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  • Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia
    • Omar is quite correct to state that the Zionist State is far more brutal, nakedly so, than the Apartheid regime upon which it is modelled, ever was. The repression is more efficiently ruthless, systematic and routine. We must also remember that this is a comparison of degrees while not in any way diminishing the fact that "Apartheid' was deemed 'a crime against humanity". It is no co-incidence then that the BDS draws its inspiration from the anti-apartheid boycott campaigns but with more immediate effect. Live, real time communication and the facilitating pivotal role played by the US and its array of lackeys like Australia, Canada etc all contribute to an ever growing international consciousness that fuels a flourishing BDS campaign. Another interesting aspect of the internationalisation of the Palestinian struggle is the linkages being made with internal US struggles like racism and poverty. American exceptionalism is being confronted.

  • Nationalism vs imagination -- Beinart and Vilkomerson square off over two-state solution
    • I wonder why the Bienart family left South Africa. Was it because of their revulsion of Apartheid or because of its ultimate demise? In either case Peter appears to have learnt nothing from that
      history. The absurd concept of a "liberal" Zionist reminds me of a similar historical species, the "Liberal white South African" of whom it has been said thinks Progressive (Party), votes United (Party) and thanks god for the Nationalist (Afrikaaner Party).That Bienart can actually utter or infer Democracy and Jewish exceptionalism/advantage/preference in the same breath
      is beyond belief. There can be no such creature as a Liberal Zionist as there can be no such creature as a Liberal Racist.If ever there was, both aught to be extinct by now.

  • In landslide, UCLA student govt votes to divest from Israeli occupation
  • Widening the Frame: SJP national conference highlights Palestine in global context
    • Both the ANC and South African Communist Party as well as the PAC recognised the essential unity of the struggle with oppressed people especially colonised nations additionally shackled by a "transnational" imperialism. That this "unity" did not operationalize itself universally is a reflection of the "cold war" environment that prevailed thus splitting liberation forces on "false", but real ideological grounds blurring the real forces behind racist and colonial oppression- transnational capital. With the old cold war confined to history and a "new" world order unfolding the naked brutality and vulgar, rapacious nature of this nascent force is being seen in stark detail. It is not at all surprising that the liberation of Palestine is the one singular issue around which the "unity of struggle" coalesces as it symbolises all that is wrong about the imperialism/transnational capital. Alutta continua.

  • ExxonMobil and Apartheid South Africa have 'no right to exist,' Gitlin says
    • Given that racist laws and practices in Isreal are designed specifically to privilege and advantage "Jews" over Palestinians and everyone else it becomes quite untenable to maintain that Isreal has any more right to exist than Apartheid South Africa. This is a contradiction that plagues many Zionists, both within and outside South Africa who lay claim to being "anti-apartheid" stalwarts. In South Africa these Zionists represent the very remnants of apartheid collaboraters who forged the heinous alliance between the neo-nazis Nationalists and Isreal. No more graphic example exists than having an apartheid privileged individual become the official spokesman for the Isreali Prime Minister. It behoves all South Africans to defeat this nascent, malevolent force both at home and abroad if we are to complete our "long march to freedom" with the Palestinian people. Isreal has no more right to exist than Apartheid South Africa.

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