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Active for a dozen years in the Palestinians' struggle for peace and justice. Visited the West Bank 7 times since 2002. Beaten and robbed by Jewish settlers from Itamar in Oct 2002. On board the first Free Gaza boat to Gaza in Aug 2008 (co-founder of Free Gaza Movement) Member Women in Black.

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  • 'Beholden to AIPAC' -- progressive senators Warren, Murphy, Brown sign letter seeking to limit Obama's actions
    • I never ever refer to it as anything other than illegally occupied Palestine. I believe my Palestinian friends deserve no less.

  • Israel's plan to retool occupation includes color-coding 'good' and 'bad' Palestinians
    • I have a suggestion.
      Why not tattoo every Palestinian with a color coded number?
      Green would mean "On hold for the time being."
      Yellow for "We'll get to you next."
      Red for "Kiss your kids" (or your parents) goodbye.

  • Family fights to free disabled Palestinian man in Israeli prison
  • 'Democracy' and 'terrorism' and the parameters of thinkable thought
  • A new milestone: BDS at the Olympics
    • I admire and applaud Egyptian judoka Islam El-Shehaby for his integrity in sacrificing his personal ambitions of winning an Olympic medal in order to stand up for Palestinian human rights and against Israeli apartheid. El-Shehaby's gesture showed true courage. Israeli athletes should have been banned from participating in the Olympic Game, just as South African athletes were prohibited from participating in the Olympics for over 30 years.

  • The Palestine-Israel language trap
    • And do Palestinians have an equally "Special" reason to settle in their ancestral land from which they were expelled very recently?

  • The last Gaza war worried Scotland's Jews-- for all the wrong reasons
    • It has always irritated me that Israel never goes to war against Palestine. Israel's warmongers are too cunning to do that, since everyone knows Palestinians aren't allowed to have weapons to defend themselves. No Army, Navy or Air Force. No warships, no tanks, no F-16 fighter planes or helicopter gunships. And certainly no white phosphorous.

      Instead Israel "defends itself" against "Hamas" which in my opinion is merely the political party elected by the Palestinian people, just as Likud is the political party elected by the Israeli people (though in the case of Likud not really elected by a majority.) Just as Likud has a military wing, the IDF, so does the Hamas party have a militant wing.

  • New San Francisco bus ads say: 'Boycott Israel Until Palestinians Have Equal Rights'
    • Kay, It would be wonderful to see these in every city in the U.S. But it's not an easy thing to do. They cost money, and it's a constant battle against Zionist groups which exert pressure to get them blocked. Alison Weir is relentless in putting up billboards, whenever she can raise the funds. JVP put one up in Los Angeles a couple of years ago, and it was taken down within one day. Zionists pressured CBS Advertising to cancel the deal. They refunded the money and refused to allow any more billboards critical of Israel.

  • Israeli rabbi who advocated rape of 'comely gentile women' during war becomes chief army rabbi
    • So how do we know which bits to take as gospel? How about the part about God giving Jews permission to appropriate land belonging to Palestinians among others?

    • "If IDF soldiers do not satisfy their evil lusts, they may lose the war, and then the enemy soldiers will rape our women. In other words, we are talking about rape as a protective measure”.

      In other words, as with every crime Israel and members of its military machine commit against Palestinians, rape can be justified by claiming it's for "Security" purposes.

  • 'Arabs' saved us, says settler boy whose father was slain
    • Despite their gratitude to the "Arabs" who rescued them, the children of the dead settler urge Bibi to build yet another illegal Jewish settlement at the location of the attack.

      link to

  • Flanked by AIPAC and Israeli consul, Cuomo signs anti-BDS order
    • I contacted The New York State Division of Tourism to inform them that a planned family trip to New York City and New York State will be cancelled. Takes 30 seconds, here.

      link to

  • Ringleader in Abu Khdeir kidnapping and murder given life sentence
  • Advice to North Carolina
    • The old rumors about Bruce Springsteen performing in Apartheid Israel have resurfaced. That's all they are. To my knowledge The Boss has never publicly acknowledged or commented on these announcements which continue to come from Israeli Zionist sources. I'm confident he will never perform in the Jewish state.

  • What Bernie Sanders should say at AIPAC (and cause a political revolution)
  • Why I support a one state solution and still consider myself a Zionist
    • @Rugal "As an European-American with unrestricted access to England or Ireland or wherever your ancestral home is..."

      Don't know where Annie was born, but if she's anything other than a first generation American it's unlikely she has unrestricted access to England or Ireland or anywhere else. I have unrestricted access to England because I was born there. My grandchildren have no such access. Only Israel, it seems, gives unrestricted access to people (Jews) based on their claims they descended from people who lived in Palestine thousands of years ago.

  • Video: Sanders's campaign fact-checks Clinton's 'smear' defense with Elizabeth Warren charges
    • Whenever a candidate in a debate mentions Israel I can't help expecting that little bird of Groucho's to drop down as it did in that old TV series You Bet Your Life. In those days it was $100 for saying the magic word.

  • Extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with Hebrew threats: 'Death to heathen Christians'
  • Are Palestinian citizens of Israel banned from New York Times headlines?
    • I refuse to refer to Palestinian citizens of Israel as Arabs. They consider themselves Palestinians. To me the designation Arab Israelis refers to Israel's large Jewish Arab population.

  • New Jersey teenager threatened with legal action by high school over pro-Palestine activism (Update)
    • @genesto My experience on returning home from participating in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in 2010 was similar to yours. The group waiting to welcome me at LAX was comprised of mostly Jews, including Israeli Jews, who supported my work for justice in Palestine. While the MAVI MARMARA and the other boats didn't reach Gaza (as I was fortunate to do on board FREE GAZA two years earlier) there is no doubt the Freedom Flotilla was a win-win for the movement overall, though tragic for the ten unarmed passengers executed by zionist commandos and for the dozens of others badly hurt when the boats were illegally attacked in international waters.

  • Israel and its lobby lose the Iran Deal all over again, in news of damning wiretaps
    • To make it easier and more convenient for Israel to get its nasty hands on U.S. weapons when it finds itself running short during one of its attacks on Gaza, we apparently store more than a billion dollars worth of our weapons in Israel. Is this for our convenience or theirs?

      link to

  • Netanyahu: In wake of Paris attacks, world should condemn attacks against Israel
    • It seems to me Bibi is jealous that this terrible massacre happened in France rather than in Israel. He's clearly trying to cash in on the outpouring of outrage and sympathy we're seeing expressed by the international community, and he's desperate to figure out how he can get some of it directed to him and to Israel.

      I am fearful (and just cynical enough to imagine) something similar could possibly happen in Israel soon. The poor people of Gaza and all of Palestine have suffered enough. And of course I wouldn't want to see innocent Israelis become victims of a terrorist attack similar to what has occurred in Paris. Sadly I have a feeling Bib would consider the deaths of a few dozen Israelis a small price to pay in exchange for the outpouring of sympathy that would be heaped upon him and his Jewish state should there be such an attack.

  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • Too late for any sort of two a solution. Bibi has made it clear he has no intention of supporting any kind of state for Palestinians, and even if (as he claimed) he was kidding just to get votes) it's clear that the most Israel would ever be willing to accept for Palestinians is a demilitarized state riddled with illegal squatter colonies surrounded by Israel Death Force protectors, with borders still controlled by Israel. In effect no different from the situation now. I suppose it's possible the Palestinians will be allowed to keep some of their water, but I doubt it.

      Best and only possible option: One single secular democratic state with justice and equality for all regardless of race, color or creed. I had lunch the other day with a pretty iconic Film and Television actor in Hollywood. You would all know him. He's a well known activist who speaks out on many civil rights and human rights issues. He supports Palestinians and a two state solution. When I suggested two states is dead and that it will have to be one state, he said that wouldn't be acceptable because the Jews would lose their majority. He was serious. And he didn't seem to see any problem with that thinking.

  • Two establishment Jews (Harvard and Microsoft) endorse boycott of Israel and 'single state' in Washington Post
    • Ivri: "Nobody is perfect."

      Couldn't help remembering that wonderful final line by Joe E Brown to Jack Lemmon in "Some Like it Hot" (Wish I was adept at posting video clips)

      I just watched the clip again, and laughed again, just as I laughed at Ivri's comment. Priceless.

  • Solidarity with the Palestinian popular resistance! Boycott Israel now!
    • @ MaxNarr
      "We should encourage non-violence and deplore and condemn all stabbing attacks."

      Couldn't agree more. We should also deplore and condemn all murders of Palestinians by soldiers and settlers with guns. And deplore and condemn false accusations by Israelis of stabbing or possession of knives by unarmed Palestinians after they have been killed.

    • The claim that every young Palestinian killed by an Israeli terrorist over the past few days had attempted to stab an Jew - usually a settler - is a patent lie and a pathetic excuse for cold blooded murder. It would be amusing if not for all the tragic deaths of Palestinian innocents. Some victims were alleged to have threatened with a knife, or stabbed with a knife, or had a knife in their bag. It's possible one or two actually did threaten or stab someone, but surprisingly we haven't seen dramatic photos of bleeding Jews being loaded into ambulances., which makes me doubt anybody was stabbed.

      If I lived in Israel or illegally occupied Palestine, knowing every time I stepped outside my home (or even while inside my home) I am at the mercy of armed thugs in and out of uniform who might just be hunting for a Palestinian to kill, I would definitely be carrying a knife in my bag.

  • At a settler sit-in in Jerusalem, they speak in American accents about 'our land'
    • This morning I spoke to a friend who lives with his wife and five children, including a three month baby, inside the Christian quarter of Jerusalem's Old City. He spoke of gangs of Armed settlers rampaging through the narrow streets, and of his children's fears of going to school. Jamal is most afraid for his oldest child, a fine 17 year old boy, a loving son and fine student. I can't imagine how it feels to a mother and father to know each time their son leaves his home that they might never again see him alive.

  • Netanyahu's 44 seconds of silence at UN are being widely mocked -- 'pathetic,' 'creepy'
    • Wouldn't be surprised if Bibi bombs Gaza again, as he did last year in retaliation for the mysterious death of three settler teens.

  • UK activists target radio station's 'Win a trip to Israel' contest
    • I hope the winner is either a Palestinian or a human rights activist known to the hoods who control entry at Ben Gurion airport. Most likely Israel has considered that possibility and taken precautions to make sure there's no chance any such undesirable can win. It would be a bit tricky for Israel to ballyhoo this contest and then find itself in a position of interrogating, arresting, imprisoning and then deporting the lucky winner.

  • Coulter's point is that Republicans pander on Israel to win donors, not voters
  • 'New Yorker' says anti-Zionism is 'firmly rooted' in British left, and it's anti-Semitic
    • On the subject of petitions, this one that demands an end to the Gaza blockade is doing very well. Haaretz reported on the fact half a million signed in just the first day. Currently it's at 664,271 and could well reach a million.

      link to

      I've been checking in occasionally to note the different countries indicated by people who've signed. I know there are others I've missed, but these I've seen. (Interesting so many in Mexico and South & Central America. Sad to have seen so very few from Israel or Palestine)

      Bosnia and Herzegovina
      Czech Republic
      Congo DPR
      Congo PR
      Costa Rica
      Cote d’Ivoire
      Dominican Republic
      El Salvador
      French Guiana
      French Polynesia
      Hong Kong
      New Caledonia
      New Zealand
      Puerto Rico
      Saudi Arabia
      South Africa
      South Korea
      Sri Lanka
      United Arab Emirates

    • Seems so. You don't even need a zip code, and I see nothing about its being limited to U.S. citizens or residents.

    • Sadly a similar petition in the U.S. protesting Netanyahu's visit next month has garnered only 2780 signatures so far. Not much chance of reaching the 100,000 goal by October 8th. The British petition was open to Brits & residents of the U.K. This one is open to everyone. Go figure.

      link to

    • @ RoHa "I would have thought that living in the North of England was sufficient punishment in itself."

      As a Lancashire Lass born & bred, I take umbrage. Growing up in Northern England, even through the war years - or maybe especially through the war years - is something I wouldn't exchange for anything. I feel truly blessed.

  • I am Israeli
    • @Roha A bit OT, but it seems odd to me that she is described as “a mother”

      Whenever I read anything by or about Nurit Peled-Elhanan I confess I think of her first as a Mother, though I know she is so much more. I can't begin to imagine the pain she must have endured when her young daughter was killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber, and I am humbled at her ability to embrace parents of murdered Palestinian children, and to recognize that all are victims of the Israeli system.

      This is a wonderful piece by Elliot, and I am moved by Danaa's response. It's people like Elliot and Danaa and Nurit Peled-Elhanan who give me hope that some day Palestine might be free.

      (I also went back to read the original Eliot/DeBakr exchange, though I had read the original piece and the early comments. I wish there was a way to sign up to receive additional comments without making one myself. Sometimes when I have nothing to contribute I am tempted to post a line just so I can check off the box that allows me to get notifications of newer comments.)

  • Israeli defense minister says government knows who was behind Duma attack, but won't prosecute
  • Iran Deal aftermath brings warnings of donor backlash against Dems
    • My freshman Democratic U.S. congressman Ted Lieu played it safe, as expected. His recent AIPAC financed all-expense-paid zionization trip to Israel, and his total silence about it, made it seem pretty clear he was going to vote with Israel. Very sad that so-called principled elected American politicians' souls can be bought so cheaply.

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
    • Speaking of billboards all over the country... Alison Weir and If Americans Knew have erected dozens of billboards all over the country, mostly protesting the billions of dollars the U.S. gives to Israel. Perhaps somebody should suggest Alison put this photograph of the Tamimi women and the masked IDF soldier on a billboard. Or maybe JVP might want to do it.

    • I didn't see this in the New York Times Magazine when it was published in 2013.

      "If there is a third intifada, we want to be the ones who started it."

      link to

    • If anyone has missed this Avaaz petition, over 600,000 have signed in barely three days, demanding a lifting of the Gaza Blockade. They hope for 1.8 million to represent the population of Gaza.

      link to

    • I doubt very much this boy threw a stone. His father, Bassem, is well known for leading non-violent resistance in Nabi Saleh, and members of the Tamimi family have been targeted before. Bassem and Narriman's daughter stands out in a crowd because of her long blond braids, and we saw her previously standing up to Israeli soldiers as they arrested her mother. Bassem was my house guest during his last visit to Southern California, and he is due to leave Palestine for a speaking tour in other parts of the U.S. I hope the Israelis won't arrest him (again) to prevent his leaving.

  • Beinart's fear of 'Israstine'
    • "...millions of people in the Middle East are being displaced and murdered because they aren’t the right tribe, is utterly obtuse...."

      Hopni, it began in 1948 when zionist terrorists embarked on a Machiavellian plan to displace and murder the indigenous people of Palestine because they aren't the right tribe. The Nakba has continued for nigh on 70 years.

    • Apologies for posting this here, but I don't know of another way to reach admins. Don't know why I keep missing MW posts. Sometimes I don't get one for several days, so I sign up again, and then I fall out of the list again. And even when I do get the daily post from MW, I wonder how I can get the updated ones that I often see shared by others on Facebook a day before they reach me on the next day's list posted by MW. I haven't received anything again today. Can I get this resolved somehow? I often check my iPad at 5:04 am to see what Mondoweiss has for me today, and when it's not there I feel lost and a bit neglected.

  • Over 1,000 Black activists, scholars and artists sign statement supporting freedom and equality for Palestinian people
  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • "I’ve learned a LOT in this discussion that has energized me to greater thought, action, funding, etc. Moreover I found a woman that I didn’t even know had been dumped by the side of the road, a mover-and-shaker, left out in the elements."

      Thank you, Pixel. I have been so grateful that this issue was finally addressed here. No doubt many were surprised at the overwhelming support for Alison. I feared she would end up being trashed more severely than she had already by JVP and the groups & individuals that climbed on the bandwagon. Until this piece appeared, I feared Alison's career could be destroyed, which would be a great loss to the Palestinians and the movement. Alison has long provided a service available nowhere else. Her research is impeccable and her facts are beyond criticism. Nobody has even suggested otherwise. Yet a group which fails to address the racism within its membership and definitely within its leadership had the temerity to accuse Alison of racism.

      JVP is also an important voice, and I have many friends who are members. But as a result of what I have learned from comments & links posted here I now look differently at JVP, and at Rachel Corrie Foundation, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign & The U.S. Campaign to end the Israeli Occupation. I have less respect now for a few individuals who were quick to slur Alison. I hope there might be some who'll be big enough to admit they were mistaken.

      The saddest thing is the polarization that resulted from this attempt at character assassination of a remarkable woman, a powerful activist, a good friend to Palestine (and to me) My unbending support of her has cost me a few friends.

      "But she never stopped, stalled, or rusted. She keeps navigating ahead, leading the way down her path, in her way — and it matters."

    • I try never to use that word, preferring "Judeophobia" regardless of what Merriam Webster says.

    • Wow! What can I say, Jennifer? Or should I say where should I begin? I think I'll leave it to others here who are far more articulate in responding to things like: "Maybe he (Phil) could give Weir lessons (in how to discuss the Lobby in a not-antisemitic way.")

      For some reason this latest piece of yours made me think of Archie Bunker. I was Norman Lear's assistant for several years (and later a writer on one of his other TV shows) so I'm pretty familiar with Archie. Perhaps I'm dating myself here. I'm old and white, but not male. But I digress..

      When I worked for Norman all of the early fan mail would come to my desk, and I quickly learned that people usually see what they want to see. We got a lot of letters with American flag stickers on the envelopes, and I knew those writers would love Archie because they saw themselves in Archie, and loved him for validating them. Then there were the other kind of letters from people who understood exactly what Archie Bunker was. He was a bigot. Always funny, often lovable, but definitely a bigot.

      It's clear you see Alison Weir as a bigot. I know her very very well. And I know she is not a bigot.

    • This is my belief too.. that it needs to be expanded and continued and thrashed out. Nearly a thousand comments that I fear will be buried and forgotten, unseen by legions of people who have accepted without question the judgement of JVP (and 3 other pro-Palestinian groups that have followed in line) that Alison Weir doesn't measure up to its standards.

      Alison has been a tireless and fearless advocate for justice in Palestine for many years. She speaks to any group, large or small, that will give her a platform. Her main focus has been to open American eyes to the truth about what she and we know is actually happening in Israel/Palestine. She gives us facts, numbers, dates, statistics, graphs... data not available anywhere else in such detail. She reports on the bias in U.S. mainstream media, the degree to which occasional Israeli victims are over-reported, while daily killing of Palestinians is more or less ignored. Even baby Ali, burned alive by illegal Jewish settlers (so far not apprehended) got almost no press coverage here. Alison wants Americans to know the truth. And she wants people to understand the power of that elephant Danaa described so eloquently. The one we dare not mention lest we be accused of antisemitism.

      I worry that what we have all learned and shared here will in the end not help allow Alison the freedom to continue her important work. I worry that JVP will prove to have been successful in destroying her ability to continue being effective. And that would be a great miscarriage of justice.

    • @mcohen
      "the catholics refused to make a room available for my bar mitzvah lessons ..."

      Gee, mcohen, does that include me? All of the world's Catholics, or just the ones at your racist school? I guess I have to start being a bit more sensitive to generalizations like that made about my tribe.

    • How can I not love Hedy Epstein? 91 years old and losing none of her feistiness, refusing to be bullied into joining the voices raised against Alison Weir (as she refused to be bullied by voices against Greta Berlin.)

      "Hedy Epstein, a holocaust survivor and dedicated activist for Palestine, has helped arrange a book talk for Alison Weir at the St. Louis Public Library, on Saturday, November 7 at 2 pm."

      Don't know how many of you have met Hedy, or heard her speak. I am blessed to have spent many weeks in her company, travelling to and around Palestine, and when she speaks in the Los Angeles area she usually stays with me. A few years ago, when Hedy, Greta, Alison and I were together in France, we rented a car and drove to Rivesaltes Concentration Camp in the Pyrenees, so that Hedy could seek out the site in Vichy France where her mother had written the last letter Hedy ever received from her, in August 1942. (She had told us she'd visited all the other camps where her parents had been interned, and wanted so much to go to Rivesaltes.) We found the camp, abandoned and ignored. We even located Barracks 21 where Hedy's mother had been held until all 2251 Jews, including 110 children, were loaded on trains - the overgrown tracks are still there - and sent off to Auschwitz. (Hedy's father was in a different camp in the same area. He was also sent to Auschwitz.)

      The three of us stayed outside and watched as this tiny woman stood for around 10 minutes in this cavernous brick building, one of a few still partially standing, holding that last letter from her mother, clearly overcome by emotion. Finally as she turned away, her skirt was caught by the thorns of some wild flowering plants inside the building, and she gave us a tearful smile and said: "See, they don't want me to leave."

      Hedy was an only child. She spent the war years in England and afterwards worked for the Americans as an interpreter at Nuremberg. It is unconscionable to me that some fellow activists for Palestine are shunning her now because, it seems, they disapprove of some of the company she keeps.

    • I think you are referring to Ken O'Keefe (not Kevin)

      As for Ken being part Palestinian, I think perhaps he's claiming Palestinian citizenship on the basis of the Palestinian passport given to him when our Free Gaza Movement boats reached Gaza 7 years ago. Ken was a passenger on FREE GAZA, as I was, and all of us on board both boats were issued Palestinian passports during our stay in Gaza.

    • Palestinian only in my heart. Born in England pre WW2, emigrated to Canada in 1953. Lived in California since 1961.

    • This dialogue has been so important to me, and I sincerely thank all who have participated. Alison and I have been friends for 13 years, since the day in 2002 when I was in Palestine and she called from San Francisco to ask how I was as a result of being attacked, beaten and robbed by Jewish settlers from Itamar near Nablus a few days earlier. Since then we have been friends and fellow activists in California, in Washington and in Palestine. We travelled to Palestine together (with Hedy Epstein and Greta Berlin) and spent several weeks all around the West Bank. Since the recent events where she was told she was to be shunned by JVP, cast out of End the Occupation, and condemned by Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the Rachel Corrie Foundation, I have stood by her because I felt she was being unfairly treated. I wasn't able to articulate quite why I was so sure, but the wonderful comments I have read here have made it so very clear to me.

      Alison and I have spent many many hours together, and talked endlessly. Alison and I were together in Ramallah, in Jerusalem, Hebron, Bethlehem, Nazareth, in the refugee camp in Jenin with Juliano Mer Khamis. Never once did she make any comment to me that could be construed as racist. Hedy Epstein is Alison's good friend. I mean, would Hedy be her friend if Alison were an antisemite?

      Thanks again to all who have put into words what I already know to be true. Alison is passionate about Palestine. About peace. She is not a racist.

    • OMG Jennifer, I read your post with some degree of hope that you may finally have gotten it. Then I came to this, and I realize you haven't gotten it at all.

      "Everyone is welcome to be part of the movement, but let’s just agree to try not to be racist or antisemitic, especially in our very public statements and writings. And don’t seek out audiences that cause more harm than good or jeopardize our alliances with others in the transnational struggle against all forms of racism and colonialism."

      I give up.

    • “Zionists” as a stand-in for “Jews”

      Then that is your interpretation, Jennifer. I know Alison very well. When she says Zionist she means Zionist. If you believe " Zionist" is interchangeable with "Jew" your entire criticism of Alison Weir begins to make sense.

    • Annie, there are several criticisms of Alison Weir's book Against Our Better Judgment on the site. It's doubtful any of the reviewers have read the book. This is the same kind of attack made on Greta Berlin's book "Freedom Sailors" starting even before the book was available. The attacks on these books are in fact attacks on the authors.

      To identify myself, I am a good friend of Greta Berlin, Alison Weir and Hedy Epstein. Our little foursome travelled together to Palestine via Amman (none of us was welcome at Ben Gurion.) Fortunately we were able to cross the Hussein Bridge from Jordan, though not without difficulty. I imagine now that I have outed myself as a cohort of three women of questionable reputation I risk being tarred with the same brush. (Hedy has not been publicly excoriated as yet, but she has found herself to be persona non grata in her local St Louis Palestinian Solidarity groups due to her defense of Greta and Alison.)

      I phoned Hedy a couple of days ago to extend greetings for her 91st birthday but didn't reach her the first time. She was off in Ferguson with people gathered to remember the shooting death of Michael Brown a year ago. Hedy recently had her eye removed and can no longer drive or see very well. This doesn't stop her from speaking out, as the phone call she received from Rebecca Vilkomerson of JVP won't stop her from supporting Alison Weir.

    • Actually JVP did reach out to many people, including Hedy Epstein and Iyad Burnat, pressuring them to remove their names from the letter in support of Alison Weir..

  • Dear Freshmen Members of the House of Representatives
    • Me: You don’t need to be living in the U.K. to sign the petition.

      Annie: no you do not but you do need to be a british citizen.

      Annie, I didn't mean to imply otherwise. My response was to RoHa who said he's a Brit who happened to be in England so he signed it. It needs as many signatures as possible, so I wanted to mention you can be a British citizen living anywhere in the world, or anybody living in the U.K. citizen or not. Over 51,300 now.

    • Sorry, no reply option above.

      Re the petition, over 51,000 now. (I was #37,000) You don't need to b living in the U.K. to sign the petition. I'm a Brit living in California so I signed with my U.S. zip code. Just change the country of residence if you're not in the U.K.

      Bibi is confident Cameron won't let it be brought up in Parliament no matter how many sign it, but he can't be very happy at this outpouring of non-love.

    • I just tweeted this piece to my freshman Congressman @TedLieu. I don't imagine he'll respond, since he hasn't responded to my many comments on his Facebook page about this recent junket to Israel. He's pretty good about keeping his constituents informed of his activities, posting photos of meetings with visiting dignitaries. He told us nothing of his plans trip to Israel, and posted no photos of dignitaries he met.

  • Congressman Ted Lieu, are you really in bed with AIPAC?
    • Ted Lieu is my U.S. Congressman, and I have been commenting daily on his Twitter & Facebook pages. He posts every day about what he is doing, where he is going, where he has been, who he is meeting with. Several weeks ago he even asked his constituents for advice as to whether he should vote for or against the President's Iran deal. (Overwhelmingly he was advised to support it. ) He has never mentioned his trip to Israel, before, during or after, though I and others have posted comments asking for his thoughts about Israel and whether he has been influenced by those he met there.

      I imagine Lieu, like Chuck Schumer, is busy searching his soul. Ted Lieu is a freshman Congressman and unlike the man whom he replaced in Congress, Henry Waxman, who was firmly committed to supporting Israel, Lieu is no doubt concerned that he could make the wrong choice (for his career, that is.)

      I am not optimistic.

  • Palestinian toddler killed in settler price-tag attack
    • "...demolishing the homes of the those who killed the three Jewish kids."

      I have yet to be convinced the Palestinians executed following the death of the 3 settler teens were guilty. Too many questions remain unanswered about that entire affair. The bodies of the teens were discovered practically unhidden on land that had been searched repeatedly. After lying there for close to three weeks, supposedly, the bodies were reported to be fresh with no signs of decomposition. It's possible, of course, that the Palestinians whose family homes were destroyed were the culprits, but there have been too many instances where Palestinians accused of crimes against Israeli Jews are executed without benefit of trial or conviction.

  • Views of Palestine from an American poolside
    • Scott, I'd be careful where you stick that sticker. A few years ago I put one of the late Riad Hamad's "Free Palestine" bumper stickers on my car. The first day I found dog feces smeared all over my windshield, windows & sunroof. Over the next 7 or 8 days three of my car's tires were slashed. I realized free speech doesn't work in my neighborhood, which is lovely and heavily Jewish. This was never a problem until Israelis started to move in. I hadn't noticed an SUV with an IDF bumper sticker parked a few doors down. As a woman living alone I decided to remove my Free Palestine sticker and keep all my doors locked.

    • As an aging Los Angeleno without a pool of my own, I'm always on the lookout for a public pool offering aqua fit classes. So my first reaction to this post was "Where is it?" Then I read the rest of the piece and decided I probably wouldn't fit in with the group monitoring the suitability of the participants. And given my tendency to weigh in whenever I hear a reference to Israel and Palestine, it's perhaps better I stay away from this particular group lest I end up causing a pool fight among near-naked ladies of a certain age.

  • The case for US government sanctions on Israel
    • Thank you, Jeff & Dick. (Good to see you both Saturday evening at the Iftar dinner with Dr Mustafa Barghouti.)

      Thought you might be interested to know that Ted Lieu, who replaced recently retired U.S. Congressman & good friend of Israel Henry Waxman, is engaging in Facebook chat with constituents. Not sure how long he'll keep this up, but so far he is being very responsive to comments made on his page. On Saturday I had an interesting exchange with Congressman Lieu concerning Iran and Israel. As an alternative to phone calls, emails & letters to the office of Waxman, it's refreshing to be able to have a dialogue with Lieu in real time. Sadly, signs point to Lieu being in the pro-Israel camp.

  • Happy 10th Anniversary BDS
    • Thank you for the kind words. Looking back I think it was a case of fools rushing in where angels feared to tread. We knew nothing about boats. We were four women and a man who had all been kicked out of Israel because of our work with Palestinians, and we were dumb enough to believe we could hire a boat and sail to Gaza. We quickly discovered nobody would rent us their boat for that purpose, but we refused to let that stop us. We were 44 people, passengers and crew, and many more who weren't able to sail with us but without whom we would never have made it. Two of my fellow passengers, Vittorio Arrigoni and Sister Ann Montgomery, are gone from us now. Incidentally, it was 7 years ago, not 5. We landed on August 23, 2008, the first civilian boats in over 41 years to reach Gaza Port.

    • Sorry for partial double posting. And to clarify, EACH of us had to contribute a thousand euros to pay for fuel, food and water for the voyage. We hadn't realized just how much fuel it would take, and we anticipated the possibility of spending up to three weeks in the Mediterranean so we had to take enough food & water. (We were so naive we couldn't even comprehend Israeli pirates would actually attack and board our boats.)

    • I'm sure DaBakr would claim all efforts in support of freedom for Palestine are well funded, most likely including Free Gaza's successful 2-boat flotilla that broke the blockade of Gaza five years ago. DeBakr doesn't seem to get it that true activists don't ask or expect to be paid for their activism. It took us two years to raise enough money to buy two ramshackle boats, FREE GAZA and LIBERTY, and we did it without any help from corporations or governments or NGO's (or billionaires like Adelson & Saban) We did it with small contributions from ordinary people, from a few U.S. LIBERTY survivors who sent in their Navy pensions, from thousands of people who supported our crazy idea even if skeptical it could come to pass. We held bake sales and rummage sales and raffles. There was no Facebook or Twitter. No Indiegogo or GoFundMe. And every one of us paid his or her own way to Cyprus, plus raising a thousand euros to pay for fuel and food and other costs of getting our boats afloat. We are not unusual. We are just activists, and we are beholden to no group and no government. That's the kind of commitment to human rights and justice that people like DaBakr can't comprehend or accept.

    • I'm sure DaBakr would claim all our efforts in support of freedom for Palestine are well funded

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • It has always seemed strange to me that Palestinian suicide bombers, who were responsible for the deaths of a few hundred Israelis over several years, are so reviled, while Israeli homicide bombers have killed thousands of Palestinians during the same period.

  • 'My wish is to be able to wish': The Gaza narrative that's missing from the mainstream media
    • Last summer thousands of us around the world were mesmerized by almost continuous livestreaming by Lara and Jehad from Gaza City during last summer's invasion by Israel. They stood on the balcony of their high rise building as rockets flared around them, showing us the damage done to to the inside of their apartment. We watched live, and heard Jehad's incredulous response, as the high rise building next door was demolished before their and our eyes.

  • Not a single Muslim is quoted in 'NYT' profile of Geller
    • Siri got it wrong. Sorry about that.

      Should have read "Neither was it mentioned that Geller is banned from entering the U.K.

    • Neither wasn't mentioned that Geller is banned from entering the UK

  • Gaza rules: Kill 2 Palestinian women on cellphones in an orchard so Israeli soldiers face zero risk
    • @Marnie "Look what we're doing for Nepal.. (sorry, no reply option)

      Not sure they did anything for Nepal. They borrowed a Nepalese Govt helicopter to rescue some Israeli trekkers, located a few Israeli babies born to Nepalese women acting as surrogates for Israeli gay couples so these infants could make alliyah to their ancestral homeland (not sure quite how they get to be Jewish) And of course they achieved their prime objective: Deliver a Nepalese baby. They found a woman, already in a hospital, and helped deliver her healthy son, live on national TV & video blasted around the world within seconds. Then, their work finished, and within a week of their arrival, they began to pack up their cameras and media teams and return home to Israel as heroes. Excuse my cynicism, but so long as thousands of children in Gaza, -- homeless, hungry, injured, orphaned or traumatized -- continue to be ignored by the people responsible for their plight, I have no patience with this kind of hypocrisy and self-aggrandizement on the part of Israel.

      link to

  • Seven-year-old boy is arrested in East Jerusalem, interrogated for hours, released at 3 AM
    • They forgot they weren't in the Jewish state, where the courts rarely rule against them, and when that does occasionally happen they usually just ignore the orders. Hopefully they will realize they can't get away with it this time. I can just imagine Queen Victoria saying: "We are not amused."

  • 'United States of Israel' has compromised U.S. 'sovereignty' on Iran policy -- Gideon Levy in D.C.
    • Adam Shapiro was deported from Israel/Palestine in 2002. Banned for ten years, and then arrested again, deported again & banned again when he & other passengers on the Free Gaza boat SPIRIT OF HUMANITY were arrested by Israeli pirates in international waters while en route to Gaza. Adam & Huwaida decided both their children should be born in Israel to guarantee they would have Israeli citizenship. Adam was not allowed to be present in Israel so he waited in Jordan for several weeks for Daayar to be born. Last year Adam and Diyaar waited in Jordan for Mayaar to be born.

  • My personal journey of transformation
    • I too became a great admirer of Tzvia when I saw that earlier video of her handing out fliers. And on the same (O/T) theme of dubious survivors, I agree it is ridiculous for all Jews who were in Europe during the Hitler years to be considered Holocaust survivors. By that reasoning I could claim to be a survivor of Hitler too, since my family's home in England was lucky to escape being destroyed by Hitler's bombs, while neighbors were not so fortunate.

  • Italian BDS activists call on Unicef to pull out of cartoon festival honoring Israel
  • 'She speaks the truth:' Palestinian leftist parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar arrested in early-morning Israeli raid
  • CUFI Leader John Hagee confirms Christian Zionism is anti-Semitic
    • "Hirsi Ali wrote in WSJ’s Saturday Essay: 'at least 70% of all the fatalities in armed conflicts around the world last year were in wars involving Muslims'.”

      You could say Israel's frequent invasions of Gaza, in which almost all the victims are Palestinian, were "wars involving Muslims."

      Would be interested to know how many of that 70% of fatalities are Muslims killed by Israel & the U.S. (& their non-Muslim allies) in "wars involving Muslims."?

  • 'New anti-Semitism' on college campuses is largely blowback against orchestrated Israel advocacy
    • Thanks Jeff & Dick for this. As for BDS, in today's Haaretz, Israel's friends in Washington never give up.

      "U.S. lawmakers introduce legislation to prevent Israel boycotts
      'Boycott Our Enemies, Not Israel Act' tabled by Republican congressmen aims to prevent companies participating in BDS activities from winning U.S. government contracts."

      link to

  • A response to Michael Douglas
    • The Star of David is painted on every IDF tank, every IDF warplane, every IDF gunboat. To me it has become a symbol of occupation, of terrorism, of brutality. I would be embarrassed to wear it around my neck.

  • The journey from 'birthright' to Palestine
  • 'Netanyahu, You Don’t Speak for Me': DC rally challenges Israeli Prime Minister's speech to Congress
    • It was a privilege to spend all five days demonstrating peacefully, if sometimes loudly, around Washington D.C., being inspired by activists of all faiths and colors. The last day at the JVP event on the West Lawn of the Capitoll Building where we stood in freezing rain listening to Phyllis Bennis, Medea Benjamin and other speakers was a highlight. We joined in singing "Palestine needs freedom, Palestine has our love..." and one of the policemen standing in a line between us and the Capitol handed me an umbrella. Barry Knight, whose photos went viral after it was tweeted by Chris Rock, was a powerful presence we saw everywhere. Rabbi Boteach pranced and danced for us on the sidewalk during the AIPAC gala as he taunted the
      Neturei Karta men & boys demonstrating. Several of us from California were joined by people from around the country, and Elleanne Green scraped together the money for a plane ticket from London, England, and a bed in a D.C. hostel so she could attend.

  • Mike Huckabee's 'welcome to Israel' bash was in a settlement
  • US and Israel divorce rumors over Iran
    • I agree it's time for a divorce. I just hope we don't get stuck with a huge settlement and billions of dollars annually in alimony payments.

  • Remembering Bob Simon
    • More from Debbie Schlussel who recently celebrated the death of aid worker Kayla Muelller (based on the fact she had volunteered with ISM in Palestine)

      Schlussel is now going after Bob Simon. A few snippets from her FB page:

      "Arafat fan/HAMAS promoter Bob Simon now Havin' Fun with the 72 Helen Thomases"

      "Anti-Israel Self-Hating Jew Bob Simon Dead. Buh-Bye..."

  • A cosmopolitan's regrets: Roger Cohen on the Jewish condition
    • Born and raised in Northern England before, during and after the Second World War, I didn't get to meet a lot of Jews, though I did work for a couple of Jewish companies in Manchester (90 percent Jewish employees) shortly before I left for the New World in 1953, and we all got along beautifully. I'm asking myself if I felt we English were given to polite anti-semitism, and I don't know if that's so. I do recall that as a Catholic I always felt "less than" because we were in a minority. I remember Christians being labelled as "Congregationalists" or "Wesleyans" or "Presbyterians" which were all more acceptable than "Catholics." Most local kids went to the Wesleyan School, or the "Congs", or whatever, and we went to Catholic school. But we always felt like "the other" in the way people would say things like: "Oh yes, I know your family... you're those Catholics who live down Hilton Lane." And my father-in-law (Congs) had not been pleased when his son decided to marry a Catholic girl.

      When I came to the U.S. I remember feeling, for the first time, that nobody cared that I was Catholic. Having Kennedy for president helped too, I think.

      I guess what I'm saying is most people can find some excuse to claim victimhood or persecution, even when it's imagined, as it sometimes is even for Jews.

  • Corries to speak on their family's journey in Columbus tonight
    • I know Craig and Cindy, and I continue to be awed by their courage in speaking out about their beloved daughter Rachel.

      Kayla Mueller was also a concerned young woman who volunteered with ISM in Palestine. Like Rachel Corrie, Kayla worked with Palestinian villagers trying to save their homes from demolition by Israel, demonstrated against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in, wrote extensively about the Palestinians she knew and met in Palestine.

      Considering the way Rachel Corrie's parents were marginalized by the U.S. State Department, and the extent to which Rachel's brutal murder was largely ignored by our media, it's ironic now to note the difference now that another young American woman has been killed in the Middle East. Had Kayla been killed in Palestine by Israelis, as Rachel was, one has to wonder if Obama would be quite so outraged:

      “On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I convey our deepest condolences to Kayla’s family – her parents, Marsha and Carl, and her brother Eric and his family – and all of those who loved Kayla dearly. At this time of unimaginable suffering, the country shares in their grief.”

      Here's an article about Kayla's time in Palestine, including photographs and some of her reflections while there.

      link to

  • Muslims are Nazis, 'USA Today' jokes
  • Why now? Story breaks that US teamed with Israel in assassinating Iranian 'agent' in '08
  • Chair of Democratic National Committee opposes Jewish intermarriage and MSNBC showing Gaza carnage
    • Gee Yonah, I can't help wondering where "one of your best friends" was living when he was hanging around with nonJews and hearing them diss Jews.

      During my 81 years I have lived in England, Canada and the U.S. and have hung around with a lot of nonJews. I don't recall ever hearing any of these nonJews diss Jews. And if it had happened I would recall it, because unlike "one of your best friends" I wouldn't have let it slide.

  • Congress invites Netanyahu to rebut Obama on Iran, and White House slams 'breach of protocol'
    • #Netanyahu is currently trending on Twitter - and not in a good way. Here's a sample:

      Obama Will Not Meet With Netanyahu During Trip To Washington
      By HuffPost Politics @HuffPostPol
      WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he travels to Washington in March. Spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan says that in keeping with...

    • I tweeted it too, including link to this MW article. Only 1091 followers, but my tweet is already getting re-tweets.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • I just block them when it becomes clear they are zio-trolls trying to bait me for propaganda purposes. Avi Mayer & that ElderofZiyon guy attacked me ferociously for the following tweet: #Hebdo killings indefensible. Can't help thinking #JSIL Mossad false flag though..."

      Even Haaretz quoted me -- always makes me proud to get a mention in Haaretz. Since I'm retired from a long career in Hollywood I don't have to worry about losing my livelihood.

  • Mandela ad is pulled in L.A. following graffiti vandalism
    • I learned that lesson a few years ago after I had the temerity to attach to my car one of the Free Palestine bumper stickers given to me by my friend the late Riad Hamad. It's true I live in a residential Los Angeles neighborhood that's probably 75-85 percent Jewish, but I had always enjoyed friendly relations with all my neighbors, and for 35 years I had been parking in front of my house.

      Within 24 hours of the appearance of my Free Palestine sticker, the body & windows of my car were smeared with dog feces. During the next ten days or so, five tires were slashed. My next door neighbor and good friend, a holocaust survivor from Germany, said it was likely one of "those Israelis" who had been moving in for the past few years. (I had missed seeing the IDF sticker on an SUV a few houses away from mine.)

      I live alone and didn't want to risk further attacks, once I realized my mistake in believing I live in a land of free speech. I removed the bumper sticker and I no longer park on the street in front of my house.

  • Avraham Burg's Israeli vision, and French passport
    • Could be easier than you think, Boomer. Not sure the woman needs to be French. I believe just about any European passport will let you move to France to live and work there. As a U.S. citizen with a U.K. passport I believe I could move to any EU country without a problem. I certainly travel around the European Community easily, and I am covered by health insurance everywhere. So you might have a lot more possibilities than limiting your potential wife to a citizen of France.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • @Jon s
      "All in All, bottom-line: with all its faults, all that needs to be fixed, Israel i a good place to live. Wouldn't dream of living anywhere else."

      A good place for people like you, I guess. Jewish. Probably European. Beneficiary of an apartheid system that gives you a privileged status. Why wouldn't you like living there?

    • @Mooser

      In addition to learning so many things I didn't already know about the Israel/Palestine issue, including terrific links to articles & videos I would otherwise have missed, I confess one of the greatest MW rewards for me is the pleasure I get from Mooser's frequent musical references.

      As one of those boring people whose greatest claim to fame is "knowing all the words, including the verse..." and being a great fan of musical comedy going back before I was born, I appreciate so much phrases such as "Do do the Voodoo that you do so well!” And I laughed out loud when I read "I enjoy being a Jew.." Loved that musical.

      So thanks, Mooser, for always giving me something to sing and chuckle about. (Now to get Cole Porter out of my head...)

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