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  • Palestinian-American teen denied access to Israel’s airport
    • Not northern Minnesota, no way. Make the entry to the US via Louisiana and on through bayou after bayou after swamp full of gars and gators - my apologies to the gars and gators.

    • Whatever you say boss. What if she were your daughter?

    • The only thing israelis want in terms of america is their money. So many israelis, from Netanyahu down, treat the US with contempt, like their bitch. There's no love there, its a very sick relationship and americans, particularly american christians since they send a lot of money this way, are reviled. Quit sending your money to israel. America needs to take care of americans first. There are videos all over youtube showing exactly how some israelis feel about america and the american president and its disgusting considering the handout the state of israel has been getting for a very long time.

  • My life during the war
    • I'm with you on that Daniel - don't give up Ms. Alshami - people are waking up and are with you

    • "Forcing us to kill their children." The most disgusting paragraph uttered by a so-called leader of a so-called democracy. "You made us do it, we didn't want to, but you "forced" us into it. Oh, if only you'd love your children more, if only you were like us, if only you weren't here, a constant reminder of our national theft and the criminal enterprise we created. If only you would just disappear!! We just want peace and quiet, but we are "forced", by your very existence to continue to inflict unspeakable brutality upon your little ones, your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, homes, land, animals! If only you were gone, we'd have peace! Why are we, who have engaged in continual conflict since the "creation" of our little patch of hell on earth, so desperate to have peace? You see, what we do to you was done to us. Yes I know, you had nothing at all to do with what happened to us, no matter, someone has to pay for our suffering and humiliation before the world, and who better to pay than a people without an army! That makes our job much, much easier! We will "never again" be at the mercy of anyone, not even God, whoever that is - didn't do anything for us when we needed help so later for that, but we'll use him for PR purposes whenever needed. Anyway, Never Again only means no one will Ever Push Us Around Again. We're gonna do the pushing here, no one tells us anything anymore! You don't like it? It's wrong, immoral, blah, blah, blah? Tell someone who gives a shit, huh? Maybe God ! Maybe you'll have better luck with him than we did, but again, we'll invoke his name whenever is suits us (just not on a regular basis or anything because that's for idiots, like muslims and christians, NOT zionists). No one is ever going to fuck with us again - ever.
      That's the way I see it anyway. There'll never be peace, ever. Because the kind of peace that israelis like Netanyahu, Bennett, Feiglin, Lieberman, et al, covet so badly, is the kind of peace that one has when they are at one with their God, their fellow man/woman, the land, the universe, etc. They will never have that peace, because they're scared shitless that their holocaust will happen again and to prevent that from happening, they need to constantly provoke, strike preemptively, flex their military muscle as often and as ruthlessly as possible to scare the "other" shitless. Boy did that backfire or what? By doing this on a regular basis, you have caused the "other" to become resiliant, determined and courageous. You've made such a misery for them, that many of them aren't afraid one bit of death, as some have said "What's there to lose?" Your side, however, is in constant fear, internally driven, as there is no threat to your lives, your children, your homes, businesses or way of life except for the threats you feel in your sick brain. You are pathetic.

  • The new center
    • When your actions are horrifying holocaust survivors I think that should make one stop and consider before doing another "aktion". Since what they like to do is use survivors as their totems, they should pay attention when they scream "STOP".

  • 'Ads Against Apartheid' is going national
  • 'NYT' op-ed calls on Jews to abandon liberal Zionism and push for equal rights
    • You seem distorted and the opinions you express here are offensive, but then you already know that. Don't presume to be the final word on christianity because there is as much diversity there as there is among jews as there is among muslims as there is (you're getting this now, right?). Shoot, I thought folks like you knew everthang.

  • 'Common Dreams' website traps Hasbara troll spewing anti-Semitism
  • My personal BDS
    • "There was no doubt a lot of forced eviction, aggressive and brutal expulsion, which I agree is unforgivable, one of the many sins of that time that should never have happened, given our own experience of such atrocities." Condescending much? This doesn't seem like a conversation to the professional whose help was requested, but sounds more like a teacher taking to task one of her students or how bout master to slave? Also, and I'm probably going to catch hell for this, the "given our own experience of such atrocities" part is interesting. Is this colleague herself a holocaust survivor? Why is it so many zionists refer to the holocaust in such a personal way? It didn't happen to you, maybe your grandparents or great-grandparents, but not to you, so why the victim narrative? The Palestinians can refer to the Nakhba personally because they are still in the midst of it - the nazi area has been dead for 70 years.

  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
    • @Citizen - "Lots of outside instigators there too". That line sounds like it was taken out of the movie Mississippi Burning, and was kinda like this "We didn't have any problems down here with our nigras until all these outside agitators started coming into our town. Our nigras were happy! All them agitators from New York and Chicago comin' in here to stir things up; they're lookin for trouble and I think they found it".
      I'm not detracting from the occupation and Operation Kill Palestinians but the United States is far from being United. Watching the news from Ferguson is hauntingly familiar - because it is - the riots in LA after Rodney King was beaten to a pulp, the neverending attempts to suppress the votes of African Americans, Latinos, etc. Watching the news reminded me of newsreels I saw as a child and have seen on documentaries about the civil rights era. Nothing has changed in amerikkka. I know this site isn't about how fucked up the united states is but the similarities between there and here are striking.

    • "Afraid of normality". Bingo.

  • Ceasefire comes to a close -- Mohammed Assaf's 'Raise Your Head High'
  • Revenge devoid of purpose: Punitive demolitions of Palestinian homes
    • These are 5-year-olds who got sand kicked in their eyes and are waiting until dark to get their revenge. This is the mentality of so many israelis - spoiled, petulant, demanding, destructive, disrespectful, brutal, without honor, understanding or empathy, with the attitude "What are you gonna do about it?"
      "They slay the widow and the stranger, and murder the fatherless.
      Yet they say, The LORD shall not see, neither shall the God of Jacob regard it.
      Understand, ye brutish among the people: and ye fools, when will ye be wise?" Psalms 94:6-8

  • Weapons fired in Ferguson come from companies supplying Israel, Bahrain and Egypt
    • It seems its always people of color who suffer the worst of the brutality the police have to offer, shoot to kill first, obligatory investigation later with slap on the wrist or desk duty. It is an american tradition.

  • With ceasefire set to expire, Palestinians aim to lift the siege while Israel wants to turn 'Gaza into Ramallah'
    • The state of israel can't be trusted, period. They think nothing of violations, it's business as usual. Treaties and promises, like hearts, are meant to be broken. How the hell can anyone work with that? They're not interested in anything that diminishes their control of power/money/people. Fuck 'em. They are the architects of this disaster; they can't be the saviors.
      Viva Palestina!

  • HAMAS made me do it!
  • Rob Reiner wants to pick Palestinians' leaders for them
    • So if the US won't send me the weapons I demand then fine, at least provide the future IDFers diapers, formula, Bomba (barf) and schnitzel, not to mention a good chicken dinner on shabbat. Can most americans even feed themselves anymore? Fox News hates poor americans; what makes poor israelis deserve better? Hannity isnt going to go on a tear about "lazy" israelis who'd rather be on welfare than actually get a job? That would be very interesting. Hey Sean - don't look to Chicago when you talk about a welfare state - look across the pond to the welfare state of israel and quit treating americans like shite.

    • Now that things are looking bad for team israel, now they're talking about 2-state solution as the only way, but only with preconditions - can't deal with Hamas, they've got to be out of the picture. And always some outsider who wants to have a say in how things run. I was told that the NAACP was actually started by jews as a way to keep an eye on and control the affairs of african-americans. I don't know if this is true or if there is credible history to validate or invalidate this (its hard to know the truth in the US because of extensive "white-washing" of history), but this article made me think of that. Stay out of it Mr. Reiner please, don't you have a movie to make or something? And stop with the continual blood libel "Hamas wants to kill all the jews". Do they really? Will refusing to deal directly with them make them disappear? Of course not. If you continue to refuse to negotiate with them, and they aren't insignificant by any means, you only want to continue conflict, escalation and wars, every 2-3 years, because that has been the history and its stupid and the world is sick and tired of it. Maybe God has hardened the hearts of the israelis, and they won't listen to reason. This is going to end very badly and I really am worried for my daughter's generation and the generation (if there will be any) after that. I can't go to sleep at night seeing the faces of all the people in Max B.'s pictorial and in any of the photos posted on MW; looking at the young people and children and wondering what will the future bring to them? How can so-called leaders just "shrug their shoulders" when told straight out "you have blood on your hands"? There's too many people with no stake in the day-to-day lives of anyone here, making decisions about what is to be done and know damn well there has to be a lot of earth moved first to level the field, a lot of atonement for the crimes and a lot of cleansing. This happens over and over and over and each time some ass says "never again". I'm not talking about the jews, just collectively humanity - Bosnia, Rwanda, Congo, Somalia, Eritrea, Syria, etc. We humans are really great at "never again".

  • UPDATED: Bay Area demonstrators succeed for **fourth** day in 'Blocking the Boat for Gaza'
  • 'Bombing the Dead' -- Max Blumenthal in Gaza
    • You're really cold-blooded jackboot.

    • I hope he's careful around the most moral army in the world and their groupies, rabid fans, etc.; they have alot to be fearful of and everything to lose; payback is a bitch after all. The Palestinians are fearless, have nothing to lose, everything to gain.

      (The whole country is a crime scene.)

  • 5 micro incidents of hope
  • Knight in shining armor?
    • "A beneficent Israel it is. Or an Israel that has its hands in everything Palestinian. And profiting politically and economically from the whole affair."
      Netanyahu will give with the right hand and take back with the left. It sounds like a plan that is doomed to fail. Are the Palestinians supposed to forget about independence and autonomy with the rush of goods (israeli goods?) and "humanitarian aid" (which wouldn't be necessary were it not for the inhumanity of israel). You can't be part of the problem and then be a credible partner in its solution. This has not worked in the past and I have a hard time believing it'll work now. There's too much blood on israel's hands.

  • Checking under Israel's Iron Dome
    • So how many rockets have actually come from Gaza - 20? And the rest is a fireworks show and the stupid sheep run when they hear the sirens that are being sounded for "phantom rockets"? How long has this been going on? How many IDF incursions into Gaza under the pretext of rocket attacks? I don't believe anything anymore. And the iron dome doesn't even work? Well why should it, its all bullshit to begin with, the damn thing doesn't have to work because there aren't any rockets being launched from Gaza. When will this ever end?

  • The catastrophe inflicted on Gaza--and the costs to Israel's standing
    • I didn't read the article from Haaretz as I won't pay for them and the title alone told me everything I needed to know. "Everyone talks about war songs, no one talks about lullabies. With many children finding it hard to sleep for fear of the alarm sirens, lullabies could be the answer. A lovely new album of old Jewish cradle songs does a splendid job." By Ben Shalev. Ugh. To steal from Bradley Burston, there must be a special place in hell for this writer and his intended audience. Right down there with "does this war make me look fat?" from the Times of Israel. I want to believe that there are israelis who are disgusted and ashamed of all that has been done and continues to be done against the Palestinian people and don't give a care about lullabies. It's too disgusting and dreadful to always, always and incessantly play the victim, pimping their children for this cause. Stinks of desperation - do you feel sorry for us yet? Do you - you do don't you? Hell no.

  • Israel and its advocates have a new target in sight: Head of UN inquiry William Schabas
    • A smear campaign by america's rabbi (whatever that's supposed to be, as america isn't a "jewish state") is going to backfire as boteach is such a joke; his claim that 60,000 americans were murdered by palestinians is an example of what a fool he is and he apparently thinks non-jewish americans (his target audience it seems) are as dumb as a sack of hammers and believe anything he says because not to believe him is antisemitic. Yikes.

  • How to respond to thoughtful people who can't help saying 'but Hamas'
    • "That tells you all you need to know about Hamas. Try harder Donna." This coming from someone who calls a 25 foot high concrete structure a "fence". From electronic intifada: "In addition to the concrete wall and fencing materials used in the construction of the structure, sections of Israel’s Separation Barrier additionally include electrified fencing, two-meter-deep trenches, roads for patrol vehicles, electronic ground/fence sensors, thermal imaging and video cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), sniper towers, and razor wire."

  • Accounts of Israeli war crimes in Khuza'a, Gaza pile up
  • 15 airplanes to fly over NY and NJ beaches with Israeli flags and We Love Israel banner
    • It's so sick - Love me or I kill you.

    • That may be the best method ever. Forget the pharmaceuticals, we don't need no stinkin' pharmaceuticals. Only for people with a strong desire to help their fellow human beings get clean and get in a good workout at the same time. Okay, 10 more, 9, 8, 7, that's right, feel that burn, 6, 5...........

    • Hey Citizen - "what makes you think.........." I like to think most people believe their souls/spirits are eternal and believe in heaven/hell, their souls, etc. That's my hope for us all anyway.

    • "During this very hard time for Israel in the media we must show to the world that we love and support Israel." How about this instead "During this very hard time for the people of Gaza, we must show to the world our admiration and solidarity with Gaza, the West Bank and all Palestinians." It's a lot more humane to ask for a show of support for a people suffering and struggling against oppression, instead of begging people to help out israel with a self-inflicted PR problem (as it always is) during this very hard time in the media. Whoever these idiots are need to look in a mirror and speak these words and see if they aren't immediately overcome with nausea, a feeling of dread and fear for their immortal souls for yet another display of cruelty and entitlement. And again with "we must show the world we love israel" bile. That is the most overworked word in the English language, second probably to antisemite.

  • Tunnels-to-kindergartens propaganda Netanyahu peddled to NYT and CNN is exploded by Israeli news site
  • Fraternizing with minorities in Israel
  • Hamas equals ISIS in 'grisly creeds and grisly deeds,' Netanyahu tells a nodding Cuomo
    • What does bibi have on all these politicians? Bibi sits back and grins and gets ready to cash more checks. And yes he is very popular in israel I assume it's because he is killing a lot of Palestinians and has the elected officials of the US falling all over themselves trying to plant a juicy kiss on his "massive behind" (thanks Kay24!).

  • We must target our politicians' 'cowardice' in the face of war crimes --Trevor Hogan's impassioned speech in Dublin
  • Zoabi, subject of police investigation, decries 'jingoistic consensus' gripping Israeli Jewish public
    • This is democracy as practiced in the state of israel. She is a threat - has she called for the murder jews as Ayelet Shaked has called for the murder of "the mothers of snakes". Her crime as a blah chick rightly noted, she's a "mouthy female and an uppity Arab". This will never be on MSNBC, CNN or any other news outlet in the US, so thank God for Mondoweiss.

  • US branch of the Jewish 'family' owes the homeland 'unconditional love' -- Rosner
    • Tree - I live in Israel. I'm not special or, to get Yonah's knickers in a perpetual twist, "chosen". I'm having a hard time understanding the comments from you Tree and from Elliot.
      However, I stand by what I originally posted and what I'm struck by is that Yonah is pissed about the "chosen" remark, but didn't say boo about my remarks about God, because that's the bottom line to me, but I've come in contact with more atheists in israel than in all the years I lived in the US, which bothers me a lot. I expected (foolishly I now see) so much better. Yonah, I don't give a damn about red flags or whatever it is you're tripping about.

    • Hi - I wasn't born with a hechsher and don't have a ketubah, but did study with a rabbi and believe it or not converted +20 years ago making me, I guess, a pseudojew, maccawannabee, kosher lite, or whatever.

    • I think someone somewhere had said the reason it's so hard to just love one another is that when you see yourself in someone else that is what you hate, not their difference from you, but the similarities? I'm tired and probably way off, but I thought that was the explanation for hatred, bigotry, etc.?
      Organized religion is a recipe for disaster, any religion.

    • A catastrophe for everyone else.

    • Yonah - I've "raised" it many times before, how is it a red flag? How is it out of the clear blue? Who made you judge? How can it be a red flag when that's what is taught in synagogues and yeshivas. I guess you disagree with it. I do too. No people are more important than any other people. And if there are, I would expect them to be the most honorable, loving, compassionate people (not exclusively to each other, mind you) on God's green earth. I say they aren't and are hypocrites for using that "chosenness" to commit crimes against humanity.
      We all belong to God.

    • If you believe you are special, chosen by God, that he gave you this piece of dirt, then you don't need anyone on your side because you have God, right? But you don't believe in this God, you believe in the dollar, the pound, the yen, the deutschmark; those are your gods. And demanding allegiance from the US? Phony as a 3 dollar bill.

  • Watch: Young Israeli Jew at Western Wall calls for 'another war and another war and another war and another war'
    • I normally don't sugar coat anything unless I'm talking to a child. Okay?

    • "Yeah. They’re teenagers. Teenagers are not known for being thoughtful and rational."

      Especially these ones, eh? These little (expletive self-deleted) are going to be in the army quicker than you can say "give me your documentation" and its horrifying that very soon they'll be able to shoot off more than just their mouths. Their parents must be so proud - you can see it in the faces of the "adults" on this video - such pride! It must be quite a rush being part of the master race. "One nation, one country, one leader!".
      Quit being an enabler.

    • Why doesn't he just stick to porn? He's so out of touch with reality; I would never expect him to agree with anything that doesn't glorify the state of israel, it's beautiful children in the above video (gag) and the honorable, "restrained" IDF. So he goes running with that premise and completely avoids the point. What a tool!

    • I'm sure that's the very same conclusion that the "pioneers" had as they moved to the "savage" western frontier. Turn your damn wagon around and go back east!

    • I find you're analysis of this video infuriating and am thinking that's the point of your post. "These are people who have been running into bomb shelters on a daily basis..." Nu? They have sirens to alert them, shelters to run to and apparently still have their legs so they can run. "The answer is that it's a conflict". Wrong. The answer is it is a cruel, colonializing, thieving, murderous occupation and they are without sanctuary. These little criminals on the video are scared out of their pathetic little minds; with all the latest weapons, there have been less than 5 civilian casualties. They bitch and moan about having to run to a bomb shelter? They've lost in many many ways, but their morality and humanity was lost decades ago.
      Oh by the way, you can find these very same attitudes throughout the world, they are plentiful and much better than mine.

  • Serving Israel's aim of lowering civilian deaths, 'New York Times' Gaza tally says 15- to 17-year-old's aren't children
    • Yep, it was "bring back our boys", they eulogized about their precious "children" and one was 19 years old so should have been in the IDF. They deny the Palestinians everything, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, a homeland, a childhood, etc. It makes me think of a young black youth, George Stinney, 14 years old, executed by electric chair in South Carolina in 1944, charged with the murder of 2 white girls, ages 7 and 11. He was a child, a very slightly built, 5' 1" tall, too small for the chair they killed him on.

  • Hollywood's latest blacklist shadows Bardem, Cruz, Almodovar
    • Women and girls need a place where they won't be molested/raped/murdered by the fathers, brothers, uncles, husbands, neighbors, coworkers, etc. How about we take over you and your family's property and homes and y'all just get lost? Works for us!

    • I look forward to future films directed by Pedro Almodovar with Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and any others who feel sickened by Hollywood's tainted love with the zionist enterprise. Love the antisemite trope, again.

  • 'One nation, one state, one leader' -- frightening slogan at Tel Aviv protest
    • Really? This is so junior high!

    • Well shucks, Netanyahu acts like he's a king or an emperor or a fuhrer, telling the world not to recognize hamas (way back in April or May), told US "don't ever second-guess me again" - why, will he hold his breath till he turns blue or blow up the reichstag? Will he unleash a nuke on any nation who second guesses him again? Please, feel free to continue to make excuses for him an israel - makes you sound like the spouse of the hopeless addict - "He only gets this way when he drinks scotch", "He doesn't mean it", He's really sorry afterwards" etc., etc.
      Sorry with the analogies, but they're just begging to be made.

    • עם
      Definition: People, folk, nation, relative, community, mob.

  • 'We are all Palestinian'
    • I have a lot of reservations about the evangelicals doggish devotion to the state of israel. They are taking the "bless those who bless israel and curse those who curse israel" (paraphrasing) as if it speaks to the present time?

    • Too much like real life.

    • You know they're going to levy some kind of "gift tax".

    • Yes, he's here to help the war effort, real front-line stuff. Maybe blow up some tunnels, capture some terrorists for the faux news fans back in the untied snakes of america. Russell Brand is brilliant! It was great how he broke down the hannity segment! When crybaby hannity decided it was over (Geraldo was getting too independent in his thought processes), he picked up a football! Are we supposed to take this seriously? Mr. Brand was eloquent in his take on the football. Poor little Sean; it was the only thing he could grasp (the pigskin, not the situation). What a dick.

  • Rep. Steve Israel tweets his meeting with Mikey Weiss of Roslyn Heights -- but not Netanyahu
  • How the Israeli discourse on terrorism seeks to justify blatant war crimes
    • If Jon and Hophmi and Yonah woke up tomorrow morning as women, say orthodox jewish women, or african american women, Hispanic women, Indian women, Native American women or even white women, then they might be able to appreciate a little (emphasis on little) what it's like to be oppressed simply because of who you are, and maybe with that little bit of understanding, would be able to feel some rage about what is happening to Palestinians. Or, just ask your women.

    • @Jon S "Rebel against the Occupation. No–it is forbidden for us to rule over another people, to oppress another [people]. The most important thing is to achieve peace and an end to the cycle of blood[letting]. My generation dreamed of peace. I so want to achieve it. You have the power to help. All my hopes are with you. If only [you could]." – Chavka Fulman-Raban, arrested and imprisoned at Auschwitz, two of her family members died as resistance fighters. Last year, long before this current round of blood-lust, Chavka Fulman-Raban, among the last of the Warsaw Ghetto survivors delivered, On Yom Ha-Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day), “a fierce denunciation of evil and injustice, including the Israeli Occupation. Her speech was offered to guests at the ceremony of Beit Lohamey Ha-Getaot (the Ghetto-Fighters House)”, says Richard Silverstein, who has translated the speech into English.

      You don't understand what is resistance. You fight the oppressor by any means necessary.

    • Do you support netanyahu and his war on Palestinians? And a reminder, Hamas was democractically elected and the fact that you may not like them doesn't mean shit. They aren't going anywhere and anyone with half a brain would realize by now they best stop killing and start talking directly to Hamas, instead of the copout "won't negotiate with terrorists" line, especially since a lot of the world that isn't on the zionist payroll has made it very clear that the state of israel is a criminal enterprise, a terrorist regime, a rogue state, hiding under the stars and bars, I meant star of david and the disgusting sound track of hatikva.

  • 'Cooking is my politics': Rawia Bishara's Middle Eastern food is all about spreading culture
  • Even Wieseltier is upset by 'indifference in Jewish world' to Gaza slaughter and wholehearted Israeli support for it
    • I'm forgetting how to spell, the hallmark of my senioritis.

    • That's what you heard or just mimimizing what I said? US history is very very bad and the present doesn't look good either, mostly because of the anglo-saxon hoard, m 'kay?

    • I didn't mean to repeat the last line. My point being that the US has a horrible, shameful history. I loved my home, but not the government that did many things overtly and covertly supposedly in my name but is to my shame. I don't know what it is about some white folks that make so many want to be conquerors, colonialists, masters, etc., but maybe it's just inherent slothfulness and a huge dose of covetousness, - yes I want a beautiful home, crops, etc., but I'll be damned if I'm gonna do the work. And yes, I'm blaming us white folks for this but they've been running (it to the ground) things forever and have spread racism around the world - everywhere and in every nook and cranny.

    • War crimes in the US: "Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice" the orders of Col. John Chivington, US Cavalry, prior to massacre at Sand Creek. The decades upon decades of the "Indian Wars", to massacre Native Americans for their lands or just drive them off their lands with great numbers of native people dying in the process (Trail of Tears?) for the westward expansion (Israel Vs Palestine); destruction almost to the point of extinction of the buffalo (Israel Vs Palestine - destroying crops, uprooting centuries old olive trees, destruction of farms/equipment/stock), pillaging and murder of elderly, women and children of non-warring tribes just for association with warring tribes (Israel Vs Palestine and Palestine Vs CNN and other visionaries, i.e. just being Palestinian is a crime). War crimes in the US: "Kill and scalp all, big and little; nits make lice" the orders of Col. John Chivington, US Cavalry, prior to massacre at Sand Creek.

  • Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren dropped as CNN 'analyst'
    • I agree - the US better sit this one out and not "work together to ensure that this strategy of going to the International Criminal Court does not succeed". Can you believe the gall?

    • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked United States legislators to assist Israel in fending off charges that Israel committed war crimes during its month-long operation in Gaza, the New York Post reported on Wednesday. “The prime minister asked us to work together to ensure that this strategy of going to the International Criminal Court does not succeed,” Democratic congressman Steve Israel told the Post by phone from Tel Aviv.

      Reading this made me think of The Godfather, Part 2, where Michael is appearing before a senate investigating committee about the mafia. I can't remember the name of the guy who was going to rat him out, but he went silent when Michael's consigliori arranged for the so-called rat's brother to come in from Sicily and shame him into silence, and the mafioso got off.

      Sorry Bibs, the US might not be able to get your ample behind out of this particular sling as the US might have to start doing some major damage control themselves! I can always hope.

  • Gaza war gives rise to new Jewish group targeting Jewish institutions that support occupation
    • Zionists, evangelicals, any extreme in any "religion" has done more to turn people away from God than anything else and I think that there is no God in any of these fanatical "religions" or political movements at all. It's all been a hoax. What does that have to do with this? Not much. Personally I'm sick to death of Jews for this, that or the other thing; why always the self-aggrandizement?

  • Moshe Feiglin's vision of liberating Gaza by driving Palestinians into the Sinai --Updated
    • "Will Egypt willingly accept a couple of million more Palestinian refugees? Surely not."
      Will Egypt get trigger happy with the Palestinians in the Sinai? God forbid. Will the US accept Palestinians and give them citizenship to save them from the Sinai or will something big happen in the mean time with talks. There was a good article by Jimmy Carter saying it was time for the west to recognize Hamas as a "legitimate political actor", like it or not, they were the democratically elected party, etc. I hope that will be the outcome, not the hellish plans of Herr Feiglin.

    • "The Final Solution to the Palestinian Problem". It's chilling in its attention to detail and the language is pure master race talk "One warning from the Prime Minister of Israel to the enemy population, in which he announces that Israel is about to attack military targets in their area and urges those who are not involved and do not wish to be harmed to leave immediately. Sinai is not far from Gaza and they can leave. This will be the limit of Israel’s humanitarian efforts". I can picture Feiglin and his confederates sitting around a large table with drinks and dinner being served - like at the Wannsee conference. I'm not about to apologize for the comparison to the nazis because it fits too well.

  • "There's nothing exceptional or heroic about a Jew standing against Zionism'
  • Elie Wiesel plays the Holocaust trump card in Gaza
    • Why do some people who reject Yeshua, want to claim him as one of their own because of his death? It is entirely revolting. I'm very tired of hearing jokes about Jesus, you self-hating antisemite!

    • That's the best analogy, unfortunately, but it is clear and easily understood. Thanks -

    • The israeli government is more and more third reich-like so, as repulsive as the reference is, it should make you wonder WTF is going on in the state of israel to make so many people see the obvious similarities, instead of telling them to shut up about it. I think there are plenty of russians, poles, italians, french, english, americans, gypsies, catholics and germans, etc., who also lived through one of the many greatest tragedies in human history (WWII?) and would have plenty to tell you about it. Don't expect the rest of the world to turn a blind eye when the state of israel, trying to speak for jews everywhere, are commiting the greatest tragedy in the history of the Palestinian people.

    • Incredible filth coming from this jerk and shill for the extreme right plus his little piggy schmuely, "america's rabbi". A calculated and deliberate ploy to convince every idiot on the planet that the palestinians are sacrificing their children to do a couple of things (my humble opinion):
      1) Densensitize and destigmatize the deaths of Palestinian children (I mean, it's their culture, right?)
      2) To continue to indescriminately slaughter this people (we're not killing them, they're doing it to themselves).
      3) To make us all as crazy as they are ? "Just keep the lie going.............."

  • Seven congresspeople go to Israel on AIPAC's dime-- and one gets defensive about it
  • Israel shells another UN school-- and even the US is 'appalled'
    • I think she means "Israel must do more to meet its standards that haven't been clearly stated and are constantly changing, depending on the regularity of bibi's bowels and his access to ice cream" otherwise we will continue to support "our partner in peace", "the only democracy in the middle east" and supply them with all the cannon fodder they desire, cos that's what friends are for.

    • Looks like human waste.

    • Casual and overt racism are as american as apple pie and go back to 1619 so my opinion is it has been well institutionalized. I don't know what it would take either, but my feeling is that it would have to be catastrophic to make a change that would last. I hope I'm wrong but when I talk to my family it's too much like talking to the wall.

    • Just goes to prove the saying "when you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas".

    • Beautiful people. The israeli's will never be remembered in such lovely prose.

  • Tariq Abu Khdeir goes to Washington -- and finds surprising support
  • Evanston Public Library censors Ali Abunimah, saying issue is 'complex' and he'd need to be balanced (Updated)
  • The member of Knesset who called for genocide -- against the mothers of the 'snakes'
    • She can get away with it because she's considered attractive; people, mostly men, are immune to the venom from this snake because her looks are distracting. She's pretty, so she can't be mean! I don't think Tzipi Livni could get away with it. I think Shaked is someone who arouses the "Me Tarzan, you Jane" response in young israeli men and they want to protect "their women" from the "other." She reminds me of Toyko Rose, Eva Braun, and any white woman in the US who was the impetus for the lynching of a black man.

  • Israel calls Obama's tune
    • What other options do they have? To return to the status quo is unthinkable and not an option. Diplomacy has been an abject failure. If netanyahu would have accepted the unity government, gaza wouldn't be in shreds and there would be 2000 more Palestinians. None of this had to happen and anyone with a conscience knows this. As long as western powers, the UN, etc., allow netanyahu & co call the tune, the beast is among us and only getting stronger.

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