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  • Trump could be bumpy for Jews
    • What's ironic is that many Jews themselves are prominent in the WN movement. Paul Gottfrid is the grand master of the so-called alt right - he even invented the phrase. Robert Weissberg is another. Unz hosts what can only be called a plethora of alt-right writers like Steve Sailer, A. Karlin and others. Unz is Jewish, FYI.

      So I am a bit puzzled by this author's assertions. Are those Jews delusional? I doubt it.

      Second, that Jews in America are afraid of Trump(especially those on the left) is not surprising. Many Jews embraced liberalism in America for tribal reasons, not out of principle.

      If liberalism and humanism was inherent in Jewish culture, Israel wouldn't have been an Apartheid state. Israel is not synonymous with Jewish culture, as much as white-ruled South Africa was not synonymous with Dutch culture (or British culture).

      The point I'm making is that the tone of the author is a bit dated. It implicitly buys into the mythology of Jews as liberals. My contention is that this is very circumstancial. Look at the right-wing turn of British Jews for instance. Just 9% or so of them vote Labour. They are overwhelmingly Zionist(i.e. ethnic nationalists).

      I personally find it somewhat amusing that so many ethnic nationalists seem to think they are liberals, when they are afraid of the very same people who are just like them.

  • There's no room on campus to be progressive and pro-Israel
    • The entire piece has a stench of whining Jewish privilege. For too long, people like him could pretend to be liberals in the US because support Apartheid abroad.

      That moment has collapsed, and now he's crying. He is disgusting.

  • Months after saying he won't appear at Israeli foreign ministry events, Amos Oz will do just that in Paris
    • I’m also anti-BDS, and I am a liberal

      Pick one. You cannot be a liberal and support an Apartheid state.

    • She's an Israeli who prefers to live in Los Angeles and was brought up in the U.S. from the age 3.

      Do some more research, john.

    • Exactly. Note how she approves of Oz's equation all of Europe with the Nazis and the colonial authorities, which the average European had no say in. The Nazis didn't even get a supermajority in the 1933 German election before they abolished democracy. It shows her own bigotries.

      Hershlag(her real name) suffers from the same syndrome as Goldberg and many others. She genuinely thinks Jews are better. Her problem with reality is that Jews are not better(or worse), Jews are just like everyone else.

      And so she can't explain the racism of Zionism and the Apartheid that was intentionally created with the 67 ethnic cleansing and then (further) colonisation. So she has to blame Europe. It has to be someone's fault, but it can't be the Jews fault!

      This is "liberal" Zionism folks. It isn't really more sophisticated than this. It's why they are being crushed by the left, and for good reason.

  • Let's talk about Russian influence
  • A French, a Palestinian, and a black woman all wade into a pool
    • What a tsunami of nonsense. The burkini is driven by the same impulse as the one behind the niqab and the burqa. It's about creating taboos around women's bodies - and has Nida ever considered that it is ONLY women and never men?

      Yet she now wants us to believe that this is exactly the same as forbidding black people in a pool. Donning the burqa or the burkini is a voluntary choice. You don't choose to have black skin, its something you are born with.

      Shame on this site for publishing this drivel.

  • The politics of Jewish ethnocentrism
    • I take the long view. America does not need Jews to interfere, often brutually, in the domestic affairs of other nations. Ask any Caribbean nation about that, or South-East Asia, or any other place.

      That being said, it doesn't preclude the fact that in 2016, in this day and age, Jewish ethnocentrism, crystallised into Zionism, is a driving force in American Middle Eastern policy. I don't see any evidence for it in other parts of the world, possibly in some shades in Europe, but mostly just in the Middle East. Certainly not in Asia, Africa, Latin America etc.

      Fundamentally, there is a whole class of people out there who have been telling themselves that they are liberal. They are not. Beinart, Goldberg, Stephens(liberal maybe on gay rights, not liberal on ethnocentrism) even people like Krugman, who often shirks talking about Zionism and pretends that Israel lobby doesn't exist, instead he just bashes the Koch brothers and similar types. Nothing about Adelson's Israeli obsession.

      I/P has exposed these people. The neocon convergence around Hillary is based around the same premise. It isn't concentrated to one party or one organisation. It's a pathology within the upper echelons of the Jewish community, but it is also generational. You don't see young Jews act like this in nearly the same way.

  • Beinart calls anti-Zionists 'revolutionaries'
    • It is refreshing to see you finally seeing Beinart for the reactionary he is. He is only faking concern. His blurting out a couple of years ago that he would be "fine" with Palestinians not having full citizenship rights should have been the wake-up call for you.

      Better late than never. Beinart will block any progress on the occupation while feigning concern for the Palestinians as long as he can. It's time these "liberals" are called out on their bigotry and racism.

      As I said many times before and will say again: the true test of one's liberalism is not what you support when you're in the minority, but in the majority. Beinart's politics in America is utterly irrelevent. It's what he favours in a society where he is in the majority that matters.

  • Chosen indeed: all 7 letters run by 'NYT' on Mideast article are by Jews
  • Zionists and anti-Zionists march together for two hours in New York
    • Good piece. I've never personally believed that Zionism was required for Jewish tribalism. If that was the case, how does one explain the previous 2000 years before 1948?

      I guess the challenge is how to form a community where anti-Jewish animus cannot serve as the organising principle of tribalism. The answer to that, from the established Jewish groups, has been Zionism.

      I am fundamentally skeptical of the viability of diaspora Judaism where Zionism is not the central plank if you want to see the intermarriage rate come down etc, together with all the other tribal objectives.

      The only way to achieve that is the Haredi route, but what is the point of that. Israel is probably the only place where you can live a secular life and still live a life that is oozing with Jewishness, even if you don't try to do so actively! In the diaspora, you can live a fully Jewish life, but you have to make much more of an effort. It is simply passively part of the Israeli society in a way that cannot be true in the diaspora. So I get the allure for secular Jews in the US and elsewhere, why they'd romanticise it.

      Nevertheless, I'm fairly confident that these types of marches will be more normalised as even the NYT and other holdouts finally capitulate and get real with their readers, that Israel is a fascistic society which has no intention of ever emancipating the Palestinians and it is willing to endure interntional isolation because the settlers have now completely taken over the state. But then again, the founders were also settlers, so what is the difference?

      Israel will simply be an uncomfortable subject to be swept under the carpet, like any other dysfunctional family deals with its issues.

      I doubt the Israeli society will mourn anything at all.They've already moved on in many ways. Many American Jews have not.

  • White Jews and uppity blacks
    • I'm surprised how lightly the writer treats the ADL, casting it as the good guy against the bad ZOA. ADL only gave lip service to BLM, while it castigated it for standing up to Palestinian rights. That's why they turned on BLM in their latest attack.

      Truth is, there is no major daylight between ZOA and ADL. The only difference is that ADL is smoother and pretends to be a universal civil rights group when they are an ethnocentric lobby group only concerned with one group alone, like the ZOA.

      That cover worked fine as long as Palestine was not on the agenda. Now that it is, the cover is blown and the mask drops. Instead, the writer never mentions this and just passively describes them as "supporting" BLM when this isn't the case, at all. The latest salvo on BLM was hysterical and paranoid from their side.

      More generally, I'd say most of these "Jewish radicals" were not in many cases very radical. The same is true of these "liberals" who are only liberal in America, because it is in their ethnic interest.

      But being a liberal as an ethnic minority is not a sign of liberalism. It's just a sign you know your interests. The real test is how you act in situations where your group is in the majority. The vast majority of so-called "liberal" Jewish Zionists are not liberal at all when it comes to Israel.

      People overestimate just how much liberalism there is in American Jewry, at least for those above the age of 40.

  • Israeli settler leader, rejected by Brazil, gets warm welcome in New York
    • It's because the nerve center of the Israel lobby is in America. It's also why Israel has been able to avoid the same pressure as Apartheid South Africa. The Afrikaaner lobby, such as there even was one, doesn't even stand a chance against the Israel lobby.

      Shillary will be 8 golden years for these people. During these 8 years we have to consolidate the gains made during the Obama years. And we can't settle for a waffler like Bernie. I/P has to be made a major priority for every democrat, just like gun laws, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage is.

      The PEP people have to become purged. It's only an elite obsession anyway, concentrated on capitol hill and in the media. There is no major support structure within the liberal base, and it's long, long past time that those who support an Apartheid state get called what they are: racists.

  • Israel lobby panics about 'spoiled' next generation of American leaders turning against it
    • Part of the problem for the Israel lobby is that it has always been a top-down movement, just like the neocons in the GOP.

      It was never rooted in the grassroots. The only mass movement of people who loved Israel were evangelical Christians, who are held with contempt by the vast majority of leaders in the lobby, as they came from urban backgrounds and consider themselves "liberals"(lmao).

      Witness the support Bernie got among the young and educated liberals vs Clinton. She is the last stand of the lobby and they are right to be worried. They will get these last 8 years of a puppet president, but after her, le Deluge.

      The Bernie voters were never divided on Israel, they were fully supportive of Palestine. Dean voters became the Obama voters. The Bernie voters will have 8 years, not 4 years, but that will make it even more impactful once the next (real) election takes place, which is the democratic primary in 2024, as the GOP is terminally eliminated via demographics.

  • The 'New York Times' is dead set on marginalizing Jewish anti-Zionism
    • It's a generational issue. By the time the young Jews of today become 40-50, Israel will already be so far to the right that they won't need American support.

      The country has never been safer from outside aggressors and nobody in Israel believes the propaganda/bullshit/lies that Iran is the new Nazi Germany.

      I've always maintained that Israel's single biggest threat is not external, but internal. If they inevitably slide into isolationism, will they endure that? How will the state, founded by secular athetists for the most part, handle its transition into religious fundamentalism?

      These are the most foundational questions for Israel over the next 30 years.
      In a sense, even if American Jewry sours, Israel will no longer need them as much as it used to need them. It can handle its own.

  • Barak says Trump should name Rice or Gates v.p. to improve his chances from 30 percent
    • In what way did he speak the truth? He invoked Jabotinsky, the fascist, as a hero and Ben-Gurion, the ethnic cleanser, as a role-model.

      His criticisms are tactical, not ideological. It's amazing to me that Phil stenographed his entire talk without nary a critical comment. Maybe Barak can be that charming, but with distance, it is a hypocritical speech.

      He lectures the South Africans on living in a bubble, yet this guy thinks that Netanyahu has been "taken hostage" when everything points to the fact that he believes everything he does. Why shouldn't he? Barak spins this fairy tale because he needs a fairy tale Israel to believe in.

      He cannot fathom that the so-called 'extreme right' as smack in the middle of center in Israel today. Worse, he cannot admit that his ideological strain basically agrees with them on all the fundamental aspects of Apartheid and oppression. His only critique is that they should do it in a more nimble way.

  • Trump's America is fascist, says Bret Stephens, but Netanyahu's Israel smells like a rose
    • Stephens is not isolated.

      He is a good example of the fact that a lot so-called "liberal" Zionists(and neocons are essentially socially liberal) are only liberals in the USA because they are ethnic/religious minorities.

      In other words, they are liberals because it is in their ethnic interest to be so. That's why they oppose Trump(soft white nationalism) but strongly support Zionism(hardcore Jewish nationalism).

      Their problem is not with nationalism per se. Their opposition is simply conditional on whether they are in a majority or in the minority.

      You can find a lot of similar examples on the so-called center(Jeff Goldberg) or even Beinart, who may be anti-Netanyahu but is still an avowed ethnic nationalist.

      The crisis in Israel is bringing out all this hypocrisy for all to see.

  • Beinart's Jewish double-bind: Support oppression or you're out of the family
    • Beinart has always put the interests of tribe above principles. That doesn't make him the same kind of Zionist as a bigot like Foxman, but in the end, in the final analysis, he's on the side of Jewish Apartheid.

      It's been obvious from the start. The shoot-and-cry Zionism has long passed its date. They have no trick left to employ. Nobody is buying their BS anymore.

  • How Chris Van Hollen learned to love Israel
    • Van Hollen is the worst kind of human being. He's obviously smart enough to know what's happening but is willing to subsume the nation's interests in the favor of another in order to get elected. It is for reasons such as these that the American policy in the Middle East has been a failure.

  • 'Forward' columnist and Emily's List leader relate 'gigantic,' 'shocking' role of Jewish Democratic donors
    • Let's be honest: the reason why she felt compelled to say what she said is because of two major factors: Walt and Mearsheimer and the BDS movement. J Street is still Zionist with a long history of shutting out Palestinian voices. Emily still only tried to set this up as AIPAC vs J Street. Zionism vs Zionism. That's not good enough.

      Her comments are notable for someone on the inside, but they are still a result of grassroots efforts to expose the Israel lobby. And yes, it's mostly about money on the democratic side. That's where the big donors of the Jewish community comes from, to ensure support of Jewish Apartheid.

      The GOP are going to support Israel no matter what. It's because of Christian evangelicalism, it's because the Palestinians are muslims, and are therefore the automatic enemy in the eyes of the GOP.

      As the GOP withers and dies demographically, the spotlight will turn to the Democratic party. Why are its elites increasingly out of step with the base? The NYT wrote about "conservative Jewish influence" a few days ago when talking about Bernie's Israel heresy. Again: only in the context of Jewish dissent is this discussion ever broached. It was also written by a Jewish reporter in a newspaper owned by Jews. That's not good enough.

      True progress will be when the disucssion moves from "How are Jews feeling?" to "What can be done to end support of Jewish Apartheid, not because what some Jews feel like, but because it is the right thing to do for humanity".

  • Sanders's leftwing base made him take on Netanyahu
    • The chief fundraiser of Emily's list, who has a long history of seeking money from Jewish donors, spoke about this political glasnost here as well:

      link to

      It's just 4-5 minutes, but it's worth a listen. She says, as the room falls silent, that the Orthodoxy on Israel was never about votes; it was about money. Though she stops at contrasting AIPAC to J Street, its another stepping stone to BDS.

      Soon every democrat will recoil at the sight of AIPAC like they are at the sight of the NRA. Then inevitably J Street will be exposed as the conservative organisation it is, working to support an Apartheid state, and the true democratic debate will come out.

      The Zionist organisations fear this, because they believe they will not win such a debate if it is conducted fairly and even-handedly. They're right.

  • The Jewish community must choose, between Sanders and AIPAC
    • Very good article, but you can tell the author isn't well versed in American politics.
      What I mean by that is that she invests all this power in the Jewish community to end the special relationship with the Jewish Apartheid state.

      In reality, the Jewish community matters, but increasingly less so, as the BDS movement is drawing strength from all communities, most of whom are non-Jewish.
      Yes, there are plenty Jews in it, but whether there is Jewish consent or not is frankly irrelevant. Time and patience have simply run out to wait on a sudden mass Jewish awakening when it hasn't been happning.

  • Jewish leaders' excommunication of Sanders aide over Israel will only alienate young Jews -- Open Hillel
    • To contrast it with the so-called "Arab lobby" which has been exposed as weak and irrelevant once again:

      link to

      Notice how open the discussion is about Saudi Arabia's role as a liability for the U.S.
      When will we have a discussion about the USS Liberty? When will we have a discussion about sending up to 5 billion dollars a year to an Apartheid state which never sends its troops to the wars that its lobby advocates for?

      Power is when you don't have to answer for your privilege and your leeching. The NYT is a thoroughly Zionist newspaper, as is most of the rest of the American media.

      But the day will come when this discussion will be had over Israel, too.

  • 'Israel will not have better friend in White House than Hillary' -- Clinton adviser assures NY
    • Interesting. Sanders feels he can go after Wall Street in an unrestrained manner, without apologising or amending anything.

      But look at this! Now his spox is coming out of the woodwork, in a nervous tone, assuring the supporters of Jewish apartheid that Sanders will, indeed, be a staunch supporter of their cause. Very disappointing.

      Yet also very telling. This goes to show what we've been saying. You can bash the NRA or Wall Street. But you can't bash the Israel lobby.

      Now which lobby/special interest group is the most powerful of them all? The one which nobody dares to criticise.

  • Shocker: 'NYT' forum on anti-Zionism tilts toward equating Zionism with racism
    • Remember 2009-2011? During those years, the NYT took bold steps towards saying what had to be said, only to retreat into bigoted Jewish supremacism. Jodi Rudoren's fawning portrayals of IDF generals ruling over a colonised population and her dismissals of Palestinians as "ho-hum" about the death of their children was the logical conclusion of the years that followed 2009-2011.

      We may now see the temporary reverse of shoot-and-cry Zionism, only for it to re-emerge as Clinton enters the WH and breaths life into the dead ghost of the 2SS. The puppetshow must then be re-enacted, and the NYT knows what role it has to play in order to defend Jewish Apartheid.

      Watch for the NYT to denounce any truthteller as a bigoted extremist for failing to be sufficienctly supportive of the Jewish Apartheid project in Israel.

      In the long run, I am an optimist. But let us not exonerate the NYT for its staunch and consistent support of Zionism, even when it was obvious to everyone of the deep racism and brutal colonialism that was apparent to anyone on the ground. The NYT wasn't oblivious, it was actively covering up the crime out of ideological reasons, it's a heavily Jewish paper and Zionism is seeped in American-Jewish culture.

      That institutional failure to rid itself of its racism has to be remembered and the NYT has to be held accountable. It never wavered on civil rights. It never trembled on Christian Apartheid in South Africa. So why did it defend Jewish Apartheid until the bitter end?

      These questions are uncomfortable, yet they need to be asked, over and over again, until they come clean. It has blood on its hands and it must be held accountable for supporting a historical crime.

  • Sanders is in Jewish tradition that rejected exceptionalist nationalism of Zionism
    • It is an appropriate critique of Sanders’ habit of omitting his Jewishness altogether


      as he routinely does by referring to himself as the child of Polish immigrants, without mentioning the fact of his Jewishness.

      What a crime! You never fail to amuse with your idiocy, hop.

    • I didn't like the piece. It was reflective of an Ashkenazi cultural domination. Just as Jesse accuses Zionists, and rightly so, of taking Judaism hostage, he is guilty of the same by talking of a general "Jewish tradition" and then only refers to Ashkenazi history.

  • As NY primary approaches, Clinton and Sanders separate, somewhat, on Israel
    • Morning Joe has actually been one of the few media outlets that has not treated Bernie with outright hostility. Props to Joe and Mika.

    • Yet notice how Bernie will not mention her slavishness to the Israel lobby, which pushed for the Iraq war and pushes for regime change in the Middle East today.

      He slams her on Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry, but he stays shamefully silent on the Israel lobby and its disastrious effects on American foreign policy.

      Now tell me, which lobby is the most powerful in Washington? It's not even close.

  • Liberal Zionists are losing control of US discourse, and they know it
    • The liberal Jewish establishment is part and parcel of the Clinton Coalition. The young liberals are all for Bernie, which is ironic since you'd expect the Jews to be with the Jewish candidate, but nope.

      Anyway, their decline in influence must be traced alongside the decline of Clintonism among the young. Clintonism, support for Wall Street and being slavish to the Israel lobby, isn't winning a lot of future votes.

      They should be scared, because the writing is on the wall.

  • Eric Alterman contradicts himself about anti-Semitism on campus
  • Senior advisor to Clinton calls Obama's rationale for withdrawal from Mideast 'strange, bizarre, illogical, odd'
    • Her freakout is similar to that of other Israel lobbyists, they fear American withdrawal. That's also why neocons support higher military budgets. If they feel so strongly about Israel that their view of American security is distorted, then they should pack their bags and make aliyah.

  • Obama said in Cuba what he couldn't say in Palestine
    • Agreed, but Phil has a history of making wildly optimistic predictions. He kept saying BDS would become an issue in the campaign; never happened.

      Obama was always a political creature that was created out of liberal Jewish donors' domain. He literally described them, half-jokingly, as his "cabal".

      He has told Axelrod that he considers himself the closest thing to the first Jewish president. I've said for a while now that Obama identifies closer to the Jews than to black people or white people. But it's a specific Jewish community, the Remnick shoot-and-cry Zionists who are very liberal on domestic policy but turn into Israel stalwarts whenever someone non-Jewish criticizes Israel.

      That's Obama's background, that is his formation. Phil just skips past it.

    • He will stay silent on Jewish Apartheid. He needs those donors/connections after his presidency.

      He will likely talk more about BLM/police violence because the cops don't have a lobby in the U.S. beside the WSJ editorial board, who have always hated Obama anyway.

      So, in other words, pick the low-hanging fruit, but he will continue to defend Jewish Apartheid.

  • A 'longtime activist for social justice,' Booker worries his anti-BDS stance will 'rankle' and 'upset' people
    • I don't think you've been following campus politics lately. The community leaders in the Latin@/black student movements have been solidly pro-Palestinian.

      Remember a few years ago when AIPAC and the other groups in the lobby tried to buy off students on key campuses? They abandoned that, because it didn't work.

      So what they are doing now is plan B: go and try to outright ban BDS activism. It is a high-stakes game, a rear-guard action, one which will inevitably end in a loss.

      In a sense, they are raising the profile on BDS activism by several notches, free PR.

      While its true that the average black/brown voter isn't very well aware, guess what, neither is the average white voter. In fact, I'd place more faith in the young black/brown leadership of America than the white, progressive leadership, which is often made up of spineless WASPs.

      The future is already seen on campuses, and the Israel lobby are engaged in a fight-and-retreat.

  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • The reason Obama chose Garland is because he should be a “shoe in” for confirmation.

      It was telling that during Totenberg's interview, she referred to him as "another white guy". This is the melding of the establishment. It's why Lena Dunham caught hell in 2010 over Girls, because her explanation that half her staff was Jewish(as in, they are minority) didn't satisfy anyone. It was a telling moment.

      It's why Friends, the sitcom, is now being attacked as being too white and romantic about it when it is re-running, even if it had a mostly Jewish writing staff and several Jews as actors.

      You don't get to these positions in the establishment without significant assimilation. Garland's nomination may be a big moment for older Jews, those closer to 60 and above, but for the rest of America, the younger and more diverse America, they ask: what is the difference?

      I was reading through a lot of legal philosophy lately and of course there are plenty of Jews represented in those rankings of who is most cited etc. When I read their jurisprudence, the Posner/Dworkin/Eisenstein and the others, we're dealing with a moderate technocratic elite. Yes, they are different from a firebreather like Scalia, but there was precious little on race and issues such as those.

      It was mostly about the environment, the proper role of government and more arcane technicalities. That relaxed approach also suggests that a community is assimilated, else more pressing concerns would resurface.

  • Sanders will not attend AIPAC, offers to share remarks
    • Disappointing. It conveys the message that the main obstacle was the delivery of his remarks. Sanders shouldn't even be negotiating with these alien lobbyists.

      He decries the influence of special interests in domestic policy, but its suddenly good or at least acceptable in foreign policy? This is one area where the grassroots progressives who support Sanders simply must improve on. We can't be impartial to Apartheid.

  • Goldberg on Obama's Syria credibility 'crisis'
    • BTW this is an awesome piece of commentary/news analysis, annie.

    • I don't get this meme. He's not mysterious, he's merely rational.

      Obama has always been a foreign policy rationalist. He cites Brent Snowcroft as a role model for foreign policy.

      Goldberg's hysteria is merely the latest sign of the decline of the neocons.

  • As Trump heads to AIPAC, Netanyahu stands to benefit
  • 'New York Times' whitewashes poll showing Israeli support for expelling Palestinians
    • Haaretz and NYT are engaged in a pointless pursuit: to engage in wordfeuding when the stark reality of a Jim Crow state is staring them in the face, a fact both have tried to undercut and/or hide from their readers for years(esp. NYT).

      This latest shameful shilling for Jewish Apartheid should surprise absolutely nobody.

  • 'NYT' columnist says Hillary Clinton is not pro-Israel enough!
    • Exactly.

      Remember Ya'alon just a few days ago begging about "moral support"(and more cash, of course)?

      For all the talk about how Israel supposedly 'doesn't need' America, its highest officials and hasbara journalists constantly reference the need for support.
      We were told just a few years ago how India and China represent a new chapter in Israeli diplomatic relations.

      I said back then: Israel has no choice but America because neither India nor China are stupid enough to have a "special relationship" with an isolated Apartheid state, which is an outcome from a alien interest lobby, the Israel lobby.

      Its all bluster. Without America, Israel is worth shit.

  • Rubio's defeat means the downfall of neoconservatives
    • So pointing out that Trump has wrecked the neocons(temporarily) is now the same as actively supporting or even promoting?

      Even for the low standards of an internet troll, you still manage to sink lower. You've never been intelligent, but at least you weren't so outright stupid in your trolling.

    • One more thing: Ted Cruz is not as belligerent as the neocons want, but he's obviously not a realist in foreign policy. He's a favorite of Adelson's wife, which should tell you a lot. The neocons are not yet finished, you're making a pre-celebratory victory lap here.

      Frankly, I still think, long-term, they have an easier stay in the GOP than in the democratic party. The base of the GOP by and large likes Israel, while the progressive base, especially the younger part, is starting to seriously hate Israel.

      Neocons are basically Jewish nationalists. So their primary concern is Israel. They can't trust a democratic party long-term whose base is hostile to their core interest, Israel(not America).

    • Trump will not call out Hillary on the neocons, because he is a bully and a bully typically goes after people he perceives as weaker targets. That's why Trump went after mexicans & muslims but not jews, blacks or Asians. He instictively knows which groups have cultural power in the US and which don't.

      He has also tried to woo Adelson in the past (but failed). He's going to AIPAC. No, he's not going to invade countries in the Middle East but he isn't actively going to call out the neocons.

  • Sayed Kashua doesn't want to write in Hebrew for 'Haaretz' anymore
    • Thanks for the report. Don't forget that 97%(!) of Jewish Israelis are against intermarriage.

      This is why all the talk about "if only Labor gets to power, things will work out alright" is BS.

  • 'What certainly influenced me' to support Iraq war, Clinton says, was Bush's billions of aid to NYC
    • Chris Matthews is probably the most hated liberal journalist by the base but he is the best. His townhalls are completely gold. The debates are dumb, it's all about 30 sec soundbytes and half the time is just applause and hooting.

      I watched the townhall on foreign policy and the moment when he said "was Iraq a smart war" after she tried to dodge his "are you a hawk?" Q by saying she believes in "smart power". That was golden and I just loved how her smile was wiped off her face.

      What followed was, finally, an interrogation of a candidate on a disastrious war. He even tied it to Libya. She showed, once again, that she has learned nothing at all. She stills claims Libya is a democratic success. ISIS has over 6000 fighters in the country and the so-called "moderates" are basically strands of Islamists.

      Here, Matthews broke down. My guess is that he hasn't read up on Libya enough and just let her pass through with her BS.

      This interview/townhall just reminded me how utterly pathetic Bernie has been on calling out her neocon instincts. He's been meekly talking about regime change. He must be more aggressive, he must invoke Libya, Syria and, yes, I/P.

  • Ya'alon comes to D.C. to gain 'moral support' for 'nation state of Jewish people,' against weapon of BDS
    • I've said before and it must be said again: Jewish Apartheid has a ton more support than white Apartheid ever had in the American elite, whether in the media, the think tanks, the government etc. It's just a fact of life.

      As for Yaalon's statements about Israel, did he forget that a majority of Israel's first budget came out of diaspora donations? Did he forget the watching eye and the close security relationship Israel had from its earliest days? Back in the 50s and early 60s, it was actually France which was close to Israel even if the US and UK were never far behind.

      Finally, his speech underscores the importance of Western support(essentially American support, since the EU is an American poodle) for Israel and the Jewish Apartheid project.

      This is why they fear BDS so much.

  • 'A nation with a special purpose'-- Rubio gives 2-1/2 minutes to Israel in stump speech
    • The brown puppet of rich Zionist racists isn't going to win, or even come close to winning. The GOP is a party in significant decline. Trump is a disaster, but who is seriously going to proclaim that a candidate like Rubio is any better?

      Its easy to see why the neocons all flocked to him. An empty suit willing to shill his dignity for the highest bidder. I will celebreate his political death. Let us hope it springs eternal.

  • 'Hi pal. I love you' and 'Russia has seen the lord' -- loopy Biden froths over Netanyahu
    • Biden is 73. Generational attachment to Israel isn't only something which is present among Jews.

      Further, Biden's been at Davos lately where he warns against nationalism in America(Trump) or in Europe(Le Pen, Wilders etc). All fine and good, this is what we expect from a liberal.

      But it's this hypocrisy, when it comes to Israel, then violent Jewish nationalism and colonialism is suddenly important. Notice how Palestinians get erased from his comments altogether.

      This is why I can't take people like Biden seriously, he doesn't have any principles on nationalism. In this sense, it's easy to see why he fits in well with "liberal" Zionists, because they suffer from the same disease.

      P.S. I'd love to see a new "peace plan", if only to see the acid and contemptuous reactions to it. Nobody is believing this charade anymore. Game over.

  • In bid for Florida, Rubio says Trump is 'anti-Israeli' and a peace deal must wait 30 years
    • Oh, Rubio. The brown puppet of the neocon establishment. He finally shows his true colors and goes to his base: the Zionist donor class.

      This is why Max Boot and the rest of the Israel Firsters were all on board on his train. This is what Braman paid millions of dollars for.

      Watching Rubio die in a fire has been highly enjoyable. Now I just hope for a massive blowout in Florida. Bury him once and for all.

    • Thanks for the hilarity. Chalev is an entertaining clown. You've grown accustomed to a lot of delusional idiots in the Israeli press - especially people who consider themselves "liberal" but are anything but, like him - but he is often in his own category, sort of like the Israeli Tom Friedman.

      The recent Pew study on Israel showed 97% opposed intermarriage among Israeli Jews. You don't get to those massive margins without huge buy-in among so-called "liberals". Chalev and the rest of the Israeli "left" are good examples.

  • Petition urges Sanders to snub AIPAC, hotbed of Clintonism and neoconservatism
    • A compromise will be found. Bernie will arrange a meeting with J Street or a similar lobby organisation which also protects Jewish Apartheid but does it in less strident terms(much like the labor party in Israel).

      Of course, it is possible that he will go to AIPAC(although I'd doubt it), and if he does, there will be a revolt against him among the grassroots.

      Israel is a big issue among the journalistic left, just look at how engaged Greenwald has been lately. The intercept today is bascially the house organ of the progressive base. The nation is trying to catch up. TNR is a joke to everyone(but less of a joke than it was before, when it was a racist neocon rag).

      I also doubt Huffpost will sit silently on the issue.

      Remember: in 2008, Obama pandered so much to AIPAC that he promised "Jerusalem will remain undivided"(read: permanent Jewish apartheid of Palestinians). He later kinda-sorta walked back those comments, but it was nevertheless a revealing moment.

      So if Bernie calls it quits on AIPAC, that's a huge evolution from 2008. But J Street isn't enough, it's still pro-Apartheid but with better PR. They won't even allow Palestinians into the debate, which isn't surprising, because they know they would get butchered in one.

  • Clinton's date to pander at AIPAC leaves an opening for Sanders, you'd think
    • You guys are very generous. I don't think it is tactical, it's ideological.

      You don't stand up and say the Gaza slaughter was justified, which is essentially what he did in 2014, unless you have a deep attachment to the country.

      The reason why I'll still support him is a recognition that moral bankruptcy over I/P is the norm, not the exception, even on the left. (The institutional left, not the progressive base, which is far more moral and smarter). And it's also the fact that Clinton is just a Likudnik, essentially, on foreign policy.

      But let's not cut Bernie too much slack on an issue where he deserves to be called out on.

  • It will take more than a political revolution for Bernie Sanders to 'level the playing field' in Israel/Palestine
    • The strategic calculus that leads the U.S. to rely on force as its primary tool of statecraft in the region, with Israel as our principal deputy

      I disagree. Israel has been remarkably intelligent about using force. They never participated in any meaningful way in either of the two gulf wars nor are they doing much against ISIS.

      They only tried to push the U.S. to attack Iran because that would help their geostrategic interest. Israel isn't a "principal deputy", it's the primary cause and in many ways the instigator of violence(and violence which it never tries to follow itself).

      It's important to understand in that in the term "Israel" I'm including the Israel lobby, groups like AIPAC as well as informal groups like PNAC(like the 2003 Iraq war).

      Bernie's problem is that while he's against regime change, he won't call out those responsible for it, partly out of fear, but also because he is still a Zionist.

      That being said, he's still miles ahead of Clinton on every issue, and this is no exception.

  • Pushed by alumni claiming anti-Semitism, Vassar officials oppose BDS and promote 'Israel-positive' programs
    • In the battle between the progressive base and rich racists in the donor class, I'm betting on the progressive base.

  • In bid for Adelson's millions, Rubio announces braintrust of pro-Israel old-timers
    • “is decimating the three legs of blanket Republican support for Israel: Evangelicals, Jews and interventionist hawks.”

      This isn't accurate. The exit polls in SC showed that Trump was beating Cruz with the evangelicals. In most other Southern states they have been fairly close.

      What is really happening is Chemi Shalev freaking out over the Israel lobby's strangehold over the GOP. It's the same fear that Bill Kristol has. It exposes his tribalism. He just throws in the Christian element to hide it, in the same way people talk about irrelevant groups like CUFI in order not to talk about Jewish groups like AIPAC(the ones that really matter).

      Neocons are just Jewish nationalists, with a few WASPs sprinkled between. Those WASPs are either craven opportunists or Islamophobes who view Zionism as a conduit to advance their bigotry(think Niall Ferguson or similar odious types).

      The truth is, the GOP base may not like the Palestinians but if there was ever an open debate in the GOP media about the causes of interventionism(the neocon/Zionist takeover of the conservative media), they would quickly abandon the Israel right or wrong cause.

      This is why Buchanan was purged, because the neocons/Zionists know this. It's why you can smell the fear even at a distance from people like Kristol or his "liberal" helpers like Chalev. I saw the other day that the former ADL bigot, Foxman, was comparing Trump to Hitler. This is a man who has been uncompromising about his support for an Apartheid state(and paid no social price for it, ever).

      What we will likely now move to a contested convention. This is Rubio's long-term play. Trump probably knows what is going on but he's savaged at every turn now. Not just in ads from the GOP establishment but I've noticed the general media taking a much harder line now. This limits his responses.

      Trump's at his strongest when talking about foreign policy. It's why he crushed Jeb! in SC. But after all these "Trump = Hitler" attacks in the media lately, he can't talk about the Israel lobby and the Rubio campaign, because the Foxman-type Jewish supremacists would seize the moment, aided by neocons and "liberals" like Chalev, Chait and the rest of the gang.

      For Rubio, the hope is that these influencers will grant Rubio the nod at the convention.

      A part of me kind of hopes that Rubio would get it during back-room deals at the convention. The nonsense that a young brown puppet of the Israel lobby would somehow be what America wants would be annihilated.

      Bernie's team are, in the meantime, playing the long game:

      link to

      This is what awaits these vile neocons in the democratic party. They can vote for Hillary but they know it is a one-way ticket. The base will destroy them if they even try to influence foreign policy. The rising star of the DNC is Tulsi Gabbard, loved by the base and DWS is the hated wench who is only loved by Zionist donors. Tulsi will be back when her time has come, when the Bernie generation, the post-9/11 and the post-Iraq generation fully come of age. We saw glimmers of it in 2004. In 2016 it has matured far more. With time, it will capture the whole party. Clinton's already been pushed far to the left, getting very critical comments on her interventionism.

      The neocons are totally finished if they think this is the party that they can join over the long haul.

      This is the future now.

  • Most Jews want to expel Palestinians -- Pew's ugly portrait of Israel
    • BTW where is that troll gnome hophmi, reassuring us all that this data is all just overblown hyperbole if not anti-Semitism? I'd love to see how that clown tries to spin this blatant proof of a Jim Crow racist state.

    • What is revealing is that the younger are more in favor of expelling rather than the older. Usually the younger are more liberal; not in Israel.

      The data on intermarriage was shocking.

  • Israeli 'left' comes up with plan to segregate and disenfranchise 200,000 'enemy' Palestinians
    • And you (and Barack Obama) thought Netanyahu was so bad when he warned that Arabs were going to the polls in droves a year ago!

      Hey, don't drag the rest of us down in the mud. I remember the coverage on the election last year. There were plenty of us who threw cold water on the idea that Labor would be any different. You should read some of your pieces on the eve of the election, its like you were in love with the "liberal" Zionist movement but for a brief moment.

      Overall, this proposal simply confirms what we all know. It further underscores that nobody in liberal America will believe a single word coming out of Clinton's mouth as she attempts to pretend that the 2SS is alive and well in 2017.

      The question is: what happens next? I think there are good reasons to believe that the next 8 years will be crucial for the BDS movement in general. And it would also mark the passing of America over Europe in the political activism, as I suspect Europe will move further to the right in response to the refugee crisis, which means plenty of pro-Zionist parties.

      The sheer slavishness of Hillary for Israel means that the liberal left will become unchained in their criticism.

  • Bernie Sanders's God is a lot like John Brown's
    • This is perhaps a sidenote, but it's kind of disappointing to see Bernie's identity so wrapped up in the Shoah. While I don't doubt for a second his words, they nevertheless strike me as somewhat defensive. He comes across as completely assimilated. He is a perfect example of our merged white elites, the Jewish/WASP distinction only exists in the minds of those well over 50, who can remember a time when it mattered.

      But yes, I'd love for more Jews to openly embrace an identity rooted in more than just Zionism or the Shoah, seminal as both are, they are fundamentally negatives. Perhaps this is why assimilation is so high, when life is sweet and safe, the identity you were given(rooted around threats and destruction) simply falls apart and there is no secondary wellspring for many. I see it all the time.

  • Another instance of Israel lobby influence in this election no candidate will bring up
    • Bernie is the first political candidate I've ever donated to. I just turned 18 when Obama got elected in 2008 but even then I didn't donate. I was skeptical of the personality cult, but more importantly, I saw who his economic advisors were. All Wall Street. Neocons, or rather liberal interventionists, were crawling all over his campaign.

      Of course he was a much better choice than the two GOP disasters, but Bernie was the first candidate that truly felt like you didn't have to compromise your beliefs for.

      I think his chances are pretty shot right now, and in part, it is his meekness. We have to be frank with the fact that his Jewishness protects him to a certain extent to talk about the Israel lobby. He should have done so, to talk about their culpability for the Iraq war. But he prefers to talk about the Koch bros, a far easier (and domestic) target.

      He is lately finding a more direct way of campaigning, but for the longest time he almost pretended the campaign was a dinner party.

      Even if Bernie loses, I'm still hopeful about the future. Capitalism is now less popular than socialism among the young. Tulsi Gabbard and other leaders are thumbing their nose against the DWS establishment at the DNC(pro-Jewish Apartheid, blatantly anti-democratic, for corporate welfare etc).

      A big election this year is DWS vs Canova. It would be amazing if she got knocked out.

      Whoever wins the WH (although we know it will be a democrat), the work of building a truly progressive party is now underway. Trump's bluster and bullshit will fade with time, but the new democratic base isn't going anywhere, they are only growing. I'm sure we'll hear plenty about the dangers of one-party rule. Given the state of the disastrous GOP, I don't think so.

  • 'We wasted 40 years talking about nothing, doing nothing' -- Pappe demolishes peace process
    • Given the neocons' total backing of Hillary over Trump, and the surefire fact that any democratic candidate is now inevitable in the WH due to demographics, I wonder how the liberal base will respond in 2017 as the first rumblings of another round of "peace process" will be announced.

      It would be curious to see the reaction of the establishment as it sees that nobody believes them anymore. And this, I think, would be empowering to a lot of liberals who are guilty of the conspiracy of silence in the case of Jewish Apartheid, including Jewish liberals who, perhaps, may finally come out and truly embrace universalism as a principle and not just out of convenient expediency due to their minority status in the West. Beinart, I'm looking at you. (Although probably in vain).

      Because I expect a Clinton term to at once solidify support for Israel in the short-term but also break the dam on support for a one state framework. (Yes, most of us who follow these things very closely already know that it's ALREADY a one state, but mentally lots of folks are still in denial).

      We've reached the end of the line on the 2SS illusion and while I expect Clinton to be absolutely abysmal on I/P(even worse than Obama), I also expect semi-revolutionary movement within the not just radical left but also the moderate left as the endless expansion of Jewish Apartheid simply never stops and the Iran distraction is taken off the table.

      I re-iterate: we won't see real political progress on this issue until after 2024 and perhaps even later than that. Clinton will have to complete her two terms(the GOP demographic deficit will only grow).

    • I've been saying for years now that Phil has an important voice in this conversation. I've been calling for a book, and I still hold out hope that we'll see one before too long.

      The issue of Jewish sociology, of the Jewish establishment and its role in unconditional support for Zionism in America, is almost never broached because so many people, including supposed radicals like Pappé or Chomsky, are either scared of it or are blinded by their Marxist training.

      Not everything can be explained through material frameworks. Attachments, cultural and ethnic attachments, can often be just as strong(or even stronger).

  • Romney echoes neocons: Trump will lead U.S. 'into the abyss'
    • The recent controversy has been great. It has exposed all these neocons for what they are: an alien interest group within the GOP which only cares about Israel.

      As soon as the GOP nominee isn't a slave to Israeli interests, they are crossing the aisle for either Hillary or exploring a 3rd party bid.

      Max Boot, another Zionist neocon, said he would vote for Stalin over Trump. Think about that. This is a man who's murdered more people in Hitler. That he got away with that quote speaks volumes about how whitewashed the crimes of communism totalitarianism still is.

      And it also speaks volumes about how, again, little these people actually care about the GOP aside from endless support of Israel. It's a great time to expose these vermin, because their alien interest group lobbying has cost countless lives and trillions of dollars, the rise of ISIS and more.

      Their "pro-democracy" front was always a sham. It was and remains the case of Israel support. That's it.

    • Nice trolling, yonah. We're not interested in a Trump candidacy. Most of us are Bernie supporters who view Hillary as a reactionary. We're discussing Trump's effects on "neoconservatism"(read: Zionism through military intervention), which transcends both parties.

      I see these Zionist trolls trying to make the case that we're somehow pro-Trump because we're anti-neocon(by extension anti-Zionist, because that is what neocons are all about). Rugal got banned for trolling. I wouldn't bet big sums on you staying around much longer if you continue to purposefully troll and spread low-quality horse manure like you do. Crawl back to your little hasbara sewer.

  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • You raise many good points, but I disagree. I don't think it's problematic to have ethnic nationalism. Look at Japan or Korea. Both are plenty democratic but, yes, exclusionary in their preferences.

      The problem with Israel is that there was already people living there, and in this sense, Israel shares more with the colonisation of the Americans by Europeans. That project is today de-legitimised(and for good reasons), hence why American citizenship today and its identity is multi-ethnic and not tied to any religion.

      Thus, the theory of ethnic nationalism within a democratic contex, is plausible only in a case where there has been no ethnic expulsions or genocide, such as in Japan. That's not the case in America - or Palestine.

      That's why I agree with you on the Palestinian question, because it'd be like white Americans claiming that they want an ethno-state in America on the broken lands of native Americans. Granted, there are some who want that but they are marginalised. This woman and her ilk don't want to face this, because Israel is precisely like this, but only in the Middle East.

      Unlike white America, Jewish Israelis have not had the moral awakening and turned away from their previous colonising ways.

  • As Trump takes on the neocons, Kristol likens him to Hitler
    • Congratulations, you've outed yourself as an idiot on the internet.

      Phil isn't interested in a clown like Trump. He's interested in what Trump represents in terms of foreign policy shifts within the GOP and the American political scene. Therein lies the difference. You still don't understand that. And judging from your steady output of low quality posts, you likely never will.

    • BTW, the neocon fallback plan to the democratic party is finished. Clinton is a tool of theirs, but she's last on deck standing. Cory Booker was supposed to be their puppet but look at how he thumbed his nose at them during the Iran deal.

      Look where the liberal progressive base is. They HATE Israel.

      This is what makes me grin. These assholes have no way to turn over the long run. And it won't be the GOP base which will deliver the final blow. The last knife in will be plunged by the liberal student base. These people have been educated on I/P. Many of them are students of color, like Mr. Bailey who was profiled on this site a few days ago.

      They've seen the real Israel. And unlike whimpy WASPs, they can't be bullied into silence.

    • The definition of a RINO is Bill Kristol. Look at the unending rage of Jennifer Rubin towards Chris Christie ("He's RUINED now! RUINED I tell you!").

      Honestly, these people never cared for the Republican base or probably dont even have many Republican friends. They only joined the GOP because their primary loyalty is to Israel.

      That's what Buchanan said (correctly) and got run out of the party mainstream in the 90s - with the help of liberal Zionists in the media.

      I've never cared for conservative social policies. I hate the reactionary stances of a Buchanan but if we are going to have a conservative opposition, at least let it be genuine. Let it be pro-America, in the sense that the people are primarily concerned with the welfare of the nation, not Israel. Let it be restrained, as genuine conservatism is and always will be.

      Neocons were always agents of Israel. There was never anything conservative about endless military interventions. That's just the reality, there's zero point whatsoever to sugarcoat that issue.

      You'd think from all the outrage in the media that they are half the party but this brouhaha exactly exposes their isolation. They are a small clique in the Beltway who have no connection to the GOP at all. They only exist in the media rags they've bought up like the Weekly Standard or in DC think tanks. That's it.

      Their #1 candidate wasn't Rubio. It was actually Graham. Rubio is a weak-sauce Lindsay Graham. Now he got butchered on Super Tuesday.

      Honestly, I can't wait to see them being run out of the GOP. Remember, they would be demanding loyalty to the party if they were in control. Now they are asking for a debate. The assholes know the other side is far too gentle to be as ruthless as you should be with these vermin.

  • Neocon savages Christie for failing 'months and months of careful coaching' by foreign policy experts
    • This shouldn't surprise anyone. I don't believe Kagan's BS for one moment. Rubio has engaged in blatant islamophobia - hasn't stopped the neocons from endorsing. They are now fleeing the ship because they see they can't win.

      It's like Pat Buchanan all over again. The only reason they are attacking is because of foreign policy, because of Israel. As he explained later, they never had a problem with his social conservatism before, but all of a sudden it became an issue because of Israel.

      Clearly this branch of the Republican establishment will leave the party over Trump

      Good riddance. They never had any support within the base as far as I can tell, they were a foreign element in the elite who did a hostile take-over. Hillary will be the last democratic nominee who'll be a tool to the neocons. Tulsi Gabbard is endorsing Bernie and she's the future of that party.

  • Milbank sponsored pro-Israel events and 'CIA torture' event-- but only raised objection to 'Palestine' event
    • You're absolutely right, this is about money and nothing else. Alan Dershowitz understood the same thing when he threatened about influencing Jewish donors if Harvard Law didn't get a Jewish dean 15-20 years ago.

      This is why we need publicly funded college. Yes, private colleges like Harvard wouldn't be affected, but there's plenty of great public colleges out there, like UC Berkeley or UVA and so on. Those colleges could become far more unrestrained in cases like these when you don't have the dark cloud of Zionist donors looming over you, trying to dictate the agenda like we see in this case.

  • Trump's refusal to name a 'good guy and a bad guy' in conflict is 'anti-Israel,' says Rubio
    • Rubio is a prime example of the fact that donors give money for a reason. They want a puppet and the puppet performed as he was expected to perform.

      It's also incredible to me that this debate is happening in the GOP before its happening in the supposedly "liberal" party of the dems. What does that tell you about the strength of the Israel lobby inside the democratic apparatus and Sanders' moral delinquency on Jewish Apartheid?

  • Finally, Israel issue explodes into presidential primaries
    • Trump's walkback also reflects the fact that he isn't as fearless and independent as he claims to be. He fears the Jewish lobby, even if in his mind he understands that the overwhelming support for Jewish Apartheid has been a disaster for the U.S. and that the Israel lobby has been a leading cause for war and intervention in the Middle East.

      It's easy for him to bash Mexicans or muslims because those groups are very weak in the establishment. But Zionist Jews are not, so he backs out.

      This, more than anything, drives a stake through the heart of the claim that he's somehow a fearless truthteller. It's BS.

  • 'In every important way Israel has failed'-- leading American Zionist says No mas
    • I swear, I'm sounding like hophmi now, but Phil you're bringing this on yourself.

      This article is a huge blow

      No, it's not. It's an old geezer who is just one single old geezer. I know you desperately want to see a 'huge shift'. Just like you told us that I/P would be a huge issue in the democratic primaries. What happened? Nothing. Even the so-called radical Bernie Sanders refuses to utter the word Israel together with the name Sheldon Adelson.

      We have these existential outbursts from time to time, what should we make of them? It is merely an emotional valve for people who are trying to reconcile their supposed liberalism with staunch support of racial Apartheid.

      As I say: whenever there is a lull in the conflict(like now) or where there is a totally 100% Jewish space(like Tikkun), these "liberal" Zionists come out and start their bleating.

      But by the time their help is needed with BDS, when Israel is butchering children is Gaza, where are all these enlightened liberals? Siding with the Jewish Apartheid militant state.

      It's been said before and it must be said again: it's no longer possible to wait for a Jewish awakening. The young Jews will get there, but we don't have time to wait 30-40 years before they become the masters of their communal establishment. We have to draw the conclusion that the vast majority of older Jews(50+) are either indifferent or will go down with the ship of Jewish apartheid. The writing's all over the wall.

      If you're 50 today, you still have a decent 25 years in the establishment. Just look at Madeleine Albright or the Koch Brothers or for that matter someone like Hillary Clinton. Our elites are getting older. We don't have time to wait for the young, we have to organize within the communities that are receptive to change and as much as it pains you, the Jewish community over the age of 50 isn't one of them.

  • All eyes are on Sheldon Adelson, and even Trump courts him with Israel rant
    • There was never a way that Trump, who has surrounded himself with Jews in his private, public and work life, was ever going to be pro-Palestinian. What might happen instead is that he'll basically ignore the region and focus on trade wars with Mexico, China and pushing the Europeans to (finally) pay for their own defence since they have more than the means to do it.

      He'll never be as bad as either Clinton or Rubio. My guess is that his instinct is essentially a realist, but if you're of his age, you've spent your life in Manhattan and in real estate, there's no way your social circle isn't very, very heavily Jewish and that kind of social influence matters.

      I always try to remind people: yes, the money from the Israel lobby matters, but don't forget the sociological part. Jews are melded into the white establishment, whether it's Clinton or Trump. The old dividing lines have long since melted down. Palestinians are still isolated and on the outside. Being (mostly) muslims don't help them either in these times. Access matters. Familiarity matters. Relationships matters.

      Trump is obviously very comfortable around Jews. Given his rhetoric on muslims, why would anyone assume he'd be pro-Palestinian?

  • J Street is in denial of one-state 'consensus'
    • Ben-Ami is basically a collaborationist, someone who works hard to put glitter on a monster. In a way he's actually worse than the Likudniks, because at least they are honest about what they support.

  • Trump repeats 'neutrality' vow on Israel, surely sensing shift in US opinion
    • We shouldn't praise Trump so essentially being a realist on foreign policy. He would probably not care too much about Palestinians being colonised and brutalised.

      He fundamentally wants to get out of the Middle East and return to the role of the offshore balancer, which it was during the Cold War. That's the smart way to conduct foreign policy, and it would imply less favoritism towards Israel, but he would still likely be for Israel. After all, his son-in-law is an ardent Zionist. He surrounds himself with Jews.

      Yes, he'd be better than Clinton but that's because she's basically a neocon Republican on Israel/Palestine. So go figure.

  • Haim Saban warned Clinton that Tea Party is 'chickensh--' to the neocon 'Coffee Party'
    • Last week, the Forward’s Josh Nathan-Kazis boldly reported that 8 of 12 backers of that big superpac that Hillary Clinton is using to go after Sanders in South Carolina are Jews, and a ninth is married to a Jew.

      link to

      I'm not surprised it was Jason Horowitz who reported this. Remember this was the guy who did some groundbreaking reporting on the same issue during the Iran deal, and he got viciously attacked for it.

      He won't say outloud what is happening, but he's allowing the reader to draw his or her own conclusion. Zionist Jews are essentially the dominant donor group in Clinton's campaign, by a longshot. They have other concerns than just Israel, of course, but Jewish Apartheid is the uniting and animating common issue for them.

      And of course, the media will stay silent out of respect for Jews and blatant disregard for Palestinian lives. Remember, it's not just money. It's also sociology. The non-Jews like the Clintons of the Trumps are enmeshed with the Jewish establishment. The Jew/WASP split doesn't exist anymore, it's all the same now.

  • Chomsky and his critics
    • Chomsky certainly has a loyal fanbase. His latent cultural Zionism, his vicious opposition to BDS, will never shake the moral certainty of the cult followers. But it has for those of us who are not blind followers, we see a man, like Finkelstein, who is unable to shake off his childhood sympathies and background and endorse BDS. It's unconscionable and there is no excuse, there has never been an excuse and there will never be an excuse for it. Except for the fanboys.

      It doesn't matter how brilliant you are on other topics, and Chomsky certainly is brilliant, if you flunk this basic test. Imagine, would anyone forgive Chomsky if he was against BDS in the case of South Africa? It amazes me that his fanboys are willing to see through anything in their defence of this man.

  • Law firm pulls $250,000 gift to Harvard over Palestine event (demonstrating Zionism's pervasiveness)
    • Here's another thoughtcrime. Hillary's campaign manager meets with donors. I know the issue of Jews with money is touchy, but we're talking about American support for racial Apartheid. Someone's hurt feelings don't count. Death and destruction and ongoing brutal colonisation counts a lot more.

      link to

  • Hillary Clinton once dreamed of 'revenge' on Kissinger for Vietnam 'carnage'. Then she got over it
    • Of course if I was dealing with that POTUS I’d probably camp in his office to prevent him from doing something problematic.

      I find this quote revealing, because it buys into the myth that Nixon was a bad president from a purely policy/achievement standpoint. I believe it is for the same reason why the myth that Carter was a terrible president lingers on; Israel. Neither president was friendly with the lobby and in fact both were hated by it.

      Nixon was responsible for opening diplomatic relations with China, the single-biggest thing during the cold war which permanently crippled the Soviets diplomatically. Also, the bombing of Cambodia etc was the brainchild of Kissingers.

      Yet Kissinger has become a man of great apparent respect, because he knows how to play the game, and because he has flirted with neoconservatives. It just adds another layer to the understanding that Clinton has totally absorbed the conventional neoconservative viewpoint of the world.

      She's not an idiot like Bush but in many ways that makes her more dangerous because she is just as beholden to their interests as he was but she is more capable.

  • 'Politico' editor held 'secret contest' with Clinton aides at State Dep't to name a column
    • I'm guessing you've already read this, Phil, but I'm posting it to all the readers who haven't yet had a chance to do so:

      link to

      Hillary vacations with a man who is literally responsible for genocide in Cambodia.
      But I guess brown lives don't matter(and neither did black lives, until she all of a sudden needed the votes).

      BTW: Note that Walters and Rose vacationed with them. Yet another confirmation of the closeness and the corruption of the media with the ruling class. That's why they are trying to change the topic when they hear this talk of the establishment; they don't want to expose their own role in the corruption of this country.

      And yes, it goes back to the press cheerleading on the Iraq war. If we demand that Wall St executives go to jail for destroying the economy, why can't we demand the same of journalists who were clearly pushing an agenda, like Goldberg?

      This is what Colbert was bashing in his 2004 speech when he slammed the media. It's fine to get it wrong if you were earnest, but the media was not earnest. It was working hang in glove to push a war where hundreds of thousands would die and that set the stage for ISIS.

      We can't just talk about accountability for Wall Street, the media also has to be exposed and brought to justice. What is their role in perpetuating invasions and war? What is their role in covering up rather than exposing the powerful? If you're on a vacation with them, you're not covering them, you're covering for them.

  • Obama to sign AIPAC-promoted trade bill that legitimizes Israeli occupation and fights BDS
    • Thanks Annie for updating us with this kind of news which isn't widely reported on in the MSM.

      It's shocking but not surprising seeing these kinds of laws. The U.S. Congress has long been occupied territory by the Israel lobby.

  • The Kissinger friendship: Clinton called 'Henry' to intercede with 'Bibi'
    • Well, the Nevada poll came out. It's 45-45 between Clinton and Sanders. Looks like the minority firewall is slowly morphing into the black firewall. And with time, I suspect even that "firewall" will simply fizzle.

      The U.S. election is basically going to be decided over the course of the next 4 weeks. Over 56% of the delegates will be awarded. This is now the real election - the general election.

      I really hope we get to stop Clinton. She's basically a neocon Republican on foreign policy. It's kind of alarming how far this country has moved her on domestic issues away from the 90s but failed to do so on foreign issues. It shows that most voters simply don't care about foreign affairs.

      I was surprised and elated to see the attention of her name-dropping the war criminal Kissinger had on the debate on Twitter and elsewhere.

      With a GOP-controlled House(assuming we win back the senate in best case), the odds are slim for a domestic agenda for either candidate. That's why foreign affairs is really the main prism to view things through right now until we get to 2020 and can get a totally new sweep and gerrymander in favor of democrats.

  • Scenes from a Meltdown: Watching Clinton answer questions about Black Lives Matter and Muslim Americans in New Hampshire
    • The free college comment doesn't make sense. Germany already guarantees free college to every single one of its citizens and last time I looked Germany had rock-solid state finances, the world's biggest surplus in trade(even bigger than China in absolute terms despite being much smaller in size, which is amazing).

      Germany even allows non-German citizens to enroll and study for free.

      So every time Hillary is telling us that it can't be done, someone should just shout: GERMANY.

  • Tel Aviv housecleaning service advertises higher rates for European help than Africans
    • But remember, Beinart and the other "liberal" Zionists keep telling us about this fairyland called "democratic Israel". It's a total myth, of course.

      Israel within the green lines is a Jim Crow state. This is why the obsession with the West Bank and the 2SS is reproduced for the same reason Netanyahu kept the Iran deal on the table for as long as possible: to divert from the real issue. In Netanyahu's case it was the occupation/Apartheid, and for the "liberal" Zionists it's to divert from Jim Crow.

      Zionism is racism.

  • Adelson-owned newspaper denies Rubio endorsement came from Adelson
    • Wasn't there news floating around that Adelson had given Cruz 5 million, either to his super pac or his campaign? Maybe just a test balloon in case Rubio collapsed in NH(while it now looks like there will be a three-way race in the GOP).

      Anyway, this is very predictable. Rubio is the establishment puppy, just like Clinton. It won't help, because the GOP can't win elections anymore, but in a sense I hope he gets the nomination. It would seriously plunge the party into deep crisis when he (inevitably) loses, thereby making sure we get endless Trumps and Cruzes, and as a result permanent WH control and possibly even permanent congressional control after the 2020 gerrymandering.

  • Video: Sanders's campaign fact-checks Clinton's 'smear' defense with Elizabeth Warren charges
    • Stop whining about these political articles, most of the readership are interested in them. We're mostly to the left of center here, and everyone is engaged in the primary.

      I just don't understand how anyone can support Hillary after knowing the full facts. I can understand if you're not informed but the woman is totally bought and paid for. By Wall Street and by the Israel lobby.

      Get engaged and make sure she doesn't get the nod. Remember, due to demographics, whoever wins the democratic nomination is going to get the WH.

  • 'New York Times' picks up Bernie Sanders's 'socialist' kibbutz but leaves out the ethnic cleansing
    • Yeah, Bernie's probably the most right-wing in his close family on Zionism, but when you're around people who are in JVP and are pro-BDS, that's much better than when you are selling your soul for shekels, in the case of Clinton slaving away for Saban. Literally, she's the tool of monied interests, Wall Street will control her domestically and the Israel lobby will control her Middle Eastern foreign policy.

      For people who keep claiming "they are just the same", I literally don't understand how someone can say that in the face of the facts.

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