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  • 'Israel-related censorship' on Upper West Side is deplored by 40 Jews, including Beinart, Hirschmann, Peratis, Zellner
    • Dont understand why the pre-67 Zionists for Palestinian rights phonies always decry their liberal brethren's disclaimer that "Israel has a right to exist" every time they throw some sop toward the Arabushim.

      Even tape worms have a "right" to exist.

  • Palestine was always on my radar, says historian Robyn Spencer
    • You know whatever Spencer said at this conference soft-pedaled that genocide of the Palestinian people is the founding principle and modus exitium of the Jewish and Democratic State.

      She still has a job.

  • Skeptics who see Russiagate as warmongering will never get respect in the press
    • Russia-bate is latest development in the machinery's rapidly advancing technology of manipulation.

      First there was the fact-based lie, a clumsy tool. All these remained vulnerable to refutation or exposure. E.g., Iraq WMD; war crimes; criminal wars, etc.

      Then came official sanction of the fact-based lie, once disproven or exposed. All institutions of our "democracy" fully absolved themselves and the human agents involved in the fact-based lie. The guilty were declared not subject to accountability. That become cultural acceptance of entrenched power above the law.

      The society now has no "will to fact."

      This has become unnecessary.

  • The case for liberal anti-Zionism
    • "The 50th anniversary of the occupation...."

      See, this is how even the most earnest "liberal Zionist" and many declared "non-Zionist" "progressives" see the world: the "Occupation" only began in 1967.

      Israel has to go.

      And so does Zionist domination of the dominant "pro-Palestinian" activists groups in the US.

      As Salaita points and Mr Weiss appears to concede, the Zionist dominates the "Palestinian" story, anti and pro--and overwhelming anti--in the US.

      This is just the Jewish-Palestinian version of the "white savior"--just another form of control, other-definition, oppression.

      "Liberal Zionist" participation in "leftist" activism concerning matters in which Zionist identity is irrelevant are fine. Salaita takes his argument to places it need not go.

      But the Zionist has no standing to advocate--much less control the advocacy--for "Palestinia rights."

      First place to start: Expel them from BDS.

  • Israel issues BDS blacklist against 20 organizations-- 'badge of honor,' Munayyer says
  • The never-ending crisis of Zionism
    • Mr Mondo refers to "the last 25 years of earnest effort" for a "two-state" solution as "a miserable failure." This is risible. For the Zionist entity, there's been nothing "earnest" about it. The Israeli Jews have never had the slightest intention of ceding so much as a spec of dirt to the natives or to recognize a single Palestinian "right"--other than the right to flee or starve to death. "Earnest" my arse. As for the results--again, for the ZE, it has been anything but a "miserable failure." It's been a roaring success. The endless "peace process" has given it cover to gradually absorb more and more land, create more "facts on the ground," to corrupt more gutless, careerist politicians in the US, Europe and Australia to support the despicable ZE regime, to replace one punching bag non-partner for peace in Fatah after another. Time and delay is not merely the ZE's strategy--it's biblical mandate: "The LORD your God will clear away these nations before you little by little; you will not be able to put an end to them quickly, for the wild beasts would grow too numerous for you." Deut. 7:22.

  • Liberal Israeli leaders were contemplating genocide in Gaza already in 1967
    • "By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit the land."

      Exodus 23:30

  • UK minister forced to resign over secret Israel meetings as questions continue to swirl
    • Just another up-and-coming careerist politician in the West who understands that the road to power runs through Tel Aviv.

      Britain is a special case, however. The moribund empire's betrayal of Palestine created this global blood sucking squid 100 years ago. It is only fitting that the caretakers of it's pitiable remnant now betray their own countrymen for the sake of this venomous monstrosity.

  • If the occupation is permanent, is an ethical Jewish future possible?
  • Anti-blackness and the core logic of Zionism
    • So much pretentious and noisome hot air over whether "anti-Zionism" is "anti-Semitic." The "anti-Zionist", the anti-BDS movement, will never be able to prove their motives pure or free of anti-Semitism--even if every "David Duke" were purged from their midst. Why step into this Zionist word-trap? Who with any intellectual self-respect and appreciation of basic logic gives a crap? Come now--treat the Zionist argument with the response it merits: Ignore it.

  • Three megadonors (who just happen to love Israel) are pushing Trump against Iran deal
    • "It shows that however many American Jews oppose these Middle East wars & occupations — and most of us do– a powerful segment of the Jewish establishment is hawkish."

      "Most of you" do no such thing. Surely, "most of you" do not oppose "Israel's right to exist"? If you don't, then you support permanent occupation and war.

  • After article was rejected and publishers yawned, Walt and Mearsheimer dropped 'The Israel Lobby' in 2005
    • For the last time---the phenomena W & M wrote about was and is not a "lobby." It is Jewish racist supremacy enforced by a small number of extraordinaily wealthy, zealous individuals/families and organizations

  • At town hall, Sen. Warren says Israel Anti-Boycott Act 'violates our basic constitution'
    • " icon Senator Elizabeth Warren..."

      What a very, very, sad -- but accurate--observation on current "progressivism."

      The soft Zionist and his apologists and enablers have appropriated and thereby destroyed the adjective.

      The language of American politics stinks with rot.

      But how to cleanse and purify it?

  • Anonymous attacks on American Muslims for Palestine and Jewish Voice for Peace signals 'escalation' against Palestine solidarity movement
    • JVP is not an "anti-occupation group" -- after all, despite its "support for AMP," and similar displays, it does not challenge the right of Jews to occupy the anchor of all occupation--the "State of Israel," however configured.

      "Jewish values" that "oppose the occupation," small o--the West Bank and Gaza--have no moral legitimacy. To credit such "values" is akin to putting the rapist who forces his victim to perform oral sex on higher moral ground than the rapist who forces intercourse.

      And "the mainstreaming of groups like JVP" does not "threaten the viability of hardline Jewish groups like the Anti-Defamation League, AIPAC and the Jewish Defense League, especially among younger generations of Jews" anywhere near the degree that, through its unfortunate influence and control, it ensures that AMP and all other bona fide Palestinian resistance and liberation forces will remain ineffectual and politically emasculated jokes and never graduate to the only real agency for peace--the dissipation and wasting away of a Jewish State.

  • Israel's dependence on lobby's pressure will cause hostility to U.S. Jews, Nathan Glazer warned in 1976
    • Quite disgraceful, how the Zionist, the J Streeter, and the Israeli apologists at Mondoweiss (settlements bad--Israel good!) long ago wrote Alfred Lilienthal out of history. 25 years before Glazer, Lilienthal wrote: "I am sure that if we Jews as a group are persuaded to divide that love which people normally give to their native land, it can lead only to disaster."

      Americans Jews of the last half-century are simply repeating the mistakes of those they falsely claim as forebears: a deaf ear for prophecy.

  • Why 'give him a chance' is not an option
  • Money talks as Trump does u-turn on Israel
    • "It should be dawning on US politicians that a real debate about the nation’s relationship with Israel cannot be deferred much longer."

      Not when 23 of your 24 largest personal donors are Zionist Jews, a la Hillary Ramrod Clinton.
      As Upton Sinclair said, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

  • 'Monuments to Racism': Anti-Trump activists and RNC attendees debate separation walls in the US and Israel
  • Shift: Two NY Jewish leaders describe checkpoints, innocent Palestinians killed, and 'good Jews' who denounce Israel
    • More inside Judeo-Zionist baseball.

      What? BDS would not be perfectly legitimate--would, in fact, be anti-Semitic--if the Zionists were not routinely murdering Palestinians or stealing their land?

      News flash: They stole the land and then planted their loathsome flag on it 70 years ago. As long as there is a "Jewish state" on expropriated territory, BDS will be compelled by universal moral conscience.

  • It is time to stop celebrating Jewish dissent in the Palestine solidarity movement
    • All too ad hominem, starting with the author, who asserts that the "privileging of Jewish voices" in "denouncing Israel" implicitly accepts "the Zionist narrative of Israel representing all Jews, with very few exceptions."

      The "Jewish voices" privilege themselves; the "right-thinking" "progressive" "anti-Zionist" American goy goes along with it out of fear or a juvenile deference to those they believe most vested in the matter. Through these means the "Jewish voice" defines the debate. Within the confines of the debate, it "denounces" Israel with such vehemence as to earn the accolade of "self-hating Jew"--the "exception." This is not primarily to strengthen the "narrative" that Israel represents all Jews. It is to leave unchallenged the the question of the legitimacy of enduring and growing occupation of Palestine by European colonial usurpers--whether in the "Jewish and democratic state" of "Israel" or otherwise.

  • Sanders is in Jewish tradition that rejected exceptionalist nationalism of Zionism
    • Sometimes, when I read Mondoweiss, I wonder whether ordinary, middle-class, run of the mill, "assimilated," average Jewish "Joes in the street" even exist anymore--or if they ever did. If they do, however, I am pretty sure they'd be disgusted by the obsession prevalent among the writers and commenters to classify "Jews" according to this, that and the other particular intellectual, ideological, or sectarian "Jewish" tradition. In fact, the more you dwell and expound on all these ostensible unique nuances of "Jewishness," the more the "Other" scratches his head and wonders why a collection of people cling to atavistic tribalism.

  • Senior advisor to Clinton calls Obama's rationale for withdrawal from Mideast 'strange, bizarre, illogical, odd'
    • "On Israel, Wittes said based on her conversations with Israeli security officials it would be a good thing if the U.S. and Israel quickly came to terms on the bigger aid package that Israel is seeking from the U.S."

      Good thing for who? Good thing for what?

      And in what universe is it normal for a benefactor to need to "come to terms" with the recipient of his largesse over the size of his gift?

      What beggar can "negotiate" a larger handout?

  • Zionism is finally in the news, as officials seek to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
    • I bet--no, I know--that back in the primo days of the Cold War, many anti-Communists were anti-Russians. It's hard to imagine a patriotic Soviet citizen denouncing with a cultivated moral outrage a Westerner as a vile "Russian-hater" for the latter's condemnation of the obvious illegitimacy of the Soviet State. Such a proud Russian would have been dismissed as a laughable twerp--even if those Westerners condemning the Soviet associated Russians with Communism and naturally came to loath then.

      I see no principled reason why an accusation of anti-Semitism based on an anti-Zionist stance should be treated with any less contempt and ridicule--even if anti-Semitism (or "Jew hatred") is cause or effect of the anti-Zionism.

      Of course, we anti-Zionists can take a page from the abortion playbook and promote our position pro-Palestinian or pro-American.

  • Garland nomination is moment of humble reflection for US Jews
    • The Garland nomination as "reminder that Jews are the blue state establishment"? Really, Mr Weiss? No Goyim in there? And what of the Jews who own the "red state" candidates?

      The Garland nomination is an object lesson in Washington's identity politics--Jewish identity. Obama, the great progressive--picks a State Security company man who has sustained almost every life sentence of Gitmo (Muslim) "forever prisoners" he's decided on the basis of secret, non-existent, and patently fraudulent evidence--prisoners later released through by "review boards" overcome by rare pangs of conscience? Farcical.

      Obama picked Garland because he knew his identity shielded him from any Republican attack and would force--as we started to see within hours--the august Senate start backpedaling on their "no vote" line like little boys caught rifling their sisters' underwear drawer. Obama tossed the alternative "best candidates" because he damned well knows the Republicans could easily pick off Asians and Blacks with ad hominem attack and without any consequence. But, go after a Jew? Political suicide. Might as well refuse to attend both AIPAC and J Street annual events or refuse to declare yourself an undying friend of the Jewish and Democratic State.

      But it has been amusing. I love watching Congressional lickspittles on both sides shuck and jive and hem and haw whenever they are directly confronted with a contradiction between their own avowed principles --such as, for instance, the interests of Americans--and "what's best for the Jews."

  • 'NYT' article on roots of recent violence in Israel/Palestine fails to use the word 'occupation'
    • Trying to get it right--and yet even this piece accepts as fact that Palestinians have been attacking Israelis, reports that originate with Israeli officials, lack corroboration, and are preposterous in both the alleged circumstances and stunning similarity. My moral intuition tells me that the vast majority of these "attacks" are unprovoked executions by Israel.

  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
  • Life in Israel during the 'wave of terror'
    • This anonymous confession reeks insincerity -- but so do most professions of peace by live and let live progressive Zionists.

      The fact is that Israel is an 18th century European colony in the 21st century Middle East. The early Zionists lacked either the foresight or the will or the power to eradicate the native population. Israel is toast. Only a matter of time.

  • Two establishment Jews (Harvard and Microsoft) endorse boycott of Israel and 'single state' in Washington Post
    • There you have it, "non-Jews" (goyim). You do not have permission to support boycott until Jewish American intellectual lover of Israel say you may.

  • Why do Jewish legislators carry more weight on Iran Deal?
    • I'm so grateful that liberal Jewish Zionists saved the Iran deal from the attack by the right wing Jewish Zionists and therefore saved the lives of countless Americans military grunts by stopping a US war on Israel's behalf against Iran.

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • I do not see "courageous lionesses." I see desperation and outrage. And that child -- the IDF thug is not a man. He is a monster from a nightmare.

  • 'A better relationship with Iran' is the deal's secret promise, but supporters can't say so
    • "Jews have disproportionate power in this discussion."

      What is "disproportionate power" in a "discussion"?

      Did the author mean to say "decision" instead of "discussion," perhaps?

      No matter. Jewish predominance among media and other public platforms featuring the "Iran debate" is not something any rational person should whine about.

      From stem to stern, the "Iran nuclear weapon program" phenomenon has been a Zionist-manufactured and maintained fraud. Other than for political sycophants and the mutant known as the Christian Zionist, most of your American goyim are way too checked out when it comes to the policies of the US empire or its ruling Zionist elites to even care whether its real or not.

      Let the Jews have the discussion. The lumpen are watching TV.

  • A year after Shipman lost his Yale job for speaking out on Israel's actions, some Jews say the same thing
    • Lots of excessively nuanced and intricate hand-wringing over the natural inclination of people to hold in contempt members of a group the overwhelming majority of which voluntarily and loudly identify with a violent, genocidal criminal enterprise.

  • Meeting Jimmy Carter
    • Carter is like the UN. Both did Israel favors essential to its existence. Both have regretted it ever since. And the people of the US have suffered immeasurably as a result.

  • If I Were an Israeli Looking at the Iran Deal (to the tune of 'If I Were a Rich Man')
    • I used to think Mondoweiss provided a useful service by stating the obvious about Israel and its bloodthirsty US patrons that (still) cannot be said by we American goyim without being labelled "anti-Semitic" (QED, this sites own recent Alison Weir libels).

      Tom Friedman is an idiot who cannot write. His sick sentiments about the "reality" of the "Israeli neighborhood" are not apt for satire or mockery from adults (assuming that is what this frippery was intended to be), any more than torture or rape.

      This is in poor taste, even judging by the nearly non-existent standards of web media.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • The Romans (the last European military state to occupy Palestine until 1948) had a phrase that describes all of this nonsensical back and forth about Alison Weir: Argumentum ad hominem.

      Alison Weir terrifies the Zionist--and by that I mean anyone who believes Israel as a Jewish state has so much as an iota of any legitimacy other than that due military might and violence. Without any political or academic platform, she through tireless work and dedication and more or less entirely on her own revealed to a sizeable number of Americans capable of critical thinking basic facts long denied them by a Zionist-sympathetic corporate media. I was one of the Americans who did not know. I did not know, or even think about, the rampant Zionist corruption of America's national legislators. About the horrendous atrocities inflicted by the Zionist entity on its aboriginal populations made possible only by US support. Of course, Weir wasn't the only voice crying in the wilderness. But there have not been many, and she was on the first.

      I will not argue that Weir is not an anti-Semite, for two reasons: (1) the term means absolutely nothing--it is a cudgel, not a word; and (2) I couldn't care less what she "is." What she does, and has done for fifteen years, is open a lot of American eyes and clear the cobwebs of Zionist claptrap from a lot of American minds.

  • Obama tells Americans it is 'abrogation of my constitutional duty' to defer to Israel on Iran Deal
    • Let dog have its day--and Congress destroy the deal (at least for the US) with a veto-proof majority. Even the most obtuse citizen of the US will then understand that Zionists dictate US policy in catastrophic derogation of the welfare and security of 98 % of Americas. Perhaps, then, the instinct for self-preservation in the American body politic will hit a critical mass--and we will finally cleanse Washington of its Zionist infestation

  • Leading American writer Abulhawa is denied entry to Palestine
    • Observe the lack of commentary on the merits of Susan Abuelhawa's snarling charge at the Ashkenazi twit that "You should be the one to leave, not me. "

      She's right, of course. So was Helen Thomas. They should leave.

  • Congressional support for Iran deal solidifies-- and Cory Booker pushes back against friendship ultimatums
    • Gee, maybe I am ignorant, but I thought what was going on was an upcoming vote in the US Congress about whether to go along with an agreement among the US, the rest of the security counsel, and Germany with the Islamic Republic over the latter's non-existent nuclear weapons program. What's all this here talk about Israel and the views of US Jews on how the deal affects Israel?

  • Resume requirement for counter-terrorism job appears to include: Jewish
    • This bit soft-peddles one of the more open, notorious and obnoxious examples of Zionist fifth column usurpation of US government offices. For over a decade, Treasury's Office of Foreign Asset Control and its Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence have been an arm of the Government of Israel in all but name. These are the entities that designate the "terrorists" and write all the asset-snatching regulations. In these positions, these people used the enormous resources of US financial supervision and enforcement power to "cripple" Iran's economy for the sake of Zionism and to the irreparable harm of US (non-Jewish) business interests and the American people generally, for whom US government enmity toward Iran and Palestine is economically and cultural deleterious, utterly unnecessary, and plain stupid.

      Here's just a partial list of "leadership" and top apparatchiks in these corrupted agencies over the past decade-plus:

      David S. Cohen
      Stuart Levey
      Daniel L. Glaser
      Adam J. Szubin
      Matthew Epstein
      Howard Mendelsohn
      Jonathan Schanzer
      Matthew Levitt
      Robert Werner

      Notice any...pattern? A goy would have better luck becoming top Rebbe in Chabad Lubavitch than getting a job at OFAC or OTFI.

      Weiss mentions the quote from Nathan Lewin, one of Zionism's leading legal hacks, about Levey. Levey and Cohen were two of Nate's boys at the former Miller Cassidy law firm back in the 1990s. After Levey got through ruining the financial well-being of millions of decent Persian people as a US government official, he went to be chief counsel at HSBC where he, along with Werner, a former head of OFAC, promptly set about closing scores of accounts of Muslim charities, including the largest in the UK, all the while overseeing the transfer of HSBC's drug money laundering operations from London (where it had been busted) to its private banking group in Zurich.

      The clutch of Zionist elite in control at Treasury cannot be touched. Try it, no matter who you are, and they will burn you.

  • Philosophy prof who likened Palestinians to 'rabid pit bull' ignites protest on CT campus
    • Don't understand the fuss--at least, I would not understand it if it did not appear on a site dedicated to saving essential Zionism from the fate it otherwise deserves. What this fellow wrote was an eloquent expression of the heart and soul of Zionism, the essence of the spirit of Israel, without the euphemistic vocabulary, without Frank Luntz-like manuals of style to conceal and distort -- Pessin does us a service: he, at least on this one occasion, was honest-- Ecce Zionist

  • Big front-page NYT article on 'settlements' does not quote one single Palestinian
    • Zionism loves debate about the "settlements." Their condemnation defines the "progressive" agenda--leaving untouched nominal "Israel", whose presumed legitimacy exists beyond question. But "Israel," of course, is the root settlement. Whining about "bias" in corporate media reporting on the "settlements" accomplishes nothing but perpetuation of the fundamental bias of the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

  • Ros-Lehtinen removes pro-Palestinian activists from Congressional hearing on punishing PA for joining ICC
    • This account and Josh Ruebner's in The Hill, the only two I'm aware of, don't get the room-clearing indicent quite right, and actually miss the real story as a result.

      I was there. What I saw was was a group of arrogant political stooges for whom career and subservience to Zionist power necessary to advancement matter far more than the interests of the the US and the American people. A group of traitors. And I also saw a group so comfortable and arrogant in Israel-first business as usual that they were dumbfounded, absolutely flumoxed, when confronted by average Amercans--"pro-Palestinian activists," in the words of this scrivener--who made it clear that business as usual is over. Ros-Leitenen, the Madam DeFarge of congressional obeisance to Israel, did not "ask[] the Capitol Police to escort out attendees." After the boos, outraged at the such insolent rejection of Zionist dominance, Madam stopped the proceedings. But when taking action, she didn't know what to order the police to do. She didn't know how to handle it. What came out out, with some hesitation, was a direction to escort "those people" to be removed. With no clearer direction, the cops gestured in the direction of a few obvious suspects--generally, in the vicinity of some of the boos, but more obviously informed by their training in ani-Muslim racial profiling. But after a couple people got up to leave, the crowd itself was confused. One women (I didn't know it was Benjamin) , standing, said she didn't make any noise, so could she stay? It was at that point where Madam and the rest of the stooges were caught completely flat footed. The cop in charge, and the other two or three, all looked up in the direction of Madam for some guidance--and were met with a completely blank stare, Madam's flabby white face devoid of any sign of cogitation, decision, intelligence--imagine a cow, rather than a deer, caught in headlights. Left to figure it out on their own, the cops AND the crowd seemed to decide through a series of reciprocal moves that everyone should leave.

      And that's the story of this fraudulent "hearing." The Congressional stooges have seldom or never had to deal with open citizen dissent like this. They have for decades lived in a AIPAC-inflated bubble, never doubting that no one would dare challenge them and the preeminence of the interests of Israel Uber Alles. Last Wednesday, that changed. Those modestly booing, cheering, snickering, chuckling at all the pathetic, insulting and obtuse Israel-first platitudes and debasement of the Palestinian people -- they pricked that AIPAC bubble, and those gutless wonders on the "subcommittee" sensed, maybe for the first time in their careers, that the Zionist-fetid environment that has sustained them for so long is beginning to collapse.

      This and Ruebner's piece depict those who "disrupted" the prceedings as a "contingent" of "pro Palestinian activists" -- a limited and "special" interest group pitted against the "Israel lobby." I would not expect anything different from the "good Zionist" perspective, the "liberal Zionist," those who would like to shame the US government into actually acting with balance--but otherwise sure to maintain that "special" relationship. That ain't what I saw. I saw American citizens telling their "representatives": the Zionist party is over.

  • 'NYT' and Matthews warn that Netanyahu speech to Congress could lead US to war
    • Weiss writes: "I think Matthews is wrong about this, that if a nuclear weapon is a real eventuality (though many experts say that Iran has not sought to develop a nuclear weapon), and the issue were actually framed for the American people, they’d support containment of Iran."

      Containment of what? Zionist fantasies? For thirty years, the Zionists, their gutless coat-holders in Congress. "experts" like David "not so" Albright, and the Zionist-ridden media have blown enough hot gas about nonexistent Iranian nuclear weapon plans to fill a universe. It's a big whopping stinking fat fraud. It is astonishing how much has been said and written, time and resources, an entire industry all spent on something that not only does not exist--but would not have any goddamned effect on the US of A even if it did.

      Enough is enough. If Obama had the slightest sliver of courage, he'd pull the plug on the Jewish and Democratic State" this instant and stand back as the true owners of the real estate overran the place and cleaned house.

  • Israeli settlers attack US consulate convoy in the West Bank (Updated)
    • Fine with me if the "settlers" (i.e., savages) disrespect US consulate staff . Their very presence in the continuing criminal enterprise commonly known as "Israel" is just one more corrupt act of legitimization. Total disengagement NOW.

  • Sony email chain on behalf of Israel joined Russell Simmons and Michael Lynton with rightwing Zionists
    • The aspect of the "hacked' Sony emails that got some initial attention but has since disappeared entirely was our Jewish hollywood mogul contempt and race hatred for the schwartze. Didn't seem to hear from the ADL about mocking suggestions about Obama being partial to Django Unchained. The infotainment industry's perennial overtly racist presentation of African Americans reflects the culture of these insulated self-absorbed tribal cultists.

  • Steven Salaita: What Mondoweiss Means To Me
    • Surely a post-Francis Jennings/Ward Churchill scholar of Native American history cannot be so naive to think that a helping hand from the accommodationist/apologist wing of the colonial usurper leads to any path toward genuine liberty. It may be he is just being polite--and politic. Or--and I hope not--he is Fatah.

  • A point by point response to Alan Dershowitz’s 'Ten Reasons Why The BDS Movement Is Immoral'
    • So little inquiry into the vehemence of the ZPC's response to BDS--a mystery.

      Zion slaughters the natives by the thousands and dismisses the condemnation of the world with a shrug and smirk.

      Zion pirates attack and murder humanitarian missionaries on the high seas--and offer an insolent legal brief while mocking its victims

      Zionist murderers assassinate civilian scientists on sovereign soil, and stand mute behind shit-eating grins

      But BDS--that hits a nerve, a red raw nerve that triggers uncontrolled furious explosions of outrage.

      Why is BDS Zion's greatest terror. releasing its most primitive responses?

      Could it be that, unlike all of its crimes, the consequences of which Uncle Sam dutifully will quash like the dumb obedient body guard it has become, BDS truly is of the demos, unruly and unorganized but organic. beyond co-option, corruption or any form of control?

      Zion, the last dead ender to succor the South African apartheid regime, understands that BDS is its true existential challenge.

  • Dempsey bucks Obama line by praising Israelis for Gaza tactics
    • Giles--You have a superficial appreciation of the Israelization of the American elite. Superachieving careerist ass kissers like Dempsey do not need to be told what to say or even what to think. They are eager, ambitious and well-trained traitors devoted to sucking the last drop of blood from the American corpse to feed the Jewish state. And what is with this delusional Chomsky-ite client state reference? The DC elite goyim are no more Israeli "patrons" than the hatchet in my toolshed is my patron.

  • Senator Warren's progressive supporters demand accountability for her rightwing pro-Israel positioning
    • How quickly they forget.

      Remember how proud Warren was of her putative indigenous American heritage (as minimal and phony as it may have been) when she first weaseled her way into the limelight?

      I wonder if Warren would have endorsed the cavalry's right to defend itself when it surrounded some small village of her great great great auntie and blasted it to bits with cannon and Winchesters in response to a couple of arrows landing in the dust?

  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • " Jewish youth and liberal Zionists will have calved off the iceberg of pro-Israel support inside the Jewish establishment; they will be a real political bloc that will give a candidate confidence at last to criticize Israel. AIPAC will be a dirty word for a whole lot more people by 2016..."
      So no candidate will have the confidence to merely even "criticize Israel: unless granted permission by the "Jewish establishment?"
      Don't the goyim, who make up about 98 percent of the US electorate, have any influence here?

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