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There are all sorts of things that never make it in to the discourse Judaism is not hatred. It's Mensches versus Cossacks. I am with the Mensches. We have to get Jews back to Menschkeit. The religion didn't survive this long by being asshole focused. "I am scared. I am scared that we will continue living like this. And that fear scares me." But in the long run, a hostile region like that cannot be policed, even by a nuclear-armed Israel. It will simply do to Israel what some of the wars have done to us on a smaller scale. Attrite it, tire it, fatigue it, demoralize it, cause emigration of the best and the first, and then some sort of cataclysm at the end which cannot be predicted at this stage because we don’t know who will have what by when. And after all, Iran is next door. It might have some nuclear capability. Suppose the Israelis knock it off. What about Pakistan and others? The notion that one can control a region from a very strong and motivated country, but of only six million people, is simply a wild dream. In the corners there is light That is good for you And behind you, I have warned you, There are awful things

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  • 'NYT' bias amazes: long article about online incitement in Israel/Palestine only blames Palestinians
    • Hapoel BS got a lovely Scottish welcome earlier in the season
      For the Bedouin

      "Scum of the earth"

      Eventually they will be banned from European football.

    • The NYT is hopelessly Zionist. Haaretz ran a promotion a while ago featuring all the NYT front pages for various events in Israel's long history that goes back to the Middle Ages. But they only went back as far as 1948.
      Even Sabra and Shatila got a fair wind.

    • Amigo

      It was played in Shangri La. MTA won 2-1
      But Israeli soccer has pariah status in Ireland and Scotland now .
      And rightly so.

    • Nobody ever touches the Israeli education system which teaches young Jews to hate Palestinians as part of their identity. Palestinians are contînually presented as backward, primitive, subservient, criminal, deviant , un modern and useless with no positive role models. Jews are dynamic, positive, modern, productive. It is a dreadful mess. The NYT is left defending a system that is worse thanJim Crow.

      The fires were caused by climate change but Israeli identity cannot deal with reality so Palestinians were blamed.
      Israel is even worse now than Arendt imagined.

  • After fire erupts in a settlement, Israeli army turns nearby Palestinian village into 'a prison'
  • Palestinians in Lebanon remember Palestine
    • I used to go to a shawarma place in London. The staff were all Lebanese. Except for one Palestinian. "Ana min Haifa". "I am from Haifa". He grew up in one of the refugee camps in Lebanon. Very hard to explain to such people why a 2000 year old claim is superior to their rights.

    • Beautiful piece. The lunacy of the Jewish claim based on a religious book while the peasants who actually lived there were expelled. Israel was born bad and got worse.

    • Palestinians will get back to Palestine. The bots have no idea what they are doing.

  • Defending Ellison, Jewish writers publish 'apartheid' description of Israel in 'Slate' and 'Washington Post'
  • I hereby chuck my right to Jewish national self-determination
    • Rosross

      It's because they had no country when Europe was arranging itself into states.
      Israel is very interesting because they had to make a nation out of scraps. And the nation they made is exclusive, suspicious, self pitying , violent and deluded. It is very hard to change a religious minority with a history of being treated like a pariah into a modern nation.
      Because it involves changing a pariah into one of the normal kids.

      Zionists belive in tabula rasa, that you can start over.
      Israel says that you can't.

    • Yacov that is true on MSM

      But not on social media where the narrative cannot be controlled by Israel.
      the other thing is that Israel has gone way beyond the point where it even cares about image.

      Meanwhile did you ever Joanie talking about pokah? She was heavy duty Zionist. Vile lady

    • SelF determination is OK between consenting adults. But Zionist self definition requires denying rights to Palestinians. That is how Israeli identity functions. We can only be who we are by denying who you are.

      And that is absurd. Zionism is fake. There is no Jewish state that can exist in peace given how Israel educates its kids.

    • The state does not have a Jewish character. It is trauma driven.

  • Santa Cruz church becomes first US congregation to boycott HP for role in Israeli occupation
    • Israeli diplomatic capital is at an all time low

      Israel''s economy won't survive the Orthodox. It actually does matter what the goys think. A lot

    • I just overheard an Israeli in a bus queue a long way from Shangri-la LA say she was worried about BDS. And in the bus opposite her a woman said hamdullillah. Zionism is going to die. Kida ya'ni

  • Washington Post promotes shady website attempting to smear independent journalism as Russian propaganda
    • The Russians wanted Trump to win. Cos he is an asshole that will be be very bad for the US

    • Mooser what about about the Financial Times saying "Obama hands over a healthy economy to Trump". Or Stanley Fisher of the Fed saying "I can see inflation in the data", That is also fake. And reported very respectably.

  • Groundswell for Ellison signals end of the era of political assassination by Israel lobby
    • Yonah

      It's not a moment of crisis. The economic system is breaking down

    • Israel /The bots have to crush all potential dissent in order to protect the UNSEC veto which is what turns Israel from a Tzipi Livni into a supermodel.
      Countless careers have been destroyed by the bots.

       “It was a technique which the Zionists were to employ throughout their struggle. The technique of promoting damaging personal attacks on those who stood in their way rather than trying to counter their arguments.”
      “Such non conformists were subtly made aware that their jobs might be at risk, their books unpublishable, their preferment out of the question, their public reputations vulnerable if they did not renounce the heresy of anti Zionism ”
      Publish it not, Mayhew and Adams, 1975

      hughsansom May 5, 2011 at 4:05 pm
      Let’s note, again, that the Kushner case is one of an enormous list including, but certainly not limited to:
      –the libeling of Norman Finkelstein by Alan Dershowitz
      –the torpedoing of Juan Cole for a faculty post at Yale
      –the assault on Debbie Almontaser and the Khalil Gibran Academy (abetted by Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg)
      –the furor over Jimmy Carter’s “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid”
      –the Brooklyn College attack on Kristofer Petersen-Overton
      –the hate-campaign against Jenny Peto over her Master’s thesis at the University of Toronto
      –the gross difference in treatment of Helen Thomas compared with that enjoyed by Martin Kramer or Martin Peretz (or many others)
      –death threats leveled against Princeton professor Richard Falk after he suggested that Israel had likely committed war crimes
      –attempted campaigns against Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad and others
      –the hysterical response to performances of “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”
      –the Atlantic’s memory-holing of the Walt-Mearsheimer paper on the Israel Lobby
      –the University of South Florida’s attacks on Sami Al-Arian
      –the campaign against past members of Congress like James Abourezk and Cynthia McKinney
      –past attacks on Vanessa Redgrave and many others who have dared support Palestinian rights

      not to mention all the assassinations

      Unfortunately the projections were wrong. the Palestinians have not vanished into history as predicted. Ya salaam ! Shalom

    • Jews are not "a disproportionately large part of the Dem base". Jewish money is. There is a huge difference.

    • Zionism is a court play just like Tammany Hall was. Money and well connected insiders pulling strings. And telling fairytales.
      The Centurions, by Jean Lartéguy, was set in Vietnam. The main characters were French officers captured at Dien Bien Phu. History records that their months in a jungle prison camp were horrific; at least half died. But Lartéguy focuses on a different matter—what the French officers learned from the Vietminh who had defeated them. The French higher-ups were not much interested in the Vietminh’s approach to war. Like the Americans, they believed that firepower, mobility, and professional soldiering would beat any ragtag army of guerrillas. But Pierre Raspéguy, the hero of The Centurions if there is one, listened to the Vietminh in Camp One and absorbed their rule number one. “You’ve got to have the people on your side,” he said, “if you want to win a war.”

      And power is brutal. Zionism will be shafted because nobody needs Jewish nihilism. That is also the lesson of the Torah. Unfortunately nobody in Israel understands the Torah.

      At the end of every sentence you say in Hebrew sits a Palestinian with a nargileh. Ya'ni

  • UN World Food Program in Jordan drops its contracts with G4S

      The settlers and the Israeli state have committed many crimes and will commit many more, but the worse crime, a moral monstrosity, is denying us water. They have polluted our wells, filled them with rocks and dirt, dried them up by their deep drilling, and dried up the natural springs. I myself owned between sixty and ninety wells on the hills over there, and all of them have been destroyed. It happened already in the 1970s. At the same time, hundreds of cubic meters of water are being wasted on the settlers, on their lawns and swimming pools. Whole communities have been devastated, their people driven out, displaced by army camps and settlements. Once a hundred families lived here in al-Hadidiya; only 14 are left. …In a war, there is the one who kills and the one who is killed, but what has water to do with this?

    • Israel is harder and harder to sell internationally

  • ADL's Greenblatt is the one who needs to express 'contrition' for accusation of Keith Ellison
    • Zionism is a secular as well as religious identity. Most people have separate secular and religious identities. Zionists have an identity that was written on the back of a fag packet. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so murderous. Israelis have nothing in common other than their fake identity. Yes, Yossi, nothing important ever happened in Galut.

    • True, Keith, but most ideologies are Financial or political and not bound up with the core identity of people as Zionism is. It's closest in that respect to a cult. Israelis have to be educated in the cult because without the memes they do not know they are. And it is a zero sum game. If they recognise Palestinian rights they are diminished.


      "Increasingly, Jewish groups inside and outside Israel are using what can be easily interpreted as bullying tactics to silence their opponents. Israeli policies toward Palestinians, Eritrean refugees and non-Jewish immigrants are morally indefensible; the critiques against these policies will be increasingly strident, and among these critiques some will be worthy, some unworthy. Muzzling critiques, even the unworthy ones, cannot be a valid response. In fact, it only proves the main point of the critiques, namely that Israel and the people supporting Israel are increasingly relying on undemocratic politics and tactics"

      1. traintosiberia says:
      July 4, 2012 at 11:12 am

      "Finklestein’s forced departure from De paul, removal of Obama’s muslim supporter from visibility,refusal to allow Desmond Tutu to speak in the college of Minnesota,and at the American Psychiatric conference of 2011,stopping the publication of book critical of Israel in France and attempt to do so in USA ( the book by University of Michigan faculty and the book by Mersheimer and Walt),removal of Sanchez from CNN and hounding out of Sylvia Nasr from CNN, use of vertically integrated McArthismesque tactics to get Helen Thomas combined with similar transatlantic success in England (against a number of MPs and party officers ) and in Germany ( against Gunter ) show that the poisoned ,effective successful influences over media,academy,educational events,politics,and governments ( ? anything left) of the lobby has driven a knife in the very essence of western society and in the ideas of human choices based on information.
      This has become possible for the discussion and decision over Isarel-Arab were always kept out of the view of the public and forced inaction from the citizen.
      This is why in today’s NYTimes Tom Friedman writes that Jewish were always focused on vertical rather than transverse participation in any society,always suspicious of common people . Interestingly same reason was offered and supported by the late father of PM Nethanyhoo in the book “Inquisition”"

  • It’s junket season again in Massachusetts
    • Why do people need to go to Israel to support Israel? Is hasbara not working? Do the Israelis gather sensitive info on politicians while they are being whined and dined? Do Shin Bet torturers threaten to rape siblings of politicians?Or is that just for Palestinians? Do politicians even think to themselves how ludicrous Zionism is?

    • How much are they spending fighting BDS? It's all top down. Buying legislators. Because they have given up on social media.
      There's always a crack where the light gets through.
      #BDS gets 85m hits on Google.
      If every Zionist in the world was roped in to fight it, each would be allocated 6 or so.

      There just aren't enough Zionists in the world to control social media and by definition the evolving narrative.

    • Nice try, Hoppy.
      Miss Israel 2014

  • Israeli forces surround ancient Jerusalem cemetery, prevent Palestinian burial
  • Oren was surprised by backlash to his memoir -- 'slinky' 'self aggrandizing,' and 'reckless'
    • Oren is slimy. Anyone who will attempt to polish the turd of Israeli human rights abuses is.
      What I find interesting about all the sociopaths who keep Israel doing what it does it that none of them sees the big picture , none of them understand where Israel is headed, none of them can stop the suicide

  • Analyst: Egypt is mending relations with Gaza to hurt Abbas
  • Arab Bedouins expelled for second time to make way for new Jewish community
    • Manifest Destiny. Because the US did it too.
      And the Evangelicals and the Rapture drive a lot of US support for Israel

    • I went to St Catherine's monastery in Sinai once. It has high walls. Was attacked many times by tribespeople.

      They belong in that region, wandering without borders . What is the difference between Bir Saba and Rafah anyway ?Same language, same people.

      They also know how to live sustainably. Yossi Israel has no clue.

    • Gamal

      You can never be sure

    • Gamal are you sure that drummer isn't from Shubra ?

    • Where to start?

      "Arab Bedouin" is a contradiction. The Bedu are not Arab.
      Arab is a Hebrew signifier that means "vermin" and "not deserving of rights". But they are not Arab.

      The villages are not recognised. But there was $120 bn for settlers in place like "Amona"

      "the reason for building new Jewish communities in the Negev is “to prevent the continued invasion of state lands by the Bedouin and to prevent the creation of Bedouin or Arab [territorial] contiguity.” Because it is not a democracy. Israel is us vs them 24/7

      Non Jews do not have rights

      the initial split was Jews vs "Arabs"
      then the Russians many of whom were not Jewish came.
      they became "Other"

      So then it was "Jews and Other" vs "Arabs"

      “We’re only looking for equality among Jews and Arabs; we don’t ask for anything else." It's too much for Yossi

      “There’s one Jew who lives in our neighborhood. The state provided him with everything- water, electricity. Our families are dying slowly from the pressure and stress. We weren’t given schools, water, electricity or transportation. -" Moshe Dayan said "treat them like dogs. those who want to can leave"

      Hapless Beer Sheva played Glasgow Celtic in the qualification for the Champions League in September . Take it away, Scotland
      "You never understand unless you been in Israel"

      The Scottish gentleman calls the Israelis "scum of the earth". In hebrew that translates to "Arab"....

  • More than half of US aid 'to entire world' goes to Israel and it ignores our warnings on settlements -- Kerry
    • Échi you sound like a realist. And Zionism has power.
      But the ground underneath them is fragile. Yesterday in London the Brexit case was discussed at the supreme Court. The plaintiff was surrounded by bodyguards. The judiciary has been attacked by the press. The US has just elected a narcissist with the attention span of a gnat.
      US economic growth for the first half of this year was 1%. Stability is gone. Zionism needs a stable USA to function. It cannot deal with the light. The Zionist nightmare is an American leader having to choose between A and B. Which to dump. B is Israel.

      BDS won't kill Israel. Events might

    • The only thing that will stop the expansion of the settlement project is the collapse of Zionist power in the US OR the collapse of the Israeli economy.
      Israel suffers from stability bias. Because global politics and finance were stable in the past they will be stable in the future. So it keeps on building.

      The next financial crash could be a game changer. Israel bet the house on YESHA and has no margin and no Plan B.

    • Russia knows the details of every single plane that takes off from Har Nof airbase . Israel can and will fight but the war has to be done within 4 weeks cos it can't stand casualties .
      Russia might decide to shake things up a bit for leverage elsewhere . The liberal order is in trouble post the Trump election. Ceteris is not paribus. Yossi Israeli thinks Israel is forever.

    • Goldberg has 2 girlfriends. Ha Liberalism and Ha Eretz. They dont know about each other. And he has never had to choose. But he will.

      I think Zionists forget why hasbara is necessary. You have to pretend you care. Because people take you at face value. They assume you are like them, that you share their values. And you do , don't you?
      And what is that child with the hole in its head and the brains sticking out?

    • By the time Yossi Israel realises what has been happening in English it will be too late

    • I think Obama realised at some stage that that there is no point in talking to the Israelis. They live in their own mythical world and understand reality only vaguely. God has given them Ha Eretz to settle. The Shoah is a complex explanation but it prolly makes sense in Hebrew. I guess.

      Protective Edge was the Zionist trauma complex in full peacock mode. Nobody could get through to them. Even Blitzer and MJ Rosenberg were disgusted.

      Nobody outside the Hebrew bubble sided with Israel
      the Israeli economy is not sustainable given the demographics. Why bother destroying your career by taking on Saban and the old guy with the Barbie wife? Just say yeah, yeah and let Israel swing when the time comes. Masada all over again.

      Such a long way from the banality of life in the Diaspora

  • Obama would have overwhelming support from US public to allow UN establishment of Palestinian state
    • 75% of Trumpers are evangelical wingnuts

      T.H. Huxley said that there is nothing sadder than a beautiful hypothesis destroyed by an ugly fact.

      ‘The kind of person who always insists
      on his way of seeing things
      can never learn anything from anyone.’ [Tao Te Ching, #24]


      "No matter how well-written or delivered, a speech cannot divert whole societies from a well-established course of action. Policies in motion tend to remain in motion; to change the trajectory of a deeply-entrenched set of initiatives requires the application of political forces of equal momentum."

      Israel will fight those forces with all its might. And Israel will lose.
      Because the Palestinian people are not vermin.
      And it doesn't matter what Israel thinks, frankly.

      “In Dreams Begin Responsibility”, Delmore Shwartz.

      Israel is a nightmare

    • Israel lost the war on social media.
      The kids know Israel is not housetrained

      Even Wolf Blitzer couldn't spin Bennett back in 2014
      Judeonazi. Killing kids and he defends it.

      The old media model is dead. It's killing Zio friendly outlets with Zio gatekeepers like the NYT and CNN and advertising is going increasingly over to social media , weakening the power of the gatekeepers, leaving Zio stalwarts like Tom Friedman isolated.

      I have zero sympathy for Israel. They got the guts of 70 years to do the right thing and they thought they were superior. Any people that thinks Netanyahu is a leader needs its head examined.

      Suck on the future, Israel

  • US Senate quickly passed the Anti-Semitism Awareness Act
    • Why is Israel the only country that whines 24/7 about the right to exist? I never hear Bulgaria moaning about it.

    • 2 very interesting trends are :
      1. increasing Palestinian confidence as exemplified in the arts and in activism
      2. Deterioration in the quality of social discourse in Israel as the orthodox, settlers and Russians take over. The ignorance trifecta. Shit politicians of the calibre of Bennett, Lieberman and Shakelet Nazi now represent the Israeli mainstream.

      Leibovitz predicted fascism would eventually emerge in Israel.
      It will be impossible for young American Jews to support Judeofascism unconditionally.

      The decision to indoctrinate rather than educate Israeli kids will have catastrophic economic consequences on top of the damage the Orthodox will do.

    • Israel is fake. There is no history between ad70 and say 1900. There is no Israeli people. There are just groups at war with each other. There is no shared identity other than not Palestinian. Dumping 15 archaeological layers to find a sliver than fits the Zionist narrative needs to be called out for what it is. Bullshit.

      A fellah from Sinjil saying Cheef Haalich is more real than ten thousand IDF press releases. Because the fellahin around Sinjil have been saying Cheef Haalich since long before the Bal Shem Tov invented Hasidism. In Poland.

    • The ADL is all over the place, so left wing about anti Semitism and regarding Palestinians so fascist.
      Nurit Peled Elhanan's book "Palestine in Israeli School books" explains why

      "The Israeli ethnic nation is comprised of people from all over the world with virtually nothing in common."

      Their identity had to be constructed and "it is typical of ethnocratic regimes that construe historical narratives about the dominant ethno-nation as the rightful owner of the land while the other's history, place and political aspirations are presented as a menacing project to be rejected throughly. "

      They cannot accept Palestinian rights without blowing up their understanding of who they are.

      That is why in the US the ADL has 2 faces.
      The Zionists do not actually know who they are.

      Whereas the Palestinians do. Wallahi

    • Zionism runs an apartheid system in Israel and manipulates the US political system to produce nonsense about discrimination . Why isn't apartheid kosher in the US? Doesn't the end justify the means for Zionists? The mixure of neediness and sadism must be unique in world politics.


      " What adds to my sense of depression is the awareness that demographic processes are turning our society more and more religious, more and more racist and venomous, more and more withdrawn and violent.
      For a man of my age who wasted serious parts of his life writing in newspapers about these issues, to see that I did all this out of great hope that has come to naught and was based on illusions and naiveté; what happens now is a particular type of bitterness and disillusion. To see Israeli society change its nature so quickly, becoming something you never thought you’d see outside of nightmares, it breaks your heart. To begin to feel ashamed at being Israeli, and to know with not a small amount of confidence that such a feeling will grow, it depresses you utterly."

    • Would love to know which borders the ADL deems to be legitimate.

    • Blood Libel live. Israel mows the lawn 2014

      Or 3 kids on the beach playing football

      Shaked’s view that criticism of Israel is akin to anti-Semitism is widely shared among right-wing supporters of Israeli policies. -

      GOP people belive climate change is a fake.
      Bullshit is bullshit.

    • No, of course it can't.
      Israel is about as stable as a Liz Taylor marriage

    • Israel was born in violence and will die in violence. The idea that it has a right to exist is laughable.

    • The examples of anti-Byzantinism published by the Special Envoy include “blaming Constantinople for all inter-religious or political tensions”, “…focusing on Byzantium only for peace or human rights investigations”, and efforts to delegitimize Byzantium by “denying the Byzatine people their right to self-determination, and denying Byzantium the right to exist”. -

      Sultan Mehmed then gave a speech about power.

  • Trump is forcing us to redefine the idea of 'Home'
    • The Wizard of Oz is about American capitalism. The Wizard is the Fed.
      Bill Still's Wizard of Oz film explains how the economic crisis of the 1890s inspired the story.

      Neoliberalism has been shit for creativity. The Kochs (pronounced Pepsi) and the other 399 families that control the US have no creativity compared to the people they persecute. Economic systems that promote general well being produce far more imagination.

  • Despite Israeli restrictions, surfers in Gaza hope to join global competition
  • ADL is leading 'witch hunt' against Keith Ellison over Israel comments, J Street exec says
    • Mooser, until the issue of Israeli identity manufacture is addressed nothing will change. Zionism self defines as persecuted and not Palestinian. They cannot integrate the notion of Palestinian rights. This is why Zochrot is such a challenge to the goons who control the memes.

      The ADL can't overcome what Israeli Jewish schoolbooks say.
      Zionism was conceived intellectually on the back of a cigarette packet and it shows.

      BTW they have a lovely identity for you as well

    • Israel is the Violet Elizabeth of international diplomacy

      I'll thweam and thweam and thweam

    • If Israel was sustainable there wouldn't be any need for ADL in 2016. But Israel never addressed the Palestinian issue so the bullshit continues.

      Jewish leadership in the 20th century can only be filed under "atrocious"

    • The ADL blacklists anyone who supports the Palestinians and wants people to fight antisemitism?

      I think there is a precedent for that

    • Keith you seem to imply that parasitical Zionist money is the only possible funding model for the Dems. I cannot buy that.

    • Why not have a toxic internecine fight and expel the parasite ? Israel is not the Democratic Party's problem. Israel never put food on American tables.

      It's a complete waste of time. Let Israeli sovereignty do what it says on the tin and mind its own business

    • Jews who support Israel unquestioningly are party to systematic human right abuses and will have to rejoin the reality based community at some stage.
      As David Schneider said a while ago Israel is the cousin who is addicted to heroin and the family does not know what to do.

  • Jimmy Carter's proposal to recognize Palestine is dissed by all the usual suspects
    • It's a sad sad situation. And it's getting more and more absurd
      But Yossi never said sorry in his life. And he doesn't pay for anything.
      He whines. He's needy. And he has white phosphorous.

      Elton John is approximately the same age as Israel. He has given a lot to the world and he doesn't suffer from Ziocaine Sadistic Dementia.

    • "As hard as it may be to accept right now, a unilateral move might make matters worse… "

      If there is any lesson from Jewish history it is that a people cannot be held down by empire.
      But obviously the cognitive dissonance stops Yossi from seeing this regarding the Palestinians. WTF

      Israel can't change. Won't change.

      And another 5 years is another 5 years of Israeli society drifting deeper into fascism. Ceteris will not be paribus So Israel will collapse.

  • New anti-Semitism legislation may stifle campus activism for Palestinian rights
    • One of the worries heading into the Trump presidency is how the clown may abuse the security/paranoia setup created by St Obama and the neoliberal angels in order to deal with his political enemies.

      Similarly, think of all the effort and ingenuity that has gone into Jewish suppression of palestinian rights, from simple torture all the way up to an attempt to redefine the laws of war. And consider how in the future the whole gruesome architecture will be used to deprive Jews of rights. Cos what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Don't ask for Hillel if you run Shammai, as a refusal may offend .

    • Bannon took over Breitbart in a coup and hired people like the Twink for Trump who spewed out the most vile misogyny and anti semitism. Bannon never signed his name to anything .

  • 'Make this my dream as well' -- in historic appearance, Palestinian offers one-state vision to a NY temple
    • how they have no history in the Middle East

      for about 2000 years they don't

    • Mooser a one state solution would be a disaster. Jewish women would not be allowed sing in public in a one state solution.

    • Palestinians through the second half of the 20th century lived in a Jewish state as vermin and didn't like it.

    • B3rkut I am researching Israeli history and drawing a blank for 1925. Somebody told me there was no Israel in 1925 . This must be antisemitic. Can you provide a map of Israel in 1925 ?

    • I don't think that Israel will end happily ever after. The Palestinian question has to be sorted out and for the last 20 years Israel has been led on and off by one of the greatest assholes in Jewish history whose sole purpose is procrastination. The moral damage done to the fabric of ISraeli Jewish society is non trivial. Every year it gets worse. There is no equilibrium.

      Very interesting article by Beinart this week where he says Judaism is splitting into 2 dynamic groups. Orthodox for Trump and Young Jews for progressive ideas. ADL and AIPAC and Reform Conserv in the middle. No mans land.

      Nobody really pays any attention to Jewish generational issues-
      but when Israel finally collapses the kids will turn away. Judaism will probably collapse outside a fascist Orthodox rump.

      There's a price for overdoing it.

    • we should also remember that some things are born bad and stay bad

    • The Israelis murdered Dr Abuel Aish's kids while mowing the lawn
      Zionism is a sick ideology

    • De facto apartheid

  • Video: Israelis look forward to the Trump presidency
    • I think Judaism could learn a lot from the Hopi as well as other indigenous groups

      "Hopi is a concept deeply rooted in the culture's religion, spirituality, and its view of morality and ethics. To be Hopi is to strive toward this concept, which involves a state of total reverence and respect for all things, to be at peace with these things, and to live in accordance with the instructions of Maasaw, the Creator or Caretaker of Earth. The Hopi observe their traditional ceremonies for the benefit of the entire world."

      "In the Māori language, the word māori means "normal", "natural" or "ordinary". In legends and oral traditions, the word distinguished ordinary mortal human beings—tāngata māori—from deities and spirits (wairua) and fake assholes (Zionists)"

      "Navajo spiritual practice is about restoring balance and harmony to a person's life to produce health and is based on the ideas of Hózhóójí. The Diné believed in two classes of people: Earth People and Holy People. The Navajo people believe they passed through three worlds before arriving in this world, The Fourth World or The Glittering World. As Earth People, the Diné must do everything within their power to maintain the balance between Mother Earth and man"

      Meanwhile poor Moshiach has to wait for these clowns to grow up

      The commission found that Karagula and Ezra were not licensed to build bridges, had never attempted to build a bridge, and used substandard materials in the bridge's construction. Photographs taken after the collapse showed that the bridge was constructed of rusty metal pipes bound together with wire.[16]
      The commission concluded that the bridge's engineer, Micha Bar-Ilan, did not submit a blueprint for the bridge, designed a bridge that was inadequate for its intended use, and did not properly supervise or coordinate the bridge's construction. The commission faulted the Maccabiah Games' organizers for poor coordination and oversight over the bridge's assembly.[17]
      An investigation by Augustine Zycher for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council reported that the IDF had employed Tamir Rowner, an experienced bridge construction engineer, to build previous bridges for the games. For the 1997 games, Maccabiah officials, apparently unwilling to pay the IDF's price of $111,000, accepted a bid from Irgunit to build the bridge for $34,750.[18]
      According to Zycher, Mishori kept $7,700 of the payment and gave the rest to Karagula and Ben-Ezra to erect the bridge. Karagula and Ben-Ezra hired Bar-Ilan to design and oversee the bridge's construction. Bar-Ilan claimed that his bridge as designed would support 250 kg per square metre, which did not meet Israeli government standards, which required a pedestrian bridge to support 500 kg per square metre. In any event, the Dotan investigation found that the bridge was far weaker than what Bar-Ilan claimed. Furthermore, a municipal permit was required to construct the bridge, which Karagula and Ben-Ezra did not obtain.

    • RoHa

      Ben Gurion gave the Haredim a special deal in the late 40s. Israel would take care of them and they would study Torah. There weren't that many at the time and Ben Gurion wasn't good at maths.

      Ultra Orthodox in New York have to work and look after their families.So did the people in the shtetl.
      In Israel they do SFA. And they are unemployable.

      They are like a Jewish version of the evangelicals when it comes to insight. And they don't even understand the Torah , which is the icing on the cake.

      Israel has several self inflicted crises iterating away. Haredi skills deficit/political influence is one.The YESHA parasite is 2. Deflation is 3. The dumbing down of the education system is 4 . Apartheid is 5.

    • In 2010

      65.1 percent of the city's Palestinian residents lived below the poverty line, as compared with 30.8 percent of the city's Jewish population; and 74.4 percent of the Palestinian children in Jerusalem lived below the poverty line, as compared to 45.1 percent of the city's Jewish children

      Jerusalem is the poorest town in Israel, with a third of families and more than half of children living below the official poverty line. Unemployment, especially in the ultra-orthodox community and among Palestinians, is sky-high. More young, secular and well-educated professionals are leaving Jerusalem.Socially, too, the city faces grave problems. Jerusalem is already split into three distinct micro-societies with little or nothing in common. On the Israeli side, there is simmering tension between the ultra-orthodox and the dwindling band of secular or moderately religious Jews. Both look with anxiety at the 250,000 Palestinians living in East Jerusalem. Few Israelis these days venture into the Palestinian neighbourhoods, even the famous Old City, which they regard as hostile territory.

      Though Palestinians comprise one-third of the city's population, Jerusalem's municipality council consistently spends less than 10% of its budget in their neighborhoods.

      'A society in crisis forges a new vocabulary for itself,' David Grossman wrote in The Yellow Wind, 'and gradually, a new language emerges whose words . . . no longer describe reality, but attempt, instead, to conceal it.' This 'new language' was adopted voluntarily by the media, but if one needs an official set of guidelines it can be found in the Nakdi Report, a paper drafted by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority. First set down in 1972 and since updated three times, the report aimed to 'clarify some of the professional rules that govern the work of a newsperson'. The prohibition of the term East Jerusalem was one of them

      The report says that the 1967 law on the protection of holy places refers to all religious groups in the country, including in Jerusalem, but "the government implements regulations only for Jewish sites. Non-Jewish holy sites do not enjoy legal protection under it because the government does not recognize them as official holy sites." At the end of 2008, for example, all of the 137 officially recognized holy sites were Jewish

      The idea that the city is sacred is laughable.
      Very few normal Jews would move there.

    • The Australian guy with the beard. How many AIPAC confefences did Hill go to? And that's the thanks she gets.

    • The videos remind me of the story about the good Samaritan. 9 people walked past. There was one who stopped. 9 morons per 10.

  • The lynching of Dwight Bullard
    • " We won’t know how it would have played if he had met with less controversial figures."

      Oh yes we do!
      Exactly the same.
      Because Zionism is parasitical.

      Anyway it doesn't matter. the Orthodox have bet the house on Trump.

      Trump must be closer in spirit to haTorah I guess.
      Is it good for the Jews ? Of course it isn't but it will hasten the end for Shangri La.
      Cuz without the US, Israel is just a third rate bully with a small penis

    • It's so hard for people to see beyond the spin. The tribe has been deceived for so long. People can relate to scooby do unmasking baddies but they can't apply that to their own political interests. Groupthink is insidious

    • The Jewish community is falling apart over Trump. It's dividing into authoritarian orthodox and Menschy Berniewallas with poor little AIPAC and the ADL stuck in the middle like prunes in a porn video. The incoherence is richly deserved. So many "Fuck you"s over the years and now it's blowback time.

      The orthodox bet on Trump will blow up cos Trump can't fix the USA.

      If Israel was a normal country it wouldn't need to fuck up the lives of politicians in the USA but of course Israel will never be normal. It will never be like the other children

  • The link between Israel's forest fires and the 'muezzin bill'
    • A lot of Israeli legal moves are based on the assumption that Zionism is forever. Only stupid is forever


      The police and firefighters are denying the tax authority's claims. They insist there is no certainty that political or nationalist motives were to blame for any of these fires.

      Police say some of the cases are still under investigation. “We cannot compete with the remarks of politicians talking about compensation,” a police source said.

      It's all in your head, habibi

    • I love the sound of the muezzin cos it means shisha is close and so is aseer farawleh and people who say hamdulillah

    • I would love to learn Hebrew just to study that paranoid mindset.
      But it will have to wait.

      In the meantime there is enough material smuggled outside by the few Mensches

      Assassinations are considered achievements that can be marketed to the public.

      Describing himself as “on the right” politically, Osher has little patience for leftists, who he says “got on my nerves” during the war, and explains: “Soldiers were getting killed, and they allow themselves to talk about war crimes.”

      She still hasn’t given it much thought, but says she “supposes” she will join the army when the time comes. As for whether the war has changed her political views, she says: “I don’t really think much about politics. All I could think about this summer was that I just wanted this to be over because all the sirens were really stressing me out.”

      .” For the past few years, she’s been struggling with the question of whether to join the IDF because she considers herself a pacifist. “The war this summer made my dilemma even stronger,” she acknowledges.

      “It’s the little things, like if I go out with my friends in the evening to get a bite to eat, you can’t avoid the signs all over the place showing you where the nearest bomb shelter is,” she says. “And even if you try to escape for 10 minutes and go on Facebook or turn on the TV, it’s always there.”

      Eden grew up in a family with a left-wing orientation, and that’s where she defines herself as well on the political spectrum. Asked if the war has changed her views, she responds: “It has made them stronger actually. I believe that people in Gaza are suffering more than I am, and it’s not necessarily all their fault. It’s more the fault of Hamas. I want them to live in peace with us.

      92 percent of Israeli Jews said Operation Protective Edge was justified, according to a poll published Tuesday by The Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) and Tel Aviv University.

      Yaacov Lozowick is the state archivist of Israel. A scholar who moved to Israel from Europe, he is a true believer in the necessity of Jewish nationalism. Scott Roth and I once met him in West Jerusalem and had a polite conversation that became adversarial when it was continued on email subsequently.
      Yaacov has an active twitter account in which he trumpets Israel; and on August 4 he tweeted:
      Lesson of this war: The Jews will defend themselves even if it means killing children. Just like every warring nation in history. “Judt’s Zionist teachers…would have said: “Even if the gentiles like you and treat you as one of their own, you will not like yourself. Indeed you will like yourself even less for just that reason.” As a result, you turn to a paranoid kind of Jewishness, living vicariously, as it were, with the ghosts of Nazi mass murder and the specters of Arab terror”

    • There is no money in the kitty because it was all paid to the settlers.

      There is no money for firefighting planes because Hebron Jews needed it.
      There is no money for shoah survivors because Beit El got there first.

      One of the key things about the Jewish state is there is no such concept as citizenship.
      You are a schmuck. And you had better be thankful.

    • Now the question of insurance for property damaged in the fires comes up. If the fires were terrorist then people are entitled to compensation from the Jewish state.
      But it is a [...]state and tight about money.
      So the police have to get involved
      And the police have no evidence of arson.
      "The police and firefighters are denying the tax authority's claims. They insist there is no certainty that political or nationalist motives were to blame for any of these fires."

      Police say some of the cases are still under investigation. “We cannot compete with the remarks of politicians talking about compensation,” a police source said.

      This is when the paranoia of Zionism meets the culture of money.

      Israel is such a clusterfuck

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