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There are all sorts of things that never make it in to the discourse Judaism is not hatred. It's Mensches versus Cossacks. I am with the Mensches. Fairuz is a Mensch. So are the people in Gaza, Hass, Gideon Levy, Yasmin Levy, Gurvitz, Zochrot, Btselem. The only Sabras who have managed to escape the suffocating Groupthink of Zionism are those who had parents who could see what was happening. We have to get Jews back to Menschkeit. The religion didn't survive this long by being asshole focused. "And he is scared," wrote Kol, who has helped advance bills in the fields of children's rights, violence against children, health and education. "I am scared. I am scared that we will continue living like this. And that fear scares me." But in the long run, a hostile region like that cannot be policed, even by a nuclear-armed Israel. It will simply do to Israel what some of the wars have done to us on a smaller scale. Attrite it, tire it, fatigue it, demoralize it, cause emigration of the best and the first, and then some sort of cataclysm at the end which cannot be predicted at this stage because we don’t know who will have what by when. And after all, Iran is next door. It might have some nuclear capability. Suppose the Israelis knock it off. What about Pakistan and others? The notion that one can control a region from a very strong and motivated country, but of only six million people, is simply a wild dream. In the corners there is light That is good for you And behind you, I have warned you, There are awful things

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  • Trump warns annexation of West Bank will cause 'immediate crisis' between US and Israel - Lieberman
  • All Palestinians can become Israeli citizens, but they can't vote, says lawmaker in Netanyahu's party
  • A Palestinian state has always been a fiction for Zionists
    • They have assassinated so many people in their landlust . But it doesn't matter. BDS scares the shit out of Zionists.

    • Kushner is a real estate Daddy's boy who has SFA real world experience.

    • Bukra fi mishmish

    • While Zionist Jews in the military destroyed the spatial arrangements that would have made a Palestinian state possible, key Zionist Jews in the media spun the lies.

      In the New York Review the arguments don’t even reach flimsy. Johnny Freedland in the Guardian. The arguments are pathetic .
      The issue is very clear. Elites framing the debate.
      Only Zionist Jews can be relied on to stop any info getting out.
      Bourdieu "It’s critical to ‘frame’ or describe the problem in a way which leads ‘naturally’ and ‘inevitably’ to the conclusions one is seeking to implant, and thus to the real world outcome which one wants. "

    • This video is fabulous

      Never again for anyone from maybe 2012

      And the music is the gladiator theme "now we are free" by Lisa Gerrard

    • The Zionists though the Holocaust meant they could do whatever they wanted forever. and they believed that they were superior beings to the Palestinians. And that pauperisation would drive them out of Eretz Israel hashlemah. And that 1967 was a messianic sign. And that the US Jews would provide the political cover. And that out of sight equals out of mind.

      They built based on these beliefs.
      And now they have apartheid.

      "Against stupidity, the gods themselves contend in vain"

  • 'NYT' runs U.S. propaganda on Russian crimes-- without even a comment thread
    • Well there's no time for doubt right now,
      And less time to explain.
      So get back on your horses,
      Kiss my ring,
      And join our next campaign,

      And the Empire grows
      with the news that we're winning,
      With more fear to conquer,
      more gold thread for spinning,
      Till it's bright as the sun,
      Shining on everyone.

  • Video: 'Apartheid has been here for ages. It doesn't really bother us' -- Israeli comedian says in closing act
    • It's very good but Israelis are going through a mass trauma experience, manipulated by assholes like Netanyahu. The problem is in their heads, far from reason.
      “Judt’s Zionist teachers…would have said: “Even if the gentiles like you and treat you as one of their own, you will not like yourself. Indeed you will like yourself even less for just that reason.” As a result, you turn to a paranoid kind of Jewishness, living vicariously, as it were, with the ghosts of Nazi mass murder and the specters of Arab terror”

      "Almost every Israeli in the last 47 years has done military service in the territories. Almost all of them have had to do things that go against human decency and morality – often not for the sake of Israel’s security at large, but to protect some isolated outpost of settlers. If indeed Israel were to reach peace with the Palestinians and the Arab world, most Israelis would have to live with the painful realization that most of what Israel has done to the Palestinians was unnecessary; that Israel could have ended the occupation a long time ago; and that the energies and resources invested in the West Bank’s colonization could have been invested in Israel’s flourishing instead.
      This idea is too difficult to bear, and the regret would be unendurable. It is, therefore, psychologically imperative to create a narrative that explains why the occupation was inevitable; why Israel had no choice but to hang onto the West Bank; why all the sacrifice in human lives, moral turpitude and political isolation were necessary for Israel’s survival. "

      They can't stop it.

      Someone needs to link what Israelis don't have- decent education, OECD standard social security, humane treatment for holocaust survivors, payrises - to the cost of the occupation. Go for the jugular. Appealing to morality is not going to fly

  • Israel's neverending occupation is bringing 'infamy' to Jews worldwide, making Jewish life 'precarious' -- Tony Klug
  • Rabbi Sacks endorses religious crimes in video against BDS
    • It's the usual Zio garbage. "Human rights must be universal" yet Palestinians are denied them. There is the thug element. "BDS will make Palestinians suffer."
      The map of Israel at 1.50 shows the West Bank as part of Israel. Judaism is in such a hole. What's Israel gonna look like with a chimney on it ?

    • Also on his website

      "From here to the end of the book of Exodus the Torah describes, in painstaking detail and great length, the construction of the Mishkan, the first collective house of worship of the Jewish people Precise instructions are given for each item"

      Decency is not about structures. It's about actions.

    • Johnny Sacks is Orthodox and was the UK's chief Rabbi for ages . For people of his generation Israel was the fount of all that is good in Judaism. But it hasn't really worked out that way.
      Sacks' role was to represent Jews in the Diaspora while providing full throated support for the sociopaths in the Middle East. Diaspora Jews respect the rule of law while Sabra Jews do not give a f#ck. It is a tricky balancing act. If Israel had been a normal country perhaps it would have worked. But Israel is not a normal country. I think the only conclusion from Sacks' leadership is that it was a failure.
      "How will the Jews of the world react once it becomes clear to them beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israel is on a collision course with their very existential interests? The various expressions of fanaticism in Israel, such as the exclusion of women in the military and, in a short while, in institutions of higher learning; the denial of equal rights to its non-Jewish citizens and the division of the population according to ethnic origin can all ultimately be considered as subversive actions undermining the status of Diaspora Jews in their various countries of residence."

      Sacks has always had knee jerk support for Zionism. Here is a good demolishment by Paul Oestreicher.

      I presume the anti BDS crowd thought getting a prominent Orthodox walla to talk to Galut would work. But it's too late.

  • Wave of bomb threats renews charge that anti-Semitism is fueled by BDS
    • @JLD

      Trump reminds me of Caligula too.

      Trump and Caligula share at least 5 characteristics
      • Extravagance
      • Sexual perversion
      • Construction fetish
      • Ran a corrupt system
      • Cruelty

      There are few surviving sources about the reign of Emperor Caligula, although he is described as a noble and moderate ruler during the first six months of his reign.

      It is known that during his brief reign, Caligula worked to increase the unconstrained personal power of the emperor, as opposed to countervailing powers within the principate

    • Yonah, that's true. I remember when Sharansky was imprisoned just because he was Jewish and how many people worked to free him. And he turned out to be a repressive **** who doesn't give a sh+t about human rights. Very Zionist.

    • That article is good but it only scratches the surface of a very important issue. Antisemitism was basically dormant since 1945. It has a long gestation period linked to economic conditions. The Zionists appropriated the theme to attack pro justice supporters. They thought antisemitism was over too. Many careers were destroyed. In the process the term became meaningless. It essentially meant anti Zionism.

      Now the real thing is back.

    • It's the boy who cried wolf. For real

    • I wonder what the ADL will say. It has been fighting the imaginary antisemitism of antiZionism for a while but now the wolf is back on stage. The real end of economic cycle Jew hatred which was around a long time before Judaism started to tango with the Palestinians.

    • The tragedy of the situation is that the Palestinians understand Jews better than anyone and are natural allies. People like Hoenlein and Bannon are the enemy.

    • David Frum retweeted Judah Ari Gross‏

      [email protected] 2 h

      My mom works at @AshevilleJCC, which got a bomb threat this week. With her OK, I'm sharing a message she sent to our family WhatsApp group.
      "We were greeted this morning by 20+ folks from various churches with flowers, chocolates, pastries, basically support. It was something to see"

    • It's easier for Hoenlein to attack BDS than go after someone like Ann Coulter,the Trump supporter who commented publicly about "f#cking Jews"

  • Power of donors over Israel discussion in Jewish community is 'the $60 million question'
    • Donor is such a cute word. It is far less obnoxious than billionaire .

      But they can't control reality.

      Prospero :

      "the baseless fabric of this vision,
      The cloud-capp'd tow'rs, the gorgeous palaces,
      The solemn temples, the great globe itself,
      Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
      And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
      Leave not a rack behind"

      Zionism is going to be like that

  • Finders Keepers in the Holy Land: So who was there first?
    • The greatest Jewish event of the 20th century?

      don't let the Nazis win

    • Apartheid won't work either

    • Boris, habibi

      Zionism is not reality. It isn't even Jewish

    • Ancestral land is such a crock of shit

      Hasidic wedding

      Furry hats : name one non Jewish sect from the Middle East that wears furry hats, FFS

    • It doesn't, Boris. Ashkenazim do not look Middle Eastern

    • Boris is right about Prussians. There is an extinct baltic language called Prussian which was spoken by the native people prior to the German colonisation of Prussia in the 13th century. The pied piper of Hamelin story is believed to be linked to the colonisation.

    • The Holy Land is like the Nineveh plain. It has been important for a very long time to many different groups. And it has to be shared. Israel is like ISIS. It blows up stuff and pretends everything belongs to it.

  • 'We will not go back' in struggle against racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia -- Bernie Sanders
    • Yonah,

      Amira Hass considers herself a failure.

      "AMIRA HASS: Well, writing for 20 years, and you realize that it doesn’t—these words don’t change and not—and the situation is only worse. And if I wanted to appeal to Israelis and to tell them—to be kind of a messenger and give them the facts, you know, not—it’s only lately that I started with op-eds—or not lately, but my main task is to give facts. And then you realize that people do not want to read. And I always say the problem in Israel is not institutionalized censorship. We don’t have censorship, or to a great—maybe some military, but not that serious. We can write whatever we want, and we have—we can exercise this right of information. But the people don’t have the duty to know. And that’s maybe the failure."

      Derfner prolly does too. Anyone who genuinely cares about Yossi Israeli must do.

      Hass again

      "people who say that they care for Israel actually assist Israel and Israelis to nurture what I call their suicidal—suicidal character or instincts, because if people think that we can live in that region—we are a minority in that region—so to live forever, for hundreds of years, as a society which is taken as a foreign outpost and as a messenger of another—of a big power, and only rely on our military superiority, I think this is real shortsightedness. This is what I call the suicidal—this is how I see Israel as suicidal. Palestinians and Arab peoples have shown over the past 20 years their willingness to accept this society in the region, but provided it is not a hostile society"

      Of course it is sad

    • JStreet is useless.
      Israel is killing itself and JStreet watches

  • Name the six countries the U.S. is bombing in the Middle East
  • How to love Israel: 'Sometimes it'll hurt-- bad, but I will not walk away! I will not let you go!'
    • A Jew comes home from synagogue and tells his wife: "They say the Messiah is coming any day, and will take us all to Israel."
      The wife becomes hysterical. "Oh no! It would be terrible. It took years till we could finally move into this neighborhood and buy the house we wanted. Now we've spent a fortune fixing it up. I don't want the Messiah to take us away."
      "Okay, okay, don't worry," the husband says. "We survived Pharaoh, we survived Haman. With G-d's help, we'll survive the Messiah too!"

    • The worst thing about Ms Almog is the idea that the Peres bullshit about peace endures beyond his death

      Be my friend for piss

    • This song reminds me of Israel

      Go see if apartheid flies in Galut. Whine antisemitism if it doesn't.

    • Zionism is a form of group insanity. Life in the diaspora pre Israel isn't even considered as serious . I wonder what will be left of Zionist culture after it has its Gotterdammerung.

      Israel should have put its energy into music and culture instead of hatred. But it was too cheap and too lazy

    • Many siblings and parents of someone in the grip.of an addiction know that sometimes there is nothing you can do. Sometime the addiction is stronger. Sometimes you have to walk away.

  • Are Bannon and Trump turning U.S. anti-immigrant enforcement agencies into their own paramilitary force?
    • Richard Spencer is a neo Nazi close to Bannon . The name of the game is a permanent white majority . No immigration.

  • The 50th anniversary of the occupation will rock the Jewish establishment
    • Echi

      Have you read any of the early Zionist writing? It was supposed to be a normal country.

    • Israel doesn't understand the demographic impact of pauperisation, the Palestinian attachment to the land, or the historical perspective.

    • The first time I went to the West Bank I felt that revulsion at what Israel had become.

    • Whatever happens, it will probably be a mess. Israel is a Golem. Don't alienate the Golem. Nobody wants to admit it is a Golem. How can any Jew be proud of what Israel is ?

    • "This language represents a crisis for Jewish communal life, because it’s a racial appeal that young Jews would not tolerate in the U.S." used to make sense but it's 2017 in the age of Trump.

      Jews need to accept that Israel wants apartheid.
      It all goes back to Arendt who predicted that the global Jewish community would split.

  • Commemorating 75 years of advancing prophetic Judaism, free of nationalism and politicization
    • Mooser

      This guy has rabbi potential. Religion is no issue. Israel took in so many Russians who had no Jewish links

  • Elor Azarya's 'normative' support for genocide
    • Colonialism is above everything about dehumanising the natives in order to dispossess and oppress them. Israel does it to the palestinians but the English were doing it in Ireland in the 12th century.

      A hack called Giraldus Cambrensis was a medieval version of the journalists at Arutz Sheva

      “This people is, then, a barbarous people, literally barbarous”. (Cambrensis: Topographica Hibernica, 1188)
      “Judged according to modern ideas, they are uncultivated, not only in […] dress, but also in their flowing hair and beards”. (ibid)
      “All their habits are the habits of barbarians”. (ditto)
      “Since conventions are formed from living together in society, and since they are so removed in these distant parts from […] well-behaved and law-abiding people, they know only of the barbarous habits in which they were born”.
      “Their natural qualities are excellent. But almost everything acquired is deplorable.” (Still Cambrensis)

      Cambrensis gets a mention in this article which is fascinating

      The English banned an Irish hairdo called an An Chúilfhionn . The Irish turned it into a song

      Fuck Zionism

    • Scottish people have very strong support for the Palestinians as well
      Scum of the earth is a Scottish greeting for very special people

      Americans are more susceptible to bullshit

    • Zionism doesn't recognise Palestinian rights. Never did. Israeli schoolbooks ignore Palestinians. Young Israelis , especially the weaker ones, are not educated. They are indoctrinated in a language nobody else speaks , as fodder for an occupation army. Zionism was a nice idea but in practice has become a nightmare. A liberal vegetarian NY 18 year old Jew has virtually nothing in common with an Israeli 18 year old Jew who studies at a yeshiva.
      Israeli Jewish society is out of sync with reality.

      Trevor Hogan, Irish rugby player, 2011

      “It was very interesting to notice the attitude of the Israelis towards us. They couldn’t comprehend why were doing this. What we were doing challenges their mindset and that is why it is such an effective tactic. They treat the Palestinians as if they are subhuman. They don’t think Palestinians deserve to live in a normal society, to be able to import and export and fish and farm. It’s great to be able to meet that mindset head on.”

      Israeli society is not stable. There is a price to pay for decades long dehumanisation of the other. Azarya is a product of his environment. There will be many more like him.

    • Israel is definitely a cesspool. Which makes separating milk and dairy pointless.

    • Azarya is like Sabra 10.0
      Sabra 1.0 was fairly decent but Sabra 10.0 is not housetrained

    • Glenn [email protected] 24 feb.

      "The only way to defend Israel at this point is to pretend that it's something completely different than what it, in fact, is."

  • Palestinian children get longer sentences for throwing stones than Israeli soldier got for killing a Palestinian
    • Israel is hopeless

    • A real Mensch. Outside the Groupthink

    • There was a very sad Haredi trans case in the UK

      "In his judgment, Jackson wrote: “These children are caught between two apparently incompatible ways of living, led by tiny minorities within society at large. Both minorities enjoy the protection of the law: on the one hand the right of religious freedom, and on the other the right to equal treatment.”

      Imagine being haredi and pro palestinian

    • Stein started attending Romemu, a Jewish Renewal, egalitarian Jewish congregation in Manhattan, and became close to its rabbi, David Ingber. He offered to speak with Stein’s father, and they met in late 2015.
      “It was the first time [my father] saw me talking about Palestinian rights . He said, ‘It would be easier for me to talk to you while you’re wearing a kippah,’" Stein recalls.
      Her father, who runs a Williamsburg yeshiva for troubled youth, didn’t say much.

      “He stayed frozen,” Stein says. “He said, ‘I don’t believe it [Palestinian ] exists.’ I showed him kabbalistic and Hasidic ideas. He said, ‘Why would you do that – Arabs are so much less than Jews ?’ Then he said, ‘You know this means I probably can’t talk to you ever again.’ He stood up, thanked David for taking care of me. He didn’t say goodbye to me, he just walked out the door.”
      read more:

  • Campus wars
    • Amigo

      I believe Gamal plays hurling for the Barrs

    • Daon is related to people

      Doan is related to ee cummings poem Ydoan

      Netanyahu is a real langer

    • A lot of the scary antidemocratic stuff that is par for the course in Israel is now beginning to happen in the US. In the former Jews are the drivers while in the latter they will probably be targets

  • Israel bars Human Rights Watch director from entering country, calls org 'Palestinian propaganda'
    • Israel: Philadelphia Jewish cemetery desecration shocking, a source of worry

      Except desecrating cemeteries is Zionist to the core.
      Israel built a museum of "tolerance" on a Palestinian cemetery

      This is classic example of Zionist groupthink taking a rare tour around reality

    • Given Judaism's tortured history as a powerless minority, one would have expected Israel to champion human rights defenders. This would be a logical approach. But Zionism always takes the cheap and easy option.

      there was another example a few years ago when the bots fought to deny recognition to 2 Gazan journalists they killed.
      "Terrorism has altered the landscape in many areas, including the rules of war and engagement, law, investigative and interrogation techniques, and the detention of enemy combatants. Journalism is no exception"

      Chemi Shalev describes himself as a very worried Israeli.
      . Jews may well be targeted again. The miserable cult of Zionism isn't worth the fingernail of a human rights defender.

  • The curious red line for Milo Yiannapoulos
    • Jen [email protected] 21 févr.
      milo’s comeuppance got me happier than a mom at a chihuly exhibit

      Breitbart is happy to sow hatred against trans people, women, lesbians, Jews, Arabs but surrenders over pederasty. Shows it is afraid of the people.

  • Israel's dependence on lobby's pressure will cause hostility to U.S. Jews, Nathan Glazer warned in 1976
  • Iran beats US for wrestling world cup, but you wouldn't know it from watching NBC
  • History shows that anti-Semitism and pro-Zionism have never been mutually exclusive
    • Of course it's possible to be antisemitic and Zionist. Rudolf Kastner. The ADL has been moaning about Palestinian "antisemitism " for so long that there is a strong whiff of "the boy who cried wolf" now that Bannon is de facto président. Trump's base is NRA plus Evangelicals. They need to be whipped into a frenzy every so often with hate material. Ann Coulter tested the water with a comment about "fu##ing Jews" recently. Bannon attacks the media as GLOBALIST and corporatist. What does Globalist mean ? Not looking good. I wouldn't rely on the donor caste to protect the little guys either.

  • DNC debate batters Trump-- but Israel support must be 'bipartisan,' says Ellison
    • namely paranoia, torture, bullshit, groupthink

    • In the film Defamation , Norman Finkelstein says that the worst thing to happen to Israel was the ultra rich Jews who drive the lobby in the US. They are destroying Judaism and will break Israel.

    • The Israelis can't sell apartheid to the goys. Israeli politics become more and more extremist as the chasm between Israel and the world widens.

    • Jwalters,
      That is a superb article. The Israelis built a system from which there is no clean exit. It all comes back to the core Zionist belief in Jewish superiority. They have painted themselves into a corner. Classic groupthink.


      Dan Cassino, a political scientist at Fairleigh Dickinson University, said: “It seems like we are getting his ideas coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth to a great extent.
      “I think we are seeing Bannon’s influence in Israel policy: the idea we have to support a militarily strong Israel and the coexistence in the Oslo process for two decades needs to be thrown out. That tells us he has a lot of influence and he wasn’t kidding about this.”
      Crucially, Cassino argues, Bannon determines what media Trump consumes and shapes his worldview. “The information flow seems to be going through Breitbart and Fox News rather than through the national security apparatus. That’s troubling. It points to the influence of Bannon and how the other people briefing him are not having influence.”

    • DNC debate batters Trump– but support for Tammany Hall must be ‘bipartisan,’ says Ellison -

      Israel is the same

  • Natives and the blessings of progress
  • Trump has reminded Palestinians that it was always about one state
  • The challenges of being Palestinian in East Jerusalem
  • Tom Friedman begs Trump to 'save the Jews' from themselves
    • True, Mooser, but that would mean neutralising Zionism. Humility is not Zionist.

    • Zionism is a thug system. Run on fear. Nobody dares question it.
      Tammany Hall was the same. So was News of the World. Note "was". They all collapse eventually.

    • This moment is delicious. Israel sickened me the first time I went there in 2000. The injustice was so blatant. But it takes time for things to happen.

      Israel is a fascinating mixture of settler colonialism, groupthink and political naivete

      J. K. Galbraith: “The conventional wisdom”gives way not so much to new ideas as to “the massive onslaught of circumstances with which it cannot contend”.

      That's groupthink. Israel has a bad dose of it

      Of course the Israeli version would be "that's amoral"

    • Asking Trump to save Jews from it would feel to people like Buber to see what transpired. It really does look like Hitler won.

    • Any consideration of what a mess Zionism has created must take account of what immediately preceded the establishment of Israel. Zionism said that Jews could change their names and forget. They could not. Nobody could

      "A whole mechanism was set up to hunt Jews, he says. It operated under German supervision but all those on the ground were Poles: villagers who conducted “night watches,” local informers, policemen, firefighters and others. Together, Grabowski maintains, they created a dense web that made it almost impossible for those hiding to escape discovery.
      The Germans surrounded a nearby village and launched a hunt for Jews, as Zeminski puts it. They did it, he writes, to obtain prizes offered by the German occupiers: vodka, sugar, potatoes, oil – along with personal items taken from the victims.

      “Local inhabitants were actively involved in pulling out Jews from the bunkers in the ghetto,” Zeminski wrote in his diary, which Grabowski quotes in his book. “They pulled out the Jews from the houses; they caught them in the fields, in the meadows. The shots are still ringing, but our hyenas already set their sights on the Jewish riches. The [Jewish] bodies are still warm, but people already start to write letters, asking for Jewish houses, Jewish stores, workshops or parcels of land.” People, he noted. “volunteered for this hunt willingly, without any coercion.”

      Grabowski emphasizes that the actual number of Jews murdered by Poles is even higher than his estimate. “[My] count is very, very conservative,” he notes, “because I have not included here the human toll of the Polish ‘Blue’ police, who were a deadly force not only after the liquidation of the ghettos but during these so-called liquidation actions.” To support his argument, he recruits Emmanuel Ringelblum, the historian of the Warsaw Ghetto, who said that the “Blue” police alone were responsible for “hundreds of thousands of Jewish deaths.”-

    • Trump can't do anything. The only way to solve the equation of Israel/Palestine so Zionism is coherent is genocide.

    •  "During the war we were taught that Japan, the land of the Gods, was a righteous, divine country and that America was an evil, barbaric country. We didn't actually believe this, but merely followed along, thinking that, since there was no such thing as a just war , such poisonous, simple minded rhetoric was a way to whip up a state of furious belligerence in the people. Again, we had doubts as to whether or not Japan would be capable of guiding the Greater Asia c0-prosperity sphere.. We did not think we would be defeated. It was not that we were so convinced of victory we never thought of defeat. It was simply unbearable to contemplate it, and because we could not imagine what our fate would be afterward we shielded our eyes from the possibility and went on believing in certain victory.
      People of the future will find it strange that during the war we so easily accepted an education smacking of distorted self esteem and hostility that advocated such preposterous ambitions, but for us the reasons seemed compelling"

      Diary of writer Yamada Futaro, October 1945, quoted in "So Lovely a country will never perish" p 152-153

    • Zionism is Jewish groupthink . It made sense to stay with the group. Until now
      "In his 1953 masterpiece, “The Captive Mind,” the Polish poet and dissident Czeslaw Milosz analyzed the psychological and intellectual pathways through which some of his former colleagues in Poland’s post-war Communist regime allowed themselves to be converted into ardent Stalinists. In none of the cases that Milosz analyzed was coercion the main reason for the conversion.
      They wanted to believe. They were willing to adapt. They thought they could do more good from the inside. They convinced themselves that their former principles didn’t fit with the march of history, or that to hold fast to one’s beliefs was a sign of priggishness and pig-headedness. They felt that to reject the new order of things was to relegate themselves to irrelevance and oblivion. They mocked their former friends who refused to join the new order as morally vain reactionaries."

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