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Lamont Cranston

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  • Israel would use nuclear weapons to keep refugees from returning -- Noam Chomsky
    • >Also, he shifts the focus onto the US. That is certainly a valid argument, because at the end of the day the US has been the real obstruction of an agreement by virtue of (I should by “vice” of) its unfettered, blind support for Israel, which has subsequently stuck up its middle finger to the rest of the world & the Palestinians. Indeed, without a fundamental change in US policy there will not be an agreement. Nevertheless, that is a separate issue from BDS.

      He's not shifting anything, he's an American and that's his first responsibility and it is America that is Israels backer. Without its support it would not be able to do this.

    • Because its such obvious anti-Semitic trash?

    • His argument is people should look at their countries governments supporting Israel and businesses operating in the Occupied Territories and profiting from the Occupation. What don't you understand about that?

    • Chomskys position is very simple and straightforward, and it is not 'liberal' or 'conservative' -whatever is meant by these terms that now get as abused by left as much as the right have been.

      1) tactics must do good, not simply make you feel good.

      2) people should look at their own countries first. i.e. American businesses working in the Occupied Territories and supporting the Occupation, like Caterpillar supplying the infamous armored bulldozers used for house demolitions - getting them to stop would have far more effect than protesting some Israeli chocolate shop. And then of course there is the American government and its support that can be influenced.

      Why do people get so angry and upset about Chomsky and this? I think it is because people like the writer of this article obscure Chomksys position and people read it rather than his own words.

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