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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • B'Tselem video: Israeli soldiers blindfold and detain 11 year old disabled child
    • @robbins should know that the motive has always been there. Notwithstanding Israel's actions, the unwillingness of the Palestinians to accept a growing Jewish presence predate 1967 by over hundred years.

  • Anti-semitism charge is increasingly being leveled against Israel's mainstream critics
    • @Walid, Mooser, eljay, Rich et al - I urge you to post the web links that testify that you have ever spoken out publicly against anti-semitism.

    • @Walid, amazing how just a few words can convey so much prejudice. Do you have the same feelings about racism against blacks, misogyny and homophobia?
      The act of being anti-semitic should be just as heavily criticised as it was when people had more sympathy for Jews. Today the left wing pendulum has swung into new territory and the fashion is be anti-America and anti-Islamophobia; concern about anti-semitism has been relegated in importance, but that says nothing to deny the sorry fact that its prevalence has not receded.
      We know all too well that anti-semitism has been around for a long time and those who have their political barrows to push don't like it to get in the way of their mealy-mouthed agendas.

  • As Kerry scrambles to prevent Palestinian action at UN, Israeli govt makes clear it will never accept Palestinian state
  • British Parliament votes overwhelmingly to recognize Palestinian state
    • @Philip, you don't want to be a party pooper - is that why you won't tell us the whole story?
      1. Members of the UK government, which backs a two-state solution, completely abstained from the vote.
      2. The vote is non-binding and it was initiated by a backbencher from the opposition Labour party.
      3. The UK House of Commons has 650 MPs of which only 286 actually voted in this debate, 364 did not.
      4. A number of high-profile figures were reportedly uncomfortable with the motion and did not show up.  Neither PM David Cameron nor Labour leader Ed Miliband was in the Commons chamber for the start of the debate.
      5. By ignoring this debate and abstaining, rather than voting against it en masse, the UK government effectively handed a symbolic, tokenistic victory to the opposition, and a victory for Palestinian beligerence and terrorism by upping the anti rather striving for a negotiated, secure settlement with Israel.

  • Academia, the 'battleground' in the Palestinian solidarity movement
    • What about the largest Palestinian university by admissions Birzeit University which has instituted apartheid against Jews on its campus? (refer Amira Haas controversy reported in Haaretz).
      This reveals gross Palestinian hypocrisy. Carrying out boycotts when your own behavior is much worse.
      In the same way as Rabbi Lewis is being vilified there is total blindness to the widespread hate speech coming from imams that can be found all over YouTube.

  • Fineman and Robinson blast Sam Harris and HBO for promoting ignorance about Islam
    • Please Robbins do we have anybody that corroborates Wasserstein's view besides Misterioso who just reproduces Wasserstein's whole paper without thought (a link would have sufficed)?

      Have a listen to Wasserstein to understand exactly what he means when he says that Islam saved the Jews.

      Living as dhimmis, paying the jizya and succumbing to ceaseless subjugation and humiliation the lot of a Jew in the Muslim world was at least better than that in Christendom. At least there was some hope. Wow!

      That is hardly cause to flatter Islam, prepared to let Jews and Christianity survive, people of the Book, so generously (sic) giving them three fantastic options - conversion, subjugation or death.

    • Professor Andrew Bostom gave two interviews which introduced the factual basis for the obscenity-laden Maher-Affleck kerfuffle on HBO which has been almost entirely obscured. Read
      link to the interviews can be found at and

      Bostom's reaction to this guff from Misterioso:
      "This is the sheerest idiocy. Just look at historical Palestine where the devastating Islamic conquests effectively wiped Judaism--and Christianity-- out, other than vestigial remnant communities of brutally subjugated dhimmis.

      "Moreover, look at the basic demography of Jews over this 600 year period from the mid 13th through the mid 19th centuries. In the md 13th 90% of the world's Jews lived in Islamdom, and 10% in Christendom; by the mid 19th century those numbers were reversed due to ..what.."Islamic salvation?"

      So Professor Wasserstein's views seem to be at odds with those experts who say that Jews experienced periods where they flourished under Islam, but nonetheless identify periods of great persecution, forced conversion from Judaism and Christianity to Islam, and above all, the imposition of the dhimmistatus of forced humiliation and oppression of non-Muslims. Jews were wiped out from the Arabian peninsula. Christians were wiped out from North Africa. It would seem at times more accurate to say that Judaism survived despite, not because, of Islam.

      The Wasserstein lectures seem to be essentially little better than propaganda to make Islam look good.

  • Abbas calls on UN Security Council to end the occupation
  • Obama says Muslims bear responsibility to counter radical Islam (so are Jews responsible for Israeli violence?)
    • There is no moral equivalence or valid comparison between the actions of Islamic extremists in their ever-increasing numbers and those of Israelis defending their very existence.
      The dolly arguments here are like the ones we hear complaining that our Australian government should stop Jews who go to fight for the IDF as well as Muslims who join ISIS.
      The falsity of this argument is that the Jews who support Israel don't threaten the very fabric of our western society in the way that radical Muslims do.
      Let's keep a proper perspective and not get distracted by those who are pushing their anti-western, anti-zionist agendas.
      The misguided followers of Islam are responsible for screwing up our world with their supremacist ideologies and unfortunately with the complicity of their deluded supporters they keep on finding excuses for shifting the blame from themselves on to others.

  • Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity in Gaza
    • Looking at the members of the Russell Tribunal it is obvious that to qualify to be on this panel the only requirement is that you are a confirmed Israel basher. The Russell Tribunal is clearly nothing more than a kangaroo court.

  • Russell Tribunal on Palestine: Delegitmisation of Israeli apartheid has to happen in the courtroom too
    • @MRW, I agree with the opinion expressed in the story I mentioned - therefore it is MY opinion.
      Nothing can refute the fact that when a pro-Palestinian activist makes anti-Zionist mieage over the memories of massacred Jews their actions reek of vile anti-semitism. Just because one deluded Israeli refusenik backs her position doesn't give her any justification to exploit the memory of the dead, who would turn in their graves at the thought of her disgusting opportunism.

    • About Ewa Jasiewicz:
      Jasiewicz chose to daub anti-Israel graffiti on the walls of the Warsaw Ghetto, which is effectively a huge Jewish cemetery where over 100,000 Jews died in the Ghetto between its construction in 1940 and its liquidation in 1943, mainly from starvation, disease and random killings by their German guards. It is not a place to daub political graffiti, much less anti-Israel graffiti. If Israel had existed in the 1930s, it is possible that many of the Jews who died in the Ghetto, or were taken from there to their deaths, would have been saved.  I also don’t know if Jasiewicz thought about the use of boycotts as a discriminatory weapon by the Nazis to separate Jews from wider society, before exterminating them; however she did think about boycotts of Israel, because she helped hold a Palestinian flag marked with ‘BDS’ (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) against the Ghetto wall. If anti-Zionists like Jasiewicz want to avoid being accused of antisemitism, she should not have adopted antisemites’ lowest form of attack, by desecrating a Jewish cemetery.
      link to

  • Hamas is just as bad as ISIS and worse than Boko Haram -- Israeli government propaganda
    • Robbins, here is one other media outlet that corroborated what MEMRI had reported
      link to

      Most media who report from Gaza rely on sources that are compromised. They don't speak Arabic and their stringers always have to watch over their shoulders for the Hamas police who control what they can say -
      refer link to

      Lastly unlike yours my comment is right on topic as it exposes the lies that Mondoweiss writers are happy to propagate in defence of their beloved Hamas.

    • @amigo, please spare us the same old obfuscations and distractions.
      We are not discussing the charter of one of Israel's political parties but you have to go there - like a moth that is attracted to the light.

      Not one refutation of my assertions about the bellicose intentions of Hamas - just the usual bluff and off topic hot air that is bread and butter Mondoweiss.

    • Deger happily ignores whatever refutes her line of argument. She overlooks key parts of Meshal’s speech on 7 December 2012 made after he had returned to the Gaza Strip to mark Hamas’ 25th anniversary:

      “First of all, Palestine – from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea, from its north to its south – is our land, our right, and our homeland. There will be no relinquishing or forsaking even an inch or small part of it. Second, Palestine was, continues to be, and will remain Arab and Islamic. It belongs to the Arab and the Islamic world. Palestine belongs to us and to nobody else.”

      Refer link to

  • Achieving a hudna and ten years of calm in Israel/Palestine
    • @talknic,  apparently is unable to hold any kind of civil discussion that stays on topic. I was talking here about the familiar deceit of Hamas in pushing for a hudna.
      All he can do is wind back the same recording in his one track brainand play back those boring, irrelevant remarks of his over and over again.

    • DaBakr is bang on.
      We've heard all this hudna crap before. Way back in 2003 we had a comprehensive article discussing this Hamas ruse of the hudna.

      "Hudna has a distinct meaning to Islamic fundamentalists, well-versed in their history: The prophet Mohammad struck a legendary, ten-year hudna with the Quraysh tribe that controlled Mecca in the seventh century. Over the following two years, Mohammad rearmed and took advantage of a minor Quraysh infraction to break the hudna and launch the full conquest of Mecca, the holiest city in Islam."

      "As for Hamas, they have proven time and again their commitment to a tactical hudna — replenishing their strength during the quiet periods, then returning with increased deadliness. As recently documented by
      The Washington Institute, Hamas agreed to no less than ten ceasefires in the past ten years, and after every single one returned freshly armed for terror. Hundreds of Israeli citizens have paid for these hudnas with their lives."

      Read link to

  • Israel surveils and blackmails gay Palestinians to make them informants
    • According to Shingo left wing fascists are fine.

    • While MW pettifoggs Israel deals with existential threats.
      While Israel resorts to rough tactics to fight an enemy, that enemy practises truly brutal methods with gays by persecuting them relentlessly.
      The Israeli objectors have been appropriately condemned by Israeli Defence Minister Ya'alon at
      link to
      Labor Party chairman and opposition chief Isaac Herzog put it aptly:
      “I’m not saying that mistakes aren’t made. There may have been [as mentioned in the letter], and Israel’s military history is replete with them. But there are ways to lodge protests and to bring these issues to the attention of the relevant authorities. I also think that there are ways to bring about change whenever one has a sense that an injustice has been committed, but not by encouraging the refusal of orders or launching a global media campaign that is damaging, the price for which will be paid by us, the citizens of Israel.”
      And so we see it, the obsessed delegitimizers like MW drooling at this fresh opportunity to slander Israel, which they continue to do to the neglect of the bigger picture.

    • How is Israel obligated to give their sworn enemy the top medical attention?
      Yes, it sounds rough but the alternative is rougher.

  • Occupied Religion
    • While Jews get back to living and making Israel a more vibrant, energetic, thriving and productive nation the Palestinians start planning the next assault, whether it be by war or lawfare.
      The Palestinians deserve all the difficulties they face because of their unwillingness to accept that the Jews have established the state of Israel with the imprimatur of the United Nations.
      And Marc thanks for telling us about the politicising by the YWCA - another Christian organisation that is appeasing its Islamic confederates and remains silent about the fate of Christians in the Arab world. Tota hypocrites.

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  • 'Ads Against Apartheid' is going national
    • How many innocent children got killed when the Allies were fighting the Nazis? Hamas in their fascist theocratic anti-semitic state are the new Nazis. allbeit fortunately without the same firepower. The blockade by Israel and Egypt has at least prevented Hamas from inflicting worse damage on Israel. Their lack of ability to succeed in their aims does not disguise their malevolent intentions.
      All we hear from Kay24 are bleatings about the unfortunate deaths of innocent civilians and of course he picks on children because their deaths tug on the heart strings the strongest.
      If he was really concerned about the children per se he would be exhorting their Hamas leaders to stop firing rockets, one of which has now killed a 4 year old Israeli boy.
      If he was truly sincere with his concerns about the fate of innocent children he would be speaking out the loudest about what has been happening to the much larger number of children dying in Syria.
      But no. the I/P conflict is where he devotes all his energies because he is a confirmed Israel basher.

    • We don't want this ugly, divisive propaganda in Australia and when it appears it gets eradicated and the Israel bashers lament
      link to

  • In Photos: Thousands pack Rafah streets for funeral of top Hamas commanders
  • Air strikes and rocket fire resume as Gaza negotiations collapse
    • In the same way as you don't grant somebody a driver's licence until they pass an exam or you don't allow somebody to purchase a gun unless they meet certain criteria.

    • If the way that the Hamas negotiators are operating in the current round of talks in Cairo is any indication it is clearly apparent why any efforts for a peaceful resolution between Israelis and Palestinians have always failed -   their position remains belligerent and uncompromising.  Hamas ridiculously demanding open borders, a seaport and airport is a certain recipe for a huge escalation of the conflict by putting Israel's security into total jeopardy.

  • Six arrested in civil disobedience at Federation offices in Philly
    • @mooser, there is no moral equivalence between Hamas and Israel. As long as the Palestinians allow Hamas to speak and act on their behalf they sacrifice their right to be treated as equals in this conflict. The Palestinians have to find new leaders who are not entrenched in inconsolable anti-Zionist dogma.

  • Who broke the ceasefire? Obama blames Hamas against the evidence
    • UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon speaking on behalf of the UN (that generally gives Israel a very rough ride) condemned "in the strongest terms" the reported ceasefire violation by Hamas and had demanded that an Israeli soldier that was thought to have been captured in Gaza be released immediately.

      The Secretary-General condemned in the strongest terms, the reported violation by Hamas of the mutually agreed humanitarian ceasefire straight after it had commenced. He was shocked and profoundly disappointed by these developments, remarked Ban's spokesman in an official statement.

      Seems like Obama's team is in good company on its call of who defied the ceasefire truce.
      Israel has no choice but to totally destroy Hamas' military arsenal.

  • 'Children killed in their sleep': Israeli artillery fire hits UN school, killing at least 20
    • @shingo, does that make you elated? Obviously you are more interested in attacking Israel than peace.
      Hamas practices taqqiya galore.

    • Here we have Shingo, Mooser Djinn - all prime exhibits of the anti-Zionist ethos.
      MW comes to the party with censorship cum bluster as my comments were circumcised.
      Dismissing information with ridicule makes a great mockery of the anti-Israel cause.

    • Trapped in Gaza: How Hamas punishes reporters for the truth

      as reported in The Australian newspaper's premium content: link to

      HAMAS is not just targeting Israel­i civilians, threatening Gaz­ans, executing alleged collaborators in large number and using civilians as humans shields.

      It has another terror tactic: intim­idating foreign journalists.

      "Journalists who have taken pictures of Hamas operatives preparing to shoot rockets from civilian structures and/or fighting in civilian clothing have been threatened by Hamas operatives and had their equipment confiscated.

      Reporter Peter Stefanovic, of the Nine Network’s news, stationed in Gaza, received a surge of abuse and threats when he tweeted that he had seen rockets fired into Israel from near his hotel, in a civilian area.

      Pro-Hamas tweeters said Stefanovic was 'passing and fabricating information to Israel ... from GAZA'. Another account wrote: 'You are
      a cretin. Are you working for the IDF' and 'in WWII spies got shot'.


  • Video: Mark Regev, deciphered
  • To my Jewish friend (you know who you are)
  • 'We are moving from Iron Dome to an iron fist': Israel launches ground invasion of Gaza
    • @qualtrough, your remarks are pure nonsense. Given the nature of the international community to hypocritically harp about every single thing that Israel does, you see Israel taking every conceivable step to prevent the killing of innocent civilians. Israel doesn't need to give the pro-Palestinian media any help.

    • @shingo, totally absurd comment. Are the IDF soldiers hiding in schools, hospitals and homes like the Hamas perfidists?

    • @robbins, what do you bloody well expect? Should they be handing out lollies and shouting Allah Akbar.These soldiers are bonding in preparation for a dangerous ground assault against a insidious enemy. Baruch Hashem to these soldiers! May they celebrate again when they put paid to the Hamas terrorists who want to destroy them. It is them or us!

  • 10 Years after the Advisory Opinion on the Wall in Occupied Palestine: Time for Concrete Action
    • Richard D. Heideman, International Human Rights Attorney and author of
      "The Hague Odyssey" spoke at a National Press Club book launch of his landmark to

      When Israel constructed a terrorism prevention security fence in an attempt to stop suicide bombings and other violent acts, the UN General Assembly - defying its own charter - requested an advisory opinion about the security fence from the International Court of Justice at the Hague. Israel's opponents question the legality of the barrier, with some even calling it an “apartheid wall.”

      In The Hague Odyssey, Richard D. Heideman, noted international attorney and advocate for victims of terrorism, challenges the Court and presents a compelling and insightful defense of the absolute right and obligation of the State of Israel, as every other nation, to protect her citizens.

      Given what is happening now and could well happen in the immediate future I imagine most Israelis would be very grateful to have a security barrier in place.

      Read more at link to

  • 'Operation Protective Edge' begins: Gaza rocked by Israeli airstrikes as Palestinian militants shoot at Jerusalem
    • ended in a truce that Israel has repeatedly violated

      Since January 1, 2013 there have been over 140 rockets fired into Israel so it is totally ridiculous to be just drawing attention to alleged Israeli violations. Israel tends to respond to situations that are brought upon it i.e. it retaliates against attacks stemming from Gaza rather than initiating attacks without a valid reason.
      Hamas with all its vitriol and hatespeak deserves all the punishment it gets. Blame for any harm to the citizens of Gaza rests with its bellicose leaders.

  • Fear of anti-semitism accusation did not stop Presbyterians from witnessing occupation
    • How many of these Presbyterian dissemblers will personally sacrifice using Caterpillar tractors on their private property, Motorola-based mobile phones devices or HP computer products and printers?
      This only goes to highlight that BDS is a political strategy based on hypocrisy and insincerity.
      A church spokeswoman estimated the value of Presbyterian holdings in the companies at $21m. Wow, this is really going to slug Israel economically! It will make absolutely NO difference.
      Has the Presbyterian Church made any resolutions to condemn the widespread demise of Christian communities across the Arab world? Do they pay anything more than lipservice to the ruthless, slaughtering of Christian minorities by ISIS, which is sacking churches, dispatching suicide-bombers to market-places, and has no regard for civilian casualties. Do they bother with the horrendous persecution of Christians in Pakistan or are they more concerned not to ruffle the feathers of their Muslim friends whom they have lured into inter-faith charades?
      This disproportionate attitude, reeking of anti-semitism, reflects a campaign aiming to delegitimise the Jewish state - a campaign which has its priorities totally skew-whiff.

  • Conflicted coverage shows: 'NYT' is now disputed territory
    • You guys are so keen to diminish the spectre of European anti-semitism because you don't want to put your Muslim mates offside.
      You complain about what the NYT doesn't say but you are far worse, covering up and lying about the imminent threats to European Jewry from a deadly cocktail of left wing Muslim inspired and traditional right-wing anti-semitism.
      Jewish Agency head Natan Sharansky expects the French number to exceed 5,000 this year. That would be about 1 percent of France's total Jewish population, which compares with 3,300 in 2013 and 1,900 in 2012.
      Israel is naturally an attraction for economic reasons as it has been ranked the 17th most competitive economy in the world.
      The Zionist project is well and truly thriving.
      Remember nobody is forcing you to read the NYT. Maybe you would feel better if you stick to MaanNews or Al-Jazeera.

  • UNESCO group votes to protect ancient Palestinian terraces from Israel's wall
    • @Talknic, I am supposed to be impressed because UNESCO approved the renaming of the Auschwitz extermination camp!?
      I am supposed to be swayed by your derogatory, abusive language that lapses into the same old anti-Zionist rhetoric where you can't avoid drumming up the word Nazi?
      No interest in the Caves of Maresha and Bet-Guvrin in the Judaean Lowlands as a Microcosm of the Land of the Caves that have also been
      listed for World Heritage status in Israel. Because this isn't about UNESCO doing good things and preserving cultural sites of significance it is all about registering sites under the banner of “Palestine,” it
      is all part of a hypocritical political agenda.
      In link to
      an Israel official remarked:
      “These votes are just a farce. They have nothing to do with any professional and cultural criteria. They are 100 percent political. The Palestinians have already hijacked UNESCO,” the official said.

    • UNESCO is all about politicising the I/P conflict to the advantage of the Palestinians.

      UNESCO that deletes ‘Israel’ from title of its exhibit on Jewish ties to Israel to satisfy pro-Palestinian sensibilities at
      link to
      and rebuffs Israel when it attempted to have the Shoah mentioned for the 50th anniversary of the UN in 1995.

      UNESCO that lost American support when it went ahead and gave Palestine member status, a move that ignored efforts to bring the two sides together in genuine peace talks, not talks where Israel was being pressured and bullied into a strait-jacketed position.

      UNESCO, from which both the US and UK pulled out during the 1980s, when they were legitimately concerned about waste and corruption within the organisation at that time under Senegalese Director General Amadour-Mahtar M’Bow.

      UNESCO which waited until 1974 to start passingly a succession of anti-Israel resolutions in connection with its control of Jerusalem, after ignoring the dreadful damage and desecration that had been inflicted on Jewish heritage sites in East Jerusalem prior to 1967.

      UNESCO has no prestige and honour, being a disingenuous, one-sided partisan operator, suspiciously silent when a Palestinian mob destroyed Joseph's tomb, a major Jewish shrine in Nablus, and built a mosque on the site.

  • Kidnapped
    • So Mondowiess' resident Jewish apologist Marc Ellis has been called upon to cobble together some more ambiguous pseudo-sympathetic words about these innocent teenagers whom he is now willing to say have been kidnapped when before they were merely 'missing'.
      I had posted elsewhere on MW (refer
      link to
      about this event and at that stage there had not been a word said about this sordid affair.
      Can someone tell me that what I have said in my post is not validated by this disgusting cartoon that appeared on Fatah’s Facebook page
      link to
      And while Israel searched for the abducted teens, Palestinian Authority Chief’s Wife, Amina Abbas, apparently underwent treatment at Tel Aviv Hospital. This illustrates a fundamental difference in the morality on both sides of the conflict - there are those who hand out candy when they kidnap children, and there are those who provide medical care for family members of their enemy.

  • Israeli army seals Hebron, saying Hamas is responsible for abducted teens
    • Hamas may have stopped short of claiming responsibility, but have not hesitated in praising the apparent abduction. Palestinian militants have repeatedly threatened to kidnap Israelis and have been itching for an opportunity to put Israel under the hammer by using captured Israelis as bargaining bait. In summary Hamas is morally responsible and their hateful attitude is good reason for Israel to see that there is no genuine Palestinian partner for peace.

  • The world was right about Iraq-- though Israel got its 'Clean Break'
    • @Talknic, your usual legalistic gobbledegook.

      It has been illegal to acquire territory by war

      As Israel's security has been threatened repeatedly by attacks from neighbouring states and belligerent forces within those states, Israel is obligated under Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations and its inherent right to self-defense to use whatever means are at its disposal to defend itself. These fundamental requirements of self-protection clearly override any categorical argument that Israel has been acquiring territory by war.
      The territory set aside for a Palestinian state following the UN Partition Plan in 1947 was abrogated by the Arabs.
      Following the 1948 War of Independence Israel was not occupying any territory, because there was no sovereign presence that existed at the time in that area. There was not much serious complaint about the illegal 'occupation' by the Jordanians in the bulk of that area.
      My Australian government has had the courage to steer away from the emotionally loaded word 'occupied' in favour of the term 'disputed' that truly reflects the situation.
      And as for the matter of settlements there were NONE till after 1967.

  • Think back to 2003. . . the year the U.S. didn't invade Iraq
    • No doubt the blind naysayers will complain that I am not on the topic. However what choice do I have when nobody at Mondoweiss says a jot about the three Jewish teenagers who have kidnapped in the West Bank?
      By there being no response to my last post where I mentioned this event can I assume that nobody has anything to say, that nobody here cares? Does the fate of three innocent teenagers not matter because they happen to belong to settler families?
      Tell me that what I have said is not validated by this cartoon that has appeared on Fatah's Facebook page
      link to

    • As long as the Palestinians have amongst them the kinds of people who will kidnap and threaten to kill innocent teenagers (refer
      link to
      then their cause will never succeed. The world will never tolerate this kind of barbaric behaviour that sits at the core of Palestinian society. The world sees what Islamists are doing everywhere and knows that a Palestine would ultimately just be another undemocratic Islamic hotbed.
      The reason that the conflict has gone on for so long is because of the total unwillingness of Muslims to accept the presence of a Jewish sovereign state or homeland in the Middle East. This has nothing to do with settlements or 'occupation' as Ari Shavit has pointed out. Since the Zionists started arriving in Palestine a fundamental animosity was stirred up against them by Arab leaders, which culminated in sectarian violence like the 1920 Jerusalem riots, that are the roots of the current conflict. The OIC has held the world to ransom over the I/P conflict.

    • @anthonybellchambers, it would pay before you go on wild speculations to read something to sober you up to the fact that "Iraq was a war for American interests as perceived by those who have the power to make those decisions. It was not a 'war for Israel'" at
      link to
      Just because there are no noises at the moment about Israel has nothing to do with weakness, it is because for a change there is a focus on international events that do REALLY matter. Israelis would be relieved that there is some respite from the incessant, irrational barrage of biased, disproportionate behavior that is constantly levelled at it.

  • Meet Aryeh King: The brash right-wing settler bent on evicting Jerusalem's Palestinians
    • What's the point of doing a take on a right winged Jewish fundamentalist? For every Aryeh King you'll find a hundred malevolent fundamentalists on the other side, whose hate for Israel is manifest.

  • Houston stadium security detains soccer fan for waving Palestinian flag as 'racial slur'
    • I am no expert on the right to free speech under your First Amendment, but I do know that there are limits to free speech. Given the tendency
      of soccer fans to get very emotionally charged at soccer games it seems very prudent of the ground staff to have asked Hammad to curtail
      her flag waving.
      It seems odd that the BBVA Compass Stadium have a set of rules that according to Hostage et al are in breach of the First Amendment.
      I know the story oft mentioned about free speech and how there are limits to it e.g. it is not permitted to shout "Fire!" in a public place just because you feel like exercising your rights under the First Amendment.

    • My apology - I got the score wrong. Israel won 4-2.
      Also the team colors of both sides are apparently the same, so I can understand why Hammad, coming from a culture with a victim mentality, would react to 'a sea of blue and white'.

    • Robbins is not gracious enough to tell us the result of the game. Israel won 2-0.

      my colors vibrant and loud against a sea of blue and white

      This is the distorted impression that Buthayna Hammad provides. If you
      read this report from the match
      link to
      you find out that it was "a pro-Honduras crowd" and "A few Israeli flags were also sprinkled here and there among the festive crowd."
      Yes Robbins - a few Israeli flags, not a sea of that blue and white color combination you love to hate. As usual we see Palestinian supporters
      twisting reality to give a politically advantageous false
      I took a peek at the BBVA Compass Stadium guidelines that only permit

      Banners, signs and/or flags no larger than 4 feet tall by 8 feet wide as long as they do not obstruct any stadium or event signage, do not contain commercial messages or offensive material, do not obstruct view for other guests and are relevant to the
      Any banners or signs that do not fit these guidelines may submit a request for entry in writing to Guest services ...

      I have italicised where Buthayna Hammad would have clearly infringed. Her flag was not relevant to the event other than to offend some
      members of the crowd.

  • Dershowitz disqualifies an entire continent from supporting BDS, citing history of 'Jew hatred'
    • @Robbins, why are you so amazed that apparatchik Loewenstein is referred to in these terms?

      anti-Zionist fundamentalists said that Israel was a racist colonialist state that should be destroyed by military force.

      then he goes on to call Antony Loewenstein an "Anti-Zionist fundamentalist"!

      You seem to have a problem understanding Mendes' criticism because you are so enmeshed in the BDS psychology, where opposition to Israeli policies is conflated with opposition to people or groups because they
      just happen to be Jewish or pro-Israel.
      Omar Barghouti, with his outlandish hypocritical statements about 'white racists', refer
      link to
      Gilad Atzmon was very happy to post this on his website.
      Omar Barghouti, happy to have received an education from an Israeli University, now hypocritically boycotting Israeli academics whenever he gets the chance, has admitted, “If the occupation ends . . . would
      that end support for BDS? No it wouldn’t—no.”
      Using BDS as a vehicle for destroying any hope of a two-state solution and wanting to get rid of a Jewish state in the region, one gets the clear message that Barghouti is anti-semitic. He does not want a Jewish sovereign state in the Middle East i.e. he wants to deny the rights of Jews to their own nation state.

    • @Zach, it is probably a little extreme to suggest that BDS is just about Jew hatred.

      Yet the BDS movement cannot so easily absolve itself of charges of anti-Semitism - refer
      link to

      "Only last week, Omar Barghouti, the acknowledged leader of the BDS movement, felt compelled to reject what he called unfair allegations of anti-Semitism allegedly emanating from pro-Israel lobby groups. Writing in the New York Times, Barghouti emphasized that the movement had consistently rejected all forms of racism, including anti-Semitism. But he then blotted his copybook by oddly equating
      anti-Jewish racism with any form of criticism of Israeli government policies. Apparently, BDS advocates never demonize Israeli Jews or Jewish supporters of Israel in the real world."

      No doubt the BDS movement goes to great lengths to show a 'clean' image of itself, removing anti-semitic posts quickly from its Facebook page before they get spotted (can't say the same for Mondoweiss).
      The BDS movement cannot completely ignore valid criticism of its anti-semitic tendencies by dismissing any mention of anti-semitism coming from its ranks as just being a knee-jerk reaction by pro-Israel supporters.

  • I am Palestinian, and I am human, and I am here
    • @Talkback, would you make the same sexist remark if she was wearing a burka?

    • @Citizen, re my post at
      link to
      about the fact that four prominent BDS activists are on trial before a PA court for “provoking riots and breach of public tranquility” after protesting against the performance in Ramallah of an Indian dance troupe.
      I originally provided the source
      link to in my post but for some reason it 'disappeared'. Note that the article provides a reference to the Arabic source for the story.
      The story is corroborated by Ma'an News at
      link to

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel protest draft in Tel Aviv as passersby tell them to die or emigrate
    • the Israelis are arresting, beating, torturing, murdering these Christians and stealing their lands

      Straight out of the pro-Palestinian propaganda handbook - no source provided, no evidence, no corroboration, nothing.
      Mondoweiss gives anyone who wants to spruik bullshit like this a free licence.

    • the Israelis are arresting, beating, torturing, murdering these Christians and stealing their lands

      Straight out of the pro-Palestinian propaganda handbook - no source
      provided, no evidence, no corroboration, nothing.
      Mondoweiss gives anyone who wants to spruik bullshit like this a free licence.

  • Palestine unity government to be sworn in Monday (Update)
    • Four prominent BDS activists this week went on trial before a PA court for "provoking riots and breach of public tranquility" after protesting against the performance in Ramallah of an Indian dance troupe that had also appeared in Tel Aviv. The PA concluded that the BDS activists are anti-peace extremists whose goal is to prevent any peaceful settlement between Israel and the Palestinians.

  • Clinton cautioned Israelis on giving up Golan because Syrians might try to poison Sea of Galilee
    • @Talknic, you sound like a worn-out phonograph record that is stuck in some kind of repetitive groove.
      Continuously harping on about your precious precepts of international law - a joke of truly global proportions blessed by the donkeys who preside over the UN, an organisation that does nothing to Russia for occupying Crimea, and nothing to China for invading Tibet, but harrasses the living daylights out of Israel for occupying genuinely disputed territory.

  • In Brussels whodunnit, Netanyahu irresponsibly claims anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic motive
    • Ramadan is truly perverse, Netanyahu is opportunistic.
      Hark back to comments Ramadan made about Mohamed Merah, whitewashing any suggestion that his murder of innocents had anything to do with

      he was a young man adrift, imbued neither with the values of Islam, nor driven by racism and anti-Semitism.

      Refer link to

    • Weiss has quoted the JTA as "running a story that cites a Haaretz theory that the couple were undercover agents and the attack was aimed at settling scores".
      The JTA story only mentions toward the end that Haaretz theory - the main thrust of the article referenced by Weiss is conveniently overlooked.
      The mainline was about Tariq Ramadan, lecturer on contemporary Islamic issues at Oxford University in Britain, who speculates that the slaying of four people last week at the Jewish Museum of Belgium was a deliberate attack on Israeli secret agents.
      What is the difference between Netanyahu drawing his conclusions and the perverse conclusions of Ramadan? If you are not going to be hypocritical Weiss then you should condemn Ramadan in the same breath for exploiting this event to serve his own agenda.

  • Israeli government tries to undo image of Pope at the wall
    • Referring to the photo of the kids holding up signs for the benefit of the media above the caption

      Message to the Pope at the wall in Bethlehem

      Young kids holding up signs that they wouldn't even be able to read. Young kids who are not genuine refugees anyway.
      I suppose that is a bit more temperate than sending kids out on a daily basis to throw stones at Israeli soldiers.

  • The Pope in Palestine
    • 3 Jews killed in Belgium and nobody would dare say the deaths were staged. What would be the point?

      @seafoid, don't you realize how contemptuously and disgustingly you speak?
      How can you even contemplate a parallel between the hateful slaughter of innocent bystanders and the controversial deaths of Palestinian teenagers who were attacking Israel soldiers with all their might?
      How could you even consider exploiting the killing of these 4 victims of anti-semitic murder for political point scoring? Not one ounce of compassion in your soul.

  • 'There is no veritable religious freedom here': Postcard from the Christian community in East Jerusalem
    • Strange, there are no UNSC resolutions condemning Transjordan for having protected Arab territory against invading Jewish military. Nor any UNSC condemnation for the annexation

      @talknic, what sort of weasly response is that to Palikari's totally correct statement about Jordan's ILLEGAL annexation of Judaea and Samaria.

      You know only too well that it was not accepted by the Arab League and only three nations Britain, Iraq and Pakistan recognised it. There was no outcry that Palestinian rights were being subverted by Jordan.

      There was no Arab fury over the annexation, because Jordan is a state whose ethnic majority is Palestinian Arabs. Your comment proves that it is the presence of Jews in particular that has stirred the conflict i.e. the non-acceptance by the Arabs of the Jews as a sovereign presence in the Middle East.

  • Don't let Pamela Geller speak for American Jews
    • @Rusty Pipes, how can you defend CAIR when many of its leaders have been convicted of crimes? Pamela Geller is on the hustings exposing this. Refer link to

      "Although it presents itself as a civil rights group, CAIR actually has numerous links to Islamic supremacist and jihad groups. CAIR founders Omar Ahmad and Niwad Awad (who still serves as CAIR’s executive director), were present at a Hamas planning meeting in Philadelphia in 1993 where they and other Hamas operatives conspired to raise funds for Hamas and to promote jihad in the Middle East. CAIR has steadfastly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups."

  • CNN airs evidence Israelis used live bullets on Palestinian protesters
    • Amongst others who support the determination of the truth and have been exhorted to speak, I would like to say, if I am permitted, that the CNN report does not necessarily air evidence that Israeli soldiers used live fire.

      It seems so convenient that the bullets that supposedly killed the two Palestinian teenagers happened to pass right through their bodies and disappear into the ether. Offers by the Palestinian side now to exhume the bodies would probably prove futile. Why wasn't there a call made for an independent post-mortem is the Palestinians are so sure about what has happened? However, the boy's father Siam Noiuwarah has magically come up with a bullet that he has allegedly found inside his son's backpack. No doubt Siam is highly motivated to lie if necessary to incriminate Israeli soldiers, whom he no doubt hates.

      Curious also in the video how the pro-Palestinian media vultures fly in only seconds after the kid collapses, as though they were waiting
      in the wings for their cue.

      Dahlia Scheindlin gives a balanced view at
      link to I would add that this issue is very important because it will either demonstrate that:
      1. An Israeli soldier or sniper has defied Israeli orders and should be brought to justice
      2. The Palestinians have fabricated a situation for propaganda purposes

  • New video shows Palestinian youths killed by Israeli army on Nakba Day posed no threat to soldiers
    • From JPost link to

      "Responding to the new video, the IDF Spokesperson Unit said, "On Thursday, an illegal and violent disturbance occurred in Beitunia. The
      said video is edited in a tendentious manner and does not reflect the level of violence that occurred at the disturbance."

      "The military added that an initial check of the incident and interviews of security personnel who dealt with it found that "no live fire" was used. At the same time, the military prosecution has ordered Military Police to launch a limited investigation into the incident."

      I smell another Muhammad al-Dura in the wings.

  • Shalom Modi: India and Israel look to deepen ties following victory of the Hindu right
    • This is chicken and the egg stuff. Other ethnic groups like the Hindus have needed to push back against Muslim supremacy and terrorism. Their behavior stems from the need to defend their position. In the same way as Israel was always on the back foot - it is only so long that you can do that, it is not sustainable. Eventually you need to assert yourself and stand up for what you believe is right.

  • Israelis are in Nigeria to help search for girls -- Susan Rice
    • As Europe goes to the dogs Israel is increasingly looking at Africa for new opportunities.

  • Now that Israel has killed the two-state solution, will liberal Zionists support equality or ethnocracy?
    • @Betsy, this sums up your pathological views:

      the left has stopped believing in modernity and progress, and it sees Israel as the embodiment of those things. Its vitriolic hatred for Israel is really an expression of disdain and disgust for what we might call the Western project, the Western way of life, the old I deals of nationhood, sovereignty, economic growth, human expansion, social experimentation. Israel is seen as being at the sharp edge of all those once-positive but now hated values, and thus it is intensively loathed. The left, having lost faith in modernity, has turned Israel into a kind of punchbag against which it can express its own anti-modern, anti-progress, shallowly anti-Western feelings.

      Refer to this talk 'There is nothing remotely progressive in today’s left-wing loathing of Israel' given by Brendan O'Neill (a Marxist proletarian firebrand according to The Guardian) at link to

  • Obama outmaneuvers Netanyahu, at last
  • Red Card for Racism: Activists demand FIFA kick out Israel
    • As I posted before at
      link to
      in football most Middle Eastern countries refuse to play Israel, which is contrary to FIFA’s “Say No to Racism” campaign and Article 3 of the FIFA statute, which states that discrimination on account of “ethnic origin, gender, language, religion, politics or any other reason” is punishable by suspension or expulsion. So much for Mondoweiss's double standards.

  • Apartheid label will stick
    • Bahaha no no arab state have different laws for arabs/jews

      @Justpassingby, you don't need different laws for arabs/jews when you
      haven't got any Jews because they have been ethnically cleansed.

  • As Israel 'staggers toward the abyss,' criticizing it is now 'the most fashionable cause' on the left
    • Nigel Kennedy responds from the heart

      Spot on - he certainly doesn't use his brain. I could just imagine getting up on my political hobby horse while at work for my employer and enunciating my personal views. Plainly inappropriate.

      Audience member Jessie Tu complained about "aggressive defensiveness". Wouldn't any self-respecting person respond 'aggressively' to the arguments of those who want to dismiss their right to nationhood and their identity as a people?

      What is so extraordinary about this post and the pathetic cavalcade of comments is the total inability of anybody to come to grips with the analysis of Brendan O'Neill's about the unholy alliance between the Left and Islamists. Both are shaped by their simplistic, outdated views of colonialism and American imperialism.

      I look forward to having lunch with Brendan O'Neill tomorrow and finding out more.

  • 'NYT' scrubs 'analysis' that Hamas is 'seen in West as the devil'
    • Munayer tries dishonestly to play the race card by suggesting that Israel doesn't tolerate Arabs. For starters Israel provides for its Arab minority in a way that's
      totally incomparable to the way that Muslim countries treat the few Jews who have stayed behind. I have just read the unbelievable story of Iranian Jewish doctor Kooshyar Karimi in his recently published book; he escaped from such horrendous circumstances in Iran that are comparable to the horrors that Jews faced in the Spanish Inquisition.
      The sorry fact is that Jews and Muslims cannot and should not live together in societies where one religious group dominates the other - it has to be so to avoid strife.
      As for the demographic timebomb argument - that's a dud. Read
      link to

  • Five reasons the breakdown of peace talks is a good thing
    • Time to even the playing field

      This is the one factor that Adam had mentioned at which I take umbrage, because this is a partisan, unscrupulous point of view that is looking at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as though it is some kind of football match that the Palestinians keep losing.
      Somehow he reckons that it would all be 'fairer' if the Palestinians had more opportunities to put pressure on Israel to even up the contest.
      The sad point is that Israel has to maintain its position of strength in order to prevent the state from being destroyed.
      Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir famously observed during the Yom Kippur War that, "the Arabs can fight, and lose, and return to fight another day. Israel can only lose once."
      And as an aside in deference to irishmoses I know from my experience that NormanF has probably tried some follow-up posts but they would have been blocked. As an 'Israel-firster' there is only so much that you permitted to say on MW.

  • Khalidi: It's time for Palestinians 'to get off their knees' and turn to Europe and ICC
    • This is talk of desperation, of a people who have f..ked up good and proper on the international stage and are now trying by whatever means they can to devise ways to keep fighting for their (lost) cause.

  • Video: Israeli soldiers detain 6-year-old child on his way to school in Hebron
    • Drawing parallels between the partisans who fought the Nazis and the Palestinians' situation is truly perverse. @Hostage, I thought you wouldn't stoop so low as many here witlessly do.

    • Today's pebble thrower, will hurl rocks tomorrow and can one day be your potential terrorist. Why do the parents allow/encourage these kind of belligerent activities by their children?

      "The enlistment of children to carry out these violent acts is in effect no different than enlisting child soldiers, which is a war crime in terms of Article 8(2)(b)(xxvi) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC)".

      And of course it makes great propaganda for the ISM who just love to demonize Israel at every conceivable opportunity.

      link to

  • Peter Beinart misses South Africa's apartheid lesson, Gideon Levy gets it
    • @Krauss falsely suggests that Tibi is in the Knesset primarily for a ceremonial role. In fact Tibi was chairing a Knesset debate in his capacity as Deputy Knesset Speaker in a recent outburst in the Knesset
      - see
      link to

      Tibi pointed to fellow Arab MK Taleb Abu Arar when the Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper was visiting the Israeli parliament and falsely insinuated that “there was no water or electricity in his village.”
      "The Regavim movement, an NGO watchdog group for Jewish national property rights, later exposed Tibi’s lie when it uploaded video images of Abu Arar’s village and showed his home which includes an air-conditioning unit, satellite TV dish, electric lines and an electric meter."
      @Krauss, have you also conveniently forgotten about the Arab judge George Karra who headed the panel that convicted Israel's president Moshe Katsav?

  • Haaretz joins Rush Limbaugh and company in trying to link Max Blumenthal to KC shooter suspect
    • Kane and Nguyen have laboured hard to discredit the accusations relating to the VNN forum but have had nothing to say about the last couple of paragraphs from the original article from Haaretz:

      In an article following Cross' rampage, Blumenthal wrote "some pro-Israel fanatics seemed gleeful for an opportunity to attack those they resent the most: Muslims, Palestinians and those who advocate for their equality."

      Referencing Cross' remark, "If the Jews can have a Jewish state of their own, then why can’t we have a White Christian state of our own?"
      Blumenthal also compared the latter's desire to create what he termed "an ethnically-exclusive white state in the Deep South" to the modern
      state of Israel.

      The last remark by Blumenthal is bound to incite every potential latent Israel-hater to new inspired heights of Israel abuse. Is he bothered by the collateral damage he causes? He should face up to the consequences for empowering those who prefer to demonise instead of rationalize.

      Although Blumenthal's remarks about Israel may not be construed as being anti-semitic per se, they do tend to encourage and foster strong outbursts from anti-semites who hang around in the wings of the anti-Israel lobby.

  • Aussie media focus on Carr's assertion that Israel lobby had 'direct line' into Prime Minister's office
    • Sumud, you don't seem to care if you stir up a little anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism for you is like dust - it will eventually settle. If you happen to hurt a few Jews in the process of fighting for your precious Palestinian cause then that is of no concern. Jew hatred is prevalent in Muslim communities in Australia but that doesn't seem to bother you. You suck up to multiculturalism like it is some kind of ethnic lollipop.

      Remember when the Grand Mufti of Australia, Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed, Australia's senior Islamic cleric threatened to withdraw community support for federal Labor in Western Sydney if union leader Paul Howes replaced Bob Carr in the Senate. A leaked email reveals what he said:
      "Paul has had a repeated pattern of blind bias toward Israel. His appointment would not at all help the -engagement effort between the ALP and the wider Muslim community.

      "As you know we have worked very hard to marshal our community to support and successfully retain the majority of ALP seats in Western Sydney against all odds, and the choice of Paul will threaten our efforts to maintain this momentum, especially if new elections are called in the next year."

      Now this is the kind of corrupt, nefarious influence that is despicable in our country, not the efforts of Jews who have contributed so much more to the well-being of Australia than Muslims who outnumber them 5:1 and dominate the crime statistics in the suburbs where they live.

    • This talk of 'over-influential' Jews reminds us vividly of what happened in Nazi Germany.

  • Australia opposed Palestinian UN bid because foreign policy was 'subcontracted to Jewish donors' -- report
    • Jews contribute an extraordinary disproportionate amount to Australian society and are currently involved in the front line of a significant national debate about mooted changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. They are perfectly entitled to exploit their position to express their views.
      To demean what they are saying because of the strength of their influence on society is to denigrate their success in achieving prominence in the fabric of the nation.
      What about focussing on a lobby that does wield real inordinate power selfishly like the Organisation of Islamic Countries in the United Nations that has turned the UN into a complete joke?

  • 'Poof' -- Kerry blames Israel for breakdown of talks (Updated)
    • Anybody who reads between the lines can see that the unwillingness of the Arabs to accept Israel as a Jewish state is the fundamental blocker and these other 'poof' issues are mere sideshows.

  • In Ramallah, Palestinian Authority cracks down on Salafi anti-negotiation protests
    • And for the Israeli authorities membership in any Palestinian political party is strictly forbidden

      How about some supporting evidence for this assertion? According to my searches on this point the PA comprises a raft of political parties and it would seem to me that the Palestinians can affiliate with any of them.

      in spite of the extreme rhetoric their activities are non-violent

      Of course Hizb ut-Tahrir have started off slowly like the Muslim Brotherhood did in Egypt, but eventually their aim is to strangle democracy and impose Islamism. The PA is wise to clamp down on this group whose aims are nefarious.
      In a charter signed by Salafists (see
      link to
      it is stated in clause 7 that one of their fundamentals is:
      "A call to the Ummah to awaken her pious and strong soldiers to go forth in Al-Jihaad so as to remove the Jewish entity of occupation from all of the land of Palestine and to liberate all of the occupied Muslim lands."

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