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  • Alice Walker tells 'Foreign Policy' she went from 'mythic' Israeli in '67 to 'terrorist state' in Cast Lead
    • You mean the years between 1948 and 1967 when Egypt occupied Gaza and Jordan the West Bank and there were surprisingly no calls for a Palestinian state on these territories, no intifadas against their occupiers and none of you so-called Palestinian supporters calling for an end to their occupation.

    • Oh, Libra I see, Israeli points of view and right to act would only count if more of them were killed, right? How many more should that be?

      Funny you mention the Golan, but not the fact that the Syrians sent them to confront Israel to divert attention from their massacres. So much so, that there were protests in the Palestinian refugee camps and there were protesters murdered by their own people.

    • Right, Israel needs to consult with Alice Walker before taking any measures to protect it's people. After eight years of rockets from Gaza which Ms. Walker never mentioned, Israel should have called her and asked her what to do.

  • The ethnic cleansing of Lyd, and how it continues today
    • That's funny, a few years ago there was a huge controversy in Israel when an Israeli academic published a paper saying that Israelis are racists since they don't rape Arab women. So, that so-called testimony is in my opinion rubbish.

      Notice how he says "The war started and there were battles" Oh, it just spontaneously erupted, right? There was no plan on the part of the Arab Armies to wipe out the Jews.

  • Warning to flotilla issued thru neocon blog
  • Israel, and its supporters in the U.S., prepare for the Freedom Flotilla II
  • 'We will boycott Israel' --a cappella flashmob in Brisbane
    • for all we know, it may have been IDF agents seeking to discredit the conference.

      Lyn117, you amaze me, how did you catch on to us?

      I always get a good chuckle from the conspiracy theorists here. On the one hand, we evil Jews control everything and can easily go from causing 9/11 to inserting IDF agents into Durban. Yet on the other hand, we are so dumb that we have no clue what is going on in the ME and have to come to Mondoweiss and people like Taxi, Lyn, Kathleen and Chaos to find out.

    • The myth of Zionist racism

      link to

  • Encountering Leonard Cohen in an L.A. pizzeria
    • Demonstrates the arrogance of the anti-Israel crowd that only you stand for peace. Only you know what it takes to have peace. Leonard Cohen doesn't need some wannabe poet to tell him what he should or should not do vis a vis Israel.

  • Epic of a patient. A patient traveler. A Palestinian patient traveler.
  • Another video from that terrifying White-shirt rally on June 1 in occupied Jerusalem
    • Ah, the old "crypto-Jewish" term. Yup, we sneaky Jews controlling everything including the SPLC so as not to criticize American Jewish support of Israel. Oh, and HRK, I am sure that some of your best friends are Jewish and progressive, and if you are Jewish yourself, you are oh so moral, way more than all the millions of Jews who support Israel.

  • Are Palestinians standing up for an inclusive national identity?
    • James, we don't need some of the new search features to see your arrogance. Anyone who supports Israel has to be some kind of troll/hasbarist, but those of you who oppose Israel are all independent minded people.

      Only an idiot or an anti-semite would use the term Hasbara Central as Jews are often portrayed as having some kind of central control of media, finance, government etc.

      Infantile people who cannot defend their arguments on merit resort to conspiracy theories.

  • The revolution will not be borderized
    • “I feel victorious at the Arab revolution especially that of Egypt, and here I would like to express my deep thankfulness to our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

      Amazing how the hatred of Israel blinds them to reality. Your Egyptian brothers and sisters went to war in 1948 against the tiny Jewish State on your behalf, with your blessing, creating your first refugee crisis. From 1948 to 1967 they occupied Gaza, but never gave you your own state, and strangely, none of you asked for it. There were no intifadas, no flotillas, nothing.

      In 1967, your Egyptian brothers and sisters, led by a preening and boastful Nasser promised to drive the Jews into the sea, and you would then have your state and theirs too. None of you said a peep about what might happen, you went along with it hoping that the vision of Nasser and his allies would get rid of the Jews, that is you hoped for genocide. That didn't happen, and more refugees were created. It's easy to blame the Jews and praise the Egyptians, isn't it?

  • Palestinians: last victims of the Holocaust
    • Typical nonsense. The lessons we learned from the Holocaust and centuries of persecution, that you have to be strong and defend yourself and fight back otherwise you end up in mass graves or up the chimney. What part of the desire to slaughter the Jews by the Arabs does Lillian not understand? This arrogance of self-proclaimed moral high ground by the anti-Israel crowd is a crock.

      As for the one state, the Arabs were massacring Jews when there wasn't even one state, never mind two. Second, since according to all of Mondoweiss, we Israelis are so evil, why would the Palestinians want us in their and your one-state?

  • For 40 years Israel practiced deceit in its purported plans for Palestinian autonomy (and that deceit required a partner)
  • As Nakba Day approaches, Israeli troops 'conquer' a simulated Arab village
    • "built on the ruins of another through theft and killing"

      Which country is/was that? Why would the UN partition the British Mandated are called Palestine (after they chopped a good part of it off and handed it to the Hashemites) if there was already a country there? I don't think you can name too many countries that don't have a history of blood and conquest and that certainly includes the Muslims. Even Spain starts to mouth off at times about Israel, a country the butchered our people as well as millions all over the world.

      Finally, Walid, that is a cop out to say that you recognize the train wreck that is the Arab/Muslim world, but no one does/says anything about it. Other than a bit from you and Seham, I don't see one of the so-called peace lovers here saying anything about what is happening in Syria. I never see articles here about how women are treated in Saudi Arabia.

    • link to

      For example, between 1980 and 2000, Egyptians registered 77 patents in the U.S. Saudis registered 171. Israelis registered 7,652.

      Israel absorbed millions of immigrants from extremely diverse populations despite being in a constant state of war.

      Israel has a multitude of parties represented politically, including a communist party and parties of those who are virulently anti-israel.

      link to

    • Typical lefty arrogance. It is not possible that others can have their own and different opinion about the issues in the Middle East. They must be some kind of puppet or someone paid/manipulated to post on sites like this.

      As for you Walid, you might spend a bit more time looking at the train wreck that is the Arab/Muslim world before you look at Israel which by all measures is a huge success story.

  • 'Geronimo EKIA'-- as Indian wars continue in Palestine
    • So, a book by one person who hates the fact that he is from Israel changes the facts above?

      Since you penned that ridiculous article, why not respond instead of pointing to another writer?

    • The Palestinian narrative. If you state a lie loud enough and often enough, it is supposedly no longer a lie. There is absolutely no equal of the genocide of the native population to the Israel/Palestine issue.

      1) Jews have lived in Israel since time immemorial and there is undeniable proof to that fact
      2) Anyone living in the Ottoman empire and then later the British Mandate area of Palestine, was a Palestinian. Jew, Christian, Atheist, Muslim etc. The land did not "belong" to anyone.
      3) Israel was legally founded by the world community.
      4) Neighbouring countries chose to go to war against the legal Jewish state. This led to the Palestinian refugee problem, compounded by their Arab/Muslim friends again in 1967 till today.
      6) The Palestinian population has grown faster than the Jewish one, so much for genocide.

      Of course, none of this makes any difference here, because the issue is not about the Palestinians, it's about demonizing Israel.

    • Fred Reed, a highly reputable and unbiased source, eljay? NOT.

      Ah, yes, the old "Jews are intelligent, but all of them are misguided" except for the followers of Mondoweiss and lunatics like Gilad Atzmon."

      How is that the the vast majority of Jews, supposedly intelligent, don't know the answers the way you do?

  • Khalidi says Palestinian humiliation is at the heart of the Arab revolutions
    • Imagine that Walid, that we would have a fear of annihilation only a few years after a third of our people were destroyed. Many of their surviving families reside in Israel. My own mother survived Auschwitz, her extended family didn't.

      But, hey, if you say it's shtick on our part, who are we to argue. Of course, you are the same Walid who declares Israel the most vile element in the Middle East, as opposed to the shining examples of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the rest.

      You talk about what happened to the Palestinians, You never wonder what would have happened if their goals of wiping out the Jews in 1948 and 1967 (by their so-called supporters Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq) would have been achieved. We see how Muslims butcher each other all over the world simply because one is Shia or Sunni, or some other sect like in Iran or Afghanistan. Imagine what they would do to the Jews.

      As for democracy, Palestinians and the rest of the Middle East didn't even know how to spell that word till Israel was created.

    • dissolution of the zionist entity?

      That's exactly the phrase the loonies in Iran use, nice to see that you agree with those kinds of people.

    • Theo, I imagine that you will volunteer to be the one that directs people either to the left line or right. Left means eviction, right means they can stay, correct? You will be able to of course at a glance tell who is an innocent Jew and who is a terrorist Zionist, right?

      Funny, if some loony Rabbi in Israel suggests the reverse, you all jump in indignation.

      Yes, Theo, I understand that it's not about the Jews, it's just your deep concern for the Palestinians. NOT!

  • Israel freezes cash transfers to P.A. over unity deal
  • Helen Thomas will cover Move Over AIPAC conference, doesn't want to speak at it
    • Imagine that, On the one hand, we Jews are a major social problem in this country. We are powerful way beyond our numbers. Then others here say that we are all blindly in a box, save for you few who see the light. So, are we evil wizards who control the world as CitizenC and others here say, or are we all blind sheep who need Annie and Kathleen and Chaos to enlighten us?

  • A question for our pro-Israel visitors . . .
    • "You are wrong in assuming that evacuation of territories brought the rockets being fired in direction of Israel. You were meant to assume that, together with any other naive or ignorant observer."

      Eva, I am Israeli, so spare us the ignorant and naive. You handful of anti-Israel activists know it all, we are all naive and ignorant.

      Hamas has been targeting Israelis in Israel proper with terror way before they came into power, and in fact quite actively while the Oslo peace negotiations were taking place. We know exactly what intentions Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of them have for us, borders or no borders.

      Yup, partisan and resistance activity in restaurants, pizzerias, markets, buses, universities and Passover dinners.

      Let's look at the situation before Oslo allowed Arafat and his cronies to come in and attempt to build some kind of functioning Palestinian society. What happened, other than Arafat stealing huge sums of money from his people and creating a huge "security" apparatus? Before Arafat, Palestinians had jobs in Israel, their economy could work and sustain itself. Hamas was elected because finally, even Palestinians saw through Arafat and company. So, what does Hamas do? Why, align itself with the lunatics in Iran. That will surely help the Palestinians and bring peace to the region. Of course, we all know that Palestinians are free to voice their displeasure over Hamas at any time. We saw how Hamas neutralized the March 15th demos by starting up the rocket firing process again.

    • I love when Chaos goes on a rant as above. His true thoughts and opinions come out, he just can't help himself. Of course, he refers to them as "facts". He even gets off the approved "It's not about the Jews but about the Zionists' track. The only thing missing is that we Jews/Zionists use Christian blood for matzah, though he kind of alludes to that in mentioning organ trafficking. The old Jews control certain professions canard and regular good old American white folk like Chaos can't get in is in there.

      However, in a way, I want the Chaos type on Mondoweiss, it just proves to the rest of us what's really behind the anti-Israel stance.

      In addition, he doesn't know what he is talking about. "isenfranchisement equals poverty, and poverty is the driving force behind almost all crime that isn’t white-collar" Bin Laden isn't poor, none of the Saudis on 9/11 were poor (Oh, yes, I forget, we Israelis did that one). Mohammed Atta was not poor. Major Hassan was not poor.

    • So far the only civil war I have seen is among the Palestinians, Hamas vs. Fatah and we all know how that is going, If someone characterized all Palestinians as murderers according to the fact that one of them killed that Italian "activist" you would all have a fit, but it's ok to label all settlers in that manner because of Baruch Goldstein and Yigal Amir.

      In fact, Israel has shown on more than one occasion, despite difficulties, that they are willing to confront their own people in order to evacuate territory for peace. In the Sinai, it brought a cold peace with Egypt, In Gaza, it brought thousands of rockets at civilians. Show me what the Palestinians have done other than kill each other even after signing numerous cease fires and a peace agreement in their holy city of Mecca

  • 10-year-old Palestinian girl's coma and death ascribed to psychological trauma of being prevented from touching her father on prison visit
    • Interesting, nothing on Mondoweiss about Syria, Where are the flotillas to support the Syrian people? Where are the worldwide protests? Where is that great defender of Islam, Turkey? Oh, it's not Israel that's involved,

  • On Easter, spare a moment to think about the Christians in Jesus's birthplace
  • What future for the Goldstone Report?
  • Arrigoni documented Israeli attacks on Palestinian ambulance workers, 'the most heroic people I ever met'
    • Annie, you are on to us. Surely if we can pull off 9/11, control the worlds finances, Hollywood, the world governments etc, we can dispose of an Italian who supports our terrorist enemies? Annie, you are brilliant, you figured us out despite our best efforts.

  • Activist Vittorio Arrigoni's body said to be found in Gaza
    • Danaa,

      Animals” does LLI call “them”,

      Actually, I never used and never will use that term. I lived in Israel for 8 years, and I respect all human beings so long as they do the same. As a former combat soldier in the IDF, I know how ugly war is. I know how much Israelis want peace. The ISM and their supporters here, however not only do not respect Israelis, you demonize us at every turn, calling us every name in the book. So, first check your facts, and second, don't be a hypocrite.

    • Wait, I thought that the ISM was friends with the Palestinians? Just like all of you are?

  • Despite truce, Israel maintains total blockade on the Gaza Strip
    • This might explain the current blockade of Gaza

      From Ma'an:
      For the sixth day in a row crossings into the Gaza Strip were closed by Israeli forces maintaining a blockade on the coastal enclave, who told Palestinian liaison officers that the closure was for "security reasons."

      Closures began on Tuesday, two days ahead of spike in border violence which saw 18 killed by Israeli strikes in Gaza -- including at least six civilians -- and two injured in Israel. The closure continues despite an announced ceasefire deal that went into place before midnight on Sunday.

      Perhaps the continued closure is related to this small story out of the Islamic Jihad Saraya website:
      At 6 o'clock Sunday morning 4/10/2011, the artillery unit of the Al-Quds Brigades shot 4 80 mm mortar shells toward the site "Karm Abu Salem," [Kerem Shalom] located east of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, where shells hit their targets precisely, leading to the interruption of electricity to most parts of the site and spreading a state of confusion the soldiers present inside.
      Kerem Shalom is one of the major goods crossings into Gaza, and Islamic Jihad was bragging about targeting it.

  • Juliano, mourned
  • Brandeis students heckle Knesset members for support of war crimes and racist legislation
    • I get a good laugh reading what Paraska Tolan writes. She is angry at everyone. Aren't you peaceniks supposed to love everyone? She hates America, of course, like many of you do. This young lady is so spoiled she has no idea whatsoever what hardship means in this world. Oh, she pays lip service to how women are treated in many parts of the world. She does not mention how women are treated in Islamic societies. Of course, she also hates Israel.

      "This is not only about America. This is not just being pissed off. This is shame, guilt, pain and perhaps, yes perhaps also anger.
      I am a woman. My hips, thighs, breasts, lips, eyes all attest to it. When I walk down any street in America and around the world men whistle, undress me with their eyes, make dirty comments. That would be nothing. We women are used to encounters such as these. What makes me feel most soiled and humiliated, are the unwanted hands on my body, the foreign mouth on my neck, the arousal in their eyes. Those men treat me like an object, a tool for sexual fulfillment.
      I am angry at testosterone. I am angry at this drive that we permit men to pursue. I am angry at our capitalist, misogynistic society that reaps us every day of our rights as women.
      This is a society where the prostitute, and not the customer, is punished, where eighty year old men decide wherever a twenty year old woman can abort, where girls are abused and never tell anybody because they feel dishonored. We could hide our shapes under layers of cloth like we are encouraged to in certain parts of the world. But that will not change the problem. For when we cover our bodies we are submitting, when we are lightly dressed we are vulgar, for it is always us flirting, for if we get pregnant we were fooling around, if we abort we are killing our child, if we want birth control we are horny.
      I could go on saying what I don’t like. But I am an optimist, so I will tell you of my dream instead.
      I envision a world where I can walk down the street and feel like I own my body, where my daughters can live without the nightmares of abuse and incest, where people will know that my short skirt is not there to arouse them, but to feel the warm sun, and the fresh breeze on my legs, and butt."

  • Goldstone and the tribe
    • This is what I sent to that Professor

      That's funny, till a few days ago you and your cohorts were falling over themselves quoting that dishonest report at every turn. Of course, none of you deal with the part of Hamas firing rockets at civilians for 8 years, following years of homicide bombs in buses, cinemas, markets and Passover dinners.

      Now, he is a Zionist, a first-rate compromiser and double-dealer , and now you bring up his Apartheid years. When we pro Israel supporters brought that up, you ignored it.

      Jonathan Kay wrote it better

      link to

    • I love how you are all vilifying Goldstone now. "Double dealer, Zionist" because he told the truth which you don't want to hear

  • The murder of Arna’s child
    • Interesting that there are only 2 comments on this matter as I write this.

      ToivoS refers to the killers as anomalies, as sociopaths. However, when a Palestinian is killed by an Israeli, what we see here are numerous comments about how all Israelis are evil killers.

  • What the Goldstone op-ed doesn’t say
    • Avi,

      If what you post here is so righteous, why are you afraid of contrary opinions? Are you saying that your opinions are only valid if you are preaching to the choir?

  • The current 'one state' reality in Israel/Palestine
    • Gil,

      You don't seem to see any connection between cause and effect. You claim that the settlements have effectively negated the chance for a 2 state solution. Yet, there were no settlements prior to 1967, and the Arabs and Palestinians still wanted to destroy the Israelis. Hamas still wants to do that for all of Israel and their backer, Iran has said so outright.

      Israel evacuated settlements in the Sinai for a cold peace with Egypt. Israel evacuated settlements in Gaza and got thousands of rockets at it's civilians in return.

      In the meantime, despite numerous cease-fires and peace agreements between Fatah and Hamas, including one they signed in their holy city of Mecca, they are still at each others throats. So, I guess that means that Israel should evacuate all settlements in the West Bank pronto, because there is sure to be a full peace following that.

      You also conveniently forget to mention that the territories were occupied as a result of a war against us instigated by Egypt, Syria and Jordan with the full complicity of the Palestinians who hoped and believed that they would get all of Israel as a result. They lost and now they cry victimhood. Of course, what would we know compared to you enlightened non-Jews and those paragons of morality like Phil, Richard and JVP?

    • "and 1.2 million oppressed, second class Arab “citizens” of Israel who do not appear to have been successfully brainwashed."

      But surely they must have been brainwashed because most of them prefer to stay in this "racist, apartheid state" than among their brethren in Gaza and WB.

      "would genuinely like to see Israel survive as a nation that truly reflects Jewish values."

      What Jewish values would those be? Mass suicide? Spare me the nonsense that JVP and Silverstein are the moral lights of our people and the rest of us are clueless. Silverstein is a fraud, as are JVP.

      I love it when non Jews preach to us about values. Our history shows just how those Christian values were towards Jews.

    • Gil, your blog says "How to Save Israel in Spite of Herself: Solving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict"

      I don't understand how all of Israel doesn't push for it's leaders to consult with you before making any decisions whatsoever. I mean, you have it all figured out and clearly know much better than all 7 million brainwashed Israelis living there what is best for them. Especially since you do all this for the love of Israel just like Phil Weiss and Richard Silverstein and JVP. I am sure that Israel would pay for the hotline direct to your house.

    • Imagine that

      Arabs prefer life in Israel, even sisters of Hamas Leaders

      link to

  • Women burst into journalist hotel in Libya saying she was raped by Qadhafi paramilitaries, she is dragged out by security forces
    • I had a good laugh at this one. Syrian gov't blames Palestinians for unrest.
      They also blame the Mossad (working hand in hand with the Palestinians, I'm sure)

      Taxi, Chaos et all blame only the evil colonial Israelis

    • Waiting for the Mondoweissers to condemn the Lebanese people for their brutal, racist behaviour.
      link to

  • Israel's racist response to Itamar murders would be unthinkable in the U.S.
    • What I love about the anti-Israel crowd is how you confuse us with your message. On the one hand we are idiots that you "sneer" at, on the other hand we are capable of the most devious of plots and machinations. The usual "stealing is all we know" and so on.

      Oh, and you NEVER generalize.

    • Well, in the vein of how the Mondoweiss Forum members label Israelis as murderers etc, it would seem that all Americans are murderers.

      link to

      BTW, any of you Chaos, Taxi, Annie, etc,. your country is involved in 2 wars, soon 3, in countries now where near the US, but yet you criticize Israel.

  • Establishing the timeline on 'Cast Lead II'
    • Spare us this nonsense. The Palestinians are lucky that it is Israel they face, and not one of their "Arab/Muslim brethren." We have seen what they do to Palestinians when push comes to shove. (Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon just as an example)

      You avoided the comment about how you and the rest of the anti-Israel crowd here parrot exactly what the mullahs of Iran say.

      Regardless, I know very well that for you and Annie and Chaos and the rest of the bunch, this has nothing to do with the Palestinians. You and your kind could care less about them. It's really about bashing Israel. I'm fine with that, it's not new to us. The difference is that now, we are no longer ghetto Jews.

    • Interesting that none of you oh so knowledgeable people is seeing why Hamas may be interested in heating things up. They have to avoid the heat of the recent Arab uprisings and the March 15th movements against them which they are brutally suppressing. What's the timeworn way to do that? Why, target the "external enemy", Israel. Clear as day.

    • Interesting, and Hamas and Islamic Jihad leaders have gone into hiding. Sure, give the orders to launch rockets at civilians and bomb civilians in Jerusalem, then go hide, hope that Israel retaliates, which it should, then cry to the world that you are a victim.

    • Hmm, Woody. Pigs? That's exactly what the lunatics in Iran call us, so you and they are obviously like minded. Though the rest of the Arab/Muslim world calls us Sons of Pigs and Apes.

    • One of the older tricks in the terror book. Set up or run an operation through a splinter group, then claim to have no connection to the attack. Arafat was a master at this.

      Hamas has the ability to control everything in Gaza as we have seen. No one would be firing anything if Hamas didn't want them to.

    • Right Oscar, Israel blows up a bomb on it's own people to have an excuse to go after Hamas.

  • Israeli Apartheid Week: A Beginner’s Guide
    • Over 60 Jewish groups condemn boycott movement

      link to

    • Israel in 1948 and today was and is certainly more legitimate than Saudi Arabia, Jordan to name just a few. In fact, Israel has way more legal legitimacy than your so-called Palestinian State.

      Right, we are all liars. The mobs screaming "slaughter the jews" in Cairo and Damascus that I PERSONALLY remember,. Never happened. Nasser saying he would have lunch in Tel Aviv after throwing the Jews into the sea? Nope. The Arab armies were just going to defeat Israel militarily and then nicely send all Jews back to Europe or the Arab/Muslim countries they came from.

      Then again, as I have said before, debating with you and Annie and Taxi and the like is like debating with the SS. I as a proud Jew and Israeli no longer do that. You don't like that we refuse to submit to terror and annihilation? Too bad.

    • Isn't that lovely of you Annie. Your arrogance fairly drips from that response, but that is typical of what we see here. Funny that you too parrot what the Iranians say about us. The thing is though, we have survived much worse than you and your acolytes and we will thrive and survive despite the anti-semites and their Jewish quislings.

    • That's funny, so under your definition, Saudi Arabia should be an Apartheid State. When is the Saudi Apartheid week taking place?

    • So let's see if I understand Mr. White. Anyone who defends Israel is either candy coating the issues, is a liar or a hasbarist. In other words, it is not possible that others may actually have a legitimate opinion when in fact, most people do not see Israel as an Apartheid State. Excellent way to have any credibility, Mr. White.

      Now, to add to the confusion. Several Arab countries go to war against the legitimate state of Israel, supposedly on behalf of their Palestinian brothers. Their declared aim is to destroy this fledgling and legitimate state and it's Jewish inhabitants. Surprisingly, for once Jews don't go by the book and fight back and don't get destroyed. Instead, the Palestinians become refugees.

      Fast forward to 1967. Several Arab countries threaten to destroy the legitimate State of Israel who is not occupying an inch of land that does not belong to them. No Palestinian stands up and says, wait. Don't do this. It will cost us dearly. Again, those pesky Israelis refuse to follow the plan and fight back and win, resulting in more Palestinian refugees and occupied territory, So, instead of seeking to peacefully resolve the issue, the Arab League in Khartoum, again on behalf of their willing Palestinian brothers issues the famous 3 Nos statement.

      Now, the Iranian lunatics are "supporting" their Palestinian brethren and threaten to destroy Israel. Hmm, haven't we been to this movie before?

      I find it quite interesting that Ben White and company describe Israel exactly as Iran does. Birds of a feather......

  • We planned the Purim party, then my partner actually read the Book of Esther...
    • If someone were to use the example of Islamic conquests via scorched earth policies leaving hundreds of thousands dead in their wake as the reason Islam is violent today, they would be called racist, islamaphobes and numerous fatwas would be rained on them. If someone gave but a small example of Christian brutality, and there are far too many to pick from as the reason Christians today are evil, there would be a hugh outcry. Yet, when a Purim story which may or may not be totally factual is shown as the reason Sabra and Shatilla happened and by extension showing why Jews are evil today, this is totally accepted here. Note that this is not Israelis this guy is talking about, because if the evidence he presents in his article is true, then all Jews are affected.

    • Aha, so our history is filled with blood and killing, so it stands to reason why we supposedly do it now. Throws in Sabra and Shatilla even though it was Christians who did the killing.

      Never mind that this Purim story is but a blip compared to the blood spilled by Christians, both of Jews and other "heathen" throughout history. Never mind that this is insignificant compared to Muslim genocide against people throughout centuries, even in modern times. This is Mondoweiss after all, where the only facts are those that demonize Jews.

  • Palestine calling
    • Oh me oh my,

      They must have been Israelis dressed as Hamasniks.

      Hamas attacks "unity" rally in Gaza
      From Ma'an:
      Thousands of pro-unity protesters in Gaza City's Unknown Soldier Square moved to the city's Khatib Square on Monday, when a Hamas-organized rally arrived at the scene, dampening the calls for a non-factional call for Palestinian unity.

      A much smaller protest in Ramallah, with estimates of about 3,000, gathered in the Manara Circle, called in tandem with Gaza for an end to Palestinian political division, which fissured that Palestinian leadership in 2007.

      Organizers of the 15 March protests, which include a loose coalition of youth groups in the West Bank and Gaza, have called for the protests to remain focused on unity. The aim of the demonstration, they say, is the end of Palestinian political division through elections that include all Palestinians.

      Speaking by phone from the protest one man, who asked not to be identified, said about 200 Hamas members carrying flags and chanting Hamas slogans entered the square shortly before 11:30 a.m.

      He said two demonstrators were hit with Taser guns and fainted as they shouted demanding the removal of all politically-affiliated paraphernalia from the area.

      In Ramallah, 3,000 gathered the Manara Circle, with early reports of Palestinian Authority security presence and some Fatah flags being raised.
      Palestine Press Agency adds:
      30 people were admitted to hospitals on Tuesday in Gaza City as a result of Hamas elements assaulting the demonstration to 'end the division'.

      Mohammed Ghareeb, a participant in the demonstration, said "A group of young people that were chanting 'People want to end the division' was attacked by a large group of Hamas members who were chanting 'Hamas is the Solution' and [the Hamas members] beat them with batons and sharp tools and opened fire during the withdrawal from the site after the rush the masses of young people on them."

  • Reider faults left for silence on murders of 5 settlers
  • Flotilla set to sail for Gaza on anniversary of Mavi Marmara killings
    • Gaza? Where are the flotillas to Libya? Libyans are being murdered, yet none of these so-called human rights activists are calling for or organizing flotillas. Where is Turkey now with their oh so genuine concerns for their fellow Muslims? We don't see any mass protests around the world about the plight of the Libyans. I haven't seen Codepink anywhere near a Libyan embassy. No one is boycotting anything Libyan. (This despite the fact that according to Mondoweiss, Jews are involved in numerous ways in suppressing the Libyan people) I am sure Goldstone is firing up his word processor as we speak to catalog "the war crimes" Hmm......

  • The Jewish sideshow (and why I want to play in it)
    • Except of course for the +90% of Israel that was stolen Palestinian land.

      This is a blatant lie and you know it. In 1948 when the UN declared the partition, how much "Palestinian" land was "stolen"? The Arabs sought to gain by war what they could not by diplomacy. Hence the "refugee" problem which they have perpetrated since then. What were Egypt, Jordan and Syria doing fighting the fledgling and legitimate State of Israel? Why was Syria bombing Israeli Kibbutzim prior to 1967?

      Damn right Israel attacked first in 1967 and rightly so. When you have six Arab countries arrayed against you and threatening to exterminate you, you better attack first. My parents generation were victims, not mine. I know this upsets all you delicate peace loving, Jew hating activists, but we are through being Ghetto Jews.

      You also had nothing to say about the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank prior to 1967. How come there was no movement for a Palestinian State in those areas back then?

      Where do you get this notion that the land belonged to the non-Jewish residents of the British Mandate called Palestine. Prior to the founding of the State of Israel, all residents of that area were Palestinian.

    • Memri is not credible, but MW and you are right?

      Ah ha, and we Israelis just don't have the insight you and a few others have about our situation? It reminds me a lot of Richard Silverstein, that guy sits in Seattle and blogs and he has the whole Middle East figured out. Everyone is an idiot unless he agrees with Richard.

      You obviously consider the UN a credible entity these days. Libya on HRC, Iran on Women's Council.

      "that racist Israelis jews can overcome their fears and hatred, and come to live in peace with their fellow Palestinians."

      That's funny, I thought we were living in peace with our fellow Palestinians before 1967? Israel was not occupying, not colonizing. Why did Egypt, Jordan and Syria threaten Israel? In fact, from what I recall, Egypt was occupying Gaza and Jordan the West Bank. Why did those fellow Palestinians not say, wait, we are living in peace with our fellow Israeli Jews, we already suffered from one war with them.

      You see, we are not fooled. We know that this has nothing to do with caring about Palestinians and justice. It's about hating Jews and in the case of the Jews here, hating the capitalist system, be it Israel or the US.

    • the vast majority of Israelis are rascists and colizers(something like 80%) so its not a generalization.

      I'm glad to see that pjdude didn't let personal bias get in the way of data. When he said 80% he meant 51% shown in one poll. Of course, we don't see any data on polls conducted in the Arab/Muslim world towards Jews (note I said Jews, not Israelis.) I'm sure Memri has that information. I would also be curious about polls conducted in the USA about attitudes towards Mexicans, or the Taliban.

      So, 51% is still a large number. So, how did half the Israeli population become racists, given that it is such a diverse pool of both native born and people from all over the world? How is it that the good upstanding members of the Mondoweiss comments section understand Israel so well, yet the Israelis who actually live there seem to be clueless as to how evil they are. I mean, according to you, some do get it. Ilan Pappe, Avi Shlaim and so on. How come they get it and the millions of other Israelis don't?

      Finally, I always get a good chuckle when the one state solution is proposed, especially in light of the comments here. Why would the Palestinians want to share a state with us when we are so racist and so evil?

    • That's funny. On this site, Israelis are labelled killers, racists, colonizers and worse, but you want me to specify INDIVIDUALS here who admire Hitler? I guess you don't like generalizations?

    • Yes, Thomson Rutherford, those pesky Jews, all 14 million of them, minus the progressives like Phil, always "monopolizing" whether it be conversations, financial institutions, Hollywood, etc etc. You would think we would have learned our lesson after a fine Austrian gentlemen some of you admire tried to do something about us, and nearly succeeded.

      Oh, I forgot, you meant Zionists, didn't you?

    • Hmm, aggressive outsiders, but of course you Taxi are only referring to Zionists, not Jews, right

      nd really, also because you being from europe, well you don’t have an enduring ‘history’ with the people of the region. How could you, after all you’re from faraway europe – you have nothing in common with mideasterns and you will always stick out as the aggressive outsiders that you are.

      innocent Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Syrian and Egyptian blood on your hands.

      Hmm, I seem to recall the Arab armies you mention promising to destroy Israel. So, not so innocent.

  • Two indications from Egypt that Gaza blockade will collapse
    • "You know, basic civil behaviour which respects human rights"

      Uh Huh, something in abundance in those countries that surround and/or threaten Israel.

    • Perhaps disarming Israel would create peace in the Middle East.

      That is the funniest sentence I have yet seen on MW.

    • 2 people who won't be banned from Mondoweiss, because their opinions dovetail with the viewpoints here.

      Khaled Meshall of Hamas and Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir (he of Darfur genocide fame) You are in good company,AVI, Annie, Chaos, Taxi etc.
      link to

  • Imagine your children attending tent schools, subject to demolition, because colonists seek your village's water
    • Please let us know what kind of schools are available to Palestinians in the camps in Lebanon and Syria. I'm sure they have the best that oil money from all those Muslim countries soaking in it can afford to lavish on their Palestinian brothers.

  • Yorba Linda: My city of hate
    • Wow, Avi, nice of you to classify and generalize about 300 million Americans. This is the arrogance of the left. Only you have morals. Only you respect human rights. Only you are supposedly not bigoted (except when it comes to Israel, of course)

      Millions of those so-called dark skinned people risk their lives to come to the USA. How many risk their lives to go to Muslim countries? Why is that? Do these people know something you don't?

  • Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi
    • Annie, that headline makes you all look foolish, just like many conspiracy theorists are.

      Case in point. Those like Annie, Chaos, Taxi etc, voice their opinions supposedly backed by justice, empathy and their own free opinion. Those of us who support Israel, however, are tools, thread hijackers with blood on our hands etc.

      Taxi threatens to ban us. That's funny, I thought this blog belonged to Phil Weiss. The inmates have taken over the asylum.

      Anyway, I could care less what you think of me. I just hope that fuster and DBG understand, and I think they do, what sort of people are on here.

    • Yes, Annie, I am your worst nightmare. A proud Israeli, a Zionist, and not one of your ghetto Jews who will bend over for you.

      Annie, I follow your posts on here, mostly personal attacks on anyone who does not toe the anti-Israel line. You don't reflect that well on MW. I dislike what Phil does in terms of Israel, but I respect his right to do so. Some of the "followers" on this site however are outright anti-semites. What's more, and I have seen this many times, there is no debate, certainly not by the likes of you, Chaos, Taxi and a few others.

    • This was a good laugh. Calling people racist toads, threatening violence (I thought you MW supporters were against violence) and then wanting intelligent debate?

    • Fuster,

      It's a total waste of time and energy arguing with these hardcore anti-semites or "progressive Jews" It would be like arguing with the SS.

      Notice that they never actually address any of the facts we bring up, they just start slamming us for being racists, blood on our hands, child killers etc.

      None of them responded to my post about how there was NEVER anything about the plight of the Egyptians on MW till the recent events. Suddenly, they all care about the Egyptians. Where were you for the last 30 years? Oh, I know, bashing Israel. In fact, the only reason they are making an issue of the events in Egypt is that they see it upsetting the relationship between Israel/Egypt and the US. They couldn't care less about the Egyptians, and this is evidenced by the absolute lack of comments prior to recent events.

      It's just like all those lefties who suddenly discovered the suffering Iraqis when the US invaded. Where were they for all the years when Saddam was brutalizing his people? Hypocrites.

    • You and your buddies obviously don't get sarcasm. Chaos asked a stupid and biased question, got the appropriate answer.

      You want to talk about killing children, I can compile a very long list of children murdered and wounded by Palestinian terror.

      Zionism is beautiful, it's only in your bigoted mind otherwise

    • Another example of how things work on Mondoweiss. Anyone who is pro Israel is clearly a tool of the Israeli government, an idiot, a fascist and so on. It could not possibly be that anyone could have an opinion of their own. This is the modus operandi of the left and certainly by many here. You only want to hear from your own kind. Chaos4700, Annie regularly insult anyone who comments on here that does not share their view. They don't actually address the facts.

    • I was waiting for a comment like this, because after all, that is what we Israelis do. So, I think it might have been around 100, I lost count. Some of them I just poured Phosphorus on them, so don't know what happened to them, it might have taken them a long time to die.

      See, ask a stupid question for which you claim to know the answer. I find it funny that you would accuse others here of hate and racism when you make these ridiculous assertions that have no basis in fact.

    • Marc, I know what a Kapo looks like because my Mother, who survived Auschwitz told me what they look like and act like. Todays Kapos are different, they call themselves "progressive Jews" they are doing this because they love Israel and they care deeply about justice. However, the charade is very easy to see through.

    • Now it's all clear.

      link to

      Israelis dressed as Hamas are robbing banks in Gaza to help pay for the mercenaries employed by Kaddafi. Kill two birds with one stone. Rob the Palestinians and help kill tons of Libyans. Who said we Jews have lost our edge?

    • Actually Avi, I am Israeli. I served in the IDF paratroops and in the security services and I am VERY PROUD of it and would do it again in a flash. I am also the son of an Auschwitz survivor and know what Kapos look and sound like.

    • Yes, Annie, you got it, they are Israeli tanks, it was in some Egyptian newspaper. So, the Israeli air force is bombing Libyans, Israeli tanks are wandering from Saudi Arabia to Barhain, African mercenaries are hired by Israelis to attack Libyan rebels, and I'm sure intrepid Mondoweiss reporters will discover more evil stuff we Israelis are up to.

    • Annie,

      I guess these kinds of comments are ok for you. Or those that compare Jews to Nazis, frequently seen on Mondoweiss

      "US and Israel are proven killers and liars. They are not beneath manipulating the distracted minds of those of us in the hinterland."

      "Typical Zio-garbage

    • You guys must be all confused. You love Chavez yet he supports Kadaffi. Oy Oy Oy.

      I love how there is a veritable deluge of material about how evil Kadaffi and sons are. NONE of this ever appeared on Mondoweiss. It was all Israel is bad, all day, every day. The same goes with Egypt. Amazing how you all suddenly worry about the Egyptians and Libyans.

    • You gotta love Mondoweiss. The article, in a so-called newspaper, states that this information came from "Egyptian Sources" No one knows which sources. Of course, there were also reports that Israeli F-16s were strafing Libyan protesters. These are all facts for Mondoweiss supporters.

  • Oscar night at J St: Michael Sfard says Israel made 'an immoral choice' and makes it again, every day
    • Yes, Annie, it's always something, isn't it. WashPo revises history, blah blah. Anything to avoid admitting that Hamas are what we know they are.

      It's just like why no one here commented on how there was NEVER any mention of the plight of the Egyptians and Libyans etc on Mondoweiss, till these so called revolutions. Suddenly, all of you so called peace lovers are their biggest supporters. I don't see any flotillas heading to help those poor Libyans.

    • link to

      Mondoweiss blames Israel for Sharia in Gaza

  • Israel resumes extrajudicial assassinations
    • That can’t continue and governments composed of men such as are in the present Israeli cabinet can’t continue.

      I see, as opposed to those really nice and reasonable leaders in Hamas and Fatah and their backers in Iran. Why, just look how reasonable Fatah and Hamas are with each other? They signed numerous peace treaties with one another, one even in the Holy City of Mecca. That seems to be working out well. Now, their backers in Iran, who by the way, use the same language about Israel as the people on Mondoweiss, those are nice reasonable people. Even their own people will tell you that.

    • It's always funny how when someone stands up for Israel, they are "Hasbarists" in other words, tools of the Israelis, and of course, could not possibly be people who have an opinion of their own. Of course, since Weiss and company are an insignificant minority in the Jewish community, then all the rest of us that support Israel must be idiots.

      We also get the usual nonsense comparing Israel to Nazis.

    • This is exactly what Israel should do. You fire rockets, you get rockets fired at you. Israel at least aims at Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the rest of the terrorists.

  • 'Libya is not Egypt'
    • Mondoweiss and it's followers are HUGE hypocrites when it comes to the latest happenings in the ME. Till the recent "revolution" in Egypt, there was not ONE WORD about the plight of the Egyptians, or the Libyans, or Yemenis etc on Mondoweiss.


      Just constant bashing of the only democracy in the ME. Suddenly, Mondoweiss is all about the Egyptians, you are their best supporters, you cry for them. You cheer their aspirations for democracy. Of course, if they get a theocracy, you will be happy because it will be against Israel. Never mind if the Egyptians find themselves in a worse situation. Hogwash. You only care because you see it as changing the relationship with the West and Israel. You could care less about the Egyptians, or Libyans or Yemenis. It's just like before the Iraq war, none of the left said anything about the years of Saddam brutality against his people and the Kurds. When the US and it's allies went in, suddenly you were all there supporting those poor Iraqis.

      Funny, we never see much about the Iranians fight for freedom and democracy.

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