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I'm a Canadian lawyer who is keenly interested in human rights, our planet and pizza (not deep dish). I am also a Catholic Palestinian who was born in Israel after 1948.

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  • Lindsey Graham asks whether AIPAC, which comes to Capitol Hill in 'droves,' is a foreign agent
    • My first take on why Graham said what he said is that he may be trying to soften the argument that Russia is meddling in US affairs.

      Graham is a kiss ass and wants to stay loyal to King Trump so he mentions AIPAC as a possible foreign agent knowing full well that his colleagues would brush this off as ridiculous (which it clearly isnt). Now when the democrats bring up Russia as meddling into US affairs he can simply point at the support the democrats give to AIPAC and say no one thinks Israel is meddling why point the finger at Russia when their agents have done much less meddling than AIPAC has. I may be stretching things here but I can't imagine a Graham that is not completely in bed with the Zionists

  • 'Netanyahu doesn't have a vision for peace,' Gillibrand says at town hall aroused by boycott bill
    • Thank you for your time and efforts Mr. Siegelbaum. Great read - thank you Robert. It's really amazing how far things have moved along - wonder if we are nearing a tipping point

  • Praying for justice won't end the occupation
    • The separation of church (religion) from state - is there a way for religious organization to enter into the political arena without the fear of a progression toward theocracy? Is this a slippery slope type scenario? The right-wing pseudo Christian zealots of America want us slipping and sliding on that slope and are fighting to make America a Christian nation like the Zionists are doing with Jews in making Israel a Jewish state.

      I'm a strong supporter of Palestinian rights and would welcome the inclusion of any individual or group into the movement that advocates for same - but there is a part of me that believes when it comes to organized religions any support should be couched as supporting secular values like human rights because being humane is good for all and the planet not because any of the holy books or texts say so. How likely is it that any religious group would commit to an opinion about the world around them without anchoring that opinion in the word of God or other deity or devine messenger? Not likely, unfortunately.

  • Israel advances bill to conceal its overseas partners in suppressing BDS
    • From Paranam Kid

      "Yet despite these tens of millions of dollars spent combating BDS, Grinstein asked: “why are we not winning?”

      It's amazing to me that Zionists can ask themselves why they are not winning the battle against BDS while their guns are shooting innocents. Do Zionists really believe that a PR campaign can solve their woes - that they can fool all of the people all of the time? If so that would make them the fools. Too much free flow of information to run or hide in today's world.

  • In move to recognize Palestine, South Australia has overwhelming majority of Aussies behind it
  • 'We need to cut their heads off,' Bush said of anti-western demonstrators in Syria in '06 -- Tzipi Livni
    • Your short sightedness is impressive and calming at the same time. The masses of young people are waking up and tuning in - they will form the governments and become the influencers of the future at which point Israel will be no more of a Jewish state than any other.

  • United Methodists in US defend the right to boycott and divest
  • Israeli paper investigates 50-year-ago attack on 'USS Liberty,' while US papers leave it in the letters column
    • I'd like to know if Phil is unsure about whether the attack was deliberate or not and if so why - I'd like to know because I respect his opinion and would hope to gain some insight or information I have missed - an angle that had escaped me and others.

      I myself see little evidence to suggest that this was merely a mistake - On the one side you have proven criminal organizations (USA and Israel governments) spewing an unconvincing story of mistaken identity followed by non-disclosure and on the other side you have the detailed testimonies of the victims, the disclosure by insiders and the well researched findings of third party investigators - why would the opinion of this latter group be stigmatized as conspiratorial?

      What I'd like to know more about is what people think or have found out about the motive(s) behind the attack on the USS Liberty.

    • Emet

      Ignore the overwhelming facts and testimony that clearly put the blame on israel as having diberately bombed the USS Liberty and focus instead on whether a flag was spotted at Mach 1 – do you really think you are convincing anyone? Or just trying to muddy the waters? Either way, you are much too simple minded and disingenuous to have any impact here – peddle your crap to your Zionist flunkies for comfort and reward.

    • Ignore the overwhelming facts and testimony that clearly put the blame on israel as having diberately bombed the USS Liberty and focus imstead on whether a flag was spotted at Mach 1 - do you really think you are convincing anyone? Or just trying to muddy the waters? Either way, you are much too simple minded and disingenuous to have any impact here - peddle your crap to your Zionist flunkies for comfort.

  • 'LA Times' calls BDS a 'classic tool of peaceful political expression'
    • Not an endorsement of BDS - God forbid - but one substantial step forward nonetheless.

      Hope triumphs

  • Church leaders must be willing to pay a price for Palestinian solidarity
    • Nathan "You seem amazed that the Pope doesn’t see things as you do."

      I am amazed that a man of God doesn't do more to ease the suffering of the Palestinians given the overwhelming evidence of Zionist atrocities against the indigenous Palestinian population. You are not?

      "The Arab League peace proposal calls for an agreed and just solution. “Agreement” means that the issue must be negotiated. It also means that justice has to be defined. The Arab League also doesn’t see things as you do."

      Not sure you have any understanding of what the Arab League wants or believes - don't be lazy - read the above article as I did. They see things a lot like I do.

      "You should note that “apartheid” and “occupation” are contradictory terms. If it’s “apartheid” (two legal systems within one state), then there’s no occupation (a state does not occupy its own territory, obviously). If it’s an “occupation”, then it means that a public is under the rule of a foreign state."

      Thank you for the lesson. The UN Report written by two US scholars on international law claims Israel is practicing apartheid on all Palestinians - those living in Israel proper and those living under occupation in Gaza and the West Bank. How is that possible? It all depends on how one views things - "... that’s the world we live in. There are different points of view." The Zionist see the occupied territories as part of Israel (the proof is in the pudding - israel is building residences there for their citizens) - one state. In that geographical area israel practices apartheid according to the authors of the UN Report. Others see the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES (funny choice of words) as being subject to a brutal and violent occupation by Israel. They do not see these territories as being part of Israel proper. Can you see now how it is possible that Israel can be seen as practicing both apartheid and maintaining an occupation? That's why I mentioned apartheid and occupation "in one breath" - I am aware of the varying opinions and wanted to be inclusive.

      If we took your take on the differences between apartheid and occupation as gospel, then I would argue that the Palestinians living in Israel proper are living under an aparthied system of laws and policies aimed at oppressing the Palestinians because they are non-jews (as concluded by the UN Report). And the Palestinians in the OCCUPIED TERRITORIES would be living under Israeli occupation. Apartheid and occupation side by side all brought on by the Zionist criminals of Israel.

      Naftush "To raise a complaint of “apartheid” and “occupation” in one breath means, in the intellectually more honest case, that one envisions the demise of Jewish statehood one way or the other, never mind which, and in the less honest case, that one tosses these words around interchangeably and meaninglessly in the hope that they will somehow cause the Jewish side harm"

      Yes I envision the demise of a Jewish state as I would if it was a Catholic state that treated Jews like the Palestinians are being treated. I'm against discrimination based on race, religion, culture, gender - are you? do you believe israeli Jews are superior to Palestinians? Zionism and Zionists cause Jewish harm not those who believe Israel is an apartheid state and a brutal occupier.

    • As a Catholic Palestinian I have always been amazed that my church has never been specific in their assessment of what is going on to the Palestinians. Why hasn't the Pope come out and said that Palestinians are living under an apartheid system, that the occupation must end, that refugees have a right of return, that Israeli policies toward all Palestinians are grounded in racism, and that the Catholic church supports BDS. Instead, they make general statements about all human life being precious and how we should all work towards peace and not conflict.

      Many Christian Palestinians have been treated with a gentler hand than their Muslim neighbours and have been lulled into a status quo existence. I've personally heard many Christian Palestinians say that their existence is better under Zionist rule than it would be under a Muslim theocratic rule never even imagining a secular democratic society let alone fighting to make that the goal. The fear of life under a Muslim brotherhood type of government is or has been greater than their fear of living under a Zionist regime. When I bring up the idea of a secular Palestinian state with equal rights for all they dismiss the idea as fantasy.

      I'm guessing here (because I haven't lived in Israel since 1967) but it sounds like life has gotten so desperate that they are willing now to gamble on an existence free of Zionism with Jews, Muslims and Christians living side by side in equality. The Zionists have moved so far right that they have not only forgotten about the Christians in their backyard but have purposefully treated them with disdain. There are many articles which have documented/opined on Zionisms need to reign supreme over Christians Palestinians - here is a sample of same.

      Many churches have taken a stance against Zionism and the poor treatment of Palestinians, the latest being the Mennonites -

      Others like the Quakers and Presbyterians support the BDS movement in the hope that a peaceful resolution can be engineered.

      Let's hope that the Catholic church will follow suit and that American Catholics will take heed. I can't even imagine how the battle would be fought with the Catholics, Quakers, Mennonites, and Presbyterians on one side and the Evangelicals on the other ( ).

      Great article - Thank you for sharing Robert.

  • A Declaration for Palestine
  • Israel slams UNESCO World Heritage decision on Hebron as Palestinians celebrate 12-3 vote in favor
    • Great news - brick by brick the Palestinians continue to rebuilt that which was and is being stolen by Zionist invaders.

      Every little bit helps

  • Marching on, beyond pinkwashing
    • DaKar "It will be entertaining to watch the evolution of the hard anti Zionist left fend off the same accusations of Nazism and fascism that pro Zionist, pro Israeli have been dealing with for a while."

      The hard anti-Zionist left is a decentralized multicoloured mosaic of groups and individuals that share a common set of beliefs grounded in equality and human rughts for all regardless of race religion culture or gender - go ahead and lob accusations of fascism - the fending off part couldn't be easier given the divide. One simply has to point to the definition of fascism to render the accusation silly, frivolous.

      What do the likes of you say when you are accused of being a fascist or racist or Zionist? Support your position as being the position we should all get behind. Tell us why Zionism (or racism or fascism) is good for humanity. Is DaBakr worried of being DaBunked?

  • Israeli musicians to Thom Yorke: Canceling Radiohead show will disrupt Israel's 'business as usual' facade
    • I wish Radiohead and other notable bands would hold a concert in support of the Palestinians - how wonderfully humane that would be.

      jd65 - I agree - I think the letter should have been addressed to Radiohead which wouldn't preclude the authors from also addressing Yorke' s previous comments. In another mondoweiss article by Jack Gain you also piped in with some interesting background facts about the wife of band member Jonny Greenwood being an ardent Zionist -


  • Israel's efforts to hide Palestinians from view no longer fools young American Jews
  • An appeal to 'Radiohead,' the band that woke my soul to the Palestinian crisis
    • Thanks for sharing an interesting set of facts - context is everything - tough choice for Radiohead - easy choice for Palestinians (boycott Radiohead)

    • Hoping so - be a better world if so

    • Thanks for sharing Jack. I was unaware that Radiohead had publically taken a stand against Israel by wishing Karma on one of their soldier criminals.

      I was amazed that Roger Waters and other artist were unable to dissuade Radiohead from playing in Israel. I have read the back and forth between Yorke and Waters and found Yorke to be suspiciously defensive and less the man I thought he was. Angry and accusatory with little substance in his defence for playing in an apartheid state. His response to Waters essentially said - we're big boys and can make up our own mind - don't talk down to us - nothing is black and white - noam chomsky and others don't believe in BDS - blah blah blah. Nothing about the facts - about the U.N. concluding that Israel is IN FACT an apartheid state.

      The power of Israeli Hasbara should never be underestimated - even if not completely believable it muddies the waters enough for the likes of Yorke to rationalize the band's presence in Israel.

      Unfortunately I am unable to enjoy Radiohead's music as I once did and wish them nothing more than Karma. History will log their presence in aparthied Israel playing to crowds full of supporters of a colonial racist ideology known as Zionism.

  • Sober anniversaries for Gaza fuel movement building
    • Kaisa

      On paper all the Arabic speaking countries support the Palestinians.

      I lived in the UAE for several years and through my work I was constantly in the company of government officials from all over the Middle East and North Africa. Officially they support the Palestinians but behind closed doors they wheel and deal with the U.S. and Israel whenever it suits their financial needs or their need to maintain power. They pay lip service to the Palestinian cause because they know their citizens are pro-Palestinian.

      At the street level I have rarely come across an Arab who wasn't sympathetic and supportive of the Palestinian cause. Certain religious sects like the Palestinian Druze (who enlist in the Israeli army) or the Christian Maronite Lebanese do battle with Palestinians but their numbers are small and insignificant

      In my opinion, the Palestinians would do well to steer clear of aligning themselves with the dictators and monarchs of the Arab world and focus on building alliances with like minded grassroots movements in the Middle East and across the world (something they are currently doing with success through BDS). Having said that, I know that desperate people may make deals for food and funds with state criminals to survive.

    • It's important to make a distinction between the leaders in the arab world and the arab street. As a Palestinian I can tell you that the arabs for the most part are united, particularly around the plight of the Palestinian people. There are Jordanians and Lebanese that are not fond of the Palestinians because they feel they are a burden on their societies as refugees. A burden created by the Zionist criminals.

    • Agreed. Between Abbas and Bibi things look bad. When a true leader of the people surfaces the Zionists are quick to jail him and minimize his exposure to the outside world. I predict more detentions coming up as BDS grows.

    • Thank you Salena for keeping the light shining on the atrocities committed by Zionists criminals and their lackey Egypt.

  • Start 'Birthright' earlier and hire conservative professors-- to stem 'national security issue' of Jewish kids abandoning Israel
    • Yup that would be indoctrination - oops am I now branded an antisemite? Throw in antizionist as well if that makes you feel better

      The world is changing, faster than you think. Wielding the antisemitic sword for criticising Zionist policies has now become laughable, inane. Back into your Zio-toolkit you go

    • I agree - BDS couldn't have selected a better candidate to do his (their) work

      Keep him on the right side of the cliff for as long as needed - then repel him - pom poms and all

    • The business of deceit. Segmented and targeted cohorts for conversion. Statistics, focus groups, power point presentations, massaging and couching the message, and free trips to ZioLand for the potential born agains.

      Can the truth compete - screw that - overcome such a well contrived assault?

      Thank you Mr. Weiss - great read as usual.

  • Israel's P.R. campaign is failing: the more Americans know, the less favorable they are
    • Wish it was subtitled - I'd love to know more about what was said.

      I've heard Germans shy away from criticising Israeli policies because of what some have called "holocaust guilt."

      The article indicates there may be a change in that regard with more and more Germans critically assessing Israeli policies and actions. Personally i believe Germany's image on the world stage would be much better perceived if they became stalwart supporters and advocates for the oppressed and marginalized Palestinians.

      Do you believe many Germans today shy away from criticising Israeli policies because of this holocaust guilt?

    • A privileged sheltered nitwit with a vile father as a mentor.

      A bunch of bandits have taken over the WHouse - they will feast for the next four years at everyone's expense including the Palestinians.

    • Wonder where the Palestinians rank

    • As a Palestinian who left Haifa at the age of three for glorious Canada (or as my Father calls it - Disneyland), I have always been amazed that North Americans were so ill informed about the plight of the Palestinians - after all - most of their religious beliefs were developed in the Holy Land.

      Most of the few Palestinian Canadians I know attributed the lack of coverage on what they called the "Zionist controlled media." I always shied away from forming or adopting such conclusions choosing instead to believe that the media reports what it feels the masses want (driven by profit) and that with time and the internet the masses would eventually want to know more about the Palestinians. I believed this, but hoped against it, because I believed Israel would continue to flex its muscle and expand its territory which would bring the Palestinian cause to the forefront.

      What I didn't predict was just how skewed the coverage could be even when one of the most powerful militaries in the world were bombing

  • Ehud Barak says a Palestinian state would be 'non-viable'
    • “History will never forgive us if we don’t stop in time the new incarnation of Jewish blind zealousness and bigotry,”

      Not new, perhaps more overt and unabashed. History will forgive once the Palestinians have, and even then likely only to the extent that the Germans have been forgiven. The road map is there already - instead of Shindler's List we will be watching Birnbaum's List. Deja Vu for the Zionists.

      "I call upon everyone. This is an hour of test and crisis before we going to get to fascism… or god forbid to apartheid.”

      I wish God took an active role in forbidding this - by my accounting she/he would be too late though - Israel is a fascist apartheid state. Perhaps Ehud should call upon everyone to realize this first, then we can discuss the 12 step program Zionists should undergo to wean off of their addiction to supremacy.

  • Mondoweiss is necessary—so Israel can’t silence me and other Palestinian journalists
  • Packed room on Capitol Hill hears Palestinian student say he thought three IDs and a separation wall was normal for children everywhere
    • "You are no better than the white man ..."

      Even worse than the white man (I'm assuming you mean Christian Europeans) who has at least found a way to provide equal rights to the indigenous peoples of North America and Australia (at least on paper).

      The Zionist Israelis would never consider that.

  • Memo to Trump: US won't escape Mideast wars till Israel ends oppression of Palestinians
    • Agreed. The one thing Trump ushered in with his win is the belief that anything is possible - perhaps even concessions from Israel.

      The reason I believe it is unlikely is his choices for advisors - Kushner, Friedman and Fox News.

      Having said that, I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a flicker of hope after reading the above. Thank you for that Mr. Weiss.

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