality with ritual. I am a little surprised that Buddhist philosophy which you mention lacks the concept of spirituality.

      From the web, an additional definition: "Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives. In general, it includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. As such, it is a universal human experience—something that touches us all." link to

    • ROHA- "What does “spirituality” mean?"

      It refers to the inner state of bliss that can only be achieved through correct punctuation.

  • Generational sea change within the Democratic party will also include policy towards Israel
    • SIBIRIAK- "Hillary Clinton: Under Bernie Sanders’ Definition, ‘Obama’s Not Progressive’!!"

      The reality that dares not speak its name! A clever ploy by Clinton to get Sanders to either backpedal or alienate some of the delusional Black voters.

    • HOPHMI- "...Israel is a country that largely reflect our values of openness and tolerance...."

      Israel is just like us? A seething cauldron of anti-Semitism and Jew hatred, dormant but restive, waiting to explode? A place to flee from? Jeez, I always knew that Israeli Jews were virulently anti-Gentile, but anti-Semitic as well? Then why make aliyah if Israel reflects our values?

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "That being said, I think your advocacy for third party candidates exemplifies the far out nature of your attitude."

      What can I say? You are right, of course. In the America of 2016, holding politicians and political parties accountable for their actions is a "far out" act of rebellion. And, in a way, it is pointless. In capitalism, elections are basically marketing extravaganzas which manufacture consent for elite policies along with legitimization of elite rule. As a bonus, they allow the people to pretend that they are part of the political process. In effect, the empire has the support of the citizenry. The citizens, in effect, voted for the inevitable policies of those establishment candidates they voted for. As such, in my opinion, they have totally abdicated their responsibilities as citizens. And I am sick to death of all of the excuses and rationalizations. The Republican and Democratic parties should have been voted out of business a long time ago. And the oligarchs and corporations cut down to manageable size, nuclear weapons eliminated, the military reduced, and an eco-friendly sustainable society constructed. I simply refuse to go along with destructive neoliberal business as usual. It seems that I suffer from a far out attitude. The odd man out. Something I have to live with.

    • ADAM- "What does this mean today? It means the issues that Bernie Sanders has used to energize his young base should also include a fundamental rethinking of the U.S.-Israel relationship."

      What does this mean today? It means that these young people are working for Bernie instead of Jill Stein or some other Third Party candidate. It means that these young people are working on behalf of an establishment candidate who fundamentally supports business as usual, including support for Israel. It means that the capacity for self-deception is overwhelming potent such that these young folks can delude themselves that they are working for change even as they do the opposite. What is the difference between BO (Barack Obama) and BS (Bernie Sanders)? Bernie is a lot older.

  • Jewish Voice for Peace and Jews Say No! take credit for faux 'NYT' highlighting biased coverage on Israel/Palestine
    • EMORY RIDDLE- "New search engine to target anti-Semitism."

      And you better believe that one criterion of anti-Semitism will be criticism of Israel and/or Zionism. The Zionists are on the attack. They are always on the attack. And conflating burning the Israeli flag with (non-existent?) calls for Judeocide is despicable, their Gentile hatred on full display.

    • MOOSER- "Could you explain me more than that flat statement “that zionism is a Jew versus Jew issue” does?"

      I assume he means that concerning important questions involving the political economy and foreign policy that Gentiles should stand aside.

  • Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh
    • PHIL- "Israeli designer eroticizes the Palestinian keffiyeh"

      As we are all aware, "eroticism" is pornography when done by a woman. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, the more the merrier! Perhaps you need to see beyond the fabric?

      As to cultural "theft", it is a welcome change to see Israel highlighting at least one aspect of Palestinian culture in view of their history of cultural cleansing. Perhaps not under ideal conditions, but any port in a storm. Besides, anything to wean the Israelis from their love affair with German fashion. The Brown Shirts and Jackboots need to be replaced. Now.

      My primary concern with this post is the utter trivialization of the Palestinian reality. The siege of Gaza, the separation wall, "mowing the lawn," etc, are extremely serious problems effecting the lives and well-being of the Palestinians. Israeli fashion eroticism, not so much. In fact, I originally didn't intend to comment on this, however, some of the other comments drew me in, some of which I find rather surprising.

  • Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the ghost of U.N. past
    • TOM SUAREZ- "Yet for all his evident frustration in the face of Israel’s ever-bolder intransigence, in the final analysis he has merely reinforced the lies through which the ‘conflict’ endures."

      Of course he reinforces the lies. What does one expect of a quisling of empire? The last UN Secretary General who demonstrated any independence from empire was Bouros Boutros-Ghali and the US got rid of him. The prime qualification for these guys is complete servility to empire, no exceptions. The UN has degenerated into little more than a US controlled instrument of imperial policy.

  • Biggest loser in Iowa was foreign policy
    • DANAA- " could forgo the wig?"

      Sounds good. Let's show up in a moose costume. You get star billing up front, I bring up the rear, and Mooser sues for copyright infringement. Silver linings? Does this have anything to do with those erotic Israeli fashions? Silver lame? This is getting exciting!

    • SIBIRIAK- "On the bright side, less production and consumption = less environmental destruction."

      The endless war and militarization necessitated by neoliberalism will likely be at least as environmentally destructive as mass consumerism. Besides, the environment has already been so compromised that human survival is in doubt. Best leave it at that before we all get too depressed.

    • DANAA- "Keith, optimism much?"

      Look who is talking. We should combine our resources and form a vaudeville act. The Cassandra Sisters! Don't laugh. You haven't seen me in a wig and mini-skirt! I liked your comment to Kalithea, however, I have a point of disagreement. In my opinion, the American empire has transmogrified into an American led transnational corporate empire which is getting stronger, not weaker, even as the US nation state declines. This is an immensely significant change in the global political economy made possible by high speed computers and global telecommunications which permit a financial/information matrix of control that is revolutionary. Looking at the bright side, when have we ever had so much opportunity for gallows humor?

    • PHIL- "For people who love politics, last night was one of the most exciting nights of our lives."

      The primaries exciting? Get some therapy. Quick.

      PHIL- "So in the most convulsive political season in anyone’s memory, when outsiders are running against the establishment, and everything is up for grabs...."

      Therapy? I take it back. Call 911 and get Phil to detox. None of the Democrats or Republicans is anti-establishment. Not even close. Nothing is up for grabs.

      PHIL- "I believe Sanders’s absence of a stable of foreign policy advisers is actually good news."

      The office of the President is powerful, however, the modern President is little more than a figurehead. Sanders, if elected, would get his foreign policy from the elites as represented by the Council on Foreign Relations. There would be minimal deviation from elite friendly foreign policy, including ongoing war mongering.

      PHIL- "Because I’m such an optimist and progressive and flagwaver, I think this is all going to change."

      Oh, we are in for some big changes alright. We will shortly transition into neo-feudalism where the government will be completely subservient to transnational capital (think Greece), and the economy will be predominantly a rentier economy defined by debt servitude.

      Is it too much to hope for that this post was a parody? If it can happen to the NYT, why not Mondoweiss?

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
    • ANNIE- "i am really not understanding what you are so miffed about."

      He is miffed because you are blaspheming his Holocaust religion. Eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism and the uniqueness of the Holocaust are central themes of Jewish Zionism which will be defended. How else to defend and justify Israel? Of course it is not rational, how could it be? You are dealing with a form of fundamentalist zealotry. Mere facts are no match for faith and commitment.

    • MAYHEM- " be virtually blaming the principal sufferers of the Holocaust for manipulating the Holocaust for political advantage is quite frankly obscene."

      The overwhelming majority of Jews who died in the Holocaust were either non-Zionist or anti-Zionist, and no one is blaming these principal sufferers of the Holocaust. Zionist Jews, on the other hand, cooperated with the Nazis more than any other Jewish group. You may care to read "Zionism in the Age of the Dictators," by Lenni Brenner.

      As for Zionist exploitation of the Holocaust, it takes real talent to miss it, and a ton of chutzpah to deny it. A quote for you: "From a purely instrumental standpoint, the Shoah proved the greatest asset ever acquired by Zionism, one seduously cultivated over the Years." (p66, "Overcoming Zionism," Joel Kovel) Also, "Although many Jews were initially opposed to the creation of Israel, the Zionists were able to use the Hitler tragedy to obliterate anti-Zionist opposition and non-Zionist indifference in capturing every aspect of organized Jewish life." (P206, "The Zionist Connection II," Alfred M. Lilienthal). See also, The "Holocaust Industry," by Norman Finkelstein.

    • MARC ELLIS- "To internationalize Holocaust remembrance, it must cease being Jewish in time and place."

      Good luck on that! Please keep in mind that Holocaust remembrance was established in 2005 in response to Jewish Zionist power in order to provide ideological justification for Israeli actions and Zionist power-seeking. To universalize the Holocaust would undercut Zionism, the exact opposite of the intended effect. Additionally, narrowly focussing on the Holocaust tends to diminish knowledge of Western imperial mass-murder, something which the imperialists find attractive. Five-hundred years of Western war mongering gets set aside to focus on the Nazis and the Jews. In effect, a form of holocaust denial for those not Jews. Furthermore, an extended discussion on Western imperial barbarity is hardly something which would be allowed, much less encouraged. No, I am afraid that the one real lesson of the Holocaust is that reality can be shaped and shamelessly exploited to justify the goals and objectives of the elites, who appear to have zero empathy for those they abuse. Mass-murder has been going on for millennia and appears likely to continue in the foreseeable future. It is what wars and empire are all about.

    • MAXNARR- "Up there with one of the most offensive articles I have read on this website. Simply a concerted effort to downplay the holocaust. Against the comments policy and against basic morality."

      From "The Holocaust Industry"- "Holocaust awareness," the respected Israeli writer Boas Evron observes, is actually "an official, propagandistic indoctrination, a churning out of slogans and a false view of the world, the real aim of which is not at all the understanding of the past, but a manipulation of the present." In and of itself, the Nazi holocaust does not serve any particular political agenda. It can just as easily motivate dissent from as support for Israeli policy. Refracted through an ideological prism, however, "the memory of the Nazi extermination" came to serve - in Evron's words - "as a powerful tool in the hands of the Israeli leadership and Jews abroad." The Nazi holocaust became The Holocaust.

      Two central dogmas underpin the Holocaust framework: (1) The Holocaust marks a categorically unique historical event; (2) The Holocaust marks the climax of an irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews. Neither of these dogmas figured at all in public discourse before the June 1967 war; and, although they became the centerpieces of Holocaust literature, neither figures at all in genuine scholarship on the Nazi holocaust. On the other hand, both dogmas draw on important strands in Judaism and Zionism.

      In the aftermath of World War II, the Nazi holocaust was not cast as a uniquely Jewish - let alone historically unique - event. Organized American Jewry in particular was at pains to place it in a universalist context. After the June war, however, the Nazi Final Solution was radically transformed." (p41, 42, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

      As Orwell stated in "1984," "Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." This ongoing and increasing emphasis on the Holocaust is the manifestation of an extremely powerful Jewish Zionism attempting to construct a social narrative conducive to Zionist power-seeking. Your taking umbrage at Marc Ellis thoughtful observations mark you as a defender of the faith of the Holocaust religion which underpins Zionism and Israel. A propagandist.

  • 'I cannot support Israel as long as Netanyahu is in office'-- many American Jews are saying
    • PHIL- (Feldman quote)- "I still support it wholly and completely, but don’t agree with many of the things that are going on there."

      Why does he support Israel wholly and completely? Does this sound like a split with Israel or discontent with Netanyahu? In the video Feldman says that God gave the land to the Jews. Is this your idea of liberalism? Feldman is a Zionist to the core and is not going to change.

      OBAMA QUOTE (to Jews)- "I know you support Israel. But I also know that you love and support the United States."

      Yes, Zionist Jews are loyal supporters of empire as well. How could they not be, what with Israel's dependence upon imperial support?

      Let me add that what Zionist Jews like Feldman would like to see is a corporate run Jewish State of Israel that replaces obvious apartheid with comfortable legal fictions like South Africa where transnational capital and white businessmen continue to rule behind a Black veneer.

  • Cultural Zionism good, political Zionism bad
    • W JONES- "I am not talking about whether Indians enjoy equality with whites, but whether cultural conquest is an achievement."

      Excellent point! The early Zionists did not merely drive the Palestinians away, they consciously attempted to destroy both their memory and culture. Why else destroy olive trees and villages and (initially) deny the Nakba? This was a concerted attempt at historical engineering to control the narrative. They effaced the Palestinians and their culture even as they denigrated the Jews in the Diaspora and the Diaspora culture. This occurred even as they tried to recreate the European culture they left behind. Some cultural restoration project!

    • ROLAND NIKLES- "But the real accomplishments of Zionism, suggested Avishai, are cultural: the creation of 8 million Hebrew speakers who are running a $360 billion economy."

      Apparently, you and Avishai feel that "Hebrew culture" consists almost exclusively of a resurrected Hebrew language and a $360 billion economy. I see no other references to anything distinctly "Hebrew" about Israel other than you continuing to regurgitate the words "Hebrew culture," as if repetition would make it so. The harsh reality is that anything remotely authentically Hebrew in Palestine has been plowed under to make way for the modern Sabra Jewish pioneer. Israel copies Europe, not the Middle East. That is why the native olive trees were cut down and plowed under to plant inappropriate, non-native European evergreen trees that are a fire hazard. Culture? That $360 billion economy is centered around high tech militarism and the security establishment. Is Israel's matrix of control an example of Hebrew culture? Not only that, but the accomplishments and culture of the Diaspora have been denigrated and effaced.

      “The earliest Zionists” said Avishai, “assumed that the ethical qualities of traditional Judaism, coupled with the experience of being a persecuted minority would naturally make any Jewish state liberal.”

      This is myth-history, pure and simple. What is "traditional Judaism?" Is Avishai (and you) referring to the Judaic religion? What Israel Shahak refers to as Classical Judaism? There was nothing liberal about Classical Judaism. Besides, most of the founding Zionists were atheists who were more influenced by blood and soil nationalism than with mythical Jewish ethics.

      Let us be honest, cultural Zionism died with the founding of the Jewish state of Israel, if not before. One hardly needed to create a militarized, Eurocentric state to resurrect a modern version of Hebrew. Get rid of political Zionism? By all means, however, let us recognize that nowadays there is basically only one type of Zionism: political Zionism. What you are calling cultural Zionism is basically liberal Zionism, an oxymoron.

      ROLAND NIKLES- "Anti-Semitism is not an eternal law of nature. But even if it were...."

      Even if it were? Roland, why can't I shake the feeling that somewhere along the way you drank the Kool Aid?

      ROLAND NIKLES- "In fact, it’s time to jettison political Zionism altogether and trade it for the politics of a modern liberal democratic state."

      In the age of neoliberalism, the notion of a liberal democratic state is an illusion. I don't wish to sound too critical, but this entire post is one long word game where your assumptions are sufficiently divorced from reality to render the whole exercise a dubious digression into a mythical Israeli culture. To the degree that Israel has a distinctive culture, it would entail the merging of secular blood and soil Zionism with elements of Classical Judaism to bring forth a kind of fascism with religious overtones. The culture and political Zionism are inseparable, therefore, eliminating Zionism would profoundly change Israeli culture.

  • Jewish West Bank settlers are as smug as white South Africans in 1980
    • MOOSER- "Okay, ‘be nice to Israel, or we will shoot Palestinians’ is one thing, but ‘be nice to Israel, ‘or we will shoot each other’? Now there’s a threat!"

      That reminded me of the scene in "Blazing Saddles" where Cleavon Little takes himself hostage and threatens to shoot if he doesn't get his way.

  • After 'tepid' welcome at Israeli Embassy, Obama's pro-Israel speech brought down the house
    • MOOSER- "When that “birthright entitlement” is given up, “Jew” might just as well be a three-letter word."

      Bingo! I would love to transition back to the concept of a "Jew" as being someone who is a follower of the Judaic religion and nothing more. Universal values concerning human rights and the notion of a particular group's "birthright" are mutually exclusive. Birthright harkens back to the days of feudalism where the nobility was born into entitlement. The term birthright may be more suggestive than the author intended.

    • JWALTERS- "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has said “as a mother” she fears her children may be subjected to an uprising against Jews in America."

      Does that seem rational to you? And why would she say this if it wasn't rational?

      JWALTERS- "I agree with your implication, this bullsh*t has to stop."

      Does it? It seems to be working quite well for those who benefit from this. What could make it stop? Seriously, why would it? It is fine to call attention to the madness of the method, however, that does not negate the method of the madness. If it is madness. There is a certain logic to this particular manufactured irrationality. Should we pander to it? Or do we recognize the essential anti-Gentilism of Zionism and deal with that?

    • JWALTERS- "Obama certainly made every effort to calm the fears of the Jewish community."

      What fears? Why are they so afraid? Of what?

    • KRIS- "I’m sick of hearing of Jews supposedly being targeted “just for being Jewish.”

      Kris, victimhood is an article of faith of the Holocaust Religion which underpins Zionism. Without the belief in eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism, Zionism loses its justification.

      KRIS- "Today in 2016, Jews have huge economic and media power, which translates into huge political power."

      Yes, the Jewish kinship fostered by Zionism has been good to many Jews, particularly the Jewish elites. Why would they want to give that up? Give up their "birthright" entitlement?

  • Netanyahu responds to Ban Ki-moon's criticism of the Israeli occupation (Update)
    • ROHA- "If you convert to Judaism, your DNA changes."

      I think that it may depend upon who oversees the conversion. Israel (I think) only recognizes Orthodox conversions. Americans who convert may find that Israeli religious Jews feel that their DNA has only been reformed, not converted. I'm not sure about that, I never got involved with genetics. Perhaps if the Americans changed their name to Cohen that would do the trick? Or at least extra credit for effort?

  • How many more orgasms will be had for Zionism?
    • MOOSER- "no dangerous sexual entitlement for the boys and certainly, not a hint of anything except consent and faultless berth control."

      Indeed, who could have foreseen that Sodom and Gomorrah would become the moral template for modern Zionism?

    • LIZ ROSE- "Most of the camps associated with these Zionist youth movements have a goal to build a love for Israel that might ultimately persuade Jews to move there."

      Ah, the paradox! How many centuries have Jews wandered in Diaspora longing to return to the sacred soil of the promised land? Yet, curiously, they need to be persuaded to make the journey? And, contrary to Zionist myth-history, most Jews were either non-Zionist or anti-Zionist up to and including the Holocaust, the camps of the survivors riddled with Zionists who controlled them and more-or-less shanghaied Jews to Israel. How could that be? And now they need sex to sell the Holy Land? How could that be?

      Sex, but no tales of eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism? Of course, of course, you did say that you were upper middle class and money was no problem. Love of Israel, of course. Aliyah for those inclined, however, they also serve who stay and fund. Zionism's dirty secret is that, illusions of refuge aside, Israel could not exist in its current state without a wealthy, powerful and secure Diaspora to support it! "Last week, at the salad bar, he told me that he had gotten married “to a super Jew,” a woman who used to do fundraising for the Jewish Federation." Likewise, Israel and Zionism help to insure the wealth and power of Jewish Zionist oligarchs.

  • Updated: Former French Justice Minister should face questions in NY about law barring BDS speech
    • FROGGY- "...who express their views in a public venue. However, nobody can stop open discussion that takes place in private space."

      I hear you. Exercise caution when communicating in public.

    • FROGGY- "Can you, or anyone, imagine that any government entity can shut up the French public?"

      Sure can. How are things going for Dieudonne and Alain Soral? We have entered a transition period where the you-know-what is going to hit the fan and the gloves are coming off.

    • One thing which seems relevant to me is that these laws, while being enforced in regards to Israel which has a powerful lobby and may enjoy sympathy, can later be used more generally once the precedents have been established. All Western societies are undergoing an assault on personal rights and liberties as society becomes more openly authoritarian, a national security state.

  • 'Why do they hate us?' -- Israeli version
    • IRISHMOSES- “Yet, despite the scholarly nature of the book, the author concludes, without any attempt at explanation or justification, that criticism of Israel is per se evidence of antisemitic motive or Jew hatred.”

      I recommended “Fatal Embrace” because of the value of the history, particularly the early history of Jewish wealth and power and support for imperialism, etc. This is a much more realistic history than the Fiddler on the Roof myth-history of Zionism. The closer Ginsberg gets to the present, the more he sounds like a conventional Zionist. Perhaps current events were a little too close for complete honesty and the reaction that may have caused. Also, I don’t think he equates anti-Semitism with Jew hatred per se, rather, to him anti-Semitism seems to involve Gentiles calling attention to Jewish involvement as they jostle for power-seeking advantage. This is close to my own view that all elites, including Jews , engage in all manner of questionable behavior in the struggle for power. Another good book is “The Jewish Century” by Yuri Slezkine, which Phil recommended. Also, “The Holocaust Industry” by Norman Finkelstein, in which he demonstrates the significant change in official Zionist ideology following the 1967 six day war. It was only after 1967 that eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism became a constant theme in Zionism.

    • JONATHAN OFIR- "Zionism included an assumed intrinsic ‘goy’ hatred as a core argument for a Jewish homeland – under the idea that gentiles would always hate Jews for no reason, which is why Jews will always need a national refuge."

      Many of the early Zionists did not assume an intrinsic Gentile hatred of Jews, rather they thought that it was a logical consequence of Jewish domination of limited areas of the political economy as well as an incompatibility of their "alien" status with blood and soil nationalism. Israel was supposedly going to result in Jews filling all of the occupations, not just a few,hence, result in the "new Jew." Many of these early Zionists were very disdainful of the Diaspora Jews, who were seen as weak.

      I would suggest that rather than an assumption of intrinsic Gentile hatred of Jews, what we have is an ideological construct designed to promote group solidarity and cohesion. The very notion of eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism is rather obviously irrational, hence, the purpose must involve an intentional appeal to group solidarity at the expense of rational dealings with non-Jews. Rationality of group beliefs is in dynamic tension with the irrationality of group cohesion. Ideologies must always deviate from reality somewhat to provide an us versus them group identification. The greater the rationality, the less the cohesion and vice versa. Fundamentalists have very strong internal cohesion even as they cannot relate rationally with others. Israeli fundamentalism is increasing and fealty to ideology triumphs over rationality. Israel, and much of Jewish Zionism, cannot be understood from a purely rational perspective, nor can Israel be expected to act in a rational manner in violation of Judeo-Zionist ideology.

  • Netanyahu taps Internet freedom activist known for pranking Iranian officials as new spokesperson
    • HOPHMI- “Take some time off from the conspiracy theory websites you clearly frequent and look it up.”

      Well, guess what? I just logged on to one of my "conspiracy theory websites" (CounterPunch) and was surprised to learn that today (January 27) is the official UN "Holocaust Memorial Day" established in 2005 (60 years after the Holocaust). I'm sure you are thrilled at the prospect of wagging your finger at every Gentile you meet and demanding atonement (support for Israel and Zionism). As if this wasn't good enough, I then discovered that you will have double pleasure because the US Holocaust Remembrance Days occur in May. Eight days, bubala. Enjoy! From Wikipedia:

      "8-day period, from the Sunday before Yom Hashoah to the Sunday after Yom Hashoah....Established by Congress as the period for remembrance programs and ceremonies, with the participation of States, Cities, and military ships and stations. The annual National Civic Commemoration is held in the Capitol Rotunda. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum provides support materials linked to an annual theme. The Department of Defense produced a resource guide for military programs."

    • HOPHMI- "Take some time off from the conspiracy theory websites you clearly frequent and look it up."

      What "conspiracy theory websites?"

      By the way, you will be pleased to know that yet another Holocaust movie has been released. "Son of Saul" really gets into the horrors of the camps, lest we forget. Wouldn't want that, would we? One reviewer said it was targeted to those who thought "Schindler's List" was too uplifting. Of course, you are the guy that argued that Schindler's List was about some Gentile, the Holocaust only referenced in passing.

      And if that isn't enough to make a Holocaust Religion zealot such as you jump for joy, how about this. Seattle Children's Theatre is performing "Hanah's Suitcase," about guess what? You got it. A new children's play based upon a children's book about a Holocaust victim. The book was written in 2002 as part of the ongoing indoctrination program of you Zionists to exploit the Holocaust shamelessly. The project began at the Holocaust Education Centre in Tokyo (TOKYO, for Godsake) and is promoted by the usual suspects while picking up some corporate sponsorship along the way (Microsoft, for one). Ongoing and increasing Holocaust movies, children's plays, mandatory education including trips, museums, new laws equating anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism. What's next? Holocaust action figures? The Zionist Holocaust exploitation juggernaut moves relentlessly on.

    • BOOMER- "Julian Assange would certainly agree...."

      Indeed, he would! And I heartily recommend "When Google Met WikiLeaks," by Julian Assange.

    • " was founded by Jared Cohen, famous for being the director of Google Ideas and a former State Department official."

      Few people seem to realize just how powerful Google is and just how significant the internet has become as a soft power tool of empire. The ability of Google, the US State department, and the CIA to obtain data on the citizenry of a foreign country, to identify, recruit and fund dissidents, and, using the social media and marketing techniques, to electronically organize segments of a foreign polity to serve imperial designs is unprecedented and constitutes a new weapon of awesome soft power. Along with electronic financial power, these techniques have totally altered foreign relations. When some of these imperial NGOs talk about internet freedom they are really advocating unrestrained electronic penetration and control. The internet isn't free, it is owned.

    • HOPHMI- "Alex could point out that has helped many dissidents in repressive states escape persecution."

      Exactly which "repressive states" has targeted?

      HOPHMI- "He could also point out that punking Iranian diplomats about political prisoners is, you know, an honorable thing for anyone who actually cares about human rights...."

      It must be nice to have the resources to do this sort of thing. When it comes to human rights abuse, US/Israel live in glass houses and shouldn't get away with throwing stones. In view of the endless detentions without charge of Palestinians by Israel, including children, along with the repetitive "mowing the grass" in Gaza, Israel is easily one of the worst abusers of human rights in the world. Period. As for the empire itself, its crimes are too well known to require listing. Who is in defiance of more UN resolutions, Iran or Israel? Who had nuclear weapons, Iran or Israel? Who is using the internet as a soft power tool for destabilizing targeted countries, Iran or US/Israel? Your professed concern for human rights is obviously phony. Show some concern for lifting the siege of Gaza instead.

  • George Jonas, author who wrote brilliantly about Zionist madness, dies at age 80
    • IRA GLUNTS- "The Israeli extra-legal assassinations have continued to the present, so has Zionist faith in the use of extreme violence as an effective deterrent to Palestinian rebellion."

      I didn't read the book, nor see the movie, but judging by your article I can't help but notice that the word sayanim is conspicuously absent. For those who may not be aware, sayanim are 100% Jewish "assistants" the Mossad recruits in foreign countries to assist in their operations, including assassinations. Former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky discusses this in his books "By Way of Deception" and "The Other Side of Deception." There are literally thousands of these sayanim whose loyalty is to Israel rather than the host country, and who provide essential services under the table. Of course, this is something rarely discussed, the very notion of dual loyalty likely to raise charges of anti-Semitic tropes. If there is any other country which receives this type of loyalty and service from citizens of another country, I am unaware of it. And without the loyal (to Israel) services of the sayanim, these ongoing assasinationsm likely could not occur.

  • Adelson newspaper suggests Swedish foreign minister deserves assassination for questioning Israeli policy
    • "Has anything changed in the Swedish DNA [my emphasis] in the decades following Bernadotte’s death? Nothing has changed. The Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, with her characteristic covert anti-Semitism ...."

      Covert anti-Semitism? Eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism is a core belief in the Zionist ideology. The lack of demonstrable incidents of anti-Semitism merely an indication that inherent and unalterable Gentile Jew-hatred is currently lying dormant. Militant Jewish Zionists are fundamentally anti-Gentile in the extreme.

  • Sanders calls for moving 'aggressively as we can to normalize relations with Iran'
    • PHIL- "Sanders calls for moving ‘aggressively as we can to normalize relations with Iran’"

      Followed immediately by "...understanding that Iran’s behavior in so many ways is something that we disagree with: their support for terrorism, the anti-American rhetoric that we’re hearing from some of their leadership is something that is not acceptable."

      This is standard imperial boilerplate which you are dishonestly (yes, dishonestly!) trying to imply is some radical departure from imperial foreign policy. The correct reading of the entire sentence is that the US should move aggressively to get Iran to change its unacceptable behavior! Also, Sanders is a strong supporter of Israel and (gasp!) Saudi Arabia, even going so far as to say that Saudi Arabia (Israel's de facto ally) should get more involved in the ongoing Middle East conflicts.

      "Sanders nonetheless brought it back to Saudi Arabia and insisted that Saudi Arabia should “get their hands dirty” and take a much bigger role in a war against ISIS and generally lead the wars with U.S. support." (David Swanson) link to

      Why is it that liberals engage in non-stop self-deception?

  • What's the big difference between Israel's 1967 occupation and its 1948 occupation?
    • TALKBACK- "That’s just a facade."

      No, it is quite real. The founding fathers of Israel were by and large Jewish atheists who looked down on the religious Jews. Over time, Israel has come to adopt many of the beliefs of Classical Judaism (pre-modern Judaism) and its anti-Gentile mythos. In fact, following the 1967 six day war, all of Zionism gravitated towards an intensified quasi-religious tribal irrationality which I refer to as Judeo-Zionism. This represents the merging of traditional blood and soil nationalism with Classical Judaic mythology. This new Holocaust Religion has to a significant degree usurped modern Judaism even as it transformed Zionism. In "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," Israel Shahak maintains that Israel cannot be understood without reference to the history and mythos of Classical Judaism. In other words, Israel's policies are guided at least as much by fealty to quasi-religious ideology as by cold rationality. This appears to be increasing with the passage of time.

  • Small victories
    • "...they were afraid that a critical discussion of Israeli policy would encourage the latent anti-Semitism that lurked within their “Gentile” neighbors...."

      Are they aware that the concept of "Latent anti-Semitism" lurking within Gentiles should properly be called anti-Gentilism, the mirror image of anti-Semitism whereby distinctive and unalterable behavior traits are associated with a group? These people need to look in the mirror.

      "There was this underlying feeling that there are dangers in airing “our” dirty laundry in front of the goyim and that the behavior of Israel was a private Jewish meshugas best kept in the family."

      Perhaps that is why Jewish myth-history has no dirty laundry to speak of. And why this myth-history is a poor guide to understanding historical reality.

      "...the muzzling attempts by a small number of frightened folks."

      Why were they frightened? What does this tell us about how they feel about their non-Jewish neighbors in the retirement community?

      "And again I found myself making the distinction between Jew and Zionist...."

      In view of the overwhelming pro-Zionist orientation among the organized Jewish community, perhaps you protest too much. Reality is what it is.

  • African asylum seekers fear for safety with racism on the rise in Israeli society
    • MHUGHES976- "I didn’t say ‘and nothing more’."

      No, I did. I was asking a question, was that not clear? My concern is that a casual application of the label "anti-Semite" is not how the label will ultimately be interpreted by Zionists like Hophmi. The charge of anti-Semitism is usually considered much more serious than mere prejudice which is why I asked for a clarification. I am a little surprised that this comment of yours is so out of sequence with the rest of the discussion. I almost missed it.

    • HOPHMI- "I mean, what label do you apply to the African-American belief in eternal and irrational white racism? Do you characterize it that way? I’d say it’s firmly based in historical experience."

      You have got some chutzpah comparing the history of Blacks to the Jews. If Blacks had anywhere near the success of the Jews, they would be praising whites rather than whining about their gilded victimhood. Racism against Blacks, Muslims, immigrants and other people of color is obvious to those with eyes to see. On the other hand, Jewish success and power is also obvious, cries of anti-Semitism irrational yet logical from the perspective of Zionist ideology and internal solidarity. You wear your Zionist anti-Gentile bias on your sleeve.

    • MHUGHES976- "...what about labelling it ‘paranoid antipathy to non-Jews’?"

      Better yet, why not call it anti-Gentilism, the mirror image of anti-Semitism?

      MHUGHES976- "If there was such a thing as belief among Jewish people that non-Jewish people were inveterately anti-Semitic...."

      You are unfamiliar with what I have described? You have not seen this occur on Mondoweiss frequently? Perhaps, like Hophmi, these commenters refer to centuries long rather than eternal. And perhaps they don't explicitly say irrational, however, anyone who attempts to provide some historical understanding runs the risk of being accused of anti-Semitism. You haven't noticed any of that? Does not Hophmi's comment to me imply eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism while studiously avoiding these words? Is my Norman Finkelstein quote also about something that seems untrue? (I see that I forgot to reference the Finkelstein quote. It is from "The Holocaust Industry," page 41)

      MHUGHES976- "Definitions are words about words. They are not descriptions or words about the world."

      My, what an interesting thing to say! So your definition of anti-Semitism as anti-Jewish prejudice is merely words about words and not a description or words about the world? If your definition was merely a word game, why bring it up? It seems to me that you have gone to a lot of trouble to avoid answering a few simple questions which came to mind in regards to your comment regarding what anti-Semitism means to you.

      I have come to believe that the belief in eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism permeates Jewish Zionist ideology and discourse and is the primary motivator of Jewish Zionist solidarity. Jewish Zionist belief in eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism is demonstrably irrational, yet totally logical from the perspective of Zionist group ideology. Zionism is inherently anti-Gentile.

    • HOPHMI- I see that I forgot to reference the Finkelstein quote. It is from "The Holocaust Industry," page 41.

    • HOPHMI- "The Jewish belief? It’s not a Jewish belief. It’s a belief among people who have been persecuted a whole lot."

      Do these people have a name? Zionist Jews don't more-or-less believe these things that I am saying?

      HOPHMI- "They tend to believe that if it happened all those other times, it’s likely a long-term problem."

      It happened a lot, did it? Relative to other groups? Related in any way to their social position? Jeez, you make it sound irrational. Not eternal merely long term? And in spite of all of this, Jews, being the noble creatures that they are, don't hold any of this against their Jew hating, murderous brethern, do they? No anti-Gentilism here folks!

      As luck would have it, you have provided the perfect opportunity for me to quote Norman Finkelstein.

      "Two central dogmas underpin the Holocaust framework: (1) The Holocaust marks a categorically unique historical event; (2) The Holocaust marks the climax of an irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews. Neither of these dogmas figured at all in public discourse before the June 1967 war; and, although they became the centerpieces of Holocaust literature, neither figures at all in genuine scholarship on the Nazi holocaust. On the other hand, both dogmas draw on important strands in Judaism and Zionism."

    • MHUGHES976- "Anti-Semitism to me, Sibiriak, is anti-Jewish prejudice.""

      Anti-Jewish prejudice and nothing more? When Hophmi calls someone an anti-Semite he is saying that they are prejudiced and nothing more? How would you relate anti-Semitism to Jew hatred? What label (if any) would you apply to Jewish belief in eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism?

  • Facebook censors cartoon critical of Israel
    • CITIZEN- "To effectively regulate Wall St derivative risk...."

      You need to get rid of the derivatives. Right now they have the highest claim on a bank's assets and would be paid ahead of the lowly depositors. In a financial meltdown, these dodgy derivatives have value as your bank account goes up in flames. This could well happen in 2016.

  • Sick of Zionism’s stranglehold on Jewish culture? There is an alternative.
    • SHMUEL- "If the current reality is what Jews have always prayed for, how could a majority of religious Jews (of all streams) have opposed Jewish nationalism in general and Herzlian Zionism in particular, prior to the Holocaust?"

      Impeccable logic succinctly phrased! Awesome comment in its entirety!

  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • DAN- "Ordinarily it wouldn’t be a big deal, but in the context of this thread, I think it’s a significant omission."

      True enough, however, when one considers the powerful organizations that will support the coordinator to combat anti-Semitism versus the support the coordinator to combat anti-Muslim hatred will likely receive, the coordinator to combat to combat anti-Muslim hatred could well be a hollow position to give the appearance of even handedness where there is none. This is particularly true insofar as anti-Semitic activity remains highly exaggerated whereas anti-Muslim bigotry is encouraged by powerful groups selling the 'Clash of Civilizations' meme. Additionally, you have the manufactured refugee crisis where hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing US/NATO violence have been unleashed on Europe to create social upheaval. It will be interesting to see how effective the anti-Muslim hatred coordinator is versus the coordinator to combat anti-Semitism. In fact, one wonders how effective the Muslim coordinator can be if his very existence went unreported? The invisible coordinator? Why no coverage? Most of these 'hate laws' are utilized by Jewish Zionist groups to stifle opposition.

    • SIBIRIAK- "Regarding hate speech laws: The new European Union coordinator to combat anti-Semitism...."

      Anti-semitism? Not Islamophobia? Well, that tells volumes for those with eyes to see and a brain to think. How many Western governments (including the US) have recently added bureaucrats devoted exclusively to "combating anti-Semitism?" Talk about taking control of the doctrinal system!

      SIBIRIAK QUOTE- "...her top priorities will be to tackle the spike of hate speech on the Internet...."

      Any examples? "Hateful" criticism of Israel, perhaps? Ah, the prerogatives of power!

    • HOPHMI- "Nah, I’m calling you an antisemite because you think everything is the result of Jewish power...."

      I have never said nor implied that everything is the result of Jewish power, this is a typical Hophmi fabrication, yet another example of your lack of integrity. The distribution and pursuit of power in our political economy is a valid topic for discussion which you unfailingly seek to squelch in your role as a Zionist brown-shirt.

      HOPHMI- "Months ago, I had to explode the nonsense you posted about Holocaust movies...."

      You have got it backwards. Months ago, using your source data, I demonstrated that you were misrepresenting the numbers concerning Holocaust movies. You began to backpedal, claiming that your sources were misrepresenting Holocaust movies, even going so far as to claim that "Schindler's List" concerned a Gentile, not Jews. As I indicated at the time, you may have been the first person to engage in Holocaust film denial. For those who wish to judge for themselves, I provide a link to my final comment on that thread. Mondoweissers are encouraged to review all of the applicable comments to see for themselves Hophmi's ongoing misrepresentation of reality. link to

      HOPHMI- "Our discussion was about the German law."

      This "discussion" has occurred in several locations, in only one did I reference Germany in response to Yoni Falic, the others referred to Europe generally since these odious laws are Europe wide indicating international coordination as opposed to local peculiarities. When I did mention Germany, I supplied quotes and links which you now ignore. I provide two quotes and links below which you will undoubtedly try to weasel out of.

      "Legislation against denying the Holocaust has been on the books in Germany since 1985, and in 1994 this law was amended." link to

      "Germany's parliament passed legislation in 1985, making it a crime to deny the extermination of the Jews. In 1994, the law was tightened. Now, anyone who publicly endorses, denies or plays down the genocide against the Jews faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail and no less than the imposition of a fine." link to

      HOPHMI- "Look, when you engage in Holocaust revisionism, or you (Roha) routinely blame Jews for the hatred they experienced during the last millenium in Europe, I’m going to call you what you are."

      I have never blamed the Jews as being the sole agent of anti-Semitism. Rather, I have tried to put anti-Semitism in historical context and relate it to the struggle for power in a violent Europe, and to the specific role Jews played within that society. Unlike you who seeks to portray Jews as powerless victims of inherent and unalterable Gentile Jew hatred and blood lust. A view, I should add, which exactly mirrors the bigotry of true anti-Semites. It is because of Zionists like you that I have come to realize that a core belief of Zionist ideology views Gentiles as inherently different from Jews, the eternal threatening "other." Jewish anti-Gentile bigotry is an integral part of Jewish Zionism, as you so convincingly demonstrate time and again.

    • SIBIRIAK- "Now, years later, after much research and study , I see Shahak’s ideas on the “Jewish Ideology”, and the legacy of Classical Judaism– hugely important, insightful, and valid as they are,– as reflecting an overly narrow approach to understanding Zionism, the I/P conflict etc."

      Shahak, like the rest of us, is only human. It is almost impossible to completely escape the influence of our environment and experiences. Remember, Shahak is speaking from the perspective of a secular Israeli Jew. His experiences in Israel obviously strongly affected him. Witness our own Danaa or Yoni Falic. Perhaps if Shahak had moved to the US in later life he would have modified his views somewhat based upon new insights gained from a different perspective. I suspect that his differences with Noam Chomsky on the power of the Israel Lobby stems from the same difference in perspective. Then, of course, there are the changes over time as Zionism continues to evolve. My own perspective continues to evolve as new experience leads to new insight. Zionism and its effect upon power relations has become an important part of political economy which we should be able to discuss without fear of intimidation.

    • HOPHMI- "Use a real historical source if you want to be taken seriously outside of the cult."

      You mean a reliable orientalist like Barbara Tuchman, Bernard Lewis, Daniel Goldhagen or that all time Zionist favorite Joan Peters? No thanks, I'll stick with an internationally recognized, oft quoted and highly regarded scholar such as Israel Shahak, who, like his friend Noam Chomsky, engaged in independent research of the highest quality. And, unlike you, a scholar of impeccable integrity.

      HOPHMI- "Israel Shahak isn't an historian, and the only people who take his reading of history seriously are antisemites."

      There you go with the "antisemites" again. So are Gore Vidal and Edward Said, who wrote forewords to "Jewish History, Jewish Religion," anti-Semites? How about Shahak's occasional co-author, American historian Norton Mezvinsky, who wrote the introduction? Shahak's friend Noam Chomsky who quoted Shahak in "Fateful Triangle: The United States, Israel & The Palestinians," also an anti-Semite? Is there anyone who isn't a Zionist who isn't an anti-Semite? Are there any anti-Zionist Mondoweiss commenters who, in your opinion, are not anti-Semites? What are you other than a Zionist attack dog?

    • HOPHMI- "I’m not sure how Canary Mission undermines my argument. It puts pictures of kids engaged in anti-Israel activism on the internet, where you can already find pictures of kids engaged in anti-Israel activism. So far, I’m not aware of any chilling effect."

      It amazes me that you can actually say crap like this. Have you no integrity? Canary Mission doesn't describe these as "kids engaged in anti-Israel activism," does it? It smears these young people as among those who "seek the destruction of Israel, routinely engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions, and promote hatred of Jews.” A huge difference which you shamelessly seeking to minimize. Have you no shame?

    • HOPHMI- "Yep. I'm not a fan of these speech laws, but of course, you ignore the details, because, as usual, you're an antisemite obsessed with the Jewish angle. The law does not mention Jews, or the Holocaust. It is a general law criminalizing incitement against minority groups, and it includes general provisions against glorifying Nazi rule or downplaying Nazi atrocities."

      Once again you call me an anti-Semite. So, are you libeling me as a Jew hater or merely attacking me as corrosive to Jewish interests? You refer to "law" not laws. Go to Wikipedia did you? How pathetic. Try the link I provide following a quote from the Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism (CFCA):

      "This chapter will present the legislation defining antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust, explicitly and in the language of the law as an offence in the law books, as differentiated from general legislation dealing with preserving the rights of various groups of human beings. Among those covered, there are at least seven countries which have entered specific legislation into the law books dealing with the subject of antisemitism. They are: Romania, Spain, Mexico, Switzerland, France, Sweden and Austria." link to

    • HOPHMI- "Intimidated by who?"

      By the people who lobbied and put pressure to get Holocaust education put into the curriculum. In England this was the Holocaust Education Trust established in 1988. There are, in fact, numerous Zionist groups promoting focusing on the Holocaust and Jewish victimhood. That the Zionists didn't promote this type of activity immediately following WWII indicates that this is a more recent tactic commensurate with increased organized Jewish power and the change in Zionist strategy following the six day war. Previously, the Nazi Holocaust was "not cast as a uniquely Jewish -- let alone historically unique -- event. Organized American Jewry in particular was at pains to place it in a universalist context. After the June war, however, the Nazi Final Solution was radically reframed. "The first and most important claim that emerged from the 1967 war and became emblematic of American Judaism," Jacob Neusner recalls, was that "the Holocaust...was unique, without parallel in human history." (p42, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein) The other central Zionist dogma deployed after 1967 was that "The Holocaust marks the climax of an irrational, eternal Gentile hatred of Jews." (p41, Finkelstein)

      As for the purpose of all of this Holocaust "education," "Holocaust awareness," the respected writer Boas Evron observes, is actually "an official, propagandistic indictrination, a churning out of slogans and a false view of the world, the real aim of which is not at all the understanding of the past, but a manipulation of the present." (P41, Finkelstein) All of these Holocaust education programs are demonstrations of Zionist power and instruments of intimidation designed to control the narrative, even now as we enter the 21st century, over 70 years after the end of the Holocaust.

      HOPHMI- "Why is "six million" in quotes?"

      To indicate that I was referring to the six million deaths associated with the Holocaust, not merely referencing the number six million. I believe Golda Meir made reference to "the six million" when she said that assimilated Jews could join them. That you should even suggest that putting six million in quotes was Holocaust denial is highly indicative of your demonstrated lack of both moral and intellectual integrity. Thanks to Zionist power you don't have to worry about a Gentile equivalent to the ADL holding you to account for your frequent demonstrations of aggressive anti-Gentilism. Screw the goyish untermenschen. Got it.

    • SIBIRIAK- "Was anti-Semitism a Jewish creation as well?"

      The "new" anti-Semitism most certainly is a creation of Zionist Jews in an attempt to label anything and everything corrosive to Jewish interests as Jew hatred. As we experience a concerted drive to manufacture Islamophobia, the continued Jewish Zionist emphasis on the supposed rise in anti-Semtism, along with the ever present reference to the Holocaust by Hollywood, new and ever expanding Holocaust museums and Holocaust education 70 years after WWII, the recent passing of unneeded potentially intimidating Holocaust and anti-Semitism laws, along with the redefinition of the anti-Semitism to included criticism of Israel, we are witnessing a massive ideological offensive to misrepresent reality and facilitate Jewish Zionist power seeking activity which is linked to imperial power seeking. Empire Jews. I refer to Jewish Zionists because that is where the leadership lies, Christian Zionists little more than camp followers, their large numbers notwithstanding.

    • RODNEYWATTS- "...I am not sure if things would be better or not...."

      Rodney, I was being facetious. My point being that so far the US has not been intimidated into including Holocaust "education" into its curriculum. Lord knows, we get enough Holocaust "education" from Hollywood. As a consequence, the Holocaust is easily one of the most publicized and best known historical events. More British and American school children would correctly know about the "six million" than would even have a clue about Soviet WWII war deaths. And what is the pressing need for Holocaust education beginning in 2008, over 60 years after the end of WWII? To feed the meme of eternal Jewish suffering? To show that British actions in India were not all that bad? Holocaust education in Britain starting in 2008 is all about Jewish Zionist power, regardless of the specific curriculum or if the Nakba is included. The US and Britain would be better served focusing on their own bloody history and current crimes of empire.

    • YONIFALIC- "Take a look at how the Canary Mission broadcasts the names and the pictures of those targeted for repercussions from Zionists."

      Thanks for the link. Rather shocking how these anti-BDS Zionists can engage in hateful intimidation in the name of combating hate. And they are such liars! And the unmitigated gall of commenter Hophmi turning reality on its head by claiming that it is Jews who are subject to intimidation on elite campuses! I have copied the first two bullet points from the Canary Mission "About" page for the edification of other Mondoweissers. These people are truly nasty! This is the work of those with power against those unable to meaningfully retaliate.

      "Canary Mission is run by students and concerned citizens motivated by a desire to combat the rise in anti-Semitism on college campuses. The purpose of the website is to expose those who promote lies and attacks on Israel and the Jewish people. We pursue our mission by presenting the actions and records of individuals and organizations at the vanguard of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions (BDS) movement. By shining a light on hate group members and their activities, the public will become better informed about those involved in hate movements in their communities.

      Canary Mission believes that we all have the right to know if an individual has been affiliated with movements that seek the destruction of Israel, routinely engage in anti-Semitic rhetoric and actions, and promote hatred of Jews." link to

    • LYSIAS- "No, Martha Minow is still dean."

      And before that? Jeez, I hope all of these Jews are getting combat pay what with all of the anti-Semitism and anti-Zionist intimidation on the elite campuses. How is Larry Summers doing these days? Here we are on the verge of a second Holocaust and not a word from Mondoweiss! Go figure. If not for Hophmi, how would we know? Even CounterPunch is silent. An anti-Semitic conspiracy involving the usual suspects?

    • YONIFALIC- " I understand German Holocaust denial law, if I simply read Princeton Professor Arno Mayer’s Why Did the Heavens Not Darken? out loud in public, I could be charged with Holocaust denial."

      "Could be," aye, there's the rub! Much of what constitutes a "hate crime" is rather subjective leaving much discretion to the prosecutor, hence, an ideal weapon of intimidation. The German law was first passed in 1985 and tightened in 1994. 1985? 1994? Why was it considered necessary 40/50 years after the Holocaust? Was Holocaust denial some sort of problem? Mind you, these laws were passed AFTER the Jews had acquired considerable power and were in no danger. All of these laws, including the Holocaust education laws, are manifestations of Jewish Zionist power and aggressive power seeking. They are weapons of intimidation and nothing more. The mere threat of prosecution career wrecking, actual prosecution financially disastrous even if acquitted! Also, they can probably be twisted to render criticism of imperial Middle East policy as somehow anti-Semitic, just as criticism of Israel is now coming to be construed.

      And before any Zionist exaggerates a rise in European anti-Semitism, I would remind them of strong Jewish Zionist and neocon support for the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine. Fear of genuine Jew hatred is not the issue here, Zionist power seeking is. Below is a brief quote and link on the German law.

      "Germany's parliament passed legislation in 1985, making it a crime to deny the extermination of the Jews. In 1994, the law was tightened. Now, anyone who publicly endorses, denies or plays down the genocide against the Jews faces a maximum penalty of five years in jail and no less than the imposition of a fine." link to

    • HOPHMI- "Elite campuses are no-go zones for proud Zionists."

      What happened? Did the Harvard Law School appoint a Gentile Dean? Are you sure? If so, boy are they going to hear about that!

      HOPHMI-"Jews in France can't cover their heads because it's unsafe."

      Are all of those European laws criminalizing anti-Semitism (including criticizing Israel) counterproductive? Is prosecuting Alain Soral and Dieudonne not working as anticipated? Why not get rid of these Zionist inspired laws criminalizing anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and get along without special laws like the rest of us? The notion that Jews are relatively unsafe in either Europe of the US is absurd. And you can forget those bogus "hate crime" statistics, what is the murder rate per 1000 for Jews versus other groups such as Arabs? In the US, how many Jews (particularly unarmed Jews) were killed by police in 2015 versus Blacks? Any other group which you would like to compare to? You are a Zionist propagandist attempting to control the narrative with lies and deceptions. A core component of Zionism is anti-Gentilism, part of the myth of eternal and irrational victimhood which you so lovingly embrace. The gilded victimhood of the powerful. The charge of anti-Semitism (Jew hatred?) a weapon of intimidation.

    • RODNEYWATTS- "As a Brit, I just find it difficult to believe that a schoolkid could be subjected to such intimidation, but this is just another point of difference that makes me so glad to be a citizen of the UK."

      Perhaps if the US had mandatory Holocaust education like they do in the UK things would be better?

    • HOPHMI- "The girl got in trouble for offering to DM her classmate’s name to another tweeter who indicated that s/he was “ready to fight.”

      First of all, I have re-read Annie's article twice and cannot locate your reference to this DM tweet. Secondly, if true, so what? Why is reporting the name of the fellow student who took umbrage at her tweets bullying? Would private correspondence via the US mail also be bullying? Is her classmate's actions opposing discussion of Israel bullying? You really think that this has nothing to do with the subject of the tweets? By the way, I stand by my comment that if the situation was reversed the principal would have behaved differently due to the power of the Zionists and their proven ability to use it to coerce compliance.

      HOPHMI- "Anyone who is actually unbiased and regularly reads stories of schools overreacting to bullying events will understand that it has nothing to do with her political views."

      Nonsense. The way that the Zionist network scans the media with a fine tooth comb looking for evidence of anti-Semitism there would be numerous examples for you to reference of anti-Semitic harassment by Holocaust denying Jew haters if anything like this occurred. This is harassment to control the narrative, pure and simple. Also, the increased zero tolerance mindset of administrators is a direct consequence of the neocon inspired war on terror and the adoption of an Israel-like matrix of control.

      HOPHMI- "The political situation in this country is that pro-Israel kids on college campuses are the ones most likely to face bullying...."

      Only a dedicated Zionist cadre could so misrepresent reality. Thanks to Daniel Pipes and the rest of the Zionist power seeking collective, it is anti-Zionists who face harassment and official action, never Zionist Jews. Never. Or do you consider someone writhing under the Zionist boot as engaging in harassment? Complaining as harassment! Yes boss, I hear you.

    • HOPHMI- "...if Koval had posted that she was a pro-Israel activist and had messed with a pro-Palestinian student who had unfollowed her, she’d be in the exact same position."

      You can't be serious. Do you have any examples of pro-Israel Jewish High School students who tweet that Palestinians and other Arabs are terrorists who live to murder Jews ever being threatened with "bullying?" Can you even conceive of this happening? What would the ADL and other Jewish Zionists groups do to the principal? What would happen to the principal's career? This is yet another case of Zionist power being applied to control the narrative.

  • The candidates debate the U.S./Israeli relationship
    • MOOSER- "Get help, “Hophmi”

      Hophmi is a dealer in labels. Anti-Semite. Judeophobe. Trope. Holocaust denier. Blood libel. Obtuse, etc. He doesn't make any money because he supplies them for free. And if he can't make them fit he will do minor alterations. It is his vocation!

    • YADIA- "We share the same God and the same love of Freedom."

      Yadia, a word of friendly advice. Sarcasm is extremely difficult to pull off in writing, particularly if read by dull Goyim. Sure, your comment was sufficiently over the top to be clear to those attuned to this form of humor, however, some Mondoweiss readers might not get the sarcasm and actually think that you are serious. Just saying.

  • Goodbye to all that (my Jewish-WASP shtik)
    • TOKYOBK- "And yes, its interesting, for both anti-semites and secular Jews there is such a thing as a Jewish identity outside of the above types of expressions and religious practice; a Jewish essence."

      How interesting that you would mention only anti-Semites and secular Jews as believing in some Jewish essence, thereby conflating secular Jews with anti-Semites, a rather nasty habit of yours this proof by conflation. A more valid pairing would be Zionists and anti-Semites, don't you think? The history of Zionists claiming an essential difference between Jews and non-Jews should be well known to you. For example, the claim of eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism clearly suggests a profound difference in the Gentile essence from the Jewish one, does it not? And, of course, the early Zionists were quite explicit about this. A quote for you to ponder.

      "It is inconceivable, from the physical point of view, that a Jew born to a family of pure Jewish blood can become adapted to the spiritual outlook of a German or a Frenchman. He may be wholly imbued with that German fluid, but the nucleus of his spiritual structure will always remain Jewish." (Vladimir Jabotinsky, quoted in "The Hidden History of Zionism," by Ralph Schoenman, p26)

  • Trump calls out Clinton for her support for Israel's separation wall
    • CITIZEN- "So the people of Appalachia are still enjoying their white privilege?"

      Not every white person has benefited from white privilege just as not every Jew (however defined) has benefited from Jewish kinship. Are you suggesting that our society is color blind? That we have a post racial society? That Wall Street, the US government, the Council on Foreign Relations, US billionaires, etc, are overrun with people of color? That the police and courts unfairly target white people, the prison population disproportionately white? Reality is what it is, if you choose to ignore it what can I say?

    • ATLANTAICONOCLAST- "It is not anti Black or racist to oppose affirmative action."

      It is not anti-Black or racist to enjoy the fruits of white privilege and oppose efforts to redress a historical wrong. Got it.

  • Krugman's economy: I will spend none of my immense journalistic capital criticizing Israel or its lobby
    • PHIL- "He is obviously a latent Zionist inasmuch as he thinks Israel is important for “Jews everywhere,”...."

      He is not going to attack Zionism as long as he perceives that Zionism is good for him. Just how much has his career been helped by organized Jewish kinship? Why are Jewish billionaires like Adelson Zionists? What is in it for them? Can you name any Jewish billionaires who are anti-Zionists? If not, why not? Are anti-Zionist Jews lacking in Jewish meritocracy? It is all about power.

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