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  • Sy Hersh's 'forbidden statement': Sanders's liberation from NY Jewish money could change US foreign policy
    • Phil, I honestly think you have been going off the rails lately. Not with your presentation of the facts about what this or that person said--those facts are important, and should be reported-- but with your adoption of the "Jewish money" frame. It's an anti-Semitic frame because it identifies the money of a necessarily small handful of right-wing Jews as "Jewish" money, whereas the money of Jews who give to left-wing causes is not called "Jewish" money. I realize the latter pales in magnitude compared with the former, but that doesn't make the money any more or less "Jewish." I'm a Jew. I give a significant amount of my meagre income to JVP and Bernie Sanders among other left-wing causes. There are thousands of American Jews who do likewise. Why isn't our money called "Jewish money"? Why is the money of Jews only called "Jewish money" when it goes to nefarious right-wing causes? Does that not strike you as playing into free-floating stereotypes that Jews are *by nature* tribalist, inhumane, and powerful--stereotypes I routinely see voiced in places like the If Americans Knew Facebook page?

  • Palestinians grapple with knife attacks as violence enters fifth month
    • I have to make a factual correction to this article: you have misread or misrepresented the poll you cite from the Jerusalem Media and Communication Center. Check it again. Here's what it says:

      Q3. To what extent do you support or oppose the continuation of knife
      attacks against Israelis?
      Total West Bank Gaza
      n= 1200 n= 750 n=450
      Strongly support 25.3 18.1 37.1
      Somewhat support 30.9 24.0 42.4
      Somewhat oppose 21.4 25.1 15.3
      Strongly oppose 19.7 28.8 4.4
      No answer 2.7 4.0 0.8

      In other words, only 41.1% of all Palestinians polled oppose the knife attacks, while 56.2% of them support the attacks. The support figures are much higher for Gaza and somewhat lower for the West Bank.

  • Roundtable on the Palestinian solidarity movement and Alison Weir
    • The third contribution is of laughably poor quality. It badly mischaracterizes the points made against Weir. Just take a look at the U.S. Campaign document and you'll see what I mean: link to

      I have spent more time than I'd like to admit reading and thinking about this issue from every angle, and I agree in essence with the first contribution. Still, I think there are at least a *few* stronger (if ultimately unconvincing) "pro-Weir" arguments that could have been made to even things out. As it stands, this roundtable is just an intellectual massacre.

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