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There are all sorts of things that never make it in to the discourse Judaism is not hatred. It's Mensches versus Cossacks. I am with the Mensches. Fairuz is a Mensch. So are the people in Gaza, Hass, Gideon Levy, Yasmin Levy, Gurvitz, Zochrot, Btselem. The only Sabras who have managed to escape the suffocating Groupthink of Zionism are those who had parents who could see what was happening. We have to get Jews back to Menschkeit. The religion didn't survive this long by being asshole focused. "And he is scared," wrote Kol, who has helped advance bills in the fields of children's rights, violence against children, health and education. "I am scared. I am scared that we will continue living like this. And that fear scares me." But in the long run, a hostile region like that cannot be policed, even by a nuclear-armed Israel. It will simply do to Israel what some of the wars have done to us on a smaller scale. Attrite it, tire it, fatigue it, demoralize it, cause emigration of the best and the first, and then some sort of cataclysm at the end which cannot be predicted at this stage because we don’t know who will have what by when. And after all, Iran is next door. It might have some nuclear capability. Suppose the Israelis knock it off. What about Pakistan and others? The notion that one can control a region from a very strong and motivated country, but of only six million people, is simply a wild dream. In the corners there is light That is good for you And behind you, I have warned you, There are awful things

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  • Trump administration threatens to close Palestinians' office in Washington DC
    • Israel is 70. The Crusader state in the Levant in the early middle ages covered the same ground and lasted over twice Israel's age. It failed when it was abandoned by the west and trade fell off. I would be surprised if Israel lasted to 150. Trump is irrelevant. What counts is what is happening in the heads of Israelis.

  • The Russiagate farce, or how the Russians corrupted our pristine democracy
    • I think the Russia thing deserves more than whataboutery. The US needs a new system. That will also involve breaking Zionist power.

      As David Brooks said in the NYT recently

      "The US needs "some sort of synthesis on the larger postindustrial/populism war. Over a century ago industrialisation brought on culture clash between agrarian populist and the genteel Victoria aristocrats.  Théodore Roosevelt transcended the fight by inventing a new kind of American nationalism. Meanwhile the progressives cleaned up elite corruption and nurtured a square deal for those left behind by technological change. Cultural leaders introduced new institutions and community forms like the Boy Scouts and the settlement house that drew from both cuktures replaced them.  Today we need another grand synthesis that can move us beyond the current divide, a synthesis that is neither redneck nor hipster but draws from both worlds to create a new social vision progress on guns will be possible when the culture war subsides, not before. "

    • The article was largely whataboutery imo. There is a system. Including Jewish money  corruption. It is called neoliberalism.  One of the plutocrats owns most of Facebook.

      "The Russian scandal is only the latest screwup after cyber bullying, sexual abuse, pornography, hidden identities, fake news, racism, blackmail, teen sucicide and of course bad grammar and even worse spelling. All perfect for a dumbed down populace. And tax cheats, gender inequality, crowding out residents of the communities where they operate, hyperuse of the infrastructure. Despite all these problems , they are still the darlings of Wall Street, vacuuming up capital they don’t need thereby depriving cities and states of money for roads, housing, water, electricity developments. All the while having an almost boorish lack of taste in food, fashion and personal comportment. No class. Questionable societal contribution. Outrageous profits per employee. Ridiculously low investment per revenue dollar. No wonder foreigners love to invest. The business model is unbeatable, and unattainable by any business that makes and services the physical needs of a modern civilization. The market value seems to be inversely proportional to the societal value. A conundrum that will only get worse."

      Dumbed down:.
      "FOX still sells the American dream, limitless freedom, to obese, oil & sugar addicted humans. Low taxes and lobby-bought state senators mean that education standards are low and expectations are low in Trump-voting land. Decades of lies by the Republican machine have brought climate denial to the part of the brain that believes in God and is not easily changed. It is a North Korean level of brainwashing. Reason and evidence matter.  It's faith-based science. Sadly I don't think we have the data to show with high confidence how many deaths this decision will cause through "slow violence" over the next decades. An innumerate electorate has no concept of deaths caused in anything but spectacular events like 9/11. 30 million Americans could die through slow violence (methane  / obesity / nicotine etc.) 10 years before than they would otherwise and it wouldn't make the front page. 10,000 times fewer dead in a day makes the front page for a decade. There are great many documentaries made about individual tragedies but we have not managed to simplify the ecological devastation caused by this genocidal policy in a way voters understand. Cell depletion, heart failure, blood poisoning. The republican administration will kill tens of millions worldwide through this policy. It won't be a summary execution (something Fox News viewers can understand), but those people won't be here when they otherwise would have been here"

      The Russians know all this. They know how hopelessly corrupt the US is after 37 years of plutocracy. 37 years during which Israel bet the house on apartheid and fuck the consequences. It won't just be neoliberalism that collapses.

  • Israeli forces target Palestinian schools, teachers in East Jerusalem and Hebron
    • Louïs CK's press release yesterday was about power and impunity. It reminded me of Israel. It too will get its comeuppance.

      ""I also took advantage of the fact that I was widely admired in my and their community, which disabled them from sharing their story and brought hardship to them when they tried because people who look up to me didn’t want to hear it. I didn’t think that I was doing any of that because my position allowed me not to think about it."

      "I wish I had reacted to their admiration of me by being a good example to them as a man"

      Zionism doesn't just suck because it is so miserable. It also sucks because it is a debasement of a great religion

  • 'American Jews are losing it bigtime' -- Netanyahu gov't official slams '80 percent' assimilation rate
  • Five Palestinians bodies recovered from tunnel bombing after Israeli court ignores emergency rescue petition
    • Brewer,
      This was in the Guardian

      "Shlaim, author of The Iron Wall, an acclaimed study of Israel’s military policies, has made a close study of the cabinet and general staff papers from the war. Although he agrees that it was a defensive war, he argues that – in the ease of the victory and in the national sense of joy – opportunities were lost, not least for a wider peace.

      “Zionism [the historic movement for Jewish self determination in its own state] lost its way in 1967, that’s the crucial thing,” he told the Observer. “The main aim of the Zionist movement before the war was the establishment of an independent Jewish state in Palestine. But by the eve of the war that objective had already been achieved. The victory in 1967 reopened the old question of the territorial aims of Zionism.

      “And the two trends that emerged cut across party lines … the big division after 1967 was between those who accepted the division of Palestine as a solution and those saying the West Bank was an integral part of the land of Israel. And in an Israeli society split down the middle, the government resolved the dilemma by deciding not to decide.”"

      Fatal mistake

    • "In a 2016 article, Haaretz reported that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman “thoroughly opposed the handing over of bodies,” reportedly saying in a closed meeting that he believed withholding Palestinian remains would act as a deterrent for future attacks."

      There is nothing like a Baal Shem Tov quote to put a bot back in his place.

      "Your fellow man is your mirror. If your own face is clean, the image you perceive will also be flawless. But should you look upon your fellow man and see a blemish, it is your own imperfection that you are encountering - you are being shown what it is that you must correct within yourself." Baal Shem Tov

  • Thousands march to UK parliament calling for justice on Balfour centenary
    • Typical bot. All means to attract and distract.

      Meanwhile, Faithless band member was one of the speakers.
      God is a DJ. God doesn't care about Zionism.

  • Jewish leaders seek to shut down anti-occupation movie in MA because it 'sniffs of Nazism'
    • The way Israel uses the good image of american Jews to cover up its ethnocratic nihilism is sick.

    • "As Barney Frank, who used to represent an adjoining district, told Jeff Halper years ago, I see what the settlements are doing, but I can only come out against them if you can give me 5000 Jews in my district who will support me on the move. Otherwise it’s political suicide." Whatever way you look at it it is political suicide.

      As the Baal shem Tov, a notorious anti-semite, once said, fear builds walls to bar the light. Just fancy that!

  • Israel denies entry to Amnesty International staffer due to alleged 'BDS activities'
    • Imagine in the future when Jews are being persecuted and those who express solidarity are turned away. You would expect Yad Va Shem Holocaust museum to stand up for human rights defenders but it would be stupid.

  • Reflections on White Zionism
    • Neonazism a la Spencer is for losers. It is also one of the most toxic political philosophies in the modern era.

      Zionism associates itself with vile ideologies ranging from reactionary South American dictatorships who murdered Jews in the 70's to apartheid South Africa and the GOP in the US.

      It has very little to do with Judaism.

  • R.I.P., Shiksa
    • Harvey reminds me of Dominique Strauss-Kahn who was also brought down by his weiner. And of course Weiner. And Mark Halperin.

    • I like it

    • Most of them were not Jewish. They have been a disaster.

      Alexievich won the Nobel for lit in 2015. She writes about Soviet history

      "Her subjects recall sweaty nightmares, grinding teeth, short tempers and an inability to see forests without thinking of twisted bodies in shallow graves.

      We thought we’d leave communism behind and everything would turn out fine. But it turns out you can’t leave this and become free, because these people don’t understand what freedom is.”

      Neither do Israelis. The Ashkénazim are all traumatised and the Sephardim are ignorant.

      The Russians debased Israel further.

    • Harvey Weinstein would prolly f### anything that moves, Shiksa or not is irrelevant.

      71% intermarriage is doom for Israel.

  • Leon Wieseltier on the Jewish people sounds a lot like Richard Spencer on white people
  • 'One step further into the annexation of the West Bank': Israeli cabinet to vote on annexing West Bank settlements into Jerusalem
  • Texas city drops Israel boycott ban for individuals but says businesses must still reject BDS to get hurricane aid
    • This is Tammany hall esque. It is bad PR for Zionism. Imagine if Jews were denied flood relief unless they signed a doc swearing loyalty to Bolivia.

  • American Jewry and Israel, unbound
    • Gosh. The bots are putting huge efforts into fighting BDS. Justice is so scary.

    • Wallahi

      "If you look at Jewish history, never has the Jewish community been more influential, more powerful, in the history of the Jewish community in America … And I believe as a Jewish American — I’m an elected official — we are of more influence economically, politically, culturally, than in any other place in the world in world history."

      Mean reversion hurts.

      Zionism needs to replace every dead Boomer fanatic with a rabid 18 year old. And that is not happening .

      Things fall apart. Ya'ni.

      Systems based on justice tend to be more stable. That is the lesson of hatorah. That is what Hillel says.

  • If the occupation is permanent, is an ethical Jewish future possible?
    • There is a very good article about Israel in the FT.

      "The Arab men and women were nominally objecting that Friday prayers at the Al-Aqsa mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, had been cancelled. But as I looked at their faces, heard the resentment in their voices, it was clear that this was about something deeper: a visceral resentment that their city, their autonomy, their power to shape their own lives, their very agency had been taken from them."

      "The occupation — its violence, the absolute power that teenage army recruits wield over Palestinians — is exacting a cost on Israel that is hard to measure. “This society is relatively violent. I don’t mean physical violence but in the way people interact,” says Jay. “Israel is built on violence at all sorts of levels, from the occupation to the way that employers treat their employees. It trickles down through all sorts of layers, and it’s not healthy or pleasant.” "

      Israel can hogtie the Palestinians. Just don't call it Jewish. And don't pretend the kids are normal.

    • Societies go.through phases. For centuries Judaism was based around justice. Now Zionists have decided they don't need justice. They should dump all the limp wristed whiny Jewish holidays . So what if Haman was mean? And replace them with Jewish violence porn.

    • We need to know why so many American Jews are marrying outside the religion and why so many Israelis have emigrated. The narrative is controlled by Zionist fanatics.

    • Israeli Society had to be debased to allow the occupation to happen. You couldn't take a class of New York Jews age 18 to work in the Border Guards. But you can take a class of 18 year old sabras who have been taught since age 4 by the state that Palestinians are vermin. Around 1 million educated Jews have left Israel. Thinking people have been abandoning ship.
      And it costs money to dehumanise people to the point they will cheer another war in Gaza.
      It would cost far more to re-educate Israeli Jews.

      And the nihilism cannot be switched off. It will just get worse.

    • It is interesting to read:

      The Israeli Declaration of independence
      Early Zionist writing on Israel
      US Rabbis talking about Israel

      And compare to the reality of Israel 2017. A very long way from milk and honey.

    • Me too Boris. The Israel project collapse is ensured. When it happens it will be the work of Hashem obviously.

    • No. Judaism has no future unless Zionism is purged. Justice v nihilism. People have to decide.

  • Balfour anniversary drives a wedge into British consensus on Israel
    • No light between Israel and UK Jewish leadership. Squeaky bum time. Israel has torn the arse out of procrastination. Israel has nothing to offer UK voters.

  • Israeli women march to 'wage peace' but refuse to challenge the occupation
    • Jonathan, the violence is driven by Jewish trauma. You cannot move to another part of the world and start over after genocide.

  • The real reasons Trump is quitting Unesco
    • It is shameful. When it all falls apart will be popcorn time. The whole charade is so contrived. Money is at the rotten heart of it.

    • The US is turning into a joke. Israel is already a joke. Trump has pulled out of UNESCO and gone back on the Iran treaty. The word of POTUS means nothing.

  • Balfour at 100: A legacy of racism and propaganda
    • Nobody talks about what Balfour meant for Judaism. It turned the religion''s focus from justice and ethics to land worship and violence. Judaism has been the biggest loser, imo. The collapse in Jewish marriage in the US is a direct result of Balfour and the capitulation to the fantasy of Zionism.

      Like a soul without a mind
      In a body without a heart

    • Maybe some day a brown person with power will hand England over to another tribe.
      Even with Balfour Zionism still had to do awful things to hold onto the land. Such as brainwashing Jewish kids. And dropping the Jewish commitment to justice.

  • Danish pension fund blacklists four Israeli companies linked to settlements
    • Every single discussion is derailed by a Ziobot like Hopeless whining about unfair treatment of Israelis. It is systematic. The aim is to detract from the message of the article.

  • The pedagogy of apartheid
    • Nurit Peled Elhanan wrote a book on how racist Israeli education is. Israel spends years feeding hate rather than knowledge into Jewish kids. They fall behind in international tests. Israel doesn't care. It needs ignorant occupation soldiers.
      Israel is a slow suicide.

  • 'The Siege' gets US premiere at last, in blow to 'Israeli propaganda machine'

      "The Balfour Apology Campaign is demanding Britain make amends for “colonial crimes” in Palestine. It is promoting a short film, 100 Balfour Road, which tries to explain the long-term effect of the declaration by showing the Joneses, an ordinary family in suburban London who are evicted from their home by soldiers and forced to live in appalling conditions in their back yard. Another family, the Smiths, take over their house and, supported by the soldiers, mistreat the Joneses and deprive them of food, medicine and their basic rights. The dissident group Independent Jewish Voices has produced a critical talking-heads documentary about Balfour – being circulated under the Twitter hashtag #NoCelebration."

      Trailer for 100 balfour road


      "The Balfour Apology Campaign is demanding Britain make amends for “colonial crimes” in Palestine. It is promoting a short film, 100 Balfour Road,

      which tries to explain the long-term effect of the declaration by showing the Joneses, an ordinary family in suburban London who are evicted from their home by soldiers and forced to live in appalling conditions in their back yard. Another family, the Smiths, take over their house and, supported by the soldiers, mistreat the Joneses and deprive them of food, medicine and their basic rights. The dissident group Independent Jewish Voices has produced a critical talking-heads documentary about Balfour – being circulated under the Twitter hashtag #NoCelebration."

    • Another great way to humanise the Palestinian people is through its music. Mr Assaf is a Zionist cauchemar.

    • Great to see Palestinians presented as they are. Human.
      Israel demonises them.. Zionism is the anti Judaism. Will the Jewish Mensches ever regain control?

  • In Ireland, a Palestinian is understood
  • On my sixth visit, I've never seen Gaza so devastated
    • Who paid for the Palmer commission? Weinstein or Adelson?

    • Jon

      You are one of the reasons I think Israel is doomed. If educated lefties can't understand the evil of Zionism what hope do Beitar fans havé? In Germany in the 40s the support of people like you for the status quo led to catastrophe. Gaza is a system run by Jews.Pauperisation is deliberate. The destruction of the sewage system is deliberate. 80% in need of charity is deliberate.

    • AIPAC exists to.provide carte blanche to Israeli nihilism in Gaza. 3000 years of Jewish Menschheit were traded for political power. Nobody in Congress dares stand against the machine. 100 pieces of legislation per year. It is grotesque. This is Zionism.

    • Jews in Israel still keep dairy and meat apart whîle sewage flows into.the Med from Gaza. Psychically the whole Zionist project is filth. Back in the old days Jews were forbidden by their own rabbis from going to Palestine. The return was always a fantasy. The land without a people. They were all shunted out of sight to Gaza. Judaism is a way of life. The minute you start to abuse people in order to be Jewish it becomes nihilism. The old rabbis understood that.

    • The sewage is such a strong image of the limits of Israeli sadism. It flows up the coast. To Israeli beaches.

  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • The Shoah has been Messianised. The existence of Israel is a covenant with God. The Shoah was necessary for it to happen. That is the logic

    • Peled is a sabra. In the 50s Sabras joked about old time yishuv heads, sephardi Jews and Holocaust survivors.
      The sabra sense of what is acceptable is different.

  • From Greta Gerwig to NYU, Israel has deep reservoir of cultural support in U.S.

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