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I don't mind admitting I am a Zionist, but would like to say there are Zionists and there are Zionists.

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  • On anti-Semitism, war crimes, and old poets
    • @Dickerson3870: your persistently heavily quotes laden with historical and hasbara handbook references are very tiresome. I tend to skip them because it is same old guff over and over again. This time I thought I would check out of his references.
      He quoted The Hidden History of Zionism, Chapter 6, by virulent anti-Zionist Ralph Schoenman who said "When Menachem Begin became chief of Betar, he preferred the brown shirts of the Hitler gangs, a uniform Begin and Betar members wore to all meetings and rallies", intending to convey the impression that Betar emulated the Nazis.
      In fact Betar first started wearing brown shirts in 1925 and it was Hitler who chose the same color 10 years later. Refer footnote 30 page 124 from 'Behind Prison Walls: A Jewish Woman Freedom Fighter for Israel's Independence' by Tzila Amidror Heller.

  • The Quartet is worthless
    • @seafoid: thanks for the link which has a section "How have the Palestinians responded to Israeli offers for peace?" which explains what 'bad faith' is all anout

  • Jewish press concoct threat against 200 Jewish students in Florida university
    • @Chu: you want some substantiation, well here you are:
      And what is this euphemistic “working definition” of anti-Semitism to which the American Association of University Professors referred?
      Anti-semites and their apologists will always find excuses for their actions.

    • This article at refers to "a new federal bullying policy issued by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) on October 26, 2010".
      I have not resorted to any propaganda - I am basically just informing on how this incident at FSU is just the tip of the iceberg.This story is not an isolated event; it is symptomatic of a far bigger issue.
      As always there is this knee jerk pushback from the usual apologists who are unwilling to face the facts and think they can trump any argument by trotting out the usual anti-Israel biases. That is what I am talking about.
      This is same tactic that was used when I posted recently at, where I drew attention to an article by Rabbi Rubinger
      I wrote to Rabbi Rubinger who responded by corroborating his story providing statements of his sources that he asked me to keep confidential because it would jeopardise those parties affiliated to organisations dedicated to fighting anti-semitism in France.
      Mondoweiss would be well-advised to follow similar anti-bullying guidelines so that an intimidatory, aggressive atmosphere is not permitted to pervade and defile every topic.

    • @sumud: such a well worn tactic. While the discussing some topic is going on switch to the anti-Israel propaganda line ( the cure-all when one can't be bothered making a proper considered response).

    • @chu: For your reality check read for details and this article from an Australian newspaper that shows this is a worldwide phenomenon.

    • Phan is an ardent polemicist and writes with the pen of the blind-sided, evasive propagandist.

      To state “the only news outlets that have propagated this myth” are the Jewish media is only echoing the fact that the general news media are fundamentally not interested in stories about Jews being intimidated. These on- going stories just aren't new or sexy enough.  The media as well as college campuses are very willing to turn a blind-eye towards anti-semitism.  Put it in the too hard basket. It is just those damn Jews again.

      The bullying of Jewish and Zionist students has become commonplace; authorities need to understand that acquiescing to the creation of a hostile environment for Jews is not only immoral; it is a potential violation of federal law and therefore a criminal act.

      The fundamental issue is that American college campuses have become a hotbed of anti-Zionist propaganda that can sometime blur the line between inflammatory political arguments and outright Jew-hatred.

      Phan says nothing about the content of the leaflets which inculcate the idea that Israel is a brutal oppressor that deliberately murdered an American supporter of the Palestinians. These charges are a malicious distortion of the facts and are part of a hateful campaign whose purpose is to delegitimize Israel.  Israel’s critics have a right to express their opinions, but by pasting fake evictions on the doors of a dorm with a considerable Jewish population, the action raises questions about whether the intent was to intimidate Jews as well as to demonize the Jewish state.

      The actions that Phan suggests for the FAU are wrong.  The FAU administration certainly needs to ensure the safety of all of its students, but most importantly it needs to acknowledge a mistake in its judgement and to face up to its legal and moral responsibilities.

  • Video: Arizona State's SJP debka flashmob
  • NY high school students visit Western Wall, Israel Museum, and AJC, but Foxman blasts them for daring to meet Palestinians
    • Buddhist, Hindu, Anglican, Catholic etc in numbers but just one Muslim school. Just makes you wonder. And really Sumud it is pretty petty to demean a Holocaust Centre which has a museum in it, because it doesn't have the word 'museum' in its name.

    • I checked this and if you like I could publish the list of 250 schools who have visited the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Melbourne, Australia in just the two years 2010 - 2011.
      An Islamic museum is planned for Melbourne and when it opens will be the first of its kind in Australia.

    • In Melbourne there are at least 7 Islamic schools and only one of these has visited the local Holocaust Museum. Many hundreds of other schools of many different religious denominations have visited as part of their school programs teaching genocide studies and racial tolerance. That sounds to me like Holocaust denial is very entrenched in Islamic society.

  • Finkelstein 'not going to be an Israel-basher anymore' but remains 'appalled and disgusted'
    • Lee Whitnum (Les's beloved Connecticut Democrat candidate) said "Since 2000, 66,000 of the indigenous culture have been killed". No surprise she is a "long-shot" when she comes out with that kind of misinformation.

  • A wall
    • @eljay: which alternative do you subscribe to? The one-state democratic fantasy which Israeli Jews would never accept unless they lost all sanity and became suicidal or another religion-supremacist Islamic state of which there are all too many repressive examples dotted across the Middle East.

    • @elephantine: Seems like you cannot get enough of the propaganda shtick about Jewish-only roads.
      Check here before you try to fool us with your fakery.
      And try the roads in Saudi Arabia next time you get a chance if you want a real good taste of apartheid.

    • It is so convenient to forget why this wall was built. Ten years ago Israel had endured a barrage of terrorist attacks including the Passover massacre in Netanya. Sadly it had no choice if it was to not succumb to these blatant attempts to destroy it.

  • International Criminal Court refuses to investigate 'Cast Lead' because the UN does not officially recognize Palestine as a state
  • Shebab vs the Wall at the Erez Crossing
    • What a frightful word 'shebab' to use for the children attacking at the Gaza border. This word connotes al-Shabaab which is a Somali-based terrorist cell of al-Qaida. Having young children involved is blatant propaganda opportunism, and begs the question as to why such young children are permitted by their families to put themselves in the firing line.If they are harmed (very likely when they are ripping away at barbed wire on the border), this provides delectable fodder for the Israel demonizers.

  • Beinart gets a Jewish conversation going in the media (just don't call us a cabal)
    • @American: Don't get too complacent (unless you have information they're bluffing) about Iran's attitude to America - remarks about Iran threatening America are widespread. Most recently an Iranian commander has called openly for America's destruction. AIPAC are not lying - you as per usual don't know what you are talking about.

  • 'Prawer Plan' to uproot Bedouins shows folly of the phrase 'democratic Israel'
    • Bedouins have been a nomadic people. With the creation of multiple states and borders, including Israel, the Bedouins can no longer travel wherever they like. They are no longer a few wandering nomadic communities practising the ways of their ancestors; they have settled in fixed locations and established ‘permanent’ communities. The vast and rapidly expanding Bedouin communities of the Negev cannot be left unregulated. Now for the last few decades they dot the landscape in tents which a developed state finds unacceptable in the 21st century. Furthermore it is completely impractible to build a complex infrastructure of sewage, pipes and roads across the Negev just to reach a few tents scattered here and there. That is why cities for the Bedouin population have been conceived.

      With the relocation of the Bedouins a city can grant them basic services such as sewage, electricity, water, welfare, road access and education. In return the state gets to tax them for these services and in the future receive an educated workforce to drive its economy. For a state to prosper its citizens must move from tents to cities and join civilization, this is basic logic. It is unfortunate that the Bedouins themselves have not been involved as much as they could have been in this whole process, but as one might expect they are obviously resistant to changing their traditional way of living.

      Another issue is the vast amount of land being clogged by those scattered tents. Building new infrastructure, mining, and other public projects becomes difficult and many legal issues can arise as more land is being illegally clogged by new tents. The urbanization of the Bedouins is a necessary step to provide them and the state with progress and a better way of life.

      While Egypt neglected its Bedouin population in the Sinai, Israel must develop and invest in her own Bedouin population, not only for the reasons mentioned above, but to serve as an example to neighboring states, who treat their Bedouin populations with far less dignity.

      Israel already has a problem trying to establish 2 states - it cannot support a 3rd state within Israel which is what is happening.  The Bedouin must accept to be regulated like everyone else. To pay taxes, receive a proper 12 year education for their children and health care. They must be part of either Israel or Palestine; they cannot become a new state of Bedouinstine. To suggest that this is all about colonialism is pure, unmitigated crap.

  • 'The Crisis of Zionism' and the contradictions of Israel as a liberal democratic fantasy
  • Showdown in Hebron: Netanyahu steps in to protect illegal settlers facing military eviction orders
  • The Palestine National Orchestra: a view from the violin section
    • it is worth reminding the reader that nothing here involves Israeli permission to enter Israel; it is Israeli "permission" for Palestinians to enter Palestine.

      It is also worth reminding readers that the PNO has played in Israel - in Haifa and Jerusalem as far as I am aware.
      So convenient to leave this out of the story.

  • The Global March to Jerusalem, a brave and admirable attempt to awaken the world’s conscience
    • @tree: Your reference to the total destruction of the Hurva synagogue fails to note that "This was not done in the heat of battle, but by official order. Explosives were placed carefully and thoughtfully under the springing points of the domes, of the great Hurva synagogue."
      The destruction of the synagogue was done maliciously in the aftermath of battle.
      Israel adopted the Protection of Holy Places Law 1967 which goes a long way to protecting all religious sites. This is more than one can say for Israel's Arab neighbors who have happily destroyed the traces of Jewish culture left.
      The Ben Ezra synagogue in Cairo stands today as a monument to the presence of Jews in Egyptian society over a thousand years. It is like one of those museums that the Nazis were planning to create to show off the remnants of a Jewish civilization they had destroyed.
      Criticize Israel fairly for its misdemeanors but don't overlook the wilful decimation of Jewish culture by others who have committed criminal genocidal acts and would happily continue to do so given half a chance.

    • @woody tanaka: Photos at jewishvirtuallibrary show what the state of the Jewish graveyard was on the Mount of Olives and the desecration of gravestones. Synagogues were razed to the ground. The Jewish quarter was totally neglected.And you quibble about security motivated restrictions today to holy sites. Why would expect the treatment of Jewish heritage to be different under Palestinian control?  Provide me with one solitary reference which negates what I have posited. Either put up or shut up.

    • The complaints ring out about Israeli control of Jerusalem restricting access to holy sites of the city. Let’s remind ourselves what things were like before Israel wrested control of the whole city from Jordan. From Wikipedia:

      “Jordan had obligated itself within the framework of the 3 April 1949 Armistice Agreement to allow ‘free access to the holy sites and cultural institutions and use of the cemeteries on the Mount of Olives.’ Christian pilgrims were allowed to visit the Temple Mount, but Jews of all countries and non-Jewish Israelis were barred from entering Jordan and therefore could not travel to the area. Tourists entering East Jerusalem had to present baptismal certificates or other proof they were not Jewish.

      “The special committee that was to make arrangements for visits to holy places was never formed and Israelis, irrespective of religion, were barred from entering the Old City and other holy sites. The Jewish Quarter and its ancient synagogues were systematically destroyed, and gravestones from the Jewish Cemetery on the Mount of Olives were used to build latrines for Jordanian army barracks.

    • Actual link to GMJ website is - sorry about all the confusion.

    • There is supposed to be a website for the Global March at but nothing comes up. Can somebody please confirm or deny whether Hussein Sheikholeslam, an Iranian parliamentarian described as one of the Global March's organizers, instructed Jewish leaders in Iran to provide 10 men aged 18 to 22 to be given "the honor" of acting as the vanguard in breaking through the Lebanon Israel border fence? The Iranian Jews, according to reports, would be used as human shields so that Israeli soldiers would be constrained from opening fire.

      And would someone please save us from seafoid’s continual hyperbole.

  • Netanyahu's office signs off on plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin
  • Sen. Cardin tells how he and Hillary Clinton muscled foreign ambassadors to block 'anti-American' Palestinian statehood
    • @Shingo: What's worse, horseshit or Shingoisms? There were no settlements before 1967 and there were plenty of obstacles to a peace process back then. 
      Obama used the issue of the settlements to try to force a peace deal but it backfired. Now the Palestinians have conveniently adopted the issue of the settlements as an incontrovertible blocker.

    • Israel is the 24th largest economy in the world and ranks 17th on the UN's Human Development Index. This is pure irrelevant waffle to suggest that Israel will never be self-sufficient. Countries succeed by producing goods and services that other nations want. If the Palestinians ever wake up they will realize they have an opportunity to piggyback on to the economic miracle that Israel has created.
      And don't give me this guff about Israel depending on American handouts to survive. Egypt gets half of what Israel gets from the US and is a basket case economically.

  • Boycott measure goes down, 60-40, at Park Slope Food Co-op
    • Hurray for democracy!
      Meanwhile here in the antipodes of Australia the BDS movement is totally dependent on the extremist left wing factions for its succor. That means BDS has virtually died off here as there is only a small fringe element still wasting their time pursuing it.

  • The Toulouse killings and the false specter of European anti-Semitism
  • Barghouti and Waskow debate BDS on Democracy Now
  • Hundreds of soccer fans crowd Jerusalem mall: 'Death to Arabs!'
    • @Hostage: if you don't fancy Wikipedia then maybe you will find MidEast Web more palatable. There your point about Muslims evading the census to avoid conscription is mentioned along with the statement that Jerusalem has had an absolute Jewish majority since about 1896.

    • @Hostage: you are disagreeing with Wikipedia which shows Jews as a full or relative majority in Jerusalem ever since 1882.

    • No justification but with the Toulouse shooting fresh news it wouldn't have taken much to stir up the Beitar supporters.

  • NYPD surveillance document reveals spying on Palestine solidarity movement
  • One crazed murderer sparks Zionist calls for European migration to Israel
    • @Bumblebye: Comments like yours are singularly unhelpful in any meaningful discussion. Is the situation a thousand times worse or twelve hundred and fifty-seven times worse in I/P? Why do you chuck my remarks straight back at me - is that all you can say?
      Where is your evidence that Zionists are stoking the fires of Islamophobia? And don't you remember Breivik read John Stuart Mill - should Mill now be banned because he was read by a 'Zionist sympathizer'?Get real.

    • First my apologies for the bad link. Should be
      The issue is whether Muslims in Europe are making it impossible for Jews to live normal lives.
      How many more incidents do there need to be on the tallyboard before the sceptics (Muslim sympathizers) take off their blinkers?

    • @Annie, Cliff et al: you have conveniently ignored the other incident that was alluded to by the rabbi. "Belgian Jews in shock over beating of 13 year old girl".  You can see an interview on Flemish TV where the victim describes what she has experienced - refer to link at http:/ So  please explain all these denials - why are you so unwilling to see things as they are and admit to the gravity of the situation? How much of your credibility depends in your belief that Muslims wouldn't harm a fly? You are like the lefties of old, who couldn't accept that Stalin could commit murderous misdeeds in the name of communism.

    • @Annie: This article should address your apologetics.

    • @Annie: Try typing "Jewish students in France pretending to be Muslims to avoid being attacked" into Google if you want a bagful of hits.

    • @dahoit: Pure nonsense.

    • The title of this article infers that "one crazed murderer" suddenly sparks a clarion call for migration to Israel. This is nothing new. Israel's existence has been the excuse for increasing anti-semitism - the roots of Islamic anti-semitism were already deeply entrenched in the Arab psyche well before the Israeli state was established.

  • Responses to Toulouse murders from Palestinian orgs and Jerusalem mourners
    • @Shingo; You use the tactic if throwing up a smoke screen of crap when you cannot counter an assertion that splits your case apart, For your information Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was "deeply shocked". I am seeing any sympathy from you, just belligerence.

    • @taxi: your evasiveness and bluster is not subtle. You are willing to ignore facts that are staring you straight in the fsce because it suits your political agenda.

    • When this heinous crime occurred the first suspicions were that it had been committed by right wing elements. There was no finger pointing or hounding of Muslims.
      Every day you turn on your TV or radio your will hear news items about Muslims killing both Muslims and non-Muslims. What should the casual observer make of all this? 

    • @cliff: You have said "Palestinian representatives have condemned the killings" and then you said "Palestinian politicians have condemned these killings in France". I have seen some good words from the moderate Salaam Fayyad but nothing from Hamas, Isjamic Jihad and the governments across the Arab world.Where are the condemnations from the extremists who have been using their complaints against Israel as justification for crimes as horrible as those in Toulouse for decades?

  • Beinart's 'Zionist BDS' will only help entrench the occupation
    • The schism exists between those who believe in Israel's right to continue existing as a Jewish state and those who want things to be different.
      As long as there is endorsement of a position which smells of delegitimization of Israel there will never be a mass movement towards BDS and it will continue to be labelled the strategy of extremists. Beinart has nothing really to offer. Beinart plays up an unlikely pro-Zionist hero, Stephen Wise.
      Whatever liberal Zionist Jews do for the Palestinian cause it will never be enough unless they are prepared to capitulate and dismantle Israel.
      Refer . The author Hassan decries the supposedly sham solidarity shown by Israel's Zionist Left. His position reminds me of the attitude of a child that receives a present and spurns it because it didn't get exactly what it wants. It throws a tantrum and stubbornly resists any reconciliation. At the end of the day Hassan speaks from the same anti-normalization, 
      intransigent position that is hallmark of the BDS movement.
      Hassan's article reinforces my conviction that the dialogue that I once experienced with Palestinian advocates was the real sham. It got nowhere because there was no willingness to seek any kind of a genuine compromise that did not ultimately compromise Israel's position. We would talk and then the Palestinian contingent would insincerely go back to their BDS demonstrations while the dialogue was continuing. Hassan's talk alienates any support other than the hard-core. And the hard-core will never be able on its own to bring about effective change.
      The last paragraph of the article from Commentary about Beinart's recent book sums him up:
      "What is wrong with Beinart’s book is contained within its title, The Crisis of Zionism. Zionism itself is not in crisis. The liberal Zionism Beinart espouses is, because Beinart and others like him have decided to condition their belief in a Jewish national homeland on its pursuit of policies that make them feel good. They prefer an Israel of social-democratic fantasy — an Israel that need not take account of the behavior of its Palestinian interlocutors, that need not take account of the safety and security of its own population, and an Israel that need not take account of the views and wishes of its own electorate — to the real thing. In locating the ideal form of Zionism in the perspective of Stephen Wise, who died less than a year after the founding of the Jewish state, Beinart wishes to return Israel to its uncomplicated days of glory, circa 1949."

  • Jon Stewart keeps upping the ante
  • Israel to Europe: Palestinians can't have a state because they can't support themselves
    • It is so convenient to forget how in 2009 there was an economic boom in the West Bank with growth reaching 8%, higher than in Israel or the West. In 2011 the Palestinian Planning Minister said GDP growth was expected to rise to 12% by 2013.
      So what has happened?
      In the Haaretz report to which Philip has referred, it states "The current fiscal situation raises doubts about whether the PA will be able to reduce its dependency in foreign aid in the coming years". Furthermore it has pointed out that the PA's fiscal management has contributed to the problem.  A newspaper article in the South African Jewish Report emphasizes that the PA itself   is primarily responsible for it's demise.
      "There are no Palestinian leaders capable of conducting peace talks," says Bassam Eid, founder and director of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group.
      He says the Palestinian leadership is corrupt and Palestinians are worse off under their administration after Oslo.
      Eid also castigated the Palestinian Solidarity Committees around the world for fomenting hatred between Palestinians and Jews that does not exist in Israel or in the territories.
      Eid is a former anti-Israel activist turned critic of the violation of Palestinian human rights by its own leaders.

  • Video: IDF caught in a lie about Tristan Anderson
    • Roha says it all. At least one person who is prepared to say where he is coming from.

    • The reason that there is such a preposterous concentration on Israel's misdemeanors is because Israel is a "pesky little country". Refer to for some answers.
      Nathan Sharansky provides a good test to assess when criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. It is the 3D test: Double Standards, Demonization Delegitimization.
      Take the test and have the courage of your convictions and to admit it if you fail the test.

    • Israel expresses gratitude for the aid it receives from the US and makes a huge return to global investors with its R&D that leads to extraordinary technological innovations.
      Egypt on the other hand receives half what Israel receives for which the benefits are very dubious indeed.

  • Gilad Shalit's father says, 'If I were Palestinian I'd kidnap soldiers'
    • From "In Malaysia where decisions of the syariah court affect a non-Muslim, he or she can seek recourse in the secular courts which, in theory, overrule the syariah courts as the Syariah courts are limited in their jurisdiction by Article 121 of the Federal constitution. In 2006 a judge ruled that Article 121 limited the federal courts from ruling on matters ruled on by the Syariah court when it touches Islamic matters. This was seen as a misinterpretation of the article by some, and the case is under appeal in the court of appeals." The rights of non-Muslims are under constant threat.
      It is playing with semantics to categorise religious persecution as being different from apartheid.
      The simple fact of the matter is that the Chinese in Malaysia have no where near the same democratic rights and opportunities as Arabs have in Israeli society, but that rampant, undisguised discrimination is not given the same prominence as the relatively far more significant intolerance that pervades Malaysia.

    • @bijou: I have thought long and hard and it wasn't difficult. Malaysia is 60% Muslim and has shariah law which is just applicable to Muslims. Non-Muslims are truly second class citizens - this is clear cut apartheid.
      So Bijou think long and hard next time before you utter inanities about the entitlements of a Jewish state.

  • When victims retaliate: A response to Bradley Burston
  • The myth of Israel's favorable treatment of Palestinian Christians
    • @Inanna: I know the demographics of Lebanon. Back in 1926 when the state was created Christians formed 84% of the population; today it is around 39%.
      I have read Brigitte Gabriel's powerful book 'Because They Hate".
      I have read nothing in this topic to contradict the conclusion that Christians are under serious threat in every Arab country, whilst Christians in Israel relatively speaking are many times better off, despite the intolerances that do exist and Michael Oren admits that.
      Here on MW nobody likes to admit to anything that takes the magnifying glass off Israel. The mayhem (sic) all around the ME is deemed a mere distraction from the central focus here: Do whatever you can by hook or by crook to demean Israel and don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

    • @talknic: do some thinking before you utter any more irrelevancies. So most of the Christians in the ME are Arabs. Big deal. My grandmother was Polish - most grandmothers in Poland were Polish.

    • @Shingo: it would appear to use all your brainpower to sling off at Zionists that there isn't any capacity left over to deal with what else is going on in our world. When you can spare a moment from your thoughtless tirades check out to understand what is happening in Syria and look at
      to appreciate how Christians suffered under Sadaam Hussein. Then come back to MW and say something that is true for a change.

    • @Lysias: your ignorance of the atrocious treatment that Christians have faced across the Arab world WITHOUT EXCEPTION is amazing. Under Sadaam Hussein's regime Christians faced much repression - forced expulsion, seizure of property and even a requirement to declare themselves Arab and denounce their original ethnic origins.
      Today Assad is directing anger at Syrian Christians because many if them have refused to support his slaughter of the Syrian people.
      Like the Jews before them many Christians enjoyed considerable acceptance in Arab society. However with the advent of radical Islam we are witnessing a new climate where Christians living in Arab countries will no longer be safe. Syria will probably see the next major exodus of Christians.

    • @Blake: you are telling us that the Christians across the Arab world can be as biliously anti-semitic as Muslims. You have said nothing to refute the likelihood of a mass Christian exodus from the ME. The Maronite Christians who still remain in Lebanon need to be on good terms with Hezbollah, because of the threats they continually face. Christians who befriend Hamas, like the very many more Christians who befriend Israel get involved in such liaisons because they see a common enemy.
      At the end of the day Blake all you are saying is that some Muslims and Christians are in bed together. And please spare us the reference to Helen Thomas, who must be one of the most despicable people on the planet. 

    • There are many individual stories. If the facts are not considered and we lapse into emotional, self-interested advocacy for either side then you can guarantee there will never be a satisfactory solution to the I/P conflict.

    • If Hamas is to take control in any future Palestinian state the Christian population will flee in droves. There is no reason to believe that Christians would be treated any differently than they have been across the entire Arab world. Muslim extremists killed the manager of the only Christian bookstore in Gaza in 2007 because of his supposedly missionary activity.
      @Charon: expounds the most extraordinary statements like "israel has treated their Christians worse than anybody in the Middle East". This is typical of the blindness of so many here on MW to what is really going on in the whole Middle East. Only Israel interests them. They selectively nitpick Israel at every opportunity and ignore the really profoundly evil happenings elsewhere.

    • Talking about crocodile tears I think Fida takes the cake. Not one consideration of the hard facts and figures in Michael Oren's article, just the usual emotive sob story that is contrived to tug at the heartstrings.

  • @IDFSpokesperson tweets inaccurate video and fake civilian casualty statistics
    • @seafoid: the answer to your question about the number of Palestinian children murdered by Israel is zero. Those children regretfully killed are not murdered - murder by definition requires deliberate intent. Why would Israel want to kill innocent children - it would just give people like you the opportunity to yell and scream and undermine its position.

  • Israel kills 23 in Gaza, wounds 73, most of them civilians --PCHR
    • Palestinian officials have acknowledged that several of the dead were preparing to fire rockets. If Hamas and it's proponents stopped raining rockets on Isrsel then there would be no violence. Simple as that. It is no excuse to say that because their weaponry has been ineffective that they should not be dealt with severely. Unless Israel acts with strength its opponents have and will cintinue to fire rockets and every now and then manage to kill somebody.

  • Israel's bogus case for bombing Gaza obscures political motives
    • @Shingo: absolute nonsense, totally devoid of logic. Don't you get it - this time Israel finally got their man in Gaza; the guy who was clobbered by the Egyptians had nothing to do with the Eilat attacks last year.

    • Blumenthal has wrongly claimed "Finally in November, Egyptian security forces arrested the suspected mastermind of the Eilat plot, shattering the Israeli army's initial claims about Gazan culpability."
      In fact the terrorist whom the Egyptians arrested died in a Cairo prison in February and was never implicated for any terrorists acts besides sabotaging the gas pipeline between Egypt and Israel. Refer

  • Israel strikes Gaza, killing 11, injuring 16
    • One would not doubt that Israel would take the opportunity to punish militants when they launch rocket attacks as Zvi Bar'El suggests. Strategic Affairs minister Yaalon sums up the situation: "if you are quiet, we will be quiet, if you shoot, or plot attacks, we will hit you, and so the ball is certainly in their court."

    • Israel retaliates, Hamas and its proponents attack whenever they are in the mood.

    • Shingo fails to prove a point. He dodges the arguments raised, preferring to resort to his usual polemics.

      1. Instead of discussing the specific actions by Israel to eliminate self-professed terrorists he resorts to the usual tirade and furphy about Israel's blockade of Gaza
      2. He refers to an event in November 2008 when the lull between Hamas and Israel was broken by Israel. In fact the Guardian explains ( how the short 'truce' was blown because Hamas was planning to use tunnels near the border to capture Israeli soldiers
      3. Shingo does not bother to consider the unrelenting frequency of the attacks launched from Gaza that are way larger in number than anything coming from the Israeli side. Because he supports Hamas anything they do is considered legitimate, even the indiscriminate shelling of innocent civilians. He resents the fact that Israel is fortunate to have string military backing from the US and is consequently in a good position to defend itself.

    • @Shingo: please explain the fallacy in my logic. @Annie: I am still waiting to hear a credible example of unjustified provocation by Israel against Gaza. Given the rocket attacks that continue unabated I would suggest that Israel has in fact exercised great restraint.

    • @Annie: Seriously is that the only example you can come up with? Those so-called allegations have now been vindicated by the killing of al-Qaisi who was involved in the cross-border attacks for which Israel had retaliated last year during Ramadan.

    • @Annie: what are the provocations to which refer? The fact that Israel exists? Refer to,_2012 for the attacks that have taken place just this year.

    • Is it relevant that for many months there have been persistent rockets attacks launched from Gaza against Israel?

  • Jon Stewart's Triple Threat
  • Gas prices have shot up 13% since AIPAC's victory in Senate
    • Blame everything on the Jews. Huh! You American gas guzzlers and energy junkies need to start paying for your disrespect for and pillaging of the environment. Stop complaining and start acting. You have only yourselves to blame for voting for Bush instead of Gore.

  • Nine 'Shalit exchange' political prisoners re-arrested in February
    • @chaos4700: your remark about 'a thousand innocent people who were held for purely political reasons' is preposterous. Amongst those prisoners released was the likes of Ahlam Tamimi who has professed no remorse for her part in the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing. Whatever your political persuasion you have no right to slaughter truly innocent civilians and then go around boasting and plotting to kill more. Yet she is no doubt now out of the reach of Israeli authorities. The clamp down by Israeli authorities has succeeded in reducing the number of people being killed in this conflict. Isn't that worth something or do you prefer the political climate in Syria where many people are being slaughtered indiscriminately every day? 

  • Will the US act as Israel's proxy against Iran?
    • Back in 2006 the Iranian regime issued a fatwa that applauded the use of nuclear weapons. Today their fatwa stands against. This sounds very much like political expediency and probably can't be trusted. The fatwa against the wearing of neck ties is the one we really have to worry about.

    • For the record Netanyahu did not say 'Death to All Arabs' - that message was posted by somebody else on his Facebook site.

    • To blame Israel for it's siege mentality is failing to acknowledge the causal agents. If there was less criticism and more understanding of how most Israelis feel after the Holocaust and the numerous existential wars with its Arab neighbors and battles with the Palestinians that have taken place, there would less stoking of Israelis' paranoia and a better overall climate for a lasting peace agreement.

  • Iran's Oscar win reveals Israeli movie-goers to be brainwashed bumpkins
    • @dahoit: have you tried seeing a psychiatrist?

    • @Shingo: Taking your Shingoisms one by one:
      1. The casualties in Syria in the past year (8000) have exceeded the total number of casualities from the I/P conflict (Israelis and Palestinians) since the year 2000 and yet there has been barely a whimper on MW about Syria.
      2. Israel does not want a war that will destabilise the Middle East even more. Israel is desperate for sanctions and talks to succeed in avoiding any further conflagration.
      3. It is completely false that Israelis believe that Iran is full of people who want to annihilate them. The Iranian leaders are the ones they are worried about.

    • Israel would not want to bomb civilians - that would only damage their cause. Israel has no quarrel with the Iranian people, just the dimwits that run the show.

    • No real sympathy here for the plight of ordinary Iranians; just the usual gloating.

    • How about the 'ordinary-ness' of the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance that had banned the director Farhadi from making the film? He recanted with the right words for the authorities - in the meantime other Iranian filmmakers and dissidents languish in prisons. Fridges and washing machines mean very little to those struggling under a totalitarian regime.

    • Let's dispense with the puerile one-upmanship. Israelis make good films. Iranians also make good films.

  • B'Tselem: Israeli use of administrative detention increased sharply in 2011
    • I am continually unable to post what I want to say which is not abusive or anything to do with Nakba denial. I ask a simple question and not one straight answer. There seems to be a very strong push for MW to be Zionrein, where the like minded anti Zionists can go about their mutual back slapping activities completely unimpeded.

    • Can somebody tell me if Israel is any different from all other countries in the Middle East and in fact from those anywhere in the world when it comes to laws allowing possible terrorists to be detained indefinitely by the authorities?

  • Mark Perry: Israel and Iran's 'low-level war' is 'dangerous stuff'
    • There will always be selfish individuals who chase the dollar and have no scruples, but that does not negate the fact that Israel and Israelis are pushing very hard on sanctions although there is increasing scepticism by officials on the effectiveness of sanctions on quelling Iran.

    • @radii: Where is the evidence to substantiate that Israel is doing business with Iran? Or is this your imagination getting the better of you?

  • Book Review: 'A Child's View from Gaza: Palestinian Children's Art and the Fight Against Censorship'
  • BDS interview fallout: Finkelstein 'showed his own fear of the paradigm shift in discourse on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict'
    • Throughout over 3000 years of Jewish history there have been many obstacles put in the way of the Jewish people.
      @kalithea: This suggestion that if God supported the Zionists then he wouldn't have put the Palestinians in the way is simplistic and naive thinking.

    • This furphy again that UN Resolution 194 holds the key to the refugee issue. Resolution 194 does not mention Israel per se. Resolution 194 refers to ALL refugees created by the conflict. Resolution 194 only has one solitary clause about refugees - what it states cannot be taken out of the context of the whole resolution. To claim that resolution 194 justifies in law the Arab right of return is just wishful thinking.

  • 'A level of racist violence I have never seen': UCLA professor Robin D. G. Kelley on Palestine and the BDS movement
    • @eljay: whether you like it or not Zionism is not a religious movement. In fact it was originally opposed by the 'religos' and today they are trying to hijack it.

    • @seafoid: like so many doomsayers who like to think they know what they're talking about. The Jewish people have survived longer than any others because they understand how the world works.

  • Report: Last five years has seen a 315% rise in settler violence; this violence is 'structural and symptomatic of occupation'
    • I apologize for posting this message here - I can't see any other way to communicate with the Troopers who run Mondoweiss. When I go to my commenter profile the latest comments I have posted are not showing up.

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