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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • 'Allahu Akbar': A Muslim family in suburban New Jersey responds to the Paris attacks
  • The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism
    • the biggest impediment to both the reform of Islam and peace in the Middle East that Americans have the ability to remove is our support for a militant Jewish ideology that few Arabs and Muslims have ever accepted

      This assertion by anti-Zionist Jew Weiss encapsulates the position of those who are prepared to sacrifice the identity of the Israel to satisfy their ideological ends. The fact that few Arabs and Muslims don’t accept the right of Israel to be a Jewish state is the underlying problem that perpetually feeds the I/P conflict. It is totally unacceptable and outrageous in fact to posit that Jews don’t have the right to their own self-determination as a nation. There is nothing fundamentally militant in Zionism – the heart and soul of Zionism as it developed in the late 19th and into the 20th century was socialist and secular. The militarisation of Israel has been forced upon the state by the constant enmity of judeophobic Arab Muslims that have just one thought in mind, which it to throw the Jews into the sea.

  • Today's a day to grieve for Paris, not score political points
    • @eljay, you co-opt the Paris attacks as another opportunity for you to bash Israel.
      @robbins, deflects anything to do with anti-semitism, which she can't spell; she has an obvious contempt for those who defend Jews who are under far more threat in Europe than Muslims from Muslim maniacs .
      The simple fact of the matter is that Muslim apologists and their left-wing collaborators refuse to recognise that Jews are a prime target of Muslim terrorists, just for being Jews.
      Some of those not blinded by their politically absurd agendas have seen connections between the Bataclan and the pro-Israel activities that have gone on there over the years. This link supporting this suggestion has been also reported in the French media.
      True or not, one thing that is true is that the constant denial to acknowledge rampant Muslim anti-semitism and the concomitant trenchant views that blame the West saying it is getting its just desserts for colonialism in the Arab world only give terrorists more justification for their sick cause.

    • "The threats against the Bataclan go back several years, with the venue often being a target of anti-Zionist groups. In 2007 and 2008, the theater received threats from radical groups due to its regular hosting of the conferences and galas of Jewish organizations, including one for the Israeli border police."

      "In December 2008, during Israel's Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip, threats to the Bataclan intensified and became more specific. A video was posted on the internet showing a group of youths with their faces masked, threatening the concert hall for its support of an event in honor of the Israeli border police."

      "Furthermore, pro-Palestinian associations have launched numerous petitions and encouraged their supporters to write to the authorities to protest the Bataclan's hosting of pro-Israeli military events."

      "In 2011, Le Figaro reported that Farouk Ben Abbes, a Belgian national arrested in Egypt after the terror attack on a group of French students in Cairo in February that killed 17-year-old Cécile Vannier, had confessed that he 'was planning an attack against the Bataclan in France.'

      "In a series of arrests in May 2009, Egyptian State Security arrested seven suspects in connection with the attack on the French teens, one of whom justified possible attacks on the Bataclan on the grounds that "the owners are Jews."

      "The Eagles of Death Metal, the band headlining at the Bataclan on the night of the deadly attacks, were criticized earlier in the year for playing a concert in Tel Aviv. Speaking to the crowd in Tel Aviv, lead singer Jesse Hughes addressed the controversy, saying: 'I would never boycott a place like this.'"

  • 'Netanyahu destroyed hope' -- Erekat
    • This was an appalling effort from an appalling Palestinian representative. Erekat could do nothing except reiterate the same old emotive sob story over and over again. Erekat is well past his use by date. He can do nothing else but blame Netanyahu for problems of his own making.
      "I’m not saying we are perfect” was a real doozy.
      Politicians who speak like him would be tossed out of office at the next elections but elections don't happen in undemocratic, dysfunctional [..].

  • Permanently ghettoizing the Palestinian people is Yitzhak Rabin's true legacy
    • Celebrating such a figure in Jewish history is telling

      Truly telling is Ellis conjuring up this motley analysis to suit his fancy. There is no sense of celebration in this commemorative event which can legitimately be viewed as a major milestone in the modern history of Israel.

  • The US spends $35 billion on foreign aid . . . but where does the money really go?
    • Nobody wants to mention the fact that the US has sent a 'message' to Abbas with an $80 million aid cut to PA funding. The US has invested too much in the Palestinian cause; the Palestinians should be getting help instead from their Muslim brethren.

      The ambitious real estate projects for Fatah leaders face delays and risk not being completed soon if additional funding does not come through , warned Abbas aide Marwan Twanett. “If our brethren in the other Arab states do not make good on their pledges of last year, there is the real risk of the Palestinian people becoming disillusioned with its leadership, which will necessitate harsh repression of dissent,” he said. “This is all the more urgent in light of the American district court decision to penalize the PLO and Palestinian Authority financially for involvement in attacks more than a decade ago, as if those deaths even matter right now, when Abbas himself cannot finish his new palace.”

      link to

  • Bloomberg's int'l editor to host event on 'incredible courage' of Israeli soldiers (including Netanyahu)
    • @talknic, so it's only an analogy. You cannot push aside so flippantly what amounted to the very premise of the book Karmi wrote.
      BTW I am not lying about the Melbourne Writers Festival. The session I attended was the one on 29th Aug titled "Talking Points: The Future of Palestine". The entire program can be found here.
      Karmi is a leading advocate of a "one-state solution". During a previous visit in 2007, she was asked at a lecture in Perth about coexistence after her "single state" was created. In response, she stated that she expected most of the Jews to go "back" to Europe (never mind that only a minority of Israeli Jews were born in Europe) and that would "solve the problem."

      Obviously this belief in an "ethnic cleansing solution" on the part of at least a substantial minority of Palestinians destroys any argument that you can have a "one-state solution in all of the land in which Palestinians and Jews have equal rights." How can that possibly work when so many Palestinians want, not a state with equal right for Palestinians and Jews, but one for Palestinians alone with the Jews killed or expelled?

      But it is also a huge problem for a two-state solution. If large majorities of Palestinians believe that "Jews have no rights to the land" and similarly large numbers believe Israel will cease to exist over coming decades, is it any surprise that Palestinian leaders have repeatedly pulled back from signing any final two-state peace with Israel? Why should they - their people expect to win anyway if they just wait.

      Until these Palestinian beliefs change, no final peace will ever be possible.

    • @Phil, so Ghada Karmi has turned up in your midst. Karmi who came to our Melbourne Writers Festival a couple of months ago where she had been invited to speak about her latest book, but she soon digressed into a tirade of pro-Palestinian propaganda, where she attempted to delegitimize Israel at every opportunity. The chairperson seemed quite happy with what Karmi was doing to hijack the session and gave her every encouragement. When Karmi extolled the supposed triumphs of the controversial Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement the crowd cheered. At the end when I posed a challenging question contesting Karmi's opinions I was hooted at by an aggressive audience and the chairperson tried to prevent me from completing my question.
      Karmi's fundamental position is to delegitimise Israel at every opportunity using emotion, myths, lies and propaganda - whatever it takes. She did this when she published her book "Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine" in 2007, when she tried to exploit an unsubstantiated, false anecdote that was allegedly made by two rabbis on a fact-finding mission to Palestine in the late 19th century? She had 'borrowed' Avi Shlaim's assertion from his earlier book "The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World," where Shlaim had presented, without quoting any credible source, that two mythical rabbis had said "The bride is beautiful, but she is married to another man", wilfully perpetuating a lie that the early Zionists had believed they were stealing Palestine from the Arabs.

    • @Mooser, maybe you might find some support for the Palestinian cause from the moose community; certainly the Jewish community would shun you if they knew of your illicit associations with moose and other Pallywags.

  • Majority of Palestinian citizens of Israel blame gov’t for violence, fear revenge attacks, limit their movements
    • I would have preferred the title of this piece of nonsense to be 'Majority of Palestinian citizens of Israel and Mooser blame gov’t for violence, fear revenge attacks, limit their movements'. Give Mooser credit for his mammoth contribution to the Palestinian cause with his 26,000+ posts on MW.
      Does this guy have a life?

    • Nothing justifies the acts of those who are prepared to attack and murder innocent civilians, the latest being a defenceless 71 year old man in Netanya and a helpless 80 year old woman in Rishon Le Zion. With Palestinian incitement being encouraged by the mainstream media propagating idiotic conspiracy theories and blessed by the UN Human Rights Council what do you expect from the Palestinans, their minds addled by propaganda from birth and encouraged to become shahids for their cause. Surely those amongst the Palestinians with any memory will know that violence and terrorism will not help them at all.

  • Video: Israeli military tells Palestinian refugee camp, 'We will gas you until you die'
    • @kalithea, shame that there is only Israeli border cop who is responsible for this outburst. The Palestinians attack with state-sanctioned hatred while the pro-Palestinian glee club is agog over one Israeli cop who behaves badly. He doesn't kill or maim or attack anybody and the Israeli government has already suspended him.
      In the meantime 20,000 Israelis are sueing Facebook over incitement to violence by Palestinians link to
      On the other hand with true hypocritical aplomb nobody finds anything objectionable about the mother of the Palestinian terrorist who was killed while attacking Israelis celebrating her own son’s death. She pulls out a knife and pledges to continue his evil legacy - see link to
      It seems like the Palestinian narrative has become dependent on conspiracy theories.

  • 'Caught on Camera': Extrajudicial killings of Palestinians
    • And so it goes. When you hate Israel with an irreconcilable passion any murderous acts committed against Israelis can be justified. The Palestinians show it with glee, their other supporters tend to be a bit more circumspect.

  • In Israel/Palestine, Jewish attackers are arrested, Palestinian suspects are shot
    • @Mooser, no doubt you would ask a little old lady who needed help crossing the road if she was a Zionist and if she would answer yes I hesitate to think what you might do next.

    • @Marnie, by corollary one can then argue that Philip and Adam are traitors to their own people.

    • Israeli Arab journalist Lucy Aharish calls a spade a spade
      P.S. Can somebody please tell me how to embed a video properly?

  • Neither prayer nor propaganda nor the paper of record will ever convince the world of the Jewish right to control al Aqsa plaza
    • In 1967 Defense Minister Moshe Dayan announced to the Wakf and the heads of the Supreme Muslim Council that they would be able to administer the compound themselves, while the Jews would just be able to visit but not pray there. That has been the status quo ever since, enacted very generously and compassionately by Israel.
      Now if Muslim clerics backed up by Abbas' rants are going to resort to fear-mongering, concocting fictitious threats to the Wakf then they should be exposed for what they are doing - inciting totally unproductive violent conflict.

  • Inflammatory rhetoric and the volcano of occupation
    • @Kris, lots of guessing from you ...

      Just guessing that the Jewish Al-Aqsa mosque-crashers

      I’m guessing that people who are being oppressed

      Plainly you have no damn idea.
      PA President Abbas intentionally lied about the boy Ahmed Manasrah who is one of two Palestinians who stabbed two Israelis, one of them also a 13-year-old boy last Monday.
      Abbas said "We will not give up to the logic of brute force, policies of occupation and aggression practiced by the Israeli government and the herd of settlers who are engaged in terrorism against our people, our holy places, our homes, our trees and the shooting of our children in cold blood as they did with the child Ahmed Manasrah and other children from Jerusalem," Abbas said in an address which aired on Palestine TV.
      Clearly Abbas said this because he wants a symbol to incite Palestinians to perpetrate more terrorists attacks. Abbas intentionally lied claiming that this boy, who stabbed two Israelis, was murdered by the Israelis, except that he's alive.

    • @eljay, you have fired your same old anti-Israel tirade maybe a hundred times now on MW. Why don't you just give us a link back to the original and save yourself some time? You don't respond to the true words from Nir Barkat; you just replay that same monotonous recording of your agenda. It's commonly referred to as "talking at cross purposes".

  • Mourners of Gaza mother and child killed in airstrike urge resistance-- '3rd, 4th, 5th intifada, whatever it takes'
    • @Mooser scores political points from Jackdaw over a grammatical error. A pro-Palestinian victory that should send shock waves through the Middle East.

  • In Bethlehem, community rallies to support protests, each helping however they can
    • @Kathleen, what's the point of me provided a link to back up my claim if it is censored by moderators unwilling to publish the damning truth?

    • @Kris, you quote that 'Jews' still hunt down and imprison old men who had any tenuous connection to the Holocaust.
      Where does this quote come from? It sounds like the sort of contemptuous thing a Holocaust denier like David Irving might utter. As though Jews are the only ones who were concerned about what the Nazis did in the Holocaust and have pursued them to pay for their heinous crimes.
      Furthermore to draw an equivalence between the plight of the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto and the situation of the Palestinians is the ultimate in absurdity. The Jews in Europe were being massacred and had no choice but to fight for their lives. Any Jew anywhere was the target for mass genocide.
      The Palestinians are in their dismal situation by their own making and unwillingness to accept the existence of Israel and normalize relations with the Jews who live there. Palestinian Arabs who are citizens of Israel are not hounded and in fact would generally prefer to live in Israel than in any other country in the Middle East.

    • @Kris, to be behaving in a way that demonstrates a lack of human dignity and respect, to be driven by irrational hatred; a victim is not absolved from conducting himself properly. By resorting to criminal, violent actions if they can't get what they want by negotiations their cause is negated.

    • What sort of protest is this? What is driving the escalation of violence? Is there no concern over the revolting posts on various Palestinian and Arab social media fora celebrating the killing of Israelis and urging others to carry out additional murders? In one particularly disturbing case, Palestinians have been distributing pictures of the dead bodies of Israelis and the terror scenes on Twitter and Facebook. Apparently the most sought after photo is that of the bullet-ridden bodies of Na’ama and Rabbi Eitam Henkin.
      Instead of condemning the spate of unconscionable, barbaric attacks, and returning to the negotiating table, as proposed by Prime Minister Netanyahu at the U.N last week, President Abbas is stoking the flames of hatred with his anti-Jewish narrative and his incendiary and false claims about the Temple Mount.

  • Whose violence?
    • @Kris, you seem to have bought into the Pallywag narrative hook, line and sinker. Don't history and the facts make any difference?
      How can the Palestinians have tried by all means possible to avoid an equitable solution for the last century and now be complaining that they are in this current predicament?

    • @Curatica, the old victimhood saga, blaming others for one's own misfortune.
      For almost a century, the Palestinians have tried various paths to achieve their goals: broad regional wars; local wars; intifadas; riots; peace talks and lobbying the United Nations. So what have they beem aiming to achieve?

      If the primary goal of the Palestinian people was a state, would they care if a small number of Jews lived there? Would they so strongly object to recognizing Israel as a Jewish State? Would they insist on an all-or-nothing strategy of getting everything in negotiations?

      Are Palestinians truly desperate for a state or are they desperate to deny any rights and legitimacy of Jews to live in the land?

      Their desperation has been brought about by THEIR OWN actions:
      1. They launched riots in 1936-9 to stop Jewish immigration and creation of the Jewish state
      2. The Arabs voted no to any partition of the land in 1937
      3. Voted “No” to the 1947 UN Partition plan
      4. Joined a war with five Arab armies to destroy Israel in 1948
      5. Aligned with Arab armies again in 1967 to destroy Israel
      6. Said “No” to recognition of Israel; “No” to peace with Israel; “No” to negotiations with Israel in Khartoum in 1967
      7. “No” to the US President Clinton’s plan to create a Palestinian state in September 2000
      8. Voted for Hamas to 58% of the Palestinian parliament, a group which is rabidly anti-Semitic and calls for the destruction of Israel and a new Palestine to be created over the entire region
      9. Gave no response to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s two-state proposal in 2007 (Israeli Arab MK Ahmed Tibi described “the maximum proposed by Olmert did not approach the minimum acceptable that Abu Mazen needed to reach an agreement.”)
      10. An insistence on setting pre-conditions before peace talks would even commence under US President Obama in 2009
      11. Abbas waited nine months into the ten-month settlement freeze to begin negotiations with the Israelis
      12. Advanced a ridiculous narrative that Jews living in the area makes a Palestinian state “non-viable”
      13. Abbas refused to advance talks with Israeli PM Netanyahu in March 2014, and opted to unilaterally join international forums (contrary to the Oslo Accords) and signed a unity pact with Hamas
      14. Hamas congratulating the the murder of Israeli civilians and the complicity of the PA in riots that been escalating throughout the West Bank and East Jerusalem

    • The absolute unwillingness of the current Israeli government to engage in a meaningful dialogue with its Palestinians neighbors

      Netanyahu offered immediate talks between Israel and the Palestinians without pre-conditions in his last speech at the UN, despite the fact that the Palestinians are splintered and unable to negotiate. No doubt the author wasn't listening.

  • Bon Jovi's Tel Aviv gig is upstaged by Roger Waters's incantation of Israeli victims, including Dawabshe boy
    • And the words "occupation", "ethnic cleansing", "apartheid state" have they also now been turfed into your garbage bin?

  • The refreshing bluntness of Ayelet Shaked
    • The root word for Islam is “al-Silm,” which means “submission” or “surrender.” and that is what Jews and Christians (dhimmis) are meant to do under the yoke of Islam. This seems to be wish of those here who are remarking about the way that Ayelet Shaked speaks. She is an Israeli Jew who is forthright and direct enough to call a spade and spade and ensure that her constituents are not forced to submit(succumb) as those here seem to desire. The author has referred to her as blunt, which is a blunt way of saying that she is brave enough to stand up and affirm what she believes Israel has to fight against.

    • Lies and distortions from Bryan.
      Firstly the quote that he attributes to Ayelet Shaked are not her words. She had merely referenced the text of an unpublished article by the late Israeli writer Uri Elitzur that referred to Palestinian children as “little snakes”.
      Secondly demeaning the Judaic concept of "ger toshav" is typical of the dishonest, disingenuous approach of Mondoweiss writers, where it is permissible to rubbish Judaism whilst any slating of Islam is immediately condemned as Islamophobia.

  • How can a 'New York Times' reader possibly know what is truly happening in Israel/Palestine?
    • And Mondoweiss reciprocates by presenting its blind-sided view of reality in Israel/Palestine!
      You would get the impression around here that Palestinians were the only people getting killed in this conflict.

  • Facing Reality: Jewish terrorism is no longer limited to just a few bad seeds
  • Amnesty: Killing of Hadeel al-Hashlamoun was 'extrajudicial execution'
    • @bryan, your remarks have no validity in the current context where Palestinian incitement is aimed at violently disrupting an existing accord between the two sides and hindering any advancement in negotiations and reconciliation. The Irgun attacks you mention occurred during war-time.
      @talknic, where's your alternative translation to Abbas' rabid remarks? You wilfully condemn the bearers of bad news (the truth) about the inherent corruption and racist behaviour of the Palestinian leadership.
      Whilst Israel attempts to rein in its extremists, the Palestinian leadership incites its people to violence. The current spate of violence to do with the Temple Mount is spurred on by idiotic fear-mongering and scare tactics employed by Muslim leaders who spread crazy stories (especially at the time of the Jewish high holidays when plenty of Jews have been around) that the Jews are threatening to destroy Al-Aqsa.
      And not even a whimper amongst the MW proletariat about the blatant anti-semitism in Abbas' remarks. Blind, one-sided commentary only proves that its exponents deliberately skirt around the truth with an agenda bloated with bias and dishonesty.

    • @Froggy, Jewish terrorists (the Irgun) indeed blew up the King David Hotel but issued telephone warnings beforehand, including one to the hotel's own switchboard, which the staff there decided to ignore. The bombing was strategic and unlike Palestinian terrorist attacks and suicide bombers was not intended to harm innocent civilians.
      Your insinuation that 'Zionists' cause harm for harm's sake is baseless and intended to push your agenda - you wilfully ignore facts that make lies of your claims and assertions.
      The Jewish National Fund in Israel planted the Bernadotte Forest dedicated to his memory. A ceremony in Tel Aviv in May 1995, attended by the Swedish deputy prime minister, Israeli Foreign Minister and Labor Party member Shimon Peres issued a "condemnation of terror, thanks for the rescue of the Jews and regret that Bernadotte was murdered in a terrorist way," adding that "We hope this ceremony will help in healing the wound."
      Who gets into the heads of Palestinians who want to cause harm to Jews? Why are you dead silent about the incitement from the Palestinian leadership which clearly leads to repeated, senseless violence?
      Abbas met with a Palestinian Arab terrorist group that hurls rocks and boulders at Jews praying on the Temple Mount that are euphemistically called “activists for the defence of the Noble Sanctuary.” On official PA television, on September 16, 2015, PA exhorted this violent terrorist group as follows:
      “We bless you, we bless the Murabitin [those carrying out Ribat, religious conflict/war to protect land claimed to be Islamic], we bless every drop of blood that has been spilled for Jerusalem, which is clean and pure blood, blood spilled for Allah, Allah willing. Every Martyr will reach Paradise, and everyone wounded will be rewarded by Allah. The Al-Aqsa [Mosque on the Temple Mount] is ours, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher is ours, and they have no right to defile them with their filthy feet. We will not allow them to, and we will do everything in our power to protect Jerusalem.”
      Abbas’s outrageous “defile with their filthy feet” calumny and incitement to rock throwing and other bloody violence is reminiscent of Nazi propagandists who called persons of the Jewish faith “dirty Jews,” condemned moral Christians, and called for attacks upon and the extermination of innocent Jews and others.
      It is incitement like this that causes most harm. Arab rock-throwing attacks on innocent Jews have become an epidemic. Palestinian-Arab terrorists murdered an innocent Israeli man Alexander Levlovitz and injured his two daughters by hurling rocks at their car, causing him to lose control of his car and drive into a pole. Many others have been wounded in rock-throwing attacks. Doesn't this bother you?

    • Note the quotation marks around the phrase "extrajudicial execution" put there because it actually was not so according to international law. Indeed weasel words from an organisation that has a biased political agenda.
      Another potential terrorist attack successfully thwarted. IDF not going to kill someone for no reason at all knowing what flack they might expect from the Pallywag brigade.

  • Israeli soldiers raid Al Aqsa courtyard, attack worshipers
    • Does it not warrant a mention?
      A statement from the Prime Minister's Office said the premier, "sees the severity of the throwing of rocks and Molotov cocktails at Israeli citizens, and plans to fight the phenomenon by all means, including making punishments more severe and enforcement."
      Not a word about the police officer who was lightly injured when rioters pelted him with stones in a second day of rioting at the Temple Mount.
      Nothing about several Palestinians arrested for throwing rocks and iron bars toward officers at the Temple Mount compound near the al-Aksa mosque.
      Plenty of precious mention of the Dome of the Rock but nothing about those real rocks that are chucked with the deliberate, malicious intent to provoke violence and provide fodder for the rapacious (excuse previous incorrect use of 'lascivious') pro-Palestinian paparazzi.

  • Settler group publishes anti-Palestinian children's book titled 'Occupation Shmuccupation'
    • Of course we are only dished up one facet of the big picture.
      The Yesha council is a small part of Israeli society, being an umbrella governing organization of the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. On the other hand the PA education system perpetuates state-sanctioned demonization of Jews by glorifying the widespread use of terrorism.
      "The PA teaches its children to reject Israel’s right to exist, encourages them to view Jews as evil and directs them to embrace terrorist murderers as role models." as stated in a comprehensive report about anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist education in Palestinian Authority schools delivered at a global education conference.

  • A guide to the worst refugee crisis since WWII
    • Australia to take 12,000 Syrian refugees and the United States 10,000 - this discrepancy is extraordinary.
      As for the usual lambasting of Israel (what can you expect from MW?) it is should be noted out that many countries simply jail illegal migrants or deport them immediately, which Israel does not do to the illegal asylum seekers from Africa. Measures are in place to help those who have been denied asylum or have not applied for asylum to be returned home or to other countries.
      Israel does not sending anyone by force to another country. The model of paying a third country to accept unwanted refugees is a new initiative. Israeli media have speculated that Israel could offer technology, favorable contracts, arms or other assistance, including cash, to countries that would accept the Africans and give them temporary visas.
      Israel has just released a large number of African migrants from the Holot detention centre and they are permitted to work anywhere except Tel Aviv and Eilat.
      Since the beginning of the Syrian War, the Ziv Medical Center, located in Golan Heights, along with several state-of-the-art Israeli field hospitals, has been set up to provide emergency medical aid to critically wounded Syrians.
      One of the most intriguing aspects of these medical centers is that they intentionally seek to minimize the evidence of their life-saving work. The painstaking effort they exert to accomplish concealing their efforts is done in order to protect Syrian refugees from their own friends and communities back in Syria, who might threaten those who associated with those they consider ‘Zionist enemies’ upon their return home.
      Israel has been providing aid to Syrian rebels, thus keeping the Druze in Syria out of immediate danger. Israel’s ongoing humanitarian assistance to Syrian rebel fighters, a source of growing conflict between Israel and its own Druze population, safeguards the minority population in Syria.
      P.S. I would appreciate my posts that negate black and white partisan positions presented by MW propagandists not be censored in order that discussion can be more honest and productive and not so one-sided.

  • Videos: Brave Tamimi women of Nabi Saleh take down Israeli soldier assaulting injured child
  • Abbas’s resignation from PLO could mean consolidation of power, ouster of rival
  • Omar Barghouti on Matisyahu: 'Perfectly reasonable to oppose performance by any bigot'
    • Barghouti supporting this poisonous action against Matisyahu shows that he does not want to adhere even to the bigoted guidelines proffered by the BDS movement. He wants to go much further and antisemitism is not going to get in his way.
      The comments at put paid to any credibility that the author there has anything worthwhile to say about this whole episode.
      In particular the idiotic claim that "You can bet your ass if a Palestinian performer who was on record making even vague anti-Israel statements and keeping associations with Muslim extremists had been invited to perform, the Jewish community would be lining up to have his performance canceled."
      Certainly the Jewish community wants to prevent Jew haters and their ilk from having a platform in its own community, but it does not prevent Palestinians who breathe anti-Israel hatred from speaking in the wider community, which is where Matisyahu was appearing. Democratic Israel gives pro-Palestinian advocates free licence to speak out openly in the media and say stuff damning Israel - a privilege you won't find in any of its neighbours.
      In fact this coming weekend we have a Palestinian propagandist and provocateur Ghada Karmi speaking at the Melbourne Writers Festival and I will be there to ensure that the lies she spreads can be countered using free speech, which is something that pro-Palestinians don't believe in, especially when it comes to exposing their racist vitriol.

  • Saban says Iran Deal is a done deal, as Netanyahu and Bush play for 2016
  • Radical talent Jowan Safadi's new song - 'To be an Arab'
  • In wake of January attacks, French Muslims have been demonized in manufactured 'clash of civilizations'
    • @robbins, have you compared the death tolls between islamophobic attacks compared to anti-semitic attacks? The plain truth is that the viability of Jews in much of Europe is under serious threat while the Muslims have nothing REALLY to worry about.

    • @mooser, I wouldn't want you to miss out on the facts - it might perturb your world view. See Jews in France have seen a shocking 84% rise in anti-semitic attacks.
      This Blumenthal article is typical of the kind of politically distorted obsession that dogs the Left. For example there is more interest in every single Palestinian casualty when there are hundreds more and worse happening elsewhere.
      So reminiscent of the blindsidedness of the Left when it was in the thrall of communism because it was taking on the evil America meantime ignoring the tyranny of communism.

    • Page: 10
    • The Left jump quickly to the defence of their Muslim allies but don’t give a damn about the Jews. Blumenthal is a case in point – despised by most Jews for his special brand of anti-Judaism. All this hype about Muslims facing a 28% increase in Islamophobic incidents, while on the other hand Jews in France have seen a shocking 84% rise in anti-semitic attacks since 2014.
      And who pray tell are the main perpetrators of this spate of anti-semitism? ANSWER: certain practitioners of the same religion as the Muslims whom Blumenthal seems so concerned about.
      Yes I agree that we shouldn’t be picking on those Muslims that aren’t anti-semitic but what is that percentage? I suspect it is much smaller than it should be.
      Furthermore Blumenthal and his ilk like to obsess about the political sideshows. The Islamic religion is very much to blame for the strife rampant across our globe today and the Muslims who pursue their religion strictly are frequently bound to cause great problems for others, especially the Jews.

  • Obama gets on the same page with Iran ('we don't have to be imprisoned by the past')
    • @lysias what terrorist proxies does Saudi Arabia nurture?

      Iran is pushing the deal so as to fight “extremism” in the region

      What sort of puffery is this? Nobody heard of Hezbollah?

  • US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again
    • The US is the only nation amongst a bunch of superficially minded countries that showed that it has principles:
      “… the United States devoted considerable effort to forging peace in the Middle East and believed that the ultimate solution to the conflict was the creation of two States to live side by side. The status quo was not a solution. The draft resolution focused exclusively on alleged Israeli violations and did not talk about violations committed by Palestinians even though they were specifically mentioned in the Commission’s report.”
      Yes votes came from those nations who played right into the hands of the Palestinian cause, not facing up to any real responsibility in dealing with a true resolution of the conflict. Easy to compose words that don’t promise any concrete, practical and fair solution but self-rightous indignation instead.
      France voted yes even though it thought that the draft resolution should have mentioned the rocket attacks by Hamas. Gutless.
      “The United Kingdom, in an explanation of the vote before the vote, said that the report underscored the importance of achieving a two-State solution. Targeting civilian populations was a serious violation of international humanitarian law. Israel had the right to defend itself, but its response had to be proportionate.” Did the British use the proportionate response argument when they were defeating Nazi Germany? Hypocrites.
      “The United Kingdom urged all sides to take all measures to protect the civilian population and comply with international humanitarian law. The allegations outlined in the Commission’s report had to be fully investigated by all involved parties. The United Kingdom would prefer to have seen a text that gave more weight to Israel’s right to self-defence, but it would nevertheless vote in favour.” Gutless.

  • 'Why this bullsh-t?' Video of Israeli navy flotilla takeover
    • So Hostage, more legalistic gobbledegook to defend the previous set! The UN bodies, to which Hostage has referred, have already clearly demonstrated that unprincipled bias against Israel by passing more resolutions against it than virtually all the rest of the world’s nations combined. Their edicts against Israel are intended to bash Israel into submission. The aggressive exploitation of the tenets of international law as a weapon used exclusively against Israel can be only be viewed as contemptuous, disingenuous attempts to undermine the viability of Israel as a nation.
      Hostage has not dismissed the validity of the principle contained in para 18 USC §7 where it refers to “Any place outside the jurisdiction of any nation with respect to an offense by or against a national of the United States.” There were Israeli nationals on board the Marianne – enough reason for Israel to be justified in apprehending the vessel, about to enter Gaza - a state to all intentions purposes still at war with Israel.
      As for Hostage’s attempt to discredit the clause on universal jurisdiction he fails to take into account the qualifying phrase for other crimes and the essential principle of this broad clause on universal jurisdiction. Crimes in support of Hamas, which has now been shown to be in collaboration with ISIS after the massacre of Egyptian police and military officers in Northern Sinai a couple of days ago, would be considered “indisputably heinous” by anyone with decent, honest moral values. Hostage, don't you have no concern about preventing a massive outbreak of hostilities under the auspices of Hamas and it Muslim Brotherhood cronies in the region, who are seeking to establish new liaisons to further their dangerous and subversive Islamist cause?
      Would Hostage also say it was not permissible to stop vessels attempting to smuggle weapons into Gaza? Could Hostage say with 100% certainty that these vessels in this propaganda flotilla did not have any arms on board? And all his prejudiced accusations about collective punishments and deprivation of the Gazan people are pure hype not based on reality, as Israel continues to allow bountiful humanitarian aid to reach Gaza. Read how the Israeli aid to Gaza is 500,000 times more than the aid that was on the flotilla.
      The Palmer Commissions and Turkel Commission reports were political exercises and the recent UN Gaza report about the 2014 war was not a cynical political exercise? Give me a break.

    • Hostage shrouds many misconceptions and falsities with his verbose legalese.
      Extraterritorial Israeli jurisdiction applies to the apprehension of a vessel on the high seas for these reasons:
      (1) The passive personality principle, which is jurisdiction based on the nationality of those injured by the conduct. An example is 18 USC §7, a statute by which the U.S. asserts jurisdiction "[a]ny place outside the jurisdiction of any nation with respect to an offense . . . against a national of the United States."
      (2) Universal jurisdiction. According to Henry Kissinger, "the doctrine of universal jurisdiction asserts that some crimes are so heinous that their perpetrators should not escape justice by invoking doctrines of sovereign immunity or the sacrosanct nature of national frontiers." Under the relevant treaties, any State can board a ship on the high seas if the ship is suspected of piracy, transporting slaves, or broadcasting illegally. A ship and its occupants can be arrested for piracy and illegal broadcasting by a warship of any State. For other crimes, the arresting State must get the consent or assistance of the flag state. Also, a ship that flies two flags (flags of convenience) or a ship flying no flag may be visited for further inquiry by any State's ships. Ships without flags, and those that fly flags of convenience are subject to the jurisdiction of any State. While some scholars disagree, national courts have upheld convictions based on such arrests.
      It is also extraordinary that he tries to dismiss the report of the Palmer Commission and the two Turkel Commission reports as political exercises when he himself dredges up stuff from Lancet that is overtly political, as well as being dated.
      Lancet has come under intense fire in recent months, with critics warning its platform has been misused in a highly irresponsible manner spruiking anti-Israel hatred for “political purposes.”
      I have been amused by the report in The Washington Post in which a photograph from a member of the Freedom Flotilla Coalition showed the humanitarian aid being brought for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip - one solar panel and one nebulizer aboard the vessel Marianne.
      BTW, apparently the Gaza flotilla organization sent four boats, three of which turned around before arriving in the vicinity of Israel. What happened to these other boats - did they run out of gall?

  • Photo Essay: Crossing Qalandia, and the Wall, during Ramadan
  • Palestinian family says alleged attacker being held on false evidence
    • The thing with Israel is that they’ll take anyone from the street and issue any charge they want. There’s nothing any of us can do to stop it.

      Just take a moment and think how illogical this brazen lie is. The Israeli authorities would definitely want to arrest the perpetrator of a particular crime as that is the best way to ensure that person can't do it again.

  • In effort to thwart BDS, some Israel supporters urge partial settlement freeze
    • @talknic your link took me to nought. Your constant harping about international law also takes us to nought. You clearly are just aiming to delegitimize Israel using lawfare as a weapon. There is nought in what you propose that will responsibly, morally, ethically and securely provide any resolution to a conflict that will only worsen if Israelis are put under more intolerable pressure.

    • @Robbins, it would reasonable to expect the Palestinians to do more than they did when Israel froze the settlements in 2010 for 10 months. They could start with recognising Israel as a Jewish state.

    • BDS advocates are not going to be satisfied with anything short of Israel's capitulation to its raison d'etre of being a Jewish state. The freezing of settlements would enable Israelis who are striving for a resolution to the conflict to claim the high moral ground as Shavit likes to express it. If there is no reciprocal gesture from the Palestinian side then they get exposed for their unwillingness to aim for an equitable solution.

  • UN report on Gaza war is 'tepid,' 'unserious' and exhibits 'anti-Muslim bigotry' -- Finkelstein
    • Not

      one mention of the targeting of mosques

      comes the Finkelstein bleat.
      What about the 80 estimated mosques that the Tunisian government says are operating outside state control, that have been slated for closure as the Tunisian Government struggles to respond to the worst ever terror attack on its soil?
      Israel was in an equivalent bind where it was being attacked by militants from Gaza sheltering in mosques and it gets hammered, but do we hear Finkelstein complaining that the Tunisian government is anti-Muslim? No we don't because he is a damn, disingenuous hypocrite only interested in targeting Israel.

  • Interview with a suicide bomber
    • First of all Robert Pape's pronouncements are nearly 10 years old. Referring to the Islamic juridpudential ruling from the Maliki School of Islamic Jurispudence:
      As for the means of attack, there are five basic possibilities, one of which is to 'attack the enemy using oneself as an "intelligent" bomb'.
      The Tamil Tigers may have invented suicide bombings whilst fighting a secular nationalist cause. Since then it has been introduced among the Muslims through Hezbollah from where it spread to the Palestinians and then to Al-Qaeda.
      Who is to say that Zaidan does not subscribe to the 72 virgins hadith?

    • @talknic, claims "the majority of Palestinians have lived their whole lives under occupation"
      He loves to perpetuate the myth of perennial Palestinian suffering at the hands of Israel.
      In fact about 1.7 million Palestinians live under Israeli control at present, with 3.24 million in Jordan, 0.63 million in Syria and 0.5 million in Chile with a further large smattering of the Palestinian diaspora to be found across the rest of the world.
      @talknic, so much for your long-suffering Palestinian oppressed majority that you keep exploiting as your anti-Israel battering ram.

    • So bryan reckons the Palestinians = Philistines. I might agree that the Palestinians are philistines but would strongly suggest that they bear no proven historical connection whatsoever to the Philistines of the biblical genus.

  • Video: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs ridicules foreign press in cartoon defending Gaza attack
    • I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on pearls of wisdom hidden behind a paywall.
      "Given our examination of the cause of Operation Protective Edge, it would be indefensible to argue that Israel wanted it, initiated it or sustained it, or that Israel acted in anything other than defence of its citizens. On this basis alone, Israel’s war was just. It will be interesting to see if the imminent UNHRC report and the ICC inquiry can deliver fairness. Many do not understand it is not illegal to kill civilians in war as long as that is not the purpose of your actions, hence the appalling term “collateral damage”. Unlike our fight in Iraq or Afghanistan, Israel fights repeatedly in the same neighbourhood, and so its understanding and its intelligence is far superior to anything that I have enjoyed in similar targeting decisions that I have made.
      "While acknowledging the tragedy of death in war and given the immense capability of the IDF, it stands to Israel’s everlasting credit that far more did not die. But from the very top of the command chain down to the infantry and pilots, the personal moral position that individuals took was mirrored in the targeting processes, decisions on the ground and in the real care taken.
      "War can brutalise, but the Israelis scrupulously “cared” for the Palestinians. By contrast, Hamas was an enemy whose central strategy was to directly target the Israeli population and who repeatedly used their own population as human shields, both of which in any fair system would constitute major war crimes."

    • @Annie, I wouldn't expect a closed mind to be interested in anything that proves your views are wrong.
      "Israel's position was supported by the High Level Military International Military Group, a group of senior international military and diplomatic officials, including retired Australian Major General Jim Molan, that visited Israel last month for a fact-finding mission and meetings with army and government officials.
      "In war... mistakes are made, including errors of judgment, confusion and technical failure," said that group's report, acknowledging that at times individual soldiers acted unlawfully. Funded by a pro-Israel lobby group called the Friends of Israel Initiative, according to the ABC, the group's report found that overall, Israel "not only met a reasonable international standard of observance of the laws of armed conflict but in many cases exceeded the standard".
      See Sydney Morning Herald article. and also Molan's article in The Australian newspaper.

  • The Adalah database of 50 discriminatory laws in Israel
    • We keep obsessing about Israel when there are many countries far worse when it comes to the Social Progress Index.
      Israel is 40th in the list and many many countries below it, but Israel is always the focus for those with an agenda.

  • What I Was Told: Arabs hate Jews
    • Skeptics should check out Kooshyar Karimi's revealing memoir I Confess where he expounds on how he was tortured by the brutal Iranian regime that fears that every Jew could be a closet Zionist. He was Jewish ("If your Mum is a Jew, you are a Jew"), which in Iran made him a member of a tiny, reviled minority. "I grew up with this sense of being unclean."
      As for Robbins shrill, ignorant mockery of the concept of a "“Liberal Jewish Upbringing” I look forward to her next propaganda piece about "Ahmed" with his liberal Muslim upbringing and his admiration for Jews (the perfect formula to bring any Muslim into disrepute in his own community).
      But wait! Is there some hope?
      This week I will attend a public lecture at a local university in Melbourne where Professor Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi, a Jerusalem-born scholar and peace activist with two doctorate degrees, will speak.
      "He resigned from his posts at the university following the uproar resulting from leading 27 Palestinian students to Auschwitz in March 2014. This visit was part of a joint effort of three institutions—Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Tel Aviv University, and Ben Gurion University of the Negev and Wasatia, an NGO founded by Dajani back in 2007 to promote moderation, tolerance, and justice. Dajani is the author of numerous books and in 2012 co-authored the only book in Arabic which deals with the Holocaust from a human perspective Holocaust Human Agony: Is there a way out of violence?"

    • An empty feel-good piece of de-politicised nothing. Not one concrete specific statement - writing totally oblivious to reality. What was her mission in Syria? No doubt the Syrian people would welcome do-gooders who don't threaten them. Foreign visitors to their miserable country must be a rarity, a welcome sight in their blighted war-torn country.

  • 'NYT' says blockade of Gaza is justified by need to defend Israel from tunnel attacks
  • ‘They said we drink the blood of children’—Netanyahu goes off the deep end after FIFA campaign
    • @Annie, there is no parallel between the situation of the Jews and the Palestinians in that the Jews have established their state with UN recognition, the Palestinians have not. Jews don't have to migrate from the United States because that isn't necessary for achieving any unfulfilled purpose. Jordan presents itself potentially as the nation state of the Palestinians. It should be considered as a prime candidate to become the basis for a Palestinian state.

    • All this donkey talk aside the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has described Jordanian and Palestinian Arabs as "one people living in two states," during a meeting with the head of the Jordan Football Association on Tuesday.

      Abbas met JFA head Prince Ali Ibn al-Hussein in Amman, to discuss last week's FIFA congress vote in which the Palestinian Football Association (PFA) dropped a motion to expel Israel.

      The Jordanians are reportedly angry that the PA did not vote for their preferred candidate for FIFA President, and there are calls in Jordan to strip PFA head and senior PA leader Jibril Rajoub of his Jordanian citizenship.

      Let's agree with Abbas. Time for the Palestinians to be given their state. Time to move their offices to Jordan to be with the rest of the Palestinians.

  • US and Israeli pressure on Nigeria to sell out Palestine at U.N. amounted to 'national security threat'
    • Wrong as usual Shingo. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories based on how corrupt their public sector is perceived to be on a scale of 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean). Israel comes in 37th place out of 175 countries i.e there are 138 countries more corrupt than Israel.

  • Netanyahu eulogizes settler movement founder convicted of manslaughter
    • Deger is keen to propagate falsehoods. Levinger was never convicted of manslaughter.
      He was charged with "manslaughter, causing bodily harm in aggravated circumstances and intentionally damaging property". His trial began in August 1989, despite protests by 13 right-wing Knesset members and hundreds of supporters. Levinger pleaded not guilty to the charges but accepted a plea-bargain to the lesser charge of negligent homicide. He was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment and 7 months suspended, of which he served 92 days.

  • International calls rise for FIFA to suspend Israel
    • Yeh eGuard how they have tried to write Israel out of the history books. Israel which is a former host and winner of the Asian football tournament was left out of an official video posted on the federation website.

    • And those countries that have refused to compete with Israel should be thrown out of their respective confederations, whether it be FIFA, the Olympics or whatever. Such boycotts are fundamentally against the rules and principles of all these hypocritical confederations.

  • 'So wait, the Nakba is…?': Listening to Israelis discuss the Nakba
    • I didn't make up this term - my first link went awry. I have only mentioned a behaviour that has been widely acknowledged and recognised; the usual suspects at MW can't help themselves and fly off the handle.
      The term "Holocaust envy" has come into controversial parlance in contemporary cultural criticism, referring to efforts to seek recognition and redress for other, less prominent genocides.
      I note no concern whatsoever about what Abbas and the Palestinians have to say about the Holocaust on their side of the ledger.

    • This drumming up of recognition for the Nakba is partly but significantly a manifestation of "Holocaust envy" which describes envy towards the Jews, due to the perception that the international community has endorsed the Jewish people since the Holocaust.

      The Holocaust has been a political factor up to present day, as there are Jews and non-Jews who use it to support the claims that Israel is needed as a Jewish homeland. Holocaust denial can be traced to Holocaust envy. By denying that the Holocaust has happened, one can try to bereave the Jewish people of international support.

      And the flip side of the coin ...
      Holocaust Denial Still Rife Among Palestinians
      Few, if any, Palestinians agree with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas' newly stated position that 'the Holocaust is the most heinous crime' of modern times. Many on the Israeli side have poured scorn on Abbas's muted recant, pointing out his long history as a Holocaust denier, having entitled his Ph.D. dissertation "The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism.”
      On dozens of Arabic-language web sites, the overwhelming opinion of Abbas' comments acknowledged the Holocaust were negative, many saying that Abbas had either been brainwashed, or had become a “turncoat” who is “enslaved by the lies being spread by the Zionists.

  • Putting Israel's cynical humanitarian work in Nepal in the proper context
  • Bedouin village razed 83 times must pay $500,000 for demolitions, Israel says
    • No doubt Qualtrough armchair anti-Zionists like you have not seen for themselves what has been going on in the Negev for decades - an area where Bedouin squatters have built as far as the eye can see, causing severe damage to nature, the landscape and Israel's heritage in the process. Rather than facing up to the facts related to this topic readers seem to prefer to embark on anti-Israel bashing by bringing up everything else they can think of that is not germane to the current topic
      "Significant tracts of land in the northern Negev are being taken over by those whose goal is indeed "to tear them away from us": Bedouin who, with no planning and no permits, settle in every part of the Negev suitable for habitation. But the authorities - the police, the legal system and the interior, national infrastructure and environmental protection ministries - have done nothing, aside from setting up an inquiry committee every few years.
      Refer to Green extremism threatens Israel's future in the Negev which discussed how Bedouin advocacy organizations and academics, especially from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, are stirring up opposition to Jewish settlement in the Negev for political reasons.

    • These Bedouin settlements are eye-sores - a blight on the landscape. They cause ecological damage, including destruction of natural habitat, disruption of ecological corridors, introduction of exotic and weedy species, introduction of domesticated species.

      The potential impacts of such uncontrolled Bedouin settlements are:
      - they damage the amount and continuity of open space
      - they cause ecological damage, including destruction of natural habitat, disruption of
      ecological corridors, introduction of exotic and weedy species, introduction of
      domesticated species
      - they lead to an inefficient use of infrastructures, as individual settlements require high per/capita investment in roads, electric wires, and water pipes that are an unwarranted strain on limited economic resources.
      - they represent environment injustice, in that public lands become effectively privatized and the broader public loses access to land.
      While far more politically sensitive, the environmental impact of Bedouin settlement, similar to that of low density Jewish homesteads, is arguably far broader in scope due to sheer numbers. In general, the conflict between land ownership and the people who live on the land, together with the difficulties in managing marginal, economically and politically isolated minorities leads to rapid environmental degradation.
      In Israel, the proliferation of illegal building within the Bedouin sector is a striking and environmentally significant outcome of this conflict and it underlies the importance of linking environmental management to broader issues of social and environmental justice, which the pro-Palestinian brigade don't consider, preferring to concentrate on their single-minded, insanely anti-Israel political agenda.

  • Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
    • BDS targets Jews explicitly and therefore is anti-semitic. It is definitely reasonable policy of a Justice Minister to be aiming to outlaw discrimination that promotes anti-semitism.
      Jewish students on university campuses will be compelled to defy BDS boycotts in order to obtain kosher products of which much comes from Israel.
      Jews will have to face the stigma and intimidation that comes from being associated with Zionism, which is central and fundamental to the beliefs of the large majority of Jews.
      If BDS catches on Jewish societies will be pressured to cut ties with Israel.
      The trenchant view of Jews as a fifth column, disloyal and dishonest is already spreading. Open anti-Semitism more and more brazenly rears its head across Europe, its proponents bothering less and less to make any distinction between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.
      Jews cannot walk the streets of France anymore wearing a kippah. BDS exacerbates the political and social circumstances that help to foster insidious anti-semitic views, that are frequently disguised so as to not be so blatant.
      Woody Allen once said: "“I do feel there are many people that disguise their negative feelings toward Jews, disguise it as anti-Israel criticism, political criticism, when in fact what they really mean is that they don’t like Jews.”

    • @just, most interesting are remarks made by Norman Finkelstein in 2012, who,like you, has made it his business to pursue hatred for Israel. In 2012, however, he declared that the BDS movement is a “hypocritical, dishonest cult like the Munchkin cult in Oz” that tries to pose as human rights activists while in reality their goal is to destroy Israel.

      “I’m getting a little bit exasperated,” he said, “with what I think is a whole lot of nonsense. I’m not going to tolerate silliness, childishness and a lot of leftist posturing. I loathe the disingenuousness. We will never hear the solidarity movement [back a] two-state solution.”

      He also declared that the BDS movement has enjoyed few successes, and that, as in a cult, the leaders pretend they are hugely successful even though the general public rejects their extreme views. Because there have been few victories for the BDS movement, at every opportunity BDS supporters are dishonestly proclaiming triumphs.

    • @Miriam, this trumpeting of a fake victory - it's the name of the dishonest game that is BDS. Any excuse to wave the anti-Israel BDS flag.
      Supporters of BDS movement claim that it seeks to advance human rights and justice for disenfranchised Palestinians without harming the rights of Israelis. MW stalwarts can refer back to this Mondoweiss interview that Haider Eid, a Palestinian academic based in Gaza and leading BDS advocate, delivered in December 2013.
      “Eid openly admitted that he favoured the elimination of the existing State of Israel, and its replacement by an Arab majority state of Greater Palestine. He termed the alternative proposal for a two-state solution a "racist solution" because it included - wrongly, in his opinion - a recognition of the national rights of Israeli Jews.
      He added that Jews were a religious group, not a nation. For Eid, ideals such as human rights and democracy only deserved to be applied to Palestinians, but not to Israelis.
      Similar nationalist zealotry was espoused by the BDS movement's leading spokesperson, Omar Barghouti, in a recent issue of Settler Colonial Studies.
      As with many BDS advocates, Barghouti's principal anger is directed not at Israeli and Jewish hawks who deny the legitimacy of Palestinian aspirations, but rather at left-wing Zionists and others who support a two-state solution that recognizes both Israeli and Palestinian national rights. Like Eid, Barghouti fondly cites ideals such as freedom, justice and equality, but he only supports their application to Palestinians not Israelis.
      The complete disinterest of Eid and Barghouti in any strategies to progress Israeli-Palestinian peace and reconciliation arguably takes us back to the rejectionist views of much earlier times. The famous Arab summit held at Khartoum in August 1967 proudly trumpeted: "No peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with Israel." Similarly, as we argue in our new book, Boycotting Israel is Wrong: The Progressive Path to Peace between Palestinians and Israelis, the BDS movement rejects any dialogue or normalisation of relations with Israel, as well as any prospect of a win-win solution for both Palestinians and Israelis. Rather, Palestinian rights and interests can only be advanced according to the BDS movement by ending Israeli statehood.”
      Refer article about new book slamming BDS.

  • One rocket from Gaza outweighs 6 Israeli incursions and 67 attacks
    • Israeli attacks on Gaza during a nearly 4 month period with ZERO projectile fire

      There are constant efforts being made by Hamas to rearm itself.
      The false suggestion here is that the only actions that Gazans try to inflict upon Israel are firing rockets.
      Nobody is privy to the security issues and threats that keep occurring in Gaza. Israel is not conducting raids into enemy territory for the fun of it.

  • Forgiving the anti-Semites
    • @eljay, the Nazis in their negotiations with al-Husseini had plenty planned for the Jews living in Palestine at the time, which would have potentially done a lot to damage Israel and Israelis. Note that in law a crime intended and foiled is nevertheless a punishable crime.

  • UN: 'Not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt' in Gaza since Israeli war last summer
    • @talknic, you really are proving to be a total ignoramus. Only 5 days ago this news report that
      Iran is transferring large amounts of cash to Hamas military wing
      The cash is coming in all right but being diverted into Hamas's favourite anti-Israel pastime - rebuilding their tunnel network and replenishing their supply of medium-range missiles.

    • @blah chick, from what do the Gazans have to defend themselves? Don't they realise that Israel would leave them alone if they hadn't been lobbing thousands of rockets into Israel with the purpose of killing as many innocent Israeli civilians as possible.
      Israel left Gaza unilaterally in 2006 and Hamas decided to turn Gaza into a launching platform for attacks against Israel instead of building a viable society there. Smuggling weapons into Gaza is hardly conducive to establishing any kind of a peace.
      BTW, the true bully on the block is across the river in ISIS land. Hamas aspires to be like ISIS.

    • Chris Gunness is nothing more than a propaganda apologist for Hamas and an advocate for UNRWA that has a vested interest in highlighting and maintaining the plights of Palestinian refugees to help stock its coffers. During the last Gaza war his organisation was implicated when rocket caches were discovered in three UNRWA schools.
      Blaming Israel for Gaza’s reconstruction delays is wilful ignorance and of course the usual suspects at MW are happy to lap up this kind of deceitful propaganda.
      As of January, Israel had dispatched some 50,000 tons of construction material, and in February probably 20,000 tons more - and they were delivered to residents directly under the COGAT protocol that Israel and UNRWA had worked out.
      It seems that Gaza residents who lost their homes are preferring to resell their construction materials to rebuilding their homes. Indubitably much of that material is being used to rebuild terrorist tunnels - something Hamas and Islamic Jihad are bragging about.
      Based on the photos coming out of Gaza, not only are no houses being built - but the heavily damaged buildings haven't even been removed!
      Hamas knows quite well that the photos of Gaza devastation translates into cash that will be donated for reconstruction - for materials that Hamas will end up using for terror. So Hamas has no real incentive to help rebuild Gaza.

  • Non-Jewish Israelis remain faceless, nameless, voiceless in 'New York Times' coverage
    • A document prepared by the UNSCOP (The United Nations Special Committee on Palestine) in 1947proposed a Partition Plan to divide Palestine into two independent, democratic states – a Jewish one and an Arab one. As we all know, a democratic Palestinian state – and certainly not a democratic one – never did come into existence.
      Referring to Israel's Declaration of Independence one can throw some light on to the character of the state of Israel:
      "WE APPEAL - in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months - to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions. "
      One can conclude that Israel is a flawed democracy as are all democracies anyway and it's being a 'Jewish' state does not preclude it from being classified as a democracy.

    • Nothing is stopping any of the other countries in the Middle East from donating their help to the victims of the earthquake in Nepal but .....
      And the last time I checked Israel is a Jewish state notwithstanding all the efforts by the Palestinians to deny that fact.

  • EU must take stronger action to sanction Israel following high court decision banning boycott
    • The US Senate Finance Committee has unanimously voted in favor of an amendment to discourage European participation in the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel.
      "The amendment, which was tacked onto a larger piece of trade legislation that establishes Congressional trade objectives, is intended to apply specifically to an emerging free trade agreement between the U.S. and Europe.
      "While the language of the amendment does not directly specify punitive action toward countries that boycott Israel, the implication is that U.S.-E.U. free trade relations are conditional upon European countries abstaining from the BDS movement.
      "The senate committee's amendment specifically targets an E.U. decision to cut economic support for Israeli settlements. In 2013, the European body submitted policy guidelines that required any Israeli entity seeking economic cooperation or funding from the E.U. to file a declaration asserting it is not linked to the West Bank, East Jerusalem or the Golan Heights.
      "The American Israel Public Affairs Committee has been working with members of Congress since at least last year to draft legislation that would discourage Europe from continuing these policies. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), the author of the amendment, first offered the anti-BDS language as a separate bill, which he announced at AIPAC’s annual policy conference in March.
      “When you have a boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, you’re discriminating against Israel,” Cardin told a packed auditorium at the pro-Israel gathering. “And the United States should take a stance to make sure other countries that want trade agreements with the United States do not participate in BDS against Israel."
      On Wednesday, several lawmakers described E.U. policy as the latest form of discrimination against Israel. “From the time it was founded, Israel has been the target of a lot of attacks,” said Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), a co-sponsor of Cardin's original bill. “From military or terrorist groups, but now there’s also this other attack. And in a way it's more pernicious because it is economic warfare.”
      Before casting his vote, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said it was “appalling” that E.U. members boycott Israel but not other countries in the region with poor human rights records. “They just pick out Israel. Even though Israel is a democracy and has far greater provisions for human rights and protections of all people than any of the surrounding countries do,” he said.
      "Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) described the European policy as anti-Semitic. “As the son of parents who fled Nazi Germany in the '30s, I have been troubled by the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and around the world,” he said. “We shouldn’t let American trade policy be used in any kind of fashion that would in some ways show a tolerance for that kind of anti-Semitism."

  • Jews of France: should they stay or should they go?
    • anti-Semitic attacks in Europe are correlated with violent Israeli assaults

      An escalation in retribution by the Nazis against the Czech people in WWII can also be correlated with the assassination of the SS ‘Butcher of Prague’ Reinhard Heydrich, so should one have said to the Czech people to not carry such actions against their enemy?

      Anti-semites use events like the Gaza war as an excuse to accelerate their efforts. To think that placating the Nazis would have lessened their murderous actions is as naïve as suggesting that endemic Muslim judeophobia, which has blossomed into the full-blooded new anti-Semitism of today, would lessen its venomous actions against Jews if they were to fawn to Muslims as they were compelled to do in the dhimmi days.

      The writing is sadly on the wall.

    • to call for an end to Gaza calamities in their own self-interest: such an argument might actually save some lives

      If Hamas had agreed to a ceasefire that had been proposed by Egypt and agreed to by Israel when the death toll of Palestinians had been at 200 then further loss of life would have been avoided but they didn't, preferring to sacrifice the lives of their citizens to continue attacking Israel.

    • An excerpt from an article written by my French Jewish friend who ended up emigrating to Australia.

      "When I started junior high school in 1985, the Arab kids found out, I assume from my surname, that I was Jewish. I have never been religious, and never spoke about religion, but they knew.

      They called me 'the Jew'. It started in the play area where I faced a lot of intimidation and nasty remarks. On the bus home, they would regularly stare at me and talk about how much they hated my ‘race’. I never defended myself, they were older, stronger and I was afraid. It was limited to verbal abuse – they never touched me. I still hated going to school because of them. In the late 80s the Arab community was still a minority in the school.

      I was a good student, and probably from a wealthier family than them. I think they mostly hated me for that; the fact that I was Jewish just gave them a reason to express their hatred. Islam didn’t seem important to them at the time. I think they were raised with traditional anti-Semitism through their parents, which was quite common among the North African Arabic community.

      One of my friends who went to a very good public high school in a posh suburb told me that he was also called 'the Jew' by the rich French kids there. Traditional anti-Semitism among the French Catholic families also existed. I was told by some kids who attended Catholic teaching at church that the priest had taught them that the Jews killed Jesus.

      The school environment degraded by the end of my 4 years of junior high school. Kids became more violent, there were fights between Arabs and 'skin heads', small gangs within the school, even gangs of girls, racketeering etc. I certainly didn’t want these new kids to know I was Jewish; they were far rougher than those picking on me before.

      When my brother, 5 years younger than me, started at the school, he was attacked by a kid with a machete. His heavy winter jacket protected him. The offender was evicted and sent to a special school where, a year later, a teacher was killed.

      In year 10 I started senior high school, located just across the street from the junior school. The principal of the high school was a terrifying man and he ran his school with an iron fist. He managed to filter out the bulk of the bad elements and had the best final year results for the area. The few Arab students there were mostly from good families and I never had any issues with them.

      The only difficult moments for me occurred at lunch time. The canteen was located at the junior high school. As I walked past the school, I was bullied by kids hanging outside. Not because I was Jewish - they didn’t know - but because I was white, female, and nicely dressed. One held a pellet gun to my head in one instance, ‘for fun’.

      I did have issues with the anti-Israel and anti-American pamphlets distributed by the Communist youth group at the gate in 1990. I think we all know now what really hides behind anti-Zionism but at the time, it was not commonly heard of. It was mostly expressed by those political minority groups and some leftist teachers. My history teacher in year 12 told us that the Jews kicked the Arabs out of Israel in 1948. I disagreed but was quickly shut up by the teacher and one of the communist kids. Those same kids called me a 'Bourgeoise', because my family had some money, a nice house, and also probably because I was good at school. Social racism. It was unpleasant but I wasn’t afraid of them."

      link to

      Stories like this exemplify the poor prognosis today for European Jewry.

  • Jewish and Palestinian women are segregated in Israeli maternity wards -- Chomsky
    • @John O, I was only offering up some information about a movie related to the topic, not a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Sorry.

    • Check out the movie The Other Son for an interesting account of what happens in a maternity ward when two young men, one Israeli and one Palestinian, discover they were accidentally switched at birth.

    • In Israeli hospitals, Jewish and Arab patients are treated equally — and even save each other's lives. Read at 

      This kind of post by Philip aims solely at being divisive; it is just about digging for dirt to chuck at Israel and is nothing more than slander. All hospitals is a false propaganda catch cry.

      about Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem particularly where "it is the hospital’s policy to treat patients equally regardless of their religious or ethnic background."

      You will never hear of any Arab hospital that would be even willing to take a Jew as a patient.

  • French philosopher who shut down Paris BDS event as 'anti-Semitic' and one-sided will lecture in NY on 'Free Speech'
    • So we have selective free speech i.e. Mondoweiss double standards preventing me from responding to a comment made about a post of mine. Pure hypocrisy!
      @mooser, whatever I might say if it didn't endorse your position you would call it hasbara. This is the classic pro-Palestinian cop-out strategy - if you have nothing to counter a pro-Israel argument you just say the word hasbara.
      I suppose that is not as bad as tossing back at me a pallywag i.e. a pro-Palestinian concoction based on lies or propaganda.

    • Philip bleating about the denial of freedom of speech to BDS advocates is hypocritical.  It is the BDS move­ment that is inher­ently pred­i­cated on the sup­pres­sion of speech and “free exchange of ideas”. Sup­port­ing boy­cotts of Israeli aca­d­e­mics, diplo­mats and per­form­ers is not con­sis­tent with free speech val­ues.  Fur­ther­more, anti-Israel stu­dents can­not legit­i­mately claim to sup­port a “free exchange of ideas” when they reg­u­larly dis­rupt and heckle pro-Israel speak­ers on cam­pus.

      An increas­ing num­ber of anti-Israel groups do not sup­port a free exchange of ideas and explic­itly argue that the pro-Israel voice does not even deserve to be heard. This tac­tic, known as anti-normalization, is increas­ingly being felt by pro-Israel groups on cam­puses across the coun­try whose coun­ter­parts refuse to engage in dia­logue with them and often try to dis­rupt or shut down pro-Israel events. The BDS movement’s supposed com­mit­ment to free speech and an open exchange of ideas is just a one-way street.

  • Iran is 'congenital cheating' 'Islamic power bent on world domination' -- Netanyahu tells US media
    • Do the Iranians get to counter these claims?

      Are you serious Phil? Haven't you signed up for Iran TV? Don't you listen to Iranian official broadcasts or keep up-to-date with the propaganda that they spout in their other state-sponsored media channels?

      Has Iran ever said it is bent on world domination?

      Maybe not world domination but to be a major power player in the Middle East is certainly at the very top of their agenda.

      Why are you so enamored by a framework that is full of vagaries and inconsistencies?

      How does Iran get away with having illegally built the underground Fordow facility?

      Why is nothing in the agreement to stem the Iranian support for their terrorist functionaries in the region?

      Plainly Netanyahu and the rest of the 'free' world has good reason to express serious concerns over a framework that seems to be just serving Obama's wish to get the Iran issue off the table so he can spend more time playing golf.

  • 'She speaks the truth:' Palestinian leftist parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar arrested in early-morning Israeli raid
    • The IDF said it had arrested Khalida Jarrar, a senior political leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) due to “substantial concerns about the safety and security of the region.”

      The PFLP organization has been behind a number of attacks on Israeli civilians over a period of some 40 years. Last year, the military confined Jarrar’s movement to the city of Jericho and its surroundings. The army said the restraining order was based on her “incitement and involvement in terror.” Jarrar had persistently flaunted the Israeli ban.

      As recently as November of last year the PFLP took responsibility for a terror attack in which five people were shot and hacked to death with meat cleavers in a bloody assault on a Jerusalem synagogue.

      Sounds like Jarrar might have earned herself a prison sentence.

  • In Israel, the mask is finally off
    • @yonah, you're bang on - Glick is just about propaganda.
      Netanyahu hasn't done anything "to thwart the emergence of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state" because such an emergence is impossible in the current political circumstances. As Netanyahu rightfully said:
      "I think that anyone who goes about establishing a Palestinian state today and vacating territory is giving attack territory to extremist Islam to be used against the state of Israel. That is the real reality that has been created here in recent years. Whoever ignores this is putting his head in the sand.”

      And Arafat could be believed? And Abbas has the confidence and support of the Palestinians to carry through with any kind of deal? Plainly NO.

      And of course the following statement is true

      logic of Zionism doomed those negotiations from the very beginning


      not because of Zionism per se but because of the inability of the Palestinians, ever since Zionism established a foothold in Palestine, to accept any kind of  governing Zionist entity i.e. Israel in any part of Palestine.

      So what about the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative with a supposed promise of recognition by the Muslim world? Israel could never trust such a ploy, as peace offered by the Arabs would only be a manouevre to eventually get rid of Israel when the opportunity would present itself. In 2013 defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon dismissed the Arab initiative as “a spin” and “a dictation” that would force Israel to make great concessions before being able to present its own demands.
      Israel could never go back to indefensible borders. Israel got a peace agreement with Egypt and where did that get Israel - hardly the kind of situation that would make Israelis feel confident that conflict with Egypt has been totally eliminated.
      International Relations and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz in the last Likud government, who principally accepts the idea of a (demilitarized) Palestinian state, justifiably has been less than enthusiastic about the Arab Peace Initiative.

      “Every peace initiative is welcome but no peace initiative can replace bilateral negotiations between us and the Palestinians. We need to worry about genuine peace with genuine security — these items are not included in the Arab  Peace Initiative.”

      Steinitz was unwilling to even consider the proposal as a framework for peace talks. "Negotiations are supposed to be bilateral, between Israelis and Palestinians", he said. “There are bilateral issues and it would not be right to discuss them with the entire Arab world, such as demilitarization and security arrangements that are essential for us."

      The Arab League may have endorsed the eponymous peace initiative but, beyond that, has never played a significant role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace track. The Arab League has not been able to make peace in the Arab world — between Algeria and Morocco, between Libya and Sudan, Iraq and Kuwait, and so on and so forth. Why should anyone trust the Arab League with peacemaking?

      Peace can only be made with countries with which one is in a territorial conflict, a veteran diplomatic official concurred. “Peace is a worthwhile objective, yet all promises of regional peace are futile and groundless,” he said. "Negotiations and agreements occur when two parties sit down and try to resolve their conflict", he asserted. "It is true that every time the Palestinians entered negotiations with Israel they did so with the encouragement of Arab states such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and at some point also Morocco", he allowed. "But while those countries were able to make a difference in the past, the Arab League as an umbrella organization has never done so."

      And with the widespread dissension across the Arab/Muslim world today one can safely extrapolate the last statement much further to state that it never will in the foreseeable future.

  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List

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