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There are all sorts of things that never make it in to the discourse Judaism is not hatred. It's Mensches versus Cossacks. I am with the Mensches. Fairuz is a Mensch. So are the people in Gaza, Hass, Gideon Levy, Yasmin Levy, Gurvitz, Zochrot, Btselem. The only Sabras who have managed to escape the suffocating Groupthink of Zionism are those who had parents who could see what was happening. We have to get Jews back to Menschkeit. The religion didn't survive this long by being asshole focused. "And he is scared," wrote Kol, who has helped advance bills in the fields of children's rights, violence against children, health and education. "I am scared. I am scared that we will continue living like this. And that fear scares me." But in the long run, a hostile region like that cannot be policed, even by a nuclear-armed Israel. It will simply do to Israel what some of the wars have done to us on a smaller scale. Attrite it, tire it, fatigue it, demoralize it, cause emigration of the best and the first, and then some sort of cataclysm at the end which cannot be predicted at this stage because we don’t know who will have what by when. And after all, Iran is next door. It might have some nuclear capability. Suppose the Israelis knock it off. What about Pakistan and others? The notion that one can control a region from a very strong and motivated country, but of only six million people, is simply a wild dream. In the corners there is light That is good for you And behind you, I have warned you, There are awful things

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  • Israeli Jews maintain the occupation because it is in their interest -- Noam Sheizaf
    • The last war against Gaza reminded me of passover . In the Jewish story the angel of death hovers over the land. In Gaza it was the Israeli airforce. Passover is rich in images but Protective Edge was rich in videos.

      The Jewish religious holidays are about principles rather than processes but so few Israelis understand this.
      MaintainIng kosher in pointless. The country is overflowing internally with filth like hatred, trauma, stress, oppression.. Keeping the milk separate from the meat? Why not vote for a decent government instead?

    • When you grow up in a country you assume it is permanent. Israelis do. They don't understand macro risk. Continuity bias is the assumption that past equals future. Israelis assume they can do whatever they want to the Palestinians. It is hard to see the rot if you are a Hebrew speaker.

    • Israel also conquered the Sinai in 1967 but it is no longer mentioned

    • Arguing with groupthink is a waste of time

    • Nice try, Jeff

      The good news is that Empires die younger now. The British Empire expired after 200 years The American one barely lasted 70.

    • It isn't rational. Lehman Bros shares grew regularly and gave good dividends until the company collapsed. It wasn't rational.
      The occupation is in nobody's interest.
      The US Jewish lobby will fail like Tammany Hall. There will be nobody to protect Israel from the consequences of its idiocy.

    • The status quo seems rational but it isn't because Israel is not stable. The country is in a state of moral decay because of the occupation. In a human it might manifest itself as paranoid schizophrenia. Something awful will happen. There is no equilibrium.
      The status quo is deceptive.

      Flannery O’Connor :
      “Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it."

  • Read the full translated text of the leaked Hamas charter
    • Only Zionists talk about the historic homeland. Such a crock.
      Israelis have rights based on now but not based on violence. Israel has to give up the violence for the rights to have continued validity. Israel looks more and more like Prussia as time passes. And Prussia was lost.

  • 'I came to explore the wreck of Zionism': A report from the 2017 JVP meeting
    • The Americans didn't want European Jews either in the 1930s or straight after the war. Shunting these by now traumatised people to Palestine was typical short termism.

      Other examples of US political short termism can be seen with US healthcare, for example. Always take the easy option.

      Israel has US Judaism by the balls because of this history.

      Failure has many fathers.

      Zionism got lucky in the late 40s. The western guilt over the Shoah opened up opportunities that hadn't existed up to then. In a way it was like Brexit. A political solution was imposed without any preparation.

      Zionism's key weakness has always been the Palestinians. Because of the rushed nature of the foundation of Israel nobody gave much thought to what to do. When there was a blockage, the Zionists always resorted to violence.

      The culture that developed was sloppy and impulsive, partly because of the fear of the Palestinians. Just build and worry about problems later.

      Smoch alai. Trust me.

    • Every year Israel goes deeper into nihilism. The Nazis are still winning

  • Israel steps up dirty tricks against boycott leaders
    • The BDS related lawsuit against the Olympia food coop was backed by Israel and has dragged on since 2011

      The key problem for Israel is that more and more goys have had enough of the bullshit. If you want a Jewish state, run it on Jewish rather than Aryan values

    • This is an excellent resource :

    • Israel will go as far as assassinations . Always has

      BDS is possibly the only antidote to Zionism

      Mondo article from 2011
      Who profits from the occupation?
      by Alice Rothchild on January 15, 2011 · 3 comments
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      As we learn more about the BDS movement, a critical question emerges: what companies are involved with which activities that ultimately sustain the occupation? In Tel Aviv we meet Dalit Baum, an Israeli member of the Coalition of Women for Peace and specifically, the group Who Profits? She explains that the organization was developed to understand the economics of the settlement project. A short haired woman with intense black eyes and an ironic sense of humor, she states that the project aimed to investigate corporations directly involved in the occupation, to figure out the specifics, the financial interests, and who is making money from whom. After meticulous research, four years later they have a website,, that has a partial data base listing approximately 1000 companies.
      The criteria for inclusion on this list involves work in building settlements, marketing settlement goods, using industrial space within settlements, providing crucial services to settlements such as transportation, and providing equipment to the military such as for building walls and checkpoints. She notes that Israel has exploited the Palestinian labor pool and the Palestinian market, it is a captive market where Israeli policies have shut down much of the competition. For example, Palestinians are only allowed to grow agricultural products that are not as profitable as Israeli products and do not compete in European markets when compared to Israeli goods.
      Who Profits is a unique grassroots organization that does impeccable economic research with careful documentation using concrete proof with governmental and company documents. They are very careful to stay within the letter of the law, as any suit for damages would be disastrous in the Israeli courts. An example of their work involves “Crossing the Line,” a fast train from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem that crosses the Green Line into the West Bank in two sections. The Israeli neighbors did not want the train and noise near their property so the project was moved and this will entail almost the entire destruction of the Palestinian village of Beit Iksa. Painfully there is now a petition to the world from the Palestinian village to put the train on land that is ALREADY expropriated. The train is being built by European and American companies.
      Then there is the issue of financing of the occupation. All six Israeli banks are directly involved in supporting settlements. Dalit reminds us that you cannot separate the economy of the occupation from the economy of Israel from the economy of the US for that matter. For instance, Soda Stream, an Israeli company that makes carbonated water, just went public on Nasdaq.
      She turns her attention to what does it mean to boycott settlement markets. She describes 18 tycoons that control the large corporations that are involved and notes that if they start losing money, they will pull out of the settlements. She describes living in Israel both as frustrating but “We feel effective.” As an example, her group will go to a checkpoint, they will document the infrastructure, the telecommunications, etc, and then google the companies, do the appropriate research, and put the information on the website. “Direct action with no gas! We use our privilege to see the occupation.” They also go to security industry exhibitions and meet with people eager to sell a host of weaponry. She focuses on crowd dispersal, what is called in the business, “nonlethal weapons” although everyone knows that these weapons can be lethal in high enough doses or with direct impact. For her she feels this is personal, as an activist who has been faced with tear gas and other methods used at demonstrations.
      Another aspect of this macabre business Dalit describes is weaponry produced in the US. Because the US gives Israel an enormous amount of money to buy American military equipment, there are now Israeli entrepreneurs who establish companies in the US and then benefit from the largesse of our tax dollars. Thus there are many forces within the US that have strong economic interests in maintaining this lucrative arrangement where the US is basically financing its own war industries. This lead a group of activists, after a demonstration, to return empty tear gas canisters to the US ambassador. They were promptly arrested for possession of weapons, but the charges were later dropped.
      Dalit reminds us that there is a lot to be done in the US and any effort contributes to the cause. It is important to pick strategic targets that also involve an educational component. She feels boycotting computer companies or generic drug companies, for instance, are not strategic activities. She is very optimistic, both because this movement is led by Palestinian activists and because there is a response in the Israeli Knesset that implies that people in power are worried. The Anti BDS law in process will make individuals personally liable for any damage to companies. The Association Law aims to outlaw any NGO that provides information to foreign entities that might lead to charges of war crimes against Israelis. The Fighting Terrorism Law targets any Israeli or Palestinian activist who does any activity against Israeli soldiers or State symbols, and vaguely and obscurely defines all of these activities as terrorism. This could include nonviolent, legitimate resistance to the occupation. The Prohibition on Instituting Boycott Law will criminalize Israeli citizens who support local and international BDS activities. Recently the Knesset began an investigation of the funding of NGOs.
      Dalit sees these rightwing trends as plunging into fascism and of particular concern is that these anti-democratic assaults are originating in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, which is supposed to be the cornerstone of a democratic society.
      I leave this meeting with the sense that there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in the US which is actively enmeshed with the military machinery and corporations that make the Israeli occupation possible. In addition, the “only democracy in the Middle East” seems to be heading rapidly in a dangerous direction; I wonder how many “Israel right or wrong” supporters fully appreciate this and when will supporting the actions of the Israeli government become untenable to a wider group of people. I am impressed that a small group of thoughtful and dedicated activists can have such a significant impact on the process. I only hope that the next time I visit Israel, I will not be visiting them in prison.

  • 'New sheriff in town' Nikki Haley is gonna kick anyone who objects to latest Jewish settlement
    • Haley is a moron. Settlement is not rational. Neither is it supported by the ethical principles that are the foundation of Judaism. It forces Israel to run apartheid. The Holocaust card cannot be played against apartheid.

  • New book by Larry Derfner, the American-turned-Israeli journalist, crushes liberal Zionism
    • Why would any Jew south of the Galilee feel they lived in a segregated society? There are no Palestinians anywhere . They were all ethnically cleansed in 48. Gaza is less than 50 miles away but it might as well be Kandahar. The Khamas bogeyman lives there. And the Israeli history curriculum is pretty clear. This is Jewish land.

    • Echi

      Israel.doesn't believe in the Geneva Convention or the laws of war.
      Settlement is a war crime.

      The settlers are religious freeloaders and trailer trash Sabraswho were lured to.the West Bank as a buffer for East Jerusalem under another Israeli let's see if this works project.

      They are not soldiers. Most are there because they couldn't afford a villa in Israel. There was a lot of funding from US Judaism which does not happen for apartment buyers in Hod Hasharon.

      The settlers could be compared to the Serbs of the Croatian Krajina or the Germans of East Prussia. It is a power thing.

      The logic on which the settlement project was based is incoherent.
      Hebron's évacuation could turn into a bloodbath.

    • Echi

      the settlers are civilians. Any armed are so at their own risk ultimately.
      Israel put the settlers in situ on the assumption the move would be irreversible. But they neglected the take care of the Palestine question. So the move was neutered.

    • Israel can't fight a war longer than 1 month.
      Yossi Israeli loves dead Arabs but can't stand seeing dead Jews.

      Israel would have lost in 1973 unless the Yanks hadn't rearmed it.

    • Don't rely on the goys is for show. Israel imports over 80% of its energy. It's tech industry relies on galut, as does its standard of living. BDS is so dangerous because it threatens the ties that keep Israel going.

    • Israel will of course be under the bus.

  • A show of weakness: The 'Israeli Peace Movement' marches in Jerusalem
    • Israeli bowel movement.
      They lost. The education system was stronger .
      Israel has to go through the buzzsaw.

  • With white nationalism on the rise in the US, JCC bomb threats stoked fear and solidarity
  • JDL member arrested for attacking Palestinian-American teacher ran anti-Muslim website
    • Back in the 70s and 80s when the JDL was prominent it was an outlier. Israeli society was still reasonably stable. Kach were similarly on the margins. Kahane who headed Kach was seen as an extremist.
      Now in 2017 people who think like Kahane run the Israeli Government. Maybe 30% of Israelis think Kach style. JDL is much closer to the Zionist mainstream.

      And that is what keeps people like Rav Rick awake at night. The Golem is actually Jewish. And speaks Hebrew.

  • 'Jerusalem' on Gaza TV set is as close as many Palestinians will get to real thing
    • Echi, that is a style choice. Articles about Italian football will use words such as catenaccio (the lock) to describe how teams play. Foreign words enhance understanding. Voilà.

    • Pourquoi ?

    • Neoliberalism only has a few more years left, Catalan. Most financial wealth has no inherent value. Its value depends on there being someone to sell it to. When debt based systems such as ours collapse, debt is subject to negative real interest rates. Negative real rates reduce the value of debt via inflation. The alternative is the Detroit version where debt is just written off.

      You can read Brideshead Revisisted for a preview if you are interested.
      Jewish power in the US is in large part based on debt. Most people on Wall St are not interested in economic history.
      Israel should cut a deal now. While it still has time.

      BDS is fed by injustice so it should last

    • Catalan, minds do change. Things fall apart. Systems have finite lives.

      "One way of looking at the history of the human group is that it has been a continuing struggle against the veneration of "crap.”"―Neil Postman

      Zionism is a fine specimen

      If you take a Christian angle, John the Baptists precede Jesuses. John the Baptists prepare the arguments. Around 10% of people need to know something for it to become common sense.
      Palestine may be at 7%.

    • Echi, Eretz Israel hashlemah is very important. You should get to know it.
      It means the perfect land of Israel. And implies that there are no Palestinians, in line with Zionist logic.

      Even Ha'aretz is named after "the land". The land is a Zionist fetish.

    • Israel controls everything in Eretz Israel hashlemah but is having serious problems on social media which has quite a large goy majority.

    • Israel controls every aspect of life in Eretz Israel hashlemah which is why ghazzawis can't go to Al quds.

      However Israel has lost the war on social media. Most posters are not hate-filled Hebrew speakers.

    • I had a friend in a refugee camp in the West Bank when I lived there. She told me one day she had never been to the coast. It's less than 50 miles from the camp. We went to Jaffa. Something so banal in a normal context, to take 2 buses to the sea, but impossible in Zionistan under the junta unless with a foreigner.
      We spoke arabic in West Jerusalem on the way back and it was the strangest feeling, like we were doing something illegal.
      Hitler is still winning.

    • It isn't even vaguely sustainable. They had to break judaism to get to this point.

    • The Zionist control of space is a sign of paranoia. Palestinians are subdivided into 5 different groups- 1948, East Jerusalem, West Bank, Gaza and Refugees and all have spatial restrictions. It is the price of the fantasy that is the Jewish state. Future generations will look back on Israel now and ask WTF.

  • The rabbi's daughter isn't buying AIPAC's defense of Israel on apartheid charge
    • Great point, Mooser

    • Percolate anything you want

    • Says a Jewish settler.

      YMedad said...
      The Diaspora lost itself when it refused to come on Aliyah, when the Reform movement deleted Zion, when Jews adopted communism, socialism and now, liberal progressivism. How much does an Arab pay? nada. It was conquered and occupied and the Jewish population radically and ehtnically cleansed over the centuries. But we came back. Why soldiers? because too many Arabs kill, rape, murder, pillage, burn, stab, etc. Local language is Hebrew.

      YMedad said...

      You have anti-Zionism.

      We do give human rights but not political rights to people who do not deserve them. The Arabs of Israel vote, get elected, some serve in the Army, there is no separate toilets or drinking fountains.

      In Ian Lustick's "For the Land and the Land":-
      Yisrael Medad, a religious activist within Tehiya and a leader of two groups with activities related to the Temple Mount, published an article in Nekuda prior to the Yamit evacuation, arguing that the evacuation could and would be halted only if a Jewish takeover of the Temple Mount was effected immediately. See Yisrael Medad, "The Temple Mount Is in Our Hands-The Time Has Come," Nekuda, no.39, February' 5, 1982, pp.4-5.

    • The Zionist resort to force secured the country but at the cost of storing up problems for the future. The #1 problem is the Palestinians and how Israel deals with them.
      This is still in crisis mode 69 years later.

      Until this is solved Israel is going nowhere.
      Regarding the generational issue issue, Israel needs unquestioned support from the diaspora and it can't guarantee it any longer.

      Zionism proved that Jews can be cruel and brutal . The Torah warns about the implications of a violent approach. The social costs in Israel are astronomical.

      As Nehru observed : “The purely agitational attitude is not good enough for a detailed consideration of a subject”

      But nobody wants to address the system.

  • 'Negation of the diaspora' as Zionist antisemitism: The JCC bomb threats came from an Israeli Jew
    • Israeli history is classed as fiction

    • Morning Joe: President should speak up about antisemitism.

      Imagine that it was a Zionist.

    • "Israel as a state is seen in the strictest Zionist terms as the “True Judaism” as it negates the lengthy and complex process of Jewish history in its myriad iterations. - "

      This is the key weakness of Zionism other than the Palestinian thing.
      Israel was tabula rasa. It started from zero. So everything was made up. All the memes taught to young Israelis are fabricated.
      Israelis literally do not know who they are.

      ‘A society in crisis forges a new vocabulary for itself,’ David Grossman wrote in The Yellow Wind, ‘and gradually, a new language emerges whose words . . . no longer describe reality, but attempt, instead, to conceal it.’

  • 'US is overwhelmingly partial to Israel,' Pelosi admits at AIPAC
    • The other thing about AIPAC is that it has to suck up to power even if it is Trump. It has nothing to do with Jewish values. It's all about money.
      Nobody at AIPAC cares about ordinary Israeli Jews

      There is a very sad story in Haaretz today about a man with schizophrenia who murdered his wife. There's a picture of Tiberias. It's a poor city. It's not a settlement. It doesn't get much investment.

    • Israel is the ultimate special interest.
      and voters are sick of corruption.
      Plus Trump won't deliver to his voters.
      So anger will be ratcheted even higher next time. Israel vs the people will be very messy

      Tammany Hall was strangled by a Democrat. It was easy because the Dems had the backing of the public. Zionism is Tammany Hall 2.0

  • AIPAC speakers say the enemy is BDS, while 'biggest Jewish-led protest' surges outside
    • "We’ll defend ourselves against slander and boycotts.” -

      Israel creates the moral turpitude 24/7 that leads people to support BDS.
      BDS is a moral response to a moral collapse.
      Hillel would recognise it for what it is. Shammai would not.

  • 'Scariest part' of Trump's draft peace plan promises he will be 'personally involved'
    • Israel basically destroyed its society to reach the Shangri la of total control. It is prolly warned about in a few of the books of the Torah. The prophets were sharp and understood group dynamics. The mitzvot are supposed to guide people to behave well but all the shared knowledge of the Jewish people was thrown overboard by the Zionists who were too smart for all of that European stuff.

    • Anshel Pfeffer is a Ha'aretz journo . He thinks BDS is a joke but is v worried about Israel's future.

      " @AnshelPfeffer 26 mar

      More details on how the phantom threat of BDS is kept alive by @giladerdan1 wasting millions on Facebook warriors."

      Trump is a fraud. He can't fix Israel. I wouldn't be so smug about BDS either. Goys are sick of Zionism.

    • If it is as successful as Trumpcare it will be roaring success. Trump is #hopeless. He doesn't have the attention span to qualify as malevolent.

  • Towards Better Ally-ship for Palestine: A letter to the US activist community
    • I think neoliberalism has been a disaster for the Middle East. Non core countries did a lot better out of the previous economic system. Money was available and it wasn't just invested in debt and property bubbles. Musical quality was higher too . It's very hard to imagine Lebanon producing someone like Fairuz today.
      Egypt now is a catastrophe. Population growth is out of control. And the political system is paralysed. Sisi will not fix anything so the next explosion will be far worse than 2011.

    • Identity exists on different levels

    • RoHa, Iraqis are all supposed to be Arabs. In the Nineveh plain near Mosul for example there are many different peoples including Assyrians, Kurds, Turkmens, Shabaks, Yazidis, Armenians and Mandeans. According to your definition they are all Arabs. Cop on

    • Defined by whom? Calling all Arabic speakers Arab is Orientalism.

    • I have spoken to a lot of Lebanese, Egyptians and Palestinians about the arab thing. Egyptians I have met insist they are Nile valley people. They circumcise women and Saudis do not. There is the whole g instead of j thing. I think arabic is just their language, like a light film over their culture. Egypt has a deep culture that Saudi desert people do not.

      The Lebanese I have met say they are Phoenician. Mostly Christian I think. And I wouldn't argue with them. Syria is the Shaam. So is Lebanon. So are Jordan and Palestine . The Shaam is different.

      The Palestinians sometimes say they are arab but Palestine is a crossroads space and an awful lot of different peoples have passed through.

      French is spoken in Belgium but Belgian French speakers are not French. Swiss French speakers are definitely not French. Quoi.

    • Israel was a tragic mistake. You cannot reach a higher state of Judaism by means of systematic violence.

  • 'Destruction of Israel' is its abandonment by American Jews, in novelist's imagining
  • Apartheid wears a veil
  • UN bowed to 'fearmongering and threats' from powerful governments to cover up 'painful truth' of Israeli apartheid -- UN official's resignation letter
    • Israel can huff and puff but apartheid is out in the open. They might squeeze another decade out but reality is really going to hurt. Nothing can stop this.

  • Trump's 'America First' budget puts Israel right up there, too
  • Now is not the time to be intimidated by Israel's activist travel ban
  • Banksy's hotel isn't gentrification, it is an invitation for people to come see the occupation for what it is
    • BDS is about leveraging international pressure and concern to help Israel before it collapses. Zionism has never been rational. Zionism is like positing turd worship as the essence of Judaism. And it isn't. You don't have to be a Torah scholar to understand that.

  • If baseball coverage of Team Israel is 'the story of Israel itself,' then we should not forget the Palestinians
    • It's funny too that one fifth of Israelis are not Jewish but that there has never been a government minister from their ranks. They never get a look in when people talk about team Israel.

    • Mensches are banned from Israel under the latest legislation..Only morons and assholes will get a visa now.

  • An unlikely dramatic hero, poet Taha Muhammad Ali takes the Kennedy Center stage
  • Clinton says two-state-solution would have entailed 'a lot of blood, gore, turmoil in Israel'
    • They could have negotiated a deal, Echi. They could have secured Israel. But nobody had the balls to stand up to the settlers so now everything is in danger. The Israelis think they can keep the Palestinians to less than 22% of the land, that 1948 is untouchable. And that is wrong.

    • The Israeli left worship Rabin and he was so much better than the thug whose vision has defined Israel since his death. But there was nobody in Israel to lead the people out of the Palestine trap. The Likud was supposed to be a mould breaker but its political philosophy can be summarised in 2 words. "Fuck you"

      Israel is in serious trouble today.

    • Identity politics are fine as long as they don't generate existential risk. And they did for Israel.
      “Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel,” and “Jerusalem is not open to negotiation.”

      That is ok. But not if it is at the price of Israel.
      Zionism is so naive. Such a fascinating groupthink story.

  • 'We may no longer be permitted—nor permit ourselves—to enter Israel,' 172 scholars write
    • Jews are very strong in dentistry, Mooser.
      And many Zionists believe that God is with the Zionist project. As if

    • $15bn is not much. Israel is cute in that regard. If a Jew farts and it's a big fart Haaretz will publish it.

  • No space for Zionism
  • Michael Walzer wonders if Israel 'will let me in'
    • Morocco is as bad as Israel when it comes to Western Sahara

      BDS is good because it gets much better press than plane hijackings and suicide bombs. It is effective because it plays on Israeli bad faith. Most adults in the West are familiar with Israel's phoney commitment to the peace process. I don't remember a period before this when Israel had such a bad image in "peacetime".

    • Zionism is groupthink.

  • Some Jews support BDS 'from a place of love' for Israel, says AJC official
  • See 'The Settlers,' an important documentary about the destruction of the two-state solution
    • General Petraeus used to ask "tell me how this ends". Israel cannot answer this question.

    • Most settlers are lower class Israelis who couldn't afford to buy houses in Israel . The economic system esp property prices is a huge part of the YESHA complex.

  • Israeli lawmakers advance bill to ban Muslim call to prayer
  • The White House puts lipstick on the Muslim ban
    • Bannon thinks he can manage a permanent white majority, like anyone wants to live in a US dominated by evangelical fuckwits who think Rush Limbaugh broadcasts news.

      Muslims have a lot to offer as well

      And where are all the Jews standing up for a persecuted religious minority ?

  • David Friedman faces Senate vote, as leading rabbi calls him a 'bomb' (and not in a good way)
    • Most of Trump's appointees are useless. Pruitt at the EPA denies carbon is a problem. Mnunchin at Treasury is ex Goldman as is Cohn. None will address the structural issues crippling the US. Infrastructure is third rate. Economy is headed for a crash. Inequality is off the charts. Healthcare and prisons are out of control.

  • If Israel is unwilling to differentiate itself from the settlements, then boycotters shouldn't either
    • Most Israelis do not understand how the Oslo process was understood in Galut. Millions of people in Europe saw it as Israel waking up and acknowledging the injustice done to the Palestinians. People thought Israel was serious. Nobody understood it as a piss take.
      Israel deserves to be boycotted.

    • You can boycott any country but how many will join you? The lovely thing about Israel is that it is so easy to hate. And so many people do.

    • Prolly a rape or 2 of the ancestors. There is no such thing as ethnic purity anyway. Love doesn't recognise it.

    • It's fascinating that the Jewish tradition of law has nothing to do with how Israel uses the law. Israeli law is a piss take.

  • 'We are losing the next generation' -- rabbis describe crisis over Israel in their congregations
    • Jews who care about the future of the religion have got to be ultra careful with language . Donors give blood. The sociopaths who fund the big Jewish orgs are not donors. They are the problem.

    • Anyone who cared 15 years ago could have seen this in broad daylight. Israel was never a good country. It has always been run by narcissistic sociopaths. It never took the decent option. It always preferred violence and bad faith . Jewish orgs in the US preferred to go with the flow rather than ask tough questions. Zionists in Israel knew they could be walked over.

      The Torah has loads of examples of ego trips and delusions that end in a mess. Add Israel to the list.

    • Israel is in a moral death spiral

      "Debating the issue of a Palestinian state, and with Palestinian Israeli MK Ahmed Tibi (Joint List) chairing the Knesset debate, Hazan exclaimed:
      "We're gonna shut your mouths and we're going to speak the truth. There is no Palestinian People. And there has never been a Palestinian People [in Hebrew, Am Ha'Falastinai].
      However, he continued, "There is a Palestinian Moron, [in vulgar Hebrew slang, Ama Falastinai]. And you will stay a Palestinian Moron. And you know that even 'Ama' [a brand of dish detergent liquid] is worth more than the Palestinians."

      Israel is now reaping what it has sown. And ain't nobody else responsible.

      And news for the rabbis- things are going to get a lot worse. they will not get better

    • Tough titty, rabbis. Israel is sick

  • 'Fake news' isn't news or new: Remembering the 2003 US invasion of Iraq
    • Fake news has been a part of US foreign and war policy for years but foreigners live far away and most Americans have no way of knowing what is really going on. Occasionally they join the dots. This keeps Zionists awake at night.

      Steve Bannon is lying to Americans about stuff they know from their own lives. There is a huge difference. The Trump project is about pauperising blue collar Americans and making them happy about it.

    • Is he as bad as Frank Luntz?

  • Human rights lawyer: Israel's new anti-BDS travel ban violates international law
    • Israel looks more and more like apartheid SA. This law is proof hasbara and Israeli tourism are dead.

  • Israel’s welcome now reserved only for Jews who back Netanyahu
  • 'BDS is a terrorist movement' - exposing David Collier
  • Open Letter: Against the blacklisting of activists and writers
    • Jon
      I get out enough. I like asking Zionists questions. It is not a decent ideology. I can't believe it represents the worldview of a majority of Jews.

    • Jon

      Your belief in free speech might be credible if the internet wasn't a store of your views on Gaza. I never met a Zionist who could speak calmly about Gaza.

  • Trump warns annexation of West Bank will cause 'immediate crisis' between US and Israel - Lieberman

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