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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • Israelis take on Facebook 'monster' with claims it knowingly incites Palestinian attacks
  • Answering Yair Lapid's (contemptuous) questions about refugees
    • The Afghani refugees are mainly those born in Afghanistan with about 30% direct descendants (first generation). Here we are talking of families who have been directly impacted from the war in their country and not descendants who have no direct link any more with the place from which their dim and distant ancestors may have fled.
      The ruse with alleged Palestinian refugees is the unique definition applied to 'Palestinian' “refugees.” UNRWA count not only those who actually left their homes but those in ALL succeeding generations, presumably forever. Any descendants of Palestine refugee males, including adopted children, are considered eligible for registration.
      @David44, this unique, on-going entitlement for 'Palestinians' in perpetuity is what I believe is and have referred to as "total insanity".

    • One of those Palestinian 'refugees' Bassem Eid woke up to the fact that UNRWA staff are just out to perpetuate the conflict in order to protect their own jobs; they have no interest in settling the refugee problem so their jobs don't become obsolete. And as he said,
      "Most Palestinians believe that it (right of return) is not realistic any more. When leaders make the same promise for 66 years and do not deliver, most people realize that the leaders are liars. The UNRWA is a liar too because it is part of the battle for the right of return.
      In 2003 we had in Ramallah a very remarkable organization (Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, headed by Khalil Shikaki) that conducted a referendum among the Palestinian refugees.
      The question was “what is the solution that you are seeking from the international community?” Seventy percent of those surveyed said that they wanted compensation. I think that most Palestinian refugees want to be compensated and start rebuilding their lives and dignity. I visited refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan, and the majority of the refugees don’t believe that the right of return is realistic."
      As for paragraph 184 of the UNHCR handbook (not the UNRWA handbook by the way) it states following what Ofir has quoted, "Thus, a dependant member of a refugee family may be a national of the country of asylum or of another country, and may enjoy that country’s protection. To grant him refugee status in such circumstances would not be called for."
      This explains why Palestinian refugees are the only people who have been artificially kept as refugees and not been absorbed by host countries. In Jordan, Syria and Lebanon for example Palestinian refugee camps exist because these counties have refused to give them citizenship and have kept them as pawns to oppose Israel.
      Palestinians are actually the ONLY group in the world all descendants of whom are counted as refugees, and they have their very own UN agency, UNRWA which receives over 4 times as much funding and employs 5 times more staff than UNHCR the agency which takes care of all the other world refugees combined. This is total insanity!

  • Israeli officers permitted to open fire on boys with slingshots
    • @talknic, you either have a mind like a sieve or you are unable to view reality except through your anti-Israel lens. Don't you know that Jordan has been turning away Palestinians escaping from Syria since 2012.
      Furthermore Jordan has been revoking the citizenship of Palestinians for some time and because Jordan has been very secretive about such practices and with the world not being too concerned about it (being so obsessed about Israel) not much is known.
      Have you forgotten Black September when Jordan showed just how much it likes Palestinians especially when they want to threaten the hegemony of the Hashemite kingdom?
      Maybe if Arafat had managed to topple King Hussein there may have finally been a genuine foundation established for a Palestinian state.

    • @just, not a word of anger or indignation over the fact that Jordan has over 2 million Palestinians stored away in refugee camps and the percentage of Palestinians in Jordanian society is said to be close to 70%. If you looked at the situation logically you should be shouting out loud about the transgressions of the Hashemite kingdom but in true hypocritically fashion your silence on that score is deafening.

  • Elie Wiesel is Dead
    • I observe the fanatical indignation of the pro-Palestinian mob who complain that a man who fought against racism and bigotry all his life didn't throw his lot in with the Palestinians. It is like watching the vultures flying over a corpse looking for slim pickings.
      When is Phil going to be handing out sweets to the comment that best bags Elie Wiesel?

    • Page: 4
    • Annie, for your benefit (since you requested it) some direct words from Elie Wiesel.

      Wiesel "defines the modern anti-Semite, first and foremost, as anti-Israel. "It's very difficult to separate between the two," he says.

      "There are anti-Semites who are only anti-Israel," he explains. "Once I thought that anti-Semitism had ended; today it is clear to be that it will probably never end. It might weaken sometimes, but it will continue existing, because in different countries there is no shame in being an anti-Semite. We must remember that anti-Semitism led to Auschwitz. Without anti-Semitism there would have been no Auschwitz."

    • So everybody has to pay homage to the plight of the Palestinians as though that cause sits up there in the pantheon as the worst example of human injustice. Are people at MondoWeiss totally demented with no sense of proportion at all?
      What is particularly insane on this topic is the non-mention of the key phrase 'anti-semitism' which even Obama recognised when he acknowledged Elie Wiesel Raised His Voice Not Just Against anti-Semitism, but Against All Bigotry
      By the tone of the discussion here there is a spiteful undercurrent of Jew hatred in the comments which could well explain why no mention of anti-semitism has appeared to potentially expose the character of the graceless opinion and spite being expressed.

  • Netanyahu's bloody incitement
    • @just, why not pick one of the Neturei Karta to be your go to person? It is bizarre to be quoting someone who will find himself removed from his role and probably much worse if he doesn't do what the regime asks and expects of him. Every synagogue in Teheran has a Muslim overseer - Jews are not given the right to even manage their own houses of worship.
      Listen to Kooshyar Karimi's harrowing account of life as a Jew in the repressive hateful regime of Iran.

  • Family of Tel Aviv attacker tries to understand how star pupil turned to violence
    • Ben Ehrenreich, who wrote this Politico article is one of those Jewish anti-semites admired by Mondoweiss adherents. All this sickening pity evident here for the supporters of those who commit violent hate crimes and not a word for the innocent victims of indiscrimate terror.
      Somehow every attack against an Israeli can be justified because the Palestine cause is pure; this logic is based on an ideological stance that has no basis in rationality or historical truth.
      Palestinians in cahoots with their complicit Arab brethren have had a multitude of opportunities to strike an accord since the Zionist immigration wave at the turn of the 20th century, but time and time and time again it has been apparent that there is one irrevocable item on their agenda and that is to get rid of the Jews.

  • Religious zealots ready for takeover of Israeli army
    • It is totally unacceptable for a military officer to make political statements. For Yaalon to condone what Golan did cannot be countenanced by any country that has a responsible government. Allowing such behaviour could lead to and encourage a complete breakdown of the fundamental fabric of a democracy. If the party/parties in power can be undermined by their own armed forces, a climate is created that can threaten the very security of the nation and create a climate conducive to military coups.

  • The Making of Israel: Zionist settler colonialism in historic Palestine
    • Talknic, your bluster is no substitute for the facts.
      The Jordan annexation of the West Bank was never recognised by the UN or any country other than the UK and Pakistan.
      UN Security Council resolution 465 makes no mention of international law. In fact if you go to the wikipedia discussion on the subject of international law you will find nothing that equates the frequent bigotry of UN resolutions with what is encompassed by international law.
      And I note above that you have not found a rejoinder to my remark about what the LoN mandate (a legally binding treaty) said about Jews being entitled to settle ANYWHERE in the mandate of Palestine.

    • And remember Talknic Jews were entitled under the LoN Mandate to settle anywhere between the river and the sea.

    • I hear this statement over and over and over again

      expansion of settlements defined as illegal under International Law

      Just because the assertion of illegality is repeated over and over again doesn't make it true. Most of the world have had their brains hijacked on this issue by those ignorant of the legal complexities, propagandists and pro-Palestinian sympathisers who follow the dictum "If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."
      Professor Eugene Kontorovich makes the case debunking the notion of 'illegality' but hacks like Talknic keep harping on about Article 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention (inapplicable), violations of the Hague conventions re the principle that it is illegal to acquire territory by force (inapplicable ), the UNGA resolutions which are non-binding and UN Security Council resolutions under chapter VI which are actually intended to be followed and implemented via negotiated settlements between concerned parties etc.

  • Saying Israel has no right to exist as a Jewish state is not anti-Semitic
    • @eljay, you utter your meaningless platitudes about supremacist states of any kind and instead of showing a proportional attitude to the situation where you deal in some way with the dozens of much more intolerant Islamic states you constantly harp on about the ONE tiny state that is struggling against all odds to maintain its identity as a democratic Jewish state. You are a duplicitious hypocrite whose hollow utterances obviously resonate in this anti-semitic cesspit.

    • The report of the Regents Working Group on Principles Against Intolerance also declared:

      opposition to Zionism often is expressed in ways that are not simply statements of disagreement over politics and policy, but also assertions of prejudice and intolerance toward Jewish people and culture

      A perfect summation of the ethos of Mondoweiss.

  • Zionism is not really secular
    • Ofir misses out completely on the fact that political-secular Zionism was born from the need to deal with endemic antisemitism in society. Zionism as a primary offshoot from Judaism had to deal with the same societal dangers as did religious Judaism and has not had to co-opt religiosity to justify itself.
      Ofir misses the term 'messianism' in his analysis. Secular Zionism today has transcended the traditional bounds of messianism that was previously rooted just in religion.

  • 'Morbid symptoms' in Palestine
    • the PA is doing its best to frustrate these attacks

      What about a shred of evidence to substantiate this statement.

  • Tom Friedman to work as Cairo taxi driver 'because those guys know everything'
  • 'We don’t want to find ourselves in a position like apartheid South Africa': A report from Israel's first national conference against BDS
    • Coming from the likes of self-hating Jew Lowenstein this sardonic view of the anti-BDS conference is par for the course. With anti-BDS legislation firing up right round the world the BDS movement is in deep crisis and it is common sense for Israel’s advocates to go all out to destroy the BDS movement. Despite the claims here that BDS is hurting Israel and is on the ascendancy the facts of the matter are that BDS has failed miserably with its anti-semitic rhetoric.
      Case in point is this event taking place in my home city today. Intended only for Pallwags it is essentially an emergency meeting where pro-Palestinian advocates are desperately trying to work out how to dig their narrative out of the doldrums.
      Lowenstein can freely attend the anti-BDS event in democratic Israel while the pro-Palestinian event, bemoaning the fact that the media is sick and tired of the anti-Israel battle cry, stages its own version - an autocratic hatefest.

  • Rejected by Brazil, Israeli settler leader Dani Dayan given diplomatic post in US
    • Israel has enough countries in the world with which it can have open and honest diplomatic relations. It would be well advised to give Brazil the finger and let that country stew in its poverty and pollution.
      I fear for their local Jewish population who must be facing the brunt of anti-Zionism i.e. anti-Semitism.

  • Israeli soldier filmed killing wounded Palestinian finds support among Israeli politicians
    • @eljay, reporting from his echo chamber surrounded by alleged Zio-supremacists, has missed out one of the IDF values, namely
      - to prevent pro-Palestinian propagandists from staging and disseminating Pallywood photo-opportunities that muddle the thinking of those still open to reason.

  • Jewish settlers threaten life of Palestinian who shot video of execution
    • @talknic, I am here all right. In typical fashion you blurt out abuse - the only language you know. If you had bothered to follow the previous article through you would have read about evidence that suggests the soldier's action was justified

    • According to a civilian paramedic who was at the scene, those responding to the stabbing incident feared the terrorist was wearing an explosive vest and he was about to detonate it, which is when the IDF officer shot him.

      This paramedic said that the soldiers and emergency personnel began to yell that the terrorist is still moving, and they think he has a bomb on him.

      The eye- and earwitness said he heard it with his own ears, and that if the B’tselem video had an audio recording (conveniently for propagandists never interested in the facts it did not) it would confirm that this is what happened.

      Stepping back from the incident, notice how all blame and responsibility for a terrorist action that was perpetrated by the Palestinian attacker is overlooked. The Palestinian who intended to murder is portrayed as victim. These images are used as propaganda vehicles, the truth not being important, rather the capturing of the media's attention with a slanted propaganda message.

  • Palestinians in Gaza are drinking contaminated water
    • @eljay, your response is beyond a joke. You conveniently avoid the nonsense claim about the output of Gazan water purification plants still being contaminated. As for your idiotic suggestion that Israel should withdraw into Israel proper - this is a sure recipe for suicide with Israel a sitting duck for terrorists bent on its destruction surrounding it on all borders, and you know it.

    • Abuse totally devoid of any rational argument with a regular dose of propaganda seems to be the modus operandi here. Can somebody please explain why the output of a Gazan water purification plant is still contaminated? Sounds like a contradiction in terms. If Hamas spent what they do on digging tunnels on improving their water resources then ..... (maybe)

    • The Gaza Water Crisis has been happening for some time, this is nothing new. Just trotting out the same old Pallywag propaganda - this has nothing to do with Israel's blockade of Gaza.
      "Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in general failed to manage Gaza’s civil affairs. Even prior to the July 2014 Operation Protective Edge, an alarming collapse of Gaza’s physical infrastructures was evident: electricity, sewage, and most gravely, the supply of drinking water.
      "Unlike its provision of electricity to Gaza, Israel currently provides only negligible quantities of water. Gaza’s water crisis was created completely by Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority before it.
      "The 1993 Oslo agreements made the Palestinian Authority responsible for water management in Gaza, and in 1995 the PA established the Palestinian Water Authority (PWA). In other words, from that point on, all matters involving water were in Palestinian hands.
      "Israel’s position must be clear: it is willing to help with the rehabilitation of Gaza’s drinking-water system but not in a humanitarian framework. Instead, this must be done in the context of a binding political agreement entailing the rehabilitation of the civilian infrastructure in return for the destruction of the terror infrastructure."
      We're still waiting for Hamas to bite the bullet - not likely soon given their hateful agenda where the destruction of Israel matters more than the welfare of their own citizens.

  • Zionism is finally in the news, as officials seek to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism
    • In your narrow mind Talknic it is "non-Israeli territory" but it has never been the territory of any other sovereign presence in recent times. To all intentions purpose it was terra nullius when the Jews came to settle there and to this day it remains disputed territory with the Jews having the most solid, substantive claim to it.
      Please tell me when this so-called identity known as the "Palestinian people" first emerged to stake a claim to this territory . To my recollection it didn't happen until it was ordained by the KGB in 1964.

    • Correction: I should have said that Talknic did "falsely equate between a colonist enterprise and colonialism".
      Colonialism is defined as control by one country over another area and its people and those who came to settle the land of Palestine were colonists, they were NOT the imperialistic agents identified with any colonial power.
      I don't expect those intent on bashing Israel will be bothered by semantics.

    • @talknic, naturally it's in your interests to falsely equate between a colonial enterprise and colonialism

    • Political Zionism rose as the remedy to anti-semitism that was endemic across Europe in the late 19th century. As a corollary to this anybody opposing Zionism and negating the fundamental premise of Zionism, which was to overcome anti-semitism, is encouraging and fostering a legitimacy for anti-semitism. As a consequence those who demean Zionism by attributing to it falsehoods of colonialism etc are supporting what Zionism was challenging, namely anti-semitism.

      Furthermore those who diminish the significance of anti-semitism do so to justify/rationalize their antagonism to Zionism. For very very many, being anti-semitic is at the core of their opposition to Israel, and they wear their anti-semitism (which of course they deny to avoid any possible stigma) as a kind of badge of honour. "I am not anti-semitic they say but I hate what Israel, the Jewish state, does" - such expressions amounting to justifications in order to achieve one's hidden agenda that is basically predicated on judeophobia.

      Who will willingly accept they are anti-semitic and not attempt to disguise all the trappings like anti-Zionism as it operates today, when there are still many who consider anti-semitism and its associated manifestations repugant in the extreme?

  • El Al captain indoctrinates the passengers, but only in Hebrew
    • Mati, knowing that Islamic terrorists don't discriminate, probably flies by El Al because he doesn't want to get his head blown off and El Al is the airline with the best guarantee that he will actually get to his destination in one piece.

    • @mooser, I think Yonah's conscience like mine cannot hold truck with free roaming Israel bashers.

  • Palestinians grapple with knife attacks as violence enters fifth month
    • Never once the word 'incitement' mentioned. A totally deluded and disingenuous analysis. Extraordinary that forty-six percent of Palestinians are in support of knife attacks against Israelis.
      In the Washington Post read Terror by any other name = There is no justification for Palestinian attacks on Israelis
      "Terrorism begins with incitement and a constant brainwashing of people into a doctrine of hatred and murder, calculated to see their 'enemy' not as individuals or people, but as a dehumanized, false entity that must be eliminated. Every day we see examples of this on Palestinian television, where children’s shows talk of killing Jews, and sermons by religious authorities tell their faithful to raise up their knives. Yet these are not shows run by individuals with an illegal transmitter. These are shows that are commissioned and run on official Palestinian government channels. It is a carefully orchestrated campaign to launch an intifada against Israel by the highest authority."
      Is nobody prepared to take responsibility for this? Everyone making excuses and justifying the unjustifiable.

  • Sayed Kashua doesn't want to write in Hebrew for 'Haaretz' anymore
    • I advocate a two-state solution consisting of two secular and democratic state

      Just as I said a 'fantasy model', completely useless under the current reality. @eljay, you have no credibility.

    • Israel is the enemy

      How can Israelis not feel threatened and antagonistic to their Arab minority when those who reap the benefits of living in Israel speak with deeply entrenched hatred?
      How can any Israeli feel safe and trust any Arab today standing in their vicinity?
      It's like Sayed Kashua who spurns success and widespread acknowledgement for his work in Israeli society because his soul has been poisoned.
      It's like Omar Bhargouti educating himself at Tel Aviv University and using the opportunity to annihilate his benefactors.
      It's like those who get hospital treatment courtesy of Israel turning upon their helpers.
      It's ultimately about violence.
      It's non-acceptance of the right of Israel to exist as a Jewish state.
      It's called biting the hand that feeds you.

    • @eljay, if as you say Israel should be eliminated and replaced with some kind of fantasy model that swims around in your head, it is perfectly sensible to look at the practical alternatives. Whatever you might be imagining has no credibility. To replace Israel with yet another undemocratic, despotic Arab controlled state will do nothing to enhance the stability of the Middle East, a region racked already by Islamic inspired violence and terror.

  • Hanan Al Hroub's 'Global Teacher award' is a victory for all Palestinian educators over Israeli occupation and PA corruption
    • From the Times of Israel:

      As al-Hroub accepted her award, Palestinians in the audience waved their country’s flag and some chanted, fists pumping in the air, “With our souls, our blood, we sacrifice for you, Palestine.”

      In her acceptance speech, she reiterated her mantra of “No to violence” and stressed the importance of dialogue.

      The reaction of al-Hroub's vocal supporters shows us a very contradictory message.

      This is clearly meant to be a plain "feel good" story and there are many elements of Hanan's "sell" that are worthy. However the notion that Israel is the source of violence is false. There is a failure to acknowledge self-responsibility and hence a moral failure. "No to Violence" is therefore just code for "No to Israel" and this is not helpful.

      Palestinians must be educated to say "Yes to Israel" as a valid and valued entity in their neighbourhood.

      Pope Francis is a fool and a moral idiot. His endorsement should immediately ring alarm bells.

      Why was my previous post with this content censored?

    • Hardly surprising for a body founded and headquartered in Dubai.

  • Netanyahu slams Abbas in wake of killing of American tourist
    • The paucity of argument here is reflected in the arrogance of the personal abuse.

    • @zaid, you seem to believe that you own the Palestine narrative. Read about 9 Incredible Muslims that Support Israel

      More and more Muslims are seeing the light - apparently it hasn't yet penetrated into your dark cave.

      Who ordains that your interpretation is valid? With the raging conflict amongst Muslims around the world today, a conflagration orders of magnitude worse than the I/P conflict, which Islamic view can be considered 'correct'?

      Can you refute the arguments of each person or even just some? Isn't it supremacist / arrogant to presume that you know better than others?

      You are approaching this discussion full of arrogance and hypocrisy, believing that only you have the true story, completely lacking in openness and humility.

    • @eljay, you hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. Did the same search for 'surely' amongst your repetitive remarks and you take the cake! But then I tried Zio-supremacists (1461 results found) - take stock of yourself, you sound like a worn-out 78 rpm phonograph record stuck in a groove.

      Of course on the topic at hand nobody coming out to defend the Canaanite Palestinians.

      MW needs to bring 'Hostage' out of retirement.

    • Zaid said

      surely modern Palestinians are as close as it can get to a Canaanite

      I remember learning principles of logical reasoning and as soon as somebody uses the word surely the alarm bells should signal.

      Zaid has no justification for what he says about the alleged heritage of the Palestinians, who are basically a hodgepodge of ring-ins from all of the Middle East and beyond.

    • Of course I expect my use of a blacklisted reference Elder of Zion to be blocked because it tells a truth that people here don't want to hear so I'll repost the gist here:

      "It is good to know that Palestinian Arabs are in fact descended from Canaanite non-Arabs.

      Except for those named Erekat/Uraiqat/Areikat.

      And the famous Husseini family of Jerusalem, who came in the 12th century. (The Shawishes come from the Husseinis.)

      And the equally famous Nashashibis of Jerusalem, who are of Kurdish/Turkoman or Arabian peninsula origin.

      And the Abu Ghoshes, who came around the time of the Crusades, possibly from Europe.

      And the Barghoutis, who came from the Bani Zeid clan who arrived after the Crusades as well.

      And the Al Khalil family, from Mecca.

      And the Khazens, who are from Lebanon.

      And the Nusseibehs, the oldest Arab family in Jerusalem, who arrived in the 7th century.

      And the Qudwa and Arafat families, who came from Aleppo, Syria to Gaza in the late 17th century.

      And the Ridwans, who came from the Ottoman empire to become leaders in Gaza.

      And the Salibas, from Greece via Lebanon.

      And the Touqans, from either northern Arabia or northern Syria.

      And the Hammoudas from Transjordan.

      And the Zeitawis who came from Mecca to Morocco to Gaza. They are related to the Zaghabs.

      And the Ghassans, who came from Arabia to Lebanon.

      And the Tamimis, who come from the Tamim tribe of Arabia.

      And the Tarabins, who claim to originally come from the Bakom Valley east of Mecca.

      And the Jabaris, who descend from an inhabitant of the Jabar castle on the Euphrates.

      And the Matar family from Kuwait.

      And the prominent Jerusalem family Nammari, who came to Palestine from Spain during the expulsion.

      And the Adwans, who came from the Hijaz.

      And the Dajanis, originally from Arabia but whose first resident came to Palestine from Spain and Morocco.

      And even the Nabulsi family, who are named after the town of Nablus, but Nablus only got that Arabicized name in the 7th century.

      The Murads came from Albania, and settled in Palestine in the 1500s.

      The Al Hafi clan descended from Bishar al-Hafi who lived in Baghdad.

      The Chehaybers are of Turkish-Arab descent.

      And the Hejazis from Arabia, Mughrabis from Morocco, Masris from Egypt, Houranis from Syria, Turkis and Dogmushes from Turkey, Yamanis from Yemen, Jaziris from Algeria, Hindis from India, Kurdis from Kurdistan, Halabis from Aleppo, Trabelsis (Tripoli), Sudanis (Sudan), Faranjis (French), and Shamis (Syria).

      But besides every famous Palestinian Arab clan, sure, everyone else must be Canaanites."

    • Firstly I see no refutation of the fact that the Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine. There are no other contenders based on any historical source.

      As for the Koran reference I was making the point which I obviously need to emphasize for the naysayers and oldgeezers of our world that the Palestinians are not mentioned or even hinted at in the Koran, but the Children of Israel are mentioned countless times and they are mentioned as the Chosen People, as written in Al-Baqara, Verse 47:

      "O Children of Israel, remember My favor that I have bestowed upon you and that I preferred you over the worlds."

      They are mentioned as inheritors of the Holy Land which, according to all the Islamic commentators, is Jerusalem and the country around it.

      Also Tawfik Hamid, Egyptian Islamic scholar and reformer, explains that the Koran went even further to consider the Promised Land as the permanent inheritance for the Israelites (26:59) :

      "Thus it was, but we made the Children of Israel inheritors of such things (the Promised Land)".

      He continued by saying:

      "No Muslim has the right to interfere with the gathering of the Jews in Israel, as this is the will of God himself"

    • @ossinev, the Jews are the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, even the Koran acknowledges this.

    • @trainsiberia, your argument is preposterous.

      Without Israel there would have been no sufferings of Arab

      Take stock of over 300,000 Arabs killed in neighbouring Syria before you utter such rubbish.

    • Force’s killing was unusual, taking place near the Jaffa port at a busy commercial location where Palestinians and Israelis often mix. Two Palestinian citizens of Israel and one pregnant tourist were among those injured in the attack.

      If you start reading the wikipedia article on Arab citizens of Israel you will realize that many Israeli Arabs might identify as Palestinian and designate themselves as Palestinian citizens of Israel, but that does not acknowledge the fact that many Israeli Arabs don't care for the Palestinian label and all its trappings. More and more Israeli Arabs realize that as Arabs they can get a better deal living as citizens of Israel than in any Arab country.
      For Deger to use the terms 'Palestinian' and 'Israeli Arab' interchangeably is perpetuating a trope.

  • Palestinian citizens of Israel respond to poll showing Jewish support for expelling Arabs from country
    • We hear the fervent catch cry of the anti-Zionists claiming somehow that Jews, who have been suffering under the brunt of an unprecedented spate of attacks under the mantle of the ‘third intifada’, have an innate hatred of Arabs and want to see them expelled from the country.
      First of all the figures reported are inconsistent with the findings of previous studies and the survey itself was replete with misconceptions, but that didn’t stop Horowitz lapping up the misleading conclusions, always keen to push his propagandist barrow despite many fallacies.
      The question asked “Should Arabs be expelled or transferred from Israel.” could be construed as all Arabs by some or as those Arabs sympathetic to the cause of terrorism against Israel.
      “Every respondent will have interpreted the question in their own way, which is bad planning by Pew because it needed just one more letter to make this aspect of the question clearer. The definite article is extremely important in Hebrew, and if Pew was interested in what Israeli Jews think about the presence of Arabs, it should have asked about “the Arabs” not “Arabs” — which would have required one extra letter, a hey.
      “The Israel Prize-winning sociologist Sammy Smooha of Haifa University, who compiles a regular survey on Jewish attitudes towards Israel’s Arab minority and vice-versa, has called the question ‘misleading and vague’.
      “But beyond a general fluffiness with the question, there was a deeper problem with the concepts that it probed. The meaning of ‘expulsion’ was clear, but what was meant by ‘transfer’? The leading Israeli pollster Camil Fuchs, who was not involved in the Pew research, said he understood the word haavara — transfer — to refer to a process by which nobody leaves their homes.
      “He said that while it would be subject to respondents’ own interpretation, it mostly signals the proposal to redraw borders in order to place some Israeli Arabs under Palestinian jurisdiction. Also known as ‘land swaps’, this is a mainstream Israeli doctrine, based on the premise that if a peace deal ever happens, Israel will give up parts of Israel to the Palestinians in return for holding on to some settlements. US President Barack Obama has advocated land swaps as a way to make a peace deal realistic.
      “And so, a question that will have been for some — and we cannot ignore this — expelling all Arabs, for others will have been about expelling or physically transferring some individuals. Meanwhile, there will have been respondents who were just embracing land swaps. Dr Fuchs says that Pew’s sky-high figure resulted from that no-no of polling known as ‘double barrelling’.

  • Uproar in Gaza as Abbas rejects new electricity lines to address power crisis
    • Why can't Annie Robbins respond to my question about whether she has ever visited Israel? I'm sure others would like to know.

    • @Robbins, you talk about hate sites. MW takes the cake. And moreover if you don't like what I say and you prevent me from expressing myself (censorship), you create an environment that resembles what you find in the Middle East outside of Israel. Have you ever been to Israel or do you rely on what you hear from your confederates? Do you believe that dishonesty is going to win your cause?

    • @echinococcus, you clearly belong to the camp that uses lies and propaganda steeped in anti-semitism to advance your cause. Likening the actions of Jews to those of the Nazis is one typical foul tactic that is commonly exploited by anti-semites especially keen to drive a knife into the Zionist soul.[..]

    • This report is fascinating following the other recent post in MondoWeiss about the PA crackdown on West Bank teachers.
      Hearing finally of criticism of the operation of the PA under Abbas' tutelage with this:

      … Abbas has rejected a proposal to build Gaza new electricity lines to support the power sector in the impoverished coastal enclave. The project reportedly received Israeli consent, but failed to get the green light from the PA. The Israeli station added that everything was ready and agreed about, until the PA declared its position of thwarting the plan without explanation.

      Netanyahu is somehow expected to be able to make a deal with the Palestinians with a leadership completely fractured and Abbas about to exit very soon.
      Where is the howling pack of anti-Zionists at the moment? Not even making excuses.[..]
      Pallywags - all of them.

  • PA continues crackdown on West Bank teachers strike as anger with anti-democratic Palestinian leadership spreads
    • The paucity of responses to this article about the corruption of the PA illustrates the true demeanor of MondoWeiss. The Palestinians are just used a vehicle to damn and slam Israel - if there was real concern about the demise of the Palestinians then those who genuinely cared about their plight would come out with full force to criticize the PA that is preventing the Palestinians from self-actualizing and achieving statehood. Instead they stay dormant, hypocrites to the core, waiting for the next opportunity to bash Israel - that's the name of the game.
      And one guy here actually seriously suggests that Hamas should take over the West Bank as though Hamas is any better than the PA!

  • Palestinian fugitive is killed inside Palestinian embassy in Bulgaria; family calls it 'assassination'
    • So Palestinian on run from Israel was ‘assassinated’ in Bulgaria. Drawing conclusions here based on prejudice.
      Bulgaria says there were no gunshot wounds on the body of the dead Palestinian fugitive. According to one of the Bulgarian news reports, the terrorist fell from the upper floor of the Palestinian embassy building. This could suggest that Zayed committed suicide or that it was staged to look as such.
      If Israeli agents managed to penetrate the Palestinian embassy where Zayed was being protected then congratulations to them.

  • British schoolboy questioned for pro-Palestine badge and pro-BDS pamphlet
    • The original remark needs redress - it should have stated it always starts with discriminating against the Jews.

  • Tunnels remain Hamas' most strategic asset in the Gaza Strip
  • Palestinians call on Oscar nominees to reject Israel propaganda trip
    • Trying to stop people coming to Israel and seeing for themselves what is going. What sort of a draconian measure is that? Afraid perhaps that these celebrities will see Israel in a favourable light, contradicting the propaganda message of Mondoweiss? The guests of sponsored programs to Israel meet up with Palestinians so they get both sides of the story. Intelligent people should be able to make up their own minds and not be pressurized and indoctrinated by those with a biased anti-Israel agenda.
      In Australia it is particularly galling to see what the left wing fringe of the Labour Party wants to ban Israel trips for party members. Jewish leaders and some Labour politicians have slammed the proposal that would prevent party members from joining sponsored trips as 'verging on anti-Semitic.'
      In NSW for the party’s conference there some 39 resolutions have been received concerning Israel and Palestine for their forthcoming conference, compared with just 17 resolutions dealing with all other international issues. Considering the significant concerns regarding Iran, Syria and other parts of the world, one can only wonder why the conference is not placing proportional focus on other international affairs, or matters directly concerning NSW voters. This is hijacking of our minds by the deluded Left that has completely lost its way and is devoid of sensible moral values.
      BDS is a decrepit cause. The U.S., state legislatures are passing bills that will outlaw state authorities from investing public funds in, and entering into contracts with, companies and other entities that engage in a boycott of Israel.

    • @xanadou, aiming to delegitimize to Jews who are the true indigenous inhabitants of Palestine, while the Palestinians didn't establish a true national identity until the 1960s, an identity predicated on one main principal - the elimination if Israel.

  • In Photos: Israeli forces close down village of 25,000 following deadly attack by three youths
    • These three terrorists were NOT teens according to Ma'an News Agency who reported "Three Qabatiya residents in their early 20s, Ahmad Rajeh Ismail Zakarneh, Muhammad Ahmad Hilmi Kamil, and Najeh Ibrahim Abu al-Rub, were shot dead during Wednesday’s attack and laid to rest Friday night."
      Moreover Israel has lifted the blockade of Qabatiya after three days. Apparently the town has seen around 10 residents killed in the wave of violence that began in October. With this heavy involvement of elements from the one town in terrorist attacks it was totally justified that the Israeli authorities put the town under temporary lockdown.

  • Double standard seen as Israel sentences minors involved in Abu Khdeir murder to prison but no punitive measures
    • @zaid, no normal country has to endure the constant vilification from Palestinians unwilling to accept Israel's right to exist.
      @annie, "Israel is not occupying Palestine" and writing what you say in bold doesn't make what you say true. There has never been a declared sovereign Palestinian Arab state so Israel is only occupying land which is in dispute. For the "occupied territory" to become Palestine the Palestinians have to prove they will live in peace alongside Israel otherwise Israel would be suicidal to vacate the occupied areas under their control.

  • 'We are all Jews' -- the Holocaust as imperial export
    • @Jon66, and we can't forget the Danish people who wore the star of David on their arms to say to the Nazis that they were Jews too.

    • If Israeli Jews learned one important lesson from the Holocaust it was "never again"- they would never again go meekly as sheep to the slaughter.
      If the weaponry that Israel has to defend itself was transferred into the hands of the PA and Hamas Israel would never survive.

    • Holocaust denial and distortion are generally motivated by hatred of Jews, and build on the claim that the Holocaust was invented or exaggerated by Jews as part of a plot to advance Jewish interests. This view perpetuates long-standing antisemitic stereotypes by accusing Jews of conspiracy and world domination, hateful charges that were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the Holocaust. Refer link to
      Ellis sails very close to the wind with his remarks, virtually advocating for the distortion of the plain reality of the Holocaust as something that fundamentally targeted to the Jews, by suggesting that we need to dejudaize the Holocaust, because the ramifications of the Holocaust are not directly relevant to some people. The uninformed must understand its special significance for the Jews whose global population still has not returned to where it was prior to World War II and the Filipinos may well learn important universal lessons and find out things of which they are ignorant.
      There were consequences for many nations and people following the Holocaust and to be virtually blaming the principal sufferers of the Holocaust for manipulating the Holocaust for political advantage is quite frankly obscene. Just as obscene as the efforts of those who try to jump on the Holocaust bandwagon to sell their own wares.
      Robbins, likes to tout the others who died at the hands of the Nazi war machine, but overlooks one key difference in that the Nazis were aiming to annihilate all the Jews in the world wherever they lived. This potential Holocaust for a single people that could have seen them completely wiped out was not faced by any other group.

    • YoniFalic's potted history of the 'Yiddish community' would make many purveyors of anti-semitic tropes proud. He disingenuously skips the pogroms and the rampant anti-semitism that were the pre-conditions for the Holocaust. His flagrant rejection of Jewish identity as being valid puts him into a Jew-hating league of his own.

  • Saying 'armed resistance is only way to liberate Palestine,' Hamas mourns 7 fighters killed in tunnel
    • While Hamas continues on its path of hatred the people of Gaza continue to suffer. As resources that should be going to rebuilding the territory are diverted wilfully into attacking Israel the plight of the inhabitants of Gaza will remain miserable.

      link to

      Fatah vehemently attacked Hamas for "offering Gazans nothing but war" following the death of seven Hamas fighters.
      In a furious post written on its Facebook page , Fatah claimed that the social media campaign that praises Hamas fighters who died in the incident as "tunnel fighters" is lead by a group of "war merchants who know nothing but burying their young people in ashes."
      Fatah asked: "When will these people understand that they are ruining the dreams of oppressed Gazans? And when will they understand that the sacrifice of our children in any future war with Israel will never change the reality, besides adding more names to the list of martyrs."

  • Cut the Gordian Knot -- a response to Ban Ki-moon's landmark speech
    • The world is starting to talk about the folly of the Sykes-Picot agreement that divided up the Ottoman empire and eventually saw the establishment of Palestine as a British mandate at San Remo in 1920. If Syria and Iraq's borders need to be completely renegotiated (as many are now suggesting), it is perhaps opportune to revisit the original mandate and restore what was originally mooted to be offered to the Jews. Then we might avoid the further likelihood of another failed Arab state (the touted state of Palestine) descending into mayhem, which would happen in all probability given the bellicose pronouncements that regularly emanate from Hamas and the dysfunctional corruption endemic to the PA.

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