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  • IDF snipers: choosing who to shoot
    • "Weiman and his fellow soldiers were ordered to shoot any Palestinian, even if unarmed, carrying an object — it could be a cell phone or binoculars — that he might be using to direct or assist combatants."

      "any Palestinian... carrying an object...", like maybe, a camera? Explains why so many journalists are targeted, right?

      I'd like to know whether there are any explicit directives on who NOT to shoot, like clearly marked Press, ambulances and medical personnel, children under a certain age... I'm guessing that those are all fair game, since all have been targeted by the IDF for many years.

  • 'Every bullet has a precise address' – another Israeli journalist justifies the massacre
    • "Under the cover of smoke and while the soldiers are busy defending themselves from it, the Palestinians hope to breach the fence, bypass the sniper positions, and to insert in to Israeli territory terrorists and children and handicapped. Breach of the fence and the setting up of a temporary Palestinian outpost upon Israeli soil within Green Line (pre-1967) territory would have caused an increased shooting in order to expel them and increased the number of killed."

      Okay, so... setting up an outpost on lands that do not belong to them, even if done by "children and handicapped", even if "temporary", allegedly is justification for "an increased shooting in order to expel them and increased [sic] the number of killed". What's good for the goose is good for the gander, right? So Margalit should fully understand and support any attacks on Jewish settlers in the West Bank, right? Especially in the "unauthorized" and illegal outposts, yeah?

      Frickin' hypocrite.

  • Israeli snipers shoot 6 Palestinian journalists, killing one--making international headlines
    • One small correction and a request: the photo appears to be of a sighting through binoculars rather than a sniper's rifle scope. That doesn't mean that these children were not targeted, since the spotters that work with (and often direct) the snipers probably use binoculars. My request is, can someone translate what the officer posted in his tweet?

  • Killing Palestinian protesters turns into a PR debacle for Israel
    • Yonah, you claim that Gaza poses such a severe challenge that nothing can be done.

      Actually, a lot can be done, and almost everything that has been done is wrong.

      Israel chose to try to punish the entire population of Gaza as a way to try to get them to institute a regime change by overthrowing Hamas. The greatest part of this strategy is the crippling blockade on Gaza, which is entirely responsible for the "economic and physical desperation of Gaza." Yes, Egypt also bears some responsibility for assisting Israel in blockading Gaza, but Israel is the responsible party. Israel claims that the blockade is entirely for "security reasons". This a a bald-faced lie.

      If Israel wants to inspect all goods entering Gaza, they can do that. Certainly there are things that they don't want to let in for legitimate security reasons (missiles, high explosives, etc.). If they want to search all travelers on their way out of Gaza, fine. If they even want to ensure that any such travelers are immediately transported out of not just Gaza but Israel, using secure transport, fine. They can decide who is allowed to enter their territory. But what danger is it to allow sealed exports from Gaza, even if you prevent exports to the West Bank or Israel? There's no security reason there whatsoever.

      But Israel went way further than that... they put Gaza "on a diet". They restricted the amount (and types) of food allowed to be imported. Not weapons... food. They severely (almost entirely) restricted any exports, intentionally crippling Gaza's economy. And whenever they decided to "mow the lawn", they intentionally targeted Gaza's civilian infrastructure in order to further damage Gaza's economy. All of that along with the travel restrictions that prevented any of the Gazans who used to commute to work in southern Israel, also taking a severe toll on the economy of Gaza.

      Israel has produced exactly what Israel planned all along for Gaza. As one Israeli general (IIRC) put it, "We'll bomb them back to the stone age".

      Israel's biggest moral failing is that they do not respect the human rights of others and are quite happy to collectively punish millions of people, whether in Gaza or the West Bank, in order to try to obtain whatever it is they think they want, whether that is regime change, land, more settlements, valuable resources such as natural gas or petroleum, whatever. Basically, Israel is the Mafia, they have the guns and they'll take what they want.

  • On the 'double standard' for Israel
    • You're right.

      The real double standard is shown by "liberal Zionists" with their LEPer atttitudes (Liberal Except for Palestine). Why are Palestinians held to a double standard? Tell me again who the racists and hypocrites are? And why the hell is antisemitism uniquely evil compared to islamophobia, white supremacy, hatred of Blacks or Hispanics? Yeah, I get it, the Holocaust was horrible. So were many other genocides, including that of Native Americans. Slavery was horrible, and lasted for centuries. A lot of horrible tragedies have occurred, many caused by imperialism and settler colonialism. But somehow only the Holocaust and antisemitism are important enough, so important, that it gives Zionists and Israel carte blanche to oppress another people, and they aren't to be criticized for it.

  • Israel’s Justice Minister endorses apartheid -- the Jewish state 'at the expense of equality'
    • O, Magh, Please NOOO!
      Can you imagine the demon spawn produced from such a union? With Yehuda Glick as the godfather?

  • Israeli lawfare organization sues BDS activists for advising Lorde to cancel Israel concert
    • If this case is actually ever served (with whatever service is considered proper in New Zealand) then I think it would be appropriate for Justine and Nadia to communicate everything to Lorde and suggest that this is indeed why Lorde should never, ever consider performing in Israel again, or for any organization complicit with the occupation. Maybe (if NZ bothers to try to enforce any kangaroo-court judgment against Justine and Nadia) Lorde could even pay the judgment along with a note explaining why she will never, ever play Israel.

      If these people want to see Lorde, let them travel to a law-abiding country that is not persecuting and oppressing millions of people under a brutal military occupation (West Bank) and siege (Gaza). Or not, preferably. Extreme Zionists should not be welcome in polite company.

  • Why is the Israeli army finally worried that Gaza is on the brink of collapse?
    • “In addition, exports from Gaza would be forbidden entirely. "

      Absolutely, Eva. I have posted many times in many forums that Israel is directly and consciously responsible for destroying the Gazan economy. Zionist posters always claim that it is Hamas' fault, that Israel is not making war on civilians, Hamas is stealing or misusing any funds for missiles or tunnels instead of taking care of their people, blah, blah, blah. The truth is that Israel is waging economic war on a captive civilian population. It is collective punishment, and a violation of human rights.

      Israel is solely responsible for destroying the economy in Gaza, primarily by not allowing exports. Zionists claim that the blockade is only to prevent Hamas from arming, but that's a lie: Exports don't "bring in missiles". The pressure is intentionally applied to the Gazan civilian population in order to try to spark a revolt and a regime change in Gaza. In other words, Israel doesn't want to go in to make war on Hamas if it can just get the civilians in Gaza to overthrow Hamas (which, if it ever happened, would result in terrible, extreme loss of civilian life... but, hey, it's preferable for Gazan civilians to die than Israeli Jewish soldiers; so who is it that is using civilians as human shields?)

      The "red lines" document? Israel long ago crossed many red lines. Hopefully the ICC will come forward soon with a decision to fully investigate Israel for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • How corporate media tacitly justify the murder of Palestinian children
    • Palestinian childhood is corrupted by its oppression and persecution under belligerent military occupation by racist Zionists that want to disappear them and take everything for themselves.

    • Thanks, Misterioso... but you forgot to also mention the DIME munitions, for which Israel chose Gaza as a testing ground by using them against civilians.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers harass Palestinian elementary school teachers and students in Hebron
    • @gamal: They are definitely inciting these children. The entire occupation is an incitement. Even a dog would have enough awareness to understand that he was being intentionally mistreated. The mistreatment and violence that is endemic to the occupation naturally leads to anger at that mistreatment, and rebellion... so, yes, it is incitement. It is intentional, in my opinion... the soldiers have been instructed to make lives miserable for the Palestinians in order to "show who's boss", in order to try to encourage emigration, even in order to intentionally incite small riots that can then be used as justification for the use of overwhelming force "to restore order" (actually, to further punish and demoralize the civilian population, and maybe kill a few as a way to help with the "demographics").

  • American Jewish visitor forced to sign loyalty oath in order to get tourist visa to Israel
    • I agree, pabelmont, it does not really read like a "loyalty oath" to me, but I still think that it is very problematic. No US citizen should be signing an unbounded testament to not "do any activities against" any foreign state, government, or entity without registering as a foreign agent with the US government. Although it is currently unlikely in the extreme, in the event that the US decides to try to put pressure on Israel, through whatever means, to try to force Israel to respect Palestinian human rights and political rights, this person has been coerced into not being able to comply with any demands by the US because they have acceded to coercion by a foreign power.

      This may have been a somewhat acceptable document to sign if it had been bounded by duration of stay in Israel, but as an agreement unbounded by both time and geographical boundaries, it is completely unacceptable and the person who accepted it should now register with the US as a foreign agent.

  • Israel has more legitimacy than US because the bible mentions Jerusalem, not New York -- says David Harris
    • You're probably right, Mooser. Unfortunately, though, AIPAC probably can get the US Congress to proclaim exactly that.

  • Anti-blackness and the core logic of Zionism
    • JeffB block quotes (without source info) a claim that he apparently attributes to Hillel:

      "Israel is at the heart of Hillel’s work. Our goal is to inspire every Jewish college student to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship to Israel and to Israelis. We know that engaged and educated students can become committed Jewish adults who are passionate supporters of Israel. Hillel welcomes, partners with, and aids the efforts of organizations, groups, and speakers from diverse perspectives in support of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."

      OK, I haven't looked this up, but if this is indeed an accurate attribution to Hillel itself, the immediate question that comes to my mind is whether Hillel has registered as an agent or representative of a foreign power in the United States. Everything in this statement indicates that Hillel, if they so describe themselves and act accordingly, are working in the US for the benefit of a foreign state, Israel. Are they receiving tax exemptions while working for a foreign power?

  • Zionism is apartheid, and worse
    • "There are no refugee camps in Israel."

      Really? Doesn't Israel define the (illegally annexed) area of East Jerusalem as being part of Israel? And where is Shuafat?


  • Ontario caves to Israel on falsely-labeled wines-- for now, anyway
    • When Israel insists on playing this game of trying to assert de facto sovereignty over the Golan or West Bank, and denies basic rights to the civilians in those territories who are brutally oppressed under military occupation, a de facto apartheid, it seems fair to say that Israel's mislabeling of products (which leads to some confusion about origin) means that everyone should in fact choose not to purchase any products labeled "Made in Israel" so as not to support the oppression of the occupied people. Let Israel suffer even more, boycott all Israeli products, not just those from the settlements.

  • Israel is upping the costs for ’terror’
    • In discussing the disparity of treatment of victims such as Mohammed Abu Khdeir and the Jewish soldiers who were run over, you neglect to mention the disparity in what Israel believes is the value of Palestinian lives versus the value of Jewish lives: Abu Khdeir's family was awarded about 40,000 dollars, while Israel is seeking 2.3 million, or over 550,000 dollars per soldier that was killed. And the family of Abu Khdeir's killer are not on the hook for paying even that paltry 40,000. The killer was ordered to pay the restitution, and since he is in jail for life, he will never have any earnings with which to pay, and I doubt that Israel will go after his assets, like his home, because it would harm his family. So once again, Israeli settler Jews get preferential treatment even when committing horrific crimes against Palestinians because Israel does not really value life, only Jewish life.

  • Will the Azaria verdict shield Israel from the International Criminal Court?
    • The Milgram experiment, the Stanford prison experiment, years of predictions about what the ongoing occupation will do to Israeli society, since Israeli conscripted youth are the ones policing or enforcing the occupation... And Israel still cannot understand that their society is devolving because of the occupation. They will only lash out at anyone who tries to tell them the truth, and will claim that they are the victims. The Israeli populace are indeed among the victims, but they have the wrong idea about who the perpetrators are and about the cause. The Palestinians suffer from the predations of Israel, but the Israeli public suffer from a very deep self-inflicted wound.

    • "Israel habitually describes advocacy for full rights for Palestinians, or criticism of its abuses, as “delegitimization.” - See more at:

      Yes, Israel claims to be a democracy all of the time, but advocating for full rights for Palestinians, that's anathema... after all, they are "sub-human", so they don't deserve human rights, right? "Some animals are more equal than others." [Orwell, Animal Farm]

  • Hell just froze over: the New York Times runs an article saying Zionism is racist
    • Yonah, the original sin of Zionism (in my opinion) happened much earlier, with the "land without a people for a People without a Land". Zionism and the modern state of Israel (not the tribe or people of Israel) are inherently sinful because it was conceived with that idea "land without a people" (so screw the million Palestinian Arab inhabitants living there). A shame, all of these poor deluded Jews from Europe, coming to "Zion", and then having to perpetrate massacres and ethnic cleansing on the poor farmers who had been living there for centuries... I wonder, when and if they finally complete their colonialization project, will they ever cry their crocodile tears over the terrible things that they "were forced to do" to obtain their coveted land? "Oh, but they made us do it, they wouldn't just go away, it's our land, if they loved their children more than they hated us then we wouldn't have to murder them..."

    • Yep.

      Zionism: Conceived in sin ("Land without a people for a People without a Land"... never mind the million people living there, they don't matter)
      Zionism: Born in sin (Ethnic cleansing, massacres, genocide)
      Zionism: Living in sin (Occupation, continued ethnic cleansing, violations against human rights, international law, property rights, ...)

      Zionism is not just racism, it is (if anything can be thought of this way) a sin.

    • Actually, rosross, I have a fear that Israel could eventually try something. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but Israel has a great depth of scientific knowledge especially in the biopharmaceutical area. They are world-renowned in their understanding of genetics. And I'm not entirely sure that it will matter how close the genome is from Mizrahi to Palestinian Arab, look at what the Ashkenazi part of the tribe has done in other respects to the "Arab Jews". Some collateral damage always happens during warfare, according to how the militarists think. So, a genetically targeted, engineered virus? Never to be acknowledged, of course... "Horrors, you really think that someone could do something so evil? Are you accusing us? " But, remember, Israel tested a previously untried Anthrax vaccine on its own soldiers... The US conducted experiments by purposely exposing their own soldiers to LSD, also experiments exposing civilians to venereal diseases, etc. The Germans during WWII... well, I'm sure people here have some knowledge of the horrors of Dr. Mengele. An "unfortunate plague", maybe a variation of the Zika virus or something of that sort, that magically rids "Greater Israel" of 90 percent of its Palestinian Arabs and can't be traced back to Israel, wow... how convenient that would be for the colonization of the Greater Israel.

    • "I am betting on things basically staying the same for the quite a long time. - See more at:"

      Yeah, and you're okay with the status quo. Meanwhile, unlike you, the Palestinians are suffering daily. But that's okay with you. Even if they're not allowed building permits and "natural growth" (wasn't that what Israel used to whine about for their illegal settlements?), even if they're not allowed freedom of movement (gods forbid that they are on of the 2 million in Palestine, the world's largest open-air prison, their options are even fewer), even if they're not allowed a living amount of water while illegal settlers build swimming pools and those in Gaza, well, I think it was something like 90 percent who have no access to safe, potable water... You're okay with all of that.

      Maybe "most Jews (obviously) and very many Israelis are not evil or at least not better or worse", but Israel and its majority population of Jews are clearly and actively supporting the oppression and occupation to the detriment of millions of other people (not going to get into the "but they're not a People" delegitimization crap with you... they are human beings, people). But you're fine with that "basically staying the same for the quite a long time", it obviously doesn't give you any pause. You don't have any empathy at all for their suffering. Because you're a Zionist, so you are fundamentally theo/ethno-centric, and you care nothing for anyone that is not a member of your tribe.

    • "I don’t see it. Using history (even lies and myth) to justify racism, occupation, oppression, mass murder, torture, terrorism, house demolitions….the killing of American citizens……

      Has the alt-right done any of those things?

      - See more at:"

      When has the alt-right NOT used history to "justify racism, ... , oppression, mass murder, torture, ..."? I notice that you haven't included cross-burnings, dressing up in hoods and marching in black neighborhoods, nooses hung on trees on school campuses, blatant displays of the Confederate Flag, which to some is basically a symbol of oppression and slavery ....

      The alt-right routinely justifies and practices racism and oppression, and supports provocative racist displays and tactics against Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and Muslims.

      "If I wrote a comment saying that Zionism and the whole premise for the state of Israel is the same as “white nationalism” and David Duke is less of a racist than Netanyahu, it would never get printed here…. - See more at:"

      Well, guess what, you're clearly wrong because I have read and quoted your comment "saying that Zionism and the whole premise for the state of Israel..."

      Why would such a comment not be printed, when it is somewhat inaccurate (Zionism is not white Nationalism, but it is certainly racist and nationalistic) but still fairly apt? Are you saying that the racist alt-right are somehow better than the racist Zionists? Do you expect to win that in an audience of people who condemn both?

    • "Try as I may, I can’t quite picture an end to this conflict. - See more at:"

      Of course you can't. You cannot empathize at all with the oppressed Palestinians living under a belligerent military occupation, with all that that entails, so you can't picture an end to the conflict. The end that you and most Zionists desire is unlikely, I don't think that all of the Palestinians are going to self-deport, I doubt that the world will allow you to commit further large-scale ethnic cleansing in your colonial project, and I seriously doubt that you will be allowed to commit more than the small genocides that Israel has been perpetrating with their "mowing the lawn" projects. So you have very few choices, and you hate all of them: give up the dream of a "Greater Israel" with Jewish domination and allow the Palestinians to form a state in territories in which they and their families have resided for centuries, or annex everything but become a true democracy instead of your pretend democracy, with true equal rights for all citizens (rather than even Bedouin citizens of Israel being forced from their homes so that Jews can build there), or become even more of an Apartheid state and suffer the backlash from the world community.

      Hope I helped. BTW, have you even had your DNA tested? Are you really "Sephardic"? Is that an ethnicity, as opposed to other traditions?

      Not sure where "here" is, but those "Indian Pueblos"... An interesting thing for you to bring up. Do you somehow think that your "Sephardic DNA" is related to Native Americans? Or are you trying to use the suffering of Native Americans to support your own victim-hood? It brings up interesting questions about ethnic cleansing and genocide, after all, since Native Americans and other aboriginal peoples have suffered greatly from the same type of European colonialism, oppression, ethnic cleansing, and genocide that the Palestinians are now suffering.

    • No, more like "military intelligence". Definitely an oxymoron, but less of the delirium tremens variety and more of the belligerence, "all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others" variety. Orwell was brilliant, I wish that some of our societies had paid heed to his warnings in Animal Farm and 1984.

    • Sorry, can't quite understand what you are trying to say here. Except that you are apparently attacking the author. And you somehow are trying to tie that in with your disappointment with your daughter's education. Have you considered the possibility that the fault is not in the school or the professors or their courses, it may actually lie with you, or with your daughter? Has your daughter also expressed these concerns about her school or her courses or her professors, or are you upset that she has actually learned some things or formed some ideas that you wish she hadn't? If you and she were upset about her school, courses, profs, etc., then why did you and she not get her a transfer to a school that you/she would find acceptable? Are you just whining because your daughter actually learned some things and now does not agree with your particular views?

    • And all of this drivel about you has WTF to do with the article to which you are posting?

    • @oldgeezer

      Yeah, it's like the Republican who put forward his ACA replacement policy of, "Just wait, that's how I handle my family's health problems". I wonder how these people will feel if their families decide to "just wait" when they are having a heart attack, or choking on a hot dog, or whatever.

    • Yeah, and Israel is (according to them) a "liberal democracy". Newspeak.

    • "The more the fantasy of Zionism bumps up against the bony pelvis of the reality of Zionism, the more the dream is turning into a nightmare for these Liberal Zionists in America. - See more at:"

      I love your turn of phrase, "the bony pelvis of the reality of Zionism". But be aware, there are definitely some posters here who will attack you for using anything that smacks of a sexual metaphor. And never, ever, make the mistake of likening anything to rape, that is apparently misogynistic and oppressive to Elisabeth, maybe others (according to her).

    • Well, what I was thinking was: "
      Elisabeth December 20, 2016, 3:31 pm
      I will not comment here any further.

      - See more at:"

      I guess I was premature in thinking that Elisabeth would take her hasbara deceptions, delegitimatization, and defamation elsewhere, despite her stated intent to do so.

      For those who haven't followed some of her posts, she is IMHO a hasbarist, probably a paid one, or at least a closet Zionist troll, who attempts to distract, defame, and delegitmize others, just as she is doing here by suggesting that the author of the post only being an Assistant Professor, ooh, wow, his career is in jeopardy, he should be fearful and should not speak out.

      I am somewhat surprised that mooser would welcome her, but maybe he hasn't seen some of her posts, where she claims that everyone but a couple of posters are just "jerks", Annie is an "Uncle Tom", etc. I don't think that mooser was on the "accepted" list.

  • Israel threatens to toss Antony Loewenstein after he asked Lapid question about apartheid
    • Eljay, thanks for your empathy. It has been 35 years, but I can still remember his name, the smell of his breath, his foul, smokey cigarette mouth and his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. I won't go into more detail, I'm already starting to cry. Yes, Elisabeth, men do cry. And, yes Elisabeth, men can understand rape.

    • Elisabeth, I think that you are a paid hasbarist and Zionist. I think that you come to this site to try to delegitimize and distract, you try to break up and divide the community by distracting from the real issues and make it into an issue of men versus women, political correctness with respect to how commenters use metaphors, anything but about the real issues of the violent occupation and oppression of the Palestinians. So I am very glad that you are planning to take your games and your wookies and your ugly and defamatory comments elsewhere.

    • "as if you know anything about what it is to be a women, or to be raped - See more at:"

      Well, Elisabeth, I do know what it is to be raped. And despite YOUR trivialization, the language of "chains" and a "dungeon" or a "basement" is, to my mind, entirely appropriate to the experience and after-effect of rape, whether or not those elements were present with the actual rape. The fear, anxiety, depression afterwards are themselves chains... the darkness, self-doubt, they are the dungeon. This is not trivialization of any rape. Nor is it misogyny to acknowledge that rape is horrible and has horrible long-lasting effects on the victim.

      And a state, like Israel, that essentially uses rape as a tool of war, and effectively imprisons (chains) the Palestinians, and plunders their resources while depriving them, keeping them in the dungeon... And you're more concerned with the apt metaphor than you are with the behavior of the perpetrator, Israel? What is wrong with you?

    • "Good Morning, Israel!"
      Will they have a beefy set of humorless twins to perform censorship of anything that might be broadcast? Actually, maybe they already do...

    • Wow, you're so offended, so you're leaving. And on the way out you're going to burn your bridges and make another truly offensive attack, this time on Annie, "You bow to this crowd like a real Uncle Tom."

      Glad you're leaving and taking your ugly attacks with you.


      One of the "jerks".

    • "It may be your personal fantasy,"

      Really? You went there? I think that it is you who owe an apology for that particularly nasty insinuation. And before you add me to your "nasty deplorable machoism" club, yes I do know what it is to be raped. I am not at all offended by the metaphor because I also know that rape has often been used as a tool of war and oppression, and yes the state of Israel is one of those that has used rape to oppress the Palestinians. They rape and pillage and murder like the Vikings were said to have done. Perhaps the chains and basement part is less appropriate than alluding to what happened to Rasmea Odeh, or to rape as a tool of war and oppression, but the metaphor works and is not in my opinion, as a survivor of rape, in any way offensive. What is offensive is your insinuations against Eljay. It borders on defamation.

  • Back home in Gaza, Sanaa el-Hafi recounts her 'terrifying' ordeal in Israeli prisons
    • “The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.” — Fyodor Dostoevsky. (Gideon Levy)

    • "The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons." -- Fyodor Dostoevsky.
      From which we can do a pretty good assessment of the degree of civilization of Israel, and it seems to be quite low. Not surprising, their are many other indicators...

    • "... You have home to go to. They are in the only home they have.”
      Yes, and they aren't allowed to leave, they're under blockade. And every once in a while, Israel will decide to start shooting the poor fish in the barrel.

    • "but on these smelly natives who just will not stop protesting at our thefts and crimes , will not go away to other countries and will not die out. It is all so terribly frustrating and we do so long for a final solution to it all"
      You forgot to mention how horrible it is that the natives force them to commit these atrocities, you know, the "I hate them most because they force us to kill their children..."

  • Netanyahu's Academy-award performance of dehumanization is why the conflict persists
    • It has always seemed incredible to me how good the Israeli are at the art of propaganda judo... they whine all of the time about incitement and de-legitimization, yet they are masters at it, with dehumanization being just one aspect. Remember a few years back, with regard to the settlements, how it was all about "natural growth"? I don't hear that one much anymore, certainly they haven't allowed any "natural growth" to the Palestinians. But Israel controls and sets the message, and have been so successful at it that they believe that all that they have to do now is to control the message. Better messaging will solve all of their problems with international concerns about their treatment of Palestinians, and Israel won't have to make any changes at all, just keep stealing land and building, "keep mowing the lawn" and managing the conflict, and no worries about actually reaching a peace agreement or providing rights to those under occupation or siege.

      Yes, the message can be powerful, but I don't think that it is that powerful. And we have a counter-message: BDS.

  • Israel calls on citizens to ‘turn in’ boycott activists for deportation
    • So, Israel has its McCarthyism/HUAC moment. A lot of Jews suffered because of the blacklisting and the interrogations by HUAC and Joe McCarthy for suspected Communist activities. Either Israel can't learn from history, or they really don't care who suffers, whether they are actual perpetrators of the dangerous support for Palestinian rights or just get caught in the thresher.

      Israel is sick. Very, very sick.

  • How Israel accidentally validated my activism
    • Sorry, Mooser, if you took my comments wrong. But, yes, I do believe that modern Judaism has a brand, just as Catholicism has a brand, Protestants have a brand, Baptists and Mormons and Jehova's Witnesses have a brand, Evangelicals have a brand, and damn sure the Televangelists and MegaChurch Christians have brands. I do not intend this to be some sort of denigration of Judaism, Jewish people, or whatever, but in the modern era it all seems to be "brand conscious". In that light, yes, I do believe that what Zionists are doing actually harms the perception of Judaism among not only the international community and "gentiles", but even among "Diaspora Jews". In other words, they are harming "the brand".

    • It's a conundrum, Mooser, Zionism "has no class" yet in some ways it is all about class. Not sure how to address that comment, but certainly modern day Israel is a very class-based society. The racism and bigotry is not only against Palestinians. But in terms of a "class action suit" against Zionists, I don't find it unthinkable. Again, I believe that Zionism is hurting Judaism because of the constant Zionist (and other) attempts to conflate the two.

    • Mooser,
      You've got it backwards, friend. Judaism, having existed long before Zionism, should revoke the use of their customs, holidays, and rituals by Zionists. The Zios are certainly causing a great deal of damage to the Judaism brand, and doing so willfully. The real pillars of the community and their Rabbis should come together and file suit against the Zios. I'm thinking "tortious interference" and "trademark infringement", but I'm not a lawyer... maybe someone better trained can come up with a list of actions.

  • Marching to Cuomo's house (Updated)
    • @jd65, @Kay24 - Don't forget to use that twitter thingy (though I don't). I'd suggest hashtags like #CuomoProOccupation and #CuomoAntiGenevaConvention, as well as #CuomoAntiFirstAmendment. Maybe also #CuomoAntiHumanRights.

  • Separation and conquest: Israel's ideological barrier
    • MaxNarr,

      "There are none so blind as those who will not see."
      You've closed your eyes to the brutality of the IDF and of the occupation because it doesn't fit your ideology.
      You whine about the "potentially deadly" throwing of rocks, but pass off the shooting of a bound and blindfolded Palestinian with a rubber bullet at close range, unnecessarily, as being no big deal. "None so blind..."

    • Hey MaxNarr.... Did the IDF officer shoot the bound, blindfolded Palestinian captive? While he was standing there, already subdued, no threat to anyone? I don't care what type of bullet it was... it caused the captive pain, it was unnecessary, and it was brutal. Sorry, but you lose. And this isn't the only video showing the brutality of the IDF.

      Even the IDF was forced to charge and convict the officer and commander in this assault, though they were only charged with "conduct unbecoming", which shows what Israel thinks about assaulting Palestinians... not really illegal, just distasteful, right? You know that at short range, those bullets not only cause pain (hence their deterrent effect), but can cause death or the loss of an eye, right? But it's okay if the victim isn't a Jew, right? If he was Jewish, you'd be screaming about how the Jews are always the victims.

    • It's a shame, MaxNarr, that others here were not able to shut down your stupid claims that there are 0 videos of IDF brutality. I felt it necessary to take up their slack. Let me know whether you can come up with ANY justification why shooting a bound, blindfolded Palestinian at short range is not an example of IDF brutality.

  • Anti-Semitism is considered a serious moral failing. But no one calls out anti-Palestinian bigotry
    • Well, hoya, it certainly should, for at least one reason: it is one of the longest ongoing conflicts that is still unresolved.

    • "If israel was as useless as the palestinians you celebrate..."

      Great job, "hoya saxa"... You've just done an exemplary job of proving that you are a bigot. You are very much an example of the bigoted anti-Palestinianism that this article discusses.

  • Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic
    • Absolutely, pabelmont. I actually consider the Occupation to be part of the ongoing Nakba, with all of the continuing (though slower) ethnic cleansing represented by expropriation, demolitions, revocations of residency rights, and refusal to abide by international law when it comes to the refugees, to be part of the planned and ongoing slow genocide being intentionally waged by Israel against the Palestinians. Israel has never been a partner for peace because they have not yet achieved everything that they intend, which is control of all of the land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. They have just had to slow the project a little because they know that the international community will not allow them to proceed faster without a lot of pushback. Still, they can keep periodically manufacturing incidents that will allow them to "mow the lawn" and try to help their demography along by killing as many Palestinians (including civilians) as they think that they can get away with and still "plausibly" claim that the dead civilians are just unfortunate "collateral damage" and that someone else (Hamas, the PA, whoever) is to blame. This is what they did in Gaza in 2014. And, of course, they'll keep on playing the "peace talks" game to buy time since their project has been slowed.

    • Zionism is a fundamentally racist and unethical movement. The modern state of Israel was:

      1. Conceived in sin ("a Land without a People for a People without a Land"... oh, please. This is the Originial Sin of Zionism, the original ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians living there!),
      2. Born in sin (the Nakba),
      3. And continues in sin (the Occupation).

      It doesn't get any simpler than that. Saying Israel should not exist is simply a recognition of the fact that the entire Zionist premise is criminal and exists only because of the ethnic cleansing and slow genocide being committed against the Palestinians.

    • They became exiles because they feared that what happened to their fellow citizens of Deir Yassin would happen to them: Rapes, murders, and torture of civilians... old men, women, and children... by your precious Zionists. And then the looting and desecration of bodies, of course.

  • 'There is no Jewish terror': Conspiracy theory that Palestinians committed Duma firebombing spreads among Israelis
    • If you look at Martin Sherman's latest commentary on, you can easily see, very clearly, that the tactic being used is "blame the victim". Just as they did in the Abu Khdeir murder (labeling the victim as a homosexual in order to claim that the perpetrators were not Jews, but Arab family members committing an "honor killing"), they are now trying to preemptively defend any possible Jewish involvement by claiming that the perpetrators were Arabs that were in some long-standing feud with the Dawabshe family. They even invoke the "honor killing" crap (though how they would sustain such a charge on an 18 month old infant, I'm not really sure). It didn't really stand up for the killing of Muhammad Abu Khdeir, but hey, it just might this time, right? Especially if we don't (because we're not interested enough to) find any of the actual suspects? Because we can't stand the heat of finding out that the suspects are actually good little hilltop youth settlers that we have financially supported to take over lands belonging to Palestinians?

      So, basically, it's an Alan Dershowitz "blame the rape victim" in order to deflect from the guilt of the rapist type of sleazy lawyer defense, the type that's used when the lawyer knows that his client is guilty but hopes that he can mitigate the damages by sliming the victim.

  • The rabbi at the shitshow
    • @mooser: In some ways, some Jews do, just as some Christians do, not necessarily building and living in a separate town, but by living in a separate space and choosing (as much as possible, anyway) to associate only with those of her own persuasion. One can see this with Evangelical (and Fundamentalist) Christians who choose to only associate with others who believe the same way. The recent split in the Episcopal Church in North America over homosexuality is a good point. Many churches split, man left the Episcopal Church and started Anglican Union churches because they could not accept homosexuals or anyone who would allow homosexuals in their union. Her separate space is her Hillel.

    • @kma: It's because she fears assimilation and loss of her Jewish identity, not because she actually has any reason to fear any sort of attack on her because she is Jewish. If she doesn't surround herself with others like herself, she fears that maybe she'll become just another white American. It's her own weakness and insecurity, her neurosis, and probably the cause of her feeling that all Jews on her campus must agree with her, how could the not, they're Jewish, right?

  • Photo of six shoveling secretaries needs a caption
  • The checkpoint is burning
    • @Mooser: Yeah, I'm done with him. He's done a thorough job of discrediting himself and any message he's trying to send by admitting that he supports the Islamic State, population transfers and ethnic cleansing, and the acquisition of territory through war, all for some sort of neocon type of nation-building. I think that he may truly be delusional.

    • @JeffB: "Your point was about racial entitlement. You are now getting into some weird tangent. - See more at:".

      No, you were the one that brought up racial entitlement: "It is your side that is obsessed with racial land entitlement. - See more at:".

      I merely argued that Jews, especially religious Jews who believe that God gave all of Greater Israel to the Jews and that they have more rights to the land there than do Palestinians who have lived there continuously for many generations, are the ones that believe in racial entitlement. I am directly refuting your claim that "your side ... is obsessed with racial land entitlement".

      The Palestinians claim to the land does not stem from racial entitlement, it stems from the fact that they were driven from the land due to a war, and prevented from returning to that land for 67 years, in contravention of accepted international law.

      You may "support nations not tribes", as you mention in a comment below; I, however, support law and justice.

    • @JeffB: You say, "So in a broad sense I agree with ISIS. The particular brutalities that ISIS is engaging in seem mostly directed at helping to shifting populations around, de-mixing to make nation-states possible. That’s overall I think a good thing to create the possibility for genuine self determination and genuine democracy. - See more at:".

      Do you honestly believe that ISIS has any intention of establishing a democracy? Wow, that is so far out in LaLa Land that I can't even wrap my head around it. So you think that it's overall a good thing to ethnically cleanse a population? Do you know that according to international law it is a war crime?

      You also claim, in another comment, "One of the IDF’s core jobs is to hold and possibly expand the territory of Israel. - See more at:".

      Do you understand that according to international law, wars to conquer and expand the territory of a state are also considered illegal under international law?

      And you're okay with the idea of nation states undertaking such activities, illegal under international law, at least if they might end up one day becoming democracies? And you claim that you're not a Fascist? Wow.

    • @JeffB: Very interesting that you bring up Japan, as traditional Japanese beliefs regarding non-Japanese seem to parallel the Jewish beliefs regarding non-Jews. For the Japanese, it's Gaijin, for the Jews it's Goyim. Both are very tribalistic societies historically. Yet you espouse the desirability of assimilation. What do you really believe? Do you support tribalism, or assimilation? Or do you just support whoever wins?

    • @JeffB: I notice that you have not yet responded to my assessment that your political philosophy (as evident from your posts) very closely resembles Fascism. You apparently have no problem with that. You also apparently have no problem with the early US treatment of Native Americans, the treatment of Tibetans (and probably the treatment of Uighurs) under Chinese rule, and very probably the treatment of blacks under Apartheid in South Africa (and maybe even blacks under slavery in North America). If not Fascist, you are almost certainly, in my opinion, a right-wing authoritarian who believes that might means right (as long as it's the "right people" that have the might). In other words, you're a wing-nut.

      So let's try a thought experiment, shall we? In Iraq, in certain areas ISIS has taken over. They have the might. They have slaughtered innocents, forced conversions, sold women into slavery ("marriage"), as well as taking territory. If they succeed, and there is an indigenous population that is occupied by ISIS, is it acceptable for the Islamic State to oppress this population until they are "assimilated"? And how does this differ from the occupation in Palestine, from the Trail of Tears, from the Chinese occupation and oppression of Tibet?

    • Thank you. I've learned a lot from your posts, as well.

    • @JeffB: You apparently have a problem understanding English. I said "The Palestinians who are currently, and have been for several contiguous generations living in this land - See more at:", yet you somehow take that to mean "Because someone’s great grandfather lived their they have a legitimate racial entitlement to the land. - See more at:". Wrong, I am not claiming what you say that I am, I am claiming that the property rights of the current owners and occupants, who not only live on the land but have had several generations of their families living on the same land without a break (look up "contiguous" in the dictionary) are not claiming a racial entitlement to the land, they are claiming basic property rights. The Jews that have never lived on the land, nor have their recent ancestors for many generations, yet somehow feel that it is acceptable for them to "make aliya" (i.e. "return" to "Israel" ... and then take residence in the occupied territories) and dispossess the current owners and occupants of their land because the Jews believe that their god gave them the land, they are the ones that are claiming a racial/theological entitlement to the land that they believe supercedes the property rights of the current owners.

      You try to smear or slander me with your suggestion ("Look at your phrasing...") -- and your unnecessarily ugly phrasing "these other bad people (I noticed you skipped 1/2 the Israeli population that are Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews) came out of the wrong vagina - See more at:" -- that I am antisemitic. I am not. I am specifically addressing the issue of those Jews that make aliya (and others) that dispossess Palestinians in order to take up residency in the occupied territories on Palestinian land, rather than Jews whose history and residency since the beginning of the occupation does not involve dispossession of Palestinians of their basic rights, including their property rights. Those dispossessing the Palestinians due to their idea that some god gave them the land in perpetuity are the ones that are claiming some racial entitlement to the land.

      I believe in the fundamental rights of all people, regardless of whose "vagina" they came from. You, however, appear to support Fascism and the right of those with the military, political, or other power to dispossess those less fortunate. Or you are just another racist, Zionist, Jew or one of their fundamentalist Christian supporters. Or maybe just really, really clueless. I hope that it's the latter, then there is maybe some hope that if you stick around here long enough and read the posts, you might actually learn something (if you ever first learn to open your mind).

    • JeffB: Oh, I also really have to take exception to your statement "It is your side that is obsessed with racial land entitlement. - See more at:".

      That is utter lunacy. The Palestinians who are currently, and have been for several contiguous generations living in this land are somehow the ones "obsessed with racial land entitlement"? But the European, East European, and American Jews that "make aliya" and "return" to "Israel" because they believe that their ancestors came from there and that they are promised the land because of some ancient scrolls claiming that their god gave the land to them for eternity, justifying their "reclaiming" of the land from present inhabitants using whatever force they can get away with, this is somehow not an obsession with "racial land entitlement"? Are you for real?

    • JeffB: So what you're basically saying is that it is acceptable for any state or nation to oppress any people(s) within conquered territory and treat them as non-citizens, that those people(s) being oppressed have no right to resist against their oppressors and occupiers, and that the state or nation has the sole right to determine when those people(s) are sufficiently assimilated that the state or nation can then choose to generously allow them some second-class form of citizenship and limited rights, maybe eventually approaching equality, and this is all OK because the conquering state has more military power. So, "Might makes Right", yes?

      Basically, what you're saying is that you are a Fascist. You likely would have (did?) supported South Africa during the Apartheid era. You obviously support the tragic dispossession and oppression of Native Americans during the early history of the US. History has shown you to be wrong. "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it." One can only hope that you never come to any position of power, as you will likely use it to oppress others.

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