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I describe myself as a non-zionist. I am not a zionist because I don't think a racially set-up nation-state is a guarantee of safety for us as Jews. At the time when our collective rationality and solidarity with others is a prudent guarantee. Ironically, impulsive attachment to Israel by many Jews as a guarantee, disempowers us. All power is projected onto zionist junta (this does not in fact make concerned Jews opinion counted). Historically, the form of zionism that won out was racist, hell-bent for the exclusive Jewish state (denying in turn Palestinian national rights). Its development has been militaristic, racist and colonialist ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a non-nationalist Jew, I believe the world would be better-off without the vicious zionism and its neurotic militarism. Same applies to the obsessive devout devotions, because religion is opium of the conditioned masses. Fanatical nationalism and indoctrinated religions have been more detrimental to the humanity on the whole, than any other force imaginable. Whilst the casteless Jews were scapegoated always as a collateral human shield to deflect focus from the Jew peers of the realm, committed crimes against humanity ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In unison with the virulent propaganda which indoctrinated duped Jews to believe that of a greater tribal importance was to condemn the prejudices against one's own people than that against all the others, written-off as Gentiles. Who were precluded in their own countries from asking imperative questions in the zionist era of universal deceit. Whilst not a day passing without the self-appointed zionist leader, newspaper editor or radio pundit to ask: "Is it good for the Jews"? Sadly, warranted criticism of such transgressions resulted in spiteful vitriol emissions against the "self-hating" Jews (alert people I think recognise how ugly such a phenomenon can get) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obviously racially prejudiced demeanour is a very harmful style to adopt. Particularly by Jews embracing impulsively zionist mothership over the interests of their inhabited country. Violating thus fundamentals of civic loyalty and the citizenship in a sovereign nation. Undoubtedly, while there was understanding to support the multi-ethnic and multi-religious way of life, all together alike those locally born and the naturalised citizens must function as one nation. Otherwise home country to end-up with some seeing themselves as part of the transnational group (slyly recruiting brainwashed juveniles as a cannon-fodder). What having destabilising impact onto betrayed society, overwhelmed as is by the maniacally obsessed with the racial purity protagonists, who tormented decent human beings ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Life wasn't meant to be easy, yet many misled folks naively thought that the (agent provocateurs inundated) internet spreaded information to inspire oppressed masses towards the democracy. Does anyone take the perfidious secretary of state seriously? Over her affirmed free speech entitlement. Perfectly happy to see all of Iran's secrets disclosed, but the state department draw the line at their own. Perfectly happy to see open media in every targeted part of the world, but being adamant to silence the WikiLeaks. As a greater transparency and accountability champion being buried alive, just because Julian Assange pioneered participatory democracy by people and for the people ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The widespread and in many ways concerted series of attacks by govts on the internet is underway, one that has increased in scope and complexity since the WikiLeaks humiliated US administration. The attacks involve: censorship and blocking of access to the internet, the use of judicial systems to harass users, trade treaties to target internet users, physical harassment and punishment of activists, beside the manipulation of social media by govts. It's a fully-fledged war on the internet, fought across multiple fronts as usurped govts responded to the threat posed by their citizens connecting up with one another and with citizens of other states ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Loewenstein's book "The Blogging Revolution", verbalised the mantra of the true hypocrite: "Do as I say, not as I do"... ... No wonder Jew dissident inputted eye opener on the AL's website bounced like water off a duck's back. On the seeming generational gulf in all matters cyberspace and digital, Loewenstein found it difficult to hide his amazement at the whole situation: "The irony about all this though -- I must say it is grimly amusing -- is that the powers that be don't understand actually how the internet works"... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Earlier, when interviewed for his book, Loewenstein spoke about the "potential of the internet and blogging for the worldwide democratic change, it is only at the beginning of its potential". What are some of the main things hindering it? "The internet is not in itself a revolutionary force, though it certainly has allowed countless new voices to be heard across the world. It's a relatively new phenomenon to have unfiltered speech. Sadly, many Western internet multinationals such as Yahoo, Google, Cisco and Microsoft are assisting nations such as China to implement draconian censorship programs", declared Antony Loewenstein. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hypocritically nonetheless, the co-founder of the "Independent Australian Jewish Voices", a self-acclaimed internet nerd, surreptitiously relocated their original IAJV blue-and-white site ( to the alternative ( platform late in 2009. Only to relaunch it treacherously, entirely sanitised ... ... as a bronzed replica, courtesy of the false flag operations! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ever since, former links didn't work (because derailed site admin didn't convert them to, whilst the deceived Jew dissidents such as myself ... ... who relied on the IAJV (illusory venue), now feared for our comments and testimonies to fade away at the deserted blue-and-white site ...


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  • New book explores the history of 'New Jewish Agenda'
    • "Oppressed? Who? Except for the years 1938 to 1945, for over a thousand years it was on the average better to be a Jew in Europe than a peasant. The myth of continuous Jewish victimhood is one of the weapons in the Zionist arsenal, and it must not go unchallenged"!

      • In fact religious freedom and the self-governance assurance were strong incentives for the Jews to move to Poland as in 1264 King Boleslav (Boleslaw/Boleslaus) issued a charter -- giving entrepreneurial Jews complete freedom under the privilege known as Kalisz Statute. Regulating legal and social status of Jews in Poland until the 18th century. Culminating in founding Kehila/Kahal institutions and the Council of the Four Lands. Authorising Jews to run estates, engage in trade and money-lending.

      Although it would seem that the oligarchic magnates (distinguished by their wealth and land holdings) selected likewise ruthless Jews for the arenda undertakings because of their ability to cover the leasing cost while having assets running expertise -- direct negotiations soon gave a way to the Kahal overseers role in selecting arendators on behalf of the magnates.

      Council (of the Four Lands) edits of 1671-1677 prohibited determined Jews from leasing farming land or estates directly from the crypto Jew magnates without Kahal's involvement. Subsequently Kahal compelled arendators to purchase a license in order to bid on the forthcoming leases. In the end arendators were forbidden to use Gentiles as a silent partner, just to get around the bidding for an arenda without a license.

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