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  • History will make us pay for this
    • LIZ ROSE- "That, plus the marriage of privilege and victimhood, makes for a toxic combination."

      Indeed it does. One consequence of gilded victimhood is the frequent antagonistic dislike of those less privileged, the basket of deplorables who don't seem to know their place.

  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
    • SIBIRIAK- "This distinction is critical for many reasons, not the least of which being that Medvedev is widely understood to be leading a pro-Western, neoliberal faction in the government."

      Very important point. Putin, far from being a "dictator," must perform a balancing act to get things done. Putin is as successful as he is only because of his overwhelming popularity. Medvedev and the rest of the Russian "Atlanticists" are more-or-less supported by the empire. Russia remains enmeshed within the global financial system, powerful forces acting in support of empire. Any serious erosion of Putin's popularity could be fatal to him. The Western elites are out to remove Putin from power as should be obvious by all of the anti-Putin propaganda. The empire is on a rampage, the window of opportunity to achieve global hegemony rapidly closing.

    • SIBIRIAK- "Actually, the demonstrations were NOT against Putin, but rather against Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, driven by accusations that he has accumulated vast real estate holdings through various forms of corruption."

      Indeed, more stunning Western media hypocrisy to blame Putin for the corruption of Medvedev which the West prefers to Putin and is probably supporting. Furthermore, this type of corruption was a consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the introduction of capitalist "reforms" which created the oligarchs. This provides another opportunity to link to the most excellent interview Abby Martin did with Mark Ames, an American journalist who spent a decade reporting from Yeltsin’ and Putin’s Russia and witnessed the country’s transformation from an American “colony” to it’s “number one threat.”

    • PHIL- "Trump’s love affair with Netanyahu is making the issue more and more uncomfortable for Democrats."

      The "bromance" that dares not speak its name!

  • 'Scariest part' of Trump's draft peace plan promises he will be 'personally involved'
    • KAY24- "Something to make you want to throw up – Nikki Hayley...."

      Nikki Haley has greatly exceeded my worst expectations. After Samantha Power, I thought that things could only improve. Wrong! Just when you think that things couldn't get worse they do. Is there no bottom to this barrel?

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • JD65- "This reads, possibly, like sarcasm."

      The article reads like an excessively wordy exercise in political correctness. Complaining about "Middle East" and "Israel/Palestine"? Jeez, give me a break. And the author arrogates unto herself the role of spokesperson for the Palestinian people. Well, who exactly is Eman Ghanayem? Hard to tell from the article, however, the author supplied bio I quoted indicates that she is a PhD student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This is what is being emphasized, how she sees herself. Hardly a spokesperson for the Palestinians. She is entitled to her opinion, but that is about it. And yes, I was being sarcastic. I thought that a brief hint would suffice but apparently not.

    • "Eman Ghanayem is a PhD candidate in English with minors in American Indian Studies and Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. For her dissertation project, she is looking into Indigenous literatures in the modern settler state using the US and Israel as her primary sites of comparisons."

      Always nice to hear suggestions from those folks caught up in the struggle at Urbana-Champaign. Good luck with your PhD studies!

  • Countering Islamophobia means ending the structural silencing of Muslim voices-- including their critique of Israel
    • ANNIE- (RiotWomenn quote)- "Stein & Bernie ... Trump / Putin’s best friends"

      I am not sure if she(?) is including (Jill?) Stein and Bernie Sanders with Trump and Putin, however, the notion that Trump and Putin are "best friends" is the absolutely outlandish meme of Democrat (& Soros?) loyalists. The statement so preposterous that it indicates an irrational level of group solidarity. One doesn't have to be religious to be a fundamentalist. This irrational demonization of Putin/Russia is logical ONLY as a propaganda offensive leading up to confrontation and possible war. This is McCarthyism on steroids.

  • 'Destruction of Israel' is its abandonment by American Jews, in novelist's imagining
    • PHIL- "There’s got to be more to this story."

      Of course there is, however, the "more" dares not speak its name.

      PHIL- "....the idea that Muslim countries would all turn on Israel if it had an earthquake seems to me unfair to the Muslims."

      Unfair to Muslims is the least of it. It is out of touch with geostrategic reality. Israel is part of empire and is de facto allied with Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Monarchies, NATO, et al. This is all part of the "poor little Israel" meme which Zionist Jews tell themselves. Israel is the biggest dog in the neighborhood with nothing to fear militarily.

      PHIL- " The book is about emancipation."

      Sounds more like navel gazing. Is there a Nobel for that? By the way, who is on the awards committee? Most of these awards are rewards the elites bestow upon selected individuals who advance the elite agenda. Prestige, gravitas, etc.

  • No room for Zionism in any movement for justice
    • MOOSER- “Keith” I remember a girl telling me (granted it was the 70’s): ‘You aren’t man enough to tell me what feminism is’.

      Perhaps if she now saw you in your pink pussy hat she would recant.

    • TGW- "I respectfully ask you to retract your article. It will only do damage to our people and the fight against the pipeline."

      There is a lot about this comment which doesn't ring true. The notion that this fine article by Nada Elia, which I agree with, is somehow damaging to either the Lakota Sioux in general or the Standing Rock direct action resistance because of one reference to Standing Rock is dubious at best. The article was provided? Provided by who? It is one thing to question the Standing Rock reference, another to call for a retraction of the whole article claiming damage to the Lakota and to the pipeline resistance which, I might add, appears to have been crushed. The brief victory months ago inspiring, the current reality perhaps inevitable and not at all conditioned upon this article pointing out the long term incompatibility of Zionism with progressivism.

    • NADA ELIA- "I say “progressive feminism” intentionally, to distinguish between it and neo-liberal feminism as espoused by, say Hillary Clinton...."

      Bravo! The feminism of Hillary Clinton and Betty Friedan is the "feminism" of privilege, little more than a self-serving assault on the glass ceiling by those women who wish to serve as leaders of empire. And imperialists, like Zionists, are not progressive, merely seekers of power.

      BETTY FRIEDAN- "this is a women’s conference, not a political conference.”

      Rubbish! Any feminism worthy of the name is inherently political. A truly progressive feminism seeks to radically transform the political economy away from war and militarism towards a wholesome and sustainable community. Militarism inherently degrades the role of women and community as it promotes a "warrior" society which defunds social spending in favor of military spending even as the doctrinal system promotes fear and violence.

  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • MOOSER- "Really? My impression during my post WW2 life has always been that it takes a capable and powerful US President to avoid war, and limit intervention."

      My, and didn't Obama do one heck of a job there! He was the only US President to be involved in a war his entire 8 years in office. And he BRAGGED about it. Dear sweet Mooser, are you really unaware of the extent that the US has intervened militarily throughout the world since World War II? All weak Presidents? Bill Blum has compiled a list which has been posted on Mondoweiss and could easily be searched if the comments section was working. Since I know how busy you are commenting, I have linked to a brief article by Blum on US aggression.

      "Since the end of World War 2, the United States has:

      Attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments, most of which were democratically-elected.

      Dropped bombs on the people of more than 30 countries.

      Attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders.

      Attempted to suppress a populist or nationalist movement in 20 countries.

      Grossly interfered in democratic elections in at least 30 countries.

      Though not as easy to quantify, has also led the world in torture; not only the torture performed directly by Americans upon foreigners, but providing torture equipment, torture manuals, lists of people to be tortured, and in-person guidance by American instructors."

    • MOOSER- "But there’s one thing I wish you would explain: If Trump gets the US in even worse trouble militarily than Bush, Obama and Hilary have been able to manage, will it be more Obama’s fault or more Clinton’s fault?"

      Hilary? Hilary??? Do you mean Hillary? As for blame, the Deep State gets my vote. We have been on a downward trajectory for quite some time, each administration somewhat worse than the previous one, Presidents primarily salesmen for the elite agenda, Obama particularly effective in that regard. I still have some hope that Trump's ineptitude will inspire resistance and slow down the imperial juggernaut somewhat. As for Hillary, she was a well-oiled war machine but who knows? That, my friend, is why I voted for Jill Stein, unlike some folks who continue to carry water for the Princess of Darkness, she of the chainmail pantsuit.

    • LYSIAS- "How was there anything “bestial” about Bharara’s firing? Isn’t it every president’s right to hire and fire U.S. Attorneys? Isn’t it customary for every new administration to start with a new team?"

      Your points are well taken. There is enough to complain about with the Trump administration without resort to bogus claims, the pot suddenly hysterical that the kettle is black. I offer a couple of quotes and links to make the point.

      "In days gone by, it was customary for USAs to serve out their four year terms when a new President took office (although in the first two years of the Reagan administration, a majority of the USAs were replaced). That’s no longer the case. In fact, in March 1993, Attorney General Janet Reno took a similar action, asking 93 holdover USAs to resign." (Jerri-Lynn Scofield)

      "At the end of last week, Trump canned 46 US attorneys, the nation’s top prosecutors. The mass dismissal was entirely his prerogative and is common practice in new presidential administrations. Who weeps for prosectors? Liberals, apparently, who have made Preet Bharara, the former US attorney for the southern district of Manhattan, into a martyr. Bharara is now being cast as a white knight who was waging mighty battles against the crooks of Wall Street. It’s a ludicrous portrait for anyone who knows anything about Bharara’s less than glorious tenure as US attorney. As Pam and Russ Martens report, Bharara is a creature of Wall Street. In fact, he has largely functioned as a factotum for the Senator from Citibank, Chuck Schumer. Bharara served faithfully for several years as the chief counsel for Schumer on the Senate judiciary. As a reward for his dutiful role in protecting the careers of ace financial predators such as Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein, Schumer persuaded Barack Obama to appoint Bharara to his post as US attorney in the spring of 2009, during the depths of the economic crisis that Wall Street engineered. One of the biggest cases in Bharara’s tenure was the investigation into the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, where Bharara’s role seemed to be to protect the felonious fund’s biggest beneficiaries, JPMorgan Chase and Picower Family, who reportedly made a profit of nearly $20 billion from the Madoff fund. Clearly a hero for our time." (Jeffrey St. Clair)

    • CITIZEN- "This is being spun on US cable TV news/infotainment shows as a courageous stance by US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley...."

      It would appear that Samantha Power changed her name to Nikki Haley and became Trump's UN ambassador.

  • AIPAC underwrote Islamophobia in the Republican Party, and the Democratic Party too
    • JEFFB- "Trump ran on increasing militarism."

      No, he specifically opposed ongoing US foreign military intervention.

      JEFFB- "The transfer of power regarding lobbyists whose in and whose out has been momentous under Trump."

      A battle to see who rules the swamp isn't exactly draining the swamp.

      JEFFB- "The question was about the 99/1% issue."

      Your contention that there has been a significant shift in the balance of forces regarding the elites versus non-elites is not born out by the facts. Your contention that there is no Deep State is basically pilpul. My definition of "Deep State" consists of those individuals and organizations which yield significant power (primarily economic power) along with those organizations which coordinate and integrate Deep State activities. While we have long had oligarchs, these oligarchs and corporations (particularly financial) are now organized as a somewhat cohesive block of common interests. The WTO, Bretton Woods, the Council on Foreign Relations, the CIA, the Business Roundtable, Davos, Bilderberg, etc. These are unelected elites who have enormous influence on the political economy, and are forcing the global political economy towards disaster. We are at the end of an era and our ability to successfully transition to the next in grave doubt.

    • JEFFB- "That’s a bunch of Americans expressing their view and effectively lobbying for their views to become policy."

      The notion that AIPAC represents citizen empowerment is laughable. AIPAC represents money power. Take away their big bucks and they would be a disempowered lobby.

      JEFFB- "I can think of lots."

      This is your idea of empowering the 99%? Good grief! One point does stand out. "Weakened the intelligence agencies, both by attacking them and putting Flynn in as the NSC post." Jeez, didn't that work out! Weakened the CIA? How about totally capitulated? I believe that he just gave the CIA more authority to conduct drone strikes.

      JEFFB- "Should I keep going?"

      Not unless you intend to deal with reality and show us anything substantive Trump has done to reduce militarism and drain the swamp. Petty wrangling with the media is a joke.

      JEFFB- "The reason America is militarily aggressive is because the population is."

      The 99% are calling the shots, huh? The MIC powerless to resist? Wall Street neutral? Credit where credit is due, you have got some chutzpah to make these types of claims.

    • JEFFB- "In the case of AIPAC would be part of the open government system being manipulated by the deep state."

      You contradict yourself. A government manipulated by the Deep State is not an open government system. When the 99% have little, if any, effective input, you do not have an open government or even a limited democracy. The Deep State is responsible for both empire and neoliberal globalization, both of which are detrimental to the 99%. We appear headed toward a form of neofeudalism with most of the 99% assigned to debt servitude. And AIPAC's power is more than amply demonstrated by the servility of our politicians seeking AIPAC dollars, including both Presidential candidates.

    • JEFFB- "I’d say our recent presidential election proves otherwise."

      It proves just how powerful the Deep State is that Trump betrayed all of his demilitarization campaign promises in less than a month. Other than the TPP which was dead anyway, I don't see anything that Trump is doing which in any way decreases the power of the 1% and improves the position of the 99%. This is why there is considerable continuity from administration to administration, particularly in foreign policy which remains militaristic and imperialistic.

      JEFFB- "Which means what?"

      Which means that AIPAC and other major Jewish organizations exert a strong influence on US Middle East foreign policy. You disagree?

      Why the location jump on your response to me? I was lucky I even saw this.

    • HOPHMI- "Not-an-antisemitic Keith thinks American Jewish organizations are part of a Deep State conspiracy."

      The reality that the 1% more or less run society is a conspiracy theory? The reality that Jews and Jewish organizations are part of the 1% is anti-Semitic? Any and all discussions of how political economy actually functions is corrosive of Jewish interests, hence, anti-Semitic by definition? It is difficult to tell if you actually believe some of the things you say as they are so far removed from reality.

    • JEFFB- "Once you start talking: politically powerful, financially powerful, culturally powerful… (the way say Chomsky does). That isn’t someone manipulating society. That is society."

      The 99% are politically powerful, financially powerful, culturally powerful? Get real. The Deep State refers to those elite institutions and individuals which effectively control our society. The 99% sure as hell doesn't. Likewise, the elites don't represent the interests of the 99% except in those few instances where it serves their elite interests as well. And AIPAC along with the rest of the major American Jewish organizations is an integral part of the Deep State. In capitalist America, money is power.

  • Trump's 'America First' budget puts Israel right up there, too
    • CATALAN- "A sweet reminder of how “free and universal” works in practice."

      Why the anecdotal BS? It is hardly a secret that among the advanced Western states that the US has far and away the most expensive health care, yet statistically is mediocre at best. Try comparing the US to Canada. Even Cuba gets as good results even though poor and under an embargo. A single payer system such as Medicare for all is an obvious and highly desirable solution.

  • 'There is a deep state,' Snowden says, contradicting the liberal press
    • The "Deep State" is merely a handy term to label what should be obvious. Imperial policy responds to the needs and desires of concentrated domestic and global power. The corporations, the financial people, the MIC, the MSM, etc. The government serves primarily to administer the political economy in the interests of the dominant elites who are loosely organized around Davos, Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commision, the Council on foreign relations, etc. The empire is global and policy relatively consistent over time. I appreciate what Snowden did, however, he is not the most qualified to discuss this. The notion that it all started under Bush is ludicrous.

  • Zionism and feminism are incompatible, leftwing voices say
    • "When you talk about feminism you’re talking about the rights of all women and their families to live in dignity, peace, and security." (Linda Sarsour)

      Talk is cheap. Imperial "feminists" criticizing Zionist "feminists"? The "feminist" movement in the US is basically an imperial feminist movement designed to shatter the glass ceiling preventing women from taking leadership roles in the empire to show that women have the cajanes (female cojones) necessary to murder and subjugate Third World women and their families thereby preventing them from living in dignity, peace, and security. Also, the women and their families of the 99%. Any feminism worthy of the name will seek to transform society from a militaristic, power-seeking society into a peaceful, non-exploitative sustainable community. Feminism and Zionism mutually exclusive? Absolutely! But so is feminism and imperialism.

  • The 'Times' runs propaganda about how moral America was till Trump got in charge
    • MOOSER- "Well, what do you know! What a surprise."

      Yes, it is a surprise that you seem to agree that the buffoon-in-chief has turned out similar to the Princess of Darkness! Trouble is, if you keep making sense you will likely lose your Soros stipend and/or become persona non grata at the Clinton Foundation. In the long run it is well worth it!

    • MOOSER- "Bannon can install Eurasianism in the US.."

      Bannon is copying Brzezinski? As for a Russian 5th column, this liberal cold war insanity is embarrassing to those not ultra Democratic Party loyalists. And how can you compare our buffoon-in-chief to Putin? Trump is turning out to be as big a warmonger as Hillary. The Deep State has won and we are all doomed.

    • MOOSER- "Well, as long as Trump does what Putin tells him, there shouldn’t be too much broken crockery."

      Trump following advice from Putin? We should be so lucky.

    • "What Happens When You Fight a ‘Deep State’ That Doesn’t Exist" (Max Fisher)

      What happens when you cave-in to a Deep State which obviously exists? It didn't/doesn't appear to be much of a fight to me. Empire and militarism are firmly in the driver's seat. Our only hope is that the buffoon-in-chief will be an inept bull in the imperial china shop. Better to have an incompetent enemy than a highly effective one. Maybe not.

  • Michael Walzer wonders if Israel 'will let me in'
    • PHIL- "The fact that this scholar is now so alienated by the Israeli government is huge."

      Here you go with "huge" again. If everything you claimed was huge really was, the Earth's gravity would have been affected by now. As for Walzer as a scholar, I think intellectual charlatan would be a better description. Just War Theory is, in reality, a means for intellectuals to gain employment justifying war. How appropriate that he teaches at one of the Ivies, those premier institutions of higher indoctrination.

  • Steve Bannon's Judeo-Christian 'Camp of the Saints'
    • MOOSER- "Perhaps another inspiration for Bannon is Eurasianism, the ideology of “Russian intellectual Alexander Dugin”

      Jeez, aren't you the loyal Clinton/Obama cadre? You keep linking The Center for American Progress, formed by John Podesta and funded by George Soros among others. Well, if you can't trust Soros, the Clintons, Podesta or the CIA, who can you trust? Color revolution, anyone?

      "The president and chief executive officer of CAP is Neera Tanden, who worked for the Obama and Clinton administrations and for Hillary Clinton’s campaigns.[4] The first president and CEO was John Podesta, who has served as White House Chief of Staff to U.S. President Bill Clinton and as the chairman of the 2016 presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.[5] Podesta remained with the organization as chairman of the board until he joined the Obama White House staff in December 2013. Tom Daschle is the current chairman."

    • All of this talk of racism and refugees and no mention of the fact that refugees are a serious problem and a symptom of the disaster (for the 99%) of neoliberal globalization. Imperial policy has caused a huge increase in the number of refugees fleeing their homes to escape the consequences of imperial policy. President Clinton's construction of sections of fencing along the Mexican border and implementation of Operation Gatekeeper coincided with the passage of NAFTA. The huge negative consequences of NAFTA were known in advance but considered acceptable to the 1%. The hordes of people fleeing into Europe from the Middle East are a direct consequence of imperial wars and destabilizations in the Middle East. The rather obvious remedy would be for the West to quite creating refugees.

  • Some Jews support BDS 'from a place of love' for Israel, says AJC official
    • JON S- "In the Book of Esther, the Jews manage to avoid annihilation and turn the tables on their enemies, but there’s no massacre of innocent non-Jews."

      What you are saying is that the Gentiles who were massacred were, by definition, not "innocent"? Allow me to quote from Haaretz:

      "Allow me to begin with a confession: For as long as I can remember, I never liked the holiday of Purim, with its story of the massacre of the gentiles and its message of revenge and rejoicing at the downfall of others. As if hanging Haman's 10 sons were not enough, the Book of Esther goes on to boast that "the other Jews that were in the king's provinces gathered themselves together, and stood for their lives, and had rest from their enemies, and slew of their foes seventy and five thousand" (Esther 9:16). In addition, we read Esther's appalling request that the Jews of Shushan be granted another day to act "according unto this day's decree" - i.e., to slaughter their non-Jewish neighbors brutally. To eliminate any doubt, the author of the Book of Esther emphasizes that this was not a case of self-defense, and that "no man could withstand them; for the fear of them fell upon all people" (9:2). And so every year all that's left for me to do is to grit my teeth during the synagogue reading of the Megillah, taking comfort in the fact that historically, at least, the veracity of this story is very much in doubt." (Ruth Meisels)

  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
    • PARVULESCO- "If I denounce the crimes of Assad and Putin it is because I support US imperialism."

      When you join the chorus to demonize the target of an imperial destabilization campaign, you most certainly are supporting imperialism. The empire is on a rampage and you obviously support it all. Even though imperial militarism could end in nuclear war, you support it all. You are a loyal cadre, nothing more. The evidence for the imperial use of these Islamist terrorists as a proxy force is massive and overwhelming. The evidence for the imperial use of force to smash all opposition to empire in a drive for global hegemony is massive and overwhelming. And you support it all.


      Ah, the Unrepentant Imperialist comes to pay us another visit? One of the amazing features of capitalism is its ability to co-opt the opposition. Gosh knows, you have become a loyal imperialist, your foreign policy views in synch with the State Department. Since you provided us with a link, I will return the favor with a link to another of your favorites- Eva Bartlett.

    • SIBIRIAK- (Rania Khalek Quote)- "Also these are not organic movements. The idea that they represent the natural tendencies of Arabs and Muslims in the region is orientalist itself and frankly racist. These groups used to be minor and uninfluential. It’s because of decades of Western and gulf state support that they even have traction in the first place."

      This point cannot be emphasized enough! Folks who criticize the lack of democracy or other conditions in the Middle East are being more than a little dishonest in view of the fact that much (most?) of the problems in the Middle East are a consequence of Western imperialism and Western intervention in that area. Uncle Sam is the primary culprit in Syria, not Assad.

      Likewise, the American led global empire is the driving force behind climate change/global warming and the headlong rush to nuclear confrontation and possible nuclear war. The West is ruled (yes, ruled) by psychopaths and we are all in extreme danger. It never should have come to this point.

  • 'NYT' runs U.S. propaganda on Russian crimes-- without even a comment thread
    • DANAA- "So when was the last time the US had a UN ambassador that was not female?"

      Who better to represent warmongering males than a female? Who better to represent racist whites than a person of color?

    • DANAA- "Her diatribes in the UN were the object of mirth and derision the world over. especially when she’d go half -cocked against Russia or Syria."

      In spite of that, she appears to be the role model for Nikki Haley.

  • Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS
    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "SEE: “Notes on Nationalism”, by George Orwell, 1945"

      Indeed, the "Orwellian" notion of Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Bomb (R2B) are accepted by large numbers of liberal imperialists who willingly support aggression when done by Democrats and phrased appropriately.

  • Power of donors over Israel discussion in Jewish community is 'the $60 million question'
    • PHIL- "Note that Rabbi Stutman sets great store by communal cohesion...."

      All Zionists set great store by communal cohesion. That is, after all, the core purpose of Zionism.

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • BORIS- "People do say that someone looks like a Scandinavian or a Native American."

      And what does a Scandinavian Jew look like? Or a British Jew? Or an American Jew? In typical Zionist fashion, you attempt to make "Jewishness" a condition of birth which cannot be changed. While a Catholic can leave the church and become an ex-Catholic, Jewish identity is considered to be unalterable by Jewish tribalists who seek to maintain Jewish "kinship" in a multicultural society. The primary purpose of Israel and Zionism is to prevent assimilation.

    • BORIS- "Jews were never accepted in Poland as indigenous population."

      And what was the relationship between Polish Jews and the Polish peasants?

    • JEFFB- "Zionism is Judaism greatest achievement recently...."

      Are you serious? Zionism is a throwback to medieval Classical Judaism. Zionism is a refutation of the enlightenment. You support this? You support tribalism? You support a people that shall dwell apart? You believe in eternal and irrational Gentile anti-Semitism?

  • 'We will not go back' in struggle against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia -- Bernie Sanders
    • BERNIE SANDERS- “This country has struggled too long against racism, sexism, xenophobia, and homophobia. We will not go back. We are going to go forward,”

      The empire is on a warmongering rampage and Bernie wants to focus on identity politics while ignoring the fundamental cause of much of this. Imperialism, racism and sexism go hand in hand. Bernie is a staunch supporter of Israel and empire who continues to function as a sheep dog for the Democratic Party. No wonder he received standing ovations from the Jewish imperialists at J Street.

  • Name the six countries the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
    • MOOSER- "Stephen Cohen, and Jeff Sessions."

      Jeff Sessions? Perhaps. Stephen Cohen? No way, Jose! JLD was lamenting that Elliott Abrams was an attorney (Harvard). I pointed out that the Clintons and Obama were also Ivy League lawyers (Yale and Harvard). I think a case can be made that Ivy League lawyers (particularly Harvard and Yale) should be banned from holding federal government office. Ivy League Wall Street lawyers and the CIA go way back. Sessions got his law degree from the University of Alabama. He may be bad but he is not part of the cabal. Stephen Cohen is Ivy League, but not law. As for tenuous CFR commonality, the CFR does have some legitimate scholars like Cohen on board.

    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "OMG, I had no idea Elliott Abrams was an attorney...."

      Just like Slick Willy, Horrible Hillary and "kill list" Barack. Birds of a feather. Sorry, JL, but it needed to be said.

    • PHIL- "...and might be said to represent the deep state...."

      Might be said? J Street, like AIPAC, is a staunch supporter of empire. Both are filled with representatives of the deep state such as Ilan Goldenberg.

  • How to love Israel: 'Sometimes it'll hurt-- bad, but I will not walk away! I will not let you go!'
    • MIKA ALMOG- "But in a democracy, majority rules...."

      In a capitalist "democracy," the oligarchs and corporations rule, elections marketing/motivation campaigns. It is the same in Israel or South Africa or the US. The difference in Israel is that Zionism is the secular equivalent of Classical Judaism, forever locked in medieval ideology. As such, there is a strong, fundamentalist belief among a sizable part of the population that the entirety of Israel has been "redeemed." Further, the Torah/Talmud place severe restrictions on Gentiles in the land of Israel. It is considered a sin to give up even one inch of the sacred soil. The modern concept of a secular (capitalist) democracy simply does not apply. Neither does an independent Palestinian State on the sacred soil of Judea and Samaria. All of this talk of Jewish and democratic is intended to obscure the fact that a large chunk of Jewish Israelis are psychologically incapable of any compromise whatsoever. Also, that American Jewish Zionists have a vested interest in the rewards of Zionist based kinship.

  • Are Bannon and Trump turning U.S. anti-immigrant enforcement agencies into their own paramilitary force?
    • YONAH FREDMAN- "...those who minimize the dangers of trump are part of the problem."

      Those who focus exclusively on Trump while ignoring the systemic nature of our current ongoing disaster are a much greater problem.

    • JAMES TOMSHECK- "They were an agency that had not always been held accountable."

      Unlike the CIA?

      JAMES NORTH- "Bannon/Trump want to increase the Border Patrol from 19,500 to 26,400, and add 10,000 more ICE officers, tripling the present number."

      Are you aware that Obama doubled the size of the Special Operations Forces which are now operating in about 130 countries worldwide? That Obama deported a record 2.5 million aliens? That Obama prosecuted more whistle blowers than all previous administrations combined? Sure, the current administration is deplorable, however, it is more a continuation of Deep State policy than a radical departure. Things are going to continue to get worse as long as the citizenry supports either of the corporate parties or candidates.

  • Israel's dependence on lobby's pressure will cause hostility to U.S. Jews, Nathan Glazer warned in 1976
    • MAGLAWATAN- (from your link) "According to the Jewish-American publication, Gorka from 2002 to 2007 worked with openly racist and anti-Semitic groups, as well as public figures who hold such views."

      The pot is calling the kettle black! Did The Forward complain about Victoria Nuland rubbing elbows with Ukrainian neo-Nazis? Did any Jewish organization raise a ruckus when the US recruited Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen at the end of WWII? When he became the first head of the German BND (CIA)? Suddenly, these people are first opening their eyes?

  • Iran beats US for wrestling world cup, but you wouldn't know it from watching NBC
    • GAMAL- "that may be so but how do you expect the working classes (middle class) to unravel the mass of propaganda to which they are exposed...."

      Where there is a will there is a way. I am not seeing the will. I am seeing a society willingly organized into a hierarchical tribe, like Chimpanzees, with the majority acting as faithful followers searching for cues as to how the elites want them to behave. Propaganda works because most wish to be deceived. To put their faith in unifying myths rather than divisive reality. At this stage of the game, the Deep State is likely too powerful to be effectively resisted. But it wasn't always thus. The very fact that a revolt at the polls is virtually inconceivable (Trump hardly qualifies as a revolt) is testament to a citizenry eager to comply and demonstrate their loyalty to oligarchy and empire. And the left has failed because in the long run money overwhelms all opposition. "Democracy" is a myth. We have spent about 200 years replacing a religion justified nobility with a money justified capitalist nobility. Lord Gates, Lord Saban, Lord Soros, etc.

    • GAMAL- "if I recall right the point Chomsky makes is that those who say that blue-collar people are too dim to deal with complex politics he points out that they are perfectly capable of retaining astonishing amounts of complex information about the sports teams they support and are thus well able to retain data and deal with complexity he was affirming their mental capacities not denigrating them."

      My recollection is the same as yours. I do, however, disagree with Noam's assessment insofar as the current state of the American political economy does not reflect well on the US citizenry. Surely, the citizens are not entirely blameless. And what does this say about a truly meaningful democracy?

  • History shows that anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism have never been mutually exclusive
    • STEPHEN SHENFIELD- "This is unfair criticism."

      No it's not. Your contention that Amy Kaplan focuses on anti-Semtism because that what the article was about is more than a little disingenuous. The rather obvious rejoinder is why the article emphasizes anti-Semitism at this point in time. Is the plight of the working poor of so little concern? Is anti-Semitism such a pressing problem? Or is it normal that Jews defend Jewish power and privilege under any and all circumstances? Israel Shahak maintains that Zionism represents a return (albeit secular) to Classical Judaism. He also noted that throughout the period of Classical Judaism, Jews had a special hatred for the (Gentile) peasants. Is that not at least part of what we are seeing now? Why the ongoing, never ending emphasis on anti-Semitism from such a privileged group?

    • "Even now, the right is pushing back on criticism of Bannon by tarring as anti-Semitic progressive leaders and movements so essential to the current struggle against Trump."

      My gracious, this is a muddled article. The only coherence seems to be Amy Kaplan jumping on the anti-Trump bandwagon. And by focusing on Trump the man, she can ignore the rather significant policy continuity of the Trump administration with the Obama administration with the Bush administration with the Clinton administration, etc. And with the ouster of Flynn and the appointment of McMaster as National Security Adviser, even the hoped for lull in imperial warmongering seems to have come to an end. Russophobia and Putin bashing are in style everywhere. The big difference appears to me to be how the personal fortunes of professional Jewish Democrats work out. The fate of the working poor who voted for Trump seems to be of little concern to Kaplan as we endure the never ending focus on anti-Semitism. Old anti-Semitism and new anti-Semitism. And since the new anti-Semitism encompasses just about everything which may be considered "corrosive of Jewish interests" (former ADL head Nathan Perlmutter), there is a lot for Amy Kaplan to be concerned about as she competes for power and privilege.

  • Tom Friedman begs Trump to 'save the Jews' from themselves
    • JLEWISDICKERSON- "Israel isn’t going to be a democratic state — so what?”

      I think that much could be gained if we simply acknowledged the fact that Western democracy is largely a Western myth. You can never deal with the consequences of elite rule if you maintain the fiction that the people rule. They don't. Much of the impetus to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians is the requirement to have a substantial Jewish majority to maintain the fiction of Israel as Jewish and democratic. And as for the global political economy, who seriously believes that the fat-cats and corporations aren't calling the shots? Seriously. I say tell it like it is and let the chips fall where they may.

  • On rewards against terror and for justice
    • ADDICTIONMYTH- "Now that Iran has threatened to nuke Tel Aviv...."

      No they haven't. And you have said this BS before.

    • MARC ELLIS- "Can Jews be far down that list?"

      Yes, I believe that they are quite far down the list. Perhaps, not even on it. Except for the possiblitiy of false flags, historically popular with the Zionist movement.

      MARC ELLIS- "As I came to learn, most Jewish progressive Jews were liberal in all things, except Palestine."

      "Progressive" and "liberal" have become labels, nothing more. There is nothing "progressive" or "liberal" about empire and neoliberal globalization, however, most Jews appear to me to be quite comfortable with both. Lord knows, the Clinton and Obama administrations got a free pass. Humanitarian intervention, anyone?

  • Trump is putting the crunch on liberal Zionism
    • PHIL- “Every time I turn on the radio or television I see empowered Jews warning about Trump’s danger to democracy.”

      I am glad that you brought this up, I certainly couldn’t. Of course, the notion that these “liberal” imperialists are concerned about democracy would be laughable in less dire circumstances. Only the willfully blind will fail to see that this is about power. Deep State power brokers own the Democratic Party, supported Hillary, and continue to want confrontation with Russia leading (they hope) to imperial hegemony. They speak for the more powerful group of Deep State imperialists, and are aligned with the CIA in a color revolution coup attempt which will probably be successful. These “intellectuals” are Stalinist to the core, their comments grotesque propaganda. As one example, Paul Krugman drops all pretense of rationality as he contributes to the orchestrated narrative of Trump as a Putin puppet, whom others have called a traitor. Notice how he adopts the standard reference to the elected and overwhelmingly popular Putin as a “dictator.” Don’t misunderstand, I am not overly concerned that this effort will likely succeed, Trump’s election has already helped to weaken the Deep State and empire itself. On the other hand, with Trump out for talking to the Russians and a President Pence in office, the empire may try to make up for lost time. I have linked Krugman’s outrageous comments below.

      “The story so far: A foreign dictator intervened on behalf of a U.S. presidential candidate — and that candidate won. Close associates of the new president were in contact with the dictator’s espionage officials during the campaign, and his national security adviser was forced out over improper calls to that country’s ambassador — but not until the press reported it; the president learned about his actions weeks earlier, but took no action.” (Paul Krugman)

  • Jews in Iran: a travelogue
  • The emergence of the Just Jew
    • MOOSER- "Remember, if you weren’t here, “Yonah” would simply invent you."

      He did anyway. There is the real me and there is Yonah's strawman which he named Keith.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith is playing dumb."

      Look who is talking! The undisputed lightweight champion of the world!

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Keith’s comment dismisses antisemitism asserting that since Rothschilds are rich antisemitism cannot exist. This is ridiculous."

      What is ridiculous is your flagrant misrepresentation of my comment. I had more to say, but that comment didn't pass moderation. Mondoweiss is extraordinarily sensitive to anything I say on this topic, things which do not begin to approach the comments of some others.

      As for you, apparently you have carte blanche to engage in your never ending anti-Gentile hysteria. You continue to fantasize about massive amounts of Jew hatred. You are the very essence of a loyal Zionist cadre. Hopefully, this is sufficiently bland to pass moderation.

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