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  • The rabbi at the shitshow
    • what's with the longing for Jewish-ness in Ohio and being cloistered into a sectarian ghetto?
      is living in the US that bad? in Ohio? are non-Jews that bad? kinda like... Muslims!?
      I do sympathize with Latin American immigrants, African Americans, and some other darker skinned immigrants.... but.... people in wealthy neighborhoods will have you over for coffee if you're white!

      or is it that there just aren't enough illegal settlements here? oh, that makes zionists feel at home! a few bypass roads, some REAL segregation - the 8=year old with the "American girl" doll might not be zionist enough. (she might be too American!) gotta send her into the IDF and teach her to kill some Palestinians. Ohio is too boring.

      I feel like I'm being offensive, but this Lady is offensive to me. is this not her country? then what's she doing here?

  • 'This is our land!': West Bank village Wadi Fukin fights largest Israeli land grab in decades
    • I guess taking the West Bank away from Palestine is not a "land grab" if you consider the West Bank already taken by Israel. But what are the Palestinians still doing there? I call that apartheid, and what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is called ethnic cleansing.

      not "land grab", just "genocide".

  • Dutch activists disrupt Israeli apartheid whitewashing event in Amsterdam
    • "Would you like anti-Israel events to be disrupted by Zionist activists?"

      you mean the ones who are trying to shut down BDS on campuses all over the entire US?
      or the ones targeting politicians for removal when they oppose the ethnic cleansing?
      or do you mean the ones who take our candidates and politicians (and students) on junkets to brainwash them?

      zionists are ALWAYS disrupting American rights to think freely and to stop helping Israel commit genocide. it is our right NOT to help, and it is now TIME for us to stop zionists from controlling our country. that would be freedom.

  • Jodi Rudoren loves a winner
  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • what's a "jackdaw"? is it some end of a donkey?
      anyway, we are now seeing demonstrations where I live where Hamas flags are proudly waved and part of the procession and the dancing.
      what you say about that, "jackdaw"? the zionists didn't even show up! saw not one Israeli flag.

      the US is sick of zionism. we don't want your idiot boats or your idiot whatsername-scarlett-whosis-selling-tooth-rot either. stay home!

      Gaza will be free!

  • 'A blind evil rage that increased forever, day and night' --Mads Gilbert on Operation Protective Edge
    • "ezra greenberg":
      if you are for real, and not a paid robot, you do realize you are publicly advocating for the ethnic cleansing of an entire population which has gone on for many decades and taken hundreds of thousands of lives. AND you are airing your dirty thoughts against a doctor who is fighting for the lives of the people who Israel needs to exterminate to "exist". Wow, are you scum.

    • tusen takk!
      Gilbert was great on Democracy Now, he didn't let them ask stupid questions without putting them straight. He should be on more often.

      yes, Gazans are being killed for existing, which is what Israel says can't be because all those Palestinians are a threat to the "existence" of an ALL "Jewish" "state".
      Israel knows that it does NOT exist and that it will never exist.

  • After destroying 10,000 homes, Israel says Gaza can rebuild if it disarms
    • wow. how is Gaza going to get rid of all those rocks after Israel reduced their homes into rubble?
      zionism is genocide.

  • The member of Knesset who called for genocide -- against the mothers of the 'snakes'
    • whoah, who taught that lady to hate?
      she's got it down so well, she could be describing herself... oh, wait minute - it's not just coincidence.

      our leaders here never do explain what they mean by "shared values". glad to have that clarified.
      not sure if we picked up the torture habit from Israelis, but they generously shared their occupation tactics with us... shooting families at checkpoints, second strikes hitting rescue workers, holding prisoners forever without charges, calling everyone "terrorist", hatred of muslims.... shared values. what's next? burning people's children alive?

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • no, he's clearly not sorry.
      also, the editors did not accidentally let it "escape" their "proper attention" - it had "genocide" in the title!

    • wow. it's not just a defense of genocide, it's an honest admission that the goal of Israel's government is NOT wrecking tunnels (as we already know it isn't) or any of the other previously stated objectives, but rather actual genocide.

      I have seen idiot arguments online about whether you can call the massacre of 1500 people "genocide". people seem hung up on the running total, as if it is over every time another one is killed.

      it may not be completed, but it is an ongoing genocide.
      it truly is genocide, and
      it is openly admittedly the goal.

      it's also sickening that the author whines that Israel's allies are holding it back so that it is only a slow genocide. wow.

  • The Brits are way hipper about Palestine than Yanks
    • "Have you noticed how much more advanced the British discourse is on the conflict than ours? "

      um, is this a trick question?
      everyone is more advanced than here, where we kiss Israel's dick and give them more weapons AT THE SAME TIME as they shoot UN shelters.


      did you think you were the first to notice?

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • thanks, seafoid. the video of AlJazeera's interview with UNRWA posted to AJ's Gaza Live Blog cannot be played in the US, according to my web browser. (Huh??)
      maybe that's because the UN blamed Israel this time while the MSM is playing the lie that the schools weren't hit by Israel ?

  • As night follows the day, deaths of 10 Israeli soldiers lead to deaths of 30 Palestinian civilians
    • "the murdering of Palestinians by sniper fire in Shuja’iyya neighborhood as punishment for the death of soldiers"

      It is not "punishment". It's definitely more for pleasure of the IDF. As this report says later on, "revenge" and "take out their frustrations and pain" are closer to the truth, but the truth is still so horrible that it is hard to face. Thanks for this article. It's important, and I can't wait for the Efrati articles. I hope they get publicity.

  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • Oren has a history of only being able to speak in front of his own choir.
      he runs away if his audience doesn't already agree with him.
      I sure look forward to the day when he and the rest of the ambassadors have no more audience left. soon.

      pretty soon even the US media will shake their tiny brains awake and realize that bombing tunnels in Gaza is evil. attacking Hamas is evil. besieging any population is evil. killing people just because a building may or may not store "rockets" is actually very evil!! I guess they had to see it first.

  • Mr. Obama, spend one night with us in Shifa hospital, it would change history
    • Obama knows what is happening and has spent his life grooming himself to be part of the problem. If he were killed in Gaza, Israel would blame Hamas and Congress would pass resolutions apologizing to Israel and begging it to take more money from us.

      but the vast majority of people know what is going on, and we do not like it. We need more reporting and more voices, but we know, and it's getting harder for Americans to put up with. that's where the change will come from.

  • Why I, a Palestinian-American Muslim, went to the White House Iftar and what I learned
    • Tariq was afraid to wear the Palestine scarf, and afraid when he did not applaud the insults.
      I would guess that now he is SO GLAD he did those things.

      he was the one LEAST afraid, out of ALL of the attendees.

  • Obama humiliates Muslim guests at White House Ramadan event, endorses Israel’s Gaza assault and NSA surveillance
    • Leaving aside the weird premise of the spectacle - Iftar at the White House (?!) - (what??) - it is the most clear example of the term "house n*gger" I have ever seen.
      The guy alone in the green room is the master, and all the others are the H-N's.

      wow. I can't imagine showing up for that!!! And then to not be able to lob insults at other biblical superstitions while the master has his claim to superiority aired (Jews invented christianity, too, do they know that?).... how could anyone sit through that without uttering one thing that would get them thrown out? did they tape their mouths shut? if it weren't really about money and domination and genocide, I'd say all those religions deserve each other...

  • What did Israeli officials know about the missing teens, and when did they know it?
    • late-night hitchhiking teens getting murdered doesn't need a political motive but sure provides a convenient way for the IDF and collaborating Abbas and Palestinian Authority to spend 2 1/2 weeks pinning it on someone they want offed and then celebrating by the usual bombing of Gaza. surprise, surprise.

  • Netanyahu says Jews invented the idea of 'honoring your father and mother'
    • oh, by the way, whoever invented just "humoring thy father and mother" was a truly superior species. ha ha

    • um... if you're a creationist, you believe that Jews invented pretty much everything, including all forms of sexual pleasures, right???

  • Democracy and divestment -- DePaul and UCLA students try to thwart Israel lobby
    • of course - it's a voluntary pledge to put the interests of the STUDENTS who elected you above the interests of a foreign government that PAID you (in some cases, they even THREATEN student senators)....

      I want to see Annie spit him out!

  • Movement to divest from Israeli occupation grows at UW-Seattle
    • anyone know why the senators voted in a large bloc that differs from general public opinion? very curious.

  • Using Schwerner and Goodman and the Nazis to deny the Jewish moment (privilege)
    • p.s. it is so ironic to think you're not privileged because your grandfather struck it rich. pretty hard to pull off in families that didn't have fathers.
      maybe Fortgang's next essay will reveal the reasons why women are so inferior.

      "That’s one reason I’m proud of this site. You read progressive Jews here who oppose those attitudes and policies."

      you should also be proud that people here don't use derogatory language for women and female body parts when they are angry at people, or use slang terms for sex workers to refer to women they don't like. so many people still think it's okay. it's not.

    • gender and racial privilege is a symptom of something wrong. there is no defense.
      and if the holocaust (which didn't happen here) justifies it, then slavery (which did happen here) justifies black superiority. right?
      if you believe the Princeton kid, then we owe blacks a few hundred years on top, huh?

  • Let’s have reasoned debate on the academic boycott
    • hophmi: "...and a lot more than $233.7 billion – much, much more – on the war in Iraq. No BDS movement against the US from these guys over that."

      on the contrary! millions of US citizens marched several times trying to STOP the Iraq war from starting, and organized for YEARS trying to end it! (and the Israeli flags showed up on the measly corner cordoned off for the itty-bitty pro-war side...)
      where do you zionists get this crap that you're the only 'victims' of protest against injustice? poor, poor, racists, we all feel so sad for you. so sad, too bad.
      there is no reason to answer this kind of BS because it is merely a desperate shot against what is clearly The Right Thing To Do: BDS. there is nothing else.

      the last time I had to answer to one of you morons about this was on Int'l Palestinian Prisoner Day when we passed out hundreds of informational flyers, and one lady (only one!) demanded to know where on the flyer all those evil African regimes were. I told her we can get her tons of flyers on other things, and would love her to help - but that was Palestinian Prisoner Day. next time I'm going to ignore the whole topic. why bother?

      who exactly is supporting civil war in Syria right now? Israel! all those millions of refugees! and letting the Palestinian ones starve! who is housing them? not Israel, where they came from as refugees in the first place. and who wants war against Iran? Israel! who loves the Egyptian fascist regime? Israel!
      that idiot Israeli flag will show up on the WRONG side of everything.

  • Fiddler on the Nakba
    • exactly. Fiddler is American, not Israeli!! I've worked on it too!
      you get it. we all love it.
      it has nothing to DO with justifying driving Palestinians out of their land, and far more to do with justifying NOT doing it, and yes, we totally treat our African Americans here far worse than anyone!
      by the way, I remember when Long Branch, NJ was a nice little town - anyone else???

    • can you picture Terry Gross moving to eastern Europe to farm with an ox-cart and wear kerchiefs in her hair and let her dad pick her husband? seriously!
      Fiddler is great, but I always saw it as American culture too, and Broadway is fun, but it doesn't drive our foreign policy. I don't think that's what Phil meant! he just asked when American culture might wake up to the emotions of the Nakba.
      the "Zach S" comment is snarky - as if Fiddler somehow belongs to Israel! I'll tell you what HAS come out of Israel that is way beyond Fiddler: some of the best history books that cover the Nakba. the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is a daily current event. does Terry Gross feature these fantastic authors?

  • Defending Apartheid – From 1968 to the present
    • user-to-user "instant" messaging has existed since the first days of multi-user systems. extending it to networked cell phones doesn't sound Nobel-Prize-worthy, but I suppose if I were inflating my resume to such an extent, I'd expect more awards too!
      But seriously, how many Palestinians have to be ethnically cleansed in order to buckle down and write some software? How exactly does the removal of families from their houses and the demolition contribute to the productivity of corporate Israel - let alone, how is it REQUIRED for that??
      maybe the US economy will be further advanced after we raze the homes of some Mexicans here? Personally, I'd live without text messaging first.

      and the double standard argument... apartheid is REQUIRED to call it a Jewish state. separate roads and laws are double standards. Israel can't "exist" if it has to be a state for two people (or more). but Palestine was once that, and now has to cease to exist... a double standard.

  • 'A Painful Price': The escalating war on Palestine solidarity at U of Michigan and beyond
    • wow. Dishell's campaign ad is really offensive.
      honestly, the keffiyeh joke is insensitive, too (toward Palestinians).
      is this what passes as normal at UMich in the 21st century? good to know.
      a proper response from the school would be an effort to educate students about making fun of racial stereotypes.
      the students involved in slandering Kherallah are obviously inventing something that isn't there to incite islamophobia. if the school doesn't want liability for defamation, they need to denounce it at LEAST. that behavior is not simply offensive - it is against the law.

      by the way, who eats pineapple without slicing it? I want to see that...

  • 'America is Nazi Germany' -- Jewish extremists spraypaint Jerusalem convent in 'pricetag' attack
    • "'It’s unusual, usually they strike at Arabs, not monasteries,' Dadon told army radio."

      I thought Christians from Palestine were Arab.

  • 'I'm reminded of Jackson, MS, closing all public pools rather than integrating them' -- Franke on Barnard's Banner-gate
    • p.s. JeffB's argument sounds to me like "if you are gay, don't make waves at a christian college". yeah, we all know that!
      however, his argument that the college will lose standing among promising young students is crap because if it really does establish itself as a haven for zionism, who the hell cares? they can have the Oral Roberts crowd, too! they can be civil and polite around sexual identity AND zionism, but meanwhile, our "one-state" nation here in the US has many good schools that outnumber the christian/zionist/jewish stick-to-the-JeffB-neanderthal-white-man-is-king diktat.

      and believe me, this is really pertinent in my family at the moment! Northeastern, NO, Berkeley, NO, Barnard NEVER, but watch out for the next generation because they are coming to universities everywhere.

    • all this talk of 'civility' and 'politeness' at an elite institution reminds me of the British colonizing Asian countries while sitting down to tea with the local kings. yes, there is a proper way to carry out ethnic cleansings and apartheid, and you will learn which side of the plate the spoon goes on at Barnard.
      JeffB is a dinosaur.

  • Removal of Barnard Palestine solidarity banner was discriminatory act of censorship
    • The Reut Report you point to says Israel isn't spending money on a counter-campaign, which is far from the truth. I don't believe the Prosor guy doesn't know that. odd.
      it's interesting that he places so much emphasis on Arab/Muslim support for the rise in anti-zionism, as if only those who identify with the victims are Israel's image problem. the problem is that white westerners identify as the colonizers, and I don't believe the guy doesn't know that either...

    • esker: "The reason that the banner was taken down at Barnard is because….it pretends that Israel doesn’t exist."

      Oh, so Barnard's letter to the C-SJP students should have said:
      "Your banner was banned because it showed Gaza as the same color as the rest of Israel, and we do not endorse your viewpoint. We only endorse showing all of Palestine with the name 'Israel' or else you have to delineate where some folks think the West Bank is... except you may not include Jerusalem or the attached settlements in the West Bank. We also endorse the version that shows all of Palestine as 'Israel' except for Gaza, and the one that just simply shows everything as 'Israel'. We can't actually find our banner-banning policy anywhere in our school documents, but everyone KNOWS you can't show historic Palestine to impressionable young minds that might wonder what all those Palestinians are doing inside that border. We endorse the apartheid viewpoint that you can call the whole thing "Jewish" but if you include non-Jews in the whole thing, the whole thing will cease to exist."

      if that's what the administration meant to say, why didn't they say it?

  • Loyola student government president vetoes divestment resolution
    • sounds exactly like what happened at UC Berkeley. the senate meeting went all night with nothing but pro-BDS voices and overwhelming majority, but ONE dictator rules.
      how about that???

      AIPAC pressured the hell out of the students. very very sick. Berkeley ain't what it used to be. which campus is now the one to go to?
      I want to know !!! anyone know where the new Berkeley is?

  • Video: SodaScream -- Bubble trouble
    • John Douglas,
      absolutely! when all this came down in Kiev, I thought it was obvious that the neo-con US state dept was gunning for Syria and Iran, just like they did with Iraq. whose interest is that? only Israel's.
      this whole thing about there being anti-semites involved is about as surprising as US support for Syrian rebel groups. (as if we didn't support bin Laden BEFORE, as well...) why would "Yats" give a rat's ass what flavor of racism his goons list on their resume? they all hate Russia and would like nothing more than to see a bunch of ignorant Americans proudly marching to their deaths... again. and hurry up, because the 2SS is dying, BDS is here, and those pesky Palestinians still exist.
      I thought this was glaringly obvious. now I think some people might be pretending it isn't true. ?

  • Brandeis prof blasts school's deference to Israel and AIPAC (and donors Steinhardt, Schusterman, Crown)
    • is it a California state accreditation standard to promote Judiasm and Israel? a US national standard? or some private school-specific accreditation?
      curious, thanks

  • Northeastern University Israel advocates applaud suspension of SJP chapter
    • “In a series of three videos, the [Jacobs-founded group Americans For Peace and Tolerance] documented its investigation into Islamic extremism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism at Northeastern University...”

      first, if they dropped the term "anti-zionism", wouldn't this sound rather nutty being directed at SJP? is "anti-zionism" not allowed at Northeastern? will they state that? it is obvious that zionism is the question!

      second, all the coverage of this claims that the TACTICS of the SJP group are what is being punished, while ONLY the pro-zionist organizations that disagree with the CONTENT of the SJP message are going nuts with support for punishing SJP.
      the students at Northeastern must have a pretty clear idea of what's going on, and let's hope some of them learned something from the flyers too!

  • Johansson sees greater wrong in Oxfam than Israeli settlement
    • Israel is frightened of its demographic "Jewish AND democractic" problem. funny, it doesn't seem to be a problem in the US! we're "democratic" AND zionist AND a Jewish minority. can we just ship AIPAC and all of congress to Israel?
      please? with the actresses? please?

    • Page: 2
    • DaBakr,
      was it your mom or your dad that made you a zionist?
      or were you just dumb?

  • State Dept puts American seal of approval on latest Israeli-initiated round of violence
    • the "demographic threat" to Israel is entirely false. here in the US, we have AIPAC and democrats and republicans, minority Jewish but the zionist caucus is somewhere near 100%.
      so, why can't they take their shit to Israel and deal with it there, and get it out of here? they can have the whole thing intact as far as I'm concerned. I'd even pay to get rid of 'em. AIPAC, dems, repubs. they are not true Americans.

  • Lebanon 'affirms right' of citizens to resist Israel
    • impressive how this post (thanks, Annie) brought out the best/worst of the zionist extreme reactions! I think that's awesome. more, please!
      as for the nitpicking over Hezbollah and Lebanon, there is no question that the worst crimes committed were Israeli bombings of Lebanon, and some of the the most heart-wrenching photos I have seen of the effects of war on human bodies and little babies were from those. Israel did it, and seems happy to do it again.
      Hezbollah, on the other hand, targets IDF. the whole world knows this. you can argue and spin and say what you want, but everyone knows.

    • JeffB, you sound just like someone who learned everything they know from the US State Dept. What's funny about people like that is their ability to dismiss the real-life opinions of the masses in America simply because they feel intellectually superior.
      I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm being honest. People who work for the US gov't too long start speaking for people they don't even know, and it starts sounding like our good old media when they make sweeping statements about Saudia Arabia's opinions where they mean ONLY the royal family.
      I think you really are being earnest about your views, but I think you are in a bubble and the US is getting too corrupt to care what any real people think, whether Americans or Lebanese or Egyptians or anyone.

  • Does Israel Have a Right to Exist as a Jewish State?: An excerpt from Ali Abunimah's 'The Battle for Justice in Palestine'
    • "The mayor [of upper nazareth] cited the Bible, in which, he said, “the God of Israel told Moses how to act upon conquering the land: he must cleanse the land of its current inhabitants.” [34] Gapso was re-elected by a landslide."

      I grew up Catholic, but as an adult joined a Silicon Valley Unitarian church to preserve what was left of my faith in a just "god", and this is what they all believe! A bunch of us left.
      Most Silicon Valley churches believe in that ethnic cleansing "god" that said to "cleanse the land of its current inhabitants". Some don't, but most do. And in California, all our politicians that believe in the ethnic cleansing "god" are elected by a landslide.

  • Northeastern U administrator: SJP's suspension is 'not [issue] of free speech or the exchange of disparate ideas'
    • p.s. no matter how you look at it, highlighting the situation in Palestine and educating the public about what the US and Israel do to Palestinians is a VERY uncomfortable conversation and can't be done without showing the truly threatening situation under which Palestinians struggle to live. Evictions and demolitions are real, and there is NO CIVIL WAY TO PRESENT ETHNIC CLEANSING.
      If the issue is that people just don't want to hear it, that's not good enough either.

    • I think it is valuable to have JeffB's clarification of the talking points, assuming he knows what the university is really thinking.

      I still don't understand how flyers are uncivil or threatening, though. I also know there are private schools in the US where being/supporting LGBT can get you expelled, but that doesn't mean it is wrong or uncivil or that some action isn't The Right Thing To Do. As for bullying, I've heard students (younger than college) complain that the anti-bullying effort is hypocritical while there is still a LOT of bullying of black/underprivileged/LGBT students by faculty. They see through the noise. "Civility" at NEU sounds like "don't rock the boat for wealthy white zionist future leaders of America".

      I gotta wonder if there isn't ONE policeman there who finds this over the top.

  • Evangelicals who dissent from Christian Zionism wear 'stain of indelible infamy,' Israel says
    • but, yes, Walid, I do understand what you are quoting, there's a heck of a lot of that contradictory stuff, and so I don't mean to criticize you.
      you're right! god commands ethnic cleansing too.... but normal people know it's crap, right?

    • "...the physical land is ONLY promised to the Jewish people..."

      sadly for god, the Jewish people are starting to think they can share some it it with its current inhabitants. this is the same god that made such a terrible error in the first release of humankind that he drowned nearly all of them to start over. everyone makes mistakes.
      "thou shalt commit ethnic cleansing" is not exactly what his little covenant said. but if god gave the land to the Jews in return for their being good citizens, aren't they allowed to share it?

    • although, more accurately, the "pot" and kettle" are different: using religious motifs to advocate for peace and human rights is not the same as using them to advocate for ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

      the statements coming out of the "pot" are getting more astounding...!

  • National summit to re-assess the special relationship -- Friday in D.C.
    • AlJazeera's Ukraine live blog link to has live tweets from a Haaretz journalist in Crimea that shows footage of unarmed (uniformed) Ukrainians marching up to a military base and confronting soldiers guarding it with guns that they fire above their heads....
      How can it not make you wonder why Haaretz journalists can't live tweet footage to AlJazeera of protests in the West Bank being met with shooting soldiers EVERY WEEK?
      Especially ironic is that Israel wants this Crimea confrontation to spark a western conflagration with Russia SO THAT Israel can CONTINUE to violently occupy and ethnically cleanse what's left of Palestine without any significant political entity (Iran/Syria/etc) to so much as provide moral support to the Palestinians.
      The two images of soldier-protest confrontation are welded together by entirely opposite treatment by Israeli journalism and western press.

      F@#%k the US State Department and their "special relationship".

  • Gov. Jerry Brown brags on signing historic agreement with Netanyahu in Silicon Valley
    • sorry to switch the subject back, but, Henry - do you understand what this "agreement" means?
      why does any friendly country need to go through Jerry Brown to set up shop here or get venture funding or work with universities? I think the whole thing just sounds like political photo ops. I also think anything Israeli companies are interested in they are already doing.
      The press release is full of buzz-words (healthcare, education, etc) but says nothing. California isn't getting any healthcare or education or help with "innovation" from Israel. does anyone know what this really means? or is it really just a campaign photo op?

  • Coke Super Bowl commercial featured a Palestinian but don't fall for the sugary sweetness
    • if you want a lifetime without cavities or diabetes or other health problems, don't drink soda every day, and why would anyone want that in their home ???
      might as well smoke cigarettes.

  • Revealed: Right-wing group StandWithUs' strategy to combat Israel Apartheid Week
    • StandWithUs and we'll take your US dollars
      because we are dependent on the US
      StandWithUs and we'll point guns at your head, US citizens
      StandWithUS and we'll say you are all terrorists
      because we cannot exist for anything else but lies
      StandWithUS but religion says we're better than you
      and we will run you off your land.

      StandWithUs is pure propaganda to try to lie to college students.
      But in the US, they aren't that stupid. I knew some who joined AIPAC and learned a lot when they went to Palestine. One thing they said was that the propaganda can't work hard enough to run in place. So, give up, MahaneYehud!

    • "StandWIthUs but Swim Home to Africa"
      "StandWithUs but Don't Move Here"
      "StandWithUs but We'll Bulldoze You If You Loiter"
      "StandWithUs but We're Checking Your ID"
      "StandWithUs but Stay On The Other Side Of The Wall"
      "StandWithUs but Sit When the IDF Says Sit"
      "StandWithUs but Watch Your Olive Trees Run Over"
      "StandWithUs but Don't Come Home"
      "StandWithUs but We'll Kill You If You Break The Siege Of Gaza"...

  • Bearing witless
    • with all due respect, and I do respect Mondoweiss, I did NOT have to visit Palestine to understand that the land was given to outsiders and it's an ethnic cleansing. people who were alive in 1948 know this very well.
      before I even went there, I learned MORE from my Jewish friends who had lived there and who have successfully broken the siege of Gaza before the boats were pirated by the occupiers. you don't have to see the abuse in Bethlehem to get it. I did not have to travel to South Africa to know what apartheid is.
      I feel for Jews who have been taught that this is their "birthright" or ethnicity or the only safe future or it's who God is. really I do.
      but it's wrong and it's ruining my country, so I don't feel that bad about Elisa Strauss and the story about her is sappy and weird. who cares what she thinks? the world knows.

  • Scarlett Johansson's new image (grossout alert)
    • this whole thread is nuts. she willingly chose to sell an ethnic cleansing because she likes it. and you guys all are making the dumbest excuses for her.

      the entire post with the grossout picture is offensive. there isn't anything more that can be said about that. it's so offensive. how can you look at that picture and not get her intentions? it's disgusting.

    • lots of people support Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Johansson said she disagrees with Oxfam over it. WHY do you guys think she was forced into doing something by money or fear?
      I think you guys are confused by her looks.

      she signed up to sell the occupation. the CO2 gimmick is immaterial. the point is that Sodastream WANTS the occupation and it WANTS to sell it, and so does the actress.

    • why would you ever have respect for her? she's pumping Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestine. why do you think Johansson will be angry? she's selling the occupation with sex. I think she's as happy as can be.

    • Johansson is not advertising Sodastream for money. She is doing it to sell the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
      Her pockets are full. Sodastream hired her because she is "hot" right now. She agrees with the cause that Israel should take all of Palestine.

      when will you guys get this????

  • Do SodaStream's workers have the right to vote? Roger Waters asks Scarlett Johansson
    • I assume Johansson knows occupied Palestinians can't vote. I don't know exactly how it works, but isn't she herself eligible to live in settlements? I don't see how she doesn't already know this. She chose to represent the ethnic cleansing intentionally. The only thing she did ignorantly was to try to damage BDS. Epic fail!

      Waters is getting it out in the open, as it will be more and more now!

  • 'You seem to be on both sides of this legitimate/illegitimate kind of a thing': State Dept. spox says neither Israeli settlements, nor settlement boycotts, are legitimate
    • yes, the illegal bastard settlements are illegitimate, and the state dept now must change its tune so it does not "de-legitimate" Israel. I believe that in the state of New York, it is soon to be illegal to "de-legitimate" Israel, and public funding must be cut off immediately to anyone speaking the truth.
      most likely, the state dept will stand by the apartheid, as it usually does. but the purpose of BDS is becoming far more visible to the mainstream.

    • thanks for the coverage, Annie & Adam.
      if Oxfam can get $20K for a date with an ambassador for apartheid who has a raspy voice that Hollywood thinks sounds like a pretty little model... I think Matt Lee is worth far more!!!!! I'm turned on!!!!

  • Palestinians living near West Bank SodaStream factory urge Scarlett Johansson to end role with occupation profiteer
    • we are beating a dead horse. Palestinians don't want to be ethnically cleansed and exterminated. how many times does it need to be said??
      Johansson is knowingly and freely helping to ethnically cleanse and exterminate them. probably because she is eligible to take their land herself and so are her relatives and probably friends. Oxfam has some bizarre reverence for an American faction that wants this. they need to sever that, in my opinion.

  • Celebrity justice
    • why do you think Scarlett Johansson doesn't fundamentally support the expansion of Israel into the West Bank and the destruction of Palestine?
      she made this clear in her statement. that was no accident. the PR and money is only about how to dump Oxfam, not about whether she worked for Sodastream or not.

  • Scarlett Johansson not only abandons Oxfam but throws it under the bus
    • if anyone hasn't seen this article, "Starving to death in Syria's Yarmouk camp" on AlJazeera, they should: link to

      this should be the kind of visual contrast used to demonstrate the meaning of Johansson's support for Israel's ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and flippant attitude toward Oxfam while she poses for Sodastream and the ethnic cleansers.
      I hope Caterpillar signs her up, too. there would be good visuals on that - uprooting for the expansion of Sodastream.

    • p.s. the potshot at BDS proves that the actress KNOWS excatly what she's doing by supporting apartheid, and all the commenters on this site who keep wondering if she's just not aware or hasn't been told or whatever excuse are BLIND when it comes to PR with a pretty face. her prepared statement was clear as it gets.

      Oxfam got what it should have expected from this. I'm sure they know that now.

    • I see this slightly differently than "throwing Oxfam under the bus". the actress is a zionist and "cleared the air" on that, and Oxfam had DAYS to dump her, but FAILED to do so. her PR machine took over and dumped Oxfam instead, entirely REMOVING the conflict, as if Oxfam had no problem with her in the first place.

      Oxfam could have done the right thing. instead, it did nothing, giving this PR opportunity to her on a sliver platter. they asked for it!!!

  • Chilean soccer team defies league, retains Palestine on jersey
    • the current map of Israel is what is offensive and abusive to relations between Israelis and peaceful people around the world.

      where's the border? FYI, it's physically at the Jordanian border. that is where Israelis stamp your passport and signs say "welcome to Israel" etc, and that is where military abuse of millions of Palestinians starts. I'm offended by it.

  • New York Senate passes bill punishing ASA over Israel boycott
    • should also say that this legislation does not help the US in its human rights violations of its own citizens.

      furthermore, where are these legislators when the US is executing prisoners with whatever drugs they can scrounge up, or when the US is dropping drone bombs everywhere, or torturing prisoners or overthrowing elected governments in Central America and the middle east???
      I don't care what New York thinks, the world knows what is going on, and it's time to push the envelope.

    • wow. they justify this how? what other political issue enjoys a threat of withholding of funds over a humanitarian boycott? if I were "Students For Focus On The Family" I'd be screaming to get my power heard against China. oh, but China doesn't have an accredited institution by NY. how brutal. so sad.
      so, what if everyone just keeps pushing the envelope.? If this legislative representative for Israel is willing to go this far, we need to push them over the cliff. adopt every BDS action possible and see what they can legislate! go for it.

  • Watch the Scarlett Johansson SodaSteam ad banned from the Super Bowl (not for the reasons you'd hope)
    • Coke and Pepsi are not the competitors. whoever hasn't already bought the latest useless kitchen craze that ends up in the next garage sale isn't going to.
      Is Sodastream marketing the occupation by hiring Johansson?

      I think so!!! who's buying??? show some skin, girl, and make Oxfam squirm.

  • Liberal Zionists support Scarlett Johansson-- and settlements. Why?
    • "Liberal Zionists support Scarlett Johansson– and settlements. Why?"

      seriously. 1. they think she's sexy and can pull it off. 2. she cleared the air (her words) and openly supports ethnic cleansing, and a two-state "solution". (solution? the final solution!)

      really? some gal pretty for the next five years is going to represent the occupation? I love how all the drooling idiots crowed for an oscar for her "sexy voice" in "Her" even though they all knew what she looked like - sexy!! how transparent is that??? about as deep as the f-ing movie. sorry, dudes, but Mickey Mouse lasted longer as an ambassador for Disneyland. zip up your pants, and pump the blood back up to your other head. IT IS CALLED ETHNIC CLEANSING. you can't pretty-it-up.

      and no, Oxfam isn't going to go along with it.

      p.s. um editing this because I am sorry to offend decent men. don't mean to, really, just trying to say what's going down with the actress ambassador. it is what it is.

  • Scarlett Johansson gets an ally-- Mike Huckabee
    • you guys don't know Huckabee! this is absolutely who he is, down to the core. He's FOR REAL, it's not any political party yanking anyone around. you can't make this up. he believes women are given to men by God, because the Bible says it on about 500 different pages at least. Miss Scarlett can talk sexy all she wants, but she said what she thinks, and it's called ethnic cleansing for Israel. Oxfam may want her sexy money, but they can't change their entire mission statement to support a woman who supports ethnic cleansing and wants to sell it like candy. She is the same ilk as Huckabee!

  • Deconstructing Scarlett Johansson’s statement on SodaStream
    • "...supporting neighbors working alongside each other, receiving equal pay, equal benefits and equal rights. That is what is happening in their Ma‘ale Adumim factory every working day."

      um, not only is this false, but doesn't she know that the occupiers can VOTE, and the occupied CAN'T? someone commented that she is Jewish - if that's true, she KNOWS this because she can also choose to vote in Israel. I thought she was just naive, but she KNOWS this. all her comments are flimsy avoidances, and it's because she KNOWS.
      I think she cleared the air, all right.

      when I hear the "bridges" sound bites, all I can think of settler bypass roads.
      Oxfam can't seriously want whatever money she raises badly enough to put up with an "ambassador" who publicly presents apartheid as "working together".

      p.s. what does she do for 20 minutes for that much money?

  • More on Mark Kleiman's appeal to Jews to come out against Iran sanctions
    • political influence isn't the biggest issue, in my opinion. Rich people have it, white people have it, males have it...
      Kleiman's comment about farmers weighing in on farm bills is more to the point. Zionist influence on US war/spending for zionist interests benefits ONE segment of the US population ONLY - the ones who are allowed to claim the land taken from the Palestinians with financial/military/political support of the entire US. It is a conflict of interest, and I see his point, though he stops a little short of it.

  • Cary Nelson, the AAUP, and the privilege of bestowing academic freedom
    • PHENOMENAL article, Phan Nyguyen!
      Please please please get this article into more publications, it is so thoroughly relevant and so beautiful. What an amazing writer you are!

      I was sickened by the Democracy Now segment with Nelson. I am absolutely thrilled to read this piece about him, and I hope Amy Goodman's staff studies it.
      I could not believe the crap Nelson said on that show - all this drivel about academic freedom everywhere (when the BDS issue is about FAR more than that, and Goodman KNOWS it), and the flat-out RACIST comments about Arabs, and the statement that Judiasm is a "land-based religion", etc, and the show hosts were SILENT. It was an eye-opener.

      Thanks Phan Nyguyen!!

  • 'Guard the state, no surrendering to Kerry' -- right-wing Israeli campaign
    • Kerry won't be the target of anger, an Israeli will. Negotiations are just the catalyst to expression of Israeli sentiments that have existed all along. The comments by Yaalon, for example, were not misquoted or accidentally spoken. If you follow the words of the politicians in Israel, you'll see that there is no viable agreement because Israel refuses to give up anything and refuses to live next door to a Palestinian "state". Israel prefers things to go as they are going, but the world is moving in a different direction. It will get worse before it gets better. I don't think the Israeli public is capable of seeing its future clearly, which I hope is without the support of the US for the crimes.

  • Eric Alterman continues to justify lack of Palestinian voices at 'The Nation'
    • I know this thread is old, but I can't help commenting on pabelmont's comment: DANG RIGHT you are, and having politics and social issues discussed TOO OFTEN only by white males results in sideshows like the recent MSM clips about Chris Christie being a victim of "wussiness" which threatens "real men" who want to be jerks, but feminism is making it unpopular... !! and there are WOMEN sitting next to them as they say this who act like battered wives. yes, this is what you get with too much of the oppressor's voice.

  • Israel aims to silence growing international criticism with Texas A&M deal in Nazareth
    • of course dividing Palestinians is cherry for Israel, so clearly on the agenda, but what else? is there something strategic about carving the land at that point? it will "belong" to the Israeli government, effectively. and those leased mini-plots? how do they benefit Israel's plan of isolating shrinking Palestinian areas?
      I don't believe Israel or any US zionist intends to help any non-zionist get an education, so I'd expect all the usual tricks that keep Palestinians out of Israeli universities, and if Israel's goals are met without educating anyone, then that won't matter. I am curious, though, beyond land appropriation and killing Arab universities and dividing Palestinians, what is going on?
      the religious right in the US is not AT ALL concerned with Christian holy sites. they also don't see traditional Christians as "christian" at all. they would just as soon kill Catholics and stomp on their dead bodies. the zionist evangelicals are roughly 100 years in the making, very new "churches", and what I see of them first-hand is that they think of themselves as "Hebrews", the new "chosen" tribe, and are far more obsessed with what the bible says about their bloated egos going to heaven with the old testament bunch than anything Jesus said or did. they LOVE thinking that God loves them to be rich and selfish and that God decides EVERYTHING so that they don't have to think. (which is one reason they will never be a majority. you have to use drugs to shut off that many brains.)
      my opinion is that US zionists would like to take on the title of defenders of "christian" holy land, and let Israel bulldoze the ancient orthodox sites. just a bunch of really old rocks and stuff anyway, and those non-zionist churches that share the original holy sites are going to hell if you listen to what the neo-christians say.
      I listen to what they tell me. that's how it sounds to me. anyone else??

  • Major Jewish org: boycott vote is wake-up call in battle against 'extremist' delegitimization of Israel
    • this comment about a BDS supporter getting violent needs way more reality injected into it:
      the possibility of someone who has watched their family die or their home bulldozed or who lives under drones and airstrikes and ONGOING terror doing something violent in response is always a possibility.
      the reality is that Israel is committing the violence every day. Israel is doing what JeffB says is going to stoke a fire. Israel has stoked it, and the response by the international community is BDS.
      we don't need to talk about the JDL or anything else to view the big picture of where the extremist violence is and how much of it is going on every day. we know how much land, lives,money is consumed by Israel every day. one counterattack by a victim isn't going to stop BDS, and yes, zionists will label anything like that as "BDS" (it isn't).

  • Israel refuses to recognize its own nationality: Israeli Supreme Court says 'Israeli' nationality could endanger idea of Jewish state
    • fulovit says: "we absorbed millions of refugees from different cultures".
      how many Syrian refugees? how many Iraqi? I hear neighboring countries are overflowing with millions of refugees, not to mention the Palestinian refugees from Palestine.
      how is Israel doing on that refugee thing? I hear they are still creating more every day. I hear that they don't even want to talk about taking back any that they created.

      definitely fullofit.

  • As US government shuts down over budget crisis, group debuts DC ads calling to cut aid to Israel
    • Keith, you have morals! nothing unpopular about that.
      the money argument does resonate with people of a different moral character. in fact, I'm old enough to remember a time when repulicans would whine about support for Israel being one of those liberal democrat diseases. more recently, cutting aid to Israel ranked high among that crowd in reasons to support Ron Paul.
      it is not negligible at all, especially among those who think we spend too much on food stamps.

    • p.s. every time an American whines about having to pay taxes for other people's health care, they should be told how many Israelis get health care and how much tax Americans pay that foreign country.

    • now that Saudi Arabia is Israel's best friend, why don't they take over the child support payments?
      seriously, I'd love to see Americans demanding that, and I'd love to see it happen.

  • Israel's real fear: shift in balance of power with a normalized Iran
    • the key thing may be that Iran is telling US/Israel that it isn't likely to physcially defend the Palestinians. Syria's defenses are being destroyed, and if Iran decides that Palestinians aren't worth taking sides over, then Iran has very little to quarrel over and everything to gain by joining the fold.

      this would mean that the power balance is still heavily the US.

    • exactly. if Israel doesn't want to be afraid of getting "blown up", it could
      1) hide behind the empire US and keep it fighting enormous wars, or
      2) STOP threatening other countries, STOP ethnic cleansing Palestinians, STOP doing so many rotten things to other countries, including the US

      most other countries of a few million people watch their behavior when they care about making friends with bigger countries. it isn't that much to ask. so, Israel's being afraid of getting "blown up" is NOT an excuse for the US to blow up Iran or Syria. it's an excuse for Israel to behave itself. IT'S TIME TO GET THAT STRAIGHT.

      as for the Nakba-denier-Hasbara comment near the top of the thread, I always ignore those, but here's something the propagandists might consider: the US public opinion on zionism is overwhelmingly neutral at best, and contrary to how the media projects a zionist view of the planet, most people in the US have a pretty good idea of why congress sucks donkey dick on national TV for Israel and why US citizens don't want to send any more of its children to war in the middle east for it. you will not hear this in the NY Times, but it goes on daily around the kitchen tables. too bad for Israel.

    • this is not a shift in power, and Israel's interest is the rate of ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

  • Here we go again: California group attacks state professor for pro-BDS website
    • just visited Prof. Klein's website. it is thorough and concise and puts the reality on a web page. if that makes you uncomfortable, it is because ethnic cleansings are not nicey-nice or pretty to look at. we HAVE to look and feel bad because here in the US, we are directly causing it to go on every day.

    • the AMCHA letter that that threatens to slander/defame CSU as condoning and being directly responsible for the spread of anti-semitism and threatens to harm its income is legally called slander and defamation. any financial harm from it is valid proof in court.

      on a separate note, it is hilarious every time zionists compare themselves to Saudi Arabia to feel better about apartheid. the first time a zionist friend showed me the pic of a SA road split with a sign for muslims and non-muslims, that was my first clue that zionism really is racism. it is especially funny now that Israel comes out and says that it has so much in common with Saudi Arabia. Professor Klein's opinion is not over the top of anything except narrow minds.

  • What if your friend had to die to preserve a Jewish state?
    • stupid question because the heroic answer in any country is yes, and probably none of the guy's friends are going to die. as seafoid points out, it is Palestinians doing the dying. stupid question. Millions in the middle east are dying due to what we are doing, and Phil is asking people how much they love a Jewish state?
      what the hell?
      sounds a bit too romantic.

  • Updated: Iran's president urges Obama to ignore 'warmongering pressure groups'
    • pay attention to what happens to the Palestinians. the ethnic cleansing is not slowing down. Israel does not care if Obama snuggles up with anyone as long as they agree on the one thing Israel wants. watch out.

  • Obama's greatest achievement-- blinking on Syria
  • Stateless and in Exile: One Palestinian family's story of being expelled from their Jerusalem home
  • Red Lines and Green Lights: Israel still angling for attack on Syria and Iran
  • 'I was not a party to, and never will be, to the planting of trees on expropriated and stolen land': Former South African Ambassador to Israel rejects JNF trees planted in his name
    • seriously? who cares.
      I'm sure there's something better to write about!
      god, if there were something better written about, I wouldn't be commenting on this...

  • Israel approves construction to transfer West Bank Bedouin
    • "...we’re the first to publish the detailed scheme, an the first to put the pieces together that the new village is intended as a reservation."

      the Palestinians, particularly the Bedouins, must surely have put the pieces together long ago!

  • Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of assassination -- former CIA analyst
    • "How do we restore our nation when it is so overcome by the forces of evil?"

      do you define "evil forces" as people who assassinate and kill, or as people who commit evil acts with the excuse that they fear those running around with guns?
      in any case, doesn't it seem IRONIC to say that you MUST order drone strike assassinations of sixteen-year-old American citizens BECAUSE you are AFRAID of the CIA doing that to you?

      furthermore, if you BELIEVE Obama's words that "I had to because...", then you are suggesting that this is the only time he is telling the truth!!!

    • wow. that discredits McGovern a bit considering his insider experience.
      all capitulations by Obama since he was born were to the elite class, and his biggest fear was being left out of the 0.1%.

      put this in perspective: the CIA drone strikes human beings without shame, and the US enters into MORE conflicts for the gain of Obama's club, and we're supposed to swallow a pity story that he has to cuddle up with the whole bank/weapons/austerity/fascist mess because they might get mad at him if he doesn't?

      watch out for religious fervor for political parties.

      p.s. Obama is no MLK. did I need to say that??

  • In AIPAC calls, Israel faces endless 'serious threats' from Hamas, Goldstone, terrorists, detractors, delegitimizers, Iran, Syria, the P.A., you name it
    • wow, and they fork over their credit cards? we were not very imaginative prank phone callers when I was a kid. :-)

  • Chelsea Clinton's multifaith initiative
    • wow, her marriage covers BOTH religions!
      being "christian" probably contributed to Chelsea's patriotic defending of US wars when she was in school in the UK where people were vocally anti-US over it.
      now BOTH the religions of the world are going to "solve social problems together"!
      time to invest in weapons manufacturers.

  • Both Massad, and 'Open Zion', ignore the experience of Middle Eastern Jews
    • p.s. by the way, the Shashi article goes to great lengths to identify and shout "racist!", which seems obsessive, and maybe driven by deep personal doubts.

    • Shasha's article supports its claims by linking to his own works rather than Massad's, so it is more emotional rant than Massad's article which is more informational.

      Massad aside, what Shasha is talking about seems way worse in the Christian world than in the Jewish one! Most WHITE and privileged Euro-Christians have NO IDEA that Arab Christians even EXIST, in spite of all their bible-study with Palestinian cities all over them!

      I have helped to sell Palestinian crafts at Catholic churces in the US, and while the congregations LOVED buying gifts made in Bethlehem, a priest took me aside one day, quietly and embarrassed, to verify that our "profits" were going to Catholics in Palestine....
      Meanwhile, in Jerusalem, a handful of different Christian churches share the keys to the most sacred sites in the Old City which is in itself an act of rebellion. Israel is doing all it can to shrink their presence, and ignorant white American Catholic priests are worried that some of "their" money might go into the hands of the "wrong" Christians! Personally, I couldn't care less, and the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and humans evolved over millions of years, so Jerusalem is just another Disneyland in my opinion!
      And, meanwhile again, little beggar children in the streets of Bethlehem will try to chase the few tourists they see while Palestinian police chase the little children - a perfect example of colonial control with our own tax dollars and of our culture of abusive domination all the way down the ladder. After thousands of years, who can expect a religion to stay the same? I believe that Christianity will lose all connections to where it began and simply evolve into the familiar old model of the privileged stuffing themselves with cream puffs while being served by masses of lesser people who they believe their god smiles upon for their unending suffering.

      So, Ashkenazi/Sephardic Jews may have similar issues, but it really doesn't look like more than a little every-day racism to me. Extermination of Palestinians overshadows it. It's like worrying about the different European cultures over US history while erasing indigenous altogether and enslaving Blacks. (me? I'm white privileged Euro, though darker, and mostly Gypsy!)

  • NPR twice celebrates Israeli army-- once as 'rite of passage' for minorities and beacon to US Jews
    • a melting pot? isn't that a one-state solution?
      if Americans want military action, don't they know they can sign up to be "part of that" for their own country?
      I don't think the girl really meant she wanted any actual military action.

  • Israeli right-wing flys off the deep end following Hawking boycott
    • Maimon's response is that Israel's superior "democracy" allows victims to express their opinions while they are being ethnically cleansed... what a riot!

      The other responses all reduce to claims of Israel's greatness because of an Intel chip and they are actually trying to ERASE the human being Stephen Hawking (!)
      to hide their guilt from themselves...

  • Exile and the Prophetic: Getting Israel 'right'
    • "Keller’s column - 'The I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-a-Hawk Club' where he came out for the Iraq war in 2003 - is a classic."

      looks like a sheep. smells like a sheep. sounds like a sheep. but he thinks he can fly?
      (they must make drone keyboards for cloven hooves.)

  • Anonymous sources in the Israeli US Embassy don't like what they see on television
    • James Canning - I'm only quoting the Israeli official on "control of American politics" and assuming he calls it "conspiracy" because he denies it. Now the embassy will get busy pressuring TV, which only adds to the existing list of examples Americans already have to base theories on. The swift reaction to the (unaired) Saturday Night Live skit was like putting the cherry on top of the dessert. The whole thing was delicious.

      Justpassingby says it best: "Quite ironic"!

    • the Israeli official says (in ynet) that the TV depiction of the lobby/etc is what "justifies all conspiracy theories about the Israeli and Jewish conrol of American politics".
      no, it's the reaction by the Israeli embassy and the actions of the lobby and the congressional trips to Israel and the lack of "daylight between us" and the standing ovations (erections!) to a foreign leader and the promising of another war and on and on.... it's not the TV depictions of it.

  • 'This American Life' shines some light on that Palestinian life
    • it may be progressive for NPR to do a segment on "mapping", but it didn't do much to chip away at the average American misperception that Palestinians are trying to take something away from the Israelis rather than the other way around.
      The general context was the same: Palestinians protest, throw rocks, get killed. We don't know why or whose land they are doing it on. Israel is the nice policeman (white) trying to avoid the terrorism/intifada/jihad (muslim). I know lots of people who listen to this stuff and still don't know that "settler" refers to the Israelis. When NPR is on in my car, I have to keep interrupting with corrections to the context so my passengers aren't misled. It gets old.

      And I'm completely serious that if ThisAmericanLife groupies think that questioning how we feel about "mapping" is so deep and thought-provoking, especially without proper context, then they need to be able to imagine doing it here.

      Put it this way: I never imagined my country torturing people like evil South American dictators did to nuns. I never imagined my country occupying middle eastern countries and shooting families at checkpoints. I never imagined my country fearing muslims. I never imagined my country being a target for random bombings. But now I know that whatever I see Israel doing, it's coming here.

    • thank you, Henry. I was a little put off by Glass' intro to the segment explaining that it's no surprise that people would disagree about the photos because they are from "a part of the world where people disagree about how to interpret so, so many things". I expected the segment to include a Palestinian viewpoint, but Updike only presented two very slightly different versions from IDF soldiers! (neither of which explained that Palestinians protesting on their own land were being abducted and killed by the IDF.) I was so bummed.
      But more than that, I was stunned by the explanation that "mapping" is probably successfully keeping violence against Israelis down. After the two shows on the violence suffered by high school kids in the southside of Chicago ("Harper High School" etc), would Updike and Glass consider "mapping" to solve things there?

      Can you imagine that?? If it works for Israelis, why not here?? How can it not sound sick and twisted to Updike? Maybe people in THIS part of the world disagree more about how to interpret things than they do in the middle east??

      And today in the news, there is an FBI sting that effectively eliminates a Muslim kid from Chicago by hooking him into joining fighters in Syria... is this the FBI's form of "mapping"?

  • UC Berkeley student president announces he will not veto divestment bill
    • it is false that engineering in the bay area has such a blacklist! and, believe me, I know it!
      I also think it is bad for people to keep repeating that because some will believe it, and then it may affect behavior. but it is NOT true, and nobody should fear it.

  • Federal anti-discrimination law being used to shut down criticism of occupation
    • glad that susan1 feels intimated by the free speech of others. and yes, there are two sides. whenever an uninformed American says to me, "I thought the settlers were the Palestinians", I LOVE giving them the "other side". it's one of my favorite sports, and I'm not intimidated by my government or susan1's - even on campus!

  • 'My surprise was even greater--' Israeli emboff pens Dickensian letter to Lancet justifying harsh treatment of children throwing stones
    • Israel says it is improving the conditions of its illegal detention of occupied minors? what, better torture techniques? but what human rights org could read that with a straight face when Israel won't give them ANY BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS such as not being arrested by foreign soldiers, the right to live on their own land, the right to vote in the system that the settlers do which apparently governs them all... Israel's embassy officials are paid to lie, of course.

  • Debating BDS in midair
    • wow, the ultimate "jew vs jew" on Palestine! it's Israeli vs Israeli!
      Dalit rocks!
      in the stupid piece on thedailybeast, Mr Reut calls Dalit "my interlocutor" and "my traveling companion". she is neither! all she did was sit in her assigned seat on an airplane and endure his company. but she engaged him and wrote about it!
      she rocks. all he did was spout the crap we already hear: divestment is anti-two-state. (who cares?) divestment is anti-"israel" (the democraticandjewishstate whatever that means....) who cares?

      so, ... is that all? Mr Reut who develops the state of the art in Israel propaganda can only spout the same old? that's all? there will be no one state because it isn't Jewish and democratic, and there will be no two state because BDS and the world won't stand for several million people paying taxes and not voting and being ethnically cleansed (it's called apartheid to say the least)?
      that's all?

  • NPR can't stop talking about Jews
    • forgot to mention: Israeli deaths are published in the press MANY times more often than Palestinian deaths (many of which aren't even covered at all).

    • a former AIPAC employee told me all about how they had a goal of placing a "positive" story about Israel EVERY DAY in major newspapers. (he even told me how.) I did some newspaper research myself, and I saw it: the international news section always had the bad news with the latest violence, but there was ALWAYS a dumb piece about some useless topic about Israel too. always.
      I'll bet it's basically the same thing with the NPR coverage of Jews. I always assumed it was.

  • Day One of Obama in Israel/Palestine -- 'It's good to be back in the land of Israel,' Obama says in Hebrew
    • big deal, so maybe the judge would make Silverman buy whatsername some new chalk and pay for her doctor bill.
      how is this conflated with rocketing people's offspring in Sderot? NPR reported today that it is the second breaking of the cease-fire by Hamas! (then they said some other group claimed responsibility, huh?) if Israel doesn't want a broken cease-fire, then they should stop killing and maiming and shooting at Palestinians. when will Israelis stop the REAL brutality? do parents of Sderot residents ever cringe at the shooting of a Palestinian during a cease-fire? I only see them gloating over it, just like they gloat over what they did to Tristan Anderson and Rachel Corrie (etc).

      p.s. get some PERSPECTIVE here, guys: we're talking about starting another war with all the horror that entails at the behest of zionists, and the ONLY strategy they have for countering our RESISTANCE to ETHNIC CLEANSING IN OUR NAME is to try to pick fights at peaceful demonstrations. that's all they have. don't get sidetracked by it. buy the girl some chalk and keep your head up.

  • Under pressure from students, Penn paper says it won't publish Islamophobic ad again
    • schools need no excuse to nix that ad! what if they allowed the exact same thing with "Jewish" instead of "Islamic"? they'd be sued. imagine: "Jewish Apartheid Week" on campus, complete with "expert" speakers on judaism!!
      but the funniest part is that the Horowitz ad and web page are missing the biggest example of oppressive sharia law, Saudi Arabia, and the US is shipping record-breaking amounts of weapons there. where's Horowitz's protest signs, "STOP ARMING SAUDI ARABIA" and "DON'T LET SAUDI ARABIA GET NUKES"?
      gee, that might be too consistent with "STOP FUNDING ISRAELI APARTHEID".

      I'm sure their "expert" speakers will ALL agree that US military intervention in Iran is called for, however US military intervention seems to be overturning secular governments in favor of sectarian civil wars and fundamentalists everywhere.... hmmmm. Islamophobe week sounds like a riot. wish I were there!

  • Yet another Zionist logo combines US and Israeli flags
    • the fists in the logo are upside-down, though they do look clenched!
      the funny thing is, if you travel to the West Bank and Israel to see Christian sites or whatever, the Israelis treat you like you're dirt, NOTHING like that logo! it is such a lie.

      "do Americans want any part of what they're selling?"

      I don't think they can sell Americans a war on Iran. Americans seem complacent about doling out $billions (while Israelis claim victory through superiority instead), but Americans are not going to take another war in a country the size of Iran without getting even more curious about middle east affairs.
      by the way, the hasbara polls showing "American support for Israel" only say that the public has no reason to want harm to come to any country dominated by white folks. you could easily produce polls like that about American support for just about anywhere. it does not mean Americans will gladly join the military to fight for someone else's ethnic cleansing, and if they knew it, we wouldn't be funding it, either.
      the logo is such a lie.

  • Making privilege an axiom, 'Economist' says Israel's Jews won't do what South Africa's whites did
    • I had the same reaction as Austin Branion when I read the Economist article.
      "Israeli Jews will not do that" (that is concede one-man-one-vote as South African whites did) is immediately followed by "Even if the Palestinians were remarkably tolerant—and that is questionable...".
      CLEARLY white people own the concession of voting rights over others! Palestinians who object to their apartheid are "intolerant"? there is NOTHING "remarkably tolerant" about Israeli Jews preventing Palestinians from voting (among other things), and yet, the Economist ASSUMES the reader understands that it is a DIFFERENT subject to talk about Palestinians giving Jews the vote. and the Economist never wondered why the South African Blacks should bother giving those remarkably INTOLERANT whites the vote!
      that's hilarious!

  • Schoolboy's campaign to besmirch an eminent professor smacks of totalitarian society
    • McConnell uses "totalitarianism" to describe the reaction of the adults, not the letter from the student. I agree with McConnell after seeing MANY cowardly reactions by adults who don't even know anything about the subject, including the adults who told UCB senators that their careers would be at stake it they voted in favor of BDS.
      I know people in their 60's who still think that they'll get audited by Homeland Security if their foundation funds reach certain anti-zionist nonprofits, and I even met a guy selling ISM wares who said he was afraid to put a "free Palestine" bumper sticker on his car because he thought it would get vandalized! and in San Diego you have your congressmen urging your administration NOT to allow BDS on campus.
      McConnell is only wrong in that it isn't just a "whiff" of totalitarianism. it is the very definition. the good news is that among the people I've seen whose actions are controlled by fears of zionist power without knowing anything about the issues, nearly ALL of them are fascinated to learn the truth.

  • US Jews leave 'Gatekeepers' asking why we give money to Israel -- says Oren, outraged
    • the ynet article is a must-read. Oren says they're working on a PR stunt to place a cover photo in a "number of US newspapers" to proclaim that a famous photo of an infant killed in Gaza last November was killed by Hamas ("determined by the UN") rather than Israel. Oren says that Israel is the victim of "the other side" which cleverly uses the media to make it look like Israel massacred defenseless Palestinians in cold blood while it was really that Israel was massacred by Hamas rockets and did nothing but offer "peace". Oren whines, "what are we to do?" because the photo and the truth (that Israel killed the baby) hurt his hasbara efforts, so he has to completely reverse the story and turn an entire orgy of murder and terror by Israel upside down and cry about being the victim of the press - what else is he to do?

      if it isn't bad enough PR simply to look at what Israel DOES to the Palestinians, placing cover photos in US papers in an attempt to reverse the image of the culprit through lying merely proves that Oren is way more evil than anyone knew.
      there is nothing legitimate about an Israel that will do that.

  • California BDS debate heats up: Riverside campus passes divestment measure as Stanford rejects the same
    • Congressman Vargas tells San Diego residents what to do and think because he's their "representative"? I see. the "greatest democracy" in the middle east is the one whose citizens tell OUR congress what to do and think and then our congress tells US what to do and think... !
      that's not democracy. I hope someone gives him crap for that.
      congress really does represent Israel and not us. someday we'll learn not to vote for them.

  • Using secret travel ban, Israel prepares to deport activist Adam Shapiro preventing him from being at the birth of his first child
    • jews who have Israeli citizenship are often denied entry because of their activism. Shapiro could be denied even if he had it. so it means that Israel is NOT the safe haven for Jews. it is only a place for zionism.
      the irony of it is that the people who do the best of God's work are Israel's enemies, Jewish or not. that is NOT the "covenant" they were offered by God to re-take "Israel" (if that is the ultimate excuse). it is THE OPPOSITE.

      so many of the BEST people are denied entry with (or without) Israeli citizenship.

      there you have it.

  • ADL: Mock eviction notice describing Israeli house demolitions intimidates Harvard students
    • who does Hillel want to 'dialogue' with?
      American students deserve to know the facts FIRST if anyone wants to 'dialogue'.
      and I agree wholeheartedly with the demand for showing 'Both Sides':
      graphs should be made available showing total Palestinian homes bulldozed by Israel alongside total Israeli homes bulldozed by the PA, total Palestinians (& Americans) killed by bulldozers driven by Israel alongside total Israelis killed by bulldozers driven by the PA, etc.
      Hillel can make a giant bar graph for the IDF soldier that was crushed by a wall during one of their own operations against Palestinians about ten years ago.
      so many pictures American students should see! the scale of what's going on is so much easier to understand when "Both Sides" are graphed and mapped.

      and the big one showing how much money Americans give to the IDF and what they do with it compared to US aid to Palestine.
      when Hillel wants "Balance" they can face up to the honest charts of deaths where each Palestinian gets counted AS MUCH as each Israeli and then BALANCE the numbers by STOPPING the destruction and killing, not by hiding the numbers.

      Americans aren't getting 'Both Sides' yet, but hopefully SJP's are helping to fix that. then we can 'Dialogue' about Americans role in the ethnic cleansing and get out of it.

  • Wrong t-shirt
    • someday, displaying your love for occupation and ethnic cleansing around Main Street USA will cost you 100% of your US military "aid".

      put that one on t-shirts for DC restaurants.

  • Dershowitz unveils new hasbara claim: IDF has lowest rape rate
    • yeah, and IDF doesn't torture anyone to death, either.
      (or steal or murder civilians or brag about it or lie about it or..)

  • It's delicious to see very uncool people fall for 'Rolling Stones' anti-BDS hoax
    • Geller asks the right question: "How has our culture so degenerated as to make it virtually inconceivable that our most renowned entertainers would stand with [Israel]?"
      she may not live long enough for the dots to connect in her black-hole-of-a-brain, but the world knows the answer, and the solution is BDS!

  • Now it's 'Palestinians Only' buses (60 years after Montgomery)
    • hophmi: funny thing, there's a much longer history of Jews bombing Palestinians, and yes, it would be better if the US provided no financial services at all!

      (am I allowed to say this on this website?)

  • Video: Israeli settler lecturing Palestinian farmers -- 'You'll all be our slaves, if you're worthy, if you behave well'
    • hey, why not. the settler and his rubbish arrived with all their weapons. maybe the jewish messiah comes with nuclear weapons and billions of US dollars.

  • At Berkeley screening of '5 Broken Cameras,' StandWithUs brings Israeli army propagandists
    • you're very confused. nobody threw anyone out of the room.
      the question is, if zionists think they can sue the UC's under Title VI for "inimidation" by groups like SJP for demonstrating against the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, then they are huge hypocrites. you should read about those cases, they are nuts.

      the IDF are employed to implement a violent ethnic cleansing. they are not exactly a community service group! parading them to an event like that is clearly meant to intimidate people working for the rights of Palestinians.

      Americans may be typically ill-informed and apathetic, but we're not typically sociopaths! BDS is an apple pie concept. US aid to Israel is not.

    • how is it not pure intimidation for IDF soldiers to show up at an event featuring their victims?

      can't the new legislation designed to protect zionism on campus be used to protect people who are ACTUALLY being intimidated?
      what if one of the guests or speakers had lost family members and friends at the hands of the IDF, and maybe even the same individual from StandWithUS? that is intentional intimidation.

  • NPR blames the victim: Emad Burnat brought suffering to Bil'in by filming occupiers
    • yrn,

      fyi, Palestinians ARE Israelis and DO fund zionist propaganda. I'd say they pay the highest price for it! and I'm tickled that you suggest that Israeli funds must all be zionist.
      however, not only do Palestinians fund zionist movies, TV, and pieces like the NPR one, but they also fund the morons who spend their days putting up posts like yours on website comment sections like this one.
      your post is adorable, in fact, and I'm sure the manual on "how to respond to Five-Broken-Cameras" is a riot.

  • Israel boosters threaten civil rights claim against Brooklyn College and suggest barring student activists from campus
    • this part is hilarious:

      "Wiesenfeld expressed disappointment that what went on at the University of California, Irvine--a reference to the disruption by student activists of Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren--has now come to Brooklyn College. 'To now see this type of degradation is heartbreaking,' he said."

      heartbreaking! Students For Justice In Palestine get taken to court and expelled any time anyone does anything to protest or disrupt an event related to Israel. maybe the zionists should simplify Title VI and just be more direct about it: "anything that happens on campus, just punish SJP". Wiesenfeld is laughing, not heartbroken!

  • Who knew! Donkey fellator is anti-Semitic trope
  • Head of Israel lobby education group boasts of 'fear' political opponents feel
    • I hope that students keep in mind that although the intimidation is real, the truth is that being openly anti-zionist does not hurt your career or your education here. Being dark-skinned is way worse! But being anti-zionist does not limit your success in the Bay Area. I know this!
      This is not just a reason for Palestinians to have less fear, but a huge reason why white folks need to step up and join those protests and join SJP. Please do!

  • Jonathan Cook on liberal Zionism
    • I'm not getting rich off invasions of Iraq or Afghanistan or Mali myself, but I see the amassing of weapons and hoarding of land/resources/labor and the pigs at the top exactly as Hostage describes the zionist project: "get rich quick" (or colonizing). It looks clear to me.

      As for the main topic of this post, Americans are no benchmark for what "liberal" means. People tell me they are liberal and proudly voted for Obama, but I don't actually see any liberals anywhere here.
      Maybe I just didn't know what it means, in which case, "liberal zionist" makes perfect sense.

  • Israel targets (and defends attacking) journalists in Gaza
  • If only it was just one tweet: One activist's experience in the 'Our Land' Facebook group
    • does that mean Greta (Wright, Blankfort, etc) can come back after their spankings and time in the penalty box?
      who exactly writes these laws, anyway? when is the manual coming out that defines anti-semitic behavior?
      and can you tell us how you managed to eradicate all bigotry from yourself?

    • Robbins: "we need eachother" ... but "it has to be eradicated". you're going to eradicate Berlin and Wright and Atzmon? for "it"?
      I may be "it" too, so I'm not needed. who's left?

      meanwhile, I'm sure lots of decent activists also run facebook groups full of card-carrying fascist Democrats that defend some very very bad people and probably even have bumperstickers that say you should vote for them.

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