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  • 'Gaza Youth Breaks Out' calls for a unified Palestinian leadership to 'lead us to freedom with all pride and dignity'
    • Shaming and shunning is a far more powerful nonviolent tool than most people, who have even heard of it, realize. Just do some reading of Gandhi directly or through Gene Sharp who was heavily influenced by him; Sharp's website where much is available for downloading: link to A good article by Sharp is also, "The Role of Consent"

      I see a great need for an Internet cooperative effort to identify government enforcers (military/police/militia) and collaborators so that non-enforcers/non-collaborators are better enabled to withdraw voluntary association (shun) and shame those who continue in those positions despite attempts to convince them to stop or support the enforcers/collaborators. Those who are shunned by a very large number of those who previously accepted them - especially if the shunners communicate the reason, will most likely cease the activity that brought on the shunning. Long distance shaming and shunning is especially valuable when outsider enforcers are employed by a government. With the current technology much is known that could previously be hidden by distance. (However, in today's technologically advanced societies, anonymity is the major obstacle for shunning, this potentially very powerful non-violent tool for societal change, used down through the ages. It is unfortunate that the large numbers of those anonymously decrying the atrocities of government do not recognize that their fear of being public plays right into the hands of those who would continue to rule, possible only of course with government enforcers - the major appropriate subjects for public negative Social Preferencing.)

      Most people want to associate with others and be liked by others. Being the object of shame for unacceptable behavior is powerful in that it relays the message that others find something about a person unlikable. The more people who learn of unacceptable behavior the more the doer of those actions is likely to experience shame and reasonably conclude that others do not like him/her (hir).

      Most humans by far are not loners by nature. And it is impossible to exist in the world today totally by one's self. If no one will sell products or provide services to someone because of hir behavior, s/he will not long exist at all.

      This indicates the enormous potential of shunning and ostracism - negative Social Preferencing, (contrasted with positive Social Preferencing towards those who provide value) - which actually is the major basis of a self-ordered society without governments, without rulers: "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction" - link to

    • Before marching anywhere, please be aware of other nonviolent methods of protest, some of which have as much & even more potential for social change. I'm specifically referring to shunning and shaming - emphasized greatly by Gandhi - where attempts to persuade by logical reason have failed. This is especially important in regards to government enforcers, the key to all governments, everywhere.

      Consider that the edicts/mandates/directives/laws/regulations of all rulers - whether or not elected (and "legally" can be debated until doomsday) are merely written and spoken words without the enforcers, those willing to initiate physical harm on others for the rulers.

      No matter the location, all of these government enforcers are people, NOT robots!.

      Photo their faces and publish them; supply names when you can and urge others to provide the names when they are strangers. Let fellow countrymen know who these enforcers are so that they can shun them - have NO business or social dealings with them if they will not be persuaded with words to cease initiating physical harm.

      Enforcers are the key to all governments! Without them all regulations/decrees/laws/edicts/etc of all Kings/Presidents/ministers/senators/judges/etc are merely words. Shunning is a potentially very powerful non-violent tool for societal change, used down through the ages.

      Street protests are not enough, as I wrote in general intended for use in North America in “Tax/Regulation Protests are Not Enough: Relationship of Self-Responsibility and Social Order” – link to – but which is applicable in the general principles anywhere.

  • Gaza youth breaks out with a 'manifesto for change'
    • "There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope."

      The frustration of the authors is absolutely clear and so very warranted by the circumstances of Gaza! It is not very much different from the frustration of so many other young people all over the Middle East. (To a lesser degree, much of the youth and young-minded older individuals of the entire world echo similar frustrations.)

      Gaza Youth and those who agree with his/her/their plight and want to help, I first urge that you consider this very important point - enforcers are the key to all elected and self-appointed governments. Enforcers are what make government for without them the legislators/executives/judges/bureaucrats would be nothing more than issuers of words, spoken or written. Enforcers are those who are willing to initiate physical harm on others and these are who every "official" and quasi- government requires in order to come into existence, maintain power and grow. Enforcers are the key to keeping or withering any government, anywhere.

      Politicians and bureaucrats – rulers, whether or not they are fairly elected – do not get out into the field and enforce their own legislation/decrees/mandates/etc. Instead they depend on the enforcers to do the dirty work. Therefore the enforcers are the key! Politicians and bureaucrats simply talk and write, even when it is to give orders. Without the enforcers, the harm cannot be done! The enforcers are the key, whether police or military!

      And this is a "secret" that those at the top - civilian and military - do not and will not admit but it can be seen between the words they occasionally issue. Sulieman made this very clear as can be seen in an Al Jazeera's news story on 2/9/11, "Egypt VP: Protests must end soon" and particularly the quote: "Suleiman reportedly told the editors of the newspapers that the regime wants dialogue to resolve protesters' demands for democratic reform, adding, in a veiled warning, that the government doesn't "want to deal with Egyptian society with police tools.""

      A secondary point immediately following the above is that there are far more/stron> non-enforcers in any area than there are government enforcers - civilian or military! When it becomes undesirable to large numbers of those enforcers (who are not convinced by verbal/written persuasion) to be shunned - recipients of public negative Social Preferencing, they will find other lines of work, hopefully truly productive. First though, it needs to be understood by (the far greater in numbers) non-enforcers that they have it within their power to take the "teeth" out of all forms of established government, by in large numbers withdrawing voluntary association, having absolutely no business or social dealings, with all government enforcers - agents of all the various law/regulation agencies of the various levels of government and the military.

      Strong negative Social Preferencing – withdrawal or refusal of voluntary association with the reasons made public – is selective (discriminating) association to exclude those who cause harm. It is a potentially very powerful method of non-violent action, referred to as shunning and ostracism by many down through the ages. It is included in Gene Sharp’s 2nd volume (of 3), “The Politics of Nonviolent Action”, Chapter 4, “The Methods of Social Noncooperation”.

      Even in the current very unfree societies (of which the US is one despite its government’s claim of otherwise), negative Social Preferencing can be effectively used to influence individual social behavior and the actions of the State. In fact I wrote about this practice in general intended for use in North America in “Tax/Regulation Protests are Not Enough: Relationship of Self-Responsibility and Social Order” – – but the general principles are applicable anywhere.

      The above is a practical starting point, resting on the principles described in considerable detail in and linked from the treatise "Social Meta-Needs: A New Basis for Optimal Interaction" - link to

      Gaza Youth, I urge you to consider deeply all the above, formulate concerns and questions and bring them forth in a public forum at which the authors of these ideas can respond so that the discussion is available to benefit others.

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