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  • Hillary Clinton just lost the White House in Gaza -- same way she lost it in Iraq the last time
    • yonah fredman: Further thoughts about 200 years from now....

      yonah, surely no one since Nostradamus has peered so presciently into the future as your good self?

    • Seafoid: Now it’s September...

      It’s still August where I am so the future’s a little further off for me to predict.

      Paradoxically, the hot desert regions will be most suited to large-scale solar power and that can provide desalination. But the key point is that in the future more and more people in such regions, Israel included, will be dependent on a high-technology infrastructure. Not something to be bombed every couple of years without huge implications. It’s the political chaos that’s the real problem as it precludes solutions to any other problem.

    • Donald: I’m not clear on how Israel is the primary problem for people in Iraq...

      Then pay attention next time Phil writes about the neocon planners of the Iraq War.

  • Mr. Netanyahu, what is your endgame?
    • ivri: ...and finding ways to coexist with it, no matter how non-ideal...

      I think your right ivri, the final outcome will be a single, democratic state - though it’s so non-ideal for you that you can’t bring yourself to say it. But in the end you get what you deserve and you, ivri, really do deserve it.

  • Tough Hillary Clinton says 'dreadful' pictures of dead women and children make it hard to get at truth-- Hamas is to blame
    • Whose fault is it? “Why, those shameless hussies of course!” answers Hilary Clinton. “How could any man endure such provocation? Bill’s entirely blameless. I’ll always stand by him.”

  • With friends like these...
    • @Keith

      Keith, perhaps an indication of Israel’s paranoia that its grip on the Empire’s tiller may one day slip? After all, look what happened last time Jerusalem didn't control Rome.

  • After Gaza
    • Nonetheless, it is for Jews to chart our own destiny.

      Oh dear, our Prophet’s voice is sounding more than a little supremacist, if not triumphant. But sadly he’s already admitted to backing power over morality.

      Well, I’ll take Pappe over Professor Ellis on this. Certainly for Israel, I think Jewish destiny is now intractably coupled to Palestinian destiny. Indeed, with Hamas now making demands on a morally weakened Israel it may not be too long before they up the ante to equal rights in one state rather than just a lifting of the siege.

  • Even Wieseltier is upset by 'indifference in Jewish world' to Gaza slaughter and wholehearted Israeli support for it
  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • @Dan Crowther

      British Prime Minster Campbell Bannerman 1907 – The Bannerman Report

      Good grief Dan, this means that Professor Ellis was right after all. It is all the fault of the Presbyterians.

  • 'Dear American Jewish community, It's time to talk about Zionism'
    • Mooser, say what you wish about Benjamin Silverman but when it comes to identifying responsibility - a necessary precursor for effective action - I find him a lot more convincing than Professor Ellis.

  • Reprint of Yochanan Gordon's "When Genocide is Permissible" (Updated)
    • @Mooser quoting Irwin E. Blank

      It’s time to take heed of the words of the L-rd, it is time to do what the people of Israel demand, it is time to kill Agag.

      Now those are the words of a prophet who really does believe in power over morality. Take note, Professor Ellis.

      Sadly for Prophet Blank - could there be a better name for such a moral nullity? - his very words show why the Palestinian moral courage to resist will triumph over Israeli military power. They win simply by not losing, leaving poor Prophet Blank angrily shaking his fist at their very existence.

      Ironically, it’s Prophet Blank and his ilk who turn Hamas’s homemade rockets from virtually useless fireworks into psychological strategic weapons - the “we’re still here” taunt being devastatingly on target no matter where they physically land. No wonder they continue to fire them.

  • Will 'Protective Edge' galvanize the US mainstream, as 'Cast Lead' galvanized the left?
    • @Mooser: the effect of a ‘Hamas’ rocket and an Israeli missile strike. There’s very little comparison.

      Yet as the ‘war’ continues, those physically devastating Israeli weapons become symbols of impotence whilst those physically impotent Palestinian rockets become symbols of triumph.

  • Blitzer and Rudoren pump Israeli tunnel fears (and AIPAC cashes in)
  • Amira Hass and the end of Jewish ethical history
    • States don’t live on morality – even a Jewish state.

      Far be for me to accuse Professor Ellis of not being a man of the world - after all I go to far fewer global conferences - but this strikes me as an assertion from someone who’s trying to be a tough realist but is actually very naive.

      A state - no matter how powerful - without any moral foundation will ultimately collapse as a political entity because it will lack internal legitimacy. Unless our Jewish Prophet foresees that a Jewish state based solely on power would be legitimate in the eyes of its Jewish population.

      However in the case of Israel, even if its population is actually happy with the effort of perpetually dominating its neighbors through power, it will never be able to sustain sufficient power to indefinitely counter the inevitable external reaction. Already it depends on subverting other states to give it the necessary power thus weakening the moral authority of such states. For instance, it should be obvious to any realist that Zionist control of the US will be finite in time - any such overreach always is. Only someone drunk on such power would not see this.

      It’s sad to see such moral myopia in a self-proclaimed prophet. But surely this is one instance where Professor Ellis can only blame himself.

  • Claim that Hamas killed 3 teens is turning out to be the WMD of Gaza onslaught
  • Oren's charge that networks showcase Palestinian dead at behest of Hamas is 'obscene' -- Penhaul
    • “Hamas are to blame but it’s the whole world’s fault for failing stop them.” said Ambassador Dermer.

  • U.S. casts lonely vote against establishing war crimes inquiry in Gaza
    • The US has its own reasons for wanting to control Israel.

      tokyobk counsels the IDF. “War crimes? We were only obeying US orders.”

  • Israeli forces shell UN school where displaced Palestinians gathered, killing at least 9
    • Keith: Have you ever wondered why with all of their military power they haven’t occupied at least one significant oil state, thereby freeing themselves from being dependent upon US support?

      Keith, what enormous faith you posit in that ‘thereby’. You cruelly yolk this poor adverb into the back-breaking task of justifying an absurd concluding clause with an equally preposterous opening clause.

      That said, I’ve often wondered why some people still think it's all about oil, thereby making themselves look very naive.

  • Israel's iron fist
    • Professor Ellis: What the world wants is a policy that contains Palestinians and leaves the Middle East order, at least what’s left of it, in place.

      Who’s to blame for the oppression of the Palestinians? “It’s the entire world.” announces Professor Ellis after an exhaustive investigation spanning Germany, the Vatican, and the rest of Europe; encompassing the Lutherans, the Presbyterians, the Catholics, and every other branch of Christianity; critically focussing on Martin Luther, the Pope and finally God himself. “Everywhere I looked there was someone to blame until it finally dawned on me it was everyone else’s fault”.

      Next week on Mondoweiss: “Did I overlook the Amish?” asks Professor Ellis. “Look at Pennsylvania. It used to be the Quaker State till these German-speaking zealots arrived in their buggies and drove them all out.”

  • 'I am a Jew. Israel is NOT My State'
    • @MY1: We can manage without you, but please, leave us alone.

      Mahane, I’ve followed Professor Ellis’s globe-trotting adventures closely, from Austria to South Korea to Germany. But sadly he has yet to alight on Israeli soil. We can only hope he corrects this unfortunate oversight soon and that his schedule is not so hectic that he can’t stop by your stall. What a great story - parable even - that would make - The Prophet and the Potato Seller.

    • Clearly Professor Ellis is very angry indeed with Israel. As well he should be as it buries his very own stock in trade - the notion of Jewish moral exceptionalism - on a beach in Gaza. Though not so angry that he can’t take a side swipe at the Christian churches. But then perhaps they’re really to blame for this ugly turn of events.

  • Jet Blue incident shifts from anti-Semitic story to anti-Palestinian one
  • The trojan horse of liberal Zionism
    • hophmi: Maybe the Hamas fighters were nearby, and it was a misfire.

      Translation: If can’t afford the Dersh, I’m your man.

  • Sullivan and Leveretts throw in the towel on two-state solution
  • Netanyahu says there will never be a real Palestinian state
    • Great post Phil, an excellent follow-up to Jeff Halper. Arguing for the end of Jewish privilege in Israel / Palestine is a smart approach, it’s right in of itself without needing a Palestinian demand for a single, democratic state. Though it helps make space for that option.

      But I think the argument that Jewish privilege isn’t necessary isn’t enough. With Israel effectively occupying and controlling the Palestinians, it must be made clear that it is simply unacceptable.

  • Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder says Israel is using our taxes to 'drop bombs on children' and take land
    • @Pat “for real” Nguyen

      So Pat, what country did you think Eddie Vedder was talking about?

  • Israel's message to the Palestinians: Submit, leave or die
    • yonah fredman: At this point I agree that I don’t see a good endgame. Initiative has passed to the Palestinians and I see their logical step to be in the direction of “annex us and give us citizenship”, logical but not here yet for various reasons.

      An interesting comment, yonah. I would say at this point I don’t see a clear endgame though I do see a Palestinian demand for equal rights in a single state as the best endgame - or beginning of the best endgame. And I would also say that once the Palestinians make such a demand they will then have not only seized the initiative but also the moral power to ultimately effect this outcome.

      Though you are coming from a very different direction from me, I appreciate that you are really thinking about the issues and possible futures in I/P. I’m not sure you have embraced yet a single, democratic state as a good outcome but at least you are thinking about it. And in doing so I think you have shown there is potential to develop common ground in this direction for a better future for all in the region.

    • Jeff Harper: ... Israel has in fact left us with only one workable, just and lasting way out: a single democratic state in Palestine/Israel that guarantees the individual and collective rights of all its citizens.

      I think Jeff Harper has been one of the most insightful commentators on Mondoweiss. He was making the point that the “two-state solution” was dead over two years ago and advised that we waste no more time discussing it:

      A necessary and urgent first step towards collapsing the otherwise permanent regime of oppression in Israel/Palestine is that we stop talking about a two-state solution. It’s dead and gone as a political option – if, indeed, it ever really existed.


      Sadly, since then Mondoweiss has not consistently followed Jeff’s prescient advice and has wasted far too much time and energy discussing the “two-state solution” both in its main posts and in its comments section.

      After this latest Israeli assault on Gaza and its people, I can only hope that Mondoweiss takes up Jeff’s rallying call and puts all its resources behind spearheading the intellectual and moral argument for the single, democratic state. Even among non-Zionists there is so much capital - these days mainly emotional - invested in “two states” that the argument for the single, democratic state needs to be constantly and consistently pushed and pushed hard. The alternative, as Jeff says, is “warehousing” - though I think that could prove to be just a staging post to “transfer”.

  • Terror in Gaza: 57 seconds after 'warning,' Israel destroys a house
    • MY1: Sorry, my bad.

      Well Mahane, this is certainly bad English. But not the bad English you would expect from a someone with a shaky grasp of the language. No, this is the bad English of someone well acquainted with English, or rather American, slang and its nuances.

      So what you really should have said is:

      Sorry, my bad attempt to maintain my ludicrous cover story as a poor potato salesman.

  • Where was God in the Warsaw Ghetto? Or in Gaza?
    • Professor Ellis: Thus we are left with the memory of a God who wasn’t silent – as God – in Gaza and beyond – is today.

      With Israel upping the level of its outrages against the Palestinians, poor Professor Ellis must be really struggling to find someone else to blame to finally settle on God - or his absence.

      But is God really absent in Gaza? It seems to me that once again the Old Testament God of Israel is very much present, smiting its enemies from the sky with a vengeful - if not genocidal - lust. I would have thought our Prophet would have something to say on this.

  • Chomsky and BDS
    • @W.Jones

      Very good rebuttal. Another fine example of the tremendous contribution you have made of late to the debate on the substantive issues to hand - as opposed to the theological issues Professor Ellis diverts us with from time to time.

  • SodaStream launches 'mixologist' competition as brand sags
    • The Chomsky Wallbanger

      3 shots Imperial American Whiskey

      3 shots Absolut Truth Vodka

      Top up glass with Cola - 100 parts Coke or Pepsi to 1 part Sodastream

      Serve on pedestal

      Swallow in one

      Warning: excessive consumption can damage the Parietal Lobe resulting in back-to-front logical processing, particularly relating to geo-political analysis.

    • It’s not a real Hasbarito without it!

      Indeed not but make sure its genuine Ziocaine. Be on guard especially if your smiling hasbarista sports a spotless white T-shirt and has an Israeli accent. It’s not unknown for some to substitute a cheap generic knockoff and pocket the difference. The effect can often be quite violent; you might suddenly find yourself rushing over to another table and grabbing the olive off some poor innocent’s martini.

    • The Hasbarito

      Pour a large slug of mean spirit into a glass

      Add a long, long squirt of sparkling Kool-Aid from your Sodastream

      Stir in a spoonful of Ziocaine

      Garnish with a Cherry Tomato

  • Liberal Zionists' denial of Israeli racism heightens danger to 'everyone living in this land' -- Blumenthal
    • But he wants to be an “American,” a leftist American, talking liberation and aspiring WASP. He is a ludicrous figure.

      I can't imagine who he’s referring to here but I have to say that someone with a mustache like MJ’s would be wise to avoid calling anyone a ludicrous figure. Unless he’s referring to John Bolton.

  • A Selfie of the Potential Murderer as a Young Man
    • Kudos for Israeli self-reliance though. No need for dumb Shiksas now it’s got its own brand of brainless bimbos.

  • The rationality of Israel's War
    • Dickinson: And, of course, Dr. Strangelove was modeled after the Rand Corporation’s military strategist and former physicist Herman Kahn link to (also a founder of the neoconservative Hudson Institute).

      Not to overlook Herman Kahn’s colleague and fellow strategist at RAND, Albert Wohlstetter who, along with Leo Strauss, can be considered as one of the founding fathers of neoconservatism.

      “During his long career, Wohlstetter also taught at UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley, in the early 1960s. From 1964 to 1980, he taught in the political science department of the University of Chicago, and chaired the dissertation committees of Paul Wolfowitz and Zalmay Khalilzad. He is often credited with influencing a number of prominent members of the neoconservative movement,[11] including Richard Perle (who, as a teenager, dated Wohlstetter's daughter Joan).”

      Indeed, what a fateful day for Iraq it would turn out to be when the young Richard Perle met Wohlstetter’s daughter at Hollywood High School all those years ago.

    • Is there is no outrage that Professor Ellis won’t drag the Presbyterians into?

  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
    • @Keith

      Keith, just because Jeff Blankfort takes apart your view of the US-Israel relationship doesn’t make him intellectually dishonest.

      And what is it you find shocking about this thread? I hope Mondoweiss serves up comments this interesting on a regular basis like it used to.

    • Oh dear, I hope Keith doesn’t read all these nasty comments about Professor Chomsky.

  • The world's sympathy cannot be limited to Israeli victims
    • @MY1

      We should not overlook that Mahane is indeed a victim, a victim of Israel’s ruthless Soviet-bloc style education system.

      Apparently the best and brightest Israeli youngsters are fast-tracked into Unit 8200 to learn cyber-warfare then move on to make a fortune in some high-tech start up. Poor Mahane was fast-tracked to a potato stall.

  • Make 'hasbara' a household word
    • @Keith

      Keith, it’s your need to weave everything the US does into one cohesive global strategy that bogs you down. For example, the US meddling in the Ukraine has neocon fingerprints all over it, but that doesn’t have to mean it was ‘made in Israel’.

      What the US does elsewhere in the world may be of less interest to Zionists, but US policy in the Middle East would seem to follow a neocon game plan and generally serves Israel’s interest by destabilizing the whole region into warring factions.

      I should add that saying the above does not mean I disagree with everything you say about the rise of global neo-liberalism.

    • Keith: Another thing which I don’t recall seeing is the pro-Israel crew ever seriously criticize the American empire... ...I assume that they are afraid of biting the hand that feeds them,

      Keith, this is the most astoundingly naive comment I can recall you making. But if you insist on putting the Empire cart before the Zionist horse it must all be so confusing.

      Maybe one day you’ll finally realize the American Empire (of Chaos) in the Middle East serves Israel’s purpose. Then you’ll understand why you don’t hear it being criticized.

      That said, if you’d been paying better attention you’d have noticed that there is indeed a hand-biting strand of hasbara which has the chutzpah to blame the US for all of Israel’s crimes. After all, what else can a client state do but obey it’s Imperial master?

  • I’m a Lutheran member of a Jewish organization, and I support Presbyterian divestment
    • Oh dear, it's looks like some of Professor Ellis's anti-Christian chickens have come home to roost at Mondoweiss.

  • Neoconservatism is 'vindicated' in fawning 'NYT' piece on power couple of Kagan and Kristol
    • “I just don’t get it.” muses Phil. “For the New York Times to run itself today as if diversity doesn’t exist. It’s as bad as the WASPs back in the Stone Age! I must call Adam, Scott, Professor Ellis, Lizzy and Professor Slater to ask whether they’ve ever come across anything quite like this before.”

  • Risk!
    • “After persecuting Jews for 1500 hundred years you would have thought the Presbyterians could have done more to help the Palestinians.” says Professor Ellis. “After all, it’s their fault.”

  • The Banality of Religion: 'Prayer summit' at the Vatican fails to inspire
    • Keith: Of course, expecting organized religion to be other than a mythological distraction/justification of the existing power structure is, perhaps, unrealistic.

      Especially unrealistic when blaming the religion that is not directly involved in the particular injustice that is our focus here.

  • Boston subway ads are shocking-- 'and so is the reality on the ground'
    • @BrianEsker

      Not to mention the occasional reports surfacing of German U-boats based in South America, Antarctica, and even Israel! Clearly only an anti-semite would believe such obvious nonsense.

  • Leading spiritualist says Israel's great task is to treat neighbors with compassion, not hatred
    • Taxi: Queen’s English: ‘wrong’ photo instead of “false photo”.

      Yes, in this instance false is indeed a falscher Freund of falsche.

      But does it does offer the rare opportunity to combine irony and pedantry in the same sentence.

  • Let it go
  • Israel announces major escalation in settlement expansion (Update)
    • We can all dream James but if I was a Palestinian I wouldn’t count on it happening. The reality is the longer they wait for a third party to act, the worse it gets.

  • Super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton launches outreach for one religious group (Jews)
    • No ‘Old White Male Americans Ready for Hilary’.

      And after being married to Bill for all these years, who can blame her?

  • But what can a poor boy do, except to boycott Israel
    • I’m shocked that such an anti-establishment figure as Sir Michael Jagger, together with his roving band of multimillionaire minstrels, would perform in Israel.

      That said, I hope he’s learned the lesson of Altamont and hasn’t hired the IDF for concert security.

  • Netanyahu says Jews invented the idea of 'honoring your father and mother'
    • I’m rather surprised Netanyahu didn’t mention the fact that the very first Genesis Prize was won by Eve for the apple pie she baked Adam.

  • A Papal confession to the Palestinian people
    • @ W.Jones

      I’m afraid you take Professor Ellis rather too seriously. Have you no intuitive sense that he is not entirely rational on the subject of Christianity?

    • Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Poor Professor Ellis. Surely everyone could foresee a visit to Germany would not go well for him? Everyone that is except our good Prophet himself.

      What a cruel a contrast it must have been. To see how Germany had rebuilt itself into one of the most admired nations in the world on the very week Israel was shooting teenagers dead in the street.

      Valiantly he stood before the Germans and blamed them for Israel. And what was their response? To mock him with a high-speed parade of passing Volkwagens, Mercedes, and BMWs on the Autobahn. A modern-day Nuremberg rally on wheels; heartless Germanic precision rendered in cold steel.

      No, it wasn’t just Germany to blame. It was the whole anti-Semitic continent. Catholic, Protestant, Christian of whatever stripe. It didn’t matter. They were all to blame.

  • Israelis and Americans are ho-hum about Palestinian children's deaths
    • Is Phil beginning to see through Bloomberg that it’s actually the same values underpinning the shameless celebration of achievement with an all-Jewish cast list and the shameful silence on the Palestinian youths killed by Israelis?

      Certainly Bloomberg is smart enough to understand the crucial role of Israel to the “Jewish success story” and isn’t going to rock the boat on the former and risk damaging his place in the latter.

      As for Leno, clearly he understands how the game works in Hollywood and still wants to be a player. He can hardly be used as a stand-in for all “Americans” any more than Bloomberg can be.

  • CNN airs evidence Israelis used live bullets on Palestinian protesters
    • @Mahane

      Mahane, when last week you begged Phil to shut down Mondoweiss because it failed to criticise Palestinian terror and incitement, I can only think that this very incident on the previous was what you were referring to.

      Having now watched the awful video myself, I have to say I don’t blame you for trying.

  • Repentant Enablers: German Christians, the Holocaust and the resurgence of German power
    • That the Palestinians were sacrificed on the altar of German renewal seems beyond the point for most Germans.

      What’s going on in the MW editorial department? Last week it was all the fault of the British. This week Professor Ellis is blaming it all on the Germans.

      Now Israel is shooting teenagers in cold blood it seems the line is: Israel? It’s everybody’s fault except ours.

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
  • Apartheid label is reminiscent of runup to Holocaust -- Michael Oren
    • GL: What is his beauty secret?

      Perhaps he was a medieval discoverer of the legendary Hasbarist’s Stone whereby he remains immortal so long as he never utters the truth. Every generation he changes his name and moves to another county to cover his tracks.

  • Inspiration on the quiet streets of Palestine
    • @Walid

      Are you suggesting that honest but misguided Mahane 1 leaves his laptop logged on to MW whilst serving customers allowing impostors 2 and 3 to sneak from the back of his stall and post behind his back?

      That's a mean trick to play on an innocent and well-meaning Israeli but nevertheless one has to give credit to Hasbara Central for running such a sophisticated field operation in a desperate attempt to gain a little credibility.

  • Report: Germany cancels military subsidy deal with Israel following breakdown of peace negotiations
    • Disrupting “western relations with Russia” is quite risky for Israel. Russia has money, weapons and contacts, and if Putin adopts fully anti-Western posture, it can be highly unpleasant.

      Maybe Israel thinks it can play both sides of the street with respect to Russia and America in a similar fashion as to China and America? And with China and India. A bright future as the world’s dishonest broker.

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