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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • In Israel, the mask is finally off
    • @yonah, you're bang on - Glick is just about propaganda.
      Netanyahu hasn't done anything "to thwart the emergence of a viable and sovereign Palestinian state" because such an emergence is impossible in the current political circumstances. As Netanyahu rightfully said:
      "I think that anyone who goes about establishing a Palestinian state today and vacating territory is giving attack territory to extremist Islam to be used against the state of Israel. That is the real reality that has been created here in recent years. Whoever ignores this is putting his head in the sand.”

      And Arafat could be believed? And Abbas has the confidence and support of the Palestinians to carry through with any kind of deal? Plainly NO.

      And of course the following statement is true

      logic of Zionism doomed those negotiations from the very beginning


      not because of Zionism per se but because of the inability of the Palestinians, ever since Zionism established a foothold in Palestine, to accept any kind of  governing Zionist entity i.e. Israel in any part of Palestine.

      So what about the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative with a supposed promise of recognition by the Muslim world? Israel could never trust such a ploy, as peace offered by the Arabs would only be a manouevre to eventually get rid of Israel when the opportunity would present itself. In 2013 defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon dismissed the Arab initiative as “a spin” and “a dictation” that would force Israel to make great concessions before being able to present its own demands.
      Israel could never go back to indefensible borders. Israel got a peace agreement with Egypt and where did that get Israel - hardly the kind of situation that would make Israelis feel confident that conflict with Egypt has been totally eliminated.
      International Relations and Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz in the last Likud government, who principally accepts the idea of a (demilitarized) Palestinian state, justifiably has been less than enthusiastic about the Arab Peace Initiative.

      “Every peace initiative is welcome but no peace initiative can replace bilateral negotiations between us and the Palestinians. We need to worry about genuine peace with genuine security — these items are not included in the Arab  Peace Initiative.”

      Steinitz was unwilling to even consider the proposal as a framework for peace talks. "Negotiations are supposed to be bilateral, between Israelis and Palestinians", he said. “There are bilateral issues and it would not be right to discuss them with the entire Arab world, such as demilitarization and security arrangements that are essential for us."

      The Arab League may have endorsed the eponymous peace initiative but, beyond that, has never played a significant role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace track. The Arab League has not been able to make peace in the Arab world — between Algeria and Morocco, between Libya and Sudan, Iraq and Kuwait, and so on and so forth. Why should anyone trust the Arab League with peacemaking?

      Peace can only be made with countries with which one is in a territorial conflict, a veteran diplomatic official concurred. “Peace is a worthwhile objective, yet all promises of regional peace are futile and groundless,” he said. "Negotiations and agreements occur when two parties sit down and try to resolve their conflict", he asserted. "It is true that every time the Palestinians entered negotiations with Israel they did so with the encouragement of Arab states such as Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and at some point also Morocco", he allowed. "But while those countries were able to make a difference in the past, the Arab League as an umbrella organization has never done so."

      And with the widespread dissension across the Arab/Muslim world today one can safely extrapolate the last statement much further to state that it never will in the foreseeable future.

  • Meet the Knesset members from the Joint List
  • Landmark New York Synagogue attempts to shut down Nakba discussion
    • Mooser can freely display his mocking disdain of Judaism.

      If I were to cast the slightest aspersion against Mohammed I would get stomped on immediately by an Islamophilic MW moderator. Similar remarks about Muslims would never be permitted at MW. This goes to show that MW openly practises duplicity and double standards in this whole discussion space. 

  • Separating anti-Semitism from anti-Zionism
    • No need to make any mention of the Holocaust as Sydney University professor demonstrates the insidious anti-semitism that permeates the Palestinian camp. No blind support of Israel here - just Jewish university students wanting to hear what Colonel Richard Kemp had to say, but that was too much for the Palestinian supporters who only believe in a confected form of 'free speech' that permits pro-Palestinian propaganda to be spouted.

      When anti-Zionism is pursued to the neglect of other concerns that are true examples of criminal assaults on the freedom and integrity of other people like Russia in Ukraine, China in Tibet, Sudan or Sri-Lanka; the singling out of Israel out of all the world's other conflict situations cannot be seen as being just anti-Zionism. So many ‘anti-Zionists’ who get manically enraged pointing their crooked little fingers in the direction of Israel are white/middle class/privileged people apparently from the 'left'. They chant in unison with Islamists who have re-invented the slogans of anti-semitism.  It is nothing more than the guilt of class attempting to defend the underdog, the old worn-out image of the international socialist who hangs his philosophical heart strings on a convenient myth. This deliberately ignores the underlying facts and becomes a means of feeling smug about yourself as a human being.

  • 'NYT' reports 'surge of hostile sentiment against Jews' nationwide -- on what basis?
    • Having a name like Roth doesn't mean that you aren't anti-semitic? Also it is well known that some of the most ferocious anti-semites are Jews.

  • Pelosi blasts Netanyahu speech as 'insult to intelligence of U.S.', Amanpour calls it 'dark, Strangelovian'
  • Netanyahu's speech and the American Jewish condition
  • Oxfam says Gaza reconstruction will take a century to complete due to Israeli blockade
  • What we talk about when we talk about ISIS
    • @Bandolero, you are the one spewing the nonsense.
      You can't conflate the Saudi government which is <a href="link to to stop ISIS from starting a sectarian war in their own country with ISIS today.

      The ideological roots of wahabism may have been born within Saudi Arabia but you can't consequently blame the Saudi government for what is happening today and implicate Israel in the process. It's false logic. Osama bin Laden was a Saudi but ultimately a sworn enemy of the Saudi regime.

      When weeds appear in a nurtured lawn you try and remove them, but you don''t solve the problem by blaming the gardener because he created an environment where weeds might grow. You look to poisoning the weeds so they don't harm your lawn excessively. So it is with any society in which evil forces develop - the government seeks to find the dangerous elements that threaten its well-being and eliminate them.

  • Banksy goes to Gaza
  • Israel turns off power to hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the dead of winter
    • @Kris, using ad hominems demonstrates the paucity of your arguments. This goes for the large majority of commenters at MW who love to abuse those who defend Israel by perverting their names (me included). Such derogatory tactics only cheapen the Palestinian cause and are no substitute for truth and open, honest discussion.

  • The 15 billion dollar deal that will make or break Israel's regional hegemony
    • @walid, what you are saying about Lebanon doesn't make sense. It sounds like they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    • It's not a matter of dependence on Israel - it's a matter of avoiding co-operation at all costs to maintain the pressure on Israel. Instead of opening up the region to new economic development, which can only benefit all participants, these poisonous efforts aim to fight any normalization of relations with Israel. This kind of negativity will only help to prolong the conflict.

      It seems like the PA would prefer their own people to wallow in poverty than to encourage improvements in their living conditions - all in an effort to sustain their grievances against Israel. No wonder Israel could not strike a peace deal with the PA when this is their mindset.

      Besides making a tenured career for the PA of standing in line to receive international welfare handouts this reinforces that there's no business like Palestinian Cause business.

  • Inflammatory posters at UCLA call Students for Justice in Palestine 'Jew haters' (Updated)
  • Jewish groups that blindly support Israel make US and European Jews potential victims of violence -- Avnery
    • Half-wit Avineri is no better than the Swedish radio interviewer who asked the Israeli ambassador to Sweden, "Are Jews causing anti-Semitism?"

      Sweden state radio took the rare step of publicly apologizing, and even wiped the question from the recording of the interview found in its digital archive

      Hanif Bali, chairman of the Swedish-Israeli Friendship Association in Sweden's parliament, wrote a strongly worded post on his own Facebook page and received an influx of comments, shares, and likes. "Swedish state radio asked the Israeli ambassador if Jews bear responsibility for anti-Semitism," he revealed.

      "That's disgusting and insane. The claim that Jews bear responsibility for anti-Semitism is one of the most ancient expressions of anti-Semitism."said Bali.

      Sadly Avineri is unaware of how the Arab world adopted the fundamental tenets of Christian anti-semitism during the 1920s through Hasan al-Banna with the birth of the Muslim Brotherhood which reshaped the new anti-semitic political doctrine of Islamism that is rampant today.

  • Roger Waters urged Alan Parsons to get 'insight' at the apartheid wall (and drew ad hominem attack)
    • For obvious reasons (like to demean Israel at every opportunity) many are deliberately misleading by mixing "Rebels" with Jihadists like ISIS.

      Rebels include those who defected from SAA army + local militia, and fighting their own government. Hence term "Rebel".

      Jihadist like ISIS / Al Qaeda / Al Nusra, have a different agenda are mostly foreigners and the one referred to as terrorists by the west.

      So Jihadist and FSA (aka Rebels) are not the same group. Syria is a 4 way war and so many are confused, but some like Walid like to confuse deliberately to push their mossad / cia conspiracy theories.

    • @walid, referring to Israel's pals at ISIS is this a stupid misprint or have you decided to join the league of offensive commenters who resort to bullsh*t to make their case.

  • Hate in the aftermath of Chapel Hill
    • The man who organised the Muslim 'human shield' to protect a synagogue blamed Jews for 9/11.

      Ali Chishti admitted he believed in Jewish conspiracy theories as recently as 2009. He gave a speech at an debate in 2009 where he questioned whether Jewish people had advance knowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. At a March 2008 meeting in Oslo promoting his 9/11 conspiracy theory that the Jews were responsible for the World Trade Center attacks, Chishti read a speech titled, “Therefore I Hate Jews And Gays,”. He now describes his comments at the time as “outrageous” and says his views on community relations had been on a journey.

      “I have reflected some state of affairs since then. I was quite angry at the time. After that meeting I discussed Islam part, and I eventually got a nuanced picture of the whole," he told the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang.

      But there is more to this feel good story:

      According to Haaretz the event featured a human chain around Oslo’s main synagogue by more than 1,000 people, many of them Muslim.

      But this was a media beatup where in fact just 20 Muslims holding hands become 1,000-Strong ‘Ring of Peace’ at the Oslo Synagogue.

      As it turns out, as many as 40 times more Northern European Muslims attended the funeral of a Copenhagen Muslim terrorist than those who decided to form the non-existent “ring of peace” around an Oslo synagogue.

  • Israel sentences Palestinian teen Lina Khattab to 6 months in prison for protesting
    • @Robbins, we agree!

      The conviction rates are as you say.
      The conviction rate in Israel is very high, over 99% but this very same conviction rate applies to ALL courts in the Israeli judicial system.

      Yes Annie - there is no discrimination against Palestinians - they are subject to the same conviction rate as ordinary Israelis.

      "An interesting feature of the Israeli criminal justice system – other than the enormous conviction rate – is the lenient sentencing. From what I know of the UK and USA, judges in Israel are very easy when sentencing."

    • That Khattab is technically a 'teen' is being exploited for propaganda purposes. The idea is to give the impression that Khattab is just a poor innocent child when that is most definitely not the case.

    • I made a comment that seems to have been too 'clever' so it got censored. So this is the name of the game is it - to not allow people to express themselves if it goes too close to hitting a raw nerve?

      I likened LK to another Palestinian activist with the same initials and suggested Khattab might well be a [....] wannabe.

      Tell me why should Israeli authorities lock up for a long period an innocent person or someone who had only committed a minor offence. Nobody here really knows what Khattab has actually done and supporters of her are more than willing to distort and exaggerate Khattab's sorry circumstances. If anyone knew what she had done wrong then they wouldn't want to admit it in case it could damage the Palestinian cause. Imprisoning somebody who doesn't deserve it would only invite the venomous wrath of the bash-Israel-at-every-opportunity brigade which is hardly going to serve Israel's interests.

      One can only conclude that Khattab has done something serious and is a definite threat to Israel's national security. 

    • How can Khattab be referred to as a teen when she is old enough to vote? A teenager is an adolescent, youth, minor or juvenile - Khattab is clearly not a teenager.

  • One-state 'fantasy is very dangerous' because it cannot tell us what the military looks like -- Manekin
    • it’s the longest running hostile occupation on the planet

      @annie, can you switch sides just for a minute and see that from the other perspective that perhaps the deadlock remains because there is an unwillingness from the Palestinians and their Arab brethren right across the Middle East to let go, to truly resolve the conflict, to lay to rest fundamental enmities that were born and bred in Islam, to permit has ve halila a Jewish sovereign presence in their midst.

  • Boteach and Israeli ambassador say everything from BDS to Abbas places Jews under threat
    • Last month the former AP reporter Matti Friedman delivered a resounding speech exposing the wilful distortion of the facts concerning Israel in the media. Expanding on a widely-noted argument first set out in Tablet and The Atlantic, Friedman spoke about how the media dissect and magnify Israel’s flaws while purposely erasing those of its enemies. He spoke about a fashionable and extravagant disgust for Israel among many in the West, and the rise of a ‘cult of the Occupation’ which positions Jewish arrogance and perfidy  at the heart of all the problems of the Middle East. Friedman's inside information supports exactly what Boteach and Prosor contend and exposes the campaign for deliberately biased, unjustifiable treatment of Israel in the world arena.
      [youtube link to

      Prosor delivered a resounding speech to the UN recently which is hard to refute. I would hope for rational responses to it rather than the usual flurry of abuse that comes forth from Mondoweiss' hardcore. Where have all the thinking minds gone - all we are left with are the Moosers and Seafoids of the world who can only scream blue murder to anything that gets said.

  • Netanyahu calls on Jews to leave Europe en masse in wake of Copenhagen synagogue attack
    • Ramzi Jaber has an epiphany but what does it have to do with the topic at hand?

      Netanyahu would fail in his role and responsibility as a leader of the Jewish people if he would not offer a home to those who want to flee Denmark.
      "Terror is not a reason to move to Israel," said Rabbi Jair Melchior is all the chief rabbi of Denmark could say. Great consolation!

      So what would be a proper reason for the Jews to leave Denmark - should they wait until the writing is all over the wall as the Jews did in Europe before the Nazi threat became irreversible?

      The dear rabbi doesn't want to lose his job and is foolishly more concerned about that than the welfare of his imperiled community.

      My sympathies to Mondoweissers who find all this anti-semitism so dreadfully inconvenient as it distracts the world from the Israel-Palestinian conflict as much more significant pressing international problems and issues take centre stage.
      The sheer idiocy of those flying false-flag allegations show how desperate some pundits are to defuse the overwhelming message as to what is happening in Europe today.
      And odd isn't that all the terrorism to speak of today is Islamic, yet the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt cannot, as Obama cannot, bring herself to use the word Islamic in conjunction with 'terrorism'. All because of Intimidation that is known by its other name Islamophobia.

  • A place where Palestine doesn't exist (Notes from a Zionist education)
    • Somehow the anti-Zionist mentality believes that when an anti-Zionist JEW in particular speaks out it adds special credibility to their case. To get a Jew to denigrate Israel is worth much more in the war of words than a non-Jew, who can always be fobbed off as an anti-semite. This is nothing more than a Jew demonstrating his disconnection from his own identity; a Jew who succumbs to the propaganda of the delegitimization, slurring campaign against Israel, to which he has now become complicit.

      taught that sympathizing with Palestinians was something absolutely un-Jewish

      This assertion is plainly false as Jews have been amongst the most prominent in popular movements worldwide that have fought for the rights of minorities and the oppressed. On the other hand our 'Palestinian' counterparts have truly adopted a narrative that will not entertain any accommodation to the Jewish predicament, as is most evident in the anti-normalization movement and the bigotry of Holocaust deniers. Any 'Palestinian' who empathises with the concerns of the Jewish people is destined to become an outcast. This cynical, blind double standard demonstrates the hypocrisy behind the 'Palestinian' cause.

  • Three Muslim-Americans murdered in North Carolina by gunman (Updated)
    • @Robbins, yes so tiresome isn't it if you happen to be pushing your own agenda and anti-semitic events keep occurring to distract from your nefarious ambitions.

    • @lysias, pray tell how many more people are Islamists killing today than they were prior to 2001?

      Furthermore upon reading the post that you linked to from the Washington Post there is a graph showing that in 2013 Jews had almost 6 times the number of hate crimes inflicted upon them than Muslims had and the Muslim population exceeds the Jewish population in the United States.

      As for the reportage of this triple murder it seems to be getting wide publicity as I just read the story through the Australian news media

      Sad event but the knee-jerk reactivity is another story. There seems to be lynch mob mentality out there that is wanting to emulate the behavior of the Ku Klux Klan.

      To my mind these kind of events are primarily the product of the ridiculous lack of gun control laws in the US.

  • Stanford petition misrepresents resolution to divest from occupation
    • Most importantly the Stanford University student senate has defeated an Israel divestment resolution.

      The Associated Students of Stanford University had nine votes for the measure and five against, with one abstention. But to pass, the measure required 66 percent of the senators to approve and finished with 64 percent.

  • Israel: Schabas resignation cannot ‘whitewash’ bias in UN war crimes inquiry
    • @Giles, sounds like a rephrasing of the old anti-semitic meme where the anti-semite says there must be something wrong with the way Jews behave because there is so much anti-semitism. 

    • Whoever can say something like "There  are huge numbers of civilian casualties on one side and virtually no civilian causalities on the other, and so prima facie, there is evidence of disproportionality in the response that Israel is undertaking in order to protect itself" is showing himself to be biased.

      The absurd and amoral disproportionality charge is dispensed with as follows:
      "This proportionality indictment is not only absurd but amoral. When a democracy launches a just war, its moral obligation to its citizens and soldiers is to apply overwhelming force against the enemy, to secure peace quickly and authoritatively."
      "The fact that Germany suffered over 10  times the number of war dead than Americans did in World War II does not change that war’s moral calculus. One can only imagine William Schabas on D-Day, counting German casualties without acknowledging German guilt. Americans were fighting a savage war – as all wars are – against a particularly heinous regime." as Hamas is perceived to be.

  • Ari Shavit pimps AIPAC in Scarsdale
    • we agreed to establish the State of Palestine on only 22% of the territory of historical Palestine - on all the Palestinian Territory occupied by Israel in 1967

      @talknic your contribution is the true bullsh*t in this discussion. In your link to Abbas's speech to the UN in 2011 he was quoting what Arafat had allegedly offered - nothing to do with Abbas. And of course we don't hear about all the riders of that offer - the consequent breakout of the intifada showing the Palestinians offer came from the barrel of a gun, the demand that Israel return to 1967 borders that had proved indefensible, borders that would reward the Arabs for their aggression in 1967 and of course the infamous right of return.

      As for ethnic cleansing it is the Arab nations that actually inflicted ethnic cleansing on their Jewish inhabitants as a million Jews, who had inhabited Arab lands for more than a thousand years, were forced to flee from their homes.

      If you had only taken the trouble to go to the link in my post you would see why I can so clearly demonstrate that Israel has no partners with whom to make any kind of a deal, as the Palestinians have no moderate elements that can take the risk to honestly negotiate with Israel for fear of painful retribution from their own kind.

    • @Kris, you have summarised the Palestinian narrative very nicely.

      As in any logical argument if there is a fundamental fallacy elicited at one point the whole line of argument collapses in a heap.

      Zionists immigrated to Palestine – many with the express wish of taking over the land for a Jewish state – the indigenous population became increasingly alarmed

      This argument is superficially true but when you examine why the ' indigenous population became increasingly alarmed' you will discover that this is so because of a fundamental xenophobia and judeophobia that eventually grew into full blooded anti-semitism in the Christian tradition.

      Now the site that Kris has referenced opens up with the infamous set of maps that are a complete distortion of the facts so as soon as I see them being exploited as a propaganda tool I know that I am not talking to someone who can discuss the conflict in dispassionate, rational terms - rather the exponent is going to be infused with prejudice and lies that are used to delegitimize Israel.

      Sorry Kris.

    • @mooser, do you have amnesia? or did you just have a knee jerk reaction?
      Strashen net de genz
      Israel got its 22% slice of Greater Palestine with UN blessing in 1947. From that point Israel's Arab neighbours mustered all their forces to annihilate the Jewish upstarts.

    • Political landscapes change and there is no reason a so-called 'liberal Zionist' should hold rigidly to a set of views. The fact that "Peace Now" (Shalom Achshav) fell into decline was because of disillusionment with a process lacking reciprocation (no partner for peace).
      With a sorry situation where moderate Palestinians are being persecuted in order to silence them, to be just lambasting Israel supporters amounts to gross hypocrisy, blindness and double standards.

      Priscilla Read obviously approached this meeting with Shavit with her Israel delegitimisation handbook by her side as she mused

      whether ethnic cleansing can be justified morally

      Pray tell what sort of a job of ethnic cleansing did Israel conduct if the territories that Israel now controls has as many Arabs living therein as Jews. This indicates that the very opposite of ethnic cleansing has taken place.

      Frankly Priscilla it seems like you went to the wrong meeting - perhaps you should contact your local chapter of Jewish Voices for Peace who will certainly be able to find a political environment that better suits your agenda of delegitimisation.

      Thinking people shift their opinions when political climates change. Whereas I once espoused dialog with pro-Palestinian groups I eventually learned that I was dealing with an intransigence and a fundamental unwillingness to accept Jewish sovereignty in any part of greater Palestine. Therein lies the true root of the conflict.

  • One state in historic Palestine, but -- what kind of state?
    • Having conferences that fantasize about one state solutions in Palestine that idealize and ignore deep divisions and fundamental realities are like Marxist conferences in the 21st century that discuss the prospects for socialist utopias while glossing over the failures of all existing attempts to establish communism.

  • Lawrence Summers says BDS movement is 'persecuting' Israel
    • Lawrence Summers is spot on.
      BDS supporters at UC Davis achieved a 'victory' during a vote to boycott Israel that was passed last week thanks to the antics of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP). Jewish students there took part in an attempt to counter the BDS effort that has been rampant on American campuses.
      The responses by the BDS supporters has revealed the fundamentally anti-semitic character of the BDS:
      - anti-Israel activists shouted "Allahu akbar" (Allah is greater) at Jewish students during the vote
      - the Jewish AEPi organization's fraternity house was defaced by spraying swastikas on it
      - student senator Azka Fayyaz took to Facebook to gloat over the vote, posting a photo of the flag bearing activists and writing "Hamas & (Islamic - ed.) Sharia law have taken over UC Davis.
      Johanna Wilder, a StandWithUs Pacific Northwest campus coordinator, summed up the situation:"This demonstrates the dishonesty and hypocrisy of divestment campaigns on campus,” Wilder said in response to the vote. "They claim to be about social justice and human rights, but this student senator’s statement revealed SJP and the BDS movement’s real agenda."

      UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi was quick to condemn calling the behavior "repugnant and a gross violation of the values our university holds dear."

  • Drones over Auschwitz and Gaza
    • @American, if the majority of the world is unaware of Holocaust Remembrance Day that is a condemnation. The Holocaust is not just about Jews notwithstanding your insistence to the contrary. You obviously put the damning of Israel way above your concerns about the world's inability to learn from the Holocaust vis-a-vis our propensity to repeat as in Darfur, Cambodia, Rwanda etc. Please remember the Nakba was not a Holocaust even though the Palestinians and their confederates like to frame it as such.

    • The fact that the Holocaust cannot be discussed in its own right without invoking the spectre of anti-Zionism is positively shameful. The Holocaust is the harbinger of discussion about major genocides (Darfur, Rwanda, Cambodia, Armenia etc) that have occurred that demonstrate that we still have serious lessons to learn. It is as though one cannot talk about anything to do with Jews without shaping it into an attack on Israel. Let us talk about the Nakba but not in the context of the Nazi Holocaust because it doesn't qualify as a 'holocaust' wherein one ethnic group has slaughtered defenceless innocent people to assert its ethnic, political, racial or religious supremacy.

    • Page: 9
    • The commemoration of the Holocaust, now preserved by the UN Holocaust Remembrance Day, is sunk deep in the psyche of freedom loving people who cherish human rights and dignity for all people.

      It was an important week in Jewish history.

      Wrong - It was an important week in the history of all mankind.
      This event is not just there for Jews to remember the huge suffering that they particularly experienced. I was most impressed that SBS TV in Australia ran impassioned stories for their heterogeneous Australian audience about the liberation of Auschwitz three days in a row on their major national news service.This shows no lessening of the importance of the Holocaust for all of us, not just Jews.

      Those who hook their own anti-Israel agendas on to this commemoration, diminishing it by drawing attention elsewhere to other issues are showing how dirty is their politics. If I am discussing any Jewish topic, even art or literature, these dedicated Israel haters will always muster their malevolence and divert to what matters most to them - the demonization and delegitimization of Israel.

  • Auschwitz revisited
    • No other group faced the uniquely horrific threat of total annihilation. The Nazis particularly wanted to rid the planet of every single Jew. Despite the fact the genocide continues to occur the lessons and message from what happened to the Jews stand out as a special reminder and should not be diminished by others pushing their own barrows.

  • Charlie Hebdo: The sacred of the 'wretched of the Earth' and its desecration
    • @Mooser , it doesn't matter where the goal posts might be as you always kick the man instead of the ball.

  • Surprise-- 'NYT' publishes straightforward report on Israeli human rights violations in Gaza
    • I don't need to resort to hasbara. A report that does not even discuss the use of human shields by Hamas in order to hinder or deliberately compromise IDF attacks is fundamentally flawed if not a complete joke. 

  • The growing ties between #BlackLivesMatter and Palestine
    • The missing link in my last post with all the lowdown on the machinations of groups like Dream Defenders and other such shit stirrers is

    • This is all about blatant political opportunism - exploiting the people of Ferguson for ulterior political motives, fomenting trouble, hunting for allies in an unreceptive world where pushing one's own unpopular agenda is paramount.
      Anti-Israel activists have set on a deliberate course to hijack the Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatters protests to their own anti-Israel agenda.
      "It’s the strategy we have seen time and again — turn every issue into an anti-Israel issue through exploiting domestic racial divisions."
      "That anti-Israeli agenda, which involves encouraging confrontation with police in solidarity with Palestinians, is helping provide the accelerant to an already volatile situation..."
      Looks like a lot of these pro-Palestinian agitators will be spending time in prison where they will have plenty of time to polish up their manifestos.

  • On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz
    • On the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz - an event on a scale which has never been matched in history for the shocking dimension of human suffering - some choose to diminish the significance of the Holocaust and use it to divert attention to their own political agendas. There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens but today has been reserved.

      The demonstrators who disrupted a NYC Council motion vote commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz show how low some people are prepared to go. This is pure anti-semitism that emanates from the pro-Palestinian movement - invoking the Nakba to distract from the horrors of the Holocaust is despicable behavior.

      Jews don't have a monopoly on the Holocaust and the commemoration I attended tonight acknowledged all the different groups of people who were affected. Jew haters will always demean the efforts of Jews on the world stage and the actions of Jews, who punch well above their weight, are despised ipso facto by dedicated judeophobes the world over (MondoWeiss constituents strongly represented).

      A study just reported in Haaretz comparing high school textbooks in 139 countries and territories shows that just 57 countries describe Holocaust directly. Yes Ellis the lessons remain but from the tone of the remarks around here it doesn't seem that much has sunk in.

      "The International Day in memory of the victims of the Holocaust is thus a day on which we must reassert our commitment to human rights. [...] We must also go beyond remembrance, and make sure that new generations know this history. We must apply the lessons of the Holocaust to today’s world. And we must do our utmost so that all peoples must enjoy the protections and rights for which the United Nations stands."  - United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

  • Living in Israel isn't the solution to antisemitism
    • I am dismayed when I see anti-semitic depictions and I complain if I think it is necessary to do so. I have complained on occasions about the poor taste or wrongful misrepresentations of our ABC and had many of my complaints acknowledged and the matter rectified.

      On the other hand cartoons of Mohammed are not going to stir non-Muslims into Islamophobic rage  - they only really bother the insiders and they don't just complain, they go out and KILL.

    • Is it a false comparison to say that if you can insult the prophet Muhammad, you should be able to poke fun at the Holocaust?

      Loewenstein writes with the pen of the appeasing apologist - drawing a false moral equivalence between anti-semitism and Islamophobia.

      Whereas Jews weather anti-semitism (as they have done for millenia) and take recourse through appropriate legal and media avenues; Mohammedans scream blue murder over the depiction of their prophet (even in plain vanilla terms) and go on murderous rampages when their precious sensibilities are challenged.

      Furthermore, cartoons of Mohammed are at most riling Muslims whose specious views contradict the cultural and social values of our own western, democratic society. You only have to listen to the anti-freedom rants of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the back streets of Sydney yesterday to see views that oppose our society's basic principles: e.g. ""We rejected freedom yesterday, we rejected freedom today and we reject your freedom tomorrow,"

      Cartoons of Mohammed don't directly stir up Islamophobia as they generally tend to be humorous, satirical representations rather than inciteful, hateful portrayals of Jews that can inject more venom into the fangs of anti-semites and consequently lead to more hate crimes. Muslims, by maintaining a separatist position, not integrating like other minorities into the mainstream of multicultural society, stir up resentment from the rest of the community, who tend to feel that they are not sharing equally in the task of building a nation.

      If Muslims were to show due respect to the multicultural societies in which they live and not keep demeaning our Western democratic values then we might be more willing to accede to their wishes . In the meantime it is totally hypocritical for Muslims to complain about the way in which we speak about them, when they show scant contempt for our way of life, many proclaiming (as in Sydney yesterday) that we would be much better off under Sharia law.

  • The ‘hasbara’ tweeps who brought down Jim Clancy, and their ties to Israel and the Israel lobby
    • @Boomer, he wasn't dismissed - he fell on his own sword.If you are asked for an apology and an apology should be forthcoming and you don't apologize then to resign is obligatory. Clancy suffered from 'foot in mouth' disease which in professional circles is generally fatal.

  • Netanyahu and Europe’s far right find common ground after the Paris attacks
    • He wants a Europe free of Jews

      Cook is putting words into Netanyahu's mouth to suit his own agenda.

      Netanyahu is perfectly entitled to entice Jews, who are waking up to the sad realities of a mangled Europe, to come to Israel. More Jews will continue to emigrate and it is in Israel's interests to attract those who decide to leave for whatever reason.

      To stretch this to claim that Netanyahu wants ALL Jews to leave Europe is false, shoddy, alarmist rubbish.

  • #JeSuisUnJuifBritannique
    • There is a very strong whiff of a fallacious argument that when Israel is asserting itself that anti-semitism increases and so Israelis are causing anti-semitism. Robert Cohen has been quick to try and dodge the accusation that he is "not falling into the mindset of blaming the victims" however I think he has unfortunately failed to avoid wearing that criticism.

      The spike in anti-Jewish behavior at times like Operation Protective Edge reflects pure and unadulterated anti-semitism, which hibernates in our society until there is the opportunity for people with such inclination to express it. All criticism of Israel or protests related to Israel's actions does not equate to antisemitism. What is clear is that increased reporting of tensions overseas and a rise in anti-Israel rhetoric provides an excuse/pretext to antisemites to act on their beliefs and carry out intimidation directed towards Jews.
      When key players in the media, pushing their own agendas, keep inferring Israel is the sole perpetrator in the I/P conflict, using contrived images of Palestinians to pull at the heartstrings of the politically ignorant, the scene is set for more irrational, anti Jewish reaction. 

      Do Phil or Adam ever consider how much succor they give to anti-semites by running Mondoweiss?  


    • 1 in 4 British people (25%) believe Jews chase money more than other British people

      Tell me how that anti-semitic attitude has anything to do with Israel.
      And these questions in the survey that also revealed how widespread endemic anti-semitism is and how fundamentally it has nothing to do with Zionism:

      1. Jews think they are better than other people.

      2. In business, Jews are not as honest as most people.

      3. I would be unhappy if a family member married a Jew.

      4. Jews have too much power in the media.

      5. Jews talk about the Holocaust too much in order to get sympathy.
      Jews who think that they can counter anti-semitism if they behave 'better' and kowtow to the sensibilities of the other are fools who have learned nothing from the annals of history.

      What Israel does can generate spikes in anti-semitism but the underlying bases for anti-semitism are fed by more deeply entrenched prejudices.
      Reading Anti-Judaism: The Western Tradition (New York: Norton, 2013) by David Nirenberg,  has helped me understand much better at a meta-level the virulent hate that Jews have faced throughout history. Nirenberg's 'brilliant, fascinating, and deeply depressing book' goes a long way to explain the malignant 'noise' that we keep hearing about Jews and their allegedly 'unsavory' behaviours.

  • There is no pride for Jews in the state of Israel
    • @seafoid, hasbara (actually public diplomacy) is not one-sided and monotonous like the constant drone of [...] propaganda. Whereas one attempts to deal with facts and offers explanations (hasbara), the other keeps pushing the single-minded, obsessive narrative of [...]. Naturally the term hasbara has to be demeaned - this is a common, cheap debating trick. It means you are trying to get away without dealing with the details of the opposition case by claiming it is based on a single, allegedly wrong premise.

  • ICC opens war crimes inquiry into Israel over Gaza war as Palestinians prepare another UN resolution
    • seafoid, seems to be having a few problems with the world.

      As he draws our attention what is the message?

      In his equation he forgot to add in the item 'Muslim Anti-semitism' and misread 'assertion of Israel as a Jewish state' as 'Zionist violence' which gives a different answer i.e. ultra dangerous becomes Islamic terrorism.

    • "ICC’s new prosecutor on Arab conflicts, how Islam plays a role in guiding her and her vision for the international court"
      Al Arabiya asked Bensouda whether she, as prosecutor of the ICC, would refuse a referral, if she didn’t believe in it; she replied “absolutely”.
      On whether her religion plays any role in helping her do the job that she has been elected to do, she said: “Absolutely, definitely. Islam, as you know, is a religion of peace, and it gives you this inner strength, this inner ability and a sense of justice. Together with my experience, this will help a lot.”

      Jews, who have suffered from endemic Islamic hatred since the birth of Islam, are to feel confident that Bensouda is best suited to her extraordinary role and responsibility? The world appeases Islam yet again by acceding to a Muslim having jurisdiction over Jews in such irrevocably compromised circumstances.


      The ICC further diminishes its credibility:

      "But the (ICC) prosecutor (Bensouda) did not actually determine the Palestine qualifies as a “state” under the well-established legal definitions of the term.  Rather, she said that the U.N. General Assembly’s vote in 2012 to call Palestine a “non-member state” is dispositive of the question. In short, she substituted the determination of the General Assembly for her own. The GA is not a judicial body, but a political one. Its determinations are political, not legal. (It also has no power under the U.N. Charter, to create or recognize states.)

      "Statehood, however, is a legal term, with legal criteria (“the Montevideo test”), which involve judgement and the application of law to facts. Of particular relevance is the requirement that to become a state, a territory have a functioning government exercising supreme control in at least part of its claimed territory. The requirements for the creation of a state do not mirror those for its extinguishing. Thus the possibility of a “state under occupation,” to use the Palestinian’s favored term, does not preempt the need for there to first be a state under Montevideo definitions. The Palestinians, however, claim all of their territory is and has always been under the control of Israel.

      "The U.N. General Assembly need not be troubled by such legal problems because it is an explicitly political body. It need not be coherent or consistent, unlike a court. For the Prosecutor to take the judgements of such a body on the application of legal terms in the Rome Statute to particular facts as binding upon the Court is to surrender her independence. The Court’s statute, as well as its press releases, demand and proclaim its independence. Yet decisions like this one violate independence, making it a mere organ of the U.N., and of the General Assembly at that."

      So much for legal niceties ...


  • It's not the cartoons-- a contrarian perspective from a Muslim cartoonist
    • @mooser, you encapsulate a closed mentality that ignores what somebody might say and concentrate instead on the 'color of their skin'. What hope is there for rational discussion if you dismiss what somebody has to say because of who they happen to be?

    • No wisdom from Whizdom -
      Oddly he didn't kill or threaten any of the hostages after the initial assault
      Yeh he only killed 4 people so he wasn't such a bad guy!

  • Netanyahu crashes Paris unity march, French gov't fumes
    • The Syrian Observatory’s total of 76,021 deaths for 2014 compared with its total of 73,447 in 2013, 49,294 in 2012 and 7,841 in 2011 from This is a total of over 200,000 people having been killed in Syria in 3 years.

      On the other hand deaths in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict 1987-2014 over a period of 27 years are 8500 Palestinians and 1500 Israelis for a grand total of 10,000 from

      Where is the perspective around here Shingo?

      It seems that one Palestinian death is 200,000/10,000 X 27/3 = 180 times more important than the death of every Syrian.

    • @shingo, you keep on trying to avoid reality to push what seems to be your only concern - the dissolution of Israel.
      You know that Netanyahu and Hollande would not have wanted to give another opportunity for a Muslim misfit to kill some more Jews in France right now hence the security concerns.
      Just as you were dismissive about the terrible death toll in Syria when it was escalating, so you are blind to the bleak prognosis for Jews in a Muslim plagued Europe.

    • The dishonesty in the remarks here is mind-blowing. France has just screwed Israel with its ill-considered vote in the UN Security Council as it has done before when de Gaulle stopped arms shipments to Israel after the 1967 war. The issue with Netanyahu coming to Paris was fundamentally to do with security. For Netanyahu to be prevented from attending the ceremonies in Paris would have delivered yet another insult by France to Israel as it struggles desperately to prevent more Islamic terrorism.
      There will always be your appeasers like Rabbi Margolin, Jews not prepared to wake up to the grim reality of a Europe that is succumbing to enormous pressure from its burgeoning Muslim populations. The cat is out of the bag - it is way too late for interfaith hug-fests and such delusional dilly dallying.

  • 'With God’s help, the journalists at Haaretz will be murdered just like in France': Death threats follow publication of cartoon in Israeli newspaper
    • @Robbins, you keep twisting reality and making things up - you have no sense of perspective.

      killed more last summer than were killed at the paris office massacre

      Seriously, what credibility can you claim for yourself when you make blatantly false assertions like this.

      According to this report from the Committee to Protect Journalists sixteen journalists have been killed in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory since 1992 - four were killed in the outbreak last summer. 
      link to

      Of the four journalists killed one was killed by an unexploded missile that blew up, two were killed in an Israeli bombardment on a market in the Shijaiyah neighborhood (therefore not specifically targeted), one was killed by an Israel shell fired during a day when more than 60 Palestinians and 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in clashes between Israeli and Hamas forces in Shijaiyah.

      These incidents in war-torn Gaza hardly compare to the deliberate cold-blooded murder of defenseless journalists sitting in their office oblivious of the barbaric act that was about to be inflicted upon them.

    • There is a huge huge difference between wishing somebody would die and actually committing a murderous terrorist act.

  • Why I am not Charlie
    • @tokyobk, take a reality check

      its ok to poke fun at Muslims in ways that would never be done to other groups in polite society.
      Muslims SHOULD be just like the rest of us (no special treatment for deceptively alleged victimhood), but their religion (political ideology) prevents that.

    • Notwithstanding that the disgraceful article was pulled by the IBT is the fact that Greta Berlin, BDS Leader, spokesperson for the Free Gaza Movement responsible for the Gaza flotillas, actually declared this on her Facebook feed:
      “MOSSAD just hit the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo in a clumsy false flag designed to damage the accord between Palestine and France…Here’s hoping the French police will be able to tell a well executed hit by a well trained Israeli intelligence service and not assume the Muslims would be likely to attack France when France is their freind (sic.) Israel did tell France there would be grave consequences if they voted with Palestine. A four year old could see who is responsible for this terrible attack.”
      "Berlin’s remarks about the Charlie Hebdo slaughter are not the first time she has promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories. In 2012, even some Jewish anti-Zionists were angered by her endorsement of a video featuring an obscure anti-Semite named Eustace Mullins, who charged, in the words of Berlin’s tweet at the time, that “Zionists operated the concentration camps and helped murder millions of innocent Jews.”

      These kind of remarks demonstrate that the accusations that the BDS is fundamentally driven by anti-semitic precepts are proven.

    • @taxi, have you got some statistics on the number of people killed by islamophobes compared to islamists? And you contend that they are each an "equal grave danger". Amazing logic!

  • Media obsesses over 'free speech' in Charlie Hebdo case while ignoring Israeli targeting of journalists
    • Yes, Mossad assassinated him in London in 1987

      @zaid, you choose to believe this when there is no definite proof. Naji al-Ali worked in Beirut, Kuwait and finally in London and his deceptively simple (and prolific) drawings targeted Arab governments, Iran, America and Israel. It is just as likely that he was murdered by an Arab who didn't take a fancy to his depictions. However it is convenient to dump everything on to Mossad - throw enough mud and some of it will stick.

      "Colleagues reported that weeks before his death he was warned not to attack Arafat, then in exile in Tunisia and much criticised for his authoritarian style and lack of accountability. "You must correct your attitude," he was told in no uncertain terms.

      On June 24 he published a cartoon lampooning the PLO chief and a woman friend - a highly sensitive issue for a leader who always claimed to be "married" to the Palestinian revolution. Less than a month later, he was fighting for his life in a London neurosurgical ward after being shot in the face at point-blank range.

      Shortly afterwards, British police arrested a Palestinian student named Ismail Sowan. He turned out to be a double agent for both the PLO and Mossad, Israel's intelligence service, and claimed his controllers had been briefed on the plan to kill al-Ali. The affair triggered a furious row between the UK and Israel.

      Sowan was convicted of possessing arms and explosives. The family are convinced to this day that the murder was carried out on Arafat's orders. But no one was ever charged."


  • 'Spiral,' 'threat,' 'polarization,' or 'full-scale popular campaign for Palestinian freedom' -- reactions to the ICC move
    • @robbins, all the hullabalu because Israel is sick and tired of being pushed on to the 'succumb to the Palestinian pressure agenda merry-go-round' and the incessant intractable demands. Israelis want an end to the constant politicising of the 'Palestinian' cause and an end to the virulent campaign to delegitimize and criminalize Israel.

    • @taxi, yes we know the whole Muslim world with the help if their left-wing confederates hates the Jewish upstarts. We know the Israel's Muslim neighbours would like one of their vurulent Islamist proxies to start a regional war. Is Israel going to kowtow to such obvious pressure tactics? I don't think so. Forced into a corner any animal will come out fighting to ensure its survival. With the US pushed more to Israel's side than ever before the PA can start looking for funding its bureaucrats from other sources.

    • The rapist-victim metaphor again and again. How about some constructive thought instead of using deliberately emotive language. Anything to keep the pro-Palestinian cause alive, to keep the fires burning, going to the ICC is like flogging a dead horse - it will do absolutely nothing to advance the prospects for peace.

  • Ari Roth is fired by DC Jewish center -- after staging Nakba play
    • Jews are supposed to be free to go about undermining Israel in the name of free speech while nobody gives a rats arse about the tactics of the pro-Palestinian camp? It seems like MW is quite willing to support anything that slams Israel, but with true hypocrisy is totally blind to the other side which is much much worse in its behavior.

      Should Jews be permitted to put on theatre that extols the efforts of the Nazis in exterminating Jews? Where's the limit? Isn't it about time that Jews who support Israel don't give free licence to Jews who think it is OK to help the efforts of the enemy? This is not a free speech issue per se but an issue of not committing treasonable activities - not doing things to unnecessarily endanger or damage the position of Israel in the eyes of the world. There are plenty of other people doing this - so why lend them assistance?

      Palestinian journalists are repeatedly arrested in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for reportedly criticizing the policies and leaders of the PA and Hamas. This regular assault on freedom  of expression does not seem to bother the Western countries that fund the PA, or Hamas supporters from all around the world or Mondoweiss.

      "During the peace talks, the director-general of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group criticized his own government, declaring, "There is no freedom of expression in our areas." A Palestinian blogger was arrested by the PA for starting a Facebook campaign called "The People Want an End to Corruption." A West Bank university lecturer was arrested for criticizing Mahmoud Abbas on Facebook. The former information minister was shot after calling for reforms in the PA. This bullying and intimidation is intended to deepen the frustration and hatred in Palestinian consciousness and provoke hostility toward the Jewish people."

  • PA considers ‘re-defining security coordination’ with Israel in wake of Palestinian govt minister death
    • As usual a report by Deger oozing with blatant bias.

      Abu Ein died yesterday morning before 11:00am from “a blockage of the coronary artery,” where “the bleeding could have been caused by stress,” according to the preliminary findings of the autopsy the Israeli Ministry of Health said this morning. “The poor condition of the deceased’s heart caused him to be more sensitive to stress,” the report continued.
      .....“The Israelis asked to have one of their doctors present and we agreed so that there is no doubt about the findings and there can be a complete condemnation,” said al-Sheikh, adding, ”The cause of death was because the soldiers beat him, fired intensive teargas and prevented Abu Ein from reaching the hospital on time. There is no other narrative.”

      This assertion is so political biased - the truth isn't important, foremost is the Palestinian narrative. Why haven't other protesters died before in similar circumstances? Palestinian protesters regularly put the IDF to the test with their routine confrontational demonstrations that deliberately aim to generate violence to implicate Israel.

      Jordanian officials under the dictates of their leaders no doubt have said "he was assassinated by Israeli occupation forces" with nothing whatsoever to prove this. Their aim is simply to incite.

      Israeli officials have refused to sign the completed autopsy report, stymieing the dissemination of the results

      How ridiculous is this statement - Israel would sign an autopsy report that is based on lies and pro-Palestinian propagandist claims!

  • Palestinian minister dies after Israeli army assault during olive tree planting ceremony in West Bank village
    • Following a joint autopsy, the Palestinian doctor concluded that he died as a result of a blow to his body, not of natural causes. The Israeli doctor said the 55-year-old’s death was caused by the blockage of a coronary artery.

      There you have it, one doctor gives an explanation for cause of death, while the other gives an interpretation that does not explain the death, but satisfies the pro-Palestinian propagandists and contributes to the inflaming of tensions.
      Watching this video you see how one of the Palestinians strikes at the soldiers with his flag pole 
      link to Israeli soldiers naturally respond to a clear act of assault.

    • Certainly his trial did not meet the accepted standards of reliability or justice in civilized societies.

      And the Palestinians set the standard?
      link to
      Is this what we would get from implementing a Palestinian state? I fear yes. While Israel is repeatedly vilified there is an unattended lack of awareness of the human rights violations committed by the Palestinian government authorities.
      Refer 'Hidden Injustices -A Review of PA & Hamas Human Rights Violations in the West Bank and Gaza' at

  • For the first time Israel's high court wrestles with legality of punitive home demolitions
    • Sorry to inform you blah chick but there is a war going on at the moment in Israel-Palestine.Just as collective punishment was used by the Allies to successfully end WWII Israel is being forced to resort to the same tactics.

      Rabbi Avihai Ronsky, the former Chief Rabbi of the IDF, wrote (link to that both the Hebrew bible and modern history give precedents for the proper way to deal with the Palestinians.

      And what are these precedents? The first is a biblical massacre from Genesis 34 in which Jacob’s sons, Simon and Levi, killed every male civilian in a tribal city after a local warlord raped their sister and then demanded her hand in marriage. The second precedent comes from World War II, per Ronsky’s words:

      “Only with a sharp blow will we make it clear that Jewish blood is not cheap. [Just as with the massacre in Genesis 34], the same goes today: only by dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused millions of deaths, did the U.S. bring an end to World War II.”

      Indiscriminate collective punishment should be the last resort if the Palestinians decide to return to the violent strategies of their initifadas. In the meantime punishing those who raise and nurture and give succor to murderers should be strongly discouraged.

    • On numerous occasions they readily condemned the slayings to the press

      Total rubbish!

      Mother of Uday Abu-Jamal recited a chilling poem just a day after Jerusalem synagogue massacre: 'I brought up my children on Islam.'


      The Abu Jammal family got in the act, celebrating the "martyrdom" of their relatives - before police swooped in and arrested several of them....


      Israel has very little choice when it comes to stemming the tide of violence from Palestinians, who just want to stir up trouble. Those who are in complicit in murderous crimes should be held to account as they are in any democratic society; signs of weakness by the Israeli authorities are seen as victories, encouraging others to commit similar dastardly acts.

  • Living in the aftermath: Palestinians in Gaza struggle under the siege to rebuild
  • It's always been a holy war
    • It's all too convenient to dismiss what people have to say because of who they happen to be. It's a giant cop out to cut the discussion by resorting to accusations of islamophobia.

      Let me say that I could well post a heap of suras from the koran that abrogate those posted by jd65. Also I don't need the expositions of Robert Spencer to make my point - there are many others who are prepared to call a spade a spade and not be suffocated by inane political correctness.
      The mere foundation of the state of Israel puts the Islamic holy book, Qur'an, in doubt. Despite the fact the God is supposed to be angry with them, the Jews have their own state. At this point a conflict appears – a conflict between reality and sort of an illusion stated by the Qur'an.
      link to
      The state of Israel came into this like a slap on the face of every Muslim. Here were the Jews, a despised people whom God had abandoned, whose very existence had depended so heavily on the toleration extended to them by Muslim states, turning up in force and receiving at the hands of the infidel powers a land that had been part of the Islamic umma for almost fourteen hundred years

    • Is it so hard to answer this question civilly:

      Annie, would you say that the murder of the 4 rabbis can be justified?

      instead of getting into the usual bullying tactics deployed with defenders of Israel?

    • I certainly know what the mother of one of the killers was thinking as she publicly celebrates her son being a shahid.

    • Who started this holy war? By how many centuries does Islam with its in-built antipathy toward dhimmis (Christians and Jews) predate Zionism?

      This discussion which should openly include full consideration of Islam manages somehow to avoid any direct mention of it!

  • Lieberman unveils racist peace plan: Pay Palestinians to leave Israel
    • @Robbins -
      "Since Iraq would keep the Jews' property, Sharrett worried that the first immigrants from Iraq might expect the Israeli government to compensate them for their losses - leaving Israel with the double burden of compensating nonrepatriated Palestinians and Iraqi immigrants"

      Jewish Property Claims Against Arab Countries by Michael R. Fischbach (Columbia University Press) 13 Aug 2013 

    • @horizontal, I'm happy to give you $20 to leave the planet.

    • Tell me Seafoid how much financial compensation did those Jews receive who were forced to leave their property in Arab countries because of persecution?

  • Debunking Netanyahu's propaganda on Jerusalem
    • Robbins, you only nitpicked my last comment (everything else I said is irrefutable?) and now an Israel Police investigation is saying that the two Jewish men were ambushed by four Palestinian teens - read

    • Inflammatory propaganda - you have to be kidding!
      To ignore the primary role that Islam plays in the whole picture is like designing a vehicle without considering what terrain it has to traverse.
      Jerusalem is at the center of incitement, orchestrated by the head of the global jihad's branch in Israel, Sheikh Raed Salah. For years, he has been trying to inflame the situation. For years, he has been inciting under the slogan "Al-Aqsa is in danger." This is a historic slogan. The copyright belongs to the mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini. Salah adopted it. Read 
      link to
      , a Yemenite Jew, who writes about Salah, would take great exception to Kurz's blanket insinuation that Israel is based on a system inherently racist to nonwhite Jews.
      And another racist attack against Jews in Jerusalem only a few days ago -

  • Hate attacks in Jerusalem and Israel include one by settler girls
    • Palestinian taxi driver avoids driving into religious Jewish areas

      Over the past month, five Israelis and a foreign visitor have been deliberately run over and killed or stabbed to death by Palestinians. Thankfully now there might be less chance of some renegade Palestinian driving his vehicle maliciously into innocent passers-by in the street.

  • Revisiting 'Graveyard of Numbers': Israel refuses to return remains of Palestinian militants as a punitive measure
    • And Eljay makes his 7746th posting repeating the exact same terms as he always does - oppressive, colonialist, expansionist and zio-supremacist, omitting the word 'ethnic-cleansing' this time through some inexplicable oversight.

      True to form Eljay makes remarks that have nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    • In previous cases, following the police investigation, the bodies of perpetrators were returned to families who held funerals for them, some of which spiraled into violent Palestinian protests. Israel has invariably abided by due procedures, while its enemies have time and time again pursued cruel, hateful measures.
      Hamas has always shouted out that it will reek havoc on Israel when its own militants get killed. Hamas continues to celebrate the brutal murder of innocent people, making it plainly evident that Israel has no-one with whom to negotiate. Israel needs to explore new ways to deal with the current wave of attacks. No nation in the world can allow such heinous acts like those perpetrated in Jerusalem this week to sway its resolve.

    • Israel may be alone in using the dead to actively try to punish the living

      What rubbish! You so conveniently block out of your mind what doesn't suit your vanilla agenda. Israel was held to ransom over the bodies of three of their soldiers in 2004, having to barter hundreds of convicted terrorists in exchange. What a punishment for the living is that, for the families of those who see those who murdered their loved ones being freed.
      Israel perfectly justified in not released the bodies of the murderers -

      As one commenter so aptly said, "The graves are turned into shrines. It encourages more terror."

      Israel has to find ways to give less and less opportunity to potential murderers to gain from their evil acts.

  • This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say
    • Kay24, you can't tell the difference between people who are killed whilst protesting violently or firing rockets or planning terrorist attacks and innocent people who are killed in cold blood!
      Are Palestinians going to screw up good and proper now by giving Israel every good reason to clamp down heavily on them?

  • Running for Gaza: Linda Wafi's marathon journey for Palestinian children
    • there was a big fear in 2006 after Hamas was elected that they would force women to wear hijabs, Those fears, she said, were not realized

      However UK courts accepted the evidence on oath, supported by expert evidence, that the fears of women in Gaza were sufficiently real to grant asylum to women from Gaza on the basis of misogynistic actions by Hamas against women - refer

      Hamas has begun enforcing some Islamic standards of dress for women in  the PA; women must don headscarves in order to enter government ministry buildings.
      Honor killings are a problem in the PA; the Hamas government has not moved to stop these killings and may have set up infrastructures which participate in them. etc etc

      There was a Mondoweiss response to the Beinart piece with a rather pathetic rejoinder to Beinart's assertions:

      Beinart should understand that the struggle for “individual liberty and accountable government” will only fully take place once Palestinian rights are truly honored and Palestinians themselves can take full agency over their lives and the society they want to build

      If a people oppress and victimise their own people then the expectations cannot be very high that will treat them and others very differently if and when the barriers come down. Where's the sense of mutual sympathy and concern for one's fellow man? It seems like Islamic political dogma is much more important in Gaza than human compassion.

      So Robbins it seems that your blindspot grows bigger by the minute. Maybe you could pick up a cheap copy from one of your Hamas contacts of the Babes Of Hamas’ pinup calendar that has apparently been selling rather poorly.

      From Operation Protective Edge it seems that women and children in Gaza are most useful to Hamas as human shields than they are for other purposes.

    • The Pro-Palestinian Left's Hamas Blindspot -

    • Try doing this in Gaza itself which is a cesspit of misogyny 

      link to

  • Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a 'Friend of Palestine'
    • Shingo you can't have it both ways. The Australian published the original guff from Carr about his Arabophilic epiphany. To advance full and open discussion the reply from Magid was printed.
      Seems like you managed to circumvent the paywall very easily as most people can do.
      Murdoch does a much fairer job than Fairfax who have adopted a biased left wing perspective where they censor opinions that don't agree with their soggy politically correct agenda.

    • Typical stupid tactic of demeaning the person as a way of avoiding having to deal with the discussion points.

    • Thank you Straightline for a proper perspective.

    • @lysias you have started your quote with "The crisis came in the last months of Gillard’s term" after starting off your remarks with "That was widely speculated at the time of Rudd’s ouster in 2010"

      The problem with your false conjecturing is that Gillard's term ended in June 2013. The Palestinian recognition question only came up prior to the end of her term.

      The decision process in the Labour Party as to who was best to lead was based on other considerations - to blame it on a 'Zionist' conspiracy is the usual hysterical claptrap that comes from people who want to blame the Jews for everything (i.e. anti-semites).

    • @annie, for your information here 'The Muslims who saved Jews from the Holocaust' at

      link to

      This reference to 'Muslim supporters of Israel' is also interesting
      link to

      i wonder if she’s even been to palestine!

      I wonder if you Annie have been to Israel.

      Ahmed is opposed to the occupation of the Palestinian Territories, but admits that she doesn't know how Israel can relinquish control over a region hosting "a virulent Jihadist ideology" and leaders calling for her own destruction.

    • @lysias, your source for "largely as a result of Zionist pressure"?

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