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  • Sanders says fight among Democrats is to go 'beyond identity politics' and stand for all working people
    • SIBIRIAK- "Not the right forum...."

      I am not specifically referring to Mondoweiss. I am referring to the sum total of the coverage on the dissident websites I frequent, CounterPunch, Dissident Voice, Global Research, Black Agenda Report, etc. Someone like Michael Hudson should be all over this. I could be way off base but my gut feel is that this has huge, far reaching implications regarding a cashless society, financial control and neofeudalism.

      SIBIRIAK- "...not an easy subject for those not versed in political economy."

      How much knowledge does it take to understand that making a revolutionary change to the political economy by Presidential proclamation is unprecedented and dangerous? Besides, the essence of capitalism is the monetization of power and folks need to be at least minimally aware of how the financial system operates. Thanks for the link to Naked Capitalism, however, one shouldn't need to go to specialized websites or sections of the newspaper to find out about something like this which has such apparent import for the global political economy. Besides, the language of economics is mostly BS, economists generally apologists for the system. From time to time I have indicated that the elites will soon need to restructure the global financial system. Is this the start? A controlled experiment in a Third World country? What, me worry?

    • SIBIRIAK- "Please, please, the Stein recount activities are desperately needed to counter ex-KGB Putin’s intolerable interference in American democracy."

      Jeez, I wasn't upset enough before without you throwing salt on my wounds? If true, the Greens under Jill Stein are emulating the German Greens under Joschka Fischer. Oh well, another voice for change totally corrupted. In capitalism, co-option of the opposition is built in to the dynamics of the system.

      Speaking of perversity, why am I virtually alone in being astounded by Modi's demonetization of India? In capitalism, money is power. Modi has essentially dis-empowered India's 99% beyond belief. Those 500 rupee notes ($7) cannot be exchanged for 100 rupee notes. The poor will need to open a bank account. Transactions will be monitored and data mined. Social control will shift to the financial sector. A precursor for the US? A global dictatorship of the financial oligarchs? Things are looking grim and grimmer. Why isn't this more widely discussed?

    • KATHLEEN- "Did you go to any of the Sanders events?"

      No. I know who and what Sanders is and have no desire to feel the Bern surrounded by those who decide to delude themselves. Actions speak louder than words. By his enthusiastic support for warmonger Hillary and her neoliberal policies, Sanders confirmed that he is a Democratic Party loyalist and a liar, something which I and others were aware of right from the get-go. You simply cannot reform the Democratic Party without losing the financial support of the fat-cats and Zionists, in which case you will quickly revert to Third Party status. That is the reality. If you take comfort in soothing lies and fictions, then you are part of the problem. I might add that although I financially contributed to Jill Stein and voted for her, her recount activities largely financed by fat-cat Democrats will result in the destruction of the Green Party which has now obviously morphed into an adjunct of the Democratic Party in similar fashion to It is a cold, cruel world Kathleen, but knowing the truth has certain advantages. I leave you with a quote from Noam Chomsky.

      “We live entangled in webs of endless deceit, often self-deceit, but with a little honest effort, it is possible to extricate ourselves from them. If we do, we will see a world that is rather different from the one presented to us by a remarkably effective ideological system, a world that is much uglier, often horrifying.” (Noam Chomsky)

    • CATALAN- "I just want to thank you guys for agitating against Hillary. I am confident that Trump will be a fabulous president for rich people (like me for instance)."

      You are very welcome! At least we will be alive to whine about our predicament even as we toast your good fortune. Prediction- Trump's highest priority will be to get congress to approve his huge tax cut for the wealthy and corporations which will be sold to his supporters as a means to revive the economy. In actuality, it will be the final theft before structural adjustment of the financial system. But at least I will be alive to whine about it.

    • The Democratic Party is the graveyard of progressive politics and Bernie Sanders continues in his role as the mortician's sheep dog. Reality may be a bummer, but delusions have their price.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
    • TOIVOS- "Something has changed in that last 20 years and I am still unclear what has happened."

      For an excellent analysis of the latest phase of Democratic Party debauchery, I provide a quote and link to an article from 2013 written by John Stauber.

      "For almost a decade now the funders of the Progressive Movement, the rich Democrats of the Democracy Alliance and their cliques, networks and organizations, have employed and funded political hacks, fundraisers, pollsters, organizers and PR flacks. Over the past ten years they have dumped more and more money into the big feeding trough shared by the major players of the Progressive movement. The overall goal and result has always been to bring withering rhetorical fire and PR attacks upon the Republican Right, while creating a tremendous fear of the Right to increase the vote for Democrats. This has become Job #1 for the Progressive Movement. No one quite remembers Job #2.

      Real movements are not the creation of and beholden to millionaires. The Progressive Movement is astroturf beholden to the rich elite, just as the Democratic millionaires and operatives of the Democracy Alliance intended. The “movement’s” funding is in the hands of a small number of super rich Democrats and union bureaucrats and advisors who run with them. Its talking points, strategies, tactics and PR campaigns are all at the service of the Democratic elite. There is no grassroots organized progressive movement with power in the United States, and none is being built. Indeed, if anything threatens to emerge, the cry “Remember Nader!” arises and the budding insurgency is marginalized or coopted, as in the case of the Occupy Wall Street events. Meanwhile, the rich elite who fund the Progressive Movement, and their candidates such as Barack Obama, are completely wedded to maintaining the existing status quo on Wall Street and in the corporate boardroom. Their well-kept Progressive Movement is adept at PR, propaganda, marketing and fundraising necessary in the service of the Democratic Party and the corporate elite who rule it." (John Stauber)

    • TOIVOS- "Something has changed in that last 20 years and I am still unclear what has happened."

      It has been slightly longer than that, but essentially two things happened. The first was the birth of the Democratic Leadership Council and the new Democrats like Bill Clinton who could attract huge amounts of corporate cash essential for victory, while simultaneously placating the voters who they were betraying. The second was the ongoing, massive redistribution of wealth and power from them 99% to the 1% such that the super rich practically own the system, including both parties and most of the NGOs. A Democratic Party of high principles would soon become cash starved and marginal rather than the well-funded party of "liberal" oligarchs such as Haim Saban and George Soros.

    • ERIC BLAIR- "Oh…and the Dems have been aping GOP fiscal policies serving the 0.1% ever since King Bubba turned the party into a kind of GOP lite."

      What do you mean "GOP lite?" In their competition for oligarchic cash, the Dems have moved way to the right of the GOP on foreign policy. And on domestic policy, they are the can do party for the oligarchs, screwing the 99% much more effectively than the Republicans. In the age of neoliberalism, the Democrats have morphed into the compradors of the 1%. Only the willfully blind blue loyalists fail to see the transformation.

    • MAGHLAWATAN- "The big play is for 2020 post crash. Do the Dems stay with the 1% or side with the people?"

      Yes, there will be a seismic shift in the political economy, however, why would the Democratic corporatists side with the people? American capitalist democracy is basically a one party system with two right wings.

    • TOIVOS- "Yes, Alice has signaled that she will join that mob."

      A loyal member of the blue tribe.

    • W. JONES- "The truth is, Trump bears some similarities to Adams in that he has been campaigning for an independent foreign policy...."

      Trump is a liar and a fraud, don't believe a word he says. His one saving grace is that he is not Hillary. The political economy is so radically different from Adams' time that comparisons are tenuous at best. Suffice to say, that if you are putting your hopes in Trump, you will likely be disappointed.

    • W. JONES- "But it’s very strange for me when I hear professed liberals run the anti Russian lines."

      That is because you believe that imperial "liberals" adhere to some sort of liberal philosophy. They don't. "Liberal" is a label attached to those who camouflage neoliberalism in a progressive vocabulary. You have imperial "liberal" power seekers and imperial "conservative" power seekers competing with each other to secure oligarchic funding. What they actually do is quite similar, the major difference is in the packaging.

    • W. JONES- "Did you consider you might not be getting the full story, Alice?"

      I seriously doubt that Dr. Rothchild lacks sufficient information. Rather, I think she is on a mission. The plan seems to be to get us to forget about the Deep State and actual policies and instead to mindlessly engage in counterproductive protests against a demonized Trump. There is a continuity between administrations and many of the things Trump will do will be a continuation of things Clinton and Obama did. Yet we are to believe that things would have been radically different under a Democratic administration. One difference is that a Clinton administration would be perhaps the most militaristic in US history, hardly praise worthy. As for the predictable consequence of the demonization of Trump and his supporters and the ongoing demonstrations, I quote and link John Stauber who has studied this. In the article, there is a link to a previous article of his well worth reading.

      "The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump. They are an emotional tactic devoid of strategy, and one that has made Trump stronger and stronger since it was first unleashed during the Republican primaries at the beginning of 2016. ‘Trump is a racist narcissist pig, unfit to exist, much less govern,’ or so the meme goes. But despite losing the popular vote he mat slammed Hillary and the Democrat Party. The GOP scaredy cats who were fleeing him en masse he actually rescued and rose them to control both houses of Congress.

      As of this writing the Trump protests have not abated, and now this smells of serious failure, the type of total and complete butt kicking that Republicans gave to the so-called Wisconsin Uprising. Almost six years after those massive protests against Governor Scott Walker over his disemboweling of the union movement in Wisconsin, after years of big protests with tens of thousands in the streets and a recall election attempt, the GOP is stronger than ever in the Badger State, with hegemonic control of the government in Uprising Central, Madison." (John Stauber)

    • W. JONES- "If Clinton was elected would liberals be giving her the same resI stance they are giving Trump?"

      It is an interesting thought experiment to wonder what Alice Rothchild's reaction would be if Trump selected Michele Flournoy for Secretary of Defense and Victoria Nuland for Secretary of State?

  • 'We have to channel fear into organizing': Muslim-Americans prepare for Trump's 'Muslim registry'
    • MAGHLAWATAN- "Islam does have a problem. It’s called Imperialism"

      Damn straight, Maghlawatan, damn straight! One helluva video as well!

  • Zionists embrace of Trump and Bannon is no surprise
    • "Zionists have always leveraged reactionary, racist, colonial and anti-semitic governments, regimes and organizations – from Russian Tzars to the Nazis to Mussolini to the colonial British Empire to the Christian Right (Christian Zionists)."

      Nice to see you linking Ralph Schoenman's "The Hidden History of Zionism," which I have referenced in the past and have been criticized for doing so.

  • I'm not worried about anti-Semitism
    • SIBIRIAK- "...I don’t think full-scale war with Russia was really in the cards anyway."

      Not a planned nuclear war, perhaps, but accidents happen and things can spiral out of control. In the last sixty years, we have barely escaped a nuclear war. Perhaps the most famous incident involved the Soviet submarine commander who during the Cuban missle crisis prevented the launch of a nuclear armed torpedo in responce to US depth charges. Not difficult to imagine that escalating to a full nuclear exchange particularly since Kennedy and his advisors estimated the likelihood of war at 50%. There have been other incidents. Remember that tactical nukes (under 100 kilotons (Hiroshima was 20 kilotons)) do not require Presidential authorization and can be launched by a three star General. Current Russian military doctrine is to use tactical nukes to prevent a massive defeat. In a sense, we are all living on borrowed time. Needless to say, neocon brinkmanship is extraordinarily risky. Here is an Edward S. Herman quote from before the election.

      "Hillary Clinton is a neo-liberal and pre-eminent war-monger. I think she is the most dangerous person living in the world today, given her highly likely election victory and her likely performance as president." (Edward S. Herman)

    • TOKYOBK- "You are addressing me specifically, so I have to ask, just what use do you think antisemitism has to me? You seem to believe I need it as a part of my identity, which simply has no bearing on how I live my life and the people with whom I live it."

      I judge you based upon your comments which are overwhelmingly devoted to anti-Semitism. And yes, I think that a sense of JEWISH victimhood (as opposed to black victimhood) is an integral part of your identity and your price of admission into the tribe.

      TOKYOBK- "How electing Trump makes us safer in any way, including with the potential for nuclear conflict I just don’t know."

      Then you haven't been paying attention to Hillary's despicable record of war mongering, nor to the people she surrounds herself with such as Victoria Nuland and Michelle Flournoy who pushed for the destruction of Libya and Syria, along with the coup in the Ukraine and their seething hostility to Russia. Hillary is full bore neocon with all that implies. I thought she was going to win the election and bring things to a head within a year, perhaps less. I was actually frightened by the prospect. With Hillary, all options are always on the table ready for use. Even so, I didn't vote for Trump. How could I? We may have bought ourselves some time, but disaster looms in any event. Of course, with your relative privilege and narrow focus, much of this will pass you by unnoticed until the unforeseen disaster becomes apparent to all.

    • JONATHAN GREEBLATT- “So I pledge to you right here and now, because I care about the fight against anti-Semitism, that if one day in these United States, if one day Muslim-Americans will be forced to register their identities, then that is the day that this proud Jew will register as a Muslim.”

      JEFFREY ST. CLAIR- "Suddenly the Left is all aflame over word that Trump is considering a “Muslim registry.” Apparently, these brave defenders of civil liberties are unaware that a “Muslim registry” called the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System was imposed shortly after 9/11 with the endorsement of Hillary Clinton and many other Democrats and persisted well into Obama time, only being officially abandoned in 2011. (Who is to say when, or if, it unofficially ended?) Ajamu Baraka told me that he was stopped and interrogated about his residency and status no less than five times during that decade of dread. Let us also recall that Mrs. Clinton made a dramatic gesture of returning campaign contributions from American Muslims and Muslim groups during her senate campaign, more than a year before the events of 9/11." (Jeffrey St. Clair)

    • MAGHLAWATAN- "There are at least 40 Jewish billionaires. I would suggest some serious philanthropy while the going is good."

      The harsh reality is that "philanthropy" is privatized social engineering. All billionaires use philanthropy to shape the political economy to their liking. Sticking to Jews, George Soros could well be the most dangerous philanthropist in history. His symbiotic relationship with USAID and the State Department in fomenting color revolutions is well known. He is now involved in these demonization protests which primarily serve to polarize. A quote and a link.

      "The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump. They are an emotional tactic devoid of strategy, and one that has made Trump stronger and stronger since it was first unleashed during the Republican primaries at the beginning of 2016. ‘Trump is a racist narcissist pig, unfit to exist, much less govern,’ or so the meme goes. But despite losing the popular vote he mat slammed Hillary and the Democrat Party. The GOP scaredy cats who were fleeing him en masse he actually rescued and rose them to control both houses of Congress.

      As of this writing the Trump protests have not abated, and now this smells of serious failure, the type of total and complete butt kicking that Republicans gave to the so-called Wisconsin Uprising. Almost six years after those massive protests against Governor Scott Walker over his disemboweling of the union movement in Wisconsin, after years of big protests with tens of thousands in the streets and a recall election attempt, the GOP is stronger than ever in the Badger State, with hegemonic control of the government in Uprising Central, Madison."

    • TOKYOBK- "But neither fact means there aren’t reasons to be concerned."

      Yes, but what exactly is your hierarchy of concerns? My biggest concern is the significant possibility of terminal nuclear war. As such, I am slightly relieved that Hillary lost (I voted for Jill Stein). Also, the elimination of nuclear weapons (as opposed to Obama's $1 trillion nuclear upgrade). A close second is environment destruction, global warming now a likely done deal leading to a non-nuclear catastrophe. After that, collapse of the global financial system and global political economy leading, once again, to a catastrope. Way down the list is my concern for perceived increases in anti-Semitism, or the protection of Gay marriage or the right to transgender restrooms, etc.

      Now it may be that the obvious futility of individual response to the biggest threats leads you to focus on personal issues which may effect you. I have, however, noticed that the specter of sudden surges of irrational anti-Semitism is a core ideological belief of Zionism such that fear of anti-Semitism among Zionist Jews is fundamentally irrational, yet essential to group solidarity. Suffice it to say that I and other rational folks are not concerned about old fashioned anti-Semitism (Jew hatred), but that you will likely find reasons to be so that you can continue to reap the benefits of gilded victimhood.

    • ANNIE- "telling a woman she’s “obviously agitated” is about .0% from telling her she’s having her period."

      No its not. And what a bizarre comment.

    • ANNIE- "i’m not sure how i am “overemphasizing” anything."

      I didn't say you were. I merely pointed out that intentionally provocative stuff on the web and social media can be used by the elites to divide people. I followed your link. The daily stormer is roughly the same as stormfront, a site designed to misrepresent reality and play on the emotions. You are obviously agitated and further comment by me would not be productive.

    • ANNIE- "... i was shocked, literally shocked. if this kind of thinking is at the core of the alt right, and these are the millennial rightwing, i’d be concerned."

      There is a great danger in overemphasizing crap like this. There appears to be a concerted effort to divide the population into red versus blue with intentionally provocative websites demonizing one or the other. All the while, the deep state carries on with its agenda. Divide and rule. Don't forget that there was no significant sectarian violence in Iraq before we sent John Negroponte over to set up the death squads (the Salvadoran option). Divide and rule. Forget the fat-cats, let us fight the alt-right!

    • DABAKR- "Just keep I mind that most comments about jews here are filtered through the hard left and often pseudo-naive mind of creator pw."

      Phil Weiss hard left? Jeez, give me a break.

    • PHIL- "And though all fears are *real* especially when so many people are stating them, I see the Jewish fears as overblown and even self-involved, and an indication not of physical threats or discrimination but a potential shift in Jewish status inside the establishment."

      That is exactly correct. What we are seeing is the predictable Judeo-Zionist reaction to the slight diminution of visible Jewish power. First a quote, then additional comment.

      "Thus ADL head Nathan Perlmutter maintained that the "real anti-Semitism" in America consisted of policy initiatives "corrosive of Jewish interests," such as affirmative action...." (p37, "The Holocaust Industry," Norman Finkelstein)

      This all relates to a variation of what Yakov Hirsch refers to a "hasbara culture." If we substitute Judeo-Zionist for hasbara, the same manufactured cultural values guide the opinions of the Judeo-Zionist elite. As such, any perceived diminution in Jewish power is seen as evidence of anti-Semitism. So, if Jews who represent 2% of the population comprise 20% of the senior governmental positions of power, this is seen as good and natural, a triumph of meritocracy. However, if Jewish presence in government is reduced to 10% of senior governmental positions of power, this is seen as naked, irrational anti-Semitism potentially leading to God-knows-what. This is the totally irrational frame of reference inculcated in the Zionist faithful. This irrationality is an intrinsic part of the logic of the Zionist ideology which creates the strong internal group solidarity which makes Zionism such a potent force.

      I would add that since Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban and George Soros, et al, haven't lost a nickel with Trump's election, the actual change in deep state power relations is less than obvious to me. Perhaps Hillary's defeat signals a leveling of Judeo-Zionist power accumulation rather a significant diminution of Jewish power.

  • When Sanders changed political reality. And hasbara culture slapped him down.
    • YAKOV HIRSCH- "I am not talking about ” propaganda,” I am talking people who have been inculcated in hasbara culture “experience” reality differently."

      Since people who have been inculcated in Zionist ideology interpret reality differently, their version of events is highly biased which by definition is considered propaganda, which, I believe, is the meaning of hasbara. Your additional description is entirely consistent with my interpretation of what you meant by hasbara culturalist, and I don't want to argue semantics on the definition of propaganda. Suffice to say that all societies develop myths and ideologies through which reality is perceived, the notion of the white man's burden a classic example. Your hasbara culture is a specific example of a highly indoctrinate group of people who will view events from the perspective of the myth of eternal and irrational anti-Semitism as the driving force behind the Jewish past, present and future.

    • SIBIRIAK- "What’s wrong with plain old “Zionist “?"

      As I understand it, a hasbara culturalist is a subset of Zionism. It would refer to those active in the doctrinal system who seek to frame every discussion within the framework of current Zionist ideology and mythology. It goes beyond mere support for Israel and involves a reframing of incidents to comport with the Zionist narrative by those with the power to influence the discussion. It is a consistent and coherent propagandistic distortion of objective reality. Or at least that is my understanding of Yakov Hirsch's use of the term. I might add that imperial propagandists do much the same thing as they misrepresent reality in support of imperial objectives.

  • We are in an era of conservative counter-revolution
    • ROHA- "Keith, I think you will enjoy this."

      The first graph tells us quite a lot doesn't it? 40 years of neoliberalism and financialization has brought us to our current sorry state. What may not be apparent to some is that the ongoing fattening of the already fat-cats isn't just about bigger yachts and homes. In capitalism, money is power. The massive upward shift of wealth represents an upward shift of power. People like Sheldon Adelson and George Soros are the new Lords of capitalism who rule by the divine right of capital. In this environment, guys like Soros OWN dozens of NGOs. Trump is hardly a man of the people and what effect his election will have is uncertain. But if we can even get away from these neocon wars that will be good. No doubt he will do a lot of bad things, but at least we may be alive to protest. As for his cabinet choices, what does anyone expect? And how many of these "liberals" would protest if Hillary had won and nominated Michele Flournoy for Secretary of Defense and Victoria Nuland for Secretary of State? The trouble with most of these imperial liberals is that they pay too much attention to what these professional liars say and much too little attention to what these people they support actually do.

    • ROHA- "But I’m sure we can count on George Soros to lead us into a worldwide socialist revolution."

      Yes, I can see it now. A financial dictatorship of the proletariat led by a vanguard of the financial elite! What a guy! Currency speculator/philanthropist. Is it fat-cat liberal or liberal fat-cat? A solid blue Democrat, that's for sure!

    • ROHA- "...will have no effect on the overall power and economic structures."

      This is the point I have been trying to make in regards to the anti-Trump hysteria. The election of Donald Trump will have but limited effect on the distribution of global power. Hopefully, Trump will be less interventionist and less likely to risk a war with Russia. Beyond that, the imperial agenda will be pursued. Things will get worse, not better, but we may live to see it. Perhaps pulling back from aggressively pursuing global hegemony will hasten the collapse/restructuring of the global financial system. We are at the end of an era and entering a transition period. The future looks bleak.

      ROHA- "The conservative counter-revolution really got under way in the Thatcher- Reagan era...."

      I would not refer to the neoliberal class war begun under Reagan & Thatcher as a "conservative" counterrevolution. There is nothing conservative about the elites pushing for this, many of whom prefer the "Liberal" label. In effect, neoliberalism is an attempt to shift the economy from an industrial economy back to a rentier economy prior to a restructuring of the financial system. Our current financial system is a private, debt based financial system which requires the financial system to grow exponentially to avoid technical default. It doesn't have to be this way but that is the way it is. Until recently, the growth in the real economy was tied in to the growth in the financial system. This is no longer possible, hence, the financialization of the economy. Some sort of restructuring needs to take place soon, probably during Trump's first and only administration.

      ROHA- "The populism that supports Trump and led to Brexit is not, I think, a real left movement, but it is a rebellion against the power elite and the chattering classes."

      I agree. I would add that "Left" and "Right" have devolved into labels, the brands two groups of power-seekers attach to themselves. Their "ideologies" reduced to little more than rationalizations justifying the economic agendas of their oligarchic funders. Brexit is a little more complicated insofar as the European Union was a terrible creation which primarily joined a lot of different countries under the rule of the European Central Bank and ultimately the Wall Street led global financial system. Does anyone in the 99% really want to live in Greece?

    • PHIL- "... Trumpism isn’t just about jobs and discontent; but it is aimed at the many liberties that the society has struggled to adopt as norms in the last ten years. Gay marriage, transgender rights...."

      You are conflating the victory of identity politics over the struggle for more basic human rights like decent jobs, education, clean air and water, freedom from endless war and possible nuclear annihilation, a stable climate and a sustainable economy. Imperial liberalism has replaced real politics with identity politics and is reaping the consequences. A quote and link to a highly relevant article.

      " Liberal brains pickled in the formaldehyde of identity politics are unwilling to recognize in the politically incorrect catastrophe of Donald Trump’s victory the blowback to the ferocious economic plunder by the neoliberal order, backed by decades of wanton and unchecked military aggressions.

      The neoliberals’ vaunted “internationalism” (more realistically, American neocolonialism) has created a weak domestic economy which to a degree justifies the nationalist call to look homeward and entrench behind the borders of sovereignty—one of Trump’s rallying cries." (Luciana Bohne)

    • W. JONES- "In the US, Obama could be seen as progressive...."

      Progressive rhetoric only, his actions were overwhelmingly in favor of war, corporate rule, assassinations, militarism, domestic surveillance and incarceration, expanding the nuclear arsenal he promised to eliminate, neoliberal globalization, etc. That "liberals" should consider Obama "progressive" merely demonstrates how out of touch with reality imperial liberals are.

    • PHIL- "I say an era because it seems to be true all around: Brexit threatens to undo the idealism of a unified and human-rights-loving Europe. Putinism undid the openings of Gorbachev. Whatever the freedom fighters promised for Syria—and I was for them as excitedly as the crowds in Tahrir Square—we see a Syria today where large chunks of the society are obviously conservative: they would rather have a dictator still ruling them than religious radicals. And Trump is sure to agree."

      You live in a "liberal" fantasy world. Your interpretation of reality is so at odds with actual empirical reality that it is pointless to argue with you. You continue to camouflage the ugly reality of empire with lofty rhetoric, the self-deception of the privileged. Your liberalism is the liberalism of empire. You remain part of the imperial doctrinal system and will likely never change. Unless, of course, your comment was meant as sarcasm and I failed to recognize it as such.

  • Trump is fostering breakup of US Jewish consensus in favor of Israel
    • SIBIRIAK- "The accusations against Bannon still seem to lack substance."

      Curiously, Bannon's critics seem to be ignoring his status as yet another Goldman Sachs alumn supporting Trump, the supposed enemy of Wall Street. Even an ally of George Soros is part of the team. So much for house cleaning.

      "In the final stages of his campaign, Trump announced that he was planning to make Steven Mnuchin his secretary of the treasury. Steven Mnuchin is a former Goldman Sachs banker and a close ally of one of the world’s most notorious speculators, George Soros. One of Trump’s election videos had featured Soros as a symbol of the ultra rich and their insatiable greed." (Ernst Wolff)

  • A most mournful gathering
    • ROHA- "Trump is going to ban Starbucks?"

      Why wasn't I informed?

      As for "the fate of all that compose our Seattle," organized American Jewry has always been handicapped by their intense philo-Gentilism. They are just too good and it is their undoing.

    • ABBA SOLOMON- "What was remarkable was that there was no false optimism that this was not a cataclysm for the Jewish community."

      A cataclysm for the Jewish community? Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep.

  • Epic battle looms over accused anti-Semite entering White House, and 'NYT' graywashes the moment
    • JAMES NORTH- "Shalev writes, “American Jews have transformed virtually overnight from insiders to outsiders...."

      That's the real concern, isn't it? This is all about power, charges of anti-Semitism a weapon.

    • JAMES NORTH- "So one Joel B. Pollak is right and the entire Anti-Defamation League is wrong about Bannon’s anti-Semitism?"

      The Anti-Defamation League is primarily an organization dedicated to increasing Jewish power which refers to anyone that gets in their way as an anti-Semite. Perhaps you should have been at least as concerned about the number of Jewish Zionists in the Obama administration than with one Trump advisor that the ADL labels anti-Semitic. And what will this advisor do? Sit in some office and write memos? God forbid! Are you sensing a pogrom in your future? Do you feel that Zionist Jews have too little power in Washington? Why not just let AIPAC and the ADL submit a list of names for Trump to choose from? Would that make you feel better? Good grief.

    • JAMES NORTH- "Why fight over the appointment of Chancellor Hitler?"

      This comment is so far over the top that you should feel embarrassed to make it. But yes, you are quite correct to oppose the appointment of Hitler as Chancellor. Better late than never.

  • Where do we go from here? Our thoughts & yours on the US election
    • JAMES NORTH- "Trump could reassure us by withdrawing Stephen Bannon as his top adviser."

      Why would Trump want to reassure you? Have you ever considered that Bannon as an "adviser" is a sop to the far right? What better way to co-op this guy and his movement?

      JAMES NORTH- " White House advisers, like James Baker, were at times the de facto president."

      First of all, James Baker was Reagan's Chief of Staff, not merely an "adviser." So, you really think than Trump is a laid back kind of guy who will eat jelly beans and let Stephen Bannon act as de facto President? Get real. And why are you not troubled that Hillary solicited advise from Henry Kissinger and Elliot Abrams? Better Stephen Bannon than John Negroponte says I.

    • ROHA- "I can’t decide whether it is amusing or depressing to watch so many people flapping around like a bunch of girls who’ve been told their old noses will grow back."

      Funny. I have decided for sanity's sake to go with gallows humor and laugh at this outlandish situation. The Seattle Times reports that a couple thousand students cut classes to protest Trump. Unbelievable! He promised to build a wall! Hey gang, we already have one which we call a fence. Bill Clinton started construction to deal with the ANTICIPATED influx of illegal aliens following passage of NAFTA. Trump has threatened to deport illegal aliens! Obama has already deported about 2.5 million, so why begin protests now? If you follow the link in my original comment you will see George Soros fingerprints over this orchestrated manipulation. Yes, yes, forget about the corporations, Wall Street and George Soros, focus on protesting Trump!

      "Since coming to office in 2009, Obama's government has deported more than 2.5 million people—up 23% from the George W. Bush years. More shockingly, Obama is now on pace to deport more people than the sum of all 19 presidents who governed the United States from 1892-2000, according to government data."

    • PABELMONT- "My hope now is that a new party will be established along “progressive” lines...."

      Your hope for a new "progressive" Democratic party is illusory. A new Democratic party without significant fat-cat funding is another Third Party like the Greens. Reality is what it is. Go with what you have and make the most of it.

    • PHIL, ADAM, SCOTT- "Like many of you we are dealing with the shock, grief and anger that so many across the U.S. are experiencing following the election of Donald Trump."

      Jeez, guys, get a grip! Wall Street, the corporations, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., still more-or-less run the political economy. You are both whitewashing what the Democrats have done and overemphasizing Trump's potential for harm. At least we won't have to worry about Michele Flournoy as Secretary of Defense or Victoria Nuland as Secretary of State. Not having a full blown neocon war administration should be seen as a positive aspect to all of this. Also, a Trump administration will likely contain fewer Zionists.

      AS for your comment that "Under a Trump administration it seems that the war at home will only intensify, and the Islamophobia that allows DC policy makers to dehumanize Palestinians in the occupied territories, will also be used to divide, ostracize and criminalize neighbors, friends, and activists.", the major source of organized divisiveness is coming from these orchestrated anti-Trump demonstrations which will likely prove both divisive and counterproductive. John Stauber notes:

      "The massive, continuing protests against President Trump, #NotMyPresident, are not a movement and will only benefit Trump. They are an emotional tactic devoid of strategy, and one that has made Trump stronger and stronger since it was first unleashed during the Republican primaries at the beginning of 2016."

      These types of activities are funded by fat-cat "progressives" like George Soros. And yes, there is a certain color revolution aspect to this. Divide and rule, gang. If nothing else, there is a certain entertainment value to seeing "the Left" pissing on the proletariat. It is primarily the liberals who have brought us to where we are now, Democrats like Obama and the Clintons who have betrayed the American workers again and again, not to mention the greatest spurt of warmongering in our nation's history.

      The way forward? Don't make any significant changes and please don't contribute to this orchestrated campaign to create divisiveness by over-emphasizing this aspect of the situation. The Deep State continues to call the shots. We may be seeing an internal power struggle. You need to be able to see the forest, not just the trees.

  • Challenging anti-Semitism and the Trump presidency
    • SIBIRIAK- (quote)- "Both Trump and Hitler, during their rise to power, vowed to deport foreigners and make their country “great again,” he noted."

      Wow, I didn't know they had so many things in common! And while Obama has deported over 2.5 million illegals, he at least had the decency to keep it quiet. Make America great again? Freaking Nazi!

    • PABELMONT- "and Trump seems the leader to encourage it or permit it"

      Surely you jest. Between his daughter's conversion, his son-in-law, his subservience to AIPAC, and his relationship with Bibi, anti-Semitism is not even remotely possible. Islamophobia, perhaps, but not anti-Semitism. We live in a society where the lack of significant philo-Semitism is considered as de facto anti-Semitism.

    • MAXAJL- "Right-wing populism is the child of the center-right drift of the Democrats."

      I would add that this drift of the Democrats was/is probably inevitable in view of the structural changes to the global political economy. Neoliberal globalization has no crumbs for liberal Democrats to parcel out to their supporters leaving liberalism but an empty shell of rhetoric. The global financial system is devouring the planet. The final elite objective seems to be a reversion to a neo-feudal rentier economy. How Trump's election will effect that is anyone's guess. In any event, the environment is in such bad shape and getting worse fast that even if we avoid nuclear war, the future looks bleak. Overall, a good article. Congrats.

  • Before Trump's revolution, there was Sanders'
    • W.JONES- "I understand what you mean. I have a hard time saying JFK was “worse” than Trump."

      I was responding to your response to Kay24 in regards to Trump's "groping" versus JFK, LBJ and WJC womanizing, nothing more.

    • W. JONES- "How much do you really know of the forays of some leading US politicians in the last 30 years, Kay?"

      Your point is well taken and illustrates the hypocrisy of the Left which makes excuses for Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton, all of which were as bad or worse than Trump.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "29% of all americans and 43% of Republicans told pollsters a year ago that they think Obama is muslim. 20% of all americans told pollsters that they think Obama was born outside the US. Do you consider these opinions benign?"

      Your thought process is a wonder to behold! Since none of these people think Hillary is either a Muslim or foreign born, and since she lost whereas Obama won easily, what is the inference? That large numbers of people voted for Obama because they thought he was a foreign born Muslim? You have firm opinions which you attempt to justify even if your own data contradicts you.

    • KAY24- "To Phil’s point, a poll says he would have beaten Drumpf easily. I guess we will never know."

      Forget the poll. If Sanders had won the nomination, what support would he have gotten from the big Democratic donors and what effect would that have had? What effect do you think that a well funded Trump media blitz would have on those poll numbers? Some candidates only shine in opposition when there is little to lose. Bernie is a loyal part of the system.

    • YONAH FREDMAN- "Yes class and the hollowing out of the rust belt economies should be a part of any analysis, but ignoring the landslide among white voters compared to the votes by non-whites show a refusal to admit that the country’s problems are deeply rooted in a racial divide."

      Your ignorance is appalling. The country's problems are deeply rooted in the agenda of the 1%. A quote and link follows.

      "Even so, Hillary should have won the election. Why? Because Trump got 1.5 million fewer votes than Romney. There was no great white surge.

      The fatal problem is that Hillary got 5.4 million fewer votes than Obama, many of those black and Hispanic voters, and lost 6 states that Obama won twice: Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio. That’s pretty conclusive evidence that Hillary didn’t lose because of racism.

      I think Hillary lost because she was on the wrong side of the class war. From the beginning of their political careers, the Clintons have been on the side of the one-percent against the rest of us, regardless of gender or skin color. Her allegiance to Wall Street finally blew up in her face." (Jeffrey St Clair)

    • LYSIAS- "I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for Jill Stein. But I can certainly understand working-class voters voting for Trump."

      Only the relatively successful, elitist, paternalistic "liberals" fail to understand the working class voting for Trump. The so-called "liberals" under Clinton and Obama were the far more successful betrayers of their constituency and implementers of worker destroying neoliberal globalization. And the biggest war mongers. This is less an embrace of Trump than a rejection of what imperial liberalism has become.

    • PHIL- "Back in the spring, Bernie Sanders said he was leading a political revolution...."

      He lied. He was a sheep dog rounding up the disenchanted Democrats for Hillary.

      PHIL- "The Trump revolution...."

      There was no revolution. Trump is a con man who flim flammed the victims of "liberal" globalization that he was their populist savior who would change the prevailing system. He isn't and he won't. And what most "liberals" and "progressives" fail to realize is that Clinton and Obama have been labeled as "liberals" and "progressives" even though neither has a progressive bone in their body. As a consequence, the horrors of neoliberal globalization are identified as the outcome of the policies of "liberals" and "progressives." And the defense of Obama and Clinton by so called "liberals" and "progressives" indicates that the Democrats and their followers have no principles to speak of, rather, they are more like a tribe showing solidarity with those wearing the same brand.

      There will be little difference of substance between Trump and Hillary in regards to the prevailing power relations. Bernie would not have been very different either. To refer to our electoral marketing extravaganzas as potentially "revolutionary" is a debasement of the language. When both candidates are representatives of some grouping of elites, the elites always win and the system prevails with only a minor accommodation to the slight realignment of power. The purpose of the political system is to administer the empire consistent with elite objectives. Little has changed or can change until concentrated money power is broken up. You overestimate the power of the political system and continue to engage in unjustified flights of fancy.

  • Sheldon Adelson, Trump's billionaire backer, is committed to 'the Jewish people' and believes Palestinians are a 'made up people'
    • MAYHEM- "If any Palestinian wants entitlement it is only a conversion away!"

      The notion that the Israeli Rabbinate would recognize the conversion of large numbers of Palestinians is absurd.

  • Day One in Trump's America
    • ANNIE- "thanks keith. how about the headline, then i can find it."

      The article headline reads "Rebels in Syria brace for Trump to cut off U.S. support." It was written by Anne Barnard of the New York times. One thing which many folks may not be aware of is the extent to which the New York Times provides much of the international news reporting for other newspapers throughout the nation.

    • ANNIE- "do you have a link to the seattle times article?"

      No. My wife and I actually subscribe to the print newspaper.

      SIBIRIAK- "(Watch for U.S. deep state and transnational “Western” political class countermoves…)"

      Diana Johnstone- "It is significant that the German Defense minister Ursula von der Leyen wasted no time in demanding that Trump choose between friendship with Putin on the one hand or NATO and “our shared values” on the other. This is a sign that not only the U.S. war party but also the European NATO machine will be putting pressure on Trump to pursue the very same warlike policies favored by Hillary Clinton."

    • SIBIRIAK- "Yes, it was sarcasm."

      Whew, that's a relief! Perhaps I should have realized that, however, I live in liberal Seattle and things have become surreal here, atheists holding prayer vigils, that sort of thing. I am at the point where I can almost believe anything. From today's Seattle Times we learn that after conferring with President elect Trump, Obama is not going to increase support for the terrorist Islamists like Hillary wanted. Is that a bad thing? A columnist laments that Trump's election is a major blow to neoliberal globalization. Is that not a good thing? Finally, in the local section, a protester carries a sign reading "The inauguration must not commence!" And these are the same people who will argue that Trump supporters are out of touch with reality! And, of course they are. But these "liberals" are as bad or worse. And Norman Finkelstein, who developed a school girl crush on Bernie Sanders, can't deal with the fact that Sanders was a sheep dog. He should be pissed at Bernie who made a fool of him. But no, he sees a ray of hope in Bernie's "revolution." It reminds me of a line from a Sheryl Crow tune: "Lie to me, I promise I'll believe." We live in a surreal world where people are not judged based upon their actions, but rather their actions are judged based upon the label we have attached to them. Good people due good things and bad people due bad things by definition. We live in interesting times.

      SIBIRIAK- "This would be HUGE! (Watch for U.S. deep state and transnational “Western” political class countermoves…)"

      I doubt that it will be huge. Trump is not going to knowingly dismantle empire, although he may inadvertently cause problems for the imperial elite who have the power to deal with him if he becomes too big a problem. Realistically, the best we can hope for is that Trump may provide a welcome speed bump on the road to disaster.


      Let me see if I have this right. A man whose daughter has converted to Judaism and who groveled before AIPAC that his daughter was pregnant with a "beautiful Jewish baby" is about to unleash a wave of anti-Semitism which has made you afraid? My conclusion? You are Jewish and paranoid, right?


      My God, my god! Has a top Trump adviser called for a "No Fly Zone" over Syria?

    • ROHA- "Please tell me this is not true."

      Let's see now. Wall Street's hired gun and the most dangerous warmonger to ever run for President has been narrowly defeated and "liberals" are fearful and enraged at what the Proletariat has done? I think that perhaps we are getting an honest look at the new "liberalism" and what the Democratic faithful have become, or always were but kept it hidden. The Democrats have gone from the party of Roosevelt to the party of Wall Street while Trump ran as a Republican populist. We live in interesting times. Does anyone (present company excluded, of course) bother to evaluate actual policy as indicated by actual deeds? Or is it primarily group loyalty reinforced by propaganda? The actual real world power structure has barely changed, yet we are seeing an orchestrated divide being created between the Reds versus the Blues. Divide and rule. Has there ever been a better time for gallows humor?

  • 'Trump shows America's dominant ideology': A Palestinian take on the US election
    • SIBIRIAK- "How many vapid cliches can she try to shove down my throat?"

      Thanks to you, I have viewed both of these ads several times with a critical eye. I think a key element to this is that although both Obama and the Clintons' policies and actions are militaristic and right wing, they nonetheless have been labeled as leftists, hence, their disastrous policies and actions are associated with "the Left." Clinton's "vapid cliches" have a certain liberal flavor to them consistent with her phony image. What loosely passes for the American Left has been effectively tarred with the consequences of these imperial neoliberal actions which they seemed to support or at least didn't oppose. Regrettably, Jill Stein probably also suffered because, in spite of huge policy differences, she SOUNDS liberal. It is not too much of a stretch to imaging these cliches coming out of Jill's mouth. Regrettably, in politics, image is everything. Obama remains personally popular even though his policies are strongly disliked.

      Getting back to Trump. His ad was extremely effective in putting Hillary and her actions at the center of the corporate/financial class war against the 99%. He also did a good job of presenting himself as the champion of the working class, a ludicrous proposition which, nonetheless, offered these victims of the Washington consensus a false ray of hope. He implied a lot while promising nothing. To a significant degree, he is the right-wing version of Barack Obama, attacking the status quo in general terms while allowing his desperate followers to project their hope onto him. Trump effectively articulated and tapped into the discontent of those most effected by imperial policy. In contrast, Jill Stein comes across as a policy analyst rather than as a righteous, fired up agent of change. I voted for her but, in many ways, the Green Party is a disappointment to me.

    • SIBIRIAK- "It’s a populist message a real progressive could and should run on–but never will."

      It was a highly effective and inherently dishonest attack ad which highlights the symptoms while ignoring the deeper structural factors. It also implies that Trump will make fundamental changes to the system which he won't. He threw Hillary's dismal record back at her. Hillary's ad highlighted Hillary trying to sound like Obama. Big mistake. I would have thought that she would go the full demonization of Trump route. Trump put on a better show and effectively exploited the discontent with the downward spiral inherent in neoliberal globalization. Trump is a con man masquerading as a populist. Hopefully, he will be less of a war monger than Hillary, a rather easy task. As an aside, following a link from some other thread (?), some Jewish publication called Trump's ad anti-Semitic because he showed George Soros, Janet Yellen and Lloyd Blankfein. Shocking! Nobody here but us chickens.

    • MOOSER- "What is so funny is that the people who voted for Trump are the same people he always stiffs."

      What is not funny is that the people who voted for Hillary are the same people that she has stiffed and who she would have stiffed had she won. When you vote for the corporate candidate, you are voting for the corporate agenda, hence, will always get stiffed. And since the American people can always find excuses for voting for the corporate candidate instead of Third Party, the American people can be counted on to vote to stiff themselves. They will not revolt at the polls. Since Wall Street more or less runs things anyway, there will be less difference between what Trump does versus what Hillary would have done than most folks imagine. Perhaps some slight reduction in warmongering with Trump, but maybe not. Trump will be a disaster. Hillary would have been a disaster. But people will continue to deceive themselves regarding the nature of the political economy.

    • ROHA- "But in the meantime, you’ve got President Trump. Suck it up and stop moaning."

      That is exactly right. Hillary represented an extreme militarized version of the corporate agenda. Trump represents a slightly different version of the corporate agenda. The overwhelming majority of voters rebuffed the opportunity to vote for real Third Party change, instead voting for some version of the corporate agenda. How long has this been going on? We are where we are in no small measure because the voters have steadfastly voted for the corporate agenda which they claim to oppose but support with their vote. The majority of American voters deserve what they got. I don't but they do.

      Protesting Trump serves no useful purpose and feeds in to the empire's desire to divide and rule. Christian versus Muslim, Sunni versus Shia, Blue versus Red, etc. Kshama Sawant, Seattle's "socialist" city council person is supporting an anti-Trump rally. To what purpose? Much better to rally and support the Indians at Standing Rock who could use some help in their worthy efforts.

  • Some big Jewish donors to Clinton don't seem to care about Israel. Hallelujah
    • ROBERT WOLF- "...the main target/ contributor is Soros and he is not giving to you because he wants anything – he is a staunch Democrat, supporter of Israel, supporter of human rights and well respected philanthropist. Using his wealth to give back."

      Color revolution financier Soros a supporter of human rights who doesn't want anything? A philanthropist who uses his wealth to give back? Does Wolf really believe this? If so, how is it possible to be this out of touch with reality?

  • Big Jewish donors are suddenly balking at giving money to Israel, says leading sociologist
    • PHIL- "The leading sociologist of American Jewish attitudes reports that “serious donors” to Jewish organizations have lately begun balking at giving money to Israel. The change in attitude is driven by the rising rate of intermarriage and being “deeply offended” by Israeli policies, he said."

      Did he mention anything about Jewish attitudes towards Gentiles? I suspect that there is a correlation between viewing Gentiles as eternal and irrational anti-Semites and support for Israel. Interesting that these polls track Gentile attitudes towards Jews to support claims of anti-Semitism, yet never seem to track Jewish attitudes towards Gentiles as an indication of anti-Gentilism. I suspect that anti-Gentilism among Jews significantly exceeds anti-Semitism among Gentiles if the same criteria is applied. Of course, there are certain questions one simply doesn't ask.

  • Lanny Davis's power seder, dedicated to Palestinian-Israeli peace, and Pee Wee Reese
    • HOPHMI- "One can only wonder how Keith manages to get so many overtly antisemitic comments through on Mondoweiss."

      Uh oh, something just occurred to me. Hophmi, have you reported my comment to the ADL? Is my innocuous little comment going to be cited as evidence of a disturbing rise in anti-Semitism? Sorry Phil! Sorry Adam! Who knew it would come to this?

    • HOPHMI- "One can only wonder how Keith manages to get so many overtly antisemitic comments through on Mondoweiss."

      Methinks Hophmi doth protest too much. Surely a backhanded confirmation of my comment's relevance.

    • One can only wonder to what extent attending a seder by a power Jew is seen as obligatory in order to succeed in Washington.

  • David Horowitz threatens to sue student for op-ed condemning 'hate' posters
    • OLDGEEZER- "He just wants to spread a little fear."

      Yes, he is basically threatening a SLAPP lawsuit as a tactic of intimidation. It is a tactic used by those with resources to silence those without, and can be very effective. Unless you are a fat-cat yourself or have organizational support, you could find yourself in a world of hurt. That is why the anti-Zionists and BDS movement truly experience harassment and fear, whereas, these Jewish students claiming fear and intimidation are the instruments of Zionist intimidation. Below is a quote from an anti-SLAPP website.

      "SLAPPs are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation. These damaging suits chill free speech and healthy debate by targeting those who communicate with their government or speak out on issues of public interest.

      SLAPPs are used to silence and harass critics by forcing them to spend money to defend these baseless suits. SLAPP filers don’t go to court to seek justice. Rather, SLAPPS are intended to intimidate those who disagree with them or their activities by draining the target’s financial resources.

      SLAPPs are effective because even a meritless lawsuit can take years and many thousands of dollars to defend. To end or prevent a SLAPP, those who speak out on issues of public interest frequently agree to muzzle themselves, apologize, or “correct” statements."

  • New York panel highlights fissures on the left over Syria
    • MOOSER- "It seems to me you miss one of the most salient points of the man’s oeuvre, namely a relentless, unsparing, self-parody."

      You are quite right, of course. I have been influenced by his pathetic persona to be insufficiently critical of his role in supporting imperial aggression and mass murder. It is what Marxists have become - apologists and justifiers of imperial mass murder. The neocons are ex-Trotskyists who at least let you know where the stand. Unrepentant Marxists, on the other hand, perform essentially the same function while pretending otherwise. It is one reason I suggested that our unrepentant Marxist was more compatible with Znet which has devolved into a rather obvious symbiotic relationship with empire. For quite some time now, Marxists have been an impediment to progressive change, earning their livelihood as a bogus alternative to empire. "Assad worshipers?" How about imperial spear carriers?

    • LPROYECT- "...the Assad worship on display in these comments is pervasive on the left."

      Fortunately, there is an unrepentant Marxist to cut through all of the Wikileaks crapola and expose our "Assad worship" for all to see! And before that? Gaddafi worship? Lucky you were able to convince the neocons, Wall Street, the MIC and the MSM that a human rights oriented empire needs to arm, train and support Islamist mercenaries to set things to rights. A New American Century? Karl would be so proud!

      LPROYECT- "It is a reflection of the decline of Marxism...."

      Damn right it is! Where is Karl when you need him? Keep the faith, Louis. And for Marx sake, try not to descend into self-parody.

    • LPROYECT- "I am sure you won’t because I can slice you from head to toe intellectually."

      I would expect nothing less from an unrepentant member of the vanguard of the elite!

    • LPROYECT- "This argument would have more merit if the Syrian kleptocracy wasn’t so much like every other lumpen bourgeoisie in the 3rd world from Nicaragua’s Somoza to Marcos in the Philippines."

      Surely you must be aware that the empire was instrumental in assisting and supporting both Somoza and Marcos? One would think that this would be seen as evidence of the validity of my observation of the impact of "Western interference" on the political economy of Third World countries rather than as a refutation of Western imperialism as a hindrance to anything even approaching normal development? But your current niche in life seems to be to carry water for empire.

      As an aside, you seem to be something of an anomaly writing for CounterPunch, even if only as a film critic. Wouldn't you fit in better at Znet?

    • LPROYECT- "The introduction of the free market and privatisation in countries where political power was monopolised by the ruling family and those around it was invariably a recipe for plundering the state and taking over profitable enterprises."

      Yes, imperial neoliberal globalization has worsened the conditions in countless Third World countries, contributing to discontent later harnessed by empire to destabilize the country. As you should be aware, it is extremely difficult for any weak Third World country to resist these neoliberal forces. Are we then to blame the county's leadership for the conditions caused by yielding to the powerful forces of empire? How much policy discretion do any of these countries have anyway? Although not Third World, Greece is highly instructive in this regard. In view of all of this Western interference, what constitutes reasonable government? And in view of an invasion by an Islamist mercenary army of destabilization, what constitutes reasonable defensive action? I hold the empire as the prime culprit in all of this as Uncle Sam seeks to remake the Middle East. You, consistent with your background and loyalties, seek to demonize Assad. You, Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power, Robert Kagan, et al. Birds of a feather?

  • The frozen Chosen: In Chabon's 'Yiddish Policemen's Union' a Jewish state in Alaska (still) results in the burning of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem
    • SAM BAHOUR- "The plan was dealt a severe blow when Franklin Roosevelt told Ickes that he insisted on limiting the number of refugees to 10,000 a year for five years, and with a further restriction that Jews make up not more than 10% of the refugees. Roosevelt never mentioned the Alaska proposal in public, and without his support the plan died."

      I think it is at least somewhat misleading to leave out other facts which probably influenced Roosevelt's thinking. It is hardly surprising that Roosevelt would not want to expend a lot of political capital on a project which had only tepid support from organized American Jewry. Had organized American Jews thrown their full weight behind this like they did for the creation of Israel, who knows what might have happened? Jewish Zionists have always been much more concerned with creating a Jewish state than with saving the lives of individual Jews, Rabbi Stephen Wise a notorious example. An additional quote from the Jewish Standard.

      "American Jewish leaders, however, hesitated to support the plan. American Jewish Congress head Rabbi Stephen Wise warned that the Alaska plan "makes a wrong and hurtful impression … that Jews are taking over some part of the country for settlement." He argued that "just because small numbers of Jews might settle there" was not sufficient reason to support it. The Labor Zionists of America was the only Jewish organization to publicly endorse the King-Havenner bill."

  • Why Standing Rock matters
    • ANNIE-" it’s about our globe — our entire planet. environmental disasters impact the whole world."

      Indeed it is. Here is Jackson Browne asking folks "Which Side Are You On?"

    • There is something surreal about what is going on at Standing Rock. The Native Americans represent a final, desperate thin line of resistance against ongoing environmental suicide. It is probably too little too late. With atmospheric CO2 at 400 ppm and climbing, and trapped methane a potential accelerant, we have already passed the point of no return, are on the cusp of the tipping point, and will likely soon enter runaway global warming. Yet, our elites plan on adding additional CO2 and methane and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. In the elite's power calculations, apparently survival of the species is an externality. They are so focused on power accumulation that nothing else matters. A quote followed by a link.

      " Not only that, but there needs to be ways to start getting carbon out of the atmosphere. Because what’s already in the atmosphere, according to the head of the UN’s environment program, who stated this just about a month before the Paris talks last December—she said that if we stopped all CO2 emissions on a dime right this minute, there’s already enough CO2 in the atmosphere that we’re going to hit 3.5C by the year 2100." (Dahr Jamail)

      And since there isn't any chance of stopping all carbon emissions on a dime, we will hit 3.5C (6.3 degrees F) well before 2100. Goodbye ecosystem.

  • 'Atlantic' editor says that Israel's 1948 expulsion of Palestinians was not 'a tragedy'
    • ROHA- "... my Doctorate in Philosophy ...."

      Doctorate in philosophy? Call 911, call 911....

    • ROHA- "Most frequent response from American lecturers: contemptuous snort."

      Add my contemptuous snort! A while back, based upon her reputation as a right wing intellectual, I read a couple of compilations of her views from her "Objectivist Newsletter." I was hoping that an honest critique of certain aspects of the Left would provide insight. Boy, was I wrong! Ayn Rand is a third rate propagandist whose popularity is mystifying. She is both crude and stupid with no insights to offer.

    • ROHA- "Maiselm is right in that knowledge of the past is necessary to understand the present...."

      Yes, but where does one acquire a relatively unbiased knowledge of the past? Since our "history" is mostly mythology justifying our current power relationships, how can citizen awareness be other than manufactured? Therefore, how is it possible for most to even begin to comprehend the present?

    • LYN117- "I don’t know if founding Israel in 1938 would have saved many Jews."

      Few, if any. For starters, Israel lacked the necessary infrastructure to absorb the huge number of potential refugees, most of whom preferred to go to the Western democracies, primarily the US and Britain, in any event. The very notion of Israel as a refuge for Jews is propagandistic nonsense. The Zionists were primarily concerned with the formation of the Jewish state as a means of preserving Jewish peoplehood and focussed their resources to that end. According to Ralph Schoenman, "The Zionists...saw any effort to rescue Europe's Jews not as the fulfillment of their political purpose but as a threat to their entire movement." (The Hidden History of Zionism, p49) It should be further noted that the Zionists actively colluded to prevent Jewish refugees from going anywhere other than Palestine.

      Israel received only about 10% of the German Jewish refugees. Former commenter Tree provides the details: "During this same period, approximately 40,000 to 50,000 German Jews arrived in Palestine. This was only 10% of the total German Jewish immigration. Not only that, but the Zionists in Palestine, who were in charge of determining who exactly was allowed in to Palestine under British quotas had a selection process that put greater weight on whether a particular Jew was a Zionist, in good health and capable of materially aiding the Zionist cause and economy over the need or vulnerability of that particular Jew. Thus, sometimes a Jew from the US or the Americas were given preference over a German or Eastern European Jew, and young adults were given preference over the elderly or young children." (Tree)

  • The dark side of Jewish consciousness: manufactured anti-Semitism
    • LILLIAN ROSENGARTEN- " Zionist intention is to gather Jews from around the world to support and live in the “Jewish State,” using this powerful message of indoctrination. We have heard it spoken: a Jewish state is the only place on earth where Jews can be safe and no longer victims."

      Perceived anti-Semitism is the mother's milk of Zionism. This manufactured sense of eternal victimhood and the fear it causes is used to generate Diaspora Jewish support for the state of Israel. However, it is inconceivable to me that at this stage of the game Israel would welcome a flood of American Jews to Israel. Who would be left minding the store? Israel needs the American Jewish Diaspora to remain as they are much more than the Diaspora needs Israel as a potential refuge, hence, the ongoing propaganda to convince American Jews of the importance of Israel to them. The only American Jews who "need" Israel are the Zionist elite who benefit from Israel centered tribal kinship.

  • Ari Shavit’s humiliating fall from grace: AIPAC, Hillel cancel events in wake of groping story
    • MICHAEL LESHER- "Because if all the pundits and critics who lionized Shavit ever since the publication of his book, My Promised Land, in 2013 ... are really surprised by Shavit’s Trumpish antics, they have only themselves to blame."

      First of all, I thought your article was spot on, and I strongly encourage my fellow Mondoweissers to follow your link and read it. Perhaps your list should include a certain sexy Hollywood "Jewess journalist" (Twitter self-description) who gushed "...I remember how excited I was to interview the author of “My Promised Land,” a book of astonishing insight and self-reflection."

    • JD65- "Again, you may think that’s a bad analogy (I know Keith thinks it is…)."

      Yes, I do think it is a bad analogy. But if bad analogies and strawmen is all you have, I guess you have to go with what you got. You should be aware, however, that there may be those who will be deeply offended by you making any comparison to the events on the Mavi Marmara with the incident involving Danielle Berrin and Ari Shavit.

      JD65- " That’s all fine to discuss, IN A DIFFERENT CONTEXT."

      I think it is highly appropriate to discuss this in this context. Please bear in mind the way the story was written. This is not a tale of a system where a good-looking women feels the need to use her sex appeal to get a late night interview with all that implies. No, she presents herself as a naive waif who continues to go along in spite of numerous red flags. When Shavit says that he wants to defer the interview to talk about her, how easy it would have been to remind him that she came for an interview, not to discuss her personal life. Case closed. She may have lost the interview, who knows for sure. And while she eventually did lose the interview, she did get her story, didn't she? It took two years and Donald Trump to provide the excuse to run it, but run it she did. Advanced her career. Kept the same image. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! No rape. No murder at sea. Berrin was much more aware of what was going on and much more in control of the situation than her story implies. And no, I am not excusing Shavit's conduct, rather I am trying to look at the big picture to try and put his conduct in context. And yes, Danielle Berrin is a willing part of that big picture. And your myopic focus on just one aspect of the situation does you no credit. Neither does your overreaction where my comments are compared to making excuses for Israeli terror on the high seas. Last I heard, Danielle Berrin was alive and well and profiting nicely from her experience, still part of the big picture which you choose to ignore.

    • MOOSER- "You can sure read a lot into a head-shot, “Keith”.

      I see a femme fatale wannabe and you see Snow White. Go figure.

    • JD65- "... is akin to pointing out that a woman was wearing a “hot” sweater while she was being raped."

      No it is not.

      JD65- "And, no, I don’t think that’s a bad analogy."

      I do. Feel better after your little temper tantrum?

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- " I don’t see the Fox News ladies or some others looking very different."

      I don't watch the "Fox News ladies," hence, cannot comment on their appearance. If, as you say, they project a comparable femme fatale image then you have unwittingly made my point. What did I say?

      "Furthermore, when someone like Danielle Berrin emphasizes her sex appeal, what message does that send to other women about what to emphasize to succeed? Finally, she is, in effect, helping to create an environment which she now complains about. Surely, sex kitten reporters don’t advance the cause of women in journalism."

      My point being that Danielle Berrin is a willfull participant in the media overemphasis on sex. I have already made clear that I am not excusing Ari Shavit's behavior, I am critiquing Berrin's use of sex to promote her career. This is not just a case of someone looking good, this is a case of someone projecting the image of a seductress. As such, she is sending a message to both men and women as to what women in journalism need to do. Equating female journalists with glamorous talking heads is part of the problem. My position is based upon rock solid feminism, real feminism not imperial feminism.

      The original impetus for my comment was simply the jarring contrast between Berrin's verbal depiction of herself as a naive waif and her publicity photo which tells a different tale. Some commenters seem to feel that her photo does not emphasize her sensuality. Really? Others have misrepresented my comments as a defense of Shavit. Not at all. I do say, however, that sexism and misogyny are strongly influenced by the imagery normalized in the political economy, in particular the image of women as essentially sexual and seductive. Professional men project no such image. Simply compare the male talking heads with the female talking heads. As long as women are portrayed as such, or portray themselves as such, this contributes to the problem.

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- "Whoa there! Is looking good a crime, now?"

      Of course not, however, you seem to be missing my point. No nonsense professional competence is hardly the image she is projecting, is it? And yes, her femme fatale image does increase the odds of something like this happening. But also, I sense at least a little opportunism in her "warning" to other women, some welcome publicity to showcase her sexy image. Furthermore, when someone like Danielle Berrin emphasizes her sex appeal, what message does that send to other women about what to emphasize to succeed? Finally, she is, in effect, helping to create an environment which she now complains about. Surely, sex kitten reporters don't advance the cause of women in journalism. Compare her image to Julia Ioffe, another very attractive woman who, nonetheless, conveys a much more professional image. Julia Ioffe has other problems, but selling herself as a femme fatale isn't one of them.

      ECHINOCOCCUS- "I was just discussing Keith’s accusation, after paring away the fat irrelevant to a discussion of assault."

      What accusation? I gave my opinion that Berrin is promoting her sex appeal at least as much as her reporting skills. And you find that irrelevant in regards to an article she wrote regarding unwanted advances? And while it doesn't excuse Ari Shavit's behavior, I certainly feel that "professional" women who contribute to a sex-up environment certainly contribute to the overall problem.


      Take a look at Danielle Berrin's photo. Does the picture seek to emphasize her journalistic professionalism? Let us be honest here, Ms. Berrin is emphasizing her considerable sex appeal to promote her career. This story will help to do that. If it tarnishes Ari Shavit, well and good, but let us not be naive about Danielle Berrin using her sex appeal to influence men. Is it professional for a woman to strive to look like a femme fatale?

  • Saban urged Clinton campaign to do negative research on Jeremy Ben-Ami re Israel
    • PHIL- "This just shows how nuts the Israel lobby gets about punishing any dissent on the one-and-only-holy Jewish state."

      This is because Zionism has morphed into a fundamentalist ideology whose power-seeking ability is enhanced by the strong internal solidarity which fundamentalism provides.

      In a similar vein, there is an article over at CounterPunch regarding the extent to which Tom Hayden had to appease American Jewish Zionists to even run for the California State legislature. Simply unbelievable. A quote followed by the link.

      "In other words, in this article Hayden was describing, in an unusually concrete way, how the state of Israel, through its state officials and their compliant American partners, was effectively managing—exercising veto power over Democratic Party candidates, at the very least—American elections down to the level of State Assembly. In any constituency “attuned to the question of Israel, even in local and state elections,” Hayden knew he “had to be certified ‘kosher,’ not once but over and over again.” (Jim Kavanagh)

  • 'Personally I was glad to see the outpouring of anti-Semitism,' says Jewish journalist targeted by haters
    • I don't want to go into a lot of detail, but something about this doesn't smell right. A good-looking, successful Ashkenazi journalist suffering anti-Semitism in Russia and now from Trump supporters. Interesting timing, no? And all of this time I thought that Russian Jews were relatively privileged.

      As an aside, I don't like or use Twitter. It is a medium which lends itself to mob psychology. It is the very antithesis of reasoned thought and discourse.

  • What if the Syria no-fly zone won't fly?
    • LPROYECT- "Funny how these anti-Semitic tropes keep showing up here."

      Interesting how amid the carnage caused by this imperial intervention to remake the Middle East, an empire of which you are a citizen and bear some responsibility for I might add, you ignore the consequences of endless imperial warfare and zero in on what is important to you. Reminds me of a Noam Chomsky quote I would like to share with you.

      “There is, evidently, much satisfaction to be gained by careful inspection of those writhing under our boot, to see if they are behaving properly; when they are not, as is often the case, indignation is unconstrained.” (Noam Chomsky)

    • Let me add that in my opinion a form of no fly zone is possible. Calling what occurred in Libya a "no fly zone" is incorrect. Libya was a NATO fly zone. Both sides have sufficient anti-aircraft capability to implement a nobody flies zone, which would hurt Syria more that the NATO proxy Islamists. Risky? You bet. But Hillary and her fellow neocons are nothing if not risk takers.

    • SIBIRIAK- "And much blame lies with shameless propagandists such as lproyect."

      Indeed, Louis pops up from time to time to confirm his bonafides as an ossified Marxist for empire. Since he just repeats himself, he feels no need to account for the empire's ongoing offensive to break up the Middle East long in the planning and obvious in the implementation. Obviously, he highly values his specialized social niche, intellectual integrity of no concern.

    • GAMAL- "if only there was a word for Empire in English, it would be so much easier to explain."

      Indeed! Also, do empires ever intervene for humanitarian reasons? And isn't our current endless war on terrorism the very essence of fascism?

      "Modern fascism should be properly called corporatism, since it is the merger of state, military and corporate power." (Benito Mussolini)

  • Jeffrey Goldberg should come with a warning label
    • TOKYOBK- "I consider the accusation of the “need for anti-Semitism” to be a odious kind of claim and one quite popular on the kind of sites that you obviously read, since most of your comments here are bowdlerized retakes of their gripes."

      You apparently are referring to something I said in a previous comment regarding Zionism's need for PERCEIVED anti-Semitism. Nothing "odious" about the claim, rather obvious to those with their eyes open. Kind of sites I obviously read? CounterPunch? Mondoweiss? As I have indicated again and again, you are one of the more intellectually dishonest commenters on Mondoweiss. An Eliezer anti-Gentile chauvinist.

    • TOKYOBK- "Keith — to your point it depends on how we define anti-semitism or other bigotry."

      Talk about being willfully blind! The notion that when people who identify themselves as Jews attack their neighbors, that these victims of Israeli Jewish aggression have anti-Jewish attitudes is an example of "bigotry" is mind boggling! What chutzpah! It is hunky dory for Jews to lump all Gentiles together, however, if Israel's victims don't "differentiate" between Jews and Zionist Jews they are anti-Semitic bigots? And you have the audacity to call yourself a scholar? Armchair anti-Gentile Jewish chauvinist is more like it!

    • ECHINOCOCCUS- “At which point the real question is “what’s wrong with the 2%”? “

      Hard to disagree. In view of what the “Jewish state” has done and is doing to the people of Lebanon with the support of organized American Jewry, how could it be otherwise? Rather than spending time checking poll data to feed his need for examples of anti-Semitism, perhaps Tokyobk should be more vocal about how Jewish Israeli foreign policy supported by organized American Jewry contributes to anti-Semitism. And that includes Israeli de facto support for Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Monarchies and their Islamist mercenary terrorists.

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