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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • Debunking Netanyahu's propaganda on Jerusalem
    • Robbins, you only nitpicked my last comment (everything else I said is irrefutable?) and now an Israel Police investigation is saying that the two Jewish men were ambushed by four Palestinian teens - read

    • Inflammatory propaganda - you have to be kidding!
      To ignore the primary role that Islam plays in the whole picture is like designing a vehicle without considering what terrain it has to traverse.
      Jerusalem is at the center of incitement, orchestrated by the head of the global jihad's branch in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah. For years, he has been trying to inflame the situation. For years, he has been inciting under the slogan "Al-Aqsa is in danger." This is a historic slogan. The copyright belongs to the mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Salah adopted it. Read 
      link to
      , a Yemenite Jew, who writes about Salah, would take great exception to Kurz's blanket insinuation that Israel is based on a system inherently racist to nonwhite Jews.
      And another racist attack against Jews in Jerusalem only a few days ago -

  • Hate attacks in Jerusalem and Israel include one by settler girls
    • Palestinian taxi driver avoids driving into religious Jewish areas

      Over the past month, five Israelis and a foreign visitor have been deliberately run over and killed or stabbed to death by Palestinians. Thankfully now there might be less chance of some renegade Palestinian driving his vehicle maliciously into innocent passers-by in the street.

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • And Eljay makes his 7746th posting repeating the exact same terms as he always does - oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and zio-supremacist, omitting the word 'ethnic-cleansing' this time through some inexplicable oversight.

      True to form Eljay makes remarks that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    • In previous cases, following the police investigation, the bodies of perpetrators were returned to families who held funerals for them, some of which spiraled into violent Palestinian protests. Israel has invariably abided by due procedures, while its enemies have time and time again pursued cruel, hateful measures.
      Hamas has always shouted out that it will reek havoc on Israel when its own militants get killed. Hamas continues to celebrate the brutal murder of innocent people, making it plainly evident that Israel has no-one with whom to negotiate. Israel needs to explore new ways to deal with the current wave of attacks. No nation in the world can allow such heinous acts like those perpetrated in Jerusalem this week to sway its resolve.

    • Israel may be alone in using the dead to actively try to punish the living

      What rubbish! You so conveniently block out of your mind what doesn't suit your vanilla agenda. Israel was held to ransom over the bodies of three of their soldiers in 2004, having to barter hundreds of convicted terrorists in exchange. What a punishment for the living is that, for the families of those who see those who murdered their loved ones being freed.
      Israel perfectly justified in not released the bodies of the murderers -

      As one commenter so aptly said, "The graves are turned into shrines. It encourages more terror."

      Israel has to find ways to give less and less opportunity to potential murderers to gain from their evil acts.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • Kay24, you can't tell the difference between people who are killed whilst protesting violently or firing rockets or planning terrorist attacks and innocent people who are killed in cold blood!
      Are Palestinians going to screw up good and proper now by giving Israel every good reason to clamp down heavily on them?

  • Running for Gaza: Linda Wafi's marathon journey for Palestinian children
    • there was a big fear in 2006 after Hamas was elected that they would force women to wear hijabs, Those fears, she said, were not realized

      However UK courts accepted the evidence on oath, supported by expert evidence, that the fears of women in Gaza were sufficiently real to grant asylum to women from Gaza on the basis of misogynistic actions by Hamas against women - refer

      Hamas has begun enforcing some Islamic standards of dress for women in  the PA; women must don headscarves in order to enter government ministry buildings.
      Honor killings are a problem in the PA; the Hamas government has not moved to stop these killings and may have set up infrastructures which participate in them. etc etc

      There was a Mondoweiss response to the Beinart piece with a rather pathetic rejoinder to Beinart's assertions:

      Beinart should understand that the struggle for “individual liberty and accountable government” will only fully take place once Palestinian rights are truly honored and Palestinians themselves can take full agency over their lives and the society they want to build

      If a people oppress and victimise their own people then the expectations cannot be very high that will treat them and others very differently if and when the barriers come down. Where's the sense of mutual sympathy and concern for one's fellow man? It seems like Islamic political dogma is much more important in Gaza than human compassion.

      So Robbins it seems that your blindspot grows bigger by the minute. Maybe you could pick up a cheap copy from one of your Hamas contacts of the Babes Of Hamas’ pinup calendar that has apparently been selling rather poorly.

      From Operation Protective Edge it seems that women and children in Gaza are most useful to Hamas as human shields than they are for other purposes.

    • The Pro-Palestinian Left's Hamas Blindspot -

    • Try doing this in Gaza itself which is a cesspit of misogyny 

      link to

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • Shingo you can't have it both ways. The Australian published the original guff from Carr about his Arabophilic epiphany. To advance full and open discussion the reply from Magid was printed.
      Seems like you managed to circumvent the paywall very easily as most people can do.
      Murdoch does a much fairer job than Fairfax who have adopted a biased left wing perspective where they censor opinions that don't agree with their soggy politically correct agenda.

    • Typical stupid tactic of demeaning the person as a way of avoiding having to deal with the discussion points.

    • Thank you Straightline for a proper perspective.

    • @lysias you have started your quote with "The crisis came in the last months of Gillard’s term" after starting off your remarks with "That was widely speculated at the time of Rudd’s ouster in 2010"

      The problem with your false conjecturing is that Gillard's term ended in June 2013. The Palestinian recognition question only came up prior to the end of her term.

      The decision process in the Labour Party as to who was best to lead was based on other considerations - to blame it on a 'Zionist' conspiracy is the usual hysterical claptrap that comes from people who want to blame the Jews for everything (i.e. anti-semites).

    • @annie, for your information here 'The Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust' at

      link to

      This reference to 'Muslim supporters of Israel' is also interesting
      link to

      i wonder if she’s even been to palestine!

      I wonder if you Annie have been to Israel.

      Ahmed is opposed to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories, but admits that she doesn't know how Israel can relinquish control over a region hosting "a virulent Jihadist ideology" and leaders calling for her own destruction.

    • @lysias, your source for "largely as a result of Zionist pressure"?

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