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  • The problem with Miko Peled's 'Holocaust: yes or no'
    • @Sibiriak I don't see this as "dumb". Jonathan Offir is trying to make a general statement about Palestinian solidarity, not to offer a discussion on the Labour conference. The weekness of his argument is IMO to blur the distinction between forbidding someone to express their ideas and providing them a stage. He sees a contraction where for me there is none.

  • Chomsky supports portions of BDS agenda, but faults others, citing realism and int'l consensus
    • For me "betraying the Palestinian people" is compatible with saying that "Israel is worse than apartheid" or that "the Palestinians will be ethnically cleansed". Just like saying that "rape is inevitable" is against women even if one doesn't avoid the term "rape".

  • Why does Uri Avnery know so little about Palestinian citizens of Israel?
    • Very good answer to Uri's unacceptable message! I am glad that the paragraph that bothered me the most also bothered you.

      I would add this, mentioning the non-existance of civil marriage:
      * Which European state refuses to recognize civil marriage, expecting that religious constraints will forbid the mixing of populations?

      In a private mail sent to him, I have also reacted to another paragraph.

      > Will a boycott of Israel have the same effect? I doubt it. Jews are used to
      > being isolated. “The whole world against us” is, for them, a natural
      > situation. Indeed, I sometimes have the feeling that many Jews feel
      > uncomfortable when the situation is different.

      Really? So then why don't you try to convince your neighbours that BDS
      is good for Israel? And that it will help to glue together the Israelis
      more tightly? Maybe this will even bring some funding :-)


  • For criticizing Israel not Russia, Roger Waters reveals anti-Semitic 'undercurrents' -- Foxman
    • Wow, I'm very impressed by his text!

      The argument "you focus on Israel so you must be an anti-semite" is often used. Many people don't find a good way to answer to it. I like Roger's answer, but I also use another answer. I say that while other populations may be suffering similar injustice, the complicity of the Western world and the non-awareness of the public opinion of the Palestinian issue seems to me greater than for the case of other people, like in China or in Darfur. So I believe I can do more to improve the world we live in by focusing on this issue.

    • Foxman is a professional propagandist, he certainly does not believe in what he says...

      Btw there is a very nice documentary about him, made by a young Israeli:‎


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