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  • Right-wing bomb thrower David Horowitz behind anti-SJP posters
    • It's a sinking ship.

      Soon only the nutjobs like Horowitz/Dershowitz(I'm a LIBERAL PEOPLE, PLEASE BELIEVE ME!) will be left.

      Sign of the times.

  • Hillel accuses BDS activists of ‘colonizing’ student groups
  • Israel gives out 'security Oscars' at the UN to Iran, Hezbollah, Saudi Arabia and PA
    • You gotta give the Zionists some credit. They may be crazy but at least they are amusing when they are being crazy. You never quite know how crazy they'll be next time and they somehow always manage to succeed your expectations.

  • Netanyahu speech is 'destructive' of 'bipartisan, immutable relationship' between US and Israel, Rice says
    • My highly unqualified guess is that Netanyahu calculates that Obama is a lost cause anyway at this point. He has no more elections to run in, and as such he is immune to donor pressure. Further, the GOP controls both houses. Obama probably understands that he is a lame duck president in all but name.

      And Bibi understands the same, too. Which is why he is pushing ahead.

      The big question is whether everything can go back to "normal" once Hillary comes into office in 2017, which Bibi counts on. For the WH, that's probably true. But I think this episode has seared a split in the Democratic party.

      If Warren would win in 2017 instead of Hillary, then it would become much harder for the unrepentant left to keep this position into the years ahead but since Hillary is in the right-wing of the Democratic party - the Schumer crowd - that opens a lot more space for these people because they are opposed to Hillary on most other issues anyway so why would Israel be different?

      Hillary's fate will be to act as the handmaiden of Apartheid. It will be seen if she is so foolish as to give the so-called "2SS" a serious attempt, even if she knows it is dead. The point is to go through the motions and not seriously try it in the way that Obama did in 2009/2010.

      Either way, post-Bibi will be the Bennett era. Talk about a guy who is unashamedly pro-Apartheid. I wonder how comfortable even the J Street crowd will be with that guy.

  • Israel's new Asian allies
    • India is a country that has pushed the doctrine of realpolitik possibly further than any other nation on Earth. They essentially have no enemies except Pakistan.

      They have managed the feat of staying on the good side of America, Europe, Russia, China and most of the Islamic world. India's diplomatic skills are often overlooked. It'll be interesting to see how they manage this going forward, because it is easier blend in when you are a smaller economy.

      Why would they exclude Israel? But India's friendship with Israel, such as it is, is based on pragmatism. India imports almost 70% of the oil it consumes and that figure will grow as their economy grows. The vast majority of that comes from muslim-majority states in the Middle East.
      This places a natural lock on how far they are willing - or even able - to go with this relationship.

      As for China, its closest friend is Pakistan. It is also going deeper into Middle Eastern politics. When Libya fell, they had over 20,000 nationals working in the oil sector in the country.

      When Shimon Peres was visiting last year, Xi admonished him for the stalling peace process.

      I highly doubt either China or India will use the veto the way that the U.S. has. Israel's technology is not unique. Their high-tech exports to China is low, because China already has everything that they have to offer. India's needs of Israel are greater, they want to diversify away from Russian dependence on arms imports, this is also why US arms exports are increasing to India.

      They also need the kind of desalination/agricultural know-know that Israel has, but again, that isn't unique to Israel.

      Neither China nor India has an AIPAC; because lets remember, that is fundamentally what is driving the veto-no-matter-what position of the US.

      Further, public opinion in China and India towards Israel is chilly. Israel claims that India is extremely pro-Israel.

      Well, the Lowe's institute in 2013 did a large public poll in India on foreign relations. The public ranked Israel in the bottom 3, together with Pakistan and North Korea.

      India's muslim minority is too small to do that on its own. Israel is not popular among the Indian population.

      That won't stop the Indian government from diversifying away from Russian imports of arms for its military, but it will not exactly create the conditions for an unconditional veto in the UN barring an Indian AIPAC, which isn't going to happen.

      Ultimately, I think a lot rests among the Arab states in the region. They have the power of the purse, as oil exporters, to force change upon the rest of the world re: the Palestinians.

      And so far they haven't really done that.
      If anything, they have treated the Palestinians like shit. They only really step up after the latest devastation in Gaza, but they prefer not to talk about the Palestinian refugees living in their country(and god forbid if they get citizenship).

  • Congress flooded with letters urging members to #SkipTheSpeech of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
    • Herb, that is largely because there has been a massive surge among white Republicans in the last 15 years or so.

      If you look at other polls, like one that CNN did some time ago, you find that young liberals, especially non-white liberals, are far less enthusiastic about the state. But it will take decades until that change truly becomes felt in the country, even if we can see it on the campus already.

  • The 15 billion dollar deal that will make or break Israel's regional hegemony
    • I understand the urge to blow something like this up beyond proportion and claim it will "make or break" Israel's hegemony. It won't. Israel's gas deals will help it, but this gas will come online very slowly and the amount that Israel will be able to (realistically) export is quite modest, even if it will be a revenue stream for a long time.

      Just to bring things into perspective. Israel's defence budget in a single year is larger than that entire deal stretched over many years, decades.

      I hope the activists are successful in their action, but there is value in being grounded about what constitutes a make or break moment for hegemony. Israel's hegemony starts and ends with its military.

  • Inflammatory posters at UCLA call Students for Justice in Palestine 'Jew haters' (Updated)
    • They probably do know who put them up.

      But the fact that they were put up anyway shows cracks in the lobby, as the BDS movement gathers pace, the more radical pro-settler, openly pro-Apartheid elements are going to splinter away.

      Of course most of the major Jewish institutions are objectively pro-settler, but they employ the language of the 2SS to mask that, and we may begin to see a deeper rift in the lobby as Mearsheimer predicted back in 2010 as people like Foxman/Dershoshits who will never abandon Apartheid Israel move into the far-right(they were always there but they can no longer pretend that they are liberals now).

    • Oh, nice find, just! Boteach panicking is wonderful.
      Also, when was Stanford's ~10% Jewish population "giant"? Compared to Harvard/Yale's 25%, it's not a big deal. And anyway, how many of those are affirmative action students anyway...

      link to

    • Giles, it isn't just the accusation of anti-Semitism.
      Even the demonization of Iran is reaching new heights as people become de-sensitised.

      Josh Block now claims that Iran "wants to commit mass genocide on everyone". Really. These people become more and more unhinged as they lose more and more.

  • Netanyahu flips off Harry Truman
    • This is the same man who declared to Jewish settlers in an unguarded moment that "The United States... is something that can be easily moved".

      So his ad is not relevatory, but confirmatory.
      The successor to Bibi will not be a labor Zionist. It'll be Bennett or someone like him. The U.S. is going the way of California; permanent democratic presidents due to demographics.

      The "shared values" trope will look increasingly pathetic and hollow as the years march on. The two biggest social/political issues today are either race domestically(police brutality, prison, drug reform etc) or Gaza/WB. The two are linked.

      When even a capitalist campus like Stanford votes for divestment you know the time's up.

  • Jewish groups that blindly support Israel make US and European Jews potential victims of violence -- Avnery
    • Giles you destroyed him.

    • I don't buy Avnery's explanation at all. Sure, Zionism has probably contributed to anti-Semitism because it is a settler-colonial project and the vast majority of Jewish establishment institutions are behind it, 100%.

      But to explain away muslim anti-Semitism by Israel and/or Algeria is to ignore the genocidal(yes, that's the word) incitement against Jews which is more often than not the norm in the Arab world.

      The way that Israel incites against Palestinians is often not better but two wrongs do not make one right.

      P.S. The direct link to Avnery's column is here:

      link to

  • Is flying a nationalist flag ever a progressive act?
    • One of the most pervasive myths is that nationalism disappeared after WWII in the West. That's not entirely accurate. White nationalism, at least open white nationalism, was denounced and essentially suppressed.

      But non-white nationalism has continued apace, and I use the term nationalism broadly here, including cultural nationalism.

      I think the standard white left-wing view of nationalism is that it is better put to rest, but I think this kind of thinking is also what led to non-white women who are/were feminists to start to denigrate what they call "white feminism" in which race isn't supposed to matter as much as gender, because no matter what our class/racial background, gender is the common thread.

      Well, it turns out a lot of non-white women are not ready to give up their racial/ethnic identity and there are good reasons why they shouldn't. Plus, it's easy to be for a system where race/nationalism doesn't matter when you're in a position of power by default; that's a luxury you can afford.

      People are tribal by nature, and is this necessarily always bad? If we didn't have any distinctions, life would be a lot more boring and less colorful.
      There's enough homogenisation taking place already. I don't want to live in a world where everyone wears the same thing, listens to the same thing, thinks the same thing, reads the same thing etc and where the only difference is our skin color but everything apart from that is the same.

      That might sound like paradise to some but it sounds like hell to me.

      As for the Palestinian cause specifically, nationalism is the de facto best way to gather people. Yes, it can be divisive. But secular nationalism is still far more preferred than religious zealotry.

      And in any event, if Zionism tanks 2-3 decades from now, people will judge the Palestinians far more harshly than they do now and there's nothing in Palestinian culture that would make them immune to racial oppression of other people; indeed if we are to learn anything from Zionism is that history's victims can turn into contemporary oppressors with stunning speed.

  • Mike Huckabee's 'welcome to Israel' bash was in a settlement
    • Im surprised people actually pay attention to the Republican primary. American national politics are going the way of California. Demographic change means that the GOP is permanently locked out of the WH. In California they have tried to "moderate" and "reach out" etc but it has all failed.

      The base won't let them stray in the primaries and the rest are not fooled by semantics.

      Of course, the congressional elections are a different story, as well as the governors out in the country. But even there, one can see steady, persistent change.

      I'm annoyed that Hillary will face a coronation rather than a primary. Warren probably isn't running and with all due respect to Sanders, he has about the same chance to win as a snowball in hell.

  • My invitation to speak at Hebrew Union College
    • I associate myself with previous statements that praise the inner strength and courage that you have. To be a person of conscience is not just to think deeply and seriously about the world but to engage and in turn stand up to the inevitable backlash that will ensue.

      Rev. Shipman, you have stood this test as admirably as one can hope for.

  • White House suggests Israel is lying about Iran talks-- as Obama officials shun Netanyahu
  • Dershowitz's comments are 'shockingly vicious and sexist,' says Harvard Law Record article
    • He's acting like a bloated suicide bomber at this point.

    • If Dersh tried to to deflect the creeping image of him as a sociopath without any shame, his "defence campaign" has only compounded it.

      Right now he is in self-immolation mode. He is now published in places like far-right Israel hayom and WND(the American equivalent). No mainstream liberal publication will now even touch him.

      People will wonder in the future - and by future I mean like 5-10 years from now - how it was that America even considered bigots and paedophiles like Dersh "liberals" in the first place and how a broken culture allowed this to transpire.

  • One-state 'fantasy is very dangerous' because it cannot tell us what the military looks like -- Manekin
    • Manekin’s and Beinart’s (and other liberal Zionists’) pessimism seems strategic to me. They still want their kids to be able to run around on ethnically pure beaches so integration is held out as impossible

      Of course it is about racial privilege, as you point out, and you also talk about Apartheid SA. But this quote piqued my interest:

      I think the idea of fantasizing out of the box solutions to two peoples who are at this point engaged or at least for the last 100 years are engaged in a very very serious conflict on every level and say let’s play out some alternative narrative, is unbelievably dangerous to Israelis and Palestinians.

      I'm thinking about how it is today impossible to think about a war between France and Germany, because of the EU. That is a miracle, but an even greater miracle is that people have to keep reminding themselves that it is one, because it is so normal for most people now, even for the old save for those who went through WWII.

      Manekin talks about a 100 years. How about a 1000 years in the case of the German/French rivalry soaked in blood? Or how about the British colonization of Ireland which lasted 800 years.

      You don't have to do a lot of digging to find that the soil beneath the liberal Zionist arguments is very thin and feeble.

  • Stanford re-votes, divestment passes in a landslide victory
  • Americans oppose Netanyahu invite 2-to-1, but Dershowitz is all for it
    • I think the muslim nature of Palestinian society is another factor that isn't often mentioned. In a lot of polls, attitudes towards Islam in America is a lot more negative today than even in the immediate years after 9/11. Considering the news, I'm not surprised but the spillover effect is probably not negligible.

      Also, Phil, here's Aaron Miller in a somewhat longer discussion. He's an inside man and he's an intelligent one at that, thought you'd might appreciate:

      link to

      The TL;DR is that he views this as bad as it ever was, but his explanation is that of a temporary(ish) "perfect storm". I think he underestimates the longer fundamental rifts between the two countries, but yeah.

  • James Baker to speak at J Street conference
    • Loved the fact that Phil used this phrase:

      there’s going to be a rightwing lobby for the Republicans and a centrist lobby for the Democrats.

      Centrist, not liberal. That's what J Street is, after all.

      Also, I'd pay good money to see the faces of the bigots like Foxman/Dershowitz when they hear that Baker is a major speaker at J Street's conference.

      History is ironic.

  • US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran
    • Netanyahu has actually been helpful in keeping up the pressure. It's doubtful if America would have had the discipline to do it themselves.

      His craziness has forced a certain hardline minimum threshold in the American position.
      It won't be enough. Of course Iran is developing a bomb; it would be utterly stupid if it weren't.

      But the thing is that Iran is many things, but it is not stupid and it is not irrational. An Iran with nuclear bomb capability wouldn't use it, nor leak it to some random terrorist group.

      This is what is revealing, because Israel here is trying to remain the sole nuclear power in the ME. That's what this is all about. Nothing else. And the thing is; the U.S. can live with a nuclear Iran.

      So it splits into the wide open the lie that "America's and Israel's interests are one and the same". Nah.

  • Univ of Toronto faculty await answers in JDL's disruption of divestment event
    • That hand, too, it looks like he is ready to strangle and kill someone.

      You can't negotitate with terrorists, especially supporters of #JSIL.

  • 'American Sniper' is an antiwar movie
    • Donald, but the fact that people with different political opinions come out from the movie validating them(pro-war Republicans, anti-war liberals, muslim advocates concerned about Islamophobia etc) means that the movie does what art is supposed to do: make you think.

      That most people take that opportunity to validate what they already know/believe cannot be blamed on the movie. If everyone agreed what the movie was about, regardless of their political orientation, then what you have is not art but propaganda but that's not the case here, because people disagree quite wildly about what the movie is, which is a sign of a good film, a form of art.

      I find your narrow-mindedness mildly pathetic. You should watch it yourself before attacking it, otherwise you're just a lemming following the herd.

  • 700 UK artists pledging not to go to Israel include Soueif, Ali, Waters, Eno, Leigh, Churchill
    • Just to mention one of the Jews, Mike Leigh, whose latest movie is nominated in the current oscars (Mr Turner).

      Now he can forget that award.

  • No one's talking about peace in Israeli election, U.S. liberal Zionists are warned
    • Whizdom, then you have rose-tainted glasses, and I'm using kids gloves on you now. Gorenberg's an apologist for his nation's crimes.

      We see the same thing in America or the UK, where people claim that America never really wanted to take the lands from the native Americans but due to a "perfect storm of circumstances"... and so on. Ditto the British apologists for Imperialism, claiming that the Brits were motivated primarily by European rivalry and not domination and then the machiniery just kept going by itself.


    • I never cease to be amazed by Phil's committment to his readers. He's paying to listen to a bunch of pathetic whining by liberal Zionists, who don't care a fig's leaf about Palestinians?

      Give the man sainthood already. (And yes, he should have gotten somekind of compensation for exposing his mind to idiocy).

    • Psychobabble employed to cover up the deliberate policies of the Zionist movement.
      "The Nazis made us do it!" - the coming post-Zionist explanation from the likes of Gorenberg.

      He continues:

      If polls are right and there is a victory of the right, Gorenberg said, this will mean “further erosion of democracy” in Israel

      1. Israel has always been an ethnocracy and not a democracy, from day one.

      2. Need we remind these "liberal" Zionists that Labor was the party that has initiated ethnic cleansings - the Nakba and the 67 cleansing - and not Likud? Labor initiated the settlements, not Likud.

      Why does nobody ever challenge these people on their own delusions?

  • The left needs to stop hounding Elizabeth Warren on Palestine, says Warren supporter
    • Yeah, Lenchner's plea is that of a sycophant. The only thing that creates change is grassroots pressure. If Warren will not change on her own, then we will force her to change because she obviously cares a lot about donations.

      For Warren, this is doubly problematic precisely because she positions herself as an anti-Wall Street candidate who often attacks political corruption, yet here she is, doing the same thing.

      Attacking Wall Street inside the Democratic party is not without its risks but it is still largely respectable and accepted among elites. Attacking Zionism is the third rail of Democratic politics - but only among the elites. The grassroots have already moved on and the fight ahead of us now is to connect the lagging and reactionary elite with the fast-moving and progressive base.

      Lenchner's anti-progressive lecturing helps nobody but those interested in the status quo. Maybe he was a refusenik, but you can still be a Zionist. There's lots of deluded young American kids who go on birthright with the fantasy of "changing the system from within". Lenchner reminds me of those.

  • Warren supporters can't talk about Palestine
    • PEPs, we call them.

      I say it again, Hillary 2016 is the last gasp of the white postwar liberal concensus. Puff up Wall Street, lock black people up, march side by side with neocons and cover for Israel's crimes at every turn.

      I don't think conservatives fear the new left most, they've always had wide-eyed fantasies about communist conspiracies. Those who fear it the most are "progressives" like Larry Summers, both because he is a pro-Apartheid "progressive" and because he is pro-Wall Street. People like him, less bright perhaps, are still abound and that party for Warren shows that even those to the left of him share much of the same mindset.

      As I said, a post-war concensus. I doubt we'd see similar fears among under-35 artists, especially in a diverse setting. Think of a guy like John Legend, who is deeply sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

  • Netanyahu's disaster: speech cost 'omnipotent' lobby a veto proof majority for Iran sanctions
    • Here is the latest poll from Globes(came out today):

      [Numbers in brackets] are their current seats.

      24 [18] Likud
      24 [20] Zionist Union (Labor-Livni)
      13 [11] Bayit Yehudi
      12 [11] United Arab List
      09 [20] Yesh Atid
      08 [10] Shas
      08 [02] Koolanu (Kahlon+Kadima)
      07 [07] Yahadut Hatorah/UTJ
      06 [13] Yisrael Beitenu
      05 [06] Meretz
      04 [02] Yachad (Yishai+Chetboun+Marzel)

      P.S. Note the last name, Yachad, which is an out-and-out Nazi party(they're on par with the Golden Dawn and maybe even worse).

      Here are the numbers that matter:

      70 [63] Right-Religious-Kahlon (Parties that have not ruled out nominating a BB coalition)
      50 [57] Center-Left-Arab (Parties that have ruled out nominating a BB coalition)

      Remember that the Zionist left has ruled out sitting with Arabs.
      So, please tell me a credible story in how the Zionist left can exploit this?
      This clown show has been going on for over 20 days now. It's not news. The polls don't reflect a shift. In fact, when I look at "polls of polls", i.e. weekly averages, I see a steady but persistent weakening of support for the Labor/Kadima faction and its allies.

      The people hyping this story as dangerous to Bibi are the same as Goldberg(of the Forward) who has been predicting the imminent demise of Bibi for many years now. It hasn't happened. It's delusions they tell themselves to avoid looking at reality squarely in the face.

  • My fellow Muslim-Americans, in the wake of Chapel Hill we can’t stop speaking out - even if our voices shake
    • Walid that was the dumbest thing you have written in a long time.

      How is it "asking for special privileges" in order not to be singled out? Building mosques is now a provocation? Are you trolling on purpose or are you just that dumb?

  • AIPAC behind new US/EU trade legislation designed to thwart BDS
    • What people should be disturbed by is the blatant attempt of Israel to intervene in America's foreign policy again and again.

      Even if the TTIP is nixed(which would be good news), that decision should be decided by the American people alone and on the American interest only, not on the whims of a foreign and alien entity that has a strangehold over too much of American foreign poicy.

    • Three reasons:

      1. Israel exports about 60% to Europe and imports a lot more from Europe, too, than from Asia. It's trade with Asia(South/Eastern Asia) is still much smaller even if the share is growing. So the economic damage from Europe will be much larger for the foreseeable future if BDS grows.

      2. The lobby has a lot more power in Europe than in Asia. It can, and it will, always use the Shoah as a cover to further its political aims. Europe's elites are hapless and typically will not stand up to their BS. Or at least, that used to be the case, but we're seeing changes there(the Swedish government in place, the British parliament etc).

      This is what the lobby sees and fears, hence the legislation.

      3. BDS as a movement in Asia is still a lot more nascent than it is in Europe, for political reasons that people more knowledgable than me about Asia have to explain.

      Possible fourth: There's always been an anti-European bias among the lobby and the Jewish establishment in general. You can even read it in Haaretz. Europe in a sense serves as the ultimate Other in the Jewish context for those who have a world view that is made up of threats. So attacking Europe is also part of the deep europhobic impulse that many of them carry within them. You see the same in Israel. They may hate the Arabs but they obsess over the Europeans.

    • This is really dumb, on two levels.

      First, U.S - EU relations are now dictated by Israel's whims? Is the Israel lobby determined to prove that the Elders of Zion was in fact a mild-mannered prelude?

      Second, even if passes, it may indeed be a blessing in disguise. Post-Nafta, the notion that these large trade deals are somehow always good has been debunked, so you get two hits in one smash; further exposure of the corruption that the Israel lobby and the poisonous influence it has on American foreign policy, as well as possibly nixing a negative trade deal that is a give-away to corporations and tries to slash labor rights.

  • Stanford petition misrepresents resolution to divest from occupation
    • Who wrote that petition anyway? Frank Luntz?

      Anyone engaged in this field to know that all the arguments follow a similar chain of argument:

      1. Concern-troll by pretending you care about Palestinian human life(so as to get "buy-in" for your arguments.

      2. Claim that the divestment seeks to "resolve" the conflict while it is simply about saying no to companies engaged in Apartheid and oppression.

      3. Smear the people as out to "destroy" Israel. Which is a funny charge, because does an Apartheid state deserve to live?

  • Dear Mr. Netanyahu, please don't cancel your speech
    • Okay annie, you follow this more closely than I so I trust your judgement. AFAIK the negotiations were primarily in Vienna, but the meetings in Munich was more general high-level stuff, but I concede I could be wrong!

    • Uh, I’m pretty sure the US-Iran talks are going on in Vienna and Geneva, not Munich, and that Netanyahu mentions Munich just to conjure images of appeasement. He’s ridiculous.

      Good catch, I thought the same thing.

      By the way, how much of this BS behaviour is just infantile "revenge" for being called a chickenshit on Iran last autumn? "I'll show them!!!1".

      Netanyahu is still 6 years old mentally.

    • I feel like this site has this ritual. First Phil is giving out all these ledes for us to debate, and so we do, and he weighs our arguments against each other and his own.

      Then he does this kind of "summary" piece, which is always awesome to read, and a large part why we are a loyal readership base here. In them, he goes through everything we have been debating for days in more detail than everyone and with more clarity.

      And so you come out on the other side, quite amazed, because you learn not just facts from news but you always appreciate an intelligent mind thinking about issues that you didn't think about, or that you did, but not as deeply/clearly.

      So, yes, thanks Phil. These summaries/think pieces are awesome. And it's still crazy that you don't have a MSM presence. They would need you(but you would be too dangerous). And I would never read a chained/emasculated version of you anyway, so this uninhibited version is far better, far more interesting, far more truthful, which is the most important one of them all.

      P.S. Now Pat Leahy is saying Bibi-Byebye.
      link to

      May this prolonged spectacle/clown show never end!

  • A cosmopolitan's regrets: Roger Cohen on the Jewish condition
    • I don't view Cohen's emotional claptrap as worthwhile. Maybe I was vaccinated against his bullshit after his racist tirades against "Italy and the italians" in general. You can publish that kind of smelly sewage in the liberal media in this day and age which was typically written about Jews 70 years ago.

      And let's not forget the central issue of his Zionism: his family was oppressed therefore Palestinians must accept Apartheid and colonization to make room for him and his children(even if they live in NY and London).

      Cohen is the archetypical "liberal" Zionist and the worst kind at that.

  • Speech to AIPAC could give Netanyahu his out
    • Bibi is the same age as Hillary Clinton. He could easily stay in politics until 2020, if not longer.

      The long-term demographics favor the Likud. But there is no challenger to challenge him. He is for Likud like Hillary is for the dems right now.

      Bennett has a long-term chance to succeed him but he's falling in the polls after the ultra-right Kahane party "Yachad" has risen. It has people like Eli "Israel belongs to the white man" Yishai.

      But yes, Levy is correct, it's going to be better if Likud/far-right keeps winning. Labor hasn't had a say in Israeli politics for almost 15 years now, why not make it 20. This will only cement the liberal perception of Israel as a country which inherently hostile to its values - which is correct.

      Israel favored Mitt Romney over Obama in 2012 the most of any major country that was polled.
      link to

      So democrats are, slowly, coming to the conclusion that Israel is basically the Deep South in one state, and if anything to the right of the Deep South. Why would there be anything resembling a "shared values" alliance for them at all?

      I say let Bibi rule, and finalise what is already happening so that the severing will be harsher and faster.

    • That the goys have a g spot that he can reach every time by talking about the Shoah.

      Seafoid, you are a genius.

    • Update: seems like Bibi's doubling down:

      link to

      This after Obama explictly called out Bibi in his presser with Merkel today. Even if I could write the script for him, I don't think I could have tanked Bibi as hard as he has tanked himself.

    • Always makes me laugh when I see Christians trying to be more Jewish than the Jews.
      Sort of like Evangelicals telling Max Blumenthal that they are more Jewish than him.
      (Yes, has happened and yes, it is hilarious).

    • What a historic humiliation for Bibi. He'll be re-elected, of course. See link to for all the polls. Not a single one is even close. We'll be looking at a hard-right government like the one that emerged out of Cast Lead.

      But so what? They'll reschedule this. He'll do his speech to AIPAC and a symbolic Congress tour/mini-speech with no TV cameras to try to save face but it is already too late.

      Obama has all the political capital in the world to ignore the Israelis now. The Palestinians are going to the ICC. Is Obama going to stop them? He'll still veto at the UN but watch them do nothing as the ICC begins its investigation and the pressure turns up.

      Was this the final nail in the coffin? Of course not. Clinton is waiting in the wings, much to the relief of the lobby. But Clinton is the last breath of the post-war liberal concensus, protect Israel, lock black people up, puff up Wall Street.

      Meanwhile, the American campus has already been lost. The only question now is how long. How long until the changes in the liberal universities start to seep into progressive publications.

      When I see Jewish Clintonite liberals write this kind of drivel I know that they are feeling the screws:
      link to

      The Jewish vote for the democrats has been declining in 3 consecutive elections. It's bound to get even lower. I wrote yesterday that Scarsdale, NY was the perfect town to represent the social isolation of the assimilaited Jewish elites who have so thoroghly moved into white America that we are now seeing people like Chait talking like retrograde WASPs. Are you telling me the purge of the TNR is unrelated?

      All I say is this: please don't drag down the rest of us with you.

  • In historic vote, UC Student Association endorses call for divestment in support of Palestinian rights
    • This marks the symbolic moment when the era when you could defend Apartheid under "anti-Semitism" that has, finally, come to an end.

      Cry more bigot. Your time has ended.

  • Ari Shavit pimps AIPAC in Scarsdale
    • This is a somewhat sociological comment, but I think it says a few things about the Jewish upper middle classes. Per Wikipedia, here is Scarsdale:

      link to

      The demographics? 85% white, 12% Asian and something like 1.5% black with a smattering of the rest.
      Not exactly very representative of mainstream America. I'm sure the schools are nice, as well as living in what looks like an English cottage village in a country which is expected to have a majority non-white population in its public school system this year(and how many of them send their kids to private Jewish schools?).

      Larry Summers, in the Times' latest article on Clinton, says that we must worry about inequality, "but avoid the politics of envy".

      This is what passes for progressivism in the Jewish community these days. I've always maintained that the Clinton administration has a special place in the heart of the Jewish establishment. A position on Israel which is basically the same as Bush's(give them what they want no matter how they act, and cover up for them afterwards too), and a milquetoast center-left, ubermoderate and pro-Wall St economic policy. After all, we are wealthy these days.

      The reason why most Jews are still Democrats is because you have Clinton Democrats who basically look after your wealth. Who are terrified of the real progressive left, who fear "the politics of envy". You can't get any further from the socialist pro-union bundists at the lower East Side a century ago.

    • Annie, I think its code for Arab dictators we like, such as el-Sisi in Egpyt.

  • New leftwing anti-semitism is when Jews feel 'attacked' over Israel's conduct
    • If your identity is so wrapped up into one state you should ask yourself: why don't I live there.

      Gee, I wonder why intermarriage is increasing when people have a Jewish identity where love of a country they don't even live in is central for so many. How is that even a glue?

  • Gideon Levy's argument for Netanyahu
    • Levy is mostly correct except for the bizarre statement that the Zionist "left" don't have agitators. Really, now?

      Even Tzipi "I demanded that Israel acted like hooligans in Gaza during Cast Lead" Livni?

    • Good point. On the other hand, how many people on this side of the pond need fucking bodyguards because of what they write?

      I think you're underestimating the extreme fascism, even neo-Nazism, that is currently enthralling Israel. To be a dissident is not just a social inconvenience, it can literally be physically lethal for you.

  • Do we really want Benjamin Netanyahu guiding U.S. foreign policy?
    • Harry, here is the quote:

      Why should Israel, a nuclear power that’s still very powerful economically, be afraid of this nonviolent nuisance as they called us in the beginning.

      Well I would be very afraid if I were them. But I can be a bit smarter in how to fight it. But I won’t tell them that. [Laughter] I think their IQ is dipping, I don’t know what’s happening with Zionism.

      But when I went to school here[Columbia], Zionists used to be very smart… Either smarter people have abandoned Zionism or the average IQ of Zionists has gone down, but they’re really not thinking straight. Because they haven’t come up with one smart tactic to fight BDS… since 2005. We’re not being cocky about that. I mean, seriously, we’re not facing serious challenges there. It’s becoming an open door.

      It's from his 2014 talk at Columbia. This site covered it, of course.

      link to

    • Barghouti said that when he was in college in the US, at Columbia, Zionists that he debated were really smart. Now he's mocking them and saying that their IQs are dropping fast.

      This entire clown show certainly adds weight to his derision.

      Another part of me wonders how much of this is really acting in a dumb manner and how much of it is just the changed atmosphere and debate climate we live in. After all, as several Mondoweiss commenters have reminded me, Bibi pulled this BS with Clinton in the 90s.

      But then, there was no scandal, even if it was the same behaviour. So maybe it isn't Bibi that has done anything drastically different, maybe it is simply America that has changed for the better and he has not caught up with the change.

      And a lot of this is due to the people in the SJP movement, the BDS movement and independent grassroots websites like yours truly. The pre-internet MSM was as reactionary, if not more so, as Congress is today.
      They would never have blown this up like today's digital/internet-bound media, if it wasn't for the alternative viewpoints people have in the blogosphere as well as on campus.

  • Find the Israel lobby in the 'NYT' story about Obama versus Menendez
    • The NYT uses the term "pro-Israel lobby" instead of just Israel lobby. The reason being that saying the former is somehow less offensive than the latter.

      Saying pro-Israel lobby suggests that it is a partisan organisation but still part and parcel of America. Saying it is simply the Israel lobby means it is entirely foreign, which it is, because it's un-American.

      That's still a battle we have to fight, but yes, there is progress here.

  • Biden will skip Netanyahu's speech
    • Oh, now Politico is telling us that Biden is skipping!
      link to

      Well, this is hilarious. I'll let the last few lines in that story sum up why:

      As president pro tempore, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) will get his seat next to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who arranged the speech. That will put only Republicans in photos of Netanyahu delivering an address that Democrats already say is more about partisan politics than anything else.

      As I said, Bibi is the gift that keeps giving.

    • Bibi is now making noises that Boehner had hoodwinked him - apparently Bibi thought that this proposal also came from the democrats.

      Does anyone buy this BS? Bibi first tried to throw Dermer under the bus, now he's throwing Boehner under the bus. It speaks volumes about what a piece of shit of a person he is.

      What's amazing to me is that both Dermer and Boehner are fine being blamed for an action both know that Bibi concocted through both of them. It must be most annoying to Dermer because he is there as a personal envoy of not just his nation but also Bibi. Boehner is a political whore to anyone who pays money and he is a weak person, who is often bullied by his own caucus to do what they want and he doesn't (which is why they keep him on), so I'm not surprised to see him as a tool.

      All in all, this entire affair is a gift that keeps giving. The closer we get to the speech the worse it will look if Bibi pulls out. It's amazing to me that he has tried to ride all of this out, by throwing friends to the wolves in his egotistical selfishness.

      At some point he will be trapped, as pulling out just a week or two before the speech is set to happen will make him look very weak before the Israeli election, if it doesn't already. So he's going to go anyway, and every single day the damage grows. Gideon Levy is right, if the Zionist "left" wins that would be worse for the occupation because it would confer a veneer of legitimacy over a colonial project.

      Bibi is such a disaster, let him keep winning, the curtain comes down a lot faster.

  • John Lewis tells D.C. crowd he will not attend Netanyahu speech
    • Pastor John Hagee is not happy about the Democrats’ insolence toward Netanyahu. Yesterday he warned that God will destroy America for failing to adequately support Israel.

      Let us pray that God will destroy the career of Hagee first and expel him from our lands, Amen.

      The AP is reporting today Rep. G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, will also be skipping Netanyahu’s speech.

      Awesome. I hope that the entire CBC boycotts the speech and that they take the liberal/progressive wing with them. I'm still waiting for Ellison to join in the boycott.

      This could end up being a litmus test inside of the Democratic party of who has the guts to stand up to the Israel lobby and who does not. Right now, we're seeing a surprising upsurge is rebellious activity. I love it.

    • Don't forget that the last time Bibi spoke to Congress, Friedman reported in the Times that their Jewish donors sat on the balcony and "monitored" them to see if they were supportive enough. It's like that scene could be ripped straight out of Elders of Zion.

      I'm guessing a rehearsal now. Lewis has backbone and he's been around too long to bend over to the moneymasters, he is his own man now; he's untouchable.

      But for many others, they are not. So while I think the WH would love a dem boycott I think in reality it will be very paltry and symbolic.

      I also think that Bibi is continuing on this journey precisely because he wants to personally punish Obama. I don't think Bibi frankly cares about the broader damage he is making. To him, he is the state and the state is him. Bibi wants to make Obama look weak - and he could well succeed - but the price for paying that is that he will damage the perception of Israel even more around liberals.

      Forget about the donor class, the Huffington Post is raising the pitchforks over this. Obama remains very popular among Democrats in general and among non-whites in particular and any foreign leader who picks a fight with their president is going to sully the name of not only himself but of his nation.

  • Why now? Story breaks that US teamed with Israel in assassinating Iranian 'agent' in '08
    • B-b-but here is Tom Friedman, saying that bipartisan support for Israel no matter what it does is in America's interest!

      link to

      Making support for Israel more of a Republican cause is not at all in Israel’s interest — or America’s. Israel needs the support of more than just Congress or one party.

      I wonder how the Zionist establishment would react if you had a Palestininan-American saying that it's the American national interest to support the moves of the Palestinian government(if they had a unity Fatah-Hamas government that lasted for more than a few months).

      And then there's this bit:

      If Congress wants to get Israel’s perspective on how to deal with Iran, then it should also invite the top Israeli intelligence and military officers, current and retired, who have been arguing publicly against Netanyahu’s threatened use of force against Iran. Why are we getting only one Israeli view? How is that in America’s interest?

      Why is it in America's interest at all to have a bunch of Israelis telling them how to deal with the Middle East? Does he think that these people think of Israel's security first or America's?

      The crazy thing is that Tom Friedman probably believes his own hasbara. He probably really thinks that America's interest is the same as Israel's. He has so fully assimiliated the Israeli narrative he can no longer distinguish the two.

      Israel Firster should be resurrected.

  • Chair of Democratic National Committee opposes Jewish intermarriage and MSNBC showing Gaza carnage
    • Cohen calls for assimiliation of muslims in Europe because he thinks of what is best for Jews, not Europe.

      Similarily, if intermarriage among Jews declined drastically, I do not think he would write hysterical columns lamenting that, if anything he'd probably be very pleased about it.

      Anti-Semitism in Europe today is indeed mostly a product of muslim immigrants. This is why its safer for Jews in Poland to wear a yarmulke than it is for one in Paris or in London.

      But that doesn't change the fact that his view of Europe is coming from a very ethnocentric lens, rather than a general principle he holds for all countries.

  • Netanyahu 'babysitter' ad warns that Labor will give away Israel's house and carpet
    • Gotta say that Israeli ads have always been funny, even if many of them have also often been racist(like the Shas ad in the previous election year where the Russian bride had to telefax her ID to her wedding; a warning against assimilation and a shot across the bow against Lieberman's ground people).

      Still, this ad is funny in a different way; it looks like an ad transported from some 80s Iron Wall country; everything looks so stiff and fake. Including Bibi.

      In a sense, he doesn't need more. The opposition is toothless. They are never going into a coalition with the Arabs. I've been looking at (independent polling blog) and basically it has been a slam dunk for Bibi and the gang since day one.

      The media is trying to invent a race where there is none.

  • Lawrence Summers says BDS movement is 'persecuting' Israel
    • JeffB, some of your statements are odd. First, there was a Jewish/black split in the 60s. I wouldn't call it a "war" as it was anything but, more like a passive-aggressive divorce between two groups who realized they had far less in common than they thought they had during the honeymoon.

      Also, I wouldn't so breezily conflate the actions of the reactionary Jewish establishment with the Jewish population at large. In most polls I've seen, the Jewish mainstream is typically a lot more reasonable and dovish than their hard-right "leaders"(all whom are self-appointed).

      As a sidenote: In Larry's speech there is this bit:

      If zealous minorities no matter how well intentioned are
      able to hijack the prestige and resources of the Academy in pursuit of objectives that are parochial

      Imagine if a WASP talked like that about Jewish student activists in SDS during the 60s. Oh wait, they did. This is hilarious, in a sense, it shows the total insularity of Summers and just how much in common he has with his élite blue-blooded forebearers.

      It's also notable that he confesses that neither he nor his close friends have ever been discriminated in the U.S because of his Jewishness. Larry's not even that young anymore. He maintains an identity to an Apartheid state but freely admits that he lives a life of privilege and free of racism.

      In other words, he can assimiliate into the white elite but pretend he can somehow relate to genuinely disadvantaged minorities like blacks. I wonder how many people in Larry's family are in prison. Probably not a huge amount. Or how many of his extended family have been bombed by drones.

    • Blumenthal often says it well and right that by constantly invoking anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, you are cheapening the latter by a considerable amount. Summers knows that the charge carries a lot of weight in his generation but I don't think he understands the erosion among the young.

      Summers speech also signifies a fundamental fact that many of us have suspected; the established forces don't really have any real plan to deal with this. Summers does not state out loud what he wants but he probably wants what the Zionist establishment wants: censorship.

      That path has failed. In a sense, Summers' helpless is instructive. If even a cerebral man like him is at loss at what to do(other than digging in further in an already losing position), then what hope do the lesser lights of hasbara have?

      The problem, more generally, with Jewish lobby efforts is that it has been top-heavy. That wasn't always the case. Jews used to work very closely with other groups, including on grassroots levels. But as we got richer and as anti-Semitism in America fell, we got comfortable near the top. The campus BDS movement is all about grassroots and elites like Summers basically don't know how to handle that.

      He should look into Jewish history in America, about the Jewish student movements in the 60s. Then, the WASPs were the reactionary guard standing in the way.

      Now Summers and his generation of reactionary Jews are there instead. But the response from both elites is a mix of confusion and bitter anger. Neither will help.

  • Zero (0) Palestinians quoted in 'NYT' piece on rift between US and Israel
    • Annie, I think you are probably onto something. Everytime Bibi ''acts tough'', his poll numbers go up. By going to Congress and getting ovations, he can show the Israelis that ''America is behind me'' and then use the conflict with Obama as a rallying cry.

      Of course, he damages the relationship in the process, but Bibi does not care. It is all about personal and political survival for him, which is why the left/center parts of the lobby are freaking out. Whatever. Let them rot.

    • Yeah, that was the phrase that Blumenthal has used a lot, as well. It captures the spirit of Israel well.

      Anyway, good reporting Phil. I keep being amazed at how far the NYT is going for Israel.

      Do you people remember how it used to be in 2010/2011? The Times was almost moving into progressive directions. Now it is 100% conservative, backing Israel up all the time. It fears that it has no choice but to do so, for if Israel loses the times, the liberal left establishment will follow. Well, it doesnt matter. The grassroots are already moving. It is only a question of time, now.

  • Since when is the Southern Poverty Law Center a pro-Israel organization?
    • Cohen is a good example of a racial hypocrite. He is obssessed with the marginal Ku Klux Klan but is giving a total pass to the Apartheid rulers in Israel.

      He is not just PEP, he is not liberal at all. He is from the same cloth as Abe Foxman.

  • Netanyahu speech could allow Obama to 'take on the Jewish lobby' as he took on Cuba lobby -- Indyk
    • The panic in hophmi's words is real.

      We all know that the so-called ''deep alliance'' is driven by money. The Israel lobby is 100% top-heavy. They have no grassroots support. (Most Americans want to remain neutral between the two, and will only choose Israel if forced to).

      The fiasco of this speech is awesome, and I hope it goes ahead. Also, throwing dermer under the bus looks like a naked lie. Is Ravid thinking here not for Netanyahu but more along the lines of a Zionist? He certainly covers for him.

      The notion that Dermer cooked this up on his own is bizarre. Netanyahu is the boss and he directs what he should do. Throwing Dermer to the wolves is the easy thing to do, but Im disappointed in Ravid for spreading those kinds of lies.

      Its a Netanyahu/Obama showdown. And if people have not noticed already, Obama is winning these encounters the further on in his administration as he goes and Bibi is getting weaker.

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • One of the benefits of seeing an increasingly diverse America is an aversion to neocon(which is really just "liberal" interventionism by another name) ideology.

      That's because a lot of these people have either relatives or friends whose relatives are being bombed by white-dominated countries.

      As for the NYT. I'm not that surprised that this report came into light of the NYT. It's an organization of liberal Jews. And most people have forgotten about the Gaza slaughter except for the activist core(on either side). When the issue was hot and the general public was engaged, Judi Rudoren went into the tunnels on IDF-sponsored propaganda tours. We shouldn't forget that.

      Finally, when will the NYT have a non-Jewish (or even Palestinian) reporter in Israel? And when will they start making reports based on numerous Palestinian organisations' work? Which is work that is often much deeper and more comprehensive?

      This follows the old pattern: recognize the war crimes once the issue has been forgotten as a half-assed concession to the liberal readership, but only do so quoting Jewish sources, so as to strengthen the narrative of "change from within"(i.e. the liberal Zionism must go on!).

      Despite the rhetoric of massive change, this is more of the same.

  • Tell your congressperson: Don't attend Netanyahu's speech
  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • In what was he right?

      BTW, Phil, in what way can Obama harm Netanyahu? There are no elections left, Hillary's waiting in the wings. Netanyahu is many things but not politically stupid. He wouldn't have done this unless he left safe enough to do it. It's also a power demonstration, in a sense, of who is boss.

      He is showing Obama to be weak in a very public and humiliating way. All these threats from "senior administration officials" amount to nothing. What can Obama actually do? There's nothing. He can't apply any diplomatic and economic pressure, because the lobby would go nuts. His own Secretary of State has lobbied hard on behalf of him, even after being humiliated in 2013/2014 by the same guy.

      People can get all "outraged" as they want, but you get the sense that it is a lot of kabuki theater. If anything, the lobby is becomming more brazen and bold. Just look at how Saban and Adelson are openly joking with each other of taking over the NYT, of how they dominate each political party in America.

      In such a climate, Netanyahu's moves are not exactly coming out of the blue, so excuse me for being cynical and acidic about these so-called "outraged" columnists who are in every bit on the current climate but never fail not to speak out otherwise.

  • Netanyahu speech could turn Israel lobby into a political football
    • Giles, I don't think he is a Zionist.

      Anyway, Phil is daydreaming. I viewed Matthew's clip. He and his guests didn't even get close. The Politico reporter was amazingly stand-offish, trying to blame the immigration tussles for this in a bizarre way.

      The NYT covers up for Israel as usual. This time will be a lot like last time.

      Obama has no more elections. There's no price to pay to defy him. This is why Menendez, one of the premier whores in Congress(with Mark Kirk) for the lobby, is going all-out. He is already looking at fundraisers for 2016 and he knows that Hillary is much more hawkish than Obama so thrashing Obama will if anything raise his standing in her eyes.

      At any rate, I was surprised that Matthews didn't bring up numerous reports that the Israeli ambassador, Ron Dermer, was behind this. Boehner is too dumb to do this on his own. Of course, if Matthews touched that topic(and he breezily did, questioning out loud if Boehner was indeed smart enough to do this on his own), then that would invite a bunch of attacks along the lines of "see, he is talking about a Jewish conspiracy!!!".

      Also, if you think Rand Paul or Elizabeth Warren are going to touch Israel after both have gone out of their way to pander to the lobby(Paul's pandering have been especially terrible, precisely because he knows the baggage of his father and Warren basically adopts AIPAC talking-points), then you are delusional, Phil.

      This will take time. You better understand you're going to do this for at least 20 years. This will not be Algeria or Apartheid South Africa for reasons we've already covered in the past. It'll take longer.

  • Obama won't meet Netanyahu during 'bizarre,' 'historic,' 'unprecedented' visit (Updated)
    • Obama can veto new sanctions if he wants to. But he wants to avoid that because vetoing a piece of legislation that is supported by his own party would be incredibly undermining for the rest of his agenda.

      The Israel Lobby has basically said: Obama, remember your progressive stuff in your recent SOTU? You can stuff it. It's all about wars now.

      And Kristol is right: donors do mean Jews in this case. Pat Hagee and the Christian Evangelicals are nowhere to be seen.

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • Oh yeah, Levy, that guy who is a neocon. Always wants intervention in the Middle East. He lives in France but his heart is in Israel(and in Likud Israel to be precise).

      If Le Pen came to power in 2017 and didn't touch the Jews but threw out the muslims, he'd be officially pained but privately pleased.

    • The problem with Valls approach is that he essentially views it through monetary terms. Throw money on it and it will solve itself. I think that is very naive. This is a much deeper issue. A lot of white liberals think the whole world wants to be like them.

      Well, a lot of the rest of the world keep telling these white liberals: not really. But if you're convinced that you lead the most moral lifestyle of all, there's no real need to listen to anyone else.

      Folks in these gettoes are not always like those in America. Often these people live in these places out of religious reasons. They want to be surrounded by what they see as a properly Islamic lifestyle. Forcing them out, such a French solution. Everything can be solved by a government decree! And what if they refuse? And does lowering the VAT, will that really help?

      The problem on Valls' hands is that he has a large population which is really not identifying with the French society for a variety of reasons, and lowering taxes won't change that.

      And just moving the poor muslim population around; that'll be really popular with the white middle class. Watch Le Pen win in 2017.

    • Nicely written.

      I'd just cynically add that I've kept hearing how Europe is somehow this place of no return, yet I note that I don't see Europeans(whether they are in Europe or of European ancestry in NA, ANZ) jumping to live with Jews. Most Europeans are fine with Jews these days, but it's Jews who keep moving to European-majority countries.

      And even if we take France as an example, most of the French Jews that have left haven't even gone to Israel. Only about a few thousand have. The vast majority go to other Western countries, and often in Europe itself.

      Even if we take Anshel himself as an example, he had amazing coverage of Ukraine when the conflict was around. He was there physically for months. He tweets obsessively about the debate in the House of Lords on Israel.

      Considering that the Middle East is blowing up, doesn't he have to do more in his own neighbourhood than hawking over a debate in the British parliament?

      My point is that Anshel's own rhetoric fails to match his deeds. It's a fact that the Islamic world was more tolerant to Jews than Christian Europe yet how much of Islamic heritage has Israel embraced? You're more likely to find a lot of knowledgable Jews on matters of Western philosophy than you are on Arab or even Islamic philosophy in general, which is crazy, considering that Israel is in the Middle East and not in Europe.

      I read his kind of commentary and I never fail to be amused by the amazing psychological dissonance. As for free speech, to be brutually frank, most of the stringest laws have usually been pushed by Jewish lobby groups under the umbrella of "hate speech", which is a vague and ever-expanding definition. They've tried the same in the US but in America, they have something called the 1st amendment(something Europe desperately needs).

      It's more than a little funny to read Ashel writing, unironically, about the slipping of free speech in Europe.

  • Diaspora Jews are not in 'exile,' they are at home
    • Exactly, I feel like Brownfeld is missing this. For many, Zionism is just a way to hold onto their heritage, at any price. But it still requires you to have de facto dual loyalty. Moving to Israel is many things, but at least it is consequential and consistent with your beliefs.

      Lots of people in the diaspora haven't assimilated and just live this in-between existance, not as rosy as Mr. Brownfeld paints it.

  • Can we just retire the phrase 'relative calm'?
    • For the NYT, there is only calm when Jewish lives are safe.

      When Palestinians are massacred, calm also exists.

      The NYT claims to be a "liberal" newspaper but on I/P it's more like a pro-Apartheid paper in 1980s South Africa.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • I agree. To be a Jewish anti-Zionist is the most dangerous thing these people know, because the whole "anti-Semitism" attack simply doesn't work and the whole "self-hating Jew" is laughable and a pathetic attack.

      As for the whole Clancy affair, basically what it shows is that the lobby isn't just AIPAC but that there is a Zionist blood oath that you need to take to partake in the higher levels in the media.
      It's okay to be a non-Zionist, but you can't be an anti-Zionist.

      This reminds me of the Charles W. Freeman, Jr affair. Basically it was also a campaign by the Israel lobby to attack someone who isn't toeing the party line.

      It's funny, they keep claiming that their influence are "conspiracies" but they keep proving us right.

  • French terror attacks contribute to Israeli's isolation
    • I read an interview with Abe Foxman in Haaretz, who's a racial ethno-nationalist, perhaps even a supremacist.

      The most interesting freudian slip in that interview - and there were many - was that he talked about the problem of "muslim growth". And he then contrasted Le Pen as an enemy of our enemy (the muslims).

      I think this position is probably pretty mainstream within the Jewish establishment. They are filled with rage and hatred against both groups. Foxman did mostly talk about "radical islamists" etc, but he did slip in the unqualified "muslim" comment as the interview wore on and the guard was lowered.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • Mhughes, Zionism arose because Jews are a seperate people. That doesn't mean that Jews are untrustworthy per se. You can be a Zionist and be either pro- or anti-Jewish(and anyway, who decides the boundaries? It's very vague to the point of useless). It's not inherent in Zionism either way.

    • Replying to Shenfield below(the reply button didn't appear below his name for some reason).

      Stephen, I didn't see much harm in Cohen's article. But I don't really get the overtly hostile rant from Keith. Sure, there's hypocrisy on intermarriage, but what exactly are "mild opinions on Jews"? Doesn't sound too tolerant.

      As for the survey itself; it's useless when it comes to the Jewish sample. It's a self-selected group who replied on the internet. The Jewish Chronicle had another poll up where almost 90% of all British Jews stated that they have never even thought about leaving the UK.

  • ICC opens war crimes inquiry into Israel over Gaza war as Palestinians prepare another UN resolution
    • That was a funny analogue, not just because the way you put it, but also because its true :D

    • And civility is the language of the powerful.

      Those without it, must learn to be "civil", which is really just another way of submitting before rules that the aggressors have set before them.

  • Obama cites donor pressure re Iran, but 'NYT' won't tell you what he means
    • Giles you speak so much truth.

      But the main problem here is and remains the media. The NYT is shilling for the lobby in a way it wouldn't ever do for any other organization. I would in fact go as far as to call the NYT as part of the lobby itself, even if it views itself as a "liberal" Zionist institution, it still nevertheless supports the ideology.

      It's okay to criticize Zionism, so long as you do it in a shoot-and-cry way. If you do it out of liberal principles, like Salaita, you're out of a job or like Shipman at Yale.

      We've made progress in this last decade, but let's not kid ourselves: the Zionist camp is far more entrenched than we are and will remain so for years to come. 2016 will not see a debate on Israel, Hillary and Warren are the two main candidates and both are shills for the lobby.

      Mid-2020s is the earliest time we'll see a real political debate on it. Until then we have to win the university campus and the progressive media. No time to slack off.

  • On CNN, Boteach lectures two prominent Muslims about freedom they 'enjoy' in US and Israel
    • MRW, the irony here is that if a white Christian lectured Boteach that he must "take back Judaism from Zionism", he would have protested not just because he is a far-right Jewish supremacist(a.k.a. Zionist) but also because he would have taken issue that Jews are somehow collectively responsible.

      Yet that's exactly what he is doing here, trying to push for Islamic collective responsibility.
      I never hear Muslims talk about Jewish collective responsibility for Zionism, at least not in the West. It's sad that we have to witness bigots like him making them look even better.

  • Netanyahu's Parisian follies
    • It says a lot that the worst thing you could be called in Israel is a freier, Hebrew for "sucker" rather than being called a liar or untrustworthy, which is typically much more problematic in most Western democracies.

      That's the Israeli mentality and their PM reflects that. No wonder Israel is ranking just above North Korea and Iran in global polls of countries. Is this what Herzl had in mind when he talked - delusionally - about being a "light onto the nations"?

      The reality is that Israel has become a fiasco on the world stage and nobody knows how to end it without blowing things up, which is why it's allowed to go on, for now.

  • Why do Muslims object to depictions of their prophet?
    • Just so that we're clear, in 2014, Charlie Hebdo had 10 covers on Front Nationale but only 1 on Mohammed.

      Yet it wasn't the far-right which attacked their offices.

      I never cease to amaze at the level of which people who would never defend Christian fundamentalists crawl before Islam. Islam shouldn't be treated worse than all other religions, but when the reality is that everyone knows that you can face death for mocking muslims while not for mocking buddhists, christians etc, that is something we can't close our eyes on because it makes us uncomfortable. That's weakness and a lack of belief in your own principles.

      As for Fuller, I do think everything has to be satirized, yes, including the Jewish belief of the "Chosen people" which I don't think should be spared any scrutiny, like any other religious doctrine.

  • Israeli education minister calls refuseniks 'radical element of reality,' but they're in the 'NYT'
    • The politics of the NYT is interesting. These folks belong around the Park Slope, Brooklyn crowd.

      The Op-Ed from the refusenik wasn't really that spectacular. It still tried to paint being a refusenik as an "Israeli patriot". In other words, the "I'll change the system from the inside" liberal Zionism that we all know is a joke.

      However, no matter how pathetic that kind of propaganda is, it's still notable that the NYT seems to be shifting again to the left. We see this whenever there's a lull in BDS activism(like in the past 6 months), the NYT shifts left. As soon as BDS heats up, it starts to shift right.

      Of course, I'm only talking about the Op-Ed pages. The news coverage continues to be atrocious. As usual.

  • Don't let's go to the war of civilizations again
    • There are some issues to be identified:

      1. Cairo safe for people? North is a man. Ask a woman if she can get through Cairo. We're not just talking catcalling here, but outright sexual physical harrassment and/or rape. This was evident even among the so-called "liberals" who protested at Tahrir.

      2. Yes, the membership of ISIS/AQ are small. But that's missing the point. The Pew study on muslims that came out a few years ago showed massive percentages who supported Islamist ideology. They might not be violent, but they still supported the death penalty for people who left the religion. In "liberal" countries like in Lebanon, it was upwards 70%. In Egypt over 90%.

      How many Christians or Jews would support the death penalty for those who leave the religion?

      The bottom line is that there is a problem within Islam that is much bigger than in Christianity and Judaism. Does the non-stop bombing and invasion of Middle Eastern countries help? No, they're fanning the flames, so I'm not saying the West is innocent, not even by a longshot. But anyone who only tries to pin the blame on U.S. military inventervention essentially sees muslims in the Middle East as without their own agency, as mere puppets for Western design. I think that is naive.

  • The Israel lobby rallies inside the Republican Party
    • The PA will not be allowed to collapse. It's an institution that was created and managed by US/EU.

      They fear what's coming if it goes down. As for Paul, yeah, Rand Paul is more interested in power than his father was, who was crazy but at least had principles. His son doesn't, he's desperate to get elected at whatever price.

      But honestly, the amount of cash you get from pro-Israel groups compared to the benefits on the other side of taking a stand is just so extreme as of now. Only a grassroots pressure campaign can change that but it has to be within the Democratic party.

  • Against self-determination
    • I largely disagreed with it yet still thought it was and remains a brilliant essay, which speaks volumes to how well-written it was.

      As for Jewish identity, assimilating Jews are not new. Most of the 10 million strong Jews in the Roman empire assimilated. Most of the Jews of babylon stayed put and assimilated instead of going back to Judea.
      And most Jews in America are assimilating.

      Phil is not moving away from Jewish history as much as he confirms it.
      There is always a core group. As I write this, the next chapters of Jewish history is being written by the Orthodox who are growing by the hour, by the day and by the year.

      Finally, ethnocentrism is often brought up as a great evil, and it can be. But communism was far more deadlier force in the 20th century than Nazism, by a massive margin, and communism is supposed to cover the entire world, not one race.

      But even more importantly, if everyone was non-ethnocentric there wouldn't be much if anything other than our looks to distinguish ourselves. Now wouldn't that be extremely boring?

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